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CI T Y CEN T ER A new level of government customer service.

City of Sioux Falls

EXISTING CITY HALL (1935) The owner’s goal was to complement the existing City Hall while creating a modern office facility equivalent to a private sector development. The main volume is clad in brick that matches City Hall with precast trim in lieu of the original limestone. Generous windows are arranged in columns, referencing the Art Deco architecture of City Hall while introducing panels of polished quartzite stone- the bedrock that the city is built upon.

The building is sited to allow green space and views from all sides, with the main floor elevation set to accommodate a basement parking garage while achieving an accessible 5% slope from the sidewalk to the main entry.

MAIN ENTRANCE Butt-glazed curtainwall systems enclose the lobby, stair towers, break room and staff collaboration area, and the stripped-down entrance canopy and pergola at the staff break room are additional modern elements that contrast with the traditional language of the masonry skin. Left: Main public entry. A simple canopy adorns the main entry. Careful coordination of structure, lighting and water- proofing contributed to the low-profile appearance.

“This grand investment will provide the best in service and pride for our citizens and employees for generations to come. Over 80 years is a long time to wait since building our grand old City Hall in 1935, but the wait and effort is worth it.� - former SF Mayor Mike Huether

PROJECT SITE The building is the center of the local government corridor, of city business and almost the exact center of the city. The site strengthens the visual connection betweeen City Center and other administration buildings by its materiality, lighting and landscaping elements. A “road diet� on Dakota Avenue removed a third lane of traffic to provide diagonal parking adjacent to the building. The project was honored with the 2019 ASLA Nebraska/Dakotas Chapter Merit Award under the Design Built category.

2019 Nebraska/Dakotas Chapter ASLA Awards City Center





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The facility included two finished stories, a third-story shell, footings and foundations for a future fourth floor, and underground parking and storage.


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Section Axonometric showing the different programmatic/spatial conditions in the building, including public atrium, private conference rooms, and open office space.

A floating stair of wood, stone and glass connects the public lobbies. A central stair complements the glassy egress stair towers to encourage movement between floors and reduce travel times within the large departments that extend beyond a single level.

The customer service desk is a one-stop destination for citizens.

OFFICE SPACES Department sizes range from 4 to over 100, and the departments planned to occupy the building were in flux during design and even construction; the flexibility of an open office floor to rearrange pods of workstations and offices was essential for a successful project. The office pods are floor-supported to allow ease of relocation in the future. The structural grid was extended in one direction to eliminate one row of columns, allowing a completely open staff work area surrounding the building core. Top: Staff work areas share natural light. Flexible furniture groups are interspersed with workstations relocated from existing facilities. Bottom: Conference room for staff meetings.

City Center is a LEED-certified facility. Radiant in-floor heat is integrated around the full perimeter for greater occupant comfort. A green roof at the link to the adjacent parking garage, LED lighting, low-flow fixtures and low-emitting materials all contribute to the efficiency and enhanced indoor environment of the building.

WEST ELEVATION Van Eps Park enhancements included a new shelter and walkways, enhanced lighting and landscape, trees, a sculpture, and irrigated green space.