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KRB News Issue 01 – 8 February 2013

A deep r es p e ct f o r in t e l l e c tual values

Hilary Johnston-Croke and Angela Harvey year 7 coordinator with students in the new Year 7 Community Learning Space

FROM THE PRINCIPAL Dear Parents, Students and Staff Welcome to the 2013 school year at Kincoppal – Rose Bay. We have achieved wonderful things as a School and as a community and we look to build upon these in the coming year. Our Sacred Heart goal for 2013 is A Deep Respect for Intellectual Values and imparting a love of learning is a hallmark of our KRB education. Students understand that learning involves many experiences both within and beyond the classroom and that it is an opportunity for the development of independent thinking, creativity and problem solving skills. As we embark on this new year, let us keep this goal in our minds so that we can ensure that our students are utilising the diverse experiences that KRB has to offer, so that they can be the very best they can be.

Year 7 Community Learning Space Campus Developments The new Year 7 Community Learning Space has been completed and the Year 7 students were very excited to move in last Monday and begin using the area. We are delighted to see this project come to fruition, as we believe that this type of learning environment greatly assists their transition from Year 6 to Year 7, while at the same time offering a variety of learning opportunities. Parents will be able to visit the Space in the coming weeks.

Other upgrades to the campus and facilities include: Junior School yy Air-conditioning in the Kindergarten and Year 1 Classrooms yy New Music Room refurbishment yy Soft Fall installation on the upper playground yy Playground painting and non slip treatment Senior School yy Sandstone repairs to façade yy Refurbishment of Claremont including the Principal’s new office yy Extension of Boarding terrace area with Astroturf grass yy Lockers relocated for Years 8, 9 and 10 yy Painting of walls and ceilings in main building yy Refurbishment of tennis courts

New Staff



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All are welcome to join us at the School Opening Mass on Tuesday 12 February 12pm – 2.30pm

We welcome a number of new staff to KRB who have been appointed to leadership positions in the school: Kirsten Leo – Junior School Stage 1 Coordinator Kirsten’s most recent role was Religious Education Coordinator and Kindergarten Teacher at St Fiacre’s Catholic Primary School in Leichardt. Kirsten holds a Bachelor of Education and Master of Religious Education from the Australian Catholic University and a Master of Early Childhood from Macquarie University.


“I love it, it’s so cool, I love that we are the first ever group of Year 7’s to use it”. Lara Malouf, Year 7 about the new Year 7 Community Learning Space


Nicole James – Head of Drama Nicole is currently teaching Drama at Redlands, where she is also a Year Coordinator. She will commence her role here at KRB on February 25. Prior to her appointment to Redlands in 2006 Nicole was a Music Theatre teacher in Perth where she also completed her degree. Rebecca Curran – Communications Manager Rebecca holds a Bachelor of Communications from Charles Sturt University and has worked in marketing for the past 10 years. Her most recent role was with Benchmark Hotels as their Group Marketing Manager. Prior to that Rebecca was the Marketing Support Manager for Trimex, a luxury fragrance and cosmetics company. Rebecca is a graduate of a Catholic School. Rebecca will work alongside the Development and Admissions Teams. A number of current staff members have also taken on leadership positions: yy Jonathan Saurine – Acting Director of Innovation for Terms 1 and 2, 2013 yy Ed Tillyer – IT Manager yy Talia Gusen – Acting Assistant Science Coordinator for Terms 1 and 2, 2013 We also welcome the new teachers who are listed on page 3.

Our HSC Achievements The Class of 2012 was a fine example of students who were very much involved in all that KRB has to offer. This was reflected in their excellent results: yy 7 Students gained an ATAR over 99 yy Over 52% of the year group attained an ATAR above 90 yy Our median ATAR was 90.28 yy The KRB Class of 2012 had 12 students on the All-Round Achievers List, scoring 90 or more in at least 10 units yy 6 students were 1 or 2 units from making the All-Round Achievers List

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yy Olivia Templeman (our Head Girl, Dux and Archbishop of Sydney Award Winner) and Alice Russo were awarded equal 1st in French Continuers. Olivia’s ATAR was 99.85 yy Olivia also placed 4th in Italian Beginners and 7th in Studies of Religion 1 yy Madeleine Miller placed 9th in Geography yy Isabella Ledden placed 15th in Ancient History. KRB was ranked 34th (up 2 places from 2011) on the SMH’s ‘Top 100 Schools Rankings’. We were placed 14th in the State for English.

