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September 2012, issue 79




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Highlights of this amazing province: town to temples, beaches to islands, natural hotspots to cultural places.





This month we look at getting here and getting away again on busses and boats.




Krabi Province is a haven for sun worshippers and pleasure seekers as well as being one of the world’s best destinations for activities such as rock-climbing, scuba diving and kayaking.

We head to the outskirts of Krabi to find a place for sick and injured elephants to recover. Dr.Pap runs the show there and we sit him down to find out more…




Brand, product and services from our sponsoring hotels.



What’s going on in Krabi and Thailand these days? We head out to get the scoop.



There are some must “Dos” and definitely “Do Nots” with regards to Thailand, and we thought we’d be nice enough to explain the difference. We’re good like that.



Our second installment of poking our noses into local ex-pat’s lives. This month, we corner one Paolo Semperboni in his restaurant and ask him about his life.



There’s a new chef in town at the Amari Vogue’s Bellini restaurant, and we decided we would be neglecting our readers if we didn’t go and check his credentials. He passed.



A selection of some of the best eateries in Ao Nang for your quick reference. Price guide, contact details, opening house and even a wee photo.



Hungry but overwhelmed a the sheer number of places selling food? Fear not - we have a guide to some great places to try, complete with price guide and contact details.



2 new dive centers open their doors and we get an invite to a green turtle release in Ao Nang. A champion freediving instructor hits Koh Lanta. We even have a tide table for you divers out there. What more could you want?

TRY YOUR THAI Talking Thai isn’t as hard as you might think. Well, ok it is. But we choose a few select phrases for you to try out and impress your travelling companions.



A young lady from the Netherlands tells us her experience of coming to Krabi for the first time as part of a care project.



Info and reviews from the island Koh Lanta Highlights: Lanta Features Activity: What to do when you get to Lanta Review: We stay over at the Pimalai Resort and Spa in the name of research, and are invited to a very unusual event on the beach. Eating Guide: A short guide to the best bites on the island Event: The Lanta Animal Welfare group carry out a mass sterilisiation of cats on Phi Phi Island. A fantastic turnout and some unexpected events unfold...



Purchasing and real estate investments made simple with Krabi Magazine. Architect Tips: Local architects Ton Company produce stunning homes Real Estate News: Containers are being recycled into amazing places to live. The next big thing? We take a look. Going Green: Carbon-free living takes another step forward as environmentally-friendly housing becomes more popular Style: Thai houses have a particular style, and those here in the South have their own quirks again. What makes the South of Thailand different?



4 pages of info on Krabi in the Russian language.

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Window on krabi the beaches

Ao Nang, at 20km from Krabi Town, is the most developed of Krabi’s beaches, a long stretch of white sandy beach with limestone mountains as a backdrop. It has a wide range of accommodation and services and the main shopping street features restaurants, bars, pubs, souvenir shops, dive centers and tour agencies, massage centers and spas. This is the hub from which to plan your trip at sea and to the nearby islands on a typical longtail boat. Noppharat Thara beach, just around the corner from Ao Nang, is 3km long yet still undeveloped, with only a few resorts and bars. Attractive because of its natural setting, this is where local youngsters and families gather at sunset and at weekends. Savour some local Muslim snacks at the


beach stalls, or fill yourself with seafood in the local restaurants at the very end of the beach, near the Noppharat Thara National Park headquarters. At low tide, walk out together with millions of small crabs on the sandy pathways to the small islands near the beach. Railay beaches are split and separated from Krabi and Ao Nang by monumental limestone mountains. Railay has two sides, east and west, and its settings are simply marvelous: crystal clear waters, pure sandy beaches, lush mountains, rocky islands emerging from the sea. Railay can only be reached by boat, a 15 minutes ride from Ao Nang or 30 minutes from Krabi Town. Enjoy a cocktail in one of the beach bars, visit the Phranang Cave, challenge yourself on a rock climbing course, hike the limestone massif to a lagoon and a viewpoint, or simply chill out. Neighbouring Tonsai lies at

the base of a cliff that divides it form Railay West. Tonsai has a shallow beach with slow gradients out to sea which is profoundly affected by the tide. Klong Muang beach is a further 20km away from Ao Nang; it is the up-market side of Krabi, the place to be if you are after a peaceful holiday. Catering to families and couples, it is here that you really get the so deserved repose, surrounded by pristine nature. Tubkaek beach is another real place to hide away; long, clean and peaceful, the area has breathtaking views over Koh Hong islands archipelago, and charming sunsets. From there you can venture inside the National Park and try a walking trail to a viewpoint and a waterfall. Koh Lanta beaches have a wide selection of resorts for all tastes and pockets. Lanta Yai island has long stretches

of gleaming white sandy beaches and shallow emerald waters. Lined with tropical vegetation, a private spot is never more than a short walk away on a southern beach at Lanta Yai.

NATURAL HOTSPOTS Limestone mountains or karsts characterize most of the inland Krabi area, the most spectacular being the massifs of Sai Tai. Susaan Hoi is a 40 million year-old seashell cemetery; once a large swamp where freshwater crustaceans proliferated, today home to 40 centimeter thick, shell encrusted limestone slabs, a geological uniqueness not far from Ao Nang. One must find a broken edge to see the shells clearly, since all of those on the upper surface have been walked on and worn down by the elements and are hard to identify. Khao Phanom Bencha National Park, at 20km from Krabi Town, comprises waterfalls, streams, lush forests and caves. It is home to all kind of flora and wildlife and to the highest mountain in the region from which it takes the name. One of the features of the park is Huay Toh Waterfall where water runs down onto several huge pools. Tarnbok Khoranee National Park, in the north of the region, consists of limestone mountains, verdant tropical forest, caves and beautiful islands. It is well known for its different species of trees growing around a large natural crystal clear pool, and for the hundreds of birds’ species. Phi Hua Toh Cave, in the nearby Bor Thor area, surrounded by mangrove swamps and reachable by boat or kayak, is where to see pre-historic rock paintings depicting animals and humans. Sa Morakot, the Emerald Pool, is a natural wonder: a pond of turquoise water

with an average temperature of 30-40C, fed by a hot spring in the middle of the jungle. Hot Springs of Klong Thom, natural Jacuzzis in which to lift away tensions and relieve body and mind with the mineral enriched waters falling into rocky ponds.

THE ISLANDS Hop on or hire a longtail, the local wooden boats with their picturesque prows. Sail away to Koh Poda, surrounded by turquoise waters, or to Koh Kai, shaped as a chicken and therefore called the Chicken Island, from where a walk on a sandy pathway connects it to Koh Tub. Make a longtail boat or speedboat trip to the Koh Hong archipelago, a group of limestone islands with hidden caves and lagoons perfect for kayaking or snorkeling. Join an organized tour to amazing Koh Phi Phi islands, full of marvelous bays, limestone cliffs, waters rich in marine life, caves where swallow nests are harvested, and much more. Visit Koh Jum and Koh Siboya, small, unspoiled tropical hide-away that have a unique atmosphere. These islands give visitors the time to relax and recharge their batteries. Or venture out on Koh Lanta, the developing island at the southern end of the province home to sea gypsies communities, where you will meet nature and tradition. A National Park area that comprises many different islands surrounded by coral reefs, such as Koh Ngai and remote Koh Rok.

THE CULTURE Ban Natin, on the way from Ao Nang to Klong Muang, is the place to experience the peaceful lifestyle of the local Muslim community. Home accommodation

is available, or you can simply make a stopover and see the production of handmade products such as batik paintings, pineapple-fiber paper and coconut shell carving. Wat Klong Thom Museum features various kinds of beads, stone tools, and stone and earthen ornaments in animal shapes of approximately 5,000 years old, uncovered during archeological excavations. Fire dancing, part of the beach culture, is a popular evening activity on the beaches of Koh Lanta and Koh Phi Phi, performed by acrobatic boys who swing burning torches around their bodies, creating sparkling artistic pictures. Ban Sang-Ka-U is a sea gypsy’s settlement in south-east Lanta Yai. It is there that an old clan of traditional v Ley try to preserve a disappearing way of life in this fast-developing island.

THE TOWN Small, charming, silent at times, nice for a day’s walking tour. Krabi Town is full of old buildings, bars and restaurants, local exotic marketplaces and food stalls at the old Chao Fa pier where to sample the local food. The Krabi motto is: “lively town, lovely people”; Krabi’s simple people are definitely proud of their town and of their warm and generous character. Hop on a longtail boat at Chao Fa pier and visit Khao Kanab Nam, the unique pair of hills facing each other on the opposite banks of the Krabi River, symbols of the town; or embark on a journey to Koh Klang, an island next to town on the mouth of the river, where you will experience lives lived by the local fishing communities; or charter a boatman for a visit to the mangrove backwaters.


top 10 Krabi Activities Krabi Province is a haven for sun worshippers and pleasure seekers and is also one of the world’s best destinations for activities such as rock-climbing, scuba diving and kayaking. Krabi Magazine gives you our top 10 list of activities to try here in Krabi: Kayaking This is a hugely popular activity in Krabi. The mangroves, caves and of course the beaches, provide plenty of great opportunities for kayaking. The Ao Nang/Railay area is popular as it’s close and convenient but if you’re feeling a little more adventurous, book yourself on a tour to Ao Thalane or Bor Thor in Tarn Boke Koranee National Park. The caves, grottoes and lagoons make for a great day of fun and adventure. Wat Tham Suea A hike to Wat Tham Seua, otherwise known as Tiger Cave Temple is exhausting, exhilarating and ultimately hugely rewarding. Once you’ve climbed the 1,257 steps that lead to the hilltop temple, you’ll be met by stunning views over the surrounding Thai countryside having been transformed into swathes of lush greenery by the monsoon rain. Combine the temple with trips to other destinations like Sa Morakot or visit as a separate Krabi Town day trip and combine with trips to the market. SUNSET STROLL ALONG AO NANG ESPLANADE/ NOPPHARAT THARA BEACH Sunsets over Ao Nang and Nopharrat Thara are probably some of the best you are ever likely to see. The monsoon rain brings storm clouds that hang ominously in the sky, creating spectacular sunsets that bathe the bay in a sumptuous light. Walk along the esplanade to get some great views of the longtail boats bobbing on the water, or just sit on a bench and watch as the sky transforms. Evening in the Last Fisherman Bar/Sea Food Restaurants at Noppharat Thara and Ao nang After a sunset stroll there’s no better way to finish off your evening than chatting over a cocktail or two or indulging in some great seafood. If you finish your walk in Ao Nang continue along the road by the police box until you come to the Last Fisherman Bar, one of Ao Nang’s best night-spots. It’s the perfect place to relax and enjoy a drink by the ocean. The seafood restaurants at the other side of Ao Nang Beach or by the very end of Noppharat Thara beach are a must for local fish fare. Rock climbing and Railay Beach Combine a trip to Railay Beach with some rock climbing and serious beach time and then sample some of the local nightlife. Krabi is among the World’s best destinations for climbing. The Railay peninsula is home to the local climbing scene and is considered a mecca for the sport. There are hundreds of bolted


routes in the Railay area as well as rock-climbing schools that can provide guides and equipment. Railay, once the sole preserve of backpackers, has become a favourite holiday destination, combining 2 world class beaches, excellent dining and some funky after hours haunts to down a few bottles of local brew. Markets Experiencing the hustle and bustle of a local market is great fun. Krabi and Ao Nang are blessed with some great markets, with Krabi town boasting the largest covered market in southern Thailand. There’s a market operating on any given day of the week selling everything from fruit and vegetables, household items, clothes and shoes, snacks, BBQ meat, Muslim curries and more. Try the Thursday market or Saturday markets in Klong Haeng. Sa Morakot A trip to Sa Morakot or the ‘Crystal Pool’ can be combined with trips to other beauty spots such as the hot springs. The so called ‘Emerald Pool’ is fed by a natural spring and gets its name from the glorious colour of its water. Perfect for swimming, it makes a great day out and a nice break from the beach. The rainy season is a great time to go as there is more water and less people. The best way to visit is on a tour, making it easy to combine it with a trip to nature’s own hot tub – the namtok ron (hot springs) a series of splash pools fed by a natural thermal spring. Koh Hong Archipelago No trip to Krabi or Ao Nang is complete without a trip to Koh Hong, the stunning group of islands lying off the Krabi coast. The beaches of Kong Hong never cease to amaze visitors with their crystal clear water and stunning white sand. The beaches in Ao Nang can become rough and windy in the wet season, but the beaches on the islands lying in the Andaman Sea remain calm and good for swimming. Koh Hong has two glorious beaches, a lagoon and national park land – a real island paradise.

Local Nightlife If drinking prodigious amounts of local brew is on your agenda then seek out one of Krabi Town or Ao Nang’s more lively night spots. In Ao Nang, Luna Bar is a popular joint for movers who want to bust some shapes on the dancefloor. Vodka or whiskey buckets are usually the order of the day. If you want to party ‘Thai style’, then head to Centerpoint in Ao Nang or Kansas Saloon in Krabi Town. With lots of whiskey on ice flowing, these places are an experience. Live music, dj sets and semi-clad dancing girls are what you can expect. For a less salubrious night out, try Soi Salai opposite McDonald’s in Ao Nang. This clusters of neon-lit ‘beer-bars’ are often friendly and good fun and many have cable TV and free pool on offer. The next place for entertainment are the bamboo huts opposite Siam Commercial Bank for a relaxed chillout evening. Longtail boat trip to Krabi mangroves The mangroves that fringe the coastline of the various islands divided by the maze of canals are thick and impenetrable. A nature longtail boat tour of the Krabi mangroves-populated canals, with great views of local wildlife and scenery, will enhance your Krabi experience. Charter a boat driver at Chaofa old pier for the longtail trip, usually lasting 3 hours.


The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) has revealed that one of the world’s largest tourism information websites,, named seven Thai beaches in the top 10 of the Traveller’s Choice Awards 2012’s Beach Destination in Asia. Based on votes by the website’s members across the world, Phi Phi Don island in Krabi came second after the Philipines’ Boracay Beach, which won due to its beauty and popular diving spots. We were delighted to read that the beach of Lanta island came a remarkable 3rd in the ranking! “This award reaffirms Thailand’s seaside attractions are a foreigner’s dream destination”, according to the TAT. For us, this is also a perfect timing that goes well along the 2012 Travelers’ Choice Award that Pimalai itself recently received in the following category: Top 25 Relaxation & Spa Hotels in Thailand. The Travelers’ Choice Award is the highest honor a hotel can receive from the Trip Advisor community; it is based on the reviews and opinions of millions of travelers and is awarded only to a very select and distinguished group of hotels. Pimalai Resort & Spa is the recipient of many awards; the resort is located on the beautiful relatively unspoiled island of Koh Lanta offering beautiful beaches, lush tropical rainforests, fantastic dive sites and opportunities to visit local fishing village communities that have not been ruined by mass tourism and over commercialization. The name “Pimalai’ is a derivation of the ancient Indian language of Sanskrit and translates, appropriately, as “A little patch of Heaven”; Pimalai brings you a different kind of luxury; “the luxury of being in a unique and exclusive environment, without all the fuss & the bling-bling that goes with it”; “The luxury of experiencing an out of the beaten track destination”; finally “the luxury of being pampered by island natives people who have retained this unique genuine & friendly way in not only performing their duties, but bringing that little extra that makes the difference”. For more information visit

One of Koh Lanta’s beaches, the stunning and pristine Kantiang bay where sits Pimalai Resort & Spa


Yoga at Amari Vogue

Layana Resort & Spa welcomes ML Chanya Chompunud at the resort for a 10day Royal Thai Cuisine training course of the skillfull staff at Tides Restaurant. ML Chanya is the Corporate Thai Chef at Pathumwan Princess Hotel Bangkok and is pictured with Executive Chef Apichai Somrak, Khun Onpriya Jutakarn, Assistant HR Manager and Khun Voravuth Kunghae, Assistant F&B Beverage Manager at Tides Restaurant. Enjoy some new creations on our Thai dinner menu during your next visit at Layana Resort & Spa.

