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Dr. Allison Landoll and Charley Peters

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11/28/16 1:32 PM


A Message from the President

Dear friends,


hank you for taking the time to read the latest edition of HealthLink, Madison Health’s community newsletter and one way we keep our residents informed of services and initiatives at the organization.

Madison Health Operating Board Mitchell Spahn, MD, Chairman Tom Blincoe Melissa Canney Ed Goodyear

George Lohstroh Sean McKibben Bernard Oppong, DO, Chief of Staff Steven Richardson, MD

Madison Health Community Board Keely Carabin Chad Eisler Travis Fling Ed Goodyear Alan Homewood

George Lohstroh Jim Slagle Jim Sollars Angie Wilderman

Madison Health Foundation Board Mike Boerger, President Marvin Bernhardt Darla Bires Mike Browning, CFO, Treasurer Diane Campbell Tom Cox Randy Crisp, Secretary Jean Godden Sue Hackett Teresa Harsh Ginger Kronk

Mike Lynch Mike Quilter Karen Peters Steve Pronai Nancy Snyder Mitchell Spahn, MD Sheri Spahn Bonnie Stump, Vice President Dana Engle, CEO Kelly Snyder, Executive Director

In this issue, you will read about our continued efforts to enable our community to receive their healthcare close to home. Page 3 features these services, ranging from diagnostic radiology to physical therapy. On pages 4 and 5, learn about our expanded oncology services through The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center – Arthur G. James Cancer Hospital and Richard J. Solove Research Institute, including one patient’s testimony of the positive impact of close to home care. And, on pages 6 and 7 Dr. Allison Landoll, Madison Health’s newest pediatrician, talks about our younger patients who hold a special place in her heart. As we prepare for 2017, I can assure you that it will be a year of growth for Madison Health. We look forward to building on our excellence and breaking ground on a new and exciting future. I am privileged to serve you and thank you for supporting our organization in its service.

Dana E. Engle, CEO Madison Health provides service to all persons without regard to race, color, national origin, disability, diagnosis, age, or ability to pay. We hope you enjoy HealthLink, and we welcome your comments. Despite our sincere efforts, errors sometimes do occur. If your name was inadvertently omitted or misspelled, please accept our apology and contact us so we can correct our records. Call the marketing department at (740) 845-7055 or e-mail Cindy Stout, VP, Marketing & Physician Relations Kelly Snyder, VP, Development Julie Akers, Marketing Cover photography provided by Karie Randall, Limelight Photography This publication in no way seeks to serve as a substitute for professional medical care. Consult your physician before undertaking any form of medical treatment or adopting any exercise program or dietary guidelines.

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he goal of this service is to better educate all mothers about breastfeeding and help them in their goal to provide the best nutrition for their babies. Breastfeeding has several health benefits including a reduced risk of infections and illnesses, asthma and obesity. A mother of three, Heather Huxley, RN, is a Lactation Specialist dedicated to providing support and education to both prenatal and postpartum patients. She is actively involved in collaborating with community agencies and connecting mothers with the appropriate resources. To Madison Health, Huxley brings six years of military experience as well as five years of OB nursing experience. She serves as the Hearing Program Coordinator and Nonstress Test (NST) nurse. Huxley also completed the neonatal resuscitation course and holds a Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) card. For more information about lactation services, or to make an appointment, please call 740.845.7272.

This is a recyclable product.

2 n Madison Health |

Madison Health is proud to offer lactation services for breastfeeding mothers.


Heather Huxley, RN

11/28/16 1:32 PM

Expanding care throughout our community In an effort to increase the availability of comprehensive healthcare services, Madison Health has opened multiple satellite locations across Madison County. With services ranging from diagnostic radiology to physical therapy, each satellite location offers personalized care for all patients.

Madison Health has brought exceptional healthcare to Madison County for more than 54 years and the expansion of services means patients can receive the compassionate care unique to Madison Health, closer to home.

Convenient locations now open: Madison Medical Center 214 Elm St. London, OH 43140 740.852.4100

Madison Health Diagnostic Center 101 East Main St. West Jefferson, OH 43162 740.956.1370

Primary Care

Lab and Radiology services available

• For more information and to schedule an appointment with Drs. Hari Perali and Gary Erdy, please call 740.852.4100.

