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Annual Report 2019-2020


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KIDS Foundation Every day Foundation the team at has the been KIDS operating Foundationsince devotes time anda resources empowering and The KIDS 1993, with number oftohighly successful educating their families on ways to prevent trauma associated with programschildren making and a significant positive impact on theinjuries lives ofand many children and their events that put children in dangerous situations. That is how KIDS gets its acronym ‘Kids In families. Dangerous Situations’. The KIDS Foundation has been operating since 1993, with a number of highly successful Mission programs making a significant positive impact on the lives of many children and their families. Our mission is to keep children safe and create a better life for those living with serious trauma, injury and burns.

What we do

The KIDS Foundation supports children who have experienced horrific injuries, harm and trauma caused by burns, Mission accidents, dog attacks, crime, neglect, abuse and environmental events, and educates and empowers children to prevent them, reaching children eachthe year. Our mission is to ensure400,000 that every child has right to be safe - free from injury and harm. We help children to be safe and to create a better life for those living with serious trauma, injury, and burns.

Injury Prevention

Our prevention programs educate and empower children to build a strong sense of identity and wellbeing so that What we themselves do they can keep and others safe while still allowing them to be kids. Educating children through the SeeMore Safety Program iseducate our focus. Our prevention programs and empower children to build a strong sense of identity and wellbeing so that they can keep themselves and others safe while still allowing them to be kids. Educating children through the SeeMore Program is our focus. InjurySafety Recovery

Our attacks, Our recovery recovery programs programs support support children children with with horrific horrific injuries injuries and and trauma trauma caused caused by by burns, burns, accidents, accidents, dog dog attacks, crime, crime, neglect, neglect, abuse abuse and and environmental environmental events. events. We We deliver deliver injury injury recovery recovery camps, camps, leadership leadership workshops workshops and and the the National Burn Survivors Network’. National Burn Survivors’ Network. Our self-worth, Our advocacy advocacy work work gives gives children children aa voice voice and and agency agency in in their their own own learning. learning. We We empower empower them them to to build build self-worth, wellbeing, wellbeing, respectful respectful relationships, relationships, values values and and behaviours behaviours that that allow allow them them to to become become responsible responsible risk risk takers takers and and contributors to society. contributors to society.

Address: Building 29, Ballarat Airport Airport Road Mitchell Park, Victoria 3355 Postal: PO Box 12, Wendouree, Victoria 3355 Phone: 1300 734 733 Email:


Chairman & CEO’s Report The start of the 2019-2020 financial year was shaping up to be an excellent year of consolidation and growth. Thanks to you, KIDS Foundation programs reached 10,000 early learning centres across Australia, 450,000 books were printed for kindergarten children, four of our seven planned injury and trauma recovery camps took place in WA, QLD, SA and VIC with the remaining were replaced with virtual catch ups. Early in 2020 we were hit by the devastating impact of the bushfires. The affected communities and their people were close to our heart. For some families this was not the first-time fire had caused them to face unimaginable trauma. Every day the team at KIDS devotes time and resources to help survivors rebuild their lives, as well as empowering and educating children and their families on ways to prevent the emotional and physical injuries and trauma associated to events that put children in dangerous situations. When the first wave of the pandemic hit, with bushfires still remaining at the top of mind, we did everything we could to reduce the COVID-19 impact on KIDS. We jumped into action to ensure that we were in the best position possible to come out of this stronger and more connected with our audiences than ever before. We implemented a strong twelve-month delivery structure and strategies to continue in a similar vein beyond this. All our injury prevention and recovery programs continued to be delivered in different ways. Sadly, our events and campaigns were put on pause until an appropriate time to bring them back.

‘Your hardest times often lead to the greatest moments of your life.

However, we were given something some of us regularly experience freely - ‘ TIME’. For many of us, we didn’t have to be anywhere at any certain time, at any certain moment. Looking around, we could see inspiration everywhere, people finding their best self and learning from others. We did the same at KIDS. We took time to create, be inspired and become the best support service for our educators, families and children.

