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2016-17 College and Career

GED /Hi ET /TA C ®


Test P reparation

3 Fast Forward Online Course 6 Fast Forward e-books and workbooks

P ro essional Development 9 Training 10 Free Resources

Distance Learning 12 Physics, Latin, German 13 Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, Arts in Culture

Workplace kills 17 Workplace Essential Skills

Li e kills & Adult Basic Education 19  TV411 20 TV411 Life Skills Kits, Street Skills

Family Literacy 22 TV411 Family Learning Kit, Madison Heights, Lifelines 23  Active Parenting: The First Five Years, Active Parenting of Teens, Everyday Science 24 Art to Heart, ¡Arte y más!

E L 26 Crossroads Café, On Common Ground, Culture Clips 27 Ordering Information 28 Order Form

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Are you ready? As an adult educator, you help learners prepare for the next

step. Passing the GED®, HiSET® or TASC test is often where it starts. While that’s an important goal—an indispensable one— it is far from the last. You want each learner to be ready for college or a career, or both—for a successful and fulfilling life. This catalog is filled with products that help you, the educator, help your learners acquire the skills to get to that exciting future. Some of the most sought after skills today are taught in Workplace Essential Skills. This multimedia approach concentrates on skills needed to succeed on the job— an ability to work with others, communicate well, arrive on time, pitch an idea, dress appropriately. Our most popular program is Fast Forward, our distinctive online high school equivalency test prep. It is customizable to each learner’s need and pace and takes advantage of the latest technology to provide features such as Read Speaker. With this feature, Fast Forward will read the text, highlighting each word as it is spoken. In fact, we have ways to help learners with everything from the essentials of preparing for a high school equivalency to better understanding American culture to successful parenting. We also have professional development products and training designed especially for educators. And don’t forget to look for the page of free resources. We want to help you and your learners prepare for a successful career and life.

Be ready.

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Testready 2 800.354.9067


Fast Forward KET’s Fast Forward learning system is an ONLINE course to help students prepare for GED®, HiSET®, and TASC tests. Designed for classroom use and/or independent study, teachers can manage, track, and report student enrollment.

Breadcrumbs make navigation easy

Track student progress Assign student “seats” and generate reports Classroom activities, correlations, and more Calculator Writing self-assessment or math formulas Highlighter Targeted lessons with video, skill checks, and reviews Pretest results provide the basis for an individualized study plan Text-to-speech for auditory learners, ESL students, and those who simply aren’t strong readers The KET logo lets you know it’s top quality

Practice tests let learners know when they’re ready

A voucher for the official GED ReadyTM test is included

Customization includes changeable background color for individuals with visual sensitivity

Show Me How does just that!

GED® and GED Testing Service® are registered trademarks of the American Council on Education and may not be used or reproduced without express written permission.

To order call

800.354.9067 or visit 800.354.9067



Free Course Management System With a license for two or more learners, teachers get the free course management system which allows you to track seat time, keep up with students’ progress, and generate reports.

Teacher Toolkit Fast Forward’s online Teacher Toolkit provides classroom extension activities, instructional videos, correlations to CCSS and GED® assessment targets, and more. Need strategies for teaching geometry? Would printable test tips be useful? How about a little help teaching critical thinking? Or a video to walk you through setting up a Fast Forward virtual classroom? You’re just a click or two away.

Printable handouts with provocative questions stimulate discussion V ideo segments from a wide range of sources engage learners C orrelations to national standards align lessons to curriculum goals D ownloadable apps let students interact on their smartphones or tablets



Fast Forward Online Courses* One-year individual license for all subjects One-year individual license for one subject Six-month Mobile Study Bundle for all subjects One-year class license for 10 students ($97.00/student)** One-year class license for 30 students ($78.00/student)** One-year institutional license for 50 students ($62.00/student)** One-year institutional license for 75 students ($50.00/student)** One-year institutional license for 100 students ($45.00/student)**

$129.00 $36.00 $69.95 $970.00 $2,340.00 $3,100.00 $3,750.00 $4,500.00

* Call to find out if your state has a statewide license—which means even lower prices. ** Get a free course management system with a license for two or more learners.

