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Beckon to discover Austria is home to more than just the Alps Farhana Chowdhury


estled in Central europe, Austria boasts of lush plains and dainty little towns, among other things that welcome a breath of air for city dwellers. Its surrounding neighbours include Germany, Italy, switzerland, Czech Republic and Hungary, to name a few. About three-fourths of the country is predominantly flanked by the Alps thus, the average temperature lies around mid-20 degree Celsius. Austria is known to be the 12th richest country in the world in terms of high GdP per capita and houses a high standard of living. Its economy is quite stable and favourable bilateral relations have further strengthened its stability. Its key sectors are dominated by small and medium enterprises, with a notable presence in

UAe’s Foreign Minister shaikh Abdullah bin Zayed greets edgar Meyer, the President of Austria’s Federal council. — Wam the food and drink, mechanical, steel, chemicals, automotive, electronics, wood, pulp and paper industries. trade relations between Austria and the UAe are going strong as can be seen through a variety of interactions that secure both

countries’ market interests. Just recently, the UAe Ministry of economy and the Austrian Patent Office signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in Vienna to protect and

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For a better tomorrow The firm offers the widest range of implantable solutions to meet the special needs of individuals affected by hearing loss HeAdqUARteRed in Innsbruck, Austria, Med-el is a leading provider of hearing implant systems. the privately-owned, family-run company, which was founded by dr Ingeborg and Prof dr erwin Hochmair in the early ‘70s, is one of the pioneers of the industry. today, Med-el offers the widest range of implantable solutions to meet the special needs of individuals affected by various types of hearing loss. these solutions are also distinguished by performance, ease of use, reliability and durability. Med-el hearing implant solutions help individuals to overcome hearing loss as a barrier to communication and offer users a new quality of life. the implantation of a hearing implant system as early as possible is of crucial importance especially for children, since they learn to speak and understand a language only if they hear properly. Also, there is a strong link between an individual’s subsequent school and professional career and their hearing. the same applies to an individual’s emotional and social development. According to the World Health Organisation, there are 630 million people worldwide affected by some type of hearing loss. this number accounts for 10 per cent of the world’s population and is expected to rise within the next two to three decades. these statistics show that there will be a greater requirement for cochlear implants in the future, which makes companies such as Med-

el extremely valuable in supporting and offering treatment to individuals that are affected by hearing difficulties. Research, design and development are the cornerstone of Medel’s work with constant improvements made in cooperation with medical scientists and researchers, as well as breakthroughs in the field of neurostimulation. New standards, innovations, and industry “firsts” demonstrate the consistent commitment of the company. some of the most breakthrough innovations include a combination of hearing aid technology with cochlear implant, called electric Acoustic stimulation, which can significantly improve the quality of life for people with partial deafness; the thinnest and most advanced cochlear implant with titanium housing available on the market; the most sophisticated sound coding technologies (Fine Hearing™), which provide the fine details of sound, the soft, flexible electrode arrays designed for most atraumatic insertion into the cochlea with maximum protection of the delicate structures of the inner ear and, last but not least, the Bonebridge™, the first active bone conduction implant. At present, Med-el is represented in around 100 countries. More than 95 per cent of hearing implants are exported and used by around 1,500 eNt departments across the world.

since the opening of Med-el’s office in dubai in the late ‘90s, the company became the only provider of hearing implants directly represented in the Middle east. the team of specialists cooperated closely with local clinics to meet the needs of patients ultimately becoming the premier choice for hearing implant solutions in the region. As another industry “first”, Med-el opened a dedicated clinic in May 2012 – the hearlIFe Clinic, in dubai Healthcare City, UAe. the hearlIFe Clinic delivers a life-long commitment to patients living with hearing impairments and deafness by offering a fullservice solution that includes initial diagnosis, surgery, rehabilitation therapy and long-term aftercare tailored to the patient’s specific needs. the clinic uses Med-el’s latest cochlear implants and offers life-long technical support for all Med-el patients. “there are higher rates of hearing loss in the Middle east and so far this health issue has not been at the forefront of the regional health dialogue. We are working to create a better understanding of hearing loss and treatment solutions, especially in children, and change common misconceptions,” said Jasmin Beck, CeO of hearlIFe Clinic. Fitted with the latest tools and equipment as well as an experienced medical, audiological and rehabilitation team, the hearlIFe Clinic aims to help patients overcome hearing loss in a qualified, reliable, caring and supportive environment for both adults and children. As a recipient of an Academic Permitted by the dubai Healthcare City Academic and Research Council, the hearlIFe Clinic also offers accredited training programmes and workshops to medical professionals and the general public, which covers all aspects related to hearing loss and the latest treatments.

