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KRB News Issue 03 – 8 march 2013

A deep r es p e ct f o r in t e l l e c tual values


FROM THE PRINCIPAL Dear Parents, Students and Staff High Achievers Last Thursday, February 28, parents, students and staff gathered to celebrate and honour the achievements of the KRB Class of 2012. The pride that we have in each one of these students, and the entire class of 2012, is due not only to their outstanding results, but also to the wonderful contribution that they made as students throughout their time at KRB. These students were particularly well regarded for their high levels of participation in a diverse range of activities and I am sure that their commitment to and involvement in the many opportunities offered here as well as their outstanding support of each other, contributed greatly to their success. Here at KRB we offer a “transformative education” – we aim to educate and develop the hearts and minds of our students in a loving and supportive community. We believe that the committed and focused approach that the Year 12 Class of 2012 demonstrated to their studies, their friendly competitiveness with each other, their willingness to embrace a challenge, the fact that

jos budge, georgina senes, bree parker at the cookbook launch

they constantly sought advice from teachers to improve their learning, and their focus on going “the extra mile” to achieve their personal best, have enabled them to achieve their goals. There were some significant achievements for the Class of 2012 in the HSC. Overall, Kincoppal – Rose Bay was one of the top performing girls’ schools:


Welcome from the Principal


Teaching & Learning

3 Reflection 4

Students in Action

5 Boarding 6 Sport 7 Community News 8 Calendar

♥♥ 52.2 % of the class gained an ATAR

(Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank) above 90 ♥♥ The Median ATAR Rank was 90.28 – this was an increase of 1.53 compared to the class of 2011 ♥♥ 7 students achieved an ATAR over 99: –– Olivia Templeman –– Isabella Ledden –– Alice Russo –– Brea Comino –– Madeleine Miller –– Sophie Harrison –– Lauren Marcos ♥♥ 22% of our students gained ATARS over 95 ♥♥ KRB was placed 14th in the State for English, strengthening our reputation as being one of the top performing schools in the State in English

Friday 15 March 7pm & Saturday 16 March 7pm tickets or call Reception 9388 6000


“It is a wonderful time to be a woman. You have so many choices; you can choose to enter any field and make decisions for your own life. You are, however, responsible for your choices and their outcomes.” Sarah-Jane Spencer International Women’s Day Special Guest Speaker and KRB Parent


♥♥ Twelve students were All-Round

Achievers, which means 13% of the year group scored more than 90 in at least ten HSC units. Our approach here at Kincoppal – Rose Bay is that every student is encouraged and assisted to be the very best that they can be in a supportive and loving community. Students from Kincoppal – Rose Bay are encouraged to be all-rounders and to embrace all the opportunities offered here. These are the skills they need for the future. The Year 12 Class as a whole is a group of confident young women who maintain a good sense of humour in challenging times, who are socially and culturally aware and who have good interpersonal skills that will help them work and network with others. The achievements from the Class of 2012 are testament to the hard work and commitment of our students, their involvement in the many activities of the school and our excellent and committed teaching staff. A sincere thank you must go to Year Coordinator Carrie Scanlan and the Pastoral Team for their nurturing support of these students. We can also attribute their results to the careful planning around subject choice and learning strategies over several years. We also acknowledge the support of their families and the significant role this played in their daughter’s achievements.

ANZNET Meeting Last Friday, March 1, Kincoppal – Rose Bay was host to the Sacred Heart School Principals and Board Chairs from Australia and New Zealand, as well as Sister Joan Pender rscj, Provincial of the Society of the Sacred Heart and Sister Esmey Herscovitch rscj, member of the Provincial Team. The Schools are Baradene College, New Zealand, Stuartholme, Brisbane, Sacré Coeur Melbourne and Kincoppal – Rose Bay School. This meeting provides us, as a Sacred Heart network, with insights into how our sister schools are living the Sacred Heart Goals. We all reflected on our achievements as well as our success in carrying out the 2012 Sacred Heart Goal; for KRB this goal was “Personal Growth in an Atmosphere of Wise Freedom”. Senior Swimming Carnival Our Senior School Swimming Carnival was held out at Homebush on February 27. Congratulations to our overall Interhourse winner – Arakoola, and the Spirit Cup Winner, Kungala. I would like to specially congratulate Sabrina Kwok on receiving the 2012 Swimming Medallion from NSWCIS. Our swim team will also be competing at IGSSA on March 8, and KRB wishes them all the best of luck. International Women’s Day