Keep going. Tough situations build strong people in the end.’ Roy Bennett

The KIDS Foundation has been around for 27 years and has weathered many challenges. We will come through this situation stronger and more resilient. We will continue to evolve and adapt to each new challenge and opportunity we face. Our team will be innovative on how we respond to enable us to empower more children than ever before to prevent and recovery from injuries.

We are proud to be working collaboratively with a number of education and health facilities, organisations and partners across Australia to continue education innovation, research and advocacy programs to ensure children receive the best chance of a healthy and safe life. As a supporter of our work, we send a warm thank you. It is because of your help we are able to enrich the lives of the courageous and inspirational young people we work with. Our gratitude goes to our Board, the staff, patron, sponsors and donors of the passion for KIDS Foundation they go.

Dr Susie O’Neill Founder and CEO

devoted KIDS Team - the ambassadors, volunteers, Foundation who carry the with them wherever

Jo Stuckey Chairman

Board Members Jo Stuckey – Chairman Dr Susie O’Neill – Founder & CEO Dr Rimas Luibinas – Director

Charles Kovess – Director Hamish McLachlan – Director Margie Amarfio – Director

Athol Hodgetts – Advisor Ian Coutts – Advisor


Our KIDS Family Patron Scott Morrison Parliamentary Patron, The Hon Scott Morrison MP, Prime Minister, Federal Member for Cook

Ambassadors Dr Richard (Harry) Harris SC OAM Anaesthetist, Joint Australian of the Year 2019 and Thailand cave dive hero

Anthony Koutoufides AFL Hall of Famer and Carlton champion

Craig Alexander World Champion triathlete

Justin Lacko International model, ‘I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here’ trials World Champion and KIDS big buddy volunteer

Fabian Coulthard Professional race car driver Denise Drysdale Australian Gold Logie award-winning television personality and comedian Rosanna Faraci Photographer, model and KIDS big buddy volunteer Brad Foster Passionate Ride4KIDS cyclist




Matt Golinski - Chef, Burns Survivor and Dine in White Ambassador

Becky Lamb Australian model and entrepreneur Annie Louey Comedian and Burns Survivor Jason McCartney OAM GWS Giants AFL list manager, past AFL player and Burns Survivor Steve Moneghetti AM Olympic Games medallist and Commonwealth Games medallist and Chef de Mission Tom Moore Youth Ambassador & Burns Survivor

Nick Green OAM World Champion rower and Olympic gold medallist

Susie O’Neill World Champion swimmer and Olympic gold medallist

Natasha Hansen Youth Ambassador and Burns Survivor

Darren Rutherford OAM Australian Managing Director of GIANT

Matthew Thiele Youth Ambassador and Burns Survivor

Chris Scott Geelong AFL Coach

Loyal Supporters 1st/14th Brighton Sea Scouts Arcare Family Foundation Australian Government Department of Health Black Hill Post Office CommBank Community Foundation Chemist Warehouse City of Ballarat City of Mitcham, SA Clipsal Consolidated Property Services Cotton On Group Drive YELLO Exodas Transport Faircloth & Reynolds Federation University

GIANT Harris Trade Plumbing Supplies Hertz HMAS Ballarat HMAS Cerberus Ironman - Noosa Tri Festival MDS Accounting MOR Accountants Newcastle Permanent Charitable Foundation O’Brien Icehouse O’Neill Plumbing RACV Noosa Revolution Print Verve Portraits Xpress Mobile Coffee Bar


KIDS Team Dr Susie O’Neill – Founder & CEO Janine Buesnel – Chief Operating Officer Erynne Trotter – Injury Recovery Coordinator Carlee Grant – Events and Communications Coordinator

Michelle McCahon – Injury Prevention and Connecting Generations Educator Nicholas Van Der Molen – Injury Prevention Educator Beau Jones – Injury Prevention Program Coordinator (NSW) Teneille O’Connor – Designer


Injury Prevention SeeMore Safety In the 2018 Federal Budget the Government announced it would provide funding from the Department of Health to assist the KIDS Foundation to run the SeeMore program in kindergartens and preschools Australia wide in 2019-2021.


