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kiddos | April â&#x20AC;¢ May 2017


MCM EXPLORERS CAMP SUMMER 2017 For children Pre-K (4) - 5th Grade JOIN US THIS SUMMER AS WE TRAVEL AROUND THE GLOBE! Discover different countries, cultures, art, music and science!

Ask about our toddler summer program!




REGISTER TODAY! Miami Children’s Museum receives both private and public funding. MCM is sponsored in part by the City of Miami; the Miami-Dade County Department of Cultural Affairs and the Cultural Affairs Council, the Miami-Dade County Mayor and Board of County Commissioners; and the State Department of State, Division it’s just about kidsof| Florida, 3 of Cultural Affairs, the Florida Arts Council and the National Endowment for the Arts.’s just about kids


contents Vol. 4 issue 5 FEATURE 8 |

Moms Who Keep Priorities in Check

in every issue DENTISTRY Assure A Smile Holistic Dentistry


Eat More Fiber What is Fiber and Why You Need More of it in Your Diet


Earth Day How to go Green Every Day as a Family


Kiddos 2017 Summer Camp Guide


CGSCIC A Safe and Fun Summer Lifetime Experience For Youth Ages 6 to 17



The National Trust for Historic Preservation Saving Places!

DECOR Fun Ways To Decorate For Spring CAMP Top Ten Things You Never Knew About Camp SNACKS Ramp Up Easter Breakfast PLACES Golisano Children’s Museum COOL STUFF Mother’s Day Essentials BOOK REVIEWS Suggestions For Your Kids To Read This Month MOVIE REVIEWS What Is New In Theaters 33 FAMILY EVENTS Where To Go With Our Kiddos



kiddos | April • May 2017

NEWS Patricia And Phillip Frost Museum Of Science

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Kiddos Publisher’s Notes

New beginnings!




Michelle Nuñez-Mendoza Assure A Smile - Dr. Ted Herrmann American Camp Association Bright Horizons Why Does My Dog Books & Books

Celebrating Mothers! This issue is dedicated to and in honor of our Mothers, by celebrating motherhood, maternal bonds, and the influence of mothers in our society.


Kiddos Creative Department Graceleen Garcia

For this special Mother’s Day edition, Kiddos Magazine had the opportunity to interview Lissette Gonzalez, award-winning journalist and CBS4 meteorologist, about how she keeps motherhood and career priorities in check. Read on more! Summer is closer than you can imagine, and I am sure you’ve just started the search for your kiddo’s camp, but no worries! On page 18 & 19 you will find a guide with the most amazing and coolest 2017 camps in Miami! Don’t forget to mention to them that Kiddos Magazine sent you. Also, this issue brings motivating information about why your kids should go to a day camp, and top ten things you never new about camp, yes! Did you know that summer camp experiences started in 1861? Let’s celebrate our planet! As parents we want to teach our kids to appreciate, respect and develop a deep love for our nature, Kiddos shares an amazing article about - How to go green as a family. Honor your mom every day! There are countless reasons to celebrate her!



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Happy Mother’s Day!



kiddos | April • May 2017

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Moms Who Keep Priorities in Check


WRITTEN BY: Michelle Nuñez-Mendoza

s women, we step into so many roles.

We’re wives, mothers, daughters, sisters, entrepreneurs, and career professionals – even caregivers. Lissette Gonzalez, award-winning journalist and CBS4 meteorologist, spoke to us in this special Mother’s Day issue of Kiddos Magazine about how she keeps motherhood and career priorities in check. Q. How do you prioritize the everincreasing demands of motherhood and career? A. Motherhood is the greatest and most fulfilling job in the world, but it is also a very difficult one. And when you add a career into the mix, it can be quite challenging. Whether I’m at work or at home, I always give it my all. I try to do the best job I can as a meteorologist. And I try to


kiddos | April • May 2017

do the best job I can as a mom and wife for my family. It isn’t easy with my demanding work schedule, but I am so grateful I can count on the help and support of my husband and my mom. When I’m home, I make the most of my time with my daughters Sofia and Elise, whether I’m playing with them, changing diapers, preparing dinner, doing bath time, or reading them books before

bedtime. I try to be present and in the moment, and show them as much love and attention as possible. At the end of the day, no matter how tired I am, as long as I know they are happy, that fills my heart with joy and motivates me to keep going. When Sofia says, “I love you Mama,” or “I’m proud of you Mama,” and Elise smiles from ear to ear, it makes it all worth it.

Q. It’s clear that you’re dedicated to both your family and your career. Do you incorporate your family life into your career endeavors? A. I’ve been a meteorologist for CBS4 for close to ten years, and it’s been quite a journey. Viewers have seen me grow professionally, and seen my family grow as well. They now know me on a more personal level since I’ve shared many personal milestones including my marriage, my pregnancies, and the arrival of both of our girls. During the newscasts, I sometimes mention my husband or my daughters if there’s a story related to parenthood or kids. During special holidays such as Halloween or Christmas, I’ve shared photos of my family on the air. A few years ago, I covered a story for CBS4 News on one of my favorite places - The Biltmore Hotel - and my husband and daughter Sofia were part of that feature. Baby Elise joined me when I covered the CBS4 “Moving U” campaign, which helps motivate moms to get moving through a program called, “Baby Boot Camp.” Q. You support various charities and speak to students in schools throughout South Florida. Tell us why this is important for you and your family? A. I feel blessed to do what I love in my hometown, and it’s always been important for me to give back to the

community that I grew up in and that has welcomed me with open arms. Through the years, I’ve had the honor and pleasure to support many charities and speak to students during “career days” at schools across South Florida. I hope my example will inspire my daughters to serve their community, pay it forward, and help others when they are older. A few weeks ago, we all participated as a family in the, “Live Like Bella 5K Super Hero Run/Walk,” at Zoo Miami to help raise funds for children fighting cancer. I served as emcee of the event and I was very grateful that we showed our support for this cause. My parents always encouraged me to volunteer and help others. And now my husband and I hope to do the same with our children. It’s never too early to show children how to be giving and compassionate. Q. As a mother of two young girls, how do you plan to show them the principles and values that led you to where you are today? A. My own mother always placed her family first. She is one of the most selfless, giving women I know. She continues to do anything and everything to help her children and her grandchildren. I only hope I can follow in her footsteps and pass along the values and principles she taught me. She always encouraged us to be kind, respect

others, study, work hard, and pursue our dreams. She made us believe anything was possible. I want to do the same for my daughters, serve as their role model, and teach them the importance of self-respect, hard work, perseverance, sacrifice, and humility. Q.What advice do you have for mothers who are managing a lot and just can’t seem to make time for them no matter how hard they try? A. I think most mothers feel there is never enough time in the day, right? But somehow, we manage to get so much done. I often feel like I could have done more, but lately I’m trying to not be as hard on myself, and more at peace and happy with what I was able to accomplish in a given day. Many friends and family members gave me this advice when I became a mom: “Ask for help when you need it, and don’t forget to take care of yourself.” I am guilty of not dedicating enough time for myself because honestly, I would rather be with my family than at the gym, or getting my nails or hair done. But it’s so important to carve out a little time to disconnect, relax, pamper yourself, or exercise, so you can feel refreshed and ready to get back to running this marathon called, “motherhood.” Thankfully, my husband and my Mom are there to support me when I want to take a little time out for me. I realize that some moms might not have the benefit of the kind of support that I have. Hopefully they can find a way to carve a little “me time” out of their busy days. A fulfilled life makes us better wives and mothers, and that’s what truly matters. k

