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Since 1961, Raven Industries has occupied a trio of buildings originally owned by the Manchester Biscuit Company, in the heart of historic downtown Sioux Falls. During 40 years of development, many renovations accommodated growth but also created a warren of spaces within the open plan warehouse buildings. The original stone building had been convered in EIFS.

before. east face.

before. 6th street main entrance.

before. third floor.

before. south face and west staff entrance.

raven industries

West Face. A new main entrance, adorns the 1890s quartzite warehouse where freight was once delivered. Portions of the receiveing dock remain.

View of main entrance and fourth floor roof garden terrace. raven industries

The original warehouse now serves as the Raven lobby, museum and event floor. A cantileveved glass box opposite the entrance overlooks the Big Sioux River. Interior spaces throughout the buildings were stripped to the original structure and reassembled with a central service core, interior glass-fronted offices, with systems furniture and circulation at the perimeter. Exterior faces were repaired after EIFS and paint were removed. Original window openings were restored and 98% of the shell was kept intact. The full renovation project spanned three years and five phases while business operations continued.

View from southeast. raven industries

East face.

Raven Industries is committed to addressing environmental issues on a global scale. Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) provided a framework for incorporating sustainable strategies to demonstrate their vision to staff and visitors. Energy use has been reduced 40% based on cost and achieved an EUI of 32. Potable water use is 41% below code and water collected from the elevator pits is collected in holding tanks to irrigate the landscape instead of draining to the storm sewer. Portions of the site have been planted as restored prairie and a green roof surrounds the fourth floor terrace. The project has been submitted for Gold Certification.

A first floor public corridor is lined by glass fronted conference rooms, and support spaces behind a basket weave wall recalling the baskets of parade balloons manufactored by Raven.

Third floor Ag Call Center is accented by locally made stock tanks. raven industries

Fifth floor winter garden contributes to 10% of total usable floor space dedicated to supporting Raven’s innovative work.

Fifth floor which served as the main baking space during the Manchester years, now accommodates Raven’s executives within light-filled offices. raven industries

The original Manchester Biscuit Company fifth floor ovens were converted to an executive library, offices and a kitchenette.

raven industries

Before. Lower Level.

After. Lower Level.

Before. First Floor.

After. First Floor.

Before. Second Floor.

After. Second Floor.

Before. Third Floor.

After. Third Floor.

raven industries

Before. Fourth Floor.

After. Fourth Floor.

Before. Fifth Floor.

After. Fifth Floor.

Section 1.

Section 2.

raven industries

North Elevation.

East Elevation.

South Elevation.

West Elevation.

raven industries

Profile for Koch Hazard Architects

Raven Industries  

A 2014 AIA South Dakota Design Honor Award recipient.

Raven Industries  

A 2014 AIA South Dakota Design Honor Award recipient.


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