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THE POWER TO TRANSFORM YOUR BUSINESS LIES IN HAVING THE RIGHT PEOPLE We are the world’s leading recruiting experts. We operate across the private and public sectors, dealing in permanent positions, contract roles and temporary assignments. At Hays, we believe the right person can transform a business. And it’s our deep expertise across a wide spectrum of industries and professions that allows to bring the right people to you. In Singapore our areas of expertise include: • • • • • • • • • •

Accountancy & Finance Architecture Banking Construction Contact Centres Engineering Executive Finance Technology Human Resources Information Technology

• • • • • • • • •

Insurance Legal Life Sciences Office Professionals Oil & Gas Procurement Property Sales & Marketing Supply Chain

We are also able to offer our expertise across RPO through Hays Resource Management. Our clients trust us with more than $1.5 billion of revenue every year and we continually deliver service excellence and cost savings, not only in the first year of service but also in each successive year. Testament to this is our unparalleled contract retention rate, breadth of service and innovative track record. To find out more, contact Chris Mead at or +65 (0) 6223 4535.


Recruitment UK

Poor careers advice is leading to skills mismatch More than half (53%) of employers believe that young people receive inadequate careers advice and almost two-thirds (63%) said that the young people they had recruited lacked insight into the working world. According to research data collated by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), the government, schools and employers need to work together to help young people into work. Evidence gathered from employers and young people as part of the CIPD Learning to Work campaign highlights that the careers advice currently provided in schools is too generalised, not doing enough to prepare people for the jobs market and is already creating skills mismatches. One solution is to enhance the links between education providers and businesses to ensure that pupils have the opportunity to hear directly from employers about different career paths. A CIPD survey – ‘Learning to Work 2012’, found that more than two-thirds (61%) of employers have expressed willingness to be more involved in the education system but they need the opportunities to do this.

Peter Cheese, Chief Executive of the CIPD, comments: “There has never been a golden age of careers advice in schools and unfortunately it has failed to develop in response to the increasing complexities of the labour market, causing problems for both young people and employers. There is already a worrying mismatch between the skills employers need and the skills the next generation of workers are focusing on. “A critical way to help resolve this is to increase the emphasis on careers advice in schools and to get employers into schools more regularly, bringing to life the natures of different careers, and the generic and specific skills they’re looking for when they recruit,” he adds. While there is widespread willingness amongst employers to get into the classroom, the challenge for government is to work with schools and colleges to prioritise and make it easier for employers to make good on their desire to talk to their future workforce. “We feel that employer involvement will be most effective if it takes place in the context of a coherent programme of careers advice and guidance implemented by schools,” says Cheese.



of surveyed employers cite professionals are likely to leave Taiwan to work in another Asian country during 2013 Source: 2013 Michael Page Salary & Employment Forecast, Taiwan

For developed markets, the

top three factors

that attract candidates are challenging work, and career advancement, followed by job security Source: Towers Watson Global Talent Management and Rewards Survey


Demand up for part-time work The demand for part-time employees has grown steadily in Taiwan’s domestic companies over the past three years, according to a report by 104 Job Bank. In its report, the number of part-time openings recorded in for the economy totaled 54,000 in January, up 20.7% from a year earlier. Compared with the same time period in 2010, part-time job openings increased 1.15 times this month, stronger growth than that of the full-time sector. Companies in the catering and retail industries showed the strongest demand for part-time staff, with total jobs in these two sectors reaching 27,000, accounting for half of total part-time job openings.

“Increasingly, companies have adopted a more diverse recruitment strategy over the past few years by outsourcing non-core business or hiring more part-time workers for non-core business sectors,” Regis Chen, marketing director of 104 Job Bank, was quoted as saying in the Taipei Times. He added that stronger seasonal demand for short-term workers before the Lunar New Year was another factor that was boosting the number of part-time positions.

Rough road ahead for European job seekers The majority of employers in the global labour market are less confident about adding staff in 2013 than they were at the start of 2012. As a result, it is a difficult time for job seekers, especially those in Europe where more employers are reporting negative outlooks. According to ManpowerGroup’s First Quarter 2013 Manpower Employment Outlook Survey, hiring intentions have fallen in half of the 42 countries and territories in its study, when compared to three months ago. Employers in Taiwan, India, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, and Panama are most confident about adding staff, while those in Greece, Italy, Spain, Slovakia, Slovenia and the Netherlands report the weakest hiring intentions. Weaker hiring sentiment is most evident across the Europe, Middle East and Africa region where employers in 13 of 24 countries reported negative net employment outlooks for the first quarter, compared to eight countries only just three months ago. Despite the uncertainty that prevails in Europe, the German labour market continues to show resilience, and employers there are reporting a cautiously optimistic forecast similar to three months ago. Meanwhile, UK employers reported their most optimistic forecast in over four years. On the other hand, uncertainty in the local labour markets continues to weaken employer hiring plans in China and India where opportunities for job seekers are expected to be weaker than in the first three months of 2012. Hiring managers in Australia reported the weakest hiring expectations for the region, continuing a year and a half trend of steadily weaker net employment outlooks. ISSUE 13.2





Recruitment and talent management you can trust Hudson is a global talent solutions company with expertise in leadership and specialised permanent and contracting recruitment, RPO and talent management. We believe in working closely with you to help you solve your toughest people challenges. Our business and market knowledge, together with our proprietary assessment tools, helps us deliver the right talent for your business. As your trusted partner, we’re committed to delivering superior, long-term results for both you and the candidates we place.

