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Granny Glow Up pgs. 6-7

A La Mode pgs. 18-19

Foliage pgs. 26-27


Autumn Tweeds pgs. 2-5, 12-13, 42-43

Alla Prima in solid colors pgs. 20-21

Andean Treasure reintroduced pgs. 30-31

Practical enough for the campfire and cozy enough for the couch, Woodland Tweed is a Merino-alpaca blend that strikes a fine balance between rustic and refined. With just enough alpaca to take best advantage of that downy fiber’s warmth and softness, this largely Merino yarn is warm enough for woodland winters and soft enough to wear against the skin. Gently spun into a loose twist, the downy fibers are given enough play to provide both thermal efficiency and flattering drape, while still maintaining the structure necessary for excellent stitch definition and durability.

Aran/Heavy Worsted | 80% Merino Wool, 15% Baby Alpaca, 5% Viscose. $12.99/100g skein - 180 yds

Colors shown above, from left: Box Turtle Heather 61110, Marmot Heather 61103, Bunchberry Heather 61111, Woodpecker Heather 61112, and Black Trumpet Heather 61106. Right page, from top: Cedar Heather 61010, Hereford Heather 61015, Holstein Heather 61016, Dolly Heather 61011, Wishing Well Heather 61019, Gargoyle Heather 61013, Garden Gnome Heather 61012, Gosling Heather 61014, and Peacoat Heather 61017.

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The best of plant and animal fibers come together in Woolen Cotton! The coolness, strength, and shine of Pima cotton and the springiness, warmth, and bounce of Merino wool create a perfect yarn for lightweight projects that can be worn year round. The resulting fabric is sophisticated and soft, with the feel of your favorite cotton sweater but with the light weight and elasticity of wool. This yarn is perfect for your favorite designs calling for DK-weight yarns, particularly those with textured stitches and cables, which this yarn shows to advantage.

DK | 50% Merino Wool, 50% Pima Cotton. $12.99/100g skein - 218 yds


For the sweater you’ll wear a thousand times or the blanket you’ll use every night, our classic wool yarn is spun and plied carefully to achieve a wonderfully balanced twist. Spun from Peruvian wool, the strong fiber has an excellent balance of structure, loft, and drape that serves a wide variety of uses. Wonderfully warm for all weather, this sturdy, all-purpose yarn has excellent stitch definition and heirloom durability. It is ideal for cabled sweaters, textured stitch afghans, and everyday accessories. While careful hand washing will keep your stitches crisp and sweaters long-lived, Wool of the Andes also felts beautifully with warm water and agitation, creating a fabric even more warm and durable than crocheting alone.

Wool of the Andes Tweed gives you a whole new way to introduce texture to your handmade items. Our tweed combines a classic palette with earthy-colored flecks of Donegal tweed (viscose neps suspended in a very fine acrylic that allows them to be spun alongside the wool fibers). The tweedy Donegal neps add a rustic and traditional appeal to everything from Aran sweaters and cabled outerwear to outdoorsy hats and mitts.

Worsted | 80% Peruvian Highland Wool, 20% Donegal Tweed. $5.49/50g skein - 110 yds


100% Peruvian Highland Wool

SPORT starting at $3.99/50g skein - 137 yds

WORSTED starting at $3.99/50g skein - 110 yds

BULKY starting at $6.99/100g hank - 137 yds


your phone camera over the QR code to shop the full Wool of the Andes family.
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Colors shown, from front: Olive Heather Tweed 28307. Wreath Heather Tweed 28299, Forest Heather 25969, Rooibos Heather 25642, Cilantro Heather 25635, Sarsaparilla Heather Tweed 28308, Lost Lake Heather Tweed 25447, and Bamboo Heather 25991.

Print Book {N1296} $14.99

eBook {75444D} $12.99

Individual Patterns $4.99

The timeless transformation of crochet granny squares continues as they shed their oldfashioned reputation and embrace a glowup in this collection of 5 contemporary designs. Transcending their traditional roots to become an incredibly versatile and exciting element in the world of crochet and fashion, crochet enthusiasts and fashionistas alike can revel in the opportunity to Glow-Up their designs.

BIRDY CARDIGAN {55134D} Crocheted in Brava Worsted.
6 free shipping on orders over $45

This gorgeous statement cowl will always hang just right, due to its double-tubular construction. There is no wrong side, and it will keep you snuggly warm when the weather gets cold with its double-layered fabric. Purposefully visible whip-stitch seams add to the beautiful patchwork effect..

GIGI COWL {55132D}

Crocheted in Wool of the Andes Worsted.