What teachers say “It’s so easy to use!”

“It’s great for differentiation in the ABE classroom.” “You can just let students go!” “We’re surprised by how many people use text-to-speech.” “The price is right.”

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Fast Forward workbooks available now in both printed and e-book formats

Fast Forward Basics

Fast Forward Skills for Success

Written for the intermediate reader, the Fast Forward Basics series builds a foundation for higher-level study. Pretests help learners assess their skills, and practice exercises throughout the chapter give opportunities to check learning gains.

These easy-to-use workbooks focus on key skills that help users prepare for a high school equivalency test. Skills are explained through examples, strategy suggestions, and practice questions. Major new additions to the GEDÂŽ test requirements are included, plus advice on taking a computer-based test. These books are ideal for a basic review of the subject.

Fast Fast Fast Fast Fast

Forward Forward Forward Forward Forward

Writing Basics Reading Basics Math Basics Science Basics Social Studies Basics

To order call

Fast Forward Language Arts Skills for Success Fast Forward Math Skills for Success See page 6.

800.354.9067 or visit


Fast Forward e-books and workbooks Two new Fast Forward workbook series are available now—both in e-book and printed format. Fast Forward Skills for Success books provide great review and test prep. Fast Forward Basics books introduce the subjects for learners who are not strong readers. Streaming video segments accompany each book, accessible directly through the e-book or online at While special features vary from one e-book or e-reader to another, most allow the reader to zoom in or out, and many include glossary terms, highlighters, and notes. E-books can also be projected onto a whiteboard for classroom discussion. TO ORDER: Printed workbooks are available from KET online at E-books are available through and ISBNs are listed on our website.

Fast Forward Skills for Success These easy-to-use workbooks focus on key skills that help users prepare for the GED® test. Skills are explained through examples, strategy suggestions, and practice questions. Video, vocabulary, and test tips are also provided. Major new additions to the GED® test requirements are included, plus advice on taking a computer-based test. These books are ideal for a basic review of the subject.

TITLES Language Arts Skills for Success Math Skills for Success

Fast Forward Basics Written for the intermediate reader, the Fast Forward Basics series builds a foundation for higher-level study. Pretests help learners assess their skills, and practice exercises throughout the chapter give opportunities to check learning gains. Video segments provide a change of pace and expand on the lessons.

TITLES Fast Forward Writing Basics Fast Forward Reading Basics Fast Forward Math Basics Fast Forward Science Basics Fast Forward Social Studies Basics

FAST FORWARD Fast Forward e-books and workbooks Fast Forward Skills for Success e-books Fast Forward Skills for Success workbooks Fast Forward Basics e-books Fast Forward Basics workbooks

6 800.354.9067

LIST PRICE $9.99 $15.00 $9.99 $13.99

Dropping Back In is a series of powerful half-hour documentaries showcasing people who have rebuilt their lives by earning a high school equivalency. Check with your PBS station for schedules or watch programs and interviews at • Second Chances explores the reasons so many leave school; interviews individuals who have dropped out and experts working tirelessly to solve the problem; and examines the consequences for individuals and society. • More Than a Statistic looks at dropout prevention and recovery programs that target younger dropouts and have a track record of success. • Complicated Lives examines some of the many stumbling blocks dropouts face in their attempts to pursue an education and looks at programs seeking to close achievement gaps. • Working for the Future looks at some of the education and training opportunities that provide skills needed to compete in the workplace of the future. • Building a Better Life looks at successful apprentice and training-based programs that are preparing undereducated and underemployed people for available jobs by teaching marketable skills. The program also explores the difference a constant and caring adult can make.