How about starting the day with Yoga exercises at the beach front? In addition to our Breeze Spa program, we have now also Yoga classes managed by our Breeze Spa team. Surrounded by the natural beauty of Krabi’s Tub Kaek Beach, with it’s glistening nearby islands on the horizon, the Breeze Spa at Amari Vogue Resort is an ideal place to escape from the worries of the day and find renewal. Set over 3rd floors, each spacious treatment room is designed to provide a soothing haven of relaxation within the beautiful surroundings of the resort. All feature a private steam room and large bathtub for soaking in the floral essence of a bath or steam treatment, while the indulgent VIP Room also features a rain mist Vichy shower. For couples, the two Spa Suites offer the ultimate spa retreat getaway. Steps away, an outdoor Thai massage pavilion caressed by the Andaman sea breeze awaits, creating the perfect retreat from the midday Krabi sun. Breeze Spa offers a wide variety of blissful and soothing massages and other body and facial treatments for men and women. For those looking for more extended pampering, treatment packages create the perfect combination of head-to-toe relaxation. All treatments are administered by our expertly trained therapists who intuitively apply the exact blend of healing touch and natural ingredients to leave mind, body and soul refreshed and rejuvenated. Our menu has been carefully designed to combine the best of Thai, Asian and Western healing traditions, including Thai massage, oil massage, natural body polishes and wraps, facials, water therapies and other classic beauty treatments. There are also a number of packages which combine treatments for full-body vitality.

About Layana Resort & Spa

Layana Resort & Spa is an exclusive boutique resort facing a fine white sandy beach and set against a picturesque backdrop of forested hills. Laid out amid tropical gardens and designed to harmonize perfectly with its natural surroundings, the resort comprises of low-rise, contemporary Thai-style buildings that combine spaciousness with an open, cool and natural ambience. The guests have the opportunity to appreciate an idyllic island world far from the pressures of the city. As an exclusive haven of luxury, Layana Resort & Spa aims to offer the ultimate in individualized service. Throughout, guests appreciate the hospitality that is unobtrusive to preserve privacy, and yet attentive to give a sense of privilege and to fulfill every wish.

About Amari

Amari is the centrepiece of the ONYX portfolio of hotel brands reflecting the warmth and energy of an evolving modern Asia. Amari’s network of properties spans Thailand and beyond, from scenic seaside locations to vibrant urban settings including Bangkok, Pattaya, Koh Chang, Samui, Phuket, Krabi, and Hua Hin. New Amari properties scheduled to open in 2012 and 2013 include Amari Hua Hin, Amari Doha in Qatar, and Amari Ludhiana in India. Visit www.amari. com

Sofitel Page Night Market

Thai markets are a daily occurrence all over the Kingdom and they are a real treat for the senses with explosions of bright colour, sounds, textures and all the exotic new tastes and smells! Sofitel Krabi Phokeethra Golf & Spa Resort now offers guests the chance of their own authentic market experience, with a few added touches of luxury and sophistication. On Wednesday evenings from now, come sundown the resort’s Koh Poda eatery is transformed into its own Soi Naga, or mini walking street with a wide array of different food stalls offering all of your favourite Thai cuisine and also a few surprises, it’s a real feast for the senses! Perfectly located next to their huge, softly lit infinity pool, find a spot to relax, enjoy your plate of treats and soak up the unique atmosphere. Very reasonably priced at THB 699++ for adults and 350++ for children and with Sofitel’s skillful chefs cooking from 7 until 10pm. Arrive early to enjoy a few of their signature cocktails while watching the sun set over the Andaman Sea.

Make your reservations now! Call 075 627800 or email


Dine in Style An unmatched evening of sophisticated cuisine set to the sounds of charismatic Opera virtuoso Mr. Yves Baron Exclusively at Venezia Restaurant every evening from 7pm, now until 15th September 2012 and with us again in December 2012 Reserve your place now on 075 627800 or

The Pulse New Krabi Bus Station OPEN The new bus station in Krabi has now opened for business and is a vast improvement on the old one, by the looks of things, Situated right next to the original terminal in Talat Khao district, the new building is larger, cleaner and more inviting than the last one. Each bus stand now has clearly marked purple signs with the destinations written in English and Thai, to avoid any more confusion as to what bus goes where. There are plenty of seats outside, as well as a coffee shop, food court selling cheap 40THB meals and a toilet that’s maintained to a decent standard - 3THB to use. There are lots of stalls selling things like chicken & sticky rice, fruits and drinks too. Inside, you will find a tourist information point to help new arrivals get their bearings, and tickets to further-flung destinations such as Phi Phi and Lanta can even be purchased without the need to find a travel agent. A great improvement for Krabi tourism and a welcome addition to the area!

AirAsia X to Offer Child-Free “Quiet Zone” What might well be music to your ears, long-haul, low-cost airline AirAsia X are set to introduce a “Quiet Zone” in its economy seating area commencing in February next year. This will be located between rows 7 to 14 and travelers with children aged below 12 years will not be allowed to sit there. According to the AirAsia X website the “Quiet Zone” will offer “minimal noise with no disturbances” and “special ambiance lighting”. At the moment, there is to be no additional charges for this, AirAsia X’s standard seat selection fee of USD $11 will apply. AirAsia X is the second airline to introduce a child-free zone after Malaysia Airlines.

Sunday Beach Cleanups are a Hit! Local residents and expats have started coming together on Sunday mornings for a rather unexpected reason. No, not a lazy breakfast or frolicking in the ocean - but picking up garbage. More specifically, garbage from the beaches of Ao Nang. Beach cleanups are part and parcel of Ao Nang life and they have been organised by our resident conservation group Projects Abroad, as well as other local and International organisations. It’s an unfortunate side-effect of welcoming so many visitors to the region that rubbish in many forms ends up on our coast. Some of it is left behind by irresponsible beach-goers, and the rest drifts in with the tide - which sometimes can deposit strange and unusual items!

Thai Hospitality Businesses are looking to a Rosy Future M.L. Suravut Thongtham, Senior Vice President - Sales of ONYX Hospitality Group, has disclosed that the tourism industry and attractive investment opportunities in the ASEAN region will prevail significantly in the anticipation of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) in 2015. He cited the Board of Investment’s recent figures, which revealed a total investment of 250 billion baht in Thailand at the prospect of AEC. The statistics also showed that 70% of the investors are Japanese. The Senior Vice President explained that the higher number of foreign investments in Thailand is the result of new investment opportunities in Myanmar and Cambodia. Given investment chances and the government’s desire to transform Thailand into a transportation hub, he said, more businessmen are expected to settle down in the Kingdom. Moreover, the hospitality business will begin to grow exponentially given a higher number of tourists in medical tourism and the AEC. M.L. Suravut predicted that the number of hotel rooms would increase by approximately 35%, or around 9,000; 3,500 of which will be five-star rooms. He also expressed his belief that the Thai economy will gradually expand due to its transport system and conference facilities, which will surely attract many investors. From

So now we have a Sunday cleanup where anyone can join in to meet up with friends and make some new ones, take some time and clean up some of the trash on the beaches. In true Thai spirit, it’s not as strenuous as you might think - but more of a social event. Lots of laughs accompany the many black bin bags that gather on the roadside at the end of the cleanup, and the feeling of a job well done at the end is reward enough. Well, that and the ice-cold beer that you can tell yourself that you’ve earned... If you would like to take part, check the Krabi Magazine Facebook Page for updates and details.

Local and National news that matters to you Thailand’s Olympians Return to Heros’ Welcome

Thai Smile the New Kid on the Block

Thailand’s Olympic athletes returned home to a resounding hero’s welcome yesterday after capturing three medals including two silver - at the London Games.

Krabi Magazine was very happy to be asked to attend a PR information day held at the Ao Nang Cliff Beach Resort last month. “Smile” is the lower-cost branch of Thai Airways that focusses mainly on domestic flights within Thailand at present, but with big plans for the future. They have a fleet of 11 brand new Airbus A320-200 aircraft which are perfectly suited for fuel efficient short-haul travel.

The stars were boxer Kaew Pongprayoon and weightlifter Pimsiri Sirikaew, who took silver in the light-flyweight 49kg class and the women’s 58kg division, respectively, while Chanatip Sonkham claimed a bronze in the women’s 49kg taekwondo event. When the Olympic team walked out to the arrival lounge, a major celebration broke out, with drums being beaten and hordes of fans and reporters greeting them, some carrying bouquets of flowers. Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra presented certificates to all 37 Thai athletes who took part in the Olympics, which ran from July 27 until Sunday. Each of the two silver medalists got 6mn baht, and the bronze medalist received 4mn. Story from Phuket Gazette

With their mantra being “Speedy, Trendy and Friendly”, it looks as if Thai Smile will be the one to watch in the coming months. Their schedule at the moment looks like this: From 16 August 2012: Twice daily service between Bangkok and Surat Thani From 22 August 2012: Four flights daily between Bangkok and Krabi From 1 October 2012: Daily service between Bangkok and Chiang Mai Daily service between Bangkok and Phuket New Daily non-stop service between Chiang Mai and Phuket From 28 October 2012: Daily service between Bangkok and Chiang Mai From 16 September 2012: Daily service between Bangkok and Hyderabad

Nok Air Going International by 2013 Plans are underway for Thailand’s Nok Air budget airline to begin branching out and servicing International routes by 2013. Nok Air CEO Patee Sarasin has spoken of plans to launch new routes to China in the first quarter of the year, using their expanding fleet of Boeing 737-800 aircraft. The airline will focus on destinations within a 3-4 hour flying distance from their base at Bangkok’s Don Mueang Airport. Nok Air have experimented with international routes in the past by flying to Bangalore and Hanoi, but these routes were cancelled in 2007.


Customs Thailand is one of those countries that have customs very different to what we might be used to in our home countries - and the Thais are extremely proud of that. As we are a visitor in their country, it’s only right and proper that we take a little time to understand some local customs - does and don’ts - that can make a huge difference in your encounters with the locals. They will really appreciate you making the effort and it can go a long way in making your stay here more fulfilling.


respect and love he has from the Thai population.


Just use common sense and you’ll be fine. If in doubt about what you should do in any given situation - just do what the Thais around you are doing and you can’t go wrong.

ere are a few of the more important things to remember - they are simple, cost nothing and are all based in common sense.

It’s one of the great ironies of life that the one place in Thailand that has the best beaches, ocean and blazing hot sun, is also one of the most conservative when it comes to dressing. The predominantly Muslim population here in the South can take real offense to any tourist wandering into their shop with just a bikini on, or tiny shorts for the guys. I know, you’re on holiday and you deserve that tan - I understand. But here, bikinis are for the beach and only the beach. Please, please, please try to appreciate the cultural differences here and cover up a little when heading to and from the beach. Guys, just pull on a pair of board shorts and T-shirt. No-one wants to see another pair of fluorescent Speedos making their way around the town. Ladies - simple. Sarongs. Dead cheap, available everywhere, take up no space, dry in a heartbeat and can be used a hundred different ways. Wrap one around your waist or shoulders when heading off the beach and you’re sorted.


The Thai Royal Family is revered and there can be no worse “faux pas” than joke about the King. Some have actually been thrown in jail for making “uncivil remarks” about their beloved leader. It’s serious business and you should take note. You’ll see his image absolutely everywhere, which should give you a good idea of the



Respect is the name of the game when visiting a temple or encountering a wandering monk. Again, no speedos. As a rule of thumb, make sure that your shoulders and knees are covered (especially

the ladies) and you’ll be fine. Remember the mantra - “bring a sarong and you can’t go wrong”.


Buddhist monks are forbidden to make direct physical contact with women. This means that if a woman has to give anything to a monk, she must first hand it to a man who then can pass it on. Sometimes the monk will lay out a piece of his robe on the ground, where the lady can then place the object and he can pick it up.


Sacred and revered. Even if it’s a ruined, half destroyed statue of the deity - treat it with the utmost respect and you’ll shine in the eyes of the Thais. Common sense again - don’t clamber up onto one and make bunny ears behind it for a photo. If you want to take a picture of a statue, please do so respectfully and, if possible, ask a

passing monk if it’s ok to do so. It may seem a bit odd to us, but it’s a real big deal to Thai people - so who are we to argue?

Head & Feet

In Buddhism, the feet are seen as the lowest part of the body and the head the highest - both literally as well as figuratively. This means that you should never point your feet at a Thai, a monk or a statue of Buddha. Instead, sit with your feet under your knees like the statue of Buddha here or even crosslegged if you have glass joints like mine. Also, try never to step over someone who is lying in your path (sleeping, presumably) as the act of passing the soles of your feet across them can be just as bad or worse than the feetpointing. The head is seen as the most “holy” part of the body and as such, should not be touched. This means no playful ruffling of that cheeky boy’s hair or patting of kids heads. I know, to us it’s a gesture of affection. To Thais, it’s very offensive.


Easy, this one take your shoes or flip flops off at the entrance to any indoor space. If in any doubt, look for other flip flops at the doorway and leave yours there with them. Resorts are the exception to this, as are most restaurants - but absolutely take them off if entering a Wat (temple) or a Thai’s home.

Saying “Hi” - Thai Style

The “Wai” is the traditional Greeting here in Thailand - similar to the handshake in the west. It’s usually performed by a “lower class” of person when greeting a superior, who can then return the gesture. You’ve all seen it as soon as you arrived at your resorts - I have no doubt. The “Wai-er” places the palms of their hands together like their about to pray and then bends forwards at the waist. It’s good practice to return the gesture too and the Thais really appreciate it. Just put your hands together with the tips of your fingers touching your chin and bend forward a little while saying “Sawadee krap” if you’re of the manly persuasion or “Sawadee kaa” if a lady. You may notice that sometimes you are addressed as “Mr. Bob” or “Miss. Jane” instead of your family name. This is just the way Thai people address their peers, usually with the first name.


