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The secret to getting ahead…

… is getting

started. Mark Twain

Getting ahead and getting started both offer unique challenges. Getting ahead is tough, especially without education, training and experience. Getting started can be tough because it’s hard to know how or what to do first. Those involved in helping adults navigate a plan for getting ahead can rely on KET for the tools needed to build foundational skills for success in the workplace and to achieve educational goals. For more than 50 years, KET has provided print materials, digital resources and training to support adult learners. KET offers comprehensive online learning systems for advancing educational attainment, upskilling or retraining, while continuing to serve offline users. At KET, we think the secret to getting ahead lies within the person seeking to move forward. The secret to getting started is the decision to start. The power is within the learner. It’s our privilege to be part of adult education and training programs supporting these efforts…and that’s no secret!

HIGH SCHOOL EQUIVALENCY 2F  astForward Online Course 4 FastForward Skills for Success books and G  ED Ready® Vouchers 5F  ree FastForward resources

ADULT BASIC EDUCATION 7 FastForward Basics books

Work Readiness 9 Workplace Essential Skills Online 11 Workplace Essential Skills Print-based 12 Free work readiness resources

Life Skills 14 T  V411 Life Skills Kits 15 TV411

ENGLISH LANGUAGE LEARNING 17 Crossroads Café 18 On Common Ground and Culture Clips

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT 20 T  raining and free PD resources

ORDER INFORMATION GED® and GED Testing Service® are registered trademarks of the American Council on Education and are used under license. KET is an aligned content provider for GED Testing Service®, a HiSET® test prep provider and a TASCTM publishing partner.

21 H  ow to order, sales reps and newsletter sign-up

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HIGH SCHOOL EQUIVALENCY FastForward Online Course FastForward Skills for Success books GED Ready® Vouchers


NRS levels 5-6, grades 9-11

It’s no secret that customized learning plans are best! That’s why KET’s FastForward program allows teachers to assess learner abilities and create customized study plans to help them acquire the skills they lack. The system is comprehensive and flexible, allowing for the management and tracking of student enrollment and progress in both classroom settings and offsite locations. FastForward can be used as a stand-alone high school equivalency prep program. For learners who require extra practice to master skills, FastForward workbooks and Workplace Essentials Skills are excellent companion materials to use alongside FastForward’s online curriculum. There are no secrets with FastForward. You can experience the entire online program free for two weeks. Go to KET.org/FFTrial to sign up today!


KET.org/AdultEd 800.354.9067

FastForward, KET’s mobile friendly, multi-platform learning system to prepare for the GED®, TASCTM and HiSET® tests, was evaluated by an independent study that confirmed 90% of GED® test-takers who utilized the program passed and earned a GED® high school equivalency credential.*

Benefits for Teachers

Benefits for Learners

• Reusable seats

• Study anywhere, anytime, on any device with online access

• All subjects available (Math, Language Arts, Science and Social Studies)

• GED Ready® test vouchers included with each seat license ($17.00 value) • Correlates and aligns to National College and Career Readiness Standards, GED® Assessment Targets and TABE 11/12 • Course management system** for tracking seat time, student progress, data reports and more • Teacher toolkit provides extension activities, instructional videos, correlations and other resources • Mobile friendly, multi-platform system extends learning opportunities outside classroom hours • Free training and support

90% pass rate for GED® test-takers evaluated in study

• Self-paced study plan offers instructions and feedback • Interactive program with animations, instructional videos and practice opportunities offers improved engagement and builds digital literacy skills • Content design is similar to high school equivalency assessments • Customizable background color • Built-in online study tools (calculator, highlighter, etc.)

• Text-to-speech feature allows learners to listen to on-screen content



One-year individual license for all subjects One-year individual license for one subject One-year class license for 10 students ($97.00/student) One-year institutional license for 50 students ($62.00/student) One-year institutional license for 100 students ($45.00/student)

$129.00 $36.00 $970.00 $3,100.00 $4,500.00

Call for custom pricing quote. Inquire if your state has a statewide license—which means even lower prices.

