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Just part of a normal school day at Aberdour


OPEN MORNING Friday 14 October 2016 : 9:30 am – 12:00 noon Please join us for a tour of Aberdour and see the school at work and at play. End your visit with coffee and a chat with staff and parents in our superb coffee shop.

Brighton Road, Burgh Heath, Surrey KT20 6AJ

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WELCOME TO THE TRIBUNE The Tribune aims to keep you informed of all facets of village life in Tadworth and Walton and engender a greater community spirit


would like to welcome you to the inaugural issue of The Tadworth & Walton Tribune. This publication would not be possible without the support of all the companies placing advertisements in this issue and I urge you to support them in return by quoting the ‘Tribune’ when you purchase any goods or ser vices. I have been editing the Kingswood Village Voice for the last two years and spent over 30 years in media and publishing and so should be just about qualified for this new role! I would like to say at the outset that this magazine is ‘your magazine’ ser ving the residents of Tadworth and Walton and aims to keep you informed of village life. I have ‘no axe to grind’ or political affiliation

but it is being run by Carnah Events on a commercial basis. The Tribune therefore is open to all local residents associations, schools, clubs, societies and groups to contribute articles. I can only apologise if you are one of the above and have not been made aware of the new magazine, but its not too late, and I would welcome any articles for the next issue which will be published on 1st November with an editorial deadline of 30th September. I hope you enjoy this first issue and please send me any letters, feedback, comments and suggestions for the next issue which will be bigger and better. Richard Milbourn, Editor Email: richard.milbourn@carnah.co.uk

The Tadwor th & Walton Tribune Editor :

Richard Milbourn 3 Mount Hill, Mogador, Tadworth, Surrey KT20 7HZ Tel: 0844 561 1230 Email: richard.milbourn@carnah.co.uk The print run for The Tadworth & Walton Tribune is over 2,000 copies and it is delivered free to all households and businesses in Tadworth and Walton. The Tadworth & Walton Tribune is published four times a year with the next issue published on 1st November 2016 with an editorial and advertising deadline of 30th September 2016. Advertisements cost from only £99 for a page or £58.50 for a half page if a series of four insertions is booked. Typesetting and artwork is free of charge. Statements and opinions in The Tadworth & Walton Tribune, unless expressly written, are not necessarily those of The Editor. Material in The Tadworth & Walton Tribune may not be reproduced in any form without the permission of the Editor.

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PRESERVING THE ENVIRONMENT The TWRA is dedicated to the protection of the character and environment of the villages of Tadworth and Walton on the Hill


hat do you most like about living in Tadworth and Walton? What first drew you to live here? Was it the green surroundings, the sense of space? Maybe it was the strong sense of community? Perhaps it was the quality of the local schooling? As Chairman of the Tadworth and Walton Residents’ Association, I mention this because you may not know of us, or be aware that our primary goal is to maintain and preserve the quality of what you’ll agree is a very special environment. How do we go about this? Our committee, who give their time on a voluntary basis, meets on the third Tuesday of each month. Our ward councillors and a councillor from Surrey County Council attend these meetings on a regular basis to update us on changes and developments at both Borough and County level. We welcome their assistance and close cooperation in protecting our two villages. The main areas of concern for residents include: ◆ Planning ◆ Law and Order ◆ Local Transport, Roads and Parking ◆ Health and Pollution (www.epsomsthelier.nhs.uk) ◆ The Environment (www.cpresurrey.org.uk) ◆ The Local Economy As examples: ◆ We played a prominent role in 4 AUGUST 2016

establishing the Jubilee Woodland. ◆ We made a significant contribution to the planning of the recently opened Merland Rise Leisure Centre. ◆ We monitored public opinion regarding the Sainsbury proposal for Tadworth, and presented the community’s feelings at the consequent hearing(s). ◆ We have embarked on a programme of replacement tree planting in Tadworth. ◆ We are about to facilitate a Tadworth Businesses Initiative that will hopefully result in more business for local traders through co-operation and sharing of ideas. Our annual membership fee is just £5. For that sum you will have recourse to our services as and when required e.g. in the event of likely impact from a planning proposal. Additionally, you will receive two Newsletters a year. If all of that sounds worthwhile, please take a look at our website: www.tadworthwaltonra.co.uk where you can catch up on ‘hot news’. Finally, my thanks to Richard Milbourn for allowing us this space. We wish the Tadworth and Walton Tribune every success in the future. For membership details please contact: Tadworth & Walton Residents Association Clive Elcome 01737 813110 clive.elcome@ukgateway.net


