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become an architect and he studied this subject at a local university. Vicente Fernandez, on the other hand, knew Alejandro had talent for music and persuaded him to start singing again. As a result of his father’s convincing words, Alejandro released his first album in December 1992 titled Alejandro Fernandez. The album was met with critical acclaim and nearly immediately nominated for a Lo Nuestro Award presented by Univision and Billboard, as well as, was nominated for Mexican Album of the Year. The album included a special duet titled “Que Pregunta, Muchacho” ( What a Question, Young Man) with Vicente Fernandez. Due to the success of his debut album, Alejandro continued to produce more albums year after year. Currently, Alejandro Fernandez has released a total of 14 albums and there is no end in sight. In 1993, Alejandro Fernandez went on tour all over Mexico and the United States with his father Vicente. Just three years later, Alejandro Fernandez earned a Double Platinum Record for his song “Muy Dentro de Mi Corazon” (Deep in my Heart) off of his 1996 album of the same name. In 1997, Alejandro Fernandez released his album titled Me Estoy Enamorando (I’m Falling in Love). This album included a duet with Gloria Estefan. Additionally, it was this album which really boosted Alejandro Fernandez’s musical career. Me Estoy Enamorando was nominated for Best Latin Pop Album at the Grammy Awards, but ultimately lost to Romances by Luis Miguel. However, Me Estoy Enamorando did win Album of the Year at the 1998 Premios Lo Nuestro Awards. The album sold over a million copies in the United States, earning it a platinum title. Four songs from the album were at the number one spot on the Billboard charts for at least 25 weeks.

By: Darlene Campos

is Fernandez’s birthplace, he was raised in Guadalajara, Mexico. As a young boy growing up on a ranch, Fernandez learned how to ride horses and became an expert when it came to farm animals. His father Vicente had him make his first public appearance in 1976 in San Antonio, Texas. Alejandro was only five years old and was set to sing the classic song “Alejandra” by Pedro Infante. However, as the young Alejandro Fernandez was very nervous about being onstage in front of over ten thousand people, he forgot the lyrics to the song, however his father gladly stepped in beside him and they went on to famously finish the song together. Though Mexico City

Initially, Alejandro Fernandez was not going to be a professional singer like his father. His goal was to

When Alejandro Fernandez is not in the recording studio or on the road, he spends his time running a shopping center in Guadalajara called Unicenter. With the opening of this shopping center, Alejandro Fernandez created more than 170 new jobs for the people of Guadalajara. He also spends his leisure time riding horses and spending quality time with his five children. Alejandro Fernandez’s last album titled Confidencias (Confidences) was released on August 27, 2013. He is currently on tour throughout Mexico and the United States making various stops in Fairfax, VA (11/21), Miami, FL (11/14), New York, NY (11/22) and many more. For more information visit, █






By: Maria Veronica Cevallos

By: Veronica Brown

here is no doubt that Argentina has produced some of the best reggae in Latin America, from Los Pericos to Los Cafres. Among the artists who have risen out of this movement stands Dread Mar I, known as a - reggae lover- a purveyor of reggae romance. Upon closer inspection however, Dread Mar I delivers more than just great love jams, his music reflects the values of Rastafarianism and the spirituality that forms the core of reggae. Dread Mar I credits the start of his musical career to a Walkman his father gave him when he was eight years old, back then he was known as Mariano Javier Castro, a young boy who grew up in his father’s bakery in Maipu, Argentina. As a young teen a cousin gifted him Bob Marley’s Legend, a musical path that would eventually lead him to become a Rastafarian, as evidenced by his signature dreadlocks. After some years as a vocalist for local reggae band Los Mensajeros, he decided to embark on a career as a solo artist in 2005. He launched his first album that year while also performing as a backup singer for Los Cafres. This momentum led him to perform in front of thousands at the classic Bob Marley Day Festival, held at the iconic Luna Park in Buenos Aires. The exposure put him on the map. By 2008, Dread Mar and his band “Los Guerreros del Rey,” were performing all over Argentina and internationally. He currently holds the honor of being the Argentinian band with the greatest number of concerts. In 2010, their disc Vivi-En-Do, becomes a big hit, with

