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Vol. 50, Senior issue•SALINA HIGH SCHOOL SOUTH•730 E. MAGNOLIA, SALINA, KS. 67401•05.17.20

2SENIOR ISSUE 05.17.20

ONE LAST Alivia Heard I remember when I first saw the Tripodium the first month of

my freshman year. I recognized the names that wrote the articles and thought of what an incredible opportunity it was that our school offered a voice to their students in such an amazing way. I instantly knew that I wanted to be a part of that. It’s a great feeling to look back at that moment four years later as Editor. The past three years on staff have shaped me more than most of the classes I have taken. There is so much more to learn working in journalism than just writing. I learned about people and the power of conversation. I learned that the journey is worth the result. I learned that working as a team is more than meets the eye. I have made connections in Newspaper that I will never forget. This class and this paper meant so much to me and will forever be my greatest high school accomplishment.

Ivan Nava As disappointed as I am of how my senior year ended I will forever

be grateful for the family I have made throughout my high school year, and yes I say family because people at south have made an impact that will forever be with me. To all the friends I have made I want to say that you will forever be in my memory no matter if we ever cross paths again. I am extremely proud to be called a Cougar for the rest of my life and will cherish those memories forever. I want to thank all the wonderful staff I have had the pleasure to meet in high school. Our school greatly shows what exemplary teachers we have and how dedicated they are to there craft. From being nominated as a sadies king candidate to being elected as one of our class officers and being a part of Kilt Krew, thank you all for accepting me as who I am and letting me lead this school these last four years. signing off for one last time thank you.

Joslyn Jones It’s crazy to think that I am finally done with high school and

although it wasn’t exactly how I planned to finish off my high school career I am still grateful for all the memories I made. I want to give a huge thank you to my amazing friends who have supported me through everything, and who made high school an amazing journey. I also want to thank my mom who always helped me no matter what, even if she had to be up with me at three in the morning to help me with math homework. Last but definitely not least I want to thank my incredible teachers, who never gave up on me. I’m very grateful that I got the opportunity to be on staff and it will be one of the things I miss most about the south. The journey has finally ended and I’m excited to start the next chapter of my life as nerve wracking as it is.

Hannah Schmidt I never

thought that I would miss high school so much. I’ll miss seeing the teachers hold their doors open in the hallways and sitting in the parking lot in the mornings. I’ll think back to the times I would always ask Warren for layout ideas. I can’t thank Mrs.Warren enough for all that she taught me during my two years on staff.

Kati Rivera This is my time to shine! I just

want to start out by saying thanks to all the homies that actually take time to read the Tripodium, you guys are the bomb. I’ve been able to hangout in the J room for the past three years and every hour spent there is the best. If you ever even consider journalism, DO IT. Nothing is better than Thanksgiving breakfast or Panda Express after regionals and state. Thanks to my yerds and newspaper homies for the best high school memories ever. And Mrs. Warren, you’re forever the GOAT. See yuh later room 2117, you’ll forever be missed. Peace out homies.





By Lizzy Franco

Peyton Froome To be honest, I haven’t thought much about high school since the day quarantine began. It’s been almost two full months since the fleeting thought of crispitos or passing periods have crossed my mind. However, I will say that although I may not think of high school often, I will use the experience and lessons learned for the rest of my life, particularly from my involvement in Tripodium. Not only has Tripodium taught me to meet deadlines, but the newspaper forced me to step outside my comfort zone and consider all angles of a story, not just my single point of view. Most importantly, though, Tripodium allowed me to create friendships with people I would not have met otherwise, and to remember Green Day mornings fondly from my time spent in Mrs. Warren’s classroom. I may not contemplate high school in the future, but I will remember the Tripodium and the people that made the newspaper possible.

Eric Rincon Honestly I joined the Tripodium staff because I thought it would be an easy class. Come to find out I actually have to work a lot. I would like to thank Mrs. Warren for always helping me out. I would also like to thank Lizzy for always practically doing my page layouts. The short year I had on staff was one of the best and I have learned a lot. I have a lot to miss next year especially football and soccer but I will always have the memories. I wish the year would not have ended this way but you live and you learn. So see ya later South High you will be missed.

