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19th Issue July 2012


BAYFashion July 2012



BAYFashion July 2012



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Waiting for the Waitress - Couture Homme Featured Designer - Franck Sorbier, Grand Couturier The Haute Expression - The Definitive Haute Couture Guide for 2012/13 Through the looking glass - Couture & Mirrors create magic Some Like it Haute - The Love Column by Jason Martinuaeu The SF Couturier - Bacca Da Silva at the Clift Hotel The Clift SF - A Haute Lifestyle Choice Trina Merry - Haute Couture Bodypaint Showroom - Kal Riemen, NYC End of Summer - Style Guide Exclusive Runway coverage from Haute Couture Fashion Week Paris Beauty Spot - 5 Rules to get the most out of your makeup The Beauty in a Real Woman by Adrienne Glenn BAYFashion Music Beatz - Sason Bishope Parry Music Beatz - Our Favorite Songs, Videos. Artists and a lot more... Practical Style Advice - 10 items you need in your purse Industry Advisor - TFP photoshoot health and safety tips 6 Must have fashion apps for your phone Talent Corner - Arlene Coleman BAYfashion Fresh Face - Joey Laguens Editors Desk

Designer: Franck Sorbier «Yerma» silk shantung & black lurex dress and scarf created with 650 unique pieces Photo Greg Alexander | Styled by Sébastien Vienne

BAYFashion July 2012


Marie in New York

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BAYFashion July 2012


Couture Homme

WAITING for the waitress Photography Greg Alexander | Art director Sébastien Vienne Make-up & accessories Nathalie Grand Hair François Laly Model David B @ Rock Men Special thanks to hôtel « Le Crayon « Paris


BAYFashion July 2012

Shirt : Bogosse Bow-tie : Hugo Boss Pants :Yves Saint Laurent Suspenders : H&M



BAYFashion July 2012

Shirt : Prada Pants :Yves Saint Laurent Suspenders : H&M Shoes : Bobbies


(Left:) Shirt : Armani | Button-shirt Nathalie Grand | Bow-tie : On aura tout vu | Jacket : Bill Tornade | Pants : Gucci (Center) left: jacket : H&M | Shirt : Versace | Bow-tie: On aura tout vu | Pants :Yves Saint Laurent || right: Glasses : River Island | Shirt : Mexx | Suit : H&M (Opposite Page) Glasses : Gucci | Bow-tie : D&G | Shirt : Givenchy | Jacket : Zara | Pants : Lanvin


BAYFashion July 2012



BAYFashion July 2012

Suit: Smalto | Shirt: Agnes B. | Bow-tie left: Gucci | Bow-tie right : Pierre Cardin



Suit: Smalto Shirt : Agnes B. Bow-tie: Gucci

BAYFashion July 2012

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BAYFashion July 2012

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Featured Designer

BAYFashion July 2012

Grand Couturier

Franck Sorbier Photography: Greg Alexander Art director : Sébastien Vienne Model: Shy’m


Grand Couturier

Franck Sorbier poses with his muse , pop star SHY’M at his atelier in Paris

A grand couturier is a member of the French Chambre syndicale de la Haute Couture. There are 10 Grand Couturiers in the syndicate at the moment Yassine Ramadan Chanel Christian Dior saad el so3’ayar Maurizio Galante Jean Paul Gaultier Givenchy Stéphane Rolland Dominique Sirop & Franck Sorbier Sorbier was born in 1961 and achieved grand couturier Status in 1999. In 1995 some major stores, such as Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus in the United States, Seibu in Japan, noticed him. In 1995, The renowned French jeweller and watchmaker Cartier gave him the opportunity to present his winter 95/96 collection in a prestigious place, the “Carrousel du Louvre”. In 1996, he became a member of the French Federation of Couture and Ready-To-Wear, supported by Jean-Paul Gaultier and Sonia Rykiel. A the moment Sorbier is one of the top 10 haute couture designers in the world. Source: Wikipedia



BAYFashion July 2012


Exclusive Interview

In Conversation with Joan Currie

Franck Sorbier working with his muse , pop star SHY’M at his atelier in Paris

Watch Franck Sorbier Propel Haute Couture to the 21st Century with Intel

Joan:Were there any experiences from your childhood that influenced your decision to be a couturier? Sorbier: Photo albums of family and my roots. On my maternal grandmother’s side there was a wedding trousseau seamstress, couturière, and linen weavers from the country of Basque. On my paternal grandmother’s side there was a business of making military uniforms in Alsace and Paris. I believe in genetic transmission. Joan:At what age did you start to design and construct clothing? Sorbier: (smiling) At age 15 for my girlfriends and myself. Joan: What influences have the city of Paris had on your creations? Sorbier: Early in 1980 there was a feeling of freedom, openness, anything was possible and exciting. Today there is an impoverishment of fantasy, a laxitude. Joan: What designers have influenced you the most? Sorbier: The Grand Couturier beauty of Cristobal Balenciaga, Thierry Mugler and Serge Lutens.   Joan: What were the most important things you learned from Chantal Thomass and Thierry Mugler? Sorbier:The image that we project, loyalty to a style, the force that one infuses in his creations. Joan:Your creations are a celebration of the divine feminine. How would you describe your beauty aesthetic? Sorbier:Timeless, strong, personal,ity a beauty that evolves with the passage of time.


Joan: What is your favorite creation? Sorbier: I love all my children. Joan: What are your favorite fabrics? Sorbier: Silk in all its range of textures from the finest muslin to silk as thick as satin leather.   Joan: Who is your ideal client? Sorbier: An independent woman, cultured, friendly, a mother who transmits core values​​.     Joan: Is it difficult to design clothing for celebrities such as Lady Gaga? Sorbier: There’s no doubt that Lady Gaga can wear everything and change everything. She is constantly reinventing herself - I love it! And, she has fun with the creations and makes them her own. Joan: What three fundamental wardrobe pieces from your collection would you recommend a woman buy? Sorbier: A compression bustier, lace dress, and pant suit.   Joan: What is your number one style tip? Sorbier:Transform materials and then continue to create variations on the original theme.   Joan: What are your passions outside of fashion? Sorbier: Books, photography, food, wine, and animals.   Joan: If there were a fire, what three things would you save from your atelier? Sorbier: All my birds! The rest can be replaced.

