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Urgent Care Available in Kid Sizes Now Open in Pinecrest Dedicated to infants older than 2 months to young adults through age 21, Nicklaus Children’s network of pediatric urgent care centers are conveniently located throughout South Florida. We treat your child’s minor injury or illness so they can get back to being themselves again.

Walk-in Urgent Care Daily 11 a.m. - 10 p.m.

11521 South Dixie Highway, Suniland Shopping Center, 1st Floor, Pinecrest, FL 33156 Download our It’s free!

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Summer Fun for the Whole Family


Nicklaus Children’s Hospital Pediatric Care Facility Now in Pinecrest


Tip for a Healthy Summer Smile


How to Inspire Summer Reading

in every issue TIPS How to Avoid “Fake News” About Mental Health ACTIVITIES Create Miami KIDDOS SUMMER CAMP GUIDE 2018 Special Edition SNACKS Grilled Chicken and Pineapple Skewers PLACES Toy Story Land at Walt Disney Resorts


MKB Watersports Summer Camp


Project Ready for School

COOL STUFF Summer Essentials BOOK REVIEWS Suggestion for your Kids to Read This Month MOVIE REVIEWS What’s New in Theatres

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33 FAMILY EVENTS Where To Go With Our Kiddos

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kiddos | June • July 2018

EXHIBITIONS The Power of Poisson at Frost Science

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Kiddos Publisher’s Notes

A sip of summer!



Veronica Lepere


School is out, and here we are finding ways to get creative and make each outing an adventure, whether it is a walk to the park, a picnic, a night to the movies, ice cream or making a big splash. There are plenty of doings we can experience together as a family to create memories and to learn from every adventure.

Camille Lucy Nicklaus Children’s Hospital Dr. Ted Herrmann - Assure A Smile Center for Children’s and Families Book It Program Project Ready for School Frost Science Museum


Kiddos Creative Department

Summer Fun for the Whole Family! In this issue, Camille shares with Kiddos six ideas of family activities or practices you can do this summer that will bring you lots of fun, love, and laughter. Page 8/9.


Don’t miss Dr. Ted’s summer tips for a Healthy Summer Smile and a healthy you! And if you are Celebrating Your Super Dad! Some little tips on practical gift ideas to make him smile and feel pampered this Father’s Day.

KIDDOS MAGAZINE P.O. Box 431492 Miami, Fl. 33243 786.260.8492

I am sure our kiddos will take advantage of every day spent outside of the classroom! How to Inspire Summer Reading on page 16, will give you some tips on ways you can help your child to maintain his/her reading level and avoid the “Summer Slide”.

Veronica Lepere @KiddosMagazine @KiddosMagazine

We don’t know the meaning of the word boring! If you are still looking for summer activities, Kiddos 2018 Summer Camp guide features a list from indoor to outdoor activities, providing fun and excitement for their campers. Let the kids be kids and enjoy the summer fun!


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kiddos | June • July 2018

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Summer Fun for the Whole Family Unplug, Snag some QT and Make it a Summer to Remember


h, the sweet smells, vivid colors and warm rays of sunshine are here once, again! With it come long days to fill with whatever activities you like. Summer is a chance to unplug, turning the technology and schedule - off and bond together as a family. But let’s face it… eventually, kids start to get bored and parents start to get anxious. Here are 6 ideas of family activities or practices you can do this Summer that will be sure to bring you lots of fun, love and laughter, help build character and amazing memories to cherish for all time: Kiddos Chef Night The average American family is spending less time together, and it’s affecting our health and family culture. Cooking and eating as a family has declined and hurried meals, fast food, and processed food have increased, along with


kiddos | June • July 2018

school absences, weight gain, detachment and family dysfunctions. By cooking and eating meals together, you can improve your family’s health by choosing clean foods, unify everyone, engage the little ones (without technology) and even improve developmental skills (sorting, reading and following instructions, measuring, colors, smells, textures and tastes, oh my!). Let your children pick their favorite dish and get busy making delicious memories… and yummy foods you can all enjoy! For an added bit of

fun, grab some chef hats and aprons to really play the part of Chef! Into the Wilderness! Getting out into the great outdoors is perhaps an even greater idea than you realize. Not only are you saving money (no big hotel bill here!), but you will be creating incredible summer memories for your family. Without TV or technology, you’ll snag some one-on-one time, working together to pitch in and explore. The fresh air does wonders for our bodies,

and time spent in nature is said to bring clarity, creativity and peace of mind. Enjoying nature instills a sense of connectivity into children, and being present will cultivate focus and gratitude. This no-frills vaca is also no-stress; camping as a family leaves you feeling recharged, energized and stress-free. You can go on adventures, barbecue, light bon-fires and roast marshmallows, hike, swim and dance to music! The options are endless, just like the amount of fun you’ll have.

Give Back Volunteering improves social skills and enriches the lives of all involved. It also brings the family together, increases selfesteem and self-satisfaction, and instills a sense of community and responsibility into our children. You can host local fundraising drives, find organizations in your area needing help, or work at a farm or sanctuary for the day! Volunteering at a local farm, sanctuary or animal rescue will also teach children the responsibilities that come with caring for animals. Discuss what activities or groups interest your family, and go from there! Volunteering allows you to give a gift to others, while also receiving a priceless gift in return (strengthening your bond, improving communication and coming together for a cause).

Let’s Be Fair As families with more than one child know, you cannot please everyone, all the time. There may be a day that one child wants to do one thing, and the other child wants to do something different, and you want or need to do something else! Everyone is unique and has different likes, dislikes and desires. Practice listening, taking turns and being fair to everyone. This will be a life skill that goes a long way past summer with its rewards and benefits. Set a good example for your children; they’re watching everything you say and do. Having rules for fairness teaches children about boundaries and caring for others. Show appreciation and admiration when your child practices fairness amongst siblings, family or friends. Set a day that each member of the family gets to pick the activity, and stick to it. Not only will everyone feel heard, and important or special, but you’ll be building character all summer long. Choices, Not Tug of War Being together all summer, at one point or another, our children act up or out. Empowering your children is a beneficial practice. A tug-of-War power struggle is not. Instead of negotiating with your child (which we all do), try offering choices. Try to refrain from threats of punishment, and keep the tone positive and fun. Offering choices to your child will encourage autonomy, responsibility and learning, while minimizing conflict. Fighting for your child’s attention over screen-time? No problem. Offer him or her a choice. “You can have some screen time now, or later, but you only get 20 minutes today. It’s up to you. You choose the time you want to use your i-pad or video game. And the other time we will spend together.” Notice that this feels different than complaining, threatening to take the device away, or feeling powerless over this constant struggle. You’re allowing your child to choose, building self-esteem, moral development and a sense of responsibility. Offer suggestions, support and patience. When your child realizes it’s not a battle, they may come around more quickly than you think. Summer Reading & Writing Adventures Even though school is out, it’s essential to keep children reading and learning. Some ideas to keep this fun is to make

lists or keep a journal (what I want to do this summer, the time of sunrise and sunset, write about things you see on a walk, etc.), invent a word game or secret language (for example, A = 1, B = 2), join library reading events, read ingredients in the super market, make a joke book, read about the animals you’re going to see at the zoo or farm before you go, read about what birds or flowers inhabit your area, or join a reading contest! There are so many ways to keep kids reading and writing that don’t have to be boring or mimic school. In fact, it can be really fun. Another idea is to write a book together as a family, and illustrate it (ex: Our Summer Adventures!). This book can be worked on all summer long. k