the single “Tu Sin Mi” invading the airwaves. If you are trying to get a sense of Dread Mar’s sound this reggae ballad is your starting point. There is no doubt the soulful acoustic sounds and the heartbreak lyrics of this track are catchy, not to mention irresistible to dance to. The song’s popularity brought him much love and acclaim, but his sound has also generated criticism, mainly from purists who believe his music does not qualify as real reggae. The truth is that Dread Mar’s sound moves beyond the reggae genre, mixing elements of pop and of the classic Latin American bolero, leading to a sound with mass appeal. Dread Mar I has claimed that he makes music for everyone, and is happy if his tracks are played by Camila loving teen girls as well as reggae lovers. It is with this tranquillity and confidence that Dread Mar I presents his seventh album, En el Sendero. Launched last year, the album is a continuation of his reggae romance style as well as an evolution towards a more mature and contemplative sound. The single “Nada,” features Jamaican backup singers and a sensual saxophone. The second single, “No Te Asustes Ahora,” is an uplifting reggae where Dread Mar talks about enjoying the present and walking ahead without looking back. Clearly a testament to this past decade that has seen him achieve such tremendous success. Dread Mar I will be performing in New York at BB King Blues Club on October 10th, and at the Howard Theatre in Washington, DC on Tuesday October 13, with doors opening at 6pm. For tickets and information visit,! █

Formed in 1983, the band is known for its notable musical concept of mixing the popular, street Mexican culture with rock, all while using humor in their lyrics (their main trait). Their name comes from the popular phrase “Botellita de Jerez, todo lo que digas sera al reves,” which roughly translates into the idiom, “I’m rubber, you’re glue, whatever you say bounces off me and sticks to you”. Musically, the band describes themselves as “guacarock” denoting their roots and mix of rock, cumbia, and Mexican rhythms such as mariachi, and son. Festive and irrelevant, their lyrics have a dose of satire, often relating to everyday life of the typical Mexican in Mexico City. Their aesthetic is a mix of elements of punk with luchadores and churros, populist characters who with Botellita make their style as something very Mexican and continuously relevant. Botellita de Jerez has kept their career going despite several line-up changes and even a name change, now called “la HH Botellita de Jerez” however, they kept recording and in 2013 released 2 new singles, “Sin Maiz no hay Pais” and “Domingo de mi Vida” and in 2014, released 3 new singles “No Pinches Mames”, “La Verdad,” and “Presos Politicos, Libertad!”. The band continues touring visiting new destinations to bring a mix of their old material with the new. They’ll be performing at DistrictN9ne in Philadelphia with Elefante (9/21), at D’antigua in New York (9/22), and Washington DC at Tropicalia (9/23). For tickets and information visit,!




By: Rosario Garcia Based on the Festival Salvadoreñisimo’s great success last year, organizers expect up to 20,000 people who will congregate at the fairgrounds to help celebrate Hispanic Heritage and partake in official Salvadoran Independence day activities. The festival involves local and international businesses from the largest corporations (this year’s festival is sponsored by McDonalds, Goya, Giant, Comcast, Corona and Modelo among others) to the smallest local shops to provide an opportunity to showcase their products and services to the growing Latino community in the Washington, DC Metropolitan area.

The festival coincides with Hispanic Heritage Month and includes a rich display of food, traditional music, and congregates star performers to reach thousands of Salvadorans, Central Americans, and Latino families from around the globe who live in and around the DC, Maryland, and Virginia area. According to the most recent data by Pew Research Center, the Salvadoran community represents over 33% of the total population in the Washington DC area.