Hudson RPO Hudson RPO manages the people, processes and technology associated with recruitment of permanent or contingent talent on a fully outsourced, hybrid or project basis. A global force in talent solutions, Hudson RPO designs, implements and manages custom recruitment process outsourcing programmes for mid- to large-cap multi-national companies across a range of diverse industry sectors. Services include:

Andrew Tomich Executive General Manager, Singapore Tel: +65 64305505 Email: Kimberley Hubble Global RPO Leader Hudson RPO Tel: +612 8233 2447 Email: Simon Moylan Executive General Manager, Asia Pacific Hudson Talent Management Tel: +612 8233 2645 Email:


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Recruitment demand forecasting, sourcing, talent pooling & pipelining, internal recruitment, response management & screening, interviewing & selection, psychometric testing & behavioural assessment, job offer and placement, recruitment administration, vendor management, technology selection, deployment and ongoing management and onboarding.

Hudson Talent Management Hudson Talent Management assists organisations throughout the employee lifecycle – from defining competency frameworks and position descriptions, and selecting the right people with rigour and objectivity, to engaging and developing your people to maximise their potential. We also support organisations through periods of change and the individuals affected by them. Services include:

Psychometric testing, assessment centres, interview training, competency profiling, job design, career management, development centres, leadership development, high potential programmes, coaching,


Hudson Global Resources Web: Global CEO: Manuel Marquez Asia Pacific CEO: Mark Steyn Number of employees: 2000+ Locations: Hudson operates in more than 25 countries including in the Americas - Brazil, Canada, Mexico, United States, in Europe - Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Hungary, Ireland, Luxemburg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Ukraine and United Kingdom and in Asia-Pacific - Australia, China, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Singapore, India and Vietnam.

360-degree reviews, outplacement services and change management support.

Leadership & Specialist Recruitment Our unique proprietary recruitment methodology embeds our talent management expertise into a rigourous recruitment process. It delivers the crucial difference between ‘filling a vacancy’ and truly evaluating candidates to pinpoint high performers who will deliver long term benefits in our clients’ organisations. Hudson’s professional team of consultants source high calibre candidates for permanent and contract positions for many Global 1000 companies on a regional basis across a wide range of industries and professions.



RPO Smart recruiting If the aim is to reduce cost-per-hire and time-to-hire while attracting the best talent available, it’s worth considering Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO). HRM considers the options By Shalini Shukla-Pandey 4

ISSUE 13.2



Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is the increasingly common practice of a company outsourcing its recruitment function to a third party, which possesses the resources and expertise to source candidates for some or all of its vacant roles. This typically involves RPO providers embedding dedicated resources either onsite or offsite to focus on direct sourcing of roles across all or part of their business. “RPO solutions are custom-designed for clients, addressing specific areas of focus that the client has identified,” says Deanne Barbary, Global Head of Operations, Hudson RPO. Examples of RPO aims include: • To reduce excessive recruitment costs; • To source for specific roles; and • To improve retention rates

RPO vs. in-house recruitment The benefits for organisations which move to an RPO model include bringing in dedicated resources and expertise to devise an effective recruitment solution, says Barbary. “RPO solutions are typically underpinned by some clear service-level agreements which hold the provider accountable for delivering outcomes around service, quality, cost and efficiency,” she adds. Recruitment outsourcing firms take on the responsibility of efficiently adjusting resource levels when hiring fluctuations occur, so the client does not bear the burden of carrying unnecessary staff, or conversely, being short when greater resources are required. From sourcing résumés to conducting interviews and negotiating offers, acquiring a new employee taxes a company’s internal resources. Plus, each day a job requisition remains unfilled, the business loses the benefit of that employee’s contribution and wastes recruiting and budgetary resources that could be dedicated to other initiatives. Outsourcing all or part of the internal recruitment function can reduce time-to-hire dramatically by leveraging a global database of thousands of screened, specially-skilled professionals and sourcing channels that significantly increases the talent pipeline. “Also, RPO solutions allow access to a greater amount of recruiting and screening professionals than a company can carry on its own staff,” says Barbary. “They can scale their volume of work with the requisition load.” One of the most common problems seen with the recruitment lifecycle is that it’s a disjointed and uncoordinated multitude of practices – good and bad – across organisational functions, departments,

“If the (RPO) solutions provider does not understand client requirements, there might be a potential mismatch of candidates” – ANNIE YAP, GROUP MANAGING DIRECTOR, AYP ASIA GROUP divisions and regions. “Often, this causes overlap in advertising purchases, training and on-boarding procedures, as well as poorer hiring decisions and ultimately higher operational costs,” says Barbary. Procuring an RPO project gives companies the opportunity to rethink these processes. “The RPO vendor will help examine your recruitment process workflow(s) to determine where overlap, excessive cost, and inefficient practices may exist,” she explains. “Then, an outsourced model can be created for you, providing you with service levels and success metrics that exceed the status quo.” These practices have been shown repeatedly to yield increased efficiency and satisfaction with the recruitment lifecycle, resulting in overall cost reduction for companies. “All of these factors contribute to achieving lower cost per hire – your ultimate goal,” says Barbary.

