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38 days after his escape, ATS nabs IM terrorist Afzal Usmani from Nepal border, seeing through his modified appearance and coloured hair

By Suyash Padate

nticipating a major antincumbency factor in the forthcoming elections, the state government has made full-fledged arrangements for an image makeover with the help of professionals. Keeping its own publicity department at

By Zuber Ansari


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 Mulund cemetery in bad shape... Pg.2  MKCL short-changed students? Pg.5  Congress suffers defeat in civic elections... Pg.7 MUMBHAI

State ATS officials leading captured fugitive Afzal Usmani out of the Sewree Court, yesterday.


Vikas Sabnis

have his look changed. At around 5.00 pm, he left Dharfter having escaped from the avi with Javed and took a bus to Mumbai court premises on Surat from National Park in Borivali September 20, Indian Mu- after an hour. Both the accused took jahideen (IM) operative Afzal Mu- the Avadh Express train from Surat talib Usmani has been arrested by and via Indore, Bhopal, Jabalpur, the Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS-Ma- and others states, reached Bahraich harashtra) from a station in Nepal. District and took shelter in Tataira The 38-year-old terrorist was village were Usmani’s cousin sister caught by the ATS from the Ruped- Raziya Khatoon Nizamuddin Khan hia Railway Station at the Nepal used to stay. On October 25, the ATS got inforborder where he was trying to run away to Nepal, almost 38 days after mation that Javed Khan has been he escaped from the court prem- seen in Dharavi, following which he ises. Usmani had allegedly planned was arrested from LBS Marg in to settle with his cousin Javed Khan, Kurla and he revealed Usmani’s lowho has played a vital role in his life cation in his interrogation. According to ATS-Maharsastra in prison. On September 20, after escaping chief Rakesh Maria, “After reaching from court premises at around 2.10 his cousin’s house in Bahraich, Uspm, Usmani went to Shirwri where mani told her that he had come out he took Rs.600 from Akmal, a can- on bail, and wanted to spend his life teen owner, and reached at Azad peacefully”. After arresting Javed, “When we Nagar locality in Dharavi at around 4 pm were Javed used to stay with his family. He later visited a salon to Continued on pg 08 «

14 Khar Danda Koliwada illegal buildings already brought down By Khushboo Panjabi

D Some more explosives seized in Patna! The CDs of ‘highly explosive’ speeches by Congress and BJP leaders.

espite demolition orders by the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC), illegal structures got built by the residents of Khar West’s Danda Koliwada population in 2009. The two and three-storeyed buildings, under the ‘H’ Ward, house more than 50 koli families,

who own more than two flats elsewhere in the area, but continue to stay in these illegal buildings. A letter asking them to vacate their flats within 15 days was issued to the residents by the BMC, but they refused to obey the order. Akshay Manjrekar, Head of Buildings and Factory Association, ‘H’ Ward, said, “The demolition process started on October 26, with the consent of the residents residing there illegally.” He added, “The illegal buildings are getting demolished since the past four days and around 14 buildings have already been demolished. The demolition process will continue till all the buildings are completely demolished.


Society should never forget its military heroes: Awati

Afternoon Despatch & Courier


In 1986, Dawood Ibrahim entered into the dressing room, said ace cricketers Dilip Vengsarkar and Kapil Dev. Do you think, cricket still has underworld links? Gajanan Pattewar Entrepreneur Yes. Wherever there is money there is underworld involvement.

Siddharth Kumar Financial expert No. It is very difficult to say anything about underworld’s involvement in cricket. Over a period of time, a lot of transparency has evolved into cricket. Bhai Mirlekar Social worker Yes. When I see cricket matches, particularly the T20, I feel that everything seems stage-managed. Dasharath Pawar Student Yes. It is an open secret. Everybody knows that cricket matches are fixed, but still people watch it for hours.


By A Staff Reporter


ormer Vice Admiral M.P. Awati has castigated the people in India in general for not remembering our brave soldiers who guard our frontiers day and night, in extreme temperatures and at some of the most hostile terrains, risking their lives every moment. “It is a pity that Mumbai and most other cities do not have memorials to soldiers,” he lamented here last Friday, while addressing ‘Remember Our Soldiers’, an event organised by Mumbai-based CBD Foundation to salute our military heroes. In his forthright speech, which elicited applause, Awati said, “No psychologist I know of has ever succeeded in explaining satisfactorily the business of performing duty, unto death, if necessary. That is the difference between you and your soldier. You have to understand that difference because if you do not, then society, the country to which you belong, is a loser. Every self-respecting country honours its soldier because he is the epitome of sacrifice. If you do not respect your soldier, you cannot expect to be respected.”

Late Wing Commander Darryl Castelino’s mother, Leena Castelino, receives a framed portrait depicting him preparing for one of his helicopter sorties in Uttarakhand earlier this year.

Mulund cemetery in bad shape, BMC doesn’t care

Bhushan Joshi LIC agent No. In recent times, we do not have concrete proof that the underworld is involved in cricket. Readers wishing to participate in ‘Opinions’ may send us their name, day-time telephone number with a passport-size photograph to Your Subject line must be: opinion

VASTU TIP OF THE DAY Place crystals in room near you, rose quartz gives peace, tranquility & understanding in married life. by Dr. Prem Gupta (9820045774/9930318119,

Jude Fernandes, president of Mulund Cemetery Committee, points out to the very poor condition of the Christian cemetery at Mulund.

By Philip Varghese


ith just four days left for ‘All Soul’s Day’ – a solemn feast which will be celebrated on Saturday by lakhs of Catholics around the world commemorating all of those who have died, the residents living in and around Mulund are unhappy with the lackadaisical attitude of the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) vis-à-vis the poor condition of the Christian cemetery at Mulund. According to the residents and church-goers from the locality, they have written several letters to BMC’s T-Ward office, in vain. “Our main issue has been the overgrown weeds

in and around the graves which have become breeding places for dangerous reptiles like snakes. This poses a great risk to the mourners which include women and children, who will visit this place on Saturday on All Soul’s Day,” said Jude Fernandes, president of Mulund Cemetery Committee. Fernandes further added, “This cemetery is short-staffed which is one of the main reasons why this cemetery is not maintained well. There is a need for servicing of the shutters of the cemetery’s prayer hall and construction of niches and bone well.” Fernandes said that over 765 people are buried in this cemetery

and, “The relatives of almost half of those buried are expected here every year during this solemn day. It will be a difficult task for these mourners to walk through the overgrown 8-feet tall weeds around the grave. The approach road is in a bad shape. Vehicles like auto rickshaws/ taxis refuse to ply on this stretch which makes the road from Tata Colony end inaccessible. Further, there are no streetlights along the approach road and also inside the cemetery. This causes restriction of movement particularly in the evenings and nights, both for the mourners and for the workers at the cemetery.” Fernandes said that the mem-

bers of the committee, this weekend, have started cleaning up the entire place. “We have written enough letters to the BMC. So we are personally spending money and have hired JCBs and workers for cleaning the place. It would be an embarrassment if the condition of the cemetery is bad next Saturday.” When asked, Chanda Jadhav, Assistant Municipal Commissioner, T-ward about poor condition of Mulund Cemetery, she said, “I have already given directions to my officers to clean up the cemetery. I will surely check why they haven’t done the work yet.”

Afternoon Despatch & Courier



Living entrees!

WE don’t know whether the foodheads who trudge this city, looking in particular for delectable seafood joints, are still into ‘basa’ or not. We just know that we are, but we were thinking more of the long, frozen filets available in bigger outlets and that caused enough excitement last year for recipe sections to be dedicated to them! And recently, thanks to Sunder,

slightly and turn brown. For those who are interested in such details, the basa fish, Pangasius bocourti, is a type of catfish in the family Pangasiidae. Basa are native to the Mekong River Delta in Vietnam and Chao Phraya basin in Thailand. There is a bit of controversy about the fish if you Google the net for details, some saying that the waters it inhabits are polluted. To these people, all we can say is, “Seen the waters where our Bombay Duck is caught?”


Serious business!

On Sunday, hordes of kids were at Phoenix Mills, there to take part in a gigantic Lego project, building a train using 182,000 individual bricks. The completed structure, which actually took around three days, was 14 feet long. Apart from the participants having a good time, they also got a chance to interact and learn the ‘art of creating’ from the LEGO master builders who were especially present at the occasion to provide a helping hand.

Ten best Bombay brands

The temptation is too much so we give in. That is Sundar on the right, with the basa on his left, and may his customers enjoy every filet.

the indefatigable maitre d’ at the well-known Mahesh Lunch Home, we practically met one face to face. Frequent visitors to the eatery will be familiar with Sunder’s usual tactics of waiting till you have placed your order, then marching up to your table with live or just dead fresh specimens of your entrée. The last time he did this to us was when we ordered the jumbo prawns, and he also brought out a lobster that looked big enough to take over the restaurant and drag us down into the sea. And because he had nabbed us going to another restaurant in the area that specialises in grilled basa, he has been determined to do the dirty on us in this area as well. Well, almost. For being unable to walk out of Mahesh, cross the road, come up three flights of stairs and walk into our office, basa in hand, he made do with a picture. Take a look, a more unprepossessing specimen it would be hard to imagine, but we shall try to put the sight out of our minds and concentrate upon the firm, fleshy filets, rubbed with lemon juice and salt, drizzled with olive oil and sprinkled with chili flakes, then grilled slowly on a flame till the flesh begins to sizzle

IT all started with CNN Travel compiling its list of ten best Mumbai brands, some of them going back a century or more. Amy Wafers, said CNN, Parsi Dairy Kulfi, Muchhad Pan Walla’s pan, Aarey Milk Centre’s Energee (It’s Tasteee!), Chunilal Mulchand and Bombay Dyeing for fabrics, Joy Shoes, Charagh Din Shirts, Hamilton Studio for passport

photos, Chimanlal’s Stationary, Furtado Music. Some of them we concurred with heartily, others we would give a miss and a disbelieving sniff. More important, that list set us off on our own, and as we sent the piece out to friends, the list is growing. So far we have added Paradise fish filet rolls, Ok Wafers, Lucky biryani, Kayani’s bun maska, Merwan’s mawa cakes, Sarvi’s

seekhs, K. Rustom ice cream. As you can see the list has quickly and overwhelmingly become all about food! But it is far from over, and those who would like to add to this list of what makes a Bombay brand, are welcome to do so. Just send it in to and we shall publish it, complete with name. Why ten, why not 100 or even better, 1,000 brands! Pic: Raju Vernekar

Ushering in a new year

HOPEFULLY Diwali will be a little better than the subdued celebrations that were observed this year for Dussehra or even Bakri Id. Let’s face, it, even Ganesh Chaturthi reported a reduction in numbers of people out on the streets early last month. It is as if people, having weathered the great storms that battered them throughout the year before, are too tired any longer to put up a fight – against soaring expenses and general pessimism. But Diwali promises to sweep away the sense of dislocation and already, we observe with pleasure, the lights have gone on at Lokhandwala in Andheri, transforming the whole locality into a veritable fairyland. Elsewhere too, particularly along Linking Road and Turner Road at Bandra, the jewellery shops are ablaze. And there are signs of a cautious return to the old energy that marks out this city for its own. It looks like it’s going to be a good year after all!

Lokhandwala all lit up, hopefully some place to go.



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MKCL short-changed students?

Afternoon Despatch & Courier


Govt. auditor’s report states that MKCL online is ignoring its duties as committed in the MOU Pic for representational purposes only

By Yatin Ingle


hile the Mumbai university (MU) is trying its best to grab admissions and resolve the issues brought out in its online admissions portal, the

EXCLUSIVE government auditor’s report states that the website is not fulfilling its duties and depriving the students. The ADC got hold of the government auditor’s report for the Maharashtra Knowledge Commissions Limited (MKCL) stating that the por-

tal is ignoring the duties it has to provide as per the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) undersigned by MU and MKCL. On June 19, 2006, the ministry of Higher and Technical Education of Maharashtra had brought out a Government Resolution (GR) stating that students should be provided with the ‘E-Suvidha’ schemes (online facilities). Under this scheme each student will be required to pay a charge of Rs.50. Soon, in the same year, MU had entered into a MOU with the MKCL for implementation of provisions as per the GR which states that the entire amount

collected as ‘E-Suvidha’ charges from students should be remitted to MKCL by the

Issue over fence construction demands Housing Minister’s intervention By A Staff Reporter


ension is escalating between the Goregaon Gaondevi cooperative housing society and Galaxy Height Tower housing society in Goregaon, over the construction of a fence between the two societies. So much so that Housing Minister Sachin Ahir intervened on Friday before the issue would jeopardise law and order problem in the locality. A delegation from Gaon-

settlers on the land, while Galaxy Heights represents the sale building of the project. Mohan Kate, president of Gaondevi CHS said, “We, residents of the slum, entered into a contract with the builder to develop the area. There are 18 points in the agreement including one appendix with another 65 points regarding facilities to be provided by the builder.” Kate said, “The builder did not fulfill 19 points mentioned in the agreement. And

The ‘contentious’ fence being constructed between the two buildings. devi CHS went to meet the minister on Friday morning. After listening to their grievances, Ahir directed them to meet the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Slum Rehabilitation Authority (SRA) in Bandra East to bring about a legal solution to their grievances. Gaondevi CHS tenant building and Galaxy Height Tower were built by M/s M.R. Shelters in partnership with Mehafuz Khan and Meena Panchal in 2002, on a slum in Goregaon under SRA policy. Gaondevi houses the original

once the sale building was complete, the builder did not pay heed to our complaints”. Sanjay Mane, a resident of the SRA building, complained that construction work of the tower in which they live is of poor quality and several rooms had leaks during monsoon. He said, “Engineer Shashank Mehendale who carried out a structural audit of the building also suggested some correction and repairs of the structure of the building.” The building is about ten years old.



All residents of the SRA building had opposed the construction of a wall that divides Gaondevi CHS and Galaxy Height Tower. However, there exists a written agreement between the Gaondevi CHS and builder on this matter, though the SRA building residents declare a second agreement made the first null and void. In the second agreement addressed to the M/s M.R. Shelter, residents had said they were giving a No Objection Certificate (NOC) to the builder in the matter of building a dividing walls because he had agreed to pay Rs.23,14,767 to Gaondevi CHS for repairs. When he allegedly failed to pay this amount, the residents said they sent him a second letter to scrap the NOC. Barudar Aziz Abdul Karim, former municipal councillor and one of the builders said, “A final agreement made was in the presence of Sena MLAs and a Congress councilor. As part of the agreement, we have paid Rs.5 lakh by cheque which was cleared to their account. We gave another cheque which I don’t know was cleared or not”. He added, “We also carried out repair work worth Rs.12.5 lakh. We have been paying their maintenance, repair of lift, etc. Still these people are not happy and go on complaining”. On their part, the tower residents insist that those living in Galaxy Heights are being favoured by everyone, from the police who allegedly gave them protection while building the wall, to the MLAs and Councilors and the bureaucrats in the SRA who give them short shrift in the matter of their complaints.

“The varsity comprises of all the technology to carry out ‘E-Suvidha’ scheme for its students, then why should MU use an outsourced portal? Even after paying crores of rupees, if we are not getting the necessary facilities, then it’s waste of money. MU should strictly stop outsourcing and wasting money of the students.” According to the report, since the year 2006, MKCL has got Rs.3,41,31,966 from the ‘E-Suvidha’ facility it has been providing to the varsity. The report concludes that even after six years of signing varsity. As per the provisions in the the MOU and payment of initial phase of the scheme Rs.3.41 crore to MKCL, the MKCL had to provide Infor- students of MU, affiliated colmation services/ Transaction leges and institutes are still services, Administrative and deprived of the benefits of ‘ESuvidha’ and the objectives of Facilitation services to the students admitted in the project to save time and affiliated colleges and insti- costs to students remain untutes. After the auditor’s re- fulfilled. The ADC, when spoke to port was produced, it was shocking to know that the Dr Naresh Chandra, Pro Vice MKCL had not been perform- Chancellor, MU, who says ing its duties, except to that of “This issue was also taken by collecting the processing fees the MU during the senate and carrying out the admis- meeting and the varsity is already in the process of resolvsions of the students. Sanjay Vairal, senator ing the issues and it will be member, MU, told the ADC, done as soon as possible”

Facilities not provided by MKCL 

There is no facility for online application for reassessment, retotalling, convocation and migration Admit card for exams are being prepared by the university and handed over to the students manually till date Examination forms have partially been processed by MKCL since the year 20112012 only There is no Digital University cell, call centre in the university premises till date The MOU between MU and MKCL does not specify any timeframe for implementation of the project The ‘E-Suvidha’ charges of Rs.50 are collected by the colleges and remitted to the University which in turn releases it to MKCL.

06 CHANGE OF NAME I have changed my name from Asiya Bano to Asia Khatoon as per Affidavit C-21162 I have changed my name from Mohammed Aadil to Aadil Mohammed Arshad Shaikh as per Affidavit C-21163 I have changed my name from Jagadeesh Pandurang Sunke to Jagdish Pandurang Sunke as per Affidavit C-21164 I have changed my name from Shakuntala Kamath to Mithila Kamath as per Affidavit C-21165 I Mrs. Swaran Kaur Dhooper have changed my grand son’s name from Roshan Deep Matharu to Roshandeep Singh Ghotra as per Affidavit C-21166 I have changed my name from Girish Anant Kale to Girish Anand Kale as per Affidavit C-21167 I have changed my name from Anant Baburao Kael to Anand Baburao Kale as per Affidavit C-21168 I have changed my name from Farrokh Ahmed Khatri to Farooque Ahmed KhatrI as per Affidavit C-21169 I have changed my name from Mohammad Farooque Sameeullah to Mohammed Farooque Sameeullah Shaikh as per Affidavit. C-21170 I have changed my name from Munib Ahmed Shakeel Shaikh to Munib Ahmed Mohammed Shakeel Shaikh as per Affidavit. C-21171 I have changed my name from Shouri Arti Shivkumar to Kashish Manish Bhatia as per Affidavit. C-21172 I have changed my name from Roshin Varghese Melethu to Roshin Varghese as per Affidavit. C-21173 I have changed my name from Achamma Varghese to Omana Varghese as per Affidavit. C-21174 I have changed my name from Sunil Yetu Daunde to Sunil Yetu Davande as per Affidavit. C-21175 I have changed my name from Veena Vasudevan to Veena Vasudevan Iyer as per Affidavit. C-21176

Afternoon Despatch & Courier

CLASSIFIEDS I have changed my name from Bablu Kanayyalal Sadak to Babloo Kanayyalal Saduka as per Affidavit. C-21180

I have changed my name from Makhija Jaya Laxmandas to Makhija Jaya Lachhman as per Affidavit. C-21198

I have changed my name from Mohit Bablu Sadak to Mohit Babloo Saduka as per Affidavit. C-21181

I have changed my name from Nagpal Maheshlal Rawaldas to Nagpal Mahesh Rawaldas as per Affidavit. C-21199

I have changed my name from Shahezad to Mohammad Shahzad Mohammad Abbas Khan as per Affidavit. C-21182

I have changed my name from Shasheekant Bajpai to Shashikant Bajpai as per Affidavit. C-21200

I have changed my name from Hayat Pasha Abdul Hakim to Shahnawaz Abdul Hakim Momin as per Affidavit. C-21183

I have changed my name from Anuradha Prakash Sawant to Samita Sanjay Redkar as per Affidavit. C-21201

I have changed my name from Afjal Alli to Afzal Ali Abdul Majeed Momin as per Affidavit. C-21184

I have changed my name from Asmabai Akbarali Masalawala to Asmabai Akbarali Mandasorwala as per Affidavit. C-21202

I have changed my name from Abdul Majid Sheikh to Abdul Majeed Momin as per Affidavit. C-21185 I have changed my name from Gufran Ahmad to Gufran Ahmad Shaikh as per Affidavit. C-21186

I have changed my name from Babulal Tapadia to Babulal Taparia as per Affidavit. C-21204 I have changed my name from Darji Nilesh Anilkumar to Darji Nilesh Anilbhai as per Affidavit. C-21205

I have changed my name from Soni Miteshkumar Pankajkumar to Soni Mitesh Pankajkumar as per Affidavit. C-21188

I have changed my name from Manikchandra Jaiswal to Manikchand Jaiswal as per Affidavit. C-21206

I have changed my name from Raji Bhagwan Solanki to Rajee Bhagwan Solanki as per Affidavit. C-21189

I have changed my name from Natvarlal Kalidas Bhagadia to Natwarlal Kalidas Bhagadia as per Affidavit. C-21207

I have changed my name from Mubarak Ahmed to Mukhtar Ahmed Shasikh as per Affidavit dated 28/10/2013. C-21190

I have changed my name from Barot Kantaben Zaverbhai to Minakshi Natwarlal Bhagadia as per Affidavit. C-21208

I have changed my name from Nasimbano Abdul Rahiman to Naseem Bano Mohammed Nadim Shaikh as per Affidavit dated 28/10/2013. C-21191

I have changed my name from Shaheda Vali Mohammed Kapadia to Shaheda Moosa Adenwala as per Affidavit. C-21209

I have changed my name from Divakar Swaminathan Ayer to Mittur Swaminathan Diwakar as per Affidavit. C-21193 I have changed my name from Aditya Divakar Ayer to Aditya Diwakar as per Affidavit. C-21194

I have changed my name from Anand Layappa Medidar to Ananda Layappa Medidar as per Affidavit. C-21177

I have changed my name from Vidya Divakar Ayer to Padma Diwakar as per Affidavit. C-21195

I have changed my name from Steffy Augustin to Steffy Augustin Makarappilly as per Affidavit. C-21178

I have changed my name from Devibai Arjun Rathod to Devi Arjun Rathod as per Affidavit. C-21196

I have changed my name from Augustin to Augustin Makarappilly as per Affidavit. C-21179

I have changed my name from Makhija Laxmandas to Makhija LaChhman as per Affidavit. C-21197


I have changed my name from Vijaykumar Tapadia to Vijay Taparia as per Affidavit. C-21203

I have changed my name from Soni Jullyben Miteshkumar to Soni Jully Mitesh as per Affidavit. C-21187

I have changed my name from Mohammed Shoheb Sayed to Shoheb Mohammed Sayed as per Affidavit dated 28/10/2013. C-21192


UMRALE KAJAL CO-OP HSG. SOC. LTD. Samel Pada, Nalasopara (W) ,Tal-Vasai , Dist-Thane

DEEMED CONVEYANCE PUBLIC NOTICE Notice is hereby given that the above Society has applied to this office for declaration of Deemed Conveyance of the following properties. The next hearing is kept on 12/11 /2013 at 11.30 p.m. Those who have interest in the said property may submit their say at the time of hearing at the venue mentioned below. Failure to submit any say it shall be presumed that nobody has any objection and further action will be taken. DESCRIPTION OF THE PROPERTY: Mauje: Samel, Nalasopara, Tal-Vasai, Dist-Thane. Survey No. 50 (old),/ 50 (New)

Hissa No.



710+ 1210 = 1920.00

Place: Vardhavat Mansion, 1st Floor, Shivaji Path, Thane (W). Date: 28/10/2013.

(Nitin Kale) Competent Authority & District Dy. Registrar, Co-op. Societies, Thane.

