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By: Sarah Barrie

DOMINICAN ICON AND LEGEND, ANTHONY SANTOS, ALSO KNOWN AS “EL MAYIMBE” AND “EL BACHATÚ”, IS ARGUABLY ONE OF THE GREATEST BACHATA ARTISTS OF ALL TIME. HE HAS BEEN CREDITED FOR HELPING DEFINE THE SOUND OF TODAY’S BACHATA, MODERNIZING AND ROMANTICIZING IT, AND TAKING IT INTO THE MAINSTREAM TO REACH A LARGER, AND MORE DIVERSE AUDIENCE. Originally from Las Matas de Santa Cruz, Montecristi, Dominican Republic, Anthony Santos first entered the spotlight in the early 1990s, playing the güira, (a small percussion instrument from the Dominican Republic), with Luis Vargas, fellow paisano and bachatero. Santos later left Vargas’ group due to personal differences, and embarked on a soloist career. Shortly after, Santos released his smash hit “Voy p’alla”, the song that made him famous, and continues to be a hit even today. It was a significant release for the genre because at the time, bachata was very much stigmatized for having a vulgar style, which was heavily based on sexual double entendre. Unlike the bachatas of before, “Voy p’alla”, was more romantic, with softer lyrics, and reached a larger audience. Just a few years earlier, bachatero, Blas Durán introduced the electric

guitar to the bachata genre, giving it a more unique sound, ushering it into the modern era. Other Bachateros such as Luis Vargas, Raulín Rodríguez, and Juan Bautista, followed in Duráns footsteps in defining the sound of modern bachata, however, it was Anthony Santos who is credited for being the most influential in defining its modern style. By romanticizing the bachata, and leaving behind the more indecent style of bachata in the past, Santos’ music was more socially accepted, his songs were more universal, making him one of the most important artists in the genre, and helping bachata to rise to the same level of popularity as merengue. Santos has had tremendous success over the years with his bachatas as well as his merengues. Aside from “Voy pa’alla”, some of his biggest hits include: “Cuantos Dias Mas”, “Creiste”,”Vete y Alejate de Mi”, “Un Muerto Vivo”, “Por Mi Timidez”, “Pegame Tu Vicio”, “Corazon Culpable”, “Pequeño Huracan” and “Muchos Cambios”, just to name a few. Santos is also a good friend of Anthony “Romeo” Santos, whom he collaborated with alongside Vargas and Raulín Rodriguez on hit song, “Debate de 4” on Romeo’s last album, Formula, Vol.1. With over two decades in his music career, Anthony Santos has continued to remain very much in the spotlight. He is currently on tour and making his way to the east coast. Don’t miss the opportunity to see this legendary artist perform. Santos will be performing live in the DMV on June 6th, 2014 at 10pm at CocoCabana Bar & Grill in Hyattsville, MD. For more information or to purchase tickets, visit http:// █



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By: Ellen Flores

Singlehandedly, she has demonstrated that women can hold their own in a genre where we are the minority by lyrically assaulting some of the biggest heavy hitters in the game and as a result, gaining their respect and proving that she has the skills and flow to make a decade spanning career. This wonder woman is the queen of the Latin Urban kingdom and we know her as Ivy Queen. Now sit back and let us school you on three key things that you need to know about La Diva, The Queen, Ivy Queen.

Martha Ivelisse Pesante Rodríguez, better known as Ivy Queen, got her start in the underground scene (now known as reggaeton) at the age of 18 by forming part of the influential and milestone project The Noise, a series of mixtapes that set the framework for the evolution of underground from dembow to reggaeton. Her flagship song Somos Raperos Pero No Delincuentes broke ground and earned her some respect as the only female in the underground scene brave enough to take on the MC’s on one by one. Like a true queen, she took ownership of her career and moved from a major label to an indie label where she released the albums Diva, Flashback and Sentimiento all three certified gold and platinum records by the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America). Her album Drama Queen has been referred to as the modern day “Girl Power” soundtrack by covering everything

from empowerment, to infidelity and relationships. She has also successfully dabbled in other genres like Bachata, Salsa and Tex-Mex with a dazzling cover of the late Selena’s blockbuster Si Una Vez. That’s pretty dope in our book.

Ivy’s success is a testament to her strong work ethic and positive spirit. “God blessed me with a powerful voice. My voice is not feminine, and not masculine. It is just a thick voice. […] Being the only female (in the genre) I dedicated myself to finding or writing songs that put bad men in their place, or speak up for the single mothers.” Queen in lieu of using vulgar lyrics common in the genre, sings about social political matters, female empowerment, racism, love, heartbreak and homosexuality. Did you know that in 2008 GLAAD (Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) honored Ivy with GLAAD Media Award as a Special Recognition for her continual work and support of the gay and lesbian community worldwide, making her the first reggaeton singer to openly support the community?

From her hard street style back in the 90s she has evolved and blossomed into a red carpet diva. Her outrageous stage outfits rival those of divas like Lady Gaga, Madonna and Katy Perry. Ivy’s personal style is fearless and street smart by mixing wardrobe staples like hoop earrings with killer studded and bejeweled heals or switching gears with Nike sneakers and a wicked Gucci top. She exemplifies the harmonious balance

between lady and caballota. On numerous occasions she has been placed among the best dressed lists for A-List events like the Premios Lo Nuestro and Latin Billboard Awards. Trends come and go but one thing Ivy does best is her signature lips and fierce nails. No one dons nail art better than Ivy and we wouldn’t want it any other way! Her music, her attitude and style have made Ivy Queen royalty in a genre where boys become men and one woman has become THE Queen. As royal subjects, we will all get in line to hail the queen, Ivy Queen at The Palace on Friday, June 6! Tickets and more info now available at www. █




By: Malayna Butler

Daddy Yankee honed in on this word in 2004, however, he wasn’t just talking about that oozy stuff you fill your tank with, but rather something else: “Ella le gusta la gasolina, dame más gasolina!” Even those who had no idea what these lyrics actually meant belted aloud and let the music take over. The song was pegajosa and even Rosetta Stone would have been useless in decoding its underlying gist. Growing up, Ramón Luis Ayala Rodriguez had two passions in life: baseball and music. He tried out for the Seattle Mariners, however, before a deal could be signed, he was shot while taking a break at a recording studio session with DJ Playero, a mixtape icon. This unexpected incident left the stray bullet of an AK-47 logged in his hip and left him recuperating for over a year. Due to this strange turn of events he

was able to focus more on his music and that ultimately is the craft that has led him to success. Daddy Yankee has eventually come to define a high caliber of musical expression and also illustrates how far one can go with inherent talent combined with business smarts, especially when letting go of boundaries and thinking outside of the box when it comes to having an influence in commercial markets. Born in Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico, this creature of many talents known as “DY” is also a businessman. His label El Cartel Records was established in 1998 and is a subsidiary of Sony Music Entertainment. He has signed deals with Reebok and Pepsi in addition to releasing a line of cologne. With humble beginnings, he has emerged as an urban music legend. Even as his star continues to rise, DY has also invested in producing up-and-coming talents such as Farruko. Influenced originally by DJ Playero, DJ Nelson, DJ Drako and Vico C he took Latin rap to new heights and is seen as giving reggaeton a solid footing. He released his first album with international success and then “Barrio Fino”.

