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4th Issue December 2010

Cut ies

Beautiful, Refreshing, Artistic... from the Bay Area

Victoria Melshaw - Supermodel in the making Rodel Quintos - The Crazy Tattoed Biker Guy



Featured Designer - Janelle Lei Cardenas Fashion Destination - Yosemite National Park

BAYCUTIES December 2010

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BAYCUTIES December 2010

What s Inside

5 Editors View 6 Bay Fashionista - Jessica Farwell 12 Fashion Destination - Yosemite National Park 47 Meet the Models - Interviews 52 Beauty Spot - The Lure of Red Lips 54 Photographer Profile - Rodel Quintos 60 Feeling Good from the Inside Out - Laura Beck 62 Supermodel in the making - Victoria Melshaw 68 Why are you modeling? Plan your modeling career 72 MUA Jen - Get to know her 74 Fashion Event - BAYCuties November Party 82 Featured Designer - Janelle Cardenas 88 Last Look - Yosemite Half Dome Editor: Gautam Goswami

Super Contributors for this issue: Tim Engle (Photos & Production) , Marina Friedland (Makeup, Model, Author) & Minh Truong (Advertisements) Published by: Klasique Corp. Cover Photo: Rodel Qunitos Cover Model: Zabrina Jade Cover Model Makeup: Marina Friedland Cover Model Hair: Erik Foldhazi VISIT for previous issues of BAYCuties Magazine and exclusive showcases of visual artists featured on BAYCuties Magazine


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BAYCUTIES December 2010

What is so special about Yosemite? You have to go there to experience it! Welcome to the 4th issue of BAYCuties Fashion Magazine!

If you are a returning reader, I would like to start by thanking you for your continued interest in our magazine and I hope you have ‘Liked’ us on Facebook at http://www.facebook .com/baycuties. In this issue BAYCuties Magazine focuses on Haute Couture and Hi-Fashion on the backdrop of the picturesque Yosemite National Park . Yosemite has always been my favorite destination to get closer to mother Earth and enjoy the stillness, peace , energy and beauty of nature . We are bent on crushing the belief that Hi-Fashion magazine shots is only the domain of elite models and highly paid fashion photographers and we have compiled an issue that will prove it beyond doubt. We want to make BAYCuties Magazine a publication that the BAY Area is proud of and we thank all the support we have been getting from you! our readers and fans. Enough said ...Enjoy this issue and please post all your feedback on our facebook fan page .

Shankha Thx

Email me at: 5

BAYCUTIES December 2010

Jessica Farwell

Bay Fashionista

Professional Model from Santa Rosa, Ca

PHOTOS by Shankha, TO FEATURE yourself or your work on BAYCuties email VISIT for previous issues of BAYCuties Magazine and exclusive showcases of visual artists featured on BAYCuties Magazine


BAYCUTIES December 2010

Jessica Farwell Photographed by Shankha

Jacket - Larry Levine Boots - Wild Diva Shirt - Romeo & Juliet Couture Pants - I•N•C 7

BAYCUTIES December 2010

Sweater - Treehouse28 Skirt - Forever21 Socks - Charter Club Shoes - Bumper Jacket - Marvin Richards


BAYCUTIES December 2010

Jessica Farwell Photographed by Shankha


BAYCUTIES December 2010

Jessica Farwell Photographed by Shankha

Pantsuit - Treehouse28 Shoes - Harajuku Lovers Fur collar jacket - Marvin Richards


BAYCUTIES December 2010

Bra - XOXO Jacket - Larry Levine Shoes - Naughty Monkey


Fashion Destination

BAYCUTIES December 2010


Yosemite Nat ional Park

BAYCUTIES December 2010

Yosemite National Park is situated in Sierra Nevada that is located in the east-central part of California. Words cannot describe the beauty of this valley, guarded by peaks that rise up into the sky with the sheer steepness of modern day skycrapers. Every season brings a new kind of beauty to Yosemite, unique, amazing, breathtaking sceneries that bring you closers to mother nature than ever before. Photo: Tim Engle (


BAYCUTIES December 2010

Serene, heavenly, peaceful... If you want to take a break from the hyperactivity of city life the best place to go is Yosemite. 3-1/2 hrs away from San Francisco, Yosemite is the closest thing to heaven you will experience near the BAY Area. In this shot photographer Tim Engle has captured the peace of the moment along with the beauty of Stephanie Manzano’s angelic face to create a picture which is truly amazing.

Yosemite - Fashion Destination Models


Marina Friedland

Stephanie Manzano

Victoria Melshaw

Cody Matthes

Joy Mann

Jesse Alford


Alexis Lexus

Brenda Andrade

& Zabrina Jade


Constance Ng

& Janelle Cardenas

Makeup & Hair 14

& Kevin Chan

Melissa Hoffmann & Marina Friedland

Rodel Quintos

Rosalyn Klein

Jennifer Siqueiros

Tim Engle

Erik Fodhazi

Stacey Khuu


BAYCUTIES December 2010

Stephanie Manzano by Tim Engle 15

BAYCUTIES December 2010


Yosemite in Fall is a festival of colors that will make you wonder if you have just transcended to a completely different world.

Marina Friedland & Zabrina Jade by Shankha



BAYCUTIES December 2010

Victoria Melshaw by Jesse Alford 17


BAYCUTIES December 2010


The majestic pine trees climb skywards leaving very little space to let the Sun shine through, but when it does, the view is just magnificient Zabrina Jade by Tim Engle


BAYCUTIES December 2010

There have been many devastating fires in the Sierra Nevada, which have left the trees dead and earth burnt. But Yosemite in its splendor of life and majestic beauty embraces and includes these charred spots in its landscape, granting them a surreal atmosphere of supernatural beauty. Victoria Melshaw by Tim Engle 19


BAYCUTIES December 2010


Cody Matthes & Alexis Lexus by Shankha

Visiting Yosemite is always a wonderful experience, whether its with friends for a simple day trip or maybe a planned camping vacation with white water rafting on the Merced river (seen in the background) as it leaves the valley.