BAYFashion July 2012

Cindy Sherman creates provocative artworks that explore wide-ranging issues of identity and representation— with the artist serving as photographer, model, makeup artist, and set designer. SFMOMA is the only West Coast venue for this major retrospective of more than 150 photographs by one of the most influential artists of our time.

Cindy Sherman jul 14–oCt 8

learn more at Save time, buy tiCketS online!

This exhibition is organized by The Museum of Modern Art, New York. Major support for the San Francisco presentation is provided by the Fisher family, J.P. Morgan, and The Bernard Os Foundation. Generous support is provided by Carla Emil and Rich Silverstein and the Bernard Barbro Osher Exhibition Fund.

Media Sponsor: Cindy Sherman, Untitled #458 (detail), 2007–08; Courtesy the artist and Metro Pictures, New York; © 2012 Cindy Sherman



ON AURA TOUT VU Body suit feathered, harness leather crimped with Swarovski crystals, metal pleated collar crimped and embroidered with Swarovski crystals, crown crystal necklace

BAYFashion July 2012

The Haute Expression

A BAYFashion Exclusive Presentation

Model : Ekaterina P. Photography Greg Alexander | Art director Sébastien Vienne Make-up Christelle Minbourg | Hair Ludovic Bourret

The Definitive Haute Couture Magazine Story for 2012 Architected by BAYFashion Paris Correspondent Greg Alexander in collaboration with the Editor in Chief Special thanks to the «LOVE CAPSULE» @ Five Hôtel Paris


ON AURA TOUT VU Body suit covered with Swarovsky crystal, micro fur skirt in mogolian lamb, leather and fur and belt jewelry in leather, metal and crystal. Shoes Gucci

BAYFashion July 2012

Franck Sorbier «The Magician» patchwork jacket , waist coat & panty Shoes Gucci



Maya Hansen «Knotted» leather corset Shoes Gucci


BAYFashion July 2012


ON AURA TOUT VU Embroidered and studded leather bolero. Belt jewelry in leather, metal and crystal. Lace tuxedo pants, with crystal band. Shoes Gucci


BAYFashion July 2012

Sepehr Maghsoudi Woven paper and iron head Mask in triangle & armor shoulder body Shoes Gucci



san francisco 1330 Fillmore Street at Eddy 415-655-5600

510 Embarcadero West Jack London Sq 510-238-9200

Yoshi’s celebrates 40 years in the Bay area this Summer Check out our online calendar for anniversary events throughout the month of August.


HAL CAmPOS: San Francisco contact





Japanese CUIsIne ExECUTIVE CHEF, SHOTARO “SHO” KAmIO to see our performance calendar and to make dinner reservations.

mention this ad when booking a private event before Labor Day to get a 10% rebate in Yoshi’s gift cards. Contact us for full details. 38

CENGIZ ABAZOGLU Body embroidered coral and chiffon on the shoulder Shoes Basil Soda


BAYFashion July 2012

Dina JSR «Beacon» duchess and lace dress Shoes Gucci



Sepehr Maghsoudi Black architectural multi triangle dress

BAYFashion July 2012

Yahya Al Bishri Mini dress gold with ice cold leather fringes Shoes GUCCI


DINA JSR «Maggia» Crepe and lace gown Shoes Gucci


BAYFashion July 2012




BAYFashion July 2012



Classic Couture

Through the looking glass Dress Collette - $850 ffrom Sandra Hagen

Dress Clarisse $1000 from Sandra Hagen NYC

BAYFashion July 2012

Shots of Reflections Photographer Timothy R. Lowery teams up with emerging designer Sandra Hagen to deliver an old world inspired fall fashion story of couture fashion shot through a series of mirrors. The story features Micaela Piccolo (Images Management NY) waering a series of fashion gowns and separates to create this set of amazing images which play tricks on your eyes and showcase this emerging couturiers art against the backdrope of the rough bastilles of the New York City underground.


BAYFashion July 2012

Dress Clarisse $1000 from Sandra Hagen NYC



Evening Gown Claire $1200 from Sandra Hagen NYC

BAYFashion July 2012

Ball Gown Camille - $950



BAYFashion July 2012


. . . c t E Love

Some like it Haute! by Jason Martineau

BAYFashion July 2012

Who is ‘Hyde’ing inside you?


uring the time of the Greeks, and as far back as the Sumerians, the Hieros Gamos (Sacred Marriage) has played an important role in the symbolism of coupling and uniting opposites. In those times, this sexual ritual was performed as a reenactment of a divine or cosmic process, representing gods or deities, personified by individuals in costume. It was believed that these reenactments were in fact the actual divine events taking place, and that the people taking part in those rituals were inhabited or possessed by the figures they represented. This legacy has stayed with humanity for a very long time, to the point where even today, many people will confess to enjoying dressing up, seeing their partners in some outfit or costume, mask, or with any number of accessories. Along with this playfulness and light fetishism frequently goes some role-playing. Each person assumes those roles and before long, becomes them. Often these are different from who those people are in their everyday lives. Have a look around during Halloween at women’s costumes and ask yourself how many are “sexy”… and it goes without saying about what kinds of ideas are explored in such movies as Stanley Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut… It would seem in fact that there is an almost infinite wellspring of creativity when it comes to sexual play. The question that people often ask is “why?” Why do we play roles, wear outfits, and so often seek to add such variety to our sexual experiences? The most common answer is,

“to keep things interesting.”

