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Foreword by Long-Hin Shum The Lion Fund is essential to the school’s development. KGV’s community development team makes goals by pinpointing where the school may fall short- whether it be in the sports department, excursions, or classroom equipment. The Lion Fund is what announces the school’s aims to a wider audience, giving opportunities to people not normally related to the school deeply a chance to donate. Your gift, no matter the size, will make a difference. Our school community knows the involvement of parents and alumni is crucial to provide a better education for all KGV students. This booklet serves the purpose of introducing to anyone who is unfamiliar the importance of contributions. In many ways it is teamwork- between you, our teachers and the community development all working toward improving the quality of education of KGV students. Long-Hin Shum Designer and illustrator of the Lion Fund booklet

Message from the Principal The Lion Fund is an important part of our school’s ongoing growth and improvement and key in our quest to achieve our KGV purpose to ‘Be your own remarkable’. This purpose is about creating a ‘school for one’, where each and every student can engage in remarkable learning and be the best they can be. Our goal is to provide a diversity of opportunity for our students, whether it be in academics, the arts, sport or community building. Success builds confidence and belief in each student. Our goal is to continue to improve and make our school even better for the students and community we serve. It is about how each student can connect in to our school in personal and meaningful ways. To provide a diversity of opportunities and experiences requires resources. The Lion fund is the opportunity for all to make a difference, no matter how large or small the donation. The future of our students and Hong Kong will be determined by our young people and their confidence to embrace and take on the complex challenges ahead. Your donation will be greatly appreciated a help us in our quest to enable each and every student ‘Be their own remarkable’.

Mark Blackshaw KGV Principal

Welcome to Lion Fund 2018! We are extremely grateful for all your support and generosity. Community Development Manager Yasmeen Ashraf

KGV Headboy 2017

KGV Headgirl 2017

This year, we will embark on a philanthropic journey with all of you, including our community partners who contribute to the annual fund. KGV always provides high standard education, with top teachers in exceptional facilities. With development funded programs, students enjoy a learning experience like no other that supports them and makes them stand out. Lion Fund will always support programs that equip our students with real-life skills, encourage creativity and innovative thinking to adapt to the ever-changing world. Alumni have told us of the extraordinary experiences they enjoyed at KGV and so your support is essential to ensure KGV continues to provide a high standard learning experience. We encourage you to choose projects from this year that interest you and your family. Your gift, no matter its size, will make a difference to your child and our students. Thank you for your continued generosity.

KGV Headboy 2018

KGV Headgirl 2018

Donations Helped:

Repair the clock Fund Sports Kits Provide Outdoor Furniture

Build our Library Provide it books!

Alan Sihoe 89’

Yuti Khare, Year 13, 2017

Alumni & Parent Ambassadors

Felicity Yick, Year 13, 2017 Emily Chung, Year 12, 2017

Sean Tsung, Year 13, 2017

Student Ambassadors

Ms Kim Gan Parent Ambassador Long-Hin Shum, Year 11, 2017

Eleanor Sackett 77’

Clifton Yip, Year 13, 2017

Ms Carole Beer

Staff Ambassadors Francesco Brassesco, Year 12, 2018 Mr Lewis Glover

Mr Salva Conesa

Mr Dean Beard

Tiffany Yeung, Year 12, 2018

Contents Foreword Welcome! Our Ambassadors

Celebrating Lion Fund Successes KGV 80th Anniversary Improving Well-Being Improving Learning Our Goals for 2016-2017 Pledge Form

THE Lion Fund Supporting means to Support LION FUNDStudents! all KGV Current

Lion Fund celebrates... 80th Anniversary of KGV Last year with Lion Fund, a team of students were given the chance to create KGV Story, a beautiful book holding great detail on not only the origins of school traditions, but also what it means to be a KGV student.

Projects such as these make every bit of a difference for students to come together, and read of the history of their own school. Thank you to Mrs Catherine Kwan for generously supporting this project! It means a lot to the KGV community!

The Lion Fund | 3

Our sponsor Catherine Kwan with the student team

Alumni lend a helping hand Hugh, Ian Dow and Judy Cooper

The KGV community show their appreciation.

King George V’s clock tower broke down many years ago in a strike of thunder. Former head of KGV, Judy Cooper, met with two brothers, Hugh and Ian Dow in a KGV alumni reunion, talking of the timeless, colourful memories they had at KGV! Who knew that the brothers would be the ones to help fund the clock tower’s repair- it was while speaking that Hugh mentioned his interest in timepieces! A big thank you to Hugh and Ian Dow for making sure future students can have a share of KGV’s history! The Lion Fund | 4

Lion Fund success: Well-being at KGV The KGV community aims to improve and encourage well-being in students through Lion Fund projects.

School Planners are useful tools for students to keep organised. They also offer weekly advice on time management! Thank you to Previn Wan, who offered great ideas for this project in a KGV coaching conference! Patio Furniture has been added to the school’s outdoor cafeteria areas. Now students have more places to relax and work! Thank you, KGV alumni Catherine Kwan and class of 2006 for your contributions to help KGV students!

