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KGV Information for Parents 2017-18

Message from Principal Welcome to our KGV learning community, a place of strong traditions and high expectations. I have just been appointed as the incoming Principal of King George V, commencing duties in August this year. I am excited about sharing a learning journey with the students, parents and the school community. Education is all about the personal experience, as we strive to ensure all students feel a sense of connectedness and belonging at KGV. Over the next few years, all students at KGV will be presented with opportunities in academia, sport, the Arts and community service. I encourage all students to embrace these challenges and make the most of school life. Commitment, effort and resilience are the hallmarks of high achievement, and I hope all students embrace the richness of the KGV experience. Education is always a partnership between the students, parents and the school. We will strive to communicate positively and effectively regarding student progress and wellbeing and share and celebrate events at our school. I encourage parents to connect with our school community for the mutual benefit of student achievement and engagement. Your ongoing feedback and support are vital, as we strive to make KGV an even better school for your child, our students. The school is steeped in the history of the community and has a strong alumni association. This community connectedness adds to the richness and diversity of the KGV experience. I look forward with great optimism to the years ahead as together we embark on the next KGV chapter. For me, being a school Principal is all about the students and how together, we can make KGV an even better school for the students and community we serve.

Mark Blackshaw Principal of KGV

Change is a fundamental part of King George V School. Founded in 1937, KGV has come a long way from its humble beginnings as the Kowloon College. Whilst maintaining a clear stance on education, traditions and culture, school life has changed over the years, but always enhancing the students’ educational experience. Changes have been made to the House system which first began in the early 1920’s, the three houses being Nathan and Bede, Lugard and St. Dunstan’s, and May and St. George’s. Then in the 1930’s, their names were changed to Red, Blue, and Chocolate! They were changed once more and named after former teachers in the school - Nightingale, Crozier, Upsdell, and Rowell. The Houses have always played a significant role in school life, with house spirit permeating through the school halls. Today whole school events are prominent throughout the school year, particularly Swimming Gala, Sports Day, and InterHouse Music. Students can represent their House in any shape or form. Whether they are cheering for the House, participating in the actual event, or taking on leadership roles as a House Captain, a sense of family and inclusiveness is present within each House.

KGV Story

New traditions, like Pedal Kart, HKAYP are constantly being added to our proud, ever-expanding list, providing new and old opportunities for each generation of the KGV community. The School song is an integral part to KGV’s historic identity, as shown by returning alumni who continue to sing and recite it perfectly whilst visiting the school for the first time in 40 years. Most recently, the school has revived the tradition of whole school photos on the school field. All these traditions stay with students, teachers, and alumni, and have become synonymous with KGV’s identity. Over the years KGV has become more inclusive for all students, especially in the expansion of extra-curricular activities. In the 1970s, the school did not have a girls’ rugby team, and it was as a result of a student drive that made it possible. Fast forward to today, and the school’s A Grade girls’ rugby team are champions of the Schools Girls A Grade VIIs, and the Bill Williams Sevens Tournament. The school has opened up opportunities for student-led activities, ranging from origami and anime clubs to charity and even organizing Challenge Week trips - there is a place for everyone!

KGV Story Team



Our Four Houses

Students are placed in one of four Houses on entry to KGV: Crozier, Nightingale, Rowell and Upsdell. Students where possible are placed in the same House as their brother or sister. Our Alumnus children are also placed where possible in the same house.

CROZIER Mr. D Crozier came to the school in 1936 as a History teacher. He served in the Volunteers in December 1941 playing a major role in the resistance on the Island. He was imprisoned during the occupation.

NIGHTINGALE Mr. G Nightingale came to KGV (then Kowloon British School) from Queens College in 1919. He was the Headmaster from 1919-1933 and was largely responsible for the creation of the Central British School as a major secondary school.



The House system provides a focus for all students for events such as Sports Day, the Swimming Gala, Music, Chess and Dance Competitions.

ROWELL Mr. T Rowell was at the school in the late 1920s and a Housemaster in the early 1930s. He became the Director of Education after the war and retired in 1950. It was he who initiated the change of the school name from CBS to that of King George V School (1948).

UPSDELL Reverend G Upsdell came to KGV in 1925 from Queens College. He was appointed Principal in 1935 overseeing the move to our present site in Homantin. He remained as Principal until the school closed in 1940, because of the war.