Connecting Generations


STAYING SAFE: Topsy Shew, 94, with Toby Hawker and Hamish McMillan and Seemor for the mascot. Foundation

KIDS Foundation thanks Newcastle Permanent Charitable Picture: GLENN FERGUSON their continued support of the Connecting Generations program.

NSW - Newcastle Permanent Charitable Foundation Launch

Wisdom of age helps keeps kids safe

2019 saw the launch of the successful and much loved KIDS Foundation program, Connecting Generations: Adopt a Grand Buddy in New South Wales. Hamilton Community Preschool and Uniting Lindsay Gardens Aged Care Centre in Newcastle were linked together to become She’s found the youngsters “We’re not an young and youngshared participants in the program throughout the later part of 2019 THE and very 2020. Theforces first injointorganisation session occurred 30th look out for their older that’s about on Wednesday, at-heart have joined October, 2019 with both the children and the residents of Uniting Lindsaya new thoroughly enjoying themselves. Weand witnessed friends, the participants too. bubble-wrapping 12-month program TheLocal program aims to teach helicopter parenting, we’re aimed at reducing avoidable and share songs, stories, a craft activity and some morning tea, all while participating in engaging purposeful conversations. media very much about ‘let’s get the the children about more than injuries in young children and representatives from Newcastle Permanent Charitable Fund attended to see the program in action. This first session was to be the just safety. kids out there doing and seniors. “We thought why don’t we having ThisAs week beginning of regular meetings between these two centres throughout 2020. wetheallKIDS now know,activities, 2020 had different ideas and just when teach them how to have great experiences,’ so they can regular visits were about to recommence in early 2020, COVID-19 saw aFoundation lockdownlaunched of all its aged care centres and early childhood education relationships with — and really make judgments Connecting Generations — centres (ECEC) across the country. The restrictions that COVID-19 has placed our Connecting Generations program has respect challenged KIDS their — the elderly, themselves,” KIDS Adopt on a Grand-Buddy parents other friends?” Foundation founder as andconnected the older Foundation staff to rethink how to deliver this important program while program, aiming where to keep the children and elderly asand possible. 6 Dr O’Neill said. director Dr Susie O’Neill shares its wisdom We look forward to a face-to-face program again in 2021, but if not wegeneration investigate other OWEN HUCK said. to continue delivering this valuable inwill avoiding injuries with kids. means program.

SeeMore Bug Safety Launch Bug Book Projects/Covid Melbourne Lockdown In March 2020, the world changed forever as the COVID-19 global pandemic took hold and changed our everyday lives. Susie took this as an opportunity for SeeMore to spread the news about hygiene and health to the children and families affected by the impact of the coronavirus in Australia. Stage one was writing and publishing the book ‘SeeMore Bug Safety - The tiny germs you can’t see’. This was sent across Australia to 10,000 Early Childhood Education Centres (ECEC) for educators to share the story with their children. The book was accompanied by a set of activity sheets to reinforce the importance of good hygiene practices. Stage two followed soon after, prompted by Melbourne’s tight lockdown which lasted more than 6 weeks. During this stage we offered packs to ECEC’s within Metropolitan Melbourne and the Mitchell Shire of the book in a smaller size for children to take-home to share the SeeMore Bug Safety story and messages. Nearly 300 centres took up our offer and over 16,000 books were distributed to the children. This empowered the children with educational resources to stay safe during the pandemic.

