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KRABI Issue #136 April 2018

A tribute to Krabi’s unsung heroes

Top 6 activities to keep you busy in krabi

Changing lives in Koh Lanta

and how you can get involved


A Warm Welcome to Ansgar Schlemmer, General Manager - Layana Resort & Spa

Angsar has been involved in Food and Hotel management since his early years, beginning his working life as a trainee chef and subsequently holding a number of chef positions in his native Germany. His love for travel then took him to London, Shanghai, Bangkok (where he held the positions of Executive Chef and then Director of Food & Beverage at the 5-star Siam Kempinski Hotel) and Beijing. More recently Angsar was appointed General Manager, Operations and Head of Company for a Lifestyles Project division of the Nasa Corporation in Kuala Lumpar, from where we were happy to prize him away to take over the reins at Layana in January this year. time, Angsar has already received a warm welcome from the Layana staff and its guests, readily taking on board In just a short tim feedback and suggestions for achieving the seemingly impossible - improving on Layana’s esteemed reputation for superb service, luxury accommodation and first class facilities. He insists any changes will be an evolutionary process, mindful as he is of the Resort’s continued success, but already his past experience as a chef is leading to new and exciting food and beverage offerings and he is also keen to expand the activities and adventures that are available for our guests, on and around Koh Lanta.


Managing director:

Joe Alonzo 085-069-4752


Operations manager:

Pimpimol ‘Mem’ Wongkajorn 093-658-4415

Distribution logistics: Welcome to the low of green season in Krabi, full of intermittent rain showers, empty beaches and cheap hotel rooms. It’s the time of year when things in Krabi get a little slower, a little calmer and a little easier. The showers come down time to time cooling us off and refining our wells. It’s a great time to be in Krabi and we’re glad you’ve decided to come to Krabi during this period and experience it. Some things you should note, the rain when it comes usually lasts only a short while so find some shelter crack a beer or break out a book and wait for it to pass, the rain rarely lasts longer then 1 hour. The restaurant you will see in the densely populated areas are often funning low season discounts, so keep you eyes peeled for a deal. Finally if your a photographer, this is the best time of year to get crystal clear shots as the dust haze is kept down from the showers so keep that shutter working. Thank you for taking the time to read the Krabi Magazine, we openly invite you to get in touch with our team if you have any further questions, we are here to help your holiday be the best it can be. Take care and enjoy your holiday in Krabi.

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May 2018

FEATURES 12. Clip Clop beachtime take a ride on some stallions on the sands of Krabi 14 The Hero’s of Krabi A tribute to the unsung hero’s who make this province what it is today

LOCAL PULSE 18 The fruit of Thailand

20 Growing Retreats coming to Krabi? Learn about yourself and your potential at a retreat in Krabi

Whats for sale at local markets

30 Looking for a place for your dream home? We’ve got one option to consider

40 Bali Spirit Festival Our experience at the wonderful 11th annual Bali Spirit Festival

HERE TO THERE 26 Krabi Activities How to spend your days in Krabi

38 Muay Thai’s influence There is more to this sport than you know

34 Dining in Krabi

48 Take a trip on the high seas

64 Krabi’s largest island

Our top picks to keep your belly full

52 Change a life in Lanta Lanta Animal Welfare has been making a difference for decades, want to get involved?

58 Looking to make an investment in Krabi? Read on to see some information on Krabi’s largest island Koh Lanta

Our top pick for things to do in Krabi

The sunset is;and as it’s called because every beach offers stunning sunset views

58 Luxury and simplicity

70 Unplug in Koh Jum

Koh Jum Beach area more than a villa resort, read more to find out

Take a break and step back a few years in time on Koh Jum

Rejuvenating Spa Package at Sofitel Krabi Phokeethra Golf & Spa Resort


elease all your worries and stress with Sofitel Krabi Phokeethra Golf & Spa Resort’s latest Spa promotion for the month of May. Guests who check into the elegant So SPA with L’Occitane during this month are eligible for an exclusive package. It starts with a 30-minute Steam Treatment to stimulate your blood circulation, and is followed by a 90-minute Devas Massage or Traditional Thai Massage with a Thai herbal hot compress. This herbal therapy dates back nearly 5,000 years, and is proven to eliminate pain and inflammation in the body, leaving you energised and relaxed. Finally, end the experience with a Champi Indian Head Massage. This Ayurvedic massage technique balances the mind, body and spirit, realigning joints and relieving tension.

The prices are THB 3,500++ for singles, THB 6,000++ for couples and THB THB 10,000++ for a group of four people, which must be pre-signed upon reservation.


HOW ABOUT SOME CLIP CLOP IN KRABI Known for its beaches and islands, Krabi appeals to a lot of people from all over the world to experience its many wonderful assets. Famous for its elephant treks and snorkeling excursions you’d be surprised at how popular horseback riding is. Originally used to travel and help in farming practices, horses have been used for work and leisure for several thousands of years. Now Horseback riding is a very enjoyable practice and you can enjoy right here in Krabi. Krabi Horseback Riding is open daily from 8.30 am to 4.30 pm, it is a short 5 minutes drive from Ao Nang, simply turn right at the 3-way junction going to Ao Nam Mao; in Ao Nam Mao at the roundabout take your second exit and go towards the fossil shell beach. approximately 2km after the Ao Nam Mao roundabout you will see a small sign on your right horseback riding and an orange roadside stand, turn right down a dirt road and you will see the stables after 100 meters. The club has been operating for fourteen years now and offers many options for the avid rider to the first timer. You can choose between one hour trek, two hour trek, a half day trip or a whole day trip including riding along the beach, discovering the fossilshell beach, a fish farm and even learn to swim with the horses during high tide. The owner Khun Pan started his business with only one horse afterwards he bought a mare the seed was planted. A few months later a foal was born, that was fourteen years ago; now he owns about twenty horses. He started his club from scratch and witnessed the birth of each horse he now owns. That is why he knows exactly which horse will suit you best according to your size and level.


Krabi Horseback Riding is home to about twenty healthy horses all taken care of by grooms. Riding one of their mares Dollar a 9 year old Thai/ European cross breed while being escorted by Khun Pan and Magnum (his favorite horse) it was a fantastic ride on the beach with an amazing view on Poda and Chicken Islands as well as Railay. Khun Pan, who started riding 25 years ago, is a very passionate rider whose experience allows him to give some tips in order to have the correct posture and bind with your horse. - As a rider you have to be kind to the horse even if you lead it you have to treat it with respect if you want it to be nice and obedient towards you - Your hills have to remain down, your head up and your fists still on the horse’s neck

swimming and and cooling off in the sea. After their dip in the salt water the grooms took the horses back to the club and give them a shower to clean their hide from salt. If you want to discover this rewarding experiences in Krabi and return home with a head full of memories you just have to call Khun Pan and book a session. They will take care of picking you up from Ao Nang or Krabi Town. Please note that the club already has insurance and that the ride is free for children under four years old.

If you follow this advice you will certainly have yourself a great day of riding. The day after the ride along the beach we went back to Krabi Horseback Riding at 9 am to watch the horses swim at the beach. Actually to better take in this activity it must be during high tide, it is amazing to see the horses enjoying

KRABI HORSEBACK RIDING INFORMATION: Phone numbers : 075 662 305 0810 085 9627 087 272 6134 Adress : 171/5 Moo 6 Ao Nammao, Sai Thai, Muang, Krabi Krabi Horseback riding is the logical choice for those looking for an equestrian adventure in Krabi with some pretty cool sights thrown in.