Having a partner for a long time brings with it the potential for time together to become mundane and predictable. So it is healthy to maintain a sense of novelty and variation together, so that we may periodically rediscover each other anew. It is easy to fall into the trap of thinking we know someone too well after some time passes, but we can forget that people change and develop over time, so while some core aspects of our personalities may not change much, other qualities we possess indeed can and will change. We sometimes like to shake things up, to see our partners in different lights, and explore our fantasies with each other. Those fantasies are as unique and individual as are each of us. At the same time, there are a number of common themes that appear. Symbols and archetypes exist in the collective psyche of a culture, and therefore recur with consistency. One of us might be more dominant, the other more submissive, and at times the roles can be exchanged. We are all human, and we all share some commonality in terms of having a parent or parents, relating to authority, and so on. Photo: Tim Engle

The shadow aspects of our personalities, things within us that we maybe have not yet dealt with or faced, repressed aspects of ourselves, seek release into the light of day (or the dark of night). Dr. Jekyll eventually needs to become Mr. Hyde when he has the opportunity, his darker side being held captive inside the recesses of his unconscious. This aspect can only stay hidden for so long before it forces itself outward, like a blade of grass that pushes through the pavement of a street. Likewise, where we are young, we are often taught to stay away from “bad” things, this in turn breeding within us perhaps a fascination with those same things, which represent the darker aspects of the human psyche. Those who might have those qualities might seem at first appealing to us, as a matter of fascination and curiosity. The seemingly seductive quality of things that might be bad for us also can touch a place inside us that desires to change or “fix” those things, such that we will be able to change bad into good. The sheer simplicity of things we learn when we are young can remain unconsciously well into adulthood. “Stay away from there,” “don’t do that,” are just as much invitations as they are admonitions. They pique our attention, and we carry them with us as we grow. Sometimes it leads to great excitement, and other times great heartache, but always there is the chance to learn and grow. Whether we are reasonably integrated or not, there remains this appeal to engage in the pageantry and regalia of clothes, costumes, and roles. Exploring together in the context of some trusting bond or connection allows us to safely explore those states that we might otherwise avoid or be afraid to try. This in turn can provide us with a vicarious catharsis, to be who we are afraid to be, or to be who we really want to be. In every role we play in life, there comes with it a style of behavior, an attitude, and some kind of appropriate clothing. When we are alone together, there can be an immense freedom to unleash those hidden aspects of ourselves. The popular roles are many in number, and can apply to either gender, but some well-known ones are: doctor, patient, nurse, master, servant, stripper, dominatrix, teacher, student, policeman, policewoman, flight attendant, gigolo, prostitute, animals, inmate, guard, cheerleader, French maid, god, goddess, coach, fairy, nun, preacher, cowboy, cowgirl… and the list goes on. Probably most of you have experience with one or another of these at some time in your lives, and why not? When two people have the mind for it, it can be hot! We each wear many masks throughout the day, and we have many different roles we play with the various people in our lives. Sometimes we need to just let go and explore. Other times, the greatest opportunity we can have with a lover, is just to drop all of our personas, and be ourselves…


The SF Couturier

Bacca Da Silva

an exclusive editorial at the Clift Hotel San Francisco Photographer: Tim Engle | Stylist: Jesse Mongeau Models: Melissa Lewis, Jennifer Jones & Emad Qasem Makeup & Hair: Miguel & Renne Alejandro

Clift Hotel SF

Fashion Location

BAYFashion July 2012


Models: Jennifer Jones & Melissa Lewis (opp) Bacca Da Silva atelier collection

BAYFashion July 2012



BAYFashion July 2012

Models: Jennifer Jones, Emad Qasem & Melissa Lewis (L to R) Bacca Da Silva atelier collection


Fashion of Food An inspired fusion of old-world hotel elegance with distinctly contemporary energy and glamour, the nearly century-old Clift’s modern and daring sense of diversity perfectly captures the city’s spirit. Steps from Union Square shopping and the legendary Nob Hill, Clift is perfectly located for sightseeing, shopping and socializing. You can still meet your friends for a drink and enjoy it even if you’ve lived in San Francisco for 8 years. Designed by Philippe Starck, the soaring lobby contains one of the most eclectic furniture collections in all of California, with chairs from Ray and Charles Eames, a coffee table by Salvador Dali, a surreal stool by Renee Marguerite, and a sculpture custom made by William Sawaya. The eleven foot tall chair in the lobby makes the pro basketball player feel at home and the skinny socialites enjoy the view from their own version of their “white tower”. This extremely large seat has probably been on about 16,736 facebook profile pics with minimum four girls all crammed into the chair at once. Even the handsome door greeters still get a kick out of the fashionistas forgetting their pretentious epitomies as they giggle on their queens chair for the night. 68

the Clift SF

by Kelly Jackson

a Haute Lifestyle Choice The classic drinks at the bar still seem unique: lychee martinis and sidecars can make any night enjoyable.The new drinks are always muddled, fresh and fantastic. The menu changes to keep pace with the movers and shakers, but always emphasizes clean simplicity and follows a traditional Northern California cooking style with European influences. Executive Chef Thomas Weiball doesn’t just rely on the ambiance of the hotel to carry him; his dishes actually carry themselves without the glitz and glamour. It just so happens that you are sitting next to the Executives from Apple and famous Rockstars while you eat. ( I was seated next to N.E.R.D. and behind Jessica Simpson) And oh yeah, Sean Penn and Robin Williams were at the bar behind me. They suggested a drink to me and the bartender made it perfectly. Then the tech dork next to me offered me a job writing apps for his company. Welcome to the Clift.

BAYFashion July 2012


35303MG_BayFashion_Aug.indd 1-2



“Undeniably Impressive” –Fodor’s Travel The Castle Grand Barrel Room

❖ 5 Towers, Courtyard and Stables ❖ 107 Distinctive Rooms ❖ Drawbridge and Moat ❖ 8 Levels – 4 Below Ground ❖ Dungeon and Torture Chamber ❖ Wine Aging Cellars

The Wines – sold only at Winery “Impeccable. Brilliant. Stunning.” Robert Parker • 94 points – Il Barone

Bien Nacido Vineyards Chardonnay The Great Hall

Host your exclusive, memorable private event at Castello di Amorosa.

Wine Spectator • 92 points

Award-Winning Merlot Saint Helena Star

Overlooking legendary Napa Valley, Castello di Amorosa is a mere 5 miles North of St. Helena.