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UPDATE ON VILLAGE AFFAIRS The Tadworth Neighbourhood Forum (TNF) was set up to give Tadworth residents and local traders more say in the planning process. Recently, the TNF instigated the idea of a village magazine to communicate to residents on key planning issues and help to engender a greater community spirit. We are delighted to support Richard Milbourn in his enterprise of publishing The Tadworth & Walton Tribune and hope that all the local residents associations, schools, clubs, societies and groups support the publication for the benefit of the whole community. Please find below a round-up of the current planning issues facing Tadworth and Walton



for a backland development for 5 houses behind 1-7

most people in both villages are aware of which

Shelvers Way very close to the A217; part of Stanton

sites locally developers are concentrating on.These sites

Lodge’s garden appears to be common land (PA

include houses with large plots or long back gardens,

16/01437/F- PO John Ford). Under Freedom of

the Green Belt/common land fringe round the villages

Information we are requesting a copy of the Pre

and any open spaces or buildings where the usage might

Planning Advice given by the Council at the beginning of


June.This will tell us whether the planning officers have

An interesting trend is the emergence of local property investors and two locally based property consortia: (i) Lorimers, owned by PAAM Investments Limited,

given an initial indication of refusal or approval. The owners of Green Corner, Dorking Road have applied for demolition of the existing low level house and its replacement with two taller houses (PA

has applied for a Burial Ground, Chapel and parking on

16/01286/F – PO Natalia Achilleos (three houses were

Green Belt at Banstead. It also owns a significant site in

recently rejected at The Secretary of State Inquiry

Tadworth Village;

(“SSI”).This is beside the new retirement flats with solar

(ii) It also appears (but the information is still sketchy)

panels near The Grumpy Mole.The Heath at Green

that part of the Ruffler family which seems to be

Corner has been used for private parking and there is a

connected with Ruffler Bank in Epsom (now part of

pond in the common beside it. In planning terms there

Annamore plc) owns Millfield, Dorking Road and the

should be a buffer between residential areas and the

Tadworth Village Mill both Grade 11 listed.


Millfield recently supported an application by a local developer for a large 5 bed house (App No16/ 00426/OUT) in what was previously the curtilage to the


TRENDS IN THE LOCAL PLANNNG PROCESS We are concerned that protections in

the planning process that previously applied in favour of

mansion when it was listed.This application has been

objectors have gradually been eroded by the Council,

turned down by the Council as the site is Green Belt

without notifying residents. For instance, it used to be

and an Area of Great Landscape Value (“AGLV”) and

easier to see the identity of the developer (on the

Listed Building policies apply. No exception was fulfilled.

planning notice), the planning history, previous decisions

If there is an appeal, we will update readers.

or appeals and the rationale for each. If there were 25



objections the application went automatically for

APPLICATIONS Just in time for the summer

discussion at Planning Committee and could not be

holidays, Devine Homes plc has put in a new application

C O N T I N U E D O N PA G E 8

AUGUST 2016 7




C O N T I N U E D F R O M PA G E 7

being paid any compensation which resulted ultimately

decided by the planners under delegated powers. Now

in the de-registration of Beecham’s Field, Dorking

on smaller applications, it is only if a Councillor objects

Road, Walton so it is no longer common land. In our

this happens.

view, legal action should have concentrated on this in

Regrettably TWRA and The Walton Forum are not statutory consultees so each only count as one objection. This explains why objectors need to lodge

advance of the SSI rather than seeking to overturn the Secretary of State Inspector’s decision. The opportunity to show sufficient usage by the

their own objections as well and liaise closely with their

locals was lost at the SSI and, put simply, you cannot

Local Councillors.

shut the gate after the horse has bolted. There have

Incidentally we had to insist on Yellow Planning

been more rumours about Walton Heath Golf Club

Notices being placed outside 42 Tadworth Street and

(“WHGC”) again discussing a move onto this site and

the Green Belt Application (above) - originally we were

we will let readers know if we find out any more

refused these by a planning officer.The Council appears

information. Clearly there has been the opening up of

to be no longer under an obligation to send out

new tracks and substantial tree felling which are a

planning letters notifying immediate neighbours of a

concern. In the meantime, Cllr Turner has been


requested to find out what progress has been made in

The Council’s weekly Planning List on its website of

finalising The Maintenance Agreement to be set up by

applications and appeals is not comprehensive and

WHGC after consultation with a delegatee of the

sometimes it is not available when it should be.