• Open Monday through Friday, 6:30am to 5pm (closed noon-1pm for lunch)

• We accept most insurance and health plans including Humana and MediGold

Specialty Care Madison Health Keny Boulevard 415 Independence Blvd. London, OH 43140 740.956.1350 Primary Care • For more information and to schedule an appointment with Dr. Amanda Williams, please call 740.845.7500. • Early bird appointments available • We accept most insurance and health plans including Humana and MediGold

Rehabilitation Services • Physical, occupational and speech therapy services with a focus on neurological care • For more information and to schedule a therapy appointment, please call 740.845.1354

Lab • Open Monday through Friday, 6:30am to 5pm (closed noon-1pm for lunch) • No appointment necessary; bring a physician order for lab work

• Offering neurological, pulmonary and urological services. To make an appointment, please call 740.845.7100

Performance and Rehabilitation Center • Focused on sports medicine and injury prevention • For more information and to schedule a therapy appointment, please call 740.845.7680

• No appointment necessary; bring a physician order for lab work or x-rays

Madison Health Mount Sterling 164 East Main St. Mount Sterling, OH 43143 740.956.1360 Located adjacent to the Mount Sterling Community Center

Primary Care • To schedule an appointment with Dr. Gary Erdy, please call 740.956.1360 • We accept most insurance and health plans including Humana and MediGold

Rehabilitation Services • Offering orthopedic and general rehabilitation services • For more information and to schedule a therapy appointment, please call 740.845.1366

Lab • Open Monday through Friday, 6:30am to 5pm (closed noon-1pm for lunch) • No appointment necessary; bring a physician order for lab work

Madison Health n 3

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11/28/16 1:32 PM




n 2015 we shared the news of our partnership with The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center – Arthur G. James Cancer Hospital and Richard J. Solove Research Institute (OSUCCC – James) through the James Cancer Network, to provide medical oncology services at the Madison Health Cancer two days a week. As word started to spread that patients could receive the same high-level cancer care in London that Dr. Adewale Fawole they could at the OSUCCC – James, the demand for oncology services at Madison Health increased so much that the decision was made to expand the program and add a second oncologist. “I’ve been seeing up to 16 oncology patients per day at Madison Health on Tuesdays and Thursdays,” said Dr. Shabana Dewani, medical oncologist. “In order to expedite the needs and the care of new patients it made sense to add a second physician and expand the number of days the clinic is open.” Dr. Adewale Fawole, a recent recipient of the Freeman Wilner Foundation’s 2016 Compassionate Care Award, and who is also known for his commitment to patients and compassionate care, is currently caring for patients on Mondays and Wednesdays. In addition to onsite chemotherapy and surgery, Madison Health also offers outpatient chemotherapy, PICC lines and antiangiogenic therapy. “At Madison Health, we care for patients with cancers of the breast, lung, prostate, gastrointestinal system, liver, pancreas, kidneys and the head/neck,” said Dr. Fawole. “We also care for those with blood disorders such as anemia and blood/lymph node cancers like lymphoma (Hodgkin and Non-Hodgkin), chronic lymphocytic leukemia, chronic myeloid leukemia and multiple myeloma.”

“He told me I couldn’t keep running back and forth, it was just too much,” said Norma. Treatment for Norma’s condition entails having her blood checked every week to make sure her counts are normal. When they aren’t, she’s often left feeling depleted. And, when they fall below a certain threshold she must come to the hospital for blood transfusions. “I’m 87-years-old and feel very lucky to have Dr. Dewani as my oncologist,” said Norma. “She’s very caring and attentive to all of my health concerns.” Norma says the easier drive and proximity to her house made Madison Health the natural choice for her care. “When I’m feeling really bad, I have no strength and easily get out of breath,” she said. “I have a hard time doing anything so it’s nice to know Madison Health is close.” Lately Norma has been seeing Dr. Dewani weekly for blood transfusions. “I immediately feel better after having one,” she says. “I’ve been so impressed by the treatment I’ve received – not only do they provide good care, they care about me, too.” Dr. Fawole stresses the care he and Dr. Dewani provide to their Madison Health patients is no different than the care they provide to their patients at the OSUCCC – James. “I am able to continue to bring to Madison Health the same state-of-the-art clinical care that is available to people residing in large cities because of its affiliation with the OSUCCC – James,” he said. “I work collaboratively with the team of specialists at the OSUCCC – James to ensure that patients receive the most up-to-date, individualized care. I take pride

