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Female photojournalist identifies all four accused who raped her

By Tariq Khan

would serve as crucial evidence in the trial. he female photojour“The victim and her male nalist who was gang friend identified the four raped on August 22, on accused - Salim Ansari, Friday identified the four ac- Mohammed Kasim, Siraj cused in a test identification Rehman Khan and Vijay Jadparade (TIP) held in prison. hav in the Byculla prison. This comes after the accused The TIP was held in the preswere transferred to judicial ence of the judicial magiscustody when their custody trate along with court and with the crime branch prison officials. lapsed. According to crime The four accused were branch sources, the identifi- made to stand along with cation was “positive” and other persons when the two


Officials will now seek a production warrant in the magistrate court following which they will re-arrest the accused in the latest case of gang rape involving a teenager that took place on July 31.

victims specifically identified them. We are expecting a positive report from the magistrate,” said an official from unit-3 of the crime branch. However, according to rules, crime branch officials were not present inside the cell where the TIP was conducted. Joint CP (crime) Himanshu Roy confirmed the development. A special section was temporarily erected for the TIP in the prison, sources said. The

He really managed to fake it

Accused moved around as Additional Superitendent of Police, until he got caught by the real one

Hemant Patil finally in police custody, but not before he managed to move around in full uniform (right), giving lectures and speeches at various functions.

By Suresh Golani


ith a moustache styled like actor Ajay Devgan in ‘Singham’, short hair-cut and an IPS officer’s uniform, complete with fake badges and name plates, there was no stopping for 35-year-old Hemant Dattatray Patil who moved around as an Additional Superintendent of Police (ASP). However, Patil’s luck ran out when the actual ASP of the region, Sangramsingh Nishaandar, got suspicious about his activities and instructed the local police to keep a watch on him and finally a police team led by API

Ramdas Vakode nabbed him from his house on Thursday. According to the police, Patil, a resident of Santosh Compound in Valiv village, posed in the neighbourhood as an IPS officer, currently posted as ASP in the Godla region of Gondia district. Moving around as he did in a white car donning a police uniform, not only the villagers, but local politicians saw no reason to suspect anything amiss and invited Patil as a chief guest and at times as a speaker at functions and events. In one such gathering of school students, Patil had even delivered a speech on how to become an

IPS and the challenges of performing its duties. “We were informed about Patil, moving in the area posing as an IPS officer claiming to be posted as ASP at Godla. However, I was aware that this post did not exist in that jurisdiction”, said ASP Sangramsingh Nishaandar. Investigations revealed that Patil was educated till XII standard and after doing odd jobs in private companies, started moving around as a police officer, he procured the uniform from a Mumbaibased tailor, who will also be questioned, police said. “His attire, physical attributes and mannerisms led

people including his friends and kin to believe him. We are inquiring whether he had financially duped people”, said Senior Police Inspector Rajedndra Mohite, appealing victims who might have been cheated by the imposter to come forward and inform the Valiv police. A case under sections 170, 171, 419 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) has been registered against the accused who has been remanded to police custody. The police have recovered a uniform set and have also seized a Chevrolet Beat car. Further investigations are being carried out by API Vakode.

female victim and her male friend had also identified the minor accused on Wednesday in the juvenile remand home. Officials will now seek a production warrant in the magistrate court following which they will re-arrest the accused in the latest case of gang rape involving a teenager that took place on July 31. While officials are confident of a conviction in the August 22 case, due to

matching DNA samples from the victim’s body and the accused, they are circumspect about the July 31 case since most of the evidence is suspected to have been eliminated since the crime took place a full month ago. “However, the only advantage here is with the new section 376 (D), amended after the Delhi gang rape, where the burden of proof lies on the accused,” the officer added.

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MUMBAI | SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 7, 2013 Pics for representational purposes only

NNG and ANS – navigation solution providers launch a Personal Navigation Device (PND) designed especially for Indian roads – the ANS Navigator A-501.

By Claudelle Monis

OPINIONS Do you think reserving beds for acid attack victims is a good step? Afzal Hussain PR Executive Yes, it is good step, and not only the civic hospitals, but semi-government and private hospitals should follow the rule seriously. Parveen Qureshi Homemaker Yes. Looking at today’s crime scenario against women in the city, acid attack is the easiest way to destroy their lives, and after this decision, it will help provide speedy treatment. Tahir Beig Cameraman Yes, since during emergency situations, most of the hospitals deny admission to acid attack victims, this government decision will really help. Rizwan Ansari Businessman It’s a good move from the government, but private hospitals, being hesitant, should be warned and told to help victims in such cases. Arun Kumar Media professional It is a bold step, but there is need to improve the upkeep of all the civic-run and semigovernment hospitals.

Readers wishing to participate in ‘Opinions’ may send us their name, day-time telephone number with a passport-size photograph to Your Subject line must be: opinion


with space in case the first one is full. The device will be available from October this year at car dealerships, retail channels and aftermarket accessory stores and will retail at an approximate price of Rs.17,000 for the premium model equipped with all features. The basic model is expected to cost Rs.9,000 and will contain limited features such as 3D maps, junction views, traffic patterns and point addressing. The navigation system is also available as a premium app - ANS Navigator – for the iPhone, while the Android version is expected to be out in the next two months.

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n the eve of International Vulture Day, Bombay Natural History Society (BNHS) conducted an interactive talk session and film viewing on ‘The Vanishing Vultures.’ Homi Khusrokhan, president of BNHS, said, “If the use of diclofenac is compared to that of cyanide to a human being, diclofenac is 7 times more harmful.” Human diclofenac formulations which are supposed to be primarily injected on human beings mostly for curing ruminal arthritis, is used by vets on cattle to treat them for swelling on limps, martitis and swelling on joints. Barber emphasised on the fact that meloxicam which is a scientifically proven safe drug for use on cattle, but is more expensive as compared to diclofenac, should be Homi Khusrokhan, president of BNHS, speaks to mediapersons, yesterday. administered on cattle. “Veterinary diclofenac formulations are mostly as 40 companies in India are pro- of vultures in North India by 98.3%, in East India by 96.3% and 91.7% from India and Nepal. There is also ducing it,” said Barber. Barber spoke about the decline decline in West India. Barber highimproved availability of meloxicam


Vishwanath Salian | ADC

You want to know the whereabouts of that notorious gangster? Just wait sir ,I’ll ask the media and let you know!

tures, the A-501 also includes Point Addressing, which helps in accuet’s face it -- India has become rate destination finding; Natural far more difficult to drive in, Guidance, which refers to monuwith apartment complexes ments, buildings and bridges; Live and corporate hubs sprouting all Traffic, which gives you the shortover the place and roads merging est or quickest route to your destiwith highways often at unpre- nation based on current traffic dictable locations. Finding India conditions and Historical Speed, the perfect market for their prod- which considers past traffic data ucts and services, several GPS and based on the day of the week and navigation manufacturers have set the time of the day when calculatup shop in the country over the last ing the best route. Since finding parking is always a decade. In a bid to make driving easier for nuisance, the A-501 is equipped to Indians, NNG and ANS – naviga- help you find a parking lot closest tion solution providers – have to your entry into a building. In launched a Personal Navigation fact, the company is also looking to Device (PND) designed especially launch another feature which will for Indian roads – the ANS Naviga- direct you to the nearest parking lot tor A-501. This five-inch model is equipped with the latest maps of India and seven million points of interest, making navigation easier. What is impressive however is the Intuitive Navigation feature which understands when a driver has slowed down and sends hints asking the driver if he has run into traffic and if he would like to use an alternative route. Likewise, if the driver deviates from his programmed route, the device picks up the detour and offers the driver a list of petrol stations and restaurants in case he needs fuel or food, instead of just guiding him to the original route. Apart from these interesting fea-

lighted about the breeding centres by BNHS at present. The cost of 1 breeding centre is nearly Rs.1 crore per annum. BNHS has 2 breeding centres Pinjor in Haryana, Buxa in West Bengal, and 3 centres in Pakistan, 1 in Bhutan and 1 in Egypt. Barber also spoke about the possible satellite tracking of birds in the breeding area. The objective of a Vulture Conservation Area is to establish through targeted awareness activities and sampling for at least a 100km[1] radius (30,000km2) so that no diclofenac or other veterinary drugs toxic to vultures are present in cattle carcasses (the main vulture food supply), such that it can be declared as a Vulture Safe Zone. Government statistics indicate that livestock numbers in India have exceeded 400 million since the 1980s and reached more than 500 million in 2005. In India and Nepal, cows have a sacred status for Hindus and are not consumed.

Try to avoid the northern direction for cooking and eating. East is considered the best direction for these activities to promote effective digestion and good health by Dr. Prem Gupta (9820045774/9930318119,

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MUMBAI | SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 7, 2013 Vishwanath Salian | ADC


order, all ship shape and perfectly in place, thanks to a friend who offered to turn agent for them. So when the publishers did take it over, it was easy. “Two years in the pipeline and finally out.” Dictionary of English: The Udder Side, was launched three weeks ago, with singer –music director Shankar Mahadevan doing the honours. “He was a classmate and is a good friend”, says PV easily. The book itself is delightful, beautifully produced, available online right now, but it will hopefully be distributed through bookshops soon. Try Flipkart or Infibean, Bookadda, Amazon, or And the words are “twisted” or “corrupted” very cleverly indeed, some smart, some risqué, all tongue-in-cheek and very funny. The best part is that it will last


became daddy. Zip code – secret combination to opening a chastity belt. And finally, Dentist – a professional leading a hand-tomouth existence.

Laugh out Loud!

What would your reaction be if you were asked to witness Cyrus Broacha and Sahukar, and some of India’s popular comedians launch a Comedy Week special? Quite obviously, you’d know you were in for some laughter, and that’s exactly what happened at the Trident two days ago, where YouTube launched its Comedy Week from September 5-12, at a fun event. Well, it didn’t take too long to get the ball rolling and after the usual Q&A session with the big wigs, funny man Cyrus Broacha called on

Wordsmith, dentist, funnyman Dr. P.V. Subramaniam with the book that took him ten years to bring out as a collection of a thousand “eureka moments”.

The Udder Side of Dentistry Every morning for the last decade (minus the last two years), Dr. P.V. Subramaniam, MDS, dental surgeon and consultant periodontist, would get up very early, have a cup of coffee and sit in front of the computer. Then he would open up his Dictionary, “looking for words that lent themselves to being corrupted.” We can just imagine him doing it. Clairvoyant –a quality appearing in your wife when you are planning an impropriety. Cling Film – pornographic cinema. Heartrending – your bill for bypass surgery. Joystick – a device used by pilots for self-gratification. Then he would get about his day, usually in his clinic, messing around with people’s gums. That is what periodontists do, which is, by the way, a word seemingly unrecognised by American

dictionaries online. In the course of his day, he sometimes had a eureka moment. Jerry – a chap giving Jews gas trouble. Promiscuity – to make promises to keeps. Hellhole – You have to sin to get in. Dogma – so that’s what the sonofabitch calls his mother. All the time he practised on his family, his friends, his wife. We can imagine that too. Bellow – motherin-law’s response to your hello. Obstetrician – you screw up, he delivers. Sex appeal – a nocturnal begging ritual performed by husbands. Piggy bank – the retirement corpus you’re left with after years of bringing home the bacon. At some point someone suggested that he put all his words together in book form, and his dictionary searches became much

Not in Botswana!

Yesterday, the heart broke as another lovely illusion shattered like the finest crystal and fell to the ground, on learning that a Punekar had actually been killed in the town of Gaborone in Botswana. He had gone out for a meal with some office colleagues and was attacked and shot dead at point-blank range by a gang comprising seven robbers. They got away with three cellphones, cash and a cheque, all in the local currency called pula. We have a large collection of the series written by best-selling novelist Alexander Mcall Smith based upon the adventures of the No. 1 lady detective in Botswana, Precious Ramotswe. So charmed were we when we read the first in the series, full of

more serious about laughing. Then two years ago he decided that at 1,500, he had enough to get the book started. Luckily, wife Sarita, also a dentist in the practice with him in Chembur, concurred. “She’s my in-house editor, sounding board, critic, admirer”, says the good dentist, the last slightly tentatively. “He has a great way of delivering funny lines,” says Sarita. And so began a search for a publisher, which took about a year. “Sarita said let’s write to all the publishing groups, all over the world, all over the internet. She sent out around 150 to 200 proposals. We didn’t know we would need an agent. I sat back in great satisfaction like I had just written the Gita. Meanwhile, my wife was getting standard template replies. No.” “Then Sarita wrote to Fingerprint Publishing. They replied immediately which was a change!” Meanwhile, they used all that waiting time to get the content in

Mr. Gautam Anand, Director, Content Partnership, Google APAC and Mr. Sandeep Menon, Director Marketing, Google India along with Sudesh, Krishna, Siddhath, Bharti and Cyrus Broacha at the launch of YouTube Comedy Week in Mumbai

you a long time for you cannot read it in great gulps. Small sips are more suitable. Chaperone – a large contraceptive device recommended to you by your parents. Pharoah – mummy who

descriptions of a beautiful country surrounded by South Africa like the hole in a doughnut, where the people were as gentle, courteous and as uncomplicated as a plain rippling with corn in a time of plenty, that we actually researched Botswana. Imagine our delight when we discovered that it all seemed to be real, that for once art was actually imitating life. Of course we planned to go there at least once, flying across violent South Africa into peaceful, lovely, old-time Botswana where everyone seemed to care for everyone and a fat, fictional lady detective had been adopted as the unofficial ambassador for the country. All over now. Even there it would A glimpse of the House of Parliament in Gaborone, Botswana, arguably the most peaceful place in South Africa. And now an Indian has been shot dead there in a seem, they don’t much care for robbery. Indians!

the first act and out came a guy, known to most as Siddhart apparently, who tried to get the audience to laugh, but we were tough nuts to crack. Halfway through came Bharti, who didn’t succeed in getting us to laugh either. Guess TV works better for her. Just when we felt a yawn coming on, out came Cyrus again, to introduce – who in our opinion stole the thunder – All India Bakchod. No, I’m not kidding. That’s what they’re called. From the moment they stepped on, one-byone, they had the audience cracked up and the thunderous applause at the end of their act, only proved that they were the stars of the show. What followed was an attempt to keep the audience laughing, and Krishna and Sudesh, familiar faces in comedy, managed to more or less succeed, but the kind of laughter that resulted from AIB’s jokes was unmatched. India needs a lot more of this tongue-in-cheek humour to get us through the monotony that seems unbreakable, because just 15 minutes of these guys left us all in splits for the largest part of the night. Imagine an hour with them!


CLASSIFIEDS I Pareshkumar Mansukhlal Shah have changed my name to Paresh Mansukhlal Shah as per deed poll Affidavit dated: 04/09/13. C-15587 I Mr. Jeral Deigo D’souza have changed my name to Mr. Jaral Diago D’souza as per deed poll Affidavit dated: 13/08/13. C-15588 I Ms. Rhea Nikita Andrade have changed my name to Ms. Rhea Royston Andrade as per deed poll Affidavit dated: 13/08/13. C-15589

SITUATION VACANT NGO (Mira Road) requires lady executives for school visits/ events. Age no bar. Full/part time. Mail to sandystar. C-15577


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I have changed my name from Hanif Hamid Shaikh to Hanef Hamid Sheikh as per deed poll Affidavit dated 6-9-2013. C-15579 I have changed my name from Daksha Raghava Shetty to Daksha Sadanand Shetty as per Affidavit No. HP 488515. C-15580 I have changed my name from Nedumattummal Velayudhan Prem to Nair Preman Nedumattummal Velayudhan as per Affidavit. C-15581 I have changed my name from Sarita Hemant Kenjalkar to Sarita Malharrao Rane as per Affidavit dated 6th September 2013 and as stated therein. C-15582 I Kantilal Chavan have changed my name to Kantilal Chauhan as per deed poll Affidavit dated: 06/09/13. C-15583 I Ranjana Kantilal Chavan have changed my name to Ranjan Kantilal Chauhan as per deed poll Affidavit dated: 06/09/13. C-15584

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I have changed my name from Purnima Manojkumar Shahu, to ‘Purnima Manojkumar Sahu’ as per Maharashtra Govt. Gazette No. (X-21012) Dated: 02/10/2008. C-15602 I have changed my name from Dineshkumar Babulal Shah to Dinesh Babulal Shah as per Affidavit dated: 03 Sept 2013.