Innovative Hub is a project in progress - the Community Development Office aims to provide a space and help for students to confidently work on their projects. Thank you to the alumni donations! The Lion Fund | 5

Support Learning Support our Well-Project - we are aiming for 180K in donations. More projects are in the Projects Page.

Support our Capital Campaign by donations - they will reach our Learning Support Centre (LSC), the only building that has not been refurbished in KGV. The LSC’s heart is poured into helping students with special education needs and help them to learn, on all levels! It’s a happy place that has special learning facilities and world-class staff. But our staff and students deserve more!

Teachers and students aim to better shape KGV’s teaching and learning spaces as they remain traditional in nature. Space impacts teaching and learning*Societies Classroom IS209 helps teachers via the Emerging Leaders Programme. *Language Classroom LA204’s layout aims to compliment mixed ability groups. *Senior Classrooms 1 and 2’s changes are led by a student design team (shown above) Through such experiments, KGV gains insights on teaching and moves us forward with contemporary classroom design! The Lion Fund | 6

Generous alumni donations made our Drama and Science blocks possible and 3 Years ago we drew up plans of the ideal building, but today they still have not been put to action! To help our students learn and develop, they need a nurturing, creative and stimulating environment. It would be a dream come true to provide resources so that every child can achieve their full potential. We hope that donors may feel that they are able to support our students. -Karen Abell (Learning Enhancement Team : Learning Director)

With Lion Fund students unite and achieve more Community chest fund generously donated 275,000 HKD for flags representing our students’ nationalities that will modernise and unite KGV.

Mr Fabio Brassesco very kindly donated a professional scoring board and funds to help our students in many KGV sports events, including 2017 Battle of the Basket. Our students enjoyed being competitive on the field!

Our underwater robotics team, KGV Sea Lions, would like to take the time to appreciate and sincerely thank all donors’ generosity. Donations made the MATE ROV Underwater Robotics Competition successful, as it paid for necessary equipment. Once again, the KGV Sea Lions are very grateful for donations which helped the team embark upon their endeavour. The Lion Fund | 7

Help students learn differently Support our Annual Fund by donations- they will reach our students on their Language Immersion Trips. We are aiming for 200K in donations. Students are encouraged to study in the countries where their langugage originates. Students always talk of the extraordinary experiences they have - they participate in activities bursting with color.

Bonjour! Hola!

On behalf of the KGV school, we thank you for your generous donations. Your donations have changed KGV for the better. We would be very grateful for future donations to make the school even better! In 2014, we made a three-year commitment to language immersion. Back then, the requirement for all Y11 was new. The commitment was to a 25% Subsidy (200K) that helps students greatly. They are funded by the Strategic Development Centre and PTSA.

The Lion Fund | 8

Your donations help us achieve our goals. Help students learn with the latest technology

Vex Robots

With Vex Robots, students learn how to solve problems with computational thinking, as part of the curriculum.

(HK$50K Target) KGV Under the Stars is our annal social event, which many alumni and supporters of KGV attend.

Well-Being Refurbishing

KGV School Gala Language Immersion (HK$200K Target) Provide Foreign Language Books

Visible Identity modernises KGV- quotes and images that students can associate themselves with and can be motivated by are put up Visible Identity on walls.

Learning Support Centre

(HK$200K Target) Help create contemporary classrooms

Youngest HK individual to summit Everest and the world's youngest person to complete the Explorer's Grand Slam

Provide PE Sports Kits Benjimin Chan (KGV alumni, HK$1.9M Target)

The Lion Fund | 9


My goal is to become the World’s Youngest Person to accomplish the Explorer’s Grand Slam. I hope my journey will be a testament to the young generation that dedication and hard work can make dreams come alive.

Mentors support students in decision making

Y9 Experience

Careers Fair Higher Education Exhibition

Senior School Challenge Professional Experience Talk Week Work Internship The Lion Fund | 10

How to Support the Lion Fund A Stronger KGV Donations can be made at any time and are always gratefully received by the school. By making the payment of your choice, you will help to enhance the KGV experience that so many others before have enjoyed. We strive constantly to extend the range of facilities for today’s students. You can play your part in shaping the future of the school and its students. You may make your gift by cheque or bank transfer with donation form. If you would like to support a special project, simply indicate how the gift should be allocated when you make your contribution.

To find out more... KGV Community Development | +852 2711 3029 Email: Visit our website: (under Giving > Lion Fund) Donations are tax deductible. Donations are tax deductible. Tax receipts will be issued for donations of HKD$100 or more. All donors are recognised on the school Annual Report and on the Lion Fund brochure.

Best wishes,

Yasmeen Ashraf Community Development Manager The Lion Fund | 11

Donation Method QR code - Paypal


Cheque* made payable to ’King George V Development Fund’ Direct Bank Payment - HSBC a/c 808-881767-001

(Please mail/email/fax your deposit slip to or fax to 27607116) * Please note that we are unable to accept foreign cheques under HKD$500 due to processing fees.

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