* Independent evaluation conducted by Arroyo Research Services in 2016. The evaluation examined GED® test results. Use of KET materials does not guarantee a passing score on any test. ** C  ourse management system included free with purchase of multiple seats.

KET.org/AdultEd 800.354.9067



NRS Level 5-6 (grades 9-11)

These easy-to-use workbooks and e-books focus on key skills that help users prepare for the GED®, TASCTM and HiSET® tests. Skills are explained through examples, strategy suggestions and practice questions. Videos, vocabulary and test tips are also provided.

TITLES FastForward Language Arts Skills for Success FastForward Math Skills for Success

FASTFORWARD SKILLS FOR SUCCESS FastForward Skills for Success e-books FastForward Skills for Success printed workbooks

LIST PRICE $9.99 $15.00

ISBNs are listed on our website.

GED READY® VOUCHERS – SINGLE SUBJECT The GED Ready® Official Practice Test voucher includes access to one GED Ready® practice test. After payment, the purchaser will receive an email with instructions for redemption of the voucher(s). It may take up to one business day to receive the email. Each voucher is good for one practice test. The voucher will remain active for 12 months. This official practice test must be taken on a computer with internet capability. It mimics the official GED® test and gives sameday scoring and feedback to best prepare and plan for test day.

GED READY® VOUCHER GED Ready® Official Practice Test voucher


KET.org/AdultEd 800.354.9067


FREE FASTFORWARD RESOURCES Recruiting Resources for FastForward These customizable posters are available FREE of charge. They may be used to promote KET’s FastForward program to learners interested in high school equivalency prep programs. Free videos are also available for sharing with potential learners, stakeholders and employers to increase the reach of FastForward. Find links and learn more at KET.org/ffrecruit.

FastForward Skill Check This app is a great way for adult learners to practice test questions in language arts, social studies, science or math. The app is free and easy to use; just click on a subject to answer practice questions, which include lots of hints and images to help users arrive at the right answers. Download it today on the Apple App Store!

Dropping Back In This series of powerful half-hour documentaries showcases people who have rebuilt their lives by earning a high school equivalency credential. Contact KET for the full collection or watch programs and interviews at droppingbackin.org.

KET.org/AdultEd 800.354.9067


ADULT BASIC EDUCATION FastForward Basics books



NRS Level 4 (grades 6-8)

Written for the intermediate reader, the FastForward Basics series builds a foundation for higher-level study. Pretests help learners assess skills, and practice exercises in each chapter give opportunities to check learning gains. Suggested corresponding video segments provide a change of pace and expand on the lessons. All books are available as e-books or in print.

TITLES FastForward Writing Basics FastForward Reading Basics FastForward Math Basics FastForward Science Basics FastForward Social Studies Basics

FASTFORWARD BASICS FastForward Basics e-books FastForward Basics printed workbooks

LIST PRICE $9.99 $13.00

ISBNs are listed on our website.

KET.org/AdultEd 800.354.9067


WORK READINESS Workplace Essential Skills Online Workplace Essential Skills Print-based


NRS Levels 4-5 (grades 7-9)

Current labor statistics indicate that the U.S. workforce is not adequately prepared to fill millions of job openings in high demand career fields such as healthcare, manufacturing, transportation, construction, IT and more. KET’s Workplace Essential Skills Online learning program teaches targeted math and language used in high-demand occupations and also offers a short soft skills course. Content is contextualized within seven career fields, offering better participant engagement and understanding. Workplace Essential Skills is appropriate for use in adult education classes, employer training settings, community and workforce programs, corrections and rehab facilities, career and technical programs and more! Workplace Essential Skills is appropriate for pre-high school equivalency students or learners interested in upskilling or retraining for new or different jobs. Workplace Essential Skills can be used alone or in conjunction with FastForward as they share similar online platforms. Preview and compare contextualized content at KET.org/WES.


