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The world prepares for a Brazilian Soccer Extravaganza. It’s time for the World Cup 2022, the world’s biggest soccer competition in the world, and this time, for the first time in an Arab country - Qatar. It’s a special tournament for us Brazilians for two good reasons: First, the Brazilian team arrives with several players of great quality and some, in full evolution of becoming super stars in a few years as is the case of Vinicius Junior and Rodrigo, both from the Real Madrid. Second, because this year 2022 turns 20 years since Brazil won their fifth world cup title in 2002 in Korea/ Japan in a memorable final against Germany for 2X0. Ronaldo “O Fenomeno” was named the man of the match, while Kahn was awarded the Golden Ball as FIFA’s outstanding player of the tournament.

The 2014 World Cup in the U.S had an epic final game against Italy at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, with Brazil’s Bebeto, Romario and Dunga winning the title in the penalty kicks. By the way, Italy, which has 4 world cup championships (as well as Germany), is the most notorious soccer country to miss the 2022 tournament. They also failed to qualify in 2018 for two years later to win the 2020 European championship, a triumph that only serves to underscore how improbable it was to believe they will fail again in 2022. I believe that we, all Brazilians will miss Italy as Brazil have won but also lost memorable games against the “Azurra”. SOUL BRASIL TEAM / CONTRIBUTORS

Editor in Chief: Lindenberg Junior. Copy Editor: Giovanni DaSilva. Writers: Lindenberg Junior e Julia Melim. Contributor Writers: Sandra Domingos. Translators: Amanda Peter and Miguel Albanez. Photographer: Claudia Passos. Videographers: Andrei Litinov and Nicolas Sophia. Video Host: Amanda Peter. Art & Design: Gustavo Teodoro and Pâmella Firmo. Webmaster: Alexandre Loyola. Administration Support: Magali da Silva. Social Media Support: Isabella Felicetti and Magali DaSilva OUR MISSION

Inform and educate our readers as well as build relations and networking with Brazilians, Brazilian culture lovers and the conscious living community. Also, offering exposure to the products and services of our advertisers and partners. DISTRIBUTION/CIRCULATION

In my opinion, the Brazil team of 1970 is the greatest in the history of the World Cup. No team has ever dominated a tournament in the manner that the Selecao did during this year. The Brazilians did more than win the tournament. They inspired a generation. There was something almost supernatural about their play, typified by that unforgettable Carlos Alberto goal during the final - and against Italy! That moment - and this team, will be remembered forever. Finally, and analyzing Tite’s team and competitors, I think that after 2002, when Brazil won its fifth title, in 2022 in Qatar will be the best chance for the “Escrete de Ouro” to get their sixth title.

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Soul Brasil Magazine © • Issue 114 • Nov/Dec 2022 • Year 20 •



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World Cup/Copa do Mundo (1)

Hooray For Soccer! It’s World Cup Again


layed by millions of people in hundreds of countries, soccer is, without a doubt, the most popular sport in the world and large sums of money are spent and generated because of it. Sports merchandising companies like Nike, Adidas, Puma and Umbro, and some of the biggest breweries on the planet like Brahma in Brazil, Quilmes in Argentina and Corona in Mexico, invest heavily in the soccer world. Every four years national teams from many countries get together and play for the World Cup. A lot of network giants such as Globo television (Brazil), Univision (USA) and the RAI (Italy) get into disputes for the rights of transmission of the event in their countries. And, as expected, they have to pay high prices for the privilege. The reason is clear: soccer is the sport for the masses and, of course, the commercial interests are awoken. What makes soccer so popular is the simple way it is played, the controversies that arise from some results, and naturally, the thrill and emotion that the sport is able to create. A Little Bit of History According to some historians, a game named “gioco del cálcio” in Italy during the middle ages kick started the game of


soccer that we know today. It was played in the piazzas with 27 players on each team in which the players would take the ball to two poles at opposite ends of the plaza. The game was prohibited as a consequence of the lack of organization, noise and violence that was generated. But that didn’t stop the sport; members of the aristocracy created a new version of the game with rules that didn’t allow for violence. Historians have concluded that the “gioco de cálcio” left Italy and arrived in England in the 17th century. During Queen Elizabeth’s reign the sport gained some new rules and was codified. The field would have a measurement of at least 180 meters, and at each end of the field two rectangular arches, called goals, would be installed. The ball would be made of leather and filled with air. Students and the sons of the British nobility played the first games until it became more and more popular. In 1871 the goalkeeper position was created. Four years later the 90-minute playing time was created, in 1891 the penalty was established to punish the fouls inside the field area, and in 1907 the offside rule was developed. An interesting fact happened in 1897: soccer left Europe, when the British team called “Corinthians” did an

overseas tour, something that definitely contributed to spreading soccer around the world. Fi f a a n d t h e I n t e r n a t i o n a l Tournaments The International Federation of Associated Football (FIFA) was created in 1904, and up until now, it is the greatest authority in the soccer world, organizing and administering every aspect of the game around the world. Besides the organization of the World Cup, created by a Frenchman named Jules Rimet in 1928, the entity is also responsible for other international tournaments like the “Libertadores da América ‘’, the UEFA Cup, and the European Champion League among others. FIFA has international federations that are its affiliates, like CONMEBOL (Football Confederation of South America), which includes among its associates the CBF (Brazilian Football Confederation). In Brazil Charles Miller first introduced soccer to Brazil in 1894 when he brought the first ever soccer ball and book of rules to the neighborhood of Bras in Sao Paulo when he returned home from England where he had been studying. The first game ever played in Brazil was on

Soul Brasil Magazine © • Issue 114 • Nov/Dec 2022 • Year 20 •

World Cup/Copa do Mundo (1) View of modern buildings in Qatar, the country hosting the World Cup 2022.