There are an abundance of free or low-cost ways to stay active and enjoy the summertime together. Pick from this list, create your own adventures or traditions and you’ll never hear, “I’m bored” again! Camille Lucy is a Certified Holistic Health Coach, Certified Reiki & Raindrop Technique Practitioner, Ordained Holistic Minister, Certified Meditation & Yoga Instructor, graphic and web designer, business consultant, and Vice President of a local non-profit that “rehabilitates people through animals.” She is also a writer, a Mother of 3 girls, an artist, a Life-and-Love Junkie, a Self-Expression and Development advocate, and - well, you get the point. She’s a lot of things, just like all of us. Learn more about her and her adventure(s) at

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Nicklaus Children’s Pediatric Care Facility NOW IN PINECREST SOURCE: Nicklaus Children’s Hospital

Nicklaus Children’s Offers Pediatric Urgent Care and Sports Health Services at Suniland Shopping Center athletes, from dancers to competitive sports athletes to improve performance. The center offers innovative programs and services that encompass a multidisciplinary approach that includes orthopedic and sports medicine specialists, sports physical therapists and licensed athletic trainers. For more details, or to schedule an appointment, please visit Pinecrest

Sports Health Center, services by appointment only


The Nicklaus Children’s Pinecrest Urgent Care Center is dedicated exclusively to kids offering walk-in pediatric urgent care provided by experts in pediatric care, led by board-certified pediatricians. “It is a great honor to expand our services to children in Pinecrest as part of our vision to be where the children are,” said Nancy Humbert, Executive Vice President of Ambulatory Services and External Affiliations for Nicklaus Children’s Health System. “This vital addition to our thriving network of outpatient centers enhances access for families in this beautiful familyoriented community.” Located on the first floor of the Suniland Shopping Center, the Urgent Care Center offers personalized and prompt care for infants older than


kiddos | June • July 2018

The Nicklaus Children’s Pinecrest facility is one of many centers with locations spanning from northern Palm Beach County to southern Miami-Dade. Since the Pinecrest opening, pediatric urgent care centers have also opened recently in Hialeah and Homestead. k

2 months, children, teens, and young adults through 21 years old for minor injuries and illnesses. On-site lab and X-ray as part of urgent care services is an added convenience when needed. Additionally, the Sports Health Center, located on the second floor, is a destination facility for young athletes. Services by appointment include consultations with sports medicine physicians, performance training and injury prevention programs in the stateof-the-art gym, and rehabilitative therapy for recovering athletes. The 2,200-square-foot Sports Health Center is dedicated to all young

Urgent Care Center. Walk-in daily 11 a.m. – 10 p.m. 11521 S. Dixie Hwy., 1st floor.

To learn more, please visit



Tips for a Healthy Summer Smile Assure A Smile Holistic Dentistry


ummertime is a great time for family fun. As you go forth this summer, don’t forget your family’s dental health. Here are a few tips to help you survive the season:

and vegetables. Here are a few yummy ideas: homemade strawberry salsa, chilled fruit salad, healthy smoothies, yogurt with berries or nuts, sugar snap peas, frozen grapes, bananas or watermelon, and of course, water.

Beat the Heat Kids and adults brave outdoor temperatures in the summer and sweat a lot, which can lead to dehydration. It is important to drink plenty of water. Drinking water provides many benefits for your overall health, but it’s also important for oral health. Water helps wash away some of the sugars and food particles from your teeth that can cause stains and cavities. And best of all, water has no calories!

Keep Up Your Dental Routine With no school during the summer for most children, it is tempting to slack a bit from normal routines. Remind your kids to brush their teeth twice daily (in the morning and at night) and to floss every day. Also, families typically have more time in the summer to go to the dentist for teeth cleanings or other necessary procedures, so now is the time to make dental appointments for your family. k

Here Comes the Sun Our beautiful South Florida sunshine can make outdoors a little perilous. For protection from harmful UV rays, shade-seeking and floppy hats can be wise. Also, apply sunscreen with a high SPF. While your teeth cannot get sunburned, your lips can. Cumulative UV exposure can lead to skin cancer, including on your lips. Regular use of lip balms that contain a high SPF sunscreen can help reduce the risk of lip cancer.

We hope you and your kids have a fun and healthy summer. Stay active, eat a balanced diet, manage your stress, and practice all of these tips to generate brighter smiles for many summers to come.

Summer Treats The summer is a popular time for ice cream, popsicles, snow cones and other sugary snacks and sodas. While an occasional treat is fine, be careful of too much sugar in your kids’ diet – not only because of the empty calories, but also because sugar can lead to tooth decay. Healthier choices include fruits


Ask Dr. Ted

Dr. Ted Herrmann and Assure A Smile have served South Florida for over 25 years, helping to guide patients to better oral health for life. We are a family friendly dentist, offering a full range of quality dental care, such as routine cleanings, crowns, Invisalign clear braces and more. We encourage a unique holistic approach to healthy teeth and gums. We invite you to call us today and schedule an appointment. Assure A Smile is located at 9220 SW 72nd Street, Suite 205 Miami, FL 33173. For more information call 305.274.0047 or visit

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How to Avoid “Fake News” About Mental Health


iviana’s 7-year-old son, Jayden, is having problems concentrating in school. Viviana receives daily calls from Jayden’s teacher about his behavior in the classroom such as that he can’t sit still and is constantly out of his seat. Viviana’s parents assure her that Jayden will grow out of it, but she and her husband have noticed his behaviors and grades getting worse with each passing school year. She finds conflicting information online with some websites suggesting that he has ADHD, and others suggesting a sensory integration disorder. Also, some websites suggest medication while others suggest allowing Jayden to move more in the classroom. Which information is accurate? Mental health information is readily available online, yet this information may come from unreliable sources masquerading as scientific facts. This leaves parents like Viviana confused as to how to best help their child. Below you will find a few questions to ask yourself when evaluating whether or not information is credible. 1. Whose website is it? As a general rule, you can trust websites that end in “.gov”, “.edu”, and “.org”. Keep in mind that some websites may be personal blogs and state opinions rather than facts. Additionally, watch out for satirical news websites whose names are similar to those of legitimate news websites yet do not present truthful information. If you’re still unsure, check their “About US” section. 2. Who wrote the article? The article will typically include a short biography of the author, which you can then use to verify that the author has sufficient experience to accurately report on the subject. If an organization is listed as the author, consider whether that organization is one of the betterknown organizations on the topic. 3. Does the author quote professionals or experts? If the author is not well-versed on the topic, they may seek out professionals in the field to discuss


kiddos | June • July 2018

their work and lend credibility to an article. The credentials of these professionals can also be investigated to verify that they have sufficient expertise. 4. Does it include references to the original scientific findings? If the article talks about specific research studies, you may want to look them up. You may not be able to gain access to the entire original study or understand the dense scientific language. However, you can verify that the article in question exists and maybe even read a short summary of it. 5. Can I find this information in other places? Typically, information that has been validated will be reported on multiple websites. A quick internet search on the recommendations that the website puts forth may shed light on whether it is a commonly accepted solution. 6. How does this information make me feel? Always gauge your emotional reaction after reading an article. Heavily biased articles can leave readers feeling upset or angry. Alternatively, if the information sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Legitimate articles about mental health rarely use emotionallycharged language or punctuation like exclamation marks.