Franklin County resident Norma Gray knows all about blood disorders. She was making the drive to the east side of Columbus for years after being diagnosed with myelodysplastic syndrome, a disease of the bone marrow that causes cell damage and can leave a person with low blood counts. When Norma’s husband fell ill and was being treated at Madison Health her doctor suggested transferring her care to Madison Health as well.

Dr. Shabana Dewani and Madison Health Cancer Center team members

4 n Madison Health |

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11/28/16 1:32 PM

in providing personalized care that is tailored to every patient’s need and situation regardless of their geographic location.” “Our affiliation with the OSUCCC – James gives us access to things like clinical trials, new drug therapies and and the ability to expedite appointments with specialists in Columbus when the need arises for our patients,” said Dr. Dewani. “The beauty of being seen at Madison Health is the personalized level of care. We don’t have operators or schedulers handling our calls. Our patients can call 24/7 and know that a nurse who knows them will be dealing with them directly. It’s comforting and reassuring to know they are in good hands.” For more information about the Madison Health Cancer Center, call 740.845.7518. Madison Health is planning to begin construction of a new, 24,000 square foot addition to the front of the hospital in spring of 2017. This two-story addition will house a new state-of-the-art Emergency Department on the first floor and a new Cancer Center on the second floor with private space for 12 oncology stations. The new layout will offer patients a comfortable setting with direct and convenient access to the center – further enhancing the patient experience at Madison Health.

(l to r): Grace Welch, Mammography Technician; Ruth Roddy, Breast Care Specialist; and Stefanie Cunningham, Mammography Technician, are available to meet the needs of community members who seek information about breast cancer and other related conditions.

The Battelle Breast Care Center at Madison Health Diagnostic and treatment services offered at no out-of-pocket cost. At the Battelle Breast Care Center at Madison Health, every patient is special. Our goal is to provide educational resources, diagnostic and treatment options, and the best possible care — all personalized to meet the unique needs of each patient.

We offer: n

Digital Mammography


Breast ultrasounds


Stereotactic biopsy


Needle-guided breast biopsies


Sentinel node biopsies

The Battelle Breast Care Center is led by Medical Director, Dr. Mitchell Spahn. It also offers a breast care specialist to assist patients before, during and after the diagnostic and treatment process for breast cancer. The specialist can accompany you to appointments, answer questions and assist you in evaluating various treatment options. The Mona Flax Breast Cancer Endowment Fund has been established through the Madison Health Foundation to assist women in our community who cannot afford breast cancer diagnostic or treatment services. The Fund was named in 2015 in memory of its founder, a two-time breast cancer survivor and Director of the Foundation for 15 years.

For more information about breast care services at Madison Health, please call the Battelle Breast Care Center at 740.845.7222. Madison Health n 5