April 15, 1895 and the players were the employees of the British companies. In the beginning soccer was property of the upper classes and they didn’t allow the participation of Afro-Americans in the first national teams. And the show has begun Uruguay was the country chosen to host the first ever World Cup in 1930. With only 16 national teams, all invited by FIFA, and without a pre-eliminatory, the Jules Rimet Cup was won by the Uruguayans who kept it for four years. Italy got the 1934 and 1938 titles. The following competitions 1942 and 1946 were cancelled due to WWII. In 1950, Brazil was chosen as the country to host the games. With the enthusiastic Brazilians feeling confident, the “Maracanã Disaster” took place. With a high-class selection, the team went as far as the finals to play against Uruguay in front of a crowd of 200 thousand fans and let everybody down. They lost the game (2 to 1) when a simple draw would have given the cup to the Brazilians. In 1954 the Germans won and, finally, in 1958 Brazil lifted up the cup for the first time. In Chile, in 1962, Brazil again ended up winning first place. In 1966 the British won playing at home, and in 1970 it was Mexico’s turn to host the games and everyone had the chance to see the Brazilian “dream team” (Pelé, Rivelino, Jairzinho and Gerson). Brazil became the first team to win 3 times

after a final game against the Italians and acquired the right to keep the Jules Rimet trophy forever at home. In 1974 the Germans won for the second time playing at home. Also playing on their own field, Argentina, commanded by Mario Kempes won the cup for the first time in 1978, becoming the third SouthAmerican country to achieve such a feat. In 1982, in Spain, and with a team that in my opinion was the greatest of my generation, Brazil impressed the world not just by playing well, but also by giving a true spectacle. However, it was Paolo Rossi and their Italians colleagues who eventually became the champions of that year. Mexico was the first country to host another World Cup in 1986 and the Argentine team, led by Diego Maradona won its second title. In Italy, in 1990, one of the least satisfying World Cups ever, technically speaking, was won by the Germans again. USA was the home of the 1994 cup, and Brazil, after 24 years waiting for a new title, finally won in a final game against the Italians (after a tied game without goals and after penalty kicks). Even the Brazilians were taken by surprise, and thanks to players like Dunga, Branco, Romário and Bebeto, the Brazilians won their 4th world soccer championship. I can still remember

it like it was yesterday: Colorado Blvd in Pasadena closed to cars and the crowd partying on the street. There were Brazilians, Americans, Mexicans and plenty of foreigners, all lovers of the artful Brazilian soccer enjoying the same happiness of those who know how to party. In 1998, the match took place in France. Even today I cannot understand how Brazil lost the final game in Paris against the French. But the waiting wasn’t that long: four years later, in Japan/Korea in 2002 with Ronaldo and Rivaldo in their prime, the Brazilian team beat the Germans and won their 5th World Cup. In 2006 the World Cup was held in Germany and the Italians were the champions. In 2010 it took place in South Africa and Spain was the champion. In 2014, Brazil hosted the World Cup for the second time and lost in the semi-final against Germany 7-1 in a game that no Brazilian wants to remember. The Germans ended up being the champions. In 2018 the world cup was hosted by the Russians and France became the champion. After twenty years since Brazil got its fifty championship, now in Qatar, the “Canarinha” will try again its sixty championship title being led by Neymar and company.

Only non-alcoholic beer and soft drinks will be allowed inside the stadiums in Qatar and it marks a significant relaxation of the rules for the tournament. Qatar and other countries in the Middle East have strict controls on alcohol and it is illegal to consume it in public. Mas essa foto vai em anexo apenas como adicional opcional. Soul Brasil Magazine © • Issue 114 • Nov/Dec 2022 • Year 20 •


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Quanto Custa Ter e Manter um Carro nos EUA? Um Novo Estudo Revelou o Quanto Custa Manter um Carro e que a Inflação Pós- Pandemia Fez os Preços de Carros Novos e Usados Fossem as Nuvens


ossuir um carro nos Estados Unidos parece ser bem mais fácil do que no Brasil, seja usado ou novo, em virtude de vários fatores como preços mais em conta comparado com o poder aquisitivo, facilidades de credito e principalmente menos juros, mas muitos que vivem por aqui às vezes se esquecem de computar os gastos mensais que se exige para se ter um carro - e nesse caso, em particular na Califórnia.


e por sua vez, essa escassez criou uma demanda crescente por carros usados, elevando tambem seus preços alem do que se considera normal ou regular, que seria de 2.9% ao ano.

Um estudo recente da Insurify revelou as despesas médias anuais de um proprietário de veículo nos Estados Unidos e que vão muito além dos pagamentos da parcela mensal para quitar o empréstimo quando se compra um carro, por exemplo. O estudo tambem revela que a inflação influenciou e muito nos gastos comuns para se manter um veículo em cada estado americano.

De acordo com o índice do US Bureau of Labor Statistics, que acompanha os preços de carros usados, houve um aumento de 42% de dezembro de 2019 a outubro de 2022, ou seja, praticamente em dois anos. Por sua vez, o custo médio nos Estados Unidos para se manter um carro passou a ser de US$4.960. Em média, os motoristas nos Estados Unidos gastam US$1.705 com o seguro do carro - na maioria dos estados, obrigatório, e US$247 em impostos anuais de matrícula do carro. Além disso, eles gastam em média, US$1.728 em gasolina por ano (dirigindo apenas 14.250 milhas por ano) e US$1.282 em manutenção e pneus por ano.

De início, o estudo mostra que o preço médio de um carro novo atingiu um recorde de US$48.182 em julho de 2022, um aumento de 11,9% ano atras ano. Por outro lado, a escassez de produtos pós-pandemia, especificamente semicondutores e microchips, prejudicou a produção de carros novos,

Mas lembramos que essa média de gastos que o estudo revela são da média nacional nos Estados Unidos, e que esses mesmos custos poderiam ser bem maiores se o motorista ou proprietário do carro estiver em grandes cidades e em particular, na Califórnia. Em outubro de 2022, por

exemplo, o preço médio da gasolina na Califórnia foi de US$6,42, enquanto o preço médio do combustível em todo o país foi de US$3,86, segundo a AAA. Tambem lembramos que os moradores de grandes metrópoles como Los Angeles e Boston, dirigem em média 19% mais milhas por ano do que o motorista que não vive em uma grande metrópole, e totalizando centenas de dólares adicionais gastos em combustível e manutenção de veículos todos os anos. Para saber mais sobre o estudo: www.insurif

E aqui alguns dados do estudo sobre o estado da Califórnia: * Custos anuais de seguro, impostos, gasolina e manutenção: US$ 4.796 * Custo médio do seguro de carro (2022): US$1.357 * Taxa efetiva de imposto sobre veículos: 0,65% * Custo de um galão regular de gasolina (em agosto de 2022): US$ 5,31

Soul Brasil Magazine © • Issue 114 • Nov/Dec 2022 • Year 20 •


World Cup/Copa do Mundo (2)

World Cup 2022: Messi, Neymar, Cristiano, Mbappe, De Bruyne, And Lewandowski Among Players to Watch


hich of the biggest stars, barring injury, will headline the tournament when it kicks off November 20? Here we select 8 players poised to either break out or cement their legacies on the global stage.

