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INSIDE: Annual Growth & Profit Trends Highest SPIFF is in Wireless! The Repair Eco-System Parts, Training, Software, Tools & the Wireless Repair EXPO MVNO Intersects Wireless Repair Lifestyle Feature: Brilliant Products OUCH! Malware Infection - Fix & Profit! Winning @ Wireless Retail Guide, bonus

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Independent Retail Buyers of Cellula r, Electronics and Audi o

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Dear Readers, Welcome to our Spring 2014 issue. Repair is in the air! W hat started out as a small intricate part of the wireless retail landscape has quickly become a billion dollar business according to recent reports. In 2008, we saw repair coming in a big way with the penetration of smartphones still in its infancy. The more expensive the product became, we knew customers would rather fix it than buy a new one! Now, repair is beginning to mature as many retailers see the value in offering repair as a way to both grow revenue in store and as an intelligent way to extend customer loyalty. After all, customers trust their personal relationships with independent wireless retailers over big box retailers who merely line their shelves with self-ser ve wireless products. Repairing and protecting smartphones and whatever comes after smartphones, is top of minds for some of the most visionar y engineers and product leaders in wireless. Even Amazon and Google envision building repair into the future design of product. Google has hinted at creating a phone equipped with modular snap-on components in order to replace, repair or upgrade individual functional pieces. W ith broken screens the number one repair need at the moment, Amazon has been toying with the idea of creating an ‘airbag ’ system much like in cars to prevent the inevitable damage from dropping, with goal of minimizing future repair. These concepts may seem extreme, however, they stem from the demand for repair. This year, wireless growth is not just about new products. It ’s about offering ser vices to protect and enhance the products we already own. W ireless Dealer Magazine has teemed up with CTIA during CTIA 2014, Super Mobility Week, to highlight repair as its own wireless industr y segment by producing the W ireless Repair EXPO. The W ireless Repair EXPO is the premier destination for retailers interested in meeting repair-exclusive vendors, attending workshops and speaker sessions, determining the right repair business model for your store, understanding repair certification processes, and networking with trusted parts, tools, and other repair-focused exhibitors and speakers. See you in Vegas, September 9-11th! Kathy Katcher CEO & Publisher




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Increase Profits by Selling the Best Wireless Device Replacement Programs Available.

Wireless Protection Program™ CHOICE: GWG offers its dealers a variety of program options all designed to give the dealer flexibility to offer programs that are tailored to their specific customer needs. The right program choices will maximize attachment rates, optimize revenues and promote enhanced customer satisfaction and loyalty. • 1 & 2 year prepaid and monthly options • Customized private label programs • In-store fulfillment options • Tiered pricing and deductible options


Program success lies with complete dealer support. GWG’s Dealer Services Group, Marketing, Customer Service and IT teams work with Dealers on an ongoing basis delivering a full complement of support services including; ongoing sales training, sales and marketing support, incentives contests, cutting edge POS and IT integration, interactive and real-time online reporting and management.

Global Warranty Group is North America’s largest dealer based administrator of insurance backed wireless device replacement programs to over 8000 independent wireless retail locations.


PERFORMANCE: With over a decade of successfully administering the industry’s finest wireless device programs, GWG has refined and perfected its Wireless Protection Program™ making it the “Best in Industry”. The real “performance litmus test” lies in the program results; the ability of the dealer to generate substantial recurring revenues while enhancing a positive and value added customer experience.

COMPLIANCE: GWG is backed by A.M. Best rated insurance

company and full compliance means that GWG’s protocols and processes meet and exceed all government and industry regulations and standards. In addition, GWG is registered and compliant in all 50 States and Canada. Both the dealer and customer are assured that the programs will be administered properly and with absolutely no financial risk or exposure.


Your customers want to get the latest brand-name wireless devices, but not sure they have the budget? Welcome to a new, more flexible way to buy: The Product Payment Program from Global Warranty Group. With the Product Payment Program, your customers can be approved to buy the latest new wireless devices as long as you are 18 years old, have at least $1,000.00 a month income, an email account, social security number, and an active bank account with a debit card.

For more information contact us at


or www.wirelessprotectionprogram.com


500 Middle Country Road, St. James, NY 11780 info@wirelessprotectionprogram.com © Copyright 2014 Global Warranty Group, LLC. All rights reserved.









THE Mobile Marketplace 2015 Begins 9.9.2014

By Robert Mesirow, Vice President and Show Director There are few guarantees in life, but one of them is that the U.S. wireless industry will keep innovating new products and services that disrupt and improve mobile’s role in our lives. Regardless of your profession, everyone needs to understand how wireless can enhance our interactions with our customers and our businesses.

Retail Profit Opportunities

With more wireless devices than U.S. citizens today, you have a significant number of opportunities. For example, smartphone accessory revenues in 2012 were worth $20 billion, but by 2017, that will almost double in value to $38 billion. Each smartphone user will spend a little more than $56 on accessories per device. That’s why CTIA introduced the iZone pavilion, sponsored by iPhone Life Magazine. In this pavilion visitors will see the newest gadgets, accessories and gear for their Apple products. When consumers visit a store, especially one that sells mobile products, many expect a “wireless experience,” but what does that mean? How do you implement one to maximize your return on investment? How do you handle security and privacy for your customers and your employees? That’s why CTIA 2014™ at Super Mobility Week offers the Retail Zone, which features a full range of products expanding the retail ecosystem, promising profitability and efficiency – from security solutions to point-of-sale and mCommerce technology to consumer hardware accessories.

Wireless Repair Expo and Workshop

Device repair is a billion dollar business, and continues to show promise trending well into 2017 for both stand alone repair stores and repair centers inside existing wireless retail storefronts. With the increased penetration of smartphones, consumers are likely to have their device

repaired at least once before replacement. Consumers are more willing to spend $80 to repair their iPhone than $650 to get a new one. Retailers are jumping into this segment of the wireless industry with both feet. This year, wireless retailers are invited to explore the profitability of device repair on the CTIA show floor. The Wireless Repair EXPO is a unique pavilion featuring exhibitors, suppliers and trading partners specializing in repair certification, sourcing repair tools and replacement parts. Repair professionals on the forefront of creating industry standards for wireless device repair will be on hand to assist retailers entering the repair segment of this dynamic industry. Speakers will present best practices, business models and demonstrate repairs and facilitate workshops sessions during the show.

The Money Event

To address mobile commerce, payments and wallet; CTIA is launching The Money Event, hosted by former cofounders of Money 2020. The ability for businesses to accept credit cards using their mobile devices for a nominal fee is what most people think of when you talk mCommerce. But that’s only the beginning. Within five years, there will be a radical shift to using our mobile devices as our wallets. This means that we’ll do everything from paying for goods and services to using them as our identification. Our wallets will be replaced by our devices. The Money Event is more than a conference. It’s an experience. It’s where you will witness the future of commerce being created during Super Mobility Week. The Money Event offers a combination of visionary presentations, thought-provoking panel discussions and

“C onsumers are more willing to spend $80 to repair their iPhone than $650 to get a new one.” 15


Robert Mesirow, Vice President and Show Director Robertert Mesirow is responsible for the strategic planning and oversight of CTIA–The Wireless Association’s business development activities, including industry interoperability initiatives, Common Short Code registries, certif ication efforts and award-winning tradeshows. Super Mobility Week is September 9, 10, & 11, 2014. At the Sands EXPO & Convention Center, Las Vegas.



company-specific demonstrations in 3 parallel tracks over 2.5 days of rich programming, all against the backdrop of mobile’s premier industry event. I believe commerce is the next segment that will be disrupted, thanks to the ubiquity of mobile. All retailers will need to adjust to the new reality of how consumers shop and buy, which means they need to master the best practices and skills in order to thrive during this shifting landscape. By attending Super Mobility Week, you will know what’s happening now and what’s on the horizon. You’ll have firsthand knowledge of what’s next for the industry, retailers and consumers so that you can determine what makes sense for you to implement at your company. We’ll

help you take this wealth of information to improve your business. You’ll learn from others’ mistakes and improve your return on investment. Quite simply, you’ll cement your role as a mobile industry leader. I encourage you to become a disruptor. Look at what is available today and think about how you can make it better. Disruptors are how the U.S. mobile industry became the envy of the world. The uniting theme of leaders and disruptors in the mobile industry is that they attend Super Mobility Week. With more than 300,000 square feet, more than tens of thousands attendees and more than 1,000 media and analysts, Super Mobility Week powered by CTIA is the mobile industry. I’ll see you there.




What should you expect? + Attend live repair training workshops onsite

+ Learn tips, tricks & techniques for repairing devices; mobile phones, tables and gaming PMS 287 PMS 308 PMS 549 PMS 424 PMS Cool Grey 3



+ Hands-on training using industry standard repair tools

+ Industry leaders and speakers present repair business models

+ Source tools & parts from



September 9, 10 & 11, 2014

Sands Expo & Convention Center, Las Vegas, Nevada USA


exhibitors ready to help you start your repair business today!

+ Learn how to get your staff certified from qualified instructors

Please Pre-Register for Your Wireless Repair EXPO Kit at www.WIRELESSREPAIREXPO.COM 17



MobileCoat’s Liquidsafe Plasma Vacuum Deposition Equipment will apply a permanent and water resistant Nano coating that protects a device against accidental exposure to liquids.

See the magic in action, Scan QR code for a video demonstration

MobileCoat Protects:


Smartphones Tablets MP3 Players Netbooks Bluetooth Headsets

And many other personal electronics... MobileCoat Global provides solutions for Smartphone Retailers, Repair Facilities and OEM Manufacturers MobileCoat Global, LLC.

1-800-870-4502 US and Canada 1-503-567-7677 Worldwide info@mobilecoatglobal.com www.mobilecoatglobal.com



Device Repair, No Contract Wireless & YOU by Don Hendric kson, VP S ales, Red Pocket Mobile As ‘No Contract’ wireless plans go mainstream, consumer demand for device repair is skyrocketing. With fewer customers opting to subsidize their phone in exchange for lower monthly service bills, retailers can cash in on device repair while meeting their customer’s evolving wireless needs. Wireless operators are delivering tremendous value to customers nowadays. In an incredibly short period of time, the cost of monthly ‘Unlimited Talk & Text’ wireless service has plummeted from over $100 to below $40. Red Pocket Mobile, for one, offers rate plans to fit every user, from just $10 per month to weekly plans to unlimited everything for the power user at under $60 per month. No Contract wireless plans play a large role in this service-pricing decline. When the wireless operator does not need to subsidize a device over 24 months by including that financing cost in the customer’s monthly wireless bill, the customer can realize an immediate benefit. But as No Contract wireless plans become more and more typical, consumers have a much greater incentive to hang on to their device. Let’s face it - these smartphones are expensive. And when the true cost of the device is no longer masked by the subsidy from a two-year contract, consumers will often prefer to keep the phone they have for as long as possible, or look to upgrade to a refurbished device to take advantage of the lower cost. That’s why device repair is a big business that’s not just for large refurbishing houses anymore. With the increased demand from consumers for longer life from


their phone, and for lower-priced refurbished phone options, repairing your customer’s handset is becoming a critical part of a retail storefront’s service offering. It is more important than ever to keep your customers coming back to you for things like plan upgrades, accessories, add-ons and of course, handset issues. If you send your customer somewhere else to get his or her phone fixed, your competitor may take them away forever. Fortunately, there are more tools than ever in the market to help wireless dealers get involved in device repair. Even being able to accomplish some very basic Level 1 phone repairs in-store can generate a new profit channel while driving additional activations. At Red Pocket, we frequently see iconic devices like the iPhone 4 given a second life as they activate for the first time on the Red Pocket network after being refurbished or repaired by the retailer in-store. And this second life is often not the last stop for these high-quality, highly demanded devices. These great phones often continue to move downstream through several additional users’ life spans as their original owners upgrade. Meanwhile, the device, now resold at a fraction of its original cost, continues to generate new Red Pocket activations as it passes down from user to user over time. Because Red Pocket Mobile supports all four of the country’s major wireless networks, many of our best retailer partners couple our service with device repair across a broad range of phones to offer a complete, one-stop-shop solution that customers love. The opportunity is huge. But you can’t win if you don’t play - so get in the game! Please contact me at http://dealers.goredpocket.com and I would be delighted to discuss with you how Red Pocket Mobile and device repair can transform your business.



Taking The World ByStorm!



By WDM Staff

What’s in your pocket?

The iPhone Tool Case by IN1 made its  debut at 2014 International CES under the big lights in Las Vegas and is now taking the world by storm, distributing to 23 countries including the US, Mexico, UK, France, Germany, Finland and even in the home of the Swiss Army Knife, Switzerland!



Smartphones deserve smart accessories. In a $20 billion accessories marketplace, innovation and ingenuity continue to raise the bar. Demand more from your case! IN 1 is an innovative case manufacturer specializing in

The idea to incorporate ‘tools’ into a smartphone

pushing the envelop in making cases that over deliver

case design including a pen, scissors, and other items

in our multi-tasking everyday lives.