Injury Reduction Project

Hamilton 2019/2020 Early in 2019, KIDS Foundation began talks with researchers, Dr. Blake Peck and Dr. Daniel Terry from Federation University Australia in Ballarat to consider how KIDS Foundation would be able to create some data based evidence to report on the success of the SeeMore Safety Program in reducing injuries. To gain this information, we needed to find a town that had the capabilities to engage all the 4-6 year olds within that region in the SeeMore Safety Program for a period of time. We also needed to have access to data of accidental injuries recorded in children in this age bracket before beginning the program. Hamilton, Victoria was a region that was already recording such data at their local hospital. It was also a town that was not particularly close to another larger regional town in Victoria, where accidental injuries may present at different hospitals. When KIDS Foundation staff approached all the early childhood education centres (ECEC) in the region about becoming engaged in the SeeMore Safety Program for 2020, all centres were more than excited. It was then decided to further the research by engaging both the ECEC ’s and the local aged care centres in the Connecting Generations: Adopt a Grand buddy program. This would allow KIDS Foundation and Federation University Australia to gain data regarding the accidental injuries of the elderly also and observe changes in their behaviours after exposure to the SeeMore Safety resources. All the local aged care centres were again, more than excited to be involved in this project. COVID-19 brought to a halt this research project just as it was about to begin. We still managed to roll out the SeeMore Safety program into all of the ECEC ’s in Hamilton and surrounding areas for 2020, so the intention is still to gain the data from the Hamilton hospital to see if there are data changes in the accidental injuries of 4-6-year-old children that had presented to the hospital during 2020. This research project will continue during 2021.


Injury Recovery Burn Survivors’ Network

The Burn Survivors’ Network (BSN) continues to help burn survivors and their families to face the daily challenges of life post-injury. The BSN connects survivors with others who have experienced similar trauma and provides ongoing support and opportunities to survivors and their families and carers. KIDS Foundation continues to also work with individuals who have endured other traumatic physical injury or life changing experiences.

Camp Phoenix CAMP PHOENIX AUGUST 2019 – KIDS FOUNDATION’S FAMILY CAMP KIDS families, volunteers and staff returned to sunny Noosa, Queensland for Camp Phoenix in 2019. Attendees connected and reconnected with others in the KIDS network and took the opportunity to embrace the ‘new look’ camp format with an even greater emphasis on wellbeing and building strong lives. There was still plenty of time for recreational activities as well and lots of fun was had at the Good Shepherd Lutheran College Twilight Fair; competing in team games and a Trivia night; Stand Up Paddle (SUP) boarding; receiving massages and beauty treatments; fishing on the Noosa River; and a Magic lesson with Andino.

Camp TANGO (TOGETHER ACHIEVING NEW GOALS AND OPPORTUNITIES) KIDS FOUNDATION’S CHILDREN, ADOLESCENT AND YOUNG ADULTS CAMP In the 2019/2020 financial year KIDS Foundation hosted two Camp TANGO’s, the first of which was our inaugural Camp TANGO in South Australia in November 2019. We also hosted a TANGO in Anglesea, Victoria in February 2020. Participants, volunteers and staff who attended TANGO in South Australia, experienced a weekend full of wellness, mindset and goal setting activities as well as many physical challenges and group bonding activities at Woodhouse Activity Centre. Activities included a laser skirmish battle, art workshop, Challenge Hill (obstacle course) and tube slide rides. For the young people who attended this camp, it was an opportunity to connect and reconnect with others who had experienced similar life-changing events. Anglesea TANGO saw attendees focus on financial budgeting and goal setting. They also faced some physical and mental challenges with a trip to LiveWire Park, where they took part in high and low-ish rope courses set up in the treetops of the Otways rainforest. The adrenaline filled adventure at Live Wire ended with participants experiencing ‘Australia’s Most Extreme Zip Line’ - the ‘Shockwave Zipcoaster’. Those who attended Anglesea TANGO also took part in onsite activities at Camp Wilkin including rock wall climbing and team building tasks. They also spent some time SUP boarding on the Anglesea river with the team from Go Ride A Wave. The final Camp TANGO for the 2019/2020 financial year was to be held in Western Australia in May 2020. Unfortunately due to restrictions relating to the Coronavirus pandemic, this was postponed until 2021.