IT/ICT & E-Learning On the recommendation of our recent IT/ICT review, we have implemented the new role of Director of Innovation, who will be a member of the School Leadership Team. The core accountabilities of this role are: yy Leading the IT/ICT and e-Learning agenda yy Leading innovation across the curriculum K–12, particularly with the implementation of the National Curriculum yy Developing innovation across the School. Jonathan Saurine (Head of Science) has been appointed to this role for Semester One.

Connecting with Our Community The Christmas holidays gave me an opportunity to make connections with a number of members of the Sacred Heart community around the world. Hong Kong Luncheon In January 2013 I hosted a luncheon in Hong Kong to connect with our KRB families and ex-students living in Hong Kong. This was an opportunity for me to present the report on the 2012 School Year to our International and expat parents. As well, a number of our current students did a short presentation on what their KRB education meant to them and the activities in which they had been involved. Their parents were really delighted to hear speeches from such confident, articulate students.

KRB London Gathering Just after Christmas, I hosted the KRB London Gathering, an event we hold for members of the KRB community living in London. Past parents and ex-students from across all years, particularly those who left in 2003 and 2004 and who are now working in London, attended the function and it was good to make contact with them and hear of the variety of their positions and their achievements since leaving KRB. I was privileged to once again meet Beverly Jamison, our eldest living past student, who left Kincoppal in 1928 and who is now 102 years old! Beverly inspired all present with her amazing and moving recollections of her time as a student at Kincoppal. Institut Sacre Coeur, Vienna In January I visited one of our sister schools in Vienna, The Institut Sacre Couer. While there, I met with their Principal, Reinhard Hallwirth, to discuss the day-today activities of the school, the students and their mission and enjoyed teaching English to a Junior School class. Mr. Hallwirth and I also discussed how we as Schools of the Sacred Heart can further develop connections, including exchange opportunities and teleconferencing classroom to classroom, in the future. Our students have now settled back into school and are looking forward to the challenges of the year ahead. Throughout 2013, we will be encouraging our students to challenge themselves, to stretch their imaginations and to choose how they use their gifts and talents for good. We are looking forward to a great year at KRB. With regards Hilary Johnston-Croke Principal


Welcome to New Staff Members We warmly welcome the following new members of staff who join the KRB community this year:

Junior School Professional Learning Session

yy Matthew Ashten – Religious Education Teacher Matthew joins us from Monte Sant Angelo College where he taught Studies of Religion to Years’ 11 & 12, RE to Years 8 –10 and was a Year 7 Tutor. Matthew holds a Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Education degree from the University of Notre Dame and is currently studying for a Graduate Diploma of Psychology. yy Bevan Marshall – History Teacher Bevan joins us from Wenona where he taught Modern and Ancient History. Prior to this Bevan was the Vice-Principal of VietnamAustralia School in Hanoi and has also taught at PLC Sydney. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in History and Political Studies, a PostGraduate Certificate in Arts from The University of Otago and a Master of Arts from The University of Auckland. In addition he holds a Graduate Diploma in Education from Macquarie University. yy Anastasia Panas – Mathematics Teacher Anastasia joins us from The Scots College where she has taught Mathematics for the last 12 years and was also Assistant Head of the Middle School. Anastasia holds a Bachelor of Education and a Diploma in Teaching from the College of Advanced Education. She also holds a Graduate Certificate in RE from the Australian Catholic University. yy Andrew Willcocks – Mathematics Teacher Andrew’s most recent position was at The King’s School. Prior to this Andrew taught at Abbotsleigh. Andrew holds a Bachelor of Science and a Diploma of Education from Macquarie University. yy Janeane Waters – English Teacher Janeane is returning to Sydney from northern NSW where her most recent position was at St John’s College, Woodlawn in Lismore. Janeane holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Wollongong and a Graduate Diploma in Education from the University of Sydney. yy Elizabeth White – French Teacher Elizabeth most recently taught French at St Joseph’s College and also at International Grammar School. Elizabeth holds a Bachelor of Languages degree and a Graduate Diploma in Education from the University of New England. yy Laura Dignan – Temporary Science Teacher for Term 1 Laura has been teaching at the Corelli Academic School in Auckland and previously taught at SCEGGS Redlands. She gained her teaching qualifications in the UK and will be filling in for Joan Wong during her long service leave. yy Renee Galea – Temporary HSIE Teacher for 2013 yy Vanessa Shephard – Temporary Kindergarten Teacher for 2013 Vanessa returns to KRB for 2013. Previously, Vanessa replaced Libby de Meryick during term 4 and prior to this was a Teachers’ Aide in the Junior School. Vanessa holds a Bachelor of Education from Curtin University of Technology.