Coloring Book Downloads A coloring book telling the story of Kellie Blair Hardt, a former dropout and now an award-winning special education teacher featured in the Dropping Back In program “Second Chances,” is available to download and print. The coloring book is aimed at a dual audience—young children, providing them with an inspiring story that encourages them to stay in school and value their education, and their parents, especially those who have dropped out and need the encouragement to obtain their high school credential. The back of the coloring book has space for localized information, or you can use the space to promote

Fast Forward is part of American Graduate: Let’s Make It Happen, a public media initiative supported by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting to help local communities across America address the dropout crisis. Learn more at


Teach ready 8 800.354.9067


Training KET designs workshops and webinars to meet your specific needs, at your location or via web conferencing. Training includes interactive group learning and hands-on practice. Participants explore features, best practices, and effective implementation of the new Fast Forward online course. Call for details and pricing. Be sure to see page 4 to learn about the professional development available in the Fast Forward Teacher Toolkit.

P R O F E S S I O N A L D E V E L O P M E N T LIST PRICE Onsite/Webcast Training

Call for pricing

Go to to find these resources. Just type the appropriate title into the search feature to easily find what you want. Additional resources for teachers can be found at

GED® Test Info Basics about the GED® test, including instructional tips and techniques. Teachers can earn a certificate of completion.

Math Instructional Strategies: Number Operations Lectures and student discussions about the relationship among decimals, fractions, and percentages. Also examples of strategies to determine student understanding after a lesson.

Math Instructional Strategies: Geometry Learners are active participants, often collaborating in small groups to find measurements for area, perimeter, missing dimensions, and compound shapes.

Reading Instructional Strategies: Resources for Adult Educators Individual lessons tailored to teaching specific strategies such as questioning, repeated reading, and summarizing. Suggestions for choosing texts for adult learners.

Teaching Strategies: Resources for Adult Educators Techniques for promoting group discussion, encouraging critical thinking, and managing the classroom environment.

Guide to the Common Core Standards: Kentucky Adult Education Video of adult education instructors exploring the Common Core

National trainers/GED Testing Service® consultants Bonnie Goonen and Susan Pittman at KET shooting professional development seminars for GED® Test Info. See page 10 for more info. standards. Printable charts and guidelines allow you to follow along and begin working with the standards yourself.

Standards-Based Instruction–In the Adult Education Classroom Meet instructors in adult literacy, basic education, and GED® classes using College and Career Readiness Standards (CCRS).

GED® Geometry Professional Development Review and master geometry concepts. Within each self-paced module, lessons build on one another and include teaching tips, practice activities, videos, skill summaries, sample questions, and glossaries.

PowerPath Resources for Teachers Information and video segments of certified instructors screening students to help identify learning challenges such as visual stress syndrome and poor hearing. Just search for ‘powerpath resources.’ See page 10 for more free PD resources. 800.354.9067


Free resources

GED ® Test In o ®

Go to and search for “GED Test Info” to find FREE online professional development courses created by KET in cooperation with GED Testing Service® to introduce teachers to the 2014 series GED® tests. Includes: GED® Test Info: Reasoning Through Language Arts, GED Test Info: Mathematics, GED Test Info: Science, GED Test Info: Social Studies. Overview sections offer a review of the entire GED® test and its four subjects; the subject-specific sections cover content in more detail and offer instructional tips and techniques. Teachers have the option to take a quiz at the end to earn a certificate of completion. Note: These courses are also accessible through the Fast Forward Teacher Toolkit.

Outreach Toolkit Go to for a treasure trove of links to FREE resources, including: • A chart created by ProLiteracy comparing the 2002 and 2014 series GED Test® with the HiSET® and TASC assessments. • A list created and maintained by the National Adult Education Professional Development Consortium showing which states are offering which tests.

WE Teacher’s Guide

•A  n FAQ page from GED Testing Service® with information about the 2014 test and a free practice test learners can take online.

Multimedia Resources

This comprehensive teacher’s guide contains a wealth of information to help teachers make the most of each part of the LiteracyLink System. Download all or part of the guide in PDF format at and look for “LiteracyLink Teacher’s Guide” on the center of the page.

