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SCHOLARSHIPS 2019 The maximum financial value of any non means-tested scholarship or award or combination thereof is 20% of fees. For 6th Form Entry A report will be requested from their current school in support of the candidate’s application. Date of examination/assessment for 6th Form Scholarships and Awards: Thursday 22nd November 2018. Closing date for entry: Thursday 1st November 2018

ACADEMIC SCHOLARSHIPS This consists of an English Paper, a General Paper, and a Paper on one of their intended A Level subjects (nominated by the candidate, but excluding English), a Verbal Reasoning Test and two interviews.

ART SCHOLARSHIPS This will be judged on the basis of a portfolio of work brought on the day of the examination, two interviews and an Art Test.

SPORT SCHOLARSHIPS Candidates should have reached county representative level or above in at least two sports and, ideally, offer 1st team level sport in all three terms. They will be asked to show their ability/potential on the assessment day. Each candidate should submit a CV of their sporting achievements over the last three years. They will be interviewed by the Headmaster and the Director of Sport. Reports will be required from county/representative coaches and from their present school.

FITZJAMES (DRAMA) SCHOLARSHIPS Fitzjames Scholarships are awarded to candidates with an extraordinary aptitude in either acting or theatre production skills. Candidates are required to submit a review of a recent theatre production they have seen a week before the assessment. Acting students will present a monologue of their choice. Technical students will offer a short presentation on a production discipline of their choice, e.g. lighting, sound, costume design or masks, complete with evidence of their own work. All candidates will be asked about their experience of drama, based on their submitted review, and will participate in a practical workshop with current L6th Form students.

MUSIC SCHOLARSHIPS In addition to any financial award, successful music scholars will receive free tuition on two instruments. Date of audition: Monday 21st January 2019 Closing date for entry: Monday 7th January 2019 Candidates should offer two instruments, one of at least Grade 7 level. Singing is considered an instrument. Candidates will be required to play two contrasting pieces on their first instrument and one piece on their second. They will be tested on scales, arpeggios, sight reading and aural skills. Candidates should bring examples of GCSE work to the interview. Candidates will be interviewed by the Headmaster and the Director of Music. Music Exhibitions Assistance towards the cost of instrumental lessons may be awarded to candidates who have not yet reached the standard for a full scholarship but who show real musical potential. The assessment for Exhibitions is the same as for Scholarships.

6TH FORM SCHOLARSHIPS AND AWARDS APPLICATION FORM This form should be completed by the Head Teacher of the candidate’s current school and sent with a report to: The Admissions Registrar, King’s School, Bruton, Somerset, BA10 0ED.

Name of candidate: Date of birth:

Tel. No:

Name of parents: Address:

Email: Present school:


Please indicate which scholarship or award you are entering for: Art: Fitzjames:



Optional paper: (please state GCSE exam board and syllabus)


Chosen sport(s): (please provide report from county or equivalent coach)


1st instrument:

Theatre production / Acting (please delete as appropriate)

Latest grade:


2nd instrument: Latest grade:

Mark: Continued over page

Please use below for any information you think might be relevant to this application.

Please note: 1 It is a condition of every scholarship or award given that its value remains confidential between the successful candidate’s parents and the School. 2 All candidates sitting for scholarships or awards must already be registered for entry to King’s. 3 Candidates may enter for a maximum of two scholarships/awards. Further details may be obtained from: The Admissions Registrar, King’s School, Bruton, Somerset, BA10 0ED. Tel: 01749 814251 Email:

Signed: Head Teacher



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6th Form Scholarships Leaflet  
6th Form Scholarships Leaflet