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Eat More Fiber

What is Fiber and Why You Need More of it in Your Diet SOURCE: Food Science Matters


f your doctor didn’t give you this advice at your last checkup, she probably should have: 97 percent of Americans don’t get the recommended daily amount of dietary fiber they need to stay healthy. But what is fiber, and why is it good for you? Dietary fiber, sometimes called “roughage,” is a plant-based carbohydrate found in fruits, vegetables, beans, nuts, seeds and whole grains such as rice and wheat. Our bodies have a difficult time digesting fiber, which is actually a good thing - as fiber passes through the body undigested, it does a lot of good along the way! Fiber has many proven health benefits. It has been shown to improve heart health, lower cholesterol, control blood

sugar, decrease the risk of stroke, help you feel fuller longer, prevent constipation and boost digestive health and your immune system. Experts like the Food and Drug Administration recommend we consume about 28 grams of fiber each day which, it turns out, is a lot of food. You’d have to eat about 94 baby carrots, 47 stalks of celery, or 15 slices of wholewheat bread to get your daily dose of fiber from food alone! To help people get the fiber they need, the FDA has approved seven ingredients that can be taken as supplements or added to food to boost the amount of dietary fiber they contain.

One of those ingredients you may find on your food label is cellulose gel, or microcrystalline cellulose. Cellulose gel is derived from cellulose, an essential component of fruits, vegetables and trees. In fact, cellulose is so important to plants in nature, it is the most abundant organic compound on Earth! Cellulose gel offers the same great health benefits as the dietary fiber we find in fruits, vegetables and whole grains and can be found in foods such as yogurt, cereal bars and protein shakes. So when cellulose gel or microcrystalline cellulose appears on your food label, it means you’re getting the same plant fiber found in broccoli and apples - without having to eat a lot of broccoli and apples (and without the hassle of cooking and meal planning!). k

To learn more about cellulose gel and other food ingredients that make our favorite foods better for us, visit 10

kiddos | April • May 2017



3 Good Dental Habits Worth Developing

Ask Dr. Ted

Assure A Smile Holistic Dentistry


ettering your health and yourself is a goal for many adults across the globe. While we tend to consider our waistline as the ultimate measurement of vitality, body mass index and fat percentage are not the sole indicators of wellbeing. Weight often varies due to genetics, body composition and lifestyle. And, a “healthy weight” doesn’t paint the full picture of what’s going on internally. Rather, improving your health can be considered a holistic approach which incorporates all aspects of the body, including the mouth. According to the Academy of General Dentistry, more than 90 percent of all systemic diseases show symptoms in the oral cavity. Saliva testing is used to detect environmental toxins, hormone levels, antibodies and infections. For example, at-home tests use saliva to detect specific antibodies related to HIV and could eventually replace blood tests for diagnosis. Plaque, gingivitis and

periodontitis are all associated with diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Even bacterial pneumonia is linked with poor oral health. Understanding the importance of oral health on your entire body, start with these three easy routines to be proactive in your total wellbeing: 1. Brush Consistently Developing a consistent, habit-forming routine of brushing and flossing is imperative. Regularly cleaning teeth and gums eradicates the buildup of damaging food particles and acids that you encounter every day – even while you sleep! Brush and floss morning and night in the very least. Brushing in the afternoon is recommended for fully cleansing the mouth of harmful bacteria. If you are accustomed to using mouthwash, opt for an alcohol-free solution that isn’t harsh on the mouth’s soft tissue.

2. Eat Fresh Did you know that there are foods which naturally “brush” your teeth? Fiber-rich fruits and veggies, like apples and carrots, help scrub plaque and debris off tooth surfaces, allowing for a fresher and healthier mouth. The benefits of eating well travel beyond your mouth. Maintaining a balanced diet is key to ensuring every part of you works properly. 3. Don’t Skip a Visit Visiting the dentist might be a chore for some, but deep cleanings every six months are necessary for oral health upkeep. Plus, any conditions or symptoms that might be associated with a greater problem are often diagnosed in the dentist’s chair. Keep your holistic dentistry visits a bi-annual promise in order to take the reins on your complete wellbeing. k As a holistic dentistry, Assure A Smile is dedicated to nutritional education for better oral health and total body wellness.

For over 28 years, Assure A Smile has been the leading dental care provider to all of South Florida. Our holistic dentistry is led by Dr. Ted Herrmann and based in Miami, Florida. Assure A Smile’s mission is to ensure healthy teeth and gums for life! Assure A Smile is located at 9220 SW 72nd Street, Suite 205 Miami, FL 33173. For more information call 305.274.0047 or visit it’s just about kids |




Fun ways to decorate for spring


PEEPS spring centerpiece

pring is the perfect time to shake things up with your home decor. As Mother Nature transforms her landscape with fresh buds and blooms, you’re probably longing to refresh your home, too. These five easy craft projects are perfect family activities and the results will add touches of springtime throughout the house.

of choice

• 20 PEEPS Bunnies Directions:

2. Place PEEPS on top of jelly

PEEPS is the quintessential springtime candy, but is also great when used in crafts like this colorful centerpiece. Just follow these easy DIY directions and you’ll create a centerpiece that will be a real conversation starter for kids and adults alike.

beans, making sure to save a few for the corners of the vase. Don’t be afraid to squeeze them into the space. You should have enough to fill in any gaps.

• 4-inch cube vase • 6-inch cube vase

kiddos | April • May 2017

4. Cutting shorter stems for the outside flowers and longer stems for the inner ones will give you a nice rounded top. And don’t skimp on flowers: If you don’t want to use that many gerberas, find a pair of smaller vases.

1. Center one vase inside the other and insert jelly beans (in any colors you like) between the walls of the two cubes.

PEEPS spring centerpiece



• Jelly beans • 30 Gerbera Daisies or silk flowers

3. Gerberas are usually sold with plastic tubes on the stems for support. Keeping the plastic in place, cut the flowers to desired length and arrange them in the smaller vase.

For more project ideas, visit

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Top Ten Things You Never Knew About Camp SOURCE: American Camp Association

Camp has become a staple of the summer season. Each year, millions of children, youth, and adults head to the hills, lakes, valleys, and parks to participate in the time-honored tradition of camp. And, while most people easily conjure up images of campfires and canoes, there is a lot more to the camp experience. Here are ten of the things you may not have known about the camp experience.