Public displays of affection are a big no-no all over Thailand, and should be avoided. No snogging in the restaurant please - or you will be faced with a sea of red-faced Thai’s all avoiding you.


Thailand is an excellent place to pick up some bargains, and haggling is expected amongst customers and vendors. Remember to take the “softly-softly” approach and don’t be aggressive. In some parts of the world, haggling can take the form of a shouting match with arms flailing, spit flying and lots of walking way and pulling back. Not so here. That kind of behavior will get you nowhere. Smile and ask what their best price is and take it from there. Keep your voice calm and quiet and never, ever lose your temper.

Some of the best things to buy here in Thailand are: • • • • • • • •

Leather Jewelry Silk Wooden carvings Art (Paintings, Batik, etc.) Ceramics Silverware Precious gems

So there you have it. Try these simple tips and know that you are immersing yourself more in the Thai culture and receiving genuine smiles back from the locals for your efforts.

Meet the


This month I chat to another long - time resident of Ao Nang and avid conservationist, Mr. Paolo Semperboni. Originally from Italy, Paolo is now a part of the fabric of this community, and he is becoming well-known for a particular reason... - So Paolo, how long have you been here in Ao Nang and what brought you to these shores? I’ve been living here since 2001, so 10 years this year. I was working for Air Italia as a member of cabin crew when I met this beautiful woman on board a Bangkok to Sydney flight as we worked on a trolley together. Slowly we became closer and now she is my wife! We started out by creating a restaurant called Thailandia 1 here in Ao Nang, which became more popular until we could open another one - Thailandia 2 in front of Mc Donald’s. Now we have now turned it into a guesthouse called “Regina”. We wanted to do something different with it than all the other guesthouses, so we decided on a theme of “movie stars”. So now guests have the choice of staying in a room based on Liz Taylor, Sofia Loren, Bridget Bardot or Marilyn Monroe. But our main business now is the Longtail Boat restaurant right here in the seafood street in Ao Nang, and we love it. - What made you decide to give up your job in Italy and move to Ao Nang for good? When the Tsunami struck in 2004, I volunteered to work at the local temple here to help with the many bodies that were being brought in from Phi Phi Islands. There were 619 people brought there and it was a horrific experience. This was a turning point in my life and cemented a love for Thailand in my heart forever.

- I can only imagine what that must have been like for you, and I see how Thailand can become a special place for you after going through something like that. - So Paolo, you are the founder of the group called “Loving Andaman Sea”. What’s this all about? Well, I have always hated littering and rubbish and in 2003 I started picking up litter from the beach here, in front of Last Fisherman. I soon got the name of “Mr. Clean”, which was a great nickname, I think! I decided to expand a little and dedicate a few hours a week to try and keep Ao Nang beaches clean. When I started my restaurants, I was always hearing complaints from my guests about the state of the beaches and why was no one cleaning them? So I decided to give something back to this beautiful part of the country and get myself organized. - Have you managed to co-operate with anyone else on this? Yes, the local conservation volunteers with Projects Abroad are very helpful. We work together a lot on beach cleanups as they always have volunteers ready and willing to come down and help remove the rubbish from the shoreline. I also work with local organization, APE (Association for Protection of the Environment) as they involve lots of local people, including kids, which is vital if we want tot see a change in local attitudes towards littering. - How is that going? Is it easy to change the attitudes of older locals? No, it’s very difficult. That’s why we are focussing on the next generation in the schools as much as we can. We go to them and get them involved in activities and have a lot of fun with them. This is how we are going to change things here. - What about the local leaders here? Do you have their support? I have actually met with the chief of the local Muslim community here, and they have expressed how much they would like to clean the area up. Beautifying the area, planting flowers, cleaning the streets and more - all very important and warms my heart to see such love and care for their land. - Tell me about this questionnaire you have started? What’s the aim of this? We wanted to find out from locals and tourists in Ao Nang exactly what they thought of the standards of cleanliness here. So we


created a questionnaire and have been handing them out to as many people as we possibly can. The questionnaire asks the people what they think about the state of our beaches, islands, streets, water and more. We also ask them who they think should be responsible for protecting the environment and how important environmental issues are to them. At the end of this green season, we are going to take all our completed questionnaires to the National Park headquarters to show them how much support and outcry there is from people, and that something has to be done. - What has the general response been from folks here? What to they think of the state of cleanliness? Generally, not good. While almost everyone thinks that the beaches, islands and jungles of this area are beautiful - the rubbish and litter that scatters them is very disappointing. - That’s very interesting to hear, and I suppose it’s a good thing in a way, as these responses are the ones that will hopefully spur some action from the authorities. Yes, we hope so! - What do you think is the worst contributor to the problem here? Plastic is the worst. We in the west have been using it for decades, but until just a few years ago, there was no plastic here. The introduction of our western “convenience” was very fast. Before, everything was carried using natural materials like banana leaves. Since plastic came here, your food is now placed in a styrofoam container and then into a plastic bag. Plastic bags are absolutely everywhere and are a serious issue here. They can end up in the ocean where they are mistaken for jellyfish by sea turtles, who can die when the bags get stuck in their digestive system.

I love to run - it’s my drug! I’ve been running since I was 17 years old and made it to some pretty high standards back in Italy. I was a champion in the 800m, 1500m and 3000m steeplechase and was up to number 10 in my country. I have ran several marathons as well, including the New York and London races. I finished the New York marathon in 2 hours 30 mins, which wasn’t bad, I think! - I did not know that! Paolo, thank you very much for taking the time to talk to me about this. It’s obviously very close to your heart and a very worthwhile cause. Something really does need to be done about the situation, and I hope that your effort touches as many people as possible. It’s worth remembering if you are a visitor to our shores, that the beaches here are cleaned by people like Paolo and others that live here, purely as volunteers, on a regular basis. You may even see some folks walking around with black refuse bags on the beach. The litter problem is a serious one in Ao Nang and surrounds, so please be a part of the solution and place your refuse in a bin when you see one. Thank you!

- So how is all this funded? I do it by myself, with some support from local businesses now and again. I’m just one guy trying to do something positive in my spare time - that’s all. It’s great that local resorts and businesses offer to help me out with donations, as it lets me know I’m not alone in this. - Ok Paolo, so tell me something about yourself that not a lot of people might know!

If you would like to help Paolo in his quest to “Keep Krabi Clean”, you can contact him on 075 661 498 or 080 777 3425 He has T-Shirts for sale, the proceeds of which all go into the project. A very unique souvenir for friends back home! You can also keep up to speed with his news on Facebook by searching for Krabi Magazine and Loving Andaman Sea


Dining at Amari Vogue


s a part of Krabi Magazine’s ongoing pursuit of good food in and around the Krabi region, we have thrown down the gauntlet to some of the best places in the area. We want to see what they’ve got with our own eyes and taste it to boot.

There are so many places to eat here in the Krabi region, that we want to try and make it all a little easier for you as you wonder if one place is any good or another place can do a filet mignon justice. Fear not! Krabi Magazine is here and we skipped lunch....

and we were looking forward to what he was bringing with him. We decided to let him choose for us and it wasn’t long before some beautiful looking creations were placed on our table. To begin with, we were presented with Crab Wasabi Salad on a Beetroot Carpaccio

This month we were invited by Michael Vogt, the General Manager of the Amari Vogue Resort and spa to sample the wares of their new chef at Bellini Restaurant. We arrived at the resort and were greeted by Michael himself, before we descended the steps to the beachfront setting of their Bellini. As the name hints, Bellini specializes in Italian cuisine with pride. Our table was just a few meters away from the ocean, and the breeze coming off the sea was just enough to cool the air on a hot night. After being greeted and seated by the staff, we were soon staring up at a pristine white chef’s uniform filled with a similarly styled man. This was - we deduced - the man of the hour, the new chef. Christoph Lindner was born in Germany, but lived and worked in France and Luxembourg before turning his talents on Thailand. Once the Executive Chef at the exclusive “Opus One” restaurant in Phuket, he joined the ranks of the Amari Vogue at the beginning of July this year,

a l’Orange with sautéed crème spinach and Gnocchi, and Pamela got to sample some Blackened Tuna on a Bed of sautéed seasonal Vegetables (Fennel, Asparagus and Tomatoes. We were in hog’s heaven at this point, what with the food, the location and the very nice bottle of Cesari Bardolino Classico wine from Sicily making us feel like we were on vacation. The restaurant was about half full, but the arrangement of the tables is in such a way that you have a good deal of privacy. The tables are, as you might expect, perfectly set and the chairs are very comfy with soft cushions. Once I was in, I didn’t want to get out... To end the meal, we were given Pineapple Carpaccio marinated in star anis & cinnamon and Coconut Panacotta with Passion Fruit gelee. Really lovely, sweet and creamy and, again, beautifully presented.

topped with Dill, and a Classic Tuna Carpaccio with Capers, Olives, Arugula and Lime. It tasted as good as it looked, I can assure you. Soon afterwards, the main courses arrived to subdued “Ooohs” from ourselves. In front of me was placed Duck

The sea breeze and subdued ambiance of Bellini had well and truly “unwound” us by now and as tempting as it was to put out heads on the table and wait for morning to come, we dragged ourselves to our feet with immense reluctance. We said our farewells to the staff and took one more deep lungful of sea air before taking the stairs back to our waiting car and undoubtedly irate babysitter. If Christoph keeps doing what he’s doing at Amari, we will be back for sure...

You can try for yourself the new menu of Chef Christoph Lindner by booking at Bellini on +66 (0)75 60 7777 Or check out their website at


Eating Guide CARNIVORE - Steak & Grill Soi Klong Haeng opposite Thai Village Resort, Ao Nang. They say that the prof of the pudding is in the eating, and the same goes for steaks. The quality of what this kitchen produces is extremely hard to beat - and the experience of the owner Gidi is evident as you walk into the elegant and pristine restaurant. Gidi worked for 15 years in the restaurant business before starting Carnivore back in 2003 - and he has never looked back. All main courses come with salad and a choice of six different potato dishes that include home-made french fries and mashed potato to die for. As well as the 5-star meat selection, Carnivore also offers some of the finest salads, soups, crispy baguettes, grilled sandwiches and warm starters around - as well as no less than 60 beers from around the world. Yes, 60.

Average price: 400-900+THB What to Try: The “Carnivore” signature Steak Free WiFi?: Yes Opening Hours: Open daily from 3pm - 11pm. (Kitchen open from 4pm - 10pm) Tel:+66 (0)75661061 Website:

DA CARLA - Italian and Thai Restaurant Noppharathara Beach, inside Sabai Resort.

For some of the best Italian food you will find in Ao Nang and beyond, you should look no further than this place. Nestled just off Noppharathara Beach and next to Sabai Resort, Da Carla & Poan is a small, informal place owned and managed by an Italian couple who are long-time residents here. As well as great Thai food, this is the place for some real-deal homemade pasta just like it should be made. The hand-filled ravioli and homemade desserts that are on the menu are very hard to argue with. Great meat selection too, with quality steak and the freshest seafood you could hope to find. As you would expect, a good selection of imported wine is also available, as well as imported Belgian beers.

Average price: 250+THB What to Try: The hand-filled ravioli Free WiFi?: Yes Opening Hours: Open daily from 7:30am 2:30pm and 5:30pm - 9:30pm Tel:+66 (0)75637791 Website:

THE IRISH ROVER - Authentic Irish Pub & Restaurant Heading towards Ao Nang beach on the “Mc Donalds Road”, look for the pint of Guinness...

The Irish Rover has one of the largest draught beer selections in Southern Thailand, including Kilkenny and a very nice pint of Guinness. Irish ciders Magners and Strongbow are also available for those hot days when nothing else will hit the spot. The kitchen is open until 1am, serving excellent food in generous portions. Expect to see homemade pies, tender steaks, juicy chops, shepherd’s pie (made with Guinness) as well as plougman’s lunches, bangers and mash and more. Happy hours & drink specials are worth watching out for. Air-conditioned, live sports, pool table and a darts board all complete this little slice of Ireland right here in Ao Nang.

Average price: 250+THB What to Try: The home made pies Free WiFi?: Yes Opening Hours: Open daily from 4pm - 1am. Tel:+66 (0)75637607 Website:

Smiling Dog Café - Crêperie Located on main street, opposite KL House in AoNang

The wonderfully titled Smiling Dog Café offers gourmet food without the gourmet price tag. Serving a wide variety of hot and iced drinks and breakfast all day, as well as some of the finest filled crêpes you’ll find anywhere in the South of Thailand. An extensive menu that includes traditional sweet treats like their famous banana and chocolate filled “Chunky Monkey” or “Caramel and Apple”, the Smiling Dog Café also offers plenty to cater for those who prefer a savoury bite. Salmon & cream cheese, Tex Mex and vegetarian options are some of their highlights, and you can even create your own with a wide selection of tasty ingredients. With freshly ground coffee, comfy seating inside and out, a selection of local and International newspapers and free WiFi, the Smiling Dog Café is a great little place to ease into your day in comfort and style.

Average price: 89 THB What to Try: The Chunky Monkey or Tex Mex Free WiFi?: Yes Opening Hours: Open daily from 7am - 5pm. Tel:+66 (0)809-298-297 Website:


Eating Guide The Red Devil - Grill & Lounge

Just outside Ao Nang at the Ao Nammao junction. Big red building. With their focus set firmly on comfort and quality, the Red Devil offers a mouthwatering selection of gourmet steaks, burgers, salads, pizzas and pastas - all top quality and cooked to exacting standards by Italian chef and owner, Umberto. The jewel in the crown of the Red Devil is it’s upstairs VIP lounge area that’s open to the public as well as being bookable for private functions like Birthday parties, meetings and get-togethers with friends. Sumptuously decorated with oversized cushions, low tables and carpeting throughout, “lounging” is almost obligatory. Soft lighting, a dedicated music system and even a “waitress call-button” all make for a wonderfully unique and relaxing atmosphere that really has to be seen to be appreciated. New lunch specials are now available, offering great discounts on set meals. Call for details or pass by and check the chalkboard outside

Average price: 200+THB What to Try: The steaks, pasta & burgers Free WiFi?: Yes Opening Hours: 11am - 2pm & 5pm - Late except Wed & Sun. Tel:+66 (0)881699260 Website:

BELLINI @ Amari Vogue Resort & Spa 149 Moo 3, Tambol Nongtalay, Amphur Muang Krabi 81000

For a beachfront location that will make you linger by the water all night long, pull up a chair at Bellini restaurant. Specializing in authentic Italian cuisine, Bellini has perfected a delicious menu of handmade pastas, gourmet pizza as well as taking full advantage of its seaside locale with delicious seafood specialties and international highlights.