We urge each of our recent graduates to consider how they can continue to use their remarkable talents to improve the lives of others around them, through both their professional and personal relationships. All of us here, at KRB, look forward to hearing about the wonderful and exciting futures that await them. Once again, we congratulate the High Achievers of the Class of 2012 and wish them every happiness, success and fulfilment as they embark on the next stage of their journey.

On Friday March 8, we celebrated together women’s achievements over time, through International Women’s Day. “The story of women’s struggle for equality belongs to no single feminist nor to any one organization but to the collective efforts of all who care about human rights” Gloria Steinem It is interesting to note that Australia has been at the forefront of this collective effort, becoming the first colony in Australia to grant their female citizens over the age of 21, the right to vote and

2 | KRB News Issue 03 | 8 march 2013

also stand for election, in 1894. This was due, not only to the campaigning of the suffragettes, but to men and women who truly supported the rights of women. Today, we can see just how far women have come since 1894 in Australia. For some time now we have been taking on leadership roles, not only in politics, but in fields once dominated by men, finance, business, education and science. Many women who are past students and past parents of KRB have been outstanding role models for society in a number of areas. Our speaker for International Women’s Day was Sarah-Jane Spencer, a current KRB parent who studied pre-clinical medicine at Cambridge University in the UK, later specialising in psychiatry. Sarah-Jane has since gone on to specialize further in the field of Forensic Psychiatry. Sarah spoke to us about her work experiences within the prison system, about the role of women in the field of medicine and about the choices that women have to make as they venture through life, family, career and study. Cuisine du Coeur Launch The KRB Parents and Friends Association has officially launched its community driven cookbook, Cuisine du Coeur. Cuisine du Coeur features 270 treasured family recipes and cooking memories generously contributed by the school’s extended network of students, boarders, Sisters of the Sacred Heart, alumni, staff and current and past parents. The cookbook is truly a reflection of the values and collaborative effort that make up this Sacred Heart community. I have heard so many positive comments about the book and it is receiving high praise both within the School and outside in the wider community. I thank Georgina Senes, Bree Parker and Jos Budge for all their time and energy to coordinate what is a wonderful legacy for our community. With regards Hilary Johnston-Croke Principal


Year 6 Maths Camp

Last week four of our Year 6 students Caitlin Mulveney, Laeticia Pajanacci, Bella Lamaro and Claudia Chen were invited to attend the AIS Maths Challenge camp. The camp is organised by the Association of Independent Schools of New South Wales and was held at the Elanora Heights Conference Centre over 3 days. The camp is designed to teach children how to see patterns in their lives and to think like mathematicians. Each activity involved defining the problem, collecting and organising data, seeking a pattern, hypothesising, testing and finally reflecting. With every new challenge each of these aspects became increasingly important. Students explored various concepts such as the Fibonacci Pattern, tessellations, cubes and regular solids, Pascal’s Triangle and spirolateral shapes. The children also had time for some sporting activities and group activities in the evenings. “Maths Camp was a challenging and fun event. We were pushed to find patterns in all of the problems. We learnt that finding a pattern will make solving a problem easier. We thought it was a great opportunity to learn about maths in an exciting way.” Caitlin Mulveney & Laeticia Pajanacci