7. How did you come across this information? Was it an advertisement on a website? Were you searching for information to support your point of view? Since the way in which you arrive at an article can be biased, to begin with, considering how you found the information can be important. Articles arrived at through neutral search terms and not through advertisements are likely most reliable. 8. What does my doctor or therapist say? When in doubt, ask a trusted professional. The amount of information on any one topic may at times be overwhelming or confusing. Before implementing a potentially risky solution, discuss it with your child’s pediatrician or a mental health professional. k For information about child and adolescent mental health, visit or call 305-348-0477. Mileini Campez and Ileana Pacheco-Colón are students in the Clinical Science in Child and Adolescent Psychology Doctoral program at Florida International University. Both work at the Center for Children and Families in the Department of Psychology at Florida International University.





School may be out for summer… but science is in! Explore the wonderful world of science during Summer Camp at Frost Science, located in Downtown Miami’s Museum Park. For details and online registration, visit Call 305-434-9564 or email

1101 Biscayne Blvd., Miami, FL 33132, Miami, FL 33132 |

June 18 August 10 K – 8th grade

SUMMER CAMP Horseback riding Arts & Crafts Horsemanship, and more! DAILY RIDING LESSONS Monday – Friday 10am – 4pm $425.00 per week Inquire for dates, or select weeks in June and July

Booking now for June and July! Limited Space Availability! For More Information or to Reserve your Spot Please Contact: Vicky Fernandez at 305-283-2015 or email

it’s just about kids |




ART Summer Camps and Fall Classes by Create Miami!


reate Miami launches two ART Summer Camp programs for children ages 4-10 this summer in South Miami and Kendall! Founded by former museum director and local arts leader Caroline Parker and led by a team of award-winning Art teachers and therapists, Create Miami may be the best new Art Education organization in Miami-Dade County. Create Miami ART Summer Camps will provide guided instruction from certified Art teachers, guaranteeing that children will gain confidence as they develop new skills. Campers will experiment with soft/oil pastels, clay, plaster, papier-mâché, charcoal, and a variety of paint. All campers will enjoy art activities, educational presentations, camp games, and weekly water play! “We are so grateful to Tropical


kiddos | June • July 2018

Audubon Society in South Miami and The Creative Learning Center and Central Presbyterian Church in Kendall for being the proud host venues for our inaugural season.

Both campuses are beautiful and offer a variety of fun, learning opportunities,” says MDCPS Art teacher and Create Miami program director Monica Sante, who takes the lead on the Camp’s curriculum development and instruction. “These Camps are the beginning of something greater”, explains director

Caroline Parker. In the fall, expect to see a variety of Create Miami programs, from community public art projects to after-school classes for children of all abilities, including a special class - Art for Autism. “Art has the power to build communities and transform neighborhoods. We want everyone to feel empowered by Art.” k

Create Miami is a nonprofit organization dedicated to enhancing communities through arts education, art access and public art programs. To register your child for Create Miami ART Summer Camps or Fall Art Classes, visit or call 786.504.5698.


Ask about our toddler summer program!


For children Pre-K (4) - 5th Grade


REGISTER TODAY! Miami Children’s Museum receives both private and public funding. MCM is sponsored in part by the City of Miami; the Miami-Dade County Department of Cultural Affairs and the Cultural Affairs Council, the Miami-Dade County Mayor and Board of County Commissioners; and the State of Florida, Department of State, Division of Cultural Affairs, the Florida Arts Council and the National Endowment for the Arts.

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How to Inspire Summer Reading WRITTEN BY: Book It Program


hile summer is the perfect time for kids to take advantage of days spent away from the classroom, remember not to put valuable skills, like reading, on the backburner. In fact, research estimates that 1-2 months of learning loss can occur during the summer months. To help your child maintain his or her reading level and avoid the “summer slide” – which can be counteracted in part by reading 20 minutes a day over the summer – Kate DiCamillo, a two-time Newbery Medalwinning author and the Pizza Hut BOOK IT! Program literary partner, recommends finding ways to make reading a fun, interactive experience that incorporates children’s interests. “Reading together is one of the best ways I know to foster a love of reading,” DiCamillo said. “You can read to your child. Your child can read to you. You can listen to an audiobook together. You can both read the same book at the same time and discuss it when you are done. Reading is a way to connect to each other and the world.” Help your student maintain his or her skills and develop a love of reading this summer with these tips. Love the Library To help ensure learning doesn’t stop once school lets out for summer, making periodic trips to the library part of your routine can be a good step. For many children, browsing the shelves on their own


kiddos | June • July 2018

and discovering new books in a library can help them get excited about reading. Most libraries offer something for every reader, regardless of age or skill level, including a structured environment that can help make reading a priority. Incorporate Interests During the school year, many of the books your student is reading are probably assigned, but summer offers the opportunity for him or her to choose what to read and tailor selections toward specific hobbies or interests, which can increase enjoyment. Start by creating a list of books and activities that align with those interests, and take advantage of pre-built lists at libraries or online resources, which offers a variety of book suggestions and activities to help increase reading during the summer months. Program Participation Many schools, bookstores and libraries offer summer reading programs for students. Joining a program can provide a way to track your child’s progress, and there are typically rewards involved for meeting certain criteria, which can provide a level of motivation that may otherwise be difficult to replicate. Make Materials Matter In addition to traditional books, summer reading can include materials of all lengths, from chapter books to short stories and even magazines or comic books.

Help your child maintain his or her reading level and avoid the “summer slide”


Even if you’re committed to limiting screen time during the summer, consider a compromise that allows for the use of devices to read e-books or listen to an audiobook.


Match the Pair

Fostering the habit during the summer can help ensure your child is prepared when school – and the annual BOOK IT! Program – starts again. The program, available to kindergarten through sixth-grade students, helps motivate students to read by rewarding them with recognition and pizza. Learn more about the program and find more summer reading tips and activities at

Solution: 2,5

Read on the Road One of the best ways to ensure your kids are reading is to make reading materials available to them, even when you’re on the go during the busy summer months. Whether it’s a long road trip or just a trip to the store, taking books – or playing audiobooks – in the car is a perfect opportunity to squeeze in some reading time. k

it’s just about kids |



Celebrity Cruises Camp at Sea The summer camp experience aboard a Celebrity cruise! Choose from a wide variety of stimulating, engaging, and exciting camp events for kids at sea. From Science, Tech- nology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM), to Recreation, Art, and Culinary-focused camps, there are options for every interest. For more information call you agent: 754.317.3505 Joyce Lopez

Frost Science Summer Camp Summer Camp at Frost Science Museum taking place from June 18 – August 10, provides an unforgettable experience for rising K – 8th graders looking to dive deeper into the science topics explored in the museum’s Aquarium, Frost Planetarium, and exhibitions. Before and aftercare is available for an extra charge. Space is limited, so reserve your spot today! 305.434.9564 1101 Biscayne Blvd. Miami, FL 33132

iD Tech Camps Held at the University of Miami and 150+ loca- tions nationwide ages 7-18 learn to code, de- sign video games, mod Minecraft, create with Roblox, engineer robots, print 3D characters, work with AI, and more! Held at University of Miami, Stanford, and 150+ campuses nation- wide. This summer, your child can make new friends as they master new tech skills, and join a community of 350,000 alumni. 1.888.709.8324


kiddos | June • July 2018

Summer Theatre Academy at the University of Miami The Summer Theatre Academy at the University of Miami promises six weeks of fun and learning! Your child will gain valuable theatre skills, confidence, self-esteem, and a love of creativity, through theatre games and acting exercises led by our well-trained, caring staff. Each group of students receives specialized training for their age group 305.284.4474 1231 Dickinson Dr. Coral Gables, FL. 33124