Their unique

sought after in a pinch was born. Even the coolest

multi-tool iPhone case, currently patent-pending, is

smartphone application can’t cut a piece of paper or

possibly one of the most interesting cases hitting the

sign an important document when you need it.

market this season. All IN 1 products are designed in the USA, and made specifically for the US market.

Replacement parts are relatively inexpensive and the

Their team is dedicated to supplying high quality

labor involved in a typical repair is minimal once a

cases for the discerning US audience.

technician knows how to properly diagnose and repair these devices.

The company was created by Shervin Azodi and his partner, Andrew Roosen. Shervin Azodi, the

Smartphone repairs have been touted as one of the best

president and founder of IN 1, shared the back story

ventures to start in 2012, according to the UnitedKingdom

that jump started their newest case design. “The IN

based website Startups. Of the seven top technology

1 All-In-One Case design was inspired last year when

enterprises Entrepreneur magazine named to its Fortune

the IN 1 team were at a working dinner in a sushi

500 list, all were technologyrepair businesses.

restaurant in Los Angeles looking for pen to sign an


important contract. This was an important contract

This is a booming industry for the savvy business

for our music company InnovativeMusicLLC.com. I

owner that understands how proper training and

was looking for a server before our investors changed

planning can help them profitably position themselves

their mind but could not find one,” explained Shervin.

in the bustling mobile device repair space.


Model: utility case

Red Pen

Blue Pen

Phone Size: iPhone 5/5s Demensions: 126 x 60 x 14mm Weight: approx 41.5g material: Polycarbon Color: White/Clear/Black

Flat-Head Screwdirver

Phillips Screwdirver Kickstand Nail File Tweezer Scissors Toothpick

Scratch Resistant Inside Felt 26


The IN 1 All In One Case is inspired by top 100 inventions of all time, Swiss Army Knife.

should all be facilitated from your pocket too. Why not!

As most phone cases concentrate only on protection, the team at IN 1 think customers should “demand more from your case!� After all, smartphones deserve smart cases. The IN 1 developers think that in addition to complete protection, your phone case should contain other tools that could be useful on daily bases.

works, and as always, they all have a specific functionality

This new design gives customers the ability to do utility tasks that applications just cannot do. They believe everyday tasks such as cutting, filling, tighten a screw, or signing a contract


The design team at IN 1 have a few other designs in which can make everyday life just a bit easier.

This case is made for iPhone5 and 5S. The cases come in 3 colors: white, clear and black. You can customize the multi-color tools as well.

Tool color options

include: white, black, pink, orange, green, and blue.

They are also working on design plans for Galaxy s4, and iPhone 5C. Stay tuned.

The case is TSA-approved for travel.

No worries

about taking the In1 case on your next trip!


Retailers and distributors are invited to call 855-446-1461 to learn more about IN 1 distribution opportunities.

For more product information, visit www.IN1case.com.


300 Destinations 114 Countries

Largest Wholesale Provider in the U.S.

...and many more!

240 Destinations

Innovative PIN-Less ILD Customers Love


900 cities 40 countries

Unlimited Calling to USA from Around the World




Looq The World’s First Battery-free Extended Selfie Arm with Button The new Looq remote shutter appcessor y and app is the company ’s flagship development and makes taking self-portraits easier. No longer will travelers feel embarrassed asking strangers to take pictures, or worr y that a stranger may run off with their pricey smartphone. Looq is the world’s first, batter y-free shutter pole extending from just 5.5 inches to 24 inches, allowing photographers to take perfect photos of themselves and a friend or two from almost any angle – and fit in a scenic background if desired. The plug-and-play pole’s sturdy design is capable of holding up to a dozen iPhone 5s’ on its end, ensuring that ever y phone is safe during photography sessions. And better yet, self-portrait takers ever ywhere will rejoice when they realize that there is a way around that awkward “selfie”arm found in most ever y smartphone, self-portrait picture because the photoshutter is activated by the push of a button on Looq’s handle. Photos can be taken one at a time or in a burst-mode when multiple photos are preferred. The Looq also includes a mirror to help frame photos when the rear-facing camera is being used. No more reaching, tilting or bending. Looq is the answer to these picture “imperfect ” problems. The easy-to-download app is available in the iTunes and Android stores and allows the shutter pole to connect with the phone for onestep self-photography. For more about Looq System products, visit looqsystem.com


www.se-kure.com 1-800-250-9269




JA N UA RY 6-9, 2 01 5 2015 International CES® • Las Vegas, Nevada • CESweb.org

Save the date for the 2015 International CES®. Better yet, reserve your space now. With our all-new Tech East and Tech West venues, we promise a powerful attendee and exhibitor experience, including greater access to the companies, ideas and innovations shaping our industry.



essentially teach yourself to repair any of these devices. Utilizing broken devices to practice cellphone repair is also an excellent way to learn the craft without significant investment or risk. There’s no shortage of broken devices available for those looking to get their hands on a practice phone, ranging from customers’ abandoned devices to cheap broken phones on Craigslist or eBay. YouTube can be a great way for visual learners to see exactly how to repair a specific device, or in certain instances, how not to repair a device. There are also several cellular repair training schools and courses located across the country for those who prefer a more traditional approach to learning cellular repair. There is minimal investment required to begin repairing iPhones, depending on what repairs you intend to offer. For approximately $500 you can get all the basic tools and a healthy stock of the most popular premium repair components for iPhones. This is a great option for those who are new to the iPhone repair industry and if all goes well, your business will quickly see that return on investment! As you progress from the basic repairs you may feel inclined to expand, adding more advanced and profitable repairs to your repertoire. Some shops focus on offering screen repairs only, while other shops gradually branch out to fix other problems common to the iPhone. You might eventually expand your services to repair different types of phones, iPads, or other electronic devices as a result; the possibilities are infinite. Finding a reliable source for repair parts is no simple task for those new to the iPhone repair industry. Countless substandard parts vendors are happy to sell today and be gone tomorrow; many successful repair shop owners will tell you – quality suppliers can make or break your business. Luckily eTech Parts makes it easy for repair shops to offer their services with the premium quality parts they need. Offering premium components is one thing - but standing behind those parts with a customer-friendly returns policy, fast shipping and the best customer service in the industry is what separates eTech Parts from all other wholesale suppliers in the industry. We’re not just about selling the parts – we want to be a part of your success!


eTech Parts is more than a website on the Internet and more than a wholesale supply company, too – as your trusted partner in the repair industry, eTech Parts is passionate about the success of your business. Kyle Baccus, proprietor of eTech Parts, knows the impact a vendor can have on a repair business. “We hear it time and time again from our customers how we are a vital part of their business, and that if we didn’t exist and provide the level of service that we do, they might not be able to have a repair business.” As the previous co-owner of a start-up repair shop that grew into the nation’s largest mail-in Apple device repair company, he has been in your shoes at every level of the game. Inconsistent quality, late shipments, and unavailability of parts will hurt the bottom line of any repair business – established industry players and the up-and-comers alike. Over the past 6 years, eTech Parts has witnessed a phenomenal boom in the iPhone repair industry. We’ve been here since the beginning and we’re proud to be known as the nation’s number one wholesale supplier of parts for iPhones, iPads, and iPods. Since our inception customer service remains our highest priority – the repair shop owner who needs premium parts delivered quickly, requiring the freedom to return defective parts without losing money, and might need some troubleshooting advice from time to time. eTech Parts is the only US supplier to offer free technical support when you need it most! Our dedicated customer service and technical support team is ready for all your toughest questions; we’re here to help you run your business more efficiently, because your success is our success! Adding iPhone repair services to your pre-existing business can be highly profitable, while creating loyal customers who will return to your business for all their cellular needs. We hope to raise awareness and interest for this rapidly growing marketplace of services, to help every new technician get started on the right foot. Choose eTech Parts to be your trusted partner in the iPhone repair industry and we’ll help you every step of the way.

The Staff at eTech always happy to help you meet your business needs. Back: Jeremy, Nick, Jim, Joey, Jeff, Jason, David Middle: Brandon, Ryan, Charles, Corey, Kevin, Linda, Kyle Front: Kevin, Nick, Lisa, Emily, Jake, Grace, Stephanie


Intelligent Universal Remote Makes TV Smart “@7PM” is a unique universal remote designed by Looq. Magically change your TV, DVD/Blue-Ray player, or set-top box channels or volume by shaking it. @7PM changes the way you watch programs. Quickly switch to your favorite channel with a single touch. Download the app, plug @7PM into your Smartphone, set devices, and use. It’s that simple. Big Buttons – Easy to use Favorites List – Quickly switch between your top 6 channels Personalized – Each family member’s phone is a unique remote Extensive Database -- Over 9000 different TVs, DVD/Blue-Ray players, and set-top boxes supported

Looq System, Inc. Tel: 1(408) 982-9155 Fax: 1(408) 982-9151 E-mail: getlooq@looqsystem.com 4677 Old Ironsides Drive, Suite 240 Santa Clara, CA 95054


Please refer to our website for detailed compatibility list



The Instant Spiff Master Why MegaTel? By WDM Staff

With so many master agents for TracFone, the largest MVNO with multiple brands, including Simple Mobile, how does a distributor or dealer choose with whom to partner? MegaTel Wireless, a master-agent of TracFone and other MVNOs, servicing retailers and distributors nationwide, truly wanted to differentiate themselves and stay ahead of the competition. In addition to outstanding support and service, they’ve wanted to do more by having a unique offering that would have a direct impact with its agents. Possessing a keen understanding of the business and the burdens of cash flow and worries of “not getting paid” that retailers and distributors face, MegaTel created and launched an Up-Front Instant Spiff Program, whereby agents get paid at the time of activation, versus 45-days later as with all other master agents. With the Instant Spiff program integrated with the MegaTel Portal, a one-stop webPOS for both activations and refills, the program has been a huge hit and success; solidifying MegaTel in the marketplace and as a top master-agent and distribution partner for TracFone. The MegaTel portal gives retailers the ability to offer airtime and activations for multiple carriers, all under one login, and an increased level of reporting with which to run their business. For distributors, it truly empowers them to run their entire enterprise with the powerful back-office access, reporting, and the autonomy to manage their agents.

41 99

Most recently, MegaTel has been included in TracFone’s Simple Mobile Branded Retail Program, a prestigious accomplishment, with only a few select agents being able to participate in the offering. The Branded Retail Program allows retailers to earn higher spiffs and commissions, without having to commit to exclusivity…nearly unheard of in the wireless business. While there is a minimum activation level dealers must maintain, it creates a win-win for both the retailers and the end-customer, as they walk into a premium location where they will know and feel that it is a preferred retailer, with all TracFone’s suite of brands available. For the retailer, it provides an opportunity to be competitive in today’s marketplace; delivering everything they need in one complete retail package, competitive compensation, field team support, training, and visits. Coupled with MegaTel’s Portal and Up-Front Spiff Program, it sets MegaTel far above all other master agents. Whether you are a multi-carrier retailer, branded retailer, or distributor, MegaTel has the solution you need to empower your business in today’s prepaid world. Anyone can ship boxes, but MegaTel provides solutions created for your business, and it ’s bottom-line. For more information about about MegaTel, go to megatelwireless.com or call 877.350.5999.







Wireless Dealer Magazine Sneak Peek:

Winning at Wireless Retail Guide To many, the wireless retail industry can look like a beast—a 12-headed, fire-breathing, razor-clawed monster! Whether you are a veteran or brand new to the wireless retail business, there is always something more you can do, something new to learn and questions to be answered. The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA)® has developed weapons to help you “tame the beast ” and make it yours, with the Winning at Wireless Retail guide.

The Winning at Wireless Retail guide will be available for download in May 2014 at CE.org/ training/winningatwireless. Below, find a special, sneak peek of information just for Wireless Dealer Magazine of the “Your Store” section of the guide:

Our objective is to help you be successful and set yourself apart. Yes, you can get business advice by studying other successful business ventures, first-hand experiences, attending school and doing research. But wireless retail has its own challenges and obstacles, and requires a unique approach. The wireless industry is constantly changing with the evolution of smartphones, tablets, data, mobile devices, marketing trends and advertising. It is up to you to stay up-to-date on the latest technology and trends. The Winning at Wireless Retail guide draws directly from the experiences of partners, vendors, retail owners and executives. From basics to details, the guide is filled with real-world practices to create a knowledgeable team and sound wireless retail strategies; share tips from the field, real-life examples and best practices; and provide ways to add more to your bottom line. The guide is organized into four different categories of insights and success stories: “Your Customer,” “Your Team,” “Your Store,” and “Your Business.” Broken into easily-accessible tips and actionable articles, the guide can help you create the right approach for your customers, your team, your stores and your business’ success.

YOUR STORE The store is a part of the team. It has its own heartbeat and character. The team and customers are the lifeblood, but the store can and should have its own personality. It is a reputation, an impression, a feeling, an involvement in the community and people’s lives. Your store should strike a chord in people’s minds when they hear the name. This does not happen by accident. It takes work to create the store’s personality. Let’s jump into some sample excerpts from the, “Your Store” section:



finding the information online as a talking point. The team member now has the opportunity to emphasize their support as a differentiator now and in the future.