Year 8 Pastoral Learning On the 6th of Feb, Year 8 was visited by Constable Jasmine London, the Youth Liaison officer from Rose Bay Police station. On this occasion, we learnt about the consequences of vandalism, theft and other offences, which can include court charges and a criminal record, affecting future choices like applying for jobs and visiting other countries. Learning about the consequences of bad decisions, we realised that the choices you can make now can never go away, as a criminal record is permanent. Constable London also provided us with different facts and statistics on the current usage of technology in crimes. She talked us through how it feels to be bullied and receive hurtful messages from the victim’s point of view. Respecting others and their property was emphasised, and as Sacred Heart students this is a message which we often hear. She also showed us a number of meaningful videos about the consequences of bullying and vandalism. The main message from the visit was that bad decisions now, will affect you for the rest of your life. So make the right decisions! Kate Parsons, Year 8

REFLECTION “Day by day we write the story of our day in our life is without influence on the last for ourselves as well as for our world.” Janet Erskine Stuart rscj

“Maths Camp was an exciting camp that challenged us in problem solving and encouraged us to work together to solve problems.” Bella Lamaro & Claudia Chen

Business Leadership and Sport – Reminder Scots College and Kincoppal – Rose Bay present an evening of adventure, inspiration and discussion with leading sports and business personalities. The event will be held Thursday, March 14, from 6.30pm to 8.30pm in the Coote Theatre at Scots College. Speakers on the night will be:

Topics for discussion will include:

• Tom Whalan (’98) – Previous employee of Clayton Utz, UBS, and JBS Investments and current partner in AussieOiPty LtdAustralian Water Polo Team and Olympic Games Team • Andrew ‘Fishtail’ Fisher – Entrepreneur, Business Owner, CEO and company Chairman V8 Supercars and V8 Ute Championship Driver • Erin Lorenzini – Principal of Lower Limb Sports Injury Clinic, Eight seasons in the Women’s National Basketball League • Lara Tamsett – Media and Communications Undergraduate at Sydney University, City to Surf Winner (2010) and Australian Representative at World Athletics Championships (2013)

• What are the skills needed to succeed in Business and Sport? • What are the similarities between Business and Sporting Leadership? • How it is possible to leverage a passion for sport into developing a career in business? • How can Scots and KRB help you gain a competitive advantage in business and sport? This event will be of interest to; former students, parents, Old Boys and the broader community. At the conclusion of the evening there will be an opportunity to network. Please RSVP to

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Year 3 Excursion to Australian Museum and Hyde Park Barracks

On Thursday 27 February, Year 3 visited the Hyde Park Barracks and the Australian Museum as part of their Integrated Studies topic, “Our Fleeting Past”, looking at the question, “How does Australia’s past affect my present and future?” At the Hyde Park Barracks the students were able to experience life in the early European settlement through the eyes of the male convicts. They marched around the grounds of the barracks; saw the types of punishments that were handed out including leg irons and the cat o’ nine tails (whip) as well as lying in the convicts’ hammocks. It was an interesting experience to “live” in the same manner that the male convicts would have done around 220 years ago, but a relief knowing that it was only a temporary experience. In stark contrast the Australian Museum allowed the children to experience the indigenous culture of the aboriginal people, firstly through listening to the museum guide and then using the variety of equipment in the “hands on” room. The children were able to use Aboriginal symbols and paint in a cave, play a didgeridoo, use clapping sticks, pick up boomerangs and aboriginal wooden plates and weaved baskets. One of the most creative experiences was being able to touch stuffed real life examples of native kangaroos, koalas and dingoes. One of the museum highlights was exploring the “Surviving Australia” and “Dinosaur” exhibitions where the students were able to be “up close and personal” with fossilised animals of the past and real- life animals of the present. The Year 3 children thoroughly enjoyed the various experiences and gained a firsthand insight into Australia’s convict heritage and Aboriginal history. “I found that out that the leg irons were extremely heavy and I really enjoyed lying on the hammocks” – Samuel “I enjoyed learning about convict’s lives. I found it interesting that when they built 100 bricks they stuck their finger in the brick and made a hole.” – Mia “I found it interesting to learn that the convicts really lived at the Hyde Park Barracks.” – Isabella

