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â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Tis the Season For Family Time And Manners

TIPS Talking With Children About Money

HEALTH 1 0 | Moms,

Your Childs Health Is Important. Yours Is Too!

SAFETY Halloween Tips To Take The Scare Out Of Food Allergies


Shot Pop Quiz

SNACKS Caramel Apples A Snack For Kids and Adults



1 8 | Melanie,

Miami Childrenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Health Foundation 5K Run/ Walk Hero

The Polar Express

COOL STUFF Fall Essentials

GAMES / SPORTS 2 6 | Fencing

How Will Fencing Benefit My Child?

TOP 10 Shop In Your Area


Parent Academy Be The Link To Your Childâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Success

Kiddos Magazineâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s 2nd Anniversary


MODELS: Anniston & Easton PHOTOGRAPHY: Sandra Bianco Photography

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kiddos | October â&#x20AC;˘ November 2015

MOVIE REVIEWS What Is New In Theaters


on the cover Credits

Suggestions For Your Kids To Read This Month

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33 FAMILY EVENTS Where To Go With Our Kiddos


credits’s just about kids

Kiddos Publisher’s Notes

Fall and the gs! little thin



Veronica Lepere EDITOR

Paige Vignola

What’s so lovely about this time of year?


Roxane Timon Rose Hedgemond Care Resource AmTrust Bank Books & Books American Academy of Allergy Asthma and Immunology Delia M. Rivera-Hernández, M.D. The Parent Academy Department Of Solid Waste

It is a time to go pumpkin and apple picking with our kiddos, a time to see them dress up, a time to explain why the leaves fall, a time for sharing, giving, and being thankful. ‘Tis the Season for Family Time and Manners.


The Kids are back in school and flu season is ramping up! This fall we bring you a Flu Shot Pop Quiz to test your knowledge of the flu shot. During the MCHF 5K Run/Walk, our Kiddos Kid Reporter had the wonderful opportunity to race and learn more about this year’s MCHF 5K hero, cancer survivor Melanie. At the age of 12, Melanie was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Since then, she has courageously faced many challenges. Read on for more! In our Community section, learn how The Parent Academy helps parents address issues they and their children face in and outside the classroom that affect learning and their lives in general.


kiddos | October • November 2015

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Happy Thanksgiving Kiddos!

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health Moms, your child’s health is important. Yours is too! Fasten Your Pink Ribbon – Care Resource Helps Women Fight against Breast Cancer in October WRITTEN BY: Care Resource


Fight O


ther than skin cancer, breast cancer is the most common cancer among women in the United States. Thankfully, millions of women are surviving the disease thanks in part to early detection and improvements in treatment. A mammogram – the screening test for breast cancer – can help find breast cancer early when it’s easier to treat. Care Resource is actively involved in the fight against breast cancer by helping women get tested to find breast cancer earlier, help them understand their treatment options and cope with the physical and emotional side effects. For National Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October, Care Resource is offering free mammograms to new patients without private or government insurance at our Miami-Dade offices. To make an appointment, please call 305-576-1234 EXT: 470 (English) and 471 (Spanish), and a mammogram virtual wellness voucher will be assigned to you. According to Dr. Carmen Paez, MD, Primary Care Physician with Care Resource, “Early detection of breast


kiddos | October • November 2015

cancer with screening mammography means that cancers can be diagnosed early and treatment can be started earlier in the course of the disease, possibly before it has spread. Getting a high-quality screening mammogram is the most effective way to detect breast cancer early and help reduce the number of deaths from breast cancer among women ages 40 to 74. The decision to start regular, biennial screening mammography before the age of 50 years should be an individual one and discussed with your Care Resource medical provider.” “I encourage all women to work with your Care Resource medical provider, if concerned about screening mammograms and discuss your concerns with your provider. Together you can decide what’s best for you based on your individual breast cancer risk. Your provider will be able to show you the benefits, risks and limitations of screening mammograms and the role of breast self-exams in helping you become more familiar with your breasts, which may help you identify abnormalities or changes. They will also be able to explain to you the role of a clinical breast exam, which is an annual examination of your breasts by your provider and is offered at Care Resource.” - Carmen Paez, MD In addition to virtual wellness vouchers, Care Resource recognizes that today’s busy women tend to put family and career ahead of their own health care. Our solution is to work with health centers to bring potentially life-saving cancer screening directly to their doorstep for no fee.