We Mr. Vinod Ashok Chaudhari & Mrs. Paramita Ray Vinod Chaudhari have changed name of our minor son from Rudranil Binod Chowdhury to Rudranil Vinod Chaudhari vide Affidavit dated 06th September, 2013. C-15618


I have changed my name from Paramita Chowdhury to Paramita Ray Vinod Chaudhari as per Affidavit dated 06th September, 2013. C-15619

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I have changed my name from Noorjahan Sheikh to Noorjahan Shaikh as per Affidavit dated 06th September, 2013. C-15621

C-15605 I have changed my name from Naima Feroz Khan to Naeema Feroz Khan as per Affidavit dated 13/8/2013. C-15606 I have changed my name from Nazia Akhtar Khan to Guddi Thakur as per Maharashtra Gazette No. (U26953) dated: 08.08.2013. C-15607 I have changed my name from Seemin Mujib to Simin Ragib Khan as per Gazette No. (U29887). C-15609 I have changed my name from Kavisha Mulraj Palany to Karyssa Aldrin Monteiro, as per the Affidavit. C-15610 I have changed my name from Prabhakaran Nair Ramani to Ramanikutty Prabhakaran, as per the Affidavit. C-15611 I have changed my name from Melroy Albert Lucas D'Silva to Melroy Lucas D'Silva, as per the Affidavit. C-15612 I have changed my name from D'Souza Risha Hannah to Risha Hannah D'Souza, as per the Affidavit. C-15613 I have changed my name from Fatima D'Souza to Fatima Kutty D'Souza, as per the Affidavit. C-15614 I have changed my name from Shakil Ahmed Bashir Ahmed Khan to Shakeel Ahmed Bashir Ahmed Khan as per Affidavit. C-15615

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I have changed my name from Mohamed Usman Sheikh to Mohd Usman Shaikh as per Affidavit dated 06th September, 2013. C-15622 I have changed my name from Rinesh Bavishi to Dinesh Bavisi as per Affidavit dated 06th September, 2013. C-15623 I have changed my name from Chhaya Bavishi to Chhaya Bavisi as per Affidavit dated 06th September, 2013. C-15624 I have changed my name from Birla to Birla Mahor as per Affidavit dated 06th September, 2013. C-15625 I have changed my name from Arpita to Arpita Mahor as per Affidavit dated 06th September, 2013. C-15626 I have changed my name from Dayalbabu to Dayalbabu Mahor as per Affidavit dated 06th September, 2013. C-15627 I have changed my name from Krishna Bavishi to Krishna Bavisi as per Affidavit dated 06th September, 2013. C-15628 I have changed my name from Swati Kondal to Swati Kanwar as per Affidavit dated 06th September, 2013. C-15629 I have changed my name from Vikram Singh Kondal to Vikram Kanwar as per Affidavit dated 06th September, 2013. C-15630 I have changed my name from Prerna Kondal to Prerna Kanwar as per Affidavit dated 06th September, 2013. C-15631 I have changed my name from Pranab Kondal to Pranab Kanwar as per Affidavit dated 06th September, 2013. C-15632 I have changed my name from Rashida Saifee Dalal to Rashida Jabir Najmi as per Affidavit dated 06th September, 2013. C-15633

I have changed my name from Fernando Xavier Kenny to Fernando Kenny Soosaiah as per Affidavit. C-15634

I have changed my name from Jubeda Bee Mahaboob Basha to Jubeda Shaikh as per Affidavit. C-15651

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I have changed my name from Sawant Nilesh Chandrakant to Khan Mohammad Rayyan Chandrakant as per Affidavit. C-15652

We Mr Mateen Khan and Mrs. Anjum Mateen Khan have changed our child’s name from Mohammad Kazim Khan to Kazim Mateen Khan as per Affidavit. C-15636

I have changed my name from Nilofar Nabi Hasan & Khan Nilofar Nabi Hasan to Khan Nilofar Mohammad Rayyan as per Affidavit. C-15653

I have changed my name from Mohammad Mateen Khan to Mateen Khan as per Affidavit. C-15637 I have changed my name from Mohd Irshad Garibullah Shaikh to Irshad Garibullah Shaikh as per Affidavit. C-15638 I have changed my name from Tabassum Mohammed Ashfaque Tase to Tabassum Ashfaque Ahmed Tase as per Affidavit. C-15639 I have changed my name from Mrs. Priti Surendra Hiranandani to Mrs. Priti Milan Mehta as per Affidavit. C-15640 I have changed my name from Jethalal Valji Mange to Jethalal Valji Bhanushali as per Affidavit. C-15641 I have changed my name from Mandakini Bharat Shah to Manda Bharat Shah as per Affidavit. C-15642 I have changed my name from Kailashbhai Chhaganlal Rathod to Kailash Chhagan Rathod as per Affidavit. C-15643 I have changed my name from Pravin Kumar Sengodan to Pravin Kumar Sengodan Devendra as per Affidavit. C-15644 I have changed my name from Rekhaben Kirit Vora to Rekha Kirit Vora as per Affidavit. C-15645 I have changed my name from Kirit Kumar Vora to Kirit Vora as per Affidavit. C-15646 I have changed my name from Prashant Kirit to Prashant Kirit Vora as per Affidavit. C-15647 I have changed my name from Vijay Prakash to Vijay Prakash Kewat as per Affidavit. C-15648 I have changed my name from Ms. Kanti Mahendra Bhosale to Ms. Kanti Mahendra Bhosle as per Affidavit. C-15649 I have changed my name from Shaikh Noorjahn to Shaikh Noorjahan as per Affidavit. C-15650

I have changed my name from Alpeshkumar Rasiklal Patel to Alpesh Rasiklal Patel as per Affidavit. C-15654 I have changed my name from Edwin Richard Soundarpandi to Edwin Richard Soundarpandi Nadar as pre Affidavit. C-15655 I have changed my name from Narayanikutty Kannambra Pasharath to Santha Krishnan as per Affidavit. C-15656 I have changed my name from Beenaben Vijay Shah to Beena Vijay Shah as per Affidavit. C-15657 I have changed my name from Vijaybhai Mansukhlal Shah to Vijay Mansukhlal Shah as per Affidavit. C-15658 I have changed my name from Devendrasingh Bachesingh Koranga to Devendra Bachesingh Koranga as per Affidavit. C-15659 I have changed my name from Nitin Suresh Vargate to Nitin Suresh Vargante as per Affidavit. C-15660 I have changed my name from Juje Rujay Fernandis to Juje Fernandes as per Affidavit. C-15661 I have changed my name from Mervyn John Royester Philip Joseph Dsa to Mervyn Philip Dsa as per Affidavit. C-15662 I have changed my name from Urvi Haresh Shah to Varsha Haresh Shah as per Affidavit. C-15663 I have changed my name from Mohammed Ali to Mohammed Ali Ansari as per Affidavit. C-15664 We Mr. Pramendra Garg & Mrs. Anjali Garg have changed our child’s name from Diva Pramendra Garg to Diya Pramendra Garg as per Affidavit. C-15665 I have changed my name from Pratima Jayeshkumar Desai to Pratima Ramanlal Desai as per Affidavit. C-15666 I have changed my name from Lalit Kumar Rai to Lallit Rai as per Affidavit. C-15667

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Mumbai’s solid waste:

15,050 tonnes!

aking note of the large volume of waste generated out of construction and demolition works going on in Mumbai and adjoining areas, and the scarcity of dumping grounds for such debris, the Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA) has decided to come up with a policy and guidelines for disposal of such waste. In a statement issued here on Friday, the MMRDA has stated that the move has been necessitated because of several instances of unauthorized dumping of such waste, especially in mangroves, leading to environmental damage. As per a report published by Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research in January this year, Mumbai generates total solid waste generated of 15,050 tonnes per day. 4,110 tonnes is of construction and demolition waste. The landfill waste generated is 5,925 tonnes, while only 690 tonnes of waste generated is burnt in the open. Other forms of waste generated are as follows: Domestic 8,800 tonnes per day, Commercial 1,200 tonnes, Indus- Several instances of unauthorised dumping of waste, especially in mangroves, leads to environmental damage. trial 940 tonnes and total Metropolitan Authority will formulate pol- the construction and demolimunicipal solid waste 10,940 Additional Commissioner MMRDA, icy and rules to find out ap- tion waste with the assistance tonnes per day. In a statement issued here, Ashwini Bhide stated that the propriate ways to dispose of of consultants. The ap-

MMRDA to formulate policy and rules for disposal of construction and demolition waste

SNEHA and Mumbai Police join up to help women survivors of violence By A Staff Reporter


umbai-based NGO, SNEHA (Society for Nutrition, Education and Health Action) in collaboration with the Mumbai Police organised a city level consultation with the Mumbai police on September 5 and 6 at Police Club, Azad Maidan, with the objective of exploring strategies and understanding challenges in dealing with women survivors of violence. 117 Police officers from Zones III, IV, V, VI, VII, IX and XI, 10 representatives from Municipal hospitals like Lokmanya Tilak Municipal General Hospital (Sion hospital), and KEM, and 15 members of civil society organisations like Majlis, CEHAT, 1298, Police Reforms Watch, Special Cell for Women and Children, Akshara and Knowledge Resource Centre, participated in the consultation. “This collaborative consultation helped all stake holders to know the difficulties and hurdles faced while implementing laws regarding child sexual abuse, domestic violence, sexual assault, rape and harassment in public. By the end of September, we plan to come out with a draft of guidelines for handling such cases,” said Dr. Nayreen Daruwalla, Program Director, Prevention of Violence against Women and Children, SNEHA.




(From left): Actor Anil Kapoor, Dr. Nayreen Daruwalla, director, program on prevention of violence against women and children, SNEHA, Dr. David Osrin, member of the Royal College of Physicians, Maja Daruwala, executive director, Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative, India, Dr. Shanti Pantvaidya, executive eirector, SNEHA, Dr. Rajesh C. Dere, consultant in postmortem examinations and Dr. Nilima Mehta, academician and consultant.

File pic

pointed consultant will suggest sound and scientific methods for disposing off

Comparative data of major cities generating garbage every day:

All India Delhi Chennai Kolkata New York Oslo (Norway)

1,88500 tonnes 9,000 tonnes 12,060 tonnes 5,000 tonnes 14,000 tonnes 150 tonnes per year

construction and demolition waste within a period of six months from the date of the appointment. The consultant is expected to examine international case studies, especially of Asian countries in disposal of waste generated out of construction and demolition, related environmental issues such as noise pollution, formulation of guidelines for systematic collection, transportation of waste, examining the best practices employed within the country and abroad and assessment of civic body wise quantities in Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR). The state government has constituted a technical committee under the chairmanship of Metropolitan Commissioner, MMRDA, with Commissioners of Municipal Corporations, Divisional Commissioners, Collectors of the region, as members of the Committee.

06 CHANGE OF NAME I have changed my name from Rai Vani to Raai Vvani as per Affidavit. C-15668 I have changed my name from Rai Nandini to Rai Nanndini Lallit as per Affidavit. C-15669 I have changed my name from Rai Mohita to Rai Mohitaa Lallit as per Affidavit. C-15670 I have changed my name from Rajjabali Fakhruddin to Rajabali Fakhruddin Sodawala as per Affidavit. C-15671 We have changed our child name from Taherali Shaifuddin Rampurawala to Taher Saifuddin Rampurawala as per Affidavit. C-15672 We have changed our child name from Gauri Mishra to Siddhi Mishra as per Affidavit. C-15673 I have changed my name from Prakashchandra Chandmal Jain to Prakash Chandmal Jain Madrecha as per Affidavit. C-15674 I have changed my name from Miteshkumar Hasmukhray Shah to Mitesh Hasmukh Shah as per Affidavit. C-15675 I have changed my name from Bhavikkumar Hasmukhray Shah to Bhavik Hasmukh Shah as per Affidavit. C-15676 I have changed my name from Hasmukhray Shah to Hasmukh Shah as per Affidavit. C-15677 I have changed my name from Shobha Diana Mathis to Diana Dmello as per Affidavit. C-15678 I have changed my name from Haidar Ali Akbar Ali to Haider Ali Akbar Ali Ansari as per Affidavit. C-15679 I have changed my name from Zubaidakhatoon to Zubeda Khatun Haider Ali Ansari as per Affidavit. C-15680 I have changed my name from Bhavanaben to Bhavana Niraj Vaishnav as per Affidavit dated 06/09/2013. C-15681 I have changed my name from Nirajkumar Kantilal Vaishnav to Niraj Kantilal Vaishnav as per Affidavit dated 06/09/2013. C-15682 I have changed my name from Kantilal Santokdas Nibawat to Kantilal Santokdas Vaishnav as per Affidavit dated 06/09/2013. C-15683

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MUMBAI | SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 7, 2013 PUBLIC NOTICE Notice is hereby given that my client, Mr. Jaikaran Harkesh Parcha Balmiki, was going to Nallasopara Registrar Office, but my Client Chain of Original Agreement Document lost on Auto Rickshaw. Between M/s. Rajhans Developers & Rajesh S. Sarser & Mr. Sandeep S. Sarser. Flat No. D-315, 3rd Floor, “Styam Complex” in Sundar Nagar, Tulinj Road, Nallasopara (East), Document No. 07359, Dated-13/07/2007. So we hereby invite claim or objection that any person having any claim or objection against or into or upon in respect of said land howsoever are hereby required to make the same known in writing to our advocate office within 14 days from the date of publication. Mr. D.S. TIWARI

Date : 7-9-2013 (Advocate High Court) Add- Shop No. 19, Akanksha Tower, Near Railway Station, Nallasopara(E)

PUBLIC NOTICE I,Saifullah Chani Chaudhary, Age - 46 years, Resident - Room Number-24, Motiram Khandu Bhandari Compound, Abdul Razzak chawl, Orlam Church, Marve Road, Malad (East), Mumbai-64. I have to publicly announce that I Shri Nilesh Jaynarayan Shukla Link Road, Opp. D Mart, Malad (West), Mumbai-97. CTS number-1406 C/6, 13200 square yard plot of the open-buy deal. If anyone have any objection / complaint within 15 days or Suggestions contact: Saifullah Chani Chaudhary. Mob-9892327869.

PUBLIC NOTICE Notice is hereby given that my client Mr. Devendra Pratap Vijay Bahadur Singh has applied application with registered gift in respect of FLAT NO. 111 to 114, on the First Floor, “D” wing, Ostwal Tower Building No. 1 CHS LTD B.P. Road Cross No. 4, Kharigaon, Bhayandar (E), Dist. Thane401105 to Administrative Officer for transfer of Membership. All the persons, government authorities, banks, financial institution, Etc. are hereby requested to intimate to me at under mentioned address within 14 days from this notice, then it will be treated that nothing objections or claim is their over it otherwise Administrative Officer shall admit as a member of the society to Mr. Devendra Pratap Vijay Bahadur Singh. R. J. Mishra Date : 7-9-2013 Advocate High Court B/108, Bhaidaya Nagar “B” Bldg., Navghar Road, Bhayandar (E), Dist. Thane – 401 105.

All set and ready for Ganesha By A Staff Reporter


he city police are taking every possible precaution to ensure a peaceful Ganesh Chathurti without any untoward incident marring life during the festival. In this connection, the police have kept detailed records of all the mandals in the city and are in constant communication with them. In all, there are around 6,000 sarvajanik mandals, around 1.19 lakh private mandals and 8,800 Gauri ganpati mandals, said DCP (Operations) Keshav Patil. Adding further, Patil said, “The concerned police station would give all the support to the volunteers of the mandals. This will help the mandals as well as the police to keep vigil.” At present, there is no special phone number for any-

thing, said JCP (Law and Order) Sadanand Date. All the special numbers, which are already in use, would remain in operation, added Date. Also, the city police are waiting for the reply from the state DGP office to provide additional force to keep vigil in the city. On September 7, city police chief Satyapal Singh will give the complete information regarding security aspects during the Ganpati festival, said Date. Meanwhile, the leave of each and every police official stands cancelled, said a police source, adding that the officers who were on leave have been told to resume duty soon.

Cargo vessel collides with fishing trawler By Edrich Miranda


cargo vessel, Jindal Kamakshi, collided with a fishing trawler, Jesus, twenty-four nautical miles off the coast from Arnala in Virar. The accident occurred at around 1 am, in the wee hours of Friday morning. None of the 17 crew was injured, but the bow of the boat suffered extensive damage, to the tune of Rs.8 lakh. According to sources, this is the sixth collision at sea within the past two years. While going to press, a case was being registered at Sagri Police station in Arnala, yesterday.

SEWERAGE OPERATION DEPARTMENT No. Ch.E.(S.O.)/479/Dy.Ch.E.(S.O.)Tr. dtd. 6-9-2013

e-TENDER NOTICE E-Tender No. 7100021453 The Municipal Commissioner of Greater Mumbai invites online tender in three packet system for “Annual Rate Contract For Supply of FRP Circular Covers Required For Different Sections Under Ch.E.(S.O.)” from the manufacturer or authorized dealer of manufacturer of FRP frames and covers. The Bid Start Date & Time and Bid End Date & Time are specified in the detailed tender notice on MCGM’s website under “e-Procurement” section. The intending tenderers shall visit the Municipal website at for further details for tender. The tender documents will not be issued or received by post. Sd/Deputy Chief Engineer (Sewerage Operation) PRO/729/ADV/2013 Transport Fever? Act now, see your doctor for correct & complete treatment

Afternoon Despatch & Courier




Head of Indian Mujahideen had around 200 cell phones and hundreds of SIM cards stashed away in Raxaul from where he was picked up By Vishnudas Sheshrao


readed terrorist and the alleged head of the Indian Mujahideen (IM), Yasin Bhatkal, used several cell phones and SIM cards to make his calls and stay undetected, say officials. At least 200 cell phones and hundreds of national and international SIM cards have been recovered from his hideout. Bhatkal, who is allegedly responsible for at least half a dozen

border hideout

terrorist attacks across the country, including the deadly Mumbai blasts of July 2011, the German Bakery blast in Pune, and other blasts in Bangalore, Hyderabad and Delhi, was arrested by the Bihar police last week from Raxaul town, which is located on the border of India and Nepal. “Bhatkal never used one single SIM card to make calls,“ said P.K. Madan, District in-Charge, Superintendent of Police, East Champaran. According to sources, the Pakistan-based Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) had been co-operating with all terrorist groups in India to carry out blasts within the country, but over the last decade, 30-yearold Bhatkal decided to make his own organisation autonomous and capable of orchestrating blasts across India without the assistance of the ISI.

Officials say that the National Investigative Agency (NIA) and the Bihar police were working on Bhatkal’s arrest for over two months. However, the investigating agency got credible information regarding his whereabouts only three days before the operation. In fact, before Bhatkal’s arrest, there was a communal riot in Raxaul that led to a difference of opinion on whether the operation should be carried out or not. Local officials believed that arresting Bhatkal would intensify the violence. However, the NIA Superintendent of Police, who also hails from Bihar and the District Superintendent from East Champaran, convinced them to carry out the operation. “It was a well co-ordinated operation with no internal issues among officials in the team,” said Mandal.


All Pics: Vishnudas Sheshrao

The terror mastermind remained unnoticed on the slippery roads of Raxaul town.

Yasin Bhatkal found it easy to blend with the crowds near this eatery. The embarrassment on the faces of people that live in Nahar Chouk, the area from where Bhatkal was arrested, is evident. When I asked a boy standing at one of the little eateries lining the street, if he knew where Bhatkal lived and where he was arrested from, his expression changed and he flatly stated that he knows no one by that name. As part of the investigations of the

serial bomb blasts, various states and the government had announced a reward of Rs.10 lakh to whoever would provide information leading to Bhatkal’s arrest. When I asked an official if the government had rewarded the informer, the official refused to comment.


