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Infant School Elche ®

A very British education Since 1969 King’s College schools have been providing children and young people with a rigorous and broad British education. Pupils from King’s College continue their studies at some of the most prestigious universities in the UK, North America and Europe. A British education gives our alumni the best opportunities to work in challenging and interesting careers all over the world. We believe that the fundamental values that they learn while at King’s College will also help them to have happy and fulfilling family lives.


Welcome to King’s Infant School, The British School of Elche. It gives me great pleasure that due to the success of King’s College Alicante (KCA), our school network is expanding to our sister town of Elche. Our new Infant school will extend the academic excellence offered at KCA, through to the local community here in Elche and I am extremely excited for the official opening of the school in September 2017. As the Headteacher of KCA, I am delighted to continue our core values and excellent standards and extend them to our new school in Elche. There was no better way to do this than for me to lead both schools and extend this vision through establishing very close links between King’s College Alicante and King’s Infant School, Elche. Pupils will also naturally transfer from Elche to Alicante once they reach Year 3 and as a school we will ensure this transition is as smooth as possible. I strongly believe that the best schools are, without exception, those filled with happy children who love going to school; children who love their teachers and their friends; children who love their Maths lessons and their Art classes. This love of learning is what King’s Group Schools are all about. We work tirelessly to provide an environment that is stimulating and fun for our young learners, because we know that children learn best when they are motivated and happy. Don’t take my word for it though, I would encourage you to come and speak to us, meet our teachers and see our pupils, to get a true flavour of what a King’s College education can offer your child. Derek Laidlaw, Headteacher

King’s Infant School, The British School of Elche


Foundation and Vision

Concentration and Inspiration In our classrooms and on our sports pitches our teachers emphasise the importance of teamwork and joint endeavour; these values, combined with our focus on academic excellence, are at the core of a British education. King’s Group is one of the largest and most successful groups of British International Schools in the world, as well as being a leading member of the Council of British International Schools (COBIS). All of our schools are inspected by the International School Inspectorate regularly and our teachers are all highly trained professionals. We attract and retain staff that are passionate about their work, because ultimately we know this is the key to developing your child’s love of learning. When children enjoy something, they engage fully. This passion that our teachers have for their subjects and about education is what makes King’s College so successful. A British education creates open-minded and dynamic young learners and although it may seem a long way away, one day these skills will prepare them to enter the ever-evolving world of work.


King’s Infant School, The British School of Elche

At King’s we believe that learning should be a lifelong and rewarding experience for everyone. With well-being and engaging experiences at its core. Sarah Phillips Head of Primary King’s College, Alicante

Building a New School In 2017 King’s Group are delighted to welcome on board the latest school in the King’s network. King’s Infant School, the British school of Elche, is located in the charming town of Elche just 20 minutes from Alicante on Spain’s popular Costa Blanca.

Much more than buildings and grounds, establishing a new school requires experience, understanding and leadership. Pupils The best schools are, without exception, filled with happy children who love going to school. These are the children who will achieve the highest grades and go on to do great things. Teachers The best teachers make sure that every day their pupils discover new things, explore new ways of seeing and love the process of learning itself. At the core of every good school you will find a team of excellent teachers.

Passion In 1969, Sir Roger Fry opened the first King’s College in Madrid. He not only has extensive experience delivering the English curriculum outside of the UK, but he understands how to work with local governments and communities, ensuring that all our schools comply with local as well as British standards. Since he established King’s Group, Sir Roger has been recognised as a leader in international education and was awarded a Knighthood for his services in the field by H.M. Queen Elizabeth II.

British Values

A very British education in Elche Since 1969 King’s College has provided children with a rigorous and broad British education. Our sister school in Alicante is testament to this and every year our pupils win places at some of the world’s best universities, including University College London, Edinburgh and Warwick.

All King’s College schools deliver the English National Curriculum with its focus on developing thoughtful and knowledgeable young people. This means a varied curriculum with an emphasis on interactive learning, rather than just reading text books. Exploratory learning teaches young people how to think, question and explore new ideas. All learning is based upon these core skills; not simply a list of memorised facts, but knowledge and a clear understanding. King’s Infant School in Elche will offer pupils a purpose-built campus dedicated to our young learners, in order to offer an environment that will enthuse and stimulate through a diverse and engaging curriculum. From the start it is foreseen that close links will be derived with sister school King’s College Alicante, where in Year 3 pupils will naturally progress once they conclude their studies in the Infant school.

The Schools that make up King’s Group are founded upon three key values: Honesty, Faith, Courage.

King’s Infant School, The British School of Elche


The Best Start

Infant Education - Building blocks for the future Though it may seem a long way off at the moment, one day the finger paintings in Nursery school, will turn into long nights of revision at A Level.

We know that as a parent you want to give your child the best possible start in life. Going to school is a big step for a small child and you need to feel at ease with your choice of school. We can say with confidence that we treat every child as an individual and we will do everything we can to give our pupils the best start possible in a fast-evolving world. In the Early Years Department (ages 2-5) we encourage our pupils to approach their studies with a fun and positive attitude towards learning. As the children move on to Key Stage 1 (ages 5 - 7), we begin to broaden their experience. The children still study a particular topic, for example, ‘Light and Shadow’, and use that topic across a range of subjects, including Science, Mathematics, History and even Literature. For example, the topic ‘Travelling’ may include History (‘How did people travel in the past?’) and English (‘Write a story about a trip you’ve taken’) as well as linking to the Maths and Science curriculum.