I have changed my name from Mr. Soheb Hakim Shaikh to Mr. Shoeb Abdul Hakim Shaikh as per Affidavit. C-21210 I have changed my name from Mr. Hakim Jaifulla Shaikh to Mr. Abdul Hakim Jaifulla Shaikh as per Affidavit. C-21211 I have changed my name from Miss. Saira Binte Moosa Momin to Mrs. Saira Salim Momin as per Affidavit. C-21212



                 !        "  #$%%& '  #()&*)#*   +    + ,      +  - "        .       !  / 0       


(Chief Engineer, Planning and Design) Ch. E/PD/009962/II Dtd. 24-10-2013

SHORT e-TENDER NOTICE Department: Sub-Section: Bid No. Subject:

Sale of e-Tender: Website: Contact Officer: a) Name: b) Mobile No.: c) e-mail ID:

Chief Engineer, Planning & Design Dy. Chief Engineer (City) 7100023552 Reconstruction of Elevated Services Reservoir (E.S.R.) at Shree Rajashree Shahu Nagar, Dharavi, G/North Ward From 29-10-2013, 11.00 Hours To 8-11-2013 up to 12.00 Hours Shri Sumit Shridhar Padwal, Sub-Engineer (P&D) 9892334321 Sd/Dy. Ch.E. (P&D) City

PRO/955/ADV/2013 Fever? Act now, see your doctor for correct & complete treatment

Congress suffers defeat in civic polls

Afternoon Despatch & Courier



MBMC gives wings to MPSC dreams Corporation ropes in study centre to groom students aspiring to clear competitive exams.

By Prashant Hamine


ven as the Congress gears up for the crucial 2014 Lok Sabha polls, it has suffered a major defeat yesterday in the elections to the Municipal Councils of Loha (Nanded district) and Ner-Nabapur (Yavatmal district), both its traditional strongholds. The Loha council falls in the traditional stronghold of former chief minister Ashok Chavan, while the Ner-Nabapur council falls in the stronghold of MPCC president Manikrao Thakare. The Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) has surprised everybody by winning the Loha civic body, while the Shiv Sena has won the NerNabapur civic body. In the 17-member Loha municipal council, the MNS has bagged nine seats, while the Congress has bagged eight. However the Congress did improve its tally from six seats in 2007 to eight seats in the elections held yesterday, whereas in the 18 member Ner-Nabapur municipal council, the Sena won nine seats, the Congress three, the NCP four and the Independents two. The election to the Loha civic body was in the news as the Congress and Ashok Chavan had put all their might into the election cam-

Ashok Chavan

Manikrao Thakare

paign. For the first time, Chavan shared the dais with Amit Deshmukh, the son of his late arch rival Vilasrao Deshmukh during the election campaign rallies. This loss is also a matter of concern for the NCP as its sitting MLA Shankaranna Dhondge represents the Loha assembly segment. The Ner-Nabapur civic body comes under the Yavatmal district which is the native district of MPCC president Manikrao Thakare. For

Thakare who is looking to impress the party bosses with an impressive show in the run up to the Lok Sabha elections appears to have stumbled at the first hurdle. The Yavatmal region has been the traditional stronghold of the Congress. The Sena here improved its tally from four seats to nine seats this time around. But the elections also serve as a wake up call for the NCP and the BJP which have virtually no electoral presence in both regions.

Assistant medical officer of a BMC-run health post to go on indefinite hunger strike from today


ired of being denied salary since three months, Dr. Rahul Ghule, Assistant Medical Officer of the BMC-run health post at Nana Chowk in D ward, is planning to go on an indefinite hunger strike from today (Oct. 29, 2013) at Azad Maidan. Allegedly, according to Dr. Ghule, it is the new medical health officer at the health post Dr. Banavalikar, who is the cause of his woes. Speaking about what prompted him to take such a decision, Ghule who is from Latur said, “I have been working at this health post for the past three years and I never faced any problems. The new medical health officer Dr. Banavalikar has been harassing me for quite some time now but since August my troubles have increased. I had been to my village in August for a short holiday but my grandmother passed away while I was there and so my stay had to be extended. I did inform the health post about this incident and my

By Suresh Golani

well in competitive exams. Most of them come from the lower middle tudents living in the Mira- class and despite having talent Bhayandar region who aspire to don’t fare well in competitive appear for competitive examina- exams because of a lack of guidtions, but cannot afford to enroll ance. Once the MBMC starts guidfor professional guidance, have a ing them with help of the Study reason to smile. The Mira-Bhayan- Circle, these students will defidar Municipal Corporation nitely make a mark in exams”, Said (MBMC) has decided to encourage Pereira. Apart from providing books at and groom bright, underprivileged students to participate in the com- civic libraries, a dedicated profespetitive exams conducted by the sional exam guidance centre will Maharashtra Public Service Com- provide coaching to students at concessional rates to help them mission (MPSC). The civic body has tied up with crack the entrance exams. “Early the reputed Study Circle Career training will help these students Development Institute (SCCDI) to groom their confidence and logical prepare aspiring youth to enter the thinking, thereby helping them to civil services. This was announced attain success in their lives,” said by Mayor Catlin Pereira, at the civic chief, Bharat Shitole. In the first phase, the MBMC main administrative building of the MBMC, in the presence of the plans to introduce MPSC courses deputy municipal commissioner, including the PSI-STI (Assistant Dr. Sambhaji Panpatte and NCP Foundation Course), Bank PO and corporators Dhruvkishore Patil Clerical Batch, Basic Preparatory and Suresh Khandelwal. “We want Course, Basic Foundation Course to encourage students to perform and Light House Course.


Denied salary for three months By Shwetha Kannan


extended leave. But when I returned after 29 days, Banavalikar refused to look at my papers. After that, she has also not registered my attendance at work. As a result, despite working at the health post I have not received my salary for the past three months. It is becoming difficult to manage without money. My salary is Rs. 50,000 per month. All my efforts to get the issues sorted out are in vain as Banavalikar isn’t ready to co-operate. So, I decided to go on a hunger strike till justice is done.” Ghule also added, “It is not only me, but several of my colleagues are unhappy with Banavalikar. Around 40 of them have applied for a transfer from this health post.” On being contacted, Banavalikar said, “He was absent, that’s why he wasn’t paid his salary. Anyway, I have no authority on this. Everything has been forwarded and everything happens at the headquarters.”

HONOURED…For service beyond the call of duty

IGM staff strike for salaries By Anil Vishwakarma


he doctors and staff of the IGM (Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital) went on a one day strike in front of the hospital building on Monday, demanding their salaries which they have not received since the last two months. The IGM hospital consists of 44 staff members including doctors, nurses and other staff. The hospital was run by the Municipal Corporation of Bhiwandi after the State Government declared it a sub-district hospital on October 29, 2011. At the time, only two doctors, eight ward boys and one accountant were employed in the hospital.When the State Government failed to pay them their salaries, an agreement was reached between the civic body and the state according to which the salaries of the employees would be borne by the former. The IGM employees have not received their salaries for the months of August and September and there is now a tussle between the staff and the government about the organisation responsible. When contacted, Donde Shashikant Ramarao, Assistant Superintendent, IGM Hospital says, “Only a few staff have not been paid their salaries and we have demanded the amount from the corporation.” Bhiwandi Municipal Commissioner, Jivan Sonawane says, “We had given a letter to the state government about the non-payment of salaries two months ago.”

Prabodh Mehta, Trustee, Lilavati Hospital (extreme right) being felicitated by the prestigious International Jain Doctors Federation. Another trustee, Chetan Mehta, was also honoured at the NSCI, Worli, Mumbai. This was on account of their being Trustees of one of the leading hospitals of Mumbai owned by the Jain community. More than 2,000 hospitals competed for the award.

Mob attacks Kidnapped and killed? Vanrai police M


Afternoon Despatch & Courier



By Kainaz Choksey

Violence erupts after police send body of theft suspect for postmortem without informing his family By Zuber Ansari

Salve complained of uneasiness while the process of formally arigh drama erupted at the Van- resting him was underway and rai police station on Monday was taken to the hospital where he evening after family members of a was declared dead before admistheft suspect, who died in custody, sion. The police are treating the gathered outside the police station case as a custodial death. Police officers said that at alleging that their kin had died due around 11.30am, a group of peoto police torture. The police officers had to resort ple, including 20 to 30 women, to a lathi-charge when 30 to 40 gathered near the police station persons, including women, turned and began protesting, alleging that violent and began ransacking the Salve was beaten to death. When the police officers tried to calm station house premises. According to the Vanrai police, a them down, the group marched woman police sub inspector suf- into the police station and asfered injuries on her eye while the saulted the cops with sticks and senior police inspector and assis- ransacked the premises. “At 2 pm, tant police commissioner of the the crowd turned violent and we area were also hurt during the had to call in for help from the other police stations. The DCP, scuffle. The family members of the who was conducting a press conManoj Salve (22) gathered outside ference at Kurar police station, the police station after the police also rushed to the spot,” said a poallegedly sent his body for post lice officer from the Vanrai police mortem without informing them station. “We had to resort to a mild lathi about his death. Salve and Prakash Chavan (23), charge to restrain the crowd when were caught by security guards at it did not calm down and instead the Nesco Exhibition Ground in assaulted the policemen and Goregaon (East) while trying to women. In the scuffle, a few police steal bags and valuables from visi- officers, including a woman police tors attending an exhibition at the sub inspector, suffered injuries,” ground on Saturday evening. They said Uttam Khairode, ACP of the were allegedly assaulted by the area. The police have arrested several guards and then taken to the Vanrai police station, where the police persons for rioting and assault. started questioning them before “We are investigating the case,” said Khairmode. placing them under arrest.


Atul Bipin Shah and Rajesh Kapadia, who run an export-import business ohanlal Shankar Sharma of jewellery, but only for namesake. (38) has been missing from They are actually hawala operators his home in Bhayandar who have been operating from since July 12, 2013.His family alleges Dubai and sending money to Pakthat he has gone missing since the istan.” The Sharma’s belong to a poor day he was asked by his employers, who allegedly run a hawala racket in family, and Mohanlal had applied for Dubai, to meet them in Thane. They a job in Dubai, where he worked for allege that they too were tortured his employers for about four and a and warned that Mohanlal would be half years. According to Bhavani Shankar, killed if he kept asking for his dues to be claered. The family members state “My brother was not paid a single that Mohanlal was told by his em- penny. When he aksed them to pay ployers to meet them at a certain his dues worth Rs.25 lakhs, Mohanlal place in Thane where they would was told by his employers that the amount would be sent to his family clear his dues worth Rs.15,21,000. Bhavani Shankar Sharma (46), the in Hyderabad.” After knowing that elder brother of Mohanlal, who is the the money was not reaching his wife complainant in this case, alleges, and his three children in Hyderabad, “Mohanlal has been kidnapped by Mohanlal came back to his home in his employers Sunil Jaju, Atul Tejpal, Bhayander, where he used to stay

with his two brothers earlier. “I was forcefully taken to BandraKurla Complex from my home in Bhayander, and was pressurized to get my brother to join work with them again,” said Pawan Sharma (44), another brother of Mohanlal. “I was taken to Rajasthan and pressurized to tell my brother not to claim his dues from them. On July 2, all the 3 brothers had a meeting with Atul Tejpal, Sunil Jaju and Rajesh Jawar (an associate in the export-import business) and it was agreed that Rs.15,21,000 would be paid as dues to Mohanlal,” said Bhavani Shankar. “My brother does not even have a mobile phone. He was asked to meet someone in Thane on July 10 where the money would be delivered to him. Since then he has gone missing.” A case has been registered at Bhayandar police station.

KNOW YOUR ONIONS: The price of onions has been skyrocketing over the last few months, and has now put this essential vegetable out of the reach of the common man. On Sunday, BJP leader Kirit Somaiya opened ‘onion centers’ at Vikhroli and Ghatkopar to provide onions at a cheaper price to locals. While onions were retailing at between Rs.60-80 across the city, they were being sold for Rs.35 per kg at these centres.

State govt to hire private PR firms to uplift its image Drug addict found dead in Dharavi Continued from pg 1 «

power tariff. To help mend the stained and messy image against this shaky backdrop, the government has debay, the government is all set to hire public relations cided to hire PR and media agencies. Speaking to ADC on the condition of anonymity, a and media agencies for this vital task. The Congress-NCP alliance is under fire from all sides senior bureaucrat in the Mantralaya said, “The governover various scams. The multi-crore irrigation scam, ment has decided to make an initial provision of Rs.5 Adarsh housing society scam and its inquiry report, ir- crore for this work. This amount will be increased at a regularities in fodder supply during the drought in var- later stage. Eight agencies, including Adfactors, Goldious districts and the most shocking alleged scam in the mine, Paramin, Astral, Crayons, Kautilya marketing sale of sick co-operative sugar factories has virtually consultants & agency and Paam were contacted by the forced the government on the back foot. The govern- government. In the first meeting they were briefed ment is also at the receiving end on the issue of rising about the government’s publicity and public relations campaign. All these agencies have been asked to come up with a comprehensive presentation before Diwali”. “This particular media campaign will focus on advertisements, periodical write-ups by experts on current topics, story-based articles on various pro-development and pro-people programmes”, the Continued from pg 1 « bureaucrat added. Significantly, the selected media and public relations reached Tataira village to nab Usmani, we relaised that he had left the village around two days before we firm will also have to take up the responsibility of issureached there, but villagers revealed that he had been ing clarifications on behalf of the government on reto Rupedhia which is closer to Nepal border”, Maria ports appearing in print and TV media with improper facts, reliable sources in the CM office informed. added. The government move has come as an embarrassUsmani had changed his identity and made bogus documents in the name of Wasim Sattar Khan, which ment for the officials and staff members of the pubwas revealed from the documents seized from his pos- licity department. One of the official said that this session. He had even lost weight and coloured his hair, won’t make much difference to them as they will get their full salaries as per the sixth pay commission. Maria informed. “On the direction of State DGP and Commissioner “But this is some sort of disgrace for us. The governof Police-Mumbai, further investigation has been ment has indirectly questioned our competence. handed over to us, and now we will investigate his es- There is no resentment about this decision but we are hurt”, the official said. cape case”, Maria said.

Usmani nabbed!

By A Staff Reporter

informed by people in the neighbourhood that my brother was ohammed Rafiq Sheikh (32) lying unconscious near the WIT was found dead in Dharavi compound. Mohammed was immediately near the WIT compound yesterday. According to the Shahu Nagar admitted to Sion hospital where he Police, he was beaten with a succumbed to his injuries. According to Senior PI Babaji wooden stick by an unknown perPandharinath Aavhad, Shahu Nagar son on Monday morning. Hussain Sheikh, the brother of police station: “The deceased is a the victim said, “My brother left the drug addict. A case has been regishouse to meet his friends on Sun- tered under Section 307 (Attempt to day night. When he did not come murder) of the Indian Penal Code. We are investigating the matter.” back till 3 am, we got worried. On Monday morning, we were


Man flings acid on minor girl By Suresh Golani


n a horrific incident, an unidentified person flung acid on a 14year-old girl near her tenement in the Vijay Nagar area of Nalasopara (East) at about 7 p.m. on Sunday. The girl, a Std IX student of a private school in Nalasopara, was studying near her house when an unidentified person flung acid on her and fled. The girl was rushed to

a nearby hospital, where her condition is said to be stable. As there was load shedding in the area, the girl was studying under a powercharged night lamp; the assailant took advantage of the darkness to carry out the attack and flee. A case under sections 336 and 436 of the IPC, has been registered against unidentified accused. API Dhananjay Jagdale is investigating the case.

Maha ATS team to visit Patna ACP admits to to investigate serial blasts killing stepson

Afternoon Despatch & Courier

Azad Shrivastav | ADC


By Zuber Ansari


team of the Maharashtra Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) is scheduled to visit the sites of the serial bomb blast in Patna to collect samples and analyse the evidence recovered by the local police as well as the Patna ATS. Talking to media persons, State ATS Chief Rakesh Maria said, “A team of officers will visit the spots in Patna where six serial blasts took place and analyse what technique has been used to place and detonate the bombs as well as speak to those who have been caught and find out if they have any links with earlier blast cases.” The infamous terrorist Afzal Usmani who has been arrested from the Nepal border after escaping from a Mumbai court, is being interrogated in connection with the blasts. According to sources, Usmani spent most of his time in Bahraich, around 200 km from Lucknow. Coincidentally, he was arrested from the Nepal border on the same day of the Patna blasts. However, Maria has ruled out a direct or indirect link between Usmani and the blasts, until he has interrogated him completely and found sufficient evidence. Meanwhile, Tehseen Akhtar, known as the right

Maharashtra ATS chief Rakesh Maria speaking to mediapersons, yesterday. hand of arrested Indian Mujahideen (IM) terrorist Yasin Bhatkal, is apparently the man who led the team of terrorists in carrying out the explosions. This was confirmed after initial investigations suggested the involvement of the IM in the blasts based on the

modus operandi and the choice of low-intensity explosions. The National Investigating Agency (NIA) has taken over the probe into the eight blasts that took place between 9.30 am and 12.25 pm that has left six dead and around 100 injured.

Tens of thousands of people had gathered at Gandhi Maidan to hear the BJP's prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi, who proceeded with his address as per schedule even as plumes of smoke billowed from a couple of explosion sites.

Woman raped by employer in Kurla Sion Hospital’s private security guard is raped at knife point; Nehru Nagar police register FIR, but have yet to arrest the accused By Tariq Khan


he Nehru Nagar police booked Aftab Mohd Ali Surve (43) alias Pathan for allegedly raping a 30-year-old female private security guard currently employed at Sion Hospital and Reshma Mohd Gulzar Shaikh (31) for aiding the accused. The police registered a case against Aftab and Reshma under sections 376 (rape), 354 (A) (molestation) and 506 Part II (criminal intimidation) and 34 (common intention) of the IPC. The FIR was lodged on October 25. According to the victim’s statement to the police, ever since she lodged several NCs against her alcoholic husband for beating and abusing her, she stayed at her mother’s residence with her 10-yearold daughter and three-year-old son at Thakkar Bappa Colony in Kurla (east). The accused Aftab owned Shop No. 3 at Vijay Co-operative Society in Kurla (East), which is next to victim’s mother’s residence. The second accused Reshma lived on a rental basis at one of the premises of Aftab’s shop. As the victim needed a job to feed her children, she approached Reshma in April



The rape accused, Aftab Surve. 2012. Reshma advised the victim to take up a housemaid’s job at Aftab’s residence and told her that since he has good connections with police officials, she need not fear her alcoholic husband either. Believing Reshma, the 30-year-old woman agreed and on her third day into the job, Aftab threatened the victim at knife point and told her to undress and eventually raped her while his wife and children were away.

After the act, he offered Rs.2000 to the victim and threatened her not to reveal the incident to anyone. He warned of implicating her in false cases if she revealed the incident. Then onwards Aftab pestered her for sex, alleged the victim in her statement to the police. Finally, she decided to register a case against Aftab at the Nehru Nagar police station. The victim shot off a letter to the ACP, DCP, additional CP and Commissioner of Police. Finally the Nehru Nagar police booked both the accused under various sections of the IPC. Suresh Bhavar, senior police inspector at Nehru Nagar police station said, “On the basis of the victim’s statement, we have registered a case against the accused. The victim has been sent to the Nagpada police hospital for medical examination and we are awaiting the reports. The accused has not been arrested yet as our investigation is on”. While speaking to ADC, the victim said, “Fearing my life and the future of my children, I left my alcoholic husband. Reshma introduced me to Aftab since I wanted a job. But Aftab turned out to be a monster. The police has still not arrested him and I am feeling helpless”.

By Neel Shah


he accused Assistant Commissioner of Police (Security and Protection) Shivaji Naravane arrested for killing his stepson Rohan Jodage (26) confessed to his crime on Sunday. During an interrogation by sleuths from the Tilak Nagar police station, the ACP confessed to his crime, said the police. However, Naravane is tight-lipped about his second wife – and the mother of the deceased – Nanda’s role in the crime. Rohan’s act of sexually harassing Nanda (48) led the ACP to kill him with a kitchen knife, said the police. However, they are still considering the murder to be cold-blooded, as the ACP had told his first wife and her children, who are residing in Bhandup, that he would come after three days. This has led the police to believe that both Naravane and Nanda must have hatched a plot to kill Rohan. The latter, police learned, was blackmailing Nanda and demanding a large amount of money. When contacted, Lakshan Bhalerao, Senior Inspector, Tilak Nagar police station, said, “The probe is

ACP Shivaji Naravane still on and the police are verifying all the facts and I will not be able to say anything at this stage.” Meanwhile, the police have recovered the weapon which was used in the crime, and in a bid to gather water tight evidence against the accused, are trying to get as many witnesses as possible related to the case. In the early hours last Friday, Naravane killed Rohan by slitting his throat with a kitchen knife. The incident took place in Tilak Nagar inside Nanda’s flat. Soon after killing Rohan, the ACP went to his house in Bhandup. Nanda was arrested on Friday itself while Naravane was arrested from Dadar and remanded to police custody till October 31.

Teen duped of `1 lakh in bank

By Suresh Golani

proached him and told him that they too wanted to dewo unidentified men al- posit money in their aclegedly duped a 16-year- count but did not know how old of Rs.1 lakh inside a to fill the slip. Under the bank in Nallasopara on pretext of seeking his help, Monday afternoon. Accord- the duo diverted Manzoor’s ing to the police, Manzoor attention and fled with the Aziz Contractor (16), had cash. A complaint has been gone to deposit a cash of Rs.1 lakh and a cheque registered at the Nalasopara amounting to Rs.11,000 at police station which has got the Nalasopara(East) the CCTV footage of the suspects and has engaged branch of Ratnakar Bank. As Manzoor was filling special teams to trace the the deposit slip, the duo ap- duo.


Appointment of Shri Balasaheb Amberkar as Opposition Leader of Congress Party in BMC today at MCGM HQ, seen in picture are Dr Amarjit Singh Manhas Treasurer MRCC and Ex Chairman Mhada mumbai, Shri Rajhans Singh MLA, Shri Upendra Doshi, Smt Jyotsna Dighe , Shri Kisan Jadhav, Shri Gunvant Seth, Shri Dharmesh Vyas


It’s Kashmir again

Afternoon Despatch & Courier



Ponder awhile... “Potentially, a government is the most dangerous threat to man’s rights: it holds a legal monopoly on the use of physical force against legally disarmed victims.” — Ayn Rand

Terror target in Patna: Narendra Modi A

CCUSING fingers are being pointed at Bihar chief minister for his failure in not taking timely action on a terror alert in Patna. The Intelligence Bureau had sent a specific alert about the targetting of Narendra Modi’s rally by the Indian Mujahideen. The alert was sent to the Bihar police on October 23 and evidently it was not taken note of. If prompt measures were taken, the serial blasts, which killed five people and injured nearly 100, could not have happened. What is quite surprising is that the chief minister said after the terror incident that the police had not received any warning by the IB. It is a well-known fact that Narendra Modi is intensely disliked by Bihar CM Nitish Kumar. He was dead set against Modi’s rally which, he knew, would attract a huge crowd. Opponents of the JD(U) chief even suggested that he deliberately ignored the terror alert by the IB. This may not be the case, but the fact is that adequate security measures were not taken. The big pertinent question is why such steps were not taken. Whenever political leaders visit a state, the government there makes adequate safety arrangements. Even as the IM serial blasts were taking place in Patna, Union Home Minister Sushilkumar Shinde was at a film music event in Mumbai. He stayed there even after the bomb blasts. Confronted by the media later, he tendered an apology. If the rally was to be addressed by a Congress leader and if a terror attack had taken place, it is most likely the home minister would have left Mumbai in a hurry and rushed to Patna. It would be most disturbing if the poll scenario in the next six months – till the 2014 Lok Sabha poll – will see parties using violence – like what happened in Patna – to get the better of one another. What happened in Bihar is not just a terror act. There is a political motive, there is an effort to scotch poll chances of the BJP. They may not admit in public, but the JD(U) leaders must be quite happy prime ministerial nominee Narendra Modi’s poll campaign has been affected. Holding rallies by poll campaigners is the done thing, and if violent attempts are made to stop them, it cannot be said elections can be regarded as fair.