KET.org/AdultEd 800.354.9067


KET’s Workplace Essential Skills Online offers tools to help learners build the skills they need to succeed in today’s high-demand career fields.

Benefits for Teachers

Benefits for Learners

• Reusable seats

• Study anywhere, anytime, on any device with online access

• Targeted, contextualized language and math skills used in highdemand careers plus soft skills • Aligned to National Career Readiness Certification standards, GED® Assessment Targets and College and Career Readiness Standards

• Self-paced study plan offers instructions and feedback • Contextualized content allows for better understanding of how skills are used at work

• Supports WIOA initiatives

• Targeted math and language skills used within occupations allow for deeper understanding

• Complete course management* system for monitoring time-on-task, student progress, study plans and readiness

• Interactive program with animations, sectorbased videos, interactives and practice opportunities offers improved engagement and builds digital literacy skills

• Teacher toolkit includes supporting resources, lesson plans and professional development

• Builds confidence and prepares for next education or work challenge

Skills workers need to succeed

•M  obile friendly, multi-platform system extends learning opportunities and builds digital literacy • Free training and support

• Customizable background color • Completion certificate outlines skills mastered during coursework • Built-in online study tools (calculator, highlighter, etc.)

• Text-to-speech feature allows learners to listen to on-screen content

WORKPLACE ESSENTIAL SKILLS ONLINE Healthcare one-year individual license Manufacturing one-year individual license Transportation one-year individual license Soft Skills one-year individual license Any career course combined with Soft Skills one-year individual license (save $2.00) Other career sectors in development. Call or check website for pricing.

* Course management system free with purchase of multiple seats.


KET.org/AdultEd 800.354.9067

LIST PRICE $12.00 $12.00 $12.00 $10.00 $20.00

A little secret...no internet connectivity – no problem!


NRS Level 4 (grades 6-8)

Printed material, videos and workbooks still have an important role to play in adult education. As in any learning environment, programs that blend educational resources are most successful. Not every adult learner progresses at the same pace nor does everyone prefer the same format for learning. Print-based resources can be used alongside online programming or in place of internet-based options when connectivity is not available.

25 half-hour programs Content features people in real jobs and interviews with experts as well as scripted scenarios of people looking for and starting new jobs.

4 student workbooks Employment, Communication and Writing, Reading and Math workbooks include pretests, synopses of videos, enrichment activities, practice exercises and a reference section for explanations, formulas, templates and more!



WES workbooks (set of 4 includes Employment, Communication and Writing, Reading and Math)


WES DVD series (7 DVDs with 25 programs plus 1 set of workbooks)


Call or check website for quotes and expanded purchasing options.

KET.org/AdultEd 800.354.9067


FREE WORK READINESS RESOURCES Workplace Essential Skills Recruiting Resources POSTERS Customizable posters are available for download FREE of charge. Use to motivate learners to build skills for educational gain, upskilling or retraining. Display prominently where adult learners and workers frequent. MOTIVATIONAL POSTS FOR SOCIAL MEDIA A picture is worth a thousand words! Showcase new career options to spark interest in education and training programs by sharing these professionally designed, customizable social media images. Add a web address or contact info. Share on social platforms or webpages. SHORT VIDEOS FOR PROMOTIONAL USE Social media platforms, program webpages, cable or local TV public service announcements and professional and community gatherings are good places to share information about education and training opportunities. Videos are available in MP4 format and free to use in your recruitment efforts. Find more resources at KET.org/AdultEd.

KET workplace interactive lessons in PBS LearningMedia PBS LearningMedia is a large online repository of free, web-based learning resources to which KET, other PBS stations and educational entities upload content to be used by educators for FREE. Learning resources are searchable by subject area, grade level, learning standard, resource type and more. Subjects range from science and math to world languages and health, to practically anything imaginable.