Student Development

Life in KGV

The academic, social and personal development of each student is monitored and supported by a team of Student Development Staff. The school is divided into two phases: Middle School (Years 7-10) and Senior School (Years 11-13). When they arrive at KGV, students will be placed in tutor groups based on the House they have been allocated. Within a Student Development context Houses are refferred to as Colleges. These tutor groups are organised vertically, comprised of students from each year group in the phase of the school. For example, a Year 7 Crozier Student will join the Middle School and be a member of a tutor group of other Crozier Students which are from Years 7-10. Tutor groups are typically 20 students with approximately equal numbers from each Year Group. Tutor groups organised in this manner reflects a great deal of research that indicates smaller-scale schooling structures within larger schools contributes greatly to student achievement, attainment, and sense of well-being. Mixedaged tutoring increases personalisation by giving tutors fewer students (of one year group) to focus upon at one time and enabling relationships to be developed with students across year groups. As a result, tutors are encouraged to be attentive to the needs of students as unique individuals rather than on the management of students as a year group. At KGV, we love the House System: we value the work done by older students with their younger peers. We appreciate the importance of active tutoring which focuses on learning and we recognise the power of learning from each other. The vertical tutoring system helps us nurture these qualities and better support the needs of our students as learners and people. Whilst the tutor is integral to the support network for a KGV student, the wellbeing team, which has a school social worker, several professional counsellors, a trained Emotional Literacy Support Assistant (ELSA) and a school nurse at its core, provides additional support mechanisms for students.

School Schedule

Parental Involvement

A strong home-school partnership is essential to promoting good student wellbeing. Coffee mornings and discussion evenings provide formal opportunities for the KGV community to work together in a number of ways from providing feedback to learning new skills and hearing about the latest information on wellbeing.




Tuesday to Friday


By 8:10 am


By 8:10 am


8:15am to 8:25am


8:15am to 9:15am


8:30am to 9:20am


9:25am to 10:25am


9: 30am to 10:20am


10:35am to 10:55am


10:20am to 10:40am

TUTOR TIME 10:55am to 11:15am


10:40am to 11:30am


11:15am to 12:15pm


11:40am to 12:30pm


12:25pm to 1:25pm


12:30pm to 1:10pm


1:25pm to 2:20pm

Information that could help the school to provide care and support to your child, can be passed directly to your child’s tutor who will treat the information with sensitivity and careful consideration. There is a range of different types of information of which it is very important that the school is aware. For example:


1:10pm to 2:00pm


2:20pm to 3:20pm

Supervision arrangements

Students will finish early at 2pm on Mondays for staff and students to use the afternoon to collaborate. The lessons will have different timings.

School Attendance

It is a legal requirement to register all students at the beginning of the school day. At KGV we use a personalised Octopus card and students are expected to scan in on one of the seven mechanical readers strategically located throughout the school on their arrival in school. Students may use a standard Octopus card or apply online for a student card through the MTR website. Written authorisation from parents is required to support any absences, late arrivals, and early leaves. Please send to us at (for Middle School Students) and (for Senior School Students). We would encourage you to make doctor, dentist etc appointments outside school time. Further information can be found on our school website (“Contact Us”, under the “Communications” section.)

Parents play a vital role in helping the school to fulfil its duty to care for your child’s wellbeing and to ensure your child is safe and happy, particularly by providing relevant information that pertains to your child and their situation at home. The school has stringent information-handling policies in place to ensure that personal or sensitive information is handled with care and treated on a ‘need-to-know’ basis.

If your child is going to be looked after, for any length of time, by someone other than their parent / legal guardian (for instance, if their parents are going to be away on a business trip), we ask parents to notify us as far in advance as possible and provide contact information for the person looking after their child which can be used in case of emergency.

Medical treatment

If a child is receiving medical treatment or taking medication, we ask that parents notify us of this. This will allow us to put into place an appropriate support plan and follow up to help manage the situation.

Bereavement or traumatic event

If a child’s family suffers a bereavement or similar traumatic event it can often be very important for this to be communicated to the school so that we can play a role in supporting your child.