May I 2018


Faces of Ao Nang

Ao Nang, originally a tiny coconut village of nothing more than a handful of farmers cleaning the land and preparing for the various harvests of their famed coconuts. This little coconut village has shifted itself into an international tourist hotspot. Drawing in crowds from every nation Krabi is quickly becoming a pin on the map. Now that roads have been built, hotels erected at lightening speeds, the the ball is rolling. The growth in Krabi over the past 5 years has been immense and the landscape her certainly changes but it doesn’t take long for visitors to get outside the hustle and bustle of the town, explore primary rainforest and get a glimpse of what makes this natural parade such a stunning place. Although now as as you look from face to face on the sidewalks of Krabi you can see a wide range of faces, Swedish, Chinese, English, Malaysian, Indian and many more but where are the faces that have called this place home for generations? We want to take a minute to pay homage and acknowledge some of the various local faces of our little Ao Nang as they are the foundation to all that we have here now. 14

These faces come in all shapes and sizes; dark, light, long, short, islamic, buddhist, old, young, timid, aggressive and so many more. Now these are the people who drive our longtail boats, the people who sweep our streets, the men who paint the buildings and work security details. These are the faces of Ao Nang. Ao Nang a place of great diversity not only in terms of its visitors but in terms of the locals who have built this little beach town from its humble coconut plantation beginnings some 40 years to one of the major tourist hubs in the southern Thailand. Some 40-50 years ago this built up city you find your self relaxing by the pool, slurping ice cream while strolling on the streets or slamming our face full is spicy Tom yum was just a variety of coconut, palm and rubber plantations, no roads could be found in the area let along a joule of electricity. Slowly over the years more and more people from krabtown and the surrounding districts and provinces migrated to this little beach area. Everyone bringing with their knowledge, traditions and religion, this is how you can see on many areas of Ao Nang Muslims and Buddhists Thais talking and joking side by side. Indian and Burmese workers waiting tables and cooking up some garlic filled naan, local fisherman make their way to the piers daily to bring home the bounty of the sea, filling our many restaurants with world class cuisine. Condominiums, hotels, villas and guest houses fly up thanks to the dedicated hard work from the labor force who come from all around the country and abroad for work. Ao Nang has become a nexus for cultures to blend together, for ideas to flow freely with less government red tape than other parts of the planet.  Walking the streets, take a look around at the many different cultures that now call this place home.  Take in the smells that permeate the air and seem to change from block to block, take in the richness and diversity that lives and thrives here. These are the people that make out little town unique and special.  These are the faces of Ao Nang. May I 2018


Window on Krabi Islands


KOH PODA This is the iconic island of Krabi and the first and most dramatic one you can see from Ao Nang beach. Hop on a longtail boat - the local wooden boats with their picturesque prow and sail away surrounded by turquoise water.

THA POM NATIONAL PARK Thapom is a simple local national park, not the easiest to access, but certainly worth the trip. Just outside Ao Nang, Thapom is a place where salty seawater and freshwater from the mountains mix perfectly creating an observable stratified layer, where both sea fish and freshwater fish live separately but together. Close to Ao Thalane Bay, Thapom is a 30 minute drive from Ao Nang.

CHICKEN ISLAND This should be next on your list as it is right next to Koh Poda. From the right angle when passing Chicken Island (Koh Gai) you can catch a glimpse of a chicken’s neck and head, some would argue more like that of a turkey but it’s up to you. The second island, Koh Tub, is connected to Chicken Island by a sandy isthmus and people can walk from one to another at low tide. KOH HONG This island archipelago demands everyone’s attention as it is one of the highlights of Krabi Province. The Archipelago, a group of limestone islands with many hidden caves and lagoons makes it perfect for snorkeling and exploring. Make sure you visit Lading and Pakbia islands before Koh Hong as they are much less visited and sport a blend of both lush jungle and tropical waters. Koh hong is usually crowded until 3pm so we recommend visiting other Lading and Pakbia in the morning, then going to Koh Hong after the crowds have started to leave. KOH PHI PHI Private bays, limestone cliffs, waters rich in marine life and caves where swallow’s birds nests are harvested are all here on the island that Leonardo Di Caprio once rolled his hot bod in while filming ‘The Beach’ at the now iconic Maya Bay. KOH JUM & KOH SIBOYA Both are unspoiled tropical hide-aways that have a unique atmosphere. Tune in to the slow culture here, imbibe the peace and recharge your batteries with the soundtrack of lapping waves.

KHAO PHANOM BENCHA NATIONAL PARK At 20 km from Krabi Town, the Khao Phanom Bencha national park comprises waterfalls, streams, lush forests and caves. It is home to all kind of flora and wildlife and to the highest mountain in the region from which it takes it’s name. One of the features of the park is Huay Thoi Waterfall where water runs down onto several huge pools. TARNBOK KHORANEE NATIONAL PARK Located in the north of the province, Tarnbok Khoranee national park is made up of limestone mountains, verdant tropical forest, caves and beautiful islands. It is well known kayaking explorers as there are a number of tributaries curving into a number of small caves boasting ancient cave paintings. SA MORAKOT, THE EMERALD POOL Truly a natural wonder of Krabi: a pond of turquoise water with an average temperature of 30-40°C fed by a hot spring in the middle of the jungle in Klong Thom district, 70 kilometers from Ao Nang. HOT SPRINGS Situated in Klong Thom district, These natural hot springs are natures jacuzzis. They melt away tensions, relieve the body and mind with the fresh spring water running over mineral enriched limestone rocks.

KOH LANTA The developing island at the southern end of the province known for its prime sunset views, heaps of activities and glimpses into sea gypsy life. Koh Lanta is also a National Park that comprises many local islands surrounded by coral reefs, such as Koh Ngai, Koh Mook and the remote Koh Rok.


Reminder When visiting many of the national parks in Krabi there is often an entrance fee which you need to pay by cash at the time of entrance. This fee can vary but it is always between 90thb - 400thb per person. If you do book a tour through a local operator, please make sure to check with them prior to departing as to whether or not the tour price includes this national park fee.

Beaches AO NANG BEACH: At 20 km from Krabi Town Ao Nang Beach is the most developed of Krabi’s many beaches. Ao Nang Beach is famous for it’s white sand beaches and large limestones karsts towering over the eastern edges. All of your accommodation, shopping and service needs can be found here. It is the hub from which to plan your trip to sea as well as to any number of the nearby islands. NOPPHARAT THARA BEACH Just around the corner from Ao Nang, yet still undeveloped with only a few resorts, bars and restaurants, Noppharat Thara beach offers a bit more “local” feel than it’s sister Ao Nang. Attractive because of its natural setting, this is where local youngsters and families gather during sunset and on weekends. Savor some local Muslim snacks at the beach stalls, or fill yourself with seafood in the local restaurants at the end of the beach neat the Noppharat Thara National park headquarters. At low tide, walk out together with millions of small crabs on the sandy pathways to a small island on the western edge of the beach. KLONG MUANG BEACH A further 20 km away from Ao Nang Klong Muang is the up-market side of Krabi, the place to be if you are after a peaceful and hassle free holiday. Catering to families and couples, it is here that you really get that well deserved repose, surrounded by pristine nature.

