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FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: SNOWFLAKES - 50677 in Sellwood (26687), THERMAL - 50678 in Vancouver (26428), EVERGREEN SOCKS - 50680 in Mt. Tabor (26444), FALLING LEAVES - 50675 in Laurelhurst (26445), BARE BARK - 50676 in Faun Kettle (26697), BUSY BEES - 50673 in Compass Kettle (26690)

KEEP YOUR FEET WARM AND COZY ALL THROUGH THE YEAR! A celebration of socks, Toasty Toes: Socks for All Seasons includes 12 fabulous toe-up patterns, one for each month. Knit in the wonderfully sturdy and unquestionably colorful Hawthorne Fingering Yarn, these patterns feature everything from textured stitches, fancy florals, evocative cables, and whimsical lace for a wonderful year of Toasty Toes!

Printed Book 32944 - $14.99 eBook 75231D - $9.99 Individual Pattern Download - Free!

FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: STARS AND STRIPES - 50672 in Picnic Kettle (26696), HEARTS ABOUND - 50679 in Parkrose (26681), FIRST HARVEST 50674 in Rose City (26432), ROSE OF SHARON - 50670 in Turkish Delight Kettle (26691), BUTTERFLY GARDEN - 50669 in Alberta Arts (26446), WILDFLOWERS - 50671 in Fremont (26684)


HAS 10 NEW COLORS! $10.99/100g hank - 462 yards (75% Superwash Merino Wool, 25% Nylon)


27074, GUMBALL 27071, TIGER EYE 27072, SUNNY AFTERNOON 27069

Stroll Tonal

Ten new shades for a stunning rainbow of super-soft, oh-so-knittable colors! $10.99/100g hank - 462 yards (75% Superwash Merino Wool, 25% Nylon) TOP ROW: BLUE VIOLET 24907, PANSY 26595, RAVEN 26749, CORDIAL* 27064, WINE TASTING 25388, MALBEC* 27061, HEARTFELT* 27079, HIGH TEA 26752, SEASHELL 26592 MIDDLE ROW: INVERNESS 26750, ORBIT* 27060, DEEP WATERS 24904, PACIFIC 26140, BLUE YONDER 24906, FROZEN 26597, COLDSTREAM* 27068, CANOPY 24905, MOUNTAIN PASS* 27066, EVERGREEN* 27063 BOTTOM ROW: EUCALYPTUS* 27067, CUCUMBER 26755, MATCHA* 27065, POPPY FIELD 26593, KANGAROO* 27062, TRAIN STATION 26598, THUNDERHEAD 25386, PEARLESCENT 25385, MOCHA 26596. *NEW!


GLOSS $6.49/50g 70% Merino Wool, 30% Silk

Next to skin soft, Gloss features the lustrous sheen and the exquisite drape of plush Merino and silk. Great for: Stylish sweaters, shawls, and accessories

knit in gloss lace Nautical Pullover Pattern {51884D} Sterling 24182 & Natural 24178 - 440 yards/hank

knit in gloss dk Black and White Clutch Pattern {52001D} Cream 24985, Black 24722 & Tranquil 26077 - 123 yards/ball

knit in gloss fingering Sunshine Diamond Wrap Pattern {52013D} Robot 25015 & Honey 25377- 220 yards/hank







YOUR MONDAY - SUNDAY JUST GOT A FANCY UPGRADE Add a touch of elegance to your everyday style with Gloss, our favorite luxury blend. A. NAUTICAL PULLOVER {51884D} Project starts at $25.96 - Light and whimsical, this pullover is perfect for seaside vacations or summer strolls around