Cup for the all-time top scoring man in international soccer. CR7 and Portugal were lucky to make it at all, avoiding Italy in March’s playoff and easily beating North Macedonia to qualify - with Ronaldo assisting on the berthclinching goal.

1) Lionel Messi - Will be 35 by the time Qatar 2022 kicks off, making it likely that it will be the GOAT’s last dance on the grandest stage - and his final chance to lead Argentina to their first World Cup title since Diego Maradona captained the Albiceleste to glory in 1986.

4) Kylian Mbappe - He notched four goals four years ago in Russia and became the only teenager besides Pelé to score in a World Cup final. After Les Bleus hoisted the trophy, Mbappe was named the best young player at the 2018 World Cup. What will he do for an encore in Qatar?

7) Sadio Mane - After his successful penalty kick in a shootout won the African Cup of Nations for his country over Egypt n February 2022, Mane repeated the feat in March - again against the Pharaohs and Liverpool teammate Mohamed Salah, to send Senegal to the World Cup for the third time and second in a row.

5) Kevin De Bryne - As FIFA’s top-ranked team, the Red Devils are one of the tournament favorites, and De Bruyne is their best player. The Manchester City midfielder has been to two previous World Cups, including in 2018, when Belgium reached the semis. He’s good enough to lead his country all the way this time.

8) Son Heung-Mim - While injury prevented Son from playing in the Taegeuk Warriors’ World Cup berthclinching win over Syria in February 2022, make no mistake: The Tottenham Hotspur standout will be the attacking focal point for a South Korean side making their 10th straight tournament appearance.

2) Neymar - It has been 20 years since Brazil won the World Cup. But with Neymar now squarely in the prime of his career (and blue-chip understudies such as 21-year-old Vinicius Junior emerging), the record five-time champs could add a sixth star in No.10’s third trip to the tournament. 3) Cristiano Ronaldo - He will have 37 and considering Ronaldo’s age, this will surely be the fifth and final World 10

in 2022. He was named FIFA’s best player for 2021 in January 2022 — lived up to that title in March, when he scored the goal that ultimately sent Poland to Qatar with a win over Sweden in Europe’s playoffs.

6) Robert Lewandowski - The most dangerous target striker on the planet Soul Brasil Magazine © • Issue 114 • Nov/Dec 2022 • Year 20 •


World Cup/Copa do Mundo (3)

Watch the World Cup Like a Brazilian!


razil is one of the counties, if not the top one, that is well known for its festive celebrations and annual events. In fact, no matter the time of the year tourists visit the country, they are sure to notice the friendly ambience and merry characteristics of the locals. For sure for those that will be in Catar for the World Cup 2022, the experience should be memorable (for one reason or another), but if you won’t be in Catar…don’t fret. Here are a few rules (or steps) that you can follow to feel like you are there with the other 500,000 or so fans road-tripping the arabic country. Rule Number 1: Brazilians love their beer, but they are also quite proud of their national tippler, the caipirinha. Simply enough it is cachaça, a white run, mixed with lime juice and sugar. Enjoy, but mind the kick!


Rule Number 2: Leave the sauce behind, when it comes to grilling, Brazilians frown upon America’s fascination with barbecue sauce. Hot dogs and burgers are also a no-no as are gas barbecues. All you need is rock salt for seasoning, a few good steaks cooked with the fat, and a charcoal grill. Rule Number 3: Wear the Brazil’s team jersey or yellow, blue, green, white or any combination of these colors, and know at least some of the Brazilian players’ star names. Tip: Neymar, Vinicius Jr, Casemiro, Rafinha e Marquinhos. Rule Number 4 (and just as curiosity): An unwritten law in Brazil grants immunity to those who forget the presence of kids when shouting

expletives during a game. Exactly which expletives, you ask? Well…just a tip: two are called very often starting with the letter ‘P”. Rule Number 5: Do not watch the games alone. Looking for at least a partner and/or go for a Brazilian spot to watch the games… and get the “whole enchilada”, including drinks and food. Tip: We would like to recommend different Brazilian restaurants and/or bars across Southern California and Las Vegas and you can keep your eyes in our website - visit our CALENDAR here: TO KEEP UPDATED with the


Soul Brasil Magazine © • Issue 114 • Nov/Dec 2022 • Year 20 •

Community/Comunidade (2)

Como Conseguir um Emprego Federal nos Estados Unidos


governo americano é o maior empregador do país, empregando mais do que qualquer corporação. Sempre existem vagas de emprego nas diferentes repartições do governo dos EUA, e essas vagas sao em geral, para posicoes de tempo integral, com bons benefícios e treinamento pagos. Os salários variam entre US$30.600 e US$91.700 (*2020 e os requisitos em geral sao ter 18 anos de idade mínima (alguns exigem idade máxima de 35), high school completo, e ser cidadão dos Estados Unidos. As pessoas conseguem empregos no Governo Federal Americano da mesma maneira como conseguem no setor privado: achando vagas em aberto e enviando currículo. No entanto, buscar um emprego público pode ser mais complicado já que existem regulamentações determinadas a manter justo o processo de contratação. Os cargos são padronizados. Os currículos são mais detalhados e a qualificação do emprego mais específica. Com mais de 1.7 milhões de empregos e acima de 400 especialidades profissionais – excluindo o serviço postal e o militar, o Governo Federal oferece mais oportunidades do que qualquer outro empregador nos Estados Unidos. Seja qual for o seu interesse e experiência, provavelmente, poderá encontrar uma carreira adequada ao seu perfil. Por isso, se você está procurando trabalho, considere o maior empregador do país. A cada ano, o Governo Federal Americano contrata milhares de novos trabalhadores.