May I 2018

TUBKAEK BEACH Next to Klong Muang Beach, Tub Keak beach is another place to just get away; long, clean and powerful, the area boasts breathtaking views over the Koh Hong archipelago and provides for wonderfully charming sunsets. From Tubkeak beach you can venture inside the National Park and try the nature trail “Naga trek” to one of the most spectacular viewpoints in Krabi. RAILAY AND TONSAI BEACHES Are split and separated from Ao Nang by a limestone mountain range. Railay has two sides, east and west, and its settings are simply marvelous: crystal clear waters, pure sandy beaches, lush mountains and rocky islands emerging from the sea. Both beaches are known all over the world for their famous climbing routes. They can only be reached by boat, a 15 minute ride from Ao Nang or 30 minutes from Krabi Town. Enjoy a cocktail in one of the beach bars, visit the Phranang Cave, challenge yourself on a rock climbing or ‘deep water solo’ cliff jumping into the sea, hike the limestone trail to a lagoon or the viewpoint or simply chill out and watch the day pass you by. KOH LANTA BEACHES Koh Lanta has a wide selection of resorts for all tastes and pockets. Koh Lanta Yai island has long stretches of gleaming white sandy beaches and shallow emerald waters. Lined with tropical vegetation, a private spot is never more than a short walk away.


Exotic Fruits of Thailand Sapodilla (La-mut) - This fruit looks like a large brown plum. The Thai way is to peel it with a sharp knife directed away from you and with the index finger just in front of the blade, guiding it along.   You peel the fruit and then cut it through the middle in a zigzag fashion, for display.  Lamut has a subtle flavor that isn’t particularly sweet, and yet seems to taste like brown sugar – if that makes any sense - It’s delicate and delicious!

Guava (Farang) - Looks like a bumpy/wrinkled green apple.   Cutting guava is very pretty.  Slice ½ way into it, wedge-like, and then slice all around the guava this way.  We pulled out the wedges and ate them this way.  This doesn’t taste like the Hawaiian fruit.  Hawaiian guava fruits (called strawberry guava) are pink  and sweeter.  These were somewhat bland, crunchy and starchy – a little pear-like.  Mangostein (Mang-Kut) - Mangosteen is a bizarre looking fruit with a round, deep purple shell.  It has flavorful white flesh that is eaten in sections.  This has a delicious, distinctive flavor that is also wonderful for juices. Mangostein is becoming better known globally for it’s remarkable healing properties.

Lychee (Linjee) -  Covered by a red, roughly textured rind that is inedible but easily removed, the inside of a lychee consists of a layer of sweet, translucent white flesh with a grape-like texture.  The centre contains a single glossy brown nut-like seed that should not be eaten.  Rambutan (NgoR) - The name is derived from the Malay word, rambut, meaning hair, which is a perfect name.  The fuzzy, colorful covering of this fruit is unforgettable. Peeling this dramatic covering away reveals a firm, white, translucent flesh.  It tastes like a sweet version of a pear, and is a lovely centerpiece for any dinner table.


Longan (Lam-Yai) – look like big brown grapes on a branch. They have a thin but hard shell that is easy to break open.  The flesh is clear and very sweet with a pit inside.  These are delicious but don’t eat too many at one time, as you can get cold sores or even a fever.  

Jackfruit (Khanoon) - This is a fascinating fruit that comes in a huge spindly ball. Opening it up, you can pull out separate pods, which are around 3” long.  These pods have large seeds inside that can be peeled, boiled and eaten with salt. The flesh of the fruit has a pungent taste and smell, somewhat crunchy and a little sour/starchy feel to it.  Sometimes they are very sweet, and other times they are pretty bland.

Durian (Tu-Rian) - is one of the most bizarre fruits on earth.  It is a rich, unique tasting fruit, but to some, it is a putrid-smelling, lousy excuse for a food.  It has an extremely strong and unpleasant aroma, as well as a deadly look.  Trying this fruit is a step into another world.  Durian is quite expensive and due to it’s powerfully imposing smell; it is actually banned from many hotels, busses and planes.

Rose Apple (Chom-Poo)  - This looks like a cross between a thin red pepper and an apple.  Cut them into lengthwise slices and eat the thin pieces.  These are delicious – sweet and crunchy.  They are also called Bell or Mountain Apples.

Dragon Fruit (Gao Mung Gorn) - This is probably the most dramatic-looking of all the Thai fruits, and the outside appearance gives NO indicator of the inside appearance at all! The fruit is a bright pink oblong shape with pointed green leaves springing out from all sides – hence the name, as it DOES look a little dragon-like.  Cutting it open down the middle of the fruit will display a white center, filled with tiny black dots.  To eat this fruit, scoop out the filling with a spoon.  This fruit is moist, sweet, crunchy and delicious!   When picking out dragon fruit, “the redder the better” for ripeness!

May I 2018


Coming to Krabi for a C HA NG E 20


etreats are bursting at the seams nowadays. You can find a retreat for almost anything that suits your fancy. Retreats for the faint of heart to retreats that literally will shock your heart. To give you inspiration or a bit of comic relief take a look at some of the most popular retreats trending today.

• Sick of all the noise? A silence retreat may be just what you need. Many are venturing to Thailand to experience these retreats for up to 10 days of silence at a time. For some it allows time to clear the noise from inside and for others causing a personal eruption for wanting to connect and speak to the world around them. • Digital Nomads and Entrepreneurs? These type of retreats throw adventurers and forward thinkers into a melting pot of brainstorming sessions. Bringing different perspectives to the table as well as taking some time out for simple fun and networking. • Big business and Corporations? Fortune 100 companies use these retreats for team building and allowing opportunity to identify leaders amongst their employees. Investing in their people has its benefits with staff retention and company moral. • Need to shed weight and stress? Actively sought out retreats; globally. As many are facing the effects of fast food, fast lifestyles and overwhelming social traumas. • Spiritual Adventure? Many are looking beyond the skin and delving into the soul. Some seeking healing while others seeking deeper personal awareness or how to know ones true self. • Foodie at Heart? Experiencing food directly from the local market to the table from the country of origin. It doesn’t get any better than this. • World Traveler? Learning about a new culture; the sights, the sounds, the locals and adventure of your temporary home away from home. • Fun & Fitness? A thrill seekers haven as they use the environment around them as their physical fitness platform. Swimming in the sea, climbing temple stairs, jungle trekking, running through rural villages. A must for the fitness buff. • Overall Wellness? Topping the charts for retreats. Guests have opportunity to look at the whole person; both mind, body and spirit. Relax in a tranquil setting in order to detoxify the body and mind. Experience yoga and meditation, fresh locally grown food, get pampering massages and more.

Krabi Thailand is now budding as a destination for those looking for the perfect retreat. This natural backdrop is a pristine environment for a retreat of almost any kind. One such site is Get Juiced for Life Retreats. Krabi’s leading Detox & Wellness Retreat, offering a variety of retreats that are personally customized for its participants. Each retreat is kept small in order to meet guest’s personal point of need. Not sure if a retreat is really what you need? They offer a one day “WalkIn” experience as well as a Lifestyle Transformation retreat that can literally last as long as one to three months. Get Juiced is everything “wellness”. Love Thailand, Love Krabi? Look into a Get Juiced for Life Retreat, just for YOU…. May I 2018


Enjoy Fine wines, whiskey, sake and imported beers in the atmosphere of a classic 4 star wine bar. A wide seleccon of ďŹ ne wine from around the globe, single malt whiskeys from Scotland and Japan not found elsewhere in Krabi. Come join our weekly wine and food promooons each Friday, wine tassngs and sports weekends. Full food menu by Chef Umberto and BB Bistro—Italian fare at its best!