LOTUS @ Amari Vogue Resort & Spa Take your tastebuds on a world tour at Lotus restaurant. This laid-back Krabi restaurant features authentic Thai cuisine to suit every craving. With an elegant dining room as well as a terrace for outdoor dining, Lotus is the perfect choice for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Venezia @ Sofitel

Average price: 400++THB What to Try: Bellini’s seafood and Lotus’s carpaccio Free WiFi?: For hotel guests only Opening Hours: Daily. Bellini from 11am 11pm and Lotus from 6:30am - Midnight Tel: +66 (0) 7560 7777 Website:

Krabi Phokeethra Golf & Spa Resort

200 Moo.3 Klong Muang Beach, Tambon Nongtalay, Muang, Krabi Sofitel Krabi Phokeethra Golf & Spa Resort’s Ristorante Venezia serves up gourmet cuisine featuring traditional Italian recipes, pizzas straight from the wood-fired oven & a large selection of wines from all over the globe. Located on the first floor of the resort & next to the grand lobby, tables are available for either indoor dining or on the outdoor terrace, al fresco style, with panoramic views of the ocean and tropical gardens. Specialties include the Albero di Antipasti, at THB++600, a delicious selection of 6 of your favourite anti pasti choices, perfect when you can’t decide from their extensive menu choices. Another must try is the Ravioli Frutti di Mare at THB440++, delectable homemade ravioli stuffed with the freshest Andaman seafood and served in a mouthwatering creamy crab meat sauce!

Average price: 400++THB What to Try: BThe antipasti & ravioli frutti di mare Free WiFi?: No Opening Hours: Open daily from 6pm - 11pm. Tel:+66 (0)75627800 Email: Website:

Gecko’s restaurant @ The Sheraton Resort & Spa 155 Moo 2, Nong Thale, Krabi

The signature restaurant of Sheraton Krabi features fresh pastas, salads and delicious selections from authentic Italian home cooking to pizzas baked in a traditional wood burning oven. Enjoy breathtaking ocean views and the Andaman Sea breeze while dining at this prestigious resort, known the world over for it’s top quality dining experiences. With a mouth-watering array of choices on the menu, you are quite literally spoiled for choice when it comes down to it. Great food in a 5-star location with meticulous attention to detail. What more could you ask for?


Average price: 400-900++THB What to Try: The pizzas Free WiFi?: Yes Opening Hours: Open daily from 11am -11pm. Tel: +66 (0)75628000 Website:

Into the Blue Poseidon, one of the most established dive operators in the area, have relocated to the other side of Ao Nang and into a brand new shop. Just follow the main beach road around towards Noppharatthara and you will find them on the right side just before the bridge. Owner Danny has over 14 years of experience in diving and teaching, with many qualifications behind him. As well as a TDA/CMAS Course Director, he is also a Medic First Aid Trainer, Children’s Instructor Trainer, a Gas Blender and a Nitrox Instructor. Also on the team is Thai Manager and Instructor Intern, Nattapol Phoget, or “Bell” to his friends. Bell is very experienced with over 400 dives in the local area alone. There isn’t much he doesn’t know about the underwater world in Krabi - which makes him “the man” when it comes to finding your way around underwater. Danny is also one of the very few Apnoea Instructor Trainers in the area and is an avid Freediving fan. With German, English & Thai languages spoken, it’s easy to see why Poesidon has been one of the longest serving dive operations in the region. So congrats to Danny and Bell and the best of luck to you in your new store! To find out more about Poseidon, check out

In addition to the new Posidon store, there’s a brand new kid on the block in the shape of “The Dive” Lertlid Trzop aka “Liz” has been something of an institution in the Ao Nang/Krabi region for years now. He is unique as far as I know as he’s the only Thai that speaks English and German fluently! He is a PADI MSDT & EFR trainer and holds additional qualifications as an instructor in Nitrox, Deep Diving, Project Aware and Underwater Digital Photography specialties. His partner, Bjorn Jensen or “Cookie” to his friends, hails from Denmark and has been in Thailand since 2010, when the lure of Krabi life became to much and he decided to stay here. Both Bjorn and Liz have opened their new dive shop to offer something a little different from the others - we’ll have to wait and see what that is! They are in the final stages of their preparations and expect to be opening their doors around the start of September. You can find them on the way the beach before Mc Donald’s opposite the Smiling Dog cafe. Check out their website at www.thediveaonang. com Check out their Facebook page at www.facebook. com/TheDiveAoNang or call them on +66 (0)86 742 3976

Krabi Tides September 2012

Welcome back Marc! Blue Planet are proud to announce that Marc Guerrin will be returning once again to take up the post as the ONLY free diving instructor on Koh Lanta, at Blue Planet Divers for the upcoming season. Marc is well known for his calming effect on students, his professional character, and his knowledge and love for the ocean. He has had countless raving reviews from our past customers and we all look forward to welcoming him back to the family that is the Blue Planet Team.

turtle Power by Emily Huang-Ramirez Every year, Her Majesty the Queen Sirikit’s birthday celebrations are used as platforms to raise awareness of both conservation threats and efforts across the nation. This year, Krabi Magazine received a rare invitation to the third annual release of juvenile Green turtles into the Andaman Sea; launching them from Turtle Egg Beach, a small protected retreat in the shadows of The Princess’s Residence here in Krabi.


ix of the world’s seven marine turtle species are listed as Endangered, or Critically Endangered. With five of those species nesting in coastal Thailand and inhabiting the surrounding waters, events such as this become important proponents in public notoriety. As the rates of pollution, climate change, habitat degradation, egg farming and over-fishing alarmingly surpass the rates that turtles mature and reproduce, it’s become clear that these gentle creatures need the help of their human friends, now more than ever. Turtles aren’t simply inspiration for yet another cute character in a Pixar movie. More than just graceful waders of the open sea, marine turtles serve as vital components of delicate ecosystems. Turtles maintain the balance of seagrass beds and coral reefs, acting as Mother Earth’s natural mowers to prevent overgrowth. They also have an important function in the food chain and, as many would attest, an ocean swim would be way cooler without jellyfish populations getting out of control. Putting the science aside, turtles are often epitomized as patient and wise, and symbolize longevity and stability in many cultures, including Thai. The importance of their survival transcends their immediate roles in the ocean.


This year, many prominent figures of Krabi province participated in the turtle release, including Governor Prasit Osathanon, the Royal Thai Army, and not surprisingly, the Royal Thai Navy, who have had an increasingly active role in turtle conservation over the years. In fact, the event’s main guests were once wee hatchlings nursed at the Royal Thai Navy’s Third Fleet Turtle Nursery. After the obligatory megaphone speeches, guests were instructed to assist in the release. In the midst of organized chaos, squirming turtles were snatched from their paddock, escorted to the ocean and sent off to the school of life. With only 81 turtles ready for departure and twice as many enthusiasts present, not everyone claimed a turtle. Nonetheless, smiles and laughter were in abundant supply as guests waded knee-deep in the sea with encouragement and well-wishes. Each turtle was tagged on it’s front right flipper with a serial number. Attendees were informed that any sightings of a tagged turtle should be reported to the Aquarium of the Fisheries Department in Ao Nammao. Keeping an updated registry of turtles, in addition to educating the public about threats and ways to contribute, will undoubtedly have a large impact on furthering the conservation cause…not to mention our continued enjoyment of these extraordinary beings both in real life and on screen.


try your


Krabi is well-used to foreigners and most of the Thai people that deal with tourists on a daily basis will have a smattering of English to get by. The employees at your resort, for example. But if you want to try out a little of their own language, you will be rewarded by even bigger smiles and even the odd giggle. The Thais really do appreciate you making an effort to speak their language and just the odd word here and there can make all the difference in your relationships with them. It can be a daunting language to speak as it has 5 separate tones that can change the meaning of the word you are speaking. But don’t worry about that for now - if you just say the words, they’ll get the message!

One very important think to remember is that male speakers should always end each statement or sentence with the word “Krap”. Female speakers end with “Kaa”.

Numbers 1 - Noong 2 - Song 3 - Sam 4 - See 5 - Haa

6 - Hock 7 - Jet 8 - Ped 9 - Khao 10 - Sip

Hello (male speaker).......................................................“Sawadee Krap”

Is that tasty?..............................................................................“A Roy Mai?

Hello (female speaker).................................................... “Sawadee Kaa”

Hot (Temperature)........................................................................... “Rawn”

How are you?................................................................. “Sabai Dee Mai?”


I’m fine......................................................................................... “Sabai Dee”


How much is this?...........................................................“A Nee Tao Rai?”

Where is the restroom/toilet?.................“Hong Naam Yoo Tee Nai?

What is this?..............................................................................“Nee a Rai?”

Can I have the bill/check?.......................................................“Kep Tang”

Yes............................................................................................................ “Chai”

Where are you going?..................................................................“Pai Nai?

No.................................................................................................... “Mai Chai”

See you soon........................................................................“Pop Gan Mai”

Sorry/Excuse me......................................................................... “Kor Toht” I can’t speak Thai........................................... “Poot Passa Thai Mai Dai” Can you speak English?.............“Khun Poot Passa Angrit Dai Mai?”

And the one that rules them all - the 3 words that every Thai lives by and that can teach us stress-monkeys a thing or two about life…

I don’t understand.............................................................. “Mai Khao Jai”


Do you understand?..........................................................“Khao Jai Mai?

It doesn’t matter

Help!.................................................................................. “Chooey Dooey!”

No big deal


Don’t worry about it

Not spicy.......................................................................................... “Mai Pet”

Never mind

“Mai Pen Rai”

Getting Around There are busses, taxis, tuk-tuks, motorcycles, minivans, coaches, scooters, sawng-thaws, longtails, speedboats and more all awaiting you with a smile. What can be tricky sometimes is knowing how much a trip costs, where to buy your tickets and how long a journey should take - things that are starting to become more obvious now than they were before.

From Krabi Airport Nice, clean, air-con cars are available to take you anywhere you want to go and can carry up to 4 people. Or you can buy a seat in a minivan for less, but as it can take up to 10 people you may have to wait until they fill it.

Boat Timetable (Ao Nang Princess) If you are planning on heading further afield to the islands of Lanta, Phi Phi and Phuket, there a boats that can take you. Although it’s worth noting that boat services to Koh Lanta from April 26 - Nov 10 are severely limited or will not run at all due to the sea conditions.

*All price in Thai Baht

Air-Con Bus There is now a regular shuttle bus that runs between the airport and popular destinations like those mentioned above. It also stops at piers where ferries leave for places like Railay and Tonsai. This can be a great option if you are on a budget, but can take a while to get to where you want to go.

*All price in Thai Baht

*All price in Thai Baht


the elephant

Hospital T he Thai Elephant Conservation Center (TECC) was founded in 1993 in the Lampang province, near Chaing Mai in the North of Thailand. Under Royal Patronage, it has the honour of housing 6 of the King of Thailand’s royal elephants. 4 years ago, the southern branch of the TECC opened up here just outside of Krabi, after the government donated 2000 Rai (32 Sq km) of forested land in the Klong Thom district for the hospital to work in. The Head of the project is Dr.Pongpon Homkong, or “Pap” for short, and he very kindly agreed for Krabi Magazine to come and see him at the hospital and find out what they do there. Dr.Pap is “the man” when it comes to elephants, we soon came to realise. He graduated from Chiang Mai University, one of only 6 universities in Thailand that have an Elephant & Wildlife Clinic. He studied the creatures for 6 years before starting work with the TECC in Lumpang, and there he stayed for a further 3 years. When the Krabi branch opened, he was transferred here - so what he doesn’t know about elephants, isn’t worth knowing! At the hospital he has around 6 staff, including 1 medical assistant. As we were chatting, she was busy cleaning out a wound on one of the immense creatures that was actually a bedsore. Sometimes


when an elephant is injured and can’t stand up, it gets these sores from it’s own weight constantly in contact with the ground similar to a long term human patient in hospital. We asked Dr. Pap about the kinds of injuries and illnesses he sees in the animals that come to the clinic, and especially if the popular activity of “elephant trekking” contributes to these injuries. I had a good reason for asking this. I live very close to a company that takes tourists on elephant rides, and as I pass the animals every day on my way to and from work, I get to see them when the tourists have gone home. Many times I have noticed large gashes on them - especially their foreheads - and streaming with blood.

I can only suspect that this comes from “over enthusiastic” use of the metal spikes the handlers use to steer the creatures during their rides. I have been on these elephant rides myself - more than once - but I have a different view now. This was my reasoning behind asking Dr. Pap if elephant rides are a good activity or not. It’s interesting to note at times like this, the difference in the Thai and western cultures. Dr. Pap explained that elephants have been used in their culture for decades, and are passed down within families from generation to generation. They are frequently treated like a pet or even a family member, as well as a tool for working. As it stands, there is no real law in place that

Fact File Elephants in Thailand can live for up to 60 years on average There are on average 2000 wild elephants left roaming the jungles of Thailand - but none left in Krabi.

protects the animals from mistreatment, as each elephant can be used any way the owner sees fit. This has been the way of it for generations, and flies in the face of our western mentality.

know have elephants to check on them, to see if they need medical assistance. This, as you might imagine, is a lot of driving! One does not simple “nip around the South of Thailand” without racking up some serious mileage.

Back injuries are common in elephants that have been overworked, and many come to him with such problems. This stands to reason if an animal has been carrying anything - logs or tourists - for a prolonged period of time. Well, wouldn’t you? The secondary issue is that these back injuries can cause internal infections, which can be more difficult to treat and much more stressing for the animal.

To this end, the TECC has found assistance in its funding. Although it acquires most of it’s financing from the Thai government, certain European benefactors have become sponsors of the mobile clinic in the past 4 years. The first was the RSPCA in the United Kingdom, then the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) and currently it’s the Danish Animal Welfare group that help to cover the costs of fuel, which can reach 50000 THB per month.

Like with most problems, the solution often lies in education. The TECC embraces this with a “mahout” training program that strives to teach handlers the correct and moral way to work with elephants. (“Mahout” is the term for elephant handlers) Their Chiang Mai branch has had success with this project and offers courses ranging from a single day to a whole month - open to foreigners as well as Thai people. Every domesticated elephant has a mahout, and each elephant that attends the hospital must be accompanied by their mahout throughout their stay there, escorting them home when they are better. This is to help prevent the animal becoming any more stressed than in necessary, as a strong bond can be forged between an elephant and it’s carer. So how is all this funded? The hospital is a free service that provides medical care to any elephant in the South of Thailand. Although they are based in Klong Thom, they also have a mobile unit that consists of a very large truck, capable of collecting sick elephants (one at a time, I imagine...) and bringing them to the hospital. They regularly drive around the South of Thailand, going to various places that they

As it’s government facility, they are not in any real need of assistance or funding, but Dr. Pap did say that sometimes people can donate items such as bananas for the elephants to eat. They are happy to accept foreigners to the hospital to see what they do, but on an appointment basis only. Its important to realise that this is a functioning hospital and not a tourist attraction, and they have a lot of work to do. So much work in fact, that there are building a brand new hospital behind their existing one that is immense! Considering the size of their patients, I can only picture the operating table... This is due to open in 2013, and as well as this, there are tentative plans to create a new conservation project for elderly elephants to spend the rest of their days in peace and comfort. Like an old elephant’s home, if you will.

