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welcome! For people suffering from painful joint and muscle conditions as well as acute, chronic and degenerative


neurological disorders, we hope you will find comfort knowing quality care is now located conveniently close to home. This fall we are adding neurology and rheumatology to the ever-expanding list of clinical care services we offer in the community. Board-certified rheumatologist


Bruce D. White, CEO

Dr. Hufza Hanif and board-certified neurologist Dr. Even Wang look forward to getting to know the people of Knox County and helping them

regain the function and quality of life they may have lost due to their disease or disorder. Hear more about them and the services they offer in our feature story on pages 4 and 5.


Your satisfaction with the hospital and the services we provide is at the forefront of everything we do. Our approach to patient-centered care is to partner with you – our patients and families – as well as our staff and the community at large to transform patient access and care delivery. With that in mind the hospital has added a number of providers to make it easier for us to meet the growing community demand for both primary and sub-specialty care. Please

2018 BOARD OF TRUSTEES Ian Watson PRESIDENT Charles R. Brenneman VICE PRESIDENT Sam Barone SECRETARY Thomas R. Fosnaught TREASURER Jeffrey L. Boucher Carol Dorough Juan De Pascuale Christopher Hetrick, DO Joan Jones Korey M. Kidwell Inge Krajenski Thom McKinley, MD Amy Murnen, MD Marc Odenweller Jan Thomas CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER



Mike Ambrosiani

join me in welcoming ophthalmologists Dr. Matthew Koehler and Dr. Deborah Reeder; optometrist Dr. John Langel; cardiologist Dr. Robert Drake; pediatrician Dr. Margaret Somple; general surgeon Dr. Aeevan McLaughlin; vascular surgeon Dr. G. Stephen Vincent; and family practitioner Dr. Stacey Guan. All of these providers are accepting new patients and their office locations and contact information for scheduling appointments is available on the hospital’s website at www.KCH.org. One example of how we strive to transform how care is delivered to our patients is to make sure barriers to care are removed whenever possible. For uninsured and underinsured women in need of a mammogram we have collaborated with the American Cancer Society, Region 5 Breast and Cervical Health Screening Project, the Knox County Health Department, the Sanctuary Community Action, Kno-Ho-Co Community Action Women’s Health, and Go Pink for a Cure to provide assistance for mammograms to those who qualify. On July 16 we broke ground on the hospital’s new four-story, 80,000 square-foot Family Care Center. On page 7 we share photos from that exciting day as well as a list of donors who are helping to make this building a reality. In good health,


Cynthia Dixon, MSN, RN, NEA-BC, FACHE

Bruce D. White, CEO


Jeffrey C. Northup, DO

A publication of the Community Relations Department at Knox Community Hospital.

knoxwise | fall 2018

October is

Breast Cancer Awareness Month We’ve saved you a seat!

HEALING CHRONIC WOUNDS OUTPATIENT WOUND CARE MANAGEMENT AVAILABLE AT KCH For people who suffer from mobility issues, poor circulation or venous insufficiency (veins that don’t function adequately), skin wounds can become a persistent problem. Wounds that have been present for several weeks and have not responded to standard treatment are considered chronic, non-healing wounds. These types of wounds, which are common in people with diabetes and circulatory disease, require specialized treatment. Through a partnership with Healogics, the world’s largest wound care management company, KCH is pleased to offer a comprehensive center that’s sole focus is wound care. The Center for Wound Healing at KCH uses an interdisciplinary model of care that includes infectious-disease management, physical and occupational therapy, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, laboratory evaluation, nutrition and pain management, and patient education. Our doctors and nurses are experts at caring for people with hard-to-heal wounds. They work together to develop an individualized treatment plan specific to each patient using the following modalities: debridement (removal of dead or damaged tissue); special dressings, wraps and shoes; bio-engineered tissue substitutes; and platelet growth technologies. Most insurance plans and Medicare cover treatment costs. Physician referral is not required. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 740.393.4325.