BAYCUTIES December 2010

Fall is about over and with the onset of winter, Yosemite starts changing its colors, leaving us with a burst of flame red landscape which will very soon give way to the pure whiteness of snow and fresh green grass.

Brenda Andrade by Shankha 21

BAYCUTIES December 2010


Zabrina Jade by Tim Engle


On the weekends Yosemite turns into a very crowded tourist destination, so if you really want to enjoy the valley, make sure to go on a weekday. The scenery just looks better with less of us polluting humans, around.


BAYCUTIES December 2010

Stephanie Manzano makes a fashion statement strolling down the center divider on El Portal Road. The air is clear, the sun is shining and we are approaching the valley.

Stephanie Manzano by Tim Engle 23


BAYCUTIES December 2010

Winter is nearly here in Yosemite and the snow has started falling in the higher altitude areas. Tioga pass is one of the most amazing roads you will ever travel, where snow starts as early as October.

Marine Friedland & Cody Matthes by Shankha 24


BAYCUTIES December 2010

When the rays of the Sun are unable to melt the snow as it floats down from the clouds down to the peaks of Yosemite, snow crowns the majesticness of these sheer cliffs while the Sun frames its glorious profile. Joy Mann by Shankha



BAYCUTIES December 2010

Rosalyn Klein looks off into the distance amazed by her first visit to this heaven on earth. The awe in her eyes and the feeling of freedom in her body aptly demonstrates mans primal instinct to get close to nature.

Rosalyn Klein by Rodel Quintos 26

BAYCUTIES December 2010

Lexus Alexis by Jesse Alford


A little black dress within a heavy winter coat. Alexis is ready for either the Sun or the Snow to win in this battle for climate supremacy on this November day in Yosemite National Park



BAYCUTIES December 2010

The Pine tree is hundreds, maybe thousands of years old and standing close to it makes Alexis reignite the pride we should all feel to be part of a very special race of living beings, We need to realize that our great mother Earth now needs to be protected from us, her own children! or we will all perish to her fury.

Alexis Lexus by Rodel Quintos 28

Joy Mann by Jesse Alford


BAYCUTIES December 2010


BAYCUTIES December 2010

The Merced River tumbles off the slopes of Mount Lyell down Nevada and Vernal Falls before meandering through Yosemite Valley. Rafting the flat water section of the Merced River through the valley is not permitted. After leaving the valley floor, the Merced River drops over a series of unrunnable Class VI rapids before crossing the park boundary and entering a typical Sierra Nevada river canyon. The river is the centerpiece of the Valley and plays a huge part in making the Valley picturesque beyond definition. 32

BAYCUTIES December 2010

Photo: Tim Engle ( 33


BAYCUTIES December 2010

Cody Matthes by Jesse Alford 34


BAYCUTIES December 2010

Joy Mann & Alexis Lexus by Rodel Quintos 35


BAYCUTIES December 2010


Marina Friedland hails from Ukraine and is no stranger to snow clad peaks. But even she had to agree that Yosemite’s capability to change its avatar like a chameleon wih every coming season is something that makes this valley very unique and amazing.

Marina Friedland by Jesse Alford


BAYCUTIES December 2010

This shot with Yosemite falls combined with the fiery fall colors provides an unparalleled fashion backdrop which embodies the spirit of our effort to showcase Yosemite as an amazing fashion destination

Brenda Andrade by Tim Engle 37


BAYCUTIES December 2010


Victoria Melshaw by Tim Engle


BAYCUTIES December 2010

Rosalyn Klein by Kevin Chan 39

BAYCUTIES December 2010


Victoria Melshaw displays her masjestic form in the background of burnt trees which try to defy death by standing proud, but eventually falling down to the ground from where they will be born again. She exemplifies the glory of human existence on our beautiful planet.


Victoria Melshaw in a PIRET BIKINI by Jesse Alford


BAYCUTIES December 2010

The rays of the Sun hit Stephanie’s body at the exact moment when this photo was taken. With the clouds moving in fast, this moment illuminated the tree tops and threw a streak at Stephanie in a dreamy moment which was captured for eternity by Shankha


BAYCUTIES December 2010


A thousand year old tree cradles a 18 year old beauty. Stephanie Manzano is the angel caught in the girth of this gentle giant who has witnessed more seasons than generations of humans.


Stephanie Manzano by Tim Engle


BAYCUTIES December 2010

Marina Friedland by Jesse Alford

Oh I wish I could live here, away from the buzz and bother of city life, away from the prison of televisions and cellphones...In the peace and serenity of mother nature. With a heavy heart we bid adieu to Yosemite 43

BAYCUTIES December 2010

PHOTOS by Tim Engle, Jesse Alford, Rodel Quintos, Shankha & Kevin Chan DESIGNS by Janelle Cardenas & Constance Ng FEATURED on Marina Friedland, Rosalyn Klein, Stephanie Manzano, Joy Mann, Zabrina Jade, Lexus Alexis, Brenda Andrade & Cody Matthes MAKEUP by Marina Friedland, Jennifer Siqueiros & Melissa Hoffman HAIR by Erik Foldhazi & Stacey Khuu VISIT for previous issues of BAYCuties Magazine and exclusive showcases and videos of visual artists featured on BAYCuties Magazine 44