As students spend a quarter of their waking lives in school, good nutrition is vital to improve their nutrition. KGV offers and promotes healthy food and drink choices throughout the day. KGV is committed to providing healthy food for students, staff and visitors because we recognise the importance of healthy eating in developing healthy lifestyles. We encourage students to eat a balanced diet and do not permit the sale of highly processed and or refined food or drinks high in sugar, fat or additives and, as a result, we will provide only healthy choices to our students while they are in school.However, We do not intend to act as the “food police”. We have made it clear to students, staff and parents that, while we hope they will support the Healthy Eating Initiative, they are free to bring in whatever they wish from home. The canteen is open each day from 7.30am with a selection of breakfast items for students who have not had time to eat anything prior to coming to school. Our next break is not until 10.55am which is a long time for students to go without food if they have not eaten breakfast. Payment is by Octopus card only and the canteen offers add value service at the main canteen. Senior School Students who have a non-contact period can use the canteen during these times. We encourage parents to sit down with their child and the canteen menu to discuss what is a reasonable food allowance. The feedback from students involved on our Healthy Eating Committee is that parents do not provide or understand how much money is needed each week to provide them with an adequate allowance.

Our uniform

We believe that KGV uniform promotes a sense of pride, engenders a sense of community and belonging towards the school and identifies the students within the school. All students can wear school blazers, jumpers or fleeces to and from school. It is not compulsory to have either a blazer or a fleece, however no other jackets or coats are allowed. Students are encouraged to wear a warm long sleeved base layer under their shirt and pullover during the colder winter months for added warmth. Hair should be tidy. All artificial colouring must be discreet. No jewellery may be worn with the exception of small religious medallions, which should be worn discreetly and on a fine chain under the shirt. They should not be visible. Students are allowed one stud earring in each earlobe. Further information can be found on our website (under the “Admissions”,”Uniform” section).

wellbeing KGV is committed to a coherent approach to wellbeing as we believe it to be an integral part of school life. We aim to provide students with tools and opportunities to make informed confident choices in everyday life to support them in being well-balanced and thriving young people. KGV promotes a balanced and purposeful approach to pursuing the 7 dimensions of wellbeing. The section below gives details of the wellbeing model we have adopted plus some of our main areas of focus. Dimensions of Wellbeing Model KGV takes a holistic approach to wellbeing and uses the model below to highlight the importance of addressing wellbeing as a multi-dimensional goal.

Well Being


KGV prides itself on having clear support networks with the tutor at the heart. Students belong to a tutor group, year group and a House/College. We have many opportunities throughout the year when these relationships are fostered and enhanced.


KGV promotes resilience and teaches students the skills needed to be able to face situations and deal with varying range of emotions. The Wellbeing team, counselors, nurse, and ELSA provide more specialist support.


Whether this is looking after yourself or through helping others in the KGV and wider Hong Kong community. KGV students are taught the importance of empathy and being kind to yourself and others.


Respect is one of KGV’s core values. Whether this is respect of yourself, your property, your school, your presence on the internet, students are encouraged to be respectful in their interactions with people in school and with the wider community.


We believe being active is good for the individual in so many ways. It can provide a huge range of fun experiences which make the person feel good, improve health and it is a great way to relax and enjoy the company of friends. We believe that students should have the confidence, skills and understanding to make healthy choices with regards to being active, personal nutrition and looking after oneself by getting enough sleep.


Students are encouraged to make realistic and optimistic goals as they advance through school, make subject/course decisions and ultimately plan for life after KGV. We want students to enjoy their education and plan wisely for careers beyond KGV.


KGV students are critical thinkers and are encouraged to grasp opportunities to take their learning beyond the confines of the classroom.

KGV is proud to be an inclusive school and offers support to students with Special Educational Needs (SEN). The Learning Enhancement Team (LET) provides a flexible and efficient service for students who have difficulty accessing the mainstream curriculum. Students’ needs are addressed through personalized timetables and structured support, using a mixture of specialist staff, mainstream teachers and, where appropriate, Educational Assistants and our Emotional Literacy Support Assistant (ELSA). Our dedicated team are based in the Learning Enhancement Centre (LEC). The main types of provision are as follows;

Individual Needs

The Individual Needs team works with mainstream students with additional needs to make sure they have access to literacy and numeracy support, as well cross curricular in-class support.