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New products that help learners. Inspirational stories of adult education learners, teachers, and programs. The latest websites. Updates from people and places at the center of adult ed. New approaches to distance learning. Professional development options for educators. All this and more are found in KET College & Career Ready News. And the best news about this newsletter—it’s FREE. Sign up at to receive it by mail or email us at And see page 7 for a free Dropping Back In resource.


PBS LearningMedia™ offers direct access to thousands of classroomready, curriculum-targeted, FREE digital resources. Resources are aligned to national standards, and include videos, and interactives, and in-depth lesson plans. You can browse by standards, grade level, subject area, and special collections. Go to 800.354.9067

Now ready DISTANCE LEARNING 800.354.9067



Distance Learning

Level 9-12

College preparation means a well-rounded curriculum, including arts and humanities, world languages, and higher-level science. With KET’s distance learning courses, students enjoy the independence of online classes with help from teachers and tutors—great for high school students enrolled in public, private, or homeschool programs. KET’s world language courses are also available for motivated middle school students. Learn more at

Latin 1, 2, 3; Latin Literature; AP Latin Latin students learn one of the world’s foundational languages, which supports a better understanding of English and other world languages, plus improves performance on standardized tests. This multimedia approach to learning includes extensive online activities, virtual visits to ancient sites, video lessons, readings and translations, culture and history lessons, and direct interaction with KET’s teachers and tutors via phone, email, and Skype.

German 1, German 2, and German 3 All world language courses are based on the National Standards for Foreign Language Learning.

Learn the language of commerce, classical music, and rich German culture. Students choose their paths of study as they learn to listen, speak, read, and write German. KET’s German program allows students to collaborate with fellow learners and speak with tutors one-on-one to practice the language via phone and Skype.

Mandarin Chinese 1 and 2 Students listen, speak, read, and write Chinese through diverse activities. They practice simple grammatical structures in engaging ways with a variety of learning styles in mind and engage in weekly practice sessions with a conversation coach. Lessons in culture help students understand the context of the language.

12 800.354.9067


panish 1 and 2 Students learn Spanish through common expressions, vocabulary, and grammar rules. They practice speaking, reading, listening, and writing in Spanish and have opportunities for authentic conversation in Spanish. Students also learn cultural traditions, practices, and perspectives of the Spanish-speaking world.

Physics The KET Virtual Physics Labs for high school and college faculty includes 21 pieces of virtual apparatus plus an integrated graphing program. This approach is great for introductory exploration, concept development, and application activities. Because the labs are always available, teachers can do authentic “that’s a great question; let’s go into the lab” investigations. And teachers can use them as pre-lab introductions, assign them for independent study outside class, or embed them within homework.

Arts in Culture This multimedia course teaches history and appreciation of visual and performing arts. Assignments and assessments are tied to higher-order thinking skills, and students blog about their responses to art, music, dance, and drama. This course is available for students in grades 9-12 only, with a variety of credit options, including dual college credit.

Arts and Humanities teacher resources • Humanities through the Arts: a complete curriculum teachers can use to enhance their instruction • Humanities Themes: curriculum resources for teachers of grades 7-10 • Humanities Connections: cross-curricular resources for language arts, social studies, art, and history teachers



All prices online at 800.354.9067


Job ready 1 Research conducted by Harvard University, the Carnegie Foundation and Stanford Research Center concluded that 85 percent of

On time

job success comes from having well developed soft skills (essential skills) and only 15 percent comes from technical skills and knowledge (hard skills). Help your learners succeed on the job and in life by helping them develop the skills employers want and need.

14 800.354.9067

Communicates well with others





2. Uses good judgment


Works well as part of a team

5. 4.

Follows basic workplace etiquette

Listens well

Dresses appropriately 800.354.9067



Workready 16 800.354.9067


Level 6-8

25 half-hour programs feature people in real jobs

3 more resources

and interviews with experts as well as scripted scenarios of people looking for and starting new jobs.