A.R. KANANGI Associate Editor

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DO not know why Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif goes over the same exercise on Kashmir every two-three months. He raised the question at the UN General Assembly and again mentioned it during his meeting with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh at New York. Now he has brought up the matter before having talks with President Barrack Obama at Washington. Probably, he sought his services. America has reiterated its stand that it considered Kashmir a bilateral issue which the two countries should solve. This is what India has been saying. By insisting that Kashmir is a core issue for any conciliation with India, Pakistan is not bringing the opportunity for any solution nearer. What does not go with the style of Nawaz Sharif is his remark that both countries are nuclear powers. Is that a threat? How can any country even say that it has a nuclear weapon or, for that matter, its opponent has? It means extinction of Pakistan and northern India.


that the two countries should set up a committee to talk about Kashmir without interruption. After having done that, both counties should open up for trade and business. And the visa should be made easy for people-to-people contact. In fact, the Pakistan Prime Minister should be pursuing his own proposals seriously. In the meanwhile, the allegations by the former chief of army staff General V.N. Singh that the Indian army had been financing ministers in Kashmir to maintain “stability” in the state have taken a serious turn. The Speaker of the Jammu and Kashmir assembly has ruled that he would summon the general to explain to the house on the charge of min-

Shimla agreement One other ominous change I have noticed on the part of Islamabad is that it has stopped the mention of Shimla agreement. The earlier statements stated that Kashmir should be sorted out according to the UN resolution and the Shimla agreement. At that time, then Pakistan Prime Minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto had orally told then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi that he would see that the ceasefire line on the border became an international border. He went back on the undertaking because he could not sell the proposal to a country which had lost its eastern wing. Still Pakistan must realise that there is no solution to Kashmir except through talks. Therefore, the Shimla agreement has the greatest chance of making it to the page. True, there is the pressure of rightists on Sharif. But this is not what an average Pakistani feels. Not long ago when I went to Pakistan and asked a cab man what he thought of Kashmir, he replied: I have to think of how to earn the next meal, not bother about Kashmir. An expert in Pakistan once remarked that what they could not win in the battlefield, they could not expect to win at the negotiating table. Sharif’s proposal, when he was in the wilderness, is worth implementing. He said

BETWEEN THE LINES Kuldip Nayar isters being financed. However, some of us who have followed the situations in Kashmir since its integration with India are not surprised. New Delhi always had a finger in the pie. Even a popular leader like Sheikh Abdullah had to be subservient to New Delhi. Once he did open his mouth to say that they would rather starve than accept India’s diktat and he had to spend 12 years in detention. In fact, there were no elections in the years soon after the state joined the Indian Union. Sheikh Abdullah, then called the Prime Minister of Jammu and Kashmir, accepted the fait accompli which was decided at Delhi. The practice was vigorously pursued when Ghulam Bhakshi Mohammad replaced the Sheikh when the latter was detained. The decision about who should head Kashmir was taken at New Delhi. There was a separate department on Kash-

mir affairs in the External Affairs ministry. Probably, it was meant to convey that since the matter was before the UN, it had to be dealt with by the External Affairs Ministry, headed by Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru. The department was transferred to the Home Ministry when the more sagacious Govind Bhallab Pant took charge after quitting as the chief minister of Uttar Pradesh. The department is still part of the home ministry.

Storm in a tea cup It must be said to the credit of Nehru that he did not accept Maharaja Hari Singh’s request to join the Indian Union until it had the approval of the then popular leader Shiekh Abdullah, in jail at that time. It is unfortunate that the Sheikh turned out to be a disappointment. He took New Delhi’s dictated arrangement like a duck to water. Since then, chief ministers at Srinagar — Mufti Mohammad Sayeed of People’s Democratic Party or Farooq Abdullah — have understood that Srinagar has to tilt its sails according to the winds blowing from New Delhi. Young state chief minister Omar Abdullah makes proper noises but it is no more than a storm in a tea cup. He is rightly strengthening the state police so that the use of Indian army, stationed in the state, is as little as possible. But he is defeated by the Pakistan army which keeps the pot boiling. It was a relief when the two countries agreed not to violate the LoC. But the line has been violated all the time in recent times. Pakistan is more to blame because it is giving covert support to Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan to infiltrate into India before the winter sets in and clogs the passes because of snow. If insurgency in Kashmir is part of Islamabad’s policy, what was the purpose of Prime Minister Sharif’s meeting with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh? They agreed to honour the agreement reached in 2004 to make the LoC sacrosanct. The Director Generals of Military Operations of the two countries were to meet. True, no time frame was fixed. But they should have met by this time, although their meeting may have turned into a formality. Political masters have to realise the futility of cross-border firing. Three wars should have made it clear to Pakistan that it cannot wrest Kashmir forcibly from the hands of India.

Embrace your anger in a most tender way W

HEN anger manifests as a mental formation, it has the power to burn, to destroy. And if you don't know the practice of mindfulness, you allow yourself to be burned and to be destroyed by anger and other people who live around you will suffer also. You have to act inviting the seed of mindfulness to come up, breathing in, breathing out, making steps, generating the energy of mindfulness in order to take care of the anger that has manifested. When you breath in and out or you practice walking meditation, you generate the energy of mindfulness. Suppose you call the energy of anger energy one? Then you can call the energy of mindfulness energy number two. Energy number two manifests in order to take care of energy number one, not to fight. It's like a mother. The mother is working in the kitchen and she hears the baby crying. She's mindful, so she put anything that she is holding down and goes into the room of her baby. And the first thing she does is to pick up the baby and hold the baby tenderly into her arms. This is exactly what we do when the energy of anger come up. Our anger is our baby, our ailing baby. Our anger is us. The practitioner knows that her anger is not her enemy. That is her suffering baby. She has to take good

ness. The energy, the tenderness, of the mother begin to penetrate into the baby. The mother does not know what is the roots, the cause, of the suffering of the baby, but the fact that she is holding the baby tenderly can already bring it relief. The baby might just stop crying just because the baby feel better being embraced by the energy of tenderness. The baby got that relief. You do the same when anger is there. You practice mindful breathing, generating the energy of mindfulness in order to embrace, recognize, anger and, five minutes, ten minutes later, you will get a relief. Anger is in control into that room, it's so hot, the hot air, and you because the mother, the big sister, the big know what to do? You turn on the air condi- brother, is there to take care and the big sister, tioner. As soon as the air conditioner begin to the big brother, is your mindfulness that you function, it begin to send out waves of cool air call mindfulness of anger. After having hold and the cool air does not need to chase the hot the baby for a few minutes, the mother always air out. No, the cool air is coming and em- mindful will find out what is wrong with the bracing tenderly the hot air and, 15 minutes baby. She is mindful, she is concentrated and mindfulness and concentration always bring later, the situation is different. There's no fighting in this practice. Your insight and understanding. She find out what anger is not your enemy. It's you. It's not good caused the baby to cry. The baby might be to do violence to yourself. Don't say that anger hungry or the diaper is a little bit too tight. I is evil and mindfulness is good and good has am not a mother. So the example I offer might to fight evil. That might be true in some other not be appropriate. — Thich Nhat Hanh tradition, but not in this tradition of mindfulcare of her baby. And how? Using the energy of mindfulness in order to embrace your anger in a most tender way. Breathing in, I know that anger is in me. Breathing out, I am holding peacefully my anger. There are two kinds of energy present and you are safe. The energy of mindfulness continues to be generated by the practice of mindful breathing, mindful walking and it begin to penetrate into the zone of energy number one. It's like in summer when you got


Afternoon Despatch & Courier


Modi, Rahul war of words far from over RAHUL versus Modi seems to be a fight between David and Goliath of Indian politics where in novice Rahul doesn’t stand any chance against Narendra Modi, or so does it seem. Well Rahul’s political immaturity may be his biggest undoing but then even after fully knowing that he doesn’t stand any chance against Modi he has accepted the challenge and taken up the responsibility of fighting him, this will power may turn out to be his biggest strength. Rahul’s words at the moment are not taken seriously or sometimes thought to be out of place, which may just be because of his image that has been built. But if you watch closely he is countering his much stronger op- VOTE BANK STRATEGY: Both NaMo and Rahul Gandhi are trying to outdo each ponent’s claim with great shrewd- other in their respective election rally speeches. With the general elections not far ness. When NaMo tried to play the away, this verbal battle is not at all surprising. “poor man” card while addressing a rally a couple of days back, by rally venue. Both the rallies went electorate. It is high time we unite portraying himself also as a man on without referring to the blasts in to keep the peace rather than who has seen poverty, Rahul the interest of the nation rather blaming each other and allowing a smartly countered it with the mar- than playing the blame game. third party to take advantage of the tyrdom card. Rahul’s emotional Bihar Chief Minister Nitish situation. speech about the martyrdom of his Kumar’s reputation of having re— Bhagwan Thadani, Pune grandmother and father may have stored law and order had taken big been looked by many as an out of hit due to failure of the security at    place statement and that Con- such a huge rally for which the IT is reported that about 5 lakh gress’s ‘Yuvraj’ had nothing else to Bihar Chief Minister must give ex- people attended Narendra Modi’s offer. This fight is far from over. planation. With five assembly elec- rally last Sunday at Patna. This at— Abdul Monim, Vashi tions and then Lok Sabha elections tendance is said to be “unprecegathering momentum, the dented” and never before has speeches of both Modi and Rahul Patna ever witnessed such a gath   THE undecided and uninterested are like a presidential type of battle ering. The people, particularly the voters while watching the TV to fol- in the parliamentary democracy youth who attended the rally in low the speech of Narendra Modi that’s preparing for dramatic and large numbers were categorical in Patna and Rahul Gandhi in unpredictable shifts in voting be- that they want Modi to come to Delhi witnessed the serial of bomb haviour with first time voters power and become the PM and exblasts in Patna just near Modi’s amounting to 20 per cent of the pect him to provide development

Mumbai university’s mess IT is part and parcel of Mumbai University (MU) to make a mess and students are put to test. Hall ticket distribution and information of wrong centres all become and part and parcel of the varsity’s functioning. This is not happening for the first time and it is a regular feature as far as Mumbai university is concerned. During 1978, when I wrote my final BA examination from the Mumbai University, our results were held for an unduly long period and after considerable delay it was found some of the answer papers of that examination were found from the drain. Instead of getting first class marks, I could manage to get only second class due to the goof up. I still repent for MU’s mistake. The varsity should make amends for the lapses and set the house right to reduce the stress of students in the years to come. — Jayanthy Subramaniam, Sion

Cricketing controversies INDIAN cricket’s power house is having a gala time as they have a wise-ike grip on every matter not concerning the gentleman’s game of cricket. Recently, we saw N. Srinivasan become President of BCCI and now Sharad Pawar took up the mantle of MCA. So, the power game is played well and truly off the field and no one can stop the emergence of the top bosses in the game of cricket. They tried all the tricks up their sleeves to oust Gopinath Munde to make sure of their objective. Sachin’s 200th match is considered to be a treasure island for the big shots in BCCI. People knowing



CONTENTIOUS: Controversies and Indian cricket go hand in hand. Even the election of Sharad Pawar as MCA chief was not a smooth affair. the intrinsic value of the game will not get a single ticket for purchase, whereas more than 1,000 tickets will be given to people known to the Board members. In the last such case, when World Cup 2011 was played in Mumbai over 450 tickets were just dumped in one corner and the ardent cricket loving public could not see the match. Even Sachin’s farewell match will be another case of Board of Cricketing Controversies in India (BCCI). — C.K. Subramaniam, Sanpada

This US info is no secret A newly released book in America has published a “secret” about the 1971 liberation of the then East Pakistan. It quotes some reliable sources that claim to LETTER OF THE DAY be the witness to the genocide of Hindus at the hands of the Pakistani army. This “classified” information is nothing new as every Tom, Dick and Harry in India is aware of the happenings in

and attain prosperity like the developed nations. Modi’s speech was very much in tune with the aspirations of the Nation. He pinpointed the betrayal of Nitish Kumar and requested the people to teach him the right lesson. He elaborated the falsehoods of the Congress in his own inimitable style and to dismiss the hypothetical utterances of Rahul Gandhi, implying that he is just “good for nothing” and also an embodiment of a ‘nonsense’ himself, totally lacking any vision or any responsibility. The people at large are fed up with the Congress and are ready to call their bluff and dispel their ‘pseudo-secularism’ once and for all. — T.M. Uday Shanar, Mumbai


THE Patna rally of the BJP organised for its PM-in-waiting, Narendra Modi, with an estimated ten lakh people, ferried from outside by 11 chartered trains and thousands of buses, was blatantly too ostentatious and grandiose for the purpose it was meant for — the Lok Sabha polls which are months away. It was abundantly clear that the Lotus party wanted to rub it into the Bihar chief minister, Nitish Kumar, who was given some of the choicest abuses by NaMo, that his parting ways with it would not make any difference and it enjoys tremendous support in his own bastion. There have been numerous election meetings and much better orators all these six decades

Bangladesh during the liberation campaign. It is in keeping with a tradition rather than an isolated incident; as one can always cite the systematic mass slaughter of Hindus by Muslim fanatics during the pre-planned Noakhali riots of 1946. It was again repeated in Hyderabad in 1948 by the then Nizam when he ordered his troops to kill all Hindus, who were his own subjects.

(Telugu) 3. Pirannal Asamsakal (Malayalam) 4. Piranda naal vaazhthukkal (Tamil) 5. Janam din diyan wadhayian (Punjabi) 6. Joyeux Anniversaire (French)

— Arun Malankar, Santa Cruz

IN this fast-changing world, the easiest and the most readily available food is no doubt fast food. It is

Gifts for gifted people Diwali is at our doorstep, so will these gifted people get these gifts?  Congress: Two kg onions, per leader  BJP: Fekupedia, new free encyclopedia  Asaram Bapu: Shraddha & Shanti (no pun here)  Ramdev Baba: English movie ‘Conspiracy theory’  BMC: Daddy pothole, gift wrapped  MNS (Raj): Paani Puri  Samajwadi Party: Gold from Unnao  Anna Hazare: Fast food  Salman Khan: Big loss, indoor game  Sachin Tendulkar: Our hearts  Common man: Saburi! — Altaf H. Ladiwala, Bandra

Birthday greetings What’s ‘Happy Birthday’ in English, is said differently in other languages. Try them out on your friends and see how they react. Here are some: 1. Janam gaanth ri badhai, khoob jeeyo (Rajasthani) 2. Janmadina Shubhakankshalu

— Jubel D’Cruz, Dombivili

Avoidable junk food

since Independence and it was never seen that such huge crowds had to be carted to the venue of the rallies laboriously and at great cost. — Dr. V. Subramanyan, Thane


BOMB blasts killing five persons in Patna just before Narendra Modi’s public meeting in Gandhi maidan obviously seems to be the result of dirty nexus of Congress and JD(U). Both these parties are horribly scared after observing presence of the mammoth crowds in all of Modi’s public meetings till date. Mainly, both these parties are afraid because of Modi’s extremely sharp comments full of truth and patriotism on all the national and economic issues. — Hansraj Bhat, Borivali


AS reported it is indeed very shocking and surprising to note that Rahul Gandhi is trying to take advantage of human miseries particularly on recent Muzafarnagar riots and is blaming BJP for it. He even had audacity to claim that ISI authorities visited 15 Muslim youth whose kith or kin had suffered in the riots. This is not an insult to Muslims of India but to the country’s intelligence agencies India who were ignorant of such a move. Thus Congress party wants to communalise the the whole issue. It is supposed to put a severe doubt about honesty and sincerity of Muslims of India to immediately to join hands with ISI. But factually speaking, both Hindus and Muslims are equally patriotic and love their country. Then why such a wedge should be drawn. — S.P. Sharma, Mumbai

surely tempting as it is quick to prepare and affordable. The common examples of fast food are pizzas, burgers, noodles, potato chips etc. We may never have given a thought about their nutritional value. These food items increase cholesterol level iand can also cause diabetes and blood pressure. Children should be discouraged from consuming such fast food as it could cause cancer and also chronic degenerative disorders. — K.V. Raman, Malad

Formula of heartless capitalism ON Saturday I watched Vijay Mallya being interviewed on CNN. The subject of the interview was the Formula 1 races in India that Mallya has been sponsoring for the past few years. Mallya waxed eloquent about how racing was his passion and so on. He conveniently forgot to mention that Formula 1 costs a fortune to put on and moreover has a miniscule following among Indian sports fans. What particularly annoyed me, however, was that Mallya is comfortably ensconced in his luxurious manor in the fashionable part of London; and seems oblivious to the mess he has made of his businesses, particularly Kingfisher Airlines. At a time when hundreds of Kingfisher employees have not been paid for months and many have lost their jobs, splurging money on a luxury sport is not only uncaring, but ridiculous. The greedy capitalist breed was prevalent in the early

LUDICROUS: Splurging millions on an unpopular sport seems to be Vijay Mallya’s idea of passion, while thousands of his Kingfisher Airlines staffers are suffering every day, since months. 20th century. It was supposed to have died out, but is apparently alive and kicking with people like Mallya. — Firoze Hirjikaka, Colaba


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DEEMED CONVEYANCE PUBLIC NOTICE Notice is hereby given that the above Society has applied to this office for declaration of Deemed Conveyance of the following properties. The next hearing is kept on 12/11 /2013 at 12.00 p.m. Those who have interest in the said property may submit their say at the time of hearing at the venue mentioned below. Failure to submit any say it shall be presumed that nobody has any objection and further action will be taken.


DESCRIPTION OF THE PROPERTY: City Survey — Ambernath, Tal-Ambernath, Dist-Thane

Notice is hereby given that the above Society has applied to this office for declaration of Deemed Conveyance of the following properties. The next hearing is kept on 12/11 /2013 at 2.30 p.m. Those who have interest in the said property may submit their say at the time of hearing at the venue mentioned below. Failure to submit any say it shall be presumed that nobody has any objection and further action will be taken. DESCRIPTION OF THE PROPERTY: Mauje: Achole, Nalasopara (E), Tal-Vasai, Dist-Thane

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Place: Vardhavat Mansion, 1st Floor, Shivaji Path, Thane (W). Date: 28/10/2013.

(Nitin Kale) Competent Authority & District Dy. Registrar, Co-op. Societies, Thane.

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Place: Vardhavat Mansion, 1st Floor, Shivaji Path, Thane (W). Date: 28/10/2013.

(Nitin Kale) Competent Authority & District Dy. Registrar, Co-op. Societies, Thane.

Samel Gaon, Nalasopara (W), Tal-Vasai, Dist-Thane Notice is hereby given that the above Society has applied to this office for declaration of Deemed Conveyance of the following properties. The next hearing is kept on 12/11 /2013 at 3.30 p.m. Those who have interest in the said property may submit their say at the time of hearing at the venue mentioned below. Failure to submit any say it shall be presumed that nobody has any objection and further action will be taken. DESCRIPTION OF THE PROPERTY: Mauje: Samel Gaon, Nalasopara, Tal-Vasai, Dist-Thane. Survey No.

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54 (old),/ 50 (New) 2 & 5 (old)

Place: Vardhavat Mansion, 1st Floor, Shivaji Path, Thane (W). Date: 28/10/2013.

(Nitin Kale) Competent Authority & District Dy. Registrar, Co-op. Societies, Thane.




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Notice is hereby given that the above Society has applied to this office for declaration of Deemed Conveyance of the following properties. The next hearing is kept on 12/11 /2013 at 11.00 p.m. Those who have interest in the said property may submit their say at the time of hearing at the venue mentioned below. Failure to submit any say it shall be presumed that nobody has any objection and further action will be taken. DESCRIPTION OF THE PROPERTY: Mauje: Nilmore, Nalasopara, Tal-Vasai, Dist-Thane.

DEEMED CONVEYANCE PUBLIC NOTICE Notice is hereby given that the above Society has applied to this office for declaration of Deemed Conveyance of the following properties. The next hearing is kept on 12/11 /2013 at 3.30 p.m. Those who have interest in the said property may submit their say at the time of hearing at the venue mentioned below. Failure to submit any say it shall be presumed that nobody has any objection and further action will be taken. DESCRIPTION OF THE PROPERTY: Mauje: G.B.Patharli, Dombivali (E), Tal-Kalyan, Dist-Thane.

Notice is hereby given that the above Society has applied to this office for declaration of Deemed Conveyance of the following properties. The next hearing is kept on 12/11 /2013 at 3.30 p.m. Those who have interest in the said property may submit their say at the time of hearing at the venue mentioned below. Failure to submit any say it shall be presumed that nobody has any objection and further action will be taken. DESCRIPTION OF THE PROPERTY: Mauje: Gaondevi, Sajja- Thakurli, Tal-Kalyan, Dist-Thane.

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Place: Vardhavat Mansion, 1st Floor, Shivaji Path, Thane (W). Date: 28/10/2013.

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Area Sq. Mtr.

2 (Part)


Place: Vardhavat Mansion, 1st Floor, Shivaji Path, Thane (W). Date: 28/10/2013.

(Nitin Kale) Competent Authority & District Dy. Registrar, Co-op. Societies, Thane.


Survey No. 115+116(p) &115(p)

Plot No.

Area -

198 & 199

354 + 391 = 745.00

Place: Vardhavat Mansion, 1st Floor, Shivaji Path, Thane (W). Date: 28/10/2013.

(Nitin Kale) Competent Authority & District Dy. Registrar, Co-op. Societies, Thane.




A-1, A-2 Co-op Hsg. Soc.Ltd, Hatkesh, Mira Road (E), Tal & Dist-Thane.-401101

Shripal Shanti Complex ,Bolinj, Virar (W) ,Tal-Vasai , Dist-Thane

Achole, Nalasopara, Tal-Vasai, Dist-Thane



Notice is hereby given that the above Society has applied to this office for declaration of Deemed Conveyance of the following properties. The next hearing is kept on 12/11 /2013 at 11.30 p.m. Those who have interest in the said property may submit their say at the time of hearing at the venue mentioned below. Failure to submit any say it shall be presumed that nobody has any objection and further action will be taken. DESCRIPTION OF THE PROPERTY: Village: Bolinj, Virar (W), Tal-Vasai, Dist-Thane.


Notice is hereby given that the above Society has applied to this office for declaration of Deemed Conveyance of the following properties. The next hearing is kept on 12/11 /2013 at 12.30 p.m. Those who have interest in the said property may submit their say at the time of hearing at the venue mentioned below. Failure to submit any say it shall be presumed that nobody has any objection and further action will be taken. DESCRIPTION OF THE PROPERTY: Mauje: Ghodbunder, Tal & Dist-Thane .

Survey No. Hissa No. Plot No.

Survey No.

358 A


Hissa No.

Plot No.

Area Sq. Mtr.

2 (A)


Place: Vardhavat Mansion, 1st Floor, Shivaji Path, Thane (W). Date: 28/10/2013.

(Nitin Kale) Competent Authority & District Dy. Registrar, Co-op. Societies, Thane.


4, 5, 6

Place: Vardhavat Mansion, 1st Floor, Shivaji Path, Thane (W). Date: 28/10/2013.

Area Sq. Mtr.

698+475+469= 1642 Sq Mtr. (Nitin Kale) Competent Authority & District Dy. Registrar, Co-op. Societies, Thane.