Explore the world of sound with hearing implant solutions from MED-EL

Our innovative solutions developed using our experience, spirit and the latest technologies, make us your trusted partner for an enhanced quality of life and better hearing. Lifelong. For more information, visit us at

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Luxury in the sky Austrian Airlines is Austria’s largest carrier and operates a global route network of around 130 destinations AustriAn Airlines is known for taking good care of its guests. the staff ’s warmth, charm and unique service ensures that your journey is a relaxing and pleasurable experience. Guests can look forward to new culinary heights on board, combined with a host of innovations and the highest possible levels of comfort.

ucts to go with your meal. A selection of desserts and cheeses rounds it all off. it also serves you typical Austrian coffee specialties such as an Einspaenner or Melange by coffee shop above the clouds. Free check-in baggage: two pieces with maximum 32 kilogrammes each. Free hand luggage: two items with maximum 8 kilogrammes each. Economy Class — travel quickly, economically and comfortably

Austrian Business Class — a heavenly experience

the impressive new high-tech seat is fitted with luxurious materials and provides a fully horizontal flatbed almost two metres in length. At the touch of a button, you can glide into your desired seating position. Every seat is equipped with a built-in massage function, which can be activated with a push of a button, a universal power outlet and two usB ports. Enjoy the new Video and Audio on Demand with more than 100 hours of entertainment, on the 15 inches flat touchscreens which can also be operated from your seat. the entertainment programme is available in German, English, Japanese and Chinese. Austrian’s flying chefs add the finishing touches to the exquisite menus of DO and CO. the airline offers a large variety of beverages and crispy baked prod-

Austrian star Alliance terminal

Austrian’s new long-haul Economy Class provides ergonomic seating with a relax function. the newly designed seat has a very specific feature — When you recline the back, the seat automatically moves forward, providing a distinctly comfortable seating position. Your seat reclines by six degrees and has a 79-centimetre (31 inches) seat pitch. You can be your own programming director in the new Audio and Video on Demand Entertainment Programme with the nine-inch, flat, touchscreen tVs. Every guest has a usB port for charging electronic devices. For best viewing, the incline can be adjusted to match your seating position. After take-off, the airline welcomes you with a drink and a delicious snack. then you can choose from two course menus. Depending on the time of day, you will be offered a hearty breakfast or a snack before landing. if you wish to treat your palate to an upgrade, order the “DO & CO à la Carte menu” on during booking or directly at up to 36 hours before departure.

At the Austrian star Alliance terminal, a minimum connection time of 25 minutes is made possible by the three-level concept. All airport facilities are under one roof and passengers can access all three check-in areas indoors. Arrivals and departures of both schengen and non-schengen passengers are attended to in separate terminal sectors.

book a red|upgrade 36 hours prior to departure. this includes baggage drop-off, access to the Business Lounge, seating comfort Austrian Business Classstyle and culinary highlights on board. Got time to spare at the airport? Access the exclusive world of Business Class Lounge with red|lounge at Vienna Airport for only 35 euros. Buy an extra piece of baggage for only 70 euros with red|extra bag 36 hours before departure and save on excess baggage fees and valuable time at the airport. You can also reserve yourself a seat at the emergency exit row within 36 hours prior to departure or directly at the airport counter with red|legroom for only 70 euros per flight*. * Seats in the emergency exit row are subject to special legal requirements.

the check-in area on level one has 69 counters, 40 check-in machines, and 15 security lanes to ensure that waiting times are kept to a minimum. Austrian Airlines has six spacious lounges, comprising 2,000 square metres in all, awaiting you in the new terminal. All lounges have modern furnishings, a typically Austrian flair and a view of the apron. there are three schengen and three non-schengen lounges, each with an HOn Circle Lounge, a senator/ stAr Gold Lounge and a Business Lounge. red|services Guests can make use of the new Austrian red|services by customising your travel experience to fit your personal requirements. if you wish to experience the new Business Class, you can

Book one of the modern and well-equipped cars with red|cab from 29 euros per route to take you quickly and comfortably from Vienna and the surrounding areas. Even at your travel destination, the red|cab international awaits you in more than 30 destinations worldwide. Book these red cabs up to 24 hours or 48 hours before departure at www.austrian. com or on the World’s Most Valuable Boarding Pass Your Austrian Airlines Boarding Pass gives you unique benefits after touchdown, including reduced or free entry to museums, discounts on shopping, entertainment and restaurants in Vienna and other major international cities such as new York, Milan, Venice, Munich, Barcelona and many others. to read up on the latest offers, go to www.austrian. com/Boardingpass.

Horse carriage on Graben Street, Vienna

» Continued from previous page improve services. According to the undersecretary of the Ministry of Economy Mohammed Ahmed Al shehhi, the move is in line to protect trademarks and intellectual property in order to encourage foreign investment flow to the uAE. Looking ahead, about 42 Austrian companies are set to showcase their best products and services at the Arab Health 2014 scheduled for January 2014, with breakthrough technologies and effective medicine. thanks to the leadership of the government, there are number of dedicated facilities now in the uAE that help Austria-based organisations set up base in what is known as the ultimate business hub of the region. Advantage Austria, for instance, showcases Austrian companies

involved in trade for potential business opportunities. interestingly, it also assists uAE-based organisations explore immense market opportunities that Austria presents. Complete with information guides, counsellors and a compilation of the latest facts and figures, Advantage Austria ensures that the foreign business is well-equipped to take on the Central European nation. Besides, tourism plays a major role towards the nation’s economic contribution, as statistics released in the year 2011 recorded about 23 million foreign visitors. Holding a strong forte in art, food and beverage, architecture, literature and theatre, Austria possesses an interesting mix of history and culture that leave much to explore and tourists yearning for more. —

Boat with flag on Wolfgangsee Lake, Austria [955737]

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