Performing live for festivalgoers will be Salvadoran artists such as Marito Rivera y Su Grupo Bravo, Orquesta De Los Hermanos Flores, and for the first time in the DMV, Grupo Melao. International artists will join them such as Dominican bachata artist Frank Reyes, Guatemalan singer Alvaro Torres performing his famous tracks “Hazme olvidarla”, “La Unica”, “Lo que se dice olvidar”, “Si estuvieras conmigo” and “Nada se compara contigo”. Also performing will be local artist Mr. Pelon, the comedian known as “La Tenchis”, and the festival will be hosted by Luciana Sandoval. In addition to enjoying some great music, attendees will be able to try one of El Salvador’s greatest exports, the infamous pupusa! The Salvadoran dish is a thick handmade corn tortilla stuffed with cheese, pork, refried beans, loroco, or the very popular “revuelta” which simply means “mixed” and typically contains cheese, chicharron, and refried beans in one doughy bite. These goey staples of Salvadoran cuisine are typically served with “curtido” a fermented cabbage relish containing cabbage, carrots, onions and sometimes lime juice which closely resembles coleslaw or sauerkraut. Another dish that can’t be missed will be the Yuca con Chicharron (fried cassava root with crunchy pork skin topped with mojo a tomato hot sauce mixture with oil, garlic, onions, and spices such as oregano and lime juice). Definitely save some room for some horchata (made of morro seeds), agua de marañon (sweet cashew drink), and refresco de ensalada (fruit salad drink)! Festival Salvadoreñisimo takes place September 13, 2015 from 10-9pm at Montgomery County Fairgrounds, located at 500 Perry Parkway, Gaithersburg, MD. For more information visit www., and to purchase tickets visit,! █





By: Ellen Flores

In Destiny of Desire, Helen Hayes Award-winning playwright Karen Zacarías (The Book Club Play) brings us a story filled with drama, twists and turns that seem to jump out straight of a telenovela. Think novela meets center stage and you have a winning combination. Destiny of Desire takes place on a stormy night in Bellarica, Mexico, when two baby girls are born — one into a life of privilege and one into a life of poverty. When the newborns are swapped by a former beauty queen with an insatiable lust for power, the stage is set for two outrageous misfortunes to grow into one remarkable destiny.

Director, José Luis Valenzuela is the Artistic Director of the Latino Theater Company (LTC) and the Los Angeles Theatre Center (LATC) and is also the head of the MFA directing program at UCLA’s School of Theater, Film & Television. In Destiny of Desire, director José Luis Valenzuela takes the play to comedic heights thanks to the talent of this award winning theatre direction and vision.

a world premiere production of a work by one or more female playwrights, highlighting both the scope of plays being written by women, and the range of professional theater being produced in and around the nation’s capital. The Women’s Voices Theater Festival will be the largest collaboration of theater companies working simultaneously to produce original works by female writers in history.

Amazing playwright and brilliant director are only one part of the success of this play, the cast of Destiny of Desire is an ensemble cast of talented brilliant actors. Esperanza America plays the role of Pilar Castillo. Oscar Ceville as Dr. Jorge Ramiro Mendoza and Gabriela Fernadez-Coffey appears as Fabiola Castillo. The actors in this cast, some of which are making their Arena Stage debut, also include: Carlos Gomez as Ernesto del Rio, Fidel Gomez as Dr. Diego Mendoza, Rayanne Gonzales as Hortencia del Rio, Cástulo Guerra as Armando Castillo, Marian Licha as Sister Sonia and Nicolas Rodriguez as Sebastián José Castillo all unite to make this story come to life.

Be part of history and get your tickets today to see this one of a kind comedy that will have you captivated from start to finish. Destiny of Desire opens on Friday, September 11 through October 18, 2015 in the Kreeger Theater at Arena Stage in Washington DC. For tickets, dates and information visit For information about the Women’s Voices Theater Festival visit: █

Destiny of Desire is one of the many offerings that are participating this year in the Women’s Voices Festival, which includes more than 50 of the Washington D.C. area professional theatres.The companies will each present


/ 11


By: Rosario Garcia






By: Malayna Butle

Jose Luis Rugeles, Colombia U.S. Premiere! Teenaged guerrilla soldier Maria is given a mission to bring her commander’s newborn baby to safety, but nobody knows the secret she’s hiding: she’s pregnant herself. Official Selection, 2015 Cannes Film Festival; Opening Night Film, 2015 Cartagena Film Festival.