Maleha Hadnot I would first like to thank my parents and teachers for getting me to this point. I still can’t believe my time at South High is over. I feel like it was just yesterday I was walking into South for the first time as a freshman. Even though our senior year is not ending how we expected it to, I am still thankful I got 12 years to form some amazing friendships. Journalism is something I never thought I would like but somehow it turned out to be my favorite class. I’m totally going to miss all the morning jokes and holiday feasts. As much as I dreaded going to school every single day I am going to miss seeing the homies all the time. Underclassmen, enjoy your time while you are here and get involved because I promise you it will fly by. You know what they say… Once a cougar always a cougar. Next stop Hays, Kansas. Toodles.

Lauren Raubenstine Yes, I am the person who was on the Tripodium staff

for one semester senior year. Somehow Lizzy convinced me to because I had an open class in my schedule. I loved being on Tripodium staff for that short time, because little do you all know I wasn’t actually in the class. Working with the staff, whether it was in class or outside of class was so much fun. Thank you to all the students involved in Journalism at South High that are willing to help show our school off in the best way. Thank you to the students and teachers who were needed for so many pictures and interviews, and the ones who took the time to read the Tripodium. The ultimate thank you goes to Mrs. Warren. She goes above and beyond for her students and staff, and we could not be more thankful for her. Thank you class of 2020 and South High for an eventful four years. You know what they say now, see you later and wash your hands.

4 SENIOR ISSUE 05.17.20

final farewell

Dr. Stevens says final goodbyes to staff, students before new chapter The pandemic caused students and faculty to say their final farewells nine weeks early, but for principal, Dr. Curtis Stevens, he, like the senior class, said his goodbye to Salina High School South one last time. Dr. Stevens has taken on the position of Director of Secondary Education at the Salina Education Board Office. As of July 1, Stevens will pass down his title of South High School Principal to Charles Kipp of Garden City. As Director of Secondary Education, Dr. Stevens will be in charge of middle school and high school curriculum. Stevens will act as the principal of principals in ways. If an issue is taken to a school principal and they feel they need a higher opinion, the issue will be taken to Dr. Stevens first at the board office level. Before his position as principal, Dr. Stevens was the Assistant Principal at South to now Superintendent Linn Exline for one year. He then accepted his position as head principal, a position he has held for six years. During his time in the district, Dr. Stevens has been a social studies teacher, a middle school assistant principal, the high school assistant principal, and of course, the high school head principal. Dr. Stevens said he decided to apply for the board office position because his goal has always been to continue to challenge himself and his career. He never though he would stop teaching, but after challenging himself to take on an administration level, he found himself wanting to continue his climb to the district level. “I think it’s healthy to make some changes to achieve goals and try new things,” Stevens said. Dr. Stevens is the father of two daughters, one in sixth grade and the other in fourth. With his oldest daughter getting closer to high school, Stevens wanted his daughters to be able to experience high school without their dad being in charge.

By Kati Rivera The position of head principal is a very time consuming job. Each principal goes to almost every high school activities, that includes sporting events, choir, band and orchestra concerts, plays, musicals and so many more. “I’m hoping to experience more family time now that [my daughters] will be participating in their own school activities,” Stevens said. Although being a principal is a very demanding job, Stevens said he always enjoyed being around all the students in the school. One of his favorite parts of the new school was his open windows in his office. It allowed him to interact with the students a lot and he felt like students were more open to communication when they could physically see him or see that he was in a meeting. Interaction with students does not only end in high school. Dr. Stevens expressed how meeting with alumni and overseeing reunions is one of the most rewarding parts of being principal.