Camp is older than dirt, almost literally. Started in 1861, the camp experience turned an impressive 150 years young in 2011. The secret behind the longevity? “One hundred and fifty-five years later, there is a camp for every child,” said Tom Rosenberg, president and chief executive officer for the American Camp Association® (ACA). “from specialized camps to general, traditional camps, the essence of the camp experience is stronger than ever.” 9. Camp is worth its weight in gold, and then some! The camp experience is life-changing – developing friendships and memories that last well beyond the final campfire. And, there is a camp for literally every budget. Often camps offer special pricing or


kiddos | April • May 2017

financial assistance, and some camp experiences qualify for tax credits or for payment with pre-tax dollars. 8. Green is “zen.” Research shows that first-hand experience with nature, like those at camp, reduce stress in children and help them better handle stress in the future. In addition to teaching children how to be good stewards of the environment, camps are teaching children how to enjoy the world around them and take a minute to breathe deep and feel the nature, which ultimately teaches them how to de-stress the natural way. 7. Mommies and Daddies do it too. Camp is not just for children and youth. There are family camp experiences, and camps for single adults, senior adults, and any adult that wants to relax and enjoy all camp has to offer. Adults benefit

from the same sense of community, authentic relationships, and selfdiscovery that children do. Camp is an excellent vacation option, allowing adults to try a variety of new activities in a safe and fun environment. 6. Try this on for size! Camp is a great place to try new activities and hobbies. Afraid of rock walls? According to ACA research, 74 percent of campers reported that they tried new activities at camp that they were afraid to do at first. And, those activities often leave lasting impressions. In the same survey, 63 percent of parents reported that their child continued new activities from camp after returning home. 5. Manners matter, and often linger. The camp experience teaches more than just archery or lanyard

which is a precursor to academic achievement. And, because of the “hands-on” nature of camp, often children who struggle in traditional education settings do well at camp.

“Research shows that first-hand experience with nature, like those at camp, reduce stress in children and help them better handle stress in the future.”

making. The entire experience is made of teachable moments, perhaps one of the biggest is how to live with a group of people. Campers learn to pick up after themselves, respect each other’s property, and to say “Please” and “Thank You.” 4. Veggies taste better with friends. Hollywood and fictional novels may have given camp food a bad reputation, but in truth, camps are constantly exploring healthy food options, and often are at the forefront of things like allergy specific diets, healthy snack options, and vegetarian meals. According to ACA’s 2011 Emerging Issues survey, 90.7 percent of responding camps indicated that healthy eating and physical activity was an important or very important issue.

3. If everyone else went to camp, maybe there’s something to it! ACA’s family resource site offers a list of notable campers – including business professionals, celebrities, artists, and great thinkers. 2. Camp gets those neurons pumping! Education reform debate and concern over summer learning loss have pushed academic achievement into the spotlight. Research shows that participation in intentional programs, like camp, during summer months helps stem summer learning loss. In addition, camp provides ample opportunity for developmental growth,



1. Camp builds leaders for the 21st century and beyond! Independence, resiliency, teamwork, problem-solving skills, and the ability to relate to other people — these are the skills that tomorrow’s leaders will need, and the skills camp has been adept at building for 150 years. “Camp gives children and youth the critical tools they will need to become successful adults,” said Rosenberg. k For more information on preparing your child for an independent, funfilled summer, visit ACA’s family resource page at



JUNE 19 – AUGUST 11 2nd – 5th graders


Explore the wonders of science and celebrate the first summer camp season at Frost Science in Downtown Miami’s Museum Park. For details and online registration, visit Call 305-434-9564 or email Members receive a 15% discount on all summer camps! To become a member now, please visit

1101 Biscayne Blvd., Miami, FL 33132, Miami, FL 33132 | The Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science is supported by the Miami-Dade County Department of Cultural Affairs and the Cultural Affairs Council, the Miami-Dade County Mayor and Board of County Commissioners of Miami-Dade County. This project is supported by the Building Better Communities Bond Program and the City of Miami. Sponsored in part by the State of Florida, Department of State, Division of Cultural Affairs, and the Florida Council on Arts and Culture. The museum is accredited by the American Alliance of Museums, is an affiliate of the Smithsonian Institution and a member of the Association of Science and Technology Centers. Frost Science is an accessible facility. All contents ©Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science. All rights reserved.

it’s just about kids |



Earth Day How To Go Green Every Day As A Family SOURCE: Bright Horizons


rom seaweed to grass to blossoms in springtime, the color “green” is often associated with vitality, growth, fertility, and nature-all-important qualities of planet earth. Often, a family is referred to as a “green” family when their values and practices focus on respecting all living things, protecting the environment, and conserving our resources. In recognition of Earth Day and every day, families are encouraged to think about all that you already do to respect the planet, and what you might like to include in the future to go green. Many families strive to inspire and nurture in children a sense of stewardship for the planet. There are many Earth Day activities for families to try, but foremost, we want to teach children to respect all living things, to care for the natural resources upon which our existence


kiddos | April • May 2017

depends, and to appreciate nature. Early childhood is a good time for children to develop a sense of appreciation for the planet and all it has to offer. Thus it’s important to begin developing sustainable habits, such as protecting the environment and conserving our resources, early in life.

How to Teach Kids to Go Green The first step in helping kids to go green is to help them develop a deep love for our earth. Children are more likely to want to take care of the natural world if they have a connection to it. To raise earth friendly kids, some families take nature walks, hike in the mountains, walk in the woods, or explore rivers, bays, or oceans. Other families walk around their neighborhoods to enjoy the natural life, pick up litter in community areas, work in a garden, plant seeds in pots, look

at foliage and flowers, or use digital cameras to photograph insects. Regardless of whether you live in a city or on a farm, nature surrounds you when you open your doors. Secondly, families can raise environmental awareness and help children develop green habits by making the Three R’s (Reduce, Recycle and Reuse) part of their family culture. We are our children’s most important role models. By going green as a family and practicing the Three R’s, we not only make a profound impact on conserving the world’s resources, but we help children develop lifelong dispositions to earth friendly behaviors. Below are a few suggestions to go green by reducing, reusing & recycling: Reduce: Even our youngest children can be taught to turn off lights, turn off the faucet while brushing teeth,



Find the match

or draw on two sides of a sheet of paper. Some families reduce their gasoline consumption by walking, carpooling, bike riding, or using public transportation. Reuse: Whenever possible, use items that can be reused, rather than disposed. Consider using cloth napkins instead of paper, lunch boxes instead of disposable sacks, and put food in washable containers rather than plastic bags. Some families wrap gifts in reused fabric or their kidâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s artwork rather than buying wrapping paper.

There are many shades of green and no single correct way to go green as a family to raise socially and environmentally aware children. Being a green family means different things to different families, so decide what works and feels right for your family. Every small step helps your child develop lifelong habits, while making an important, positive impact on the earth. k

Solution: 6,9.