KET.org/AdultEd 800.354.9067

Much of the content comes with reproducible lesson plans and support materials. Many content offerings are correlated to national and state standards. Sign up for your FREE account today at KET.pbslearningmedia.org. Get immediate access to these popular interactive lessons from KET: The Interview: Workplace Essential Skills and Communicating at Work.

LIFE SKILLS TV411 Life Skills Kits TV411


NRS Levels 3-4 (grades 5-8)

Adult learners have many of their own life experiences and may be interested in opportunities to improve skills in specific areas such as personal finances, parenting, health, etc. TV411 kits include a DVD, lesson plans, reproducible copy masters and/or workbooks and related online activities. Kits are well suited for classroom instruction or individual learners.

Financial Literacy Adult basic education learners benefit by learning math through important and applicable skills such as understanding paychecks, budgeting, credit and housing options. Students learn how to calculate tax deductions, plan for benefits, understand finance charges and interest, plan for purchases and more!

Family Learning Adults do the important work of keeping families healthy, safe and connected! TV411’s Family Learning Kit makes the job easier. Fun lessons, activities and articles are written for intergenerational students and address health, nutrition, computer internet basics, everyday math, writing for different purposes and how to engage with local, state and federal governments. Even playtime can be learning time! Read All About Reading is a fundamental skill that leads to higher learning. Reading takes practice and the more we read the better we become at word recognition, language comprehension, fluency and other important reading skills. Newspapers offer opportunities to learn how topics are organized, identify main points, skim read, read for specific information and more. The TV411 Read All About Kit utilizes the newspaper as a means of teaching learners of all ages important reading skills.


KET.org/AdultEd 800.354.9067

Health Smarts Taking an active role in personal health care requires individuals to know their health history, understand diagnoses and medical terms, manage medications and learn about conditions that impact their well-being. The Health Smarts Kit leads learners through reading, writing and math skills within the context of familiar health concepts by utilizing video segments, discussion outlines, handouts and activities.

T V 4 11 L I F E S K I L L S K I T S


Financial Literacy Kit—with DVD, lesson plans and workbooks


Additional Minding Your Money workbooks—(pack of 20) to go with Financial Literacy Kit


Read All About Kit—with DVD, lesson plans and activity sheets


Family Learning Kit—with DVD, lesson plans and activity sheets


Health Smarts Kit—with DVD, lesson plans and activity sheets


More information and ISBNs are available on our website.


NRS Levels 3-4 (grades 5-8)

Ever consider how TV programming can help your learners or help you teach specific content? That’s why TV411 was created. DVDs contain a total of 30 halfhour programs which address reading, math, science and financial literacy through entertaining scenarios aimed at adults ages 18+. Videos are supported by magazine-like workbooks, reproducible lesson worksheets and projects. Teaching resources include downloadable expand-

ed lessons, curriculum index, teacher’s guide and pertinent correlations. Videos and workbooks can be utilized separately but are designed to be used together.

T V 4 11


TV411 Classroom Set—6 DVDs containing 30 half-hour programs, 10 sets of workbooks, 10 learner’s guides, curriculum index and teacher’s guide


TV411 DVD series—30 half-hour programs on 6 DVDs with one set of workbooks


TV411 workbook set—30 workbooks with learner’s guide


ISBNs are listed on our website.

KET.org/AdultEd 800.354.9067


ENGLISH LANGUAGE LEARNING Crossroads Café On Common Ground Culture Clips


KET.org/AdultEd 800.354.9067

CROSSROADS CAFÉ Utilizing broadcast programming and discussion can be very effective for teaching adult students who are learning English as a second language. By sharing familiar scenarios and discussing phrases or reactions, learners grasp language within the context of everyday American life. KET is pleased to offer the nationally recognized ELL series Crossroads Café, Culture Clips and On Common Ground. Produced by Intelecom, content is appropriate for beginning through advanced levels.

