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KISS will be having our end of term event THIS FRIDAY! Come to the ESS Coffee Shop From 6-9 pm tonight to see wonderful KI talents! KISS will be providing many creative April Foolsy snacks and beverages you won’t want to miss.

KI End of Term Talent Show I hope you enjoy this colourful last issue of KISS Intel for this year. It’s been a blast. Connor Friday, April 1, 2011 Volume 2, Issue 6

Knowledge Integration Projects

Integ 121: In this course student’s form groups in order to complete 3 design projects. First a PSA, then a physical space, and lastly a “game-changing” problem solving product or design.

Kevin’s Seven

Integ 275, Creative Thinking: A major project in this course is the design of a ten minute presentation that demonstrates in some way how a piece of work (in any field) can build off of work done previously, and influences work done after. From Star Wars to TV dinners to Polaroids.


o it’s the last seven of the year! If any of the playlists I put out interested you, I hope you found some new music, reminded you of some old, or just familiar music that you listen to regularly. For the last seven we are going to have a couple lists along with a playlist. This week we go local! Kirsten Scholte came to play with a band called The Long Haul at Maxwell’s before a friend’s band’s set a couple weeks ago. The band’s precise time changes and harmonies blew me away. This is a definite must listen this summer. The band is from Toronto and I would highly recommend checking them out along with Aphrodite’s Bodice from the area that appear at 5 this week.

Integ 320 & 321: This year was the first year these courses were taught. Rob Gorbet aids the third years in the creation of full size museum exhibits. KI-X 2011 showed us all what Knowledge Integration are really capable of when they apply themselves. From mushrooms bigger than humans, to ancient mysterious items with unknown uses.

Big Red Machine – Justin Vernon and Aaron Dessner The Light Is You – Said the Whale Let Me Be – Xavier Rudd Blue-Eyed Baby - Kirsten Scholte and the Fancys Be Honest – Aphrodite’s Bodice Crazy (Gnarls Barkley cover) – Ray Lamontagne What I Have is All I Need – Kirsten Scholte and the Fancys Seven albums to check out this summer: The Suburbs – Arcade Fire Jackson Square – Arkells Oh, My Darling – Basia Bulat 21 – Adele The Junction – The Junction Oh, Little Fire – Sarah Harmer Almost Everything I Wish I’d Said The Last Time I Saw You – WakeyWakey!

Check out Aphrodite’s Bodice at: Check out Kristen Scholte at: Happy studies and enjoy your summers, however you are spending them. A mix of relaxing and kick back jams for your exam listening pleasure.....

KISS Events!



Word From The Editor








Well here it is. The last KISS Intel of the year, so I wanted to make it a colourful one. It’s been both a challenge and a blessing taking on this project for me this year. I’m really glad that I did it because it helped me stay in the loop and know everything that was going on in KI, but there were definitely some issues with the KISS Intel this year that next year, as the director of communications, I hope to work out. I really look forward to taking on an executive position in KISS next year and look forward to facilitating the communication that can really make or break a community. As I mentioned in the elections, I’m very fond of this KImunity and I consider it to be significantly more to me than simply an academic program. I hope that everyone fares well in their exams and has a wonderful summer! --- Connor ---

KISS Intel April 1  

Our final issue of the year. Published on April Fools day it was full of silliness and surprises and lots of colour.

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