Notice is hereby given that the above Society has applied to this office for declaration of Deemed Conveyance of the following properties. The next hearing is kept on 12/11 /2013 at 12.30 p.m. Those who have interest in the said property may submit their say at the time of hearing at the venue mentioned below. Failure to submit any say it shall be presumed that nobody has any objection and further action will be taken. DESCRIPTION OF THE PROPERTY: Mauje: Achole, Nalasopara, Tal-Vasai, Dist-Thane. Survey No. 269

Hissa No.

Plot No.

Area Sq. Mtr.



Place: Vardhavat Mansion, 1st Floor, Shivaji Path, Thane (W). Date: 28/10/2013.

(Nitin Kale) Competent Authority & District Dy. Registrar, Co-op. Societies, Thane.




Vijaynagar ,Mahim Road, Kamla Park,Tal-Palghar, Dist-Thane.

Sangoda Road, Manda, Titwala (W),Tal-Kalyan, Dist-Thane .421605

Samel, Nalasopara (W) ,Tal-Vasai , Dist-Thane

DEEMED CONVEYANCE PUBLIC NOTICE Notice is hereby given that the above Society has applied to this office for declaration of Deemed Conveyance of the following properties. The next hearing is kept on 12/11 /2013 at 12.00 p.m. Those who have interest in the said property may submit their say at the time of hearing at the venue mentioned below. Failure to submit any say it shall be presumed that nobody has any objection and further action will be taken. DESCRIPTION OF THE PROPERTY: Mauje: Palghar, Dist-Thane. Survey No. 91

Hissa No.

Plot No.

Area Sq. Mtr.

2 (Part)


Place: Vardhavat Mansion, 1st Floor, Shivaji Path, Thane (W). Date: 28/10/2013.

(Nitin Kale) Competent Authority & District Dy. Registrar, Co-op. Societies, Thane.

DEEMED CONVEYANCE PUBLIC NOTICE Notice is hereby given that the above Society has applied to this office for declaration of Deemed Conveyance of the following properties. The next hearing is kept on 12/11 /2013 at 12.30 p.m. Those who have interest in the said property may submit their say at the time of hearing at the venue mentioned below. Failure to submit any say it shall be presumed that nobody has any objection and further action will be taken. DESCRIPTION OF THE PROPERTY: Mauje:- Manda, Titwala (W), Tal-Kalyan, Dist-Thane Survey No. Pardi No. 2(part)

Hissa No.

Plot No.

Area Sq. Mtr.

15 &16


Place: Vardhavat Mansion, 1st Floor, Shivaji Path, Thane (W). Date: 28/10/2013.

(Nitin Kale) Competent Authority & District Dy. Registrar, Co-op. Societies, Thane.

DEEMED CONVEYANCE PUBLIC NOTICE Notice is hereby given that the above Society has applied to this office for declaration of Deemed Conveyance of the following properties. The next hearing is kept on 12/11 /2013 at 12.30 p.m. Those who have interest in the said property may submit their say at the time of hearing at the venue mentioned below. Failure to submit any say it shall be presumed that nobody has any objection and further action will be taken. DESCRIPTION OF THE PROPERTY: Mauje: Samel, Nalasopara, Tal-Vasai, Dist-Thane. Survey No. 50

Hissa No.

Plot No.

Area Sq. Mtr.



Place: Vardhavat Mansion, 1st Floor, Shivaji Path, Thane (W). Date: 28/10/2013.

(Nitin Kale) Competent Authority & District Dy. Registrar, Co-op. Societies, Thane.


pg 15 Get into the spirit of Halloween as we bring you benefits of pumpkin

pg 16-17 Don’t forget to take extra care of your pets as we give you 10 ways to have a safe Diwali

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Planning to entertain guests during Diwali can be quite a stressful time for the host. That’s why Rhea Dhanbhoora & Priyanka Singh help you spend your time better by giving you tips to plan a healthy and happy Diwali next week... Continued on pg 14 



 %+*  (( $

%#&+*(   ) $   


* "" .%+( '+( ) %+* )*+. $ (% $)-(


+( "+#$ *"!) %+* * #&%( *$ % +* %$



 %+* ( " #!+& )  ((

)* ()) %$ #&+) %% , - %%! , - * % * -! &&$ $ )&&$ $ $ "%*) #%(0


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Continued from pg 13 «

FOOD Count it out You’re going to be serving your guests a lot of calories this Diwali, but there’s a way to make sure that you serve them things that are slightly healthier. Before you make or go buy mithai for the season, take a look at which sweets you should be serving:

The seven to indulge in: l Kaju katli: At 58 calories, this is your best bet. l Peanut burfi: While picking between burfi,

pick the 81 calorie peanut burfi over cashew. l Til ke ladoo: Indulge in the light, 80 calorie til ke ladoos as they’re much healthier than any other kind.

l Rasgulla: Want to dig into a sweet dessert? 125 calorie rasgulla is a good option. l Rice kheer: Of all the traditional kheer you will be served, this 141 calorie one is best. l Gulab jamun: We were as surprised as you are. The seemingly offensive, indulgent sweet is 150 calories, so you can havea piece. l Motichur ladoo: Don’t like til ladoos? Have a small bite of the motichur ladoo, though at 150 calories it veers close to the unhealthy scale.

The offensive seven: l Coconut burfi: It may be delicious but at 192 calories, you’re better off picking peanut burfi. l Jalebi: We know how tempting jalebis are, but stay away from this 200 calorie treat.

Milk cake: Whether it’s a burnt milk cake or slightly browned, the 224 calories won’t do you any good. l Malpua: Think about whether the 325 calories are really worth this one! l Mysore pak: Just one indulgent, melt-inyour-mouth piece will add to you 357 calories. l Sohan halwa: Avoid this if you can, or pick another halwa that won’t pile on 399 calories. l Gujiya: This is popular during Diwali, but it’s the most offensive. Try everything in your power to stay as far away from the 501 calorie sin as you can. l

Cooking tips Substitute ingredients such as rice for corn. A corn kheer will taste as delicious and you only need a dash of sugar to taste, so it’s l

healthy too. l When recipes call for too much sugar, you can substitute it for jaggery or honey in order to maintain sweetness and stay healthy. l Pick recipes that contain oats. You can make chikki, chivda and even kheer with oats and it will instantly become healthier. l Bake everything. Mostly anything that can be fried, can probably be baked and will be much healthier that way. l Instead of using besan, make laddoos innovatively with things such as cornflakes, nuts, jaggery and sesame seeds. l Dry fruit laddoos are the perfect option for children who want a sweet fix. l Serve nuts and seeds to guests instead of sweets. This way you won’t be tempted to munch on them.

DO IT yOurSelF


When people come to visit this year, serve them up something healthy. We’ve given you the tips, but here are three no-fail recipes that taste delicious but aren’t as unhealthy as Diwali treats usually are.

Here are our picks to make your house stand out this Diwali without harming the environment. All these products are eco-friendly, can be reused and recycled:

DIyAS ThAT burn lOnGer

reCIpeS baked Chakli Baked Chakli is definitely a healthy alternative to the deep fried variety. The traditional deep fried chakli is not only high in trans fats, but also high in calories. Harshal Shah, owner of Spices & Flavours in Fort, tells us that this baked version is free from trans fats and also low on calories — an average, medium sized, baked chakli would give around 105 kcals compared to the 225 kcals in fried. Ingredients: l 1 cup rice flour, ½ tsp soya flour, 1 ½ tbsp low fat butter, a handful of urad dal, ¾ tsp ginger chili paste, ½ tsp garlic paste, 1 tsp sugar, salt to taste, ¼ tsp oil to grease Method: l Combine all the ingredients in a bowl and knead into semi-soft dough using enough water.

This lovely set of five handcrafted eco-diyas burn longer and are safer. They are made from terracotta burners and glass chimneys. price `590 for five Where

preTTy & eCOFrIenDly

Divide the dough into 2 equal portions. Put one portion of the dough in the chakli mould and press out long whirls of the dough on to a greased baking tray. l Bake these chaklis in a pre-heated oven l l

Apple pak Serve your guests some delicious apple pak with this healthy recipe from chef Nirmal Monteiro from Saffron Bay and The Elbo Room: Ingredients 2 apples, 50g sugar, 60ml fresh orange juice, 1 cinnamon stick, 30g khoya, 1 tbsp fresh mint Method: l Cut the peeled apples into four slices. l Add sugar, orange juice and cinnamon and cook in a pan till tender. l Allow it to cool and then place it in the fridge. l Grate khoya over the apple mixture. l Add orange syrup, garnish with fresh mint and serve with honey yogurt.

Shankar Milann: Use of less flour, olive oil and served with honey yogurt sauce, this Shankar Milan recipe from corporate chef Nirmal Monteiro from Saffron Bay and The Elbo Room is a healthy option this Diwali: Ingredients: 100g corn flour, 100g maida, 1tsp ajwain, 1tsp chilli powder, 30ml olive oil, 1tsp baking powder, 100ml water, salt to taste, a little olive oil to fry Sauce: 20g honey, 1 tsp green chili paste, 1 tsp chopped mint, 1 tsp chopped coriander leaves, 1 tbsp cream cheese, 60g yogurt, 1 lime wedge, a pinch of rock salt Method: l Make dough using all the ingredients except the oil you save aside to fry with. l Allow it to stand for half an hour. l Roll it out to make it into thin sheets and cut them in a diamond shape. l Fry in very little oil till crisp and serve.

All products of are eco-friendly, natural, hand-crafted items. We love this candle set in the form of diyas. price `650 Where

at 180° for approximately 20 minutes or till they are golden brown. Gently flip them over once in between using a flat spoon. Cool and store the chaklis in an air-tight container.

enerGy bOOSTInG FOODS TO Keep yOu ACTIVe Sprouts: They are a great combination of complex carbs and proteins, packed with fibre, vitamin C and B, potassium and calcium. They are easy to digest and make you feel full for a good two-three hours. Mixed nuts: Nuts such as almonds, walnuts and pistachios are all great sources of good fats and proteins. Munching on a few nuts keeps you full for long if you don’t have time to eat a proper meal during the preparations. Chana kurmura/puffed rice: A handful of chana kurmura mixture can be very handy when you are on the streets, shopping for Diwali. They have a good amount of proteins and carbs, which again will keep you full and not make you go binging on junk food while shopping. Dates: They are filled with fibre, natural sugar, potassium, folic acid and a host of other vitamins and minerals. A piece or two can handle that sweet craving, giving you energy to carry on with your work. banana: Easily available and an easyto-carry fruit, it has good amounts of potassium to keep your stress under check. It also contains vitamin B, providing you energy and stamina when you need it the most.


We love this eco-friendly wall hanging with warli artwork and a pretty diya perched on the end. price `650 Where

bOlD COlOurS

This lamp can be used as a lantern too as they are very easy to install. They are made from jam bottles. price `3,500 Where


This cute Ganpati bappa adorned diya will be perfect to place at the entrance of your house. price `450 Where


MUMBAI | TUESDAY, OCTOBER 29, 2013 Images Shutterstock

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CRAVE WAVE When you crave a bar of chocolate, it is not actually cocoa you’re craving, but magnesium. Priyanka Singh tells you what your body is trying to convey through cravings

>> If you’re craving ice-cream, it just means that your body is looking for a quick-energy boost (sugar)


n some days you just need a cupcake. And then, there are days when you just cannot go about doing anything without that bar of chocolate! This happens because your body is trying to tell you something. Your system craves specific foods to make sure its nutritional needs are met. When you eat a particular food, it imprints your body with a nutritional map of that food’s nutrient makeup. When your body needs a particular nutrient, it consults this nutritional food map to determine which foods would supply the given nutrients it needs. For example, when you crave cheese, it is not cheese itself that your body needs, but the components that are present in cheese. However, our cravings can often be unhealthy. Here is a list of some common cravings and what your body is trying to tell you through them. We also give you healthy alternatives to these cravings that will meet your body’s nutritional requirements and satiate your need for that particular food.

Some of us can eat a sandwich or burger at any given time. If you are craving food items that are rich in carbs, your body is actually asking for nitrogen, which is found in high-protein foods. You might also be craving carbs because you’ve been cutting them out of your diet completely. If this is the reason, make sure you’re eating every food group in moderation to prevent a big, unplanned carb-fest. Instead: Eat black beans, corn, guacamole and brown rice, fish, meat or nuts.



When your body craves chocolate, it is trying to indicate that it is deficit in magnesium. It is believed that 80% of the world’s population is deficient in dietary magnesium — that’s the reason why so many of us can’t keep our hands off chocolate. While chocolate does have a lot of antioxidants, it also contains high amounts of sugar and calories. If you are a regular chocolate eater, make sure that you opt for the dark variety (with 75% cocoa or higher). Dark chocolate is low in sugar. Instead: Eat raw nuts and seeds, legumes, seeds, fish or leafy greens.

If you crave your beloved coffee beyond your regular two-three cups, then your body is trying to tell you that it needs salt and iron. Or it could also mean that you’re just really thirsty or dehydrated, in which case, drink an entire glass of water before you reach for that third (or fourth) cup of coffee. Often, your caffeine craving will just disappear. Instead: Eat lean meats such as chicken or turkey, eggs, or black cherries. A great option would be making an omelette with turkey and vegetables, with some black cherries on the side.

Salty foodS

red meat

Craving salty foods, such as potato chips and popcorn, means that you are suffering from chronic stress which is taking a toll on your adrenal glands — the two triangular glands that sit atop the kidneys, which give us energy and help us cope with stress. It could also mean that your body needs chloride, which is essential for your body to maintain healthy digestion and keep your

There are those days, when chicken or fish just doesn’t do it for us and all we crave for is a juicy, unhealthy steak. Craving red meat usually means that you are suffering from an iron deficiency. Women, who are menstruating experience red meat cravings when they have their period. Instead: Eat beans, legumes, figs and other dried fruits that are high in iron.

electrolyte levels in check. Instead: Drink raw goat’s milk, eat fish and use unrefined sea salt. For stress related deficiencies, try meditation and breathing exercises. Research at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City showed that people who take a break to breathe deeply or meditate before reaching for salty snacks reduced their stress hormones by 25% and cut their bingeing by half.

CarbS CallIng

« KNOW MORE: HEALTH BENEFITS OF PUMPKIN Get into the spirit of Halloween and dig into a juicy and fleshy pumpkin! Jessica Turakhia brings you the benefits


f you’re planning on carving a pumpkin to get into the spirit of Halloween this year, don’t throw out the orange pulp because it has a number of benefits:

1. Pumpkin juice helps with the proper

functioning of your liver, kidneys and urinary system. Those suffering from kidney stones and gall bladder problems can improve their condition by drinking half a glass of pumpkin juice three times a day for 10 days. 2. This orange coloured juice is a great cleanser that helps to get rid of the old build-up of arterial deposits, thus reducing the risk of heart diseases and stroke. The high content of antioxidants also helps prevent arteriosclerosis.

3. Pumpkin juice is beneficial for the

digestive system and is also helpful in curing both constipation and loose motions. It is also effective in curing ulcers and acidity. 4. Due to its sedative properties, pumpkin juice is effective in helping deal with insomnia. Insomnia patients are advised to drink a glass of pumpkin juice with honey before sleeping. 5. Pumpkin juice minimises the risk of high blood pressure. It contains pectin which helps reduce cholesterol. 6. A mixture of pumpkin juice and honey is an excellent cooling agent and can be effective in lowering your body temperature. 7. Vitamin C and other minerals present in the juice act as immunity

boosters and thus protect the body from various diseases. 8. Being a cooling agent, it is effective in the treatment of burns, abscess and inflammation and also provides relief in case of insect bites. The high content of anti-oxidants in the form of vitamin A,C and E and zinc makes it an excellent healing agent. 9. This juice is a great source of vitamin A, which is extremely beneficial for your scalp. Moreover, it has a high content of potassium, a nutrient that helps in promoting the re-growth of hair. This is effective for treating hair loss. 10. Pumpkin juice is a great source of vitamin C, vitamin E and beta-carotene which help in maintaining a healthy and beautiful skin.

>> Pumpkins are a rich source of vitamins A, C and E, along with zinc and potassium



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Images: Shutterstock


Clothing When lighting crackers, make sure you dress in a way that ensures that you stay safe. This means you need to wear closed shoes and cotton clothes as this material is the safest around fire. Avoid loose, flowing, nylon clothes and ladies, please tie your hair.

silveR lining While they look beautiful, avoid sweets that have a silver coating. Many shops use silver foils that have been adulterated with aluminum. This is a hazardous metal which can accumulate in your body and cause damage.

3 on oR off? Don’t make the mistake of approaching a firecracker to light it again. Many of these crackers have a delayed reaction and can explode at any time. If a cracker doesn’t catch, move on to another.


5 6


booM! Remember that Diwali is the festival of lights, not sound. Avoid purchasing loud crackers as these can damage your eardrums. If someone in your locality is bursting loud crackers and it’s affecting your hearing, make sure to wear ear plugs.

PHOBIA FACTS W Since Halloween is around the corner — it’s time to face your phobia! From being scared of thunder to feeling claustrophobic in an elevator, common responses to certain situations are often phobias. Priyanka Singh tells you more

Pet Peeves Remember that animals’ sense of hearing is much sharper than humans. So, for every loud bang that makes you cover your ears, it’s 10 times as loud for an animal… and they have no idea what these crackers are! So, if you have pets, please see that they are locked indoors. Put the TV on to drown out the noise of crackers.

SAFE DIWALI Amidst all the fun and festivities, it helps to be cautious so that your health is not affected. Glynda Alves brings you some safety guidelines so that everyone can have a happy Diwali!


oveR & out Don’t leave used fireworks out in the open once you are done with them. Remember that they are still full of chemicals and could even go off unexpectedly. Always discard used fireworks in a bucket of water.



safety fiRst Keep a bucket or two of mud handy. Mud will effectively douse any flames. Also, it helps to keep a fire extinguisher and emergency numbers handy, just in case.


Stress spreader

>> Resist the urge to scream at everyone when you’re stressed, so that you don’t stress them out too

Do your stress levels directly affect the people around you? Rhea Dhanbhoora suggests taking this quiz to find out if your sharing is not caring this time

When you’re stressed, do you blow up at everyone? a. Yes. b. No. Do you expect people to ‘help’ you deal with your stress? a. Yes. b. No. Do you make unrealistic demands from friends and family when you’re stressed? a. Yes. b. No. Do you try to convince other

5) Does looking down from a fourth floor terrace scare you? a) Yes. b) No.

Road bloCk For your own safety and the safety of others, do not light crackers on a crowded road or near cars. Crackers should only be lit in an open space. Also, avoid rockets and bombs and stick to pretty sparklers and fountains.

people about how bad the situation you’re dealing with is? a. Yes. b. No. You’re jittery and nervous to the extent where you’re making people around you panic. a. Yes. b. No. You like people who can whine with you about how stressed out you are. a. Yes. b. No.

sweet nothings Everyone is tempted by sweets during Diwali and while it may be hard to refrain from them completely, be smart when picking sweets. Choose those you know you really like and take a small piece. Remember to pick dried fruit and nuts more often than ghee-laden sweets.

Mostly as Your stress is contagious! Secondhand stress can be even worse than direct stress because there’s no root cause and the only thing people can do to get rid of it is avoid being around you. If you work in close proximity with people and are always pushing for tighter deadlines, or at home, pressurising your family about every chore and acting like it’s the end of the world, you’re sending waves of stress around that only adds to yours. Instead of giving orders, take a step back when you’re stressed. Mostly bs You handle stress well and you’re not the culprit if anyone else around you is also feeling weighed down by responsibility. You know how to keep your feelings under wraps when you’re around people, so that they don’t feel the same amount of pressure as you do. Good going!

2) Is it true that all it takes is a harmless dog to pass by in order for you to shriek? a. Yes. b. No.

4) While it normally happens to children, do thunder and lightning still leave you jittery? a. Yes. b. No.

be kind To animals, children and elderly people. Remember that the festive season is a time for love. If your elderly neighbours or new parents complain about the noise of the festivities, try to be accommodating.


1) Is going to the dentist for any kind of treatment (even minor ones) scary for you? a. Yes. b. No.

3) Are you nervous throughout a flight? a. Yes. b. No.



hether you jump at the sight of a spider or work up a sweat at the mere mention of getting on an airplane, fears and phobias are abound. You wouldn’t have thought about them as phobias, but they actually are. Some phobias are quite common. Take this quiz to see how well you know phobias... and if you might be afflicted by any.

6) Are you nervous when you ride in an elevator? a. Yes. b. No. 7) This one is for Harry Potter fans. While Ron Weasley was petrified of Aragog in Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets, is a small spider enough to generate the same response in you? a. Yes. b. No. 8) SNAKES! Was that enough to freak you out? a. Yes. b. No.

>> Everyone is uncomfortable with creepycrawlies, but if the mere sight of a spider sends you into a panic, you may have arachnophobia

KNOW YOUR PHOBIAS 1) dentoPhobia: While none of us jump with joy at the thought of visiting a dentist, full-blown dental phobia is a condition in which people avoid the dentist at all costs. People suffering from the phobia usually only visit a dentist when forced by excruciating pain. Various factors can keep someone from the dental chair, including a bad experience in the past or a fear of injections.

any cost. These frightful fliers fall into two evenly split groups: those who are afraid of plane crashes and those who are claustrophobic and risk a panic attack inside a plane’s tight cabin quarters.

4) astRaPhobia: The crackling of thunder and lightning can lead to a heart-pounding, sweaty-palm meltdown for individuals with severe weather phobia. In fact, some even pack up and move to regions known for calm weather.

2) CynoPhobia: From tiny, purse-size pups to buff German shepherds, any version of man’s best friend can scare the pants off those who suffer from cynophobia, the extreme fear of dogs. Typically, people tend to develop this fear as a result of being bitten themselves or seeing somebody get bitten. However, some dog phobics are fearful of pooches because they know dogs sometimes bite.

5) aCRoPhobia: If you can’t look down from a rooftop or a tall building, you’re not alone. Fear of heights is one of the most common phobias. Scientists initially thought acrophobia was the result of an irrational fear to normal stimuli, but a new research suggests that the building actually seems taller to acrophobics.

3) avioPhobia: Such fears range from a bit of anxiety to an extreme flying phobia called aviophobia that can keep a person off airplanes at

6) agoRaPhobia: Agoraphobia involves intense fear and anxiety of any place or situation where escape might be difficult. Commonly feared

spots and activities include elevators, sporting events, bridges, public transportation, driving, shopping malls and airplanes. The fear can lead a person to avoid leaving their home, travelling in a car or being in a crowded area.

7) aRaChnoPhobia: Most of us flinched at the sight of Aragog, but a tiny spider is enough to terrify some people as much as the human-eating spider. Turns out that women are more susceptible to this phobia than men. 8) oPhidioPhobia: Come on, who isn’t scared of snakes? A handful of people, if you actually think about it logically. The fear of snakes may vary, with the most extreme not even capable of looking at pictures of the slithering reptile. It also depends on how one perceives the images, sounds and movements that are connected with snakes. Those who suffer from this phobia may have emotional anxiety, panic attacks, loss of control and might even faint.


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>> Making time to exercise is important in the week leading up to Diwali. A good routine will ensure that you can treat yourself to some Diwali goodies and will give you enough energy to cope with the parties

« KNOW MORE: ANTI-AGEING PROGRAM BY NATURALS Naturals has launched the world’s first genetic anti-ageing program. Dev Goswami finds out more


n October 17, salon and spa chain Naturals launched the world’s first gene-based anti-ageing program in Chennai. Called Come Alive, this one-of-a-kind program combines the benefits of personalised genetic assessment and customised nutrition, exercise and skin care to slow the ageing process.

how does it work?