Since “Gasolina” spilled all over radio waves, he has continued to release hit after hit. The album on which it was released “Barrio Fino” became the first reggaeton album to reach number one on the Top Latin Album chart. This album also helped to establish reggaetoneros the Luny Tunes as hitmakers and sold over 1 million copies in the U.S. alone. “Lo Que Pasó, Pasó” was another song that had tremendous success that was released on this album. He collaborated with Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas on the song “Impacto”. His album “Prestige” released in 2012 featured multiple collaborations. “El Amante” was recorded with J Alvarez, “La Noche de los 2” with Natalia Jimenez of pop group La Quinta Estación, then what came to be an All-Star line up on “Llegamos A La Disco” with Arcángel, Farruko, Ñengo Flow, De la Ghetto, Gringo, Kendo, Kzya , Baby Rasta, “Limbo” with Farruko, “After Party” & “La Maquina de Baile” with De La Ghetto, “Más Que Un Amigo” with Plan B and Farruko and finally “Ven Conmigo” with Prince Royce. Just as the cassette tape went out of style, CDs are also officially becoming a

thing of the past. Taking into consideration the future of musical distribution and the technological advancements of our time, his latest album “King Daddy” was only released in digital format. Daddy Yankee became the first Hispanic to be featured in a video game with the advent of Trylogy Tower Defense in 2013, a game in 3D in which he takes on dual character roles and plays some of his hits on the soundtrack. His music videos often feature elements that are enticing about the imagined life of a rapero: nice cars, beautiful women, carefree trips around the world – but he has long been admired for upholding family values in a business where an emphasis on friends and family can easily slip through the cracks. As one of 15 million DY fans, and one who has seen him perform in the DMV at least 3 times, I can’t wait for his next show! See the Big Boss Daddy Yankee in action at Echostage on Friday, July 18. Get your tickets on! █



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By: Ellen Flores

By: Alexandra Lucia

The Latin Alternative Music Conference (LAMC) has been set to run from July 8-July 12, 2014 in New York City. This summer will prove to be a special experience for guests and performers because it will mark the LAMC “Quinceañera” a.k.a. 15th anniversary. To celebrate the anniversary, two free concerts at Central Park’s SummerStage will be held on Wednesday, July 9th and Saturday, July 12th. The two free shows will feature performances by Beatnuts, Ana Tijoux, Bodega Bamz, DJ Tony Touch (on July 9th) and Babasónicos, Juana Molina and La Santa Cecilia (on July 12th). Listeners who are unfamiliar with the sounds of Ana Tijoux should listen up and check out her performance. Since her debut, Tijoux has risen from the underground hip-hop scene in Santiago, Chile to become a respected MC around the world. The release of her new album, “‘Vengo’ showcase(s) the nimble MC over lush, goldenera hip-hop production rooted in traditional Latin instrumentation.” She will be accompanied with a full band that will be sure to mix sounds of jazz, hip-hop and funk that will soothe your ears. The Beatnuts are a hip-hop group who formed in Queens, NY and gained a following in the 80s by working alongside rappers Biz Markie, Fat Joe and Method Man. They are known for their unique live show that merges MCs, and DJs. Bodega Bamz “Pappi”, a Spanish Harlem native will recreate his signature genre called Latin Trap that

mixes Caribbean sounds with his own unique lyrics that are inspired by his idols, including Tupac Shakur. While the release of his album, “Bamz mixtape ‘Strictly 4 My P.A.P.I.Z (Proud and Powerful Individualz)’ created an instant buzz online”, his performance will definitely have new listeners excited to hear more. Artist Tony “Toca” Touch has gained a worldwide fan base since his induction into the hip-hop scene as a B-Boy in the early 80s. He has worked with everyone from Snoop Dogg to Nina Sky, and toured in over 30 countries. Both Babasónicos and Juana Molina, hail from Argentina. While Babasónicos have been touring for 22 years and released 11 official albums, Molina switched from a career in comedy and acting to devote herself to music. She has released three albums and has become the, “the darling of the international indie/electronic/folk scene.” La Santa Cecilia, named after the patron saint of music, are an LA based, “consisting of accordionist and requintero Jose “Pepe” Carlos, bassist Alex Bendana, percussionist Miguel Ramirez, and lead vocalist La Marisoul, whose captivating voice sings about love, loss and heartbreak. Their influences range from Miles Davis to The Beatles, Zeppelin to Janis Joplin and Mercedes Sosa to Ramon Ayala. ” They have been featured on NPR, in the Wall Street Journal, Ad Age Magazine, in the television show Weeds and won a Grammy in 2014 for Best Latin Rock, Urban, or Alternative

Album. If you are unfamiliar with them, you’ll leave LAMC with their songs stuck in your head. While LAMC has announced the lineup for the free performances on the 9th and 12th, a performance on Thursday, July 10th for the LAMC Concert at Celebrate Brooklyn will also take place. The concert will feature Argentine Duo Illya Kuryaki & the Valderramas, AfroColombian HipHop group ChocQuibTown, and Hard-Hitting Chilean Electronic Duo RVSB (DJ Raff + Latin Bitman). ChocQuibtown formed in Cali, Colombia and won a Grammy Award in 2011 for their album “Oro” for Best Latin Rock, Urban or Alternative Album. They have been nominated for four Latin Grammy Awards and won in 2010 for their song “De Donde Vengo Yo”. Beyond amazing performances and concerts to showcase these talented Latino musicians, there will also be several panels, and question and answer sessions for industry folks, up-and-coming artists, and music fans throughout the week. The Latin American Music Conference (LAMC) will be headquartered in Midtown Manhattan at the Affinia Manhattan Hotel. For more information and to check out the panels once they are announced visit,! █

From top to bottom: Babasónicos La Santa Ceciclia Illya Kuryaki & The Valderramas


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By: Darlene Campos

in October 2002. A few months later, in February 2003, Ramones was burned again while filming a new episode of Otro Rollo. He was hospitalized for several days. In March 2004, Ramones suffered yet another accident, causing him to break his ankle and use crutches. He is probably best known for his variety show Otro Rollo con Adal Ramones. The show ran from 1995 to 2007 and was broadcasted by Televisa and Univision in 53 countries, including the United States. Otro Rollo included monologues, interviews, sketches, and a live band called the Otro Rollo band. The show became one of the most watched programs from Mexico. Otro Rollo included guests such as Britney Spears, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Chris Rock, Shakira, Sylvester Stalone, and Drew Barrymore. Ramones was born in 1961 in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. Though Ramones may appear healthy since he is so enthusiastic about his work, he actually suffered from heart disease for many years. After several operations and striving towards an improved lifestyle, Ramones was finally able to call his heart disease a thing of the past. He began a relationship with Gaby Valencia in 1998, whom he later married. Their daughter, Paola, was born in 2001, however, Ramones and Valencia have since divorced calling it quits in 2013. Despite Ramones’s career in comedy, his life hasn’t always been funny business. In 2000, he was kidnapped just a month prior to his wedding date. The kidnappers sealed Ramones in a closet, tied his feet and hands, and blindfolded him. He was only allowed to drink water and lost nearly twenty pounds during the ordeal. He was released after a week. A couple of years later, the bad run continued after Ramones caught on fire while on the set of Otro Rollo