BAYCUTIES December 2010

From left to right: Paul Beattie, Victoria Melshaw,Zabrina Jade, Samantha Lexus, Erik Foldhazi, Brenda Andrade, Rodel Quintos, Cody Matthes, Joy Mann, Jesse Alford, Marina Friedland, Stacey Khuu, Rosalyn Klein, Stephanie Manzano & Tim Engle - Photo by Shankha


BAYCUTIES December 2010

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BAYCUTIES December 2010

Interviews wit h t he Cut ies

Meet the Models

Watch Video Interviews & Auditions with models and many more videos and pictures at


BAYCUTIES December 2010

BC: Who are you beautiful lady? SM: My name is Stephanie Louise Manzano, I am 18 years old. I was born in San Francisco and raised in Davis Ca. BC: How did you get into modeling? SM: My friend Tyler Mitchell asked me to model for some of his portfolio work and I have loved it ever since. BC: Other than modeling, what else is your passion? SM: Drawing and painting. I watched my older sister Katelyn draw when I was younger and I’ve always looked up to her for it. Any artistic qualities I have are because of her. I honestly don’t have time to do either much but I love to draw and paint.

BC: Single or Taken? SM: I am dating some one at the moment. BC: Lover or fighter? SM: Fighter when it comes to the people I love…. BC: Where do you see yourself in 5 years? SM: San Francisco, LA, hopefully even New York! BC: What’s something no one would guess about you? SM: I’m very quiet and I get sad a lot from thinking about the past.

BC: Final words? SM: BayCuties rocks!!

BC: How long have you been modeling? SM: Less than a year. Only the past three months really. BC: How did you hear about BAYCuties Magazine? SM: The amazing photographer Tim Engle : ) BC:Why did you want to be in our Magazine? Any one reason why you like the magazine? SM: I wanted to get the opportunity to be able to work with all the amazing photographers. BC: Whats your Guilty pleasure? SM: Dessert..and sweets in general...I have a terrible sweet tooth!! BC: What scares you? SM: Losing the people I care about the most. BC: Who are you when you are not glamed up, what do you wear in real life? SM: That’s a good question. I don’t usually plan those things ahead. Just throw on what’s in my closet, depending on my mood. I usually take the comfortable route! I’m all about American apparel.


Stephanie Manzano by Tim Engle

BC: Care to introduce yourself to our readers? MF: Hi. I am Marina Friedland, I am 23 years old from Lubny, Ukraine

BAYCUTIES December 2010

BC: How did you get into modeling? MF: My first introduction to modeling happened at a busy intersection in one of Kiev’s largest streets. While casually walking through the streets, a man approached me and offered me a modeling gig. I was immediately excited at the prospect of the experience. Being a student with very little spending money, I instantly realized that this was my shot to be glamorous at someone else’s expense! ;) I was 18 at the time and haven’t looked back since. BC: Other than modeling, what else is your passion? MF: My passion revolves around makeup. I love to improve myself and those around me, makeup 4 life. BC: How long have you been modeling? MF: I have been modeling for 5 years. BC: How did you hear about BAYCuties Magazine? MF: I heard about this Magazine from friends. BC: Why did you want to be in our Magazine? Any one reason why you like the magazine? MF: I wanted to be part of this magazine because it allowed me the opportunity to combine both of my passions, modeling and makeup into a role that will help me and the magazine grow. I look forward to the December issue and know that all of my hard work will result in some of the best pictures for all of you to enjoy. BC: What scares you? MF: Skunks and ET BC: What is your guilty pleasure? MF: Shopping, shopping and shopping. BC: Who are you when you are not glamed up, what do you wear in real life? MF: I like to feel comfortable and wear whatever is appropriate for the occasion. Being glamoured up is a state of being and no matter what I wear, I always look good.

Marina Friedland by Shankha

BC: Single or Taken? MF: Sorry guys I am taken. 4 months of marriage and counting BC: Lover or fighter? MF: Fighter of course, how else would I get what I want? BC: Favorite position? And favorite bedroom line? MG: secret :) BC: Where do you see yourself in 5 years? MF: The White House! BC: What’s something no one would guess about you? MF: I studied opera for 6 years and sometimes sing it in shower. BC: Final Words? MF: “Before marriage, a girl has to make love to a man to hold him. After marriage, she has to hold him to make love to him.” Marilyn Monroe


BAYCUTIES December 2010

BC: Who are you beautiful lady? RK: I’m Rosalyn Klein, I am 21 years old and I am from Sacramento, Ca BC: How did you get into modeling? RK A friend of mine who was a photography major at Sac State needed a model for a project. So, my first photo shoot was in the CSUS studio holding a bunch of Sharpies and making rocker-esque faces. BC: Other than modeling, what else is your passion? RK: I love music, and I believe that the right music can feed your soul, heal you, and bring you the inspiration you need in any walk of life. BC: How long have you been modeling? RK: Almost two and a half years. BC: How did you hear about BAYCuties Magazine? RK: One of the photographers approached me on Model Mayhem. BC:Why did you want to be in our Magazine? RK: Being featured in BAYCuties is a huge step for me because I have never done publications before. I like the magazine because it allows the personality of every model, designer, or artist to shine through. BC: Whats your Guilty pleasure? RK Putting marshmallows in the microwave. Honestly, it is so disgustingly delicious - you have to try it! BC: What scares you? RK: A lot of things. Spiders, dogs that bark too much and jump on you, scary movies... BC: Who are you when you are not glamed up, what do you wear in real life? RK: When I have to dress myself and do my own hair and makeup, I still try to be fashionable without looking like I tried too hard. I love boots, jewelry (especially rings!), and putting on makeup. But, when I do not have to work or go to class you are most likely to find me in my favorite sweats or my o-so-stylish red footsie pajamas with penguins. BC: Single or Taken? RK Most definitely single. BC: Lover or fighter? RK Right now, I’m going to have to say fighter.