The program involves a personalised genetic assessment that finds out what an individual’s genetic disposition is to oxidative stress and collagen breakdown. This assessment, which Naturals carries out with the help of Xcode Life Sciences, basically finds out how your body reacts to the factors mentioned above. Once that is determined, a customised plan involving diet, exercise and skin care is recommended for you. The program has been designed based on studies which have shown how certain genes that are a part of your body’s oxidative stress and collagen pathways can accelerate ageing. Xcode has been able to identify the genes that are responsible and so, a treatment can be devised which targets these genes.

where can i get it?

As of now, Naturals has only launched this program in Chennai. It costs `7,000 and it is a one-time payment with which a person will get the genetic assessment and a 300day plan that includes modifications in lifestyle and nutrition to lead to healthier and younger looking skin. The spa and salon chain is looking to expand the program to other cities in India. Before it comes to Mumbai, check out their website for more information.

LOOK GOOD THIS DIWALI With Diwali upon us, now is the right time to lose a few pesky kilos or get your arms in shape. Dev Goswami tells you how to look like a firecracker


veryone likes to look good during the festive season. It’s only natural for you to want to look your best without your belly peaking out over your pants or the muscles on your arms sagging. While getting the perfect body needs a longterm healthy lifestyle and diet plan, there are still a few quick ways you can add extra physical activity in your life and ensure that you look your best for the festivities. Read on to find the secret to looking good as you enjoy the festival of lights.

interval training wins When it comes to high intensity workouts that give you quick benefits, nothing beats interval training. And the best part is that you don’t have to buy any equipment or set aside extra time for it. All you need to do is tweak your morning jog or evening walk. While jogging or walking, add a one-minute sprint that you repeat every few minutes. Between each sprint, walk or jog to recover. This is an intense workout that will burn calories quite quickly.

send the maid on a leave If your house help wants to take leave during Diwali, don’t panic! It’s actually a good thing because this means that in the week leading up to Diwali, you have to do all the household chores yourself. No, we aren’t crazy; it really is a good thing! This is one of the simplest ways to squeeze in physical activity in your day without even realising it. Doing housework burns a lot of calories and you will be killing two birds with one stone —

you get your pre-Diwali cleaning done exactly the way you want. So, pick up your broom.

early morning cardio One of the best ways to lose weight and get in shape is by doing cardio on an empty stomach. The logic is that once you wake up, the carbohydrates stored in your muscles are depleted, so your body will use your fat stores for energy. However, remember that this is not something you should practice all year round. Once you get in shape you need to stop doing this or you’ll end up losing all your lean muscle mass.

eat right Do we even have to mention this? Fruits, green vegetables, nuts… these are foods that you should eat daily. Also, avoid sweets for now. While we normally tell you to keep your consumption of sweets to a minimum, this time we advise a blanket ban. Since you will probably be tempted by many sweets during Diwali, it is a good idea to compensate by avoiding them now.

a good night’s sleep With all the festive preparations, it might be easy to pull off late nights and compromise on good quality sleep. However, if you want to look your best, you should not let yourself do that. All the dieting and exercising will only have an effect if you give your body proper rest. So, ensure that you get at least seven hours of sleep every night.

« KNOW MORE: HELPLINE NUMBERS This Diwali, be vigilant about your surroundings and use these helplines in case of any emergencies, advises Jessica Turakhia general numbers

• Dial 100 to call the Police • Dial 101 for the Fire Brigade • Dial 108 Mumbai Helpline


• Dial 1298/102 for an Emergency Ambulance Service • Dial 1910 for Blood Banks • Dial 22663560 for the Indian Red Cross Society for

Blood Bank & Transfusion • Dial 1098 for Children Helpline • Dial 1916 for General Complaints • Dial 1029 for the

Women’s Helpline • Dial 26140403 for the Women in Distress Helpline, Women’s Center • Dial 1091/1291 for Senior Citizen helplines

For animal care

• Karuna First Aid Helpline for Birds and Animals: 26701413/ 26250291 • Welfare for Stray Dogs (WSD): 64222838

• In Defense for Animals: 9320056581 • SPCA (Mumbai): 24137518 • Humane Society India: 080-4931-1223


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Is anaesthesia safe? Sadly, 2013 has seen several deaths due to anaesthesia overdose in our country. Priyanka Singh speaks to an anaesthesiologist in order to get answers to the basic questions in place


n February, there was a tragic case of a three-year-old boy who went to a dentist and died because of an alleged anaesthesia overdose. In March, a teen in Bangalore died because of general anaesthesic — again, allegedly because of an overdose. In August, the same unfortunate incident repeated itself with a 37-year-old homemaker. How did a drug that is supposed to lessen pain during serious and/or painful surgical procedures, suddenly become so dangerous? Anaesthesia is a medically induced state of amnesia, analgesia, loss of responsiveness, loss of skeletal muscle reflexes, decreased stress response or all of these simultaneously. These effects can be obtained from a single drug which provides the correct combination of effects. This allows patients to undergo surgery and other procedures without the distress and pain they would otherwise experience.

will be best with minimal risk for the surgery he or she is undergoing. They should know how many hours they should fast for, how the post operative pain will be taken care of, what are the expected mild side-effects they may experience (nausea, vomiting, sore throat), how early they can resume their daily activities (such as driving, exercise) and whether they need post operative ICU care.

When should one use local or general anaesthetic? As far as possible, if surgery can be performed under local/regional anaesthesia, then it is done so (such as tooth removal by dentists or minor stitches on the scalp). One may also undergo surgery involving the lower half of the body such as hernia, leg fractures, C-sections, under spinal or regional anaesthesia. If the surgery is complex, involves major organs and is for a prolonged duration, then regional anaesthesia may not be adequate and in such situations general anaesthesia is preferred (such as by-pass surgeries or brain tumour).

However, due to recent alleged anaesthesia related deaths, people have become very apprehensive about the drug. To get answers to our most common doubts, we spoke to Manju Butani, head of the department of Anaesthesiology & Operating Rooms, at Hinduja Hospital. Here is what she had to say. What are the important things that a patient needs to be aware of about anaesthesia before undergoing surgery? Anaesthesiology is a specialised branch of medicine and doctors with postgraduate training and qualification can administer anaesthesia. While undergoing surgery or a diagnostic procedure, patients can be offered general anaesthesia (that is, when a person is fully unconscious) or regional anaesthesia (where a specific part of the body is made numb). He should also understand that fasting

Is anaesthesia safer and more environment friendly now? Gone are the days of chloroform. Ether anaesthesia advances in the technology have revolutionised the ultra modern monitoring devices to keep watch on a patient’s vital parameters, such as pulse rate, blood pressure, respiration and oxygen saturation from minute-to-minute when the patient is under anaesthesia. Sophisticated anaesthesia machines deliver anaesthesia gases in appropriate quantities to maintain the desired depth of anaesthesia, thereby preventing an overdose. New fast tracking drugs with quick recovery profile and with no hangover have changed the peri-operative management of is essential before undergoing surgery under pain with minimal side-effects. any form of anaesthesia. But, any surgery or anaesthesia carries inherent minor risks. Is every doctor an anaesthesiologist? No. An anaesthesiologist is a medical doctor How can a patient be careful about wrong with a postgraduate qualification in administration of anaesthesia? Anaesthesiology. This training provides Anaesthetic management for every individual specialised knowledge of anaesthesia, is different and tailor-made depending on resuscitation, pain management and critical existing medical problems such as diabetes, care management of a patient for the surgery. It hypertension and asthma. A patient needs to also involves training in the use of highly inform the anaesthesiologist about all medical technical equipment used for giving and problems, medications he is taking, past monitoring anaesthesia. operations in past and allergies, if any. This will help the anaesthesiologist design a safe In February, a three-year-old boy died in anaesthetic plan for that individual. Mumbai because of an anaesthesia overdose. Why do you think that happened? What are the kind of questions that a patient Dental chair anaesthesia is a very peculiar needs to ask the doctor about anaesthesia speciality where a combination of factors can before undergoing surgery? lead to unfortunate events which need not be One needs to know what kind of anaesthesia related anaesthesia.

« KNOW MORE: EXPOSURE THERAPY Suffering from a phobia? Exposure Therapy is what you need. Dev Goswami tells you more about it


anic attacks, post-traumatic stress disorder and phobias… these are conditions that seem impossible to treat. However, with effective treatment, phobias can be cured. The treatment involved is called Exposure Therapy and it is used along with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to overcome phobias.

The science behind fear

your amygdala learns what you fear and then makes a decision accordingly. So, if while handling a particular dangerous situation in the past, you made the wrong choice leading you to get harmed, your amygdala will know not to make the same choice again. The problem arises when you’re so scared of something that you keep trying to escape it. For example, if you’re scared of heights and avoid such places at all costs, your amygdala learns to think that even being present at such a place is bad for you. This means that you will always, unconsciously, keep yourself away from what you fear and thus, in effect, reinforce your fear.

Take into consideration the fight or flight syndrome. Basically, when you are confronted by a dangerous stimuli, your brain has to decide whether you want to fight it or escape it. The part of your brain that makes these decisions is called the amygdala. The amygdala doesn’t come with a preloaded set of how To TreaT This? data that makes these decisions. With each encounter, This is where exposure therapy comes in. In layman’s

terms it can be said that it involves retraining your amygdala to make different choices. The first part involves cognitive behavioural therapy where a psychologist will try to understand your chain of thoughts when you come across a dangerous stimuli and how those thoughts affect you. The next part of the therapy includes replacing your impractical thoughts (such as you will fall off a tall building, no matter what), with a realistic one. This is to show your brain why you should not fear what you do. The final part is the actual ‘exposure,’ where you come face-to-face with your fear. Doing this a number of times makes your amygdala slowly learn that there is actually nothing to fear and that the ‘flight’ response isn’t necessary. This treatment should be done in a controlled environment, with expert help.


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Shine this Diwali Images Shutterstock

Want to add a healthy glow to your face? Dev Goswami & Jessica Turakhia bring you their picks of the best facials offered by unisex salons across the city

>> Want perfectly radiant skin this Diwali? Head to a salon to get a facial that will make you glow

warreN triComi Newly opened salon Warren Tricomi has a number of facials which are perfect for the festive season. Their Instant Radiance Facial will ensure that you look your best during Diwali. The 60-minute treatment is priced at `3,000 and includes a face massage with beauty emulsion followed by exfoliation. The facial will improve your skin’s elasticity and will give you an instant glow. For men, they have the Deep Cleanses Men’s Facial which will soothe, moisturise and soften your skin. Priced at `3,000, this 75-minute procedure also promises cell regeneration. where Triveni Apartment, Cadell Road, Mahim Contact 24446604

saks saloN & spa From skin brightening to face moisturising,


BarBara, our Beauty expert, will help fix your proBlems

Saks has a number of options that you can choose from. The Whitening Lumination (`3,600), which lasts for 75-minutes, conceals your dark spots and gives you glowing skin. The Radiant Clean Up (`1,300), which is for 30-minutes, is a quick, pocketfriendly option to clean up your face as well as lend a beautiful glow for the festive season. For men, the Skin IQ, priced for `4,600, promises a complete overhaul for men’s skin. The treatment lasts for 75-minutes. where Saks outlets in the city Contact

JeaN-ClauDe BiGuiNe This plush salon offers a Sea Pearl Facial, an intense hydrating treatment. This 35-minute facial, priced at `5,500, uses a marine bolus made of sea water, pearls and red algae. This will leave your skin feeling silky smooth and glowing this Diwali. For men, they make

specially designed and adapted for men’s skin, called the Men’s Special Facial. Priced at `2,500 for 60-minutes, this removes dead skin and impurities for a fresh radiant complexion. By the time they’re finished, you won’t just feel refreshed, but like you’re walking out of a dream. where 54 Ambika, 10th Road, JVPD Scheme, Juhu and Chapel Road, Bandra (W) Contact 66995555

eNriCh saloN & aCaDemy Hate the after effects of pollution? Enrich offers an Anti-pollution Facial for men. Priced at `2,500 for 60-minutes, this derma éclat massage deeply cleanses your skin and restores optimal hydration and vitality to ensure that you look your best this festive season. The Young Blush Facial priced at `2,600 for 75-minutes, uses DNA milks and moor peels to rehydrate and rejuvenate your

skin while improving its tone. The perfect treatment to look radiant and show off your natural blush at Diwali parties. where Soney Apt, 45 Hill Road, opposite Elco market, Bandra (W) Contact 08010299699 Extension: 157

DessaNGe paris When you’re tired, your skin shows it too. That’s why the Black Pearl Hydrating Facial from Dessange Paris is a great idea. The 60-minute facial relaxes the features on your face, smoothening out signs of tiredness and stress and brightening and moisturising it. It costs `3,200, but it will make you feel completely refreshed. The facial can be done by both men and women. where Coral Apartments, 117 Vidyanand Society, Opposite St Theresa Church, 24th Road, Bandra (W) Contact 26000170/ 26000171

ask our Beauty expert

Dear Barbara, I suffer from severe chapped lips. Even before a slight change in weather, my lips crack and become flaky. Sometimes it gets so bad that my lips start bleeding. Not only is this painful, it is also very embarrassing as my lips look dull and black. Please help! — sonal singh, malad (w) Dear sonal, Lips chap because they don’t contain oil glands and they can’t hydrate themselves. This makes them more vulnerable and prone to dryness. Your lips come in daily contact with toothpaste, face lotion and pollution which could contain irritants or allergens

that bother your lips. Dry lips may be caused by a lack of B vitamin or iron, so increase your intake of spinach, nuts and whole grains. Moreover, resist the urge to lick your lips. It makes them feel good for a second, but it only dries them out more. Before bed, exfoliate your lips with a soft toothbrush and warm water. Try applying petroleum jelly on your lips before you get ready in the morning to create a barrier. Dear Barbara, There are white patches on the tips of my toenails. Even a pedicure didn’t help me. How do I get rid of them? — amrita parekh, khar (w)

>> A good lip balm can help with chapped lips

Dear amrita, To get rid of dry patches, try soaking your feet in vinegar. You can mix the vinegar with a little water to prepare a 1:1 solution. Soaking your feet for just 30 minutes daily can help in returning the natural lustre and shine of your nails as well as considerably reduce the white patches. In order to keep your nails healthy, shiny and strong, consume healthy dietary sources of Vitamin A, B, C, D and E in addition to zinc, calcium and magnesium. Send your questions to:

© Courier Publications Private Limited. All rights reserved. Reproduction in any manner, electronic or otherwise, in whole or in part, without prior written permission is prohibited.

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Aarushi case: Final arguments of defence to be heard today G

HAZIABAD: The final arguments on the part of defence could not be resumed on Monday in a CBI court here in the Aarushi Hemraj double murder case, with next date of hearing fixed for Tuesday. The defence was to resume its arguments yesterday but the case could not be taken up as condolence was announced following the death of a lawyer. Court of Additional Session Judge Shyam Lal has now fixed October 29 for the next date of hearing. “Lawyers’ union announced oneday long condolence after the death of an advocate, due to which the procedure of final arguments in

EW DELHI: Indian Mujahideen (IM) co-founder Yasin Bhatkal and his close aide were on Monday sent to custody of Delhi Police for 15 days after a court here allowed the plea of the probe agency to arrest them in a case lodged in 2011 for allegedly setting up an illegal arms factory. District Judge I.S. Mehta allowed the Delhi Police Special Cell to arrest Yasin Bhatkal and his aide Asadullah Akhtar after they were produced before it by NIA, Hyderabad which said the accused are not required for custodial interrogation, reports PTI. The district judge asked special cell sleuths to produce Bhatkal and Akhtar before the designated court for trying the cases being probed by the special cell of Delhi Police for seeking their custody.

The accused were then produced before Additional Sessions Judge Daya Prakash who remanded both the accused to police custody for 15 days till November 12. Advocate M.S. Khan, appearing for the two, however, opposed the police custody plea, saying the accused have already been investigated by the NIA and the special cell has no locus standi to seek their fresh custody. Bhatkal and Akhtar was earlier taken to Hyderabad after being arrested on September 21 and September 17 respectively by NIA’s Hyderabad unit in connection with the Dilsukhnagar blast case that claimed 16 lives. The blasts were triggered by IEDs planted near Konark and Venkatadiri theatres on February 21 this year.

Sushmita honoured with Mother Teresa Intl Award N

EW DELHI: Actress and former Miss Universe Sushmita Sen has been bestowed with the prestigious Mother Teresa Memorial International Award for Social Justice.

Sushmita Sen receives the 6th Edition of Mother Teresa Memorial International Awards for Social Justice 2013 from Sister Magdalitha on Sunday.

Pics: PTI

Aarushi-Hemraj murder case could not be resumed on Monday. Court has now fixed the matter for October 29,” said Manoj Sisodia, counsel of Rajesh and Nupur Talwar. Tanveer Ahmed Mir, another counsel of the dentist couple, has so far argued on the “theories of grave and sudden provocation and presence of Hemraj in Aarushi’s room on the intervening night of May 1516, 2008” in the trial court. The defence was supposed to argue on the use of golf club with which, as per CBI’s theory, Rajesh had brutally hit Aarushi’s forehead and Hemraj’s head after finding them in a compromising position.

DP arrests Bhatkal, his aide in fresh case N


The 37-year-old model-actress, who has two adopted daughters, took to Twitter to share her delight after receiving the honour. “Beautiful people... ‘The Mother Teresa International Award’ I received last night. Precious,” Sen posted along with a photo. “What an overwhelming feeling to receive an award named after ‘Mother’ and with past recipients like his holiness Dalai Lama and Malala Yousafzai,” she tweeted. During the Miss Universe pageant of 1994, Sen had won appreciation by expressing admiration for Mother Teresa. Currently in its sixth edition, the award ceremony is an initiative that highlights various endeavours taken up by individuals and NGO’s to promote peace and social justice.

`5k cost imposed on Sheila Dikshit for non-appearance THE GREAT DISCOVERY: Hubble Space Telescope that provided images of the most-distant galaxy in the universe discovered by a team of astronomers including Goa’s Vithal Tilvi (inset). The galaxy is said to be 13 billion light years away from the earth.


EW DELHI: A cost of Rs 5,000 was imposed by a court here on Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit for her nonappearance in a defamation case lodged by her against BJP leader Vijender Gupta, on Monday. The court also directed her to be present before it on January 27 without “any excuse”. “...The direction that was earlier issued by this court was for the complainant’s (Dikshit) appearance for her examination and cross examination in the case lodged by her. As she did not appear, a cost of Rs 5,000 is imposed on the complainant, reports PTI. “Now list the matter for further hearing on January 27, 2014. The complainant is directed to appear without failing for her examination and cross examination...,” Metropolitan Magistrate Namrita Aggarwal said. The court, however, allowed Dikshit’s application for exemption from personal appearance for today but directed her to remain present before it on January 27, 2014, the next date of hearing, “without giving any excuse”. During the hearing, Dikshit’s counsel sought exemption for his client, saying she could not appear as she is busy in election meetings for finalising the list of candidates for the upcoming elections. The counsel for accused Gupta, however argued that the ground sought by the CM is “ridiculous”, specifically in the light of earlier di-

ONIONS FOR DIWALI…. BJP leader Vijay Jolly arrives at the residence of Delhi CM Sheila Dikshit to greet her with a basket of onions on the occasion of Diwali, in New Delhi on Monday. rection of this court. Gupta’s counsel Ajay Burman opposed the plea of Dikshit’s counsel, saying his client is being harassed just because he is an accused in the case. “I (Gupta) am likely to contest upcoming Delhi Assembly elections from Rohini Constituency in December, even then also I am before the court,” the counsel said on behalf of Gupta.

The court had on August 6 framed criminal defamation charges against ex-Delhi BJP chief Gupta in in the complaint filed by Dikshit. Dikshit had filed a complaint against Gupta alleging that the BJP leader had used “uncivilised” language against her in the run up to the MCD polls last year while accusing her of helping and conniving with power companies.


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TOP VIEW It is likely that it (stake sale in Coal India) may happen either in November or December. You may be aware that Coal India Chairman has gone (overseas) for this purpose only.

Coal Minister Sriprakash Jaiswal

BUSINESS BRIEFS 13 FDI Proposals Worth Rs 1,258 Crore Cleared

Sentiment Turns Weak, But…

NSE India: CNX Nifty — Daily Market Report for: Tuesday (October 29, 2013) (Based on the activity of the previous trading day) by Dominic Rebello

REVIEW OF THE PREVIOUS DAY: The Nifty fell moderately on Monday (October 28, 2013) a net 43.80 points (0.71%) and closed at the 6101 point level. The market opened up with a gap at the 6155 points level. It then rose further and registered the day’s high at the 6168 points level at 9.23 a.m. The index then declined and turned into a range bound movement until 1.27 p.m. It then declined sharply into the red and registered the day’s low at the 6094 points level at 3.16 p.m. The index then rose and turned into a range bound movement until closing at the day. The Nifty moved in a range of 70 points and closed just above the psychologically important 6100 points level. Sentiment was bearish and amongst the 50 Nifty stocks 37 were losers, while 13 were gainers. Buying was witnessed in consumer durables, capital goods and oil & gas stocks, while substantial selling was seen in FMCG, realty, metal and banking stocks.

a strong market but with a negative bias.

Support Levels: For short-term traders the immediate main support is at the 5820 points level.The next support is at the 5692 points level. Resistance Levels: The immediate main resistance is at the 6223 points level. The next resistance is at the 6357 points level.

Pivot Point Analysis: For intra-day traders the support and resistance levels are calculated according to the pivot point theory and are: Pivot point = 6121 (This is the level where the trend is likely to change during intra-day). Support (1) = 6074. TECHNICAL ANALYSIS: Volume: Volume (Qty shares) decreased 4.29%. This change Support (2) = 6047. is small and indicates a moderate participation by investors. Resistance (1) = 6149. Resistance (2) = 6196. Market Breadth: Overall Market Breadth on the NSE was negative. Amongst all the traded stocks, 505 were gainers, OUTLOOK FOR TODAY: 862 were losers and 59 remained unchanged. On Japanese candlestick patterns the index after having formed five consecutive doji patterns (indicating indeSlow Stochastic Indicator: cisiveness amongst investors) has formed a black body The Slow Stochastic Oscillator has declined and has exited candle. This is negative. Further, the index is below the the over-bought zone. The Slow K line in the Stochastic Os5 days moving average, which is declining. Moreover, cillator is below the slow D line (negative if it continues). the velocity parameters which were neutrally trended have now turned negative. All theses indicate a negaRSI Indicator: The RSI fell and crossed below the 60 level tive bias and the possibility of a further decline unfoldand is now declining (negative if it continues). ing. However, the index continues to remain above the 15, 25 and 200 days moving averages and all the averMACD Indicator: The MACD is above zero but is now ages are positively trended. This is positive. Investors declining (negative if it continues). It has crossed below its are advised to hold long positions but with a strict stop 9-day Average (negative and a sell signal). loss at the 15-day average at the 6092 point’s level.

ADX Indicator & DI Lines: The +DI line is above the –DI line but both lines are converging (negative if it continues). The ADX is falling while the Market Index is falling, which indicates that the present down trend is decreasing in strength.

Work with strict stop losses on all positions

MOVING AVERAGES (TREND INDICATORS) The index: Is below its 5-day average (at 6158) Negative. Is above its 15-day average (at 6092) Positive. Is above its 25-day average (at 6004) Positive. Is above its 200-day average (at 5852) Positive. All the four averages are positively trended. Positive.