However, with Britney Spears appearing on Otro Rollo, Ramones gained greater international fame. Other celebrities soon followed and ratings and popularity soared. In 2005, Ramones was nominated for Best Actor by the Mexican MTV Awards and became the host of the reality show Cantando Por Un Sueño. The Wax Museum of Mexico City later created a figure of Ramones to go along with their collection. Otro Rollo ended its run in May 2007, but that doesn’t mean Ramones isn’t active in his career anymore. He continues to make numerous television appearances and live performances for his fans. Nearly two million people follow Ramones on his Twitter and Facebook page. Ramones is definitely a comic legend who hasn’t been forgotten since ending Otro Rollo seven years ago. Ramones is currently on a worldwide tour. He will be performing in Paraguay, Panama, California, Texas, and Virginia. Ramones will make an appearance in Manassas, Virginia on Sunday June 15th at the Hylton Performing Arts Center. Tickets range from $45-$60. For tickets, please visit www. For more information about Adal Ramones, check out his twitter. com/AdalRamones or his Facebook page: www. █


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Humor + Politics =

Er Conde del Guácharo

By: Eric Cortés

Direct from Venezuela, Er Conde del Guácharo, Benjamín Rausseo, will make his first appearance in Virginia at the State Theatre in Falls Church on June 6th, 2014. Although born into poverty in a rural community of Musipán in the state of Monagas, Venezuela, Rausseo pursued university studies as an actor. In 1981, he presented “Er Conde del Guacharo,” a comedic monologue, as his graduation thesis. In an interview with CNN en Español, Rausseo said, “Los que venimos de abajo nos acostumbramos a mirar hacia arriba.” And who doesn’t believe in this philosophy!? Rausseo also has aspirations to build a huge park in Venezuela.

By: Darlene Campos

Alcantara was born and raised in the Unidad Vecinal de Mirones in Lima. He studied acting at the Club de Teatro, also located in Lima and made his first film appearance in Los Siete Pecados Capitales (The Seven Deadly Sins) when he was only 17 years old. By the mid 1980s, he starred in La Malquerida, Los Tres Mosqueteros, La Mujer del Año, and Viva El Duque Nuestro Dueño. In 1991, Alcantara became the host of the children’s television program titled Yan-Ken-Po alongside Gloria Maria Solari and Johanna San Miguel. A few years later, he appeared on the soap opera Patacláun from 1997 to 1999 where he played the character of Machin. The soap opera’s popularity skyrocketed after Alcantara joined the cast. After acting on Patacláun, Alcantara performed in four additional films titled Muerto de Amor, Ojos Que No Ven, Polvo Enamorado, and Doble Juego.

Alcantara continued to appear in a variety of television shows, however, he was soon given his own miniseries titled La Gran Sangre. He played a character named El Dragón and led the show to such popularity that the miniseries was later converted into a film titled, La Gran Sangre. In addition, Alcantara starred in his own one-man show Asu Mare, produced and starring Alcantara, the show quickly became a popular Peruvian movie that earned over twelve million dollars at the box office. Alcantara then went on to appear on the television program El Santo Convento. He was also a contestant on the dance reality series Bailando Por Un Sueño, a Latin American twist of the famous Dancing with the Stars. He also served as a judge on another dance program called El Gran Show. Then, in 2011, Alcantara had the honor of being a participant in the International Humor Festival in Colombia. When Alcantara isn’t on television or busying thinking of more ways to make his audiences laugh, he spends time with his wife, Jossie, and his two children. Carlos Alcantara will bring Asu Mare to life on Thursday, June 26 at the Hylton Performing Arts Center in Manassas, VA at 8PM. For more information, visit! █

What can you expect from Rausseo? Leave the children at home because Rausseo includes comedic performances on everyday life, current events, marriage, sex, political issues, dating and of course Hugo Chávez. In fact, Rausseo, launched his own political party, “Piedra Party” in 2006, announcing he was running for president ( Venezuela) in protest against the state of politics in Venezuela. He withdrew his candidacy three weeks before the election. Rausseo ran while studying law at the Universidad Santa Maria de Caracas; he was one semester away from graduating with a JD. Rausseo has traveled all over the world bringing his comedy to life in Atlanta, New York, Tampa, Punta Cana, Mexico, and Dubai to name a few. He has also starred in the television variety show, Súper Sábado Sensacional; one of the highest rated television shows in Venezuela. Spend an evening of fun with Er Conde del Guacharo on June 6th at the State Theater in Falls Church, VA. Attendees to the comedy show must be 18 years of age with valid ID. Doors open at 7 p.m. and showtime is at 8 p.m. Tickets are $47.00 and can be purchased by visiting █



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El Tri @ The Palace 05.19.14

Photos by: Jose Acha, Daniel Martinez

Ozomatli @ The State Theatre 05.07.14

Photos by: William Espinoza

Zion y Lennox @ Cococabana 05.02.14

Photos by: Jose Acha

Dragmania Music Fest Feat. Don Omar @ Virginia MotorSports Park 04.26.14

Julio Voltio @ Cococabana 04.25.14

Photos by: Harold Raynolds

Willie Colon @ The Palace 04.24.14

Photos by: JosĂŠ Acha, Jose Arrieta

Photos by: William Espinoza



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By: Kala Fryman

It’s impossible to think about cumbia without thinking of Peru’s Grupo 5. The legendary orchestra has enjoyed great popularity in South America and beyond for 40 years and counting. Grupo 5 is an essential

cumbia group that will get people dancing and evoke nostalgia without fail. Also known as the “grupo de oro de Peru,” many of Grupo 5’s 11 studio albums went gold after successful sales and won numerous awards, making the band one of the most well-known names in cumbia. The story of Grupo 5 began in 1973 in Mosefú-Chiclayo, Peru by brothers Elmer and Victory Yaipén Uypán. The two were musicians from an early age thanks to influences from their family embedded in rich musical traditions. The group achieved success early on with their first 2 albums released in the early 80s, No Pongas Ese Disco and Recuerdame. Their romantic songs were instantly popular and they became well known throughout Peru. The young group caught the attention of Argentine record label Microfon, an unexpected leap in their fame and a chance to reach other countries with their music. Grupo 5 then began incorporating wind instruments and influences from Northern Peru to their cumbia in an effort to give the

otherwise “cumbia con sentimiento” more international appeal while still maintaining their unique Peruvian roots. During the 80s and 90s, Grupo 5 began touring extensively and were in high demand in Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Ecuador and their native Peru. Their tours also included concerts in Asia, Europe and the US. In 1995, de facto leader Elmer Uypán began looking to other musical markets to expand the appeal of Grupo 5 and Peruvian cumbia. He began working with the famous Lisandro Meza Jr., a prestigious Colombian singer and accordionist known for his cumbias and vallenatos. This alliance led to the co-production of Grupo 5’s 7th studio album, Viva El Amor, with hits like “Corazon de Pierda” and “La Ceiba” which are still wildly popular in the group’s repertoire. This album and collaboration led to increased international appeal for the group and also put Mosefú-Chiclayo on the map as the birthplace of great artists and performers. The success and rise to fame of Grupo 5 during these years is attributed to the leadership of Elmer Uypán. With songs like “Te Vas Te Vas” “Parranda La Negrita” “Corazón Herida” and “Amarte Hasta la Muerte,” the group went gold and became one of Peru’s most traditional and celebrated cumbia orchestras. Cumbia connoisseurs began to refer to Elmer Uypán as the “Pharaoh of Cumbia” for his success and international popularization of Peruvian cumbia.