Don’t stop. Keep learning and don’t slow down. - Dr. Curtis Stevens

South High has an alumni Facebook page that allows South High graduates to show what they are doing in their lives after high school. Dr. Stevens said he loves to see old students continue to be successful. It makes the long hours worth it. The most full circle experience that Dr. Stevens has dealt with as principal is becoming a co-worker to previous students. “It makes me feel a little old, but it is definitely one of the coolest parts of this

job,” Stevens said. Every position comes with ups and down, and when a person in charge of a thousand students, he experienced things along side each and everyone of them. In 2015, Dr. Stevens was in his first year of head principal and Salina South lost a senior student in unfortunate circumstances. “Seeing that group of students come together to honor [her] and her family really showed me just how amazing this school community is,” Stevens said. The lows were lows for Dr. Stevens but the highs were beyond exciting. The first memory that came to mind was watching the boys soccer team win state in 2015. The soccer team took St. Thomas Aquinas into double overtime after St. Thomas’ student section chanted the “I Believe” chant. “To take on one of the wealthiest schools in the state and to beat them was such a rush,” Stevens said. Outside of school, Stevens has plenty of hobbies to keep him occupied with his extra free time in his new position. Dr. Stevens has set a goal for himself to master the art of the perfect pizza crust. The Scheme is a personal favorite to the Stevens family and Dr. Stevens is determined to figure out how to make their crust on his own. Stevens not only has a spread sheet filled with what does and doesn’t work, but he is also involved in a Facebook page with other pizza fanatics, all sharing their own success and failures with one another. Along with his pizza goals, Stevens has also set a goal for himself going into his new position. “My overall goal for my career is that every student at South High that wants to take a college credit class, can. Money should not keep a student from earning credit,” Stevens said. Stevens said he will overall miss seeing students and staff daily, and will forever be thankful for the support and encouragement they constantly brought. “Don’t stop. Keep learning and don’t slow down. Things can change quickly and there is always something new to learn or to improve,” Stevens said as a message to the students of South High.


Advice from Teachers



By Joslyn Jones

“To the departing seniors: good luck, thanks for the memories, and remember there’s no such thing as a free lunch.” Joshua Massey, psychology and social studies teacher

“My advice would be stay true to you don’t lose track of your values and who you are inside. Don’t be easily influenced, or try to be something you’re not in order to please others. Know yourself and your limits.” Kiley Meyer, family & consumer science teacher

“I would tell seniors to travel, try new foods, and experience other cultures. Get out of your comfort zone!” Kevin Poland, social studies teacher

I think with this current crazy situation we’re all in, the first thing that comes to my mind is a lesson I learned a long time ago. Many years ago, a summer job I had was with Lovewell Institute for the Creative Arts. A quote I heard there is - “What you focus on expands.” If you focus on the problem, on the ‘drama,’ on the blame or whose fault something is, then all that will happen is that problem will just swirl around and get bigger. However, if you focus on the solution....then that is what gets bigger. Focusing on the solution helps to move things forward. Focus on the solution instead of the problem. I often have to remind myself of this when I find I’m stuck with a problem or a frustrating situation. Kate Lindsay , theatre teacher

“Remember that success comes with being a Try-Hard. You can’t have one without the other. The key, of course, is to stay as independent from others’ views so that their judgments don’t keep you from realizing your dreams. Good Luck, Class of 2020!” Dawn Sheforgen, English teacher

“Be the first person to call your mom on her birthday.” Collin Carlson, social studies teacher

6 SENIOR ISSUE 05.17.20


gal pals




Ethan Elam Ethan Sankey

Kati Rivera Abigail A. Miller

dylan henry amaya dungan

randall thornton alivia heard




gavin giroux bailey weber

charlie baird michelle castro

sam frost teegan boyer

to bring home

shoulder to cry on

sense of humor

school spirit

jordan blochlinger robyn logan

cason long mataya copes

By Kati Rivera

drew baird lindsay brown teacher's pet

colby bulleigh lauren raubenstine david ollenberger jillian coleman

/ be on Dr. phil

be id'd at 30

become president

teach at south

ryan blackwell alecia mendez

jace varela casey grennan

santiago vasquez peyton froome

cade hannert holly johnson

be twitter be insta verified famous

be tiktok famous

be in the Olympics

oscar campa dorothy elston

jace irwin mia reidelberger

zachary isaacson katie taylor

ty garrett victoria maxton

never talk

earn a nobel prize

never stop talking

gavin jones savannah bonilla

ivan nava abigail s. miller

be on Bachelor in Paradise

nicholas lake chloee andrewson be on Broadway

jacob sweet whitney turner

kamren xaysongkham maleha hadnot



[Student’s answer the promt “Most Likely To...” about themselves]