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11/28/16 1:32 PM

NEW PEDIATRICIAN RETURNS HOME TO THE BUCKEYE STATE, JOINS MADISON HEALTH PRIMARY CARE TEAM In August, Madison Health Primary Care welcomed its newest pediatrician, Dr. Allison Landoll, to its team of physicians and to the Madison County community. Landoll brings a unique, funloving and caring personality to the practice. Landoll was drawn toward the medical field in high school. “I volunteered as a candy-striper when I was 14 years old, and through the years, I was able to experience many different places in the hospital, such as the pharmacy and ER,” said Landoll. “Ultimately, I found my niche in the nursery and neonatal intensive care unit.” She received Bachelor of Science degrees in Biology and Psychology from The Ohio State University (OSU) and expanded her horizons as much as possible by taking classes in archery, American Sign Language, piano and insect behavior, among others. After OSU, Landoll chose to attend the Arizona College of Osteopathic Medicine (AZCOM) because of its academic excellence and unique location. “I was up for a new adventure, so I decided that was the place for me,” she said. Landoll completed her clinicals at St. Vincent Medical Center in Toledo, then attended Broward Health Children’s Hospital in Fort Lauderdale, Florida for her residency, where she became the chief resident of her program. Landoll said that while many individuals enter medical school not knowing what field of medicine they want to specialize in, she always knew she wanted to be a pediatrician. “I’ve always wanted to work with children,” she said. “They are engaging, funny, insightful individuals, and I love interacting with them.” One of Landoll’s aspirations was to work for a communitybased hospital with ties to a larger support system. “Madison Health fulfills that goal beautifully,” she said. “With ties to both Nationwide and The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, it is at the cuttingedge of medicine, while also located in a place where the community can easily access its resources. I enjoy working with the physicians, nurses and staff, as everyone I’ve met has been friendly, compassionate and supportive.” Schedule your child’s appointment with Dr. Landoll today by calling 740.845.7500. Her office is located in Park Avenue Medical Building in London. 6 n Madison Health |

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11/28/16 1:32 PM

Dispelling myths about colds Keeping your child healthy A typical child will catch five to eight colds this year – possibly more, if family or friends are around sharing their germs. Learning to separate fact from fiction will keep your family healthier and happier. MYTH #1:

Over-the-counter cough and cold remedies work well for children. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) states that over-the-counter (OTC) medicines for relieving cough, stuffiness, and runny noses are not effective for kids younger than 6 and actually can have harmful side effects. If your child is under 6, try children’s acetaminophen and safe home remedies. A 2004 study found that common medicated cough syrups worked no better than the same amount of non-medicated syrup. A 2007 study found that honey worked better than cough syrup for kids 2 and older. OTC medicines can be dangerous, especially when a child mistakenly gets more than the recommended dose. Kids can experience mild side effects such as upset stomach, drowsiness, rash or hives to more serious side effects and even death. In the U.S., 7,000 children under the age of 11 are treated in emergency rooms every year after taking too much cough or cold medication.

of more than 135,000 children in Denmark from 1989 to 2004, the risk of infection goes down as a child continues to attend daycare. After one year in daycare, a child is at no more risk of illness than a child who stays at home.

MYTH #2:

There’s some truth behind this myth. In the first year of daycare, kids are more prone to catching colds than kids who are kept at home. However, according to a study

In contrast, if your child develops a complication from a cold that involves bacteria, an antibiotic may prove beneficial. This may be the case if they develop bronchitis, an ear infection, or pneumonia, for example.

Amanda Williams, DO, is a family practitioner at Madison Health Primary Care of London, specializing in family medicine and geriatric medicine. To schedule an appointment, please call 740.845.7500.

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Dietary supplements such as zinc, vitamin C, and Echinacea can ease children’s cold symptoms.

Early exposure to germs may also reap Maybe, maybe not. Many people swear, benefits in the long run. A 2002 study for example, that taking vitamin C at published in the Archives of Adolescent the first sign of a cold works every time. and Pediatric Medicine found that kids There’s some research to support each who attended daycare as preschoolers supplement; the problem is, there’s also had fewer colds in later years (up to age research to dispute their effectiveness. 13), presumably because they had built up You’ll find popular OTC remedies that immunity to the most common cold viruses. contain these supplements. Airborne, which claims to boost immunity, MYTH #3: contains vitamin C, Echinacea, and Antibiotics can kill the germs zinc. Gesundheit, a skin patch remedy, that cause colds. contains vitamins C, A, and Echinacea. Treating a cold with antibiotics is like using The fact that they’re popular doesn’t mean that they work – or that they’re safe. eye drops to treat a hangnail. Antibiotics kill bacteria, and colds are caused by Prior to giving your child any type of viruses, a type of germs that are nothing dietary supplement, in any form, have a like bacteria. discussion with his or her doctor. Healthcare providers work to dispel MYTH #5: this myth, but it just won’t go away. Being cold or wet can make Concerned parents pressure doctors for you catch a cold. antibiotics to help their children, but facts are facts: No antibiotic – from penicillin to Only a cold virus can give you a cold. Being a Z-Pak – will help a cold. cold can’t make you sick. Nonetheless, Lack of effectiveness isn’t the only reason to stay away from unnecessary antibiotics. The drugs can have side effects such as diarrhea and stomach cramps. Also, disease-causing bacteria can gradually build up a resistance to the drugs, making actual bacterial infections more difficult to treat.