Krabi was a major exporter of elephants to India for the logging industry there, with over 370 of them shipped out over the past 140 years An elephant should be at least 3 years of age before starting to work They eat 10% of their bodyweight per day - approx. 200kg of pineapple stalks and 20 bunches of bananas! Asian elephants are highly intelligent and self-aware. They have a very large and highly convoluted brain, a trait also shared by humans, apes and certain dolphin species. If you decide to take part in an elephant trekking activity, do a little research and choose a reputable company. While there are good operators here, Thailand is filled with disreputable ones that overwork their animals, overload them and don’t offer them adequate rest and recuperation. Use your own judgement... What I would avoid are those that offer baby elephant shows, where the young ones are trained to perform tricks for tourists. These animals often undergo horrific abuse in order to separate them from their parents, and it’s obvious that these young ones should not be exploited for money.

With this in mind, we decided to take our leave and let them get back to it. We said our farewells to Dr. Pap and left enlightened and glad that places like this exist to take care of these incredible creatures.


mouth, nose and hair on a round piece of paper.

My Experience as a Care Volunteer in Krabi This month we take a look at what it’s like to volunteer in a foreign country like Thailand. Lisanne De Jong, a 22 year old from The Netherlands came to Krabi to take part in a care project set up by Projects Abroad, and she tells us her experience in her own words.


hen I arrived in Thailand I really didn’t know what to expect. Nou from the projects abroad staff awaited me at the airport, and I immediately felt very welcomed! She brought me to my host family, and there I met my two host sisters, Pi Earb, Pan and I met the mom. The house was very big and I had my own room, another volunteer would come in the next week to join me in the room, Emma also a Dutch girl who I got along well with! The first two days were the induction days, these days were very helpful to explore Krabi Town, and meet the Projects Abroad team. They told me what would be expected from me at the placement, the do’s and don’ts. I got a lot of tips on how to act and make everything work well! I met Miew the head of the care placement, and during these 2 months I could come to her if I had any problems at the placement, and she also organized meetings for different subjects. My placement for the upcoming two months was the Klong Hin daycare center. For my first day I had made 25 hats from colored paper with different flowers on them to give to the children as a gift.


The first day at the school arrived and I was a bit nervous but also very excited. I met the teachers and they were all really nice, Suda, Boulan and Hussai. There were 3 classes. Two classes with children from 3-4 and one class 5-6. The first day I went to help at the class with the older children which was called K2. I gave the children the hats I made and they really liked that. These kids were very calm and listened good to the teacher! I taught them a little basic English, some words and the ABC and read some books. The first day it was all very new, but I already learned a lot of how the school worked and what would be my task. The next day I went to K1 class, the younger children, from then on that would be my class! I saw a big difference, the children were much younger and wilder! It was just their first week of school and a lot of children were crying for their parents. But after a couple of weeks, most of them were over that and were much more calm and enthusiastic at the school. My daily tasks at the school were, welcoming the children in the morning and we would put them in line up to sing the national anthem and do their prayers. After that, the morning exercise on music, and after that the children would go to their own class and I taught them basic english by books and pictures. I also tried to think of a different activity to do every day. These included decorating masks, making houses from colored sticks, folding boats and hats, clay, singing songs and doing dances with the songs, making faces with paper, let the children stick on the eyes,

The school just got a new classroom from the government, so there was not much on the walls yet, it was very blank and it didn’t look nice. Me and Emma, who also volunteered at the school with me, decided to paint the walls. The teachers thought it was a great idea. We got a lot of different colors of paint and as it was used as a classroom and part of it as a lunchroom, we decided to paint fruit on the walls. We asked Projects Abroad if we could have more volunteers to help out, so in the end we had 5 volunteers which was great! It took us 2 days, and it turned out amazing. We also painted a giraffe and an elephant on the wall, palm trees and flowers. We used a lot of different colors, the school loved it as well, it was a great project! When the children saw it they went wild, they wanted to touch everything! My two months as a volunteer was a great experience that I will never forget, I have so many memorable moments. Me and Emma took some of the children swimming at the Ammart school, close by to our school. We bought them swimsuits, because most of them didn’t have them, and most of the children had never swam before! It was such a great experience, to see the happiness of the children made me so happy. Also the parents were all very nice and thankful, we even got some gifts from them! Living at the host family was also a great experience. I really got to know the Thai culture, and experienced the real Thai food, most of it spicy!! My host family are Buddhists, so they took me to a temple when there was a special ceremony, it was amazing to see that. I got along well with my two host sisters, they showed me a lot of nice places, we went by longtail boat to a fish market and restaurant at the island, I really felt like a local! We also went to the emerald pools which was beautiful. Projects Abroad was great - everything was organized very well and the staff were very helpful and nice. The social events were great too, we did Thai boxing and went kayaking through the mangroves. I experienced one monthly dinner which was also nice because everyone was there, the Projects abroad staff, the teaching and care volunteers and also the volunteers from the conservation team. After that we went out to a bar with a big group, which was a lot of fun.

Also the day we went to the special education center was great, every volunteer got a budget to spend on a gift for the children. I’d never experienced working with children with disabilities before, some were autistic or had Down Syndrome, they were all so lovely! We did the famous puppet show and played with them and their new toys. These 2 months working as a volunteer was an unforgettable experience for me, I cant describe in words how happy I am that I’ve been part of it. I met so many great people, and will miss everyone very much. They call Thailand the “Land of Smiles”, and it definitely was for me - I smiled so much these past 2 months!! Seeing the happy faces of the children was a motivation every day! Im sure I’ll come back, because I left a part of my heart in Thailand!

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Koh Lanta highlights Koh Lanta is situated in the southernmost tip of the Krabi province. It consists of two islands, Koh Lanta Noi and Koh Lanta Yai. Koh Lanta Noi is the smaller of the two and does not have tourist facilities. Visitors travelling by road from the mainland pass through the smaller island on the way to Koh Lanta Yai - the center of the tourist operations. Ban Sala Dan village on the north side of the island is Lanta Yai’s commercial center and the pier where visitors arrive on the island. It is a row of shops, seafood restaurants on stilts, dive shops, tour operators, banks and guest houses that cater for newcomers on the island. The bulk of the Lanta beaches lie along the west coast of the island and can all be reached by road: Khao Kwang, Khlong Dao and Phra Ae all have long stretches of white sand facing the Andaman sea, while Khlong Khong, Khlong Nin and Ba Kan Tiang and other smaller bays are all nice to relax and swim. The east coast of Koh Lanta Yai is flat and has many local villages scattered along its coastline. Koh Lanta has a very diverse cultural mix of people who have lived on the island in harmony for hundreds of years: Thai-Muslim, Thai-Chinese and the original sea gypsies still inhabit the place in harmony. The biggest town on the island is Lanta Old town. Boat trips to Koh Lanta are available during the monsoonfree period from October to April. May to November sees the closure of some of the island businesses and of the boat passenger services due to rough seas. A

minibus service is the alternative way to reach the island via land. Lanta Old Town It was once called Ban Si Raya and was the commercial port for Chinese and Arabic trading boats that sailed between the ports of Phuket, Penang and Singapore. Today it is a village with a few rows of stilted shop houses home to an ancient community that was established on the island long ago. It is a picturesque place with Chinese timer shop-houses dating back 100 years, from the old days of sea trading. Near the shacks along the coast, local fishermen dock their longtail boats giving the whole scene a very Thai look. Ba Kantiang Beach Spectacular crystal–clear seawater and soft white sand, romantic sunsets in utmost privacy. This is why Ba Kantiang has come to symbolize a hideaway in Lanta for relaxing in natural surroundings. Lighthouse on Lanta Located in Tanod Cape on the southernmost tip of the island, the lighthouse tower of Lanta is the perfect symbol of solitude. It is the place where immaculate nature still survives as it is rarely reached by tourists due to the rugged road conditions. Koh Lanta National Park The park covers a marine area dotted with several small sandy islands surrounded by coral reefs. The headquarters is located on the island’s southern extremity. Ban San-ka-u A sea gypsy’s settlement in south-east Lanta Yai. It is there that an old clan of traditional Chao Ley try to preserve a disappearing way of life in this fast-

developing island. Eco-tours These are run all year round from the east coast of Lanta Yai, not affected by the low season rough seas. Make your way to Thung Yee Pheng village for a trip with a local community, or book a tour with friendly and experienced local companies. Nature Because of its bio-diversity and richness of natural resources, Lanta is a good place for trekking. Explore limestone cave chambers and passageways in the Lanta caves, or walk upstream to the spring water waterfall where you can swim in cool rock pools. Fire Dancing This is definitely one interesting part of the Lanta beach culture. A fire dancing show is usually performed by young boys performing twisting acrobatics swinging burning torches and ropes lit on fire around their muscular bodies. A distinguishing show that sparkles in the dark.


What to do? Scuba Diving & Snorkelling You do realise that you are in one of the best locations in Thailand and beyond for diving, don’t you? Yes? If you did - good for you! If you already have your certification or never tried it in your life - you’re in luck. There are no fewer than 19 dive operators on Koh Lanta and most of them - if not all - will be qualified to take first-timers out for a fully supervised scuba dive. Trust me, as a diver myself - you won’t regret it!

Dive sites nearby include the worldfamous Phi Phi islands as well as the Koh Haa archipelago - all of which are within easy reach. The price you pay will generally include all equipment rental, lunch, fruits and drinking water and as a bonus, the dive sites and boats will be much quieter at this time of the year. A lot of the dive operators speak a variety of European languages, so there’s a good chance you can get an instructor that quite literally - speaks your language. Check out our diving section “Into the Blue” for more information. If you’re dead set on staying well and truly within reach of the water’s surface, then no problems at all. Snorkelling is the way forward and many of the dive boats also welcome snorkellers on board as well as divers. This is great for families with children, where some members want


to dive and others snorkel. Usually the operators will provide the masks, snorkels and fins, as well as a dedicated staff member to guide the snorkellers in the water. Thai Cookery Thai food in the west is generally quite expensive, creamy and “toned down” in comparison to what you find in this country. Here, in contrast, it’s very cheap, plentiful and packs much more of a punch.

bring the bike back, is all. As tempting as it might be (and it is!) to roar off into the sunset, laughing madly with the wind in your hair - don’t. Those that do often round a bend, collide with a passing goat and end up in a sobbing mess in the local clinic. Wear a helmet. That’s all. Simple, yet effective at prolonging your holiday to the last day Bike fuelled and helmets on, the roads are yours to explore. Head south out of Saladan and you will discover another side

Learning to cook authentic Thai food in Thailand is about as good as it gets, and many of the kitchens are open-air or even on the beach front - just to add to the experience.

of Lanta that is very different to the bars and restaurants of the north. Isolated beaches, rockier roads and local residents are all here, and the feeling you are stepping back in time is overwhelming.

Classes are a great way to spend a morning or afternoon if the weather is a little wet for other outdoor activities, and you get to eat everything you make too - so you don’t have to worry about what’s for lunch!

You will come across a junction after a while, with a right turn towards Klong Nin. This is filled with smaller beach-bungalowtype places to stay and similar bars & restaurants to match. Expect to find locals lounging in hammocks strumming guitars and sipping cold beers. This is a good indication of how they do things here…

Rent a Moped and Explore Mopeds are everywhere in Thailand, and Lanta is no exception. They’re cheap, easy to operate and are hard wearing - judging by the state of some I’ve come across that are held together with string and a prayer… In Saladan you can hire them absolutely everywhere. You might have to leave your passport with the rental agency, but don’t worry - this is standard practice. Everyone does it. It’s an insurance for them that you’ll

If you don’t take that right turn, the road will turn into a winding, twisting hilly serpent that leads you to the east of the island, where the “sea gypsy” people have lived for 500 years. This is a very interesting part of the island, but visitors here should respect the privacy of these “Chao Ley” people and remember they are not a tourist attraction. That aside, they are a warm and welcoming

What to do? Koh Kanta people and are fascinating to experience. Remember to take a map with you just in case, and keep your eyes open for the “gasoline shacks” that dot the roadsides, just in case. Watch the fuel gage and you’ll be fine. Biking around Lanta is the best way to truly explore all it’s nooks and crannies, and you might even come across a few surprises along the way…. Have a Massage If the thought of even standing upright is just to much - congratulations: you have successfully integrated into the Lanta way of life. If you have reached this point in your stay here, then it’s time for a massage.

Only in Thailand can you engage in an “activity” while lying perfectly still for a hour. I love this country… If you have never had a Thai massage, you’re in for a treat. Unlike the more traditional notion of a massage, the Thai version does not use soothing strokes as it rubs scented oils into your tired body. Oh no. It uses a “pressure point” method that means lots of hard pressing, twisting, cracking of joints and squealing. That last part is usually from me. But it’s not anywhere as bad as it might sound - otherwise n one would do it. It’s invigorating and totally relaxing all at once, and after a hour of this, you feel like you’ve had a great workout and your body will be rid of any niggling aches and pains - I guarantee it. You can have it as hard or soft as you like - and your masseuse will usually ask you if the pressure she is using is ok for you, and will adjust accordingly. Probably one of the best things about getting a Thai massage in Thailand is it’s availability to everyone on any budget. You can choose to luxuriate in one of the breathtaking spas that Lanta has on her shores, or you can find a small massage hut somewhere. While the surroundings will not be on par with the spa’s, you can still get a great massage for a couple of hundred Baht, which can’t be argued with.