Miami Waves Summer Camp Initiated activities in Summer 2010 within the FIU premises specializing in swimming and artistic swimming. Other activities range from the arts, music, other sports and integrating with nature. The safety of the children in the university’s natural environment is a priority. 786.616.4666 786.443.5327 / 305.931.9018 FIU - Biscayne Bay Campus 3000 NE 151st Street. North Miami, FL 33181

Miami Children’s Museum Explorers Summer Camp Join us this summer as we take a blast through the past! Discover different countries, cultures, art, music and, science! Campers will take a blast through the past discovering ancient civilizations and time periods. Our explorers will participate in some of the oldest festivals and traditions, create artifacts and tools from prehistoric humans. 305.446.5673 ext. 2340 or 2341 980 Macarthur Causeway Miami, FL 33132

YMCA Summer Camps Summer Camp at the Y: we believe all kids deserve the opportunity to discover who they are and what they can achieve. Summer Camp at the Y offers a variety of adventures from sports to science, art, aquatics and fitness and camps in South Florida’s natural habitats where campers will go kayaking exploring marine life and more. 305.254.0310 9355 SW 134th St. Miami Fl. 333176 11395 SW 79th St. Miami, Fl. 33173

Dance Empire Summer Camp The mission of Dance Empire of Miami is to train dancers of all ages in an environment where they are given the opportunity to grow and excel in their dance education. We strive to deliver the highest quality of dance instruction while nurturing each student’s unique gift of talent and creativity. 305.232.5573 8853 SW 132 St, Miami, Fl. 33176

Miami Kiteboarding Summer Camp Since 2010, Miami Kiteboarding has been offering watersports summer camps to kids from 6 to 14. Kids experience the fun of a lifetime in our natural park preserve, Crandon Park. Kids of all ages have a summer splash while learning about the environment, the ecosystem as well as ocean conservation. They enhance their coordination and therefore self-confidence both in and out of the water. 786.897.8769 Crandon Park, North Beach, 6767 Crandon Blvd, Key Biscayne, FL 33149

ted By:

Camp at Sea Coconut Grove Sailing Club Instructional Center (Spring & Summer Camp) Our Sailing Camp is geared toward beginner to intermediate level sailors ages 6-17 using our fleet of Optimists, SailCubes, Laser Picos and FJ’s. Children in our program learn how to rig & launch a boat, basic knots, sailing terminology, develop wind awareness, and learn to sail a race course, all in a fun and safe environment. 305.444.4571 ext 18 2990 S. Bayshore Drive. Miami, FL 33133

Camp Broadway Miami Camp Broadway Miami enables kids, ages 10-17, to learn from Broadway’s best singers and dancers! No previous experience needed. This year the campers will perform 42nd Street at the final performance! 305.949.6722 Box office Arsht Center Knight Concert Hall

Tally Ho Farm Summer Camp

JFTA Summer Tennis Camp

Tally Ho Farm is an equestrian facility located in the heart of Miami’s horse country. We specialize in Hunters, Jumpers, and Equitation, competing on the “A” circuit. Tally Ho Farm summer camp will offer Horseback riding, arts & crafts, Horsemanship, and more! Booking now for June and July.

Enroll in up to 10 one-week sessions (June 11 – August 17, 2018) with half-day and full-day options for kids of all levels, ages 3–16. Each day includes fun and instructive games, drills, and match play with coaching by certified tennis professionals. We offer before and after-care and provide all equipment.

305.283.2015 6255 SW 125th Ave, Miami, FL 33183

305.235.9200 Dave and Mary Alper JCC 11155 SW 112th Ave Miami, Fl. 33176

PAMM Kids at Perez Art Museum Miami PAMM Kids is a one-of-a-kind program that brings together all of Pérez Art Museum Miami’s family-focused events, services, tours, and education outreach geared toward children 12 or under. The program creates new pathways to connect kids to art through an engaging, educational, and fun experience. 305.375.3000 1103 Biscayne Blvd. Miami Fl. 33132

Capablanca Chess Creative Summer Camp Learning and practicing chess, learning art and creative writing skills that will allow each child to create and illustrate his/her own story and weekly field trip. Kids will also have Yoga 4 times a week. We also have a Spanish creative camp only available on selected weeks. 305.209.2469 8872 B SW 129 Terrace Miami Fl. 33176


art music

Fantasy Theatre Factory Summer Camp Fantasy Theatre Factory presents its Theatre Arts Summer Camp at the Sandrell Rivers Theater! Fun for children ages 6 – 12, this exciting program includes: immersive courses, professional performances, a camper showcase and more! Our summer camp session takes place from June 11 – July 6. Reserve your spot today! 305.282.8800 ext.463 6101 NW 7th Avenue, Suite 79 Miami FL. 33127

Looking for a great Summer Camp program for your kiddos? The right Summer Camp will provide your Kiddos lifelong memories and skills. A place where boys and girls will learn to be independent, about teamwork values and of course they will make new summer friends! Kiddos Magazine offers you a list of the most amazing and coolest 2018 Summer Camp programs in Miami. it’s just about kids |




Must-Have Recipes for Your Summer Soirees


ummer is all about enjoying the warm weather with family and friends, but even with the longer summer days, the season can feel short for many.

For a fun-filled, yet relaxing summer, it’s important to keep the essentials on-hand for easy entertaining. From bright decor to refreshing drinks and fresh ingredients, party prep ensures you save time and money, and are always ready to wine and dine your guests.

GRILLED CHICKEN AND PINEAPPLE SKEWERS WITH LEMON-CUCUMBER SALSA Prep time: 15 minutes Cook time: 15 minutes Servings: 4

• 8 skewers • 1 pineapple • 2 tablespoons Carlini Vegetable Oil • 1/2 teaspoon Stonemill Iodized Salt • 1 teaspoon Stonemill Ground Black Pepper • 1 3/4 pounds Never Any! Fresh Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts, diced into 1-inch pieces

Lemon-Cucumber Salsa:

• 1 lemon, supremed • 1 cucumber, diced • 1/2 red onion, diced • 1 tablespoon SimplyNature Organic Wildflower Honey


kiddos | June • July 2018

• 1 teaspoon Stonemill Ground Black Pepper

• Soak wooden skewers for 15 minutes prior to grilling.

Directions: Heat grill to medium-high heat. Remove rind from pineapple and dice into 1-inch pieces. In small bowl, combine oil, salt and pepper. Add chicken and pineapple; toss to coat. Alternating chicken and pineapple, pierce onto skewers. Grill skewers 8 minutes each side, or until chicken is cooked thoroughly. To make Lemon-Cucumber Salsa: In medium bowl, combine lemon, cucumber, onion, honey and pepper. Serve lemon-cucumber salsa over cooked chicken skewers.

Tip: Supreme citrus fruit by cutting off top and bottom of fruit then cut away peel and pith, leaving no white on outside of fruit. Slice each segment into wedges by cutting toward center of fruit along membrane. Find more seasonal recipe ideas to celebrate summer at

Three HUGE Shows! Tickets Start at $20! Restrictions, exclusions and additional charges may apply. Subject to availability.