The FIU Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine is delivering advanced technology for mammography screenings to the neediest neighborhoods in Miami- Dade County through an integrated model of care with the Linda Fenner 3D Mammography Mobile Center. This is the first mobile 3D Mammogram unit in South Florida that provides personalized education, outreach, navigation, and support through breast cancer detection and treatment. The mobile visits are scheduled for one day a week beginning in mid-October at Care Resource’s midtown Miami office located at 3510 Biscayne Boulevard. “Having the FIU/Linda Fenner 3D Mammography mobile unit available to our female patients will allow us to increase breast cancer screenings and provide early detection of breast cancer to our female patients. I urge all of our patients to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity and ‘Get Screened”! - Carmen Paez, MD k *Terms and conditions apply For more information, please visit, or call 305.576.1234.

About Care Resource: Care Resource is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization and a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) with locations in Miami-Dade and Broward counties. Care Resource provides comprehensive primary medical and preventive care, including dental care, in-house pharmacy services and behavioral health/substance abuse services to all individuals in South Florida’s diverse communities. For more information, please visit, or call 305.576.1234.



Talking with Children about Money


hen children are old enough to ask for toys, special treats, and things they want, they are old enough to be introduced to the value of money. The best conversations are those that focus on everyday experiences that you may have with a child. Teachable moments can happen anytime you are together.

1 Visiting your local bank branch or using an ATM When you go to the bank, bring your children with you and show them how transactions work. Ask your banker to explain how the bank operates, how money generates interest, and how an ATM works. Ask the manager for a tour. This is a great time to explain about to save money so you can access it when you need it.


A Trip to the Grocery Store A perfect location to discuss the difference between needs and wants. Depending on the childâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s age, they can also learn how quickly things add up and how budgeting is important.


Planning a Vacation Prepare for adventures and a great discussion on prioritizing activities, time, and money so that you can make your vacation extra special.


Normal Day At Home Chores, responsibilities, what includes financial compensation and what does not. Explain how when you work you receive a paycheck but that it does not all go directly into your pocket! k

For more information about how to open a kids account please visit any local branch of AmTrust Bank, a division of New York Community Bank or go to my




















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THEPARENTACADEMY.DADESCHOOLS.NET itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s just about kids |




Halloween Tips to Take the Scare Out of Food Allergies s WRITTEN BY: Jason Pelzel, MPH,


or parents of children with food allergies, Halloween can be a “trick”-y holiday to manage. However, with some advanced planning and preparedness, Halloween doesn’t have to be so scary. Following are answers to your Halloween food allergy questions so your children can have a fun and safe experience.

prepare safe Halloween goody bags for your neighbors to hand out when your kids arrive at their house. Finally, make sure you are prepared with the following items:

• Emergency medicines (Epinephrin) • Allergy action plan • Cell phone • Flashlight • Cleaning wipes

How can I make sure my children do not feel like they are “missing out” on an enjoyable Halloween experience? Instead of candy, focus on the fun of non-food activities such as costumes and crafts! Make dressing up a special event. Pumpkin carving, scavenger hunts, and turning your home into a haunted house with make-your-own Halloween decorations are other spooky, kid-friendly traditions.

We made it home from trick-ortreating safely. Now what? Spend some time sorting through the spoils, reading labels, and identifying products that pose a potential risk. Let your trick-or-treater swap these items with alternative safe goodies you obtained in advance. Remember, the treats for trade do not necessarily have to be candy! Consider offering toys, pencils, erasers, stickers and other fun items.

What are best practices to keep kids with food allergies safe when “on the hunt”? First and foremost, establish a policy for your children that candy should not be consumed unless you have checked the labels and approved them. If you have time in advance, map your trick-or-treat route and

What safety information should I look for on food labels? Read all labels carefully. Look for an ingredients list or the phrases “may contain” or is “processed on shared equipment with” the ingredient to which your child is allergic. According to a news release from the Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis

Network, these messages indicate the product may have some level of risk and should not be consumed. If the label does not contain any ingredient information, it is best to play it safe and avoid that item. Also, it is important to note that treat-sized candy may be manufactured with different ingredients or machinery than the full-sized equivalent. Do not assume any food is safe without checking the label. My children will be attending Halloween parties throughout the week. What can I do to ensure their safety? Make sure teachers and others are aware of your children’s food allergy well in advance of the party, and encourage an emphasis on non-food activities, such as Halloween crafts and stories. If food will be part of the celebration, prepare a collection of safe treats for the host to give to your children or volunteer to provide treats for the entire group. Ensure your children understand the candy policy- wait until you have checked and approved each item and swap risky items with safe alternatives. k

Spend some time sorting through the spoils, reading labels, and identifying products that pose a potential risk.