IE W RE V The Pimalai Resort & Spa is renowned for it’s unique beginnings. The founder of the resort is a passionate environmentalist and it was his dream to build a luxury resort in the island with the absolute minimum of disruption to the natural jungle that carpets the area. This may sound like an impossible task, but he actually managed it. When his architects came back to him with their plans, if they included the chopping down of trees he ordered them to change the design of the resort instead of destroying the tree. Incredible, but true! Almost no trees were felled in the construction of the resort, which stands as a testament to the determination of the man, as well as a prime example that it can indeed be done. We pulled up at the reception area and were greeted by smiling staff who instantly whisked us towards the reception area and disappeared with the car - luggage inside. Assuming that we were not becoming victim to the most brazen robbers known to mankind, we flumped into the waiting area chairs and gratefully accepted the cool lemongrass drink, cold towel and garland of frangipanis that were placed around our necks in welcome. After we checked in, we were accompanied to a type of golf cart outside, where we got


on. We started off and soon were climbing a hill that just wouldn’t stop. Up and up we went, until we came to a halt at what I can only describe as a village in the sky. We were directed to our accommodation for the next 2 days, intriguingly titled a “pool villa”, and we followed our guide through the heavy wooden door. Now, I don’t know about you, but I have never in my life stayed at a “pool villa” before, so I was a little unsure what to expect. I had imagined a pool would

feature in there somewhere, but maybe as a shared facility with our room facing it along with others. As we entered the “complex”, we were faced instantly with a vast expanse of water - The Andaman sea. In front of that, a privet infinity pool of crystal clear water. So far so good. Not content in offering just one place to stay, Pimalai has broken the mold by splitting a villa into 2 separate buildings - one for the daytime and a second for the night. The day villa comprises of a huge sofa area, wooden table, en suite bathroom larger than our own house, flatscreen TV, DVD & HiFi system with 5.1 surround sound and even a kitchen area. As we were travelling with our 1 year old daughter - this was the part that excited me the most. Just a year ago it would have been the sound system - now it’s the availability of a somewhere to warm a bottle. How times have changed... We were glad to see that all of our luggage had arrived ahead of us and was waiting inside. A very nice touch, I thought, especially with the truckload of gear we had thanks to baby. The night villa housed the mammoth fourposter bed, another TV, another bathroom even larger than the previous and a

thoughtfully-provided and immaculately made-up cot for Cayla. In-between the 2 buildings and next to the pool lay another king-sized day bed open to the air and laid out perfectly with pillows and cushions for lounging on. I left Pamela and Cayla splashing in the pool as I gathered my camera stuff and headed down to the beach to meet Franck de Lestapis, the GM of the resort, where he was to be presiding over a wedding there. Not as unusual as you might think, they host many such event every year and can organize the whole thing from the catering to the elephant. Yes, I said elephant. After the rings had been exchanged and the “I dos” said, an elephant in full wedding regalia appeared from somewhere and the newlyweds were treated to a few laps of the beach under the gaze of the setting sun. A better way to tie the knot, I can’t think of... That evening we decided to try the food at one of the 4 restaurants at Pimalai “The Banyan Tree”. The menu looked great and we were not disappointed with what arrived. We started off with chilled gaspacho with grilled white prawns and goat cheese & roasted vegetable tart with rocket leaves. Delicious. A mains of griddled catch of the day on confit of roasted baby potatoes, shallots, garlic & kalamata for Pamela and grilled entrecôte with sautéed Asian mushrooms and hand-cut chips for myself went down a treat. Every plate looked like a work of art and it was clear that the chef had a talent.

We finished off with desserts of pear-ricotta & almond galette with lime flavoured creme anglaise and assorted ice creams & sorbets arranged in an almond basket. A perfect end to the day and we sloped off to our sumptuous bedding happy and content. The next morning started early, as is the norm with a small child, but we were rewarded with a beautiful view of the day beginning from our high vantage point. As we entered the breakfast buffet area and were greeted by another smiling waitress, we were impressed at the vast array of deliciousness on offer. Cereals, muffins, pastries, breads, fresh fruits, cheeses, cold cuts, crispy bacon and eggs made any way you can think of were just a few of the items we could see. There was even a Thai menu, but as residents here, we were determined to stick to an all-western diet as much as we could. It’s a novelty to us, after all! Fresh coffee and even tailor-made veggie and fruit juices were provided and it was difficult for me to stop - my eyes becoming much lager than my belly. We loafed around for the rest of the day, the weather not helping much as the monsoons rolled in off the ocean. We were more than happy to wallow in our 2 villas, the pool and fluffy white robes for the day until our evening meal that night with Franck. We made our way next door to the “Seven Seas Wine Bar & Restaurant” to meet our host. Franck has been the manager here for many years and he runs a tight ship. Hailing from the Bordeaux region in France, his natural affinity with the finer things in life are evident in the work he has done in making The Pimalai what it is today. We were treated some excellent wine from his homeland to wash down another superb meal that consisted of scallops, Beef Charolais, duck and immaculately crafted fresh vegetables. The next morning we left under the blanket of another torrential downpour, but it was still with sadness that we said our farewells. Rain or shine, the Pimalai is one of those places that males you want to come back for more.

Highlights of Pimalai Resort and Spa Best views on Lanta, very friendly staff, great food, peace & tranquility, attention to detail, affinity with natural surroundings, open space


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Eating Guide koh lanta Seven Seas Wine Bar & Restaurant @ Pimalai Resort & Spa 99 Moo 5, Ba Kan Tiang Beach. Head south, turn right at the Klong Nin junction and keep going. A truly stunning place that demands you stand slack-jawed as you walk into it. Open-plan everywhere - even the kitchen - with some of the best views you can hope to witness whilst enjoying your meal. Their chef is a talent to behold, and the food from the kitchens here is top-notch indeed. The restaurant and its show kitchen offer a comprehensive “a la carte” fusion style dinner menu which means that superior ingredients from all over the globe are marinated, cooked and served together on the same plate - generating a symphony of flavours. The presentation of the food is beautiful and it’s a feast for the eyes even before you pick up your fork. A wide-ranging collection of international wines has been assembled from which you can select an ideal accompaniment to your meal.

Average price: 400-900++THB What to Try: The Boeuf Charolais Free WiFi?: Yes Opening Hours: 6:30am - 10:30am & 3pm - 11pm Tel: +66 (0) 75 607 999 Website:

Tides Restaurant @ Layana Resort & Spa 272 Moo 3 Saladan, Phra-Ae Beach, Ko Lanta. Head South and look for the sign on the right side. A formal restaurant perched on the very edge of the beach overlooking the sea and open to the cooling sea breezes. Guests have the choice of a cool interior venue or an al fresco beachside setting on the deck in front of the restaurant. Serving a mouth-watering a la carte selection of international dishes, as well as traditional Thai fare and seafood specialties all made from the freshest of ingredients. The chef, Khun Apichai, grows his own herbs in a beautiful garden right on the premises and the presentation of his food is straight out of a Monet. The menu quality is matched by an extensive wine list to compliment the food perfectly.

Average price: 400-900++THB What to Try: The Healthy Spa Cuisine Menu Free WiFi?: Yes Opening Hours: 6:30am - 10:30am & 11:30am - 6pm Tel: + 66 (0) 75 607 100 Website:

Time for Lime - Fusion Restaurant 72/2 Moo 3, Saladan, Koh Lanta 81150. Head South and look for the sign . This place has been one of the best little places on Koh Lanta since it opened it’s doors 7.5 years ago. Owned by Junie, a Norwegian who loves animals as much as her food, Time For Lime has become a haven for those who want to indulge in both of her passions. Her workshops in Thai cookery are legendary as she has a unique fusion style that differs from the usual Thai lessons you normally find. During her classes, expect to re-create dishes such as the signature Time for Lime soup, scampi wrapped in wild pepper leaves and even the wonderfully titled “sesame seed crusted barracuda balls with ginger on a bed of white radish & wasabi dip”. A great, friendly, laid back atmosphere is only accentuated by the jazz and chillout music that plays around the beachfront kitchen, and the homemade mojitos that come from here have been copied, but never matched.

Average price: 150 - 500 THB What to Try: The 6-dish tasting menu Free WiFi?: Yes Opening Hours: 5pm - 10:30pm Except Mondays Tel: +66 (0) 75684590 Website:

Beachcomber Restaurant @ Lanta Castaway Resort 299 Moo 2 Phra Ae, Saladan, Koh Lanta, If you’re searching for a laid-back, yet stylish beach-front dining experience , then Beachcomber is the place for you. The restaurant features a terrific menu selection and is best known for its authentic TEX-MEX dishes. You’ll also want to try the large selection of savory Thai, Western and Seafood BBQ dishes. The open-air restaurant is situated near the beach and there is also plenty of outdoor seating on the beach-front deck and in the garden. The atmosphere is relaxed, the staff is friendly, and the setting is beautiful with a lovely garden and a terrific view of Long Beach and the Andaman Sea. You’ll also want to enjoy a before and/or after dinner drink at our beach bar which serves up a wide variety of cocktails and delicious frozen drinks.

Average price: 250-350THB What to Try: The Tex-Mex food Free WiFi?: For bungalow guests only Opening Hours: Open daily from 7am - 9pm. Tel: +66 (0) 75684851 Website:

Lanta Island Resort 10 Moo 3 Tambon Saladan, Koh Lanta Situated right on the beach, the restaurant at Lanta Island Resort is perfectly located to capture the stunning Lanta sunsets of an evening. Owned and ran to German quality standards, this is the place to sample some great Thai food - especially seafood - as well as European fare at reasonable prices. The steaks especially are worthy of note and they have a BBQ section that is simply mouth-watering. A daily specials board is worth a look for a great deal of the day, and with extended opening hours, you can relax in the knowledge that you are well catered for all day if need be. They can also cater for parties, functions and events upon request.

Average price: 250+THB What to Try: The seafood Free WiFi?: Yes Opening Hours: 7am - 10pm Tel: +66 (0)75684124 Website:


Pussies Galore on Phi Phi Lanta Animal Welfare: Koh Phi Phi Cat Sterilisation Project, April 2012


hey came down from the mountains, took longtail boats from far away beaches and walked from the other side of the island. They came with bicycles, boxes and trolleys laden with cats. When Lanta Animal Welfare (LAW) began a cat sterilisation programme on the neighbouring island of Koh Phi Phi last April, never could they have anticipated the number of locals who would come from far and wide with their animals. Scheduled to begin at 8.00am each day, on the first morning the LAW volunteers were having a 7.00am breakfast and watched in amazement as cat owners trooped by, using every means at their disposal to bring their cats. Leaving breakfast behind, one of the volunteers ran to the building that had been donated as a temporary sterilisation centre to begin an earlier than expected registration process. And so it continued over the next few days – a non-stop stream of people and cats, resulting in Koh Phi Phi’s first sterilisation programme in a very long time being an unprecedented success. By midday on the first day, 68 cats had been delivered. Unfortunately, four of these had to be sent home as they were sick with cat flu and couldn’t be operated on. By the end of the day the other 64 were sterilised, with the team finally finishing up when the last cat was taken home at 9.00pm. On day two, 25 cats had already been delivered by 8.00am. The vets and volunteers worked tirelessly in a non-stop process of registering, anaesthetising and performing surgery for the remainder of the day. Some light relief happened when a local lady brought in a large cage containing five cats; after registration they were placed in the queue and sat patiently for the next few hours awaiting their turn

– until the lone male cat in the group decided he was getting it on one last time with one of his female companions! By the end of day two, the vets had sterilised 94 cats, an incredible accomplishment. There were plenty of moments that livened up each day, not least two cats managing to escape and make a break for freedom, only to be caught again by the volunteers. Then there was the man who brought in several cats and while preparing one of them for surgery, the vets realised they’d already sterilised him the day before! We can only imagine what was going through that poor


guy’s head as he wondered what he’d done to deserve this two days in a row... Not to mention the “female” stray brought in by a local, who figured she was probably pregnant because of her enormous size. On close examination, “she” turned out to be a “he”, had already been sterilised and was obviously just a bit fond of his food! Curiosity really was the downfall of some cats: each day, a stray cat strolling by the building decided to investigate what was going on and made the mistake of wandering in to check it all out. Alas for them, they were swiftly grabbed, dropped

from Carpe Diem bar not only brought strays from that area each day but made and sold bracelets to raise money for Lanta Animal Welfare’s efforts. PP Casita provided the volunteers with breakfast each morning and various different restaurants kindly supplied lunch each day. In addition, the volunteers’ hearts were warmed by the locals who stopped by with fruit shakes every afternoon. Finally, Lanta Animal Welfare would like to thank the following Phi Phi businesses who supported them financially: Dragonheart Thailand, Anna’s Restaurant, Viking Divers, Blue View Divers, Barakuda Diving, Aquanauts Diving, Unni’s Restaurant, Adventure Club Diving, Sports Bar, Relax Bar, Princess Divers and Scool Divers. Special thanks is reserved for Sunflower Bar for the most generous donation!

in boxes and added to the queue. One of the funniest moments came as our volunteers were returning some stray cats post-surgery, one of whom was a male notorious for his promiscuity with all the cats on his beach. As he was released back on his territory, he stood, still wobbly from anaesthetic and two female cats took turns to walk up to him, slap him across the face and knock him over. Revenge was clearly sweet for these girls. In total, Lanta Animal Welfare sterilised 205 cats during their few days on Phi Phi and also managed to fit in one female puppy! This completely surpassed all expectations and although incredibly tired

at the end of it all, the volunteers were immensely happy and proud too. None of this could have happened without the help of many people, which LAW would like to acknowledge: firstly, the amazing Aeg, the charity’s local contact on Phi Phi who arranged everything, from obtaining permission, the use of a building, accommodation, breakfast and lunch every day, a motorbike trolley for transporting strays as well as a team of local cat catchers. The project would not have happened without this man. Phi Phi residents Kirk, Colin, Nate and Erin were invaluable, collecting and releasing stray cats from all over the island. The girls

Lanta Animal Welfare hopes this will be the first in repeated sterilisation programmes on Koh Phi Phi, in addition to Koh Lanta’s neighbouring islands of Koh Jum, Koh Hai and Koh Mook. With everyone’s help, both Thai and resident farang, this can make a significant difference to the dog and cat populations on these islands and create a safer community for all. Lanta Animal Welfare is a non-profit organisation dedicated to relieving the suffering and pain of Koh Lanta’s animals. It does this primarily through sterilisation, thereby reducing the number of unwanted animals on the island. To date, LAW has sterilised and vaccinated over 5,000 animals. The organisation relies solely on donations to continue its work, along with the profits from the restaurant and cooking school, Time for Lime. Lanta Animal Welfare is not a home for animals and currently has over 50 dogs and cats looking for families. It is currently the no. 1 attraction on Tripadvisor’s Things to Do on Koh Lanta and visitors and dog walkers are always welcome.

For information on how you can help, you will find Lanta Animal Welfare on Facebook or alternatively visit



NEED SOMETHING FUN TO DO ON KOH LANTA? Want to make a difference in our lives? We are 60 HAPPY rescue animals, that would love your affection and some doggy walks!

OPEN EVERY DAY: 10am - 5pm

LANTA ANIMAL WELFARE located across the school on Pra-Ae T: 084 3044331, - on Facebook too

COOKING SCHOOL, Restaurant & Bar has built our new Centre & is our major Sponsor located 3 km north from us on Klong Dao Beach Front

You are one step away from your dream property in Koh Lanta. It is one phone call... Complete service, one stop shop The longest established agents in Krabi Lawyer involved in all transactions Freehold, leasehold, land, businesses Call us and visit us for an informal chat You will not regret it - - tel 081 6778367 - 089 9085990

StreetPilot Onboard The Thai version available now! Garmin Corporation has launched its Thailand-specific StreetPilot Onboard navigation application for Apple’s iOS platform, and will also soon be available on the Android platform, according to Jay Shen, Business Development Director for the Asia-Pacific region. Garmin Corporation has joined with US-based map supplier Navteq to provide the navigation service for smart phones. Garmin’s StreetPilot Onboard is already in North America, Europe and some markets in Asia including Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia. A couple of million people are already using the app in these markets. The standard price of the Thai version of StreetPilot Onboard is US$29.99 (Bt940). Get it from This price is a one-time purchase. Users will get updated versions of this app without paying anything extra. Bearing in mind this app is designed for each country, so if users go abroad, they have to download a different version of StreetPilot Onboard, such as the US version and the Europe version. The app is usable offline, but it also lets users access some features online such as weather forecasts. The main features are voice prompting; turn-by-turn directions including street names and realtime traffic updates; three-dimensional building graphics to assist with situational awareness while navigating; lane assist featuring Garmin’s photoReal junction views; integrated Facebook, foursquare and Wikipedia locations; and integrated Google Local Search.