Color mixing elevates this mottled gradient afghan to a whole new level of rainbowbeauty! Restless crocheters will appreciate the variety of stitch patterns and colors used in this large scale project, as all 4 of the featured Granny squares in this collection are represented here.


Crocheted in Brava Worsted.




Organize up to 8 yarns for multi-color projects! Snaps at the top of the bag act as dividers to separate the strands while also allowing easy access to the yarns inside to add or remove colors.

Colorwork Snap Bag {86428} $14.99

Tools shown: WeCrochet Tape Measure 86413 $3.49, and Dots Hook 85438 $29.99.

8 free shipping on orders over $45


Whether you're heading to your weekly craft night or on a long road trip, these accessories will keep you crafting in style!

HUMAN KIND ZIPPER POUCHES {86400} $22.00 HUMAN KIND TOTE BAG {86399} $35.00 SPARKLES THE UNICORN CROCHET TOTE BAG {84295} $14.99* WECROCHET COFFEE. CROCHET. SLEEP. REPEAT. - PROJECT BAG {84293} $5.39* CROCHET HOOK CASES *while supplies last Quartz 85368 $19.99 Cloud 85369 $19.99 Raisin 85370 $19.99 Carrot 85371 $19.99
Silver Sparkle 84245* $9.99
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Stripes are made easy with Brava Stripe! Tonal self-striping colorways are combined with our classic, premium acrylic Brava to become an easy-care yarn that stripes up with no extra work. The extra long color sections create full stripes on a variety of project sizes up to 90 inches wide when crocheted in the suggested gauge, and each stripe is a semi-solid color to add depth and complexity. Brava Stripe is perfect for hats, scarves, blankets, boxy sweaters, and more!

Worsted | 100% Premium Acrylic. $4.99 / 100g skein - 218 yds

Colors shown, from top: Buttercream 29615, Twilight 29618, and Stonework 29614.



Create sophisticated projects in easycare Brava Tweed! Our premium acrylic is enhanced with flecks of viscose

Tweed to add depth to sweaters, blankets, and more while maintaining the durability and affordability you can expect from the Brava family.

Worsted | 97% Premium Acrylic, 3% Viscose. $4.99 / 100g skein - 218 yds

Colors shown, from top: Goldenrod 29511, Heron 29508, and Stratus 29507.

Add bright pops of dappled color to your stash with Brava Speckle! Versatile and affordable, this member of the happy Brava family is a classic worsted weight yarn made of 100% premium acrylic.

Worsted | 100% Premium Acrylic. $4.99 / 100g skein - 218 yds

Colors shown, from top: Just Peachy Speckle 29245, Snow Day Speckle 29247, and Salt & Pepper Speckle 29249.


ABERDEEN PULLOVER {56291} Crocheted in Brava & Brava Tweed BLACKBERRY CRUMBLE PULLOVER {56306} Crocheted in Brava & Brava Stripe LOVELY LICHEN PILLOW {56288}
Crocheted in Brava & Brava Tweed
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Versatility meets affordability; Brava is a 100% acrylic yarn that will keep up with all of life’s adventures! Gentle enough for sensitive skin, Brava is a hard-wearing yarn that works wonders for projects where durability and easy-care is a must. Hypoallergenic and machine washable, there is no fiber more accessible and dependable than acrylic—perfect for children, new crocheters, and charity projects.

Sport, Worsted & Bulky | 100% Premium Acrylic. $3.99 / 100g skein.

S: 340 yds | W: 218 yds | B: 136 yds

Colors shown in DK weight, from top: Silver 28401, Almond 28364, Cornflower 28375, Tranquil 28405, and Red 28396.


Acrylic destined for the landfill is given new life with Brava Recycle! Our mills have collected waste fibers and sorted them by shade to be remixed, respun, and recycled into gorgeous limited edition heathers. Six beautiful neutrals and three sophisticated contrast colors come in DK weight, making this yarn a great choice for making toys, especially animal toys, as well as easy-care accessories, sweaters, blankets, and pillows.

This yarn is so soft that we were inspired to name it after our favorite snuggly critters! Each colorway shares its name with a pet owned by a WeCrochet or Knit Picks team member.

DK | 100% Recycled Acrylic. $4.99 / 100g skein - 306 yds

Colors shown, from top: Rayanne 29967, Mabel 29968, Bluesy 29962, Lily Flower 29961, and Rorschach 29963.