Risks to business While RPO can yield great returns for companies, poor control of the process or improper service-level agreements will result in poor accountability of RPO, says Annie Yap, Group Managing Director, AYP Asia Group. “Also, if the solutions provider does not understand client requirements, there might be a potential mismatch of candidates,” she adds. Getting the right people who not only possess the right skills and experience, but are also culturallyaligned to both organisations can be an additional barrier to effective RPO solutions. “The way that we mitigate this is by involving our clients in ‘culture fit’ interviews so that they participate in the decision around the appointment of

Top benefits of RPO • Cost reduction through shared risk • Faster time-to-hire • Streamlined recruitment processes Source: Hudson RPO

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Recruitment CASESTUDY

RPO in the chemical industry Hudson was tasked with recruiting highly specialised positions across diverse and remote geographies for a global industrial client specialising in the chemical industry in a highly competitive candidate market. “Strategically, our client also wished to increase the range of services available to its customers by increasing revenue generated from its equipment and project management division, thereby decreasing its dependence on chemical sales and they needed a strong recruiting partner to do this,” said Deanne Barbary, Global Head of Operations, Hudson RPO. Specifically, the client’s goals were to: • Source highly specialised roles in extremely diverse and remote geographical markets • Decrease business reliance on candidates sourced via agencies and employee referrals • Reduce the time taken to fill open roles • Identify and grow talent pools utilising a range of channels, particularly social media. Hudson RPO designed, implemented and managed a scalable solution covering end-to-end permanent recruitment for the client across Asia-Pacific, with a team of 18 staff located across five hubs in Australia, Singapore, India, China and Thailand. As a result, a 96% direct-fill rate was achieved across locations as diverse as Fiji, Indonesia, Thailand, and New Zealand. Agency usage was also reduced from over 90% to 4%. Average time-to-fill was reduced from over 50 days to 21 days. “Hudson RPO has also developed and implemented a social media strategy that has led to this channel as a candidate source increasing by 50% yearon-year,” says Barbary. Proactive competitor mapping of target organisations in the water treatment equipment and project management area also led to the hiring of a high quality senior executive to lead the growth of this division. “By recruiting this senior individual via the Hudson RPO solution, the client’s reputation in this area was significantly enhanced, a key competitor was destabilised and we saved our client huge fees that would otherwise have been paid to their search provider,” said Barbary. “The appointment has also led to two further competitor employees approaching our client about opportunities.”


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Hiring using Big Data More companies are turning to an algorithmic assessment of Big Data to carry out hiring. For instance, according to an article by the Wall Street Journal, Xerox Corp. used to pay lots of attention to applicants who had done the job before when hiring call centre staff. However, Big Data told the printing company that experience doesn’t matter. Analysis of data revealed that what does matter in a good call-centre worker – one who won’t quit before the company recoups its $5,000 investment in training – is personality. According to the article, after a half-year trial that cut attrition by a fifth, Xerox now leaves all hiring for its 48,700 call-centre jobs to software that asks applicants to choose between statements like: “I ask more questions than most people do” and “People tend to trust what I say.”

the individuals to ensure that these people will work effectively within their business,” says Barbary. Another challenge can be gaining the buy-in of hiring managers who have been working with other agencies and formed strong relationships with them. “They (hiring managers) can be reluctant to utilise the new model as a result of this,” says Barbary. “We mitigate this through extensive business consultation in the implementation phase, to ensure that impacted stakeholders participate in the design of the solution, processes, and selection of Preferred Supplier List agencies, etc...” Companies also need to ensure there is effective executive sponsorship for the solution, as recruitment outsourcing firms typically embed a change in the way they go about their hiring. “We need senior level support to ensure that managers understand why the change is being made and what is required of them,” says Barbary.

Cloud-based recruitment RPO providers are increasingly tapping onto cloud-based software to support customers so as to provide RPO solutions in a more cost-effective manner, says Annie Yap, Group Managing Director, AYP Asia Group. AYP uses an Australian cloud-based recruitment solution through which on-site consultants can tap into the international database of candidates during sourcing. “This means AYP need not invest in high cost data centre infrastructure,” Yap explains. “Therefore, the cost of delivery is cut down, translating into lower cost for the client as well.”


Kelly Services

Advancing careers, solving workforce challenges Kelly Services is a world leader in workforce solutions headquartered in Troy, Michigan, USA, offering a comprehensive array of outsourcing and consulting services as well as world-class staffing on a temporary, contract and permanent basis. Serving clients around the globe, Kelly provides employment to more than 550,000 employees annually. Founded by William Russell Kelly in 1946, Kelly Services has provided workforce solutions to customers in a variety of industries throughout its history. Kelly’s range of workforce solutions and geographic coverage has grown steadily over the years to match the needs of our customers. Our traditional expertise began with office services, call center, light industrial, and electronic assembly staffing. Today, we also offer a comprehensive array of outsourcing and consulting services for our customers, including recruitment, human resource management, vendor management, and outplacement services on a global basis. Kelly has evolved from a United States-focused company concentrating primarily on traditional office services into a global workforce solutions leader with a breadth of specialty businesses. We assign professional and technical employees in the fields of finance and accounting, education, engineering, information technolog y, law, science, and healthcare. Kelly is the world’s largest scientific staffing provider and it ranks among the leaders in IT, engineering, and financial staffing. Kelly’s principles from more than 67 years of experience remain the foundation of the way it works today: delivering expertise, integrity, accountability and teamwork. With human capital expertise operating across Asia Pacific, Europe and America, Kelly can

Mark Hall Vice President and Country General Manager Singapore

Leif Agnéus Senior Vice President, General Manager EMEA & APAC

mobilise the right people, skills and technologies to help clients define and implement recruitment and HR outsourcing and consulting solutions – anywhere, anytime. With more than 34 years of experience in Singapore and locations across the country, Kelly partners with Singapore’s leading organisations and employers to meet the evolving workforce challenges with HR solutions tailored to their precise business needs. Each HR solution is underpinned with a well-defined methodolog y including thorough assessment and testing tools. People are important to Kelly; we partner our pool of talent throughout their careers and assist them with their career growth.