COCONUT BAY Resort & Estates


sunrise creek KOH LANTA ‘Coconut Bay Resort & Estates' is a bespoke boutique resort development that is offering residents and guests a stylish and opulent accommodation in a picturesque beach front location. The unique tropical properties are located on a sandy stretch of a secluded private beach on Koh Lanta. The properties will compliment the turquoise waters gently lapping the picturesque cliffs enclosing the palm fringed bay. Established developer. Interest free financing is available. Unique investor program. 0898 398 255


legal sales support consulting management


+6 6 ( 0 ) 8 9 9 0 8 5 9 9 0

Khun Ching

interview Krabi magazine

Going the extra mile Sawitree Gulmat (Khun Ching) joined Ton Company Ltd in July 2010 in the position of Villa Manager, responsible for the forteen rental properties currently in the company portfolio. With her wealth of experience in the tourism industry; unsurpassed local knowledge; and seeming inability to say “no” to any demand made on her, she has quickly become an invaluable addition to the team. - What is your background prior to joining Ton Company? “I studied tourism at Sukhothai Thammathirat Open University and have worked for more than 12 years in the industry, first as a guide – I have my official license from the Tourism Authority of Thailand – for a local tour operator, then also as a booking agent and office manager. “In my previous jobs, I’ve actually already been working with Ton Company, helping to organize excursions and other travel arrangements for the guests in their villas. I know Khun Ton [Pierre-Yves Loriers, managing director of the company] well,


and vice versa, which is an advantage for both of us as I understand his values and he trusts me with the guests.” - What else do you feel you bring to the job? “Because I am from Krabi – I was born in Sai Thai district – and have worked here my whole life, I can offer our guests the benefit of my local knowledge and experience. I know a lot of people! So from tailor-made excursions to dining advice, it’s very easy for me to help and offer suggestions – and also negotiate the best possible price. “My experience with thousands of visitors to Krabi also means I can anticipate our guests’ needs, without them having to ask. I like to think I – and all my staff – are serviceminded in this way.” - What do you find interesting about your new position? “Well, this is a new direction for me and I am enjoying the challenge. I have to manage the Holiday Villas team, and there is also a lot of administrative work, liaising with guests via email and so on. There are so many different aspects to the job, it’s never dull! I get to work both in and out of the office, in front of a computer and

directly with customers. At times when there are no guests, we are occupied with villa maintenance and upkeep.” - What is the most rewarding aspect of the job so far? “The best thing, in my opinion, is to see happy faces from our guests. Our whole service team, from drivers to housekeepers, is agreed on this: we aim to give people the best possible holiday. Sometimes this means doing something special, like creating a custom itinerary for a private sightseeing tour, or making sure the villa fridge is stocked with a returning guest’s favourite food. Sometimes, it just means providing caring, personal service with a smile.”

Get VIP treatment with a private concierge Discreet personal attention is one of the cornerstones of Ton Company’s “serviced villa” concept. The villa manager, Khun Ching, and her team will welcome all guests and she is then contactable at any time during the stay on a provided mobile telephone. Khun Ching is noted for her ability to find a solution to any request and specializes in arranging private sight-seeing trips. The following are some recent testimonials from villa guests: “I would have to say that the Ton Company staff was what made our stay exceptional. We worked with Ching over email before our stay and in-person once we arrived. She arranged everything we asked for and even went the extra mile to hand make Loi Kratongs for us to celebrate the Thai festival on the day we arrived. […] We had an amazing honeymoon experience in Ao Nang thanks to Ton company, we hope to return to Krabi villas with a larger group for a future stay.”


Ton Company Ltd offers a superior Krabi holiday experience: bringing together experts in the architecture, design and luxury hospitality fields, we have created, built and manage the best pool villas in the Krabi area. Our concept is simple: to offer a stress-free vacation, with all the services of a luxury hotel in your own private villa compound. Ms Ching, our dedicated villa manager, is at the end of the provided mobile phone and will act as your personal concierge throughout your stay; while our drivers are on call until 10pm to offer transportation anywhere in the local area. We own our own vehicles so service is prompt and reliable. Every villa is equipped to a high standard and ready to live in: all bed linen and towels are provided (and changed daily); kitchens are full-size and have a modern Pierre-Yves Loriers Managing Director, Ton Company Ltd.

set of appliances and tableware; and all homes have LCD televisions with satellite channels, as well as DVD players. Our guests’ security is our highest priority, so all villas also offer a walled compound, alarm system and personal digital safes in every bedroom. With one exception (our sea view villa, Baan Breda Beach), all the properties we manage are located in Ao Nang, the main tourist centre of Krabi, less than five minutes’ drive from the beach. Each individual villa offers an instant, no obligation availability check and direct booking system; with secure online payment using a normal credit card (PayPal or bank transfer is also available). Combining western professionalism with warm Thai hospitality, our 24-strong staff and more than twelve years of experience in Krabi will ensure you have the holiday of a lifetime.

Valerie & Graham Clarke “The villa manager is an absolute treasure and really makes a holiday there - nothing is too much trouble and she recommends some great places to see, and to eat in.” J&C from UK “Ching (manager) was so helpful. We wanted a massage and she organised it within half a hour...totally not what we expected...truly amazing. Nothing was any trouble.” “Ching the villa manager was also extremely helpful and even went the extra mile to prepare the dishes we requested for. On a whole it was a great experience and we would love to return to krabi […] just to experience the whole feeling all over again.” Marcus For more information on the comprehensive villa design, construction and management services offered by

Ton Company Ltd, please contact us at (075) 695-633 or by email at:



t present it seems that nearly everybody, including myself, is aware of the seemingly fashionable term “Carbon-footprint”, and that the green theme is officially with us, and continuing to grow in popularity throughout the world. Understandably more and more environmentally friendly minded people are turning to cargo containers for alternative lifestyles, regarding anything from office space to family homes. Now, before you right me off on this one please listen to what I have to add on the matter… Currently there are countless numbers of un-loved, un-used and lonely shipping containers just waiting for their turn to be transported to the container graveyard. The reason, it seems, behind this, is that it’s far too expensive for a country logistically to ship empty containers back to their origin, in most cases; it’s just cheaper to buy new containers from Asia. The result is an extremely high surplus of empty shipping containers that are just waiting to become someone’s home or office. Sure enough, as expected there would be, there seem to be plenty of advantages for those of us considering working or even living inside a shipping container. A few of these advantages include: they are in abundance, they are easily transported, they’re stackable, inexpensive compared to house prices (as little as $900 for a used container), they can be arranged to be custom prefabricated, and they’re extremely durable. Examples of shipping containers being used for other purposes include Odessa in the Ukraine. Now, here is a place where they have taken the use of these previously useful objects to a whole new level, managing to construct the largest shopping mall in all of Europe made up solely of… you guessed it, shipping containers! The world’s first hotel built from shipping containers has popped up in non other than in Uxbridge, West London. Speaking of the overall benefits, the developer boasts of a considerable, speedier completion rate of 25% and cost a reduction rate of 10 % compared to traditional construction

methods. They go on to say that “construction is much quicker, because all that has to be done is to fit each container together like it was a Lego set”. Adult Lego springs to mind! Staying on the construction side of things, shipping container homes can also boast of allowing the builder to create multi story dwellings, offering a larger living space without expanding its footprint. The heavy gauge steel framing allows unit to withstand 65,000 lbs of stacked weight. Also, the foundation design is less expensive, uses much less materials and is faster to install. A fine example of how anything is achievable regarding the use of containers is in Los Angeles, a 3,000 square foot home featuring its own entertainment area, library, dining room, office space, master bedroom, bathroom and utility area. The design has also allowed for large windows, which provide plenty of natural lighting. Now, there must be two sides to every coin and surely there has to be disadvantages to container living; temperature is a major factor due to steel conducting heat very well, containers used for human occupancy in an environment with extreme temperature variations will in no doubt have to be insulated better than structures that have been built from traditional materials like bricks, blocks or wood. There are also construction costs to be added in due to the cutting and welding involved whilst fabricating the steel being considered a very specialist trade and obviously coming with an especially high labor price. Also one has to consider the history of their new home; particular care must be taken in assuring that no spillages or contamination inside the walls has occurred, remember that a container can be used to carry pretty much anything during its lifetime. Ideally all internal surfaces should be abrasive blasted to bare metal, and re-painted with a non-toxic paint. So always make sure that the company or design team that are supplying your new home or office have the relevant documents supporting the containers past history.



Green Container Container Green Container


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C on ta in er

Green Container er


on en C


A couple of years back, designers Site-Specific and Buatalah exhibition around the theme Studio were asked to design an Green Container of ‘Green Home Effects’ for a Bangkok home show.


ite-Specific stated that “to build an earth-friendly house is not as simple as placing some solar panels on your roof.” So they started from inside out by questioning the audiences about their current living situations. What they came up with was the concept for exhibition that circled around the 4R’s - reduce, reuse, recycle and renewable. The model home featured many examples of earth-friendly living including the use of grey water, growing your own food and being car smart. It was constructed of 4 reused shipping container and prefabricated modules. The home was designed for the family of three and it is roughly around 100 sqm. Site Specific is a research company founded by Chutayaves Sinthuphan to investigate who we are as human through the means of architecture and gastronomy, two topics dear to our hearts. Khun Chutayaves studied the container-housing scene closely and added a significant contribution to the genre, as well as questioning the norm of house construction in Thailand. He wanted to demonstrate alternative construction methods. Site-Specific is now developing a prefabricated construction system that we hope will be embraced by modern architects and proposed to innovative house owners in Thailand.

We design and build the house of your dreams - tel 083 5251978 - 089 9085990

52 - tel 083 5251978 - 089 9085990

Nong Thale River Residence

Ao Nang Weather station

Custom designed villas & holiday rentals

c i g Live ama

Modern minimalistic Villa Ao Nang

Nong Thale River Residence

magic life!

Experience the difference

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Quiet and spacious residential area Near Ao Nang beach and entertainment Krabi International Airport 25 kilometer Spacious plots 1100-1600m2 Custom built villas Quality materials Environment aware construction Project management and rental service Good accessibility for seniors Opportunity to experience on site before buying

350 m

4034 Krabi

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+66 (0) 818940675


Co. Ltd. Land & Development

บริษัท กมล๊อต จำกัด

Thai Houses

in the South


hai houses in the south are quite similar to those found in other regions of the country. There are ruan kruang pook (tied house), ruan kruang sab (wooden house) both of which have undergone development which gives the southern people the cement brick house. Their peculiarities are supporting posts resting on stone slabs to prevent termites attack, and dampness from the ground seeping through. The space under the house is rather generous while the roof is set rather low. This design makes the house better withstand strong winds and rains. The slant of the extended roof allows rain water to run off the roof quickly and help the roof to get dry quickly also. The alignment of the supporting posts and the walls are slanted inwards. The style known as “Elephant in a urinating posture” is thought to make the house absorb the impacts of strong winds more effectively, permits easy ventilation and at the same



Information from: “Rice and Thai Ways of Life” published by Office of the National Culture Commission.

time protect the ground under the house from collecting an excessive amount of rain water. The walls are made of wooden boards arranged in such a way that the upper board overlaps the lower one to prevent rainwater running through the wall on the inside of the house. Thai houses of the southern region have their longer side oriented in the east to west direction known in the dialect as “pluk baan loi wan” meaning setting the along the south to north direction. Doing so would expose the house to full sunlight almost half a day and also to strong winds which are liable to blow from east to west directions. The alignment of the granary is the opposite of that of the house. By setting the longer side of the granary along the north south direction, the paddy in the granary will get all the sunlight it needs to get dry. The granary of course is more

sturdily built than a regular house. The Thai house in the south is built as a single unit for one family’s living. When the family grows large, another house is built along the main house together with a platform linking the two houses into a single unit. The platform area of Thai houses in the south is small and narrow compared with the same of Thai houses in other regions. This is probably due to frequent rains in the south and narrow or small platform helps one to move from one house to other in as short a time as possible and hence get least wet. In some areas of the south, brick work or even an earth mound is built to the level of the platform and use for growing flowers or small plants such as pomegranate, orange lime, vegetable or perfume wood plants. The roofs of Thai houses in the south come in four major styles i.e. gabled, “panyah” “kabranoh” and manila.