Celebrating its 26th year, the film festival will run through October 7th and includes 40 films representing 20 countries including Spain and Portugal – extending its’ reach from the American continents and spicing up the lineup with sabor from the Iberian Peninsula. Viewers can expect to see crème de la crème quality work as some of the films received notoriety at the most prestigious film festivals like: Cannes, Sundance Cartagena, Toronto, Venice, Berlin, Panama and Tribeca. While other films have earned international acclaim from the Portuguese Academy Awards and have been viewed in cities as diverse as Melbourne, Seattle, Miami and even participation in SXSW (South by Southwest); moviegoers can also expect to be pleasantly surprised by up-and-coming, non-veteran filmmakers. There is something for everyone in these films which explore the sentimental, political, romantic, intellectual, comedic, technological and creative aspects of daily life. Opening night features “Sand Dollars” (Dólares de Arena) starring famed actress Geraldine Chaplin (daughter of legendary actor Charlie Chaplin) followed by a Q&A session with filmmaker Laura Amelia Guzmán and Author Jean-Noël Pancrazi. Opening night will be topped off by a postscreening reception hosted by the Embassy of the Dominican Republic. Some additional highlights of this year’s festival are “Messi” (Spain), “Marshland” (Spain), “Alias María” (Colombia), “The Vanished Elephant” (Peru), “Without Wings” (Cuba), “Elvira, I’d Give You My Life But I’m Using It” (Mexico), “Ixancul” (Guatemala), “Nasty Baby” (Chile), “The Five” (Argentina), “Viaje” (Costa Rica) and finally, “The Empty Classroom” about education in Latin America under the direction of Gael Garcia Bernal. These film festival favorites are destined to captivate audiences in attendance from throughout the DC Metro area. Here’s a breakdown of some of the exciting films coming to AFI for the 2015 Latin American Film Festival!

Alberto Rodrigues, Spain Brutal murders bring together two detectives from opposite sides of Spain’s political divide, who must put their differences aside to hunt down a killer. Ten Goya Awards including Best Film, Best Actor, Best Director and Best Original Screenplay. Official Selection, 2014 San Sebastian Film Festival; 2015 Miami, Seattle Film Festival


/ 13


Laura Amelia Guzmán, Israel Cárdenas, Dominican Republic Geraldine Chaplin stars as Anne, a wealthy foreign tourist who’s head over heels for much-younger local Noeli in this sensitive culture clash romance. Official Selection, 2014 Toronto, Chicago and Rome Film Festivals; 2015 Miami, San Francisco, Jerusalem Film Festivals.

Florence Jaugey, Nicaragua A searing portrait of love in the digital age, this cautionary tale follows teens Alex and Esperanza as their private cell phone video becomes all too public. Official Selection, 2015 Panama, Santa Barbara Film Festivals.

Sebastián Silva, Chile/U.S. Chilean transplant Freddy (filmmaker Sebastián Silva) and his partner Mo (“TV on the Radio’s” Tunde Adebimpe) enlist the help of their best friend (Kristen Wiig) in order to have a baby in this Brooklynset dark comedy. Teddy Award, 2015 Berlin Film Festival; Official Selection, 2015 Sundance Film Festival.

he festival also features the U.S. Premiere of the beautiful Guatemalan fable “The Greatest House In the World,” with director/screenwriter/producer Ana Bojorquez in attendance for a discussion; the North American Premiere of Brazilian soccer drama “Hopefuls” with first-time filmmaker Ives Rosenfeld in attendance; “Without Wings”, the first American production since 1959 to be shot entirely in Cuba, with filmmaker Ben Chace in attendance; and the Almodovar-esque comedy “Elvira, I’d Give You My Life But I’m Using It,” with filmmaker Manolo Caro (Love of my Loves) in attendance. The Closing Night film, “Trash” directed by Stephen Daldry (Billy Elliot, The Hours) and scripted by Richard Curtis (Love Actually, War Horse), follows three trash-picking boys from Rio who team up with two American missionaries, Martin Sheen (The West Wing) and Rooney Mara (The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, The Social Network) to uncover political corruption.