Everything changed suddenly in 1999 when the “Pharaoh of Cumbia” tragically died in a car accident. The country mourned the death of the beloved musician, and the future of Grupo 5 was uncertain. Critics began to speculate the end of the Grupo 5 era, but that very same criticism became the greatest source of support for the band to continue with the family’s musical legacy. Elmer’s surviving son Elmer Junior took over the musical production while cousin Andy Yaipén took over the musical direction of the band. After much difficulty in gaining acceptance as the new “era” of Grupo 5, they released the album “Asi Se Goza” in 2003, causing the critics to once again recognize that this band was here for the long haul. Though it has been a long and difficult road, Grupo 5’s most recent album was released in 2012 and the orchestra continues to tour, and even landed a TV miniseries called “Puro Corazon”, detailing the formation of the group. Don’t miss the chance to dance the night away with this legendary cumbia group this summer! Grupo 5 will be performing on July 11 at Diamond Lounge in Annandale celebrating Peru’s independence! Tickets and more information available at! █




/ JUNE 2014

By: Kala Fryman

Formed in 1978 in Bogota, Colombia, Grupo Niche has been a mainstay in the salsa genre for more than 30 years, enjoying immense popularity throughout Latin America, as well as, their native Colombia. With 24 studio albums and numerous international tours, Grupo Niche has become known for their upbeat and romantic salsa numbers, as well as, their blend of salsa with folk rhythms of Colombia. Despite not having any formal musical training, founding member Jairo Varela developed his sound from pure talent and began teaching himself to play guitar at age 8. His family had limited resources to

provide him with musical training, yet Varela notes the support of his mother, a writer and poet. In interviews he has described her as a strong woman who gave his life character, and supported his musical aspirations from the beginning. Varela formed his first band at age 12 called La Timba, which consisted of kids from his barrio playing the flute, bongos, maracas and guiro. Upon moving to Bogota, Varela eventually became Grupo Niche’s producer, director, songwriter, vocalist and guiro player and led the group to great success for the next 3 decades along with Alex Lozano, trombonist and arranger. Grupo Niche was born as an alternative to the popular salsa during the late 70s and 80s. Most salsa and music lovers were consumed by the salsa coming from New York and Puerto Rico, whereas Grupo Niche, had more international flavor with their blend of folk rhythms of the Pacific Coast in Colombia and Afro-Caribbean influences. The large orchestra has a markedly more aggressive sound than other salsa popular at the time; with robust brass and drum sections.

Grupo Niche’s first album, Al Pasito was released in 1980 and did little to set the band apart from other popular salsa acts, however their second album, released in 1981, Querer es Poder put the band on the radar, especially with the single track “Buenaventura y Caney” which became an anthem and homage for the coastal city of Buenaventura. In search of inspiration and more opportunity for the band, Varela led the group to Cali, Colombia in 1982 where they have been based ever since. The band released two more albums after their move to Cali, but their 1984 release of No Hay Quinto Malo put the young group in the spotlight in national and international salsa scenes with the hit single “Cali Pachanguero.” The song became the official anthem of the Feria de Cali, and international tours soon commenced thereafter. It’s easy to see why Cali Pachanguero set the group on the fast track to international popularity; it’s vigorous and upbeat, with its own unique flair and romantic lyrics like, “Es por eso que espero que los días que lejos /cuando dure mi ausencia sabes bien que me >>>>>


>>>>> muero/todos los caminos conducen a ti.” This song is still essential for salseros and lovers of the music alike, and still gets people dancing as much as it did 30 years ago. No Hay Quinto Malo contained other popular songs such as, “La Negra No Quiere” “Rosa” and “Solo Un Cariño.” This album is still considered one of the best representations of Colombian salsa. Following the success of No Hay Quinto Malo, Varela fired some original members of the orchestra and looked outside of Colombia for talent to take the band to the next level. In 1986, acclaimed Puerto Rican vocalist Tito Gomez (previous member of La Sonora Ponceña) was incorporated into Grupo Niche, as well as Puerto Rican pianist Israel Tanenbaum. Most notable was the inclusion of Ray Barretto, who is considered the godfather of Latin jazz. With this new lineup, the band released their 7th studio album, Me Huele a Matrimonio. Other notable star lead vocalists that appeared with Grupo Niche throughout the years include Alvaro del

Castillo, Charlie Cardona, Willy Garcia and Javier Velasquez. Each vocalist helped increase the band’s international popularity while still maintaining a cohesive sound through multiple lineup changes. At the height of the band’s popularity in the 90s, they were touring the world to a degree rather unheard of for a Colombian salsa band. The band played more than 2,000 shows in the U.S., and gave concerts at Madison Square Garden 17 times. The band also released 8 more albums during the 90s, producing classics such as “Gotas de Lluvia” and “Una Aventura.” Following an accusation in the 90s that Grupo Niche had played private parties for drug traffickers, Varela denied the charge but was sentenced to three years in a low security prison. While in prison Varela’s reputation was not damaged, as the public was never convinced of his involvement with the charges, and Varela enjoyed a hero’s welcome to Cali after his sentence, and continued making music. Shortly after celebrating their 30-year

/ 19

anniversary, Varela died of heart failure in 2012. Undeterred by this tragedy, the band continued his three-decade legacy. Yuri Toro and Arnold Moreno joined the band and released their latest album in 2013, Tocando el Cielo con Las Manos. The new album is full of surprises from the masterful Varela, who before his death worked to evolve the band’s sound while still staying true to their signature style. In January 2014, Grupo Niche embarked on an extensive international tour, forging ahead in homage to the iconic Varela. Don’t miss the chance to see this classic salsa band at the most epic event of the summer, Kesta Tropical Fest! Grupo Niche will be performing along with el Gran Combo, Jorge Celedon, and Orquesta Guayacan at the festival on July 18 at the Patriot Center in Fairfax, VA. Get your tickets now at www., no te lo pierdas! █




/ JUNE 2014

20 years of

By: Eric Cortes

Interactive fun, urban energy, music & style, and distinctive artistry; all reasons why you should catch the UniverSoul Circus in your area this month.

Celebrating its 20th Anniversary, UniverSoul Circus has come full circle in its influence in the international entertainment marketplace - garnering the distinction of being known as a one-of-a-kind, must see attraction. This high tech state-of-the-art production, features amazing acts highlighting excellence in artistry from around the globe. Considered one of the world’s top rated and most interactive circuses, UniverSoul showcases the perfect blend of music, theater and circus acts, along with a unique brand of comedy. Audiences of all ages have the opportunity to experience the fun while becoming a part of the show, which offers a progressively urban and international flavor. What is there to expect? Dubbed the “best circus ever,” one not to miss act includes the Barreda Elephants. The

circus also includes your host Lucky from South Africa, the acrobatic troupe Zhenjiange from China, the Willy Family Highwire Act from Colombia, Men of Steel from Cuba, and much more! Another act not to miss includes the Olate Dogs from Chile which won America’s Got Talent in 2012! Performers are subject to change. Attendees also have the opportunity to take part in the show. At any part throughout the show you can become a part of the largest pop-up game of circus beach ball ever! A dozen beach balls can appear out of thin air or actually riding a real African elephant. And because the show includes a very diverse cast, the acts are your normal circus acts. The Willy Family Highwire Act, Colombia, starts as a typical tightrope performance until one performer jumps into a Michael Jackson “Billie Jean” routine wearing the King of Pop’s signature glove and jet-black fedora. If you’re looking for reviews from attendees, here’s what a few people had to say: • Mira from Lawrenceville, GA says, “I had a good time. Performers did a good job! I am still amazed with their magic show. This show was even better than I expected