• For more information, please visit

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The GMP Group

Your one-stop solution GMP Consultancy

Founded in 1991, The GMP Group is one of the largest staffing and human resource consultancies in Singapore. GMP’s service is all-encompassing, with our specialised business units offering their own distinct services to cater to each client’s niche. The six specialist divisions are:

• Retail and Food & Beverage • Finance • Industrial Services

GMP Banking is dedicated to recruitment for banks, stock-broking firms, insurance and fund management companies.

GMP Consultancy offers outsourcing services and HR consultancy to employers on organisational development issues. It is also a career management centre for working adults and students.

GMP Recruitment

GMP Technologies

GSI Executive Search

GMP Recruitment specialises in staffing services for junior to mid-management positions in all industry sectors including: • HR & Administration • Sales & Supply Chain • Customer Service and Marketing Communications

GMP Technologies focuses on Information Technology, Engineering, Healthcare and Life Sciences positions.

GSI Executive Search, the headhunting arm of The GMP Group, focuses on international search for senior management positions. Today, GMP is headquartered in Singapore with offices in China, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Thailand.

GMP Banking

GMP International GMP International is a premier recruiter for foreign workers worldwide.

GMPRS1045 GMP HR Magazine 186x119.5mm pa.pdf


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11:13 AM

The GMP Group 1 Raffles Place #13-01 One Raffles Place Tower 1 Singapore 048616 Tel: (65) 6736 2022 Fax: (65) 6736 2155 Email: Web:


Frazer Jones

Global HR recruitment At Frazer Jones, we recruit across the full HR spectrum including HR generalists, specialists, leadership and interim positions for those whose responsibilities cover local, regional or global remits. Established in 1996, Frazer Jones is a specialist recruitment consultancy working exclusively within the global HR market, where we are firmly established as a market leader. Our clients range from international financial institutions and blue-chip companies to retailers, media agencies and law firms and our specialist teams recruit across the full HR spectrum for local,

regional and global positions, for all levels and industries. We attract and maintain a network of HR professionals with international and local exposure, diverse language skills and varied executive and educational backgrounds. Our network of candidates is truly global with our strong presence through the UK, Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Australia from Frazer Jones offices in London, Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, Sydney and Melbourne. Our teams based in Singapore and Hong Kong have a wealth of experience, having operated in the

region and specifically within the HR market for many years and our consultants are hand-picked for their quality as individuals. We have built a reputation for excellence and integrity and our success is based on our detailed market knowledge and our qualitative approach to our candidates and client partners.

Talk to Frazer Jones about requirements for your HR team, to hire your next HR Director, or for your next move either in Asia or around the world. Contact Theresa Hall on or Fiona Nesbitt on or alternatively call the team on Tel: +65 6420 0515. Visit to find out more.

Expect global strength and local expertise In HR Recruitment there’s one name that ticks all the boxes. At Frazer Jones we combine the strength of a global network with the insight that comes from clear local market knowledge. In a market where the top talent is still hard to find, Frazer Jones is the name you can trust. To find out more, contact Theresa Hall on +65 6420 0516 or Fiona Nesbitt on +65 6420 0515. Alternatively, email or


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AYP Asia Group

Engaging the best talents for your business

AYP Asia Group Tel: (65) 6820 0300 Email: Web:


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Established in 2009, the AYP Asia Group (AYP) is a professional executive search partner for many of our well-established clients in Singapore and the region. We assist our clients to enhance their business performance by assessing, sourcing, developing and engaging the best and most fitting people for their business. Since then, we have grown from strength to strength, expanding into Hong Kong, China and Indonesia. At AYP, we believe in gaining an in-depth understanding of your business requirements, including operations and processes needs, before recommending a solution. This way, we aim to address your human resource challenges and hiring strategies. The ability to make insightful decisions about people is today’s most enduring source of competitive advantage. AYP concentrates on helping our clients achieve this advantage through the identification, assessment and recruitment of the world’s most talented business leaders. Business is conducted at Internet speed these days and companies need to move fast to gain a competitive edge. We know that you have to fill your strategic positions with capable and talented people, and you need to do it fast. This is why we are committed to delivering ‘speed’ and ‘quality’. AYP is recognised as a quality driven firm that exceeds expectations by actively listening to our clients and


consistently delivering results. We are committed to recruiting the best talent in the world. Our high calibre search consultants will improve your recruiting process and allow your company to better understand the marketplace and the competitive landscape. One of our key service delivery goals is to ensure that we present you with the best fit candidates, based on your requirements, in the shortest time possible. Our directors and consulting managers are either from specialist practice areas or possess many years of experience in the recruitment industry. This is why we are well-positioned to understand your needs and deliver the best results. We specialised in recruiting senior level talents for the following industries and functions: • Banking and Financial Institutions • Energy and Maritime • Technology and Engineering • Healthcare and Life Sciences • Finance, Human Resources, Marketing and Legal Tapping on a strong international network that covers Australia, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam, as well as, the United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, and United States of America, AYP is now one of the leading professional recruitment and search companies in the region.