Recycle: In most communities, recyclable paper and plastic can be sorted and sent to recycling centers or curbside recycling can be used. Families can also recycle toys, clothes, and other items by passing them on to friends or donating them to charitable organizations. The wonderful projects brought home from child care or school can be recycled as gifts to appreciative relatives. Food scraps can be composted and recycled back to the earth.

For more family resources visit itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s just about kids |


JFTA Summer Tennis Camp Zoo Miami Summer Camp Zoo Miami’s Summer Camp nourishes our children’s innate connection with nature while reinforcing life science concepts. Our education professionals immerse children ages 4-12 in the world of wildlife using the zoo’s living classroom. Zoo Miami’s multi-disciplinary approach provides children with an invaluable educational experience while having a stampede of fun! 305.255.5551 Zoo Miami, 12400 SW 152 St. Miami, FL 33177

Frost Science Summer Camp

The JFTA's Summer Tennis Camp offers 10 one-week sessions of action-packed fun for boys & girls, ages 3–16. The morning includes games, drills, and exercises for players of all levels. Kids are grouped by age and ability and coached by certified tennis professionals. 305.775.4727 Dave and Mary Alper JCC 11155 SW 112th Ave. Miami, FL 33176

Wise Choice Summer Camp Directed by Florida certified teachers, Wise Choice Summer Camps were created to build camper’s self-confidence and give them a fun, summer learning experience.

Summer Camp at Frost Science in Downtown Miami’s Museum Park provides an unforgettable experience for rising 2nd - 5th graders looking to dive deeper into the science showcased at the museum including engineering, astronomy, marine biology and the human body.

Daniel F. Yanes 305.630.3600 10481 N. Kendall Dr. Suite D-200. Miami, FL 33176

305.434.9564 1101 Biscayne Blvd. Miami, FL 33132

City Trekker Camp Programs at Coral Gables Museum

Summer Theatre Academy at the University of Miami The Summer Theatre Academy at the University of Miami’s Department of Theatre Arts promises six weeks of fun and learning! Whether in grade school, middle school or high school, your child will gain valuable skills, confidence, self-esteem, and a love of creativity through theatre games and acting exercises led by our well-trained, caring staff. 305.284.4474 1231 Dickinson Dr, Coral Gables. Miami, FL 33124

Children ages 5-12 explore Coral Gables through a variety of disciplines and take advantage of the cultural destinations and activities offered by The City Beautiful and the Museum. Learn about art, architecture, history and more! 305.603.8067 285 Aragon Ave. Coral Gables. Miami, FL 33134

Broadway Summer Camp Miami's Best Bilingual Summer Camp, with locations in Downtown Miami and Doral, our very own #BroadwaySummerCamp. This year we will be performing Dreamwork's Madagascar and the super musical; Hairspray - With 10 years of experience and a perfect safety record, we guarantee you the best summer camp for your child. 786.339.4577 Downtown Miami - 1490 Biscayne Blvd. Miami, FL 33132 Doral - 2200 NW 87th Ave. Miami, FL 33172


kiddos | April February • May • March 2017 2017

Camp Broadway - Arsht Center Camp Broadway enables kids, ages 10-17, to learn from Broadway’s best singers and dancers, regardless of previous experience. This year the campers will perform Shrek the Musical Jr. at the final performance!

Mini Canes Recreational Sports Camp Mini Canes Camp offers educational recreational experiences in a high quality, fun and safe learning environment to children aged 6-12 years old. The goal of Mini Canes Camp is to teach campers the importance of developing lifelong sports and recreation skills, all while having fun.

Box Office at 305.949.6722 1300 Biscayne Blvd. Miami, FL 33132

305.284.8510 University of Miami, Herbert Wellness Center

Lights, Camera, FFI Summer Film Camp The Florida Film Institute presents CINEMA, a 6-week intense filmmaking workshop. Sessions will be held M-TH from 10am - 1pm @ CGAC, June 12th through July 21st, 2017. Limited Availability. Deadline is June 1st, 2017!

The Factory of Fun Bilingual Camp This Bilingual program has the best combination of activities guided by a loving and experienced team of professional teachers that get to know each and every one of the child's needs, styles and interest to be able to provoke and inspire them to learn and have fun every single moment they are with us.

305.891.3456 Coral Gables Art Cinema 260 Aragon Avenue, Coral Gables. Miami, FL 33134

954.642.2332 Brickell, Hallandale,Pembroke Pines, Tamarac, Weston

Coconut Grove Sailing Club Instructional Center (Spring & Summer Camp)

Explorers Summer Camp at Miami Children’s Museum

CGSCIC is pleased to offer Summer Youth Sailing Instruction and Camp for both sailing members and non-members. Student sailors will be classified as either beginner, intermediate, advanced or racing level. A US Sailing certified instructor and several junior instructors supervise the classes. Campers must be between the ages of 6 to 17 years old. Sailing Camp runs weekdays from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm and is held rain or shine.

Join us this summer as we travel around the globe! Discover different countries, cultures, art, music and science! Before and after care available. 305.373.5437 ext. 112 980 Macarthur Causeway. Miami, FL 33132

305.444.4571 ext 18 2990 S. Bayshore Drive. Miami, FL 33133


art music

Looking for a great Summer Camp program for your kiddos? The right Summer Camp will provide your Kiddos lifelong memories and skills. A place where boys and girls will learn to be independent, about teamwork values and of course they will make new summer friends! Kiddos Magazine offers you a list of the most amazing and coolest 2017 Summer Camp programs in Miami. it’s just about kids |




Ramp Up Easter Breakfast and Every Day with Morning Protein

Bring a smile to your child’s face with this charming twist on a breakfast standard. Simply make instant oats with familiar flavors – cinnamon, vanilla and brown sugar – and top the bowl with a friendly bunny face. Families across America want to make sure that they’re starting the day strong, and getting enough high-quality protein in the morning is a simple way to do so. A breakfast with protein is a great way to energize the morning, and adding it to your family’s routine doesn’t have to be complicated.

Bunny-Faced Microwave Oatmeal • 1/3 cup instant oats • 3/4 cup fat free milk • 1/4 teaspoon cinnamon • 1/4 teaspoon vanilla • 1 teaspoon brown sugar • 2/3 small banana • 2 fresh blueberries • 1/2 small strawberry

In microwave-safe bowl, stir together oats, milk, cinnamon, vanilla and brown sugar. Microwave on high 30 seconds1 minute and stir.

Place strawberry in the middle of the bowl to make the nose then drizzle chocolate, if desired, to make mouth and whiskers.

Cut banana in half crosswise. Cut 1 1/8inch thick coin slices from flat end of each banana half. Place slices in upperthird of oatmeal bowl, side-by-side, to make eyes. Top with 1 blueberry on each banana slice.

Serve with 8-ounce glass of milk.

Place remaining banana halves at the top of the bowl, hanging off edge, to create ears.