Located at the Lai Thai Lo Luxury Condominiums TheGrapeEscapeWineSakeBar


May I 2018


May I 2018





If you want to take home some techniques of the famous thai cuisine you must stop off at Ao Nang Thai Cookery School, opened since 2001.

Looking to hook massive fresh water species? Then look no further than Exotic Fishing Thailand situated in beautiful Phang Nga. You will find more than sixty species such as Jau Catfish, Vundu Catfish, Piraiba Catfish, Goonch, Chinese Black Carp, Yellow Cheek Carp, and dozens of others. Exotic Fishing Thailand offers a special stocking program to ensure that their fishing only gets better and more interesting. 

With Krabi being host to over 100 islands, it’s makes perfect sense for you to venture out and see some of the nooks and crannies which this beautiful province is home to.

Learn how to cook Royal Thai Cuisine with experienced chefs who will take you step by step through each recipe with the exotic herbs and spices that make Thai cuisine one of the world’s culinary delights. One of the main instructor SOW, whom has 10 years cooking and culinary experience in some of Thailand’s five star hotel and restaurants. At Ao Nang Thai Cookery School, you will be able to learn by choosing your own dishes to cook. Back home, impress your friends with green Thai curry fragrant soups or stir fried chicken with cashew nuts, spring rolls, chicken satay, pad thai and many more recipes.  When the cooking is all over you can sit and enjoy all of your hard work. Ao Nang Thai Cookery School is just the thing you need when you want a break from the beach and discover the authentic thai culture.

The lake is over 25 rai (nearly 10 acres) and is one of the largest fisheries in southern Thailand.  At Exotic Fishing Thailand, they offer fishing packages for all levels. Most of clients stay for a few days to have the chance to catch as many species of fish as possible. You will not be disappointed with the huge variety of fish stocked in this beautiful pond. It is also possible to enjoy a nice and reasonable priced meal or a real Thai cooking class at the Mountain View Restaurant.

Open Monday-Friday 9am-6pm Phone number: (+66) 088-379-9377

The Andaman sea is home to a range of creatures, from the illusive nudibranchs to the streamlined white tipped and black tipped reef sharks. There are even sightings of whale sharks which occasionally carouse the waters. It’s not just that, there are thousands of parrot fish, schooling travelies, clown fish and territorial damselfish. All that is just below the waves and waiting for you to visit. Aquavision is one of the first dive companies in Ao nang, they pride themselves of their attention to detail and safety protocol, rest assured when you’re diving with Aquavision.

Phone number : +66 (0) 75 637 394

Phone number : +66 (0) 81 415 9358 / +66 (0) 75 695 478





Have you ever dreamed of  a romantic horse rides  on the beach with the one you love ? Have you ever dreamed of escaping your busy lifestyle to a relaxing holiday with your family or friends ? Then Krabi Nature Horse riding is the place for you.

Take a break from the beach and try another way to enjoy your holidays. Marina yoga offers a systemic and flexible approach to yoga that will suit anyones needs. At Marina yoga, it’s not about pushing yourself, it’s about finding your center through the guidance of the caring and professional teachers.

Blue Dragon Cabaret Show gives you one of the warmest welcomes you can find in the land of smiles and does so in many different languages. Thailand is well known for ladyboys and Blue Dragon shows them doing what they love the most: dressing up and performing. Some of these ‘ladies’ have features that would make women jealous. The performers are keen to entertain and put on a good show and the best way to enjoy it is to don your imaginary feather boa and embrace their world of glitz, glamour and over-the-top drama.

Khun Pan, the owner, will help you explore and discover Krabi by horse riding along the white sandy beaches and thai countryside, and even swimming with horses by high tide. You just have to choose between a one hour trek, a two hours trek, a half day trip or a whole day trip. Krabi Nature Horse riding offers a variety of horse riding activities suitable for all the levels. The horses are selected to match with wide range of your riding skills to ensure that you will enjoy your ride.

Open everyday 8.30am-4.30pm Phone number : 075 662 305 / 0810 085 9627

Marina yoga classes integrate the use of many different postures (Asana), breathing (Pranayama), relaxiation (Shavasana), and meditation (Dhana) to relieve pain, prevent injuries and promore general well being. Yoga practice is the best way to tone your muscles, get you in shape fast while developing you from the inside out, this is done by putting a strong focus on awareness and control during all classes. The incorporation of mind and body helps reduce both physical and mental stress. Yoga can be practiced by anyone, regardless of age, strength or flexability. At Marina yoga, no more aches and pains, through increased oxygem flow throughout the body you will actually gain energy as opposed to loosing it and end every class feeling reinvegorated and fresh again.

Phone number : +66 (0) 94-320-5335

May I 2018

If you want to enjoy an amazing show with beautiful costumes, fun dancing, great lip syncing, the Blue Dragon Cabaret show is a must see with very professional Lady Boys. Blue Dragon is the first cabaret show in Krabi, very entertaining to watch, located in Ao Nang’s Center Point on the third floor. Three shows are scheduled every nights, at 8 pm, 9.30 pm and 11 pm and each one of them lasts one hour. If you go before and between the shows you may have the chance to take photos with the transgender performers trying to bring in more customers by parading on the sidewalk.

Phone number: + 66 (0) 99 561 5684 27

Tide tables for the month of


Krabi boasts over Longtail boats can 150 islands to explore be chartered easily above sea or the at any of the major underwater world, beaches in krabi, the they are scattered prics vary you can throughout the always try yout best province and offer at haggling depending many new places to on the season. explore

Sunscreen is a mush when visiting any island or just spending a day out on the water. Don’t let the lack of clouds fool you, UV rays go straight throught them.

Looking to go out for a day in the sun and wondering what time high or low tide is? Well for the month of October we’ve got you covered.

May I 2018


So you want to buy some land and build your dream home here in

Thailand ? You might have heard some rumours about the processes available to foreigners and are a little bit confused. We’re going to try and clear up the process and make it all the simpler for you because the process is really not that difficult.

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First off, lets start with the basics, land ownership. According to Thai Law, foreign nationals are not allowed to own outright a piece of land anywhere in the kingdom of Thailand. This is true, you cannot directly have the title deed (chanote) in your name if you are a foreigner, but you can still retain rights over the land, this is where things get interesting. As a foreign national and in an effort to drive foreign business Thailand has allowed for foreigners to open businesses in their names which will give them more opportunities to work and contribute to the Thai economy, this practice has been going on for decades now, this is no surprise, what is interesting and essential to know is how your company can be used. Your company is a means for foreigners to work and create wealth for themselves and their community, but as any company there

are certain rights open the these companies, the rights we’re talking about are simply asset ownership. Under Thai Law a company is allowed to have land assets under its propriety as long as the the majority of the company shares are in Thai hands. This means that as long as 51% of the shares in your company are owned by Thai people then there is no worry about land ownership. Now you might be wondering, well if 51% of the shares of my company are in the hands of Thai people, then I do not have any rights over decisions and company policies anyways. This might make you nervous, but when you start a new company there is a grace period during which all papers and documents are organised for the company and and taxes are lined up accordingly, after this period (between 3-6 months) as the company owner you can transition yourself to the Managing Director with full signatory

powers over company decisions. This process is normal and almost all previous foreign owned companies have gone through this process before to offer their foreign owners full transparency and security in the eyes of the government. After you secure the land under your company name it’s all yours to do with as you like. There are a number of building restrictions to take into consideration when creating that dream home you’re always wanted but the regulation in Thailand is far less than what Western countries experience. So don’t worry get in touch with a builder and start you’re journey to building the dream home you’ve always wanted. If you have any further questions on company formation or taxation we recommended you contact Krabi Visa at:


For those of you looking for that plot of land to build your dream home on, or maybe a resort or small development this could be the right place for you. Situated between Ao nang and Krabitown this land sports stunning mountain views in a traquil setting offering complete privacy yet still having quick and easy access to the main road with 22.5 meters of road frontage. 2 Rai (3,200Sq. meters) with Chanote title deed. The land is ready to build on, it only needs a new owner with some inspiration and ideas. Price: 9M THB Contact: 085 787 7106 (Thai) 32

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Bouganville Pizzeria I Pure Italian 723 Moo 2 Soi 9 Ao Nang Krabi

Bouganville also offers a variety of gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan options for the more health conscious tourists and locals. All dishes are prepared fresh daily with all natural ingredients imported directly from Italy.