For more information, check out IFIC’s Food Allergy Resources or visit the following websites: The Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network: Kids With Food Allergies Foundation: American Academy of Allergy Asthma and Immunology:


kiddos | October • November 2015

itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s just about kids |





spiring towards an environmentally friendly lifestyle is essential in the world we exist in today. We live during a time where the choices we make will impact the health and beauty of our communities. It is important we take pride in our neighborhoods. The City of Miami, The Department of Solid Waste, along with the Public Works, NET, Code Compliance, Parks, and Police Departments have taken an environmental stance on enhancing and improving our communities. Through the Keep Miami Beautiful Campaign there are many changes and green initiatives taking place in the City. The Department of Solid Waste has launched a recycling and zero waste outreach campaign with the goal of sprouting a sense of environmental stewardship and responsibility within the community. They have been actively playing a role towards a more green and sustainable City. The Departmentâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s current focus is the

The City of Miami: An Environmental Leader youth within the City. Over the past several months they have been visiting schools and participating in community events. They enthusiastically engage children, and teachers, as well as parents in presentations geared towards recycling. The goal of the program is to educate children and young adults now so that they might be the green leaders of the future. Lively presentations and recycle material giveaways that include pencils made from recycled newspaper, rulers made from recycled milk jugs, and bookmarks made of recycled tires, as well as fun with the Benny the Recycling Bin mascot help children understand a bit more about the program. In hopes that children will help adults change the way they see the environment, The Department

of Solid Waste looks to motivate kids to recycle at home and at school while inspiring their parents and people in their communities to do the same. It is important that the City of Miami understands recycling conserves natural resources, saves energy, reduces pollution, and decreases the amount trash taken to landfills. It helps keep the air we breathe clean and promotes beautiful communities.

For more information on tips for recycling, the Keep Miami Beautiful campaign, or have any other concerns please visit

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Happy Holidayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s


kiddos | October â&#x20AC;˘ November 2015


Reaching for a phone, dialing and texting increase your crash risk by three times.

71% of young people say they have sent a text while driving. itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s just about kids |



Flu Shot Pop Quiz WRITTEN BY: Delia M. Rivera-Hernández, M.D.


The kids are back in school and flu season is ramping up. Receiving the flu vaccine is the most important step parents can take in protecting themselves and their children from the flu and its associated respiratory complications, which can lead to unnecessary hospitalizations and sometimes death. Yet many still reject the flu vaccine due to common misconceptions. Here’s a quick pop quiz to test your knowledge of the flu shot.

The flu vaccine is recommended for anyone 6 months or older.


kiddos | October • November 2015

True or False: You are at risk for flu complications even if you’re healthy. This is true! Many parents believe that because they or their children are healthy, they are not at risk for flu complications, which is incorrect. Sixty percent of children who died from the flu in 2012-2013 had no recognized health problem that would put them at higher risk for a severe flu illness.

True or False: Babies and pregnant women shouldn’t be vaccinated.

This is false. The flu vaccine is recommended for anyone 6 months or older. Pregnant women should get the vaccine as well, because pregnancy puts moms-to-be at risk of a more complicated illness. The vaccine will also help protect their unborn babies, reducing the risk of miscarriage.

True or False: Children who aren’t vaccinated are at greatest risk for fatal complications. This is true! Up to 90 percent of influenza-related deaths in children younger than 18 during the 2012-2013 flu season occurred in those who did

True or False: The flu shot will give me the flu. This is false. It is impossible to catch the flu from the inactivated vaccine. It takes two weeks for the vaccine to develop a protective reaction, but it takes only two to five days to catch the virus. If someone develops the flu right after receiving the vaccine it is because the flu bug was already in his or her system.

True or false: The flu vaccine is not 100 percent effective. This is true, but even when the flu vaccine is not 100 percent effective it reduces the risk of catching the flu. Flu viruses like to change often, and that is why each year’s vaccine is designed for the current season’s flu strains. Even when the strains in the vaccines don’t match all of the strains circulating that year, the vaccine offers some protection and can prevent more severe forms of the illness. k

Delia M. Rivera-Hernández, M.D., F.A.A.P., is a pediatric infectious disease specialist and outpatient clinical director of the Division of Pediatric Infectious Disease and Immunology at UHealth – University of Miami Health System. For more information, visit patients/pediatrics.

How many bricks it is needed to repair the wall?

not receive the vaccine. If these babies, children and adolescents had received the flu shot, they might not have become ill.