Um currículo destinado ao emprego federal inclui todas as informações de um currículo padrão, e alguns detalhes adicionais. Estes currículos são formatados frequentemente em duas ou, em até, quatro páginas, ou seja, maiores do que as uma ou duas páginas do currículo destinado ao setor privado. Criar um currículo profissional para o setor público envolve a reunião das informações exigidas no anúncio e, também, a sua formatação respectiva apropriada. Se você tem um currículo padrão, você já tem a maior parte das informações, porém, as agências federais pedem mais informações. Currículos para este tipo de emprego devem incluir o seguinte: * Informação para contato: nome completo assim como endereço e número de telefone. E será necessário informar seu número de seguro social (SSN) e seu país de cidadania. Se você está aplicando para um emprego distante do seu endereço atual, mencione a sua predisposição em se realocar. Caso contrário, algumas agências podem eliminar seu cadastro. Descrição do emprego: copie o número da vaga, o cargo e o nível do anúncio oferecido. Se este oferece mais de um nível educacional, informe o nível mínimo que você aceitaria. Por exemplo, se o anúncio descreve o emprego como “GS5/7”, decida se você aceitaria o GS-5 ou somente o GS-7. Contudo esteja certo de que realmente se qualifica para o nível que escolher. Muitas vezes, pegar um nível mais alto do que sua qualificação, pode deixá-lo de fora em uma primeira triagem. Se o nível for abaixo de sua qualificação,

conte com que a agência muito provavelmente vai dar uma oportunidade adequada para você. * Experiência de trabalho: Para cada emprego anterior, mantenha as informações padronizadas como nos outros estilos de currículo. Seja específico ao informar o cargo, o período trabalhado (incluindo mês e ano), nome e endereço do empregador, e principais tarefas e realizações. Um currículo para o serviço federal também deve constar uma média de horas trabalhadas semanalmente, salário anual ou rendimento por hora; nome, endereço e telefone de gerentes e/ou supervisores (e se podem ser contatados). Importante: se você tem relevante experiência como voluntário(a), mencione!. Aos olhos do Tio Sam, toda experiência conta e voluntariado, um plus! Mais importante ainda, descreva minuciosamente, suas tarefas e realizações de forma que provem a sua qualificação. Estude o anúncio do emprego e enfatize as partes do seu histórico profissional que combinem com as qualificações exigidas. E para ter melhores chances com especialistas em recursos humanos do Governo Federal: ajude eles a entender como a sua experiência corresponde com o que é exigido. Tente usar algumas das mesmas palavras usadas no anúncio de emprego, especialmente as que descrevem as tarefas ou as qualificações. Para manter-se atualizado com as oportunidades de emprego no governo federal Americano:

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São Paulo Guide: Inside Every Corner Of The Largest Brazilian City


ost people know about the importance of the city of São Paulo and what it represents in the world today: a capital that is among the largest cities in the world, with a population of over 12 million people, different cultures, traditions, a lot of stories, and countless scenarios to discover. Founded in 1554 by priests, the heart of the city is the Centro Histórico, formed by a “triangle” with three things: Largo São Francisco, Largo São Bento, and Praça da Sé. On January 25th, 1554, one of the oldest buildings in Brazil, Pátio do Colégio, was where history began. The building formed indigenous people on religious and cultural education. After a lot of transformations and the arrival of immigrants from different regions of the world, São Paulo is currently the financial and corporate center of South America, as well as one of the most globalized cities in the world. The air of São Paulo is also full of charms and places to be explored, with activities for all tastes, ages, and appetites – remembering that it is also one of the capitals of gastronomy. Check below a complete list of itineraries to know more about the city. Gastronomy São Paulos’ cuisine is among the most diverse and best in the world. There are many restaurants to suit all tastes, including internationally award-winning venues. We


separate the best tips for you to delight yourself in the city.

on the menu from Amazonian ants to foie gras, passing through edible herbs and flowers.


Typical regions for each cuisine - In addition to high-quality restaurants, São Paulo has a lot of regions for specific types of cuisine.

Led by Helena Rizzo - considered one of the best chefs in the world and currently hosts the reality show “MasterChef” -, Maní is a conglomerate with three different fronts: Maní, Manioca, and Padoca do Maní - which boasts a Michelin star. Located in Jardim Paulistano, the restaurant offers experience and beautiful presentation of the dishes to the complex preparation of each food, carefully chosen to delight customers. Mocotó Mocotó has 20 years of operation with chef Rodrigo Oliveira on its front. The place is taken root in the Vila Medeiros neighborhood, located in the northern of São Paulo, and is a reference in cuisine, especially in Pernambuco. Among the highlights of the dishes are the baião-de-dois and shredded dried meat. D.O.M. Alex Atala is charge on D.O.M., place that is knowed by the new Brazilian gastronomy, with refined techniques of the use of typically regional ingredients and others not so well known. It currently has two Michelin stars and was ranked 4th best restaurant in the world by “Restaurant Business”. It is possible to find

Liberdade, a central neighborhood, has an extensive menu of oriental restaurants, ranging from the most sophisticated to the most unusual food. In addition, on weekends, it hosts a handicraft fair with typical Asian foods that can be eaten outdoors, as well as various decorative objects and specific stores that sell oriental food, decoration, and sweets with the most colorful packaging in the world. In addition to high-quality restaurants, São Paulo has a lot of regions for specific types of cuisine. Bixiga has a lot of Italian restaurants traditional and canteens that inspire joy, fun, and hospitality. On Sundays, Praça Dom Orione hosts the Bixiga antique fair, considered an open-air museum. There you can find decorative relics, collectibles, old furniture, vinyl records, clothes, old magazines, and even toys. The famous Mercadão is also an obligatory stop for those who want to discover a wide range of food options: there are vegetables, fruits, meats, pasta, and many sweets. With almost 100 years of history, the place was completely renovated in 2004 and holds a gastronomic space that offers tastings from the simplest to the most elaborate – precisely

Soul Brasil Magazine © • Issue 114 • Nov/Dec 2022 • Year 20 •


Ponte Estaiada: a cable-stayed bridge over the Pinheiros river and opened in 2008. Photo by Marcos Leal

the diversity that attracts thousands of people daily to the place. Shopping The city also has a huge itinerary for shopping, with a lot of options at different prices. In addition to having more than 50 shopping malls in all regions, it has outlets, popular commerce, street fairs, and luxury markets. Oscar Freire Rua Oscar Freire is known for being one of the icons of sophistication in the city, with national and international designer stores. The street is well-kept and has appropriate places for those who are “companions” and want to rest.

manifestations of the city. In addition, it is the stage for one of the biggest parties at the turn of the year – the New Year’s Eve of Paulista –, the LGBTQIA+ pride parade in São Paulo, and the traditional São Silvestre race. On Sundays, the avenue is closed to cars and peolple can walk free, enjoy cafes, bars, restaurants, shops, and the MASP – Museu da Arte de São Paulo. With 3km of extension, the address is located in one of the highest areas of the city, on the edge of the central-south and west zones. Other points that stand out on the avenue are Hospital Santa Catarina - with a huge church inside, Sesc, Casa das Rosas, Itaú Cultural, the Gazeta building, the Kiss FM radio station, the Trianon park, and monuments such as Anhanguera, Aretuza, Fauno, Francisco de Miranda and others. Cultura