Council. This Agreement was a crucial factor at the SSI

It appears now that a Planning Officer can approve a single dwelling even if it constitutes an exception to

in WHGC’s favour and is still not in place. At the same time as Beecham’s Field was being

Policy - for instance Green Belt policies and/or The

discussed in 2013, land was de-registered by the

Local Plan. This is a concern particularly regarding large

Council outside the Grumpy Mole/the new flats and

or isolated sites with few neighbours.

the stretch outside the pubs on The Dorking Road.

We are asking the Council to provide the exact

These were replaced with land at Holly Lane,

delegated powers it has now instituted and explain why

Banstead. Notices should have been posted on the

and when these changed.

sites by the Council and we wonder if anyone saw



these. In addition, none of our Local Councillors appear

involved soon in the latest round of consultation (a

to have objected to the land swap at the SSI. The SSI

month long) regarding The Development Management

was not well attended partly because people were not

Plan so please would residents who are interested

alerted to it. Pressure needs to be maintained on the

request a copy of the documentation from Gillian Hein

Council to ensure these sites do not become part of

or the Local Councillors.We will too.

its development portfolio as AGLV/Green Belt have



exceptions to them. These exceptions would not apply


if the land had been left registered as common.

major concern to us and recently the residents in

Some local residents who have land abutting the

Downsway,Tadworth. We are looking into this and will

common have annexed bits, use it as private parking,

deal with it in more detail in the next issue of The

have left tree branches on it or even registered it as


their property. We are chasing the Council’s Legal



department and Cllr. Broad (a Banstead Commons

people now know, the Council gave away the right

Conservator “BCC”) on these issues. The same applies

of common for no good reason at law and without

8 AUGUST 2016

to the trees and laurels obscuring the Tadworth Village




Mill and Millfield which BCC need to top or cut down.

its membership when making decisions. It is a non-

Fortunately, the majority of these are on common land

political organisation like The Walton Forum and

and NOT on private property.

ourselves. All three bodies need to ensure co-



operation with Councillors is on an arms’ length basis

are going to request updates from the CEO of the

going forward to preserve this status.

hospitals regarding any developments bearing in mind the Group’s financial shortfall shown in a national



newspaper as £51m. Any such updates will appear in

discovered this grant of up to £30k was available. We

future issues. We will ask Cllr. Turner to do the same

have alerted some of the local shops in Tadworth and

as she is on the Surrey County Council (“SCC”)

they are planning to apply to SCC for a small grant by

Health Committee. Incidentally, The Times reported on

the 15th July deadline to highlight the presence of the

29th June, 2016 that Surrey Downs spent £195k in 6

shops particularly to passing motorists and to make a

months for a temporary Director in charge of

village car park rather than a commuter one near the




TWRA,THE WALTON FORUM AND US Cllrs. Broad and Turner took a prominent role at

The shop manager at the Budgens site has confirmed the reopening time for the rebranded store

TWRA’s AGM. The TWRA Committee has recognised

(a Co-op) but we do not know what is happening at

the need to clarify the Committee’s decision making

the three vacant retail sites in Tadworth as the

powers under its own constitution and also to make it

situation keeps changing.

clear in what situations it needs to consult the body of

By M. C. Deirdre Walkling and others

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AUGUST 2016 9


The Kingswood Tunnel from The Hoppety.

Dr Bruce Osborne from the Walton & District Local History Society has found a fascinating description of a Whitgift school excursion to view the tunnel works at Kingswood


he branch railway line from Purley in the London Borough of Croydon to Tattenham Corner on the North Downs, built primarily to serve the EpsomDowns racecourse but now largely a commuter line, was constructed in phases. A single track was opened to Kingwood, a temporary terminus, on 1st November1897. Heavier civil engineering works were required beyond this point, notably the Kingswood (310 yards) and Hoppity (37 yards) tunnels between Kingswood and Tadworth Stations. The single line was extended through the tunnels to a station at Tadworth, opened 1st July 1900. The track was doubled the same year, the cuttings and 10 AUGUST 2016

tunnels having been made with that in view. The line, gaining height throughout its length, was completed to Tattenham Corner where the terminal station opened, on 4th June 1901. Whitgift school excursion to view the works: On Wednesday, June 29th (1898), W. Whitaker Esq., P.G.S., F.R.S., conducted an excursion to Kingswood. The train left East Croydon at 1.25pm and after changing at Purley, we got to Kingswood Station at about 2 o’clock. Leaving the station, we took the path by the side of the new railway line, and after a short walk arrived at the mouth of a tunnel in process of construction.