4 | KRB News Issue 03 | 8 march 2013

Junior School ISDA Debating Last week 22 students in Years 5 and 6 trialed for a place in the Independent Schools Debating Association (ISDA) debating teams. The Junior teams have been very successful in the last few years so places are very competitive. Each student prepared a speech on a given topic and presented it to an independent panel of very experienced debaters and adjudicators. The students were also asked to present an impromptu speech with only 10 minutes preparation. The panel commented on the high standard of impromptu speeches for children of their age. They were very impressed at how articulate the students were and the confidence shown by the debaters. Ten students were chosen to represent KRB in the primary section of the competition. These students are Bella Lamaro, Caitlin Mulveney, Dominic Grimshaw, Zoe Davidson, Cassie Banks, Claudia Chen, Tanami Penfold, Louis Bartos, Alice Hodgson and Olivia Causer. These students will attend coaching sessions twice a week with two very experienced Arts/Law Undergraduates who have excellent debating and coaching experience. This is an excellent opportunity for these students to develop their critical thinking skills, their confidence and the ability to clearly present ideas and arguments to others. We are looking forward to an exciting debating season.

Library Lovers Week Library Lovers’ Week was the first celebration for the new school year at the Mary Agnes O’Neil Library. Romance and Classic fiction were on display to entice our readers and viewers. On Valentine’s Day students made a Belle Rose bookmark at our first craft session.


Travel Arrangements

Absence from the Day School

The day for boarders travel at the end of term one is Friday 12 April, can I request that all parents organise travel arrangements for this day? The travel day is the privilege of the International and Country boarders only, so all girls who reside in Sydney are expected to remain at school until the close of the school day.

There seems to be some confusion about where to report student absences from the day school.

The girls can travel home on Thursday 28 March to commence their Easter break and the Boarding House will open at 3pm on Monday 1 April. The girls will not be given permission for early leave but may be collected on Wednesday 27 March at the end of the school day or after school on Thursday 28 at 2pm.

Boarding SRC and Food Committees The Student Representative Council and Food Committee elections have been finalised for 2013 and am I pleased to announce the following girls have been chosen for leadership positions. I congratulate those girls who have been elected as student representatives, I did listen to their speeches and was very impressed with the calibre of the girls who were vying for the positions and thank them for putting themselves forward. The girls were presented with their badges at formal dinner on Monday the 25th of February and I am sure our new boarding leaders will work hard to enrich the residential life of all the boarding community SRC 2013

If the student is to miss any class time (whole day or one period): ♥♥ You must inform the Student Services Officer on 02

93886023 or email students before 8.30am ♥♥ If early leave is required during school hours an email must be sent to the Year Coordinator for approval of the leave, she will then let Students Services know of the absence If your daughter is to be absent from the boarding school: ♥♥ Email a leave confirmation to Julie Fenn at fennj@krb. and cc to ♥♥ If overnight leave or extended leave is required you need

to email me the details plus leave confirmation at millerj@ and also cc to bsreception@krb.nsw. Please do not email individual staff members as when they change shift others cannot access the required paperwork. I do sincerely thank all parents for their support in completing leave documents and understand at times it is an inconvenience.

Sunday Activity

YEAR 7 – Claire Kelly and Lily Ricardo YEAR 8 – Christie Chung and Samia Sapias YEAR 9 – Sophie Morrish and Gabby James Bennett YEAR 10 – Laura Wotherspoon and Alice Hamblin YEAR 11 – Amelia Crawford and Tamara Verus FOOD COMMITTEE

YEAR 7 – Jaslyn Tan and Clementine Crawford YEAR 8 – Isobel Carruthers and Jasmine Tan YEAR 9 – Claire Mc Redmond and Lucy Edwards YEAR 10 –Grace Gerathy and Claudia Bolger YEAR 11 – Angela Lenehan and Samara H- P

On Sunday 3 March, six Year 7 and 8 boarders went to the Entertainment Quarter for their Sunday Activity. Before playing a few games of laser tag, they enjoyed some shopping and paid particular attention to the ice-cream shop! Also a few students painted their own plaster figurines, which looked great! Laser tag was very competitive and strategic; all in all it was a fun afternoon.