Pic: Manoj Singh

Two women, one of them pregnant, rob housemaid of gold and cash after hypnotizing her By Zuber Ansari

regained her senses, found that her jewelry and cash, collectively worth ources from the Mumbai police over Rs.90,000 was missing. She are claiming that cases of fake started looking for the two women cops and of cheaters who hypnotize but they had disappeared. Talking to the ADC, Senior Police victims have decreased in the last six months. However, a fresh case Inspector Avinash Jadhav from has shocked everyone, including Malad police station said, “The victhe Bangur Nagar police, who re- tim was on her way home when the ceived a complaint from a 50 year- two ladies approached her and took old woman about being hypnotized away her money and her gold. Priand robbed by two women, one of marily, it is suspected that both the who was pregnant. They allegedly ladies are from the Bol Bacchan made off with her gold and cash val- gang which is active in many places ued at Rs.90,000, from near Hyper in Mumbai, and are between 25-30 City Mall at Goregaon (W) on Friday years in age.” Police Sub Inspector Swapnil afternoon. The victim, Kamal Ramchandra Salunkhe confirmed that the police Kad, who works as a housemaid at have registered a case under section homes in Goregaon and Malad was 420 and 34 of the IPC against two returning to her residence at Prem women, but have not found any evNagar, when two women ap- idence of the victim being robbed of proached her and started talking, cash worth Rs.12,000. A lady who telling her that she was too old to be accompanied the victim told the working. She does not recall what police that around 4 tolas of gold and Rs.12,000 in cash was stolen, happened after that. For almost 30 minutes, Kamal and the thieves looked like they stood near the mall, and when she came from good families.


OUR FRIEND, GANESHA… Tiny tots sculpted beautiful Ganeshas from eco-friendly shadu clay at the Friends’ Academy School in Mulund, on Friday.

City surgeon deals with a rare disease


Afternoon Despatch & Courier



The 35-year-old patient had multifocal recurrent hemangiomas affecting her vertebral column

By A Staff Reporter

was done in 2009. After this the patient was fine and rer. Nirad Vengsarkar, covered well. In 2010, she Orthopaedic Surgeon started getting severe pain and Specialist in Spine running down her leg due to Surgery at Lilavati, Bhatia, lumbar haemangiomas in anSaifee and Jaslok Hospitals other location leading to the recently dealt with a rare case compression. This required of a 35-year-old married lady her to undergo a surgery in having multifocal recurrent 2010. Then in 2011, the pahemangiomas affecting the tient started experiencing weakness in her lower legs vertebral column. Sarika Santosh Patil started and an increase in the dorsal experiencing back pain eight spine pain. Investigations reyears ago and was initially vealed that her previously optreated by a local doctor as erated area was giving her general back pain. A swelling trouble again so, a more agon her skull was also ignored gressive solution was proas it wasn’t troubling her. But posed to her but she declined when the pain in her mid- and opted for the smaller proback began increasing, she cedure. Then she had no got an X-ray which showed a complaints for two years. But suspicious area around D12 then again this year, she prearea of the spinal cord. Fur- sented with a sudden loss of ther investigations revealed power in both limbs and surmultiple lesions in several prisingly, it was recovered vertebrae and through a nee- with a steroid infusion. And dle biopsy haemangiomas finally, now this time another aggressive procedure involvwas diagnosed. Speaking on how the case ing posterior spinal decomwas handled, Dr. Vengsarkar pression and stabilisation was said, “Since the cord was get- carried out in the first stage ting compressed an open de- followed by an anterior kera- Dr. Nirad Vengsarkar with Sarika Santosh Patil (on the wheelchair) and her compression laminectomy tectomy hand fusion through mother, Vasundhara Patil.

Haemangiomas is benign angioma


PUBLIC NOTICE This Notice is hereby given to General public, all persons that M/s. Noble Industries having commercial gala No. 17, 18, 19 situated at Rahul Mittal Ind.Pre.Co-op. Soc. Ltd, Sanjay Building No.3, Marol Andheri (East) Mumbai- 400 059 Tel 28500934. Holding share certificate No-17 having 5 shares of Rs.50/- each from 81 to 85 for gala No. 17, The Said Gala 17 was purchased by M/s Ashish Trust whose address is 41 Mahant Road, Chamaria Niwas, Vile Parle East Mumbai 400057 from M/s Sanjay Corporation, However Later on around 1979 the gala was transferred to M/s Noble Industries, for which there is no agreement for sale of the said gala nor permission of the Trust / Charity Commissioner / Trustees for dissolving the said trust. Holding share Certificate No-18 having 5 shares of Rs.50/- each from 86 to 90 for gala no. 18, The Said Gala 18 was purchased by Mr V.d. Chamaria H.U.F. whose address is 41 Mahant Road, Chamaria Niwas, Vile Parle East Mumbai 400057 from M/s Sanjay Corporation, However Later on around 1979 the gala was transferred to M/s Noble Industries, for which there is no agreement for sale of the said gala nor permission of the Trust /Charity Commissioner /Trustees for dissolving the said trust or H.U.F. Holding share Certificate No-19 having 5 shares of Rs.50/- each from 91 to 95 for gala No. 19. The Said Gala 19 was purchased by Mr V.d. Chamaria whose address is 41 Mahant Road, Chamaria Niwas , Vile Parle East Mumbai 400057 from M/s Sanjay Corporation However the gala was purchased by M/s Noble Industries, for which there is no agreement of sale of the said gala. We further state that the said property was purchased by Mr Vishnu Kumar Dhurmal Chamaria who was the signatory on the first agreements for all the 3 galas namely Gala 17 between M/s Sanjay Corporation and M/s Ashish trust, Gala 18 between M/s Sanjay Corporation and Mr V.D. Chamaria H.U.F, Gala 19 between M/s Sanjay Corporation and M/s Noble Industries who has since expired on 12 /12/2008 having registered the deceased member in the records of Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai Dept of Births / Death having registration No: 741173520 date of registration 15/12/2008 and Date of Certificate issued on 22/1/2008 duly signed by the Issuing Authority Dr Santosh Shetye M.B.B.S Sub Registrar K West Ward. The legal heirs namely the wife Mrs Manju Vishnu Kumar Dhurmal Chamaria and sons namely Mr Ashish Vishnu Kumar Dhurmal Chamaria and Mr Abshiekh Vishnu Kumar Dhurmal Chamaria of late Mr Vishnu Kumar Dhurmal Chamaria wish to sell the above said 3 galas. If any person or persons, trust, trustees claiming any interest in abovementioned all 3 galas or any part of thereof by way of sale, exchange, lease, mortgage, gift, trust, inheritance, bequest, possession, lien, easement, development, power of attorney or otherwise through the share certificate Agreement for sale and Chain of Agreements in respect of abovementioned respective galas are hereby requested to send full particulars thereof in writing together with proof to the undersigned at following address during working hours within 21 days from the date hereof, as otherwise further procedure of sale abovementioned galas will be completed without any reference or regard to any such purported claim or interest, which shall be deemed to have been waived to an intent and purpose. Sd/Advocate Aparna Ranade C/o Bhgyoday Bldg., 1st Floor. Ramnagar, Below Khardikar Classes, Dombivli (East). Dist. Thane

Haemangiomas is described as a benign angioma, a tumour consisting of a mass of blood or lymphatic vessels. It is usually a self- involving tumour (swelling or growth) of the endothelial cells that line blood vessels and is characterised by increased number of normal or abnormal vessels filled with blood. It usually appears during the first weeks of life and generally resolves by the age of ten. In more severe cases haemangiomas may leave residual tissue damage. In infancy, it is the most common tumour. the chest”. The case is unusual because usually haemangiomas are asymptomatic. There is no local aggressive growth and it does not recur. Haemangiomas are not multiple but the patient had it in her

GRP nab phone snatcher By Kainaz Choksey


he Government Railway Police (GRP) on Thursday arrested 25-year-old Devraj Shankar Madir at Elphinstone Railway Station for snatching a commuter’s cellphone worth Rs. 30,000. On Wednesday at around 8:20 p.m, Bhupender Darasingh Kaur was talking to her friend on her iPhone at Elphinstone station when Madir snatched it and tried to flee by getting into a Virar bound train. Kaur’s cries reached co-passengers who then started creating a commotion in the train compartment. Alert GRP officers on duty at Lower Parel railway station heard the commotion when the train stopped, and managed to apprehend Madir and seize the phone.


e-TENDER NOTICE Bid No. 7100020844 The Commissioner of Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai invites online tender from the Manufacturer or their Authorized dealer/distributor for the work/supply detailed below. Sr. Description of work No.


E.M.D. Rs.

“Supply, installation, testing, 1,07,500/commissioning, operation & maintenance of submersible pump sets of various capacities at Adivasi Padas in Aarey Colony, Goregaon (E) under AEWW(M)WS/North division.”

skull, ribs, pelvic bone and hip bones. “This is a first of its kind case for me as I have never seen a multifocal (at several places) and such an aggressive form of haemangioma”, said Dr. Vengsarkar.

Start date & time for Downloading of bids from MCGM website

Due date & time for online bid Submission

07-09-2013 at 11.00 a.m.

26-09-2013 at 4.00 p.m.

The tender document can be downloaded from the MCGM’s website ( under the “Tenders” section. Sd/Dy. Hydraulic Engineer (Maintenance) i/c PRO/719/ADV/2013

Fever? Act now, see your doctor for correct & complete treatment

Rajendra Trivedi, Senior Police Inspector, Mumbai Central, GRP said, “We have arrested Madir on Wednesday and have booked him under Section 379 (Punishment for theft) of the Indian Penal Code. He was produced in court and has been remanded to police custody till September 7.” The police are also investigating if Madir has any previous criminal records.

TODAY Small Enterprises & Development: Chief Guest Madhav Lal to release a report on ‘India Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Report 2013’. At Centrum, Centre 1, World Trade Centre, 5.30 p.m. Indian Merchants’ Chamber: 107th Foundation Day celebrations, Chief Minister Prithviraj Chavan to be chief guest, Walchand Hirachand Hall, Churchgate, 6 p.m. NCPA: Awishkar Production Marathi Vishesh ‘Maunraag’ written by Mahesh Elkunchwar, directed by Chandrakant Kulkarni, Experimental Theatre, Nariman Point, 6.30 p.m. SUNDAY: Gallery Art & Soul: ‘Yatri – a soul in search of the divine’, a fine art photographic exhibition by Nakul Vengsarkar, 1 Madhuli, Shivsagar Estate, Worli, till Sept 10, 10 a.m. to 7.30 p.m. Artist Center: Soul stories a series of artwork in mixed media on canvas by Lili Menon, 1st floor, Ador House, Kalaghoda, till Sept 8, 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Bajaj Art Gallery: ‘Praise and Pose’ solo show of paintings by Vijay Belde, Bajaj Bhavan, Nariman Point, till Sept 7, 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Nehru Centre Art Gallery: Solo show of paintings by Ajit Bhanderi, Nehru Centre, Worli, till Sept 9, 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Nehru Centre Ac Art Gallery: Exhibition of paintings from Raina’s poetry by Ashok Khant, Nehru Centre, till Sept 10, 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. NCPA with the Stop-Gaps Cultural Academy: Very Verdi and Wonderfully Wagner, Western music concert Aude Priyal Engel singer, Tata Theatre, 6.30 p.m.

BJP alleges rigging in deletion of names from the voters’ list

Afternoon Despatch & Courier


By A Special Correspondent


he BJP yesterday alleged a massive rigging in the deletion of names from the voter list in assembly constituencies won by the BJP-Shiv Sena under pressure from the ruling Congress-NCP alliance. Speaking to newspersons, senior BJP leader Dr. Kirit Somaiya and MLC Adv. Ashish Shelar alleged that more names have been deleted from assembly constituencies held by the BJP-Sena, whereas negligible deletions have taken place from constituencies held by the Congress-NCP. Meanwhile the Election Commission of India (ECI) officials in the state have refuted the allegations. Shelar disclosed that in 67 booths in the Bandra West assembly constituency 8,716 voters’ names have been deleted in areas which had voted for the BJP-Sena in the last elections. Somaiya revealed that the names of several voters residing in the Mulund constituency have been deleted on the grounds of duplicate entries, termed as deceased or having migrated elsewhere. In one such case, the name of Archana Ramesh Bagave has been deleted on the grounds that her name figured in Mulund, Gorai and Vikhroli. He added that upon the verification of photo-electoral rolls, all the three Archana’s were different. Somaiya disclosed that the ECI has taken serious note of the abnormal deletions and has deputed two of its officers from New Delhi to probe the alleged irregularities. He added that while names are being deleted, the assembly constituencies of Mankhurd-Shivajinagar, Chandivali, Dindoshi and Anushakti Nagar have seen an increase in voter registration. He added that the EC staff has admitted that several names have been deleted without seeking an expla-

nation and the names of voters shifting residences have been added without seeking proper documentation. Meanwhile, ECI officials in the state, while speaking to the ADC on the condition of anonymity, have refuted the allegations of the BJP leaders. An EC official disclosed that the due process of the law has been followed while deleting the names. The names of voters are not deleted summarily. Moreover the voter list in Mumbai had become so bloated that it almost equaled the overall population of the city. The official added that the process of deletion and addition of names is still to continue and that the EC has six months more to rectify mistakes if any.



Azad Shrivastav | ADC

PAYING THEIR LAST RESPECTS… Grieving family members and relatives paying their last respects to family patriarch, the late Dr. L.H. Hiranandani, at the Chandanwadi electric crematorium, on Friday.

Cong-BJP lock horns over govt-aid to madrasas By Prashant Hamine

Speaking to newspersons here yesterday, state BJP spokesman, Madhav Bhandari stated that it has been the state government’s policy that granting aid to educational institutions on religious lines, is against the provisions of the constitution. He said that as per the rules, the government regulates the administration of educational institutions to which it grants aid for administration and other expenditures. Bhandari wanted to know whether the government will now also regulate the administration of madrasas. The state BJP spokesperson stated that about 3,000 aided Urdu medium schools in the state have for the past several years not been receiving adequate government grants. Moreover, the teachers’ vacancies in these Urdu schools have not been filled for several years now.


he ruling Congress and opposition BJP have locked horns over the state government’s decision to allocate aid for the modernization of madrasas in the state. The BJP, while opposing the government’s move, has contended that the government is discriminating and granting aid only to madrasas and not to aided Urdu medium schools. State Congress spokesperson Sachin Sawant on the other hand has claimed that during the BJP led NDA regime, the then HRD minister Dr. Murli Manohar Joshi had advocated giving aid for the purpose of modernization of madrasas without interfering in their administration. In the 2012 Gujarat elections the BJP in its poll manifesto had again spoken of the same issue, he added. Madhav Bhandari, state BJP spokesman. Sushil Kadam | ADC

CM asks banks to help economy By A Special Correspondent

by it. Considering this precarious economic situation, the banking hief Minister Prithviraj Chavan sector should encourage small and has appealed the banking sector medium industries and create job to lend a helping hand in strength- opportunities”, Chavan said during ening the economy of the state to the interaction. The Chief Minister also briefed counter the current economic the RBI Governor about various slowdown. The newly-appointed Governor measures taken by the state governof the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), ment to make Maharashtra Raghuram Rajan, yesterday had a drought-free. “The government will meeting with the CM. In an hour- focus on decentralisation of water long meeting, Chavan expressed the storage and will also ensure comhope that the banking sector will pletion of irrigation projects which extend all help in financial planning are in the final stages”, he further for various infrastructure projects. pointed out. Chavan discussed various other “The global economic downturn could affect the country’s economy issues during his first ever meeting and also the economy of the state. with the Raghuram Rajan. The CM Banking sector needs to take meas- also informed Rajan about the state ures to ensure that industries and government’s efforts to make Madevelopment works are not affected harashtra free of any scarcities.


INAUGURATED: Chief Minister Prithviraj Chavan inaugurated the Shivaji Nagar Police station (inset) on Friday, and later moved to Andheri, where he inaugurated the Sahar police stn in the presence of Home Minister R.R. Patil and Guardian Minister Naseem Khan.




Ponder awhile… “Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything.” — Plato

Opposition to Zubin I Mehta’s concert

Massive, bloody tit for tat

n our country, there has always been a strong, violent response when the assassination of a leader or an attack on a community takes place. When Mahatma Gandhi was assassinated by Godse, Brahmins in Maharashtra were targeted: their houses were and burnt and there were deadly atF world famous music maestro looted tacks on men, women and children. When InZubin Mehta comes to Jammu and dira Gandhi was killed, persons belonging to Kashmir and presents a concert, how the Congress party, led by leaders, massacred will the culture of the state be affected? some 5,000 Sikhs. This was retaliation for the There appears to be a Taliban element murder of Indira Gandhi by a Sikh. Congress leaders were in the front, inciting mobs to kill, in J&K which has a closed, rigid mind- loot and burn. One more instance: about 40 set and which appears to have a frog- Hindus who were returning from Ayodhya were burnt alive at Godhra. The hopeless in-the-well attitude. The Hurriyat leaders and the mufti men were in a train – Sabarmati Express – and half a dozen Muslims who plotted the burnare against Zubin’s music. The music ing act, poured petrol on the trains, locked all genius has been offered citizenship by doors and burnt alive the Hindus. The pain several countries, but he has chosen to and the horror of the poor people as they were burnt alive clearly showed that it was the remain as a proud citizen of India. The once-in-a-blue moon concert most heinous act committed in our country. And then there was retaliation – brutal, monby him in this country is eagerly strous. Over a thousand Muslims in Gujarat awaited by lakhs of music lovers. That were killed by angry Hindu mobs. The poor Brahmins in Maharashtra had Zubin has chosen Srinagar for his concert should be a matter of pride to all nothing to do with the killing of Mahatma Gandhi. But Godse, the killer was a Brahmin, Kashmiris. so they attacked Brahmins. This retaliation It is quite disturbing that the Gov- was nothing but a heinous crime. ernment of Jammu & Kashmir had to A Sikh killed Indira Gandhi who was then take massive measures for ensuring the Prime Minister of India. He killed her besafety on the occasion. Hundreds of cause she had ordered the Indian Army to go into the Golden Temple and kill the Khalistani police and other security men have Sikh Bindhranwala. Were all the Sikhs who been combing the area looking for ex- were killed in Delhi responsible for the killing plosives and various steps are being of Indira Gandhi? To think so would be totally taken outside and inside the hall to en- wrong. Among the killed were babies, among the raped and tortured were children. There sure safety. has been no conviction in this case. The govAnd Chief Minister Omar Abdullah ernment at the Centre has never been has been waiting eagerly for the con- blamed. It has not been said those in power cert. What the kill-joy Talibans do not turned a blind eye to the inhuman happenseem to understand is that the stand ing and let the massacre take place. But in the case of the murder of the Musthey have taken is not in the interest of lims in Gujarat, it is being said that it was the the state. Kashmir gets a large chunk of indifference of the government that led to the income from foreign tourists. At pres- death of hundreds of people. Narendra Modi, ent Kashmir attracts foreigners who who was the chief minister, is being held guilty of not taking enough steps to stop the regard it as top class tourist paradise. communal tragedy. It is quite strange that If a Taliban-like climate is there, they while the killing in Gujarat is recalled again will not go to Kashmir. They seek a safe and again, no reference is made about the climates and they will feel better and burning horror in Godhra. By doing so, they are turning away from recomfortable with local people who are


not hostile towards multi-cultural world perceptions.