Average price: 200THB What to Try: Panizza & Calzone Free WiFi? Yes Opening hours: 4:30 pm - 11:30 pm Delivery hours: 4:30 pm - 9:30 pm Tel: 084 - 146 - 3433 May I 2018


Govinda’s Restaurant I Vegetarian food 115/1 Moo 3, Ao Nang, Krabi

Looking for high quality vegetarian or vegan food? Well you’ve found the best there is in town, managed and owned by a groupod of devote vegans Govinda’s serves freshly made sandwiches, cakes, lasagna Falafel and much more. Come down fora visiti and you’ll leave happy.


Average price: 200THB What to Try: The Falafel sandwich Free WiFi? Yes Opening Hours: daily 12-3 and 6-9 Tel: 099-464-2158

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Muay Thai warriors are the Teachers of Thailand By Khru Doc

Yes that’s right folks, we’ve got a little secret to reveal to you: Muay Thai champions and trainers are the teachers of Thailand’s educational system.   Maybe this is why you should think twice before throwing a punch.   Muay Thai - literally translated means Thai fighting - has been an integral part of Thailand’s development since its inception as an autonomous country.   90% of Thai’s are Buddhist, and Buddhist temples are often the first place people learn about Muay Thai.   In old school Thailand there were five things a Thai man could do with his life:   1. Become a Muay Thai fighter - by the Age of 10 a young man could often have had over a hundred fights! 2. Join the military - at the Age of 18 a young man could give two years of army May I 2018

service. After this he  could decide to stay in the military or return to public service. 3. Go to college or university – a young man in his twenties could seek public education or enroll for education in the military. 4. Start a business or begin a government program 5. Become a monk - the highest act of service to Thailand, where a man would actually give up everything he has and join the monkhood. Usually there would be a funeral service for him, as it is considered that he is dying from his regular life and being reborn as a monk.   Now in modern Thailand, men are not limited to the above paths and most communities do not have temples as the center of villages. However, today Muay Thai champions and trainers are often teachers in Thailand’s educational system. Muay Thai is a martial art that helps keep

Thai people positive and disciplined.

Many Asian countries have similar nationalized martial arts such as: China (Kung Fu) Japan (Karate) Korea (Tae Kwon Do) In each country, masters teach these martial arts as a foundation for their society.

I encourage all readers to experience Thailand’s national sport of Muay Thai. You can easily watch it at one of the many stadiums around Krabi and you can take some Muay Thai classes at one of the many gyms throughout Krabi.  Muay Thai is one of the best way’s to get in shape and you’re actually learning something useful while you exercise, it’s a 2 for 1!   Khru Doc can be reached at: or by phone at: 080 889 1779 39 39

A Spirit in the air, A spirit in the ground A spirit in your heart

A story by Jefferson Rank


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ast month marked the end of the 11th annual Bali Spirit, but it was our first and was it an experience! On April 4th over 5,000 unique, fun, happy and loving people from all over the world descended on the outskirts of Ubud Bali to facilitate a higher level experience full of dance, yoga, healing and personal development workshops for a 7 day period. The festival was kicked off at one of the main sponsors yoga studio at the Yoga Barn, lead by a welcome from member of the Bali government, local dancers, international DJ’s, and plenty of good food and drinks. Bali Spirit festival began some 11 years as a small yoga festival drawing in a limited participation of some 150 people. Those whom were lucky enough to come and see the initial festival took their experience home with them spreading the good word of what they got over the 7 day festival. It was a chance for more people to hear about the fantastic energy of Bali coupled with a loving, expressive and spiritual leaning experience which was going on in Bali, so naturally more and more came year after year to make the festival what it is today. Currently Bali Spirit Festival stands as one of the largest spiritual higher learning festivals around the world. It’s a testament to peoples dedication to share, learn, experience and most of all to love which has brought the festival to represent teachers and guests alike from over 150 countries. Many of you reading this might be sitting in your seats little intimidated and rightly so, a week long festival sounds like a lot, but with workshops from morning to night there is so chances to experience things as you like, return to your hotel room and venture back to the festival when you have time. While it sounds like a lot with the whole mantra of the festival being ‘spiritual’, and to be quite honest I was a little intimidated when I first heard about the festival but after arriving and seeing everyone with smiles on their faces, bringing me to different classes, laughing with one another, sharing their knowledge 42

with everyone who was interested, this really was a authentic, kind and loving feeling I got everywhere at the festival and after my first, I can’t wait for the second one! Not being a huge Yogi myself I was a little nervous, would there be something for someone like me at the Bali Spirit Festival? YES! There was nothing but diversity there, I participated in a variety of dance classes, capoeira, meditation and a number of sound healing workshops, I actually did one acrayoga class (which was kind of my favourite class). There were so many options for everyone of all shapes, sizes and experience levels. I also held reservations for the safety of my little three year old, and about here safety at the festival, where would she stay, would she let me participate in the workshops or would she be in great need of my attention at all times? This was a serious concern as I’ve travelled elsewhere with my daughter and leaving her anywhere is a risky proposition at best. No worries once again once I got to The Bali Spirit Festival, we were introduced to a friendly team of warm and fun people who were tasked with

engaging the kids in a range of activities such as dance, painting, exercise, story time and of course there was time for an afternoon nap. Needless say my daughter came home ever day completely exhausted and was ready for bed before we finished dinner. The world with the ever growing evolution of technology drives growth in so many places across the globe and inside our bodies and minds. This can be a good thing, but I think can also be slightly unnatural. I am a person of generation X (I was born in 1986) and I’ve seen a serious change in mindset and perception of todays generation. Everyone is looking at their phone at every chance they get, checkingin, informing the world what their doing, and checking on what everyone else is doing. This is a recent development which has happened over the past 10 or so years and has only been exacerbated with the price of smartphones coming down, and these multitude of other social applications which have sprung into existence. This has been great development, now people in remote regions can be connected to their family or relatives on the other side of the globe in seconds. It all comes with many benefits but it also comes

with a number of negative side effects. Namely our inability to live in the resent, to breathe, listen, and take in our surrounded whether they be people or nature, it’s becoming an ever-increasing issue with toady’s developing generations, and will once get worse in the coming years if everyone of us takes the team to get away from this growing addiction. It was a great removal for me, to leave my phone at my hotel room and just participate in the many workshops, no working about anything at all, just being where i was engaging in the moment. I loved the time at the Bali Spirit Festival and am excited about the 2019 festival, if you’re interested in having an experience of a lifetime get in touch with the festival directly at:

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Get out and explore


The high seas of Krabi

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ake a of sip of paradise atop the newly renovated sailing yacht; managed by Krabi Spesialisten, and watch your day and worries melt away.   Krabi Spesialisten is once again leading the way with it’s new tour, The Phi Phi Sunset Cruise, offering clients a slow cruise from Ao Nang to Koh Phi Phi then back again. It’s a trip to remember that starts as soon as you board the boat and spread yourself one of the various spots to relax in.  There is a range of seating/ cruising options for visitors to choose from including covered or open areas or rooftop and below-deck beds.  