Proceeding onwards over-ground we looked down two of the shafts, and saw the men at work digging out the tunnel, into which we presently descended by the second shaft. Here we were provided with lighted candles, and now found ourselves in what appeared to be a long underground passage, the walls of which were strongly supported by innumerable wooden posts and boards. Walking back towards the mouth of the tunnel, we arrived at a part where the walls were quite finished and exposed to view. Again retracing our steps we got to a small passage, very much resembling, so we were informed, a gallery in a coal pit. This is the first development of the tunnel. After climbing over numerous wooden props, and trying to dodge the drops of candle grease, which were generously distributed over our clothes from the candles, we came to another shaft, from whence we reached the surface of the ground once more, after gaining a very fair idea of how a railway tunnel is constructed. Leaving the tunnel, we walked along the side of the line for a short distance, and presently came upon a “steam navvy” or “American devil” at work. This machine is used to dig out earth from the sides of the cutting. At each stroke a huge shovel digs out part of the bank and deposits its load in a wagon hard by. When it is stated that three shovel fulls are required to fill the wagon, and the latter holds six tons, we got some idea of the amount of earth dug up at each stroke of the shovel. With difficulty persuading the party to leave the “devil” we walked further along the side of the cutting, with the line below us on our right, Mr Whitaker explaining, in a most interesting manner, the formation of the more curious bits of strata as we went along. The excursion, of course, had its humorous


incidents. At one time it was found that most of the party had suddenly vanished, and on looking round we discovered they had taken possession of two swings in a neighbouring wood, where there was huge delight, which continued until one of the swings, not being accustomed to bear three people at once, gave way under the strain. After this we moved on till the top of the cutting took a downward slope and was once more level with the line. Here we turned back, and walking along the latter, had a much better view of the “wavy” strata. Each point of interest was explained by Mr Whitaker, whose descriptions were much enjoyed. Still walking back along the line we once more arrived at the abode of that most fascinating machine, the “steam navvy”. After again stopping a short time to “see the beast work”, we turned our steps towards the “house on Walton Heath” where tea was provided. After making a hearty meal, washed down with unlimited tea and ginger-beer someone suggested a game of “tip and run”. The suggestion being adopted with enthusiasm, sides were chosen, and a most exciting and laughable game ensued. But all good things must end, and eventually we were reluctantly obliged to quit the scene of our enjoyments, and stroll to the station to catch the 7.30 train home. Some of the party cycled to Kingswood and back, while one adventurous spirit walked the whole distance. The rest, however, took train as far as Purley, where most of us, still feeling energetic, walked home, arriving in Croydon shortly before 9 o.clock. And thus ended one of the most enjoyable days we remember to have spent in connection with the Natural History Society. Attendance, 23. Source – The Whitgift Magazine 16(5) (August 1898) as supplied by CNHSS. Croydon. AUGUST 2016 11




n behalf of the Walton on the Hill Village Forum I am delighted to welcome the birth of the Tadworth and Walton Tribune. Since this new magazine may reach readers who are not (yet!) members of the Forum, I shall take this opportunity to introduce it to those not familiar with it. Following a village appraisal in 1997, a major exercise canvassing the views of residents on a wide range of topics, the Forum was established to discuss matters of importance to the residents and agree any necessary action. The various village organisations are encouraged to present their activities and plans and seek help from others in the village. It is open to all residents and is also occasionally attended by representatives of the village businesses, particularly the shops. Whilst resolutely non-political, the Forum enjoys excellent relations with the borough and county councils and councillors and the latter are invited to our meetings to talk about the council’s activities and local issues and, frequently, to hear about things we should like them to deal with! These range from upgrading street furniture to clearing footpaths to fixing potholes and many other matters. The Forum directly involved in planning and development applications which require skilled technical input and are handled by the Tadworth and Walton Residents’ Association on our behalf. We are extremely grateful for their efforts to protect our village from inappropriate development. Having adopted its constitution in April 2001 the Forum is very much a 21st century 12 AUGUST 2016

organisation and now has its own Facebook page. This is principally used to publicise village events as well as to communicate important local information such as road closures. The Forum is first and foremost a communication vehicle for the extraordinary community spirit which exists in the village. We are all very proud of our beautiful village and many residents give their time to keep it that way, joining in activities such as litter-picks and pond cleaning with help and handy equipment from the council, and other initiatives including Walton in Bloom’s work with the council and the local shops to introduce flowers and hanging baskets into the high street, not to mention occasional guerrilla gardening sorties. Walton’s community spirit has also been on display this year with another extremely successful May Pageant, attracting visitors from far and wide, and a traditional village party to celebrate the Queen’s 90th birthday. Other events arranged by residents and local businesses have included the first of what we hope will be an annual charity football tournament. We look forward to welcoming readers living in Walton on the Hill who wish to bring their voice to the Forum and join in the many village activities organised by its members and other residents. The Forum meets 3-4 times a year, usually in the Breech Lane Community Centre. The next meeting will be held there on Tuesday, 27th September at 8.00pm. The committee can be reached on info@waltonvillageforum.com Martin Stringfellow