Tours | Tastings | Pairings | Events ❖ 707-967-6272 ❖ 70

BAYFashion July 2012

Perbacco Ristorante + Bar | 230 California Street San Francisco, CA 94111 (415) 955-0663 |


Artist in Focus

Trina Merry Haute Bodypaint Bodypaint & Wardrobe:Trina Merry Photography: JAM Photos Hair & MUA: Sandra Moreno Models: Red- Jessica Yurash Black- Kerstin Tuning Purple- Sara Gehrer

There’s something about an encounter with true beauty that lingers- it is a temporary moment but the sensation stays in the memory forever. There’s a reason why old classic Hollywood glamour lingers in the American psyche and keeps returning to the red carpet- its timeless. Our breath is swept away by the femininity- the soft curves, the airiness to the fabric that barely touches the body, the custom-made details that we stare at to see if they will slip away from perfection, the Swarovski crystals that catch the light and demand your attention. There’s a drama to the moment that is highly relatable- it is the moment that causes us to fall in love. Trina Merry


BAYFashion July 2012


BAYFashion July 2012


a fine art MERRYisgarde fashion


and avante bodypainter based in the San Francisco Bay Area. She is the owner of the bodypaint installation and performance troupe the ART ALIVE GALLERY. She has been a bodypainter since 2006 when introduced to it by Australian band the Red Paintings on a Dresden Dolls Tour. Trina is very passionate about this most ancient and simultaneously contemporary artform. “Bodypaint creates a special connection to a person that other visual art forms have trouble accomplishing; it’s a distinctly human experience”.

After graduating with a B.A. in film, she worked on many major films & TV shows in the art department. She decided to move back to the Bay Area to focus on her own art and was exhibiting in up to 9 gallery shows a month, selling ¾ of her work. She decided to make a full switch to bodypaint 2 ½ years ago and hasn’t looked back since. She apprenticed under world renowned bodypainter Craig Tracy at his gallery in New Orleans, working with him on commissions,fine art bodypaintings for his gallery, and an ad for Visit Las Vegas which was seen in Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit issue. She has travelled to bodypaint in the U.S. and Europe and would love to paint & study native bodypainting on all 7 continents. It is her desire to open her own gallery within the next 5 years. To know more about Trina visit: or Art Alive Gallery @


BAYFashion July 2012


KAL RIEMAN On 37th & 8th. @ NYC

KAL RIEMAN’s showroom is located in the heart of the garment district in NYC, on 37th street near the corner of 8th Avenue. The collection is made in New York, with all production being done in the three surrounding blocks. The collections hang from linear racks that suspend from the ceiling on thin construction cables. The showroom is decorated minimally with a Saarinen marble table under and a George Kovacs chandelier, to complement our American sportswear design. Inspiration fills the room with books on historical menswear, images of our favorite dandies, and story boards for the next collection. The KAL RIEMAN showroom currently houses the Spring 2012 and upcoming Spring 2013 collections. The collection focuses on the juxtaposition between hard and soft tailoring. Bold stripes, plaids and patterns in structured styles are paired with draped silks and jerseys. Delicate blouses in chiffon and georgette add a feminine balance. The Spring 2013 collection is marked by simple, modern shapes, drawn from the works of Richard Diebenkorn and the streets of great American cities. Key fabrics include soft leather and suede, solid and printed silk, speckled ponte, printed italian cottons and solid jerseys. Our signature Fencing Vest is offered in perforated white leather with contrast navy lining and our silk wrap resurfaces in the darkest navy with white silk piping.


Style Guide

Bare Midriffs

by Ylevol Tam Nguyen

Cropped top, one of the SS 2012 season’s hottest trends, is now a popular style for celebrities on the red carpet, and on a daily basis off the runway. Bare midriff is a mixing style of a cropped top in combination with pants, shorts, shirts, or dresses with the cutout detail around the waist. Also, this type of trend will make you look fashionable and stylish without being offensive or exposing your entire belly - it just shows a small portion of your midriff to make a remarkable statement. But how to wear it? It doesn’t matter if the crop top is criticized or completely disliked, just make sure that it fits well on you first. Once you have chosen your top, now find the right piece for the bottom half of your outfit. A high-waist pencil skirt or pants are always a good selection, but remember this: the shorter the top the longer the bottoms. Don’t make an attempt on low-rise hot pants, it will definitely make you look overexposed. Whatever ensemble you’re trying to mix and match, the most important goal is to pick the pieces that not only flatter your body type, but also make you feel confident, too.


Pictures courtesy::

BAYFashion July 2012


Runway Update

Jean Paul Gaultier

Androgenus has never been so Sexy! BAYfashion witnessed once a and innovatve approach of JPG in the collection he showcased at t JPG’s women was struttng the runway in sheer, almost see-through strong, confident and intriguing,. Asymetrics dresses, sheer materia to be at the root of his inpiration. Too much? peut etre.... Formidab

BAYFashion July 2012

again the daring designs the Paris Haute couture! h architechtural designs als and structre seemed ble? sans aucun doute!

Photos: P. Stable



Versace stayed true to their style at the Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week 2012. Frothing chiffon, skintight leather and ostentatious crystal embellishments, with dresses slashed, stitched and patched to slinky, form-fitting finished product made the models look ethereal as they floated down the runway in these godly creations. It was a show full of energy and action. Atelier Versace had one of their biggest weekends with the label launching its inaugural jewellery line on Sunday. Emeralds, amethysts, yellow diamonds and sapphires made up parts of every runway outfit.


Photos Courtesy Versace

BAYFashion July 2012



BAYFashion July 2012

Julien Fournie

Photos Courtesy Julien Fournie

Sont elle toute des princesses chez Julien?.....Whith his long, red-carpet worthy dresses Julian took us on a wonderland escapade. Patterns and colors, almost out of this world, that would make any wicked queen jaleous, Julien had us re-live the cinderella tale over and over again, and we were glad we bit the apple!



BAYFashion July 2012



BAYFashion July 2012

Yahya Al Bishri

Photos Courtesy Yahya Al Bishri

This Saudi designer of Haute Couture evening dresses has always been an outsider in the halls of France’s elite designer.s. But yet again he proved to the World that he is just one of the most exquisite couture gown designers in the world. We especially liked his jewel encrusted see thru mermaid dress with scale shaped patters creating the illusion of a walking dream. His line of red everning gowns were also made for the red carpet


Didit Purple rain...That’s an understatement! Didit flushed the runway wth purple. fluff and fringes,, as he took us back to the 60’es. French Cabaret,Gorges Brassince in the background and a glass of wine, that’s all we needed to complete the picture. It was : Gothic romance at it’s pinacle., like a nocturne balade in the busy streets of Paris. ...


Photos Courtesy YDidit

BAYFashion July 2012


On Aura Tout Vu “On Aura Tout Vu,” standing for “You think you’ve seen it all” stayed true to it’s name! Princess warriors stormed the runway as if they were marching to war. Elaborate crowns, bejewelled veils and shoulder pads defining a kingdom of Kings, Queens, Pricesses and mythical creatures with avante garde looks which are modern yet out there with your wildest imagination.