BATTLING SHOWROOMING Showrooming has become a large part of a customer’s purchasing process. It may or may not be a purposeful component from the manufacturer. The customer will look and play with the latest and greatest product, whether it is test driving a new convertible or browsing with the latest computer at a display in the middle of the mall. The customer then goes online to compare prices and purchase. Or the customer will use a retail store as a showroom and look online for pricing, possibly even purchasing from their smartphone while in the store. This a loss of a sale for the store. Swords drawn. Battle or embrace?

THE WEB The Internet is not going anywhere and Internet shopping is only getting stronger. Customers still go into stores and purchase online. You cannot get angry about it and you must not get irritated by the customers for doing it. You can battle it, make people feel uncomfortable while looking things up on their smartphone, shine a spotlight on them or blow warning horns when spotted. Or turn it around. By helping the customer look and compare, you are showing your effort to find the right product at the right price for them. Fighting it will eliminate the interaction to convince them of purchasing the right products now from you. Use your help


What the Internet does not have is you and your team. Emphasize this point to the customer. The customer understands the additional costs of a lease, electricity, maintenance, and labor. Everyone knows there are additional costs for the experts in the store. A team member—an expert— is there to help them find the right product for their needs. A computer screen cannot do that. The expert can help them with the set up and transfer of pictures, files, apps, and videos stored on the customer’s phone. They can train them how to use all the features that make the customer’s life easier and more entertaining. A computer does not give that personal service. A store can get them the device now, in a glossy bag out the door today. No having to wait for the mail or miss the package they must sign for. If the store’s prices are competitive to the websites, the price objection is a nonissue. The customer came in interested in buying. The team member did not knock on their door with a handful of dirt and a vacuum cleaner, hoping to get past the entryway to make their pitch. The customer came in. They are interested.

MONEY MATCH A powerful handling of the online shopping phenomenon is price matching. If possible, matching an online price can close the sale. Adding free accessories to a package to overcome the online price is another tool. Set criteria and processes before setting into action. Will the price matching only be valid from an in stock, “major” site or from a website that has brick and mortar stores? Communicate what accessories will be available to the team to use as a bonus and what the procedure is for recording the discount or bonus. It is important to know the prices on the websites first. If the price is close, even a little higher than online,


the customer will less likely be deterred from buying in the store.

YOUR WEBSITE Do you have a website? Customers give validity to locations with websites they can preview and browse. It should look as professional and welcoming as the store. It is an extension of the store. There may be restrictions on making purchases or activating devices online, but having a place for the customer to contact the store is important. Check the spelling, the pictures, and all content to be sure it is professional and correct. Misspellings and incorrect information will destroy any reputation of expertise. It is a good idea to have a professional assist in building the site you envision with the proper coding and SEO content. Ask the team. There may be someone who builds websites, is a copywriter, or has a passion for photography to help. If the customer is researching online, have them start with your website.

ADD THE EXTRAS TO THE WEBSITE Make it worthwhile to search the store’s website. Have additional accessories available online. If the store has one color in the store, there may be other custom colors or versions on the website. Order it while in the store. The device goes home with the customer today with an additional prize to arrive in the mail. Coupons and bonus deals only available online is a way to make the customer feel in the know and a VIP. An appointment scheduling feature on the website will ensure the customer receives personalized service. They cannot get that from an online store. Even if there are restrictions on purchasing and/or activating on the store’s website, the customer can make the request and the team member can be prepared with what they are looking for at the time the customer has available. Customers will have a personal shopper with a VIP reservation and the store has follow-up information.

LIVE DEVICES You would not buy a car without being able to test drive it. The devices in the store are the

same. People come in to play. If the store only has non-functioning display models, there is no difference in looking at the device online than coming into a store. A customer cannot touch online so have it available to touch in the store. It is more powerful to put the device in the customer’s hand and have them open the features and picture the benefits they will experience with the right device than a simple description and empty plastic toy. Hand the device to the customer and walk them through the apps, programs, cameras, benefits and entertainment. Connect all devices, utilize the Wi-Fi and set to games and Internet. Put them in hands and get them into shopping bags.

TECHNOLOGY PLAYGROUND Technology is changing quickly. The store can be the place to interact and experiment with it. Doing the same thing the same way leads to the same foot traffic and sales. Increase the traffic in the store. People like to play. The store is a playground. To sell an item, the customer has to be in the store. Invite anyone to play with the devices. Having a reputation for a place to play is a good thing. The team should be prepared to start the show. They must know the newest and most popular apps, the most up to date features and play with them. Introduce a customer to the app or feature and hand it to them. Getting it in the customer’s hand will allow them to see it in action. The benefits it will add to their daily life do not need to be described, because they are experiencing it as they play.

QR CODES QR codes can be placed on devices to lead the customer to features, devices and/or videos of the product and people using them. Free QR code makers can be found online, linking the cubed picture to any site. Make a QR code treasure hunt leading customers from marketing material to marketing material to win an accessory or discount. They learn more, the team has more talking points to discuss, and the customer has an interactive experience to the sale.



INTERACTIVE CHECKOUT The sale does not have to be completed at the front register. Tablets and handheld computers can be used as part of a presentation and as the register. Completing the sale without having to move back to the counter and register is a simple few buttons on the screen. The same device can track inventory and schedules. Restaurants are increasing their efficiency by ordering the guest’s meal on a handheld device, sending it to the kitchen, notified on the same screen when it is ready to be delivered with the receipt easily printed and credit card rung all in one. And they do not sell technology. Wireless stores do.

VIDEO Video screens can be used through the store to display videos of the hero products and commercials of the services. Carriers spend thousands of dollars producing commercials and advertising content. A request to the carrier and/or hardware rep will result in a lot of material. With multiple locations, streaming live events (entertainment or community related) to all locations will bring everyone together in the store’s brand. Spreading the message across screens in the store can add to the interactivity of the customer’s experience.

a nametag. Customers are looking for a big business appearance with a small business feel. Your plan must breathe life into the four walls to give the customers and your team what they want. Create a comfortable place to come and stay by the right attitude, layout, store approach, and community involvement. If done correctly and placed in front of the pack, the store can be your top salesperson, your marketing guru and the best party host you have ever encountered. The full, Winning at Wireless Retail guide provides expanded information in the “Your Store” section and covers additional topics such as: •T  he Store Mirror: what is your store saying about your product, your team, your services, and your respect for the customer? •O  utside In, Inside Out: the store should be seen from a customer’s point of view. Start there when evaluating your store. •A  Comfortable Place to Stay: studies have found the longer a customer is in a store, the more money they spend. Make customers feel comfortable in your store and they will stay longer, come back more often and purchase more.

DIGITAL SIGNAGE Customers have a short attention span. This is the age of quick, change, entertain. The store does not want to appear stale or stagnant in its design or displays. Digital signage can be changed quickly and efficiently to display the newest and coolest of the store. Interactive touch screens are an option to get the customer involved in the purchasing experience. The customer can answer usage questions, device needs and knowledge assessment on the screen. The team member can then discuss the information the customer has already started and close the sale.

OPEN THE DOOR The store is another teammate. It needs to be developed and groomed. Iron its uniform and put on


•A  n Inviting Place to Gather: the goal is to create a place where people are comfortable, will return to and tell others about. • Reasons to provide Seating, Beverages and Free Wi-Fi • T he importance of creating “Sociability” of a store • S etting the Flow of the Store, including making the case to go counter clockwise. • V ignettes: organizing devices and accessories in a story so the customer can better see how the combination will benefit them. • S pokes: a customer service center in the middle of the store forces the customer to come all the way in and view the highlights on the way. • Establish Branding Guidelines: whether you have one store or a thousand stores, branding guidelines for your store can create a unified feel to the entire story.


•T  he Store in the Community: if the store is seen as part of the community, people will visit, stay, and buy. •U  tilize Resources: There are plenty of resources available for the asking from the carrier and/or hardware representatives. Know what to ask for. •K  eep Them in the Store: Events can introduce a new customer and build the store’s reputation with returning customers. Ideas to think outside the box. In addition to “Your Store,” other sections of the guide include: “Your Customer,” “Your Team,” and “Your Business,” as well as additional exercises and examples to bring all of these topics to life. The Winning at Wireless Retail guide will be available for download in May 2014 at CE.org/ training/winningatwireless.






Choosing the Right Phone Repair Parts Supplier: How to Make the Right Choice and the Harsh Consequences of Failing to do so

By Jamil Hindi, president and founder of Q ualit y Repair Par ts

This article is directed at informing those currently in, or considering entering the growing phone repair industr y about the variety of avenues in which a repair shop owner may pursue in obtaining repair parts. The article will briefly introduce the grading system in which parts are classified by quality. I will then dive into the many different routes that the vast majority repair shops pursue in obtaining their parts and explain why not using the highestgrade parts serves an injustice to your customer and poses devastating effects to your business. Given the fact that the most popular repair performed by technicians is a screen repair and screens will constitute the majority of a repair shop’s inventory in terms of dollars invested, this article will specifically focus on replacement screens, which consists of a combination of the LCD and digitizer components.


The ‘Un-official’ Grading System

There are a variety of different quality screens out in the marketplace that a repair shop can choose to use to perform their repairs. Below is a compilation, an unofficial however, accurate, list of the various qualities available and the attributes that they possess: The “B Grade” Screen - Quite arguably the lowest quality screen available in the market. This grade often has a defective rate of roughly 60%. Defects for Grade B screens include: multiple dead spots on the digitizer, stress marks, severe discoloration and dead pixels on the LCD. With most B grade screens, you will notice that the screens do not fit flush on the device as the original part did. You will also notice on B Grade screens that the LCD brightness is incredibly low. It would be similar to going to your phones settings and decreasing the brightness by 75%.



The “A Grade” Screen - Slightly

The Issue With Parts from High-Volume Retailers

better than Grade B, the Grade A

Without a doubt most parts used in the industry

screens often have a defective rate

by repair shops are obtained through high-volume

of about 25%. Defects on Grade A

retailers such as eBay and Amazon. These are

screens include: isolated dead spots on the digitizer,

typically the “AA Grade” screens that we explored

dead pixels and severe blue and yellow blemish spots

above. The reason is quite elementary. Businesses will

on the LCD. You may also notice that many of the

flock to where they can obtain the cheapest parts. In

screens in the Grade A category do not fit flush on

fact, virtually all of our customers were buying from

the device as the original part did.

such high volume retailers prior to partnering with us. However, new entrants to the industry, as well as the

The “AA Grade”

more versed repair shops still continue to purchase

Screen - This is the

through high-volume retailers. Their mindset is that

most commonly

lower priced parts equates to higher profit margins.

sold screen on eBay,

Although this equation is generally true, it is far from

Amazon or any other high-volume online retailer

complete. The “lower part cost = higher margins”

(This grade of screen is further discussed in the next

approach does not take into consideration the massive

section of this article). The Grade AA screens have

hits that a repair shop’s bottom line takes due to the

a defective rate of 12% or more. The most noticeable

use of such inferior parts. Let’s explore why.

defect on Grade AA screens is in the quality of the LCD. Grade AA screens have a noticeable blue or

We have heard countless stories from our clients on

yellow tint. Many of the screens in this category will

how the use of parts obtained from high-volume

not fit perfectly flush onto the device.

retailers severely tarnished their businesses because of the bad reputation that their shops received as a result from using these parts. This makes sense given the fact that many repair shops rely heavily on word-of-mouth references for future business. Additionally, many customers seeking to repair

The “AAA Grade” Screen - The highest quality

their phones read online reviews of repair shops and

replacement screen available is the AAA grade quality.

reviews that criticize a shop on the basis of their use

This quality is usually flawless with no dead spots, dead

of lower quality parts. Poor reputations is very hard to

pixels or discoloration on the LCD. The brightness


of the LCD is comparable to an original OEM part.


These screens fit perfectly flush on the device. This

Another instance in which the use of non-“AAA

grade has a low defective rate of about 1-2%.