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NSW All Schools Triathlon

Year 7-12 Swimming Carnival

Last Friday 22 February, 36 students represented KRB at the NSW All Schools championships at the Sydney Regatta Centre, Penrith. With over 800 teams and 2500 students the competition proved very strong. KRB had some outstanding results:

The Year 7-12 Swimming events were also held on Wednesday 27 February at Homebush. It was great to see the participation of many students at this event. Congratulations to the following students on receiving age champion and runner up:

Junior Teams

Age Champions & Runners up Age


Runner Up

KRB 10

Georgia Hinds, Sophie Shiell, Charlotte McGuire

25th overall

17th CIS


Maya Levinson

Imogen Litchfield

KRB 11

Alessandra Gazal, Mia Mahony, 57th Antonia McCristal overall

35th CIS


Laura Salvaggio

Elly O’Donoghue


Alessandra Gazal

Georgia Hinds


Blaze Lopes

Pheobe McGeoch


Sabrina Kwok

Alessandra Colombini


Casey Brassel & Clarissa Duncan


Matilda Strain & Grace Bradley

Total 139 teams Intermediate Teams KRB 1*

Alessandra Colombini, Emily Thompson, Molly Windsor

19th overall

9th CIS


Tyla Comino, Grace Harrison, Eliza McCristal

54th overall

25th CIS


Lucy Edwards, Maddison Dale, Phoebe McGeoch

95th overall

48th CIS


Laura Wotherspoon, Tori Anderson, Heidi Noonan

125th overall

60th CIS


Grace Gerathy, Bella Donald, Frances Ryan

139th overall

68th CIS


Alice Nowlan, Anika Hooker, Camille White

160th overall

81st CIS


Junior Champion: Alessandra Gazal Intermediate Champion: Sabrina Kwok Senior Champion: Clarissa Duncan Open Invitational 50m Champion: Sabrina Kwok Overall Interhouse Winner: Arakoola Spirit Cup Winner: Kungala

*KRB’s best result

Records The new school records

Total 176 teams

♥♥ Sabrina Kwok Senior 100m Freestyle 1.00.84 ♥♥ Sabrina Kwok 16 Years 50m Backstroke 31.15

Senior Teams

♥♥ Sabrina Kwok 16 Years 50m Butterfly 30.27


Amelia McGuire, Clarissa Duncan, Lucy Cowper

16th 11th overall CIS


Matilda Strain, Olivia Cosh, Lucy 20th 13th Thompson overall CIS

KRB 12

Casey Brassel, Alice Ham, Holly Johnson

22nd 15th overall CIS


Chase Tolmie, Genevieve Duncan-McKenzie Murphy, Lauren Piper

104th 44th overall CIS

Total 111 teams

Year 3-6 Swimming Carnival The year 3-6 Swimming Carnival was held on Friday 15th February at the Blann family pool. From this event a group of children were selected to participate in the year 7-12 Swimming Carnival in the Championship events last Wednesday night. From this Carnival the following children received Age Champion and Age Champion runner up, these children will be receiving their trophies next Monday morning at assembly. KRB also had a large team represent the school at the IPSHA swimming carnival. Results of this carnival will follow in the next newsletter.

6 | KRB News Issue 03 | 8 march 2013

♥♥ Laura Wotherspoon 16 Years 50m Freestyle 27.64 ♥♥ Laura Wotherspoon 16 Years 50m Breaststroke 37.17 ♥♥ Maya Levinson 12 Years 50m Butterfly 38.11 ♥♥ Casey Brassel 17 Years 50m Butterfly 31.22 ♥♥ Grace Bradley 18 Years 50m Butterfly 34.40

Congratulations to all new record holders. We wish the KRB swim team the best of luck at IGSSA this week.

NSWCIS Award Congratulations to Sabrina Kwok on receiving a 2012 Swimming Medallion from NSWCIS

Rowing Congratulations to Ainsley Zammit (Year 10) on her recent achievements at the Kings & PLC Rowing Regatta and the IGSSA Rowing regatta held on the weekend of the 9th & 10th February at Penrith. Ainsley placed 3rd overall in the IGSSA regatta, and received a bronze medal. This is a great achievement for Ainsley and the first student to represent KRB in Rowing.