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Wrap yourself up in cozy comfort with this handmade quilt-inspired blanket from Briana K Designs! Each square is crafted with a unique combination of colorful yarns, some with one yarn color and others artfully divided between two yarn colors. When arranged together, they create a stunning color block pattern that’s sure to turn heads. Get ready for warmth, style, and handmade charm!

Kit includes:

17 skeins of Brava Worsted (5 skeins of Tidepool plus 4 skeins each of Marina, Tranquil, and Mint)

• 8 skeins of Brava Worsted in Salt & Pepper Speckle 47411 $87.74



The Summit Slipper Socks will keep your feet cozy during lazy weekend mornings. A textured lattice detail is crocheted with post stitches at the top of the foot, and a wide faux-fur cuff around the ankle adds a touch of luxury. Slipper is worked in unjoined rounds from the toe up, then worked in turned rows to form the sides of foot and heel. Heel is sewn together and cuff is added around the ankle opening.

Kit includes:

One skein of Mighty Stitch

One skein of Fable Fur

$7.99 BLUES 85298 BROWNS 85300 DARK GREY 85360 GREEN & GREY 85358 LIGHT GREY 85356 MINT & WHITE 85357 PINKS 85299 14 free shipping on orders over $45



Our Hue Shift Afghan is crocheted in four pieces and seamed together. Each of the four pieces begins at one corner, and mitered squares are crocheted directly onto the existing work. Made with simple single crochet mitered squares and finished off with a darker border, the Hue Shift Afghan is a deceptively simple pattern that explores color in a new and creative way.

This kit features the same colors of Brava Sport yarn as the rainbow knit version.

Kit includes:

• 24 balls of Brava Sport in 11 colors

• Printed pattern

83840 $72.99



This cozy, slightly oversized, chunkybut-light scarf makes a great addition to your wardrobe. It is also a wonderful, last-minute gift because it’s quick to make and snuggly and soft to wear. The pom-poms make it unique and great for any occasion.

Kit includes: 2 skeins Brava Bulky in Peacock

• 8mm wood hook

• 9mm wood hook

• Traveling Glossary Card

• Project Bag

• Printed pattern 47266 $19.99

With a blend of acrylic and Merino wool, Heatherly is the perfect choice for baby garments and projects that require next-to-skin softness! Cheerful colors mixed with white provide a wide range of heathers to choose from. Available in both classic pastel colors and contemporary, deeper hues to fit any nursery’s color palette.

Sport & Worsted | 80% Acrylic, 20% Merino Wool. $6.99/100g hank. S: 328 yds. W: 218 yds

Colors shown, from top left: Sweet Bing 29548, Cardamom 29798.

Bottom row: Peach Fuzz 29549, Bedtime 29794, Agave 29551.

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EH A T H ERED RA ULT PULLOVER {5632 d i n H e a t h re yl . Hover your phone camera over the QR code to download this FREE pattern. 17

Get dressed À La Mode with this collection of 5 crochet garments perfect for topping off your fall casual attire of leggings and a quick updo. Pick up your hook and start one of these gorgeous long crochet sweaters that use a variety of techniques to pique your interest. Designed for casual everyday wear, these crochet pullovers and cardigans will be your favorite projects for layering on top of your most comfortable leggings.


Individual Patterns $4.99

COBBLER CARDIGAN {55130D} Crocheted in Hawthorne Fingering. Designed by Amanda Corvello. Print Book {33958} $14.99 {75442D} $12.99
18 free shipping on orders over

An eye-catching silhouette and carefully placed, textured stitches make the Apple Pie Pullover the perfect topping for your casual wardrobe. Worked bottom up in unturned rounds, you will find this one-piece project simple enough to get started and enticingly textured to keep you stitching. Simple ribbing pulls the look together and finishes off this stylish pullover in the most perfect way.


Crocheted in Heatherly Worsted. Designed Iassia Kryvonos.

Finish your wardrobe with the Berry Bliss Pullover, worked in the Almond stitch with exposed shoulder seams, this crochet pullover is an à la mode choice this year. Oversized with thumb holes and split hem, this will be your new everyday topper with leggings.


Crocheted in City Tweed DK. Designed by Oyla Mikesh.

20 free shipping on orders over $45
Colors shown, from top of pile: Terracotta 61351, Cherry Pie 61350, Lee 61348, Ocean Breeze Multi 29631, and Spring Puddle. Colors in background, from left: Elephant 61352, Rustic Hills Multi 29628, Elle 61349, Kaleidoscope Multi 29630, and Desert Peach 61354.