NRS Levels 3-4 (grades 3-6)

Learners join six characters at a city café for a taste of life in their new country. This series is designed to help learners build English language skills and deepen their understanding of U.S. culture. The series is appropriate for teaching ELL in adult literacy and basic skills, workplace and correctional education programs. Each episode features Word Play, demonstrating a specific language function, and Culture Clips, a documentary-style look at the issues dramatized in the episode.

PROGRAM TITLES 1. Opening Day 2. Growing Pains 3. Worlds Apart 4. Who’s the Boss 5. Lost and Found 6. Time Is Money 7. Fish Out of Water 8. Family Matters 9. Rush to Judgment 10. Let the Buyer Beware 11. No Vacancy 12. Turning Points 13. Trading Places 14. Life Goes On 15. Breaking Away

16. The Bottom Line 17. United We Stand 18. Opportunity Knocks 19. The People’s Choice 20. Outside Looking In 21. Walls and Bridges 22. Helping Hands 23. The Gift 24. All’s Well That Ends Well 25. Comings and Goings 26. Winds of Change

This series has been correlated to BEST, CASAS, SCANS, and EFF.

Many pricing options are available for this product on our website.

KET.org/AdultEd 800.354.9067



NRS Levels 3-4 (grades 3-6)

This series sheds light on the rights and responsibilities associated with citizenship. Developed by Intelecom, the series addresses key civic and government concepts for EL/Civics and citizenship education. Dramatic stories take on controversial issues, usually in situations that lack a single right answer. Each episode concludes with an important event from U.S. history relevant to the theme or episode.

Many pricing options are available on our website.


NRS Levels 3-4 (grades 3-6)

Taken from Crossroads CafĂŠ, Culture Clips is a five-part video series with 26 documentary-style short segments on various aspects of life in the United States. Students quickly learn about life in the U.S. and how to understand cultural differences. The series also provides important stimuli for discussion in the ELL classroom.

Many pricing options are available on our website.

USA Learns is a FREE website where adults can learn and practice English and prepare for U.S. citizenship. Created by Sacramento County Office of Education. Try it at USALearns.org.


KET.org/AdultEd 800.354.9067


TRAINING On-location and web-based training KET has seasoned educational professionals available to design and host workshops, webinars, conferences or on-location trainings* to assist adult educators. KET delivers opportunities for individuals and groups to learn best practices and effective implementation of KET programs through customized interactive trainings. Call for details and pricing. *Administrative and travel fees apply for on-location trainings.

FREE PD RESOURCES Go to PBSLearningMedia.org. Type the appropriate title into the search feature to easily find what you want. These resources include videos of authentic classroom instruction along with discussion questions for use in learning communities.

GED® Test Info Self-paced courses cover basics about the GED® test for each subject area, including instructional tips and techniques for each.

Math Instructional Strategies: Number Operations Lectures and student discussions about the relationship among decimals, fractions and percentages.

Teaching Strategies: Resources for Adult Educators Techniques for promoting group discussion, encouraging critical thinking and managing the classroom environment.

Guide to the Common Core Standards Printable charts and guidelines allow viewers to follow along and begin working with the standards.

Math Instructional Strategies: Geometry Learners are active

Standards-Based Instruction– In the Adult Education Classroom

participants, often collaborating in small groups to find measurements for area, perimeter, missing dimensions and compound shapes.

Meet instructors in adult literacy, basic education and GED® classes using College and Career Readiness Standards (CCRS).

PowerPath Resources for Teachers Reading Instructional Strategies: Resources for Adult Educators Individual lessons tailored to teaching specific strategies such as questioning, repeated reading and summarizing.


KET.org/AdultEd 800.354.9067

Information and video segments of certified instructors as they screen students to help identify learning challenges.

HOW TO ORDER Online: KET.org/AdultEd Customer Service: 800-354-9067 Email: adulted@ket.org

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