A.R. KANANGI Associate Editor

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HE doorbell rang and I opened the door. “Carpenter!” said the middle aged man holding a measuring tape. “You want to change your door?” “Yes,” I said, “Three doors!” I watched as he pulled out the tape and held it against the first door, then placed the same tape at the bottom, then repeated the measurements to himself. “Why aren’t you writing it down?” I asked as he struggled to remember feet and inches or was it metres and centimeters! “I don’t have a pen!” he said brightly. “So how did you expect to take the measurements back to your shop?” I asked. “I use my head!” he said. “All three doors? Feet and inches, length and breadth?” He looked at me sheepishly. “When I bring the doors we will adjust sir!” I have seen such adjustments before. Workmen bringing doors which are too large or too small, masons carrying in tiles which

Afternoon Despatch & Courier


ality – a happening that takes place in our country. What happened in Gujarat after the burning of Hindus alive and what happened in Delhi after Indira Gandhi was shot is most condemnable. But we have no go but to accept the happening as unavoidable. It is nothing but a massive bloody tit for tat. The Delhi and the Godhra incidents have helped the Congress and the BJP to spar and point accusing fingers at one another. The Congress in Delhi has managed to distance itself from the Sikh riots, but in Gujarat, Narendra Modi is still trying hard to extricate

ROUND-UP A.R. Kanangi himself from the bloody mess. Somehow he has been singled out for blame. He is not given a visa to visit the United States. The U.K. has changed its mind only recently and invited him to visit the country. Evidently they are blaming him for the 2002 riots in Gujarat. What is necessary is to anticipate the response and take quick steps to deal with it. For instance, when Godhra happened, only those who committed the crime should have been dealt with and punished. The slightest provocation is enough for people to create trouble. A pair of chappals on the neck of a statue of Ambedkar resulted in a minor riot. There are enough people across the country who are constantly looking for an opportunity to trigger a violent response to provocative action.

Tricks of the trade in yoga business It is written: “Those who believe no explanation is necessary. Those who do not, no explanation is possible.” Faith is what makes most people survive in our world.

Carpenter Without A Pen...! don’t fit bathroom, furniture bought in store looking totally out of place in some one’s drawing room. All because details have not been noted down. A couple going to buy new furniture for their drawing room hadn’t measured their

BOB’S BANTER Robert Clements drawing room to see how big or small it was. “Oh no,” whispers the wife when the furniture arrives, “the dining table has taken all the place, where will we put the sofas?” Or they find to fit their double bed in they’d have to break their wall and intrude into their neighbour’s flat! All this, because

Without some crutch, it is difficult for people to survive. Life is full of problems; all are trying to find answers. What is life all about? Enter religions and also Godmen, babas, yogis, swamis, sanyasis…. They claim to have the power to provide the answer, offer guidance and find a meaning. In our country perhaps there are more such men than in any other country. They claim to know the meaning of life, about ‘spiritualism’, about the path to salvation…. Aasaram is a baba who is now in jail. Aasaram has thousands of followers. Evidently they have total faith in him. He gives them solace, solves everyday problems, provides guidance. How did they come to have faith in him? I will narrate what another yogi has to say about it all – how to make people believe. The yogi is no more. He was about 80 when he died. He was married to three women. He did go to the Himalayas, sit at the feet of a guru and learn the ‘tricks of the trade’. When he came down, he could do many yogic feats: He could drink nitric acid, walk on red-hot embers, move the intestines in his stomach, drink a huge quantity of water and bring it out through his nose…. But he said that these are all ‘tricks’. It does not require any super power to do this. At a press conference in Mumbai, he demonstrated his tricks. The yogi and I became friends. He told me how he was starving before he decided to be a yogi. He was pushing a cinema poster cart to earn a living. Those days he missed many a meal. Then he tried his hand at horse racing. Finally, he managed to collect enough money to go to Paris and from there to the United States. There he met the daughter of a tobacco tycoon who gave him a place to stay. He gave her a new name: Gita. He told her: Eat less, drink less – all will be well. She used to clean his flat. Finally when she decided to come back home, she gave him a car. He could not produce the necessary documents nor did he have any money to pay customs duty, and the car was impounded. But he told me: “I did not deceive anyone. I knew more than that rascal – Satya Sai Baba – who was afraid I would expose him. But I know what all these babas are doing. They start ashrams and foundations and earn crores.” Asaram would have been perhaps described by yogi L.S. Rao the same way he described Satya Sai Baba….

we do not like to involve the detail! This happened last week again: In my bathroom there were some wires sticking out, and my electrician told me it was dangerous. “But I don’t have the same tile to cover those wires!” I said. “No problem sir, I will put a small plastic board on it!” He came, armed with electric drill, plastic board and four small screws. And now for the last one week I have been staring angrily at a lopsided plastic board that grins back at me every time I use the cloak. “Hi!” it says, “How do you like my crookedness?” Yes that’s what we should call ourselves when we don’t manage the detail, “Crooked people!” Not because we are crooks, oh no, but that we are slightly tilted in our focus. Straighten up! Start looking into details; you can save yourself a lot of ‘adjustments’..!

Afternoon Despatch & Courier


Nation pins hopes on Raghuram Rajan AT a time when our country’s economy is in coma and ICU, Raghuram Rajan’s appointed as the 23rd governor of the Reserve Bank of India is the best thing to have happened in these times of inflation, recession and hardships. Highly educated and a man of principles, Raghuram Rajan is a man with a no nonsense approach apart from being extremely hardworking and a person who believes in total transparency. Rajan loves to play with a straight bat, mind well balanced with the body which helps one to take guard against all eventualities apart from taking a positive stance which builds not just confidence but gives courage and hope to come out a winner from a dismal and hopeless situation. He is the ‘Tendulkar’ of the economic and financial world and a man whom the billion and half population of our country would rely on to turn tables from disaster to prosperity. Here is wishing Rajan all the very best in his endeavour. — S.N. Kabra, Goregaon


I WELCOME the reforms an-

nounced by Raghuram Rajan, the new governor of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) in the current fickle currency market and radiated the electrifying confidence that everyone looking for considerable changes in tackling the issues related to banks, financial stability inclusion of growth. He surprised everyone on the first day of his in the office with refreshingly simple but far-reaching proposals like freeing bank and capital market from unnecessary control using UID to usher in a revolution in retail credit, helping ordinary household access safe investment instrument and freeing them from costly intermediates, while being part of the financial midstream he announced sops for exporters and importers. He promised to craft an accelerated role for Central Bank inclusive growth and financial developments. It is hoped that with his expertise in the various fields he will able to overcome the hurdles to make the Indian economy stable and growth oriented. — Bhagwan Thadani, Mumbai


THE taking over of the new incumbent, Shri Raghuram Rajan as the RBI Governor is being per-

Boon for juvenile criminals

rade. In most of these cases the survivor finds it difficult to identify the AS reported, it is indeed very shock- accused after the horrible experiing and disturbing to know that the ence. Therefore, the law should be juvenile court has given only three such that it upholds the dignity of years’ sentence to the juvenile cul- women while giving rapists the prit in Nirbhaya case. In this fast maximum punishment. These cases modern world the juvenile age limit should be tried by women judges should have been reduced and the only, as males may favour the acpunishment should be given as per cused. The men who commit such the magnitude and nature of crime. acts are frustrated human beings Age limit of 18 years was fixed long who should be hanged to death. time back when science had not ad— Jubel D’Cruz, Dombivili vanced so much as now and source of information was not developed so much. In the modern world, juveniles understand much faster and IT is alleged that the office expenses all juvenile culprits or would-be cul- (OE) during the financial year 2011prits will carry birth certificates in 12 has been found to be estimated their pocket and ask for considera- a whopping Rs.5,200 crore by the tion as if it is their birthright for le- central government officials incluniency in punishment. sive of the ministers and OF — S.P. Sharma, Mumbai bureaucrats, which is in- LETTER THE DAY deed alarming and certainly criminal in view of the import    element (for fuel) which the govt. is THE existing laws on rape are very already hard pressed with the unweak, which is why we have not abated fall of Rupee against the US been able to curb the numerous re- $, the UK Sterling Pound and the Euro. The Centre is advising the peated sexual assaults on women. Perhaps the most uncomfortable aam aadmi to conserve fuel and procedure in the investigation of that is why, they are planning to such cases is the identification pa- shut down the pumps earlier at night. In fact, while the whole world is conserving oil so carefully in view of its continued dwindling availability, out here our city fathers/ rulers are wasting it recklessly and shamelessly at the cost of the hapless tax payers.

Criminal waste of fuel

— Bikram Banerjea, Mumbai

Why these bizarre ads? AMEND THE LAW: The age limit to define juveniles should be reduced in today’s modern, informative and developing world.



THE various ads on watches viz: Bezel, Rotary, Philip Watch, Sector, Roberto Cavalli, Iris, Morellato, Miss Sixty and so on sets me thinking as to whether the watches (a dozen of them) decorate the hands wrist upwards (some time both hands!) of Neil Nitin Mukesh and Shah Rukh Khan and their likes and the

gons. Shri.Raghuram Rajan is, therefore, required to engage himself to understand the sufferings of the people and work out policies in a transparent manner to offset the burden that has arisen out of the steep depreciation of the Rupee. Anyway, to start with, let us hope that he would do justice to stem the rot so that people could heave a sigh of relief. — T.M. Uday Shankar, Mumbai

HIGH EXPECTATIONS: Raghuram Rajan, with his expertise in the finance sector, can hopefully bring the country out of the economic rut. ceived with mixed feelings in that he is one more in the high-profile ‘House of Economics’ from the IMF to steady the economy that seems to have gone astray and the inability of the alumnus of the Oxbridge to make the right noises and take initiatives to contain the numerous lists of ‘deficits’ including that of ‘leadership’ does not induce ‘optimism’, as of now. People, at large, are naturally not prepared and, in fact, cannot afford to be ‘optimistic’ given the set of existing realities and look forward to his ‘imaginative’ handling and not merely high-sounding jarlatest being the watch ad decorating the hands of a siren wearing Ice Watches on both wrists appearing on the back page of ADC dated Aug 30. I wonder whether the ‘beauty’ of the starlet is increased by wearing these watches or the value of the watches is increased? It yields revenue for the paper all right but it’s simply a bizarre mockery! — P. Chakravorty, Fort

Secular approach THE latest decision of the Maharashtra govt. to grant subsidy to the 200 Madarsas in the State is in keeping with the secular approach of the progressive Cong-NCP alliance. This way they have reached the half-way mark on their journey to achieve the title of a truly secular administration. For completing the remaining 50 per cent of their travel, they should take a leaf out of the revolutionary measure adopted by their W. Bengal counterpart. In order to be on a perfectly safe side, they should start paying salaries to the Imams and Muazzins of all mosques in the State. They can even think of taking the Ordinance route through the gubernatorial office. — Vineet Phadtare, Borivali

Pension bill gets LS nod AFTER a long wait of nearly 8 years Pension Bill gets Lok Sabha nod with BJP support. It is a right step in the right direction as number of old people will get the benefit. The Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority Bill, creating modern pension system with a statutory regulator to serve 460 million workers. The law took unduly long time to make it through Lok Sabha and after the BJP, the main opposition in the Parliament came in to support it. The law will allow setting up of companies that can


NOTHING succeeds like success in life. As the Indian economy is facing the worst crisis we tried all permutations and combinations. Dr. Manmohan Singh an economist himself took reins of RBI as Governor and brought lots of developments. Then he became Finance Minister and did extremely well. But after becoming Prime Minister, the Finance Ministry changed hands and Pranab Mukherjee could not do much and he was promoted to the post of President. Then P. Chidambaram assumed office as Finance Minister and the position has become bad to worse since 2008. He could not manage things properly and the country is now facing free fall of Indian Rupee and the Indian Economy is offer pension and have 26 per cent foreign direct investment. The cap will, however, follow the limit in the insurance sector and would be in-

downgraded by the credit agencies. Now it is time for the new RBI Governor to take charge and with his rich experience and formidable energy and glamour we can expect our economy to change drastically. I wish him good luck through the pages of your news paper. — C.K. Subramaniam, Sanpada


IT is not a smooth ride for the new RBI Governor as the Indian Economy has received a setback. It is clearly evident that the Governorship of the Central Bank is not meant to win votes or Facebook “likes” but to look at the crux problem from the grassroot level. It is always a good beginning for the newcomer but the spirit and enthusiasm should not die down after some time by seeing the stationary position of Indian Economy. The currency has plunged nearly 20 per cent since May as Asia’s third largest economy confronts its worst crisis since 19901991. Rajan has few policy options to revive the rupee but one thing he can do immediately is explain to financial markets more clearly what steps the central bank is taking and the thinking behind them. It is indeed a thousand dollar question and only a ‘wait and watch’ approach will be the solution to the problem. — S. Abhisheck Ramaswamy, Nerul

creased to 49 percent when the Insurance Laws ( Amendment) Bill is passed by Parliament. — Anandambal Subbu, Kharghar

Vanzara is Cong’s anti-Modi weapon IT seems that not a single close relative of the Police DGP Vanzara was there among 59 innocent and weaponless karsevaks, who were burnt alive and killed mercilessly by the terrorists on February 27, 2002 in the Sabarmati Express fire. Otherwise, Vanzara would not have written such a thoughtless letter. In addition, people also strongly believe that Congress, caught in various multi-crore rupees’ anti-national scams since 2004, mainly the Coalgate scam, has encouraged Vanzara with an offer of some secret ‘help’ to go against Modi, so that people’s mind is diverted as well as Congress can’t have any fear of Modi to be the next Indian Prime Minister against Rahul Gandhi. Isn’t it shocking also to observe that Kalmadi, Kanimozhi and A. Raja, the accused corrupt are scot free with the help of bail? This is the anti-BJP and antiModi conspiracy of the ‘Dirty Tricks Department’ of powerhungry Congress. In any case, if Congress comes back to power, all its scams will turn into a huge heap of ash. — Hansraj Bhat, Borivali


THE Gujarat chief minister’s renunciation of the probable Prime Minister’s throne on his sudden realisation that the people of his state has given him a mandate upto 2017 does seem to be a case of ‘grapes are sour’ because there

CONSPIRACY: D.G. Vanzara has been backed by the Congress to vilify Narendra Modi so that his prime ministerial aspirations will take a hit. has been a perceptible dip in the media hype over him in recent months and the Lotus party is still fighting shy of declaring him its PM candidate. Added to this are the startling revelations of Vanzara at the most inopportune time for him. It is interesting to note that he has stated that “dreaming to be the PM will be destructive” and that he is not doing so. All this comes as an anticlimax to his fierce campaigning for himself so far and quite a few in his own party will be mightily pleased about his rightabout-turn though the Sangh which has been betting on him heavily will be disappointed. But still one never knows whether this is just a ploy to force a decision in his favour. — Dr. V. Subramanyan, Thane

HC asks respondents of Somaiya’s PIL to submit reports


Afternoon Despatch & Courier



The petition filed by Investor Grievances Forum (IGF) has made the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Ministry of Finance, MMTC, PEC, National Spot Exchange (NSEL), NSEL director Jignesh Shah, Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI), Forward Markets Commission (FMC), Economic Offence Wing (EOW) of Mumbai Police as respondents to the petition

By Philip Varghese

tional Spot Exchange (NSEL), NSEL director Jignesh Shah, ix days after former MP Securities and Exchange Kirit Somaiya filed a Board of India (SEBI), ForPublic Interest Litigation ward Markets Commission (PIL) in the Bombay High (FMC), Economic Offence Court, demanding that the Wing (EOW) of Mumbai PoNational Spot Exchange lice as respondents to the pe(NSEL), along with its pro- tition. In a 246-pages petition, Somoters and top officials, be made to pay Rs.8,000 crore to maiya has stated that the farmers and small investors, Government and the Regulathe Bombay High Court in its tors have gone in cover up first hearing on Friday asked mode. “Even after one month respondents to submit their no steps are taken to pay the reports before the next hear- dues to the 17,000 innocent ing which is scheduled for farmers and small investors. No criminal proceedings October 10. The petition filed by In- have been initiated against vestor Grievances Forum the promoters of NSEL and (IGF) has made the Ministry who have run away with of Consumer Affairs, Ministry Rs.8000 crores. This shall of Finance, MMTC, PEC, Na- have a cascading impact on


Kirit Somaiya

Jignesh Shah

the other exchanges run by the same promoters - MCX, MCXSX. This scam may have larger ramifications than the

Harshad Mehta and Ketan Parekh scams”. While hearing the petition on Friday, the counsel repre-

senting the defendants in this case sought time to file reports on behalf of defendants, which the court granted. Somaiya further added, “NSEL declared a total pay-in obligation from its 24 members of Rs.5,600 crore. A lot of the money involved in this imbroglio belongs to nonresident Indians (NRIs). In fact, members who invested money of their NRI clients partly deposited in the exchange account. At the same time, they also ran their own ponzy schemes involving lots of small clients to invest. A large portion of the money is black-unaccounted”. Investors Grievances Forum also complained to

Azad Shrivastav | ADC

FDA & YOU: Food & Drug Authority (FDA) Commissioner Mahesh Zagade talks to mediapersons on ‘the role of FDA in the common man’s life’, at the Mumbai Marathi Patrakar Sangh, on Friday.

Malad man dies of dengue; toll at 5 By A Staff Reporter


evendra Singh (41) a resident of Rathodi village in Malad succumbed to dengue on Friday, taking the dengue death toll to five this year. “He had been suffering from symptoms of dengue since Sunday and apparently he had gone to Kandivli’s Shatabdi hospital and took treatment for a day on an Out Patient Department (OPD) basis. Then, he was admitted to a private hospital, Aditi hospital in Malad, on Monday and was taking treatment there. On Thursday, his condition started worsening and

he was shifted to Riddhi Vinayak Hospital. He was on ventilator there. And on Friday morning he succumbed,” BMC’s epidemiologist Dr Mangala Gomare said. Following this death, the BMC conducted a rapid fever survey in the area that covered 1,200 households and found 10 to 12 cases of fever in Rathodi village in Malad. “One of them is a suspected case of dengue and is taking treatment at a private hospital. The others having fever are also on medication,” said Dr. Gomare. The BMC also found around 10 breeding spots in the area.

the Enforcement Directorate (ED) about the NSEL payment default. But there was no action from the ED. “The ED told us that we won’t act on complaints by private agencies. No government agencies have complained so far. Hence, there will be no action in the absence of complaints by the government agency”, Somaiya said. While the SEBI, according to the Forum, termed the NSEL issue outside its jurisdiction and thus, the fiasco encourages the equity market regulator to take corrective measures not to spill over to stock markets, the FMC awaited additional power to regulate spot exchanges. Azad Shrivastav | ADC

BE SAFE & SECURE… Students of Nirmala Niketan Home Science, Churchgate, staged a street play about awareness of handling gas safely at ‘Khau Gully,’ on Friday.