Grade” parts obtained through high-volume retailers


has a detrimental effect to the repair shops’

mind that the sellers of these parts are operating

bottom line and longevity can be seen in

on extremely low single-digit margins and will

a common situation where a complaining

do whatever it takes to refuse a return. In fact,

customer requires a ‘re-repair’ to a previous

most of our clients embrace the fact that our

repair of the phone again once it is noticed

company offers hassle-free returns on defective

that the parts previously used are defective

products. (We proudly boast an industry-low

and inferior. As mentioned, the customer will

defective rate of 1%.)

usually notice that the new screen’s LCD is not as bright as the original screen, the screen

As our customers know, a reality of the phone

doesn’t fit flush, and/

repair business is that by spending a couple

or the digitizer has dead spots. The technician will have to

dollars more on high quality “AAA Grade” parts, your bottom line will actually increase

replace the part in hopes

because you

that the next screen he

will avoid the

installs does not have the

issues described

same issues. Alternatively,

above. Keep in

the technician may be

mind that many

successful in fighting off the need to ‘re-repair’ the device, thus, leaving the customer frustrated, unhappy and ultimately resulting in a bad experience that customers tells everyone they know. A poor reputation for terrible service and inferior parts that your shop provided will keep you from future business. If the technician decides to re-repair the phone

suppliers, either intentionally or through lack of knowledge, claim that their screens are of a certain grade, but when tested against the grading system we compiled above, they often fall below their claimed grade. It is crucial that a repair shop

and change the screen for the second time, they

that desires longevity only use parts that they

also lose; the shop loses time and also potentially

will be proud to stand behind.

loses the cost of the first part installed. For more information about Quality Repair Returning parts to sellers from these high-

Parts or the contents of this article please visit

volume outlets is almost impossible. Keep in




How ScrewMat became one of the most popular mobile device repair tools ever. By Tony Baker

Mobile device repair still requires skill and attention to detail, but even the most advanced technician is forced to organize the disassembly process and it’s easy to misplace and drop tiny screws that need to find their way back into a device. The latest tablets, phablets and phones are held together with several pin-sized screws. This, of course, enables the sleek look and hightech feel people love to see and experience with their devices. While we appreciate the engineering of these sleek devices, when it’s time to repair them it can be difficult, if not impossible to stay organized without a map or plan. ScrewMat ™ offers exactly that: a simple, easy to follow magnetic sheet with a picture of specific devices that illustrate and highlight the screw and small part locations for easy placement and perfect organization. It has improved organization and efficiency, reduced unnecessary stress, and allowed

both technicians and D.I.Y. consumers to keep track of every screw and small part required to remove while repairing a phone. Anyone who has attempted to repair iPhones and Androids know just how many tiny pieces are involved. A modern day cell phone technician will have to remove between 10 and 40 screws to get into a device, depending on the device and the component that needs repair. The iPhone, for example, utilizes multiple types of screws like Pentalobe, Flat and Phillip style screws. Getting them out is not particularly difficult, but organizing the variety of screws during the repair is an entirely different story. Lost screws and phone components can slow a repair job down or keep you from feeling the assembly was a complete success. The guys at ScrewMat, however, have come up with a ingenious solution for these all too common problems.

“T he ScrewMat is a magnetic illustrated guide. Each guide is color-coded to keep each part orderly during disassembly and reassembly.” 57




The ScrewMat is a magnetic illustrated guide. Each guide is color-coded to

keep each part orderly during disassembly and reassembly. When you take a screw out, you simply place it on the adjacent spot on the ScrewMat. The

magnetic sheet holds the screws and small parts from sliding around until you are ready to put the device back together. ScrewMat has customized

more than 20 different designs for the hottest and most difficult models to repair. ScrewMat has a model available for every iPhone, IPad, and iPod including several different Android phones, most notably the Samsung Galaxy line.

ScrewMat is currently creating new models to further assist the efficiency of repairs done by a growing number of businesses trying to teach and

grow their expertise in the repair industry. Each ScrewMat goes through

rigorous design and testing before being released to the public to ensure each ScrewMat is trustworthy to lead technicians down the right repair path.

The ScrewMat was invented and developed by Phone Doctors. Phone Doctors is a mobile device repair company

headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma. For 10 years Phone Doctors has worked tirelessly to share their advancements and make phone repairs more simple, efficient and affordable for customers. Phone Doctors was born out of

necessity. Alex Iser, founder and CEO, recognized in 2004 that

the majority of cellphone users

broke or damaged their phones

prior to the end of their 2-year contract. Replacing an entire

handset out of contract was too expensive for many consumers. Since then, the team at Phone

Doctors has worked to develop tools, procedures and even

software that has continued to revolutionize the phone repair

business. ScrewMat was released in 2010. It is now available through over 25 authorized wholesale suppliers

and distributors worldwide. The ScrewMat ™ can be found through major retailers such as Amazon and eBay, as well as through ScrewMat.com.



THANK YOU TO MACWORLD FOR A GREAT SHOW! Macworld was a great place to meet consumers and resellers who all gave the Bandshell® case amazing reviews! www.facebook.com/bandshellcase

The Bandshell®® iPhone case delivers more bang for your buck, delivering more options than ever! It is designed with these features: • An exclusive, patented sound door which amplifies iPhone speakers, improving sound quality and volume • An integrated kickstand that’s ideal for hands free use, perfect for the beach, traveling in a plane or train, in the office, during a workout and more • A kickstand that supports the iPhone on its side, making it easier to watch movies, TV and videos • Ultra slim and lightweight, making it easy to carry and store • A gel interior and durable hard shell protect against scratches, bumps and breakage • Fits iPhone 5, 5S and 5C • Available in 10 fashionable colors

Bandshell Bandshell®® iPhone iPhone Case: Case: A A Housing Housing that that Stands Stands Up Up and and Performs! Performs!


Another Creative Brand brought to you by TJM Innovations, LLC Contact: ted@tjminnovations.com 866.766.3442 • www.tjminnovations.com Bandshell is looking to sign dealers and distributors

60 122


66 62


Adapt, Maneuver & Grow

An interview with Abdul Yasini at Sahara Wireless By WDM Staff

It ’s time for change. That ’s how they see it at Sahara Wireless, adapt, maneuver, and grow. The wireless industry changes indefinitely, and when it comes to the demand for new mobile phones, nothing changes ---- well until they begin making mobile phone chip-implants in your head. We sure hope it doesn’t come to that! It seems even though cell phones change physically, the behavioral need to acquire the next best product on the market remains the constant. Since the release of smartphones, smart accessories have traditionally trailed behind a few steps following each new mobile phone SKU. This is where Sahara shines. They bring compatible accessories to the marketplace, from vintage to current models, and continuously prepare for accessories of tomorrow. Sahara Wireless, INC., is widely known for its offices all over the US. From New York to Florida, from the East Coast to Arizona and Texas, and particularly it ’s corporate headquarters in California. The Sahara Wireless teams in all of their facilities stand ready to serve retailers’ accessories needs coast to coast. They aren’t in this business to make a quick buck. With many years of experience in the accessories segment of the wireless industry, their teams act

63 99

as consultants helping retailers plan the right inventory to support their individual business goals. The aim is to sell retailers products that their customers demand right now, thereby earning them profits to continue to grow their business for the foreseeable future. Understanding inventory management and rate of sale is the key. Why stock up on things with low or no interest at all, when you can stock up on items that are high demand and increase profitability? Top notch, exclusive products drive demand: from cases with endless options (kickstands, protective casings, designer cases, waterproof ing, jewel and gems and more) to chargers for virtually any phone (dual port chargers, high amp chargers, adapters, data cables, home and car) to hands-free solutions (Bluetooth, over-the-head hands-f ree, designer headphones, fashion headphones) to just about anything else that you can think of that can attach to your phone! Sahara Wireless owes its success to a handful of factors. First, their loyal client base has been with them for a very long time. Second, they constantly strive for lowest cost competitive pricing. And last, the team is completely dedicated to imparting product knowledge and providing tireless support with their retail partners. They are so confident in their pricing, they even ask retailers what they are paying for certain items and beat it.


We recently asked Mr. Abdul Yasini, CEO of Sahara Wireless, a few questions about quality and pricing: Q: If your prices are so low, is the quality low as well? A: N  O! We use and manufacture items the same way these other big companies do it. We have the same molding of phones, before the release date, allowing us to provide you exclusive delivery. Q: Then why are your prices so ‘Competitive’? A: It takes money to make money. If you follow the trend of these big Cellular Giants, they are now offering to pay for your termination fee, as long as you switch to them, when these termination costs can be up to $600! Why? Because they know what they are doing to gain a whole new field of clients. We can beat anyone’s pricing. Period. Q: Okay, so you got me, what if the products aren’t satisfactory?

A: We get it, sometimes there are defects when a product comes from the factory. According to statistics, when the 5th iPhone came out, apparently 1 out of 10 iPhones were defective from release date. Foxconn reported between 5 to 8 million units were sent back. Honestly, there were customers who were obviously unhappy with the result, but as a company --- an honest company --- replacement and support SHOULD be given out, and that was the case with Apple. We support any defects and items “arriving dead”. In closing, Mr. Yasini added, “We provide solutions and not promises. From our support, warranty coverage, special services when needed, such as 3rd party shipping and drop shipping, to our in-house dedicated phone number to address concerns and technical questions, we go above and beyond.” To start saving now and experience the Sahara Wireless Difference, visit them at www. saharawireless.com





Reduce Mobile Malware Costs with In-Store Diagnostics By Alan Solarino

Is your favorite app sharing your private data without your knowledge? Is mobile malware the reason your smartphone is running a little more slowly lately? After decades of personal computer ownership, most people are familiar with the threats that malicious software poses to their laptop or desktop but awareness of the threats mobile malware poses to their phones and tablets is low. This can be partially attributed to the history of PCs being in the crosshairs of malevolent hackers and other


criminal elements. The pure number of PCs with rich data are attractive targets. But the growth of smartphones and their utility is changing the landscape. Benedict Evans of Enders Analysis predicts that the number of smartphones in use globally will pass the number of PCs this year. As more and more consumers use mobile devices as their primary channel for online purchases, social media, and other online activities, smartphones have officially become high value targets.


Mobile malware is malicious software that targets devices with mobile operating systems, primarily smartphones and tablets. The software can be a piece of code embedded in a larger piece of software – in an app for example – or delivered directly through internet-connected use of the device. Research from experts at Webroot, a leader in cloud-based security intelligence, shows that 20% of all Android apps contained malware, 79% of the top 50 free iOS and Android apps are associated with risky behaviors or privacy issues. And the numbers continue to grow with a 483% increase in malicious mobile apps in 2013 alone.

Even apps that do not contain malware themselves can unknowingly infect smartphones through ads pulled from third-party advertising networks while the app is in use. Malware can also find its way onto mobile devices through web browsing activities. Content from adult-themed sites remain the most effective delivery channel, but steering clear of riskier site visits doesn’t offer complete protection. Web-based ads recently surpassed pornography as the leading source of mobile malware, responsible for one out of every five exposures.



Once on a mobile device, malware can wreak havoc through sophisticated hijacking of phone functions, allowing hackers to collect sensitive data, make calls, send messages, and even activate the phone’s microphone to record audio and upload it to a server! As a result, device owners not only risk identity theft and loss of privacy, but may also experience slow performance, excessive battery drain, dropped calls, data overages, and unauthorized charges from premium messaging and calls to pay-perminute numbers. The impact of these infections soon spreads from the device owner to mobile retailers and carriers. A consumer brings the smartphone in to his local mobile store with performance complaints. The store representative spends considerable time troubleshooting the phone while the next customer in line grows impatient. Unable to determine the cause of the problems, the representative books the phone for repair, generating additional hard cost while further disappointing the device’s owner. The customer is now completely separated from his phone and the important data it holds at least temporarily if not permanently should the repair activity performed wipe the phone of its contents. Frustrated and unhappy, the consumer returns home only to find his monthly cell phone bill is ten times what it normally is. A long call to his carrier brings mild relief when the unauthorized charges are removed, with the carrier bearing the full margin-killing cost of the


malware’s use of their network. Single instances such as that described above might be considered a cost of doing business, but the propagation of malware on a large scale can pose serious network performance and bottom line problems for mobile retailers and carriers.


One company believes it can help mitigate the impact of mobile malware for device owners, mobile retailers, and carriers. Cellebrite’s hardware and software is currently used by the majority of the mobile industry, primarily to move contacts, pictures, videos, and other data from customers’ old phones to their new devices. Available through these same platforms is Cellebrite’s Diagnostics. The Diagnostics service analyzes phones customers bring in to the store, complaining of poor performance or other operability problems. A quick, automated scan identifies configuration settings, software faults, and hardware failures and can correct most issues with the click of a button. Last month at the Mobile World Congress trade show in Barcelona, Spain, Cellebrite and Webroot announced a technology partnership that integrates Webroot’s Mobile App Reputation Service and URL Classification Service into Cellebrite’s Diagnostics product. As a result, the same device scans that uncover software and hardware faults will now detect malicious applications, spyware, and dangerous URLs saved in the phone’s bookmarks, leveraging Webroot’s extensive database of nearly 6 million mobile applications. With consent from the device’s owner, retail store representatives can choose which of the listed dangerous apps and bookmarks to delete, thus eliminating the threats from those sources. Implementation of a diagnostics solution with malware detection and removal capabilities benefits device owners, mobile retailers and carriers. Customers are happier because they don’t have to wait for lengthy off-site repairs and walk out of the store with a phone that’s functioning as it should – not to mention the protection of their privacy and identity. Carriers’ networks are relieved of traffic generated by bot nets and other malicious software and lost revenue from unauthorized premium calling and messaging fees drops. Retailers enjoy reduced time and cost from troubleshooting malware-related issues and significant savings by fixing a phone on the spot that would have otherwise been sent offsite for warranty repair. Mobile retailers and carriers have little control over the continued growth and evolution of mobile malware, but they can take the first step to protect their customers and their business with sophisticated mobile device diagnostic technology that will rise to meet the threat.