Kids in daycare catch more colds than other children.

MYTH #4:

being cold and wet can cause a dormant virus (one that’s already in your system) to flare up, producing symptoms. Research suggests that being chilled causes the blood vessels in the nose to constrict, prohibiting the warm blood that supplies infection-fighting white blood cells. Many people are carrying around cold germs but getting chilled can make it more difficult to fight off the effects. Go ahead and tell your child to stay dry and bundle up, and hopefully these tips will keep your loved ones healthy through the winter.

Madison Health n 7

11/28/16 1:32 PM

M a dis o n Healt h F o u n dat ion

Business Partners Madison Health Business Partners is comprised of companies and business leaders that are committed to promoting the organization’s vision to be the healthcare provider of choice for the people who live and work in Madison County and the surrounding area. PACESETTERS Platinum ($1,000,000 or more) Madison Health Auxiliary Gold ($500,000 or more) Columbus Affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure Silver ($250,000 or more) Battelle Madison Health H.E.A.R.T.S. Employee Giving Bronze ($100,000 or more) Agricultural Lands, Inc. Keihin Thermal Technology Stanley Electric U.S. Company

LEADERS Gold ($75,000 or more) Friends Of Hospice Silver ($50,000 or more) Aladdin Temple Shrine Bronze ($25,000 or more) Armaly Brands B.S.T. Company Flax Law Firm/Midland Title West Fraternal Order of Eagles #950 Jefferson Industries Corporation

KeyBank Foundation Kronk & Scaggs Insurance, Inc. Madison Health Medical Staff Nissen Chemitec America Ohio Edison/First Energy Foundation Radiology, Inc. Zangmeister Center

PAR TNERS Gold ($10,000 or more) Byers Auto Group Coughlin Automotive Group Custom Sign Center CVS/Pharmacy Ernie’s Medicine Shoppe FirstMerit Bank The Huntington Bank Insight Health Partners London Kiwanis Club London Rotary Club MATCO Industries Merchants National Bank Nelson & Ball Heating & Cooling O’Connor’s Office Products/ Charles Ritter Company Plain City Lions Club PNC Bank

Premier of TeamHealth Michael C. Quilter, New York Life Ruth Lyons Fund The Outsource Group Wilson Printing and Graphics Silver ($5,000 or more) Advanced Drainage Systems, Inc. The former Advantage Bank Buckeye Ford C.I.R.E.S., Inc. Columbus ObstetriciansGynecologists, Inc. Creamer Metal Products Dan Hatfield Chrysler Dodge Jeep Dillion Realty Dunlap-Hay Insurance Dwyer Bros., Inc. Fairbrook Homes Fine Designs & Interiors Gordon Flesch Foundation Hylant Group Iota Beta Chapter of Phi Beta Psi Sorority Jay-Car Construction Co., Inc. Kroger Madison Mem. American Legion Post 105

Madison Press Meade & Associates, Inc. Rader-Lynch & Dodds Wolfe Associates, Inc. Bronze ($1,500 or more) A Chef For You, Marc Dullin Andrix & Company Charleston Pharmacy Janie Cox, Realtor cultiva design Dwyer Chiropractic Hankins Development Kearfott Eye Group, Inc. London Health & Rehab Center Madison Co. Area Realty Assoc. Madison Lawn Care, Ltd. Madison Messenger Madison Pediatrics Inc. Madison Senior Living Community Peters Photography James Peart, State Farm Agent Schneider Downs and Company, Inc. Stonecipher-Hughes West Jefferson Veterans of Foreign Wars — Post 7005 Al & Angie Wilderman, Realtors



Madison Health will soon break ground for a new, 24,000 square foot addition to the hospital. The two-story expansion will house a new Emergency Department, Cancer Center and medical specialist offices. The new building will dramatically update the appearance of Madison Health and include upgrades to lifesaving technology. Madison Health is committed to creating, keeping and maintaining a healthcare facility that matches the unparalleled care provided by our healthcare teams and improves the breadth of services we deliver to you, close to home.

