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CLUTCH AUTO MAG 2012 Media Kit

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2012 Media Kit

About Global Nomad Media Group LLC To know where you are going you must always look at your past. Global Nomad Media Group LLC, created by Georges Onivogui, has high hopes, boundless goals, and infinite dreams. Georges Onivogui, born in Cuba, has lived all over the globe in his twenty-nine years and speaks five languages fluently. His favorite pastime is spending time raising his son. The most recent venture he has embarked on is to create a media group that is not only valued and reputable, but to take the company and do something more than himself with it. He created Clutch Auto Mag in the begging of 2011 to showcase the affluent lifestyle and automotive world that is so abundant in the Carolinas. This magazine is truly unique hybrid and creates a cohesive and coherent representation of Carolina living. The publication will remain regional, but will be expanding into separate cities both nationwide and global. Clutch Auto Mag is just the start of the things Georges hopes to produce within Global Nomad Media Group. One of the goals of this conglomeration is to expand into other publications, networks, and communities. In addition to this expansion, the company is making an effort to reach out to the masses about the importance of sustainability across the globe. The staff is dedicated to making an impact on reaching out, supporting charities, and lowering their carbon footprint. Each issue of Clutch Auto Mag contains a segment on Going Green, which focuses on businesses throughout the Carolinas making an effort to go green. This segment will be continued in other cities as the magazine grows. Georges and his team are making a conscious effort to create a more sustainable world. Even with this focus in the publications, Georges wants to elaborate these plans and pay homage to his family’s home in Guinea. This country in West Africa is abundant in natural resources, and 80% of the work force is employed by the agricultural market. One of the largest problems facing their economy is the lack of employment for their youth. His plans are to one day return home and develop the resources in this country in an environmentally sustainable way, and bring a more stable economy to the population.

Clutch Auto Mag is a regional publication designed to highlight the best of the affluent lifestyles and automotive interest around the Carolinas. We offer a unique look into affluent living with a full spectrum of coverage. The publication has six printed issues per year. It is distributed regionally in selective locations frequented by our target market. A digital copy of each issue is also uploaded to our website, full of web-exclusive content. The website is updated daily for current promotions, information, and data. This information is also updated to our social media sites and blogs. Target Market – Clutch combines the best of both worlds, and our readers are looking for more than your average automotive magazine. They come to us for content in ways that have never been seen before. We have successfully created a connective and cohesive publication that turns readers into believers.  Carolina residents with household incomes in the mid to upper tiers  Individuals who consider themselves professional, cultured, liberal, and affluent  Primarily males between the ages 25 – 65 Circulation–  We print 12,000 hard copies each issue.  70% of these copies are currently distributed to over 2,000 locations in the Carolinas, including dealerships, hotels, boutiques, medical offices, spas, salons, fitness centers, airports, and tourist destinations.  23% are handed out by promotional staff at events, such as fashion shows, concerts, charity events, music festivals, car shows, and to working professionals in the Uptown area.  7% are mailed directly to subscribers who prefer a copy delivered directly to their door.

Mission Statement

Photo Taking each and every dayPlace one step atHere, a time, our team is putting our Otherwise Delete heart and souls into this concept. ClutchBox Auto Mag is the very first automotive and lifestyle collaboration concept magazine in the Carolinas. Every aspect of our publication is devoted to our readers. Our success will be giving back to those who have embraced us.

2012 Media Kit

What goes into Clutch Auto Mag?

The magazine has six printed issues each year. An issue each quarter, an almanac, and a women’s issue generates a large amount of content. Each issue is filled with 120 pages. The magazine is also harnessed through our online recourses. Our website contains our editor’s blog, which covers additional content in regional events, such as dealership promotions, lifestyle events, festivals, and automotive shows. This blog is updated on a weekly basis. Our overall website is modified daily and has keyword searching for the entire content. Because of our extensive marketing, our website is highly ranked on popular search engines. The website is closely monitored for feedback, search analysis, and trafficking ranks. (Local, nationwide, and globally) This information is used to track our site, as well as any trafficking to other websites from our site. The publication has also expanded into our social media development as well. Our Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Vimeo accounts also feature direct access to targeted readers. With weekly updates, special giveaways, and Clutch exclusive videos, our brand name is being promoted across the internet, steering people to our website.