Nutritional information per serving: 320 calories; 2 g fat; 0 g saturated fat; 10 mg cholesterol; 18 g protein; 59 g carbohydrates; 5 g fiber; 190 mg sodium; 550 mg calcium (60% of daily value). Nutrition figures based on using fat free milk, and include an 8-ounce glass of milk. k

For more recipes and ideas, visit

chocolate syrup (optional) HAPPY

Photography: Getty Images


kiddos | April • May 2017

...itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s just about kids


itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s just about kids |





This Spring Play, Learn & Dream at

he Golisano Children’s Museum of Naples is a brain-building powerhouse and Southwest Florida’s first museum devoted for children and families to learn through play. With hands-on exhibit galleries, the accessible museum invites visitors of all ages to journey through the swamps of the Everglades, weave through a maze, climb a two-story banyan tree, or experiment with the water play station. Children can become a weather forecaster, a farmer, a chef, a fisherman, an artist, an architect or a veterinarian; explore the cold of an igloo, the whoosh of the wind, the sound of the sea, the effects of water and the colors of the rainbow. Throughout the day special activities encourage our guests to get involved, try something new and be energized.

This safe and wonderful place inspires children and families to have fun while learning together.

Welcome to The Children’s Museum

2017 C’mon Summer Camps!

The Golisano Children’s Museum of Naples believes it is a privilege to share life with a child, and is committed to nurturing bonds among families and generations. They celebrate the natural curiosity of children by offering an educational dynamic space that encourages exploration and discovery.

Get ready to explore grossology, become a super spy, discover the world of Eric Carle, journey with Curious George, visit the final frontier, dive into the deep blue sea, travel back in time, voyage to the wizarding world, and much, much more.


Golisano Children’s Museum

Summer break is a stampede of fun at




Ages 4 - 10 Summer Camp hours: 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM 22

kiddos | April • May 2017

For more information, please call

(305) 255-5551 or e-mail TO REGISTER:

Camps are a week long and full day (drop off between 8:45-9:00am, pick up between 5:00-5:15pm) with the exception of kindergarten camps which are week long and half day (drop off between 8:45-9:00am, pick up between 1:00-1:15pm). k

For more information about upcoming exhibits, memberships and programs visit


camp tips

Why Day Camp? Children learn life skills that become habits of the heart WRITTEN BY: Marla Coleman


nother mother wrote that the family was on a ski trip. The son got to the top of a steep hill and started to panic. The mom said, “What would you do if you were at camp?” and he proceeded to engage himself in positive self-talk that was part of the camp culture: “It may take time, it may be hard; but stick with it, and you’ll be fine!” He skied down with a huge sense of accomplishment and perseverance. It’s tough to be a kid these days. It’s tough to be a parent. In a society where the nature of the family, the work place, and the community have changed dramatically, we can

no longer assume that the natural process of growing up will provide children the experiences and the resources they need to become successful, contributing adults. In sharp contrast to the traditions of growing up in the 50s and 60s, today we live in the first moment when humans receive more of their information second-hand than first! We are in a climate where it is harder to know what we need to survive, so drawing on experiences that give children healthy alternatives and opportunities to instill capabilities, the hallmarks of thriving, is the greatest gift you can give a young child.

the supervision of inspiring guides and passionate coaches, children can feel successful and make new friends while having the time of their lives; they can experience belonging and contribution; they can have a sense of consistency and predictability in times of turbulence and change. Day camp can begin as early as age three, and is geared to children who get to experience camp and still return home each evening! They have the best of both worlds — the camp community which is built exclusively for kids and their own home which provides the security they need at a tender age.

Does it really matter if my child doesn’t go to day camp, especially since she will go to overnight camp in a few years? She is only four years old — why does she need day camp?

Day camp is a terrific first experience. Reminiscent of less complicated days, when people connected with nature, thrived on inter-generational relationships, and made new discoveries, everything is designed and scaled to ensure that children feel included, cared about, and capable. Beginning camp at an early age provides important advantages.

Camp provides one of the very few links with a world larger than the consumer culture we inhabit — and day camp is one important choice in a quiver of options. The camp experience helps children and youth develop an appreciation of their place and their responsibility in a much larger universe. A preschooler — or even an older child who might be reluctant to go to overnight camp — can join a community that is created especially for her to practice growing up. Why wait until age ten when the benefits of feeling connected and being able to contribute and navigate at an earlier age can be reaped? Under

Camp is the best demonstration of moral and spiritual order — democracy is the core purpose. Children learn life skills and behaviors that become habits of the heart. While many then move on to overnight camp, others will be content to continue the day camp experience: after all, there is a camp for everyone — and that might well be day camp! k To learn more about camp and child development, please visit acacamps.

Marla Coleman is the parent liaison at Camp Echo in Burlingham, New York. A past president of the American Camp Association, she is a co-owner of Coleman Family Camps, which includes Camp Echo and Coleman Country Day Camp. it’s just about kids |



cool stuff

Viki’s Granola snack pack

Made with the highest quality ingredients to ensure moms get the best of what's out there. Available in five delicious varieties – these snack packs are the perfect size for the whole family! Available at

Artisan Mixer kitchen aid

The Artisan Series stand mixer can handle multiple batches of dough, while its 10 speed settings allow cooks to knead, mix and whip a variety of food. Available at

New Mom Comics Alison Wong

The First Year, is the must have handbook for new moms that offers a hilarious point of view on the every day realities of parenting. Makes for a great new mom/baby or baby shower gift. Available at

Mother’s Day Essentials

Mom & Daughter Preslie-Palm Print Bathing Suit

Super girly and cute! Get Beverly Hills chic with this hip pattern! Match your little one today. The Bathing Suit is nicely lined and has two padding cups on the top. Fits true to size. Available at


kiddos | April • May 2017

KindNotes for Mom!

KindNotes give you the option to choose from ready-made collectable notes to suit any special occasion, or you can customize your own personal messages for a more heartwarming feel! Available at

Monstera Leaf by Lorena Canals

Add a touch of the tropics to any room in your home! The Monstera plant is native to rainforest regions, but this rug machine washable is happy in any climate--and it looks great in a sunroom, porch or in a reading area. Available at

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a safe and fun summer lifetime experience for youth ages 6 to 17 SOURCE: CGSCIC

“Summer Campers will be sailing in our Club Cubes, Optimist and Laser Picos.”


he Coconut Grove Sailing Club Instructional Center is pleased to offer Summer Youth Sailing Instruction and Camp for both sailing CGSC members and non-members. Student sailors will be classified as either beginner, intermediate, advanced or racing level. A US Sailing certified instructor and several junior instructors supervise the classes.

What will my child learn? Beginners will learn basic sailing skills, knots, nomenclature, and safety. By the end of the course, be-ginning sailors will be able to single- hand a pram boat, know the names of all parts of the boat, and know what to do if the boat capsizes. Intermediate and advance sailors will learn more advanced tech- niques, racing rules, and explore further into Biscayne Bay.