Cellebrite provides data and diagnostics solutions to over 200 leading mobile retailers and carriers across the globe. The company’s 150,000 deployed platforms process hundreds of millions of transactions annually, building value throughout the mobile value chain. Designed for the fast-paced retail environment, Cellebrite’s integrated product suite helps retailers, carriers, and manufacturers differentiate themselves while reducing cost, creating new revenue streams, and increasing customer satisfaction. Visit http://www.cellebrite.com/mobile-retail today to learn how: • High-speed, universal phone-to-phone content transfers eliminate customer wait times. • In-store and on-device mobile device diagnostics detects and corrects phone problems to reduce repair costs and keep consumers connected to their phones • Automated phone trade-in and content delivery applications create new revenue opportunities through simplified, integrated workflows that ensure consistent, accurate results.


Alan Solarino is the Director of Retail Product Marketing at Cellebrite, where he is responsible for outbound marketing activities, positioning, and messaging for Cellebrite’s industry-leading product suite for mobile retailers. Prior to Cellebrite, Solarino was a Senior Product Manager at electronic payments services company ACI Worldwide, where he led marketing and product development for SaaS applications that served top 10 banks and retailers.



00 72


Repair Intelligence: By WDM Staff

The Company

QWirelessSolutions LLC was founded in 2012 by Moris and Jamie, with a combined experience in the mobile industry exceeding 50 years. Based in Los Angeles, California, QWirelessSolutions is NOT just another trading company; they are a full service solutions-based partner for mobile repair businesses. Q’s mandate is to help wireless dealers throughout USA, Canada, Mexico and abroad to procure the highest quality products for their customers, reducing overall returns and increasing customer satisfaction. QWirelessSolutions’ Motto is “Quality, Integrity, and Service”. Customers are the priority, ensuring that each customer is serviced to the highest standards possible is what they strive for every day.

The Team

QWirelessSolutions team is comprised of telecom professionals, not just sales personnel. Their team members are made up of experienced repair technicians and other who have been in the industry for a minimum of 5 years. They pride their team on understanding the marketplace. Their team is able to help customers with general questions, repair issues, suggestions for the proper parts / accessories based on their customers’ needs.


The team at QWirelessSolutions are not just on the phone, they get into the field as well. They make a point to visit customers whenever and wherever possible, including day trips around Los Angeles and San Diego counties as well as overnight trips to the Florida panhandle to week long trips to Mexico and Caribbean and even longer supply chain partners overseas. They add the personal aspect to their business by believing in a handshake and face-to-face meetings they take the necessary steps to be considered among the upper echelon of distribution partners.

The Products

QWirelessSolutions has adopted the slogan of “America’s Leading Cellphone Parts Specialists” because of their focus on quality and premium products. Their dedicated and experienced procurement team works directly with the facilities overseas, and not just via email or Skype. The team actually makes three overseas trips per year to visit factories and distribution facilities, verifying the products quality control standards are being met and packing methods are followed to detail. All of the products shipped to Q, have the QW stamp of approval and are marked with factor y ID control numbers.


Scan this QR Code to visit our website.



QWirelessSolutions procures the highest quality replacement parts available in the market, and they back their parts with a 6-month warranty. By striving to always import the highest standard replacement parts, ultimately they are able to reduce customer’s defective rates occurred by other vendors. QWirelessSolutions doesn’t only focus on the basic repair items either (LCDs or Housings), rather they expand to all parts of the devices such as cameras, flex cables, antennas, buttons and more. In many instances, they can even customize parts based on customers’ needs. QWirelessSolutions does not only focus their energy on Apple products, they have the full gamut for all major OEM models; Blackberry, Samsung, HTC, LG, Nokia, Alcatel, Huawei, ZTE. In 2014, they began introducing a few high-end universal accessories such as; High Quality Dash Mount Holders, Bluetooth Speakers, Tempered Glass Screen Protection, USB Cables and Chargers. They boast access to over 70,000 SKUs that are everchanging as the market moves forward.

Q’s Customers

QWirelessSolutions has been working with leading mobile phone repair centers on a global scale. With the primary customer base spread from USA, Canada, Mexico, Haiti, Dominican Republic, UK, and as far as Ethiopia, Israel, Morocco. If DHL or UPS or FedEx goes there, Q will ship there! Q clients include Apple repair centers, R2 refurbishing and recycling centers, independent mobile phone sales and repair shops. They actually accept all types and size of customers via their website – www. QWirelessSolutions.com where companies can register, order and manage their orders. They offer all new registrants 2500 Reward Points for registering, and 4% bonus reward points on each order completed online, without compromising service and support. New members are assigned a professional sales associate to help them from A to Z.

“Got the last order in, Everything looks great! No problems, great looking colors on these conversion kits” ~Aaron O. - Fanelli Boys - West Virginia

“Incredible support, Enrique you helped us get through the mess-up from the other guys, thanks!” ~Doug W. – Wilbert Repair - Tennessee

QWirelessSolutions.com 75




As someone born and raised in France, I have

Starting something from scratch takes endless

life; it is part of my soul, especially, in creating

love of the product. Since the end of 2013, we have

an innate appreciation for the good things in

our thoughtfully designed products. As a fan

of extreme sports and race cars, I find all things

emulating an adrenaline rush exhilarating. Here at

ITSKINS, we constantly seek the same feeling with our highly designed, functional products we bring to market.

Arriving in China with virtually nothing – only

established some very strong partners in Europe

and Asia. The brand has been adopted, each step of the way, by all major networks and retailers, in

over 20 countries where our distribution is already established. We are looking forward, with great

anticipation, to having new partners and making ITSKINS a global leading brand.

sheer determination to succeed – I found it exciting,

From the Corsa case, our mobile wallet for

Having accumulated an enormous manufacturing

Aluminum bumper for iPhone 5 models, to our

challenging, and exhausting at times. Life often is. and sourcing experience, along with a team of

spectacularly creative designers, we have sought to create something extraordinary and special. Our French roots, that “j’ai ne sais quoi”, keeps us

grounded, as we embrace the finer design elements of all our products. This includes an in-depth

knowledge of materials and technologies: leather, carbon and composite materials. We constantly

create on-trend, innovative, and unique accessory collections: ITSKINS.


determination, enduring energy, and most of all,

the iPhone 5 models, to our Toxik R, a CNC

Sense and Neo iPad covers, all of our products reflect the high style and durability of our

underlying commitment to excellence in all things. We hope you are as thrilled with our products as we are to be on this great adventure.

To learn more about us and experience the

excellence of ITSKINS, visit us at www.itskins.com. Contact us at usa@itskins.com


00 78



# S u per Mobi l i ty


We Want To Show You How To Make


Comming to a city near you San Francisco • Seattle • Portland

• ZERO Investment • Drinks & Refreshments • Over $2,000 In Prizes • FREE To Attend Learn how to earn the best commission in No Contract wireless when you sell Red Pocket Mobile sales@GoRedPocket.com • USA Dealer Sales line (619) 567-232782

ON-CAMPUS TRAINING HANDS ON TRAINING Spend More Time Doing Become Proocient Latest Devices & Techniques

ONE STOP SOLUTION Learn EVERYTHING to be successful! Get lists of Wholesale Parts & Accesories Vendors Discounted Tools & Equipment

WORLD CLASS SUPPORT Online Learning Resource Center = Videos, Chat & More Training! Live Technical Phone Support With Diffcult Repairs Discussion Forums - Connect with your Peers

AT YOUR SITE TRAINING Bring Our World Class Training To You! Custom Onsite Trainiing & Certiication Programs Tools & Equipment Included!


PROGRAM TOPIC OPTIONS Smartphone Repair Tablet Repair Glass Only Repairs - Save Tons of $$ by Rebuilding Your Own Touch Screen Assemblies! Gaming Console & iPod Repair Certiied IPC Training - Learn The Most Advanced & Proven Soldering Techniques Available! www.CellularRepairSchool.com 1166 E. Warner Rd. Suite 206 Gilbert, AZ 85296

(855) 338-1277





Spotlight on AIMO Wireless By WDM Staff

AIMO Wireless, a large wireless accessories importer, established in 2007, is headquartered in Los Angeles, CA. They own and manage a 50,000 square foot warehouse, shipping thousands of products daily to a loyal customer base. Providing products and services to a growing number of wireless dealers across the US, Canada, and Latin America, their presence in the wireless community is well established, and they are proud members of the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) and the Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association (CTIA). Variety and range of quality product is paramount to fulfilling inventory needs of their customers. AIMO’s primary product line consists of wireless accessories including protective cases, leather pouches, chargers, hands-free accessories, charms, batteries, and more. Their goal has always been to create a one-stop shop environment for wireless dealers. In addition to selling branded wireless accessories, they also distribute OEM products for an array of manufacturers including Apple, Samsung, Motorola, Blackberry, Google, LG, Nokia, Kyocera, Dell, Huawei and more. To facilitate dealers’ needs for sourcing new products, AIMO Wireless created their FACTORY OUTLET, a platform whereby users browse through a list of products, which can be made available to dealers sourced directly from AIMO’s

85 99

to partner factories. They have streamlined importing from overseas, making it super easy for dealers. In the last seven years, they have helped many businesses build a reputation around a product that sells with high quality standards.

Advantages of Using the AIMO FACTORY OUTLET

No more staying up late contacting overseas vendors, because an AIMO account manager will do just that, so you can focus on your business operations. Also, what you see is what you get. No more experiencing the frustration of receiving products that look nothing in real life like they do in a photo. The AIMO partner factories are reputable companies that have high quality standards and are carefully vetted by the experienced AIMO team. Aware of global market prices, they offer import pricing as part of the FACTORY OUTLET, in order for dealers to remain competitive and to increase profitability. Pricing structures are discussed offline, and MOQs are flexible. The AIMO team will break down production costs and take care of the lowest cost negotiations, in order to ensure the best delivery of goods possible. AIMO is committed to making quality, reliability, and affordability of wireless products available to all its wireless retail and dealer partners.

Headquartered in Los Angeles, CA, AIMO Wireless Inc. is one of the largest wireless accessories importer in the United States. AIMO Wireless was established in 2007 and now occupies a 50,000 sq. ft. warehouse, with 1000’s of products that are shipped daily to our loyal customers. We are providing our products and services to a growing number of wireless dealers across the United States, Canada, and Latin America. Our presence in the wireless community is well established and we are proud members of the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) and the Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association (CTIA).


aimowireless.com Tel: 626-369-6688 Toll Free: 877-687-6688 Fax: 626-369-6886 Hours: Mon - Fri 9AM – 6PM



Launch your own smartphone a and provide your

1. Prepaid International Calls 2. Internation

Callture can help you launch your own smartphone app so you can improve your service offering, increase your customer retention and solidify your branding. The new app will have your logo and links to your web site. You will be also able to setup promotions for downloads and friend referrals. Callture will perform the entire project implementation until is successfully uploaded on the Apple App Store and Android Google Pay. 91

app + multiservice retail portal r customers with:

nal Mobile Top Ups 3. US Wireless Top Ups

You can also setup your stores with your own private-label retail portal, allowing them to sell multiple services, including prepaid international calls, international mobile recharge and US prepaid wireless recharge. With our platform, you can enable your storeowners to receive commissions, residuals, rebates and/or bonuses. Our payment gateway will let you receive card payments directly to your bank account from storeowners and end-users. The wide range of detailed and summary reports, available in your new retail portal, allows your customers to get instant information on sales, earnings, commission details, payments and account statements. To learn more email us at platform@callture.com or call 1 800 566 7170


Callture Launches Entrepreneurs into Prepaid Telecom By WDM S taff

Callture is a technology company founded in 1997

One good reason for using Callture is that clients can take

by three engineering students from the University of

advantage of strong agreements developed over the years

Waterloo in their last year of their curriculum. The same

with several international and domestic wireless recharge

three founders manage the company today. Callture

operators and termination carriers. They profit from the

employs an expert team of developers that continually

pricing power of Callture’s large aggregate call volume.

improves the system so clients can stay on top of the latest technology. At the same time, the company’s account

Another compelling reason for using Callture is its

managers work as business partners in helping clients

people. Callture’s 24/7 support team closely manages

deploy and grow their services.

traffic overall performance and keeps improving the entire network’s QoS. Cients also gain from an experienced

Callture provides advanced platform services to telecom

account manager as business partner for mutual success.

service providers, enabling them to deploy private label

Callture’s account managers have many years of experience

voice and wireless products with minimum training and

in launching new products to different markets.

the least time to market. Using Callture turnkey solutions, clients gain 360 degree control over all aspects of their

With over 17 years of experience in hosted switching

private-label phone business, from pinless international

solutions for telecom service providers, Callture dramatically

calling, international mobile recharge, domestic US

increases the chances of success for its clients. During the last

mobile recharge, POS systems, retail web sites and

two years Callture has helped launch a number of successful

Smartphone apps.

prepaid portals in different US and Canadian metropolitan areas, targeting various market segments.

How it works is simple. Clients use a cloud-based powerful master portal in order to control the entire

The usage-based model makes it a necessity for Callture to

operation. They can add retail products, access numbers,

continuously work together with its clients so they can beat

service lines, PIN batches, rate decks and more. They can

the competition and increase usage volume and profits.

add POS clients and distributors as needed. Similarly they


can run reports on usage, quality, profitability, activations

For more about how to grow your prepaid using this powerful

and payments.

cloud-based portal, visit callture.com.