Alla Prima

You won’t be able to keep your hands off this soft, bouncy, bulky yarn! Alla Prima is a chunky single ply yarn made up of 100% Merino and hand painted with splashes of vivid colors. Some shades feature a wash of color on the cream base to coordinate with the hand painted colors, and other shades let the natural wool act as a neutral base for the vivid colors. It’s a yarn you’ll want to cuddle up with, making it a great choice for quick, dramatic cowls, scarves, and hats.

Super Bulky | 100% Merino Wool. Multi: $16.99/120g hank. Solid: $12.99/120g ball - 52 yds.


Dots Hooks

Playful and comfortable, these Dots hooks will keep you crocheting for hours on end. Each hook is marked with the mm information and color-coded by size. Dots hooks also include a unique hole at the end, perfect for holding stitch markers or keeping your hooks together. Hooks are 6.5" long (handle is 4.75"), great for those that like a longer hook. Featuring a smooth, slightly triangular thumb pad, the hook supports your natural grip—perfect for both pencil and knife-hold crocheters. (85438) $29.99 Set comes packaged in a box (6.5" x 1.75" x 1.5"). Set includes 9 hooks: 2.0mm, 2.5mm, 3.0mm, 3.5mm (E-4), 4.0mm (G-6), 4.5mm (7), 5.0mm (H-8), 5.5mm (I-9), 6.0mm (J-10).


Dots Crochet Hook Stand {86432} $10.99

22 free shipping on orders over $45


Finding the perfect crochet hook that not only works with your hands but your yarn can be a challenge. Our team of crocheters have worked hard to find a great solution to enjoy each stitch you work on.


Dots Hooks are the solution to keep you comfortably stitching throughout your entire project. With longer handles, to avoid rubbing in your palm, and a triangular thumb grip this is the perfect solution for both knife and pencil grip crocheters. The thickness and shape of the thumb grip was an important aspect of the hook, to reduce fatigue while stitching.


We all know the feeling as we grip our hooks trying to work faster and it breaks or the rubber sleeve comes off the hook, what a disappointment. With Dots Hooks you won’t have that issue anymore. With an aluminum tip molded into the plastic handle, you don't have to worry about the tip coming out or breaking like you might with other handle types.


Dots Hooks fall right in the middle of being a sharp or dull tip hook. Easily slide under the loop you are working into without splitting a stitch with these semi-rounded tapered heads. They have just a long enough throat that will catch your yarn and glide it through your stitches without having to change the way you crochet.


It can be one of the worst feelings to get started on a project and work on a gauge swatch only to find out the hook that you thought was a 4mm hook wasn’t calibrated correctly! Get precision sizing with each hook in this beautiful set.

I love everything about the new WeCrochet Dots Hooks! From the length to the smooth metal and the cute dot details. Working with accurately sized and durable hooks is the key to successful and happy crocheting.

- Briana K from Briana K Designs








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As we crochet there are things that we forget or want to learn for the first time. Our Learning Center is the perfect place to start for PHOTO AND VIDEO TUTORIALS, plus the basic information you need to know about yarn, sizing, blocking and more.

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Breathe in the crisp fall air with this collection of 5 foliage-inspired crochet cardigans. Transitioning to a new season has never been easier than when you have handmade crochet cardigans waiting for you. Simplicity and elegance go hand-in-hand with this collection of mostly in-the-round garments. Minimal seaming and shaping make these a great option for beginners and those looking to try crochet garments for the first time. Cozy up in these 5 bulky cardigans perfect for any of your fall activities.

Print Book {33963} $14.99

eBook {75443D} $12.99

Individual Patterns $4.99

26 free shipping on orders over $45
SASSAFRAS CARDIGAN {55051D} Crocheted in Muse & Aloft.

Simple and elegant have never gone together so well than with the Sweetgum Cardigan. This crochet cardigan is worked side-to-side with the camel stitch, giving it a knit look when finished. A lace flower panel is worked down the front and back, and around the cuffs, connecting you to nature all around you. Seaming is kept to a minimum by working the body mostly in the round and then joining directly to the body for the sleeves. Grab your favorite color and start stitching up this must-have crochet sweater.

Capture the golden glow of fall foliage with this beautiful bulky weight hooded crochet cardigan. Working top down, this raglan hoodie keeps things simple allowing the diamond bobble shape on the back of the cardigan to be the showstopper. The simple construction with minimal shaping and working the hood and the sleeves directly to the body eliminates seaming to finish this cardigan. Snuggle up with this cozy and oversized crochet sweater.