‘Dahi Handi’ is a sport! By A Staff Reporter


day after a 24-year-old Govinda succumbed to his injuries after falling off a human pyramid on August 29, and another govinda continues to battle for life at the KEM Hospital, an advocate has moved the Bombay High Court with a petition seeking to recognize ‘Dahi Handi’ as a sport and to streamline the process of selection of Govindas in the team. According to the petition filed by advocate Syed Ejaz Abbas Naqvi, “There are many sports in this country which have not been properly taken care of by the Ministry of Sports and Welfare. Among them is the dahi handi sport, which is also called as Govinda sport. The name Govinda Sport (Build-

ing Human Pyramid and Breaking The Hung Earthen Pot) originated from the 'Dahi Handi' (Dahi-Curd, Handi-Earthen Pot) festival popular in Mumbai, Thane And Navi Mumbai, Kolhapur And Pune in Maharashtra. The ‘Dahi Handi’ event, over the years, has become very famous with the involvement of political parties, proliferation of 24-hour news channels and online media and increasing sponsorships from various corporates, resulting in high-hung earthen pots and higher prize money which attracts lakhs of people as audience. Nowadays, the prize money for breaking this high hung earthen pot can range between Rs.1 lakh to Rs. 25 crore.” The petition further added, “A team of Govindas

called Jai Jawan Govinda Pathak Jogeshwari in Mumbai made a Guinness World Record by forming a Human Pyramid of 9-tiers at a Dahi Handi event organized in Thane city. The Maharashtra Government, last year informed that it was planning to confer status of ‘sport activity’ on the traditional ‘Dahi Handi’. Last year, the state Sports and Youth Welfare Minister Padmakar Valvi told the Legislative Asssembly that the government had received such a proposal. However, newspapers have recently reported that this year, there were as many as 625 injuries and 1 fatality during this festival.” The petition also said, “The Permission to hold Dahi Handi congregation is allowed by the police station as per provisions of the

Bombay Police Act. The said Govinda Festival or sport is henceforth allowed by the police. Since there are a lot of traffic issues, the injured person cannot reach hospital on time. The group and their trainer should take insurance policy. The organisations organising this activity is, or the participants group is, responsible for injury. The responsibility of security and safety rests with the organisers. The government cannot just turn a blind eye, and some regulations and protective safeguards must be in place for Dahi Handi. When the congregation and functions permission is as per Bombay Police Act, can a person be allowed to climb on the top of the dangerous height and can the height of ‘Dahi handi’ be regulated by law?”

Afternoon Despatch & Courier




High noon GINGER

beer fizz, Sula sangria and other drinks along with delectable food did the rounds at The Irish House at Phoenix Marketcity at the fun-filled afternoon soiree cohosted by Parvathy Omanakuttan and Eijaz Khan. Guests were later seen indulging in gaming and shopping around the gigantic mall. Enjoying the experience were the likes of Shakir Shaikh, Chetan Bhagat, Zulfi Sayed, Imam Siddique, Rajeev Paul, Sonia Birje and Bunty Grewal.



Arty fifty

arty folk went back in time as Chemould Prescott Road celebrated its 50th anniversary with an THE exhibition, curated by Geeta Kapur, homage to Bhupen

Khakhar and dedicated to the gallery’s founder Kekoo Gandhy. Seen at the preview hosted by Shireen Gandhy were assorted artists, art collectors and art lovers who enjoyed the wine and beer and tasty hors d’oeuvres catered by Alwyn Fernandes as they rambled across the gallery and viewed the varied artworks.


Marcellus Baptista

Textile time heritage of Odisha THE textiles came alive at

the Vriksh showcase of Gunjan Jain’s exhibition titled ‘Odisha: Beyond Ikat’ at Artisans’. Inaugurated by Nandita Das, on view was a wide variety of saris, stoles and dupattas, some with a contemporary redesign, some rediscovered and revived. What you saw was the finest tussar, hand-woven by coastal Odisha weavers, interesting ikats, blends of tussar with organic khadi cotton and natural-dye dabu blocks prints.


Rock again


lovers rejoiced at the opening of the city’s second Hard Rock Café, MUSIC this one located in Andheri.


The launch party co-hosted by Jay Singh, Sanjay Mahtani and Subhash Ghai saw the presence of Rishi Kapoor, Ronit Roy, Rohan Sippy, Gul Panag, Bhushan Kumar, Hard Kaur, Luke Kenny and Brinda Parikh. Live performances by Parvaaz, Sheldon and The Silent Riot and One Night Stand added to the action. And guests were treated to the traditional guitar MEGHNA GHAI PURI smash.

Bride & groom was a celebration of 25 years of Save The IT Children India at the

Araaish Trousseau one-stop dream destination for every bride and groom-to-be at the Four Seasons. Hosts Mana Shetty, Isha Mehra and Sharmilla Khanna welcomed guests like Kajol, Sridevi, Queenie Singh, Sunil Shetty, Smita and Sharmila Thackeray, Shaheen Abbas, Madhoo Shah, Pinky Reddy, Malini Agarwalla, Tanaz Doshi, Nandini Sen and Rukhsana Eisa. And Moet & Chandon put you in a bubbly mood. SRIDEVI





 In Madrid, the boy Juan is terrified by the monster Hollow face and his mother is unable to protect him so summons Father Antonio to exorcise the monster from their lives. In London, the construction worker John Farrow is very close to his teenage daughter Mia. One day, Mia is spending the day at her grandparents’ house in the countryside with her mother Susanna and she finds a box with the story of Hollowface hidden in a tree. Soon Mia sees the monster Hollowface in the closet of her bedroom and John defends her. When they are attacked for the second time, the security camera that John has installed does not show any intruder. Are Mia and John delusional? Starring Clive Owen, Carice van Houten, Izán Corchero. Star Movies, 9 p.m .


Afternoon Despatch & Courier


P.M. 2.00 3.00 4.00 5.00 6.00

7.30 8.00


10.00 11.00


P.M. 2.00 7.00 8.00 10.00

 This week, Watch who makes it to the TOP 4 and who gets eliminated. Further we will see Anil Kapooron the show promoting 24. All contestants will be seen paying a small tribute to the actor by performing a relay act on some of his all-time classics. Also watch Anil Kapoor and Madhuri Dixit set the stage on fire with a romantic close dance on Tumse Milke from Parinda. Color s, 9 p.m.

P.M. 2.00 3.00 8.00 9.00 10.00 11.00

 In tonight’s episode Sushma Mishra from Chhattisgarh makes her way on to the hot seat. Sushma is a big fan of Bollywood hunk John Abraham and expressed her desire to meet him some day. AB didn’t waste any time and made a quick call to John. John made a surprise entry on the sets of KBC. Sushma who had no clue about what was happening couldn’t believe her dream would actually come true on KBC on the same day itself. John Abraham gave her a hug and even gifted her a miniature autographed bike!! Sony T V, 8.30 p.m .

P.M. 2.00 4.00 6.00 8.00



 WILDEST ARCTIC explores the four extraordinary areas of the arctic giving a unique insight into what life is like for animals trying to survive in these incredible habitats. Anim al Pl anet, 7 p.m.


 Quinn and Santana visit Rachel in New York. The glee club puts together a sexy calendar to raise funds, and Finn has a major confrontation with Sue. Meanwhile, Marley and Jake try to tell each other what they really feel. Star World, 9 p.m.


 Follow tattoo anthropologist Lars Krutak as he investigates ancient body modification rituals from around the world. Witness the visually stunning artwork and uncover the rich heritage and unique customs behind this ancient art form, including discovering distinct tattooing styles, practices, designs and scarification processes. Di scover y 10 p.m.


 Don’t miss the date on FOOD DETECTIVES where science and food meets to get answers to all the burning food conundrums, from whether eating garlic makes one smell like one to whether double dipping is really unsanitary. Watch all the biggest food myths being busted on FOOD DETECTIVES. Discover y Science, 8 p.m.


Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa, Colors, 9 p.m.


 You have seen them make their way from the auditions to the DID stage. Watch the journey of the five finalists - Phulwa, Mithu, Shraddha, Cecille and Zoya - from the auditions to their homecomings in their respective cities and their preparations for the Grand Finale. Zee T V, 9 p.m .


 A drunkard gets accused of murdering a foreigner wild life photographer who had gone missing. However this guy Chandu says that he has seen aliens and they have killed him. Kd coincidentally happened to be in d same village. He takes up the case. All d evidences go against chandu. He had also stolen a camera flash which the cops got from his house. However kd knows that there isnt any alien and its someone human. The hotel owner where kd is living goes missing but comes back as a saint saying that the aliens have askd him to send their message that they are here not to harm them. Sony T V, 7.30 p.m .


 Kidnappings and brutal killings of young girls has shook the city and the perpetrator of these gruesome crimes is an ordinary auto rickshaw driver. Will Arjun be able to trace the one auto driver amidst thousands in the city before more victims fall prey to heinous crimes? Star Plus, 8 p.m .


 In the year 1752, Joshua and Naomi Collins, with young son Barnabas, set sail from Liverpool, England to start a new life in America. But even an ocean was not enough to escape the mysterious curse that has plagued their family. Two decades pass and Barnabas has the world at his feet-or at least the town of Collinsport, Maine. The master of Collinwood Manor, Barnabas is rich, powerful and an inveterate playboy...until he makes the grave mistake of breaking the heart of Angelique Bouchard. A witch, in every sense of the word, Angelique dooms him to a fate worse than death: turning him into a vampire, and then burying him alive. Two centuries later, Barnabas is inadvertently freed from his tomb and emerges into the very changed world of 1972. He returns to Collinwood Manor to find that his once-grand estate has fallen into ruin. HBO, 8.10 p.m.


 Sher Singh is a worker in auto company and he is writing a strip for a low bug jet movie and he want to change his name Sher Singh to Shekhar. He have a girl friend Nisha she cannot see him with another girl. One day he went his village and find out his handicap sister getting married but only one condition he have to married groom’s sister Sweety in love of sister he say yes. When he comes to City he sees Nisha putting the gun on his head and saying married me because she was getting married to Vicky. And he say yes but doesn’t tell her. But he tell Nisha father about all the village thing. Fil my, 9 p.m .


 FBI agent Jake Malloy just can’t nail a serial killer who’s been targeting cops. The killer has already killed nine cops. Not only does the killer despise policemen, but he also has a grudge against Malloy for pursuing him during a string of prostitute murders four years ago. The killer finally decides to hit Malloy where it hurts, killing one of Malloy’s friends on the force, and brutally killing Malloy’s fiancé Mary. The grief sends Malloy off the deep end and causes him to become alcoholic, forcing Malloy’s colleague, Detective Hendricks, to sign Malloy up at a remote detox clinic in a snow-covered part of Wyoming. The clinic specializes in rehabilitating alcoholic cops. But the killer murders another

patient and assumes the patient’s identity at the clinic. While Malloy participates in group therapy sessions, the killer starts killing the patients. Zee Studi o, 10.30 p.m.


 Bob Lee Swagger, one of the world’s great marksmen and the son of a Congressional Medal of Honoree, is a loner living in the Rockies. He’s left the military, having been hung out to dry in a secret Ethiopian mission a few years before, when he’s recruited by a lisping colonel to help find a way that the President of the US might be assassinated in one of three cities in the next two weeks. He does his work, but the shot is fired notwithstanding and Bob Lee is quickly the fall guy: wounded and hunted by thousands, he goes to ground and searches for the truth. Pi x, 9 p.m.


 Thakur BhanuPratap Singh , a helpful person is loved by all. His younger son, Heera falls in love with Gowri, an IAS aspirant who rejects him, as he is illiterate. He decides to earn a living and come up the hard way. He establishes a bus service, which becomes a great success and starts a charity hospital as per his brother’s wish. His enemies mix poison in the sweet given to Thakur to ruin the family and blame Heera for it. Max, 9 p.m.

Saraswati Chandra Iss Pyar Ko Kya… Saath Nibhana… Ek Nanad Ki Khushiyan Chaabi Junior Masterchef Swaad Ke Ustaad Star Verdict Har Yug Mein Aayega Ek Arjun Junior Masterchef – Swaad Ke Ustaad Ek Veer Ki Ardaas-Veera Star Verdict


Revenge Grey’s Anatomy Glee National Treasure: Book of Secrets


Political Animals Pretty Little Liars Scrubs Better with You Political Animals Body of Proof


90210 Under The Dome Game Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution 9.00 X Factor 10.00 Game 11.00 Excused


P.M. 12.32 Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark 2.27 Lockout 4.30 Terminator Salvation 6.47 Ghost Rider 9.00 Intruders 11.01 The Mummy


P.M. 1.00 The Flinstones In Viva Rock Vegas 2.55 The Stepfather 5.05 Notting Hill 8.00 Back to The Future Part II 10.30 D-Tox


P.M. 1.10 Madagascar 3: Europ;e’s Most Wanted 2.45 Harry Potter and The A.M. 8.01 9.55 P.M. 12.25 2.25 4.38 6.45 9.00 11.45

Dark Shadows, HBO, 8.10 p.m.



Hot Shots! Van Helsing

The Mummy Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines Rise of Planet of the Apes The Incredible Hulk Independence Day Green Zone


A.M. 8.00 The Twilight Saga: Eclipse 10.05 New Year’s Eve P.M. 12.05 Beyonce: Life Is But A Dream 1.35 Dark Shadows

P.M. 1.30 7.30 8.30 10.00 11.00 P.M. 2.30 5.00 7.00 9.00 10.30



Film Adaalat Kaun Bangega Crorepati CID Crime Patrol: Dastak


Film DID Super Moms Club Repeat DID Super Moms Fear Files… Dar Ki Sacchi Tasveerein 11.30 Kahani Ab Tak

3.00 Haunted Nights 5.30 Jo Bole So Nihaal: Film. Sunny Deol 8.30 Aur Pyar Ho Gaya: Bobby

P.M. 2.30 3.00 3.30 4.00 4.30 5.00


Jeanie Aur Juju Taarak Mehta Ka… Chidiya Ghar Lapataganj-Ek Baar Phir FIR Chintu Bun Gaya Gentleman

P.M. 12.00 3.00 3.30 4.00 5.00 6.00 6.30 7.00 7.30 8.00 8.15 8.30 9.00 9.30

Saturday Special Who Hue Na Hamare Yeh Dil Ke Rishtey Meri Baat Special Agriculture programme Documentary Pet Care Rajdhani Samachar News in Marathi News Samachar Yeh Zindagi Hai Gulshan Serial DIL TO PAGAL HAI: Film.

P.M. 2.00 3.00 6.00 7.00 8.00 9.00 10.00 11.00


Indian Ocean with S Reeve Survivorman Ten Days Wildlife Man Vs Wild Dual Survival Man, Woman, Wild Tattoo Hunter Desire & Pleasure Decoded


P.M. 2.00 Monsters Inside Me


P.M. 2.00 Shapath 7.00 Kahani Mahadev Ki 8.00 Savadhaan India 9.00 Shapath 10.00Savadhaan India P.M. 12.30 3.30 7.00 7.30 8.00 8.30 9.00 10.00


Policegiri Comedy Nights with Kapil Mrs Pammi Pyarelal Sasural Simar Ka Balika Vadhu Madhubala Jhalak Dikhlajaa Comedy Nights with Kapil


P.M. 12.00 Abhimaan: Film. Amitabh B, Jaya B

Kaun Bangega Crorepati, Sony TV, 8.30 p.m. DID Super Moms, Zee TV, 9 p.m. 5.30 Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah 8.00 Baal Veer 8.30 Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah 9.00 Chidiya Ghar 9.30 Lapataganj-Ek Baar Phir 10.00 Waah Waah Kya Baat Hai 11.00 Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah


P.M. 2.00 Tu Tithe Mee


P.M. 2.00 River Monsters 3.00 Animal Planet’s A to Z 4.00 Wildest Latin America 5.00 Biggest and Baddest 6.00 Yeh Mera India 7.00 Wildest 8.00 River Monsters 9.00 Yeh Mera India 10.00 Animal Planet A To Z 11.00 Wild Recon


4.55 6.25 8.10 10.00 11.30

Deathly Hallows Year One The Attacks of 26/11 Dark Shadows Beyonce: Life Is But A Dream Horrible Bosses

P.M. 12.20 2.50 4.45 6.50 9.00 11.47

Spiderman 3 The Tuxedo Arthur Christmas Desperado Shooter Rocky V



P.M. 1.00 The Fighter Man Singam: Surya 5.30 Mujse Dosti Karoge: Kareena Kapoor 3.25 5.00 6.40 8.30 10:00


P.M. 2.55 Yamraj Ek Faulad 5.55 Style 9.00 Son of Sardaar


P.M. 5.15 Saugandh: Akshay Kumar 9.00 Shiva The Super Hero: Nagarjuna


P.M. 2.00 Hathyar: Sanjay Dutt 5.30 Kahani Kismat Ki: Dharmendra 9.00 Zara Si Zindagi: Kamal Hassan


Horrble Bosses Clueless The Italian Job Easy A Batman Begins


A.M. 8.30 Shrek The Third 10.30 How to Train Your Dragon P.M. 12.30 Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa 2.10 The Adventures of Tintin 4.00 Rango 6.25 Iron Man 2 9.00 The Tower 11.48 The Forbidden Kingdom

A.M. 10.20 P.M. 1.00 3.10 6.00



New In Town Notting Hill The Filintstons In Viva rock Vegas 8.00 Shanghai Noon 10.30 Twelve Monkeys A.M. 9.15 P.M. 12.00 3.55 5.40


My Friend Ganesha

Mann Dragon Wars: D War Bhagam Bhag

Sharukh Khan, Madhuri

DDII (Metro Channel)

P.M. 2.00 2.30 3.00 3.30 4.00 4.30 5.30 6.00 6.05 6.30 7.00 7.05 7.30 8.00

Samachar News Samachar Mehnat Rang Layegi Prime Meridian News Rajyon Se Samachar News Headline Roving Report Ehsaas Samachar Khel Samachar Market This Week Samachar

Dil To Pagal Hai, DDI, 9.30 p.m. 8.30 9.30 10.00 11.00 11.05

News Ek Mulaqat Badi Charcha Mukhya Samachar Khel Samachar

3.00 Through The Wormhole with Morgan Freeman 4.00 Mythbusters 5.00 Build It Bigger 6.00 Snipers: Modem Sniper 7.00 Heavy Metal Task Force 8.00 Food Detective 9.00 Through The Wormhole... 10.00 War Zone 11.00 Monsters Inside Me


P.M. 2.00 Science Impossible


P.M. 12.00 Baadshah: Shah Rukh Khan 4.00 Mela: Aamir Khan 8.00 Delhi 6: Abhishek B 11.00 Prev: Bridget Moyaahana

8.00 Sooryavansham: Anupam Kher


DDI (Main Channel)

2.30 Tuze Maze Jamena 3.00 Honar Soon Me Hya Gharchi 3.30 Radha Hi Bawri 4.00 Pakke Shejari 5.00 Tu tithe Mee 5.30 Honar Soon Me Hya Gharchi 6.00 Tuze Maze Jamena 6.30 Home Minister 7.00 Tu Tithe Mee 7.30 Radha Hi Bawri 8.00 Honar Soon Me Hya... 9.00 Tuze Maze Jamena 9.30 Eka Peksha Ek Apsara Aali Season II


D-Tox, Zee Studio, 10.30 p.m.