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Becky Groves (left) and Jo Groves.


young woman who, at the age of 12, miraculously survived a potentially fatal brain virus and woke from a coma, after doctors turned off her life-support machine, made another amazing milestone in 2015 by completing her further education to gain 16 vocational qualifications and a GCSE. When Becky Groves, from Crawley, woke from her coma she had lost the ability to walk, talk or do anything for herself.After leaving hospital, Becky was transferred to The Children’s Trust, the UK’s leading charity for children with brain injury.At the specialist centre in Tadworth, she received a tailor-made rehabilitation programme to help her make the best recovery possible.The individual programme, which incorporated physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech and language therapy, helped Becky to regain her lost life skills. Becky’s incredible recovery inspired a hugely successful annual fundraiser for The Children’s Trust, which has raised over £500,000 during the last ten years. In 2007, family friend Richard Davis led a group of Ferrari enthusiasts 14 AUGUST 2016

to visit The Children’s Trust, to give children, families and staff passenger rides in their supercars. Becky quickly became the inspiration behind the annual event, which has become one of the charity’s biggest fundraisers.The Supercar Event celebrated its 10th anniversary in July this year at the famous Top Gear track at Dunsfold Park, Cranleigh, with over 150 cars taking part to provide passenger rides to visitors.To celebrate the special anniversary, Becky took part in the opening parade lap in a fabulous red Ferrari. Becky’s mother, Jo, said: “Becky has progressed so well over the years, despite having to deal with epilepsy.To anybody who doesn’t know what Becky has gone through she just looks like any other young woman because you cannot see her disability. Becky, now 22, is keen to become more independent, so will be volunteering at one of The Children’s Trust’s charity shop in Crawley to get some work experience.When I think back to 2005, it seems like an entirely different world. It has C O N T I N U E D O N PA G E 1 8



ard tC



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C O N T I N U E D F R O M PA G E 1 4

been very hard but Becky has adjusted and is looking to the future and making the most of her life.” Katie Roberts, Head of Voluntary Fundraising, added: “Becky’s story is truly inspirational and she has achieved so much since she sustained her brain injury. She and her family often visit The Children’s Trust and recently Becky came to along to meet two teenagers, who are currently receiving rehabilitation, to help inspire them to achieve the most from their disabilities.” About The Children’s Trust The Children’s Trust was established in 1984 and is now the leading charity for children with brain injury. More than 40,000 children across the UK are left with a brain injury each year after an accident or illness.The Children’s Trust has an extensive research programme and

offers online support for families across the UK.The charity also runs a special school for children with profound and multiple learning difficulties. How you can support:To help make a difference, there are many ways in which the community can support: organising a local supporters’ group, attending one of the many fundraising events, making a donation, becoming a volunteer, or donating goods to one of the charity’s shops.To find out more, visit: www.thechildrenstrust.org.uk

STONEMAN FUNERAL SERVICES An independent family business providing a comprehensive personal service

Prepayment funeral plans available 11 SHELVERS HILL, TADWORTH Tel: 01737 814406 Head Office and Funeral Home DORAN COURT, REIGATE ROAD, REDHILL Tel: 01737 763456 Memorial Office: 49 Bell Street, Reigate Tel: 01737 243164

18 AUGUST 2016

K Tadworth & Walton Tribune JUNE:Layout 1





Page 1


Kennedys’ are delighted to be supporting the inaugural edition of The Tadworth & Walton Tribune T

T: 01737 817718




Above: Pictures from the Gardeners’ Delight event in June when members of Kingswood,Walton and Tadworth Horticultural Society open their gardens to the public.


he Kingswood Walton and Tadworth Horticultural Society was founded in 1904 and to date is a popular and thriving local Society. We hold Three Shows a year in the Church Hall of The Church of The Good Shepherd in Tadworth, which are well attended and present 1st, 2nd and 3rd cash prizes for each of the classes on display. The Show opens at 2pm to the public - entry free for members and £1 for members of the public. There are Plants for sale and Delicious Home Made Teas served in the ante -room. We arrange Coach Outings each year when we visit some really exciting gardens. Whithin the Society we have the Sociable Gardeners' Group which is open for members to invite other members to view their gardens and enjoy refreshments. In

20 AUGUST 2016

June we hold our two day Gardeners' Delight Event when 10 or so members open their Beautiful Gardens to the Public.We publish two Newsletters a year to keep members up to date with all our activities and at the AGM in November we invite a speaker to talk on matters Horticultural. This year it is the well known Fellow of the Society of Garden Designers, Andrew Fisher Tomlin. We are a very friendly Society and welcome New Members. Membership is £4 per member or £7.50 for joint membership. To join contact our membership secretary Christine Betts kwthortsoc@btinternet.com For more details please visit our website www.kwthortsoc.co.uk We Look Forward to Seeing You at the Late Summer Show on 27th August.