The Learning Enhancement Centre (LEC)

Learning Enhancement

The LEC provides specialist help for students with more complex needs and moderate learning difficulties. LEC students follow an individualised programme with a combination of mainstream and specialist support as appropriate.

Gifted and Talented Provision

At KGV we cater for the most able of students. Our Gifted and Talented Coordinator helps departments identify gifted students and provide appropriate curricular and co-curricular pathways.


The EAP (English for Academic Purposes) programme at KGV supports students who require an explicit focus on academic language in order to reach their potential in an English-medium study environment. Small group lessons focus on the skills of academic reading, writing, speaking and listening that students are required to display across the curriculum. The programme is founded on the principle that academic language is acquired, not native, and therefore it is open to all students, regardless of whether English is a mothertongue, second or alternative language. In the Middle school, from Years 7-9, students are timetabled to receive EAP lessons instead of a second Modern Foreign Language.


Our Emotional Literacy Support Assistant (ELSA) specialist runs a number of small group, intensive programmes targeting skills such as resilience, social thinking and emotional literacy. There are also one-on-one sessions as well as further opportunities for skill enhancement through our extensive LPS (Liberal, Personal Studies) course.

Co-Curricular Activites

Co-curricular activities offer KGV students an infinite array of opportunities to explore talents and interests, or to experiment in areas unknown. These activities are considered to be an integral part of school life and are key to KGV’s commitment to the academic, social and emotional well-being of our students. The school is famous in Hong Kong for its glorious field which was astro turfed in 2002. Football and hockey pitches, athletic facilities, cricket nets, volleyball, basketball, netball and badminton courts provide space for students to develop and hone their skills. In addition to this our 25m outdoor pool, weights room and a gymnasium allow our students to improve their own fitness and dance/gymnastics to be taught. We believe that the after school programme allows students to learn or improve skills, develop leadership, communication and co-operative skills in a fun environment. Opportunities exist for students to compete against other ESF schools and those across Hong Kong as part of our competitive school sports programme. KGV is a leading school at both ESF and HKSSF level, competing at the highest level in many sports. The Bauhinia Bowl, for the best co-educational school across all sports, has been won by KGV a number of times in recent years.

CoCurricular Activities

Each term students are encouraged to take part in at least one activity. Activities change term to term and from season to season with activities being run for all different ages. To see what activities are available and when they run please refer to the Co-Curricular Activities Booklet for each term which is posted for students and parents in LIONeL. Middle School Students in the Middle School are encouraged to commit to at least one cocurricular activity per term. They should use this opportunity to try something new, meet new friends and push themselves out of their comfort zones Senior School CAS (Creativity, Activity and Service) is a core component of the IB Diploma. All Year 12 & 13 students completing the Diploma are make a commitment to a range of co-curricular pursuits which cover the CAS elements. BTEC students are also encouraged to sign-up to activities which span these three disciplines.


Dedication, integrity and compassion. These three words best describe the KGV Charity Committee. Every year, fund raising activities and generous donations have enabled us to make a difference in the lives of many. Fundraising activities include tutor group fundraising days, dress down days, sponsored walks, sleepovers in the hall, the Christmas Fair, dodgeball and many more. KGV is part of a larger international community and it is our responsibility to share with those less fortunate than ourselves. Last year’s main charities we supported were the Cambodian Children’s Fund, Save the Children, Lifelong Animal Protection and Mercy house. Through the HRCC and Lion Rock we have also supported Liberty Asia and participated in the annual 24hr Run to Stop The Traffic. Besides, the student- led fashion show Panache raises $60,000 to $90,000 for their chosen charity every year.

Service to the Community

Community Service has been a long established area of commitment for many KGV students.This holds true more than ever with the introduction of CAS in the IB Diploma. Since its beginning in 2006, the KGV Community Service committee has established links with Hong Kong Dog Rescue, Farm Road Government Primary School, Chan Sui Ki La Salle Primary School, Crossroads International, Christian Action, Inner Cities Ministries, Baptist Hospital and Tsung Tsin Government Primary School, to name but a few organisations. We are proud to announce that we currently have over 200 students from KGV participating in over 15 community service opportunities, from activities such as flag days to organising our annual highlight, the refugee Christmas party.