King’s Infant School, The British School of Elche


Ages of Learning

The British System Below, we have outlined your child’s journey through the British educational system. Our objectives are not simply to ensure that your child is bilingual in English and Spanish. A British education creates open-minded, creative and dynamic individuals.Your child will learn from first-hand experience, not just text books. King’s Infant School Foundation Stage (EYFS)

Key Stage 1

Children will move to King’s College Alicante at end of Year 2

Key Stage 2

Pupil’s age at the beginning of school year

Play to learn Ages 2 – 5 | Pre-Nursery to Reception | Foundation Stage (EYFS)

Exploration and evaluation Ages 5 – 7 | School years 1 – 2 | Key Stage 1

Communicate and articulate Ages 7 – 11 | School years 3 – 6 | Key Stage 2

Young children learn through exploration. Everything they do, from kicking a ball, building with blocks and painting, to singing in a group, is done in English and it is designed to help them understand their environment. Sometimes it gets messy, but it’s always rewarding and develops them socially, mentally and physically.

A more structured approach to the day helps children to start learning how to read, write and count in English. We still encourage children to explore and play, but they are able to describe their discoveries in words and numbers.

Children are naturally curious. In Junior school we encourage them to learn about things that interest them while consolidating their numeracy and literacy skills. We teach children how to apply these basic skills to other subject areas – such as Science, Art and History.

10 | 11

King’s Infant School, The British School of Elche

IGCSE Exams at end of Year 11

A Level Exams at end of Year 13

Secondary Sixth form

Higher Education

Interrogate and debate Ages 11 – 16 | School years 7 – 11 | Secondary

Think and act Ages 16 – 18 | School years 12 – 13 | Sixth form

University and beyond Age 18+

As children get older we teach them to think more critically. They learn how to investigate, test and think about things rationally. Classes are more focused on formal “subjectbased” learning. Nine or ten IGCSE exams are taken at the end of this stage in different subjects.

The final two years at school mark the beginning of adulthood. Pupils make choices and work hard during these years that prepare them for university and then the start of their careers. Once pupils have finished their IGCSEs they choose three or four A Level exams – which are accepted by universities around the world.

Nearly all King’s pupils go on to university, mostly in the UK and Spain. Academic success helps guarantee a good career but we also want children who have been to King’s College to become good parents, partners and friends.


Delivering results When we speak to parents they often want to talk to us about our academic results. We are, of course, very proud of our long record of seeing the vast majority of our pupils go on to higher education in the UK, Europe and the United States. But our schools deliver a lot more than an impressive set of statistics and numbers. Parents send their children to King’s College because they want them to be exposed to new ideas, to have their minds stimulated, their intellectual curiosity fostered and their creativity nurtured. We live in a world where the pace of technological, social and professional change is faster and more challenging than ever before. Confident, articulate and outgoing young people will leave King’s College at age 18 to go on to study at the world’s best universities. We know that these children will be well equipped to take full advantage of the many opportunities and challenges that will come their way.

Exam success comes as a result of the passion that our teachers transmit to our pupils and the particular attention we give to encourage individual achievement.


students from King’s College currently attend a university in the UK




of our 2016 students went to a top 20 UK or World* university this year

10/10 of the top 10* universities in the UK have accepted King’s College students


of the 24 Russell Group** universities have accepted King’s College pupils ** 24 top UK universities

40% 97% of our students currently attend one of the top 200* universities in the world


pass rate for our A-level students (A*-E)

pupils from King’s College schools have gone on to study at six of the top ten universities in the world:

• Oxford • Cambridge • Stanford

• Imperial College London • University College London • Harvard

* Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2016-2017 King’s Infant School, The British School of Elche

12 | 13

It Takes a Community

The College Community Parents are an important part of school life. We operate an open-door policy for parents and want to discuss your child’s academic and social progress on a regular basis. When your child starts at King’s your whole family joins the King’s College community.

At our school as a parent you will also be invited to a range of social events. These include concerts, plays, parent workshops and coffee mornings. Parents can meet one another, make new friends and speak with teachers.

Both of our children attended King’s College Alicante. We found the whole school to be warm, welcoming and joyous place for our children to be educated. Staff are attentive and caring, and the school itself is modern and disciplined; allowing our children’s education to flourish. We would recommend the school to anyone and everyone. Tracey & Derek Parents of former King’s pupils

14 | 15 King’s Infant School, The British School of Elche

Academically, the teachers have always nurtured and supported my curiosity for how the world works, and this supportive environment extends across the whole school, we are like one big family. Verena, Former Head Girl, King’s College, Alicante

Your Bridge to the School

Admissions King’s Infant School is more than just a British school. Your child’s future success depends on building a strong partnership with shared values between home and school. If you want your child to benefit from a King’s education then the next step is to come to visit the school, have a look at what we are doing and ask us lots of questions.

Going to a new school is a very important step for your child. My aim is to make the process as smooth as possible. It is so gratifying to see new pupils enjoying their new school from the very first day.

The confident, articulate and outgoing young people who complete their studies with us, are well equipped to take full advantage of the many opportunities that will come their way. I encourage you to visit us in person, and see how your children can benefit from a fulfilling, thorough and enjoyable education.

Irene Gómez, Admissions Officer

Derek Laidlaw, Headteacher,

The best way to describe what King’s offers its pupils is by telling you our daughter’s story. She started at school without knowing a single word of English and 12 years later, she was invited to an interview at the University of Cambridge, one of the top five universities in the world. Rudolph, Parent of Year 13 pupil

16 | 17

King’s Infant School, The British School of Elche









King’s Infant School The British School of Elche Calle Antonio Valero Agullo 7 03203 Elche Spain

Contact Admissions and General Enquiries (+34) 965 50 82 54 @KIS_Elche King’s Infant School Elche KIS_Elche

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King's Infant School, Elche  

King's Infant School The British School of Elche

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