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Buy right, sleep well Poor sleep has been linked to a host of physical and mental health problems


veryone likes to save money, but there are some purchases it just doesn’t pay to skimp on. If you’re buying an item that affects your well-being — like shoes or a mattress — it’s smart to buy the best you can afford. Your mattress directly affects your ability to get a good night’s sleep, according to WebMD. Poor sleep has been linked to a host of physical and mental health problems, including depression, anxiety, hypertension, memory loss and appetite changes. If you’re not resting as well as you know you

should and it’s been 10 years or more since you bought a mattress, you may need to take advantage of the mattress sale season. The holiday season is a great time to find a new deal on a mattress, as retailers tend to ramp up discounts and promotions at this time of year. “The Better Sleep Council recommends that you replace your mattress every five to seven years,” says Jim Ruehlmann, a mattress expert. “If you haven’t gone mattress shopping in a while, you may be surprised and a bit overwhelmed by the variety of choices, advances in technology and plethora of sales you’ll find.” Ruehlmann adds, “Buy the box spring.” A mattress and foundation complement each other. Buying just the mattress may reduce its comfort and support — and shorten the bed’s lifespan.

Tailored to the individual’s sleep needs

Celesté’s radical approach to innovation will change the way you think about sleep “Celesté is betting on the powers of scientific rigour and human centric design to reinvigorate a dormant industry,” says Nadeem Malik, a veteran of the mattress business and Managing Director of Celesté in the UAE. The brand’s quest for radical new sleep solutions is best illustrated by its orchestration of a multi-disciplinary study tapping a network of experts including sleep specialists, biotechnicians, designers, and engineers in fields ranging from ergonomics to fluid dynamics. One key insight that emerged early on was that as the average human life expectancy increases, and people live to 120 years and older, the effects of old age on memory loss will become an even more critical problem to solve. Because deep sleep is linked to the consolidation of information as memories, improving the quality of sleep may provide a natural alternative to medicine in reducing the effects of dementia. The study also uncovered fruitful correlations between quality of sleep and slowing the effects of ageing on the skin. The potentials to amplify the cognitive and cosmetic benefits of sleep are powerful new opportunity spaces in an industry that has made only minor advancements in recent years. Celesté’s bet is already paying dividends; the Boston, Massachusettsbased company’s aggressive investment in innovation has resulted in several new products and technology patents, to say nothing of the brand’s recent expansion to the UAE. “The benefits of a better bed are youthfulness and mindfulness; a quality sleep translates to a longer and better quality life,” says Malik, emphasising that on any given night, the quality of your sleep is more important than the duration of time you spend in bed. “Even though an average person sleeps for eight hours,” he says, “they’re not necessarily maximising the benefits of sleep.” Indeed, Celesté’s research and innovation team has been successful in isolating and extending the phase of sleep that’s most beneficial to human health.

“With EEG sensors, we’re able to examine the brain’s electrical activity. It is only in the third phase of non-rapid eye movement (NREM) sleep, what is known as ‘slow-wave’ or ‘deep sleep,’ that the body repairs and regenerates tissues. If we can prolong the time spent in the third sleep cycle, our product is more effective than any number of wrinkle creams and skin care products at reducing the effects of ageing.” It’s in the third cycle of NREM sleep that the body builds bone and muscle and the mind processes and stores information. Celesté’s sleep research revealed that due to interruptions caused by discomfort, many people never get past the second phase of NREM. Conducting over a thousand clinical trials that monitored sleeping cycles, Celesté’s researchers learned that even a mild disturbance could move someone from a deep sleep back to the first cycle. The most common cause of these disruptions turned out to be a numbness caused by the force of bedsprings against certain pressure points on the body. As a solution, Celesté turned to NASA technology in developing its Memory foam, a dense and viscous polyurethane that relieves pressure and shapes itself to the body. While the Memory foam solved the pressure problem and provided the kind of heavenly comfort a brand name like Celesté would suggest, the material’s ability to gently envelop the body produced an undesirable side effect. In early testing, it was found that the Memory foam warmed the body temperature to the point of sweating that led to tossing and turning. Celesté’s team of engineers and designers began rapidly iterating solutions. They would eventually solve the temperature issue with the integration of patented cooling gel beads and spatial vent slits that promote the flow of natural air throughout the mattress. In combination, these breakthrough features optimise comfort, reducing disruptions related to tossing and turning, and ultimately maintaining a maximum amount of sleep time in the critically important third stage of NREM. 
The uniquely patterned mattress is part of Celesté’s Ultimate Sleep System, a growing portfolio of offerings that enhance the total sleep experience. Celesté’s vision for the future extends far beyond bedding with research going into

everything from sleep-tracking wearable devices and comforters with sensors that record biometrics and provide feedback on the quality of your sleep, to relaxing balms, aromas, and teas, sleep enhancing dietary systems, and audio meditation programmes — all of which will help ensure you catch your forty winks. In a new Dubai showroom, Celesté offers a highly customised retail experience tailored to the individual’s sleep needs. “We don’t sell mattresses,” says Malik, “we sell quality sleep.”

Secure your sleep Bafte — The Sleep Store advises shoppers to choose nothing less than the best when it comes to sleeping products Bafte — The Sleep Store is a chain of stores offering high quality and dependable international brands of sleep products like mattresses, beds, pillows, sofa and other sleep-related items. Started as a single store in 2005 in Abu Dhabi, Bafte now have six stores across the UAE and two in India. Bafte offers a wide variety of mattresses, that includes spring (Bonnell & Pocketed), latex and memory foam mattresses ranging from low and medium-end segments to high-end and premium mattresses to suit everyone’s need and budget. Bafte is known to be the only store that offers the widest range of pillow options such as down feather pillows, memory foam pillows, latex pillows, microfibre pillows, mother and baby pillows, pregnancy pillow, anti-snore pillows, multipurpose pillows, ergonomic pillows, shoulder pillows, gel pillows and 3D spacer pillows, to name a few) Apart from mattresses and pillows, Bafte also offers other sleep related products such as mattress toppers, duvets, comforters, waterproof mattress and pillow protectors, bug-proof mattress protectors, sofa, sofa-cum-bed, bean bags, linens, etc. Bafte — The Sleep stores take pride in being one of the best stores not only in terms of offering a wide range of quality sleep products, but also giving best advice by trained and courteous staff, better known

as ‘the sleep consultants’, when choosing the right product. Bafte’s products come with product warranty ranging from one to 10 years so that customers have a peace of mind when buying their requirements. Bafte advises its customers that while furniture can be bought from any furniture store according to one’s budget and convenience, one should go to a mattress specialist when buying a mattress because it

is one of the most important products in ones life. Mattresses and pillows affect health and comfort. Do not compromise on a product on which one-third of your life is spent. Invest in sleep products wisely and purchase them from a sleep expert. Bafte has been serving thousands of happy and satisfied customers in the UAE and India for almost a decade to date. All Bafte stores are located in convenient location with ample parking space. Visit Bafte and find out how you can improve your sleep comfort. You deserve it.

Sleep Systems: Sleep well, Stay healthy  
Sleep Systems: Sleep well, Stay healthy  

A special on Sleep Systems by Red Door Productions published by Khaleej Times