since they get the audiences involved in several activities, which brought great laughs and fun to everyone.” • JJ from Cambridge, MA says, “Everything circus should be- Big, loud, shiny, crazy, wild, loud, exciting and sugar available at every turn.” • India from Springfield, MA says, “Love love love the UniverSoul circus Great show for the whole family!!” • Lou from New York City says, “You have got to go see the UniverSoul Circus when it comes your way since it travels all around the country. The last act are the Motorcycle Daredevils and it is sick!! The new high flying trapeze act is crazy too1 Of course the elephants, tigers, and bowlegged horses are a treat too! Great family fun!” Oh, and did we mention funnel cakes! The UniverSoul Circus is going on now through June 16th at the Capital Plaza Mall in Landover Hills, MD and premiers at Security Square Mall in Baltimore, MD from June 19th – June 28th. Tickets can be purchased by visited www. or by calling 1.800.745.3000. McDonald’s is offering a special promo code from participating restaurants. █


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By: Rosario Garcia

coctel de camaron, and the carne asada and a la Mexicana, it’s a good 10 oz. juicy steak with tomatoes, jalapeños, peppers, and onions.”


Once things settle down at Mission, Chef Rodrigo and Landry plan to throw a big Mexican fiesta full with a Mariachi band. There’s definitely room for a party, Mission is massive at 6,500 square feet which includes two large bar areas, three dining rooms, an outdoor patio and a large private event space with its own bar upstairs.

( I rarely get to have this dish in DC and even had to resort to getting my mom’s recipe and making it myself a few times (drastic measures I know!). So when I saw pozole on the menu at Mission, the new Dupont circle Mexican restaurant, I was both ecstatic and wary. Owned by Reed Landry and Fritz Brogan of George and Mason Inn fame, Mission opened its doors in late early April to a hungry Dupont circle crowd. “Our opening was crazy, we weren’t expecting so many people the first day,” admitted Landry during a short chat while we set up a tasting. “I’ve been interested in opening a food focused concept for a long time, and I was at a dinner party making small talk when someone told me ‘You need to go meet this chef at R&R Taqueria its fantastic’ and so I did and things with Chef Rodrigo just clicked from there.” At the helm of the kitchen is Executive Chef, Rodrigo Albarran, “I’ve always cooked ever since I was 14 and when I

was furloughed from my job as a pilot, I threw myself into cooking full-time,” shares Albarran. At Mission, Albarran has created a full Mexican feast. “I put all my favorites on the menu, tacos, ceviche, pozole, sopes, carnitas, de todo,” says Albarran. Adding, “There are a lot of my mom and grandma’s recipes in there.” “There are a number of dishes like Chef Rod’s Caliente Burger (The Ghost and Pepperjack cheese is the star of this burger), and the various salsas that are not for the faint of heart,” adds Landry. The biggest sellers so far have been the “Tacos de Pescado” (Fish Tacos made with fried Mahi Mahi and garnished with Chef Rodrigo’s secret sauce along with mango and pineapple on a warm flour tortilla). One noteworthy fact about Mission is that their tacos are very authentic. Served simple with tasty steak, chicken, or carnitas on a corn tortilla and garnished with the

traditional Mexican style of cilantro, onion, and salsa (a.k.a the way tacos should be), these tacos were delicious. Of course I couldn’t leave Mission without trying their pozole. I taught my companion to prepare his pozole by adding all the toppings (onions, radishes, lettuce, oregano, and lime) directly into the soup and eat with a tostada. We literally cleaned our plate faster than you can say “yum”. The pozole managed to stay light and refreshing with the lettuce and lime juice, while the pork and hominy were hearty and soothing. The broth was not too fatty and seasoned just right. I will be back to mission for this comfort food again and again. I asked Chef Rodrigo what his favorite dishes were, “They’re all my favorites! If I put it on the menu it’s because I like it and I’ll eat it. I love the Ceviche, the

To stock the bar, Mission offers some tasty cocktails including the refreshing Mexican City Mule (el Jimador Reposado 100% Agave Tequila with fresh sour mix, fresh lime juice, and house-made ginger simple syrup). For the adventurous drinker, there is a Pineapple Jalapeño Margarita that had me at “hello,” featuring Tantaleo Jalapeño Tequila on the rocks with Cointreau, fresh lemon sour, pineapple juice, and housemade jalapeño simple syrup. Mission is located at 1606 20th St NW, Washington DC 20009. The restaurant is open until midnight or later. For reservations and full menu visit, www. You will definitely see me at Mission getting my Mexican food fix often! █


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By: Rosario Garcia

the LatiNegro Theater Collective, which brought its socially conscious theatre to schools, jails, and community centers. One can say that he’s specialized in bringing reality, truth, and first-person experience to the unlikeliest of settings.

to show how we all get pulled into the variances of language, how we have to learn the proper lingo depending on who we’re talking to. If you don’t know how to talk the talk you’re not getting into that circle,” says Sheila Mirza.

In his latest performance, Tongue: Sin Pelos en La Lengua, directed by long time friend B Stanley, Quique merges his love for standup with his love for theatre to bring you what he succinctly described as, “some sh*t that really needs to be said.”

The piece gets very personal and autobiographical for Quique, “I talk about learning how to communicate in a nonprofit doing social work, to how I learned to communicate with drug dealers when I was using drugs, to learning what language to use when I was a recovering addict in rehab. It’s all drawn from personal experience. But I also throw it back to the audience and ask questions.”

In Tongue, Quique philosophizes on humankinds’ greatest invention – language. The piece is part monologue, part rant, part poetry, and definitely full comedy. Quique’s reflects on the 30+ years as a resident of the city, navigating Black English and White English, proper English and street English, the language of the gentrified and gentrifier, of the banker and the hustler. “From the very beginning we’re taught that there is good language and bad language. Good language comes with degrees, and bad language comes from ‘motherf*ckers’ like us,” shares Quique. Sin Pelos en la Lengua is the culmination of a two-year process that brought together a multi-ethnic, multi-racial team. Quique’s main collaborator is Sheila Mirza, a Pakistani-American activist, poet, and performing artist originally from Queens, NY. “The whole concept of the show is

Although the piece has its deep moments, Quique gets his point across using humor as well. “One example of humor and language is a piece that dramatizes Ghandi in the middle of his hunger strike. Various characters visit Ghandi and try to convince him to eat using their own language, you have a Cuban, a Spaniard, a Salvadorean, and a Mexican among others,” shares Quique with a laugh. As I listen to Quique flawlessly demonstrating each accent, I already know this part of the show will be hilarious. Both Quique and Sheila Mirza tirelessly conducted research and led multiple interviews with linguists, and characters

throughout the DC area, and people from around the world, some of whom lent their voices for what will be an audio/ visual portion of Tongue. This is the first time Quique has relied on technology to emphasize the impact of his message, “I do touch on the depletion of language through technology in the piece. We don’t read books anymore, we get everything online, and we’re continuously watching videos so our verbal skills are limited. Now everyone texts, so it’s all abbreviations. I talk about my work with the kids and how limited their language skills are. Language is a muscle, you need to practice it or you lose it.”

sexuality that young women face today. “I find a freedom in performing. When you’re on stage you get to unpack and shed what you put on in order to conform. It’s so freeing to let all that baggage out,” shares Alina. Tongue: Sin Pelos en la Lengua by Quique Aviles and Bag Lady Blues by Alina Collins Maldonado will be presented on Saturday, March 29 and April 5 at 8 pm at GALA Hispanic Theatre, 3333 14th street, NW, DC. For more information visit: https://www.