Be sure to take advantage of the Half Price One-Day Sale happening on September 11th, in which tickets for all films in the Festival (except opening night) are half price. Even though the festival closes on October 7th the messages these films convey will undoubtedly last for a lifetime. For more information visit the AFI website, use #AFILatinFilm, or visit the AFI Silver Theatre in-person located at 8633 Colesville Road, Silver Spring, MD 20910 or call 301-495-6720. Don’t miss the amazing 2015 Latin American Film Festival at AFI! For more information and tickets visit, █





Servando y Florentino @ The Palace 08.20.15

Photos by: Jose Arrieta

Bachata Fest 2015 @ Washington Hilton 08.09.15

Chayanne @ EagleBank Arena 08.07.15

Américo @ The Palace 07.31.15

Photos by: Daniel Martinez

Photos by: José Acha

Photos by: Daniel Martinez

Maldita Vecidad @ The Palace 07.29.15

Photos by: Daniel Martinez

Bomba Estereo @ The Howard Theatre 07.25.15

Photos by: Daniel Martinez


KESTA HAPPENING DC FEATURED EVENTS Fri 09.04 9.11-10.18 Sat 09.12 Sun 09.13 Tues 09.15 09.17-10.07 Fri 09.18 Wed 09.23 Fri 09.25 Sat 10.03 Sun 10.11 Sun 10.11 Tues 10.13 Fri 10.16 Sun 10.25 Fri 11.13

Elvis Crespo @ The Palace Destiny of Desire @ Arena Stage Oscar de Leon @ Omni Shoreham Hotel Festival Salvadorenisimo @ Montgomery Fairgrounds Gondwana @ Tropicalia Latin American Film Festival @ AFI Nino Segarra y Frankie Negron @ The Palace Botellita de Jerez @ Tropicalia Mariachi Flor de Toloache @ Atlas J Balvin @ Echostage Marc Anthony/Carlos Vives @ Eagle Bank Arena Panteon Rococo @ The Howard Theatre Dread Mar I @ The Howard Theatre J Alvarez @ Cococabana Mikel Erentxun @ Tropicalia Pablo Alboran @ The Howard Theatre

For more information and many more events go to KESTADC.COM

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By: Ellen Flores

Hard work, dedication, passion and drive is the fuel to this dream and J Balvin seems to have an endless supply of it to take his music across the world, one beat at a time. From local shows and open mic nights, J Balvin is taking over one of DC’s most impressive venues, Echostage, with a one night only performance on October 3rd that will leave you wanting more Balvin for many years to come. Born in Medellín, Colombia, José Álvaro Osorio, better known as J Balvin, had a passion for music that set him on a path to self-discovery and exploration into finding his sound. Inspired by the classic rhymes and beats of artists like Daddy Yankee, while still having an affinity for his native sounds of Colombian folk music, he crafted a sound that fused the


classic elements of Reggaeton with a modern vocal touch of sultry R&B vocals. Dubbed by Billboard Magazine as “the biggest Latin music discovery in many years,” J Balvin’s sound sets him apart from the pool of new artists in the genre. “The Business” a term Balvin uses frequently in his first productions, is a summary of the grind and drive to get ahead in the music world. Like in any business you need a good team of people to back you and help you succeed, for Balvin, its “La Familia”. Also the title of his first full studio album, and giant chest tattoo, “La Familia” is a troop of producers, writers and his fans; “La Familia” IS J Balvin’s drive to keep making music and breaking records. With the release of “La Familia” J Balvin’s career skyrocketed thanks to the hits “Tranquila” the first Colombian Reggaeton song to reach over 100 million views online, “Yo Te Lo Dije” featuring a San Andrés (Colombia) vibe that tapped into a new current emerging in the Latin Urban scene and the chart topping summer anthem “6AM”. This collaboration featuring Puerto Rican Reggaeton artist Farruko, cemented J Balvin as a legit reggaeton artist in the in the eyes of the godfathers and hit makers born and bred in the home of the genre, Puerto Rico. The doors for J Balvin busted wide open and along with the millions of views, fans and likes, it became his first #1 hit on Billboard and the first #1 song for a Colombian artist in the Latin Urban charts.

/ 19

the hit “Maps” to collaborating with artists like Pharrell, Ariana Grande and French Montana, just to name a few. His artistry and appeal made him the chosen one to tour the United States as the opening act for none other than power duo Enrique Iglesias and Pitbull; a duo that in the Latin music world, have the some biggest fan bases combined. This multi city tour across the US exposed Balvin to a new audience eager for new beats and new sounds. Taking to social media, J Balvin has become even more active with his outlets and has grown to become one of the favorites among Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. His more than 3.12 million followers on Twitter, 4.7 million followers on Instagram and nearly 13.5 million likes on Facebook, prove that he is a powerhouse in the social media game.