8 n Madison Health |

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11/28/16 1:32 PM

Keystone Society PINNACLE ($100,000+) George & Diane Byers © Pat & Diane Campbell Max & Edna Chamberlain*

CAPSTONE ($50,000+) Dr. & Mrs. William T. Bacon* © Michael S. & Jennifer Browning Dana & Cheryl Engle ♥ William* & Lois Robison © Dr. Mitchell & Sheri Spahn Mike & Donna Quilter

KEYSTONE ($10,000+)

Dr. & Mrs. Kamel Abraham Jack & Julie Alcott Jerry Alcott Dr. Gregg & Christina Alexander Mary Andrix Bob & Pat Arbogast Dr. & Mrs. Brawley Arikawa Neil Babb Dr. & Mrs. A.J. Beisler Marvin Bernhardt Carolyn Heath-Blauser Dan & Patti Blazer Michael & Pamela Boerger Roberta Byerly Floyd & Freda Campbell* Patrick & Misti Campbell Christopher & Keely Carabin Don & Donna Carpenter © Georgiana Chaney* Ted Chaney Dr. Vinay & Gina Chitkara Kevin & Robin Connolly ♥ Mark & Jennie Cowan Gloria Crisp* Randy & Diane Crisp Bob & Harriet Dana Rudy & Joan Denes Nancy Dillion* Aaron & Cristin Dwyer T.J. & Connie Dwyer Mark & Melinda Elliott Jack & Elaine Ewald Gary & Connie Feliks Richard & Mona* Flax Travis & Stephanie Fling Dr. Martha* & Marshall Geib Robert C. & Jean Godden Ed & Michele Goodyear Paul & Kirsten Gross Bob & Sue Hackett Stanley & Martha Hanson Steve & Amy Pope-Harman Tyler Hicks & Daniel Kestner ♥

Marvin & Jodi Homan Alan Homewood & Deb Goldlach Dave & Carma Hume Jim & Jan Hunt Dr. & Mrs. Don Hura Dr. Jeffrey & Cindy Kearfott Gene Keel Roger Keye* Dr. Saleem & Farhana Khan Fred & Flo Kolb Rod & Ginger Kronk ♥ Scott & Jane Kutzley Dr. Robert & Jeanie Lewis Marcella Loveless* © Dee Maggied © ♥ Dr. & Mrs. Martin Markus* Dr. Duane & Linda Mast Dr. Robert & Anne McConnell Lewis Overturf* © Larry & Karen Peters © Gerald & Rita Petric Jennifer A. Piccione ♥ Dr. Jennifer & Rob Powell Al & Mary Renner* Dr. Steven & Mary Richardson Cliff* & Barbara Cranston Rife ♥ Charles & Linda Rinehart Dr. Jornel & Geetha Rivera Ron Roach & Denise Worthington William & Nancy Robinson Jim & Ruth Roddy ♥ Dr. Ralph & Karen* Rohner Aden & Becky Rozell ♥ Beth Sells Tim & Judy Sheehy Dr. & Mrs. Tom Skeels Jim & Diane Slagle Steve Smith ♥ Dan & Kelly Snyder ♥ Ernie & Libby Sparks Tracy Stewart ♥ Tom & Cindy Stout ♥ Charles & Bonnie Stump Dave & LaDonna Thomas Bob & Karen Waldeck ♥ Chris & Desi Whitacre Al & Angie Wilderman Helen Williams Tim Wilson & Kevin Lohr Bill & Betty Young

© Charter Member Pillar Member * Deceased ♥ H.E.A.R.T.S. Member

New Keystone Society members pictured with Dr. Mitchell and Sheri Spahn (left), Foundation Special Gifts Chairs are (left to right) Bob and Karen Waldeck, Tyler Hicks, and Daniel Kestner.