25 de Março The 25 de Março is a 60 streets region that serves all consumer segments and receives more than 400,000 people daily. Unlike Oscar Freire, the place is known for its variety of products at a popular price. Avenida Paulista The most famous avenue in the city deserves a separate chapter to focus on its history and the current moment. There are many culture, art, and stories which brings together buildings with rich architecture and the main

Culture Workshops. Many locations has free access or low price, with scheduled visits or no pre-booking required

The MASP is the São Paulo Museum of Art located on Avenida Paulista. The 1968 concrete and glass structure building is considered a landmark of the city and a main symbol of modern Brazilian architecture. Photo by Mike Peel

The city has the a lot of museums, with five of them on Trip Advisor’s Top 10 list – which takes into account user opinions. Among these are the Museu da Língua Portuguesa, the Pinacoteca do Estado de São Paulo, Museu do Futebol, Museu do Ipiranga, Museu Catavento, MASP and the Bienal of São Paulo, which takes place every two years at the Pavilhão do Ibirapuera.


In addition to the best-known points, the city has more than 100 cultural spaces spread across all regions, such as 68 Cultural Centers, 17 Culture Houses, 10 Culture Factories and 7

Bar do Mané

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São Paulo also has many places to drink and have a good time, whether to enjoy it in daylight or at night with friends, family, alone, or as a couple. However, there are old places around the city that can be considered heritage. Check out the oldest and most charming addresses in the city below:

Founded in 1933, it is located in Mercadão and is famous for its amazing extremely stuffed



bologna sandwich, which is a success around the world.

“cool” people, with schedule options for those who look for a daily different schedule.

Bar Léo

Vila Olímpia

With rustic decor – filled with bottles and mugs hanging around the place – Bar Léo has been in operation since 1940 and is small: it has a capacity of 70 people. However, this does not prevent people from standing around the establishment, with the option of socializing and tasting the delicious canapés, portions of cold cuts, and sandwiches. Bar do Vito

Located in the south of São Paulo, it is full of bars aimed at younger audiences or rich people, but it also has options for happy hours, as it is one of the most corporate areas of the city.

Founded by a Lithuanian immigrant, the place is known for its numerous references to the former Soviet Republic. Among the items on the menu are the pork and beef jelly garnished with dark mustard and French bread and the meatballs, which have already won over the palates of countless admirers. Other places As well as the gastronomic itinerary, São Paulo has different types of nights: Vila Madalena, Vila Olímpia, and Rua Augusta. Vila Madalena Located in the western region of São Paulo, it has more sophisticated bars for those looking for a night of good drinks, music, and meeting new people. It is considered a place for more

Rua Augusta Excellent place in the central region for hipsters who want to drink, Rua Augusta has a lot of priceless options for different tastes: from rock and roll to black music. The experience of going down the street to a place that meets expectations for a particular walk or meeting. Bars with board games São Paulo has several places to drink, eat and also play. Ludus Luderia (Bela Vista) is a place where you can do all this and play War, cards, RPG games, Monopoly, and others. Other points Jardim Zoológico and Jardim Botânico – São Paulo Zoo is the largest in Latin America and receives daily visits from schools, children, families, and even tourists. There you can see

The Viaduto do Chá (“Tea Viaduct”) was the first viaduct built in the city in 1888. It has 790 ft long and often appears in TV interviews, as well as films and telenovelas set in São Paulo. Photo by Felipe Mostarda

different animals, eat, take pictures and have fun. The Botanical Garden is a large park with lakes, green areas, and trees that can be used for picnics. Rua Santa Ifigênia – is considered the street for those looking for any electronic item, with affordable prices and varied options. But beware: some products are not original. Cochilo – want to take a nap? You can! The place proposes to “take a break” in the middle of the day and has individual cabins so that people can rest in privacy. There are four types of packages, divided into 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 45 minutes, and 1 hour.

The Luz Station is a railway station in the Luz neighbourhood in São Paulo. The station houses the Museum of the Portuguese Language, established in 2006.


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SB 20 Years/20 Anos

20 Years Covering Different Brazilian Events in Southern California


ince 2002 we have been present at so many events, and we have covered the events in photo and video formats. Among some of them, we mention the Brazilian “Bloco de Carnaval” in Venice Beach, the Brazilian Days in San Diego and Los Angeles, the Solstice Parade in Santa Barbara, the Brazilian Summer Nights at the Ford, the Vegas Loves Brazil Festival, the Newport

Beach Film Festival (Latino Showcase), the Miss USA-Brazil-Los Angeles, and many others. And we were fortunate to have valuable contributions over the years, such as photographers Pedro Pereira, Claudia Passos, Jane Ceron and Victor Gutierrez. Check out Soul Brasil magazine on FB, IG, You Tube and TikTok (and follow us!).

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Community/Comunidade (3)

Andressa e Larissa: A História, Morte e Busca Por Justiça na Califórnia de Duas Au Pair Brasileiras Larissa


á quase três anos o mundo inteiro chora pela perda de amigos, familiares e conhecidos. Até mesmo os nossos leitores podem citar alguém que infelizmente foi levado por algo invisível e que foi motivo de inúmeras preocupações, dores de cabeça, mudanças de hábitos e de não poder estar mais perto de alguém que amamos. Afinal de contas, de acordo com o Our World in Data, até hoje foram mais de 6,5 milhões de pessoas mortas pela COVID-19. Apesar do número ser grande, esta não é a única forma de perder uma pessoa. Existem outras causas como tragédias naturais, doenças, assassinatos, velhice, que são alguns exemplos dos inúmeros exemplos de lidar com a morte. Os acidentes também são uma das causas de perdermos alguém que significa muito para nós. Algumas vezes eles podem ser trágicos, mas, em outros momentos, podem ter um culpado. De acordo com o Governo Federal, quando algum cidadão brasileiro perde a vida em outros países, o óbito é registrado em Repartição Consular, mediante declaração de familiar brasileiro ou de um representante escolhido pela família, que deverá comparecer ao Posto Consular da região. Este pesadelo foi uma realidade na vida das famílias de Larissa Araújo e Andressa Santos, ambas do estado de São Paulo. Em outubro de 2019, as jovens (Larissa com 28 anos e Andressa com 26 anos de idade) foram vítimas de um acidente em uma estrada pouco conhecida no sul da