Beginner crocheters to experts can rejoice in finding the perfect crochet cardigan. The Walnut Duster is the perfect bulky-weight long crochet cardigan that will keep you cozy no matter when you wear it. Worked bottom up in the round, you will only have shoulder seams to contend with. No shaping in the sleeves and a ribbed cuff give this crochet duster a petite bubble sleeve, making it functional and stylish.

B. HICKORY HOODIE {55049D} Crocheted in Swish Bulky. C. WALNUT DUSTER {55047D} Crocheted in Swish Bulky. A. SWEETGUM CARDIGAN {55095D} Crocheted in Swish Bulky. C WALNUT DUSTER B. HICKORY HOODIE A. SWEETGUM CARDIGAN

Swish is the superwash of crocheter’s dreams! By selecting highgrade Merino wool, we have produced a machine-washable yarn that is super soft—definitely worthy of being worn against a baby's skin. Just the ticket for children’s clothes, afghans, and crocheted gifts. No need to worry about the care your gift will receive since this yarn can be machine washed and will come out even softer than before!

Swish Bulky is a heavy-weight yarn so soft and lofty that “bulky” seems like a misnomer. Large enough to give the squishy extra fine Merino wool room to fully breathe and bloom, this yarn works up in no time into the softest, springiest accessories and garments. For quick hats that you’ll want against your forehead and cowls that are as cuddly as a warm hug, Swish Bulky will have you swooning.

Bulky | 100% Fine Superwash Merino Wool. $12.99/100g hank - 137 yds.




DK $6.99/50g skein123 yds WORSTED $6.99/50g skein110 yds BULKY $12.99/100g hank137 yds 28 free shipping on orders over $45
Colors shown, from top of pile: Dublin 29626, Squirrel Heather 27734, Rainforest Heather 27733, Garnet Heather Delft Heather and Nutmeg Heather
FAMILY 100% Fine Superwash Merino Wool

Hover your phone camera over the QR code to shop the full Swish family.


Colors shown, from left: Coriander Heather 61145, Verdant Heather 61140, Cascadia Heather 61148, Embers Heather 61142, Tidepool Heather 61139, Goldenrod Heather 61149, Aurora Heather 61146, Sprout Heather 61147, and Fog Heather 61141.

30 free shipping on orders over $45

Timeless heathered colors add depth and complexity to one of Peru’s finest fibers to create a yarn that is as much a treat to craft with as it is to wear. Made of Peruvian baby alpaca, Andean Treasure both looks and feels luxurious with beautiful drape and hand feel. When producing alpaca yarns, alpaca fibers are sorted by their diameter (micron count), and the finest fibers are the softest. Baby alpaca is one of the softest and finest classifications of alpaca, and it's also a delightfully warm, and cozy fiber, holding in heat better than sheep’s wool. Andean Treasure is a decadent choice for next-to-skin winter accessories like scarves, cowls, hats, and headbands, and it looks particularly nice in lacy stitch patterns. For some quiet luxury, try Andean Treasure for felting projects, like felted slippers.

We’ve reclassified Andean Treasure as a DK weight yarn based on customer feedback, but this is the same Andean Treasure you know and love, with the same yardage and grams per ball

DK | $8.99/50g ball - 110 yds

1 2 3 5 6 4 Pattern Folio 86429 $34.99. Alpine Print Book 33938 $14.99, Aviary Print Book 33943 $14.99, Winter Morning Print Book 33936 $14.99, WeCrochet Locking Stitch Markers 86072 $2.99, Bent Tip Tapestry Needles 80599 $2.49, Retractable Tape Measure 80582 $2.99, Steeking Scissors 80627 $4.99, WeCrochet Acrylic Ruler 84846 $8.00, and Crochet Project Planner Sticky Note Pad 86155 $4.99. 32 free shipping on orders over $45


Pattern, check. Hook, check. Pencil, check. Stitch markers, check. Measuring tape, check. The list goes on and on. Keeping your pattern and notions organized and all together was the motivation behind the WeCrochet Pattern Folio. Designed to hold all of your important tools, notes, and patterns in one spot makes it easier to complete your WIP. Now you can easily crochet every day!

1. MAGNETIC STRIP–This large magnetic strip is the perfect spot to hold your stitch markers and your darning needle. The battle with your couch over who needs the most stitch markers is over!

2. PENCIL AND HOOK HOLDER–This two pocket space is perfect for keeping a pencil and the hook you are working with right at your fingertips. Don’t worry if you need more space for a second hook or another writing tool, we have you covered over in our side pocket (#6)

3. RULER POCKET–Finding your gauge has never been quicker when you can reach right here for your ruler. Perfect for small rulers that you will need for measuring your gauge.