A friendly crew who spoke an array of different languages greeted us. They welcomed everyone aboard with explanations on the trip’s itinerary and what to watch out for. I felt my heart skip a beat when I heard we could jump from the boat!    So we set out in the morning, perky and alert, thanks to the fresh coffee that was being served by the staff.  We began snapping away with our cameras, as the beauty we were witnessing seemed to get better and better the further out we travelled.   Passing the local islands closer to Ao Nang beach, we caught glimpses of a few dive boats with divers who were preparing for their visits to the underwater world. The water was gently lapping at the rocky edges of the karsts, which erupt from the ocean below, slowly eating at the limestone edges and leaving a dramatic concave effect on each karst.   

After an hour of splashing with the fish, we returned on board to Freedom, to a warm welcome of traditional Thai coconut soup with chicken “Tom Kha Gai” - The perfect refreshing food for a late brunch. Our next stop was the renowned Maya Bay of Koh Phi Phi, in all its fame and glory. Unfortunately, after so many years of fame, the bay has become inundated with speedboats and tourists. Our captain, being aware of this, pulled into the far northern area of the bay, which was more remote and quiet.  This stop was delightful, and it gave us a unique experience inside this famed Phi Phi region of southern Thailand.   Later onto the homestretch, the boat slowly pulled away from Maya Bay and began the slow 7-knot per hour trip back to Ao Nang beach. On the way back we were witness to the wonderful sunset and eventually stars that came over us like a blanket  It was a sublime evening.   With sand between your toes and a copper warmth on your sun-baked skin, you’ll leave this cruise and sleep for hours

remembering the wonderful day you just had, or entertaining visions of the gorgeous sun that had just melted into the horizon.

Krabi Spesialisten is Krabi’s premier tour organizer, if you are interested in visiting one of the islands of Krabi or possibly a trip to the interior of Krabi province, get in touch with the sales team at: 075-638-0978

Leaving the local island chain, we entered into the open ocean on our way to Phi Phi and beyond. Skirting the edges of Koh Phi Phi Don we pulled into our first bay for snorkeling and boat jumping! Suiting up with the GoPro camera, we were ready for some underwater shooting, which at 4 meters of depth, required some lung capacity. 48

Enjoy the sunset on your way back home after a full day exploring the beautiful beaches and snorkeling spots around Koh Phi Phi

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Welcome to Thailand!

HELLO (M) / (F)

want to learn some















































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Change a life with a trip to Lanta Animal Welfare

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he goal was to end the suffering of hundreds of homeless, abused and injured animals on the island of Koh Lanta. That’s why, in 2007, Junie Kovacs founded the first centre of its kind in the Krabi province and the only vet clinic in the area for miles; Lanta Animal Welfare. The positive effects of the centre can be seen throughout the island which continues to improve thanks to the donations of visitors from around the world. This wasn’t always the case. When Junie visited the island almost 20 years ago she experienced the horrors of overpopulation in a secluded area. The number of strays was so high that beaches and streets were full of dying, diseased animals. She sold everything to move from Norway to Thailand and embark on an ambitious project. The first thing she realised was that she couldn’t just take in animals, she had to do something to tackle the problem at its core. For this she needed vets, medicine and money. As well as a love of animals, Junie has always had a passion for cooking so she set-up the first Thai Cooking school on the island: Time for Lime. To this day, Time for Lime is the major sponsor for Lanta Animal Welfare (LAW) but in the beginning it was absolutely crucial and the only reason the centre you see today could have been built. Soon the centre was bringing in animals for sterilizing, vaccinating and treating. Animals that were well enough were rereleased where found and those that weren’t were kept at the centre. LAW continues to work in this way, with the addition of an international adoption programme which is so successful that last year the centre adopted over 140 animals, the majority of which went overseas. For each animal that is adopted, there is always another animal waiting to be rescued. As the needs of the animals grow so does the centre and it is always in need of more funds to sustain it’s crucial work. To do this, Junie turned the centre into a place for locals and tourists alike to see and support the charity’s work. Anyone visiting LAW can relax in Kitty City with rescued cats while having a drink or bite to eat in Kitty Cafe. Tours run everyday, and are the best way to see the rescue dogs, behind the scene areas and learn how the centre functions. Some visitors may also have the chance to exercise the rescue dogs. Making a donation is easy


and can be made on site in any currency or online. All proceeds from the souvenir shop and cafe go to the animals too. Even those who can’t adopt can still support any animal they fall in love with by becoming their sponsor.

worst cases of abuse she had ever seen. He was rushed to the centre for treatment and the vets stopped at nothing to get him in the best shape possible. As his wounds healed so did his mind and now at 2 years of age Andzrej has recovered both physically

A visit to Lanta Animal Welfare supports the treatment and care of animals like Andzrej. At less than a year old Andzrej was abandoned by his owners and forced to live on the streets, scavenging for food to survive. It was during this time that he ran into dog abusers armed with machetes, and was attacked brutally. LAW’s founder was there when they found him, shivering with fear and covered in blood. It was one of the

and mentally. The trauma of his ordeal has faded away and he has transformed into a happy, fun-loving dog who is ready to be adopted. Andzrej is full of energy and looking for an active, affectionate forever home. Rescues like this would not be possible without the support of people from around the world and their generous donations. These donations go towards the running of the centre including the centre’s sterilization and vaccination efforts that have ensured at least 80% of the cat and dog population on the island has been sterilized. As a result, there have been no cases of rabies in cats or dogs for over 20 years. The centre continues to grow with the support of its visitors and can now care for around 40 dogs and 50 cats. One of the long-term residents up for adoption is Ocean, a cat who was found in a cardboard box dumped at the front of

May I 2018

the centre with 4 other tiny kittens. They were struggling to stay alive and without their mother the centre was their only hope. Thankfully they were found before the scorching heat of the midday sun became too much for them and LAW was able to take them in. In this case, all the kittens were nursed back to health and placed up for adoption. One by one Ocean’s brothers and sisters were discovered by visitors and flown to their new, loving forever homes. But quiet, gentle Ocean is still looking for his. Ocean has been at the centre for over 1,500 days You can meet Ocean and Andzrej yourself! All adoptable animals are fully vaccinated, sterilized and put through the mandatory quarantine procedures for the countries they are flown to.