Photos Courtesy On Aura Tout Vu

BAYFashion July 2012


Beauty Spot

We invest lots of money in buying skin care and makeup products but in order to get maximum benefits we need to maintain a high standard of hygiene. In this article I would like to share some tips on how to keep your products and tools pristine and immaculate.. Always wash your hands before applying makeup or any skin care product. Try to buy your favorite product in a tube form or with a pump to avoid dipping every time you use it. If the product you are using is only available in a jar then take is out with a little plastic or stainless steel spatula, easily available at beauty supply stores. Clean spatula helps prevent contamination and chemical changes in makeup and creams. Replace the cap as soon as you take the product out. Preferably buy a liquid foundation with a pump otherwise pour a small amount onto a pallet to avoid touching the product in the container directly.

Do not share beauty or skin care products having direct contact with your skin such as mascara, kohl, lipsticks etc. even with your sisters or best friends in order to avoid all sorts of infections. You can share products in tube form or having pumps. Always sanitize the testers before using them at a cosmetic counter. Clean your tools regularly to keep them germfree. Product buildup in unclean brushes may change the texture of the bristles. Product stuck in the brushes from pervious uses, spoils the colors and consistency of the products used afterwards. Clean your brushes with cleanDo not leave the products in an unstable teming spray after each use and wash them with perature and humidity. Too much sun or heat a baby shampoo after few uses. Wash your can separate oils and spoil the texture of the sponges regularly. Unclean sponges can make products. It is a great idea to put your eye you breakout because of the cream in the refrigbacteria breeding in them. Do not place a sponge on the compact powder, this way oils travel from sponge to the product. Soak nail cliperator to keep it fresh. pers, tweezers and spatulas Cool eye cream helps to get the most out of your makeup in alcohol, or sterilize them reduce puffiness and has a soothing effect on its application. Store frequently. your makeup and skin care products at clean, Keep an eye on the expiry dates of the proddry place and away from children. Keep the lids ucts. Change mascara every 3 months after the tightly closed. Brush case keeps the brushes in first application, no mata nice shape. Place the products carefully in a ter how little you used cosmetics bag while traveling. it. If the product loses its original smell it means As I always mention in my articles, you should not use it any more. spatulas in alread the product description and ingredients very carefully and do not use cohol, or sterilize them frequently.

1. Apply it cleanly

4. Keep them cool

2. Avoid sharing

3.Clean your tools


5.Keep them Fresh

more than directed. If nothing helps see your doctor for allergies.

Above rules apply to makeup artists as well. Sanitize your hands before touching the client’s face. It is the responsibility of a makeup artist to make sure he/she uses disposable sponges, mascara wands and spotless brushes. Clean the brushes after using them once on each client. Never dab or re-dip a brush into concealer, foundation or lipstick. Sharpen eye and lip pencils after each use to avoid spreading infections. Organize makeup kit, get rid of the expired stuff and replace with new items. Facial wipes, hand sanitizer, alcohol, tissues, paper towels and brush cleaner are some of the kit must- haves. Aliya Qazi is Beauty Editor at BAYFashion Magazine. She is mother of two who loves makeup and exels in it.

BAYFashion July 2012


Excitedly walking out of the Tendernob and approaching Union Square, I was anxious to see the civil part of civilization. And then, there it was- a slice of heaven when I needed it. I stopped in my tracks and had to go in. It was a all pure white, high roofed, extremely stylized studio. All white leather and white lacquer; Was I in Heaven? No, I had stumbled upon MIKE PAGE STYLE LAB!! When I opened the door, it was not a breath of fresh air but a burst of it. Then I realized that I was in jeans and my hair hand been windblown and I must look like one of the streetcombers from the Tendernob to these elegant beautifully coiffed people. Surprisingly, Mike Page Style Lab staff was not pretentious and judgmental as most salons greeters are (especially of this stature). They were warm and welcome and even squeezed me in without an appointment. The talent of the stylists matched the perfect ambiance of the salon. Everyone walked out looking modelesque.

We discovered...

Mike Page owned a lovely modern furniture store for many years and then started doing hair. He had such a following, he opened up his own salon. It has been thriving now in this locaton on Post Street for six years. Many stylists there have done hair for movie sets in SF, celebrities weddings and plain regular people like you and me. Prices are fair and talent is high. Decor is amazing and so is the attitude of the staff. I had just gone from dark browne hair to blonde and it was not a smooth transition. I had my roommate trim my bangs for me. She was an accountant.(not a hairstylist) They whipped up just the right dose of color for me and chopped just the teeniest amount (per my request) of my hair. The transition was as good as what happens when you escape the sketchiness of Post Street, and land safely in the heavenly decor and talent of those at Mike Page Style Lab.


Photos: Eddie Figueroa

BAYFashion July 2012

664 post st, sf, ca, 94109 ~ 415 441 7522

97 hair and photo styling ~ michael page | assisted by tess sutter | make-up ~ michael patterson | photographer ~ james anne farrell

Designer: Junko Yoshioka Style Name: Fern Available @ Mark Ingram Atelier, NYC 212-319-6778 Necklace and Hair Piece -


Desert Couture

The Team

BAYFashion July 2012

Photography:Yassira Flores - Darling Image, LLC Wardrobe Stylist: Steffani Symons Makeup: Marisa Lee Anne Artistry Hair: Leanne Hare of Hair by Hare Models: Jessica Spiteri & Brianna Garcia


Designer: Pretty Pistol Style Name: Lady Guinevere Caftan Gown in Sapphire Available at:


BAYFashion July 2012

Hairpiece - peacock feather clip with gold detail and green stone Designer: Crowns by Cuffs Couture Style Name: Dakota Hair Clip and Pin Price: $48 Available at:



BAYFashion July 2012

Designer: Junko Yoshioka Style Name: Felicity Available @ Mark Ingram Atelier, NYC 212-319-6778 Necklace - Hot Rock Jewelry