P.M. 12.00 Pehchan: Raveena Tandon 3.00 Mangal Pandey-The Rising: Aamir Khan 6.00 Gair: Ajay Devgan 9.00 Sandwich: Govinda, Raveena T

9.00 Makkhi 11.35 Narsimha: The Powerful Man

P.M. 12.00 Ashi Hi Banwabanvi: Ashok Saraf 3.00 Lekh Chalali Sasarla: Laxmikant B 6.00 Ya Gol Gol Dabyatla: Ashok Saraf 9.00 Rashi Chakra


P.M. 1.30 Tom and Jerry Blast off to Mars 3.00 Henry Special: Chhutti Kardunga


A.M. 7.00 Aabra Ka Dabra: Anupam Kher 10.30 Vaastav-The Reality: Sanjay Dutt P.M. 1.00 Bajate Raho: Vinay Pathak 8.00 Bajate Raho: Vinay Pathak


The Tower, Pix, 9 p.m.


A.M. 8.00 Deewangee: Shashi K P.M. 12.00 Dhoondte Reh Jaoge: Kunal Khemu 4.00 Plan: Sanjay Dutt 8.00 A Wednesday!: Naseeruddin S 11.00 Flood: Robert Carlvlt

A.M. 10.00 Pyar Ki Baazi: Jagdeep P.M. 1.30 Khwahish: Himanshu Malik 5.30 Jagan Mohini: Raja Namitha 9.00 Chor Machaaye Shor: Shilpa Shetty

P.M. 12.00 Kutumb: Jitendra J 3.00 Ekulti Ek: Sachin Pilgaonkar 6.00 Chatur Navra Chikni Baiko: Bharat J 9.00 Zapatlela: Mahesh Kothari

A.M. 9.00 P.M. 12.00 3.00 6.00 9.00



Himmatwala: Jeetendra Devdas: Shahrukh Khan Raaj Tilak: Raj Kumar Mawaali: Jeetendra

All programmes on this page are as per the official schedules of the various channels. Afternoon is not responsible for any last minute changes.

P.M. 2.00 3.00 4.00 5.00 6.00 7.00 9.00 10.00 11.00


Mega Factories Most Amazing Moments Secrets of the Taj Mahal Speed Kills Most Amazing Moments Explorer Top 125 Inside Dead or Alive Taboo


P.M. 2.00 ICC Champions Trophy 2013 h/s Ind vs Pak 3.00 Aus Tour of Eng 13 1st ODI 3.30 Champions Ka Champion 5.00 Pak Tour of India 5.13 Yorkshire Bank 13 semi final 10.30 T20 Dhamaka P.M. 2.00 2.25 3.30 5.00

5.20 7.00 9.00




Pak Tour of India 3rd ODI FIA F1 World C’ship 2013 Liga Bbva 2013 Pak Tour of India 12/13 3rd ODI FIA F1 World C’ship 2013 Champions Ka Champion ICC Champions Trophy 13 h/ls Ind vs SL ICC Champions Trophy Ind vs Pak Champions Ka Champion

4.30 Tom and Jerry Shiver me Whiskers 6.00 R21 Vigyaan Attack 7.30 Tom and Jerry Blast off to Mars 9.30 Ben 10 Alien Swarm 11.00 Adventure Time


P.M. 2.00 Kaalia Ustaad Special 3.30 Chhota Bheem Aur Hanuman 5.30 Return of Hanuman 8.00 Chhota Bheem Marathon 10.30 Takeshi’s Castle


P.M. 2.00 Doraemon 3 Magical Swordsmen 8.00 Shake It Up 8.30 Doraemon 9.30 Ek Dora Teen

Whiskers 7.30 Return of Ashoka 11.30 Adventure Time


A.M. 10.15 Ajooba: Amitabh Bachchan P.M. 1.40 Hum Aapke Hain Kaun: Salman Khan 5.50 Race 2: Saif Ali Khan 9.00 Gadar-Ek Prem Katha: Sunny Deol


3.00 Amazing Moments: Daredevils 4.00 The Works 8.00 Lost Magic Decoded 10.00 Ancient Aliens 11.00 History Untamed: Big Bugs



A.M. 8.30 10.00 11.00 P.M. 12.00 2.00 4.30 6.00

Ben 10 Race Against Time Ben 10 Omniverse Gon Bal Ganesh 2 Oggy Special Bhai Bhai R21 Vigyaan Attack Tom and Jerry Shiver me

A.M. 8.00 Happy Ho Jao Special 9.30 Chhota Bheem 10.30 Chhota Bheem Aur Maakhan Chor P.M. 12.00 Chhota Bheem And Klrishna vs Zimbara 1.30 Chhota Bheem : Master of Shaolin 3.00 Choota Bhee in The Curse of Damyaan 5.00 The New Adventures of Peter Pan 5.30 Laddoo Khao Band Bajao Special 7.00 Kumbh Karan 8.00 Barbie Mariposa And the Fairy Princess 9.30 Mr Bean 10.00 Sacn 2 Go 11.00 Mr Bean


A.M. 8.00 9.00 9.30 10.30 11.00 P.M. 12.00 5.00 6.00 7.00 8.00 8.30 9.00

Phineas and Ferb Art Attack Doraemon Best of Luck nikki Shake It Up

Doraemon Phineas and Ferb Doraemon Art Attack Shake It Up Best of Luck Nikki MWOD

You Go Girl!

Afternoon Despatch & Courier


Shudhh Desi Romance

At: Fame and other cinemas Directed by Maneesh Sharma Cast: Parineeti Chopra, Sushant Singh Rajput, Vaani Kapoor, Rishi Kapoor and others Rating: 


TRICTLY speaking Maneesh Sharma’s Shuddh Desi Romance, is not really shuddh desi by Bollywood standards. A world in women are not devastated by break-ups, don’t pine for lost love, have live-in relationships and initiate pre-marital sex, is not something Bollywood is still comfortable with; India is just about starting to shed its prudishness, but is not unapologetically promiscuous yet. Shudh Desi Romance is a lot like the director’s earlier film, Band Baaja Baraat; like so many other Yash Raj productions, this one too


At: Fame and other cinemas Directed by Apoorva Lakhia Cast: Ram Charan, Priyanka Chopra, Prakash Raj, Mahie Gill, Atul Kulkarni and others Rating: 

Rajput) and Gayatri (Parineeti Chopra) do ‘assignments’ with him. On the way to his own wedding, with Gayatri posing as his sister, Raghu falls for her. She is sharp, plain-speaking, smoking, drinking, unapologetically independent (her family is in distant Guwahati). He feels instant attraction and runs away from the wedding to Tara (Vaani Kapoor). Soon he has moved in with Gayatri, pretending to the neighbours that he is her brother, though nobody is fooled by the charade. Indian double standards have already been deplored before — all characters speak to the camera when voicing of opinion is required (a bit of lazy writing here). No matter how sassy Gayatri may appear, she is damaged in some way by past relationships — which is a bit of a downer, as if saying that women have to pay for past ‘sins.’ After a happy period of togetherness, when they decide to get married, Gayatri runs away. And then, Taara reappears, not looking in the least traumatised by the humiliation of being abandoned, yet she has been wounded too. She may stop her uncle from beating up the runaway groom, but she is also has weddings as its backdrop. seeking closure. Even if the pangs of love in conIn BBB, the lead pair were wedding planners, in SDR they are temporary India (where traditions rented baraatis, the girl getting a are being upheld as well as being good fee because she is smart and broken), are a bit flippantly dealt English speaking. The catering and with, there are some small town fake baraati supplying business in truths in Jaideep Sahni’s screenplay Jaipur is run by the wise and avun- and Maneesh Sharma’s direction cular Goelsaab (Rishi Kapoor, ter- that constantly escapes being rific!). Raghuram (Sushant Singh heavy-handed. (The many kisses look forced though, and the actors go about it with a marked absence of passion.) The two lead actresses are wonderful, performing with a ease that makes Rajput’s toothy cuteness a bit laboured. In the end, it seems the perpetually confused boy-man gets the best of it — two women vying for him, even though a tourist hustler is not exactly Prince Charming. Don’t think too much and SDR has its moments of charm and some well-written lines. Could make for Deepa Gahlot an enjoyable date movie.


Just Plain Awful


HERE are enough recent examples to show that cult films should be left alone. But there will always be foolhardy directors around, who think they can better something that film buffs remember with fondness. Prakash Mehra’s 1973 film had a Salim-Javed script that had given a fresh touch to what was even then a formulaic revenge plot — their characters, crackling dialogue and dare one say, a dash of the poetic to the unlikely romance between a troubled cop and a streetsmart chaku-chhuri sharpener. Apoorva Lakhia’s calamitous remake retains the names of the main characters and some memorable sequences are rehashed, but where he attempts his own thing, he makes an unholy mess. This Zanjeer owes more to the loud Southern actioners that inspired films like Dabangg and Rowdy Rathore — all nuance flattened, all genuine



CIRQUE DU SOLEIL Rs. 599 Cast: Erica Linz, Igor Zaripov Director: Andrew Adamson


OR those who love the circus, this is a visual feast with unbelievable acrobatic stunts, outrageous costumes, good background score by the Beatles, all this, backed by a heavy display of Love, which is the basis of the story here. Anyone who saw Cirque Du Soleil’s tribute to the Beatles A Day in the Life perform Let it Be at the Grammys in 2008 would know how cinematic the show is. The film does not have a great plot, and is also dialogue-free...but at the Cirque Du Soleil you would really not go for the plot, as you would be engrossed watching actors leap, soar, swim and dance with the legendary performers of Cirque du Soleil. Worlds Away is a stunning compilation of acts from seven Las Vegas shows: O, Kà, Mystère, Criss Angel Believe, Zumanity, Viva Elvis and The Beatles Love. These acts are woven together to tell a story of a young woman (Cirque performer Erica Linz) visiting a run-down carnival on the edge of town. She is mesmerised watching a male aerialist (Igor Zaripov) performing. Stunned by her beauty, he misses his grip and falls on the circus ground… into the sand of the circus ring floor which collapses to suck him in. the young woman leaves her seat and

rushes to help him only to get sucked in an ethereal world. It turns out that he has been captured. Once there she searches for the man she has only glimpsed, but is destined to love. She sees many cool circus acts in this new place as she looks for him. She seeks the help of the circus workers to find him. The aerialist and the girl almost find each other but are attacked by huge creatures. The film showcases everything from synchronised water ballet to martial arts-inspired combat, aerial silk acrobatics, contortionism and the really frightening Wheel of Death. Each impeccably choreographed presentation is breathtaking, defying the laws of the human body’s capabilities.


— By Verus Ferreira


 The film is a fantasy and is

dialogue free. a) True b) False

 Which band’s songs are

featured in the movie? a) Coldplay

b) The Beatles c) Michael Jackson

 Which music event did Cirque

Du Soleil per form in? a) Billboard Music Awards b) MTV Video Music Awards c) Grammy awards 2008

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emotions jettisoned. Zanjeer has unforgivably awful opening and closing credits with skimpily dressed girls gyrating, and whenever the villain appears with his moll, some crass sexual innuendo follows. If Lakhia had respectfully copied


Mehra’s film as it was, frame to frame, it probably would have been preferable to this; even then, a stone-faced hero (Ram Charan) with a puff in his hairdo is nobody idea of a man tortured by nightmares of his parents’ killing, and Priyanka Chopra as the giggly Gu-

jarati NRI is unmitigated disaster. Inspector Vijay Khanna, who smashes into criminals without fear of consequences, is kicked out of his home state (Andhra) to Mumbai, where he runs into the oil mafia (they keep saying mafias), led by Teja (Prakash Raj in a wardrobe worse than his performance). On the way, he befriends Sher Khan (Sanjay Dutt) and plays video games with him (really, now!) Atul Kulkarni has the thankless part of an investigative journalist almost always seen with a wide-eyed assistant and a ‘Eureka’ expression. His murder in the film, and the burning alive of a collector investigating the oil mafia, is inspired by real incidents, but done very clum-


sily. How can any director, with the old Zanjeer as his template, ruin even iconic scenes like the VijaySher Khan confrontation in the police station and the fist fight in the street? Why on earth are Vijay’s idiot sidekicks called Amar-Prem? Why did Lakhia reduce Ajit’s Teja to a clown? Why is Mona Darling (Mahie Gill) so unappealing? A glimpse of the original Zanjeer being watched by Teja and Mona on the television has more zing that this whole film put together. Why, even the music is not a patch on the original Kalyanji-Anandji soundtrack. The next time any filmmaker thinks of a remake, they must watch RGV Ki Aag and Apoorva Lakhia ki Zanjeer, and halt right in their tracks.



Determining a property’s correct market value

Afternoon Despatch & Courier


EXPERT SPEAK Gajanan Khergamker

is a media-legal consultant on Housing, Intellectual Property, Medico-legal, RTI and Consumer Law issues

How does one determine the exact ‘market value’ of a property? Is there any uniform set of guidelines or rules to help one do it? — Shekhar Rai


Picture for representational purpose only

WHERE redevelopment is concerned, very often, in the island city particularly in olden parts, there’s reference to pagdi properties. The consideration paid to a landlord as a fine, premium or consideration (pagdi) has been legalised by Section 56 of Rent Control Act, 1999. It is now also lawful for a tenant to receive any amount in consideration of the relinquishment or transfer of his tenancy. Incidentally, in the Rent Act, 1974 giving or receiving pagdi in cash was held ‘illegal’ hence there was extensive use of black money. Now too, in cities like Mumbai, for the transfer of tenancy, 33 per cent of the amount in transaction is paid in

cash to the landlord to effect the transfer of tenancy or assignment. If one wants to sell his home for Rs nine lakhs, he will have to pay Rs three lakh of the amount to the landlord. The purchaser of land in a pagdi system is said to be a tenant and has limited rights because a very nominal rent is collected by the landlord and receipt given accordingly. However, when there is redevelopment of the said property, the landlord usually makes a deal with the developer and stakes his claim of his 33 per cent and accordingly takes profit out of the property permanently. Those who are in accommodation or in possession of the said property after redevelopment become the sole owners of the said premises. Section 56 of the Maharashtra Rent Control Act, 1999 reads as follows: Sec. 56: Rights of Tenant and Landlord to receive lawful charges – Notwithstanding anything contained in this Act, it shall be lawful for 1) The tenant or any person acting or purporting to act on behalf of the tenant to claim or receive an sum or any consideration, as a condition of the relinquishment, transfer or assignment of his tenancy or any premises; 2) The landlord or any person acting or purporting to act on behalf of the landlord to receive any fine, premium or other like sum deposit or any consideration on respect of the grant, or renewal of a lease of any premises, or for giving his consent to the transfer of a lease to any other person. Queries may be mailed to

There have been a series of attempts to define the market value of a property but in the event of no uniform set of guidelines and rules, it’s near impossible to evolve a market value that takes into consideration all possible eventualities. It’s during redevelopment that residents have to declare the ‘market value’ of their homes besides FSI details that are ultimately translated into cash and/or space benefits in the new avatars. Technically, although the term ‘market value’ appears in sections 23 and 24 of the Land Acquisition Act, 1894 and the expression ‘fair market value’ appears in section 269(d) of the Income-tax Act, 1961 nowhere is the expression defined. When the Law Commission of India attempted to consider the issue of defining this expression in the context of the Land Acquisition Act, 1894, it thought it better to leave the matter to “natural growth” at the hands of the court and declined from laying down any uniform set of rules. Courts take the ‘market value’ to be the price a normal prudent and willing owner as seller, not obliged to sell owing to any extraneous reasons, might reasonably expect to obtain from a normal prudent and willing purchaser having due regard for its existing condition. It is the consensus between the buyer and the seller which decides the price at which a particular property is finally bought or sold and comprises as the ‘market value’. The ‘market value’ is considered as the commercial value of the property with absolutely no reference to abstract legal rights. Also, ‘market value’ implies actual sale in the market and not a conceptual or perceptible sale. For example, a valuation is only an opinion being expressed however the final test is the value a property actually fetches when sold. Finally, the time at which the market value is assessed is of extreme importance as the market value of immoveable properties, as with any other mercantile commodities, fluctuates drastically with time. So, it’s the price at which the property changes hands from a willing, yet not desperate, seller to a willing, yet not very anxious buyer, dealing at arm’s length.