Large Inspiration in Small Packages progressive POWER AUTO


4.2A Dual USB Power


3.1A Dual USB Power

Ultra-Slim Power Banks







3500 ma


5600 ma







coMPAcT FoLding PLUg

chARgE TAbLET And hAndsET

ALUMinUM hoUsing

bUiLT in LEd FLAshLighT


Dual Tablet Charging In-Vehicle Power

Ultra Compact Dual Travel Charger

Long Lasting Everywhere USB Power

MSRP $19.99

MSRP $24.99

MSRP $39.99 & $29.99



CAAZ5600 & CAAZ3500



Executive Style Bluetooth

2 Meter MFI USB Cables

e Voic MI tM Assis ours 6.5 H ime Talk T

UP To 100 dAys sTAndby TiME

A2dP MUsic dEvicE coMPATibLE


Compact High-Value Packaging

MULTi-dEvicE connEcTion

Exec Handsfree with Auto On-Off Cradle

6ft Charge & Sync Cabels MSRP $19.99


MSRP $59.99

MSRP $14.99



MSRP $12.99


AZURA premium products are designed for the progressive mobile customer. P12AZ2USB & CAAZBTX7 & TACAZ2USB

AZURA is a Registered Trademark of CTDI iPad, iPhone, iPod, iPod classic, iPod nano, and iPod touch are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.


w w w. c t d ia c c e s s o r ie s . c o m

800.880.5610 ctdiaccsales@ctdi.com

w w w. c td ia c c e ss o r ie s . c o m




Elegance & Design. Delivered. The unique fusion of New York urban chic and next generation smar tphone technolog y has resulted in the creation of Posh Mobile. These branded devices provide consumers a superior out of box experience by blending the elements of elegant product design and integ rated seamless technolog y to deliver unmatched consumer value. Posh Mobile maintains a constantly evolving por tfolio of devices that suppor t all 2G, 3G and 4G LTE standards. Each product is carefully selected to meet the increasing demands of the highest trending consumer segments in today’s mobile marketplace. All Posh Android devices are pre-loaded with a suite of freemium apps and fully backed by a one year manufacturer’s warranty.




Memo This exciting new category of Android powered phablets, with extra-large displays and optimized cameras, is designed for the power user who requires an ultra-rich, expanded multi-media experience. Starting at 5.8�, Memo delivers the full functionality of a tablet PC with the portability of a smartphone.

Pegasus A fully loaded family of compact Android models competitively priced and proactively marketed to the new smartphone user segment. With models starting at 3.5�, Pegasus provides the consumer with full featured multimedia devices in the form of a small, reliable Wi-Fi enabled Android phone.

Lynx Packed with a full set of features, typically only found in more expensive devices, Lynx represents a series of small and powerful entry level mobile phones. All models are well equipped with a camera, Bluetooth, FM radio and expandable multi-media support.



Orion Posh’s premier line of dual camera, full featured Android devices are available with both dual and quad core processors. Orion offers the full power of a tablet in a diverse and colorful line of models star ting at 4.5�.

Posh Mobile is available globally through a network of authorized retail outlets whose success is accelerated by the Posh in-house dealer support team. As new channels and segments are created in both mature and emerging markets, the opportunities for local partnerships are limitless. Discover Posh Mobile at www.poshmobile.com. For channel pricing and available partnership opportunities, please contact Posh Mobile today at +1 718-427-2064 or sales@poshmobile.com.

Scan now to contact Posh Mobile directly.



Ex te nd s to fro 24 m inc 5 ½ he in ch s es

Remote shutter

Looq Super Selfie Wand with Remote Shutter Button Looq System super selfie is the company’s flagship development and it makes taking self-portraits easier. No longer will travelers feel embarrassed asking strangers to take pictures, or worry that strangers may run off with their pricey smart phones. Any Angle No Battery Easier Self Portraits Wider Shot Framing Use Front or Rear Camera Support Major iPhones and Androids Sturdy Design(Max bearing weight at the holder of the pole end is 3.3lb)

Looq System, Inc. Tel: 1(408) 982-9155 Fax: 1(408) 982-9151 E-mail: getlooq@looqsystem.com 4677 Old Ironsides Drive, Suite 240 Santa Clara, CA 95054

Back Side High Resolution Camera Mirror iPhone/ Android Looq has a mirror to do the job 104




HOW TO EXPAND YOUR RETAIL REPAIR BUSINESS OR START ONE TODAY The truth is the mobile device repair industry is not for the faint of heart. If you’re looking for an easy business, turn to a self-serve yogurt shop, but if you’re looking for sustainability and growth keep reading. With any successful business comes an intelligent recipe of processes that are designed to facilitate and manage a business for efficiency and scalability. McDonalds for example has inspired and led the franchise movement by creating highly efficient systems that are simple to use and designed to streamline their fast food operation. The results are a very controlled and explosive growth.


business cannot grow without proper planning and learning how to overcome operational struggles. You have to identify the hurdles, develop the systems, train the staff, and manage the operational goals effectively for growth.” ~Alexander Iser, Visivity

With over ten years carving out their wireless repair business, Phone Doctors has been investing and building these effective and efficient management systems to enable and control their retail growth. Now, this system that Phone Doctors has been using is finally ready to launch their franchise business with the assurance that franchisees will get the most of

107 99

their investment and the right tools for the job. In addition, they have also started a new company, Visivity, to help other repair business owners and entrepreneurs enter the space. Visivity is a cloud-based point-of-sale and business management system that has specific features for the mobile device repair business. The system allows a mobile device repair business to track inventory, sales and repairs, and pretty much everything in between. Visivity offers a turn-key solution that streamlines an operation. Think of meshing a customer management tool with a point of sale system, then add on inventory management and a completely integrated repair tracking solution. That is, essentially what Visivity does in one software system. The cloud-based software also allows owners and managers of the store to gain a better snapshot and understanding of the day-to-day workings of the operation, regardless of whether or not they’ve stepped foot into the store(s) that day, week or even month. Because the software can track workflow, it allows employees to get work done more efficiently with less stress.


REPAIR TICKET Visivity helps you track every point of the repair process. With the repair ticket we make it easy to collect customer, device, and repair information. The repair ticket and repair process have been developed to optimize time & save you money.

REPAIR QUEUE This is the heads-up display for the repair technicians. At a glance, you are able to see all repairs pending, waiting on parts, or waiting on customer contact. The repair queue is automatically updated & prioritized as devices are logged into the system.

CUSTOMER PICKUP Finished with the repair? When you process the device to the pickup area your customer is instantly notified via text or e-mail. We will even show you how to create an organized pickup area with our Visivity Pickup Bins.

BUYBACK TOOL Never again will you miss the opportunity to buyback a used device for a profit. With the visivity buyback tool you can purchase devices from customers to be processed for parts, refurbish, or re-sale. We will even show you how to locate the current buyback and resale rate for the device.

RE-CONDITION TOOL Auto adjusts the cost of a device when using in-stock repair parts. This is basically a separate repair queue for technicians to re-furbish and re-condition your buyback inventory. The Visivity re-condition tool will update the cost of your inventory based on parts used during this process.

CUSTOM REPORTS Use a pre-built report or customize your own. Choose from: Sales, customer, inventory, & more. Reporting is extremely important to the continued success of your business. We take reports seriously and are always introducing new search filters to help you optimize your mobile repair business.

INVENTORY TOOLS Keep a birds eye view on your inventory. Track in-stock items, manage costs, sales, & re-order points. RMA & missing items tools are also found here. You even can export your inventory as a .csv file or print audit sheets whenever you want.



The mobile device repair industry has thousands of par ts, accessories, and devices to deal with. With these items that also have good street value make it tempting for employees to skim and sell online and on the street. With this reality, inventory control is extremely essential to a healthy operation. Visivity has crossed their t’s and dotted their i’s to help minimize the risk of employee theft, which by the way is 3 times greater than shoplifting according to the SBA. Having a good handle helps you retain more profits for the contribution and continuation of your growth. Visivity has also gone into great detail to customize and build the Manufacturer, Model, and Par ts availability list, so that you don’t have to. Just plug in the sales price and quantity and you’re good to go. Visivity also wants to help their subscribers by recommending organizational strategies and products that are proven, inexpensive, and highly effective. The Visivity concept streamlines all systems within the store(s), making sure employees and management can focus on their true passion; taking care of the customer. To recap, the success of a company rests in it’s foundation. Visivity has spent over 20,000 hours building a foundation so you don’t have to. Visivity is a welcoming and dedicated staff that wants to share and serve every mobile device repair outfitter, no matter how big or small and they are ready to help you today. Visivity is now available with a 30-day risk-free guarantee for qualified entrepreneurs who want to expand their mobile device repair business or start one today. For more information, please visit: http://visivity.com



Wholesale Cellular Parts Distribution & Recycling

Moving you forward.

mayacellularparts.com 424-248-3896 110 Maya Network LLC is not affiliated with Apple Inc. iPhone, iPod, and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc.





Phone Doctors Celebrates 10 Years of Bringing New Life to Mobile Devices On March 17th, 2014, Phone Doctors surpassed the 10 year mark in the mobile device repair business by celebrating with their entire staff at the new company headquarters in downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma. The evening’s main focus was to share personal stories from the administrative staff and connect the company to the vision and purpose of why Phone Doctors started in business. From staff to special guests, everyone had a night to remember. Phone Doctors is in the business of brightening customer’s days by repairing high tech devices, such as cell phones and tablets, and is a recognized leader in the industry. Phone Doctors were, for all intents and purposes, one of the very first to pioneer the industry. Phone repair businesses and the number of phone repair technicians in the United States has grown exponentially in recent years. As devices have become more high-tech and more expensive, the need for repairs has done nothing but grow. Phone Doctors recognized this trend early, and quickly began working to revolutionize a business that was only in its infancy. Ten years later, Phone Doctors is still growing and expanding each year. Phone Doctors currently has six corporate locations in Oklahoma and the Northwest Arkansas area. They also enjoy a healthy mail-in repair business, one of the most popular DIY repair websites, and they

00 99 113

plan to expand further this fall with franchising opportunities throughout the United States. Phone Doctors has managed to not only survive, but thrive, in an industry that is constantly changing and growing. It is even more impressive when you consider the fact that eight out of every ten small businesses fail in the first 18 months. That’s right, 80% are forced to fold within a year and a half of their founding due to many different reasons. Phone Doctors, however, has developed a recipe for success. The company attributes their success, largely in part, to understanding the needs of the consumers and a practical way to serve them. Phone Doctors began with the principle that they were working for the customers, not for the dollar. The business has expanded to corporate stores, mail-in repairs, and an expansive and impressive website. They offer a variety of quality products to their customers to help build brand loyalty and encourage the growth of the phone repair industry at large. While the company has expanded year after year, their principle has stayed the same. They focus on building relationships, loyalty and working hand-in-hand with the community. Phone Doctors’ success for the last ten years can be directly linked to the company ’s unwavering passion for excellence the phone and mobile device repair space. The team, from founders to repair technicians and retail associates, have a passion to









ScrewMat, another ingenious invention by Phone Doctors, is a magnetic guide that makes repairing phones a breeze. ScrewMat was, once again, born out of need and necessity. The team at Phone Doctors realized that screws and small components were being lost in tight quarters and slick spaces. This was making the repair process more difficult and harder to stay organized, so to fix the problem they developed ScrewMat. These tools are available through over 25 domestic and international distributors. serve customers. They live and breathe the hightech gadgets they work on. After all, in order to be successful in something, for any length of time, passion has to prevail. This has also led the company in new and brighter directions.

Phone Doctors has not grown without its own set of challenges and triumphs. In 2011, Phone Doctors was dealt a heavy blow. Their warehouse, which stored the majority of their inventory was burglarized and was grossly under-insured.

The company has developed tools and software specifically designed to make the mobile device repair industry a much more efficient retail space. This business management point-of-sale system resulted in the birth of a new company and new vision, called Visivity. This cloud-based system allows cell phone repair businesses to better handle their entire operation. The system has features specifically designed for the mobile phone and device repair industry. Businesses are encouraged to use Visivity to help keep track of their repairs, drill down with reports, and focus in on everything from repair time, to customer details to inventory. The goal of Visivity is to strengthen all repair businesses by giving them the tools to succeed.