• FREE online lessons and activities for Workplace Essential Skills on the LiteracyLink website at

4 student workbooks (Employment, Communication

• Educators can use the Online Management System to create virtual classrooms, control/track learners’ progress, run reports, and keep in touch with learners.

& Writing, Reading, and Math) expand on the videos. Each workbook includes a skills pretest, synopses of the videos, instruction, enrichment activities, practice exercises, and a reference manual with explanations, formulas, document templates, and other items.


Workplace Essential kills  

• Teacher’s Guide includes lesson plans, activities, and copy masters and is available FREE as a PDF on the LiteracyLink website.

PROGRAM TITLES Orientation: Making It Work



13. A Process for Writing 14. Supplying Information: Directions, Forms, and Charts 15. Writing Memos and Letters

1. Planning to Work 2. Matching Skills and Jobs 3. Applying for Jobs 4. Resumes, Tests, and Choices 5. Interviewing

KEEPING A JOB 6. Ready for Work 7. Workplace Safety 8. Learning at Work

COMMUNICATION 9. The Language of Work 10. Communicating with Co-Workers and Supervisors 11. Working Together 12. Communicating with Customers

READING 16. Reading for a Purpose 17. Finding What You Need: Forms and Charts 18. Following Directions 19. Reading Reports and Manuals

MATH 20. Number Sense 21. Solving Problems 22. Fractions, Decimals, and Percents 23. Measurements and Formulas 24. Trends and Predictions: Graphs and Data

WORKPLACE ESSENTIAL SKILLS (WES) Workplace Essential Skills Starter Pack—complete set of 25 (30-minute) programs on 7 DVDs, 10 sets of workbooks, and teacher’s guide



WES DVD series—25 (30-minute) programs on 7 DVDs plus 1 set of workbooks


WES Employment DVDs—8 (30-minute) programs on 2 DVDs with workbook


WES Communication and Writing DVDs—7 (30-minute) programs on 2 DVDs with workbook


WES Reading DVDs—4 (30-minute) programs on DVD with workbook


WES Math DVDs—5 (30-minute) programs on DVD with workbook


WES workbook set (4)—Employment; Communication & Writing; Reading; and Math


Individual WES workbook—please specify title (see above)


LiteracyLink Teacher’s Guide—free PDF at


Online Management System—1-year virtual classroom license for GED Connection and Workplace Essential Skills


Streaming video rights

Call for pricing

Statewide or site license—for broadcast and additional educational applications

Call for pricing

*Ask about statewide license discounts, quantity discounts, and online promotional offers. ISBNs are listed on our website. See page 28 for shipping and handling charges. 800.354.9067


f Li ready e-


18 800.354.9067




Level 5-8

TV411 provides learners with the skills they need—reading comprehension, research techniques, writing, filling out forms, calculating percentages, using fractions, test taking, and more. This Emmy Award-winning series is produced by the Adult Literacy Media Alliance (ALMA).

30 half-hour programs cover parenting, money

TV411 Teacher’s Guide contains 14 fully-

matters, and health. Find program descriptions at

developed lesson plans for using the video, print, and online materials as stand-alone curricula or with existing courses of study. Topics include budgeting, reading comprehension, time management, letter writing, and learning styles.

12-page workbooks —one for each program— further explore topics and offer practice opportunities. The workbooks can also be a stand-alone tool, with exercises that teach real-world skills such as filling out applications, understanding a paycheck, and deciphering food labels.

TV411 Online, at, features interactive lessons and articles that address money, parenting, people, and health. A bulletin board provides personalized support, and a forum allows sharing of ideas.

TV411 Learner’s Guide outlines TV411 and answers basic questions about using the videos, workbooks, and website; it also helps learners articulate their goals and develop a portfolio of their work. TV411 Program Guide/Curriculum Index gives time-coded highlights for segments in each program, an alphabetical index of segments, and a list of highlights from all 30 programs.