January 1 through June 30, 2016

Individuals who made gifts to the Madison Health Foundation are listed below with the names of the people they have chosen to remember or honor. IN HONOR OF: Dee Maggied Mr. & Mrs. Jim Chamberlin IN MEMORY OF: Marilyn Knox Mr. & Mrs William Blain Ms. Christine Blank Mr. & Mrs. Eric Burns Mr. & Mrs. David Call Columbus Fire Station 13 Mrs. Joyce Colwell Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Evans Mr. Theodore Evec Ms. Barbara Geesling Ms. June George Mr. & Mrs. David Gibson Ms. Margie Gibson

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Gibson Mr. & Mrs. Garnett Hunter Mrs. Mary Jo Kennedy Mrs. Mary McNary Mr. & Mrs. Roger Morris Mr. & Mrs. Brad Neff Mrs. Gayle Reed Ms. Elizabeth Schwartz Mrs. Donna Sheridan Ms. Nancy Snyder Ms. Tameria Terpening Bill Spahn Associated Anesthesiologists of Springfield, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. David Hume Ned Speasmaker Mr. & Mrs. Joe Slagle Madison Health n 9

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11/28/16 1:32 PM

M a dis o n Healt h F o u n dat ion

Cornerstone Club DIAMOND ($1,000+) Debra Allender ♥ Michael English ♥ Beth Fordyce ♥ Cindy Gross ♥ Gina Kim ♥ Gary & Linda Stites PLATINUM ($500+) Erin Beair ♥ Loreen Bennett ♥ Mark & Darla Bires ♥ The Brady Bunch ♥ Carter-Traudt Family ♥ Jennifer Cline ♥ Sherrie L. Cline ♥ Stefanie Cunningham ♥ Christina Fosson ♥ Melinda S. Freeman ♥ Joy Gaerlan ♥ Brittany Green ♥ Katie Haughn ♥ Melisa Henry ♥ Cynthia Holland ♥ Michael Hughes ♥ Rebecca Jackson ♥ Mary Jones ♥ Misty Kline ♥ Patty Lamb ♥ Maria Lee ♥ Elizabeth Lynch ♥ Beth Millikin ♥ Mary E. Napper ♥ Kim Peterman ♥ Darren Renz ♥ Joseph Rice ♥ Lisa M. Richards ♥ Todd Riegel ♥ Buffy Roberts ♥ Jacque Roese ♥ Lorna Sanders ♥ The Saunders Family ♥ Daryl & Nadene Schlosser ♥ Bob & Linda Snyder Dennis Vogt ♥ Jennifer Wayman ♥

10 n Madison Health |

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GOLD ($250+) Yusef Abdul-Zahir ♥ Dr. George & Rosie Anderson Esther Mae Baker Kevin & Amanda Batross ♥ Emily Bennington ♥ Max & Marge Berchtold Amber Bidwell ♥ Michelle Bierbaugh ♥ Bob & Candy Blackburn ♥ Michael Blankenship ♥ Lisa Bunch ♥ Lewis & Mable Butterfield Jennifer Clarke ♥ Megan Clevenger ♥ Linda Clifton ♥ Debbie Cochran Julia Cremeans ♥ Pamela Davis ♥ Roger Davis ♥ Nena Dillon ♥ Christy Eriksen ♥ Cindy Faulk ♥ E. Marie Ferguson ♥ Phyllis Follrod ♥ Tony & Diana Frey Vicijean Geer Tom Good ♥ Bethanie Gossard ♥ Devon Graham ♥ Debbie Gumm ♥ Chastity Harmon ♥ Barbara Harris-Jackson ♥ Travis Hassel ♥ Bill & Marcy Hawkins & Family ♥ Vickie Heinlein ♥ Carl & Tammy Helton ♥ Russell Hessler ♥ Jennifer Horning ♥ David & Janet Hysell Leigh-Ann Keaton ♥ Pete & Sue Kitchen Richard & Nancy LeBeau Kristan Lewis ♥ Ron Lewis ♥ Dr. & Mrs. Chau-Chi Lin Robin McCoy ♥ Lorrie McGinnis ♥ Jodie McLaughlin ♥ Chuck & Norieta McMunn