Campers must be between the ages of 6 to 17 years old. Sailing Camp runs weekdays from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm and is held rain or shine.

Boats Summer Campers will be sailing in our Club Prams, Optimist and Laser Picos. These single-handed and double- handed boats are used for pleasure sailing as well as com- petition. Sailing small boats is an incredible way to learn sailing, teaching students independence and creating a stronger, more

Sailing is an incredible experience that has lifelong value and rewards for kids. Consider sailing lessons and camps as you plan your child’s summer activities.


kiddos | April • May 2017

individual character while learning a new sport and building camaraderie with fellow sailors. Most important, being responsible for your own boat teaches lessons that stay with kids forever. Life jackets All Summer Sailing Campers must bring their own Type 3 Coast Guard approved life jacket and wear them at all times. Parents are encouraged to provide a comfortable life jacket that fits well the duration of sailing and dock exposure. Clothing, lunches, and water Campers should be bringing their own lunch/refillable water bottle. Campers should wear bathing suits each day under their clothing. Don’t forget the sunscreen, hats, towel, water shoes, change of

clothes and a Type 3 life jacket (personal Floatation Device - PFD). CGSCIC camp is geared toward beginning to intermediate level sailors ages 6-17 using our fleet of Optimists, Sail Cubes, Lasers and FJ’s. Children ages 6-17 with no experience are all welcome to join us as long as they are able to swim. A simple swim test is given on the first day of camp. Children are then divided into groups by age, size and experience. CGSCIC offer several different dates to accommodate your family’s summer schedule. Children in our program learn to sail in a fun, safe environment. They learn sailing terminology, develop wind awareness, and learn to sail a basic course. More advanced sailors have the opportunity to take part in one of our racing groups.

How to Register Registrations can be completed online at Applicants are accepted on a first come – first serve basis. Please remember that registrations are not complete until paid in full through Paypal. k 2017 Spring & Summer Camp Spring Camp April 10 – April 14 Club Members $300 Non-Members $400 Summer Camp - 2 weeks session • Session 1- June 12 – 23 • Session 2 June 26 – July 7 • Session 3 July 10 – 21 • Session 4 July 24 – August 4 • Session 5 August 7 – August 18 Club Members $500 Non-Members $600

CGSCIC is a non-profit organization that support the sport of sailing and encourage sailing instruction at all levels. Additional goals are to help encourage new sailors, to help sustain Coconut Grove’s sailing tradition and to provide sailing lessons and instructional opportunities for people of all ages. For more information and to register your sailor please visit website

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The National Trust for Historic Preservation

Saving Places!

SOURCE: The National Trust For Historic Preservation

The National Trust for Historic Preservation protects significant places representing our diverse cultural experience by taking direct action and inspiring broad public support.


privately funded non-profit organization, works to save America’s historic places. The National Trust is the cause that inspires Americans to save the places where history happened, the cause that transforms communities from places where we live into places that we love. As the leading voice for preservation, “The National trust is the cause for people saving places”.

Photography: Rick Bravo

The Campaign for America’s National Treasures Saving the history you know ... and the history you have yet to discover. These places connect and inspire us. They tell our shared American story, and they need to be remembered, protected, and

cherished from our nation, and each generation to come. The Campaign for America’s National Treasures is a bold declaration that historic places matter. The stories of the people they represent matter. The inspiration they provide matters. United, we have the power to protect them and define a vision for our nation. The Campaign for America’s National Treasures makes it possible for more people to live, work, worship, and play in vibrant places enriched by history. Envision a nation in which: All people see their stories reflected in the places around us;

The authentic character of our communities reminds us of the people we are and the people we aspire to be; Built on the best of America’s past with a sharp eye toward its future. With these ideals in mind, the Trust is making several transformative investments in three crucial areas: Historic Sites, National Treasures, and Re Urbanism. The Campaign for America’s National Treasures is a bold and joyful celebration of our nation, and the people, places, and stories that unite us across time.

“The stadium was used for the backdrop for the movie Clambake.”


kiddos | April • May 2017

Miami Marine Stadium – Key Biscayne During its heyday, powerboat races, Easter sunrise services, and concerts under the stars all drew thousands to Miami Marine Stadium. Hundreds of boats would surround the floating stage to enjoy the festivities. The experience was authentic Miami—there was nothing else like it, anywhere. 27 year old, Cuban-born architect Hilario Candela designed the 6,566-seat stadium. When it was poured in 1963, it’s 326-foot, fold-plate roof was the longest span of cantilevered concrete on earth. It is a masterwork of civic architecture and modern construction. Threat The stadium has been shut off from the Miami entertainment scene for more than 20 years. Its abandonment has led to significant deterioration, environmental damage, and extensive graffiti.

Our Response The National Trust for Historic Preservation is now working with the City of Miami and Dade Heritage Trust, MiamiDade County’s premier Preservation organization, to secure a bright future for the Marine Stadium. In November, 2016, the City of Miami Commission approved a Resolution authorizing for a $45 million revenue bond issue to fund restoration of the Marine Stadium. The City has also hired an architect/engineering team headed up by Preservation Architect Richard Heisentbottle and Associates to develop architectural plans for the Stadium. The team includes Hilario Candela, the original architect of the Marine Stadium. Through its partnership with the American Express Foundation, the Trust has also helped fund an engineering study of the Marine Stadium. In addition to the efforts to revive the stadium, the Trust has used social media, national media, and special events to

draw the community back to the structure. Most people only experience the overgrown, fenced-off site from a distance. Our events allow Miamians to experience the stadium from different perspectives, building public will to put the building back into good use. k

Visit to learn more about these and other endangered places and how you can play a role in saving them.

Recreation sports camp for children 6 - 12 years old.

mini canes RE C






Summer 2017 Dates June 12 - 23 June 26 - July 7* July 10 - 21 July 24 - Aug 4 *No camp Tuesday, July 4

UM Affiliate Registration Begins March 27 Community Registration Begins April 17 | 305-284-8510 it’s just about kids |



book reviews Suggestions for your kids to read this month

1. Alex & Eliza (YA)

3. Beauty & the Beast (YA/MG)

5. The Story of Seeds (MG)

7. Here Comes the Easter Cat (PB)

By Melissa de la Cruz Everyone wants more about Alexander Hamilton, and bestseller Melissa de la Cruz delivers with this historical romance novel about Alexander and Elizabeth Schuyler in 1777, before they helped shaped a nation with George Washington. A perfect book for romance enthusiast, historical fiction fans, and just people who love the hit musical – Hamilton.

By MinaLima This version of the original classic is given new life just in time for the upcoming movie by artist MinaLima, the art studio responsible for much of the design of the Harry Potter films. Filled with unique art and interactive items, this is a great gift for any fan of the classic story.

By Nancy F. Castaldo The farming industry worldwide grows food for people around the world. However, it has come with some downsides, namely an oversaturation of certain plants worldwide, and the near extinction of dozens of others. Castaldo’s book gives a different sort of look to seeds and plants around the world.