4. DOUBLE ELASTIC BANDS–We knew you would have more than one pattern going at a time or have a need for a notebook so we gave you TWO elastic

bands to hold it all in place. Tuck your current pattern into one band and a notebook in the other and keep your patterns organized.

5. PATTERN TAMING BAND–This band was designed to help you keep your pattern books open while you have it laying on a table. Yeah, we thought of it all! No need to worry about your pattern book closing on you while you work.

6. ZIPPER POCKET–We knew that even though we tried to stuff all the pockets you would need into the folio there would still be more! We added this zipper pocket to hold all the other important things you need like a measuring tape, highlighter, scissors and more all in one secure place right at your fingertips.


animation animation animation animation

Move aside mini candy bars! There’s a new tiny star in town. Animation mini skein packs are the perfect yarn for toys, amigurumi, and other adorable little creations. The color-coordinated mini skeins that are so cute you’ll be tempted to display them whole!

Mercerized cotton gives a unique sheen and deep color saturation that will remind you of cartoon colors, and when you knit or crochet it at a dense gauge, 3D elements keep their shape without fuss! Although it’s a DK weight yarn and can be used at an average DK gauge for other projects, Animation really comes alive when you drop down 3-4 hook or needle sizes to create structured toys and amigurumi.

Each Animation pack includes 10 color-coordinated mini skeins. Exactly what you’ll need to make an adorable collection of tiny creations.

DK | 100% Combed Mercerized Cotton. $14.99/250g total - 698 yds total.

Primary Colors 29876

F lora & Fauna29878 Oceanscape 29877
34 free shipping on orders over $45




This collection of 5 cute and cuddly Amigurumi friends will brighten the day of any who get to hold them. Worked in worsted weight yarn these projects will fly off your hook. Each pattern uses different techniques for construction to expand your Amigurumi making skills.

eBook {75429D} $9.99

Individual Patterns $2.99

Worked primarily in continuous rounds of single crochet with two strands of worsted weight yarn held together, this little one is a quick stitch with just the right amount of size and snuggle. Complete that irresistible face with plastic safety eyes as shown or embroider the eyes to make this a perfect gift for a new baby.

Crocheted in Heatherly

ALICE BUNNY {56337} Worsted. OTTO THE OTTER {54036D} Crocheted in Wool of the Andes Superwash. GIANT PANDA {54037D} in Wonderfluff. HAPPY HIPPO {54035D} Crocheted in Brava Worsted. PEBBLES THE PENGUIN {54033D}
Crocheted in Brava Worsted.

Our practical prodigy and home décor hero, Dishie is a hardworking worsted weight 100% cotton yarn with a tight spin and high absorbency. This makes Dishie not only easy to crochet with, but extremely durable as well. Made for dishcloths, this stash staple is naturally machine washable and stays bright and colorful wash after wash, making it the ideal choice for kitchen projects such as dishcloths and hand towels. This multi-purpose, easy-care yarn is also soft, smooth, and cottony, working well for rugs, toys, and market bags.

Dishie comes in three styles! Start stitching with your solo favorite, or combine different styles of Dishie for even more colorful possibilities.

Worsted | 100% Cotton.

$4.19 / 100g skein - 190 yds

Colors shown, from front: Sunbaked 29501, Jalapeno 25785, Mint 27041, Honeydew 25410, Goldfish Multi 28095, and Clementine Twist 28245.



Inspired by baker’s twine, Dishie Twist features two colors plied together. It creates a marled fabric that adds retro style to any project.


Variegated splashes of color add interest to even the most simple dishcloth pattern! Choose from subtle, tonal shades, or go for bright and bold tones to bring unexpected pops of color to the kitchen.


PACKS AND SAVE 20% starts at $15.95

With 50 crochet patterns to choose from, this collection has everything you need to make your home shine! 50 Crochet Dishcloths features patterns both simple and complex to ensure your dishes, hands, and face are always squeaky clean. Learn some new techniques or find some new dishcloth inspiration with these tasteful textiles that are quick makes, perfect for last-minute gifts or for use in your own home.



36 free shipping on orders over $45


Solid-colored Dishie is our original, classic cotton yarn! The solid colors are the right choice for any project thanks to our thoughtful color range.


Colors shown, from top left: Whimsy Hand Painted 27858, Pride Speckle 28814, Elation Hand Painted 27865, Deer Island Tonal 29755, Mt. Tabor 26444, and Skyline Multi 27836. Left row, from top: Caramel Corn 29982, Blue Cotton Candy 29972, Blackberry Fizz 29973, Surf Rock 61098, Bubblegum Pop 61089, and Dreamwave 61090.