Solution: 25=3+4+1+17


it’s just about kids |


the kiddos kid reporter

Melanie, Miami Children’s Health Foundation 5K Run / Walk Hero WRITTEN BY: Roxane Timon

Melanie is a cancer survivor who is an inspiration to many children. She is determined to raise awareness for pediatric cancer to help support other kids who face similar challenges. ore than 5,500 runners, walkers, and spectators gathered in Coral Gables on Saturday, September 19th for the 5th Annual Miami Children’s Health Foundation’s 5K Run/Walk event presented by Sabadell United Bank. Kiddos Magazine also participated in the race, along with our Kiddos Kid Reporter who took part in the Kids Race, to support children and families of Nicklaus Children’s Hospital. The family friendly event included a Kids Fun Zone, Vendor Village, a Kids Race, and medals for all 5K participants. The event featured several ‘FUN’raising teams who raise awareness and funds for the patients of Nicklaus Children’s Hospital.

During the MCHF 5K Run/Walk, our Kiddos Kid Reporter had the wonderful opportunity to learn more about this year’s MCHF 5K hero, cancer survivor Melanie. At the age of 12, Melanie was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Since then, she has courageously faced many challenges. Melanie never lost hope during these difficult times and continues to make a difference by raising awareness for pediatric


kiddos | October • November 2015

cancer. Melanie gave a touching speech before the start of the 5K Run/ Walk to support patients and families at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital and inspired participants of the 5K Run/ Walk to help make a difference. Before she began the 5K Run/Walk, Melanie shared with us what inspired her during the challenges she encountered, her reactions to being this year’s 5K hero, and advice for kids going through similar challenges.

The Kiddos Kid Reporter: Your story is a source of inspiration for many people. What inspired you during the challenges you faced? Melanie: Well, I knew the predicament that I was in and, with the way I stayed in the hospital, that I didn’t want to be the person lying in bed all the time. I wanted to be

the one to inspire other patients in the hospital to get out and enjoy their lives because a child shouldn’t stay in bed all the time. The Kiddos Kid Reporter: What was your reaction when you found out that you were going to be the 5K hero this year? Melanie: I was completely shocked. I didn’t know that they would choose me. At first I was like, “why would they pick me?” There are so many other patients in the hospital. They ended up narrowing it down to this selection, and they had told me that it was because I had kept such a positive view on things. It was amazing how

they focused on me and how my doctors came together to pick me as the 5K hero this year. The Kiddos Kid Reporter: What advice would you give to kids who are going through similar challenges? Melanie: I just want to tell other kids - not only at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital, but all over the world – who are battling through any sort of disease that you’re still a child and you can still live the life the way that you want to. Remember, life is yours, and you can’t let people choose what you want. k

About The Kiddos Kid Reporter In our 2014 Back to School edition Kiddos Magazine introduced “The Kiddos Kid Reporter,” a new segment in which our 9 year old reporter, Marco, interviews celebrities, educators, and inspirational artists and personalities who have strong impacts in our community and in our Kiddos’ lives.

Credits: Video Production: Filmart TV Video Production Assistant: Roxane Timon Haircut & Style: Lil’ Jungle Location: Coral Gables City Hall

299 Alhambra Circle Suite 208 Coral Gables FL 33134

Family Dentistry


Porcelain Veneers Crowns & Bridges Orthodontics Invisalign® Teeth Whitening BOTOX® / Dysport™ / Juvederm® Anti-Aging Treatments

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kiddos | October â&#x20AC;˘ November 2015

The Florida Essence Princess Tea Program is under the Essence Pageant System (Florida Essence Pageant). Girls meet monthly and are rewarded each quarter for academics and community service. At the end of the program we have a final showcase where each girl is “crowned” a princess. For more information email to


he Florida Essence Princess Program celebrated four years of mentoring girls in the South Florida community. Topics include academics, self-esteem, leadership, modeling, and community service. The program was founded by Angelica Marie Spicer, currently Miss Majestic International. The program begins each September and concludes with a fabulous extravaganza.



Adopt a Child


Essence Tea Princess Program


The Florida

See their photographs. Read their stories. Hear their voices. These Miami children and many others need permanent, loving families. Make one of them your own.

For more information, call 211 or visit

it’s just about kids |




The Polar Express Train Ride Comes to Miami at The Gold Coast Railroad Museum


waiting. Santa will board The Polar Express, greeting each child with a special gift as in the story.