The warehouse was cleaned out, and Phone Doctors had to dig deep and task themselves with rebuilding and reinventing themselves with the right people to overcome the tragic loss of inventory. Through adversity, the team prevailed, and now, in its 11th year of business they have come back stronger, more powerful and focused on leading the mobile device repair industry forward. Phone Doctors has recently purchased a new corporate headquarters in downtown Tulsa. This heavily secured fortress is a four-story 32,000 sq ft office building originally built in 1925. The building houses the administrative team, the franchise operations, a model store, and a variety of other related enterprises. With 10 years of mobile device repairs under their belt, one might wonder what Phone Doctors could

115 00


possibly do next. Well, the answer is simple; a lot. The company is planning a large expansion over the next 2 years. Both in terms of retail franchise outfits and in the products and services that are offered by the company. ScrewMat and Visivity are just two of multiple projects that are sure to continue to change the face of the mobile device repair industry. Phone Doctors also offers their own line of OEM products that are made with Intentional Quality™. After 10 years, Phone Doctors is not only still around, but they are poised to continually innovate and lead in their industry space. The team looks forward to the next decade of changing the way cell phone and gadget repair is performed. For more information about Phone Doctors, be sure to visit http://phonedoctors.com ®®

116 00


The Most Affordable High-End Handset in the Market is here! Maxwest has announced the release of the Gravity

ready with the newest Android 4.2 Jellybean, a dual

6 from their new series of android handsets. The new

sim card slot, Bluetooth, and is capable to take up to

Gravity 6 will be available and ready to ship early spring.

32GB of memory.

Maxwest’s new handset is a fresh update to its latest

Although the phone is jam packed with features, the

popular Orbit series of android handsets and tablets.

most impressive thing about it may be its price point. Maxwest has made the Gravity 6 a very affordable

The 6-inch high-definition screen is the most

handset to allow dealers to stay competitive and still

anticipated feature of the Gravity 6. The phone

deliver the highest quality product to their customers.

arrives in black, white or pink. It includes a 13 Megapixel rear camera and a secondary 2.0

To find out more about Maxwest and the new Gravity

Megapixel front camera. The handset is built for

series visit: www.MaxwestTelecom.com

speed with a quad-core processor, 850/1700/1900 band and 4G HSPA+21Mbps. The phone also comes



00 118 112 44


Spotlight on ABMNUS. Based in the NY Metro area, serving 4,400 wireless dealers nationwide and growing By WDM Staff

ABMNUS, a wholesale distributor of handsets, accessories and prepaid product is becoming a highly recognized and distinguished leader in the wireless retail industry. Based in the greater New York metro area, ABMNUS sets its eyes on critical success factors in this business by identifying emerging trends in prepaid products, clever accessories, and ever-changing handset demand. By keeping an ongoing pulse on the trends, they are able to respond quickly to technology changes and position themselves as a driver in the marketplace. They offer high-quality services and are not afraid to invest time and money in marketing and advertising with their channel partners. Presently, expanding into specialty markets to stay ahead of the “technology curve” is paying off in spades. Capitalizing on the growing wireless communications industry and based on solid success, ABMNUS management made a strategic decision to expand their business to a new central location. By creating a centralized hub in the greater New York Metro area, they are able to scale their business to include the enterprise customer segment. The fundamental concept of expansion plan was to cultivate a niche market, in order to promote the heavy business-user with a robust mobile portfolio attractive to the enterprise customer. For the impressive 4,400 retail and dealer network they service currently, ABMNUS wholesales a myriad of prepaid products paying some of the highest commissions and residuals in the industry through a very user-friendly portal. Residuals are the key to creating loyalty and long-term relationships between both ABMNUS and their retail partners and retailers with their customers. In addition to

119 99

their hefty residuals, they also boast some of the most competitive pricing on handsets and accessories. They even offer free shipping on all SIM card orders nationwide. For handset and accessory orders, the ABMNUS delivery truck will deliver to stores in the tri-state area for free: NY, NJ and CT. They even offer a 90-day warranty on all products purchased from ABMNUS, on top of any manufacturer warranty. That is a rare promise these days! The Bronx borough, picked to be the new headquarter location, is a focal point in the New York area. Surrounded by other major businesses, it is a community with a small, tech-savvy atmosphere and big city conveniences. This new facility and central hub is a thing of beauty. It is a fun, colorful environment for the ABMNUS team to creatively serve thousands of dealers across the country. ABMNUS headquarters is the heartbeat of their operation. In addition to their new building, they have also taken to the streets. Around the greater NY area you may encounter a fleet of Smart cars with branded ABMNUS logos, fully equipped with eager field sales team members prepared to set up new dealers ready to drive profits. The field teams educate existing dealers on how to use the ABMNUS portal, plus, they are physically there with the customers to provide onsite support, when needed, They believe the best way to foster relationships with their customers is to actually be with their customers – in person. As feet on the street, they are the real deal! To become an ABMNUS dealer, go to ABMNUS.com

REVOLUTIONARY PROTECTIVE NANOCOATING TECHNOLOGY RETAILERS CAN AFFORD! The DryWired™ Nebula and Nebula Junior are revolutionary patent pending table top nanocoating systems that are affordable, compact and ideal for electronic retailers looking to offer invisible water repellent nanocoatings directly to their customers. The performance reliability and small footprint makes the Nebula systems an ideal solution for consumer facing mobile phone retailers, repair/service centers, mobile phone accessory providers and other small businesses. The award-winning Nebula systems are designed and manufactured in California. Nebula systems can be used to protect: • Mobile phones

• Hearing Aids

• iPads and other tablets

• Cameras

• Gaming consoles

• Electronic assemblies

• Headsets, headphones and ear buds


W W W. D R Y W I R E D . C O M


For more information on the Nebula systems and potential retail Return On Investment (ROI) scenarios, please contact us at: info@drywired.com | 1.888.540.9967 122


Wireless Lifestyle Spring 2014

Spring is finally in the air! Innovative wireless accessories are blooming and retail sales of accessories are booming. The attach rate is back! Smart accessories to accompany your smartphone are the newest trend. Smart accessories for smartphones are reported to grow to 100 million units by 2017. Cases alone will make up more than a few billion dollars in wireless accessories market share this year. So which accessories do you need on the shelves this season? We’ve highlighted a few standout products to make your stores shine.

123 99


Liquidsafe™ Protect smar tphones with MobileCoat’s Liquidsafe Technology. The MobileCoat Global Liquidsafe Nano Technology protects your smar tphone when dropped into the toilet. Protection against accidental exposure to liquids. They provide Liquidsafe equipment solutions to wireless retailer, repair facililites and OEM manufactures. The Liquidsafe formula is an alternative to the bulky, waterproof case options. Oppor tunies in the USA and around the world are available now. Their systems boast lowest cost of ownership in the industry. Please visit MobileCoat’s website at www.mobilecoatglobal.com for more information about offering this amazing technology to your customers and star t generating high margin revenue today. mobilecoatglobal.com

RoboShields RoboShields offers advanced screen protectors for prepaid carriers. Each screen protector is custom designed to fit every handset and provides unmatched screen protection TM

without changing the look and feel of the device. At RoboShields, they recognize not all screen protectors are not created equal. The RoboShields line is made from the best military grade materials available, providing high-quality scratch protection at an affordable price. The RoboShields are easy to install and reusable up to 9 times. Ask about their kiosk program where you can sell our product and Boost Mobile together. roboshields.com



Q Wireless Solutions Explosion Proof Tempered Glass Film - Screen Protector Professional High Quality Tempered Glass only 0.3mm thick! Designed to fit the LCD of your specific phone model. Delicate Touch - Easy use of LCD. Perfect adhesion Oleophobic Coating - Does not collect Oil from hands. 100% Whole transparency. Made with REAL GLASS. Reduces SARS level - reduces amount of radiation from the LCD to the user. Package includes: 1 x Tempered Glass Sheet - 0.3mm 1 x Moist Alcohol towelette 1 x Dry microfiber cleaning cloth qwirelesssolutions.com

ViaPlay The Via-Gamepad F2 from Viaplay is a high precision Bluetooth gaming controller equipped with dual analog joysticks, quad shoulder buttons, and Android hotkeys. Combined with the bundled Cellphone holder, you can transform your cellphone into a powerful por table gaming device. The Viaplay gamepad works on any Bluetooth enabled device running Android 4.0 / iOS 5.1 or higher. The cellphone holder has an adjustable clip that can accommodate most cell phone sizes, all the way up to a Galaxy note. The F2 comes with the Gamecenter companion app to easily manage your games and even play touch-only games on the gamepad using touch mapping functions. Contact ethan@via-play.com for pricing information. via-play.com



Bulls-Eyes screen protector This all-in-one design that is so easy to use that all you do is slide the frame over the handset and push down. Walla, the screen protector is perfectly aligned. mobileline.com

MFI 3.4amp Car Charger What makes it unique is the Autosense and Auto switch technology. It’s on of the only charger on the market that will properly charge an iPad from either the USB Port via USB cable, or the fixed Cord. Most all other 3.4amp dual charges have a fixed power output so that only ONE of the ports pushes the 2.4amp required to charge an iPad.  The MFI 3.4amp car charger will charge the iPad regardless of what port the iPad is connected to. In addition, this charger will properly charge any cellular phone through the other port, allowing for a full rapid charge for TWO devices. mobileline.com



TrackSuit by Body Glove Accidents Happen That doesn’t mean they have to ruin your phone, or your life. TrackSuit by Body Glove is the next evolution in slim yet rugged design. Engineered to take on what life throws at your, this phone case is built to withstand the roughest of conditions in a sleek and stylish design.

But That’s Not All. TrackSuit features a built-in screen protector to shield your device from scratches, while the outside cover offers an enhanced grip and protective shock absorbent corners for drops and bumps. With full 360° coverage and a flip back design that allows for full docking capabilities, your device’s buttons and ports are covered, while the camera and ports remains unobstructed. TrackSuit offers 360° coverage to MIL-STD-810G military standards and a flip back design that allows for full docking capabilities. Suit up today with TrackSuit by Body Glove. bodyglovemobile.com

MySuit by Body Glove Combining fashion and protection in a smooth and modern design, MySuit by Body Glove features an interchangeable glossy back plate that snaps into place, securing your phone dual-layer front shell. The builtin anti-scratch screen protector shields your screen from everyday conditions while still allowing perfect tactile sensation. MySuit defends against exterior damage such as nicks and scratches, while also providing easy access to ports, buttons and camera. Available in a wide variety of colors and patterns, MySuit is a slim yet rugged case which slides easily into a pocket or purse. bodyglovemobile.com



Empire Case by Accessory Export Get in the GRUVE™ of things with the new series of smart phone cases from EMPIRE®. The GRUVE offers a unique textured design to provide optimum grip and an enhanced layer of shock resistance. Precise port cutouts, rubberized button covers and a lay on table design give this case the “goto” factor for your device. So get your GRUVE on with EMPIRE, where you’ll always find a great case, at the right price. The EMPIRE GRUVE case is available for purchase from Accessory Export, LLC. empirecase.com accessoryexportwholesale.com

The ChargerLeash is designed to replace any USB (charging/syncing) cable. Equipped with an alarm system, it sounds an alert when unplugged from a device, reminding the consumer to pack their power accessories when they’re on the go. Retailing for less than the cost of a replacement charger, it safeguards anyone’s ability to stay connected, accessible and focused. Manufactured in 4 basic models (micro, Apple 30-pin, Apple Lightning or multi-tip options) and two colors, it’s a simple, lightweight solution for tech-dependent consumers and professionals. ChargerLeash.com



Global Product Solutions Power Station; Battery Power bank Who said power banks can’t be cool looking, great functionality and superb design, that’s what we have endeavored to do with the launch of our three models. All power products will be marketed under the STYX brand. All units have a smart solution for fast charging as well as some unique quality features. Safe and smart. Short circuit, over voltage and temperature protection as well as current protection built in. Lithium ion Polymer cells that do not leak and cannot explode like less engineered items. Equipped with energy saving mode. gpsolutionsusa.com

The range comprises of these three models




No LED light and single device

All the above but in 5000maH

• 10,000 maH Li-Polymer batteries

charge but all same specifications

capacity but two additional

and safety protocol.


• 4 Blue charging indicator lights.

• Unique car charger/Power Bank/

• Built in LED reading light/

• Available in flat white durable

LED light

flashlight. • Twin USB for dual device charging simultaneously.

A grade from Samsung.

ABS with either, Blue, Green, Yellow or Red accent. • Built in charging cable for USB and USB mini.



Global Product Solutions 4 ranges of exclusive Aluminum BT 4.0 speakers that are designed and will be marketed under the Shrox brand, they will be packed like a precious piece of jewellery, great consumer appeal and retail display.