Overall Market Strength/Weakness: The indicators and oscillators discussed here are indicating

Disclaimer: Investment recommendations made in ‘ADC’ are for information purposes only and derived from sources that are deemed to be reliable but their accuracy and completeness are not guaranteed. ‘ADC’ or the analyst/writer does not accept any liability for the use of this column for the buying or selling of securities. Readers of this newspaper who buy or sell securities based on the information in this newspaper are solely responsible for their actions. ‘ADC’ and/or its affiliates and/or employees and/or the author, his company or his acquaintances may have interests/ positions, financial or otherwise in the securities mentioned in this newspaper.

The Government has cleared 13 FDI proposals totalling Rs 1,258 crore and referred Axis Bank’s proposal for increasing foreign equity amounting to about Rs 6,266 crore for consideration of the Cabinet. The Foreign Investment Promotion Board (FIPB), in its September 19 meeting, had also deferred decision on 8 FDI applications while two were rejected, it said. Among major proposals which have been approved include that of Shantha Biotechnics (Rs 755 crore), Equitas Holdings (Rs 222.8 crore) and Stork Titanium (Rs 156 crore). Shantha Biotechnics has been given permission to buy out the shares held by NRIs and Indian residents and to infuse fresh equity investment. Proposals on which decision was deferred include Jubilant Aeronatics, Soma Tollways, M D Shajahan Bablu, Bangladesh, and Green Destinations Holdings, Mauritius. During the April-August period of 2013-14 fiscal, FDI inflows into the country stood at USD 8.46 billion, up 4 per cent from USD 8.16 billion in the year ago period.

Sun Pharma Issue With USFDA Resolved

Sun Pharmaceutical has said it has addressed the US health regulator’s concerns about manufacturing lapses at its US-based Caraco Pharmaceutical Laboratories. The United States Food and Drug Administration had conducted inspections in January and May this year and had noticed the lapses. When asked about the nature of lapses and the corrective measures the company has taken a Sun Pharmaceutical spokesperson said they were “minor observations”. Subsequent to inspections and corrective action, the USFDA had notified that Caraco may resume operations at its manufacturing facility and packaging sites in Detroit and Wixom, Michigan

Wipro Leads In Global R&D Service Provider Survey

IT major Wipro has been ranked as a leader in the global R&D service provider survey by Zinnov Management Consulting for the fourth successive year. Zinnov’s ‘global R&D service provider rating 2013’ has recognised Wipro as a leader among seven industries comprising consumer electronics, telecommunications, semiconductors, computing peripherals & storage, automotive, enterprise software and consumer software.

‘Indians Not Saving Enough For Comfortable Retirement’

Indian and Chinese employees are at risk of not saving enough for a comfortable retirement as they often put their money in short-term instruments that may not provide a long-term hedge to inflation, a Towers Watson survey said. According to the global professional services firm, workers in both countries are facing challenges accompanying increased life expectancies and post-retirement days, and they are at risk of not saving enough.. The survey further said that in India, across age groups, “rising living cost” emerged as the single largest risk factor to live comfortably post-retirement.

World Tea & Coffee Expo

As a part of its commitment to promote the Tea sector, the Tea Board of India, set up under Ministry of Commerce & Industry has extended its support to the 2nd Edition of “World Tea & Coffee Expo”, India’s only International trade fair dedicated to the Tea & Coffee sectors. The event is to be held at Bombay Exhibition Centre, Mumbai, India from 6th to 8th Feb 2014. Says Mitesh M Kapadia, Director, Sentinel Exhibitions Asia P Ltd, “Hot drinks are witnessing positive growth since the last few years thanks to intensive marketing campaigns by players, launch of innovative products, the emergence of upscale Cafes offering both convenience, affordability and quality and the trend of these cafes becoming a meeting ground for young consumers.”

BROKERAGE RECOMMENDATIONS ICICI Securities calls a ‘Buy’ on Idea Cellular CMP: Rs. 168 Target Rs. 185

Religare calls a ‘Buy’ on Shree Cement CMP: Rs. 4410 Target Rs. 5020

K R Choksey calls a ‘Buy’ on HCL Tech CMP: Rs. 1063 Target Rs. 1353

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SAIL plans Rs 5,000-cr auto steel mill at Rourkela plant  HNIs hike stake in Kingfisher to over 20% in September qtr  Moily approves taking away 5 gas discoveries from RIL  Tata Power developing 160 MW wind projects in India  29 SEZ developers seek more time to implement projects  Gold, silver fall on profit selling, weak global trend.

Expect A Hawkish Stance? RBI’s second quarter review of monetary policy today

By A Business Reporter

stay above comfort levels in the second half of this fiscal. While it ceptical of the current eco- raised FY14 average WPI forecast nomic situation the Reserve to 6 % from 5.3 %, it lowered FY15 Bank of India has cut its FY14 WPI forecast to 5.5 % to 5.7 %. The report goes on to say “Both growth forecast to 4.8 % from 5.7 %. Similarly, it has lowered FY15 WPI (wholesale price index) and growth forecast to 5.8 % from 6.5 CPI (consumer price index) infla%. This was revealed in its macro- tion may stay range-bound economic report released yester- around the current levels that reday, ahead of RBI’s monetary main above comfort levels�. On Food inflation it said “a drop in policy review today. According to the report, both food inflation is required to bring wholesale and consumer price in- down broader consumer price inflation (WPI & CPI) are likely to flation. However, pending suffi-


cient supply responses, it is important that monetary policy keeps a tight leash to prevent relative price shocks in the current year from getting generalised.� Clearly, it indicates that Governor, Raghuram Rajan will have to resort to a hawkish stance as he announces the Second Quarter Review of Monetary of Policy 2013-14 at around 11 am, this morning and there is every likelihood that he would increase the repo rate by 25 basis points.

SEBI Chief Sinha seeks tax sops for proposed real estate investment trusts

‘REITs Have To Be Tax Efficient’ By A Business Reporter

ulations relating to REITs, market regulator Sebi had broadly applied he capital markets regulator a framework similar to that of an Sebi has pitched for tax incen- initial public offers (IPOs), requiring tives to woo investors into the pro- listing of units issued by REITs. The posed Real Estate Investment Trusts regulator has also prescribed vari(REITs), which, it is felt, will go a ous norms, including those related long way in helping the cash- to minimum offer size, public float, strapped companies raise funds. and size of assets. REITs could pep up the cash “For REITs to be successful, they have to be tax efficient. We will ask strapped realty sector with capital the tax authorities to consider some infusion and are proposed to be alincentives for the real estate invest- lowed to list on exchanges through ment trusts,� Sebi Chairman U.K. IPOs and through follow-on offers Sinha told reporters on the sidelines and raise funds. “REIT shall be set of a conference on protecting capi- up as a trust under the provisions of tal market investors in Mumbai, the Indian Trusts Act of 1882,� Sebi had said, yesterday.. “We will talk to the I-T depart- adding however, they are not alment to make it happen,� he added, lowed to launch any schemes. As per draft rules, only such entibut did not offer details. Incidentally, five years after issu- ties would be allowed that have at ing the first draft regulations for least 90 % investment in completed REITs, Sebi on October 10 moved a revenue generating projects. The step closer and issued draft guide- move is aimed at providing investlines to allow REITs. In its draft reg- ment avenues for investors by way


of trading units of REITs, similar to mutual fund and exchange traded fund structures for stocks, bonds and other securities. The regulator said that REIT may raise funds from any investors, resident or foreign though initially, till the market develops, it is proposed that the units of REITs may be offered only to HNIs /institutions. The draft norms come as the real state sector witnessed rapid growth in recent years underlined by robust economic growth in the country. Globally, framework for REIT exists in several countries including the US, Britain, Australia, Singapore, Japan and France. In line with the nature of the REIT to invest primarily in completed revenue generating properties, “it has been mandated that at least 90 % of the value of the REIT assets shall be in completed revenue generating properties.�

Capital Injection Into Public-Sector Banks Is Credit Positive, Says Moody’s By A Business Reporter

government injected INR125 billion into 13 public-sector banks, ast Wednesday, the government with eight banks we rate receiving of India finalized the allocation a total of INR110 billion. The capital injection will allow of INR140 billion ($2.3 billion) of capital to 20 public-sector banks IDBI, CBI and BOI to remain over for the fiscal year ending March the Basel II Tier 1 threshold in fis2014 through a preferential allot- cal 2014 . Without the capital inment of equity shares. The recapi- jection, Moody’s estimates they talization “is credit positive would have fallen short of that because it improves the odds that threshold, assuming loan growth public sector banks will meet reg- and profit levels similar to those of ulatory capital requirements while past years. However, we anticipate that IOB maintaining loan growth to economically important sectors,� says and Union Bank of may face diffiMoody’s in a just released credit culties in meeting the 8% target at the end of fiscal 2014 even after the outlook report. Before the capital infusion, capital infusion. It expects IDBI, CBI and IOB to Moody’s estimated that at the end of fiscal 2014, just six of the 11 benefit most from the capital inpublic-sector banks we rate would jection because their lower basehave reported Tier 1 capital ratios line credit assessments reflect of more than 8% regulatory mini- weaker internal capital generation capabilities and higher levels of mum under Basel II. The government’s capital infu- impaired loans The INR140 billion capital allosion, it believes, will not only raise the capital levels of all rated banks, cations is in line with our expectabut we also expect that it will allow tions, it says and reaffirms it’s view three more banks to meet the min- that the government will continue to encourage public-sector banks imum. Even so, the need for larger cap- to keep lending despite India’s ital injections to an ever-greater challenging economic environnumber of public sector banks is ment. “However, it does not leave the symptomatic of the more fundamental economic and credit chal- banks better equipped to withlenges that capital injections are stand the risks of further asset not addressing. For fiscal 2013, the quality deterioration. The bank’s government injected INR125 bil- gross nonperforming loan ratio lion into 13 public-sector banks, rose to a weighted average of 4.3% with eight banks we rate receiving in June, the highest in more than five years, and a similar rise in rea total of INR110 billion. Even so, the need for larger cap- structured loans suggests that proital injections to an ever-greater visioning costs might further number of public sector banks is increase. As such, the benefits of symptomatic of the more funda- the capital injections might last mental economic and credit chal- shorter than our assumptions lenges that capital injections are based on past trends suggest,� the not addressing. For fiscal 2013, the report concludes.


Share Transfer Norms For Deceased Holders’ Accounts Eased By A Business Reporter

reviewing the process followed by share transfer agents and the issuer ebi yesterday simplified the pro- companies for effecting transmission cedure for transfer of securities of securities. In this regard, Sebi also from the account of a deceased per- held deliberations with Registrars Asson and raised the threshold limit sociation of India (RAIN) and the defor such transactions in demat for- positories. For transmission of mat to Rs 5 lakh. The move is aimed securities in physical mode, where at making transmission of securities the securities are held in single name in both dematerialised and physical with a nominee, Sebi asked share modes more efficient and investor transfer agents or issuer companies to follow the standardised documenfriendly. Transmission refers to the transfer tary requirement specified by it, acof securities from the account of a cording to a circular. deceased holder to that of surviving This process requires an applicajoint holder, nominee or legal heir. tion in a prescribed format, along Simplifying the process, Securities with supporting documents, as eviand Exchange Board of India (Sebi) dence for the death of the holder. the threshold value for transmission For securities held in single name of demat securities — in the case of without a nominee, Sebi has said deceased person without a nominee that additional documents such as — has been increased to Rs 5 lakh. identity card and claim of legal ownership to the securities might Earlier, the limit was Rs 1 lakh. The changes have been made after be sought.


                            !   " # $%& ' " & ( ) *    # ''& "   * % "!  





 The Old West.. where a lone cowboy leads an uprising against a terror from beyond our world. 1873. Arizona Territory. A stranger with no memory of his past stumbles into the hard desert town of Absolution. The only hint to his history is a mysterious shackle that encircles one wrist. What he discovers is that the people of Absolution don’t welcome strangers, and nobody makes a move on its streets unless ordered to do so by the iron-fisted Colonel Dolarhyde (Ford). It’s a town that lives in fear. But Absolution is about to experience fear it can scarcely comprehend as the desolate city is attacked by marauders from the sky. Screaming down with breathtaking velocity and blinding lights to abduct the helpless one by one, these monsters challenge everything the residents have ever known. Now, the stranger they rejected is their only hope for salvation. As this gunslinger slowly starts to remember who he is and where he’s been, he realizes he holds a secret that could give the town a …. H BO, 10.47 p.m .



 In tonight’s episode we will see that Bani reaches Kutub Minar, while Parmeet is already present there. Will Bani see him? Colors, 10.30 p.m.


 Homer is shocked to discover that his bowling teammate Dan Gillick is an accountant for Fat Tony and his mob. Meanwhile, Lisa adds insects to her vegetarian diet after passing out during a saxophone solo from iron deficiency, but immediately quits when the bugs guilt her in her dreams. Star World, 8 p.m.


 Naomi is still furious with Annie from prom night and contemplates sending out a sexually explicit text message of Annie as payback. Silver is convinced that she and Dixon can mend their broken relationship. Big CBS Love, 9 p.m .


 Saachi finds Dv standing near her jeep. She asks him to go away. DV receives call from his mother. Workers come at Saachi’s office. Saachi assures workers their wages will be taken care of. Adhu comes looking for Dv at office. Everyone is searching DV. Saachi receives call from Dilshaad. She informs her inspector has called them for dv body identification. Saachi and Dilshaad rush to hospital. Saachi breaks down and says runs in corridor. Dilshaad identifies it is someone else’s body. DV walks up to Saachi. Saachi hugs him and confesses she can’t live without him. Sony T V, 9.30 p.m .


 Charismatic, intelligent and with emotions that mirror the human world, elephants are truly astounding animals. From the wild and remote shoreline of the Skeleton Coast, via the towering sand dunes of the ancient Namib Desert, to the coastal islands of Andaman, Animal Planet takes you on a fascinating journey with these unique groups of animals. Animal Pl anet, 8 p.m.


 Spontaneous infernos in Italy, a town in Argentina plagued by hundreds of unidentified aircrafts, and bizarre hairless, blueskinned, blue-eyed and hunch-backed dogs roaming the southern U.S.—across the world, baffling phenomena has occurred which science and logic fail to explain. THE UNEXPLAINED FILES investigates what lies beyond the shock and awe through eye-


Bani-Ishq Da Kalma, Colors, 10.30 p.m.

witness accounts, leading scientific experts, vivid first-person accounts and a healthy dose of journalistic skepticism. Discover y, 10 p.m.


 Things are made? HOW IT’S MADE finds out how the everyday objects people use become the things they are. Discover y Science, 8 p.m.


 Tanweer’s ploys will get exposed and she will get cornered again. Asad will boldly walk in Ayaan house and claim Zoya as his love, but will the two of them reunite. Zee T V, 9.30 p.m.


 Here we get to knw choti nani is paralysed she has a heart change and apologizes to all kapil will be taken by the cops for d involvement in crimes like drugs and kidnapping but they take the provision ki he will cm n give away himself to the cops. Here nana decides he has one thing left to do to make it all ok. Nana is in the hospital so all come home and a huge confrontation where in latika ko nikal dete hai ghar se preeti isnt feeling well hearing her symptoms shiela concludes she is pregnant. Star Plus, 10 p.m.


 Jerry Shaw is an amiable slacker with an over-achieving twin brother. After his twin dies in an accident, strange things happen to Jerry at a dizzying pace: a fortune shows up in his bank account, weapons are delivered to his flat, and a voice on his cell phone tells him the police are on their way. Jerry follows the voice’s instructions, and soon he and a woman he’s never met are racing through the city, on to a plane, and eventually to the Pentagon, chased by the FBI. She is Rachel Holloman, a single mom; the voice has threatened her son’s death if she doesn’t cooperate. The voice seems to know everything. Who is behind it, what is being planned, and why Jerry and Rachel? Pix, 9 p.m.


 A goofy student is taught a lost martial art style by five ghosts. Starring Jackie Chan, Chih-ping Chiang, Hsiu-yi Fang. Star Mov ies, 9 p.m.


 DrVaseekaran, a scientist toils for ten years and creates the first andro-humanoid robot and names it Chitti. He wants to use it for Indian Army. But Dr. Bora, another senior scientist disapproves Chitti as it cannot judge like human. Then DrVaseekaran induces human feeling in Chitti. Things turn upside down from then as Chitti starts loving DrVaseekaran’s girlfriend Sana. Hence DrVaseekaran destroys Chitti. Dr. Bora, brings the destroyed Robot back to life. He intends to sell it and make money. But Chiit’s love Sana turns it into a villain and becomes more violent and destructive. It even kills Dr. Bora. The rest of the film is how DrVaseekaran destroys chitti and brings back peace. Max, 9 p.m.


 After a friend overdoses, Spoon and Stretch decide to kick their drug habits and attempt to enroll in a government detox program. Their efforts are hampered by seemingly endless red tape, as they are shuffled from one office to another while being chased by drug dealers and the police. Starring Tupac Shakur, Tim Roth, Thandie Newton. Zee Studi o, 10.30 p.m.


Afternoon Despatch & Courier

 Childless Malti is married to a honest man, Kailash Nath, who one day brings home a newborn baby boy and asks her to take

Eagle Eye, Pix, 9 p.m.

care of him. Malti names the boy Ashok, and brings him up as her very own. Thereafter she gives birth to two boys, Amar and Anand. When Kailash testifies against dreaded bandit & devil worshiper, Jabbar Singh, he is threatened with death. Jabbar is sentenced to be hanged, but before that could happen he is killed. Jabbar’s son, Sheroo, avenges his father’s death by killing Kailash. Sheroo is arrested by Kailash’s friend, Inspector Om, and sentenced to 20 years. A dying Kailash informs Malti that Ashok is Devki’s, his first wife’s son, and makes her promise that she wil continue to love Ashok as her own, which she does, and Kailash passes away. Filmy, 9 p.m.


 Anju lives a wealthy lifestyle with her widowed dad, Dhanraj, on a privately owned island. She studies in a hostel, plays on the football team, but is known for getting into fights with other girls, rather then taking part in this sport. She meets with a young man, Shekhar, and both fall in love with each other, so much so that she invites him to work on her dad's island. Her dad employs Shekhar and hopes to get his daughter married to him. But before that could happen, six men men who had duped by Dhanraj several years ago, arrive on the island incognito, enlist the assistance of the island's native people, led by Heera, who have been oppressed by Dhanraj and Captain Ashok, to recover their loot and kill Dhanraj and Anju. It is here that Anju will find out that the reason Shekhar accompanied her was not because he loves her. CVO, 9 p.m.



P.M. 2.00 Ek Nanad Ki Khushiyon Ki Chaabi..Meri Bhabhi 2.30 Iss Pyar Ko Kya Naam Doon.. 3.00 Pyar Ka Dard Hai Meetha Meetha 3.30 Ek Ghar Banaunga 4.00 Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 4.30 Diya aur Bati Hum 5.00 Star Diwali-Thodi Si Muskaan Dher Sara Pyar 5.30 Mahabharat 6.00 Iss Pyar Ko Kya Naam Doon-Ek Baar Phir 6.30 Ek Ghar Banaunga 7.00 Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 7.30 Saraswati Chandra 8.00 Ek Nanad Ki Khushiyon Ki Chaabi..Meri Bhabhi 8.30 Mahabharat 9.00 Diya Aur Bati Hum 9.30 Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hain 10.00 Pyar Ka Dard Hai…. 10.30 Ek Veer Ki Ardaas – Veera 11.00 Mahabharat P.M. 2.00 3.00 4.00 5.00 6.00 7.00 8.00 8.30 9.00 10.00 10.30 11.00

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7.00 7.30


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Mein Uljhi… Aakhir Bahu Bhi Toh Beti Hee Hai Jai Jai Jai Bajarangbali Best of Haunted Nights: Haadsa Haunted Nights: Kaun Hai Who? Jai Jai Jai Bajarangbali Aakhir Bahu Bhi Toh Beti… Rishton Ke Bhawar Mein Uljhi Niyati Haunted Nights Jai Jai Jai Bajarangbali. Aakhir Bahu Bhi toh Beti Hee


P.M. 2.00 Taarak 2.30 FIR 3.00 Jo Biwi Se Kare Pyar

Dexter Castle Two And A Half Men Masterchief Australia Castle One Tree Hill Simpsons Two And A Half Men Masterchief Australia How I Met Your Mother 2 Broke Girls Castle



BNTM Season 6 Game Rules of Engagement BNTM Season 6 X Factor Jamie’s 30 Minutes Meal Rules of Engagement Jamie’s 30 Minutes Meal Game 90210 BNTM Excused


P.M. 2.00 Maharana Pratap 2.30 Bade Acha Lagte Hai 3.00 Sanjeev Kapoor Ke Kitchen Ke Khiladi 3.30 Crime Patrol 8.00 Sanjeev Kapoor Ke Kitchen Khiladi 8.30 Amita Ka Amit 9.00 Desh Ki Beti Nandini 9.30 Kehta Hai Dil Jee Le Zara

Magic of Science Factory Made Frozen Planet Wild Caribbean No Kitchen Required World’s Top 5 Man Vs Wild The Unexplained Files Man vs Wild

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P.M 2.00 The Karate Kid 4.35 The Hot Chick 6.45 Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines 9.00 Spiritual Kung Fu 11.05 Ghost Rider A.M. 8.30 New Police Story 10.25 Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End P.M. 12.35 2.44 4.43 6.54 9:00 10.47 A.M. 7.10 9.10 11.00 P.M. 1.00 2.55 5.30 6.00 8.30 10.30 A.M. 10.30

2 Broke Girls, Star World, 10.30 p.m. Qubool Hai , Zee TV, 9.30 p.m. 9.00 9.30 10.00

10.30 11.00

Se Pavitra Rishta. Qubool Hai Khelti Hai Zindagi Aankh Micholi Punarvivaah Jodha Akbar


P.M. 2.00 Best of Savdhaaan India 7.30 Gustakh Dil 8.00 Devo Ke Dev Mahadev 8.30 Ek Boond Ishq 9.00 Do Dil…Ek Jaan 9.30 The Bachelorette India: Meri Khayalon Ki Mallika 10.30 Savdhaan India


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P.M 2.00 Haunted Nights 2.30 Aakhir Bhau Bhi…. 3.00 Preetam: Shammi Kapoor, Leena C 6.00 Rishton Ke Bhawar

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P.M. 2.00 Aus Tour of India 2013 h/ls 4th ODI 3.00 T20 Dhamaka 3.30 Jai Ho 4.00 T20 Dhamaka 5.00 Jai Ho 6.00 Aus Tour of India 13 h/ls 4th ODI 7.30 Jai Ho 8.00 Ranji Trophy 2013/14 h/ls 8.30 Jai Ho 9.00 Aus Tour of India 13 ODIs h/ls 3rd ODI 10.00 Ranji Trophy 13/14 Haryana vs Mumbai 11.00 Aus Tour of Eng h/ls 3rd ODI


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Joshilay, DDI, 11 p.m.