• Enjoy luxurious seating in our first class cars


an you hear? The Polar Express Train Ride is coming to the Gold Coast Railroad Museum, located in Miami, Florida. You can hear the locomotive chugging around the corner, the wheels screeching against the rails!, The train will be coming for limited boarding from November 27 to December 27, with times throughout the evenings on listed days.

The Polar Express Train Ride is a 60 minute round-trip excursion. The train comes to life as the train departs the Gold Coast Railroad depot for a journey through the quiet wilderness for a special visit at the North Pole. Set on the sounds of the motion picture soundtrack, guests on board will enjoy warm cocoa and a treat while listening and reading along with the magical history. Children’s faces show the magic of the season when the train arrives at the North Pole to find Santa Claus

For tickets information visit Gold Coast Railroad Museum is located next to Zoo Miami 12450 S.W. 152nd Street, Miami, Florida 33177.

AmTrust Bank... Your Community Bank. Proud to serve you and your family.

Coral Gables 2701 Ponce de Leon Coral Gables, FL 33134

Doral 9747 NW 41 St. Doral, FL 33178



kiddos | October • November 2015

• Experience the ambiance of Christmas • Sing along to Christmas Carols with our chefs

• Sip hot chocolate while riding our vintage cars

• Dress your pajamas! • Meet and visit Santa Claus! Why should my children dress in their pajamas? In the story, all the children taking this magical train ride are awakened from their beds on Christmas Eve. Join the fun by bringing your children in their pajamas. Adults are also welcome to join the PJ party fun. k

itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s just about kids |



cool stuff


Essentials Halloween


t̓'FNBMF.JOJPO t̓Lil Alice t%FMVYF.JOJPO tLil Mermaid


Halloween & Thanksgiving



kiddos | October • November 2015

tFall Activity Placemat Set t̓#PCCMFIFBE5VSLFZ5FBMJHIU)PMEFS


top ten

Support your local businesses! itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s just about kids |


games / sports

Fencing How Will Fencing Benefit My Child? WRITTEN BY: Roxane Timon


encing is a fun and exciting sport that provides a unique balance of agility, strategy, and physical activity. There are many physical and mental benefits to participating in youth fencing. Experts advise regular cardiovascular exercise in order to maintain optimal health and longevity. Fencing is a fun way for kids to accomplish this goal. It is a great form of cardiovascular exercise. Fencing increases stamina, reduces stress, develops flexibility, hand-eye coordination and muscle strength. Children will ultimately develop better body awareness through fencing. Fencing also provides many benefits that children can apply in many areas beyond this sport. The USA Fencing

Association states that through the sport of fencing, “children learn good sportsmanship and self-discipline. They learn to compete independently as well as for a team; they learn to enjoy winning and profit from defeats, while becoming physically fit and healthy; and, most importantly, they learn to make complex decisions, analyze problems, and think fast”. Fencing teaches children how to overcome adversity and improves tactical thinking. It is often called the “physical chess”. Educators are discovering that fencing can enhance mathematical performance. The analytical and abstract concepts of fencing heighten mathematical skills. Fencing improves perception of geometric shapes, fencers visualize lines in space. Fencing is also a great social activity that can be enjoyed at the recreational or competitive level. This makes fencing a well rounded form of exercise with benefits to every aspect of a healthy and happy life. It is an extremely useful tool in balancing a child’s mind and body workout. As a parent, the primary purpose is to provide support for your child and encourage hard work. The best way to help your child achieve his goals and reduce his fear is through positive reinforcement. The USA Fencing Association states that it is important to “encourage his efforts and highlight the successes and the things your child did well. Your child will have good days and bad ones. Help him through the bad days and celebrate the good days he is fortunate to have. Fencing is a continuous struggle to improve from


kiddos | October • November 2015

• Helps children reach their potential in many areas of their lives

“Children will ultimately develop better body awareness through fencing.”

• Promotes physical strength and first-day beginner to Olympic Champion”. “Success”, sometimes interpreted as “winning”, comes at different ages for each fencer.