Village A5 May 2015 ad_Layout 1 23/04/2015 13:55 Page 1

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adworth and Walton Overseas Aid Trust is one of a number of similar charities in Surrey set up in the 1980s to provide targeted financial support to projects in the developing world. Details of our own activities as well as contacts for other Surrey Overseas Aid Trusts are on our web site www.TWOAT.org. We have helped raise and deploy over £400,000 since our foundation in 1982. One of the key benefits of being a small local charity is that every pound donated to us goes directly to a project in the developing world with no money diverted to pay for UK administration.We typically identify projects through direct contact with some local resident. We currently support a school in Nepal of which we became aware during a trip to Nepal in 2010 by a TWOAT committee member.We maintain contact with the school via email so we are aware of their issues and needs. Sadly the school was heavily damaged in the Nepal earthquake so we helped them and the 50% of villagers, whose homes were also damaged, by funding tents for temporary accommodation. The villagers’ priority was rebuilding homes but now work on the school has started again using funds from us. Many TWOAT projects are concerned with children and healthcare.We have recently assisted the only school for deaf children in The Gambia with the cost of repairing the engine of the vital school bus which fetches children from a wide catchment area.Where appropriate we also send items directly from the UK. For the Gambian school this included second-hand hearing aids with associated kits to fabricate new ear pieces supplied to us by a Surrey company. Jamie Coutts used to live locally, working as a

Above: Children TWOAT is helping in earthquake damaged Nepal.

green keeper, but decided to completely change his life by relocating to El Salvador to help peoples whose land had been devastated by a protracted civil war. Jamie showed them how to use organic rather than chemical fertilisers.With help from us and other charities, he oversaw the construction of a local coffee processing facility that produces organic coffee to a standard which can be exported.This work has been completed and Jamie is currently identifying other projects for us to consider in South America. He has relatives in Tadworth and combines visits to them with opportunities to give us direct feedback on the various projects. We raise money via donations and by organising events to give our supporters the opportunity to contribute to worthwhile projects whilst enjoying themselves.Through these events supporters can meet like-minded local people and sometimes hear directly from those who have visited or worked with our overseas projects. We also work with local schools, churches, businesses and individuals in fund raising ventures such as BBQ’s, Concerts, Auctions and Fashion Shows. Most of our projects are in Africa but we also support some in Asia, South America and Eastern Europe. For further details please visit our web site www.TWOAT.org or phone chairman, Mike Fox on 01737 350452. AUGUST 2016 23




adworth Cricket Club was established in 1903 which was was an epic year: many firsts took

place; the Wright Brothers made the first powered flight; President Roosevelt sent the first cable message across the Pacific; the Panama Canal was constructed and here at home Tadworth Cricket Club was formed! Initially the club played on a ground 400 yards North of the present ground somewhere between Workhouse Pond and the large roundabout on the

Tadworth Cricket Club.

A217.To the North of this site was a Public House called the Red Lion and today, this part of the A217 is still known by the locals as Red Lion Hill. When the Club moved to its present site on the

the bar was extended 3 years later. Rachael Heyhoe-Flint opened the enlarged pavilion following a match between an English

Common – Banstead Newton – opposite the

Ladies XI and Tadworth Cricket Club.This was a

Duke’s Head Public House is uncertain but it would

heady period for the club: twice the club was

appear to be before the 1st World War.The Green

invited to play at the Oval and the Club President,

was much smaller in those days and was just large

Arthur Phebey (formerly of Kent CCC) brought

enough for a cricket ground with a marquee being

teams to Tadworth who included, amongst others,

erected every Saturday. Initially the square ran at

Derek Underwood, Brian Luckhurst, Mike Denness,

right angles to its present layout.

Alan Ealham, Steve Marsh, Alec Stewart, John Price

In 1919 a sum of £200 was raised to

and Butch White.

commemorate the home-coming from the war. A

Tragedy struck in November 1990 when the

large area was cleared (aided by some very hard

pavilion, along with all the ground equipment and

stone picking work by the younger players),

club records , was destroyed by fire.The freehold of

ploughed and seeded to give the spacious ground it

the land on which the new pavilion sits was

is today.

purchased from the Church Commissioners.