Picture for representational purpose only


The ‘market value’ is considered as the commercial value of the property with absolutely no reference to abstract legal rights.

a notice to the duly elected Secretary of the society as per the Bye-Laws of the Cooperative Societies and managing committee constituted as per the prevalent law regarding Redevelopment of the said Cooperative Housing Societies. Though the letter, the members should urge him to call for an Extra Ordinary General Meeting of the Members to decide about the redevelopment project. They also apprise him to take note of the implications of the said project and to take decision thereon for various terms and conditions about the redevelopment in issue. By law, within eight days following receipt of the application from the members, the Secretary of the concerned Cooperative Housing Society shall convene a Managing Committee meeting and take note of the above notice. He will have to convene, within one month, an Extraordinary General What is the procedure to initiate a meet- Meeting of the members. The Agenda of ing on redevelopment? Does a section of the meeting should be conveyed to all the members hvae to give it in writing to the members before 14-clear days in the Secretary to hold a meeting for the advance. The receipt of the acknowledgement of the said notice should be same? Please explain. — Varun Chavan kept in the office of the Society. Before calling for an extraordinary general For a Cooperative Housing Society to go meeting, the Secretary of the said Society in for redevelopment, not less than 1/4th should call for quotations from five of the total number of members interest- Architects / Professional project consulted in going for Redevelopment must give ants from the panel of State government

Hold an EGM to discuss about redevelopment

as well as Local Self Government. The architects / consultants should be well conversed with the redevelopment of buildings in a Cooperative Housing Society and can prepare a Report on the Redevelopment Project. On receipt of quotations, the same shall be put forward before the Extraordinary General Meeting and one of the persons shall be elected to head the redevelopment project. The below agenda shall be discussed at the Extraordinary General Meeting and a decision taken after tackling the following issues: 1) The Society shall obtain all the members’ wishes and their views on the redevelopment of building of the Society. 2)The Members attending the Extraordinary General Meeting shall elect one of the Architect / Professional Project Consultant from the panel of the State Government or Local Self Government who is an expert in this field and the Members shall give power to the elected professional to decide about the contents, terms and conditions on which the redevelopment of the Building shall be carried out. 3) Terms and conditions prescribed by the Professional shall be put before the members to discuss and to take decision regarding the redevelopment programme.

Visit for further information. Email your detailed queries complete with name and contact details to the columnist Gajanan Khergamker at and/or call 022-22841593 for personal intervention

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Each Samurai Sudoku puzzle consists of 5 overlapping “classic” 9x9 Sudoku sub-puzzles. Each 9x9 sub-puzzle must be solved according to the rules of Sudoku: each row, column and 3x3 box must contain all digits from 1 to 9 therefore, digits cannot be repeated. Each Samurai Sudoku puzzle has one solution only.




A normal set of dominoes — that is, one instance of every (unordered) pair of numbers from 0 to 6 — has been arranged irregularly into a rectangle; then the number in each square has been writen down and the dominoes themselves removed. Your task is to reconstruct the pattern by arranging the set of dominoes to match the provided array of numbers. Please note that each domino is a unique one and occurs only once in each puzzle.

243, Sultan Building, Senapati Bapat Marg, Dadar (W), Mumbai-400 028. Tel.: 24220697/24360462


In each puzzle every letter of the alphabet has been replaced by a number; the same number represents the same letter throughout the puzzle. To start you off, we give you three letters and the numbers which have replaced them. When you’ve filled in these letters throughout the puzzle you’ll have enough clues to start guessing words and discovering other letters. To help you keep track, as you find a letter, slot it into the grid provided and cross it off the list. To help you keep track, as you find a letter, slot it into the grid provided and cross it off the list.

DM SOFT LUGGAGE PVT. LTD., is offering 1 Bag worth Rs. 500 for first correct entry to be opened after first post on Thursday. Entries have to be sent to DOMINOES-274, to the Afternoon Despatch & Courier, Janmabhoomi Bhavan, 3rd Floor, Janmabhoomi Marg, Fort, Mumbai-400 001, before 12.00 Noon, SEPTEMBER 12, attaching this coupon with it. You may send in any number of entries provided each entry is accompanied by a coupon.

Name: __________________________________________Age______

Address: _________________________________________________ _________________________________________Tel.: ____________


The objective of Hitori is to mark out the incorrect cells. The rules are: a) A Number may never appear more than once in each row or column. b) Marked or incorrect cells are never adjacent in a row or a column. c) Unmarked cells create a single continuous area, undivided by marked cells.




Afternoon Despatch & Courier

















FIGURE OUT Each square contains part of a complete picture that is to be copied into its matching numbered square in the diagram. Start with square A1, drawing it into the diagram where row A and column 1 intersect. Continue with A2, A3 etc.












1 dn

2 dn

4 dn

8 dn

3 ac

5 ac

12 dn


15 dn

6 ac

10 ac

11 ac

13 ac

14 ac Game











ACROSS: 2 Cart, 4 Mailbox, 6 Pirate, 8 Bed, 9 Camera, 11 Scarf, 12 Injection, 14 Crane, 15 Guitar.

DOWN: 1 Kite, 3 Tap, 5

Baby, 7 Rose, 9 Chair, 10 Ashtray, 13 Opener.




7 dn

9 dn



Can you find the words connected in one way or the other with the theme indicated by the title in today’s Word Search? The words may be read horizontally, vertically or diagonally either forwards or backwards, but always in straight lines. Use a ruler to cross them through as you find them. H








































































































































J U S T F O R K I X C O B WORDLIST: Anticlimax, Asterix, Bacteria, Brutus, Cacofonix, Caesar,

Cleopatra, Dogmatix, Erix, Getafix, Impedimenta, Justforkix, Obelix, Panacea, Pepe, Pirates, Pompey, Prolix, Tragicomix , Unhygienix.



Afternoon Despatch & Courier





ACROSS: 1 Closest Point of Approach 4 See 39 Down 10 John Irving's wrestler 14 Custard ingredient 16 The projection of figures or forms from a flat background? 17 Sandarac tree 18 Type of robbery (5-3-4) 20 1003 to Caesar 21 Wrestling move which allows a leg to be twisted 22 States or countries 24 Reverential fear 25 Shells out money to a kidnapper (4,6) 28 Bruce Wayne's inspiration 30 Tokyo visitors' culinary challenge 31 Antlered animals 32 Warmongers (5-8) 37 Cornerman 38 Mexican Indian 39 Identical, unchanged 43 Where to find pitched dwellings for the soldiers? (4,4) 45 Depressed 47 California's winery region 48 Trillion: prefix 50 Gannet is one 51 Personal belongings; equipment 53 Lanai 57 Batsman Roy of Sri Lanka 58 Collection 59 Obstinate? 62 A baby's bed 64 I __ __ : three little words for (or from) a sweetheart? (4,3) 65 Milliner or dress-maker 69 Zeno's home 70 High price (2,3,3,1,3) 74 Belted 75 Feeble usually because of old age 76 Alaska city 77 Palomino's pride 78 Escargots 79 Engine Pressure Ratio DOWN: 1 A small swelling


2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 15

16 19 23 25 26 27 28 29 30 32 33 34

Postmodern, in short Wings to Pindar Sell Senior Four-handled drinking cup Three times: pharm. Maurice ____ : famous actor? Relating to an ear feature Female street urchin Melodic __ _ shine (4,2) Solids which disperse light into a spectrum The warrior as per Indian caste system? Respiratory sound ____ many : what number? Little bits Precedes off and on H'wood stars have them Year-end holidays Hebridean island In short, a unit of electric current Agriculturist Getz on sax In the env. Cowboy's rope



35 Clears a tape 36 Contract addendum 39 Dn & 4 Ac Indian GP winner recently (9,6) 40 Doddering 41 Worth 42 Norse tale 44 Madrid art gallery 46 Speed skater Jansen 49 Neat as _ ___ (1,3) 51 Bouquet 52 An ugly old woman 53 Sputum 54 Ancient Greek colony in Asia Minor 55 An old inn 56 Form into a thought 60 Future Prince Charmings? 61 Jabber away (3,2) 62 Rabbit fur 63 Unusual 65 Maker of Snickers 66 Type of gin 67 Seasonal worker, briefly 68 Czech river 71 Ms Comstock 72 Radio Direction Indicator, abbr. 73 Broadcaster Allen


ALTAF AHMED SHAIKH, 340/19, O.C.C., Malwani No. 5, Malad (West), Mumbai-400 095. Note: Please collect your letter from Afternoon Office.

Fit the letters each column into the boxes directly above them in order to form words. The order in which the letters are to be placed is to be decided by you. Each letter is to be used once. When completed you will find a quotation about the theme given.


LAST WEEK’S SOLUTION: "Sure God created man before woman....but then you always make a rough draft before The Final Masterpiece."







TetraVex is a challenging brain teaser. The object of the game is to fill the grid with the tiles so that the patterns on the adjacent edges of each tile match, much like aligning domino tiles. The object of the game is to place all the tiles in the grid so that the figures on the adjacent edges of each tile match. You can place any tile anywhere in the grid, but you cannot place a tile in the grid if its edges do not match all of its neighbors. Find a digit that occurs only once on a given puzzle. You know that this digit must lie along the outer edge of the grid, since there are no other tiles that can match it. You can simplify solving by cutting out the nine squares and juggling them in the grid.



Afternoon Despatch & Courier












: : : : : :

Virgo 2nd Bhadrapad Shuklapaksha Uttaraphalguni Kanya (Virgo) P.Th. Lilac 4

BIRTHDAY FORECAST: An extremely beneficial year lies ahead provided you are willing to make an effort to help yourself. Plan your budget carefully as you may not have a very regular flow of money. Delays and snags could cause anxiety. Those in artistic or creative fields will do extremely well. Educational and sports activities come under favorable planetary influence. Your relationship with family members improves while those in love could face some disappointments. BABIES BORN TODAY: Tall, imposing, well built, healthy and long-lived. Will be extremely impulsive, honest and hard working. Will be well educated, artistic, creative and humane. A career in any service industry social work, academics or a creative field will lead to gains and success. ARIES (March 21 - April 20): You will have to take some pragmatic decisions about your future. No doubt you are ready for the eminent change but do take your loved ones in to confidence about your plans. You will find a solution which everybody is comfortable with.

TAURUS (April 21 - May 20): Take care not to be a victim of false information. Listening to gossip could have repercussions on the way you respond to the views of those that matter in your work set up. A windfall is also on the cards for you. On the domestic front, a family celebration is fun but hectic and has you weary at the end of the day.

GEMINI (May 21 - June 20): Be prepared for any emergency at work. You may just have to make sudden plans for travel out of town, though briefly. There may also be additional responsibilities, which you may not be in a position to shoulder right now. Make your position clear rather than suffer and offend someone close.

CANCER (June 21 - July 21): You may receive an offer for work or business from overseas. Try to postpone important decisions for a while yet. There could be some other pressing issues that require your attention. Family life is happy but there could be undercurrents of tension. Your mate may be feeling off color today.

LEO (July 22 - August 21): The day looks promising but you have a lot to do. Try to Delegate responsibility to achieve your targets easily. A hectic schedule will leave you exhausted with fatigue. You could be asking for trouble where your health is concerned. Youngsters can look forward to an exciting time with friends and parties.

VIRGO (August 22 - September 21): You can look forward to an opportunity to make sudden profit. A lucrative deal comes your way just by being at the right place at the right time. Your regular help may not turn up today throwing you completely out of gear. Try to make the best of the present circumstances.

LIBRA (September 22 - October 22): It seems someone is trying to pass on a liability giving you false assurances of quick gains. It would be better to stay out of trouble. Somehow you are a great support and help to other people or friend but your own life seems to be crumbling around you. This too shall pass.

SCORPIO (October 23 - November 21): Stability and increase in your work activities is assured. The current period is extremely beneficial one and monetary returns from your earlier investments will be substantial. Security at work will give the confidence that you need to explore new areas and move from one success to another.

SAGITTARIUS (November 22 December 20): You could be a bit confused about what to do next. This is more a time to wait and sort your thoughts out. Prepare a contingency plan if things do not work out the way you would like them to. Things are not as bleak as they look. There is always a door somewhere waiting to be opened but the time must be right.

CAPRICORN (December 21 - January 19): You may not like the environment at work right now, where you feel constricted. Do not go for a tempting change as things may not work out the way expected. Your career growth could get affected. Being gullible and trusting, you could get taken in by a person whose intentions are not that sincere.

AQUARIUS (January 20 - February 18): You are now much closer to achieving goals in your career or profession. Meetings and negotiations for proposals scheduled for today will yield good results. You can expect an immediate response. Family life is happy. Your mate will be in a particularly good mood this evening.

PISCES (February 19 - March 20): Your monetary position will be strengthened. Travel for a long distance journey is likely or there could be some favorable news from overseas. Several barriers in an association will be overcome and this will lead to trust and better understanding of each other. Look forward to a quiet evening with your beloved just enjoying the good things of life together.

Afternoon Despatch & Courier



ACROSS: 1 State neighbouring Bihar and Madhya Pradesh (6) 5 Commotion (3) 8 Over in Germany (4) 9 A pal or a friend (4) 10 Indian snack (6) 11 Dislike, aversion or opposition (9) 13 Makes mistake (4) 15 The fourth letter by the sound of it? (3) 16 Wicked biblical city (5) 17 Wasim ___ : Former Pakistani all rounder? (5) 20 Not old, recent (3) 22 ___ Beatty : Hollywood actor? (3) 23 A cat (5) 24 Yawns (5) 26 Amusement (3) 27 Rub dry with a cloth (4) 28 Feast one's eyes upon; dwell upon with unholy joy (5,4) 31 Figure of speech making comparison (6) 32 Rudely brief (4) 33 Eastern eye makeup (4) 34 Organisation of African States, acronym? (3) 35 Adjusts or arranges; lines up (6) DOWN: 1 Symbols all one's desire, as in "The world is her _____ "? (6) 2 Dips under the surface of liquid (8) 3 Ruined city in W Iran (4) 4 With gay ____: in utterly free and reckless manner? (7) 5 ___ Shaw : the famous bandleader? (5) 6 Eight as a prefix (4) 7 ___ Jones : Archie's pal from Riverdale High? (7) 12 Pro __ (for the time being) (3) 14 Female pigs (4) 18 Was aware (4) 19 Dwelling (8)

Sudoku is a number placing puzzle based on a 9x9 grid such several given numbers.To solve a Sudoku puzzle, every digit from 1 to 9 must appear in each of the nine vertical columns, in each of the nine horizontal rows and in each of the nine boxes.


Difficulty Level 


Today’s clue: C equals G

The Cryptoquip is a substitution cipher in which one letter stands for another.

20 Core (7) 21 God of good luck riding a mouse (7) 24 Governor (3) 25 Precious stones used in old-fashioned watches because of their hard-

ness (6) 26 Eating implements (5) 29 Commonly used abbreviated term for a car? (4) 30 Brook (4)

SOLUTION TO YESTERDAY’S QUICK CROSSWORD ACROSS: 1 Buts, 4 Ubangi, 8 Zip, 10 As is, 13 Assailed, 14 Economy, 15 Kungfu, 17 Drawing up, 21 Ely, 22 Our, 23 TBD, 26 Revulsion, 27 Bessel, 28 Degrade, 32 Tabloids, 34 Says, 35 Eno, 36 Shabby, 37 As an. DOWN: 1 Brae, 2 Trio, 3 Siam, 5 Bear up, 6 Nal, 7 Indium, 9 PSY, 11 Score, 12 Snowy, 15 Kuru, 16 Gobi, 18 Alms, 19 Noel, 20 Guv, 23 Tsars, 24 Dowdy, 25 Abates, 26 Resorb, 28 Dde, 29 Esne, 30 Aahs, 31 ESPN, 33 Boa.

IRREGULAR SUDOKU 1766 To solve an Irregular Sudoku puzzle, every digit must appear once in:  Each of the vertical columns  Each of the horizontal rows  Each of the regions












S F G H P .







R G E F R O G X ?

YESTERDAY’S SOLUTION: Do not fear to be eccentric in opinion, for every opinion now accepted was once eccentric.

Afternoon WORD MINE










How many words of four or more letters can you make from the letters shown in today’s puzzle? In making a word, each letter may be used once only. Each word must contain the letter at the top of the pyramid. There should be at least one nine letter word. Plurals, foreign words and proper names are not allowed. Today’s ratings: 27 average; 30 good; 33 outstanding. YESTERDAY’S SOLUTION: inking, inkling, kiln, kilt, king, kiting, kiwi, knit, liking, link, linking, tinkling, TWINKLING, wink, winking





IN BRIEF Narang moots IPL-style shooting league

HYDERABAD: Inspired by the success of cricket's Indian Premier League, ace marksman and London Olympic medallist Gagan Narang has favoured a similar club competition for shooting to popularise the sport in the country. "It's quite a challenging project because the Olympic style of shooting is a little difficult. The challenge is to make it more spectator-friendly. So, we are working on it. Hopefully, we will soon come out with a league in all three formats which will be shot gun, rifle and pistol," Narang told PTI here. He, however, said evolving a shooting league is a challenging issue as the rules of the game are different for each format which needs to be popularised among sports-lovers.

Punjab govt want to rope in Yuvraj for cancer awareness

Djokovic to face Wawrinka in semis as Murray falls


EW YORK: Defending champion Andy Murray crashed out of the US Open on Thursday as Stanislas Wawrinka pulled a shocker to reach his first Grand Slam semifinal, a matchup with world number one Novak Djokovic. Swiss ninth seed Wawrinka stunned the Olympic andWimbledon champion 6-4, 6-3, 6-2, to book a last-four date with Djokovic, the 2011 winner from Serbia who ousted Russian 21st seed MikhailYouzhny 6-3, 6-2, 3-6, 6-0. "I feel great. I'm really happy. It's amazing for me to be in my first semi-final in a Slam," Wawrinka said. "To beat him in

CHANDIGARH: The Punjab government is keen to rope in cricketer Yuvraj Singh as the brand ambassador of their campaign to spread awareness about cancer. The star all rounder, who himself fought with the dreaded disease, is being approached for a partnership, a senior official of Punjab Health and Medical Research department said here. The Punjab government is working on a partnership with "Youwecan" for this purpose. The state government will commence the drive with a mega cancer awareness and screening camps in all 22 district civil hospitals on September 28 and 29, the official said.

Will meet BCCI secy to work out best possible schedule: Lorgat

JOHANNESBURG: An under-fire Haroon Lorgat will be desperate to solve the impasse regarding India's year-end tour of South Africa when he meets BCCI secretary Sanjay Patel at the Chief Executives' Meet at the ICC Headquarters in Dubai on September 16 and 17. Cricket South Africa (CSA) is worried about incurring huge losses if BCCI has its way about playing a curtailed series of two Tests and three ODIs instead of originally scheduled three Tests, seven ODIs and two T20 Internationals. In response to the recent reports, Lorgat said, "There has rightly been concern about reports of a shortened tour by India but I am looking forward to meeting Sanjay (Patel) so that we can work out the best possible schedule under the present circumstances."