In addition to his solo work, Quique is the founder and current director of Paso Nuevo, GALA Hispanic Theatre’s Youth Theater Program. Paso Nuevo gathers high school kids and teaches them about theatre from performing and acting, to writing, to stage-managing, and production. The kids work 20 hours a week for 6 weeks until they’re able to perform their creation at the GALA Hispanic Theatre itself. One of the group’s instructors is Alina Collins Maldonado, who will be performing a special one-woman show titled “Bag Lady Blues” as an opening act for Tongue. In Bag Lady Blues, Alina tells her own story addressing issues of identity, addiction, body image, and





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By: Daniela Guillen

The month long event will take place in several cities across Brazil. One of the beauties of the World Cup is bringing people together from all over the world to bond over the love of the game. The government of Brazil chose the slogan “All in One Rhythm” to

promote unity and the unique rhythms and celebrations that will be held all month long. A country known for its vibrant environment, gorgeous beaches, Caipirinhas and sounds of samba, Brazil inspires even the non-soccer enthusiast. For decades Brazil has had a major role in fashion by producing textiles and great footwear. This month, let the beauty of Brazil influence your style. Add vibrant colors like lush greens,

bright yellows and floral prints to your everyday look for an effortless summer look. Keep your look at the beach or pool by choosing a sarong wrap or dress that you can easily throw on and let flow with the wind. Want a nice tan and glow to your skin like Brazilians? Drink up on carrot and beet juice this summer to help boost your body with beta-carotene and antioxidants.

1. Monki Nat Tropical Print Swimsuit $38.11 | 2. Hawaiian Print Cross Wrap Fuller Bust Bikini Top DD-F $38.11 | 3. Tropical Floral Bodycon Dress $14.80 | 4.Leaf Print Strappy Back Beach Dress $49.54 | 5. Daisy Cami Dress $17.80 6. BUCKET BAG WITH ZIP | 7.MULTICOLOR SHOPPING BAG $59.90 | 8. Ted Baker Placement Print Peneey Cover Up Dress $169.58 | 9. FLOWY WIDE TROUSERS WITH LEAF PRINT | 10. PRINTED TROUSERS | 11.Patterned Sarong $12.95 12.ORANGE ARROW ROPE NECKLACE $40.00 | 13. RAFFIA ESPADRILLE | 14. Warehouse Strappy Column Maxi Dress


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DEPORTE The 2014 World Cup in Brazil is so close you can almost hear the samba. Kicking off from June 12 through July 13th, this iteration of the greatest sporting event on the planet promises to be special. Here’s to hoping the brilliance on the pitch and the passion of fans can help unite all those who love the beautiful game. Brazil, the world really needs something to cheer about. We’ve taken care of the legwork for you, below are the groups and our predictions for this World Cup. May the best team win! By: Juan Leon

Photo by: Daniel Martinez

Photo by: Daniel Martinez


Photo by: Harold Raynolds

Photo by: Jose Acha

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Photo by: Daniel MArtinez

Photo by: William Espinoza

Photo by: William Espinoza

Photo by: Jose Acha


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is Bringing Style to DC with Freshness and Flair By: Ellen Flores

e’re all born with a style instinct, but it takes passion and dedication to become an authority on what’s hot and what works best for a culturally diversified clientele. From DC power players to the cover of multiple publications, Marcela Urioste is a recognized authority in the fashion industry here in Washington DC. A makeup and hair design artist, Marcela is making a standout name for herself and her team at Style Salon with innovation, creativity and passion. This month, Kesta Happening had the opportunity to chat with Marcela and learn about her style philosophy, as well as, a few tips and tricks that will keep us all looking fresh for the summer! Marcela has always had an eye for fashion. Bright colors and bold statements drew her attention so much so that she decided to become a makeup artist, attending the Tony & Guy Advanced Academy in New York City and the Alfaparf Studio in Milan, Italy. “I began 25 years ago doing hair and makeup. I began doing commercials and then music videos and from there I went on to reality shows, fashion shows, editorials and different

magazines I currently collaborate with. The last step was to open my own studio which I did about 15 years ago here in Maryland.” You have seen some of Marcela’s work on TV as she has been the stylist for several music videos, commercials and reality shows like “The Real Housewives of DC” and “Say Yes to the Dress Prom Fashion Show.” When talking about DC style and the trends in our area, Marcela summarizes it as “Elegant and simple. My DC clients are much more conservative. They don’t like flashy but they do like to stay on trend.” Marcela’s creativity drove her to realize one of her most important and cherished projects to date with the launch of the book, “Extraordinary Women: Fantasies Revealed.” “Each of these women featured in the book are very influential women in United States history. Women like Madeline Albright, Linda Carter and Ann Curry were featured in the book. My job was to take the fantasies these women had and make the makeup and look come alive. It was a very fun and special project for me. Each project I’ve done is different but they are


F M all important because they mark a different time in my career and life.” “My style is more contemporary. I love bright colors; I like to experiment a lot. I try to always develop new styles and challenge myself. I believe what makes me stand out is my fearlessness.” Her signature style has led her to her latest venture, her very own skin care product line called FoM. “It is a unisex product for men and women that want a fresh and clean look. The name comes from the blend of the words femme & homme and also from the foam from the sea because that always reminds me of cleanliness and freshness. This product is a unisex moisturizer that when you apply it,

blends with your skin color and it doesn’t look fake or oily. I really believe both men and women will love it.” When it comes to summer style Marcela’s essentials are simple. Keep your look fresh with a light lipstick or gloss, bronzer or blush and eyeliner. If can’t do eyeliner, a little bit of mascara is a must. As for summer trends we can expect to see “soft beach wavy hair, shorter hairstyles and natural colors. They always look good and fresh.” To see more of Marcela’s work and information on how to book an appointment, visit her website www. █



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By: Juan Leon

Saturday, June 7:


By: Sarah Barrie

I recently had the pleasure of catching up with MAFU Crew, and they told me about their journey as musicians, what they’ve been up to these past few years, as well as, some upcoming projects they’ve been working on. MAFU Crew, short for Music that Alters the Forms of the Underground, is an urban music group composed of Puerto Rican trio, Felix Perez (Doble), Francisco Rosado (Frankie Forty), and Luis Ortiz (Luchiano). They have a diverse style that in addition to traditional reggaeton, Mafu Crew also incorporates into their music, rhythms of salsa, bachata, mambo, and reggaeton romantico . They are perhaps best known for their hit song, “Ahora llorarás por mi”, which at the time of its release, quickly became the number 1 song on the radio in Colombia, and had over 1 million views on YouTube. MAFU Crew joined forces in 2001 in Virginia. “At the time of the group’s creation, Reggaeton was underground”, said Doble, “it wasn’t played on the radio in Puerto Rico or in the States. We wanted to make music that could get played on the radio, so our plan was to alter the form of underground music, and that’s what we did.” MAFU Crew has diverse musical influences from different genres, from Ricardo Arjona to Don Omar, and Tego Calderon, to old school underground like DJ Playero, but one of the biggest influences on the group

is Daddy Yankee. Frankie, who grew up with Daddy Yankee in Puerto Rico commented, “I’ve known him since he was a kid, and I saw the struggle that we went through, he’s the star he is right now because he put his time in. For him to become a millionaire in the reggaeton world, that’s an inspiration to me.” The group has performed on stage with Daddy Yankee numerous times, and when he comes to the area, they also spend time offstage. MAFU Crew has collaborated with numerous big name artists in the industry, but one of MAFU Crew’s most memorable experiences was when they went to Puerto Rico to record an album. “We pretty much worked

with everyone on the island that is a big name right now, they told me. ‘It’s about who you know and how you carry yourself.’” Another memorable experience, they said was recording with Luny Tunes in their studio. “At the time, even though they were a big name, they still had their studio at their mom’s house. They treated us really well and we even ate with Luny Tunes’ mom.” MAFU Crew is currently working on a new album, as well as their EP, Gotas de Amor that is due to come out soon. The EP is named after their new hit single “Gotas de Amor”, “It’s a song that a 6 year old can hear, or a 78 year old can hear, it’s all about love.” Their EP, Gotas de Amor has a universal style to it that incorporates a lot of different rhythms. “I think people are going to be surprised with what we’re going to come out with”, they confessed. “I know it’s going to hit hard. Gotas de Amor is going to be one for the books.” Before I said goodbye to MAFU Crew, they left me with these last remarks: “We want everyone to know that MAFU Crew is coming hard. We haven’t gone anywhere, and we’re not going anywhere. We’ve been in the studio working hard so we can come out with, not just music, but good music. We’re not going to quit until we die. Be aware, because MAFU Crew is coming to take over.” To learn more about this local crew, visit www.mafucrew. com. █

- The veteran French rockers kick off June at Echostage. The alt-rock quartet is a prime example of the increasingly diverse brand of acts (cough, not EDM) making their way through Echo. (Doors: 8PM, All Ages) Friday, June 13: Compton native The Game has been around for a long time-- but June 14th is his first time at Echostage. (Doors: 9PM, 18+) Saturday, June 14: - Legendary house DJ has been a staple in EDM since before it was EDM. From “Call On Me”, to “Pjanoo”, to “Everyday”, Prydz has been responsible for anthem after anthem. The Stockholm DJ is not to be missed. (Doors: 8PM, 18+) Sunday, June 15: -- On Father’s Day, legendary Greek singer Anna Vissi comes to Echostage for the first time. Make sure you bring your dad. (Doors: 6:30PM, All Ages) Saturday, June 21: - With Botnek. An absolutely electric electro house DJ, Steve Aoki is known for his killer live show-- crowd surfing, cake throwing, champagne bottles, rafts. You read that right. Rafts. (Doors: 9PM, 18+) Tuesday, June 24: -- Multitalented (violinist, dancer, performance artist, composer) Lindsey Stirling is a YouTube sensation. Come see what all the fuss is about on June 24. (Doors: 7PM, All Ages) Friday, June 27: -- Cam’ron, Jim Jones, Juelz Santana. For the first time in over 10 years Cam’ron, Juelz Santana, and Jim Jones reunite for a full live concert in DC. EPIC. (Doors: 9PM, 18+) Saturday, June 28: - Some have labeled Gareth Emery’s production blend of house, trance, and prog; “trouse.” Emery describes his production style as “simples.” Whatever you want to call it, it’s good stuff. (Doors: 9PM, 18+) █


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By: Rosario Garcia

Mexican garage punk band, Le Butcherettes waited 3 years to release their sophomore album, Cry is For The Flies, under Nadie Sound, Omar RodriguezLópez’ (of Mars Volta) label. I first fell in love Le Butcherettes lead singer, Teri Gender Bender, during a show with side project Bosnian Rainbows at Vive Latino 2013. Just as Teri Gender Bender is unapologetic, charismatic, and partcontortionist on stage, Cry is For The Flies holds you hostage from start to finish. The album is relentless. From Burn the Scab’s grungy guitars and chorus, “I find it hard to articulate, I find it hard to pronounce these words,” Teri manages to sound both ferocious and bittersweet planting her firmly amongst the greats (think PJ Harvey, Bjork, and The Distillers). The first single, Demon Stuck In Your Eye, is an assault of guitar riffs and haunting vocals that just begs to be blasted from the biggest speakers you can manage. The soft rock ballad, Your Weakness Gives Me Life, is a melancholic love song with an intensity that will leave you hitting the repeat button for some time. Henry Rollins makes an appearance in Moment of Guilt with a ‘spoken word’ that gave me chills the first time I heard it (the intended response I’m sure). Boulders Love Over Layers of Rock, is an electronic carnivalesque track with a pleading message, “I’m not crawling back into my cave,” Teri Gender growls. A sweet cave which puts Cry is For The Flies into classic status for me. Do yourself a favor and add this album to your summer collection. Get the album here: █

By: Aminta S. Nieves-Candamo

I’m willing to bet there’s not a single soul who hasn’t heard the hit song “Low Rider”. The song has been featured in several cult movies, been covered by multiple artists from Carlos Santana to Korn, to Phish, to Barry White! Dear “Internet Generation” reader, WAR is indeed the band with “that song from Rock Band 3”. Well these guys went back into the studio, after 20 years and gave birth to EVOLUTIONARY. Combining jazz, rock, funk, soul, R&B and Latin, EVOLUTIONARY (disc one of the collection) was released as a double disc package on May 19th. Consisting of 13 brand new tracks, the first single is an autobiographical feel good song titled, “That L.A. Sunshine.” WAR brought out the big guns for this release, in the very Latin “Mamacita,” they are accompanied by Joe Walsh (Eagles, Barnstorm) on guitar and the Tower of Power on horns. “War” features the USC Trojan Marching Band, while the ballad “Everything,” features a gospel choir. Please, do NOT be intimidated by the 9:20 minute track, “It’s Our Right / Funky Tonk” because it is indeed their right to funk and it’s full of funky bliss! Five-time GRAMMY® winner Malik Yusef brings his hip-hop pedigree on “Bounce” and “Outer Space”, continuing to bring WAR’s genre-defying style to a new generation of fans. EVOLUTIONARY closes with a bonus track featuring the beloved duo, Cheech & Chong, who are co-headlining performances on WAR’s US Tour. CD2 from this double disc package includes digitally remastered versions of WAR’s multi-Platinum GREATEST HITS (1976) catalogue such as “All Day Music”, “Why Can’t We Be Friends?”, and of course “Low Rider”. WAR has been bringing nothing but good times to their fans for over 50 years, and they’re doing it still. Do yourself a favor and get this album, let it inspire you and make your day better! █