BB&T Center

AUG 11 & 12

Competitors shown are subject to change. Š 2017 Feld Motor Sports, Inc. itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s just about kids |




Toy Story Land To Open At Walt Disney World Resort On June 30


t’s a joy-filled, toy-filled world as only Disney can create, and it opens June 30, 2018. The allnew Toy Story Land at Walt Disney World Resort is inspired by Disney•Pixar’s Toy Story films. Guests in Toy Story Land – located at Disney’s Hollywood Studios – will feel like they have shrunk to the size of a toy as Woody, Jessie, Buzz, Slinky Dog, the Aliens, Green Army Men and other fun-lovingToy Story characters come to life in the largerthan-life outdoor setting of Andy’s backyard. And what a backyard! In a rich and colorful landscape straight from his vivid imagination, Andy has set up his toys for the best playtime ever. Guests will be surrounded by giant building blocks, game board pieces and more. Across eleven fun-filled acres, Toy Story Land will include two all-new attractions and one expanded favorite. Guests will whoosh along on a family-friendly roller coaster behind Slinky Dog, take a spin with flying saucers in toy spaceships and score high on the midway. Toy Story Land will also celebrate what once defined entertainment


kiddos | June • July 2018

for a generation. Crayons, Rubik’s Cubes, Cooties, Green Army Men and other toys and games will pour on the nostalgia for park-goers. Even the lampposts will be shaped like Tinkertoys. “With set pieces, staging, attractions and experiences Toy Story Land represents the best of Walt Disney Imagineering’s collaboration with our storytelling partners at Pixar Animation Studios, ”said Bob Chapek, chairman of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts. “This new land will place guests inside the wondrous world of Woody, Buzz and their pals – and invite everyone to experience the joy of being a toy.” Featured attractions: Slinky Dog Dash, Alien Swirling Saucers, and an updated Toy Story Mania! k

Pictures courtesy of Walt Disney World Resort.

A big new way to play is coming to Disney’s Hollywood Studios this summer!

Toy Story Land is part of a multi-year reimagining of Disney’s Hollywood Studios and the largest expansion in the theme park’s history. To plan your family summer experience visit

786-616-4666 / 786-564-8610 SPANISH/FRENCH 786-443-5327 / 305-931-9018 ENGLISH



BISCAYNE BAY AQUATIC CENTER 3000 NE 151 Street . North Miami, FL 33181

Swiming - Kayaking - Dancing - Rope/Challenge Cours Art and Craft - Soccer - Aquiatic Zumba - Basketball Ecological Walks - Birthday Parties - Gymnastics Acting - Cooking Class - Butterfly Garden Singing - Beadwork - Tennis

@MiamiWavesSchool @MiamiWavesSumerCamp itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s just about kids |



cool stuff

Welch's Fruit Snacks

The new Fruit Snacks Superfruit Mix features a delicious and unique combination of trending flavors, including Pomegranate-Passionfruit, Starfruit-Kiwi, Dragonfruit-Blackberry, Açai-Blueberry and Goji–Apricot. Made with real fruit, is sure to please the whole family. Available at

Binxy Baby Shopping Cart Hammock

Fun, easy, and convenient way to safely hold a baby plus a basket full of groceries while shopping! It quickly and easily clips onto most carts, the seat hangs elevated so you have plenty of room underneath for groceries, then it rolls up to fit in your purse or diaper bag when finished. Available at


kiddos | June • July 2018

Learning Resources® Primary Science Solar Lantern

Light up the night with the power of the sun! Kids can plan an evening expedition into the backyard, add a soft glow to blanket forts, or light the way through darkened rooms during nighttime fun around the house. Small solar panels on the lantern’s top collect energy from the sun during the day. 3+ Available at

CleanWell’s hand sanitizer spray

Harsh chemical-free, no triclosan, quaternary ammonium or alcohol. Gentle on sensitive skin, fresh scent, kid safe formula, no gloppy gels, leaves skin soft original and orange vanilla scents. Available at

Little Snowie 2™

This at-home and on-the-road version of the industrial ice shaver can churn out a perfect snow cone every five seconds. It’s advanced design makes it safe enough that children can operate it by themselves with adult supervision. This summer make snow at the pool, the park, a party, or a family reunion. Available at

Olen Cosmetics Sunblocz Baby+Kids

The safest and most effective sunblock on the market, 100% all-natural, hypoallergenic, UVA + UVB broad-spectrum, 50+ SPF sunscreen. Sunburn protection for the whole family and water resistance for 80 minutes. 6 months+ Available at



Celebrating Your Super Dad!


hen it comes to parenting, often times Mothers are the ones praised and given credit for raising their children. There are ample jokes to go around about how the men just cannot do what women do. Or that they don’t want to! There is a societal “norm” and gender roles. Dads can easily get overlooked. But, in today’s actual climate, there are more and more men that are stepping up to the plate to stay home with kids, nurture and love them up, and participate actively in their lives. No matter the label, or what society tells us, Fathers also deserve special attention and appreciation. Father’s Day is the perfect opportunity to let your family-man know how much he means to you. Catch the Gratitude Bug Make a list of things that everyone is grateful to him for. You can read him the list, hand it to him or make an art project from it to give as a gift. Here are some ideas of things you can jot down:

• What makes Dad special? • What do you love about Dad? • What can you always count on him for?

• What does he do best? • What positive things does he make you feel? Role-Reversal Game Help Dad relax on Father’s Day by offering to “switch roles.” Let everyone do the tasks or chores Dad does! It’ll be fun (and funny) watching everyone try to fill his (big) shoes!

Video Montage Create a video that consists of a compilation of photos, letters or notes, and videos. The notes can tell Dad how much you love him, and the videos can be songs or messages of love, inspiration and wishing him a great Father’s Day. Add some of his favorite music, and it’s sure to be a hit. This is a priceless gift he can look back on anytime he needs a boost. Unique, personalized gifts or tokens of appreciation are a sure-fire way to let Dad know just how special and important he is to his family. He is priceless, really. So have fun and be creative letting him know how irreplaceable he is on Father’s Day (and everyday!). k

Camille Lucy is a Certified Holistic Health Coach, Certified Reiki Practitioner, graphic and web designer, business consultant, and Vice President of a local non-profit that “rehabilitates people through animals.” She is also a writer, a Mother of 3 girls, an artist, a Life-andLove Junkie, a Self-Expression and Development advocate, and - well, you get the point. She’s a lot of things, just like all of us. Camille is also author of, “The (Real) Love Experiment: Explore Love, Relationships & The Self.” Learn more about her and her adventure(s) at www.CamilleLucy. com. k

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MKB Watersports Summer Camp A Summer of Adventure and Fun for Kids 8 to 14! SOURCE: Miami Kite Boarding


ince 2010, Miami Kite Boarding has been offering the most exhilarating Watersports summer camp, outdoor education, team building, and leadership development for kids from 8-14 years old. MKB is a dynamic outdoor recreational camp, Its a great opportunity to disconnect the kids from their phone, Xbox, Ipad and computers at home…and rather, develop direct social interaction and bounding experience within a group of kids the same age.

Essentially the kids are introduced to water sports that might never experience before: Paddle boarding, kayaking, kite boarding, wakeboarding, and waterskiing. Thus the children develop motor skills and self-confidence, while having the time of their lives in a safe, secure and beautiful setting. Taking the opportunity of a full watersports experience, MKB’s educational mission is to teach the children about the environment, the Park’s fragile eco-system and ocean conservation issues that danger our shorelines.