Rosalyn Klein by Tim Engle

BC: Where do you see yourself in 5 years? RK: Probably transitioning at that point in my life. I will be twenty-six then, so my modeling days will be almost over unless if I age extremely well, or maybe I’ll be going back to school to further my non-modeling career. BC: What’s something no one would guess about you? RK: I love to cook and eat! Just because I model, people think I don’t eat or I don’t eat the really good stuff, like french fries, a bread bowl, or full-fat ice cream. But don’t worry, I still indulge and love every minute of it! BC: Final words? RK: There’s no point in not trying, no matter what you do. So, dream big and put your all into everything. 50

BAYCUTIES December 2010

BC: Care to introduce yourself to our readers? JM: Hi people, I am Joy Mann, I am 26 and I am originally frim Naperville, Illinois. BC: How did you get into modeling? JM: My aunt modeled for YSL and was discovered by Mr. Laurent himself, so modeling was always something I’ve been infatuated with after observing her career as a little girl. I started out as a pageant girl though! BC: Other than modeling, what else is your passion? JM: I love to write music and poetry. I’ve been doing it since I was in 2nd grade. I also love to read, paint, dance ballet, and write, film and edit my own documentaries on various social issues. BC: How long have you been modeling? JM: A couple of years BC: How did you hear about BAYCuties Magazine? JM: Rodel Quintos mentioned it to me

BC: Single or Taken? JM: Single :)

BC: Why did you want to be in our Magazine? Any one reason why you like the magazine? JM: I love the concept and vision of the magazine. I definitely agree that the Bay Area has a lot of artistic talent to show off!

BC: Lover or fighter? JM: I’ll fight for what I love....

BC: What scares you? Losing the people I love.

BC: Where do you see yourself in 5 years? JM: Hopefully still working and evolving with my career, and being all done with my Masters.

BC: Whats your Guilty pleasure? JM: Cupcakes, ice cream and bubble baths! BC: Who are you when you are not glamed up, what do you wear in real life? JM: I’m a simple jeans and T-shirt girl. I love being dolled up, but I need to be comfortable! I usually throw on some leggings, a sweater and ballet flats, that is IF I bother to change out of my sweats!

BC: Favorite position? And favorite bedroom line? MG: secret :)

BC: What’s something no one would guess about you? JM: I’m a published poet! BC: Final Words? JM: “you only live once-but if you live like meonce is enough” -Frank Sinatra

Joy Mann by Jesse Alford 51

Beaut y Spot

BAYCUTIES December 2010

The Lure of Red Lips

By Marina Friedland

The lure of luscious red lips is a trait that men find very hardto resist. Over the years we have learned to associate the color red with classical sex appeal and modern glamour. Known for its charm, bold red lips play an essential role in enhancing beauty during the winter season. It is the ideal color for New Years, Christmas and the corporate environment. Sadly, as a makeup artist, I have discovered that woman have a tendency to avoid red lipstick. On the other hand, I observed that once the color is properly applied, their attitude towards red lips completely changes! If you find yourself struggling to create those perfect red lips, then here is a tip that will surely turn some heads your way this holiday season. What you need: Lip liner Lipstick Patience Tip 1: Always Choose your red according to your skin tone. Fairskinned ladies should opt for a red with cool undertone. Ideally it should be the blackberry, plum, or pink tones of red. Warm skin tones look great in warm reds. To compliment their tone ladies should choose colors like golden or brown based red. Dark brown skin looks stunning in bright reds. Have a question? Or a specific project? Contact Marina at: or at her facebook page at 52

Tip 2: The accuracy of applying red is very important. Your accuracy can make you into the hottest babe or a Ronald McDonald look alike. Outline your lips with red lip liner. Apply a thick layer of color with a lip brush to the top lip before applying it to the bottom. Blot lips with tissue and re-apply a second layer of lipstick with your lip brush. The second layer will ensure that the color lasts for hours. General Tips 1. Avoid getting lipstick on your teeth. 2. If you are going to go outdoors, consider softer shade. 3. To prevent smudging apply a little bit of concealer around the borders of your lips. Keep in mind the phrase that balance is essential. If you decide to apply red lipstick, keep your eye makeup neutral. Beige shadows, mascara and light application of blush on a lightly powdered face is all you need. If you want to add a French charm to the look, define your eyes using liquid or black gel eyeliner. Of course all of these tips are meaningless without your smile. Enjoy the winter holidays. Be brave, beautiful, and bold, and compliment those beautiful red lips with a gorgeous smile. From the BAYCuties team we would like to wish all of you the happiest holidays!

BAYCUTIES December 2010


Phot ographer Profile Rodel Quintos BAYCUTIES December 2010

A.K.A the tattooed, biker, photographer guy

Hello! My name is Rodel Quintos and I am a photographer based in Santa Clara California. My recent work has been focused on Conceptual Portraits, Fashion and most recently Editorial. These are the areas that I am hoping to excel in. I consider myself an avid art enthusiast. Ever since I was a kid I have been very interested in the world ofArts. Most of my College education is either Arts or work related subjects. I have studied and admired the works of great artists from painters, sculptors and photographers. I often ask myself why am I not as gifted as them. For years I struggled to find that perfect medium to express my artistic side that I know is in me. I wanted to get into photography 20 yrs ago but was distracted to learn other things. I tried to learn the piano, guitar, drums, singing, was member of a dance crew, drawing and painting to name a few. Then one day, I remember during my childhood, I often watch fashion shows on tv and looking at fashion magazines and saying, someday I am going to be part of that industry.

