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The Wizard of Oz Experimental Typographic Layout

Stories are told through words, what if when typography is not just letters that convey meaning. This experimental typographic project is aiming to create a new way of visual communication. I am exploring with using typography itself as the media for story telling, and exploring the typographic relationship with form and pages.

The Wizard of Oz

Mix Up Workshop Branding

Mix Up is a workshop which gathers people from different practices to encourage multidisciplinary collaboration. The branding system is created based on the concept which strokes are designed to represent different fields of practice. Each stroke style can stand by itself but also creates a variety of patterns with other strokes, just like the diverse and unlimited possibilities of collaboration.

Mix Up

“Design is more than just a few tricks to the eye, it’s a few tricks to the brain.


Neville Brody


“The limitation of the

natural world is the new beginning for design.


Neri Oxman


“One person’s craziness is another person’s reality.


Tim Burton

film “Light is a form of language, respectively a carrier of signs and codes.


Brigitte Kowanz

light “Work out of your work. Don’t work out of anybody else’s work.


Richard Serra

sculpture “In some ways, I am a

poet in a visual medium.


Ahn Sang Soo

typography “I want people to be

inspired by my art for their own lives.


Jen Stark

Workshop Poster


March 13 -19



Workshop Publication

Ersilia Book Design

Ersilia is created in Italo Calvino’s Invisible Cities. It is a place where everyone’s connection are shown through physical lines. Taking Ersilia as the inspiration, I integrate material into the tangible book design. Pages and words are connected with threads like the people in the city. Experimental type form are designed to tell the history of the city.


Architecture Grid Studies Daily Observing Project

Architecture Grid Studies is derived from an assigned daily project. The condition of this project is to create a series of work every day. Since it’s an everyday practice, I want to combine it with my daily walking routine, and to explore my neighborhood. When 3D architecture are flatten into 2D image, it creates interested structure to discover. The goal is to explore my surrounding more and discover the beauty within it.

Architecture Grid Studies

Final Poster - Grid Layout

Real Life Grid Study

Real Life Grid Study

Baltimore 21217

Baltimore 21217

Final Poster - Architecture + Grid

Career Cartographer 3D Modeling / Printing

This is a studio AKA project, the goal is to create a persona to inspire us designing in new field, media and technique. In order to explore my interest in discovering new visual languages and try the 3D printing open sources, I create the persona called Career Cartographer. Specializing in mining and mapping the essential nature of occupations, the career cartographer deconstructs and distills 3D body parts into 2D extruded maps, using pattern to provide details related to each discipline.

Career Cartographer

Cartographic Poster - Athlete / Foot

3D Printed - Foot / Athlete


Cartographic Poster - Scientist / Hand

3D Printed - Eye / Graphic Designer




Big Toe

Little Toe

Cartographic Poster - Graphic Designer / Eye

Touch & Tilt Interactive Design

Technology allows designers to create a different experience for their audiences. For Touch & Tilt, I combine Processing, Arduino with viewers’ performance to create an interactive piece. The project is aiming to discover the relationship of body movement with tools that we use. I end up selecting the wrist movement with watering can, fishing pole and sand shovel, and the object is created as a hybrid of three of them. When the audience selects an environment, the sensor inside will detect the tilting movement and display different GIF according to the environment. Here is the project demonstration video:

Touch & Tilt

Tactile Interface

Exhibition Poster

Three-in-one Tool

Calvin Marcus at Peep Hole, Milan, Italy

at peep hole at peep hole at peep hole at peep hole

at peep hole at peep hole and I am letting you know

at peep hole at peep hole at peep hole at peep hole

This is a project from a studio class to create an artist exhibition poster only using typography. Marcus Civin is a contemporary artist, his works always welcome audiences to view in multiple direction and are opened to different interpretation. In order to capture the core concept, the poster is designed to read in both horizontal and vertical direction. Audiences can receive different information from different way of reading.

at peep hole at peep hole at peep hole at peep hole

Artist Exhibition Poster

at peep hole you are making art and it is narcisstic

C. Marcus At Peep Hole

at peep hole I know what I am doing at peep hole

at peep hole at peep hole at peep hole at peep hole

November 20. 2015 - January 23. 2016

Realigned Capstone Exhibition Identity

Realigned is a collaborative project with my classmates for our capstone exhibition identity. The name is inspired by our program cohorts’ diverse background and now all meeting together and realigning ourselves as graphic designers. For promoting the exhibition, I design a simple logo gif to send out with newsletter email. Gif Link:

Discover The Invisible Capstone Exhibition

Even we can’t see, microbes have a strong relationship with human beings and it’s around us all the time. Without them, it is going to take so much longer to accomplish our daily task. Microbes might be the most silent contributors in our lives. I used to stay in lab and work with microbes, during that time I had observed interesting fact about these invisible creatures and had discovered the beauty of it. Instead of being overly germophobic, we could learn more about these interesting creatures, and I believe microbes deserve more positive attention. Discover the invisible is aim to share interesting facts about microbes and expect these facts could bring up people’s interest so they can search for further information. The project also includes a microbes growing kit that contains all the essential ingredients to prepare petri dishes and grow your own microbes back home. I would like to bring up people’s awareness of the invisible microbes and amplify its beauty. I believe there is still more beauty waiting for us to discover from the invisible.