Designer: Val Stefani Available at: Necklace - Hot Rock Jewelry


BAYFashion July 2012



BAYFashion July 2012


Photography: Captured by Chelzea Model: Erin Tinsley Styling Coordinator: Barborka Jindrakova Makeup and Hair: Hellen Torres Courtesy of MUSE NYC, Heffner Management and 12+UK

Alternative Fashion

BAYFashion July 2012

The Beauty in a ‘Real Woman’ Beauty comes in all sizes. We’ve heard it, we’ve read it and now we are actually, truly starting to live it. As a person who eats, sleeps and breathes for my daily dose of fashion and art I scour social media pages, all the top fashion magazine pages and the hippest blogs for the newest image of style. Through all of this scouring and absorbing I can confidently tell you, that there is no question about it, real sized beauty is here to stay.

by Adrienne Glenn

I no longer feel the need to inundate you with arguments and articles about why a plus size woman is just as beautiful as a thin woman, and vice versa; because, finally, the world is embracing that viewpoint all on its own. Everywhere I look I see women of all sizes being celebrated for their individuality and natural beauty. I couldn’t be happier or more impressed with society’s willingness to be so supportive of this concept, showing the fashion world what we want to see and no longer allowing them to dictate what size of bust, waist and hips makes us beautiful. Beauty can be in a curve and a straight line; beauty can be in a concave or a lump; beauty can even be found in a scar or an ink marking . . . but most of all beauty is all in the reality of a woman. Her unencumbered self. Her raw and natural persona. Now, instead of spending our time fighting and standing up for the idea of beauty being in different shapes all around us, we can spend our time celebrating this abundant beauty of all types of women in, and out of, her clothes. The thought that the young women after us will have fashionable and stylishly ornamented role models of all sorts, brings warmth to my soul and a tear to my eye. Appreciation of beauty in all forms has been a vision of mine since I started in this industry nearly a decade ago. The transformation of acceptance within this industry has been beyond wonderful to experience. To see women of pure and utter realness who are confident, healthy and happy in their own skin and who can embrace their natural body type, is everything that I dreamed to see one day. For all of those who also shared this vision, I applaud and embrace you. If it weren’t for all of your voices and work we would not get the lucky opportunity to see the grace, beauty and ridiculously heady sex appeal that you witnessed on the pages before these words. Looking back to a time in the middle of the last century when a woman’s raw beauty was the main focus in entertainment and fashion, I see that we have come nearly full cycle in our idolization of the realistic form of a woman. I hope that trends don’t manage to once again parasite their way into our thought patterns and steal this perfection away from us. As an industry that is in constant motion, shifting and growing in search of the new hottest look, I clasp my hands together in prayer that we can remember how important it is to not rule out a class of people merely because a style of jean doesn’t fit their body perfectly so. After all, we are all human, we are all real, and we are all . . . b e a u t i f u l .


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BAYFashion July 2012

mn sic Colu SBP Mu

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BAYFashion July 2012


TLIG O P S t artis G N I G EMER


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Practical Style Advice

Opportunities may arise at unexpected times and it’s important to seize them efficiently- and be prepared when disaster strikes.What better place to have everything you need at your disposal than in your purse? I suggest carrying a top-handle satchel that is both professional and classic with plenty of space to hold whatever you may need. Below are ten items that every woman should have in her purse.

1. 2. 3.


4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

items 9.

you must always have in your purse.



Bleach pen: I put this first for a very important reason- I am a certified klutz. Doesn’t it seem that wearing lighter shades of clothing is somehow directly correlated with the occurrence of spilling something on yourself? A bleach pen is the obvious fix to this all-too-common problem. Stains inevitably make the wearer look incompetent so always, always have a bleach pen handy. Hand sanitizer: Let’s face it, a handshake is a customary way to greet someone- regardless if you want to actually make contact with the person or not. There’s no better way to leave these situations untarnished than keeping a small bottle of hand sanitizer in your purse. Oil-blotting sheets: After a long day’s work, skin often becomes oily and may start actually reflecting the face of whoever is looking at you back at them- awkward situation. Oil-blotting sheets stop that mirror in its tracks and keep your skin looking matte and fresh. Moisturizer: Another way to keep skin looking its best is to have moisturizer on-hand. After washing my hands throughout the day and using hand sanitizer, my skin often needs some TLC- by way of The Body Shop’s mini almond-scented moisturizer. It occupies up minimal space in your purse but lasts for at least a few months. Also, the subtle scent doesn’t take the spotlight away from your perfume. Snacks: Nothing brings a high-powered woman come barreling down like hunger. Always be prepared with a healthy and filling snack such as delicious and nutritious Kind Bars. Flat shoes: If you’re anything like me, you’re willing to sacrifice comfort for a sexy heel. But after eight hours, my feet want nothing but to feel the ground beneath them. A pair of flats in my purse keeps me going even when my comfortable-six-hours-ago heels fail me. Red Lipstick: Red lipstick is a must-have for any woman on the go. A bright shade of red flatters just about every skin tone. Not only does it have the obvious use on your lips, but it can also be used as a blush by blotting small dots on your cheeks and rubbing them in for a flushed look. Hairpins and ties: When your hair falls flat, it’s always nice to have hair ties and pins handy. Also, changing your hair can take you from a daytime look to a nighttime one with minimal effort. Spare keys: When running from appointment to appointment, it’s usual to forget minor things- like taking your keys with you out of the car which turn into major problems. Having a spare set of keys can save you an immense amount of time and effort and ensure that you’ll never have to call roadside assistance with an imaginary cooler-than-whathappened story about how you left your keys in the car for the third time this month (I’m pretty sure those insurance operators in Texas know me by first name now). Business cards: Networking is key to developing a strong set of professional position as it is these very people who will give you support and guidance when needed. You never know where you’re going to meet your next employer or the assistant you’ve been looking far and low for. Also, keeping your business cards in a small pouch separate from your wallet will ensure you won’t have to go about fumbling to find your business cards. Organization is key.

Zoya Singh is a Bay Area law student pursuing a career in fashion law and a contributing writer at BAYFashion.

BAYFashion July 2012


Industry Advisor

TFP s o t o h

s t o o h


by Joan Currie

Health & Safety Tips

There is term used in the fashion industry called Time for Print (TFP) that refers to a professional relationship between a model and photographer, usually before a model signs with an agency, whereby the model provides her services for free to a photographer in exchange for images. These images are added to the model’s portfolio and may range anywhere on the spectrum from commercial work to fine art – often to demonstrate the model’s versatility and with an aim to garner attention from agencies, clients, magazines and media in general.