Challenge Week

In order to promote the values of the IB Learner Profile, KGV holds a Challenge Week every year. This is a week when the whole school is off timetable taking part in activities all over Hong Kong, Asia and the world. The aims of Challenge Week are to provide challenging, se rvice related, sustainable educational opportunities for students to have experiences that broaden their access to Creativity, Activity and Service.

Challenge Week Options for 2017/18 Year 13

Tutor guided choice meeting students CAS needs

Peer Support Leadership Opportunities

HE Guidance and Life Skills

Year 12

Open Challenge Week Choice – local and overseas

Optional access to Language Experience

Year 11

Compulsory Language Experience - local or overseas

Year 10

Challenge Week Choice – local and overseas

Year 9

Challenge Week Choice - local and overseas

Year 8

Challenge Week Choice - local

Year 7

House based Hong Kong Activities, students start each day at KGV

Middle Years Curriculum

From August 2017 students in Year 7 will study the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme (MYP) for three years. This builds on the concept-based, transdisciplinary PYP programme by focusing on concept driven disciplinary and interdisciplinary learning and continuing to develop the learner profile within a community of learners. Teaching and learning in the MYP is framed by inquiry, action and reflection. Or more simply asking, doing and thinking. Students will be taught by subject specialists across the eight learning areas to enable students to engage in purposeful inquiry in a robust academic setting. Each topic is concept driven and set within a global context. Conceptual learning focuses on organizing ideas that have relevance within and across subject groups. Concepts help to integrate learning for the student and deepen disciplinary understanding while building capacity to engage with complex ideas and apply them in new situations. Global contexts in planning and teaching helps students engage in purposeful learning by providing relevance and meaning of how their learning fits into the world.


Middle School Curriculum

Students in Year 8 and 9 study a skills-based curriculum called the Middle School Curriculum. It features a wide range of subjects: Liberal & Personal Studies, English, Geography, History, Philosophy & Religious Studies, Design Technology, Science, Information & Communication Technologies, Mathematics, Art, Drama, Music, and Physical Education. Students also study Chinese and a European Language, with the exception of students studying Individual Needs / English for Academic Purposes.

GCSE / iGCSE / BTEC - Level 2 Qualifications

The Middle School Curriculum is planned coherently across different subjects so that subject areas work together to teach students the skills they need for their future learning, and lives. It features several Interdisciplinary Projects designed to encourage students to develop their skills in real-world contexts and see the links between their subjects. The Middle School Curriculum culminates in the ‘Year 9 Experience’, a month-long extended learning project at the end of Year 9 in which students follow their passions to create a realworld project which achieves change for Hong Kong.

In Years 10-11 students follow courses that lead to a GCSE/IGCSE/BTEC in a particular subject. Besides the subjects offered in Year 7, 8, 9 students may always opt for subjects such as Psychology, Media, Economics and Business Studies. In Years 12 and 13 students broadly follow one of two pathways:

International Baccalaureate Diploma - Level 3 Qualifications

Students study a broad range of subjects which include English, Foreign Language, Maths, Science (includes Design & Technology) and Individuals and Societies subjects. Students also follow a Theory of Knowledge course, complete an Extended Essay and participate in a CAS Programme (Creativity, Activity, Service).

BTEC Diploma - Level 3 Qualifications

Students follow a more specialised applied programme based on BTEC (www. The subjects offered are: Art/Design and Media, Business and Communication and Sports and Performing Arts. Besides these specialist subjects, some students also complete a Work Skills programme, undertake an Extended project and follow a Global Development course so that they can achieve a full International Diploma.The Curriculum is managed by the Learning Directors with a responsibility for different subjects.

one - To - one learning programme



English & Literacy


Mathematics & ICT

Mathematics, ICT, Computer Science, ITGS

Languages & Culture

Chinese, French, German, Spanish

Science & Technology

Biology, Chemistry, Design & Technology, Physics

Individuals & Society

Business Studies, Economics, Geography, Global Perspectives, History, Psychology, Philosophy and Religious Studies

Creativity & Performance

Drama, Music, Art, Physical Education


Individual Needs, Learning Support, Gifted and Talented, English for Academic Purposes (EAP), Learning Technology

Middle School

Liberal & Personal Studies, Middle School CAS

Senior School

IB Diploma Core (Theory of Knowledge, Extended Essay, Senior School, CAS, Personal & Social Education)