Between the wars a small pavilion was erected

Insurance from the old pavilion, together with loans

very close to the Dorking Road.This was

from members, the Surrey Playing Fields Association

dismantled during the 2nd World War and stored in

and the brewers went a long way towards meeting

a local builders yard when the Common became a

the cost of the new pavilion. Fund raising by

gun site. Later, vehicles and ammunition were stored

Members and friends and grants from the MCC, the

on the site prior to D-Day. In 1951 the small

Foundation for Sports and the Arts and local

pavilion was replaced with a much larger one on

businesses meant that building could start early in

the other side of the ground.This pavilion served

1992.The new pavilion was used for the first time

the club for 40 years. Initially it had calor gas

in June 1992 and was officially opened by Alf Gover

lighting, no bars and no showers. A bar was created

(formerly of Surrey CCC and England) during

in the late 1960s; electricity was installed in 1978;

Tadworth Village Week 1993.

showers were added in the winter of 1979/90 and


AUGUST 2016 25




C O N T I N U E D F R O M PA G E 2 5

League cricket came to Tadworth in 1995 when

partnership with Walton Heath Sports Club starting in 2012 which has led to the re-awakening of the

the Sussex Clubs left the Arun League leaving just

cricket square at the Walton Heath Sports ground.

eight Surrey Clubs. Five other clubs joined them,

By Jack Ball and Richard Bennett with

including Tadworth, and a new era had begun.The

addendums by Paul Griffiths and Craig

League enlarged and changed its name to the


Surrey Downs League in 1977.The Club’s position

We are home to a vibrant junior section

within the League strengthened annually until in

promoting cricket skills and values for girls and

1999 Tadworth were League Champions. In the

boys aged 5 to 16. We also have two Saturday

following three seasons, the Club have twice been

senior teams that play in the Surrey Downs

runner up.

league and a Sunday team that play home

The Club’s Centenary Year was 2003 when the

games every week against a variety of club and

Club were again Division 1 Surrey Downs

travelling teams. Most importantly we have a

Champions and Alec Stewart (England & Surrey)

reputation for having the best teas in our part

brought along a celebrity team to commemorate

of Surrey and a very friendly social

the occaision.The Colts section has been a

environment. New playing and social members

significant addition over the last 10 years and is the

always welcome.

envy of many other clubs locally. In 2010 the club

Please contact Chairman, Craig Stevenson at

achieved ECB Clubmark Accreditation as a mark of

Tadworth@surreydowns.org or visit our website

the standard of coaching and support.The


expansion of colts cricket saw the beginnings of a


26 AUGUST 2016




“STILL A PROPER PUB” * Fine wines * Ales & Lagers * Darts * Dominos * Crib * Dogs welcome * Occaisional speciality food nights * Quiz nights * Live music * An ideal location to start or end your walk or cycle * Mon 5.30-11pm * Tues-Fri 12-12.30pm, 5.30-11pm * Sat 12-11pm * Sun 12-10.30pm Withybed Corner, Walton-on-the-Hill KT20 7UJ 01737 812132 www.thebell-therat.co.uk




ou may well have noticed a lot of new building going forward on what locals have

always called ‘The Rec’, off Merland Rise, but which is now called ‘Preston Park”. It includes of course the new Tadworth Leisure Centre, which you may already be using, and about 130 residential properties. Out on Merland Rise the new ‘home’ of Merland Rise Church is also nearing completion. This project, funded entirely by past and present Merland Rise Church.

members of the Church congregation, is designed to provide much more than a home for the Church, though it certainly will be that. An Airy

June 1967. Now, two generations later, a new

café and lounge facilities, a large crèche, rooms of

church is built on the same site, fit for the current

different sizes, including a ‘Boardroom’, will make

century, offering a welcoming, contemporary space

the church a good venue for many community

for all kinds of meetings, and a place to ‘chill’ as

groups and individuals. The centerpiece is of


course the worship area, with seating for 225

As soon as it is ready, we would like you to come and have a look! We are holding a number of ‘Open

people. The church’s first meetings date back to 1951,

Days’ in August and early September, simply for you

when a group of members from Tadworth

to have a look around, and perhaps envisage how

Evangelical Church, then in Chapel Road,

you might use this new facility. Or, just turn up on a

responded to the challenge of reaching out to the

Sunday at 10.30 to join us for our main worship.

residents of the new estate, then in its early

To find more details please have a look at the

stages. After over 15 years a church building was

Church website, which is kept up to date.