Lanta Animal Welfare is open from 9am - 5pm everyday of the year. The centre receives no government funding, so it’s people like you that give these animals their day-to-day care and emergency treatment. Want to find out more? Come and join a tour! Information on visiting, adopting or sponsoring an animal can be found on the website:


Thailand, the land of smiles, the land of freedom and opportunity right? Yes thats certainly correct, Thailand is a wonderful place and you are most likely enjoying yourself here on holiday, it’s a new unique place for you to be. People are different, the culture is different, the food is different and most importantly the rules are different, but that doesn’t mean you should forget how to keep yourself safe.

the saying “When in Rome, do as the Roman’s do” shouldn’t really be followed. Although you might think that as you witness this there is no rules in Thailand for wearing helmets. This couldn’t be further from the truth. There thing is that the police are often too overwhelmed in some of the poorly funded provinces to enforce these regulations on a large scale. This is why in Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya, Chiang Mai and Koh Samui you will usually not see anyone driving without a helmet. That’s beside the point, the point is that you should always wear your helmets, as when in a foreign country and when taking risks, things when simply solvable in your home here can

become complicated and difficult. Moreover you’re head is one of those important parts of your body and when damaged can have irreversible effects on the rest of your life. So if we can ask you one thing, please take care of yourself, take care about your head and about your future. Put on a helmet when you drive in Thailand. That’s not all, there are occasional stops by the police against people not wearing a helmet, they are most commonly in the form of road blocks and therefore the police stop everyone passing through a certain road block. If this happens to you and you’re not wearing a helmet, expect to be fined 500THB.


As you will see throughout Thailand, many of the local Thai population don’t wear helmets, you might even witness many people at one time getting on a motorbike and none of them wear a helmet. Well this is one of those times when


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An idyllic island for a hideaway Koh Jum (aka “Ko Pu�), a relatively unknown tropical island paradise in the Andaman Sea only thirty minutes by boat from Krabi mainland. The island with its great beaches and ultra relaxing atmosphere has been mostly left untouched and has few visitors, which makes it an idyllic island for a hideaway holiday.


May I 2018


The northern part of the island is locally known as “Ko Pu” whilst the southern part, and the actual name of the island itself, is called Koh Jum. Although some consider the island remote it really is not. Koh Jum is easily accessible from Krabi and there are daily long-tail taxi boats going to and from to the main land Krabi. Whilst neighboring Koh Lanta and Koh Phi Phi have been invaded by mass-tourism, Koh Jum’s local communities managed to preserve the island, its culture and its

during the evening or late night showers. Nature lovers won’t be disappointed either as the lush and dense forests on the northern part of the island are truly fantastic and full of wildlife. Guests may explore the forest with the help of experienced guides. Around the island are lush mangrove forests which protect the beautiful beaches and its animal kingdom. The coral sand on the beaches, it’s clear and clean aquamarine water and of course

the dive school on Koh Jum, knows exactly where to take you for quiet snorkeling or diving if so desired. The really great thing about Koh Jum itself is that its away from busy tourist destinations. Here one can often wander around the island or even go island hopping without ever meeting another traveler. Having a stroll on the wide golden sandy beaches quite often means that you won’t see anybody else.

A luxury eco chic beach villa hideout Koh Jum Beach Villas – ideally located for travelers who like to explore Krabi – sets the highest sustainable luxury benchmark for island resort living in Thailand. Each of the well-designed luxury villas is directly on the resort’s seven-hundred-meters-long-beach or in the lush tropical garden with beautiful sunset views overlooking the Phi Phi National Marine Park.

natural surroundings. Koh Jum is really the last great place for those seeking what Thai beach life was all about several decades ago.

the amazing sunsets with Phi Phi in the background assure visitors to Koh Jum to have a great time.

Koh Jum’s coast is dotted with colorful long tail boats which are still used for fishing. Three small villages thrive mostly on fishing but there are a few places that have setup great little hang-outs to welcome travelers that visit.

Koh Jum is located very close to the Phi Phi National Marine Park and surrounded by stunning reefs it makes it a great place for diving and snorkeling. Believe it or not, even with lots of visitors to Phi Phi or Koh Lanta there are still quiet places around and

There are great little places around the island to meet people although quite a few places do close down during the rainy season. Koh Jum Beach Villas and a handful of other places remain open however because despite term “rainy season” the weather is often still very pleasant. Also, the lush forests thrive 60

ABOUT KOH JUM BEACH VILLAS Set amidst the jungle and lush tropical gardens of Koh Jum, Krabi, Thailand, Koh Jum Beach Villas is a hidden gem where nature, relaxation and luxury combine. Our boutique resort offers twenty individually designed villas, several with private pools, to relax and unwind, with great sunset views into the Phi Phi National Marine Park. Our bespoke villas, ranging from one bedroom up to five, are inspired by local culture, featuring elegant art and antiques within each of the spacious rooms and gardens - a sanctuary where guests can indulge in serenity, privacy and personalized Asian hospitality while surrounded by nature. Koh Jum is centrally located in Krabi while just only one hour away from Krabi International Airport, so ideal for exploring Krabi’s amazing natural beauty, nearby islands or exploring one of Thailand’s last great places - Koh Jum itself. You could also just lie by your private pool and read a book (or write one) – the choice is yours!

May I 2018 +66 (0) 86 184 0505



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THE SUNSET ISLAND Koh Lanta is made up of 2 main islands, Koh Lanta Noi and Koh Lanta Yai, Koh Lanta Noi is the smaller and less developed of the two but offers some special adventures for a certain traveler. Koh Lanta Yai is fully loaded with resorts, restaurats, activites such as kayaking, islands hoping, scuba diving companies and more.

Welcome to Koh Lanta

Saladin is the main township located in the north of Koh Lanta Yai, it is home to the majority of the islands banks, restaurants, cafes and general shopping areas. Saladan is also home to a number of stilted houses and businesses which extend out into the ocean on the Northern most edges of town. Each shop is different in it’s


own right but they all have the same relaxed feeling much of the island is famous for. There are a number of other regions all over the island though and each has it’s one little charm to offer, and truth be told a great way to see the island is to rent a motorbike or car and just go North to South, it’s cheap, fun and offers

numerous opportunities to stop and explore at your own leisure. To the South of Koh Lanta is the famous Lighthouse which features a nature walking trail, 2 beaches and one of the best vantage points for dramatic cliff photography on the island. So what are you waiting for, get going and explore this not so small island.

July I 2017


L A N T A Thai cooking classes at Time for Lime

Scuba diving at OK Club Diving Center

Help local animals at Lanta Animal Welfare

If you are looking to learn how to cook authentic

If you want to discover scuba diving and the amazing

Rated on Tripadvisor as the No 1. Thing to do on Koh

Thai food then you must stop by Time For Lime,

underwater world of Koh Lanta with all its great dive

Lanta, Lanta Animal Welfare (LAW) is a non-profit

where cooking classes are conducted in an open-air

sites and marine life, Ok Club Diving Center will make

organisation working to relieve the suffering of local

beachfront cookery school kitchen.

your dream comes true.

animals through sterilization, vaccination and medical

This year they will also offer a fun “Cooking &

Ok Club Diving Center is the opportunity to dive with


Cocktail Experience”. Designed for partners or friends.

highly qualified instructors in a very well organised

The rescue center is open daily to visitors who can

The pairs will get equal time in the kitchen as well as in

establishment and learn through a friendly and

tour the facilities and meet the animals. Whether you

the bar learning how to make some of Time for Lime’s

professional approach. The courses and programs are

are interested in taking a dog for a stroll on the beach

best cocktails, tips and tricks in wine pairing.

available in english, german, italian, polish, french and

(some of the dogs love to swim) or are happier cudling

Kiddos and adults can cook together in their Family

russian. The Center offers unique sessions of cave

one of the many affectionate cats, LAW is the place

daytime classes too!

diving, an extreme activity demanding high requirements

where you can get your furry fix while contributing to

Junie started Time for Lime out of a love of food. She

for equipment configuration and reliability, as well as

a worthwile cause.

wanted to give people amazing food experiences on a

divers skills, physical condition and mental strength.

full-time basis. Her passion for food led her to create a well designed and laid-back atmosphere for people. Her

If your wish is to explore some underwater treasures

work is known for its cross-cultural and disciplinary

then opt for safari diving tours and choose between


exotic Myanmar, the famous Similan Islands or Komodo

She also founded Lanta Animal Welfare out of a love

Park in Indonesia.

of animals and the profits from Time For Lime goes to LAW.