FROM THE DEVELOPMENT OFFICE ♥♥ The Year 7 students are greatly

enjoying the new Year 7 Community Learning Space. If you would like to take a tour of the Space, please email Tours are available both during and after school hours. ♥♥ The second Welcome Dinner for new families, hosted by the Principal, will be held on Wednesday 3 April. If you have been invited to a welcome dinner but are unable to attend on the specified date, please email events@ and we will organize an alternative date for you to attend. ♥♥ Grandparents’ & Special Friends Day for our Year 5 and 7 students will be held on Tuesday 19 March. This is an opportunity for the visitors to spend some time with their grandchildren. If you have not already replied could you please do so by this coming Monday 11 March. ♥♥ The KRB News also contains an invitation to the Nine’N Dine Golf Day, to be held at Woollahra Golf Club on Friday 5 April. It will be a shotgun start beginning at 4.00pm – all golfers/friends of all abilities are very welcome to play and join us for a BBQ dinner afterwards.

the   cookbook is here!

Mary Cook Director of Development 9388 6024

buy your Copy email: web: 8 march 2013 | KRB News Issue 03 | 7


Saturday, 9 March 2013

TUCKSHOP: Geraldine Walsh, Susanne Bickmore Hutt

TUCKSHOP: Sigrun Remond, Adriana Turner

Friday, 15 March 2013

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Year 6 Camp Coolendel

Tildesley Shield

Independent Schools Expo, Sydney University 9.00am

Scholarship Exam & Tour 8.30am

Year 4 Fizzics Education Incursion 9.00am

Sunday, 10 March 2013

School Play Performance 1 7.00pm

Independent Schools Expo, Sydney University 9.00am

TUCKSHOP: Janey Anderson, Justine Makeham, Miffy Lau

School Play Rehearsal 10.00am

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Monday, 11 March 2013

IGSSA Softball/Tennis Round 6 8.00am

School Play Rehearsal 8.30am

IPSHA Football/Basketball Round 6 8.00am

IGSSA Softball/Tennis Round 5 8.00am IPSHA Football/Basketball Round 5 8.00am

Year 10 Career Testing 8.30am

ISDA Debating Round 4 6.00pm

Years 9-12 Elective Music Students Excursion “La Boheme” 7.30pm TUCKSHOP: Bridget Quirk, Emma Dale, Tori Cheung Friday, 22 March 2013 Tildesley Shield World Day for Water

TUCKSHOP: Anne O’Neil, Bernadette Cooper, Natascha Lien-Milsom

School Play Performance 2 7.00pm

ISDA Debating Round 5 6.00pm

Sunday, 17 March 2013

tuesday 12 march 2013

Family Mass & Morning Tea Years K & 4 10.00am

TUCKSHOP: Lynda Heath, Antonia Maganas

tuckshop: Heather Hancock, Michela Gallimore


Wednesday, 13 March 2013

TUCKSHOP: Lizzy St John, Narelle Ball

Year 6 Camp Coolendel

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

KRB Experience Open Morning ELC 11.00am

Catch Up/Supplementary Scholarship Exam 8.30am

Spirituality Evening 6.30pm

Years 5 & 7 Grandparents’ & Special Friends’ Morning 10.00am

TUCKSHOP: Michelle Banks, Jo Carter Thursday, 14 March 2013 Year 6 Camp Coolendel KRB Experience Open Morning K–12 9.00am

TUCKSHOP: Emma Stevens, Jacki Pervan Wednesday, 20 March 2013 Tildesley Shield

School Play Dress Rehearsal 3.30pm

friday 5 april 4pm


nine’N dine

for more info contact: A Catholic Independent P–12 School New South Head Road, Rose Bay NSW 2029, Australia T +61 2 9388 6000 F: +61 2 9388 6001 CRICOS Provider Code 02268M ABN 47 003 942 603

8 | KRB News Issue 03 | 8 march 2013

KRB News Issue 3  

8 March 2013

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