Through teamwork, fun challenges with peers and group rules, campers will build important aspect of their personality such as self-awareness, achievement, assurance and social skills.

A learning experience The kids will visit the sea grass beds in Crandon Park preserve area, where fish and birds are nesting all year long, they participate in beach cleanups essentially aiming

K ayak


oarding Waterb g boardin Paddle


kiddos | June • July 2018

at picking plastic debris which endanger many species, they watch short educative and interactive video projections about the major issues our ocean face, and work as a team on games questionnaire. This is a whole ocean experience, beyond just the watersport activities themselves. And to keep memory of this experience, the kids are given a certificate of Watersport & Guardian of the Sea, at the end of each session. Lunch and clothing Campers should bring their own lunch, drinks, snacks, swimsuit, sunscreen, hats, towel, and water shoes. Kids are given a water shirt and a beach bag to keep their belongings. Don’t forget a change of clothes and $5 per child for Pizza Party every Friday!

MKB camp family All MKB instructors and staff are current in First Aid and CPR certifications, the camp maintain a ratio of 1 counselor for 5 to 6 children maximum to ensure every kid safety. Instructors also undergo an extensive training process to ensure a high degree of proficiency in all activities and must be signed off by a senior staff member prior to leading any activity. A multi language camp! Our instructors speak English, Spanish and French. k How to register Registration and payment can be completed online at summercamp. Paypal accepts all major credit cards.

Location: Crandon Park, North Beach, Miami Kiteboarding Concession. 6767 Crandon Blvd, Key Biscayne, FL 33149 (500 feet south of the nature center) Contact:

2018 Summer Camp session

Christophe Ribot: General Manager 786.897.8769

• June 11-15/18-22/25-29 • July 9-13/16-20/23-27 • August 7-11

David Ghenassia: Camp Director 305.281.7024

One session: $ 275 for 1 child $500 for 2 siblings or for 2 weeks Early drop off ( 9am ) & aftercare (4 to 5 pm ) add $20 each per week Camp Hours: 10am to 4pm - Monday to Friday Earlier drop off: 9:00 am and late pickup: 5:00pm

Oandy Naranjo: Co-Director 786.320.2613 For more information and to register visit summercamp/

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Project Ready for School Helping kids succeed in school


roject Ready for School is a local charity that supports disadvantaged children by providing them with school uniforms and supplies. Over the past three school years, the organization has given school uniforms to 700 students at Title I schools and expects to help another 350 at this year’s Back to School Bash in August 2018. Project Ready for School’s mission is to build confidence and improve the educational success of students by providing school uniforms and other items needed for school. Julyett Gullen founded Project Ready for School in 2015 to address a clear need in the community. During a visit to a local Title I school to donate holiday gifts, she saw that these students needed much more than toys. After learning more about the students’ needs from the school’s counselor, Julyett approached her husband and a few friends with the idea of raising funds to provide uniforms and supplies to the students. Project Ready for School has grown significantly over the past few years. In 2015, its inaugural event provided uniforms to 100 students from Frances S. Tucker elementary. In 2016, the event moved onto campus in the schools’ cafeterias, and 150 students from Frances S. Tucker and 100 from Eneida M. Hartner each received school uniforms, socks, underwear, a new book, a backpack and a bag of food from Feeding South Florida. In 2017, all 350 students at Frances S. Tucker were invited to attend the event, and


kiddos | June • July 2018

also included a number of activities and treats for the kids, through generous support of Lunchology, Feeding South Florida, the Little Lighthouse Foundation, the Miami Heat, and the University of Miami (the kids loved Burnie and Sebastian!).

the event included Representative Nicholas X. Duran, a local leader who was kind enough to help with donations from Walmart and Target. The event

“We are proud of what we have accomplished and will continue to pursue our vision of ensuring that every child has access to the necessary supplies and materials to be successful and happy in an educational environment,” said Julyett Gullen, Founder and President of Project Ready for School. “Our goal for 2018 and beyond is to continue to work with Frances S. Tucker and to add more schools. We also plan to invite more local organizations and charities to join us and provide the families with important information about what is available to them.”

“Our goal for 2018 and beyond is to continue to work with Frances S. Tucker and to add more schools”

“We are proud of what we have accomplished and will continue to pursue our vision of ensuring that every child has access to the necessary supplies and materials to be successful and happy in an educational environment,” Project Ready for School raises funds year-round through different events and on our website with the goal of providing uniforms and school supplies to as many children as we can reach. The organization is supported entirely by volunteers and has no administrative staff, so all funds go toward planning and paying for the back to school events. Project Ready for School is a nonprofit corporation and is taxexempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. k

To learn more about Project Ready for School, see past events, make a donation, or contact us about getting involved, please visit us at: To learn more about the Title 1 program, visit the U.S. Department of Education’s website at:

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book reviews Suggestions for your kids to read this month...

YA: Young Adult (ages 13-18) CB: Chapter Book (ages 6-8) MG:Middle Grade (ages 8-12) PB: Picture Book (ages 0-5) 1. The Kid's Awesome Activity Book By Mike Lowery A book packed with activities that take delightful twists and turns, inviting kids to design, draw, and dream—and encouraging creativity on and off the page. Enter an ancient cave to decode a mummy’s message. Find your way through a beehive maze. Write a song for a cat rock band. Design a personalized spaceship—and so much more. Get the whole family in on the fun! Age range 6 to 11. 2. Differently Wired Raising an Exceptional Child in a Conventional World By Deborah Reber Today millions of kids are stuck in a world that doesn't respect, support, or embrace who they really are— these are what Deborah Reber is calling the “differently wired” kids, the one in five children with ADHD, dyslexia, Asperger’s, giftedness, anxiety, sensory processing disorder, and other neurodifferences. Their challenges are many. But for the parents who love them, the challenges are just as hard—struggling to find the right school, the right therapist, the right parenting group while feeling isolated and harboring endless


kiddos || June April •• July May 2018 2018 kiddos

internal doubts about what’s normal, what’s not, and how to handle it all. Age range: Parents & Family 3. Pockets Flyers By Ken Blackburn & Jeff Lammers Offers aviation lovers of all ages the chance to create a wide-range of paper planes of different shapes, sizes, and designs. Co-created by Ken Blackburn, the four-time Guinness World Record holder for paper airplane time aloft (27.60 seconds), this series combines expertly engineered airplanes with hours of limitless fun and creativity for the whole family—let the good times soar! Age range: 8 & up. 4. 50 Ways to Draw Your Beautiful, Ordinary Life By Irene Smit & Astrid van der Hulst Lessons that shows the reader how to look at the everyday world through a lens of creative curiosity, highlighting the beauty of the ordinary… and proving that everything is open to interpretation. Divided into four parts (Home, Garden, Style, and Nature) each mini master class is designed by an artist with a different style, using different mediums and unique perspectives, to help the reader tap into their own method of ex-

pression. Age range: anyone that likes art! 5. The Most Dangerous Book: An Illustrated Introduction to Archery By Daniel Nayeri Transforms into a fully functional bow and comes with cut-out cardstock arrows to practice your way to perfection. Additionally included are cut-out cardstock targets, like apples and haystacks, which give you the ability to create and practice in your own home archery range. Just open the upper and lower bow limbs on the book, position the arrow on the bowstring, and shoot! Age range: 8 to 12. 6. Summer Brain Quest By Bridget Heos An effective new tool for parents, homeschoolers, tutors, and teachers alike to stop summer slide. By providing them with fun, personalized, and meaningful educational materials, kids are sure to keep essential skills sharp all summer long! Age range: 4 to 5. 7. Grandma Gatewood Hikes the Appalachian Trail By Jennifer Thermes Emma Gatewood’s life was far from easy. In rural Ohio, she managed a