It’s been proven that early detection of breast cancer saves lives and that’s why Knox Community Hospital wants to help remove the financial barriers that prevent women from having a mammogram. KCH may be able to help if you cannot afford a mammogram and if you: n A  re not eligible to participate in the Breast and Cervical Cancer Project (BCCP). n A  re 40 or younger and have a breast mass or identified area of breast concern. n A  re 40 or older and uninsured, under insured, or need financial assistance to cover a screening mammogram or annual clinical breast exam. n A  re 40 or younger and at increased risk of breast cancer development, determined by BRCA 1 or BRCA 2 mutation, personal history of abnormal biopsy, or presence of strong family history of breast and/or ovarian cancer. To find out if you qualify, call Becky Dangelo, MSN, RN, CNOR, CN-BN, Breast Health Navigator at 740.393.5579.


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GROW “ AGAIN! RHEUMATOLOGY AND NEUROLOGY SERVICES NOW OFFERED In our last issue of Knoxwise we told you about the expansion of our Family Care Center and many of the service lines we have added to meet the growing needs of the residents of Knox County. In this issue, we are happy to report the exciting news that we are adding neurology and rheumatology to our continuum of healthcare services. By bringing specialty practices right into the community, our physicians and advanced practice providers can offer you highly-skilled care, close to home.

Rheumatology If you’ve been diagnosed with a rheumatoid condition, you will want to meet Dr. Hufza Hanif, a boardcertified rheumatologist who recently joined the staff of KCH. Rheumatologists treat conditions that occur when your immune system isn’t functioning properly. There are more than 100 rheumatic diseases that affect the joints, ligaments, muscles and tendons. Among the more common ones are osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis (RA), reactive arthritis, gout, ankylosing spondylitis, Sjogren’s syndrome and Behcet’s disease. “A diagnosis of a rheumatic disease doesn’t have to be scary and confusing,” she said. “With the right insight and treatment options many patients enjoy a high quality of life while living with their disease.”

With the right insight and treatment options many patients enjoy a high quality of life while living with their disease.” – Hufza Hanif, MD

Dr. Hanif says it’s not uncommon for people to experience muscle and joint pain occasionally, but an evaluation is recommended when a person has joint pain that doesn’t resolve on its own. She encourages patients to see their primary care physician for initial assessment of symptoms. “If there is a concern that a patient has a rheumatic condition, the doctor will refer the patient to me,” she said. “Patients with a family history of autoimmune or rheumatic diseases who are experiencing symptoms should seek a referral as early as possible because irreversible joint damage can occur if symptoms are ignored or not treated in an appropriate amount of time.”

Neurology In addition to rheumatology, the hospital is also adding neurology services. Dr. Even Wang recently joined the KCH staff and is looking forward to providing this much needed and anticipated service to the community. “Neurology is the branch of medicine that deals with the brain, nervous system and its related disorders,” he said. “Some of the reasons people need to see a neurologist include coordination problems, muscle weakness, dizziness, headaches, seizure disorders, stroke, sensory nervous system disorders, multiple sclerosis, infections like encephalitis and meningitis, spinal cord disorders, brain tumors, tremors, and neurodegenerative diseases like Lou Gehrig’s and Alzheimer’s.”

knoxwise | fall 2018

At your neurology appointment expect to talk about your symptoms as well the topics of strength and coordination, reflexes, your sensory abilities, your mental status, and changes to your speech or vision.

KCH is pleased to announce the following new additions to our medical staff. Hufza Hanif, MD Medical School: Dow Medical College, Karachi, Pakistan Residency: Internal Medicine, Ball Memorial Hospital, Muncie, Indiana

Neurology is the branch of medicine that deals with the brain, nervous system and its related disorders.” – Even Wang, MD

Some of the tests used to diagnose and confirm neurology disorders or infections include blood tests, imaging of the brain or spine, an electroencephalograph or EEG to test electrical activity in the brain (especially if epilepsy or seizures are suspected), a nerve test called an electromyogram or EMG to test the communication between nerves and muscles, evoked potential testing to measure the brain’s response to stimuli, a spinal tap to check for blood or signs of infection in the spinal fluid, and muscle and nerve biopsies to look for neuromuscular disorders. Both physicians recommend you come prepared with a list of symptoms and when they started, a current list of medications and allergies and be prepared to talk about your family history of disease. Bring any previous test results with you or have them sent ahead of time. To schedule an appointment in the 10 Woodlake Trail, Suite B office with Dr. Wang, call 740.399.3772. To schedule and appointment with Dr. Hanif at her office located at 307 Vernedale Dr., Suite C, call 740.399.3769.