Astrid Herrera-Moreira, Mollina Tran, Madison Miller travel the world // Courtney White be caught uncontrollably sobbing in Jacob Sweet’s black Honda Civic in the parking lot of a fast food restaurant // Robyn Logan be the third to go home on Food Network’s Holiday Baking Championship // Eric Rincon be on Blue Mountain State and follow Alex Moran’s footsteps // Colby Bulleigh drink chocolate milk on a doorstep drinking chocolate milk // Chele Humphrey graduate from K-State and return to South High as a robotics teacher // Bailey Weber hit something with my car at least once a month // Casey Grennan stay up all night playing Animal Crossing // Peyton Froome forget their phone in another country // Kati Rivera room with my ex-boyfriend’s girlfriend // Alyssa Peppers make money traveling internationally // Dorothy Elston get arrested at a political protest // Victoria Maxton win a national collegiate title // Lauren Raubenstine be the mom of the friend group // Cameron Post get sonic every single morning // Malorie Ivy dye my hair till it falls out // Kaylee Lovett have more dogs than children // Maria Bonilla be a professional violinist // Marcus Krannawittter win a video game tournament // Zoel Reitz have my name mispronounced // Abigail A. Miller coach my kid’s soccer team // Michael Vongphakdy be Rubik’s Cube Champion // Michelle Castro over think this question // Haylee Lefort spell my own name wrong // Gabriella Burke start their own charity // Maisy Lowers own a Subaru Hatchback // Kamren Xaysongkham go pro in video games // Brock Roets be covered in tattoos // Raegen Scheele wear sweatpants all my life // Aubrey Kaiser read a book in a day // Sierra Snethen read a book in a day // Jillian Coleman become an astronaut // Jade Duke never parallel park // Emily Ross have too many dogs // Melissa Lidgett open their own restaurant // Alivia Heard forget everything in my last class // Loren Vincent become a zoo keeper // Ethan Elam get married at 40 // Jesse Jesus own a vinyl store // Ivan Nava become a frat boy // Alyssa Jared be the “cool mom” // Marissa Nutz work for the FBI // Ty Garrett catch a football // Chloee Andrewson win the bachelor // Sophie Nelson dislike a food // Hannah Schmidt be a mom by 20 // Kiara Montey be a comedian // Daeshaun Nash jump off a cliff // Jacob Sweet Eat Hot Chip // Amaria Garay visit Europe // Abigail S. Miller get arrested // David Ollenberger get an MIC // Sadie Farris take a nap // Julia Luber move out of state // Gavin Giroux go to the PGA // Barry Sayasing be happy in life // Kynslie Catania be a crazy cat lady // Mia Reidelberger be a cheer coach // Amaya Dungan become a singer // Jordon Cunningham end up on AMV // Aaliyah Roberts adopt a child // Angellina Saroeun be kind.

8SENIOR ISSUE 05.17.20

20 20 seniors

Jacob sweet

Yajaira Cortez Perez

oscar campa

Justin Zwigart

Emily mcintire

ALEX liles

Kati Rivera & Abby a. Miller

Brooke renshaw

holly johnson

whitney turner

Mallorie O’Connor

Zach Isaacson

Robyn Logan

gavin jones

victoria maxton



jonas baughman

chloee andrewson

thomas flores

Loren Vincent

jillian coleman

haylee lafort

kynslie catania

jace irwin

kamren xaysongkham

kaylee lovett

katie Taylor

maleha hadnot

Sydney dearvil

Mia reidelberger

cameron miles

peyton froome


10 SENIOR ISSUE 05.17.20

going, going, gone. By Ivan Nava

Bellus Academy Jissel Estrada

Bethany College Colby Bulleigh Derricka Davis Amaya Dungan Dorothy Elston Alivia Heard Kennedy Herbel Alyssa Jared Holly Johnson Marcus Krannawitter Cameron Post Barry Sayasing

Barton Community College Loren Vincent Butler Community College Garett Burke Michelle Castro Isaac Frost Melissa Lidgett Brianna Taylor

Cloud Community College Lauren Eitel Kylie Estes

Colorado Mesa University Alex Linenberger

Fort Hays University Blaque Brin Caleb Copeland Shawn Copeland Ethan Elam Maleha Hadnot Joslyn Jones Kaylee Lovett Emily McIntire Abigail Miller Kiara Montey Ivan Nava Eduardo Piccaso Brooke Renshaw