Califórnia. Há algum tempo, as meninas trabalhavam como au pairs nos Estados Unidos – Larissa em Chicago e Andressa em New Jersey. A rotina de ambas era desenhada pelas tarefas domésticas das famílias que as abrigaram, a convivência com uma cultura diferente e o aprendizado contínuo que se propuseram a abraçar. Vindas de famílias humildes de Santos (litoral paulista) e São José dos Campos (interior de São Paulo), Larissa e Andressa faziam parte de um grupo de amigos brasileiros que se conheceram em uma agência de au pairs e se encontravam constantemente para conversar, passear e até mesmo planejar algumas viagens, sempre com o objetivo de conhecer ainda mais o país que estavam morando. No dia 2 de outubro de 2019, planejaram, juntos, uma viagem para a Califórnia, chegando primeiro em São Francisco, passando por Los Angeles e, a caminho de São Diego, Larissa expressou a vontade de visitar a “Salvation Montain”, local próximo a Salton Sea e um dos pontos turísticos mais impressionantes da região, conhecido pelas cores, a arte, natureza e espiritualidade. Ao expressar sua vontade de conhecer o local, Larissa, bastante religiosa, animou-se com a ideia de poder ter contato com a obra do artista Leonard Knight, em Salvation Mountain, que ao longo de 30 anos rodeou o local com muitas cores e com os dizeres “God is Love”. Dessa forma, com um desvio derrota, seguiram por uma estrada mal sinalizada, sem placas ou qualquer outro tipo de placas. Ao sair de lá, o grupo de


amigos, separados em dois carros, acabaram perdendo-se na estrada, que estava passando por construções. No carro de Andressa e Larissa, o motorista era André de Sá, namorado de Larissa, que estava ao seu lado no banco do passageiro. No mesmo veículo ainda tinham Cheng Zhang - sentado atrás do banco do motorista – e Andressa, logo atrás de Larissa. Dessa forma, seguiram pela estrada de terra até uma encruzilhada que não possuía nenhum tipo de sinalização ou placas, e numa emboscada em um muro de terra do lado direito, sentiram-se completamente sem visibilidade ou noção do local em que se encontravam. Foi assim que perceberam uma caminhonete em alta velocidade se aproximar do carro, e o

Durante uma viagem nos EUA, três amigas (Andressa, Larissa e Maria) fizeram a mesma tatuagem nos tornozelos: “No Matter Where.” Somente a Maria continua viva.

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Community/Comunidade (3)

pela perda trágica das filhas, mas sim por todo o desrespeito e injustiça como o caso foi tratado. “Estamos em busca de justiça para Larissa e Andressa, que terminaram a vida muito cedo em busca de grandes sonhos, que foram menosprezados pelo motorista, pela empresa pública e pelo Condado”. Entendemos que casos assim, infelizmente, acontecem em todos os cantos do mundo, mas é essencial que a população se envolva para que sejamos ouvidos com força e tenhamos justiça neste e em todos os outros acidentes que envolvam não somente brasileiros, mas pessoas estrangeiras que estejam em qualquer país. “O descaso com o acidente é um sinal de xenofobia que está presente em todas as regiões e é exatamente o motivo e a força de toda a nossa luta”, comenta o advogado Michael.

desespero tomou conta de todos. Presos, sem visibilidade ou qualquer tipo de rota de fuga, tentaram desviar do veículo da agência governamental Coachella Valley Water District (CVWD), responsável pelo controle de água na região. No entanto, o motorista da companhia acelerou ainda mais e acertou em cheio o lado direito do carro dos amigos. O motorista da CVWD, Josué Gonzales, andava acima da velocidade permitida na região – a 55 milhas por hora – e, na hora que avistou o veículo na encruzilhada, acelerou acima de 60 milhas por hora. Na ocasião, contou à polícia que apertou o freio, mas ao acessar o computador de bordo da caminhonete, foi possível identificar que na realidade, ele tinha pisado no acelerador.

companhia por perder suas filhas em um país estrangeiro e sem a possibilidade de acompanharem de perto todos os processos burocráticos envolvidos em uma tragédia como essa. Neste mesmo período, o jornal local da NBC, Kyma El Centro, noticiou os fatos, conversou com as famílias e expressou a preocupação da sinalização da área, que ganhou apenas uma placa de STOP (Pare). A placa, no entanto, foi colocada somente após outro trágico acidente ter ocorrido no mesmo local.

Este dia ficou marcado para sempre na família, amigos e conhecidos de Larissa e Andressa, que apesar dos esforços dos bombeiros no resgate, perderam suas vidas, sonhos e tudo que haviam aprendido até ali. Andressa morreu no próprio acidente e Larissa conseguiu ser resgatada. Mas, após sofrer três paradas cardíacas, não resistiu e faleceu no caminho da UTI.

Desde então, as famílias lutam pela justiça das meninas que foram em busca de oportunidades de emprego, conhecimento de outra cultura e melhoria de vida e tiveram tragicamente seus sonhos paralisados. Com grandes demonstrações de discriminação contra os brasileiros, esta luta, que já completa três anos de duração, está nas mãos do advogado Michael Stone-Moloy, que tenta, em vão, responsabilizar os culpados deste crime: a companhia CVWD e o Condado de Imperial, que pouco se importaram com o caso.

Na mesma época, ambas as famílias entraram com processos contra a

O advogado Michael comenta que a luta das famílias não é somente

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Acidentes e tragédias como essa infelizmente acontecem com certa frequência, e este não é apenas um único caso. Não podemos tratar a morte das pessoas apenas como números ou dados para apuração de informações, mas precisamos ouvir e lutar pelo que acreditamos. Juntos, conseguiremos justiça para Larissa e Andressa. Participe da nossa campanha com as hashtags #justice4aupairs e #justicaporandressaelarissa. Juntos somos mais fortes e lutaremos para que a vida de qualquer pessoa seja valorizada, independente se essa pessoa tem status de ilegal ou se é estrangeiro(a) ou se é pobre. A campanha seria para não deixar esse caso ser mais um caso em vão e completamente esquecido. Não esqueceremos das nossas meninas. Larissa com a Irmã e os Pais no Brasil


World Cup/Copa do Mundo (4)

2022 World Cup Winner Odds: Argentina, Brazil, France and Spain are the Top 4 Favorites.


razil are the top favorite in almost all bookmakers (picks/ bets) to win the 2022 World Cup, followed by France, Argentina, England and Spain - and as Brazilians, we don’t like this favoritism. Despite losing the Copa America final to Argentina in 2021, Tite’s side have been excellent recently, both in qualifying and their friendly fixtures, with players such as Neymar, Vinicius Junior and Raphinha all ready to play their part in the tournament. The five-time world champions – who have not won the World Cup since 2002, have been drawn alongside Serbia, Switzerland and Cameroon in Group G, and are expected to get through with no significant problems. Holders France are priced at 6/1 and will hope to become only the third country in history to retain the World Cup, after Italy in 1938 and Brazil in 1962. Les Bleus have been drawn with Denmark, who beat them twice in the Nations League. South American champions Argentina are 7/1 and will pin their hopes on