On Wednesday 6 February teaching staff in the Junior School participated in an afternoon professional learning session focusing on the new Mathematics Syllabus K –10. Ms Kristen Tripet, Educational Consultant from the Association of Independent Schools, facilitated the session. Staff began familiarising themselves with the syllabus, viewing it online and examining how the content is organised. Time was also spent looking at the features of the document. The staff discussed and shared their thoughts on what it means for students to work mathematically and to teach for understanding rather than just acquisition of skills. This professional learning will continue throughout the term in Stage and Staff meetings to ensure all teachers are ready to implement the new NSW Syllabus for the Australian Curriculum: Mathematics K –10.


“Let love be your life for all eternity” Madeleine Sophie.


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Student Exchange Program

School Play 2013 – “Girl with a String”

At Kincoppal – Rose Bay, we believe that student exchange programs have life changing potential and throughout the year, a number of students participate in the international exchange program. The exchange program amongst our network of school across 44 countries allows KRB students to promote tolerance, maturity and independence and encourage them to gain an international perspective.

Rehearsals are in full swing for KRB’s production of ‘Girl with a String’, a beautiful Australian play about the significance of family history in shaping identity and creating connection. Every Thursday and Sunday the cast are uncovering the play’s mystery and history, transforming the stage from 1950’s France to 1990’s Sydney and the present as they bring to life an art opening, a dance sequence, a sibling rivalry, a bus load of American tourists in the outback, a funeral and a romance.

Over the summer break we have had a number of students participate in the various exchange programs across a number of different Sacred Heart schools worldwide including Boston, Washington DC, Greenwich, Rome, and Osaka. The student exchange coordinator, Murray Kerstens highlights that the KRB exchange program “enables students to grow in confidence and independence and provides students with an unforgettable experience that they will appreciate for the rest of your life”. Throughout the year, KRB students host their international exchange sister for 3 weeks allowing them to participate in the life and community of KRB and then they have the opportunity to spend time visiting another Sacred Heart School and enjoying the academic programs and community life of the overseas school. Read Amy’s & Jessica’s experience online at


Girl with a String

History Matters! Amy Baran (Year 11) in Washington D.C., USA 

jessica gazal (year 12) in Rome, Italy

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Gabriella Dunworth of Year 12 – 2012 has been awarded a Certificate of Merit for her Extension History Project entitled – “The legacy and achievements of Lucrezia Borgia” by the History Teachers’ Association of New South Wales. The panel deemed her History Project to be impeccably researched and demonstrated a sophisticated and insightful critique of the historical personality. Mrs Wood and Mr Tuttocuore are delighted that Gabriella’s hard work and commitment to the Extension History course has been recognised through the rigorous judging process of the History Teachers’ Association of New South Wales .


FROM THE DEVELOPMENT OFFICE Welcome back to a new year at KRB. We hope it is a wonderful year for your daughters and sons and one in which they will benefit from all the opportunities available at KRB. The Development Office is situated in the Senior School upstairs in Claremont. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if we can assist you with questions about class/community /school events that are coming up or if you are uncertain as to the person you need to speak to and would like to be pointed in the right direction! The focus in the Development Office is on promoting a sense of community so we are happy to offer our support.

the   cookbook is   coming...