Discover The Invisible

Bacteria Growing Petri Dishes

Grow the Invisible Kit Manual

Grow the Invisible Kit

Design Dictionary Publication Design

Design Dictionary is a publication design for my research on the Discover the Invisible capstone project. This dictionary is functioned as a visual reference for my text based research process.

Design Dictionary

Museum Of Onomatopoeia

Museum Of Onomatopoeia

Museum Of Onomatopoeia Imaginary Museum Branding

Ahem! Onomatopoeia are words that imitate sounds. While sounds are the same around the world, each language has its own method of saying and spelling. Bow Wow and Wang Wang are how the same dog’s bark is written in English and in Mandarin. The Museum of Onomatopoeia invites visitors to explore how sounds turn into language and to learn about the variety of onomatopoeia found around the world. Come and hear with your eyes, and explore how sound can be another source of communication. Warm up your voice, sharpen your ears, and enjoy the playfulness of words and sounds at MoO. Clap Clap Clap! Museum trailer:

Onomatopoeia Across Languages

Onomatopoeia Across Languages

Mar. 01. 2018 Jul. 31. 2018

Mar. 01. 2018 Jul. 31. 2018

Museum Way finding System

Museum Of Onomatopoeia

Onomatopoeia Across Languages

Onomatopoeia Across Languages

March. 15. 2018

Museum Tickets

Child Adm.

Feb. 01. 2019 Aug. 15. 2019

$ 5.00

Museum Of Onomatopoeia

March. 15. 2018

Adult Adm.

$ 10.00

Shape Of Onomatopoeia

Museum 2nd Exhibition Poster


Museum Of Onomatopoeia

Museum Of Onomatopoeia

Seng Chinese Medicine Branding

Chinese Medicine is a traditional practice from my cultural background. Even it is invented from the old time, Chinese medicine is gaining its popularity in modern time. Seng is a rebranding project for Chinese medicine, the goal is to introduce it to Western and modern audiences. My design direction is transforming the monotonous practice into a more dynamic and approachable visual system.


All About The Shape Museum Collection

The project starts with collecting a set of artwork from the Walters Art Museum. I am attracted by the variety of vases’ shape and end up design an information card set to combine vases from different era and region. My purpose is to celebrate the creativity and craftsmanship of our ancestors and create a resource that is approachable to viewers. This project also provides the opportunity to learn new technique about laser cutting.

All About The Shape

Rhyton with Griffins 3rd-2nd century BC Egypt

Black-figure Kylix with Sirens 6th century BC Attica, Greece

Figurative Bottle 200 BC-AD 100 Peru Incense Burner Stand AD 900-1200 Colima, Mexico

Barrel Jug 8th century BC Cyprus

Head Pot with Painted Design AD 650-800 Peru

Arrow Vase Imitating Guan Ware 1735-1795 China

Moon Flask with Shou Character 1736-1750 China

Hadra Vase ca. 230 BC Egypt

Red-Figure Kantharos with Female Head 320-310 BC Apulia, Italy

Rosewater Flask ca. 1700-1750 Kütahya, Turkey

Aryballos with a Lion ca. 625 BC Corinth, Greece

Double-Chambered Vessel with Monkey ca. 600-900 Veracruz, Mexico

Red-Figure Rhyton ca. 450 BC Athens, Greece

Black-Figure Mastos with Combat Scenes ca. 530 BC Attica, Greece Vase in the Shape of a Gu 1720-1740 China

Teapot with Candlestick 1723-1735 China


Chirimoya Effigy Bottle 600-200 BC North Coast, Peru

Information Card Set




























Video Link:



Motion Graphic

The project is using motion graphic to transform a TED Talk into an visual essay. I use collages, typography and movement to make the information more digestible.







Idioms Library Website Coding

This is a idioms collection from my study abroad experience. The purpose is to compare and analyze the direct translation of idioms with their actual meaning. Website Link:

Messy Or Beauty Hat Design

Who am I? How can I express myself and my culture through an accessory, a hat? What is beauty? This is a subjective question. From where I’m from, in Taiwan, there is always a debate about the aesthetics of street signages. Some think there are no rules or systems in the display, while others believe the diverse form conveys the essence of the country and culture. This discussion reminds me the situation as I am studying for Graphic Design. There is no formula for creating beauty, it depends on each individual’s perception. The form of signage becomes an agent to bridge the culture background and my status now pursuing as a graphic designer. At the same time, the original function for signages is to communicate information. This naturally fit the goal of the project, using signage as a courier for my identity.

Kimmy Tsai Portfolio  

My portfolio as a Graphic Design MFA student.

Kimmy Tsai Portfolio  

My portfolio as a Graphic Design MFA student.