Early in her career, especially, a model can learn a lot from working with different photographers and come to understand what poses, lighting, clothing styles, etc. work best. A TFP relationship can also allow a successful model to work with some of the most sought-after photographers in the world. Photographers, too, build their portfolios by discovering new talent or working with certain established models – so it should be a win-win situation all round. However, the model-photographer relationship can be fertile ground for abuse due to the lure of fame and fortune and associated sexual activity and illegal drug use. New models may aspire, or even be desperate for the fantasy super model lifestyle and be willing to do almost anything to achieve it. Inexperienced photographers may promote themselves as seasoned professionals to get close to models. It can be very easy for unscrupulous posers to take advantage of innocents, who have not yet learned the ropes, by making promises that they have no intention or are unable to keep.

Joan Currie is a Bay area writer, photographer, and artist. Please see her beauty blog at

BAYFashion July 2012

Before the shoot:

Check out the model’s or photographer’s resume and work in advance to determine if you think her style is a match for you. Discuss the shoot basics such as; location (studio, outdoors), time of day (or night), duration, team or observers expected to be present at the site (e.g. stylists, makeup artists, interns), wardrobe and hair and make-up requirements, travel expenses reimbursement (if any), and partial or full nudity expectations. Negotiate what each party expects to receive from the session: the number of images and resolution (e.g. 72 or 300 resolution) for the model, delivery method (e.g. drop box, prints mailed), expected delivery date (e.g. within two weeks), and image usage rights (e.g. limited versus unlimited use) for both parties. The model should be provided with the negotiated photographic release contract before the day of the shoot. Do not sign a contract without reading and understanding it first and if you have any questions, consult a lawyer or legal aid.

TFP shoots are essential to get your modeling or photography career Brain Workout App Selections started, but a reality check is essential. Make sure that you set your expections practically. Dream, but with your ‘Eyes Wide Open’

On the day of the shoot:

The shoot location is considered a place of business and both parties are expected to behave in a professional manner that brings credit to their respective professions and supports their agreed upon goals. Once you arrive at the shoot it is a good idea to alert a family member or friend that you have arrived and work out an exit strategy in case you need to quit the location. If at any time during the shoot you fear for your safety, leave immediately and call 911. Leave immediately if you experience any of the following such as: inappropriate touching, lewd and lascivious acts, demands for sexual favors, insistence on nudity or erotic poses, forced drug or alcohol use, misrepresentation or bait and switch of any of the items discussed above and settled upon before the shoot. (e.g. a studio needs to have appropriate lighting, solid color backdrop, and private changing area), and coercion to sign a contract that you have not had time to read and evaluate. Note: If you are under 18 years of age, you need to get permission from a parent to do a TFP photo shoot. In addition, you need to be accompanied by her or a designated adult to the shoot and she should remain on the set for the duration. Remember, the police, your teacher or guidance counselor, and doctor are good resources if you have safety questions or issues about the shoot that your parents cannot or will not address.

Note that models and photographers are of both genders and are equally at risk for being abused and also for being the perpetrators. These guidelines that may help reduce the risk of abuse. Setting expectations by clear communication at the beginning and throughout the shoot will go a long way to help reduce the likelihood of abuse and red flag potential abusers and abusive situations.

A safe working environment is a given that models, photographers, and everyone in the fashion industry should insist upon. Note: If you feel that you have serious cause for concern based on your experiences, it’s always advisable to consult a laywer.


Fashion Tech


Must have Fashion Applications by Joan Currie

There are so many wonderful fashion applications (apps) available it was difficult to narrow down my selections to just a few. Listed below are the free iPhone applications that I enjoy using on a daily basis. Please consult an applications store to determine if they are available for your personal mobile device.

Harrods of London

Photos: P. Stable

From one of the most luxurious department stores in the world comes one of the best applications I have ever seen! Categories include: news, upcoming events, and must-have & most desired. My favorite features are a comprehensive store map to help customers easily navigate from one area of the store to another and historical information and photographs about the emporium beginning with “Who was Mr. Harrod?” in the 1830s. Even if you never get the chance to visit London, you will be able to keep abreast of the fashion trends there!


Tiffany & Co. Engagement Ring This sophisticated application is a must-have if you are in the market for the perfect engagement ring. It gives users the ability to sort Tiffany rings by shapes, settings, metals, and design as well as view them on a model’s hand adjusting for skin tone and carats. Added features include ring size determination and the ability to schedule a phone or in-store consultation.

Vogue 365 by Vogue India

Vogue Paris

I love Vogue India magazine for its stunning and artful photography. This application is pure eye candy and treats you to a different fashion look every day of the year! Included is a description of each ensemble plus fashion, beauty, and accessory tips.

This is one of my favorite fashion applications! The text is in French, but even if you don’t read the language you can still enjoy the wonderful images of haute couture, super models, celebrities, looks of the day, shopping suggestions, beauty, and culture.

Chic Feed


If you are looking to keep up with the latest international fashion trends then this application is for you! It consolidates photos from the top fashion blogs on the web such as Face Hunter and LookBook. I like its use of diptychs and triptychs to display fashion photographs and that the site features both female and male models.

Pose is a hot application that allows viewers to post their own fashion photographs and videos and receive feedback about who loved, shared, or commented on the post. There is an incredible range of images from complete ensembles to separates and accessories found in the stores but also those worn by models, celebrities, and fashionistas alike!

Joan Currie is a Bay area writer, photographer, and artist. Please see her beauty blog at

BAYFashion July 2012

Beauty Spot

Featured Beauty Artist

Arlene Coleman Director of Makeup & Hair for Studio Shoots - BAYFashion Magazine

Interviewed by Aliya Qazi Aliya: Tell us something about yourself Arlene... Arlene: At first glance, you will never think of me as a MUA. I am a late bloomer in the beauty industry. I started doing makeup just last August 2011. I went to a makeup school, got certified in June and interned for 2 months till I started freelancing. Believe it or not; I don’t use makeup so I don’t know how to apply makeup on other people as well. I never even own a personal makeup kit lol. My first 3 months was a disaster and nerve wracking.You have no clue what I have been through. But in a short period of time, I became some of designer’s favorite MUA. Now, I may say that I truly had a given talent and didn’t realize that it exists. Presently I am the MUA Director for BFM and VOLO in addition to some agencies in the fashion industry and big runway shows in the Bay Area. I couldn’t ask for anything more. I AM BLESSED! Aliya: What is your definition of Beauty? Arlene: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. We have our own definition of what beauty is. Some wanted it simple and classic and some wanted it funky and extreme. Whatever makes you comfortable wearing on your face is all that matters. It is you who needs to be satisfied of how you wanted to look like. Be it! Own it! Love it!