Eric Rincon Katalina Rivera Brock Roets Emily Ross Bailey Weber Kamren Xaysongkham

Grinnell College Gavin Jones

Hays Academy Velia Ayotte

Hutch Community College Erik Aval Ryan Blackwell Mallorie Collazo Sadie Farris Angelina Garay Luis Garcia Chelsea Glavin Jesse Hernandez Haylee Lefort Alecia Mendez Daeshaun Nash Koby Ratcliff Mia Reidelberger Jocelyn Rodriguez Raegen Scheele Katie Taylor Maya Winter

Johnson County Nate Cosco McPherson College Christian Lujan

Millikin University Whitney Turner

Kansas State Universit Chloee Andrewson Maria Bonilla Lindsay Brown Kacia Codling Jade Duke Mystique Escobedo Peyton Froome Gavin Giroux Casey Grennan Dylan Henry Chele Humphrey (Polytechnic) Aubrey Kaiser Nicholas Lake Laura Leger Robyn Logan Luis Martinez (Polytechnic) Victoria Maxton


Salina Technical College Jessica Bridson Esmerelda Castro Caleb Crabbs Carlos Felix Aaliyah Roberts

Tabor College Zachary Issacson

University Of Kansas David Ollenberger Maclaren Scoville Tristian Stuart Mollina Tran

University Of Nebraska Lincon Benjamin Hultgren

University Of Nevada Las Vegas Julia Luber

Washburn University Sydney DeArvil Ty Garrett Marissa Nutz

Wichita State University

ty Abigail S Miller Sophie Nelson Lauren Raubenstine Zoel Reitz Tristian Stuart Jacob Sweet Molly Temple Courtney White

Kansas Wesleyan Oscar Campa Alexander Escobedo Alex Liles Ashley Taylor Michael Vongphakdy

Gabriella Burke Kynslie Catania Jillian Coleman Maisy Lower Alyssa Peppers Keara Reeves Adena Sheridan Sierra Snethen Leam Valle

Air Force Colin Green America Martin Emily Pilcher


Alfredo Baeza Malik White



Mataya Copes Denise Escobedo Cade Hannert Jessie Hernandez Paige Johnson Tyrell Johnson Makayla Johnson Cason Long Cameron Miles Astrid Herrera Moreira Karla Ordaz YaJaira Perez Kaylee Pickering Kendell Richardon Aaliyah Roberts Brianna Taylor

Gap Year

Jordon Cunningham Malorie Ivy Jesse Jesus Makayla Johnson Madelinel Lilak Pedro Camacho Romero


Cesilia Torres Banda Pedro Camacho Esmeralda Castro Courtney DeWitt Sabina Galvan Jace Irwin Madeline Lilak Mark Martin Agustin Medrano Madison Miller Madison Miller Johana Montoya Mallorie O’Connor Francisco Perez Kendell Richardson Angelina Saroeun Hannah Schmidt Nathan Seay Lyric Werth Addison Whitlock *Response taken from Tripodium senior survey returned and from Deb Kohn office*

12SENIOR ISSUE 05.17.20

One Uniform... Ty Garrett Washburn University

Alex liles Kansas Wesleyan University



Tabor College

Hutchinson Community College

Zach Isaacson

Katie Taylor






to the next...

By Lizzy Franco

Colby Bulleigh

Tori Maxton

Bethany College

Kansas State University


Kansas Wesleyan University


Oscar Campa

Pole Vault

McPherson College Soccer

Christian Lujan

14 SENIOR ISSUE 05.17.20

An Unexpected Ending By Peyton Froome

Quarantine leaves the class of 2020 with extra time on their hands

In the midst of a global pandemic and nationwide quarantine, students, staff and families are left to their own devices. While some Kansans are able to work, either from home or per usual, others have nothing to kill time with other than random hobbies, binge-watching series or spending time with family. As for the senior class of 2020, many activities have been cancelled, post-poned or all together revamped. Graduation is now an over-the-radio ceremony, and senior prom no longer exists. Spring sports were ended early in the season, one-acts and the spring play were cut short, and winter sports did not expereience a final, season-ending harah. Many seniors find themselves grieving the end of their high school career, and are finding difficulty in accepting the fact that they may not have a final goodbye to their teachers or classmates they have known since elementary school.