TV411 Starter Pack—complete set of 30 (30-minute) programs on 6 DVDs, 10 sets of workbooks, 10 learner’s guides, program guide/curriculum index, and teacher’s guide


TV411 DVD series—30 (30-minute) videos on 6 DVDs with one set of workbooks


TV411 workbook set (30)—with learner’s guide


Individual TV411 workbook—please specify lesson number (see website)


TV411 Learner’s Guide $2.00 TV411 Program Guide/Curriculum Index $3.00

TV411 Teacher’s Guide $10.00 Streaming video rights

Call for pricing

Statewide or site license—for broadcast and additional educational applications

Call for pricing

*Ask about statewide license discounts, quantity discounts, and online promotional offers. ISBNs are listed on our website. See page 28 for shipping and handling charges. 800.354.9067



TV411 Life kills Kits

Level 5-8

Each Life Skills Kit contains a DVD, lesson plans, reproducible copy masters or workbooks, and related Internet activities on the TV411 website—for use in groups or with individual learners.

TV411 Read All About Kit Learners strengthen reading skills and enjoy the newspaper more. Topics include finding articles of interest; skimming; looking for main points; making sense of ambiguous headlines; reading reviews and obituaries; and decoding classifieds and fine print.

TV411 Financial Literacy Kit Participants learn to track and control spending, save money, shop, and use credit responsibly. Covers understanding a paycheck, reading fine print, rent-to-own, credit cards, budgeting, and home ownership. Comes with 20 Minding Your Money workbooks.

TV411 Family Learning Kit Life and literacy skills engage parents and children with arts and crafts. Covers family health, nutrition, computers, family math, writing, and civics.

TV411 Health Smarts Kit Health-related issues provide context for strengthening reading, writing, and math skills. Covers taking medicine safely, writing/ reading and good health, nutrition, health risks, and building a medical vocabulary.

T V 4 11 L I F E S K I L L S K I T S


Financial Literacy Kit—with DVD, lesson plans, and workbooks


Additional Minding Your Money workbooks—(pack of 20) to go with Financial Literacy Kit


Read All About Kit—with DVD, lesson plans, and activity sheets


Family Learning Kit—with DVD, lesson plans, and activity sheets


Health Smarts Kit—with DVD, lesson plans, and activity sheets


*Ask about statewide license discounts, quantity discounts, and online promotional offers. ISBNs are listed on our website. See page 28 for shipping and handling charges.

treet kills


For teens and instructors

How do you explain the dangers of talking on the phone, texting, and tweeting-while-driving to teens raised in a multi-tasking, electronic-driven world? Host Josh Hopkins (Cougar Town) presents the facts in a way teens can relate to in interviews with victims and graphic video of accident scenes, with fast edits, MTV-style videography, and contemporary music.

4 half-hour programs give teens an understanding of the physics, mechanics, and psychology of

driving. A bonus DVD includes the dangers of distractions, survivor stories from teenagers involved in serious accidents, and an interactive quiz. The teacher’s guide, video clips, and quizzes for young drivers are online at

Street Skills interactive e-book with videos and interactive quiz. Now available at

STREET SKILLS Street Skills DVD series—4 (30-minute) programs plus a special segment on distractions



Street Skills Teacher’s Guide—available in PDF format at FREE Street Skills e-book—available at $9.95 *See page 28 for shipping and handling charges.

20 800.354.9067


We’ready re 800.354.9067



TV411 Family Learning Kit

For family literacy providers

With DVDs, lesson plans, and reproducible activity sheets in a convenient pack, these compact kits are easy to take almost anywhere. Designed for adults who live or work with children, the TV411 Family Learning Kit covers health, nutrition, computers, math, writing, and civics. All six units include lessons and activities for parents, children, or parents and children together.

SIX UNITS •F  eeling Fit: Focus on Family Health • What’s Cooking? Focus on Nutrition

•S  urfing Cyberspace: Focus on Computers • For a Rainy Day: Focus on Family Math

•L  ots of Letters: Focus on Writing • We, the People: Focus on Civics



TV411 Family Learning Kit—with DVD, lesson plans, and reproducible activity sheets


*See page 28 for shipping and handling charges.