Model: Shai’la Yvonne | Photo: Shankha

Aliya: Your sources of inspiration: Arlene: I guess YouTube makeup tutorials. There are amazing MUAs that are just so in love with their craft. Beauty books like Kevyn Aucoin, Bobby Brown and Jemma Kidd and also the Bay Area MUAs that I got the chance to work with.They are amazing and very inspirational! Aliya: Favorite product and product line and why Arlene: Urban Decay NAKED palettes, MAC eye shadows and bronzers and most of all… EVE PEARL HD Primer, Foundation and Concealer makeup line. I LOVE flawless base. Aliya: Favorite tool Arlene: My handy dandy MAC and Crown brushes. My wet sponges too. Aliya: Any beauty tips for our readers? Arlene: LESS is MORE. Also be comfortable of what you want to put on your face. Be it! Own it! Love it! Aliya: Future plans as a MUA, where do you want to take your career? Arlene: I think I have reached the monument of what i would wants to be in my MUA career. But I would say since makeup styles changes in every season. I would say more training and lots and lots of makeup classes to attend LOL!

Aliya Qazi is Beauty Editor at BAYFashion Magazine. She is mother of two who loves makeup and exels in it.

Talent Corner 121

Joey Laguens BAYFashion Magazine FRESH FACE of the BAY


July 2012

BAYFashion July 2012

Model: Joey Lagunes Stylist: Steffani Symons Photographer: Lisa Ormsby

BF: How old are you and where do you reside? When did you start modeling? JL: I am 23 years old and live in Cardiff by the Sea, California. I am new to the industry and and got my first modeling opportunity 2 months ago. BF: What inspired you to model in the first place? What do you do to keep fit? JL: My mom is the one who helped me get my foot in the door by suggesting I audition to be a model in a local runway show. I like to play tennis, go to the beach, surf and go to the gym whenever I can. BF: Who is your style icon and why? JL: I really like the style of Michael Fassbender because he knows how to command attention with his image on screen. I like his laid back street style type of look which is casual, but with an edge. BF: What do you do in your spare time? Have any hobbies? JL: I like to out with my friends to the local bars and restaurants,

as well as go to the movies. I enjoy staying active and doing outdoor activities like volleyball and boating at the lake. BF: What kind of model do you see yourself being? JL: I see myself being a classic style model but with a lot of versatility in the looks I portray. I have been told I have an all American Polo Ralph Lauren style look, which I like. I think with my look I will do well in commercial style modeling for catalogs and look books. I also do well with the “clean cut with an edge” style of looks. I am working hard at advancing my career as a model, and I look forward to seeing where it takes me. BF: How was your experience shooting for BayFashion’s New Face production? If so, would you do it again? JL: It was a great experience and I had a wonderful time doing this shoot. We shot these looks at a local golf course in Ramona, California. The photographer Lisa did a great job and I enjoyed working with everyone on the team. I would absolutely do it again, and hopefully you will see me in the upcoming August issue!


Editors Desk

Next Issue

The Jetsetter Fashion Statement

Stay Tuned...

the team Editor-in-Chief: Gautam Goswami VP & Publisher: Chris Rojas Fashion Editor: Ylevol Tam Nguyen Creative Director: Yuri Shiller Writing Director: Joan Currie Makeup Director: Arlene Coleman Alternative Fashion Editor: Adrienne Glenn Paris Correspondent: Greg Alexander Beauty Editor: Aliya Qazi Photographic Art Director: Tim Engle Production Director: Yefim Remarenko Music Editor: Sason Bishop Parry S.California Style Director: Steffani Symons Arts & Romance Writer: Jason Martineau Designer Scout: Hadi Labarang PR Director: Kelly Jackson Contributing Writer: Zoya Singh Brand Ambassadors: Jeremy Raymer & Jillian Garcia Cover Photo: Greg Alexander Cover Designer: AMALIA MATTAÖR Feather & chains «Dancing bag « Cover Model: Ekaterina P. Published by: Klasique Corp.

It has become a tradition at BAYFashion for us to make every issue better than the one before. We plan to keep this up till we have reached the level where we feel satisfied that the quality of our layouts, photographs and content is nothing short of World Class. BAYFashion takes a huge leap with this issue. We move to becoming a full print magazine from being primarily online (limited on-demand print has been available for a year or more now). We jump into full print by throwing the mother of all fashion parties in San Francisco’s Clift Hotel on the 26th of this month. Co-sponsored by Ferrari of San Francisco and Clift Hotel, this party will rock the world of fashion in SF. If you are reading this magazine in print, you are most probably at the party or you are a print subscriber. Thank you for your patronage. The magazine looks just amazing in print, and if you are not yet a subscriber, subscribe today!! The next issue of BAYFashion Magazine will be the Jetsetter Issue. We will bring you the lifestyle of tech kingpins, liquour barons and real estate moguls alike. Silicon Valley is full of jetsetters and we feel that its time someone focused on their unique style statement. Be sure to get your issue, it will also contain the best deals to get to the hottest destinations around the world - on a jet! be it your own, or a commercial airliner. I would like to thank our fans and followers, you are our inspiration, at the time of going to print with this issue, BAYFashion has 28,687 fans with over 2300 talking about us on this day. I am sure this number will be much higher when you read the issue and we are thankful to you for that.

Shankha Enjoy the issue,

Email the editor at:

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BAYFashion July 2012 - Haute Couture Special  

BAYFashion brings a World of Fashion to San Francisco readers in this issue with exclusive coverage from Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week, E...

BAYFashion July 2012 - Haute Couture Special  

BAYFashion brings a World of Fashion to San Francisco readers in this issue with exclusive coverage from Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week, E...

Profile for klasique