38 free shipping on orders over $45


Intentionally created with surprising pops of color, variegated yarn is crafted to inspire. Unlike single-colored yarns, you will be taken on a creative adventure through a range of hues, values and temperatures, adding depth and complexity to simple stitch patterns. Explore color and allow the yarn to be the focal point of your project with simple stitches and pattern repeats. Try out one of our curated variegated yarn options for your next project.

MUSE : Artfully crafted superwash Merino wool yarn from Japan. Meticulously hand dyed by artisans, the multi-colored hand-painted colorways are achieved by the blending of just 3 basic colors, applied with precision, minimizing the streaking and pooling other hand painted yarns are prone to.

Aran/Heavy Worsted | 100% Superwash Merino Wool. $18.99 / 100g hank - 114 yds

HAWTHORNE: Inspired by the varied and vibrant place we call home, the Northwest. Kettled Dyed are fully submerged in a large vessel, and dye is added with minimal agitation creating beautiful shades. Hawthorne Multi and Tonal are hand painted, intentionally creating surprising pops of color and variegation, while our speckle adds sprinkles of color to the hand dyed yarn.

Fingering | 80% Fine Superwash Highland Wool, 20% Polyamide (Nylon). $14.99 / 100g hank - 357 yds

SHINE MULTI: Variegated splashes of color stand out no matter how you use it. Work with one skein at a time to enjoy the natural pooling of the variegated colors, or alternate skeins to create dashes of color.

Worsted | 60% Pima Cotton, 40% Modal. $11.99 / 100g hank - 150 yds

SWISH POPS: Colorful and carefree variegated hanks shine as speckles and hand-painted color are splashed across our incredibly-soft Swish base.

DK | 100% Fine Superwash Merino Wool. $16.99 / 100g hank - 246 yds


You could call it our practical magnum opus. Palette is our beloved 100% wool, fingering weight rainbow— expansive, ever-growing, and ever-reliable. Designed especially for colorwork, you’ll find hues that span the entire gradated wheel, including supporting neutrals and a full complement of heathers. Consider Palette for warm and durable accessories, slim-fit sweaters, or felted items galore; it’ll quickly find a permanent place in your stash and never disappoint.

Fingering | 100% Peruvian Highland Wool. $4.99 / 50g ball - 231 yds

Colors shown, from top: Masala 24248, Turmeric 24251, Mai Tai Heather 24555, and Tranquil 25094.

GET ONE BALL OF EACH COLOR AND SAVE 25% 41170 $748.50 $561.38


Our beloved fingering weight wool comes in color curated sets! Use together in a single project for sweeping tonal gradients, or buy all three boxes to get the full rainbow of 150 colors. Boxes include 50 colors (no repeats!) in 20 gram mini skeins.

SUNRISE AND SUNSET {46718}, MOUNTAIN AND DESERT {46717} , FOREST AND OCEAN {46716} $119.99. Buy all three boxes (46887) for $224.97 to save 25%

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This yarn begins with alpaca and Merino fibers dyed two different colors and then blended together to make a subtle rich, lustrous heather. We chose neutral color Donegal tweed neps to incorporate into the 2-ply yarn. Donegal is a series of viscose neps (think slubs or bits of lint) that are suspended in a very fine acrylic mesh which allows them to be spun alongside the longer alpaca and Merino fibers. In the yarn, you won’t be able to see the acrylic web at all, and the neps will appear either on the surface of the yarn or spun inside the yarn strand. The high ratio of neps gives City Tweed a traditional appeal. The use of Merino and alpaca makes it soft and warm. This yarn is gorgeous in two-color projects.

DK & Aran/HW | DK: $6.99/50g ball - 123 yds. Aran/HW: $12.49/100g ball - 164 yds. Colors shown, from top left: Blue Blood 24982, Cobalt 25520, Kelp 28197, Harbor Seal 28196, Habanero 24546, and Tarantella 24984.

C DK Hover your phone camera over the QR code to purchase this ADORABLE pattern. 43
8D}Crocheted in



When our mills spin our yarns, a small amount is left over from each batch. Instead of wasting it, we work with our mills to create new limited-edition yarns. Upcycle Alpaca Blend, available in both sport and worsted weight, blends together alpaca, wool, and acrylic. This blend lends itself to sweaters, cowls, hats, and much more. It is soft enough for next-to-skin wear, but rugged enough to keep you warm all winter long.