Fencing Benefits


• Teaches independence and the importance of honesty

• Reduces Stress • Develops spatial mathematical thinking

• Is a fun, safe sport for athletes of all ages

• Teaches discipline and sportsmanship • Challenges the mind

• Builds Confidence • Reduces test taking anxiety • Develops decision-making abilities • Teaches how to analyze problems

Program Director Mr. Luis E. Bretones is a U.S.F.A Certified Fencing Instructor and active athlete inside of the National Fencing Association. He has tough and fence in Cuba, Brazil and the United States of America. Mr. Bretones has more than 20 years of experience teaching fencing to athletes of all ages, and 11 years teaching and training fencing to athletes with disabilities. Currently Mr. Bretones is providing fencing training in the Tamiami Park in Miami Florida. Through training, hard work, effort and persistence Mr. Bretones has seen how the sport of fencing has influence for the better all his past students. k

• Develops balance, agility and hand-eye coordination

• Fencing promotes tactical thinking, it is often called the “physical chess”

For more information about Florespa Fencing Club, programs and classes please call 305.767.9101 or visit

A family fun event!

Haunted trains for kids and adults Trick or Treat Stations Monster Movies Food Concession Stands and more

October 23 & 24 6:00pm-9:00pm $10.00 all ages (additional fee for train rides) Under the age of 2 years old get in FREE!

Gold Coast Railroad Museum 12450 S.W. 152nd Street Miami, Florida 33177-1402 For more information please visit us at or call: (305)253-0063 it’s just about kids |



The Parent Academy Be the Link to Your Child’s Success WRITTEN BY: Renny Neyra and Barbara Biggart


he Parent Academy of Miami Dade County Public Schools is a free, year-round program that empowers parents to become full partners in their children’s education by bridging the gap between home and school through the provision of valuable resources. Oftentimes parents have a strong desire to be an active participant in the education of their children but face obstacles that limit or prevent their participation. The Parent Academy helps educate parents about the importance of their roles, unites families and schools, and gives parents a fuller sense of their rights, responsibilities and the educational opportunities available to them and their children. The Parent Academy has been a story of partnership and progress. Since 2005, it has been working with parents and caregivers to help them


kiddos | October • November 2015

be advocates in their children’s education and within their communities. From attending workshops on how to create a positive educational environment for children both at home and at school to preparing for the job you want, The Parent Academy helps parents address issues they and their children face in and outside of the classroom that affect learning and their lives in general. In their efforts to provide parents multiple opportunities to participate in workshops that are aligned with their needs and convenient to their homes and workplace, The Parent Academy “campus” is spread throughout the community and offers free workshops at schools, libraries, parks, colleges, private businesses and neighborhood centers; family learning events at culturally enriching venues; and online learning resources.

Their website, theparentacademy. showcases a variety of relevant information to empower parents in their pivotal roles as caregivers and guides. Parent Resources hosts videos capturing the heart of vital issues such as school preparedness, socio-emotional benchmarks, positive parenting, bullying prevention, special needs support & success stories. The Community Events page posts free enriching events and community programs, special employment opportunities, a monthly Cultural Calendar created by a parent volunteer, and much more. Parents browsing the online Course Catalog are able to view schedules of current workshop topics organized around four focus areas: Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle, Parenting in the New Millennium, Pathways to Family Enhancement and The Home School

Connection. Facilitated by trained teachers, workshops are presented in English, Spanish, and Haitian-Creole and are available to parents or caregivers of children enrolled in Miami-Dade County Public Schools. While The Parent Academy curricula offers guidance to help parents be effective in a variety of ways (i.e. setting up a Parent Portal account to monitor student progress, applying for magnet school programs, navigating the dangers and advantages of social media, etc.) New topics are introduced as needed and requested and parents are encouraged to contribute suggestions and requests at their

In March of 2015, The Parent Academy opened a Neighborhood Resource Center and Internet Café at Parkway Educational Complex offering free internet access, computer literacy training, citizenship application services and Kid Care application services along with their full menu of workshops. Career Preparation workshops are also available through their collaboration with the Adult and Vocational Department. k






learning and their lives in general.”

child’s school sites so that The Parent Academy may remain responsive to current needs and interests.


“ The Parent Academy helps parents address issues they and their children face in and outside


.2680 305.995 B LIC




36 The Pare


ch Display

ol Year Laun

2015 Scho

The Parent Academy strives to eliminate the barriers that interfere with effective parental involvement by empowering parents to become attuned to their children’s needs and equipped to help their children succeed. The Parent Academy can be reached at 305•995•2680 Twitter @MDCPSParentAcad • Facebook: The Parent Academy

it’s just about kids |



book reviews Suggestions for your kids to read this month

1. Queen of Shadows

3. Winter

By Sarah J. Maas The fourth book in the bestselling fantasy series Throne of Glass looks to add even more action, intrigue, and romance to the story of assassin Caelena Sardothian. Now that Caelena has accepted her birthright, can she find the strength and courage to stand up to the dark and evil Kind of Adarlan?