Fellowship: Rheumatology, Indiana University School of Medicine, Indianapolis, Indiana. Board certifications: Internal Medicine and Rheumatology Office address: 307 Vernedale Drive, Suite C, Mount Vernon Office phone: 740.399.3769

Even F. Wang, MD Medical School: St. George’s University, St. George, Grenada Residency: Neurology, The Ohio State University Fellowship: Clinical Neurophysiology, The Ohio State University Board certifications: American Board of Neurology and Psychiatry. American Board of Clinical Neurophysiology Office address: 10 Woodlake Trail, Suite B, Mount Vernon Office phone: 740.399.3772


6 knoxwise | fall 2018

New physicians joining KCH Department of Primary and Specialty Care



for managing rheumatoid arthritis

Approximately 1.5 million people in the United States suffer from rheumatoid arthritis, otherwise known as RA. RA affects three times more women than men and is characterized by painful swelling, inflammation and joint pain. In addition to proper medical care and medication, self-care plays an important role in managing symptoms and improving quality of life. Below are some tips to help keep your symptoms in check.

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Eat a diet rich in antioxidants (think lean proteins, fish, and fresh fruits and veggies) which can help reduce inflammation in the body. Limit processed and fast foods and talk to your doctor about adding vitamins and minerals to your diet via supplements. Find an exercise program that balances muscle strengthening and flexibility with low-impact activities like yoga and swimming. Carrying around excess weight can be especially hard on the joints so talk to your doctor about a healthy weight range for your age and body type.

3 4 5

Hot baths and heating pads can soothe tired or sore muscles while cold compression can numb areas of pain while reducing inflammation. Massage and acupuncture have helped some RA sufferers ease stress and anxiety while reducing pain and improving joint function.

Practice mind body techniques like deep breathing and meditation to help you relax. Learn to find a balance between how much activity and rest your body needs. Rest and sleep are just as important as exercise!

OPHTHALMOLOGY Deborah J. Reeder, MD 1355 Yauger Road Mount Vernon 740.397.2425 OPHTHALMOLOGY Matthew Koehler, MD 1355 Yauger Road Mount Vernon 740.397.2425 OPTOMETRY John Langel, OD 1355 Yauger Road Mount Vernon 740.397.2425 CARDIOLOGY Robert L. Drake, DO 1451 Yauger Road, Suite 1A Mount Vernon 740.397.5400 FAMILY MEDICINE Stacey Y. Guan, MD, MPH 11 Woodlake Trail, Suite A Mount Vernon 740.397.3647 PEDIATRICS Margaret (Maggie) Somple, DO 7 Woodlake Trail, Suite A Mount Vernon 740.399.3745 VASCULAR SURGERY G. Stephen Vincent, MD 1320 Coshocton Road, Suite C Mount Vernon 740.393.9864 GENERAL SURGERY Aevan McLaughlin, MD 1451 Yauger Road, Suite 2A Mount Vernon 740.393.9024

knoxwise | fall 2018


Ground Breaking

Knox Community Hospital launched construction of a brand-new, 4-story, 80,000-square-foot Family Care Center on July 16, 2018, with a community-wide ground breaking ceremony. The Foundation for Knox Community Hospital is grateful to our generous benefactors and corporate sponsors for their vital support of KCH’s Great Expectations campaign. To date, our partners have pledged or given more than $10 million dollars to the project. Two benefactors were early and significant catalysts and supporters of this project. Without their financial support and encouragement, The Family Care Center would not be possible: Ariel Foundation Ann and Ted Schnormeier Additionally, we are indebted to the following supporters for their significant lead gift pledges to the Family Care Center:

$250,000 First-Knox National Bank

$100,000+ Dr. David Kasserman Mark and Denise Ramser Larry and Sarah Reed

$50,000+ Brenneman Lumber and Kiln Drying Drs. Rebecca Stilson and Michael Sullivan Ian and Charlotte Watson Bruce and Kathy White Gordy and Fran Yance