We will be also organizing a number of events during this year including: 1. Nine N’ Dine Golf Day – Friday 5 April, 4.00pm at Woollahra Golf Club 2. KRB Rugby Lunch – Friday 2 August – Hilton, Sydney 3. Gala Music Concert – Thursday 17 October - KRB We also work to raise funds for both capital developments. As many of our families would be aware, the Maureen Tudehope Centre, completed in 2011, is a result of the wonderful generosity and support of our families and past students and parents. As well, we have received much assistance in donations for the KRB Bursary Fund, set up to provide financial support to families who would like their children to have a Sacred Heart education but who are in difficult financial circumstances. If you would like to find out any details about ways to offer your support, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Our Year 7 students are very excited about the new Year 7 Community Learning Space which they moved into this week. We will soon be offering our parents the opportunity to tour the space and we will email you possible times. I look forward to meeting many of our new and current parents throughout this year. Mary Cook Director of Development 9388 6024

friday 5 april 4pm


nine’N dine 12pm friday 2 August the hilton, sydney

Music Gala Concert

thursday 17 october 7pm

Reserve your Copy email: web: 8 February 2013 | KRB News Issue 01 | 5


SAT 09/02/13

THUR 14/02/13

WED 20/02/13

Boarders’ In-Weekend

Year 12 Retreat

Year 5 Camp

IGSSA Softball/Tennis Round 1 8.00am

KRB Experience Open Morning K –12 9.00am

Joigny Parent Information Session 6.00pm

IPSHA Football/Basketball Round 1 8.00am SUN 10/02/13

School Play Rehearsal 3.30pm

THUR 21/02/13

Boarders’ In-Weekend

TUCKSHOP: Lyn Rex, Trish Quinn, Linda Colombini

Year 5 Camp

Chinese New Year School Play Rehearsal 10.00am MON 11/02/13 Boarders’ Dinner – Chinese New Year 5.30pm Junior School Parent Information Evening 6.00pm

FRI 15/02/13 Year 12 Retreat

TUCKSHOP: Anita Cusick, Christina Alcala

Allwell Testing Year 4 9.00am School Play Rehearsal 3.30pm

Years 3 – 6 Swimming Carnival 8.30am

TUCKSHOP: Mary Thill-Turke, Fiona Torrington

TUCKSHOP: Terry Farley, Genevieve Adamo

FRI 22/02/13

SAT 16/02/13

Year 5 Camp ISDA Debating Round 1 6.00pm

TUCKSHOP: Victoria Litchfield, Lorelle Parsons

IGSSA Softball/Tennis Round 2 8.00am

TUES 12/02/13

SUN 17/02/13

TUCKSHOP: Moira Cooper, Adrienne Taylor

Photo Day ELC  –12

School Play Rehearsal 10.00am

SAT 23/02/13

Opening School Mass K –12

Past Parents’ Drinks 6.00pm

IGSSA Softball/Tennis Round 3 8.00am

Junior School Parent Information Evening 6.00pm

MON 18/02/13

IPSHA Football/Basketball Round 3 8.00am

Year 7 Vaccinations 8.30am

P&F Meeting 7.30pm

Year 7 Parent Information Evening 6.30pm

Term 2 Sports Trials (Basketball & Football) 12.00pm

TUCKSHOP: Vivien Cornish, Karen Harrington

Information Evening for Accelerated Maths Students & Parents 7.30pm

P&F Cocktail Party 7.00pm

WED 13/02/13

TUCKSHOP: Meegan Jensen, Jodie Aroney

Ash Wednesday

School Play Rehearsal 10.00am

TUE 19/02/13

Junior School Parent Information Evening 6.30pm

TUCKSHOP: Lucinda Christie, Sarah Summerfield

IPSHA Football/Basketball Round 2 8.00am

Principal’s Welcome Dinner 1 6.30pm

SUN 24/02/13

TUCKSHOP: Christine Hinds, Elizabeth Shiell

The Parents’ & Friends’ Association of Kincoppal – Rose Bay School and the Principal of Kincoppal – Rose Bay School, Mrs Hilary Johnston-Croke warmly invite you to a

Welcome Cocktail Party Saturday, 23 February 2013 6.30 – 9.30pm Harbour Terrace, Kincoppal – Rose Bay School RSVP Tuesday 19 February * $65 payment due online * $85 late RSVP (A timely reply is essential for catering purposes)

A Catholic Independent P–12 School New South Head Roard, Rose Bay NSW 2029, Australia T +61 2 9388 6000 F: +61 2 9388 6001 CRICOS Provider Code 02268M ABN 47 003 942 603

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KRB News Issue 1  

8 February 2013

KRB News Issue 1  

8 February 2013