By Deborah Underwood Cat wants more love and admiration, so Cat has decided to become… the Easter Bunny!... though he’s still a cat. The narrator isn’t sure Cat’s thought this idea through however. Can the narrator convince Cat that there is a lot more to being the Easter Bunny than Cat thinks? And what would happen to the real Easter Bunny if Cat succeeds?

2. The Valiant (YA) By Lesley Livingston An action packed historical fiction story about a Celtic princess named Fallon who is kidnapped by a slaver and forced to fight in the Roman Coliseum. Ripped from her life and forced to fight for her life, but the only man who can give her freedom, is also the man who killed her sister – Julius Caesar.

4. The Girl Who Drank the Moon (MG) By Kelly Barnhill This is the winner of the 2017 Newbery Medal for best middlegrade book of 2016. Each year, the villagers of the Protectorate give a child as offering to the witch of the forest, but the witch is kind, and gives the children to good families in another village. One year, the witch accidentally give the child magical powers, and decides, for the first time, to raise the child as her own.

6. How to Raise a Mom (PB) By Jean Reagan From the author of How to Babysit Grandma, Grandpa, and many other how to guides for children to take care of/teach/babysit their parents comes a book about Mom. Children who read this book (or have it read to them) will learn all the best ways to raise a happy and healthy mother.

CORAL GABLES | 265 Aragon Avenue | Coral Gables, Florida MIAMI BEACH | 927 Lincoln Road | Miami Beach, Florida 33139 BAL HARBOUR SHOPS | 9700 Collins Avenue | Bal Habour, Florida 33154 THE CAFÉ AT BOOKS & BOOKS AT THE ARSHT CENTER | At the ground floor of the Arsht Center


kiddos | April • May 2017

8. Otter Loves Easter (PB) By Sam Garton Otter LOVES Easter, and he and his teddy bear are excited for the holiday. However, with it comes candy painted eggs and chocolate, and Otter doesn’t want to share his treats with his stuffed friends or his dad, Otter Keeper. k


movie reviews


In this fully animated, allnew take on the Smurfs, a mysterious map sets Smurfette and her best friends Brainy, Clumsy and Hefty on an exciting and thrilling race through the Forbidden Forest filled with magical creatures to find a mysterious lost village before the evil wizard Gargamel does.


Spark (Jace Norman) is a wisecracking, teenage monkey who lives on an abandoned planet with his friends Chunk and Vix (Jessica Biel). Thirteen years ago, power-hungry Zhong seized control of their planet Beta, wiping out Spark’s family and sending him into hiding. Now, Zhong plans to use the deadly space Kraken to destroy the entire universe, and no one but Spark can stop him.


Now that Dom (Vin Diesel) and Letty (Michelle Rodriguez) are on their honeymoon, Brian and Mia have retired from the game, and the rest of the crew has been exonerated, the globetrotting

team has found a semblance of a normal life. But when a mysterious woman seduces Dom back into a world of crime that he can’t seem to escape, the crew will face trials that will test them as never before.


Born in China follows the stories of three animal families, transporting audiences to some of the most extreme environments on Earth to witness some of the most intimate moments ever captured in a nature film. A doting panda bear mother guides her growing baby as she begins to explore and seek independence. A two-yearold golden monkey who feels displaced by his new baby sister joins up with a group of freespirited outcasts. And a mother snow leopard—an elusive animal rarely caught on camera.


11-year-old orphan, Félicie (Elle Fanning) has one dream – to go to Paris and become a dancer. Her best friend Victor (Nat Wolff) an imaginative, but exhausting boy with a passion for creating has a dream of his own, to become a famous inventor.


Drucker) hatches his latest scheme to become famous.







Set to the all-new sonic backdrop of Awesome Mixtape #2, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 continues the team’s adventures as they unravel the mystery of Peter Quill’s true parentage.


When the child Arthur’s father is murdered, Vortigern (Jude Law), Arthur’s uncle, seizes the crown. Robbed of his birthright and with no idea who he truly is, Arthur (Charlie Hunnam) comes up the hard way in the back alleys of the city. But once he pulls the sword from the stone, his life is turned upside down and he is forced to acknowledge his true legacy… whether he likes it or not.


A family road trip to grandma’s 90th birthday celebration takes a wrong turn when a boy (Jason Ian

Ridley Scott returns to the universe he created in ALIEN with Alien: Covenant, the second chapter in a prequel trilogy that began with Prometheus -- and connects directly to Scott’s 1979 seminal work of science fiction. Bound for a remote planet on the far side of the galaxy, the crew of the colony ship Covenant discovers what they think is an uncharted paradise, but is actually a dark, dangerous world.


Thrust into an all-new adventure, a down-on-hisluck Captain Jack Sparrow finds the winds of ill-fortune blowing even more strongly when deadly ghost pirates led by his old nemesis, the terrifying Captain Salazar (Bardem), escape from the Devil’s Triangle, determined to kill every pirate at sea...including him. Captain Jack’s only hope of survival lies in seeking out the legendary Trident of Poseidon, a powerful artifact that bestows upon its possessor total control over the seas. k

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Importance of Children and Dog Safety SOURCE: Why Does My Dog


Build a stronger bond between your dog and your child. Encourage your child to train your dog with you. Training helps the dog understand that the child is also part of the family and needs to be taken seriously. It can also help your child feel like they have control of the dog and can give him direction when needed.

lthough it has been reported that kids suffer from 78% of dog bites, these incidents are almost always preventable. Some might believe that the dog is usually at fault, however these instances depend on a combination of dog training and teaching children to always be cautious – no matter how cute the dog may be. So what can you do to prevent these mishaps as a dog owner, a parent, or both? Alyona DelaCoeur of Why Does My Dog share with Kiddos Magazine her professional expertise on the importance of kid and dog safety. You can’t train every single kid. One of the biggest mistakes that we can make as dog owners is to assume that all parents have trained their kids how to properly behave around dogs. It is a common assumption, which can often lead to dangerous outcomes. Instead, we need to focus on training our dogs to be bulletproof around kids. We can train our dogs, but we don’t have the ability to train every single kid out there. Make your dog bulletproof around kids. To make your dog bulletproof around children, you need to get him accustomed to how children act and behave. One way to do that is to play “Simon Says.” The child pets the dog every time the adult gives the dog a treat, allowing the dog to get used to being touched by the child. Another thing you can do as


kiddos | April • May 2017

an adult is act in a similar manner as a child would. To do this, slowly allow yourself to get a little more playful while interacting with your dog – tug on toys, hug your dog, lay on your dog, dress up your dog and give lots of treats. Surround your dog with noisy kids, perhaps visiting a playground, while giving treats to get him used to that type of environment. Of course, remember to do this in moderation as to ensure your dog isn’t put into a position that will make him uncomfortable. Educate your children. As a parent, even if you do not have a dog in your house, you need to educate your child about dogs. It is important to teach them to recognize different forms of body language. Instruct them on how to say hi to a dog and how to pet a dog the safe way. As most children get excited when they see animals, it is crucial to teach them not to run up to strange dogs or enter someone’s property if they have a strange dog, as well as what to do if they are being chased by a dog.