$20,000+ Suzanne and Jarrett Helming Dr. Thomas and Rachail McKinley Modern Builders Amy D. Murnen, MD Drs. Yamuna and Gangaram Rasa Small’s Sand and Gravel

$10,000+ Michael and Elaine Ambrosiani Sam and Paula Barone Bruce and Carole Behner Dr. Jaime Goodman and Mr. Bernard Schubach Marc and Jennifer Odenweller Husain Rasheed Dr. Kristen and Jon Witham

$5,000+ Jeff and Norma Boucher Cheri and Jeff Butcher Dr. Jeffrey Northup Philip Renaud II Jeffrey and Stephanie Scott Gregory and Deirdre Barnes

The Foundation for KCH would also like to thank the following donors for their generous annual gifts:

$10,000+ James and Maureen Buchwald Dr. and Mrs. Perry Trinkner

$7,500+ Shremshock Architects

$5,000+ Conway’s Eastside Pharmacy Country Club Rehabilitation Campus The Energy Cooperative Interim Healthcare The Laurels of Mount Vernon Joseph and Krystina Mortellaro Susan Sukys Trillium Resources Jan Thomas If you would like to support the Great Expectations campaign and help to expand the quality healthcare services at KCH through the Family Care Center, we invite you to contact The Foundation for Knox Community Hospital at 740.393.9602, or by email at Foundation@KCH.org, to discuss how your gift can make a significant impact in our community.





1330 Coshocton Rd. Mt. Vernon, Ohio 43050 KCH.org

Please note— some changes to support group schedules!

Diabetes Education

Diabetes education at Knox Community Hospital includes many different classes and events. 2018 will offer updated programing and educational events! For more information please call the Diabetes Education Department at 740.393.9970.

Please visit our website at KCH. org for additional details about our programs and services.

calendar of events Breast Cancer Support Group

1st Monday each month, 7 pm Knox Medical Pavilion Please call Becky Dangelo, MSN, RN, CNOR, CN-BN, breast health navigator, 740.393.5579.

Young Survivors Breast Cancer Support Group

3rd Monday of the month, 7 pm Knox Medical Pavilion Please call Becky Dangelo, MSN, RN, CNOR, CN-BN, breast health navigator, 740.393.5579.

Parkinson’s Support Group

3rd Wednesday of the month, 1:30 pm Center for Rehabilitation and Wellness Please call Jason Mentzer, wellness coordinator at 740.393.9875

Free Monthly Screenings

1st Wednesday of the month, 8-10 am, Urgent Care Classroom Screenings are available for blood pressure, glucose and cholesterol. 12-hour fasting is recommended for best results.

Look good…Feel Better Please call 740.393.5579 for information.

IT’S TIME TO SCHEDULE YOUR ANNUAL FLU SHOT Influenza, otherwise known as ‘flu’, is a serious disease that can lead to hospitalization and even death for certain populations considered high-risk for developing flu-related complications like the elderly, children under age 5 and those who suffer from chronic diseases like asthma, respiratory conditions, diabetes, and weakened immune systems. Healthy people are also at risk of contracting the flu virus and that’s why the more people who get vaccinated, the less likely it is to spread.

It’s never been easier or more affordable to get a flu shot. Vaccines are widely available in grocery stores, pharmacies, doctor’s offices, clinics, health departments, schools and some companies provide free flu shots to their employees. Most places accept insurance or charge a nominal fee. Since it takes the vaccine about two weeks to develop antibodies, it’s recommended people get their shot as early as possible. Flu season generally lasts from October through May.

While the flu vaccine can’t give you the flu (it’s made with an inactivated virus), it can cause mild side effects that should go away in a few days. Symptoms may include soreness at the injection site, a low-grade fever and minor aches and pains. Consider it a small price to pay to keep you and your loved ones healthy this flu season! Visit https://vaccinefinder.org/ to see where the flu vaccine is being offered in your area.

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Knoxwise Fall 2018 Newsletter  

Knoxwise Fall 2018 Newsletter