By Marissa Meyer The fourth and final book of The Lunar Chronicles will focus on the fairy tale of Snow White, while finishing the story of Linh Cinder and her quest to free her people, save her prince, and end the reign of the evil Queen Levana.

2. Appleblossom the Possum

By Soman Chainani The final book of the School for Good and Evil series, by Gulliver Prep graduate Soman Chainani, ends the fairy tale of Sophie and Agatha, but which one of them will get a happily ever after now that everything they knew has collapsed around them, and both find themselves on opposite sides of the ultimate fairy tale fight?

By Holly Goldberg Sloan For fans of Charlotte’s Web, Appleblossom the Possum is a great read for children and adults alike. Mama has trained up her baby possums and now it’s time for all of them--even little Appleblossom-to make their way in the world. Appleblossom knows the rules: she must never be seen during the day, and she must avoid cars, humans, and dogs. But what happens when Appleblossom’s curiosity gets the best of her?

4. The School for Good and Evil 3: The Last Ever After

5. Even Monsters Need Haircuts By Matthew McElligott Everyone needs haircuts, even monsters. While Barber Dad cuts the hair of all the humans during the day, once a month at night, his son sneaks back to the Barber Shop to cut the hair of monsters big and small. But when a human walks into the shop one night, what will happen to the Monster Barber Shop?

6. The Little Shop of Monsters By R.L. Stine It’s a perfect day for two young children, until they run across the Monster Shop. Inside they run into the most horrible, awful, disgusting monsters known to imagination. Will they make it out of the shop with their lives (and their sanity)? And even if they do, will a monster follow them home? (cue evil laughter)

CORAL GABLES | 265 Aragon Avenue | Coral Gables, Florida MIAMI BEACH | 927 Lincoln Road | Miami Beach, Florida 33139 BAL HARBOUR SHOPS | 9700 Collins Avenue | Bal Habour, Florida 33154 THE CAFÉ AT BOOKS & BOOKS AT THE ARSHT CENTER | At the ground floor of the Arsht Center


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7. Fish in a Tree By Lynda Mullaly Hunt Ally is very bright and intelligent young girl who has been hiding a secret; she cannot read. She has been able to fool her teachers but when she enters fifth grade, her teacher Mr. Daniels figures out her secret and helps her to discover that even though she is dyslexic, she still has talents and is able to make her dreams come true.

8. The Great Thanksgiving Escape By Mark Fearing Big dinners can get to be too much for some of us, so how do we escape the uncles, aunts, grandmothers and grandfathers, during the frenzy o f Thanksgiving? Read this book and find out! k


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What’s new in theaters october






Living a bleak existence at a London orphanage, 12-year-old Peter (Levi Miller) finds himself whisked away to the fantastical world of Neverland. Adventure awaits as he meets new friend James Hook (Garrett Hedlund) and the warrior Tiger Lily (Rooney Mara). They must band together to save Neverland from the ruthless pirate Blackbeard (Hugh Jackman). Along the way, the rebellious and mischievous boy discovers his true destiny, becoming the hero forever known as Peter Pan.


After moving into a small town, Zach Cooper (Dylan Minnette) meets Hannah (Odeya Rush), his neighbor. Hannah’s father R. L. Stine (Jack Black), who writes the Goosebumps stories, keeps all the monsters in the series locked up in his books. When Zach unintentionally releases the monsters from the books, the three team up in order to put the monsters back where they came from.


Follow a small-town girl who is catapulted from underground video sensation to a global superstar. She and her three sisters begin a one-in-a-million journey of discovering that some talents are too special to keep hidden. Jon M. Chu directs from a script by Ryan Landels for Blumhouse Productions and Scooter Braun Productions. A musical adventure based on the 1980s Hasbro toy line that was also an animated TV series that ran from 1985 to 1988.








In Peanuts, a 3D, CGI animated comedic adventure, Snoopy, the world’s most lovable beagle – and flying ace! – embarks upon his greatest mission as he and his team take to the skies to pursue their arch-nemesis, while his best pal Charlie Brown begins his own epic quest back home. Based on the characters created by the late Charles Schulz. The new Peanuts movie will coincide with the 5Oth anniversary of the classic A Charlie Brown Christmas.


Chef Adam Jones (Bradley Cooper) had it all – and lost it. A two-star Michelin rockstar with the bad habits to match, the former enfant terrible of the Paris restaurant scene did everything different every time out, and only ever cared about the thrill of creating explosions of taste. To land his own kitchen and that third elusive Michelin star though, he’ll need the best of the best on his side, including the beautiful Helene (Sienna Miller). BURNT is a remarkably funny and emotional story about the love of food, the love between two people, and the power of second chances.