From “6AM” the road continued to go up the charts with the release of the now J Balvin staple “Ay Vamos” featured on the second album “La Familia B Sides”. “Ay Vamos” became the most viewed video in the United States with more than 450 million views (and counting) and placed itself in the number one spot of the charts for 27 consecutive weeks. Everyone knew who J Balvin was and everyone was calling at his door to work with him. The struggle, the drive and the dedication had finally paid off.

Whether it’s posting his #ootd (outfit of the day), because let’s face it he has a wicked style, videos of his coffee tasting rituals to start the day, or pulling pranks on Nicky Jam, Zion and his bro’s, J Balvin’s social media skills unintentionally served as the inspiration behind the name of his most recent single “Ginza.” Posting a tease of the chorus of the song (and using this filter in the post) the king of #hashtags used #Ginza on the video and fans took to it, thinking that this was the name of his “new single” not knowing this was just a tease. Ginza is a very high class district in Tokyo known for luxury stores, dazzling neon lights and ultra-posh nightlife with a pulsing fashion and entertainment nightlife making it the perfect fit for the name of his next single and also the inspiration for the video that got over 34 million views in the first month released.

Not limiting his sound or language, J Balvin has been chosen for remixes from artists all over the musical realm. From Maroon 5 and their remix of

The numbers and beats don’t lie, J Balvin is the face of the new Latin Urban scene and power players like Toyota are onboard the J Balvin train by

sponsoring his first solo tour across the United States. J Balvin will bring his signature sound, addictive swagger and sexy smile to Echostage on Saturday, October 3, where he will add the Nation’s Capital to his list of conquered musical landscapes and we will be front row center to see the magic happen in this epic night in DC. For more information and tickets visit,! █






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By: H.E.R.B

By: Ellen Flores

Stefaniee Santamaría: Todos!!! Jose Luis Arrieta Cardenas: Los auténticos decadentes Rocksario Garcia: Para mi el mejor concierto del verano fue el de Los Cafres porque dieron un concierto espectacular a pesar de que el cantante estaba muy enfermo y estuvo a punto de ser hospitalizado! Siguieron cantando y dieron un encore porque la gente lo pedia.. fue lo maximo! Tambien me gusto el de Autenticos Decadentes.. mucha energia! Vibra DC: Decadentes! Miriam Kormos: Chayanne

Ellen Flores: Los Cafres y Ana Tijoux fueron de mis favoritos este verano, sin duda! Autenticos tambien! Monica Garcia De Figueroa: Autenticos me puso muy loca jajaja Alexa Torres: Bomba Estéreo EL Gazu: Los Autenticos Decadentes!! Liz Navarro: Cafres Y Autenticos!!! Pedro Palomino Jr.: Autenticos decadentes.....! Dany Garcia: LOS CAFRES ( que vengan otra vez)

Knowing how much we enjoy new and over the top trending topics, I can’t start this new column without mentioning how #GoodForYou #Trump is (NOT).This character takes #raping and #assaulting to his own #OneDirection, I mean #BillC won’t even #phunkeeduck close to it’ and listening to this guy is more offensive than a cold #tacoalpastor. lso this #Summer the #Kardashians influenced everything fashion, so much so that we are gonna have to reconsider what we used to say to the famous “does my butt look big in this dress.” Speaking of #hotness, nothing is hotter than #Peru right now. So far this country has provided us with delicious food, pisco sours, #freshavocados and fun #chicha festivals at the Smithsonian this summer. Although being out and about is a summer pastime, we know what you will be doing the rest of the Summer/ Fall. With new shows like #Netflix’ #ClubDeCuervos about Mexican rich kids who take over their father’s soccer team and proceed to bring it to shambles, and #WetHotAmericanSummer starring anyone and everything you have ever thought was funny, and the amazing new #FearTheWalkingDead prequel of #WalkingDead on AMC, just make sure you have a comfy couch and blankies if you get scared. Speaking of playing, have you seen all the new movies from my boy #JoaquinPhoenix? Can we say comeback? Lastly, since you will need some food in your system and something to replace the #SummerGrill, check out #DC’s #Petworth neighborhood and try the awesome burgers at the new rock and roll bar #SlashRun while letting your metalero hair hang out. #ThatisAll. █