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Путеводитель по


ПЛЯЖИ Ао Нанг находится в 20-ти км от города Краби и является одним из самых развитых пляжей Краби, с белым песком и отвесными скалами. Ао Нанг предлагает широкий диапазон услуг для проживания и сервиса. На главной улице есть рестораны, бары, пабы, магазины сувениров, дайвинг-центры, туристические агентства, массаж и СПА центры. Ао Нанг является отправной точкой для путешествий на лодке по морю на близлежащие острова. Пляж Ноппаратара протяженностью 3 км. находится за пляжем Ао Нанг. Этот пляж все еще мало развит и емеет всего лишь несколько ресторанов и баров. Привлекательный, естественный вид пляжа собирает по выходным местную молодежь и их семьи насладиться закатом. Попробуйте местные мусульманские сладости в “макашницах”, которые расположены в конце пляжа. Также, насладитесь морепродуктами в местных ресторанчиках, которые находятся у офиса национального парка Ноппаратара. Во время отлива, пройдитесь по набережной, вместе с миллионами маленьких крабов, по песчаной косе до ближайших островов. Пляжи Рэйлэй разделены от Краби и Ао Нанга большими известняковыми горами. У полуострова Рэйлэй есть 2 стороны, Восточная и Западная, которые просто восхитительны: кристально чистая вода, чистые песчаные пляжи, дикие горы, скалистые острова выступающие из моря. Рэйлэй находится в 15-ти минутах от АоНанга и 30-ти минутах от города Краби, вы сможете добраться до него только на лодке . Насладитесь коктейлем в одном из пляжных баров, посетите пещеру “Прананг” проверьте себя на курсах по скалолазанию, поднимитесь на вершину горы, и спуститесь в лагуну или просто расслабьтесь на пляже. Соседний пляж Тонсай “Tonsai” располагается в основании скалы и разделяет Рэйлэй на Западную и Восточную часть. Это не большой, красивый пляж с пологим дном. Пляж Клонг Муанг находятся в 20-ти км. от Ао Нанга, и в 40 км от Краби. Это новое место с развивающееся инфраструктурой, в котором вы сможете провести великолепные выходные. Именно здесь


вы получите незабываемый отдых, в окружении девственной природы. Пляж Туб каек (Tubkaek) - это еще один чистый, спокойный пляж, в котором можно оставаться в дали от цивилизации

. С него открывается потрясающий вид на архипелаг островов Хонг (Koh Hong) и очаровательные закаты. С пляжа, вы можете дойти до национального парка и подняться на вершину горы и посмотреть водопад. На пляжах Ко Ланты (Koh Lanta) огромное количество курортов на любой вкус и достаток. Остров Ланта Яй (Lаnta Yai) славится длинными, белыми, песчаными пляжами переходящими в изумрудное море. Гуляя, по южной части острова, вы можете наткнуться на уединенный райский уголок с высаженной тропической растительностью. ПРИРОДНЫЕ ИСТОЧНИКИ Известняковые горы и отвесные скалы характеризуют местность Краби, а наиболее зрелищным и массивным является Сай Тай (Sai Tai). Не далеко от Ао Нанга (Ao Nang) есть уникальное геологическое место - Сюзан Хой (Susaan Hoi) “кладбище ракушек” . Плиты у побережья моря, напоминающие

куски старого, потрескавшегося асфальта, на самом деле – плиты, спрессованные из остатков древних моллюсков, чей возраст более 40 млн. лет. Территория кладбища ракушек была в доисторические времена пресным болотом, на дне которого тысячелетиями накапливались ракушечные отложения. Впоследствии, болото пересохло, а останки его обитателей теперь виднеются на поверхности в виде песчаных плит 40-сантиметровой толщины. К кладбищу моллюсков примыкает живописный мангровый лес, в котором проложены специальные туристические тропы. Крупнейший природный парк провинции Краби Као Пханом Бенча (Khao Phanom Bencha), находится всего в 20 км. от города Краби. Этот Национальный парк является домом для множества редких растений и диких животных, среди которых леопарды, пантеры, тигры, тапиры и гиббоны. Гора Phanom Bencha (1350 м.) является территориальным и туристическим центром всего заповедника. С горы сбегает 5 водопадов, крупнейший из которых Хуай Тох (Huay Toh), расположен всего в 500 метрах от входа в парковую зону. Еще одной популярной туристической достопримечательностью заповедника является пещера Tham Khao Pheung, украшенная живописными сталактитами и сталагмитами. Национальный парк Тарнбок Корании (Tarnbok Khoranee) находится в северной части региона, состоит из известняковых гор, зеленых тропических лесов, пещер, и красивых островов. Хорошо известен различными видами деревьев, растущих вокруг большого природного кристально чистого бассейна, и более сотен видов птиц. Пещерный комплекс Пи Хуа Тох (Phi Hua Toh) расположенный в районе Бор Тора (Bor Thor), состоит из нескольких пещер, каждая из которых уникальна. В некоторые из них, вы можете попасть на лодке, только во время отлива. Здесь вы полюбуетесь потрясающей красоты сталактитами и сталагмитами, древнейшими наскальными рисунками и следами доисторических поселений. Са Маракот (Sa Morakot) изумрудный бассейн. Это чудо природы, пруд с

музея включает в себя доисторические каменные и бронзовые орудия, образцы древней керамики, монеты, предметы прикладного искусства и старинные кровати, возраст которых превышает 5000 лет. Огненное шоу, это часть пляжной культуры и очень популярно в вечернее время суток на пляжах Ко Ланты (Koh Lanta) и Пхи Пхи (Phi Phi). Невероятная хореография, удивительный рисунок танца и множество завораживающих глаз моментов делают шоу с огнем просто незабываемым.

бирюзовой водой, питаемый горячими источниками в центре джунглей. Берега пруда представляют собой желтоватый камень, такой цвет ему придает отложения карбоната кальция. Вода в пруд поступает из горячих источников и имеет в разных местах разную температуру от 25°С до 49°С градусов. Здесь можно поплавать, полежать и отдохнуть душой и телом. Термальный источник Хот Спрингс в Клонг Том (Hot Springs of Klong Thom) представляет из себя смесь водопада с парной под открытым небом. Вулканические горячие ключи нагревают поток до 30°С – 40°С, превращая водопад в естественную сауну, вода в которой, к тому же, насыщенна полезными минералами. ОСТРОВА Отправьтесь на остров Ко Пода (Koh Poda), который покрыт пальмами и почти полностью окружен мягким белым песчаным пляжем. Коралловый риф находится примерно в 20 метрах от пляжа с богатым разнообразием морской жизни. Также вы можете посетить соседний остров Ко Кай (Koh Kai) или “Куриный остров”, который получил свое название от необычной формы скалы с одного конца острова, которая выглядит как голова и шея страуса или курицы. Одна часть острова состоит из крутых скал, другая имеет красивые пляжи. Теплая и чистая вода острова с богатым миром кораллов является популярным местом среди любителей снорклинга и дайвинга. Оттуда можно прогуляться по песчаной косе до острова Ко Туб (Koh Tub). Можно взять тур на лодке или на катере до архипелага островов Ко Хонг. Это группа островов из известняка со скрытыми пещерами и лагунами, которая идеально подходит для каякинга и подводного плавания. Текс переведен и отредактирован: Шинарита Стоун

Возьмите тур на острова Ко Пхи Пхи (Koh Phi Phi) с живописными морскими бухтами, окруженными потрясающими известняковыми скалами, устремленными в небо прямо из океанских глубин, в пещерах гнездятся ласточки, вокруг богатый подводный мир, насыщенный морской жизнью, и многое, многое другое. Посетите острова Ко Джам (Koh Jum) и Ко Сибойя (Koh Siboya) скрытые от глаз человека, наполненные тропической растительностью и уникальной природой. Эти острова дают посетителям возможность расслабиться и прекрасно провести время. Также посетите остров Ланта (Lanta) в южной части провинции, который сейчас активно развивается. Ланта также является домом для морских циган, где вы сможете увидеть их традиции и познакомиться с их укладом жизни. Национальный парк включает в себя много различных островов, окруженных коралловыми рифами, такие как Ко Нгай (Koh Ngai) и Ко Рок (Koh Rok).

Бан Санг-Ка-Ю (Ban Sang-Ka-U) место проживания “морских циган” на юговостоке острова Ланта Яй (Lanta Yai). Именно там живет старый клан В-Лей (v Ley) пытающийся сохранить исчезающий образ жизни в этой быстро развивающейся части острова. ГОРОД Очаровательный, маленький, тихий город. В Краби много старых зданий, баров, ресторанов и местных экзотических рынков с продуктовыми лавками на старой пристани Чао Фа (Chao Fa), там вы можете отведать блюда местной кухни. Девиз Краби: “Прекрасный город, Прекрасные люди” местные жители Краби гордятся своим городом и своим теплым и щедрым характером. С пирса Чао Фа (Chao Fa) можно отправиться на лодке до главного природного символа города Као Нам Канаб (Kho Nam Kanab) – 100-метровые скалы-близнецы расположены по обе стороны реки Краби и являются своеобразными водными воротами в Краби-таун. Также посетите остров Ко Кланг (Koh Klang) расположенный в устье реки, где вы сможете проникнуться жизнью местных рыболовных общин, и побывать в мангровых зарослях.

КУЛЬТУРА Бан Натин (Ban Natin) - это место находится по пути из Ао Нанга (Ao Nang) в Клонг Муанг (Klong Muang), где вы сможете насладиться мирной жизню местной мусульманской общины. Вы можете приехать туда на несколько дней или просто остановиться и посмотреть на изделия ручной работы. Музей Ват Клонг Том (Wat Klong Thom) главный исторический музей провинции Краби. Доказательством того, что провинция Краби была одним из первых мест на карте современного Тайланда, где возникли человеческие поселения, служит этот музей. В нем выставлены различные артефакты, найденные во время археологических раскопок. Экспозиция




Лучших мест

для отдыха

Провинция Краби является раем для тех, кто любит солнце и ищет удовольствие, а также это одно из лучших мест в мире для скалолазания, дайвинга и каякинга. Журнал Краби предлагает вам топ 10 видов деятельности, которые стоит попробовать здесь, в Краби: КАЯКИНГ Это очень популярное занятие в Краби. Мангровые леса, пещеры и, конечно же, пляжи, дают большие возможности для каякинга. Ао Нанг и Рэйлэй пользуются большей популярностью, так как находятся близко и до них удобно добраться. Если же вы хотите больше приключений и хотите познакомиться с красивейшими местами провинции, уголками девственной природы и их обитателями, то отправьтесь в тур в Ао Талэин (Ao Thalane) или в Бор Тор (Bor Thor), которые находятся в Национальном парке Тарн Бок Корани (Tarn Boke Koranee). Пещеры, гроты и лагуны, сделают ваш день незабываемым.

ВАТ ТАМ СУА (Wat Tham Suea) Храм «Тигровая Пещера» ВАТ ТАМ СУА (Wat Tham Suea) — одна из интереснейших достопримечательностей Краби. Храм расположен прямо под сводами пещеры. С вершины горы, в которой располагается пещера с храмом, открывается потрясающая панорама на окрестности. Однако, чтобы попасть туда, вам предстоит преодолеть 1237 ступеней. В этой пещере археологами были найдены многочисленные древние артефакты, ныне хранящиеся в музее. А в пещере можно увидеть отпечаток ноги Будды и его величественную статую. Объедините поездку в Храм с другими достопримечательностями, например посетите еще Са Маракот (Sa Morakot) изумрудный бассейн или местный рынок. ЗАКАТЫ Основной достопримечательностью пляжа Ао Нанг (Ao Nang) и Ноппарат Тара (Noppharat Thara), конечно же, являются закаты . Муссонные дожди приносят тучи, которые зловеще нависают в небе над морем, создавая незабываемые закаты. Самая красота складывается из непостижимого и величественного “рисунка” подсвеченных облаков. Чем более “размазаны” облака по небу и чем более невероятны их формы, тем красивее закат. БАРЫ И МОРСКИЕ РЕСТОРАНЫ АО НАНГА И НОППАРАТ ТАРЫ После вечерней прогулки, завершите день бокалом коктейля в одном из баров на пляже или порадуйте себя ужином с морепродуктами. С правой стороны пляжа Ао Нанг находится улочка с ресторанами, где блюда из морепродуктов представлены в большом разнообразии или вы можете попробывать местную рыбную кухню в самом конце пляжа Ноппарат Тара. СКАЛОЛАЗАНИЕ ПЛЯЖ РЭЙЛЭЙ (RAILAY BEACH) Пляжи Рэйлей (Railay), Тонсай (Tonsay) и Прананг (Phranang) находящиеся на полуострове в Railay Bay совсем рядом с Ао Нангом, по праву считаются одними из самых красивых мест в Таиланде. А первоклассные маршруты для скалолазания на многочисленных скалах делают это место настоящей меккой для скалолазов со всего мира. Практически на всех пляжах острова есть богатый выбор вулканических скал, по которым

Пляж “Прананг”

проложены 700 маршрутов разной степени сложности. И профессионал, и новичок в скалолазании найдут здесь подходящую скалу, магазины альпинистского снаряжения с доступными ценами или пункты проката, а также опытных инструкторов, которые смогут гарантировать безопасность во время занятий. РЫНКИ Как и во многих восточных странах, в Тайланде особое место занимают рынки. На местных рынках можно купить свежие овощи и фрукты, живую рыбу и различные морепродукты, мясо, яйца, одежду и обувь. Любой человек, пришедший сюда, моментально попадает в пестрый круговорот ярких цветов и запахов, доносящихся с прилавков уличных торговцев едой. Обычно рынки работают со второй половины дня, когда солнце уже не сильно печет, то есть примерно с 3-х часов дня, и до часов 7 вечера. Посетите рынок в районе Клонг Хенг на Ао Нанге, который работает по четвергам и субботам. СА МАРАКОТ (SA MARAKOT) Изумрудное озеро Са Моракот по праву считается изюминкой Краби. Вода здесь прозрачна в любое время года и меняется в зависимости от времени суток и угла падения солнечных лучей. Дорога к Изумрудному озеру великолепна: тропинка ведет среди переплетающихся лиан, плутает в ровных зарослях бамбука, теряется между деревьями, радует порхающими разноцветными бабочками и юркими ящерками. И вот за деревьями появляется Изумрудное озеро с целебной водой, насыщенной минералами и природными солями. Чуть дальше есть Голубое озеро, поражающее цветом своей воды, им можно только любоваться и наблюдать, как из-под земли бьют горячие источники. АРХИПЕЛАГ КО ХОНГ (KOH HONG) Ни одно посещение Краби или Ао Нанга не будет полным, без поездки на острова Ко Хонг (Koh Hong) это потрясающая группа островов расположенных у побережья Краби (Хонг в переводе с тайского - “комната”) Пляжи Ко Хонг никогда не перестанут удивлять кристально чистой водой, большим количеством разнообразных рыб у берега, и белоснежным песком на пляже. В скалах можно обнаружить узкий проход в закрытую бухту, внутри которой, вы сможете увидеть мангровые деревья, уходящие своими корнями в воду.

МЕСТНАЯ НОЧНАЯ ЖИЗНЬ На Ао Нанге имеется большое количество баров, ресторанов и ночных клубов, рассчитанных на все вкусы. Однако Ао Нанг хорош и своей демократичностью: местные цены доступны практически всем, причем качество блюд, напитков и обслуживания от этого не страдает. Стильный бар «Last Fisherman» настоящий эталон пляжных баров. Бамбуковый навес, столики на песке, звезды, отличная музыка – что еще нужно для счастья? Барный комплекс Central Point располагает несколькими залами, в которых звучит живая музыка и всемирно известные шлягеры прошлых лет. На Ао Нанге очень много пивных баров и ирландских пабов, где подается недорогое, но хорошее пиво и всевозможные закуски к нему. Стоит отметить, что, несмотря на то, что нравы в Ао Нанге более сдержанные, чем в Паттайе или Бангкоке, все же любители “клубнички” смогут побаловать себя, познакомившись с доступными девушками. Они работают в местных гоугоу барах, расположенных на улице Сой Салай (Soi Salai). Пляж Ноппарат Тара, порадует вас колоритнейшим баром «Хиппи» и ярким пляжным баром Luna, в котором имеется великолепный танцпол. ЛОДОЧНЫЕ ТУРЫ В МАНГРОВЫЕ ЗАРОСЛИ Интересное путешествие для любителей экотуризма. Манговые заросли, которые окаймляют побережье различных островов, создают каналы с лабиринтами. Во время прогулки на лодке, можно увидеть и посетить множество интересных мест: удивительный лес мангровых зарослей, пальм и лиан; скалистые острова с гротами и пещерами; большие и маленькие каньоны, где обитают красивые тропические птицы. Отправиться в это незабываемое путешествие можно со старого причала Чаофа (Chaofa).

Текс переведен и отредактирован: Шинарита Стоун


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Photo by: Stefan Sass from Aabenraa, Denmark

Krabi Magazine September 2012  

The latest and greatest issue of Krabi Magazine!