Core Content

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Specs – Automotive reviews. Built Not Bought – Custom cars Catalyst – Our feature presentation. Ride in Style – Devotions to specific cars and clothiers where we highlight fashion and automobiles. High Beams – Special features on celebrities, prominent society members, and local heroes. Goes Green – Saving the environment one issue at a time. Who Asks for Directions?! – Inspired by the GPS’ love of getting us all lost. Easy weekend getaways. They See Me Rollin’ – Past events, upcoming events, tons of pictures My Dream Car – Dedication to readers. Submissions for ideas are taken via email, each issue a new car is chosen and featured. Elite Fleet – a top ten product/cars/gift ideas for men and women. Sound System – The best driving playlist

Advertising Pricing and Technical Specifications –

Spread – 2 Full Pages – Live Area 15.5” x 10.375” - With trim and bleed 16.25” x 11.125” Full Page – Live Area 7.5” x 10.375” – With trim and bleed 8.25” x 10.875” Two Thirds Page Vertical – Trim 5.08” x 10.375” Half Page Horizontal – Trim 7.5” x 5.1875” Half Page Vertical – Trim 3.75” x 10.375” One Third Page Vertical – Trim 2.37” x 10.375” Gatefold – specifications given upon request Artwork must be submitted by DropBox or CD/DVD in high quality, high res of 330 dpi. Will be accepted in PDF, TIFF, PSD, PNG or JPEG of over 2MB. CMYK for print // RGB for online. We will need both if ads are going both online and for print. All files can be sent to: Clutch Design Team DropBox: or CLUTCH AUTO MAG 525 N. Tryon St. Suite 1610 Charlotte NC 28202 All advertising materials are destroyed after 12 months by publisher unless return is requested in writing.

Specialty Packages – Location Placement Packages - These packages are for companies that want to feature their locations, packages, or dealership fleets. Premium Package  2 page spread  Up to 5 images  Contact Info & logo  350 word description  QR Codes – Website  Two thirds page advertisement in print and online copies  Access to analytical feedback from online content Standard Package  Single page spread  Up to 3 images  Contact info & logo  200 word description  QR Codes - Website  Half page advertisement in print and online copies  Access to analytical feedback from online content Product Placement Pricing – Per Issue These packages are for companies that want to include a certain product inside of content pieces. They will feature specific products, one package, or one car Premium Package  Use of products in selected index content for issue  15 to 20 images  Contact info & logo  Description per item/product  QR Code – website  Two thirds page advertisement in print and online  Access to analytical feedback from online content Standard Package  Use of products in selected index content for issue  10 to 15 images  Contact info & logo  Description per item/product  QR Code – website   Half page advertisement in print and online  Access to analytical feedback from online content Basic Package  Use of products in selected index content for issue  5 to 10 images  Contact info & logo  Description per item/product  QR Code – website  One third page advertisement in print and online  Access to analytical feedback from online content

Optional Packages:

Event Coverage: All packages include access to pictures for event 

VIP Coverage - backdrop, photographer, red-carpet drop off, print and online content 

Premium Coverage – backdrop, photographer, online content 

Standard Coverage – backdrop, photographer

Additional Content: 

Web-Exclusive content – 2 more pages of content, 10 additional photographs, QR Code with tracking information  

QR Code – linked to chosen website and tracking information

Additional Pictures – adding more pictures into the article both in print and online 

Editors Blog – featured product reviews, location reviews, special mentions

Social Media   

Facebook – Albums, posts, and events Twitter – tweets, connections to Facebook

YouTube – Exclusive videos, length and content can be adjusted

CLUTCH AUTO MAG 525 N. Tryon St Suite 1610 Charlotte NC 28202 • Phone: 704.331.6563

Clutch Auto Mag Media Kit  
Clutch Auto Mag Media Kit  

Clutch Auto Mag is the only automotive and lifestyle magazine on the market. The magazine is based in the Carolinas, and circulates nationwi...