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By: Rosario Garcia

I started the night off right killing some fish tacos during happy hour at Clare and Don’s Beach Shack next door to the State Theater on Wednesday, June 7th. I was looking forward to letting off some steam dancing the night away to the sounds of LA based multi-cultural musical group Ozomatli. The night started off with local band Zakke opening up and putting their Latin rock spin on some classic rock songs while playing their original rock blend. Ozomatli took to the stage with “La Gallina” a.k.a one of the best opening songs ever with its “banda” rhythm that breaks into a cumbia and got us dancing faster than you can say “quebrame!” “Levántate, Levántate suelta la gallina y liberate con Ozomatli todo puede ser hechate a volar, Gallina!” The lyrics oozed into the crowd like a feel-good mantra that left us dancing with abandon. Shortly after starting their set, Ozomatli explained,“No you’re not drunk you’ll be hearing a new song ‘Paleta’ twice since we’re filming it. Even if you don’t like it, I’m sure you’ll like it by the end,” joked Ozo’s frontman Asdrubal Sierra. The filming went on without a hitch and the “banda” rhythm of “Paleta” mixed in with a ska and hip-hop twist had everyone raising their hands on cue when Ozo sang, “If you like the Paleta raise your hands.” Ozo came ready to play some hits playing “Cumbia de Los Muertos”, “Ya Viene el Sol”, “Saturday Night” and “After Party” (which definitely got us asking “Donde esta la Afterparty?”. All in all we danced samba, merengue, cumbia, banda, ska, and rock without missing a beat! Ozomatli ended the night with their signature drum conga line exit getting lost in the crowd. A great show and the afterparty, ni se diga! █

I’ve been dating a guy for 3 years and since we met he always told me he didn’t believe in marriage. At first I thought he was just being a “rebel”, but then I realized he was serious and that to him it’s the same as letting the government “tell him what to do”. Before we moved in together, I made it clear to him that marriage and having a wedding is something I’ve always dreamed of and that I didn’t want to take that step if he didn’t want to marry me. He told me that he didn’t want to lose me and that he would do anything to make me happy, so we moved in together and plan to get married in the future. My fear is that the wedding will not be special to him and more of an “obligation” and that I’m forcing him to do it. Now I’m the one that is unsure about marrying him. Am I over thinking this and asking too much of him?

Dear Indecisa:

By; Kala Fryman

On May 19, Mexican rock legends El Tri brought a piece of Chilangolandia to The Palace in Woodbridge, VA for a night that I can only describe as a complete desmadre, rockero style! From the second El Tri took to the stage, the party didn’t stop as everyone swayed, danced, moshed and sang themselves hoarse to the band’s repertoire of rock n roll hits. Frontman Alex Lora, sporting a Venetian mask, expertly got the crowd revved up with each song sharing humorous anecdotes as he sauntered around the stage taking swigs from a bottle of El Tri mezcal. El Tri played their classic songs as well as a mix of new ones, including favorites that got the crowd going like “Todo Me Sale Mal” “No Estoy Pedo” “Mente Rockera” and “La Raza Mas Chida.” Other favorites included, “Triste Cancion” “Pobre Soñador” and “Cuando Tu no Estas” but the craziness went to another level when Chela Lora ran out and joined the band for “Nostalgia” and the rest of the show. Guitarist Oscar Zarate pounded fists with fans many times throughout the show and put on a bandana that was thrown at him, while Alex Lora handed out merch and hugged and kissed fans who climbed up to the barricade. Chela stopped to autograph a jersey thrown on stage, threw autographed soccer balls and took a few selfies on stage with fans. All in all, this was one of the best rock concerts so far in 2014 and brought us back to what rock is all about- great music and a crazy party! █

-La indecisa

It would be helpful to take a step back from focusing on labels, and on the wedding day as the destination. Words like “wedding” or “marriage” clearly hold very different meanings to each of you. It seems that he is focused on the government/legal aspect of it all, and you are more focused on the romantic fairy tale side of things. The important thing to be talking about is the life you are building together. It’s unclear to me if you’ve had a conversation with him about whether he is sure he wants to spend the rest of his life with you (married or not!), or whether he wants to have kids with you (if that’s what you envision doing one day after you are married). Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up on the significance of this one ‘dream’ day and lose sight of the big picture. It’s understandable that you want him to be excited on your wedding day, but if he’s actually very excited about spending the rest of his life with you and building a life together -even if not looking forward to the formalities of the day- then that’s what really matters. You can work with that, and even figure out ways of including people, music or traditions to make the actual day feel meaningful for him. However, if his lack of excitement about the actual ceremony extends to all aspects of taking this next step together, then I think you are right to hesitate. If deep down you are not so sure about how much he wants to be with you, and your gut is telling you that something is off, then you should stop and get more information. You said that he doesn’t want to “lose” you, but what does that mean exactly? Is it about not wanting to be alone, or is it about really wanting to share a life with you? What actually matters most is if you feel like his priority, and to know you can trust him to be there for you unconditionally when you need love and support. If you have all those things in your relationship then go ahead and say “I do”. █ Jazmin Moral is a licensed clinical social worker practicing in Rockville. This column is meant for entertainment only and should not be considered a substitute for professional counseling. If you have a love, dating, or relationship question, send it to us via our confidential online form at


KE? KESTA HOROSCOPE Aries: Marc Anthony says: “No hay peligro al creer en el amor...”

-“Cambio de Piel”, Marc Anthony

/ 37

GIVEAWAYS: Libra: Jorge Celedon says: “Ay, que bonita es esta vida, aunque a veces duela tanto, y a pesar de los pesares, siempre hay alguien que nos quiere.” -”Que bonita es esta vida,” Jorge Celedon.

Taurus: Grupo Niche says “La vida no tiene sentido vivirla, no tiene, cuando la negamos al amor, esa buena voluntad de saber perder, de saber ganar”

Scorpio: Jorge Gonzalez says: “No

habra cuanto cambie cuando habra acabado, y como este amor ilusionando, no habra dos!”

-“Tapando el Hueco”, Grupo Niche

-”Como tu ninguna,” Jorge Gonzalez-El Tri

Gemini: Cultura Profética says: “De todo lo que tu acostumbras soy contradicción, creo que eso es lo que a ti te llama.”

Sagitario: Gloria Trevi says: “Y todos

-”La Complicidad”, Cultura Profetica

Cancer: Vilma Palma e Vampiros says: “Quizás estaba equivocado, mejor será pedir perdón.” -”Soy Un Loco”, Vilma Palma E

me miran, me miran, me miran, por que hago lo que pocos se atreveran.” -”Todos me miran,” Gloria Trevi

Capricorn: Romeo Santos says: “Una

aventura es más divertida si huele a peligro.” -”Propuesta indecente,” Romeo Santos


Leo: Los Pericos says: “Mientras me

amoldaba, todo comenzo a girar, este nuevo cielo trae sorpresas, que no me esperaba.”

Aquarius: Daddy Yankee says: “Tu

pones las condiciones, hora y lugar, yo solo controlo el día.”

-”La noche de los dos,” Daddy Yankee

-”Complicado y Aturdido,” Los Pericos

Virgo: Andrea Echeverri says: “Innovadora es mi trova, no me repito soy pajarito. Adelantada a mi tiempo, conmigo no hay aburrimiento.” -”Ruisenora,” Andrea Echeverri

Pisces: Yandel says: “No tienes nada que perder, ven baila solo inténtalo.”-”Nada que perder,” Yandel

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Kesta Happening Magazine June 2014  

In this issue: Grupo Niche, LAMC 2014, Adal Ramones, Ivy Queen, Anthony Santos, Daddy Yankee, Carlos Alcantara, Universoul Circus, El Conde...

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