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Focus. News. Samachar News Late Edition Raat Saddhe Dus Khel Samachar

P.M. 2.00 Jai Ho 3.30 Pak Tour of lIndia 12/13 3rd ODI 4.00 Aus Tour of Eng 13 h/ls 3rd Test 5.00 Liga Bbva 13/14 h/ls 5.30 Jai Ho 7.00 Golf Focus 7.30 Aus Tour of England 13 h/ls 2nd T20 8.00 Liga Bbva 13/14 h/ls 8.30 Jai Ho 9.30 Superstar Football 10.00 Aus Tour of India 13 h/ls: 2nd ODI 11.00 Premier League Report

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Uninhabited The Mummy Returns Marvel Anime Wolverine Back To The Future Part III Stop I Or My Mom Will Shoot Gridlock’d Prom


Iron Man 2 Paranormal Activity 2 Rebirth Undisputed III: Redemption Eagle Eye The Italian Job

Manisha K A.M. 8.00 Jawab: Jeetendra, Leena C


P.M. 2.00 Balache Baap Brahmachari: Laxmikant Berde 4.30 Aawhaan: Sahcin Khedekar 7.00 Tukya Tukvila Nagya Nachvila: Makrand Anaspure 9.30 Foreignchi Patlin: Girish Pardesi


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Chhota Bheem Marathon Gol Mol Gongol Chhota Bheem Marathon Hagemaru Chhota Bheem Pokemon Takeshi’s Castle

Rebirth Undisputed III: Redemption


Barsaat Daava Hum Hia Bemisaal Dabangg The Killer Gentleman

Spiritual Kung Fu, Star Movies, 9 p.m.


P.M. 1.00 Ek Ladka Ek Ladki: Salmaan Khan 5.30 Sainik: Akshay Kumar 9.00 Robot: Rajnikant, Aishwarya Rai A.M 7.00 Aamdani Atthani Karcha Rupiya: Govinda 10.30 Sabse Badi Hera Pheri P.M. 12.30 3.00 6.00 9.00


Admi: Mithun C Khoon ka Rishta: Chiranjeevi Diler-Daring: Chiranjeevi Shahenshah: Amitabh Bachchan, Meenakshi S


P.M. 2.00 Jhooth Bole Kauwa Kaate: Anil Kapoor 5.30 Pyasi Sham: Sunil Dutt 9.00 Choron Ki Baarat: Shatrughan Sinha A.M. 9.30 Billoo Baadshah: Shatrughan Sinha


P.M. 12.00 Prem Geet: Raj Babbar 3.00 Kyun Ho Gaya Na: Amitabh B, Aishwarya Rai 6.00 Hum Tumhare Hain Sanam: Shah Rukh Khan 9.00 Teesri Aankh: Dharmendra, Rakesh R A.M. 9.00 Sumbandh: Ashok Kumar, Rati A


P.M 12.00 Hote Hote Pyaar Ho Gaya: Jakcie Shroff, Kajol 3.00 Plan: Sanjay Dutt 6.00 Aatankwadi Uncles: Shahbaaz Khan, Saakhi Tanvar 9.00 Angaaray: Akshay Kumar,

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Robot, Max, 9 p.m.

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Afternoon Despatch & Courier


By Amarendra Dhaneshwar


HE Government of Maharashtra has decided to institute an award in the name of Pt. Bhimsen Joshi, the towering classical singer who was a resident of the state for over sixty years. A lifetime achievement award is presented to a senior musician every year. The Govt has also decided to award scholarships to deserving youngsters to help them to pursue music seriously. A scheme has also been worked out to provide financial assistance to institutions which are engaged in the propagation of classical music. All these measures have been taken with good intentions. What really matters is the implementation, which is crucial.


The first awardee was Kishori Amonkar who was given an award in the month of March. The second awardee was the Mewati gharana maestro Pt. Jasraj. The award was given to him by Dy CM Ajit Pawar at Shanmukhananda Hall last week. Sanjeev Abhyankar, a senior pupil of Pt. Jasraj, sang on the oc-

A laugh-a-thon By Sandeep Hattangadi


REMACHA JHOLJHAL is a story of three men and their antics to woo their respective love interests. Siddharth Jadhav is the Marathi industry's most loved comic actor and director Manoj Kotian relies on him and come-

dian Navin Prabhakar's comic timing, Small time conmanturned-astrologer Popat Navre (Siddharth) plays a love guru who meets interior decorator Pankaj (Navin) to forecast his love life. They land up at the bungalow of Rupa (Smita Gondkar) who is Pankaj’s love interest, as Popat falls for Sangeeta. However, an inspec-

tor called Padmakar (Vijay Patkar) is out on a mission to catch conmen who fool rich girls with the promise of marriage, and lands up at the same bungalow in a bid to foil the plan, till he meets Heera (Priya Berde) in the same house and Cupid strikes. However, there is a comedy of errors since there is confusion about who loves whom. As attempts are made to correct the situation, there are several humorous moments sprinkled all over the film with no cohesive force to bind them. So, while the actors do their jobs very well and the audience is left in splits, the whole process seems rather predictable. The songs by Amit Raj are good and Hemant Edlabadkar’s story deserves credit. The lead actors Siddharth Jadhav, Navin Prabhakar and Vijay Patkar have to be lauded for some scenes where they have done exceptionally well.

MUSIC LAUNCH: Louis Banks, Jaya Bachchan, Pankaj Udhas, Pyarelal, Pt. Hariprasad Chaurasia, Rakesh Chaurasia and others at the launch of Music Album ‘Rakesh and Friends’, in the city, recently.

was popular. Anand Bhate is a former child prodigy. He used to sing popular Balgandharva casion. The government has also songs as a child artiste way back decided to hold a festival in the in 1980s and also lent his voice name of Pt. Bhimsen Joshi every for the play back of the film Balyear, one already having been gandharva which won the Naheld at the Ravindra Natya tional award for the best film. Mandir. Among those who per- Bhate's singing also earned him formed was Shashwati Mandal the best playback singer of the Paul as well as the brilliant Jaipur year award. At the festival, Bhate sang the Attrauli gharana singer Manjiri Asnare. Anand Bhate, a pupil of raga Puriya Kalyan, which was a Pt. Bhimsen Joshi and Jayateerth favourite Bhimsen raga. Pt. Mevundi, a follower of the Pt. Bhimsen had composed a song Bhimsen style also performed on in the raga Kalashree in the sixties. It was used in a play the occasion. Mevundi has on the life of the leglearned from Shripati Padigar endary singer Tansen. and Arjunsa Nakod, both Pt. Bhate rendered it most Bhimsen Joshi clones. He sang faithfully in this the raga Shudh Kalyan and two programme. abhangas for which Pt. Bhimsen


By Vijay Shanker

HE Nritya Aradhana Research Centre presented the Nritya Ankur festival of dances at the mini P.L.Deshpande auditorium. It was thrilling to watch all the classical dance styles being presented with Bharata Natyam and Kathak dominating the festival. However, Kathakali was not performed. The dance mentors who presented their disciples were Darshana Jhaveri, Ragini Chokshi, Debi Basu, Jhelum Paranjape, Vijaya Prasad, Geeta Radhakrishna, Rajendra Chaturvedi, Tina Tambe, Nisha Gilbert, Deepak Mazumdar and Suchitra Date. Kudos to Ragini Chokshi and MK Patel of Nritya Aradhana Research Centre for having



presented these mentors along with their disciples, which is not an easy task. The male dancers had their share of prominence. Pavitra Bhat, a disciple of Guru Deepak Mazumdar, was the last to perform but he performed brilliantly, maintaining the precision and the technical quality of Bharata Natyam. Rajendra Chaturvedi, a disciple of the late Gopi Krishna, performed the Shiva Stuti with complete devotion and involvement. Another male dancer who created a lasting impression with his vivacious style of jumps and jerks was Akhilesh Chaturvedi.A disciple of Guru Jhelum, Ankur Balal cast a spell with his rendition of ‘Path Chadi De’ in which Krishna stops the way of Radha. The only Mohiniattam performance of the evening was rendered by renowned exponent Geeta Radhakrishna and her disciples.Geeta performed the invocatory number of Lord Ganapati, a Kriti on Lord Rama and a number on the goddess Amba with lot of devotion and elegance, The Jatiswaram was performed by the three disciples with sincerity.


NEWS IN BRIEF State Formation Day

In order to celebrate the 57th Tamil Nadu and Kerala State Formation Day, a mega cultural programme has been organised on Sunday November 3 from 6pm at Shanmukhananda Auditorium in Mumbai by People's Arts Centre. 200 performing artists, dancers, musicians and singers will present a variety of classical and folk dances and varied types of music, pertaining to both Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Admission is free. For further details call Gopakumar at People's Arts Centre at 9561795704.

Classical concert

‘Swaravali', a special Diwali concert, is being organised on Nov 4 at 8 pm at Ravindra Natya Mandir, Prabhadevi. by the Vasantrao Deshpande Sangeet Sabha. It will be a combination of classical compositions, natya geet numbers and devotionals sung by Ramdas Kamat, Upendra Bhat, Ms Faiyaz and Chandrakanr Limaye. Tickets available at the venue Contact 93222 39751

Cultural show

Dr. Soma Ghosh, foster daughter of Ustad Bismillah Khan and a veteran classical vocalist, strives to preserve the cultural heritage of our country through her Madhu Murchhana movement. Parampara Kal Aur Aaj at Ravindra Natya Mandir from 29-31 October at 7 pm is another step in that direction.

Musical feat

The audience will now have a marvellous feast of two melodiously sweet songs composed earlier by Pt. Hridaynath Mangeshkar, ‘Tarun Aahe Ratra Ajuni’ and ‘Ye Re Ghana, Yere Ghana’ through the eagerly awaited mystery thriller film ‘Anawat’, thanks to the competent direction of renowned director Gajendra Ahire. The youthful producer of this film, Puja Shekhar Jyoti resolved to present both these incomparably evergreen songs in a new form of cinematic representation and succeeded. The film is based on the times in 1975 in Konkan, Goa and Hyderabad. For this purpose, a remote village in Konkan, which has not yet been polluted by modern times, was chosen. Ahire therefore feels that this film is one of the best ever directed by him.

HONOURED: Filmmaker Subhash Ghai presents the Pt. Hridayanath Mangeshkar Award to megastar Amitabh Bachchan at a function, held in the city, recently.


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ACROSS: 7 A man might swallow the ring when she appears (5) 8 Not the front table in the diningroom (9) 9 Track hit by departing cowboys? (5) 10 In which textbooks are Stowed? (6-3) 12 Old-time US film funster in decent radio reconstruction (5,6) 16 King of the dyke (4) 17 Poles suffer internally - they're hard (5) 18 Keep out a backward foreigner (4) 19 I have to intercede with a student in my custody now (11) 22 Last music playing on both TV and radio (9) 24 Yet such a marriage won't end in the divorce court (5) 25 I see the old hag left with the newspaper (9) 26 Smell of a fishing-vessel (5)

DOWN: 1 Put two and two together (6,3) 2 Such tendencies as a lady-killer has? (9) 3 Not so much of the brass as the copper provides (4) 4 Show prior he can change and show his love for his favourite star (4,7) 5 Old trouble with lovely emptyhearted girl (5) 6 Chinese gang gives sound advice on how to sell privately (5) 11 Cheapest means of getting a reputation for helpfulness? (8,3) 13 I'll be kept in by the beak for chattering (5) 14 It's on the cards there may be no


Each colour in our code represents a letter. When you have cracked the code you will be able to make up seven words. The clue to first word is given to help you get started. The Clue: Retail — (a shop)










MATH PYRAMID 647 more winners after this; that's the final blow (4,5) 15 Flirting could end with marriage (9) 20 Sounds of relief of audible

dimension (5) 21 Style of union backing for a striker (5) 23 Fur with central deficiency going cheap (4)

SOLUTION TO YESTERDAY’S CRYPTIC CROSSWORD ACROSS: 1 Eyebrow, 4 Bertram, 8 Girlhood, 10 Off air, 11 Step down, 12 Jessie, 15 Re-entered, 17 Caballero, 19 Sluice, 20 Tailback, 22 Abadan, 23 Six score, 24 Tweaked, 25 Numeral. DOWN: 1 Edges, 2 Earner, 3 Woodworker, 5 Rafferty rules, 6 Reassert, 7 Market day, 9 Hydraulic jack, 13 Desolation, 14 Incessant, 16 Obturate, 18 Savour, 21 Knell.


ACROSS: 1 ___ alive, overwhelmed (3) 4 "Raw" reversal (3) 5 On the nose (5) 8 007, e.g. (3) 9 Ballpark flub (5) 12 Paleozoic, for one (3) 13 'Ready, --, go!' (3)

The goal of Math Pyramid is to fill the given pyramid with numbers such that the following three rules are satisfied. 1. A cell value must be sum or difference of the two cells below 2. A row cannot have duplicate numbers 3. A number cannot be less than 1 or more than the grid size



DOWN: 1 ___ inspiring, wondrous (3) 2 IT payment (3) 3 Edit, perhaps (5) 6 EMT's skill (3) 7 Car parts (5) 10 Cinnabar, e.g. (3) 11 "I smell a ___" (3)


The goal of Hidato is to fill the grid with consecutive numbers that connect horizontally, vertically, or diagonally from first to the last number in the grid. The first and last numbers of a puzzle and a some other numbers are already filled in. YESTERDAY’S SOLUTION


Place numbers into the puzzle cells in such a way that each row and column contains each of the digits from 1 up to the size of the puzzle (4,5 or 6). Like a Sudoku puzzle, no number is repeated in any row or column. Each bold-outlined group of cells contains a hint consisting of a number and one of the mathematical symbols + x - /. The number is the result of applying the mathematical operation represented by the symbol to the digits contained within the domain. The solution to each puzzle is arrived at logically and is unique. YESTERDAY’S SOLUTION

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: : : : : :

Leo 10th Ashwin Krishnapaksha Magha Sinh (Leo) M.T. Red 5

BIRTHDAY FORECAST: Some major reorganization may become necessary. There may be certain gains through buying/selling of some land, or a house. Heavy expenditure is indicated for domestic affairs or renovation at home. Personal affairs will run smoothly. Some of you may plan to settle down at native place. A brief holiday or change of scene will do a lot of good to you. You will enjoy good health during the course of next twelve months.

BABIES BORN TODAY: Attractive, soft spoken, medium height, healthy and longlived. Will have fine hair and soft skin. Respectful, helpful culturally aware, will also value tradition. Will make a good advisor or administrator.






ARIES (March 21 - April 20): Associates may not be helpful when you need. Try not to make important decisions right now. Maybe, you are under too much stress and it is reflecting on your relationships with colleagues. Routine work will bring in money. Expenses are also likely, perhaps more than expected. At a meeting or large gathering, you will be very popular. Members of the opposite sex will be drawn to you quite unexpectedly.

TAURUS (April 21 - May 20): Positive developments in matters of work and finance are likely. Those who are planning to travel are assured a good journey and success in their mission. You will be at your best when dealing with people. Your ideas and schemes will be received and accepted. There could be some good news about a marriage or addition in the family soon. You may have to travel soon to take part in the festivities.

GEMINI (May 21 - June 20): New developments and financial gains are indicated after a meeting with an important person. This could well mean the beginning of some of the major projects that you have in mind. Your mind will be more on security and plans for the future. A family gathering to celebrate an auspicious event will be fun. Some of you will be traveling for a holidaycum-pleasure trip with the family, perhaps to your hometown.

CANCER (June 21 - July 21): A quick decision at work will save you a lot of money and also earn you a good reputation. Good news of a sanction will also materialize. You will be able to achieve much of what you want to do. Learn to relax and enjoy the good things that life has to offer. Dreams can come true and happen if you really try hard enough. If you love someone, be the first one to express yourself. The response will be worth the gamble.

LEO (July 22 - August 21): You will have a busy and tiring day at work. However, the successful completion of your task will make you happy and amply compensate for your efforts. Those in creative fields will get an offer that is difficult to refuse. See that you do not take on more than you can handle. You may be inclined there is little time for love or romance. There are far too many things happening in your life right now.

VIRGO (August 22 - September 21): The success of an earlier project will make you feel optimistic about the future. Material gains are also indicated besides honor and prestige that will be conferred on you. You must now try to consolidate your position and avoid hasty expansion. Your rapport with your beloved will be good. Whereas the single and fancy free could be feeling left out and lonesome.

LIBRA (September 22 - October 22): There is lot of work to be done that you may find boring. However, this is essential for your future growth and prosperity. Do not push yourself too much if things do not go your way today. People who are normally quite efficient will also get on your nerves. Forget about work problems and concentrate on being happy. A get- together with friends will be help to divert your mind.

SCORPIO (October 23 - November 21): It is advisable to continue in your present work even if things move slowly. You may feel restless and uneasy but remain calm. Your benefits come from those close to you. You will find that you will do well with consistent hard work. Try not to get upset by delays. In marital relationships keep calm for there could be a clash of opinion over minor issues. Stay away from parties or outings.

SAGITTARIUS (November 22 December 20): You may feel that some hostile elements are conspiring against your interests. Concentrate on work and pay no heed to others. It is understandable that work conditions could be oppressive but see how things play out for a while. You will have the support of a person who matters most. Home and family life is under a cloud. You will win the day with charm diplomacy and without hurting anyone’s feelings.

CAPRICORN (December 21 - January 19): You may have to take some crucial decisions in your business and may have to change production techniques to suit the new trends. This will require reorganization and some more investment. Recovery of dues is a must as you are already having a cash crunch. Tours or journeys should not be undertaken as they will be uncomfortable and are not likely to bring in the desired results. Avoid the easy way of taking a loan or borrowing money for it will prove a burden in days to come.

AQUARIUS (January 20 - February 18): Financial deposits bring gains. You may get a tempting assignment and if you work out the deal properly it will be of great benefit to you. The employed will be relieved when a dilemma at work is resolved amicably. In a business venture or investments cash your profits early. A surprise a waits you from your beloved or best friend. Don’t be embarrassed but enjoy the attention showered indulgently on you.

PISCES (February 19 - March 20): Routine matters are going well for you right now. But, this is not the time to make rash moves though you may be tempted to do so. It is a good day to put in applications for a job or a tender for a new business. You may also get some Facility of advances to help you. An outing this evening will be enjoyable. There could be some pleasant surprises in the family set-up coming up in the near future.




ACROSS: 1 They had an empire in India between 322 and 184 B.C (6) 5 Muslim festival (3) 8 Ardent (4) 9 A british nobleman (4) 10 Lake Michigan port (6) 11 Overwhelming (9) 13 Corn that is fed to horses, etc (4) 15 Grad. Rec. Exam. (3) 16 Whom Jason jilted (5) 17 Caused a dull continuous pain? (5) 20 Hawaiian acacia (3) 22 Blow one's __ : lose control, esp. in rage or hysterically? (3) 23 Simpleton (5) 24 Bear flower, flourish (5) 26 A cry of joy, it's said (1,2) 27 Kasparov or Sobers (4) 28 The warrior as per Indian caste system? (9) 31 Capital of Manipur (6) 32 Penne alternative (4) 33 Tel ser. provider in New Delhi and Mumbai (4) 34 A word meaning 'by way of' (3) 35 Piqued, irritated or irked (6)


SUDOKU 1989 Sudoku is a number placing puzzle based on a 9x9 grid such several given numbers.To solve a Sudoku puzzle, every digit from 1 to 9 must appear in each of the nine vertical columns, in each of the nine horizontal rows and in each of the nine boxes.


Difficulty Level 

DOWN: 1 Brick binder ! (6) 2 Rare, infrequent or occasional (8) 3 Pull abruptly (4) 25 Cover of the eye (6) 20 Affinity (7) 4 Took satisfaction for wrong (7) 26 Fragrance, perfume or pleasing 21 Murdering (7) 5 Extract, infer or draw out (5) odour (5) 24 Phir ___ : Off-beat movie of 1971 6 ___ nettle : wild plant, also called starring Pratap Sharma and Ur- 29 Tel __ (4) archangel (4) 30 South Africa's Hashim ____ (4) mila Bhatt? (3) 7 He was ___ : he was made the king? SOLUTION TO YESTERDAY’S QUICK CROSSWORD (7) ACROSS: 1 Beas, 4 Blared, 8 KOs, 10 Crow, 13 Padukone, 14 Holiest, 15 Khyber, 12 __ pro nobis (3) 17 Televises, 21 Ron, 22 NOE, 23 Aso, 26 Arunachal, 27 Hombre, 28 Carrier, 32 14 Bring forth lambs (4) 18 Wooden shoe for a dancer, maybe Salzburg, 34 Etna, 35 Yew, 36 Routed, 37 Shoe. DOWN: 1 Bach, 2 Acol, 3 Cops, 5 Laughs, 6 Rho, 7 Dreary, 9 Sat, 11 Rover, 12 (4) Wizen, 15 Keen, 16 Bush, 18 Loom, 19 In re, 20 Sou, 23 A care, 24 Oaten, 25 19 _____ Pradesh: North Indian state Chaser, 26 Arable, 28 Cry, 29 Ages, 30 Itch, 31 Rage, 33 Lau. (8)

IRREGULAR SUDOKU 1808 To solve an Irregular Sudoku puzzle, every digit must appear once in:  Each of the vertical columns  Each of the horizontal rows  Each of the regions

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Today’s clue: J equals G

The Cryptoquip is a substitution cipher in which one letter stands for another.






P V V P S N L : P M A











YESTERDAY’S SOLUTION: An ostentatious man will rather relate a blunder or an absurdity he has committed, than be debarred from talking of his own dear person

Afternoon WORD MINE









How many words of four or more letters can you make from the letters shown in today’s puzzle? In making a word, each letter may be used once only. Each word must contain the letter at the top of the pyramid. There should be at least one nine letter word. Plurals, foreign words and proper names are not allowed. Today’s ratings: 16 average; 18 good; 20 outstanding. YESTERDAY’S SOLUTION: agile, ague, align, angel, angle, gain, gale, GALLINULE, genial, gill, glean, glen, glue, guile, gull, illegal, legal, ling, lingual, lulling, lung, lunge




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Midnight takeover is draconian and politically motivated: HPCA

NEW DELHI: The Himachal Pradesh Cricket Association (HPCA) termed the midnight takeover of the Dharamsala cricket stadium as "draconian" and "politically motivated" and a deliberate attempt to malign its reputation. The Congress government took over the Dharamsala cricket stadium and all other HPCA properties in a midnight drama, hours after state cabinet meeting chaired by chief minister Virbhadra Singh decided to cancel the lease deed of the land allotted to HPCA on Saturday night. "The midnight takeover of the stadiums and academies, vigilance inquiries and registration of the FIRs and take over of the various other assets of HPCA is a draconian step taken by the state government which is politically motivated aimed to mislead the simple and honest people of the state and would prove detrimental in promoting sports in this hilly state," an HPCA release said. "These steps have been tried previously as well when the congress government came into power in March 2003 and passed a draconian law like H.P Sports Act 2005 and tried to grab the control of HPCA unsuccessfully. There has been a deliberate attempt to malign and tarnish the reputation of the sports body which has brought Himachal on the world map of sports by projecting it as a commercial private entity which is far from the truth."

IN BRIEF Jesse Ryder celebrates comeback with a ton

WELLINGTON: Troubled New Zealand cricketer Jesse Ryder completed a remarkable comeback from a serious assault by posting a century in his first game for more than seven months. He scored 117 off 164 balls playing for Otago away to his former side Wellington in a provincial championship match. It was Ryder's first appearance with the bat since being seriously assaulted outside a bar in the South Island city of Christchurch last March. He was later suspended for six months after testing positive to a banned substance contained in weight loss pills. The 29-yearold, who has been in a self-imposed exile from international cricket since early 2012 when he said he needed to sort out personal issues, has announced he now wants to reclaim his place in the New Zealand team.

‘WE DON’T WANT TO WAIT FOR FINAL GAME TO CLINCH SERIES’ Yuvraj Singh and Virat Kohli during a practice session at VCA Stadium in Nagpur on Monday, ahead of the sixth ODI against Australia.