Upcycle is made with recycled fibers that vary in size, causing slight variations in yarn thickness from skein to skein. We recommend swatching before starting a project. 33% Alpaca, 34% Wool, 33% Acrylic

Colors shown, from top left: Parchment 29707, Currant 29698, Umber 29706, Squirrel 29715, and Cornflower 29686.

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Choosing color palettes with endless options is difficult! Here are some suggested palettes to inspire your next project! Save 50% on these value packs too!

UPCYCLE ALPACA SPORT Sport | $9.99/100g ball - 273 yds

UPCYCLE ALPACA WORSTED Worsted | $9.99/100g ball - 219 yds

CHIMNEY SMOKE {47236} $14.97 COAL {47233} $19.96 CLOUDY MORNING {47235} $24.95 PINE TREE {47232} $14.97 MULLED WINE {47230} $14.97 SPICED WINE {47231} $14.97 ICICLE {47238} $14.97 SPRUCE {47237} $14.97 CRANBERRY RELISH {47240} $19.96 PLUM PUDDING {47241} $19.96

Keep your crochet hooks organized. Our WeCrochet Crochet Hook Cases are practical, spacious, and stylish! Interior features 9 slits per side, which can fit hooks that are 6" in length or shorter. $15.99

Radiant Crochet Hook Set 90468 $42.99

The WeCrochet Zippered Pouch features a vinyl two-color exterior that's easy to clean and a polyester interior in an elegant solid fabric. $9.99

85368 Quartz Cloud 85401 Quartz 85400 Carrot 85403 Raisin 85402 85370 Raisin 85369 Cloud
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85371 Carrot


A generously sized tote bag with an adorable printed interior, the WeCrochet Tote bag will hold your craft projects, your groceries, or anything else you need to move from place to place.

An interior pocket keeps things organized. $24.99

85388 Quartz 85389 Cloud 85390 Raisin 85391 Carrot



Mill House Super Bulky is a 100% acrylic yarn that features the warmth and softness of wool with the easy care washability of acrylic. Perfect for bulky accessories, blankets, or quick gifts. Made in the USA, this super bulky yarn is available in 24 vibrant hues and sold exclusively through

Super Bulky | 100% Acrylic | $4.99 / 170g skein - 90 yds

Colors shown, from top: Royal Blue Heather 29945, Dark Blue Heather 29940, Citrus Green 29740, and Honey Mustard Heather 29942.
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Mighty Stitch is a Superwash Superhero! A crafting powerhouse combining 20% Superwash Wool and 80% Acrylic, this yarn is perfect for garments, accessories, and blankets, too! When you need an easy-care yarn in a wide range of gorgeous hues, you’re sure to think, “Mighty Stitch to the Rescue!”

Worsted | 80% Acrylic, 20% Superwash Wool | $4.99 / 100g skein - 208 yds

Colors shown, from top: Celestial 26813, Navy Heather 29948, Sage 29955 , and Custard 29954.


WeCrochet understands the importance of using a yarn you trust, and for a lot of crocheters Lion Brand has been their trusted brand of choice for years. To support your crafting journey in every way, WeCrochet carries the fan favorites in all the colors available, unlike most brick-and-mortar stores.



Color Theory



Hue + Me

Vanna's Choice

Wool-Ease Thick & Quick

Colors shown, from top: Spicy 29145, Fatigues 29153, and Whisper 29828.

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Our cheery and bright crochet hook set features wide, easy-togrip handles and light aluminum hooks for hours of comfortable crocheting, while the array of colors makes sizes quickly identifiable.

Set includes 9 hooks ranging from size 2mm-6mm | 83037


Locking Stitch Markers 82662 & Jumbo 82686 - $5.25

Now available in select individual hook options!


Get hooked on crochet with our hottest hooks yet!

Our Radiant & Caspian Hooks have a smooth finish with just the right amount of grip that provides hours of comfortable crocheting.

Sets start at $42.99 | Available as individual hooks for $5.79-$9.49

Also comes as an interchangeable Tunisian set!


CASPIAN HOOK SET {91114} Set includes sizes E-4 (3.5mm) to K-10.5 (6.5mm) RADIANT HOOK SET {90468} Set includes sizes E-4 (3.5mm) to K-10.5 (6.5mm) BLOCKING MATS {80597} $21.99 METALLIC STICH MARKER VARIETY PACK {84314} $7.49 YARN BOWLMAPLEWOOD {83356} $24.99 SOAK STARTS AT $12.00 {83279} YARN BALL WINDER {82500} $22.99 YARN SWIFTBIRCH {82008} $59.99


SAvE up to 60% off ovEr 1,000+ yArnS

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