household of 11 kids alongside a lessthan-supportive husband. One day, at age 67, she decided to go for a nice long walk... and ended up completing the Appalachian Trail. With just the clothes on her back and a pair of thin canvas sneakers on her feet, Grandma Gatewood hiked up ridges and down ravines. She braved angry storms and witnessed breathtaking sunrises. A story of true grit and girl power at any age, that proves that no peak is insurmountable. Age range: 5 to 7. 8. The Empowered Child By Danielle Matthew, LMFT How to Help Your Child Cope, Communicate, and Conquer Bullying your go-to guide for helping your child overcome bullying. Learn to use simple, effective steps to start a healthy dialogue with your child, create an action plan to stop the bullying, engage your school for support and stay centered through the process. Whether your child is facing physical, verbal, relational or cyber bullying, this books provides a framework for creating a safe support system for your child to find self-confidence, comfort at school and thrive with your loving support. Age range: Parents & Family.


movie reviews


Five years, eight months, 12 days and counting that’s how long Debbie Ocean has been devising the biggest heist of her life. She knows what it’s going to take - a team of the best people in the field, starting with her partner-in-crime Lou Miller. Together, they recruit a crew of specialists, including jeweler Amita, Constance, suburban mom Tammy, hacker Nine Ball, and fashion designer Rose.


Everyone’s favorite family of superheroes is back in “Incredibles 2” – but this time Helen is in the spotlight, leaving Bob (at home with and Dash (voice of Huck Milner) to navigate the day-to-day heroics of “normal” life. It’s a tough transition for everyone, made tougher by the fact that the family is still unaware of baby Jack-Jack’s emerging superpowers. When a new villain hatches a brilliant and dangerous plot, the family and Frozone must find a way to work together again.


Three years after the destruction of the Jurassic World theme park, Owen Grady and Claire Dearing return to the island of Isla Nublar to save the remaining dinosaurs from a volcano that’s about to erupt. They soon encounter terrifying new breeds of gigantic dinos while uncovering a conspiracy that threatens the entire planet.


Three years after the destruction of the Jurassic World theme park, Owen Grady and Claire Dearing return to the island of Isla Nublar to save the remaining dinosaurs from a volcano that’s about to erupt. They soon encounter terrifying new breeds of gigantic dinos while uncovering a conspiracy that threatens the entire planet.


After draining his life savings to enter a team in the Rucker Classic street ball tournament in Harlem, Dax is dealt a series of unfortunate setbacks, including losing his team to his longtime rival

(Nick Kroll). Desperate to win the tournament and the cash prize, Dax stumbles upon the man, the myth, the legend UNCLE DREW and convinces him to return to the court one more time.


In the aftermath of Captain America: Civil War, Scott Lang (Rudd) grapples with the consequences of his choices as both a Super Hero and a father. As he struggles to rebalance his home life with his responsibilities as Ant-Man, he’s confronted by Hope van Dyne (Lilly) and Dr. Hank Pym (Douglas) with an urgent new mission. Scott must once again put on the suit and learn to fight alongside The Wasp as the team works together to uncover secrets from their past.


Former FBI Hostage Rescue Team leader and U.S. war veteran Will Sawyer now assesses security for skyscrapers. He’s on assignment in China when he finds the tallest, safest building in the world suddenly ablaze, and he’s been framed for it. A wanted man on the run, Will must find those responsible, clear his name and somehow rescue his family, which is trapped inside the building, above the fire line.


Ten years later, in the greek island of Kalokairi, Sophie is pregnant with Sky’s child while running her mother’s villa. Selfconflicted because she can’t do it by herself, Sophie finds out more about her mother’s past while seeking guidance on how to handle her pregnancy. The film goes back and forth in time to show how relationships forged in the past resonate in the present.


When an IMF mission ends badly, the world is faced with dire consequences. As Ethan Hunt takes it upon himself to fulfill his original briefing, the CIA begins to question his loyalty and his motives. Hunt finds himself in a race against time, hunted by assassins and former allies while trying to prevent a global catastrophe. k

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Tips to Keep your Pet Happy this Summer! comfortable in her home or who has kitty, fish, or other siblings. Professional pet sitters come to your home to take care of your pets, which includes feeding, walking, playing, and light cleanup. They also typically look after for your home, which includes bringing in mail, newspapers, watering plants, switching lights/blinds, and monitoring your home. How often should you schedule pet sits? You can tailor the number of pet sits to your pets’ needs, but the minimum should be three visits per day for dogs due to pet sitting insurance requirements and also for the comfort of your pups!

ou’ve booked your summer vacation for you and the kids and you’re ready for rest and relaxation. All that’s left is to find someone to look after your pupsbut finding the perfect care for your beloved furry family members can be as hard as finding the right school for your children was! The last thing any pet parent wants to deal with is being uncertain about their pets’ well being while trying to relax. That’s why it’s important to be educated on how to find reliable pet care in Miami. The best pet care options for dogs include pet sitting in your home and boarding at a dedicated dog boarding facility. Read on for how to choose which is right for you. Is pet sitting for you? Pet sitting in your home is perfect for the pooch who feels most

Who’s coming into your home? Your home is special and it can be hard to open it to a stranger. That’s where professional pet sitting companies versus an app can add peace of mind. Look for companies that are bonded and insured, provides references and recommendations from current clients and perform background check all employees before hiring and train them extensively. Who benefits from pet sitting? • Multiple-species households senior dogs. • Dogs who don’t like crates. • Shy, anxious, or forward pups who don’t play well with others. • Breeds that are not accepted at dog boarding facilities. • Dogs who need medications. • Pet sitting has the added advantage of limiting your pets ’ exposure to other dogs’ illnesses.

Boarding at a Facility: This option is great for social dogs that play well with others and pups that could use training. Most boarding facility take 45 or more dogs at a time and usually has crates, private rooms, or kennels. They’ll provide supervised play, feeding, and transportation to the vet should anything happen. Request for a trial stay before dropping your dog off at a boarding facility and ask questions ready that may help you decide what’s best for your pet while you’re away: Finding great care from pet professionals comes down to you and your dogs’ preferences. There are plenty of options for every kind of dog in Miami- and now you’re equipped with the right questions to ask when selecting the perfect fit! Equipaws Pet Services is happy to offer a complimentary Meet and Greet at your home should you decide on pet sitting for your pets. We’re a local, family-owned pet sitting company in business since 2011 and are proud of our animalloving team members. Our clients depends on us for personalized, reliable care for dogs, cats, and small pets from Brickell/Downtown Miami to Cutler Bay. Services include dog walks and runs, Monday through Friday, and pet sitting every day of the week, 365 days of the year. Our employees attend quarterly group trainings (from dog walking to basic safety), undergo background checks before being hired, and are trained in Pet CPR and First Aid. We employ at least two pet sitters per service area, ready to care for our clients’ pets as necessary. k