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By: Aminta Nieves-Candamo and Rosario Garcia



Photo Credit: Dean Alexander



By: Darlene Campos

This year’s ballet is called Latin Heat: Let’s Dance Together as part of The Washington Ballet’s objective to celebrate diversity. Since The Washington Ballet’s annual budget has steadily increased from under three million to nearly twelve billion, this allows for more performances to take place. The Washington Ballet’s current Artistic Director, Septime Webre, has been working actively since 1999 to bring dance to stages and audiences. With Webre’s support, The Washington Ballet was able to provide performances to inner city schools by joining ballet with everyday school learning. The Washington Ballet enjoys featuring minority dancers in their presentations in order to showcase the wide diversity of art, music, and dance. Webre has stated “Since I joined The Washington Ballet, I have been active

in creating a diverse company of dancers and presenting diverse choreographers to engage those who traditionally have not been part of classical ballet while also showing audiences and the professional community that there is a place for everyone at barre. It is gratifying to see our work embraced by these communities and to know we are changing lives in a positive way.” The production of Latin Heat is a fusion of Latin culture and modern day ballet dance. Latin Heat is under the supervision of choreography directors Mauro de Candia, Annabelle Lopez Ochoa, and Edwaard Liang. Latin Heat will feature the musical rhythms of salsa, flamenco, and even Spanish rap. When it comes to Latin Heat, Webre says “We’re an American ballet company with an international perspective so it seems fitting that we’re launching the season with PROJECT GLOBAL and a focus on Latin America culture and art. The culture has such a significant influence on all sectors- with arts being one of the most visible and palpable.”

Latin Heat will include five different sections to the show: Bitter Sugar, Sombrerisimo, La Ofrenda, Don Quixote, and 5 Tangos. Additionally, each section has its own music, dance, and story for the audience to follow along with. Bitter Sugar features salsa and a humorous plot line. Sombrerisimo involves six men dancing around a special hat to the beats of flamenco and Spanish rap music. La Ofrenda is a tribute to Mexico’s famous Day of the Dead holiday. Day of the Dead is not about death, but rather about celebrating the lives of those who have passed away. Don Quixote is based on the classic novel by Miguel de Cervantes and 5 Tangos showcases the careful and passionate steps of tango dance. Latin Heat will be at the Kennedy Center Eisenhower Theater from October 14th to October 18th. For performance times, ticket prices, and more information, please visit and! █


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/ 27






By: Alicia Yim

This season, whether you’re going back to school or getting back to the grind after being away on vacation, carry on in style with a brand new bag…or two. Satchel bags were prominently featured on many runways for Fall 2015. Mini bags are also a cute and simple way to stay hands free but still manage to have your essentials on your person at all times. If you have a need for a backpack think outside the box and sport a leather bag or choose a unique pastel color for a more feminine, fashionable look. Even your gym bag can be an extension of your personal style. After all the effort you put into your hair, makeup, and ensemble, don’t forget about the final finishing touches: your accessories and bag. █



6 1

9 4 7 10

2 5

1. Saint Laurent College Monogram Bag by Hedi Slimane - $2,450 | 2. Friedline Bag - $45 | 3. Elena Ghisellini - $595 | 4. Small Astor Saddle Bag - $225 5. Fendi Peekaboo Micro Handbag - $1,550 | 6. Want Les Essentials De La Vie Piper Backpack- $995 | 7. Prairie satchel in pebble leather - $275 | 8. Mulberry Cara Delevingne Studded Convertible Satchel - $2,880 9. Kara bag - $650 | 10. Rebecca Minkoff Small Subway Tote - $225




Photo: Daniel Martinez Photo: Daniel Martinez

Photo: Daniel Martinez Photo: Daniel Martinez

Photo: Daniel Martinez Photo: Daniel Martinez

Photo: Daniel Martinez

Photo: Jose Acha

Photo: Daniel Martinez

Photo: Daniel Martinez

Photo: Daniel Martinez Photo: Jose Acha

Photo: Daniel Martinez

Photo: Daniel Martinez






e know summer’s gone and that makes us sad, but nothing lifts your spirits better than a delicious spirit inspired by the beautiful country of Brazil! Our friends over at Bar-Cöde are known for bringing the nightlife to DC so who better to ask for a summer inspired Drink of the Month! Bar-Cöde staff shared recipes for one particular Latin inspired cocktail simply known as “Brazil 17” which will have you thirsty for some Latin heat this Fall.