Robert Walters Singapore

Leading recruitment consultancy in Asia Pacific 15 years of recruitment excellence This year, Robert Walters Singapore celebrates 15 years of recruitment excellence as one of the world’s leading international recruitment consultancies. We are an awardwinning business specialising in helping organisations hire quality permanent, contract and temporary professionals across all levels of seniority. Our mission is to provide the highest quality of service to clients and candidates alike, and to continue to set new standards of innovation, vision and leadership in the local recruitment market. The Group has a network of 52 offices spanning 24 countries. Our global footprint means that we are able to

Contact us for your recruitment needs

attract the highest calibre professionals from across the world and connect you to candidates with specialist skill sets that cannot be found in the local market. With 28 years’ experience in the recruitment industry, Robert Walters has an established track record with leading institutions, from multinational corporations to smaller enterprises and business start-ups. Our teams of professional consultants have expertise in recruiting on a permanent or contract basis across the following areas: • Accountancy & Finance • Banking & Financial Services • Engineering • General Management • Human Resources • Information Technology • Legal • Oil & Gas • Sales & Marketing • Secretarial & Business Support • Supply Chain, Procurement & Logistics • Technical Healthcare

Resource Solutions – our RPO arm Resource Solutions, our resource processing outsourcing arm, is one of the pioneers and the international market leader in providing RPO solutions for organisations. Capitalising on our global network of offices, we work with you to deliver unrivalled cost and efficiency savings throughout the entire recruitment process.

Partner us Resource Process Outsourcing Simon Bradberry Managing Director Resource Solutions, Asia Tel: (65) 6228 0299 Email:


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Permanent and Contract Andrea Ross Managing Director Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam Tel: (65) 6228 0227 Email:

When you partner with Robert Walters, you will receive excellent and flexible recruitment services that are tailored to the unique needs of your business and consistent across all regions and specialisations. When we work with you, our focus will be on aligning with you to offer a completely accountable, transparent and results-oriented service.




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Getting a specialist recruiter to seek out potential candidates can give your organisation an important edge in recruitment markets. HRM finds out more By Sumathi V Selvaretnam

HR often wears itself thin by being a jack of all trades. Realising this, an increasing number of organisations are seeing the value of delegating some HR functions to third parties so that the internal team has time for more strategic pursuits. Recruitment is one area where external hiring specialists can make a sizeable difference in netting the best talent. Recruiters are well-embedded in the market and are able to access a wider and more diverse candidate pool, far beyond the scope of just advertising, says Chris Mead, Regional Director, Hays, Singapore and Malaysia. “This includes reaching passive candidates who are often the most sought after candidates for the role.” Joanne Chua, Associate Director, Robert Walters Singapore, concurs. “The knowledge of the quality and availability of talent pool far exceeds that of in-house HR departments, who have more on their plates than just recruitment. “ Specialist recruiters also focus on specific industries and job functions. This gives them a better understanding of that particular market than someone in a more generalist HR function. Such recruiters often know the movers and shakers of their industries and are part of a person’s career journey, says Lynne Ng, Regional Director, Southeast Asia, Adecco. “Trusted recruiters have formed formidable relationships with job seekers which benefit clients as they often recommend and match the right talent for the job. Companies also benefit through the relationships these recruiters have with candidates.”

HR and the external recruiter HR needs to build a good relationship with its recruiter from the get go in order for the endeavour to gain success. Communication channels have to be open and plentiful, says Mead. “The recruiter not only needs to know what roles you need filled but the essence of your businesses. So to really understand each other and the needs involved for both parties, it’s best to have regular face-to-face meetings and

briefings that ensure everyone is on the same page.” It is also critical that recruiters understand their clients internal HR policies from the beginning. “Be transparent and share the goals and objectives so that everyone is clear on what they should achieve and therefore meet and exceed targets,” Ng says. Providing the recruiter with just a brief list of job prerequisites is not sufficient, says Chua. “In order for an external recruiter to be more targeted and effective in selling a role and company to potential candidates, he or she would need information which may not be found in the job description.” HR should also arrange for meetings between the recruiter and the hiring or line manager, says Chua. This is extremely beneficial in assessing team and management dynamics and enables recruiters to present candidates who have the right personality and potential to work with the team, she adds. According to Chua, such early meetings will also help manage expectations. “This is exceptionally important as candidates may not fit all requirements to a tee. Hence, having meetings enables more effective information sharing, faster identification of the right talent, and as such, facilitation of a smoother recruitment partnership.”

Common mistakes Getting a third party to take over your organisation’s recruitment efforts is not without its pitfalls. However, some careful forward planning and

Contingency or retainer? Recruitment firms mainly offer two types of services: • Retainer – This arrangement is based on a trusted and often exclusive partnership. The external recruiter is an extension of the internal recruitment team. A part of the payment is made at the start of the search and the remainder is paid at the end of the assignment. • Contingency – The recruiter only gets paid if they successfully fill a position.