For more information about professional pet sitting, dog walking, and running services visit or call 305.794.3733


kiddos | June • July 2018

f ef aa m t uirl ey e v e n t s


Summer Event’s Guide Where to go with our Kiddos

JUNE 16th




The Power of Poison at Frost Science 1101 Biscayne Blvd. Miami, FL 33132 Museum hours: 9:30 am to 5:30 pm Are you ready for a "Toxin Takeover" of Frost Science? Through September you’ll have the opportunity to explore this topic through the newest special exhibition, The Power of Poison: From the Depths of the Sea to Your Own Backyard. From new exhibits and experiences, to dynamic new live shows and a digital scavenger hunt, it’ll be an experience you don’t want to miss. For more information visit:

Regal Cinema's Summer Movie Express! Enjoy $1 Family fun movies playing all summer long on Tuesday's and Wednesday's at Regal Cinema's! Tickets available for purchase at the box office and all movies in most locations start at 10:00 am. Each week both movies play on both days. A portion of the proceeds goes to the Will Rogers Institute. For participating theatres near you visit

Amigos for Kids Domino Night Fundraiser University of Miami Student Center Complex 1330 Miller Dr. Miami, FL 33146 7:30 pm A non-profit organization dedicated to preventing child abuse and neglect by strengthening families and educating communities, will host its premiere Miami Celebrity Domino Night is an evening dedicated to raising funds and creating awareness about child abuse prevention. The night promises the best of the best with an exciting star-studded Blue Carpet, and domino playing. For more visit



Father’s Day at MCM 980 MacArthur Causeway, Miami, FL 33132. 1:00 pm to 6:00 pm Calling all dads! Join us for a day full of fun and exciting activities that will bring you and your child together closer. Play in our Daddy and Me Obstacle Course, and help your little one create a “SuperDad” mask! Participate in special STEAM activities and enjoy our “Dad’s Only” Raffle! For more information visit



Independence Day Party at MCM! 10:00 pm to 6:00 pm 980 MacArthur Causeway, Miami, FL 33132 Celebrate our nation’s birthday by wearing your red, white and blue. Come and pop balloon fireworks, and sign the Declaration of Independence with your hand print. Play with giant bubbles and cool off with some delicious watermelon! For more information visit






Laser Light Shows on First Fridays at Frost Science 1101 Biscayne Blvd. Miami, FL 33132 From: 7 p.m. - 1 a.m. (hourly shows) Frost Science is bringing back tits muchanticipated laser light shows. Visitors will be dazzled by hourly laser shows including Symphony of the Stars (family show), The Beatles, Michael Jackson, Gorillaz, and the best Pink Floyd. Laser Show: Adults $10; Children $8 (ages 3 -11) For more information visit:


Kiddos Magazine Back to School & 5th Anniversary Event! The Falls Shopping Mall 8888 SW 136 St, Miami, FL 11 am to 5:00 pm Come and celebrate with us our 5th Anniversary and Back to School Event all in one awesome party! One day filled with arts & crafts, face painting, balloon artist, science and arts projects, safety, Back to School exhibitors, sports demonstrations, dance, characters, food, music, raffles and much more! For more information visit


When I Grow Up: Career Day at MCM 980 MacArthur Causeway, Miami, FL 33132. 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm Does your child have dreams of being a life-saving firefighter or surgeon? Come for our career day and let your little one discover what job options are available for when they grow up. Your child will meet knowledgeable people who work in popular fields. For more information visit

calendar submissions Submit your event information for August-September calendar before July 10th to Include event name, location, address, date, time, cost, a brief description and contact. Events will be listed based on availability and it has to be family and kids related.

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The Power of Poison: From the Depths of The Sea to Your Own Backyard Bubbling cauldrons, slimy frogs, venomous bites—oh my! Discover poison’s power as it seeps through the walls of the Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science during its newest exhibition, The Power of Poison: From the Depths of The Sea to Your Own Backyard.


pening Saturday, May 26 in the Hsiao Family Special Exhibition Gallery, The Power of Poison explores poison’s role in nature, human health and myth, while coming face-toface with the different poisonous and venomous species from South Florida and around the world. In an unprecedented move, the exhibition will extend to other parts of the museum in a full-fledged “toxin takeover.” The story of poison is full of surprises at every twist and turn. In the natural world, poisons and venoms are powerful defenses, made and used by many organisms in the struggle to survive and reproduce. But as scientists probe the secrets of poison, we’re finding that these substances can also be powerful forces for healing. As the museum’s largest and most ambitious exhibition to date, guests will explore some of history’s most puzzling poisoning cases through digital interactive stations and a theater where live presenters share dramatic stories of how poisonings led to advancements in forensic detection. Frost Science is also expanding the exhibition with a toxin takeover of the museum, incorporating elements of The Power of Poison into the museum’s permanent exhibitions with activations and exhibition elements on the rooftop terraces (milkweed and monarch butterflies!) as well as the envenomation of the Aquarium (lionfish, scorpionfish, stonefish, rabbitfish and more). Guests will also encounter poison dart frogs and venomous snakes. In addition, the museum’s newly-opened Inventors in Residence Lab, located on Level 5 of the North Wing in the Knight Learning Center, will


kiddos | June • July 2018

While exploring The Power of Poison, visitors can expect: Poison and venom in Nature – Organisms use poison to protect themselves or to capture prey. Guests will enter a diorama of Colombia’s Chocó forest where dart frogs, huge Brazilian wandering spiders and toxic caterpillars use toxins to their advantage.

Poison in Myth and Legend – Many years ago, people couldn’t tell if sickness was caused by disease, poison or even magic. Guests will travel back in time and investigate some of history’s most intriguing poisoning cases.

Detecting Poison: Villains vs. Victims – Guests will explore the

host a scientist that is using nanopulsed lasers to analyze samples for the presence of carcinogens and other environmental toxins. k The exhibition is supported locally by Jackson Health System and Florida Poison Information Center-Miami. The Power of Poison is organized by the American Museum of Natural History, New York ( The Power of Poison will be on view from Saturday, May 26, 2018 through Monday, September 3, 2018. Admission to The Power of Poison is included in all museum admission tickets. Additional information on the exhibition, events and programming can be found at

role of poisons in forensic science through live interpreters in the exhibition theater.

Poison by Accident – Visitors will channel their inner Sherlock Holmes while investigating evidence, comparing clues and examining victims’ symptoms to determine the poison being used.

Poison for Good – Many poisons from plants and animal venoms have helped developed life-saving drugs. Guests will learn about these types of toxins and where they come from.

Free Parenting Groups for Families with Young Children 4IBSFB meal or TOBDLFBDI XFFL

Families First offers FREE parenting groups for parents of children ages birth through 3 years throughout Miami-Dade County in both English and Spanish. Funded by The Childrenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Trust, our program enables you to learn more about child development and positive discipline from experts at the University of Miami.

Baby & Me

The Incredible Years

For parents of babies birth to 6 months Classes meet once a week for 10 weeks

For parents of children 1-3 years Classes meet once a week for 12 weeks DISCUSS & LEARN WAYS TO:











Registration is required and space is limited! To register, please call

305.243.8425 or e-mail us at FOLLOW US



Kiddos Magazine Vol. 5 Issue 6 - A Sip of Summer  

School is out, and here we are finding ways to get creative and make each outing an adventure, whether it is a walk to the park, a picnic, a...

Kiddos Magazine Vol. 5 Issue 6 - A Sip of Summer  

School is out, and here we are finding ways to get creative and make each outing an adventure, whether it is a walk to the park, a picnic, a...