AGPUR: Australia are extremely keen to wrap up the seven-game ODI series here on Wednesday itself by winning the penultimate match in Jamtha and take an unassailable lead, left-arm spinner Xavier Doherty said. "We have come here to win this game and we're not worried too much about Bangalore (venue of last game on November 2). At the moment we are worried about winning this game and wrapping it up on Wednesday," said Doherty today after the team's training session. Australia are 2-1 ahead in the rubber and India face a mustwin situation here on October 30 to stay alive in the series. "From our point of view this is the game we want to win. We don't want to save it for the last game on Sunday. We want to wrap up this game. Obviously from their (India's) point of view they need to win to stay alive and from that point, it is pretty crucial for them," said Doherty. "We would rather be 3-1 up

than 2-2 all. Both teams have played some very good cricket and it will be about who is better on Wednesday," he added. While conceding that bowlers from both teams have found the going tough, especially with the new ODI rule on field restrictions, Doherty averred that it was better to grin and bear it. "It's been pretty tough going for all bowlers. Conditions have been tough. It's been a rude challenge. Still having 20-20 cricket with five out and bringing them in. That's the way it is suck it up and move on personally I will rather have five fielders," he said. "(But) from spectators point of view (there have been) more boundaries (hit), more runs scored. There have been 350run chases and I am pretty sure we will have 400-run chases soon. No doubt that's the way cricket has been going. From my point of view, am trying to get my ten overs in as best as I can, build up pressure and get some wickets either from my end or at the other."

Azad Shrivastav | ADC

the final two ODIs, it will rise to 119 ratings points while India will finish on 120 ratings points. In sharp contrast, if India wins both matches, it will finish on 123 ratings points while Australia will slide to 114 ratings points -– only three ahead of second placed England and third ranked Sri Lanka, according to an ICC statement. Among other teams Pakistan has an opportunity to gain a place on the ICC ODI Team Rankings if it wins its upcoming five-match series against South Africa by 3-2 or better.

Clarke poised for comeback with NSW

ISHANT, ASHWIN HAVE LONG STINTS AT NETS Under-performing bowlers Ishant Sharma and Ravichandran Ashwin had a long stint at the nets at the VCA Stadium, Jamtha, here ahead of Wednesday's door-die match against Australia. India are currently 1-2 down with just two matches remaining. They would have to win both the games in order to clinch the series. Ishant has taken only three wickets in the series so far by giving away more than seven runs per over on an average. His dismal show, especially at the death overs, has cost the team. The Delhi bowler was also smashed for 30 runs in the 48th over of the Australian innings in the third ODI at Mohali last Saturday that India lost by four wickets from a seemingly winning position. That particular over from Ishant, in which James Faulkner carted the Delhi bowler for four sixes to pave the way for the visitors' victory and to a 2-1 lead, cost him his place in the playing XI in the next game at Ranchi, which was washed out.

Wash out help India retain No 1 spot in ICC ODI rankings

DUBAI: World champion India has managed to retain its number one spot in the Reliance ICC ODI Team Rankings after the last two 50-over games in the sevenmatch home series against Australia were washed-out. Australia lead the series 2-1 with the final two matches to be played in Nagpur and Bengaluru on Wednesday and Saturday, respectively. Australia needed to win the series 6-1 or better to dislodge India from the top and reclaim the number one spot, which it last held in July 2012. If Australia manages to win


CLOSE SHAVE... Cricketer Rahul Dravid and actor Jacqueline Fernandes during a promotional event of Gillette on Monday.

SYDNEY: Australian captain Michael Clarke is in line to make his comeback from injury to lead New South Wales in their Sheffield Shield match against Tasmania this week, team officials said. Clarke's availability for Wednesday's Shield game will be subject to a fitness review over a back injury, a spokesman said. The star batsman was ruled out of Australia's oneday tour of India this month with a longstanding back problem, and feared he could miss the first Test against England starting on November 21. But after intensive treatment for a degenerative disc condition, which has been an issue since he was a teenager, the prognosis is good.

Vani favourite for 13th leg of Hero Women’s Professional golf

GREATER NOIDA: Delhi golfer Vani Kapoor will look to continue with her stellar form when she tees off at the 13th leg of the Hero Women's Professional Golf Tour 2013 to be held at the Jaypee Greens Golf Course here from October 29 to 31. The INR 5,00,000 event will also mark the return of Hero MotoCorp Sponsored Bangalore golfer Sharmila Nicollet, who is the only Indian to have retained her LET card for two consecutive years. Vani's win in the Hero Women's Professional Golf Tour last week, helped her to move up the ranks to the second spot in the Hero Order of Merit 2013.

ISL lacks sanctity, is detrimental to Indian football: Valanka

MARGAO: The CEO of Churchill Brothers Valanka Alemao has condemned several aspects of the Indian Super League and urged AIFF president Praful Patel to enforce regulations to protect Indian football. "The presently held l-League is the example of professional football in India and this has been achieved after much hardship, struggle and combined efforts of talented players, the clubs they are associated with, and the AIFF," Valanka said in a letter to Patel. Attacking Indian Super League, Valanka said the AIFF should have been helping football clubs in arranging matches in various parts of the country to spot new talents and providing platform to the deserving players.





Austral-Asia Cup in Sharjah. Vengsarkar said the fugitive gangster was introduced by the famous actor Mehmood as a businessman. However, Dawood was asked by the then India's captain Kapil Dev to walk out of the dressing room. "Actor Mehmood was in our dressing room. Kapil Dev was not in the dressing room at that time because he had gone out to address the press conference. Dawood was introduced by actor Mehmood," Vengsarkar said at a

UMBAI: Former skipper Dilip Vengsarkar made a startling revelation about underworld don Dawood Ibrahim entering the Indian team dressing room and offering the players cars if they beat Pakistan in the final of the Sharjah tournament in 1986. Vengsarkar claimed that Dawood had walked into the team's dressing room a day before the match and offered each player a Toyota car if they beat Pakistan and won the

Kyra, Bhumika knocked out M

UMBAI: Girls’ seventh seed Kyra Shetty and No. 8 Bhumika Tripathi were knocked on a dramatic opening day of upsets, in the Khar Gymkhana Maharashtra State Ranking Under-10 Junior Tennis Tournament. Unseeded Joanne Fernandes accounted for Shetty 6-4 in a close first round, while Kotisha Modak eased past Tripathi 6-1 to give the tournament an explosive start. In other close encounters, Arya Patil overcame Diva Sharma 6-3 and Zai Jivan prevailed over Samyuktha Jagesh 6-4. In contrast, sixth seed Aishwarya Kallaje and No. 5 Hashali Mundekar registered easy wins. Among the boys, top seed Leston Vaz led the favourites into the quarter-finals including second seed Vardhan Karkal, third seed Sanhas Gandhi and No. 4 Faiz Nasyam. Results: Girls U-10 (1st Rd): Ruhani Sand bt Raisa Dhadhich 6-0; Sudipta Kumar bt Aditi Chandarana 6-0; Arya

Zaid, Asad take Aloysius to title

MUMBAI: Attacking play by St. Aloysius, Bandra helped them grad the boys under 14 MSSAMumbai Indians Annual Inter School Football Tournament title here at the Azad Maidan, Mumbai. Zaid Shaikh was the star performer as he struck a hat-trick which his teammate braced up to the occasion. Kashif Shaikh was the other goal scorer as they won the match 6-2. In the match for the third place for the same group, Balmohan Vidyamandir didn’t find it difficult to ride pass Activity Peddar Road as they won the match 2-0 through Neil Verdia and Nakul Doshi. RESULTS: B-14-IV: Final: St. Aloysius (Bandra) (6) (Zaid Shaikh 3, Asad Munshi 2, Kashif Shaikh) beat Gundecha Education (Kandivali) (2) (Neil Verdia, Nakul Doshi); B-14-IVThird Place: Balmohan Vidyamandir Marathi (Dadar)(2) (Zankar Shardul, Parekh Shubh) Beat Activity Peddar Road (0).

Patil bt Diva Sharma 6-3; Vanshika Shah bt Harshida Padmanadha 6-1; 6Aishwarya Kallaje bt Saaz Tandel 6-1; Siya Baur bt Sakshi Karnani 6-1; Joanne Fernandes bt 8-Kyra Shetty 6-4; Kotisha Modak bt 7-Bhumika Tripathi 6-1; Zai Jivan bt Samyuktha Jagesh 6-4; Nyasha Shah bt Vyomaa Bhaskar 6-2; Rijul Sidanale bt Ritika Kamdar 6-0; 5Hashali Mundekar bt Aalyka Ebrahim 62. Boys U-10 (2nd Rd): 1-Leston Vaz bt Jatin Sawla 6-0; Saheb Sodhi bt Arsh Hinduja 6-4; Parth Bhoite bt Aditya Sawant 6-4; 5-Karim Khan bt Girish Srinivasan 6-0; 3-Sanhas Gandhi bt Kanav Luthria 6-4; Krish Wagnani bt Ninaad Muley 6-3; Achal Samant bt Zaid Merchant 6-1; 6-Prabhjeet Chandhok bt Arjun Watve 6-0; 8-Nitin D’Souza bt Aryaman Meswani 6-3; Shivam Eapen bt Shivan Kadam 6-4; Cahir Warik bt Nimit Chandel 6-2; 4-Faiz Nasyam bt Krish Tanwani 6-0; 7-Renaad Pandya bt Ayaan Tezabawala 6-4; Arjun Chatterjee bt Vanshik Kapadia 6-0; 2Vardhan Karkal bt Konark Dhingreja 60; Amogh Muthal bt Apoorva Pawar 6-5 (7-1).

function in Jalgaon. "No one recognised him but I had seen his photographs. Mehmood introduced him to us as a big businessman from here. Mehmood said he wants to announce a prize for us. He said 'If you beat Pakistan tomorrow, everyone will get a car'. Jayawant Lele was our manager then," he added. The match will be best remembered for the last-ball six hit by Javed Miandad off Chetan Sharma that helped Pakistan win the trophy.

Sardara rested, Manpreet to lead India at Asian Hockey Champions Trophy N

EW DELHI: India skipper Sardara Singh has been rested for 3rd Asian Champions Trophy as Hockey India (HI) today announced a young 18-member squad, to be led by midfielder Manpreet Singh, for the tournament in Kakamigahara, Japan from November 2-10. Manpreet led India admirably during the 3rd Sultan of Johor Cup and guided the junior team to victory in Ipoh. The upcoming tournament will be good preparations for the Junior World Cup, scheduled in December and the squad includes 13 players from the side that won the colts' title recently. Kothajit Singh has been named the vice-captain for the six-nation tournament that involves China, Japan, Malaysia, Oman and Pakistan. India will open their campaign against China on November 2, followed by matches against Japan (Nov 3), Oman (Nov 5), Pakistan (Nov 7) and Malaysia (Nov 8).

India, who won the inaugural competition, finished the runners-up after losing to Pakistan 45 in the final in 2012. HI selectors B P Govinda, R P Singh and Arjun Halappa, Roelant Oltmans, Director High Performance, Gregg Clark, foreign coach junior men team and Baljeet Singh Saini, coach junior men team along with government Observer Harbinder Singh selected the squad during the trials conducted at Major Dhyan Chand National Stadium here on October 9-10.

Royals down Challengers to win title when their men’s double pair of Manan Sharma and Sheryl put out Anup Nerurkar and Ranjit Parikh 14-21, 21-17, 8-11in a thrilling men’s double tie. This was followed by unexpected bonus for the Royals as their mixed doubles pair of Rohit D’Souza and Dimple Pandhi surprised their rival pair of Deep Udeshi and Rea Rocque 21-17, 1121, 11-5 to bring Royals back in the lead. Though Royals second singles player Saurin Parikh proved no match for Yogesh Samant (9-21, 1421), it was Satish Sharma and Rahul Parikh, who steered their side to title win, beating Piyush Saurin Parikh, Dimple Pandhi, Harish Shenoy, Anoop N., Rohit D'souza and Satish Parikh and Avdoot N 21-15, 21-13. Sharma with the title. Results: Royals Beat Challengers 3-2: First singles: Rohit D’Souza beat Manan UMBAI: Bespectacled Rohit Killers, clashing with each others Sharma 19-21, 21-6, 11-6. Men’s D’Souza played a leading role with the top four teams making doubles: Anup Nerurkar/Ranjit P lost to Manan Sharma/Sheryl 14-21, 21-17, 8as Royals scored a nail-biting 3-2 the semifinals. All these teams comprised play- 11. Mixed doubles: Rohit D’Souza/ win over Challengers in the final of the inaugural MCF Badminton ers from Dahisar, Borivali and Kan- Dimple Pandhi bt Deep Udeshi/Rea league held at their sports complex divali suburbs. Rohit opened the Rocque 21-17, 11-21, 11-5. 4). Men’s at Borivali. The league was played Royals account, by prevailing over singles: Saurin Parikh lost to Yogesh with eight teams, namely, Royals, Manan Sharma after dropping the Samant 9-21, 14-21. Men’s doubles: Challengers, Strikers, Flickers, first game19-21, 21-16, 21-6. But Satish Sharma/Rahul Parikh bt Piyush Masters, Devils, Smashers and Challengers soon made amends Parikh/Avdoot N. 21-15, 21-13.


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IN BRIEF Diwan triumphs in WSC qualifiers

MUMBAI: Rahul Diwan triumphed in the 0 to 6 handicap category and will lead the Madhuban Resorts Willingdon Sports Club team that will participate in the western region zonal finals of the Toyota IGU National Club Golf Challenge. In the club qualifiers held on Sunday, Diwan carded a score of 35 Points with 5 Birdies, 7 Pars & 6 Bogies And will be joined on the team by Rahul Goyal who won the 7 to 10 category with 37 Points, sinking 3 Birdies, 13 Pars & 2 Bogies. Joining the team from the 11 to 15 category was Kush Shah, whose 39 Points came from 2 Eagles, 6 Birdies, 4 Pars, 5 Bogies & 1 Double Bogie. Completing the five-member team was Tarun Kataria from the 16 to 20 category and Pradeep Chinoy from the 21 to 24 category. Around 100 club members above the age of 18 (Men & Ladies) played the club qualifiers of Madhuban Resorts Willingdon Sports Club. The Zonal Finals which will take place at Oxford Golf & Country Club, Pune on December 20.

Poinsur Gym schools cricket from Nov 1

MUMBAI: The Poinsur Gymkhana will start off their sports activities with Poinsur Gymkhana inter-school cricket tournament from November1. They will be having 16 teams vying for the top honours. It will be 30-over event with two matches scheduled on each day. The dates for the matches are: Nov 1, 4, 6, 7, 8, 11, 12 and 13. Their cricket tournament will be followed by schools football tournament on November 21, 22 and 23, open athletics meet on November 29, 30 and December 1 and schools basketball on December 12, 13 and 14. This year their open promotional table tennis tournament for both city and suburban players will be held from January 9 to 12, 2014. The events included are: junior boys and girls, sub-junior boys and girls, cadet boys and girls and the midget boys and girls. Contact: Surti 9821763414.

Sanil, Charvi get top billing

MUMBAI: Defending champions India number three Sanil Shetty and Charvi Kawle have been top-seeded in the Mumbai Suburban District Table Tennis Championships organised by the Re-Built Group at Nehru Nagar-Kurla East between October 30 and November 2. The tournament has attracted a record number of 450 entries. Sanil and Charvi the other attraction will be Nishaad Shah who represented the country in the world cadet championships held in Mumbai recently. He will be locking horns with Ravindra Kotian who has been top seeded ahead of him in the Junior and Youth age groups. The other age groups in the men and women sections are-Midget, Cadet and Sub-Juniors. In order to provide more opportunities to the lower age groups the Midget and Cadet competitions will be played on a league cum knockout basis.

Ruth strikes a brace

MUMBAI: Ruth Joseph with a brace did the star turn for Sacred Heart (Andheri) in their 4-1 win over Sacred Heart (Santa Cruz) in the ladies semi-finals of the Willingdon Catholic Gymkhana 26th Inter Parish Rink football tournament. Brinell Monteiro and Meetu Shroor were the others on target for the Andheri outfit while Johann Fernandes reduced the margin. Results: Mens knockout: St Blaise C (Amboli) 1 (Clyburn Pereira) beat Infant Jesus A (Vasai) 0; O.L.Egypt (Kalina) 4 (Kurt Baptista, Fahim Faki 2, Sheldon Sharma) beat St. Dominic Savio A (Wadala) 3 (Harmeet Singh, Ronaldo Tixeira 2) won in tiebreak 2-1.


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IN BRIEF Punjab in command against Odisha in Ranji

JOGINDER, SUNNY LEAD HARYANA’S FIGHTBACK Mumbai players celebrate the dismissal of Haryana batsman Ajay Jadeja at the Bansi Lal Cricket Stadium in Rohtak on Monday.

Phase after car accident was toughest: Joginder

LAHLI, HARYANA: Remembered for his match-winning final over in the inaugural T20 World Cup title clash in 2007, Haryana pacer Joginder Sharma said the phase after the "big car accident" he suffered exactly two years ago was the "toughest phase of his life". He added that the possibility of returning to the field had seemed bleak after the accident. One of the key players in Haryana's scheme of things for several domestic seasons, Joginder led his team's fight-back with a five-wicket haul in their Ranji Trophy opener against holders Mumbai. And the first thing he did after the second day's play was to thank former BCCI president Ranbir Singh Mahendra and his physio Amit Tyagi for inspiring him with their motivating words. Recalling the accident that took place in November 2011, Joginder said, "I am thankful to Ranbir Singh Mahendra and my physio Amit Tyagi as I was coming from a big accident." Joginder had a fracture and clotting, for which he needed surgery. Speaking in detail about the time following the mishap and his chances of making a comeback, the modest all-rounder said, "I spoke to the doctor about the injury...Then it seemed comeback was tough but my physio helped, Anirudh Sir helped. I followed the doctor's advice and worked hard. "It all seemed tough, in fact the first 4-5 months were the toughest of my life and I don't want to remember that," he said.

MOHALI: Taruwar Kohli and Mandeep Singh came up with twin centuries as Punjab reached 306 for two in their first innings, taking a crucial 101-run lead over Odisha on day 2 of a Group A Ranji Trophy match here. Taruwar (109) and Mandeep (116) shared an unfinished 220-run innings between them for the third wicket to not only overhaul Odisha's first innings total of 205 but also take a crucial lead of 101 with still eight wickets in hand. Earlier, openers Jiwanjot Singh and R Inder Singh begun Punjab's innings from an overnight score of 11 for no loss but the duo could add only 43 before DR Behera dismissed Jiwanjot with Natraj Behera taking the catch.

Aparajith’s double ton puts TN in strong position

By Abhishek Hore


AHLI, HARYANA: The laborious Joginder Sharma took the limelight with a five-for while Sunny Singh led a spirited batting effort as Haryana staged a remarkable fight-back to leave their Ranji Trophy opener against defending champions Mumbai evenly poised here. Seeking to make a comeback into the Indian team, Mumbai captain Zaheer Khan picked up four wickets, including two at the fag end of second day's play, to leave Haryana at 224 for nine when stumps were drawn. The hosts, thus, gained an invaluable overall lead of 222 runs, having bowled out Mumbai for 136 in their first innings. Haryana had scored 134 in their first essay. Haryana rode on Joginder's inspiring spell of five for 16 and then 26-year-old Sunny led the way with a 63-run knock to frustrate the visitors before Zaheer got into the act. Left-arm spinner Vishal Dabholkar picked up three wickets for Mumbai but he would be disappointed at being hit for two sixes and a four by Harshal Patel in the day's penultimate over. Resuming at overnight 100 for four, Mumbai lasted less than two hours before being bowled out for 136 for a slender two-run lead in their first innings. Given that 30 wickets tumbled in two days, it would not be easy for Mumbai to chase whatever Haryana set from hereon on this sporting wicket. But the 40-time champions' have a good batting line-up to chase down the target. Considering Mumbai's depth in batting, Haryana's last pair would like to add as many runs as they can to their total today. Starting the day on 44, Ajinkya Rahane added seven runs before being trapped in front by Joginder barely five overs into the day's play. Rahane's 108-ball 51 included nine hit to the fence, and it was his wicket that opened the

LEADING THE LOT... Sachin Tendulkar and the Mumbai teammates leave the field after an inning during the match against Haryana at the Bansi Lal Cricket Stadium in Rohtak on Monday. floodgates. Wicketkeeper-batsman Aditya Tare was out next ball, caught in the slips by Sachin Rana. Using the lively pitch and helpful conditions to good effect, Joginder soon had Hiken Shah as he induced an edge for keeper Nitin Saini to complete an easy catch. The 30-year-old Joginder, remembered for his last-over exploits in the final of the inaugural Twenty20 World Cup in 2007, was not done yet as he sent back Javed Khan to leave Mumbai reeling at 118 for seven and in danger of conceding the first-innings lead. Sent in as night-watchman last evening, Dhawal Kulkarni put up a stiff resistance scoring 25 useful runs, and, which though, may not prove to be too significant in the context of the match, helped Mumbai overtake Haryana's firstinnings total by just two runs. There were two wickets apiece for Harshal Patel and Mohit Sharma while Ashish Hooda had removed Kaustabh Pawar on Day 1. Their morale boosted after an

impressive bowling effort, Haryana started their second innings on a confident note with Sunny Singh and Rahul Dewan adding 85 runs for the second wicket, putting their team in a position of strength. The more flamboyant of the two, Sunny found the fence with considerable ease, and hit Zaheer Khan for three fours in one particular over. The Mumbai captain, seeking to make a comeback into the Indian team, was clearly not too pleased with the treatment. First a length delivery was driven through the cover; he then cut a short and wide one on the off through point before placing one to perfection in the gap between extra-cover and mid-off. Zaheer and his bowlers were guilty of bowling short on a number of occasions. Brief Scores: Haryana 134 & 224/9 in 68.0 overs [Sunny Singh 63, Zaheer Khan 4/59, Vishal Dhabolkar 4/54] lead Mumbai 136 all out 62 overs [Ajinkya Rahane 51, Joginder Sharma 5/16] by 222 runs.

NEW DELHI: Young Baba Aparajith smashed only his second first-class double hundred while Ramaswamy Prasanna scored an unbeaten half-century to guide Tamil Nadu to a formidable position against Services at the end of second day's play in a Ranji Trophy Group B match. Riding on an impressive batting display, Tamil Nadu declared their first innings at a mammoth 456 for seven in 167 overs. Resuming at their overnight score of 220 for three, Tamil Nadu batsmen scored another 236 runs in 77 overs for the loss of four wickets. Aparajith carried on from where he left yesterday and added another 94 runs to his overnight score to finish his innings on 203. He was caught by Pratik Desai off the bowling of Nishan Singh at the team score of 395 for five. Aparajith's faced 395 balls and hit 19 boundaries and one six during his long stay at the crease.

Saurashtra reach 475/7 vs Rajasthan on day 2 in Ranji match

RAJKOT: Riding on useful contributions from middle and lower-order batsmen, Saurashtra today added 249 to their overnight score and finished day two at 475 for 7 against Rajasthan in a Ranji Trophy Group B match here. Kamlesh Makwana (42) and Vishal Joshi (13) were at the crease when stumps were drawn at the Saurashtra Cricket Association (SCA) Stadium in Khandheri. Resuming at 226 for two, the hosts lost three wickets quickly as Rajasthan's veteran off-spinner Ramesh Powar used the turning track nicely and sent back overnight pair of Sagar Jogiyani and Jaydev Shah. Jogiyani, batting on 114 yesterday, was clean bowled by Powar when he was at 133.


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