Realizing the stakes are no longer just for survival, Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence) teams up with her closest friends, including Peeta (Josh Hutcherson), Gale (Liam Hemsworth) and Finnick for the ultimate mission. Together, they leave District 13 to liberate the citizens of war-torn Panem and assassinate President Snow, who’s obsessed with destroying Katniss. What lies ahead are mortal traps, dangerous enemies and moral choices that will ultimately determine the future of millions.








The Good Dinosaur asks the question: What if the asteroid that forever changed life on Earth missed the planet completely and giant dinosaurs never became extinct? Pixar Animation Studios takes you on an epic journey into the world of dinosaurs where an Apatosaurus named Arlo makes an unlikely human friend. While traveling through a harsh and mysterious landscape, Arlo learns the power of confronting his fears and discovers what he is truly

Follow the Cooper clan as four generations of extended family come together for their annual Christmas Eve celebration. As the evening unfolds, a series of unexpected visitors and unlikely events turn the night upside down, leading them all toward a surprising rediscovery of family bonds and the spirit of the holiday.

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Celebration and Back-to-School Event WRITTEN BY: Roxane Timon


iddos Magazine would like to give a big thank you to everyone who has been a part of the Kiddos 2nd Anniversary and Back-to-School Bash event! Families and friends gathered at The Falls on Saturday, August 1 and Sunday, August 2 to enjoy the two-day event. This family event featured free activities including arts and crafts, face painting, a balloon artist, science and art projects, safety talks, storytelling, sports, a Back-to-School Scavenger Hunt, stage entertainment, bounce houses, characters, goodie bags, music, raffles, and much more! The Back-to-School Bash celebrated the kick-off to an exciting new school year. Kiddos Magazine was also proud to celebrate a remarkable second year. During these two years, Kiddos Magazine has been committed to informing our community on children’s cultural enrichment and development as they grow. This event could not have been possible without our generous sponsors, exhibitors, and supporters. Music entertainment was provided by Music Revolution and DJ Ralph Sosa. Serf and Jenn from 93.5 The Morning Show also made an appearance. AmTrust Bank sponsored the “Saving Is Fun” booth, where kids learned about the importance of saving. AmTrust Bank is committed to helping our families manage their finances, and provide a variety of banking programs. Meanwhile, GameTime sponsored the “Back-to-School Scavenger Hunt” game. They have over 120 games at their locations, and host a variety of


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events such as birthday parties and corporate events. The Kiddos event also featured the Community in Schools of Miami School Bus Drive, where members of the community donated school supplies to children in need. Special guests at the event included Representative Kionne L. McGhee, M-DSPD Chef Ian A. Moffett, and Souraya Faas, for the Back to School speech. A special thank you to our exhibitors and supporting sponsors for making this weekend happen: Zaniac South Miami, Miami-Dade County Public Schools, Navarro Discount Pharmacy, Connect. Adopt. Love. Animal Services, Nesquik, Busy Bee Photos, Miami Marlins, Patricia and Philip Frost Museum of Science, Walk/Bike Safe, Miami Children’s Museum, New Leaf Chiropractic, Bahama Buck’s, Oneblood, Miami-Dade Police School Dept., Guardian ad Litem, Greater Miami Youth Symphony, Miami Youth Ballet, Miami-Dade Fire Dept., Gold Coast Railroad Museum, CenterStage All Stars, ÐAmazingly Delicious Desserts, FDOT, T-Shirts Plus Color, Giving Backpacks, Rivera Party and Events, HIS Professional Hair Bar, Little Chef’s Kitchen, Nicklaus Children’s Hospital, South Miami-Dade Cultural Arts Center, Synerg Studios, Le Fragole, CinnamonStixx Party Rentals, and Yartu Faice Painting. For the upcoming year, our commitment is to keep informing and delivering the most relevant content to our community from the best resources. k



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kiddos | October â&#x20AC;˘ November 2015

Kiddos Magazine Vol. 3 issue 2 - Fall and the little things  

What’s so lovely about this time of year? It is a time to go pumpkin and apple picking with our kiddos, a time to see them dress up, a time...

Kiddos Magazine Vol. 3 issue 2 - Fall and the little things  

What’s so lovely about this time of year? It is a time to go pumpkin and apple picking with our kiddos, a time to see them dress up, a time...