Talk About Tuesdays In response to the Coronavirus pandemic and not being able to host face-to-face events or camps KIDS Foundation implemented regular age group virtual catch-ups with staff, volunteers and survivors. The focus of these sessions was on keeping connected during challenging times and included discussion topics often related to building strong and healthy lives. Special guests and KIDS Ambassador ’s Anthony Koutoufides and Dr. Richard Harris also took part, which participants found particularly enjoyable.

Reaching Out In July 2019, we met with Helen Jowett, Trauma Manager, Trauma Service and Dr. Warrick Teague, Director, Trauma Service and Clinical Lead, Burns Unit at The Royal Children’s Hospital (RCH) to discuss how the KIDS Foundation may be able to work more closely with RCH in the future. KIDS Foundation continues to be an active member of the Childhood Injury Prevention Alliance (CHiPA), a high profile team of clinicians, researchers, industry partners and funders that joined together to understand and protect children from critical injury and the impacts that ripple through families.

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A special thank you Thank you also to Clipsal and the Julian Burton Burns Trust for supporting Camp TANGO, South Australia. Special thanks to the following individuals and organisations for providing support and assistance which allowed us to take part in many of our camp experiences throughout the year. Thanks also to Hertz Australia, who have again helped to make this year ’s Injury Recovery camps run a little smoother by providing large discounts on hire cars. Camp Phoenix, Noosa: Jodi Ditterich. Good Shepherd Lutheran College. RACV Noosa Resort. Camp TANGO SA: Melissa Tipping. Sarah Ward.


Ride4KIDS Cycling Challenge Fast facts:

August 5 to 9, 2019

500km charity cycle Byron Bay to Noosa 24 volunteer riders, support team and youth ambassadors $60,000+ fundraising and donations Ride4KIDS continues to be a major annual fundraising event and the 2019 event from Byron Bay to sunny Noosa marked a special milestone; it celebrated the 10th Brad Foster Challenge Ride - a tribute ride for Dalton. Brad (as a rider) and Annie (as a member of the support crew) continue to generously support events and camps for children recovering from life-changing injuries. The ride has continued to honour the memory of Dalton, a very special young person who had 80% burns. Sadly, Dalton lost his life in 2010 and his courage, infectious smile and “can do” attitude inspired many. For the first time, Dalton’s father and brother took part in this cycle challenge - and did a remarkable job - and Dalton’s mum and brother also came along. The 500km route was from Byron Bay to Noosa via the Gold Coast, Sirromet and Bribie Island. The ride concluded with a warm welcome from children and family members attending Camp Phoenix - KIDS Foundation’s Burn Survivors’ Camp.

Noosa Triathlon Once again, we were a charity partner for the Noosa Triathlon and Multisport Festival and our participation each year continues to be a highlight on our events calendar. Not only is this a major fundraising event for KIDS, it is also a wonderful week of friendship and storytelling. A team of 40 volunteers (and staff) travelled to Noosa to participate in the biggest triathlon in the Southern Hemisphere and support charity. Collectively they raised $100,000 for KIDS; money that goes directly to KIDS’ education programs and injury and trauma survivor camps.

Fast f acts:


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The week began on the golf course, at the 5th tee, as part of the annual Charity Golf Day. A great networking day for KIDS and opportunity to raise a few dollars. This year, thanks to a donation from ‘Bars on the Go’, golfers enjoyed an espresso martini and went in the draw to win a day of golf for four, thanks to a generous donation from the RACV Royal Pines. This year, participants were welcomed by KIDS ambassadors Dr Richard Harris OAM, Craig ‘Crowie’ Alexander and Matt Thiele. Thank you to everyone who participated; a special thank you to Harris Trade Plumbing Supplies, Exodas Transport and our friends at the Noosa Boathouse.