Finally, the searching is over. I have finally found the perfect medium to express my vision and that is Photography. Photography has allowed me to be as artistic as I want to be. Each model that I work with has to have a theme. My goal is to set them apart and give them that look that no one would think is possible. So far I think I have accomplished that. I am fortunate and thankful for the great artists that I have worked with and the great feedback I have been receiving. Certainly, all my hard work seems to be paying off. Ever since I sold my motorcycle and bought my first DSLR camera, I do not remember the last time I had a good night sleep. But, it is all worth it. This is my passion but, most people would describe it as obsession. Every day I learn something new about photography. And I will continue working on learning this craft and hope to say someday that I am a good photographer. For now, I still consider myself an amateur. Thank you all so much! Other interesting facts about me: I’m an adventurer, thrill seeker, love to travel, motorcycle is my passion, tattoos and the industry fascinates me, avid runner/marathoner, cyclist, I participate in triathlons, love sports, love to read, businessman at one point, licensed real estate broker, love to multitask, people at work call me the jack of all trades, have a never say die attitude (I always say if there’s a will there’s a way), goal oriented and very hard headed, oh and live life to the fullest!

You can connect with Rodel at:


BAYCUTIES December 2010

Zsofia Tallai Makeup by: Samantha Marie 55

BAYCUTIES December 2010

Kelly Pantaleoni

56 Makeup by: Andy Nguyen Hair by Diana Sudaria Antes

BAYCUTIES December 2010

Rebeka Joye Makeup by: Minnie Phan


BAYCUTIES December 2010

Jackie Krupnick


BAYCUTIES December 2010



Reflect ion Point

BAYCUTIES December 2010

Feeling Good from the Inside Out

Holidays come on with a bang and a flurry of activities to get a lot done. We also feel expectations to be social, holiday spirited and naturally, everyone wants to be their best when going out, working or meeting up with others. When you think about how much time, money and effort we all put into our physical appearance so that we can have the experience of feeling “just right” about who or how we show up to others. While many of these primping and priming behaviors make us, feel an extra edge of confidence in our image, in our minds we may be sabotaging our natural good mood by stressing minute to minute or all day long as we go through our day. How do we get through the holidays working to [peak performance and socially in between and get everything done to feel relaxed and sexy from the inside out? As a counselor and business coach every day I help people save time and stress by looking at what we really need to work at peak performance and look our best. I tell people in any job and with any image issue. “It is an inside job-- so let’s figure out what you need to have a good week and to feel great.”


Tip #1. Start by looking out ahead of your week: Some people look out a month at a time or a week at a glance but starting each week and each morning to plan can be a lifesaver. Anticipate what you need, pad your transitions and make your priority lists in advance. When we can see what is coming at us and have a sense of being in control – we always feel more relaxed and than feel free and easier to relate to in the moment. Look at carving out time to check in on the personal side like exercise, massage and relaxation as well as balancing the GO work, performance and erron side of your life.

By Laura Beck

(Life & Executive Coach)

Journals, planning calendars and having resources can make the difference in the details when it comes to having a sense of being centered and centered. Tip #2. Giving yourself pause and time to reflect and introspect: We often give our self little time to reflect and process interactions with others or to identify our own feelings. Many people find themselves rushing through their days and years to track what is going on with them. Some people find themselves suddenly out of energy or in a bad mood when it comes to that important Christmas party with terrific networking or nice to relate to friends. Ask what yourself every day (and don’t leave it close to seeping hour) what you are feeling and what you are needing? Are you expressing your feelings enough so you do not have to worry with others? Are you identifying what is taking your confidence or good mood away? Questions to check in yourself will help you feel self connected and therefore be able to be more comfortable around others in work or social settings. Tip #3. Do less with More during holidays by reducing expectations: Most people over do it on many levels when they feel insecure or stressed. You obviously need to excel at your work to stay competitive but even star athletes need recovery and balance. Look at your expectations for yourself and others? Are you over compensating by trying to mask insecurity by perfection? Do you over promise and over deliver? Do you procrastinate or have to outshine everyone to feel liked? Running around frenzied over decorating or over giving can take a nasty toll on your energy as well as your sense of worth.

BAYCUTIES December 2010

Try to affirm who you are and what your real value is. Realize that self-love and self-care are key to keeping your life in balance. Part of that process is managing expectations of yourself and others. Can you check in and clarify so you are not worrying and doubting later?

If you do not tend to acknowledge people when they speak to you- now is a fantastic time to be thoughtful. In every conversation try to notice and acknowledge what people are trying to do, what their efforts are or for how they are relating to you in the moment.

What are your expectations of others? What are your expectations of yourself at this time? Keep a journal, talk to supportive friends and find a way to feel clear and conscious about what is working and not working in your life.

Feeling happy, feeling content and feeling sexy, hot and attractive has everything to do with how you treat your yourself from the inside and how you re spond to the world around you. That means noticing all that is right around you and all that is wonderful about your self.

Tip #4. Nurture and Self-Soothe with Positive Selftalk: If you cannot remember all the nurturing things your parents told you (in case they never did have the skills), it is important to know how to appreciate yourself for everything you are and everything you have, including your relationships. Your moods, behaviors and attitudes are affected by your thoughts. Track your thoughts for a week and see if you are helpful and positive in your thinking style to yourself and with others. Refute your anxieties and push out the most self soothing words you can think of.” I can trust and believe in myself”.” I can relax and be myself and its okay”. “It’s okay to feel sexy from the inside out.”