final erected, the opening services being held in


KINGSWOOD VILLAGE VOICE The cost effective way to reach Kingswood * 1,600 copies distributed to every household and business in Kingswood * Quarterly magazine with 68 to 72 pages in full colour * Published by Kingswood Village Community Association (Reg. Charity) For a rate card and details of publication dates, please contact Richard Milbourn on 0844 561 1230 or email richard.milbourn@carnah.co.uk

28 AUGUST 2016




ursaries give parents who wouldn’t normally consider independent education access to an excellent school with subject specialist curriculum. Bramley, an Independent school for girls aged 3 to 11, is offering new bursaries for local girls from September 2016. Following its recent Independent School Inspection Report (ISI February 2016), where Bramley was awarded ‘Excellent’ in all areas, the Governors have made funds available for a small number of bursaries. These ‘Bramley Awards’ will be offered to girls from the local area who would like to join from September 2016. The Bramley Awards will allow girls whose families would not otherwise consider independent education, to benefit from an excellent subject specialist curriculum which, through its breadth and richness, will prepare them thoroughly for the senior school of their choice. Each Bramley Award is a means tested bursary which aims to make a difference to girls who would like to develop a talent or passion at Bramley. “We consider Bramley to be very much part of

Bramley pupils.

the community”, explained Mike Webb, Chair of Governors.“We would, therefore, like to share, and celebrate, our recent Independent Schools Inspection success by extending the opportunity for a first class education to girls from the local area who would benefit from the unique educational environment that Bramley offers.” Offering a bespoke education for every girl, the small class sizes and subject specialist teachers allow Bramley to differentiate teaching and learning, whilst identifying opportunities for girls to follow their passions alongside their academic studies. To apply for a Bursary Award parents should contact the Bursar in the first instance. bursar@bramleyschool.co.uk 01737 812004. View the new school video on www.bramleyschool.co.uk.

The Tadwor th & Walton Tribune Editor :

Richard Milbourn 3 Mount Hill, Mogador, Tadworth, Surrey KT20 7HZ Tel: 0844 561 1230 Email: richard.milbourn@carnah.co.uk The print run for The Tadworth & Walton Tribune is over 2,000 copies and it is delivered free to all households and businesses in Tadworth and Walton. The Tadworth & Walton Tribune is published four times a year with the next issue published on 1st November 2016 with an editorial and advertising deadline of 30th September 2016. Advertisements cost from only £99 for a page or £58.50 for a half page if a series of four insertions is booked.

AUGUST 2016 29

WHAT’S ON Wednesday 24th August Teas & Talks in St John’s Hall Tadworth from 2.30pm to 4.30pm. A series of short presentations about the projects TWOAT supports with tea and cake available. All welcome, no admission charge but donations appreciated. Sunday 11th September Spit Roast hosted by Roger Ponsford in his garden at Kaprifol, 56 Meadow Walk,Walton admission £12 half price for children. Saturday 17th September Sue & Tim Edwards Open Garden in The Hoppety, Tadworth For details see WWW.TWOAT.ORG

Tuesday 27th September 8pm Walton on the Hill Village Forum The Forum meets 3-4 times a year, usually in the Breech Lane Community Centre info@waltonvillageforum.com Tadwor th Cricket Club All matches 1.30pm to 7.30pm Saturday 6th August Tadworth 1 v Capel 1 Saturday 13th August Tadworth 2 v Old Suttonians 2 Saturday 20th August Tadworth 1 v Ockham 1 Email richard.milbourn@carnah.co.uk if you have any forthcoming events.

Once a farming community. much that we take for granted in Tadworth is the result of the careful managed evolution of our local heritage. Today Tadworth is what we envisage as a traditional English village. The village shops in their arts and crafts style date back to when the railway was built. They offer a wide range of individual services ranging from travel agent to greengrocers, butchers, fishmongers and fresh bread bakery. Tadworth has its own selection of fine schools for children of all ages, It has good communications, health facilities and even a bank. Surrounded by the North Downs, the locality retains its late 19th century vintage charm and scale yet offers all the modern services necessary for living in the 21st century. “Tadworth the Village on the Downs” looks at aspects of Tadworth’s development in order to provide insights into how what we have today has been carefully sculpted from the past. The book seeks to cover in particular, aspects of local history that have not been detailed by earlier historians. In A4 format with more than 50 pages and well-illustrated in colour, copies of the book are available from Bruce Osborne at Tower House, 15 Tower Road, Tadworth, Surrey KT20 5QY for £10.00. Tel: 01737 213169. Email: b.osborne@ntlworld.com

30 AUGUST 2016

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See our list of available treatments on our website or call 01737 832 188 for more information and to book a treatment.



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