Brenda McNeal ♥ Casilyn Meadows ♥ Amy Merritt ♥ Sarah Moore ♥ Mona Newlove ♥ Millie Newman Jeffrey Nutini ♥ Patricia Phillips Cynthia M. Roberts ♥ Jill Rowe ♥ Nicholas Scharf ♥ Sarah Shields ♥ Rheba Smith Katie Spiritoso ♥ Michael & Candy Stover ♥ Roger & Karen Summers ♥ Tiffany Taylor ♥ Joyce Walker ♥ Jessica Ward ♥ Jennifer Warnock ♥ Shauna Weaver ♥ Larry & Esther Wheeler Jay Whitaker ♥ Ellen Willard ♥ Patty Wilson Heather M. Winkhart ♥ Brittney Woodruff ♥ Donette Worthington ♥ Dr. Diana Zitter SILVER ($100+) Jim & Anne Adelsberger Aaron & Julie Akers ♥ Patty Alfrey ♥ Hidy Alty ♥ Edward Amis Barbara Amling Martha Tolley Amling Darrell & Gail Anderson ♥ Jim Anthony Karen Sue Arbogast Gene & Sue Babb Rev. & Mrs. Larry Baker Tiffany Baldwin ♥ Gene Ball Marilyn Ballenger Chelsey M. Banion ♥ Chelsea Beathard ♥ Bill & Johnda Beathard Katy Becker ♥ Ed & Joan Birmele Therese Bissonnette ♥ Bill & Ruth Blain Mike & Deeann Blake Carla Blazier ♥

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Bogenrife Paul & Nancy Bohn Clayton & Amy Burke Allison Byrum ♥ David & Becky Call Jim & Melissa Canney Brenda Carter ♥ Cheryl Cottman ♥ Johnie Crawford ♥ Cross Roads Eye Care, LLC Juanita Daniel ♥ Ron & Marjorie Daniels David & JoAnn Dhume Jim & Sharon Dillion Nena Dillon ♥ Judith Durban ♥ David Eades Mavis E. Eckstein Janice Evans ♥ Marie Ferguson ♥ Ted Florence, Jr. Lynn & Maggie Forster Mary Frey Dr. Jacob Froning Don & Ada Gardner Phil & Prudy Goodyear E. Eileen Gossard Sheryll & Alice Green Sara Hale ♥ Judy Hastings Kimberly Hawk ♥ Dr. & Mrs. C. Terrill Hay D. Joan Hedges Don & Dorothy Henry Mary Anne Herman Joyce B. Hildebrand Mike Hook Linda Houser* Dick & Stephanie Huddleston Stephen & Beverly Hume Bob & Anne Hunter Lynne Irwin-Booth ♥ Desirah Jackson ♥ Alaisha Johnson ♥ Ray & Claudia Justice Jim & Ruth Keen, Jr. Mary Jo Kennedy Amanda Kinney ♥ Aloma Krieger Todd & Bridget Lane Robert LeBeau, Jr. Clarabel Littler Mandy Love ♥ Shane & Leanne Manring ♥ Doug & Kay Markley


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Madison Health n 11

11/28/16 1:32 PM



Madison Health 210 North Main Street London, Ohio 43140


Madison Health welcomes new general surgeon Joshua Glupker, DO is Madison Health’s newest general surgeon. Dr. Glupker recently joined the Madison Health family of physicians to provide comprehensive surgical care to Madison County and the surrounding communities. Dr. Glupker received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biology with a minor in Spanish from Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He earned a Doctor of Osteopathy from Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine in Erie, Pennsylvania. During his residency at Affinity Medical Center in Massillon, Dr. Glupker served as Chief Resident and proved himself as a specialist who was reliable and sought to provide quality care for his patients. Dr. Glupker is well-versed on the vast scope of general surgery, including ENT, HPB and Thoracic procedures. He is experienced in pathology, anesthesia and radiology, making him an ideal fit for a community-based healthcare organization such as Madison Health.

Joshua Glupker, DO

Dr. Glupker is currently caring for patients at 54 W. High Street in London. Patients interested in having their surgical procedure completed at Madison Health should request a referral from their primary care physician. To make a direct appointment with Dr. Glupker, call Madison Health Central Scheduling at 740.845.7100.

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11/28/16 1:32 PM

HealthLink Fall/Winter 2016  
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