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Dine in White Fa

On a balmy night in August 2019, 140 guests dined in thirteen of the Sunshine Coast ’s best restaurants where they enjoyed a boutique dinner with friends before kicking up their heels at the secret after-party location – and they did it all for charity! Thanks to the RACV Noosa Resort and Noosa Ferry River Cruises, guests were transported to the Noosa Boathouse for an evening of music, dancing and celebrations. Many people and organisations contributed to the success of Dine in White. A special thank you to Paspaley, Dal Zotto, Cotton On, Chemist Warehouse, the Noosa Boathouse, View by Matt Golinski, Arcuri Restaurant RACV Noosa Resort, Wasabi, Aromas, Embassy XO Restaurant & Bar, 10 Hastings Boutique Café, Piccolino, Noosa Waterfront, Cafe La Monde, Italian Marina and Rococo.

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Matt Golinski was the 2019 event Ambassador; Matt is a highly regarded chef with a passion for creating cuisine using fresh, seasonal and local ingredients and a burn survivor. Matt is a wonderful supporter of the work KIDS Foundation is doing and we were thrilled to have his support.

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Special events with Harry Three events were held in 2019 with Dr Richard Harris OAM, Joint Australian of the Year 2019 and KIDS Ambassador sharing his story and involvement in the dramatic 2018 Thailand cave rescue of 12 teenage soccer players and their coach. Guests were captivated by his story of tenacity, courage and resilience that had the whole world holding its breath. 2019 came to an amazing conclusion when KIDS delivered a boutique adventure for people looking for a challenge. A small group of qualified divers and snorkelers, and staff, experienced a two-day guided dive led by Australian anaesthetist and cave diver Dr Harry and supported by Reef2Ridge in Mt Gambier. This fundraising initiative was somewhat out-of-the-box for KIDS and thanks to the support of guides at Reef2ridge, it ended up being a life-changing weekend that we’ll certainly remember. Having the opportunity to see two of Australia’s greatest dive sites with one of Australia’s greatest divers, was a once in a lifetime experience. The crystal-clear caverns and underwater wonderlands, renowned worldwide as some of the few freshwater sinkholes in Australia accessible to divers of all levels, welcomed us and two days of hospitality by The Barn was heartily enjoyed. KIDS is looking forward to diving again.


KIDS new office This year, Susie’s vision of creating a special office space for KIDS HQ in Ballarat became a reality. With generous support from many organisations Hut #29 at Ballarat Airport transformed from a rundown old RAAF hut filled with flying (plus four and eight legged) creatures to a functional, practical and affordable home for SeeMore and the rest of the KIDS team to work in. Our sincere thanks to Anthony Abbey and the team at Harris Trade Plumbing Supplies, Ross Gay and the team from Gay & Co - Mitre 10, Gerard from Choices Flooring Ballarat, Luke from Middy ’s Electrical, Paul Courtney from Faircloth & Reynolds, Michael from Angus Eles, Mick Molloy at Dial-a-box, Adam Tuddenham and

his team from Advanced Cranes, Brad and Sherree Martin from Martin’s Kitchens and Joinery, Michael O’Connell from City of Ballarat, Leigh Ditchfield, Gary Johnson Architect, Peter Broadhead, Carl and the team from Ampt Electrical, Higgins Coatings, Billy and his crew from Anderson Plastering, Anthony at Detailed Hardware, Brett Innes and CSR Bradford Insulation, Jonathan Flind, Craig Buesnel and last but certainly not least Brett O’Neill. You all have made a valuable and much appreciated contribution to creating our new space.

Thank you!




KIDS in the media



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‘I can be changed by what happens to me, but I refuse to be reduced by it.’ Maya Angelou