Laura Steck, M.A Executive Coach and Counselor Growth & Leadership 408.734.2300.307 Have a question? Need a life coach to help you succeed in your career or personal life? Ask Laura at:

Tip #5. Practice Patience and Compassion: Holidays are times that bring out the best and worst of ourselves because there are so many unconscious memories we run into. If you feel yourself getting irritated at the older woman in line or by the sound of your partners voice- take a deep breath and remember that compassion and lightheartedness goes a long way. Holidays are a great time to practice being whimsical and loving by what you say and do.


BAYCUTIES December 2010

Vict oria Melshaw

Supermodel in the making

PHOTOS by Gabriella Clavel Shankha Sam Hayashi

CONTACT Victoria by visiting her Facebook Portfolio at To feature yourself or your work on BAYCuties email VISIT for previous issues of BAYCuties Magazine and exclusive showcases of visual artists featured on BAYCuties Magazine


BAYCUTIES December 2010

Victoria Melshaw Photographed by Jesse Alford at Yousemite National Park, Ca The first time I saw Victoria’s pictures, I was instantly mesmerzed in by the Royal princess like features that she has been bestowed with. She was an automatic choice for our mega fashion shoot in Yosemite and we were very glad when she accepted our invitation. Victoria is the perfect model for any photographer. She has the capability to pull off many different looks (showcased here) with great ease and give that extra edge to every picture taken of her. She is a true Bay Cutie... beautiful, fashionable, refreshing and determined to succeed


BAYCUTIES December 2010

Victoria Melshaw Photographed by Sam Hayashi 64

BAYCUTIES December 2010

Victoria Melshaw Photographed by Shankha at Yousemite National Park, Ca


BAYCUTIES December 2010

Victoria Melshaw Photographed by Gabriella Clavel Hair by Laura Milo Makeup by Melissa Hoffmann


BAYCUTIES December 2010

BC: Care to introduce yourself? VM: Hi I’m Victoria Melshaw, I am 26 and I am from Pleasant Grove California. Your home grown country girl :)

BC: Single or Taken? VM: I’ve been single for 2 years and one guy recently got my attention and we’ve grown super close, but he’s moving far away soon… BC: Lover or fighter? VM: I’m such a lover! I don’t like fighting with anyone, unless they push me to the point that I need to back them off or tell them how it is…then I’ll fight, but I like to get in and get out… BC: Where do you see yourself in 5 years? VM: I see myself having a house in downtown sacramento… training my horses and having an apt in LA and traveling back and forth to do work there and maintain my life up here. Also work in the Bay that’s a given! I want to be a catalog model, so hopefully by then I’ll be well on my way with that! Also my graphic arts company will be huge by then. I’m currently just focusing on logos and print material, but in five years it will cover much more. I also just recently decided to get into styling, so who knows I might have a small side business for that especially since it goes hand and hand with modeling. So I guess I see myself being super busy…successful…and extremely happy???? yes please! BC: What’s something no one would guess about you? VM: That I can drive an old school water truck with no power steering around and arena and not run into anything or over anyone…haha seriously can you say….photo shoot? BC: Final words? VM: I really do have a lot going on and I love everything I do. My work is my life and modeling has really been a great decision for me. I’ve gained healthy confidence and realized there is so much out there for the taking. My next step is to work towards editorial and catalog work. I’d love to move into that direction and let this world see what I’m made of … My goal is to find the right agency for me….one that knows I’ll be a great addition… Finally thank you BAYCuties for the interview and the photo shoot in Yosemite…that was pretty awesome… : )

BC: How did you get into modeling? VM: I actually wanted to my whole life, but didn’t take the leap until I saw Maxim’s Hometown Hotties on E! and for some reason it inspired me to set up my first shoot and it’s the best thing I ever did… BC: Other than modeling, what else is your passion? VM: Well my horses for sure have always been a passion. I’ve been riding and training for years. I’m lucky enough to have a horse business with my mom and we raise prospects together and show them with the hopes they’ll be bought by people who will continue to promote them. It’s a great balance to have with my modeling career. BC: How long have you been modeling? VM: My first shoot was in April of this year. So not very long, but I’ve been blessed to work with some talented and genuine people. BC: So How did you hear about BAYCuties Magazine? BA: I actually received a Model Mayhem message and it caught my attention. BC: Why did you want to be in our magazine? Any reason why you like the magazine? VM: I was really intrigued with the winter fashion shoot. It just seemed really unique and I knew it would turn out amazing and wanted to be a part of it. BC: Whats your Guilty pleasure? VM: Riding a horse at night under the stars with no one around and my iPhone strapped to my arm playing a killer Pandora station that allows me to think about well whatever my heart desires…if you ever get the chance its amazing and even more amazing on a beach…. BC: What scares you? VM: Lack of direction…I always like to know at least where I’m trying to get in life... BC: Who are you when you are not glamed up, what do you wear in real life? VM: My comfy at home outfit is definitely baseball socks, boy shorts and a tank. My around town relaxed outfit it cut off shorts or designer jeans (my weakness) a cute tank, flip flops, and sunglasses… 67

Why are you Modeling?

BAYCUTIES December 2010

Plan your modeling career

One of the questions we always ask every female model that works with our magazine is “Why do you want to be a model?” Or “What is the aim for your modeling career?”. The variety of answers we have received for this question is astounding, but in summary what we found is that many models (or wannabe models) don’t really have any clue as to where they want to take their modeling hobby or ‘career’. Many are into modeling just because they love to dress up (or strip off) and have their pictures taken by so called ‘professional’ photographers mostly for peanuts or for free (TFP) Coming back to point, if any model wants to succeed as a professional in this industry there are some essential rules they need to follow but all of them start from the question

“Why are you modeling?”