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Recruitment Hiring a recruiter: Top four attributes to look out for The right expertise Choose a recruiter who is an expert and who has access to a wide pool of both active and passive candidates. Recruitment, like most fields, has become increasingly specialised and it is a recruiter’s job to connect employers looking for staff with appropriate candidates. This connection is made much smoother by the services of a recruiter who knows their market well. So if you are a HR or hiring manager looking for your next staff member, look for a recruiter with depth of expertise and technical understanding. Track record What are the capabilities of the recruitment firm in this particular industry or for this role or level? How long has the company been operating in that industry? Who is working on that particular account? How long have they been with the firm? Have they personally been responsible for those types of roles? The credibility and integrity of an organisation can largely be seen from its track record. Strong negotiation skills While it is critical to have strong relationships skills, it is also important that the recruiter is able to close the deal. Striking the fine balance between the client’s demands and the candidate’s asking salary is often a sensitive part of negotiation so a good consultant will know how to open the conversation and yet be able to close the deal within the time frame allocated. Cultural alignment Making sure your recruiter is culturally aligned with your organisation is paramount. This means that they fully understand your businesses and what it is you are looking for in your employees in order to engage with the right candidates. You’ll want to choose a recruiter who can help you maximise your options and ensure you receive access to the highest quality candidates.


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“It is critical that the recruitment firm is furnished with all the correct information about the company, role, department, organisation culture, and management team” – JOANNE CHUA, ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR, ROBERT WALTERS SINGAPORE understanding can go a long way in forging an effective partnership. Managing costs is most likely at the top of the agenda, as organisations want the most bang for their buck. However, choosing a recruiter based on costs alone could backfire, experts warn. “Basing your decision solely on the fees of a recruiter can mean you not only compromise on the quality of service you receive but also potentially impact negatively on your employment brand in the market. Rather, look at the recruiter’s track record,” says Mead. Some recruiters for example, offer guarantees, like replacing a candidate who quits after a brief stint. “Looking at not only the percentage of roles to the percentage of placements a recruiter has made but examining the retention rate of the candidates that have been placed is a valuable tool in ensuring you choose the right recruiter,” says Mead. There should also be no secrets between the recruiter and HR, says Ng. “There has to be an element of trust and understanding. They should not be viewed as competitors, but rather as partners.” It is critical that the recruitment firm is furnished with all the correct information about the company, role, department, organisation culture, and management team, says Chua.” If this is misrepresented in the market place by the wrong recruitment firm, it can be extremely damaging to the reputation of the organisation.” Chua also suggests that employers request at least three references from the recruiter’s clients to vouch for its service and delivery.



HR & Staffing Solutions Expertise in 2013 The world of work is everchanging, dynamic and increasingly demanding. This year will present both opportunities and challenges for HR professionals in Singapore and it’s clear that the environment will continue to change at a rapid pace. That’s where Adecco comes in. For over 27 years, Adecco Singapore has been supporting international and local organisations to find the right talent at the right time. Adecco consults with its clients to identify the best and most appropriate staffing solutions to meets their specific needs. It’s this comprehensive understanding of strategic ways of working that has supported the company on its journey to becoming Singapore’s leading provider of talent. Adecco Singapore is part of the Adecco Group, a Swiss-based Fortune Global 500 company with over 33,000 employees and more than 5,500 offices in over 60 countries and territories around the world. Globally, the group connects

more than 750,000 colleagues with over 100,000 clients every day. Throughout Asia Pacific, Adecco puts people to work every day in Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Malaysia, New Caledonia, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam. The Adecco Group in Singapore includes Adecco, LHH, Spring Professional and Judd Farris – with each business complementing the others and allowing the group

to offer comprehensive HR and staffing solutions to its extensive client base. Adecco Singapore’s General Staffing offices are conveniently located in Tampines, Jurong and in the city on Scotts Road. Adecco Specialty Staffing offices offer positions in Banking, Engineering, Events & Exhibitions, Hospitality & Retail, Information Technology, Medical & Science and Technical as well as roles for Japanesespeaking candidates.

For further information, please reference, or find Adecco on Facebook at EA licence Number: 91C2918

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Connecting talents Francis Koh, MD, Capita Pte Ltd


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At Capita, it is all about making the RIGHT connections. Human capital is derived over time, experience and knowledge. We believe that it is only through establishing the right connections, networks and people that you build valuable human capital in a company. Our success is also our clients’ success. Our relationships with our clients go beyond delivery. We understand the importance of obtaining the right talents to charter our client’s growth. However, at Capita, it is not just about getting talents, but about contributing to our clients’ business objectives. We provide a 360 suite of talent management solutions for your business, including: • Talent search for business support, general administrative, banking, technology and engineering industries • Outsourcing, temporary and contract placements • One-stop payroll centre • Recruitment Process Outsourcing


To further cater to the increasing business appetite of our clients in Asia, Capita has also collaborated with Intelligence Ltd, one of the oldest and largest HR service companies in Japan, to establish a joint venture, Intelligence Asia. Intelligence Asia specialises in Japanesecentric recruitment, with a focus on Executive and Specialist recruitment. At Capita, clients-candidates’ well-being is our top priority. We understand how important it is for businesses today to meet the right people and make the right choices. Capita constantly reshapes our services to suit our clients’ needs and add value to their business operations. We strive to be your trusted talent resource partner by bringing to you a professional and personalised service. • For an in-depth discussion on your recruitment needs, please contact us at or 6603 8000



Discover new possibilities RGF is the global brand of Recruit Group, the 4th largest recruitment services business worldwide with annual revenues of approximately US$10 billion and operations in the Asia Pacific Region since 1960. RGF has an extensive footprint of more than 25 offices across the APAC region including Singapore, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Indonesia and India, allowing us to provide recruitment services seamlessly across the region.