Stanislas Wawrinka returns a shot at the net to Andy Murray, of Great Britain during the quarterfinals of the U.S. Open. [Below] Andy Murray reacts during a break between sets after losing the first two sets to Stanislas Wawrinka.

three sets the way I was playing is good." For only the second time in 146 Grand Slam matches, Murray failed to manage even one break point. "He played great. That was the hardest part about the match," Murray said. "He just hit the ball extremely well. I didn't create a break point chance. He served well. He hit a lot of lines and was going for big shots." Reaching his

Anxiety grips wrestlers, squash players ahead of Oly decision

NEW DELHI: India's wrestling and squash fraternity is waiting with bated breath for the International Olympic Committee's highlyanticipated vote on September 8 to decide on the inclusion of one of the sports to the 2020 Olympic roster. A sense of anxiety has gripped the country's top grapplers and racqueters ahead of IOC's crucial meeting during its ongoing 125th Session in Buenos Aires where the world body will choose among baseball/softball, wrestling and squash for the lone available spot for the 2020 Summer Games. Olympic medallist wrestlers, Sushil Kumar and Yogeshwar Dutt, and squash players Dipika Pallikal, Joshna Chinappa and Saurav Ghosal are excited but at the same time nervous as the full IOC membership meets to take a call on their future.


By A Sports Reporter


UMBAI: Former Indian skipper turned commentator Ravi Shastri came out in full support for the Indian cricket board backing the Union Agricultural Minister Sharad Pawar in cricket administration and ousted Indian Premier League [IPL] commissioner Lalit Modi for transforming the shortest version of the game. Shastri, who was speaking at the annual Dilip Sardesai Memorial Lecture at the Bombay Gymkhana supported former president N Srinivasan, stated that he shouldn’t have been forced to step down as the president of the Board of Control for Cricket in India [BCCI]. Speaking on the heightening criticism, which has plagued Indian cricket especially its administration where voices called for heads of sportspersons running the game, Shastri said Sharad Pawar is an exception and it was he who brought properties like the Indian Premier League [IPL] to its current form. “The BCCI for long has been a punching ball for all. What I tell people is to see what they have done for the sport. You got to see where the Indian cricket is and the state of other associations. It has been six years and it is so huge that it attracts so much attention. One of

seventh US Open semi-final in a row in hopes of a fourth trip in a row to the final, Djokovic lost his first set of the fortnight but reached his 14th consecutive Grand Slam semi-final, the second-longest all-time streak. "Definitely (I'm proud)," Djokovic said. "I've always been trying to play my best tennis at a Grand Slam and every Grand Slam offers something different." Spanish second seed Rafael Nadal, a 12-time Grand Slam champion, and French eighth seed Richard Gasquet, whose only prior last-four Slam run came in 2007 at Wimbledon, will meet in Saturday's other semifinal. Wawrinka is only 2-12 versus Djokovic, including fourth-round losses at last year's US Open and this year's Australian Open, but reigning Australian Open champion Djokovic says he'll forget about his 11match win streak over the Swiss. "It's going to be a very close match. I think there is no clear favorite," Djokovic said. "He showed why he deserves to be in the top 10 in the world. I also feel good on the hardcourts and quite confident."

Sania-Zheng suffer tame semifinal defeat EW YORK: Sania Mirza's US Open Tecau. They had lost to American Liezel campaign ended with a tame Huber and Marcelo Melo of Brazil. None N semifinal defeat in the women's doubles of the three Indians could clear the first

round hurdle in the mixed doubles first round. Rohan Bopanna lost his opening round with Germany's Julia Goerges while Mahesh Bhupathi and comeback girl Martina Hingis also had similar disappointment. However, Leander Paes has kept Indian title hopes alive after an upset win over Mike and Bob Brayn in the men's doubles semifinal along with his Czecg partner Radek Stepanek, last night.

with partner Jie Zheng against Ashleigh Barty and Casey Dellacqua. The 10th seeded Indo-Chinese pair, which came into the US Open with New Haven title, lost 2-6 2-6 in an hour and five minutes to the Australian eight seeds. Sania and Zheng struggled to hold their serves as they were broken thrice in both the sets. Sania had bowed out of the mixed doubles with Romanian partner Horia

Ravi Shastri bats for BCCI Extends support to politician Pawar as cricket administrator, backs Srinivasan Azad Shrivastav | ADC


Afternoon Despatch & Courier

the reasons why IPL is today was Sharad Pawar who gave it the push which it needed. He gave Lalit Modi a free hand. Lalit in his own way conceptualized it and was brilliant. Lot of people tell me, politicians and sports don’t go along. All I tell those guys, don’t generalise this statement, you have got to see this guy at close quarters,” said Ravi Shastri

in the course of his discourse.

I WOULD NOT RESIGN IF I WAS IN SRINIVASAN’S PLACE The growing calls for N. Srinivasan’s head made him step aside, however, Shastri said that it was wrong of him to step aside following the allegations made against him. He said, “N. Srinivasan is a terrific administrator and I know

he came under a lot of heat in recent times. A lot of people asked me if Srinivasanshould resign. I told them if I was in his position or was a captain who had three players involved in spot-fixing where the sequence of events was similar, I would in no freaking way resign. This game has taught me not to pass on the buck. The school I belong to tells me to take responsibility and get your house back in order. Indian cricket is in safe hands, however, I believe everything about the BCCI isn’t perfect, they need a PR [public relations] arm in place which comes across to the media. “

DON’T SCREW THE UMPIRE’S MIND The aftermath of the Ashes series left a bitter taste among players as well as the governing bodies of England as well as Australia regarding DRS usage. Shastri said that India’s position on the implementation of the Decision Review System in its current form stands vindicated after the recent events.



Afternoon Despatch & Courier


UMBAI: It rained goals in the Mumbai MagiciansMHAL Super League matches, at the MHAL Stadium, Churchgate, on Friday. A total of 17 goals were scored in the two fairly exciting encounters. In the first match played in the afternoon, Mumbai Customs recovered from an early first half 01 deficit to knock the stuffing out of a young talented Sports Authority of India (SAI) by romping to a facile 5-1 victory. Alden D’Souza the livewire in the Customs forwardline scored twice, while B.K. Muthanna, Jayesh Jadhav and Deepak Yadav got one apiece to seal their win. SAI who Sports Authority India defender attempts to tackle Mumbai Customs forward who were impressive in the first half penetrates in to the box in the Super League match at the Mumbai Hockey managed get their goal from an Assoication Stadium on Friday.

Vishwanath Salian | ADC


own goal. D’Souza won the ‘man of the match’ award and a cheque of Rs 1,000. Later in the evening, defending champions Central Railway warded off a late challenge from Rashtriya Chemicals & Fertilizers (RCF) to register a fighting 7-4 win.


IN BRIEF St Xavier’s, Bhandup, Bombay International School advance

Results: Mumbai Customs 5 (B.K. Muthanna 44th min, Jayesh Jadhav 51st, Alden D’Souza 59th & 62nd, Deepak Yadav) beat Sports Authority of India 1 (own goal 15th). Central Railway 7 (Ather Mirza 19th, Devinder Walmiki 26th & 46th, Shashi Topno 35th, Harmeet Singh 38th, Ajaz Qureshi 68th, Boon D’Zouza 70th) beat Rashtriya Chemicals & Fertilizers 4 (Vijay Thapa 33rd & 42nd, Vinod Yadav 62nd, Upendra Pillay 66th).

Idar Gold: Ocean & Beyond or An Acquired Taste

5. Aventador 54.5 Nirmal Jodha 6. Nirbhaya 53 Akshay here are eight races today 7. Scalanaya 53 Shrikant Kamble and the first starts at 1.30 Win: Rosie Sunshine, Nirbhaya p.m. Cooji D. Katrak may lead in a couple of winners today. And 5. The Rose Royal Trophy for the Idar Gold Trophy either (Class I) 1400 M 3.30 P.M. Ocean & Beyond or the Acquired 1. Blue Ace 60.5 Ishwar Pardeshi Taste. 2. Master Bullet 60 S. Mosin 3. Cent Per Cent 56.5 C. S. Jodha

By Timur



1. The Live Legend Plate (Class V) 1400 M 1.30 P.M. 1. Osric 60.5 T. S. Jodha 2. Senor Hill 60.5 Akash Agarwal 3. Veena's Star 60.5 A. Sandesh 4. Augustyna 60 Bhanu Pratap Singh 5. Pepe Senior 58.5 V. Chandrakant 6. Speeding 58.5 Shrikant Kamble 7. Viva Capri 57 Nirmal Jodha 8. Wind And Rain 52.5 D. K. Ashish 9. Daredevil 51.5 A. Ashhad Asbar 10. Stella 50.5 Dashrath Singh 11. Money Strike 50 Altaf Sayyed Win: Senor Hill, Stella, Money Strike 2. The Radical Force Plate (Class II) 1000 M 2.00 P.M. 1. Emerging Star 61 Sandeep Jadhav 2. So True 56 Dashrath Singh 3. Rule Forever 52.5 C. S. Jodha 4. Dreamliner 52 A. Sandesh 5. Port Blair 50 Imran Chisty Win: Port Blair, Dreamliner

3. The Personified Plate (Class V) 2000 M 2.30 P.M. 1. Belvedere 59 A. Sandesh 2. Romantic Beauty 59 C. S. Jodha 3. Curiosity 58.5 Kavraj Singh 4. Demonic 58.5 Vikram Jodha 5. Yodha Shakti 58.5 R. Vaibhav 6. Ace Of Diamond 55.5 J. Pradeep 7. Always There 54.5 J. Chinoy 8. Arzaan 54 T. S. Jodha 9. Blue Casper 53 Bhanu Pratap Singh 10. Ashwa Yodhaa 51.5 Dashrath Singh Win: Romantic Beauty, Belvedere

4. The Consequence Plate 1200 M 3.00 P.M. 1. Cosmic Dancer 57 A. Sandesh 2. Fontainebleau 57 N. S. Parmar 3. Rosie Sunshine 57 C. S. Jodha 4. Stiletto 57 Dashrath Singh


4. Clinton 56.5 Imran Chisty 5. Okavango 55 D. K. Ashish 6. Scarlet Pimpernel 53.5 A. Sandesh 7. Invictus 52 J. Chinoy 8. Hidden Goodness 50 Dashrath Singh Win: Clinton, Scarlet Pimpernel

6. The Idar Gold Trophy 2400 M 4.00 P.M. 1. Ocean And Beyond 59 Suraj Narredu 2. An Acquired Taste 57 A. Sandesh 3. Spearhead 55 Ryan Marshall

4. Manyatta 54 D. K. Ashish 5. Angel Crown 52.5 Shrikant Kamble 6. Rodeo 52.5 C. S. Jodha Win: Ocean and Beyond, An Acquired Taste

7. The Premier Collection Plate – Div II (Class IV) 1600 M 4.30 P.M. 1. Oriental Sapphire 59 Akshay 2. Novak 57 A. Sandesh 3. Star Legacy 57 T. S. Jodha 4. Winged King 57 I. Pasha 5. Adams Spirit 56.5 R. Vaibhav 6. Seekingmagic 56.5 Shrikant Kamble 7. Monteray 55.5 Akash Agarwal 8. Star Fire Lady 55.5 S. Sunil 9. Splendid Light 54.5 V Jodha 10. Palace Girl 52.5 V. Chandrakant Win: Splendid Light, Star Legacy 8. The Macchupicchu Gold Cup (Class III) 1400 M 5.00 P.M. 1. Wings Of Glory 61.5 D. K. Ashish 2. Destined To Glory 59.5 T. S.

Jodha 3. Que Sera Sera 57.5 R. Vaibhav 4. Capri 56 S. Sameer 5. Amara 55 Dashrath Singh 6. Oriental Dawn 55 C. S. Jodha 7. Awesome Smile 54.5 Akshay 8. Theology 54.5 N. S. Parmar 9. Roger Bcool 54 Nirmal Jodha 10. Protector Of Paris 51.5 To Be Declared Later 11. Zoraavar 51.5 A. Sandesh

9. The Premier Collection Plate – Div I Class IV 1600 M 5.30 P.M. 1. Alejor 59.5 Shrikant Kamble 2. Hot Pepper 58.5 T. S. Jodha 3. Su O Moto 58.5 C. S. Jodha 4. Lavender Brown 58 A. Sandesh 5. Oriental Masti 56.5 N. S. Parmar 6. Queen's Camp 56.5 S. Sunil 7. Danse Debonaire 56 I. Pasha 8. Glorious Opinion 56 A. Ashhad Asbar 9. Knight Of Ke 55.5 J. Chinoy 10. Eye Of The Storm 55 Kavraj Singh 11. Noble Reward 54 Dashrath Singh

Southern Command Gold: Storm Tracker

4. Field Marshal Sam Maneckshaw Memorial Trophy ight races today, first starts at (Class III) 1000 M 3.20 P.M. Albuurz 59 Encore 56.5 Celsius 1.30 p.m. 55 Titleist 57.5 In The Limelight ACCEPTORS & SELECTIONS 56 Festival Night 53.5 Free Verse 57 Mountain Song 56 Capitano 1. The Rapier Plate (Class IV) 1400 M 1.30 P.M. Staying Alive 59 Guns N Roses 55.5 Brave Fighter 53 Arabian Fighter 58 Star Builder 54 Laurus 52 Win: Capitano, Festival Night Pride 51 Matter Of Heart 57.5 Zaracha 54 Sound Of River 50.5 5. The Southern Command Gold Scaramouche 57.5 Samay Trophy 1600 M 4.00 P.M. Balwan 53.5 Commander 59 Storm Tracker 56 Win: Zaracha, Star Builder Winston 51.5 Hachiko 59 Star Of Gibraltar 53 Yuville 50 Rajasthan 2. The Juventus Plate (Class III) Royals 57.5 Supreme Star 53 2400 M 2.00 P.M. Neona 56.5 Demonstrator 51.5 Woven Dreams 59 Il Moran 55 Win: Storm Tracker, Commander Antonius Maximus 50.5 Mars 57.5 Word Of Honour 55 6. The Col.Kaikhushroo Win: Antonius Maximus, Mars Maneckji Bharucha Memorial Trophy – Div I (Class IV) 1200 M 3. The September Handicap 4.30 P.M. 1600 M 2.30 P.M. Grand March 61.5 She's Sweet Morals 59 Star Of Babylon 58 57.5 Ice Pick 54 Waves Of Magic Arabian Queen 55.5 Insignia 58.5 Sindbaad 57.5 Forest Vision 60 Suntan Beauty 57.5 Minstrel Son 54 Rewarding Desire 59.5 58 Negotiator 56.5 Super Satin 57 Quando Quando Win: Forest Vision, Insignia

By Timur



54 Ice Skater 58.5 Wind Craft 56 Electra 53 Windmill Lady 58.5 Izarra 54.5 Seen It All 51.5 Negredo 57.5 Stormyday 54.5 Win: Negado, Waves of Magic

7. The Air Strike Plate 1000 M 5.00 P.M. Aeacus 56 Shaughnessy 56 Padmakosa 54.5 Copperglow 56 Star Benevolent 56 Reckless 54.5 Fabrizio 56 First Glance 54.5 Traffic Jam 54.5 Mt Tianmen 56 Fontanelle 54.5 Win: Fontanelle, Aeacus

8. The Col.Kaikhushroo Maneckji Bharucha Memorial Trophy – Div II Class IV 1200 M 5.30 P.M. Trump Card 59 Mountain Prince 56 Neptune's Ocean 55.5 Ice Skates 57 Patriotic 56 Striking Shadow 55.5 Satingo 57 Flaming Heart 55.5 Sun Hot 55 Alecto 56.5 Gottawearshades 55.5 Prince 52 Hunt For Heads 56.5 Matrioshka 55.5 Star Prince 56.5 Mountain Treasure 55.5 Win: Ice Stakes, Star Prince

Sacred Heart, Santacruz and St. Xavier's, Bandup players vie for the position of the ball during the Airtel Rising Stars in Mumbai.

MUMBAI: Hat trick by Darayl D’Silva from St Xavier’s, Bhandup led his team to victory by 3-0 against Sacred Heart, Santacruz in the Airtel Rising Stars, at the Veterinary College Hostel Ground, Parel Village, here on Friday. St Xavier’s played an attacking game from start of the match. Their striker Darayl D’Silva scored a hat trick and gave the team an easy win. In another match, two remarkable goals by Asad Kolhawala from Bombay International School helped his team to win by 3-0 against Army School. Asad Kolhawala was well supported by Rohan Das who also scored one goal for Bombay International School. Atharva Rane from DPYA, Dadar's lone goal helped his team win the match by 1-0 against Our Lady of Salvation, Dadar. Scared Heart, Worli, won the match in the penalty shootout by 6-5 against Gundhecha School. Results: St Xavier’s 3 (Darryl D’Silva 3) bt Sacred Heart, Santacruz 0; Bombay International 3 (Asad Kolhawala 2, Rohan Das 1) bt Army School 0; DPYA, Dadar 1 (Atharva Rane 1) bt Our Lady of Salvation, Dadar 0.

Carmel hammer Modern English

MUMBAI: It was goals flowing for Carmel of St. Joseph, Malad as they scored six goals to trounce IES Modern English, Dadar in the girls under 16 interschool football match held at the Azad Maidan on Friday. Anoushka Fernandes and Everly Braganza struck a brace for St. Joseph while Evelyn Rodriques and Sidhi Shirke chipped in with a goal a piece. RESULTS: Girls 16: Carmel of St. Joseph (Malad) (6) (Anoushka Fernandes 2, Everly Braganza 2, Evelyn Rodrigues 1, Sidhi Shirke 1) Beat IES Modern English (Dadar) (0). St. Lawrence (Borivali) (0) DREW WITH The Cathedral & John Connon (Fort) (0). B-14-I-B: Navy Children School (Colaba) (1) (Sanyog Tiwari 1) Beat Bombay Scottish (Mahim) (0). B-14-I-A: Don Bosco H.S. (Matunga) (1) (Cliver Millar 1) DREW WITH St. Stanislaus (Bandra) (1) (Kevin D’Souza 1).

Mahesh reaches semis of Maharashtra State PSA Open

MUMBAI: Unseeded Mahesh Mangaonkar maintained home interest in the new Maharashtra State PSA Open when he dismissed Egyptian qualifier Fares Mohamed Dessouki in four games to claim an unexpected place in the semifinals of the PSA World Tour Challenger 15 squash event, here today.


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