If the answer to this question is “I am doing it for fun, and to get nice pictures for my album and my boyfriend”

By Shankha

1) Fact Check: Can you attempt be a professional fashion/glamour model? If you can truthfully answer ‘Yes’ to all 5 of the questions below then you can proceed. a) You fall in the category of unusual looking women, either termed as beautiful OR ‘different’ and people notice you as you walk by. Ans: Yes / No b) You are 5’8”+ in height and are about 120 to 130 lbs in weight, B or C cups max and not more than 34” on the hips (or can get there in a month) OR You are 5’0’+ in height and have a 34”(or more) bust, 26”(or less) waist and 35”(or more) hips. (This puts you in the category of eye candy models)

Ans: Yes/No

c) You have great respect for the clock and for your commitment. You always turn up for shoots you signed up for AND on time. (This industry does not like flakes because a lot of supporting cast is involved in making a photo shoot great)

Then stop reading this article now!

Ans: Yes/No

BUT if your answer is anything like

d) You have the support of your family/boyfriend/ husband for your modeling career. If you have jealous man who is going to get in the way, just about when you hit the stairs of success, stop now and spare us all the effort. Ans: Yes/No

“I want to work towards getting signed to an agency” or “I want to become a professional model” Then please read on and put these tips on your short list and run every decision you make as an amateur model by this list. (Female Models)

e) You are comfortable in your own skin and skin only in front of others. (Even fashion shoots and

shows need the models to bare in front of others while outfit change and body makeup, and if you can’t do that then get out now)

Ans: Yes/No


BAYCUTIES December 2010

Now that you have done your self evaluation, please read on if you think you have passed the test.

3) Building a portfolio

2) Choosing your focus as a model:

Building a portfolio is the next step and as you embark on this journey please keep your primary focus in mind.

I have heard the term “Diversity” being used in the modeling industry to make models do a lot of pictures they don’t want to or had not planned on doing to start with. Diversity is important for a model but after you have proved your worth in one particular sector. To succeed you need to aim on your primary focus.

Having a diverse portfolio right at the beginning may end up getting you petty modeling jobs of all kinds that get you by, but it will dilute your focus and not let the casting directors see you for what you aspire to be. Your portfolio needs to tell your story and aim in about 2 minutes, as if it does not it will be passed over.

To understand the sector of modeling you will suit the best answer the questions below:

Steps to building the right portfolio:

a) You are always aware of the latest fashion and mainstream fashion looks good on you. You like to have the latest fashion in your wardrobe and will do anything for it Ans: Yes/No b) You look great without clothes and you feel most confident when you are clad in less than more. It feels like a waste to wear so much when you look your best with almost nothing on or a body hugging dress. Ans: Yes/No c) In one word you can sized up as ‘Slim’ or ‘Athletic’ Ans: Yes/No d) In one word you can sized up as ‘Buxom’ or ‘Voluptuous’ Ans: Yes/No e) You believe that your ‘Face’ is your biggest asset Ans: Yes/No f) You believe that your ‘Ass’ is your biggest asset Ans: Yes/No If you answered ‘Yes’ to at least 2 questions out of a, c, e then you should focus on trying to be a fashion/runway model. But if you answered ‘Yes’ to at least 2 questions out of b, d, f then you should take a serious shot at being a glamour/eye candy model and a music video girl.

1) Make contacts in the industry. Use facebook and modelmayhem to make connections to hair & makeup artists, wardrobe providers and other models who have either already established themselves or are in the same boat as you. Use these contacts to get referrals to photographers and fashion events. In the fashion industry contacts are your holy grail and the faster you understand that the better. 2) Choose the right photographers based on your aim. Look at the focus of the photographers portfolio. If the focus of the photographer matches your focus then look at the quality of their work. Photographers who make sure that all the pics in their port are production quality generally will NOT shoot you for free. The reason is that they don’t just shoot, they produce images. The right choice is to choose someone who has your focus and has pictures that show an attention to detail if not perfectly finished. If you cannot differentiate between a snapshot and a professional picture, then you are in the wrong industry. Another thing to look for is taste. A completely nude picture of a woman can be a piece of art or porn, taste defines the difference in the two. 3) Paid shoots or TFP? Try a healthy mix. If a photographer is shooting you for free, you may get lucky (if you have the right contacts) and land someone who is a real professional, but 69

BAYCUTIES December 2010

its always wise to start out with a few paid shoots with professionals to get your portfolio started. If you have some super shots, other professionals are more likely to offer you TFP deals.

2) Identify your focus area for a modeling career (you can always diversify later) and stick to it for at least a reasonable period of time (between 1 to 2 years)

Invest about $250 to $500 on some really great shots with professional photographers with great references, this shots in turn will open the gates for you to shoot with other professional photographers for free and also get calls for fashion shows and industry events. Just like every other industry ‘First Impressions’ do count here too.

3) Have a job while you aspire to become a model, it will stop you from losing focus, avoid crappy modeling assignments to pay the bills and also make you able to work with professionals by having the ability to at least afford a few hundred dollars for starting out your portfolio

4) Should you build your own site? The answer is a simple No. If you are not trying to sell pictures of yourself commercially then making your own portfolio website is a waste of time. Try to put your portfolio up on your facebook fan page (Yes build a fan page), on portfolio sites like and and also try to get on the galleries of independent blogs, fashion websites and submit your pictures to as many sites (in your focus) area as you can find. Post your contact information ON YOUR PICTURE so that if anyone steals it, it ends up leading back to you. Summary: 1) Make sure you have what it takes to make it commercially if you are going to spend your time and others. Modeling is hard work!