Lionel Messi hitting form – perhaps even more so considering it’s his last World Cup. Group C opponents Mexico and Poland should provide them with a stern test, but one that Argentina look well capable of passing. We, in particular, would not bet on England since in the last World Cups, it was considered several times among the top 5 and disappointed every time. Spain, world champions in 2010, are 8/1 in the betting and have performed well in both the Nations League and qualifying. Luis Enrique’s side are full of talented youngsters and could surprise everyone in Qatar. However, Spain have been drawn in a group alongside Germany (10/1) and the fixture between the two will tell us a lot about how the sides fare in this year’s World Cup. And we never And we can never rule out Germany, especially in a year that is not being considered a favourite! Group A: Qatar, Ecuador, Senegal, Netherlands - Our bet/advance for the playoff: Netherlands and Ecuador.

Group B: England, Iran, USA, Wales - Our bet/advance for the playoff: England and USA. Group C: Argentina, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Poland - Our bet/advance for the playoff: Argentina and Mexico. Group D: France, Australia, Denmark, Tunisia - Our bet/advance for the playoff: France and Denmark. a Group E: Spain, Costa Rica, Germany, Japan - Our bet/advance for the playoff: Spain and Germany. Group F: Belgium, Ghana, Morocco, Croatia - Our bet/advance for the playoff: Belgium and Croatia. Group G: Brazil, Serbia, Switzerland, Cameroon - Our bet/advance for the playoff: Brazil and Serbia. Group H: Portugal, Canada, Uruguay, South Korea - Our bet/advance for the playoff: Portugal and Uruguay.

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Good Business Checklists Serie


WWW.KISUCCESS.COM One of the most basic types of marketing plans is a checklist. It identifies a broad range of elements or steps required for typical marketing initiatives in an easy way to follow the plan!


The Los Angeles Brazilian Film Festival is Back in 2022!


he festival kicks off November 5 th at the state of art Harmony Gold Theater in Hollywood and the Laemmle Theater in Santa Monica. The Los Angeles Brazilian Film Festival is back after two years of being apart due to the pandemic and as always, has curated programming with the best of Brazilian


cinema. “We have designed the festival this year based on our learning from 15 years, embracing diversity and inclusion” says Meire Fernandes, festival’s director. Here bellow we bring memorable photos from the Opening Gala Film and Red Carpet of 2017, and photos from Livia Wippich.

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Brazilian Expressions That Only Those Who have Been in Brazil Can Understand By Lindenberg Junior


any people from such different cultures have made Brazil a very special place, where there is much to see and to have a unique experience. Brazilians might be very cool, but they are also patriotic souls and prone to “saudade” when far away, a desperate longing for the homeland.

traditional, happiness is mystical, and happiness is lyrical! Boteco is a place to go for “jogar conversa fora” (just the pleasure to talk about anything and let the time pass by), drink couple beers with a friend, meet a friends group before going to a nightclub or a live show, or just drink and taste good Brazilian “tira-gosto” (appetizers).

Saudade has no direct English translation; its translation is dependent on context. It originates from the Latin word solitatem (loneliness, solitude), but developed a different meaning. Loneliness in Portuguese is solidão (a semi-learned word), from Latin solitudo. No other languages in the world have a word with such meaning, making “saudade a distinct mark of Portuguese culture”. It has been said that this, more than anything else, represents what it is to be Portuguese.

Na Praia e Marisia is like beach life and has a significant meaning for Brazilians. People in NY, Los Angeles, San Francisco, etc, have much “saudade” of the tropical beach and what it can offer. It is very difficult to explain the Brazilian “beach life spirit” if you have never been to Brazil and don’ know much about the irreverence and lifestyle of Brazilians. It is a place to join life, having fun under the sun, playing soccer, flirting, etc. You can rent a beach chair or umbrella, you can eat and drink on the beach, you can even buy tanning lotion on the beach as you will see all kinds of walking vendors offering many different exotic products from ice cream to folk art to sunglasses. What Brazilians long for is the no

Boteco is a ‘bar’” featuring delicious “homemade style” appetizers, not fancy but better stated, modest but affordable to drink and eat, and usually playing samba or Brazilian jazz. Happiness is 26

necessity to take anything to the beach, just a few dollars and their own beach life spirit. Churrasco is just the perfect barbecue and a reason to bring people together in your backyard or in a park – well, yes this one maybe you (if not have been in Brazil) can understand. By the way, the Brazilian style barbecue just uses coarse salt. This is the main secret for a tender and delicious “churrasco gaucho”. The Brazilian system of meat rotating around the tables in restaurants was introduced in the ’60s in the Rio Grande do Sul state. This famous Brazilian BBQ style has crossed boundaries and reached USA and the world. “Brasil meu Brasil Brasileiro, Terra de Samba e de Pandeiro…” (COLOQUE ALGUMAS NOTAS DE MUSICA AQUI!) There is always a graceful way to progress day by day. If one path is closed, there must be another way. You just have to sway a little, to weave your way around things, to use what Brazilians call Ginga.

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Está na Hora de Comprar um Carro Elétrico ou EV?


ocê se lembra dos aparelhos de fax, pages e celulares flip, etc? ? Se você tiver mais de 30 anos de idade, com certeza se lembrará. E porque estou tentando lembrar isso? Porque a tecnologia tem andando muito rapido nos últimos anos e os consumidores sempre buscam por produtos aprimorados de geração em geração, e ano a ano. Você quer um veículo elétrico porque eles sao mais silenciosos, mais rápidos, mais refinados, mais eficientes. Eles oferecem menos manutenção e menores custos operacionais por quilômetro, mas também, dinâmica de veículo superior, e tecnologia mais “eco-friendly”. De acordo com a EPA dos EUA, que conta as emissões da produção/fornecimento de combustível ou eletricidade, o carro


elétrico, em média, produz cerca de dois terços menos emissões do que um carro tradicional movido a gasolina. E baseado no ciclo de vida de um carro elétrico, as emissões totais de um EV podem chegar a menos da metade se comparado ao veículo movido a gasolina.