town, knit in Gloss Lace. B. HOT CIDER PULLOVER {13094D} Project starts at $51.92 - Pair with leggings for a brunch date or with heels and a statement necklace for a night out on the town! Knit in Gloss DK. C. SUNSHINE DIAMOND WRAP {52013D} Project starts at 19.47 - The perfect accessory at the office or on a sunny walk, knit in Gloss Fingering. D. CAPTIVATING CAPELET {13096D} Project starts at $25.96 - Strike the perfect balance between practical layering accessory and feminine elegance, knit in Gloss DK. E. DIAMOND & FEATHER COWL {51960D} Project starts at $42.44 - Fully reversible, with a diamond pattern on one side and a feather colorwork on the other, this accessory will be the pinnacle of your clothing ensemble, knit in Gloss Fingering. F. BLACK + WHITE CLUTCH {52001D} Project starts at $19.47 - Whether you’re going out on the town with friends, or need a small bag to hold your crafting accessories, the Black and White Clutch is the perfect addition to your handbag, knit in Gloss DK.


$9.99/100g ball 70% Wool, 30% Nylon

Fingering: 396 yards & Worsted: 198 yards

We have a rainbow waiting for you! Pair the brightest colors with your boldest projects, or choose a subdued shade for gentle waves of changing color.

TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: GROOVY 26542 (F) 26550 (W), GET YOUR NEON 26924 (F) 26932 (W), CONFETTI 26927 (F) 26935 (W), CARNIVAL 26545 (F) 26553 (W), PEGASUS 26546 (F) 26554 (W), HOLLYHOCK 26543 (F) 26551 (W), AVALON 26544 (F) 26552 (W), SUGAR COOKIE 26480 (F) 26472 (W), DEAR DIARY 26929 (F) 26937 (W), RED VELVET 26477 (F) 26469 (W), LUPINE 26479 (F) 26471 (W), BOTTOM ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: FERRIS WHEEL 26931 (F) 26939 (W), PARTY HAT 26930 (F) 26938 (W), DRAWING ROOM 26926 (F) 26934 (W), VERMONT 26475 (F) 26467 (W), WILDFLOWER 26547 (F) 26555 (W), MANZANITA 26928 (F) 26936 (W), SANDPIPER 26482 (F) 26474 (W), FOG BANK 26481 (F) 26473 (W), SANDSTONE 26540 (F) 26548 (W), LEAF 26478 (F) 26470 (W), LAKE FRONT 26541 (F) 26549 (W), SURF’S UP 26925 (F) 26933 (W), WEATHER VANE 26476 (F) 26468 (W)

Colorful Accessories

1 The sweetest container for your stash

2 One sip.. two sip.. knit!

3 Whip up hats and bags in no time

4 Brighten your morning with this ray of sunshine

5 The most cheerful bag for your projects

6 The perfect blocking basins for every project

7 Put your projects on hold in style

8 Explore the rainbow with this handy reference tool

9 “Just one more row” all day, every day

1. RED HEMISPHERE BASKET 83013 $19.99 2. NECTAR TEAPOT GEO 2-CUP 82994 $24.99 3. BOYE ROUND LOOM SET 82358 $23.99 save 20%* 4. YELLOW SUNRISE STACKING MUG 83002 $6.99 5. CAROUSEL LARGE ZIPPER POUCH 83019 $17.99 6. GREEN PHIL BASIN - 82635 $19.99 BLUE CARRIE BASIN 82638 $23.99 7. NEEDLE KEEPER 82801-82808 starting at $5.57 each save up to 30%* 8. COLOR GRID 82945 $7.95 9. JUST ONE MORE ROW TOTE BAG 82744 $13.49 save 10%* *SAVE UP TO 40% ON SELECT TOOLS DURING OUR TOOL SALE!

Looking for comfort without sacrificing style? The patterns in Take It Easy: Knits for Relaxing are perfect for weekend brunches, backyard gatherings, or anytime you want a sophisticated look with minimal fuss. Touches of lace, cables, and delicate mesh keep the knitting interesting, while shorter sleeves mean you’ll be able to finish these garments in no time! Printed Book 32945 - $14.99 eBook 75232D - $9.99 Individual Pattern Download - $4.99

Where the Wind Blows Cardigan 52054D yarn starts at $14.95

DRAGONFLY TANK TOP 52055D - starts at $20.93

IMAGINE TOP 52053D - starts at $22.45

WAKL BY THE SEASIDE 52052D - starts at $26.91

BERRIES TOP 52051D - starts at $20.93

AIRY TUNIC 52056D - starts at $17.94


Take It Easy Hardworking cottons shine in these classic, everyday garments.