RGF Singapore offers specialised recruitment solutions in executive search and selection across industry verticals and corporate functions and our geographical reach and dedicated specialist teams in executive search and functional selection ensure clients and candidates get the industry, functional, and local market expertise required to complete an assignment or advance a career.

Visit one of our career pages to search for a career opportunity that suits you. • For Executive Search inquiries contact: Jonathan Guilfoile, Director, +65-6398-3272 • For Functional Selection inquiries contact: Darren Wada, Director, +65-6439-1440 • For Japanese recruitment inquiries contact: Kyosuke Nishizawa, Director, +65-6221-7437

Our specialised divisions in Executive Search and Functional Selection: Industry Division • Information Technology & Telecom • Healthcare & Life sciences • Consumer Markets • Digital & Social Media • Oil & Gas, Energy, Utilities • Professional Services Functional Division • Finance & Accounting • Human Resources • General Affairs • Supply Chain • Sales & Marketing • Contracting • Japanese speakers • Korean speakers

ISSUE 13.2



Pearson TalentLens

Identify the Best Candidates using the global standard in talent assessments

Pearson’s selection roots go back to 1925 when TalentLens developed the first tests to hire police officers. Today, TalentLens is the leader in scientificallyvalid assessments used across the world to identify the best candidates, put people in the right jobs, and hire for performance. Powered by eight decades of science, TalentLens provides multiple lenses to help organisations assess an individual’s potential and their possible place in an organisation.

Pearson Assessment Lenses:

High-performing business cultures are fuelled by employees who deliver productivity, innovation, and profitability. This is why effective talent identification is a critical success factor in any high performing organisation. Yet, the methods typically used in talent identification often rely on weak sources of information (e.g. paper qualifications, references from former colleagues) or are easily foiled by the savvy, smoothtalking candidate. So then, how can employers get accurate, job-relevant information? To begin, employers need to be clear about their expectations before the hiring process begins. A variety of assessment measurements focused on an individual’s abilities, skills and personality, are then necessary, and work together to create a good hire. This is where Pearson TalentLens comes in. TalentLens instruments equip organisations with a complete suite of robust and effective talent assessment tools to complement talent identification at every level.

For more information on Pearson Talentlens, visit:, email or call +65 6319 9222


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Critical Thinking Ability. Watson-Glaser Critical Thinking Appraisal is the leading critical thinking test used to assess and develop decision making skills and judgment. A powerful predictor of job performance, Watson-Glaser enables organisations to quickly differentiate between strong and weak candidates, enabling decision makers to focus on a selective pool of top talents. Culture-free, Abstract Reasoning. Raven’s Progressive Matrices assesses skills essential for professionals, managers, and high-flyers, including efficient problem solving and abstract reasoning. As a language-free measure, the test provides a fair measure of ability across different cultures, unbiased by language differences – an important benefit in today’s multicultural and global workforce. Personality and Values. Sosie is a profiling tool that assesses both personality traits, as well as individual values. Values are deeply held concepts that drive an individual’s decisions, preferences, beliefs and interests. Two people with the same personality traits may act very differently according to their value system. Use Sosie’s measure of 20 dimensions to understand how individuals are likely to behave, perform and adapt to an organisational environment. Communication Skills. In a global economy, strong language skills are necessary to effectively communicate with customers, suppliers, partners and other employees. Pearson’s Versant tests help organisations uphold language standards that have been proven to be critical to customer satisfaction and employee productivity. When English, Arabic, French, Spanish or Dutch language skills are critical for success on the job, quickly and objectively screen candidates with Versant automated tests.


The Best


Using the Gold Standard in Talent Assessments Gold Standard Assessment • Cognitive Ability • Personality • Interpersonal & Personal Value • Personal & Team Learning Styles • Communication & Language Proficiency

Valid, Reliable and Predictive

Industry Leading Assessment Tools:

• Scientifically Developed

• Watson-Glaser™ Critical Thinking Appraisal

• Rigorously Researched

• Raven’s Progressive Matrices™

• Extensive Validation Studies

• Rust Advanced Numerical Reasoning Appraisal

• Proven to Predict On-the-Job Performance

• Golden Personality Type Profiler • SOSIE Personality Traits & Values Questionnaire

Powerful Online Administration

• Peter Honey Learning Styles

• Secure, Internet-Based Testing System

• Versant English Tests

• Customizable to Your Business Needs • Administer, Deliver & Review Results at the Click-of-a-Button

Expert Advice and Support Our Team of Experts Includes; • HR & Assessment Consultants • Psychologists • Research Directors • Technology Professionals

Call TalentLens today +65 6319 9222 or email



Specialist Search -

Impassioned to inspire The relentless leader behind the success

We are impassioned to inspire organisations to settle for nothing lesser than the finest talents, and finest talents to settle for nothing lesser than deserving employers. We skillfully identify and nimbly fit the missing piece into the jigsaw puzzle. Proposing the right candidate for the right role within the right organisation - that defines our expertise.


Lance Foo Regional Director, Regional Headquarters Singapore Astute and committed leadership is one of the key factors that contribute towards Riverchelles’ success. Holding the fort for the past 13 years, Regional Director Lance Foo has grown the business considerably. From primarily serving the Singapore market and subsequently various parts of South East Asia, Riverchelles has also, in recent years, enlarged its capacity to serve Greater China and the South Korean market. Under Foo’s brilliant leadership, a team of dedicated consultants have also been fulfilling numerous positions from middle management to senior management and chief-level roles.