NEVER leave a dog unattended with a child. Do not leave small children alone with a dog, as accidents can occur at any moment. If an adult is not there to read the dog’s behavior, a child could push the dog too far, causing the dog to play rougher than he understands and/or potentially hurt the child. So much can happen that you really should not take the risk. k

For more tips and techniques about kid and dog safety visit

f ef aa m t uirl ey e v e n t s


Spring Event’s Guide Where to go with our Kiddos







Easter Bunny Eggstravaganza & Egg Hunt At The Falls Shops From: 3:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m. Families are invited to hop on down to The Falls as the mall ‘springs’ into full gear with a fun, festive day featuring the arrival of the beloved Easter Bunny & Eggstravaganza. Guests can also enjoy an 'egg hunt' at participating stores at The Falls. Free event

Egg-citing Easter Egg Hunt The Shops at Sunset Place From: 1:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. Families are invited to enjoy a hoppin’ Easter egg hunt, face painting, arts & crafts, lively entertainment, raffles, a special appearance by the Easter Bunny and more! Don’t forget to bring your Easter basket and camera! Kids under 12 are welcome to join the fun for free with registration. Free event

Family Day on Aragon at Coral Gables Museum 285 Aragon Ave. Coral Gables From: 2:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m Get creative at our kid-friendly HATCHling area with children’s activities scheduled from 2pm to 5pm. Shop our vendor pavilion for handmade and artisanal goods. Enjoy locally produced foods and small-batch provisions. Be inspired by local musicians, performers and innovators. Free event.




Earth Day Festival at Pinecrest Gardens 11000 Red Road Pinecrest, FL 33156 From: 12:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. The Village of Pinecrest invites you to celebrate our fascinating planet! Join us for a day of activities for the entire family including food demos, planting activities, an eco-fashion show, local school performances, crafts for kids, lady bug releases, and so much more. Free event



11th Annual All Kids Included Festival South Miami Dade Cultural Arts Center 10950 SW 211 St. Cutler Bay, FL 33189 From: 10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. A full day of Interactive arts experiences for children with and without disabilities! Entertainment, fun activities, creative arts for all, art exhibition, awards and resources! For more information visit Free event


Spring! MAY




Free First Saturday at Gold Coast Railroad 12450 SW 152nd St, Miami, FL From: 11:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Treat your munchkin to a day on the tracks! The Gold Coast Railroad Museum offers free admission the first Saturday of every month. It’s great for any train enthusiast, or young kids! For more information visit Free event (does not include train ride tickets)



Kings Bowl America - Grand Opening CityPlace Doral 8300 NW 36th St, Doral, FL 33166 Starts 6:00 p.m. Kings Bowl America is debuting their first-ever South Florida location with an expansive dining and entertainment venue perfect for the whole family! Free event

Frost Science Grand Opening 1101 Biscayne Blvd. Miami, FL 33132 From: 12:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m. The Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science is scheduled to open in Museum Park on Monday, May 8! Discover Miami’s newest home for the ever curious and explore the world of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) in an experiential setting with interactive exhibitions and dynamic shows. For more information visit

calendar submissions Submit your event information for June-July calendar before May 10th to Include event name, location, address, date, time, cost, a brief description and contact. Events will be listed based on availability and it has to be family and kids related.

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Patricia and Phillip Frost Museum of Science

open’s its doors!


he Patricia and Phillip Frost Museum of Science will officially open’s its doors to the public on May 8 at its new home in Downtown Miami’s Museum Park. Designed by Grimshaw Architects, the 250,000-square-foot facility combines a planetarium, aquarium and science museum on one campus. Frost Science is divided into four distinct buildings, the Frost Planetarium, Aquarium, and North and West Wings, where visitors can learn about the core science behind living ecosystems, the physics of flight, light and lasers, the biology of the human body and mind, and much more. It’s one of the few places globally to house a planetarium, aquarium and science museum on one dynamic campus. Some of the higlights of the Frost Science experience include the Frost Planetarium, one of only thirteen 8K-projection planetariums in the world. The cutting-edge 250-seat, 3-D Frost Planetarium will take visitors on virtual journeys that both thrill and


kiddos | April • May 2017

educate. From Gulf Stream sharks to the tiny organisms found within coral, the three-level Aquarium is a trip through the beautiful water habitats of South Florida while exploring the physics of water, ecosystem ecology, marine biology and more. Visitors are invited to follow the astounding story of flight—from feathered dinosaurs to the future of space travel—in the Feathers to the Stars exhibition. They’ll come face-to-face with a 30-foot dinosaur, meet the daredevil inventors who pioneered human aviation, build and launch their own air rockets, try on wing sleeves in a wind tunnel and more. Visitors can challenge their brain, stop a virus, dance or just chill out as part of the MeLaß experience, which explores behavioral science and neuroscience research, medical technology and public health. They’ll explore the amazing ways that their body and mind interact, and how their daily choices can impact how both entities work together. Other highlights include multiple science exhibitions, café and retail store.

Frost Science will be operating 365 days a year from 9 AM – 6 PM daily. Admission tickets are now available online and include access to all museum exhibitions and one Frost Planetarium show. To avoid long lines and sell-outs, visitors are strongly encouraged to go online and purchase tickets in advance. Admission to the museum for non-members will be $28 for adults and $20 for children (ages 3-11). Children two and under are free. Memberships to the museum are also available, starting at $65 for individuals. Household memberships are $145 for Family and $195 for Family PLUS. k The Patricia and Phillip Frost Museum of Science is located at 1101 Biscayne Blvd Miami, FL 33132. Paid self-parking is available in the museum garage during regular museum hours. The Museum Park Metromover station is directly adjacent to Frost Science. For more information, please visit or call 305.434.9600.

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When it comes to


your little one’s care,


Emergencies happen fast. Fortunately, that’s how we move. We are your neighborhood kid-friendly ER offering short wait times and a compassionate, comprehensive approach. We are committed to getting your child healthy, quickly. Pediatric certified registered nurses

Highly trained physicians

Private treatment rooms

Full lab and imaging services (CT scan, Ultrasound and X-ray) For a free physician referral, contact 305-285-2525 or visit

3663 South Miami Ave.  Miami, FL 33133

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Kiddos Magazine Vol. 4 Issue 5 - New Beginnings  

Celebrating Mothers! This issue is dedicated to and in honor of our Mothers, by celebrating motherhood, maternal bonds, and the influence of...

Kiddos Magazine Vol. 4 Issue 5 - New Beginnings  

Celebrating Mothers! This issue is dedicated to and in honor of our Mothers, by celebrating motherhood, maternal bonds, and the influence of...