Lindy Chain


Why we love it: The breathability and softness of natural Pima cotton allows for comfortable wearing, while the touch of acrylic microfiber adds just the right amount of elasticity.

Why we love it: Linen gives this yarn incredible strength and a slightly crisp feel, while the chainette construction makes for superbly lightweight projects.

Why we love it: A blend of soft cotton and sturdy Belgian linen, we love the firm finished fabric for garments that will wear well throughout the summer months.

Great for: Warm weather garments, shawls and light scarves.

Great for: Washcloths, home dĂŠcor and sturdy garments.

FINGERING $4.49/50g ball 70% Linen, 30% Pima Cotton - 180 yards

DK $2.99/50g ball 70% Tanguis Cotton, 30% Linen - 123 yards

Great for: Garments and children’s knits where drape and softness are a must. WORSTED $2.99/50g ball 75% Pima Cotton, 25% Acrylic - 109 yards, 136 yards (sport), 218 yards (fingering)

Dishie Now in 25 wonderful shades, Dishie will have you dreaming up projects that are as versatile as they are durable. From dishcloths to décor, Dishie saves the day! $3.99/100g worsted weight ball 100% Cotton (190 yards)

Why we love it: Absorbent and tightly spun, Dishie will stand the test of time and get the toughest, scrubbiest jobs done.

Great for: Home décor, market bags, and dishcloths, where rugged durability is a must!





Whether you love the waves of color in our laminated birch needles or Nickel Plated’s slick surface, we have everything you need to knit happy!










Crafting on the Go Pack your bags and head to the coffee shop! We’ve got everything you need to craft while you’re out. A. NICKEL ACCESSORIES KIT - CHAMPAGNE {83028} $96.76 save 20% Kit contains one Options Interchangeable Nickel Plated Circular Knitting

Needle Set, 6” Nickel Plated Double Pointed Needle Set, Knit Picks Interchangeable Needle Case in gold, Knit Picks Colorblock Zippered Pouch in champagne, and a Knit Picks Everyday Tote Bag in Champagne. B. CASPIAN ACCESSORIES KIT - BLACK & TEAL {83030} $102.36 save 20% Kit contains one Options Interchangeable Caspian Circular Knitting Needle Set, 6” Caspian Double Pointed Needle Set, Knit Picks Interchangeable Needle Case in black, Knit Picks Colorblock Zippered Pouch in teal/silver, and a Knit Picks Everyday Tote Bag in teal. C. HAVE YARN, WILL TRAVEL KIT {82583} $63.56 save 20% Kit contains a tape measure, row counter, pack of metal stitch markers, view sizer, pair of foldable scissors, one Fog Linen Anne Round Bag and a Fog Linen Shire Pouch. D. GIFTS THAT AREN’T KNITS KIT {82579} $40.77 save 20% Kit contains a pack of Knit Picks Greeting Cards (illustrated), Knit Picks Sheep and Kitten mug, a Needlework Blank (1.5” round), pack of Knit Picks Pin Back Buttons, and a Sheep and Kitten Tote Bag.



% off


See the full range online at

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Knit Picks May 2016 Catalog Preview  

Toasty Toes Pattern Collection, Take it Easy Pattern Collection, New Stroll Hand Painted and Stroll Tonal Colors, Needle Sale and Tool Sale!

Knit Picks May 2016 Catalog Preview  

Toasty Toes Pattern Collection, Take it Easy Pattern Collection, New Stroll Hand Painted and Stroll Tonal Colors, Needle Sale and Tool Sale!

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