ISSUE 13.2

Officially acknowledged by Contact Singapore as a Popular Search Firm where only the elite qualify, Riverchelles maintains an unrivalled reputation within the industry. Having entrenched our foothold in the European and Asia Pacific Markets for more than 40 years, our core expertise lies in Executive Search, Specialist Recruitment and Leadership Consulting. Thoroughly equipped, Riverchelles is privileged to serve various Forbes 100 firms, Fortune 500 companies, high growth middle-market organisations as well as established homegrown enterprises from diversified industries. Widely recognised for our competitive advantage in the functional domain of International Trade, we are strategically positioned to extend exceptional human capital solutions to various functions and industries, especially the following: • Supply Chain and Procurement • Energy & Resources • Chemical & Pharmaceutical • Environment, Health & Safety • Human Resources • Consumer

Our Family of Brands:

Riverchelles • Unparalleled Specialist Recruitment Expertise Riverchelles Consultant • Global Executive Placement through Strategic Engagement Riverchelles Performance • Our Leadership Consulting Solutions, Your Performance Accelerator Riverchelles Outsourcing • Optimised & Effective RPO Solutions Scaled to your Business Needs

Our Milestones: • Market Leadership in International Trade • Approved HR Partner of numerous Forbes 100 & Fortune 500 companies • Recognised as “Popular Executive Search Firms” by Contact Singapore • Endorsed by IE Singapore • Appointed as an external consultant to various government agencies • Featured as a premium recruiter on all major online portals • Featured as “Employers of Choice” in Monster

Tangible Affirmation Evidently pleased, to display their satisfaction, both clients and candidates have presented with us testimonials. “Being a competitive headhunter for top executives, Lance can well map customers’ needs with ambitious candidates’ career plans. She can be your trust partner to get the right people on board to build and maintain a winning team.”

– Pacific International Lines

“They perfectly understand the culture of PerkinElmer, in addition to that, they are versatile in handling roles of diverse nature …”

– Perkin Elmer

“In this regard and many others, we are inclined to acknowledge their thoroughness, persistence and professionalism.”


– Manitowoc

“We would not be surprised that by now, her team and her would have gained a rounded understanding of our business, culture and expectations as time and again, they have been recommending suitable candidates within a short turnaround time.”

– Gemalto

“I’m very pleased to be working with Riverchelles and her team of highly professional consultants who know the Logistics industry well. This is indeed an excellent partnership.”

– DHL Asia Pacific


Riding the mobile trend It’s 2013. The mobile lifestyle is in full swing. Smartphones and tablets are pushing home PC usage to the lowest levels ever. More and more Singaporeans are relying on their mobile devices for everything from organising their activities to staying in touch, getting the latest news, shopping, banking, and now, even job hunting.

Reaching out to Talent Meet the Digital Employee. He looks for jobs wherever his mobile lifestyle takes him. And that’s just about anywhere. He scans the ads, gets tips from friends in his industry of specialisation, and even submits resumes and schedules interviews, all with his mobile device. To keep in pace with the demands of the Digital Employee, JobsDB Singapore recently launched its new mobile site. Initially optimised for iPhone and Android platforms, the mobile site is an entirely new job-hunting experience that features a user-friendly interface designed to make it easier for prospective employees to look for relevant jobs while on the go. The new interface will allow them to easily search under specific criteria like job function, company location, industry, employment type and career level. Creating a MyJobsDB account will make it possible for them to apply for jobs in private occasions, save favourite jobs, and subscribe to job alerts. Currently, mobile site supports the following handsets: iPhone, Android, Nokia Series 40, Symbian and Blackberry touch phones.

Engaging with Employers

For more information, please visit Tel: 6861 1000


ISSUE 13.2’s innovations do not stop with the job seeker. The online Recruitment Management System (RMS) keeps the employer segment ready for the mobile job seekers, by providing a comprehensive, user-friendly recruitment system that can be accessed anytime, anywhere. The RMS provides companies with a powerful and efficient platform that allows them to reach qualified candidates through JobsDB’s vast resume database. The Job Posting Management feature


allows them to post, edit and manage job ads in real-time. Employers can also capture newly registered job seekers who suit the company’s requirements with RMS’ Candidate Search & CV Request. Never miss out on relevant talents and be able to screen out unqualified candidates quickly! With the mobile market growing exponentially at breakneck speed, has all the bases covered for both the job seekers and the employers. The two can now interface simply by visiting the site that bridges the distance between them:

60 $88 For Only


Days Ad Exposure Usual 30 Days

Double Happiness

Usual Price $99


Celebrate the Year of the Snake with this unbeatable deal! We’re bringing down the cost of your ad placement from $99

to $88! And not only that, we’ll double the duration of exposure days from 30 days to 60 days! That’s two full months of exposure at $11 less!

Call us now at 6861 1000. Job ads must be posted by 28 February 2013 to be eligible for this promotion.

What has to offer? An effective & efficient recruitment process.

A dynamic & intuitive candidate search service.

JOBSDB.COM VOTED #1 RECRUITMENT WEBSITE Voted by HR professionals in Voted by Marketing professionals & decision Human Resources Magazine (2006 - 2011) makers in Marketing Magazine (2012)

A vast pool of suitable candidates in your mailbox.

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HRM 13.2 Supplement  

- Annual guide to RPO, Search and Recruitment

HRM 13.2 Supplement  

- Annual guide to RPO, Search and Recruitment