Madison Heights


Level 6-8

These videos raise issues common to at-risk families, prompting discussions about important issues facing families. The correlated worktexts offer self-paced, parent-child activities that promote problem solving, language development, math skills, and more. This series includes 10 half-hour programs, print packs, worktexts, teacher resource book, and more.

Many pricing options are available for this product. For a complete listing, go to

Li elines

CC Level 6-8

These compelling videos from Intelecom help learners build problem-solving skills as well as language development, basic math, and parenting skills—smoothing out some of the bumps and potholes in life. In each video, real people tell their stories in ways learners can identify with and learn from. This series includes 10 half-hour programs, print packs, worktexts, teacher resource book, and more.

Many pricing options are available for this product. For a complete listing, go to

22 800.354.9067


Active Parenting Active Parenting: First Five Years Perfect for new parents and early childhood staff training, this program addresses basic parenting skills for ages birth to five, including temperament, mindfulness, self calming, brain development, and effective, non-violent discipline for young children. All-new: preparing children to enter school. Each session is filled with discussions, activities, and videos to keep participants engaged. Topics include: • Parenting styles • Development stages • Bonding

• A child’s brain • Nonviolent discipline • The A.C.T.s of parenting

• Power of encouragement • Consequences • NEW: 7 smart ways to prepare for school

Active Parenting of Teens Program Kit

(3rd ed.)

This series provides parents with the skills they need to meet the challenges of parenting teens and preteens in today’s turbulent society. Available in English or Spanish. Topics explore: • Teens and technology (the Internet, social networking sites, etc.) • The latest in teen drug use prevention (including prescription drugs) • Teen bullying: how to spot it, how to handle it

• Special stepfamily considerations • How brain development affects teen behavior and decision making • Improved discipline and communication • Updated teen sexuality issues

Many pricing options are available for these products. For a complete listing, go to

Everyday cience

Level K-Primary

You probably know that rabbits use their ears to sense danger, but did you know they also use their ears to stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer? Backyard science, the human body, simple machines, weather, water, lifecycles, reptiles, and birds are some of the topics very young children explore through Everyday Science, which also helps children develop skills in literacy, math, and social/ emotional development.

Online resources include short videos and Flash interactives. The series also includes materials to help teachers engage students in science activities that encourage them to observe, question, hypothesize, and document. Lessons are aligned to early childhood learning standards and support the styles of all children including those with special needs.



Everyday Science—3-ring binder containing 12 modules and companion DVD with 12 short video segments


ISBNs are listed on our website. See page 28 for shipping and handling charges. 800.354.9067



Art to Heart 


For teachers, parents, and childcare professionals

Developed for teachers, parents, and childcare providers, this series provides engaging, hands-on activities that make creativity a part of every day. Each program shows young artists at work and showcases model artseducation programs to explore how developmentally appropriate activities in the arts contribute to learning and growing.

A wealth of explanations, tips, and activity instructions are found in the viewing guide and online. The website includes follow-up resources for each program, arts activities for children (in downloadable PDF format), and lesson plans for preschool and primary classrooms.



Art to Heart DVD series—8 (30-minute) programs on one DVD with spiral-bound viewing guide


ISBNs are listed on our website. See page 28 for shipping and handling charges.

¡Arte y más!


Level K-Primary

This interactive series helps children learn Spanish while they sing, dance, role-play, do crafts, and more. The 60 programs—approximately 10 minutes each—are divided into two levels. Level 1 (Programs 1-26) uses introductorylevel language and focuses on movement concepts. Level 2 (Programs 27-60) deals with visual arts, music, and drama. An orientation program in English provides tips for classroom usage. All remaining programs are taught fully in Spanish.

The set contains printable lesson guidelines on CD-ROM for all 60 programs. Instructional outlines make planning simple with lists of standards addressed, video lesson outlines, objectives, and targeted vocabulary for every lesson. This series is aligned to the National Standards for Foreign Language Learning. ¡Arte y más! also fulfills the literacy component of the NCLB Arts and Humanities Standards.