- como onde carregar e quanto tempo leva, podemos nos questionar: e em países como o Brasil e outros?

Em uma recente pesquisa na Terra de Tio Sam, quatro em cinco compradores pensam em comprar um EV entre 2023 e 2024. Você quer um EV porque a preponderância do gênio da indústria automobilística está focada em tornar os EVs progressivamente mais impressionantes, enquanto a tecnologia de combustão se torna cada dia melhor e você economiza. Por outro lado, enquanto nos EUA já existe uma boa infraestrutura associada às necessidades Soul Brasil Magazine © • Issue 114 • Nov/Dec 2022 • Year 20 •

Art of Living / Arte de Viver

Practicing Gratitude Every Day: A Win Win Situation


eople who express gratitude regularly live longer, are healthier, and also have a lower incidence rate of anxiety, obesity, stress and chronic disease. Science has proven that being grateful leads to a higher quality of life. Here bellow we will make a list of just a few of many rewards of practicing gratitude every day. Healthy Relationships – Being grateful every day means telling the important people in your life that they matter. This improves your relationships on a daily basis. Stress-Relief – Worrying about what you don’t have is very stressful. When you experience mental and emotional stress, your body releases stress hormones. These impact your body in a negative way, causing physical and emotional health problems. The stress relief you receive from being thankful leads to a healthier body and mind. Socialize More – Human beings are social animals and were not intended to live a life of solidarity. People who


are not grateful for the gifts in their lives tend to stay away from others. They huddle away in their homes, fostering a negative view on the world. When you appreciate the people and things in your life, you naturally want to socialize more, to reap more grateful benefits. Sleep Better – The exact scientific and physiological connections between gratitude and better health are not entirely known. That doesn’t mean that positive effects noticed in grateful people can’t be tracked. One benefit scientists and sleep researchers have found in people that express gratitude regularly is healthier sleep patterns. This leads to better mental and physical health in a number of ways. Makes You Happier – Several studies show that keeping a gratitude journal daily can increase your long-term wellbeing. One study shows that simply writing down the things you grateful for every day can increase your health and well-being by more than 10%. Those studies showed that happiness level was the same as people who double their income!

Makes People Like You – This one is easy to understand. When you tell people they are important to you, that they matter, this makes them feel good. They want to be around you. They will often times repay the gratitude. When you take the time to express how grateful you are for others, rather than leaving it unspoken and assumed, you become a more likable person. Beats Depression – The Positive Psychology Progress study wanted to see how daily gratitude would affect depressed individuals. The results were nothing short of astounding… keeping a gratitude journal “lowered depressive symptoms by more than 30% for as long as the practice was continued”. Finally and as the last sentence, the benefits of practicing gratitude are nearly endless.

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Business/Bons Negócios

O Diálogo No Marketing Social


á faz um bom tempo que as mídias sociais estão em moda e o caminho começou desde o lançamento do My Space alguns anos atrás nos EUA. Depois veio a popularização dos blogs, a consolidação do Facebook, Twitter e You Tube, a chegada do Google Plus, LinkedIn e outros, e mais recente, o Pinterest e a aterrissagem do TikTok. Porém, muitas pessoas ainda não conhecem ou não aplicam os principais conceitos dessa tendência (que se consolidou) no aspecto marketing e fazer negócios.

tambem que as pessoas nao gostam de SPAM. E se lembre também de procurar não ser tão “agressivo”. Entre algumas ações de marketing inteligente estão comentários “inteligentes” em midias sociais e tambem blogs e fóruns que tenham relação com o seu negócio ou nicho. A melhor forma de “informar” é procurar passar conteúdo valioso na sua área profissional. Saiba que se você tiver algo realmente bom ou interessante, as pessoas irão falar sobre o assunto naturalmente, e o fator viral pode trazer bons frutos.

Algumas pequenas empresas que querem aderir às mídias sociais não sabem como entrar no mercado ou até mesmo não sabem do seu impacto. Nesse aspecto, o mais importante aqui é saber que as mídias sociais são feitas de pessoas, e como a própria palavra “social” implica, é importante saber dialogar com essas respectivas pessoas. Em outras palavras, se “socializando” com elas online. E a melhor forma é interagindo com elas. Sabendo falar ou passando sua mensagem, mas também sabendo escutar.


Falando Saiba passar o conteúdo sobre o seu produto ou empresa. Tem uma boa promoção? Mudou alguma coisa relevante? Patrocinou algum evento interessante? Se lembre de que as pessoas gostam de ser informadas, mas se lembre


Saiba colher informações nas mídias sociais para melhorar a relação entre o potencial cliente e seus produtos e serviços. Note que através das mídias sociais você encontrará muitos elogios e também reclamações. Basta utilizar as ferramentas de busca ou monitoramento correto para saber o que as pessoas estão falando. Abra espaço para que os clientes expressem suas opiniões. Por exemplo, utilize o Twitter ou caixa de sugestões e deixe tudo bem claro e visível para que exista essa interação. Tire dúvidas o mais rápido possível e de forma clara, todos gostam de receber atenção.

Questão de Adaptação De uma maneira geral, o principal é saber se adaptar às novas tecnologias. A cada momento os meios de comunicação digital e suas respectivas ferramentas mudam, e na medida em que passa o tempo, cada vez de uma forma mais veloz. Se não tem tempo para o diálogo (1 hora por dia é o suficiente para muitos pequenos empresários), pague um profissional na área de comunicação e/ou marketing, ou no mínimo, instrua alguém que possa ficar a cargo deste “diálogo social” e mantenha-se informado. Por último, gostaria de lembrar que é importante ler, pesquisar e renovar conhecimentos profissionais para não perder espaço. Se precisar de ajuda profissional, na área de marketing digital incluindo marketing de conteúdo e desenvolvimento web que inclui SEO e SEO local, estamos às ordens – (mesma família Soul Brasil).

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Soul in Shape / Garota Fitness

Jessica Gouveia Tenorio

Born: Goiânia, Brazil. Living: Las Vegas, USA. Weight: 136 Pounds Height: 5’8” Sign: Capricorn Color(s): Pink/White Food: Pasta and Sushi Hobby: Hangout with friends and workout! Sport/Fitness: Dance Music Style: Reggaeton, Brazilian Funk, Sertanejo, Hip Pop, and Eletronic. Career: Modeling and Acting. A Dream: Open a business in the U.S and also in Brazil. Motto: You attract what you are. For more photos and to read the article about Jessica visit www. and check the section ‘Soul in Shape’ in our homepage.


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