4) Network, network , network... There is no such thing as too much networking 5) Find a mentor, if you are adopted by one of the greats, it will become considerably easier as now you have their contacts helping you too 6) Be smart, if its not working out know when to quit before you are down to getting paid less than strippers to get naked for pictures that pay you peanuts. Well that’s it for now, remember to have fun ladies! Shankha

BAYCUTIES December 2010

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Makeup Art ist Profile Jennifer Siqueiros

BAYCUTIES December 2010

For Jennifer Siqueiros color and design was something that had always intrigued her. She would spend hours mixing colors and creating looks as a hobby until she started to gain a bit of a following among her friends that began to count on her to help them stand out at the events that they attended. They wanted flare, style and a fresh look and Siqueiros realized that she could bring that to life. She just needed a spark and that is what she found as more and more requests came in for her work.

That spark sent Siqueiros on a mission to mesh her Bachelor of Science degree in business management with a focused goal to make a splash in the makeup design field. A victory in the first makeup contest that she entered made the spark burn a little hotter and propelled Siqueiros to enroll in a series of one-on-one classes with a number of well-known makeup artists. “Classes are helpful, but one-on-one instruction is the key for me,” says Siqueiros. “I need to get in and be able to learn as much as possible from the pros that inspire me. I need to be able to get my hands dirty and ask questions.”


Going pro is a big step that Siqueiros is glad that she took. Nothing keeps her dedication to the industry alive more than working as much as possible. Another key to Siqueiros’ success is her ability to manage a diversified selection of projects. In the time since she has become a professional makeup artist, Siqueiros has worked on a popular independent film, a handful of fashion shows, several personal events and a long list of weddings. All of that has helped Siqueiros become a better artist but her heart is in being involved in photo shoots. “I can he happy during 12-18 hour days if I am surrounded by other creative professionals,” says Siqueiros. “It is amazing for me to be able to focus my efforts towards a goal with a team that includes models, stylists and photographers. This is what I live to do.” Siqueiros credits many creative professionals for the inspiration that they have provided her. Among her list of biggest influences are James Vincent, Jordan Liberty, Eve Pearl, Dianne Carreiro, and Kevin James Bennett.

You can connect with Mua Jen at:


BAYCUTIES December 2010

Ashley Photographed by Xue Vue Makeup by Mua Jen


BAYCUTIES December 2010


BAYCuties Party - Nov 20/2010

Reason: December Magazine Pre-release Promoted by: Wicked1 Ent & Rodel Quintos Hosted by: BAYCuties Mag Program: Fashion Show, On the Spot Auditions & Networking



BAYCUTIES December 2010

Fahrenheit Ultra Lounge, San Jose

Aspirants: 131 Models: 44 Designer: 3 Photographers: 16 People: Over 500


BAYCUTIES December 2010


BAYCUTIES December 2010


BAY BAYCUTIES December 2010

Cut ies


BAYCUTIES December 2010


BAYCUTIES December 2010

Janelle Cardenas

Featured Designer

Fashion Designer from Sacramento, Ca

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BAYCUTIES December 2010

Juliana Pfeffer Photographed by Xue Vue


BAYCUTIES December 2010

Inspired by icons like Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, and Twiggy you can expect Love by Janelle Cardenas designs to inspire you with classic lines combined with feminine fabrics, texture, and contrast. Lush satin, animal prints, and vivid colors matched with clean line glamour are Love signatures. Her collection has been dubbed as “Old Hollywood glam with a touch of funk and intensity.” Those who work with her say “she takes every girls dream and brings it to life.” With her classy and intricate designs she adds a sophisticated touch to the sexy sizzle of her fashions that ladies love to wear. Janelle’s passion for fashion began as a little girl when she spent hours of playtime encouraging her sisters to play faux runway. Her childhood fashion show practice has become a life obsession with fashion statement that addresses every woman’s need to feel sexy while also having fun. Her goal is to create designs that compliment the uniqueness of every woman. Janelle says, “It’s about feeling fabulous and a desire to express femininity while also being vibrant and strong.” Today, women can be both beautiful and strong. Love by Janelle Cardenas is her developing vision of a line that embraces a classy lady’s quirkiness. Born in Honolulu, Hawaii, yet raised in Sacramento, CA, Janelle has always been inspired by the fashion sense of every woman. At the age of twenty Janelle started her career as a Procurement Lead for her a top corporate company. Although Fashion has always been her dream, learning the business side has led to Janelle’s determination of her dream today. Janelle ultimately wants to marry her business skills with her passion for fashion and creativity to progress with her fashion career. Ms. Cardenas is currently attending the International Academy of Design Technology in Sacramento where she is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Design and Marketing. Her dream is to create glamorous fashions suitable for ladies of all ages, sizes, and attitudes. In only one year Janelle has coordinated and participated in numerous successful fashion shows and intends to continue adding to her collection while inspiring audiences throughout the state. Since she has become both a successful fashion designer and event planner, Janelle’s sisters no longer have to be pushed to play dress up and do a glamorous walk. Now they wait eagerly for another new Love design along with the many ladies in Sacramento, Vallejo, and bay area cities that have become familiar with her work.


BAYCUTIES December 2010

Pheenix Van Sparks

Facebook Profile Link Photographed by Charles Casela


BAYCUTIES December 2010

Ashley Photographed by Xue Vue


BAYCUTIES December 2010

Holly Doll & Jasmine Marie Facebook Profile

Facebook Profile Photographed by Kevin Chan


BAYCUTIES December 2010

The Last Look


BAYCUTIES December 2010

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BAYCuties Fashion Magazine, Dec 2010 Fall Fashion Special with exclusive on location shoots in the picturesque Yosemite National Park in Cal...

BAYCuties Magazine Fall Fashion Issue December 2010  

BAYCuties Fashion Magazine, Dec 2010 Fall Fashion Special with exclusive on location shoots in the picturesque Yosemite National Park in Cal...