Several are missing out on seeing friends every day, or finding that their motivation to complete online homework is nearly non-existent. Although the end of this school year has been a whirlwind and inflicted a new kind of loss upon many student’s lives, the class of 2020 has done their best to fill their free time. With less schoolwork, seniors have the opportunity to hone in on hobbies or discover new ones. While the coronavirus may have put an end to many events seniors look forward to and affected lives for better or worse, the senior class of 2020 are creating lifelong memories that will forever make them part of a unique generation. The students may not experience a final goodbye to their high school, or a normal graduation ceremony, but they will remember how they spent their time and who they spent it with during this global pandemic.

Popular Netflix/Television Series Other Narcos/ Criminal Minds

Tiger King

Hobbies of the Class of 2020 Juggling

Making Tik Toks Learning to use their left hand Painting and drawing Working out Baking and cooking Bike riding Welding Crocheting Reading

Grey’s Anatomy

Gardening Fishing Longboarding

The Office

Dancing All American

Sewing face masks



The Timeline of covid-19 By Peyton Froome

March 15 March 17 March 18 Governor Laura Kelly recommends all K-12 schools in Kansas stay closed for the upcoming week. This occurred the Sunday before students were set to return to South High after Spring Break.

The first case of the novel coronavirus is confirmed in Douglas County. All Kansas universities are closed for the remainder of the school year and will continue online.

Gov. Kelly issued an executive order proclaiming that no Kansans will be evicted and no homes will foreclose until May 1 due to the collapsing economy.

March 23 March 28 March 30 Gov. Kelly announced an executive order to limit gatherings to a maximum of 10 people and encourages social distancing.

April 8 As the COVID-19 outbreak roars on, grocery store employess from Dillons and Hyvee are granted a hero’s bonus, which is an extra $2 per hour. The hero’s pay will end as soon as the statewide quarantine is over.

May 17

Gov. Kelly issues an executive order telling Kansans to stay home and prevent the further spread of COVID-19. This action is taken in hopes to flatten the curve of the infection rates of the novel coronavirus.

April 19 The two-week long quarantine is extended for another two weeks, until May 4. Many Kansans find themselves frustrated at the stagnant economy and lack of jobs.

May 18

USD 305 schools will hold a graduation Phase one is set to end if the number of ceremony over the radio on station 99.9 COVID-19 cases continues to spread at KG. South High’s ceremony will take place the same rate or less than previous weeks. at 5 p.m. and will include Trooper Ben Phase two will begin, which may include Gardner, class oficer speeches, Principal the opening of public pools and gyms. If Stevens speech and the reading of graduthe rate of infection rises, phase one may ates’ names. be extended or a quarantine order will once again be issued.

A statewide quarantine begins. The quarantine is set to last two full weeks and includes recommendations to not leave one’s house unless necessary and take extra precautions to prevent the spread and contraction of COVID-19.

May 04 The statewide issued quarantine ends and Gov. Kelly issues a phased plan to reintegrate normal life in the hopes of slowing the COVID-19 infection rates. The first phase includes keeping social gatherings to a maximum of 10 people while some businesses and restaurants are allowed to open.

May 19 A diploma pick up is scheduled for South High graduates on May 19. Throughout the day students have the opportunity to drive in through the front entrance to South High and pick up their diplomas. Students’ times for pick up depend upon the first letter of their last name.