Phone number : +66 (0) 75 68 4590 / +66 (0) 89 967 5017


Phone number : +66 (0) 84 304 4331

Phone number : +66 (0) 88 019 5640

AC T I V I T I E S Namaste at Oasis Yoga

Enjoy fire shows at Why Not Bar

Snorkeling and fishing at Lanta Dream & Paradise

Yoga is a great way to take back control over your

Located right on the beach at Kantiang Bay View

Looking to discover the beauty of the Andaman Sea

holistic, mental and emotional health and Oasis Yoga is

Resort, the Why Not Bar host live appearances from

in a friendly and easy going atmosphere then look no

an exceptional place to do so.

popular bands in Thailand and hold beach parties about

further than Lanta Dream & Paradise, a company

once a month. With a live band every night, fireshows

specialized in private snorkeling and fishing trips.

Situated at Klong Dao Beach, Oasis Yoga welcomes

on the beach and great cocktails, there’s a buzz going

Aboard authentic longtail boats with a professional

you to discover restorative health with laid back island

on there every night.

team, Lanta Dream & Paradise offers you unique trips

relaxation and a chill seaside attitude. Whether you

with exclusive itineraries by discovering and exploring

are a seasoned yoga practioner or want to try your

Fire shows at Why Not Bar are some of the best you

the heart of Marine National Parks of Koh Phi Phi,

first practice in a unique atmosphere, Farra Williams, a

will see on the island and are a must see during your

Koh Bamboo and so many more. If you want to cut

certified yoga instructor, is here to help you develop

stay in Koh Lanta. They normally start after 10pm but

off of the world for a short time you can choose a

the tools to take the peace of holistic health home

if you want a good seat in the bar you will need to

camping trip program in Koh Rok and Koh Kradan or

with you.

get there a little earlier. Just sit, relax and enjoy a laid

pass a fishing day on the sea in Koh Haa with Captain

back atmosphere, great vibe and a very entertaining and


Phone number : +66 (0) 85 115 4067

welcoming staff.

Phone number : +66 (0) 83 644 1333 WhyNotBarKohLanta

All tours include transfers go and back from your hotel to the boat, Marine National Park entrance fees, snorkeling equipment, Thai buffet, fresh water, fruits, fishing equipment (for the Fishing Trip), camping tents 2/3 people (for the Camping package), life jackets and insurance for passengers. 

Phone number : +66 (0) 890 999 423/ +66 (0) 861 114 054 / +66 (0) 855 790 178 May I 2018



May I 2018



oh Jum Island is still the quintessential destination in Krabi province if you are looking for authentic Thai village life and development that is still a small footprint.

Geography brought electricity to Koh Jum late in 2009 as the island was in the direct path of the new underwater electric cable connecting Koh Phi Phi to the mainland. So now that Koh Jum is plugged-in, has it lost its reputable character that has attracted intrepid travelers over the past couple of decades?


We are pleased to report that Koh Jum is still as tranquil and laid back as it always has been. In fact, what is most noticeable are the lack of noisy generators at most of the islands resorts. Folks come to Koh Jum to tune out; the island’s nature and culture dominate the minimal tourist infrastructure. The existing resorts on Koh Jum all have their own family-run character, ranging from the backpackers paradise to luxurious beach villas..... Koh Pu Mountain is the dominant geological feature on the island at over 400 meters. It’s a great hike for the adventurous and a vital refuge of native habitat still harboring Asian Pied Hornbills and Burmese pythons. The three villages; Koh Pu, Ting Rai and Koh Jum are situated on the back side of the island, amongst the mangroves while the resorts are located opposite, facing the open Andaman Sea. This division allows the villagers to remain authentic without a significant tourist infrastructure while the resorts are all located on the beaches. Koh Jum is predominately a large Muslim populated subdistrict of Krabi, home to over 1,500 inhabitants. The locals of these villages engage mostly in fishing, rubber cultivation and the local crafts of cloth weaving and painting or ‘batik’ as it is known as here. While the north is mountainous, the south is comprised of dense jungle, cashew nut trees, rubber plantations, casuarinas and nipa-palms. Since all the resorts face West, there are epic sunsets to be had all along the island. The renowned Koh Jum Lodge is an excellent place to stay for a few days, and has superb views to boot. Access to the island is by longtail taxi boats which leave from the mainland at the port town of Laem Kruat. There is now a songthaew you can take direct from Krabi Town to Laem Kruat. During the high season most visitors come to Koh Jum using the Krabi-Koh Lanta ferry which stops at two locations on Koh Jum, both of which are offshore so local longtail boats will come from the island to pick up passengers. The lack of any deep ports on the island keep the ferry boats out at sea and almost prevent large masses of tourists from overcrowding the island. Getting here is an adventure and this ends up defining the interesting community of resorts and visitors that have made this island their home and the place they return to year after year.


May I 2018


Getting to Koh Jum can be very simple or a bit of a nightmare, it all depends on how much you know about it. This is where Krabi magazine can help, we recently took the trip to Koh Jum ourselves and have decided to share the adventure with all of our readers. There are 2 ways to get to Koh Jum- by passing ferry or longtail boat. There are ferries that leave from Koh Lanta at 8am and from Krabi at 11am, both ferries stop as they pass alongside Koh Jum and signal to longtail boats to come and pick up visitors to land ashore Koh Jum. Koh Phi Phi also has ferries which leave at 2pm and operate on the same principle as above. The second way to get to Koh Jum is to go to the port town of Laem Kruat, from where you can catch a longtail boat directly to Koh Jum- this was our favorite of the 2 methods of travel. If you are driving, it takes about one hour to get from Ao Nang to Laem Kruat. You just head to Tesco Lotus and then continue until you see the large overhead signs which tell you to turn right for “Koh Jam”. This road will lead to the small locality of Laem Kruat, where you will find a large pier with boats going to Koh Jum. If you don’t have transport of your own, you can always catch a blue and yellow “songthaew” - the local buses that have benches in the back. On the side of the “songthaew” will be written – Krabi, Bus Station, Tesco, Big C, Laem Kruat, they are frequent and easy to spot. These buses will leave from all of these locations at intervals throughout the day and will take you directly to the Laem Kruat pier.


Now, the pier is a bit misleading. We waited at the end of the pier before realizing the longtail taxis were passing us by and docking at the mainland. Then we went back and followed our noses along past the shops until we saw a slipway with goods and people being unloaded. It was the second slipway we needed to get to “Moo Too”, the place on Koh Jum we were being collected from. If you know the name of the pier on Koh Jum you need to get to, just ask anyone in this area and they will direct you to the correct boat. We got on and soon were chugging along through the mangroves with a boat full of happy local Muslim women that looked as they hadn’t changed a bit since 1925. We arrived at Koh Jum just 45 minutes later, paid our 70thb fare and were taken by “taxi” (a battered old pickup truck) through the winding dirt track until we reached our destination resort. Give it a go and you will see a different side of Thailand from years gone by.


May I 2018



May I 2018



Krabi magazine May 2018  

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Krabi magazine May 2018  

Check out the recent issue of May 2018 issue of Krabi Magazine and its contents such as: Local faces of Ao nang, Lanta Animal Welfare making...