Shrox BT Speakers. The range will consist of 4 cosmetic design and 6 of the latest hot colors. Metallic: RED, BLACK, BLUE, ORANGE, TITANIUM, GOLD, with more to come! With a new acoustic and cosmetic design that gives you a ways of making an audio and visual statement, very cool looks and very hot sound.   Up to now small speakers have been made as a portable convenience but mostly a compromise in sound.   Introducing portable wireless speakers with custom Aluminum casing for enhancement of sound and powerful bass with cabinet design that acoustically couples to the surface it stand on. All this on a great sounding, ultra-portable wireless speaker featuring the latest V4.0 BT in Bluetooth technology, that’s easy to connect with your smartphone, iPod, tablet, netbook, or whatever.   This together with the Aluminum de-coupled cabinet combined with more power gives one acoustic listening quality not experienced before in small portable speakers. gpsolutionsusa.com



Motrr: Galileo Capture breathtaking panoramas and time lapse videos using this robotic platform, designed to rotate iOS devices 360° with seamless precision. Continuous 360° pan / tilt rotation for iOS devices. Bluetooth version currently works with 3 apps: Sphere (360° panorama shots), TimeLapse (time lapse sequences) & AirBeam (remote monitoring); 30-pin version compatible with additional Apps. Pairing process occurs within the ‘menu’ of each compatible app (just make sure device’s Bluetooth is on.) Record Spheres in just 30 seconds, shareable instantly on Twitter, Facebook & more. Features rechargeable lithium polymer battery & standard 1/4” tripod mount; doubles as charging station. Galileo Bluetooth: (iPhone 5/5S/5C, iPhone 4/4S & iPod Touch 5th Gen) Galileo 30-pin: (iPhone 4/4S, iPhone 3GS & iPod Touch 4th Gen) motrr.com

Disco4 Handheld speaker features comfy carrying strap, Bluetooth 4.0 and tap-to-pair NFC technology. Kicks out 8 watts of powerful sound with integrated bass reflex system. Weighs in at just under a 1 pound. Streams music up to 12 hours per 2 hour charge of the lithium-ion battery. Features low battery charging indicator & sports an optional 3.5 mm auxiliary input jack. SuperTooth.net



ZIZO BOLT COVER High-strength, metal hook included for ultimate security.This highly durable kickstand allows for hands-free viewing at various angles. Heavy-duty, yet lightweight case prevails through bumps, drops and shocks. Its slick exterior design allows for easy access to your device. Inside cover made from thermoplastic polyurethane to absorb shock and prevent damage to the device. Cover created with multiple layers for ultimate protection. Holster included features a rubber textured, swivel clip for maximum durability and comfortable wearing. The Bolt Cover, is truly attractive, protective, sleek, and most of all EXCLUSIVE! Protect your phone with style through this sleek case. The screws act as shock absorbing stoppers to keep your phone safe and secure. The rubber texture keeps the phone case from sliding everywhere when set down on flat surfaces! Adds to unique design as well!  The interior is a Thermoplastic polyurethane material that snuggly hugs the phone, while a multiple-layered rubberized coated hard-shell tightly snaps and protects the phone itself! All buttons are strict clear-cuts in the TPU to make it easy to press! All openings are precise in the cover to make it just, exact! Enhanced for a user-friendly experience! Lean, lightweight, accurate, and ultimately elegant!  Packed in Striking Zizo BOLT Blister Box Packing. PACKAGE INCLUDES: Bolt Cover, Holster, Kickstand, Key Ring, Screen Protector, Lanyard, Hook, ID Holder, and other Additional Accessories balajitrading.com



PowerMate Bluetooth An iconic, wireless, multi-functional controller designed to streamline key commands across a broad range of applications. Used to streamline routine tasks such as editing home movies like a pro, scrolling through long documents, or creating audio masterpieces. Functions beautifully as a convenient volume knob and mute button for Bluetooth 4.0 enabled Mac computers, but that’s just the beginning of its possibilities. Users can add custom commands within their preferred applications. Preset to work with iMovie and GarageBand right out of the box. Made from brushed aluminum with blue LED glowing base that can provide system status at a glance. GriffinTechnology.com

Merchant Case + Square Reader for iPhone 5/5S First ever “Works with Square™” product protect your iPhone as you take payments using the new Square Reader. Protective silicone case keeps your iPhone safe; Square Reader allows you to accept credit card payments on the go. Easy-grip, non-slip Molded silicone case to protects iPhone from bumps and drops. Custom-designed to secure your Square Reader, eliminating swiveling and excess strain on your iPhone’s headphone jack and when the Square reader is not in use store it in the back of the case. Card guide aligns the credit card and your Square Reader for easy, consistent card swipes every time. Compatible with iPhone 5/5S, New Square Reader and app required iOS 6.0 or later GriffinTechnology.com



Tantrum Cases provides the ultimate in shock protection for your phone. With a Tantrum on your phone, you can throw it, drop it and even run it over with your car!  Up next for us are Marvel character cases.  Soon you will be able to protect your phone with a case featuring your favorite Marvel character.  This Spiderman case is just one of many Marvel themed cases you will be able to choose from! tantrumcases.com

GOgroove BlueVIBE EXS This fitness-friendly Bluetooth® headset connects to the latest tablets and smartphones to deliver wireless Bluetooth® audio and hands-free conversations. Play music through Bluetooth® or Micro SD Cards. Recharge using the included AC adapter and USB cable. Stream and control both music and hands-free calls. 60 ft. working range, 10 hour run time, 2-3 hour charging time, audio playback time 10 hours, and 260+ standby time per charge. For tips and tricks, visit AccessoryPower. com/videos



US PATENT 8,086,285

The Bandshell® The Bandshell® from TJM innovations is an iPhone case that improves the performance of your iPhone. It has a patented, retractable sound door that enhances the acoustics of the iPhone speaker, similar to a well-designed bandshell or concert hall. The Bandshell® has a kickstand enabling you to watch videos and use you iPhone hands free. The Bandshell® is made from a soft silicone gel inner shell and rugged polycarbonate outer shell, which along with a raised bezel, provide superior protection.  The Bandshell® is available in 10 colors for the iPhone 5/5S & 5 colors for the 5C. bandshellcase.com

Folio with Kickstand for iPad and Samsang Galaxy S4 Go in style with our Folio with Kickstand. • Slim profile design that protects without the adding bulk • Convenient kickstand is great for viewing • Elegant microfiber inner material • Grip Support • Available in black, blue, gray, and pink. pure-gear.com



FUEL+ and FUEL Active Portable Chargers Mobile device use has never been more popular, and now, with the use of mobile applications that help with shopping, finding restaurants, navigation, workout tracking, trail mapping, and real time weather reports, the smartphone, smart watch, and tablet are the perfect companions for everyone, while on the go.

FUEL+ Mobile Rechargeable Battery 9000 mAh

While living a busy urban lifestyle or conquering epic outdoor adventures, these new technologies can be extremely handy but can drain devices of power. Using Patriot’s FUEL+ and FUEL Active portable chargers, urban warriors and outdoor enthusiasts can now take their favorite devices

FUEL Active

into the wild or wherever they may travel and

Mobile Rechargeable Battery

never worry about running out of power again.

2000 mAh with LED Flashlight


Here for you! Large screen entry level device boasting a 4.0” screen and the latest 4.2 Jelly Bean software. With the stylish Sky 4.0, you get the full Android™ experience and stay connected and entertained on the go. Platform: Dual Core 1.2 GHz   GSM 850/900/1800/1900 WCDMA850/1700/1900 Memory: 4GB ROM + 512MB RAM



A Smart Phone with 42” Screen Ayane is here to change the way smart devices are used. Why bind yourself to a small screen of a mobile device, let your imagination run wild. Be it at work where you use Ayane to make slick presentations or at home to steal moments of togetherness with family and friends. Sit back and enjoy a high quality movie on a


42” screen on your wall.

• 35 Lumens • Over 2 hours projector time


• Dual Core, 1 GB RAM


• Wifi/3G/WIFI Hotspot capable

Air Mouse

• 5MP Back Camera. VGA Front Camera

GSM SIM Cards from Black Wireless Black Wireless is a division of SDI, founded in 1996. SDI distributes SIM cards directly to more than 30,000 and indirectly to over 100,000 stores. SDI calling cards service over 6 million users, allowing them to stay connected worldwide every month. Black Wireless offers affordable Monthly Plans, which include Unlimited Talk, Text, MMS and Data. GSM SIM Cards have a direct dial feature, which means no access number to place international calls. All monthly plans include free international minutes. SDI provides a wide variety of prepaid products. For more information, visit www.blackwireless.com



Relay information from your iOS or Android device to your wrist with this Pebble 301BL smart watch, which features Bluetooth technology for easy pairing and an E-paper display that promotes visibility. The waterproof design ensures long-lasting use. PRODUCT FEATURES Compatible with select Apple and Android devices Ideal for use with iPhone® 4, 4S, 5, 5c and 5s and iOS 6, iOS 7 and Android 4.0 or later devices. Bluetooth technology Allows simple pairing with compatible devices, so you can easily view text messages and other notifications, accept or decline incoming calls, control your music and more. Notifications Allow you to view updates from your e-mail, SMS, caller ID, calendar and favorite apps like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter E-paper Display Ensures a clear view, even when you’re outdoors. Downloadable watch faces and apps let you personalize your watch to suit your style and interests. getpebble.com

Waterproof* and ready for life’s surprises! Wireless Dealer Magazines 2014 Spring pick for the best water-proof smartphone is the Sony Xperia Z1S! Sony proudly showcases that the Xperia Z1S can handle whatever life throws at it. It comes with durable tempered glass and an IP55/IP58 rating, making it waterproof* and dust resistant. The Xperia Z1S is breathtaking and tough water-proof smartphone. The Xperia Z1S fully embodies the very best of Sony, bringing together Sony’s legendary imaging quality and cutting-edge entertainment in an elegant, and waterproof* design. Sony pushed the boundaries of traditional photography with a range smart applications that let you use your Xperia Z1S camera. With the waterproof* Xperia Z1S, you can take pictures while swimming in *In compliance with IP55 and IP58, Xperia ZR is protected against the ingress of dust and is waterproof. Provided that all ports and covers are firmly closed, the phone is (i) protected against low pressure jets of water from all practicable directions in compliance with IP 55; and/or (ii) can be kept under 1.50 metre of freshwater for up to 30 minutes in compliance with IP 58.

freshwater for up to 30 minutes.




is a flagship accessories

brand from CTDI, a leader in global engineering, repair, logistics and product manufacturing. AZURA accessories are the ultimate combination of protection and style for your mobile device. From power solutions, connectivity and cases, AZURA equips your handset with style and innovative functionality. We have selected 3 of our favorite new AZURA products that retailers should consider this season.

AZURA 6ft USB Micro USB Charge & Sync Cable High-value, compact packaging and 2 meters in length make AZURA a great addition Charge and sync your mobile device at high speed with the AZURA USB Sync & Charge Cable, a multipurpose cable that can do your multitasking for you! The AZURA Micro USB Cable is 6 ft in length (TWICE the length of standard OEM cables) and has two connectors, a Micro USB connector, and a standard USB 2.0 connector for simple syncing connectivity. Plug your device into any wall charger adapter or computer USB port for easy charging compatibility.

Cable Features • 6’ length • Gold-plated contacts • Constructed of highest quality materials • Rapid 2-in-1 Function of Both Sync & Charge • Low-profile, Compact Connector Design  igh-value, Compact Packaging. Will occupy 50% •H less wall space than typical aftermarket cables.

139 99


AZURA Apex BTX7 Executive Bluetooth Headset Sleek, progressive design and crystal clear audio make the BTX7 a standout headset The AZURA Apex BTX7 Executive Bluetooth is a premium Bluetooth headset. With its streamline metal stylish design the Apex BTX7 ear piece conveniently nestles into its auto on/off charging cradle. Magnetically secured, charging cradle has the ability to stand on its own or be clipped onto the air vent in a car. The perfect choice for a high quality, executive looking Bluetooth headset, the Apex BTX7 allows for 6.5 hours of talk time and 100 days of standby time on a single charge. With HD Voice and automatically answering and hang up features, the AZURA Apex BTX7 matches its stylish appearance with functionality.

Apex Features • 6.5 hours talk time • 100 days standby time • Device Auto On/Off Charging Cradle • Bluetooth profiles: HFP/HSP/A2DP • Multipoint connection • Voice prompt MMI • Answer and hang up calls automatically • Headset battery meter for iPhone and iPad • HD Voice




AZURA Dual USB 3.1A Mobile Travel Charger Compact Universal Design Puts 3.1A of Power in the Palm of Your Hand Charge your mobile device and tablet simultaneously with the AZURA Dual USB 3.1A Mobile Travel Charger. The AZURA Mobile Travel Charger has a streamline design and foldable plugs to make the charger extremely compact. It also has two standard USB outlets, one that is 2.1Amps and another that is 1Amp, for your mobile charging needs.

Cable Features • Dimensions: 1 5/8” W x 2 1/8” H x 1 1/8” D • 3.1A Dual USB Ports - 2.1Amp and 1AMP Ports • Charge both a phone and tablet at the same time • Foldable compact plug design • Ideal design for travel convenience • C onstructed of high density, impact resistant materials

For more information Call 800.880.5610 or visit www.ctdiaccessories.com ctdiaccsales@ctdi.com


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CTIA2014TM September 9, 10 & 11, 2014 Sands Expo & Convention Center, Las Vegas, Nevada USA





    PMS 287 PMS 308 PMS 549 PMS 424 PMS Cool Grey 3





Register Today! WirelessRepairEXPO.com

Learn about adding revenue to your store through wireless repair at the WIRELESS REPAIR EXPO on CTIA 2014 show floor.



F 4 01 TM

2 A I T













WHAT SHOULD YOU EXPECT? + Attend live repair training workshops onsite + Learn tips, tricks & techniques for repairing devices; mobile phones and gaming consoles + Hands-on training using industry standard repair tools + Industry leaders and speakers present repair business models + Source tools & parts from exhibitors ready to help you start your repair business today! + Learn how to get your staff certified from qualified instructors 146


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