Our vision at KGV is for Learning Technologies to enable, enrich, enhance, and transform learning opportunities for students; for students to develop literacy in accessing, evaluating, creating and communicating information; and for students to be able to employ digital tools effectively and ethically. KGV’s laptop programme extends to all seven years of the school, so that each of our students is equipped with the technology they need to access the curriculum and develop the skills they will need. Schools everywhere have long been aware that our job as educators does not start and end with the need for students to receive knowledge. Knowledge is important, but most important of all are the skills used to acquire it. Skills of learning, like the ability to analyse information, communicate, be creative, inquire, reflect and evaluate – these skills are the ones that stay with our students after they leave school, and that form the basis of their success as learners at school and beyond it. Laptops are a powerful way to address the need for students to learn these skills – there are so many tools available on the internet and via computer technology that enhance and transform learning, giving students the skills they need to succeed. As well as extending the toolkit of teaching methods by which our teachers can engage their classes, the 1:1 programme’s success lies in empowering students to find and create knowledge for themselves. The internet is an incredibly powerful tool for inquiry and our job as teachers is to help students judge, understand and present what they find. A successful laptop programme is not the result of simply giving students the machines, however – we believe in, and are committed to, supporting students in how to use their laptops. We invest our time and energy into supporting our laptop programme through extensive teacher training, a focus on online safety and digital literacy, regular parent information events and the contributions of our stakeholder groups. We also have a substantial induction process for new Year 7 students to make sure that, from day 1, your child is aware of how to use their laptop effectively and responsibly.

OUR POLICiES & Communications

KGV believes communication is a key part of the school’s relationship with our community. The school produces a weekly e-newsletter for our parents to ensure they are informed and up to date. As social media has become increasingly common, KGV is also on both Facebook and Instagram with all our exciting school news. kgv_hk LIONeL is KGV’s Information System for students, teachers and parents. LIONeL provides parents with secure access to up-to-date information on your child’s timetable (including the facility to easily email subject teachers), attendance and punctuality, homework, merits, sanctions and Challenge Week.

communication LIONeL is a key platform for our parent-school partnership. Please make sure you remember your username and password. LIONeL provides: • Easy and timely access to information about your child • Improved understanding of your child’s learning experiences • Deeper involvement with all aspects of school life • Improved capacity to support your child’s education • Improved dialogue with teachers • Access to school policies, guidance and downloadable forms. Information about accessing LIONeL is provided upon your child’s commencement at KGV. Parents should access LIONeL regularly. Please go to Parents -> Data Check to check and update medical records. Contact us immediately if your email or physical address changes; and use the password recovery option from the login screen if you forget or wish to update your password.

Weekly parent bulletin

Bulletins are emailed to parents every Friday afternoon specifically for Senior School and Middle School. It is vital that parents check these each week for news about events, changes and activities that are for students, parents and the whole school.This is our primary communication with parents and any major events and important news items are communicated via the bulletin. Please check your email settings to ensure you receive it each week.


The PTSA organises various events for the benefit of parents and students throughout the year, such as: Workshops and seminars on Parenting, Drugs and Alcohol, Bullying, Cyber Safety, Higher Education etc. social events such as coffee mornings and lunches with the Principal, Sausage sizzles, the school fair and cultural events like Diwali and Chinese New Year celebrations. We also issue an exclusive student ID card to our students which has a special privilege scheme attached to it, providing discounts at various exciting outlets. The first contact most parents will have with the PTSA is through the school shop, located on the ground floor of Peel Block. Our shop manager is happy to answer all of your uniform enquires. The shop also sells a range of stationery supplies. The PTSA Shop opening hours are 8:00am-3.45pm with a break between 2:20-3:20pm. The PTSA also handles lost property. Contact: PTSA Office : 2760 6660 PTSA Shop : 2760 6661

PTSA Manager - Rishika PTSA Shop Manager - Patty

Further information about PTSA can be found our website (under the “Communications” section).