16 SENIOR ISSUE 05.17.20

2018 The custodian staff air dry the hallways damaged by the vandalism from over the 2018 summer. photo courtesy of stuco

2017 Yearbook staff members work through one of the many power outages experienced throughout the 2017-2018 school year in the old building. photo by kim warren

2019 Students gaze at the solar eclipse from the softball fields. photo by abby teschke

2019 2017

2018 Class of 2020 participates in the walk out in recognition of the lives lost in school shootings in Florida. photo by kati rivera

By Alivia Heard





2018 Members of Stuco participate in the ribbon cutting of the new building in the fall. photo courtesy of Stuco

2018 2020

2019 Students participate in the mock DUI crash in partnership with local emergency agencies listen to Trooper Ben Gardner. photo by lizzy franco

2020 The football stadium scoreboard holds all twos in recognition of the class of 2020 losing their last days of high school to quarantine. photo courtesy of south theatre

2020 The football stadium lights stayed on for 20 minutes and 20 seconds to honor the class of 2020 during quarantine. photo courtesy of south theatre

18 SENIOR ISSUE 05.17.20


By Hannah Schmidt

Jesus Duenas-Galvan

Grace Kerwin

Luis Martinez

Q:What is your dream? A: “To be a successful teacher and be content with my life.” Q: What are your hobbies? A: “Playing video games, hanging out with the boys and cooking.” Q: Do you have any pets at home? A: “Yes, I have a dog named Snoopy.”

Q: How would you describe high school in one word? A: “Memorable.” Q: Who has impacted you the most throughout high school? A: “Mr. Allen.” Q: Are you scared to go to college? A: “No, I’m very excited to go to college and start the next chapter of my life.”

Q: What will you miss most about South? A: “Seeing my classmates and teachers everyday.” Q: Have you changed throughout high school? A: “I became more myself.” Q: How would you describe the senior class? A: “A big family.”

Dezarae Martial

Cesar Silvestre

Casey Grennan

Q: Who is your favorite teacher? A: “Cairns because physics is challenging and she still finds a way to make it fun.” Q: What is your favorite season? A: “Spring.” Q: Do you prefer the old school or the new school? A: “The old school because it was easier to get to class.”

Q: Best memory from high school? A: “The gas leak that happened the second day of school.” Q: After four years, is there anything you would change about your high school experience? A: “How rebellious I was freshman year.” Q: What class will you miss the most? A: “JAG”

Q: What do you plan to do after high school? A: “I plan to attend Kansas State University and major in social work.” Q: What is your favorite type of music? A: “Rock.” Q: What is your favorite color? A: “Forest green.”




Bailey Weber

Oscar Campa

Blaque Brin

Q: What is your favorite movie? A: “Bohemian Rhapsody” Q: What do you miss the most about actually being at school? A: “Eating lunch with the squad and seeing my teachers.” Q: Do you prefer Twitter or Instgram? A: “Twitter because it is funnier and instragram is boring.”

Q: Who is your favorite artist/band? A: “ASAP Rocky” Q: What will you miss most from high school? A: “Playing and hanging out with the soccer team.” Q: What is your dream job? A: “To be a fitness influencer on Youtube.”

Q: What are your plans after high school? A: “Attend Fort Hays to major in premed biology and eventually go to med school.” Q: Who was your favorite teacher? A: “Ms. Moore” Q: How many pets do you have? A: “I have a cat Millie and a dog Riley”

Ty Garrett

Mataya Copes

David Ollenberger

Q: What is your dream car? A: “A Corvette” Q: What was your favorite school lunch? A: “Crispito” Q: What activites/sports were you involved in? A: “Football and basketball.”

Q: What was your favorite year of high school and why? A: “Senior year becaue we all got closer and graduating makes you feel acomplished.” Q: What is your favorite candy? A: “Peach rings” Q: What is your favorite show to binge? A: “Grey’s Anatomy”

Q: How many siblings do you have? A: “Two” Q: What was your favorite subject in school? A: “Advanced PE or Macroeconomics.” Q: What school are you attending in the fall and what is your intended major? A: “KU and finance.”

20SENIOR ISSUE 05.17.20

Let’s Confess

Seniors make anonymous confessions based on survey with 96 responses

Have you ever parked in Jerry Ivey? YES 71.9%

By Zaida Segura

Have you ever attended a South concert? YES 70.8%

NO 29.2%

Have you ever vaped? NO YES 39.6%

Have you ever been to a South sporting event?


YES 96.9%

NO 3.1%

Which was better: Old Commons or New Commons?

NO 28.1%

Have you ever taken more than one sauce packet at lunch? NO 16.7%

YES 83.3%

New Commons 29.2%

Old Commons 70.8%

Have you ever cheated on a test?



Which year was the hardest?











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