¡Arte y más! DVD series—60 programs (average length 10 minutes) plus orientation on 9 DVDs with instructor’s guide on CD-ROM $89.00 ISBNs are listed on our website. See page 28 for shipping and handling charges.

24 800.354.9067



ready 800.354.9067



Crossroads Ca é

CC Level 4-6

Learners join six characters at a city café for a taste of life in their new country. This series, produced by Intelecom, is designed to help learners build English language skills and deepen their understanding of U.S. culture. The series is appropriate for teaching ESL in pre-GED® adult literacy and basic skills, workplace, and correctional education programs. Each episode features Word Play, demonstrating a specific language function, and Culture Clips, a documentary-style look at the issues dramatized in the episode.

PROGRAM TITLES 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

This series has been correlated to BEST, CASAS, SCANS, and EFF.

Opening Day Growing Pains Worlds Apart Who’s the Boss Lost and Found Time Is Money Fish Out of Water Family Matters Rush to Judgment

10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18.

Let the Buyer Beware No Vacancy Turning Points Trading Places Life Goes On Breaking Away The Bottom Line United We Stand Opportunity Knocks

19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24.

The People’s Choice Outside Looking In Walls and Bridges Helping Hands The Gift All’s Well That Ends Well 25. Comings and Goings 26. Winds of Change

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On Common Ground  


Level 4-6

This series sheds light on the rights and responsibilities associated with citizenship. Developed by Intelecom, the series addresses key civic and government concepts for EL/Civics and citizenship education. Dramatic stories take on controversial issues, usually in situations that lack a single right answer. Each episode concludes with an important event from U.S. history relevant to the theme or episode. Many pricing options are available for this product. For a complete listing, go to

Culture Clips  


Level 4-6

Taken from Crossroads Café, Culture Clips is a 5-part video series with 26 documentary-style short segments on various aspects of life in the United States. Students quickly learn about life in the U.S. and how to understand cultural differences. The series also provides important stimuli for discussion in the ESL classroom.

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Ready to engage Veteran adult educator Kitty Head uses an array of ways to get students engaged with each other and the subject matter. Her efforts have earned her COABE Teacher of the Year, the Wellcare Community Hero, and Hilliard Lyons University of Louisville Teacher of Excellence. Here are some of her best tips:

Celebrate life victories

Use impromptu celebrations

It’s one student’s birthday, today is important within a student’s culture, one solved a complex math problem, another earned a GED® credential. These are all openings to build community.

Often celebrations cannot be planned. Everyday victories come out during class discussions. That’s when Head stops and spotlights the individual, offering praise and support and attention—rare commodities in most students’ lives.

Celebrate students’ cultures by developing social studies lesson plans around a student’s home country. This gives the lesson a real-life application. “When students feel like a part of the lesson, they take ownership of it,” Head says. “By relating the subject matter to something the students face in their lives, they see the value and are better engaged.”

Bring the workplace to the classroom Use examples from students’ jobs to highlight the importance of writing skills and correct grammar usage. Jobs in carpentry and mechanics offer a chance to formulate math lessons. Everyday needs such as purchasing a car or buying groceries become a way to show students how to calculate interest payments or use percentages to take advantage of sales.

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Too late to ucceed? Harrison Ford was a carpenter and bit-part actor at age 34. But one year later he blasted onto movie screens as Han Solo in Star Wars. He is now a movie star. Adult learners can feel there isn’t time left to achieve their dreams. But dreams don’t have a deadline. Here are a few other folks who achieved their dreams later in life.

J.K. Rowling

Samuel L. Jackson

Harland Sanders,

was 32 when Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone was published. Earlier she was a single mother on government assistance.

was 43 when he landed the role as a crack addict in Spike Lee’s film “Jungle Fever.” In real life, he is a respected actor as well as recovered addict and alcoholic.

(a.k.a. Colonel Sanders), was 62 when he franchised Kentucky Fried Chicken in 1952. He sold it for $2 million 12 years later.


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