The partnership between parents and KGV is fundamental to our success. We hope that you will contribute to the progress of your son/daughter and help us to improve our provision for all KGV students. Some of the practical ways you can do this include: regularly log on to LIONeL, read the weekly e-Bulletin for upcoming events, attend parent consultation meetings and information evenings, become active in the Parent, Teacher and Student Assotication (PTSA )and support school events, and finally, let us know if anything has happened at home that may influence your child’s experience at school. We enjoy hearing your views and engaging in discussions and you are always most welcome to come in to school if have any concerns. If you do call or email teachers in school, please be aware they may not be able to respond immediately as their key concern is teaching their lessons, an aim we would all support. They will respond to an urgent problem as soon as possible. Sometimes it can be confusing to know who to contact. In short; if the issue is about your son/daughter’s general wellbeing in school you should contact their Tutor in the first instance; if the issue is about a particular subject you should contact the teacher of that subject; if the issue is a complaint you should follow the published and agreed complaints procedure on the website. Please try to contact the most appropriate person to deal with your query. This will enable us to support you as quickly and efficiently as possible.

School Council

KGV School Council is responsible for the government of the life and work of the school. The Council has a number of responsibilities including monitoring, reviewing and evaluating the School Development Plan; the appointment and promotion of staff; approving the school budget; ensuring the condition and state of repair of the school premises and also acts as a link between ESF management, the school and the community as a whole.


King George V School has an ePayment online system to handle all payments made by parents for miscellaneous fees (e.g. textbooks, Challenge Week activities, field trips etc.) and no longer accepts cheques or cash as payment. The only exception to this is when students bring cash to support Charity events. All new students are assigned a personalised ePayment account in LIONeL with a unique PPS number, If you have two children in KGV, each of them will have their own number. This information is included on the invoice you receive from the school. You are able to check your account details, balance and transactions online in the parent view in LIONeL. epayment/ Parents will need to already have or arrange to open an online banking account to enable you to pay for the invoices you receive from the school, It is possible to pay in the following ways: • Internet banking service of your account • PPS (by phone 1803) or by Internet

Bank Details for Refund Purposes

Where there is a fee for an activity or trip from which there is a surplus we wish to refund parents where ever we can. We hope to save your time in receiving refunds by depositing the refund to your bank account directly. To enable us to pay refunds to you, please provide your bank details (HSBC account is preferred) by completing a form in LIONeL 2 early August 2016. The bank details collected from this form will be used for refund purposes only. Instructions to access to the Bank Details Form: 1) Login to Lionel 2 with parents’ username and password. 2) Click the tag “Parents” at the top then ‘Refunds’ on the drop down menu. 3) This should open the “Bank Details Form” for the form. 4) Input your bank details for us to do the refund 5) Click ‘Save’ then you should get a confirmation (and a chance to edit if there is a mistake); then you are done and can exit. If you have any ePayment account queries, please email:

The history and reputation of our school are very strong, and our community – whether they are students, staff, alumni, or parents – is proud to be a part of the KGV tradition. We look forward to welcoming you and your children as the newest group to enter our community.

KGV Development

We strive to maintain a standard of excellence in education and student experience while honouring the traditions of our fine school. KGV is fortunate to receive funding from ESF for tuition and other essential needs, but in recent years school leadership has identified a number of additional projects and programmes that would be greatly beneficial to our students. In 2011, the Development Fund was started to supplement basic funding and in a short period of time we have been able to secure contributions from corporations, alumni, and parents for a number of building and infrastructure improvements that total nearly HKD$20 million.We launched our first annual fund campaign in 2013 in order to ensure that parents and the worldwide alumni network can contribute to initiatives that will have an immediate impact on our students, specifically in the areas of building enhancements, environment, heritage, innovation, language and culture. As new parents, your children will reap the benefits of our fundraising efforts for the next seven years. This annual fund was a great success with the opening of two new buildings and the renovation of the school field. Later in the year you will see the development of an Innovation Centre giving students the environment to develop authentic creative skills. The project aims to link students to the community, develop innovative entrepreneurial skills and to equip them with tools to advance in the continuously evolving world. We endeavour to transform student learning at KGV and look forward to your support in this. As we embark upon this next phase of development, we need as much parent support as possible to ensure that our school thrives well into the future. To learn more about GIVING at KGV, please visit our school website (under “About Us” > “Giving”) or contact our Community Development Manager at for enquiries.

King George V School 2 Tin Kwong Road, Homantin, Kowloon, Hong Kong Tel: (852) 2711 3029 | Fax: (852) 2762 9806 | Email:

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Information for parents 2017-18  
Information for parents 2017-18