By: Rosario Garcia

With plans to open a commercial kitchen which will service both the food truck and the new pop-up at Union Market, Arepa Zone will no doubt continue to stay in the spotlight.

Arepa Zone is DC’s original arepa truck bringing Venezuelan flavor to the streets of DC via Arlington. The truck has been popular since day one seducing eaters with their wide selection of arepas, cachapas, and tequeños. Recently voted the “Best New Food Truck, Food Truck of the Year, and Breakthrough Dish (Sifrina Arepa) at the 2014 Curbside Cookoff Food Truck Awards, Arepa Zone is here to stay. The accolades for Arepa Zone keep coming as they were named the winners of Union Market’s Launch Pad competition, an initiative used by Union Market to identify and launch a promising new culinary concept each year at the market. Arepa Zone participated and beat out 10 other finalists to win a pop-up location and their first brick and mortar eatery at Union Market. Arepa Zone’s Gabriela Febres who owns the business with Ali Arellano stated, “We wanted to fill a void and bring something new to the city.”

Opening on August 29th, the new Union Market location will be offering their signature arepas (grilled corn patty filled with meats, cheeses, and more), foodies can choose from over 13 trademark combinations including the Sifrina (chicken salad, avocado, shredded cheddar cheese), the Canosa (shredded beef and shredded queso fresco), the Capresa (tomato, ham, queso de mano, and basil), the Jamon y Queso (ham and shredded queso fresco), and the Domino (black beans and shredded queso fresco) among others. The opening of a stationary eatery will ensure more Venezuelan foodie fans get a taste of these delicious arepas as not everyone is fortunate enough to make the food truck stops during the week (I for one can hardly wait to visit this Union Market popup!). Although, arepas are making a name for themselves, eaters can try some lesser known (yet awesomely delicious) Venezuelan foods. While arepas are made from a grilled corn patty, the Cachapa is made with a sweet corn pancake (which loosely resembles a crepe) that is stuffed with “Queso de Mano” a fresh Venezuelan cheese resembling mozzarella.

Although this treat promises to be sweet, cheesy goodness, you can make it “La Washintonian” by adding some ham, or “La “Primera Dama” by adding some shredded chicken to the queso de mano. If you want to make it “La Presidencial” simply request shredded beef with your cachapa. The Arepas and Chachapas are a decent size, however, you may want to get a little cheesier and add the “Tequeños” to your order. These are no frills (but many thrills) fried cheese sticks served with a special Arepa Zone dipping sauce. Can you practically taste the salty, gooey, goodness? To wash it all down you can try a Frescolita ( Venezuelan cream soda), bittersweet Chinotto (made from the myrtle leaved orange tree), or a Malta Polar non-alcoholic malt beverage brewed and bottled in Venezuela. To find out more visit, http://www. or follow them on twitter @ ArepaZone. Union Market is located at 1309 5th St, NE, Washington DC. Happy eating! █

Is made with Cachaca (a distilled spirit made from sugarcane juice and also used to prepare the infamous caipirinha), mixed with Pineapple-Lavender Syrup, Pressed Pineapples, Lemon Bitters and Charred Lemon to make one deliciously refreshing, sweet and tangy cocktail. You’ll be over your winter blues in no time with this sweet drink of the month! Bottom’s up! Bar-Cöde is located at 1101 17th St, NW, Washington, DC.



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“Hagámosno m*erda”, not the traditional start to a love song; and I like it. “Todo Va A Arder” is the title of this dirty, sexy, raunchy rock song from Colombian power trio Diamante Electrico. The song has all the elements of a garage and blues sound laced with the sensuous vocals of lead singer Juan Galeano, a combination that makes you feel a smidge dirty, a little trippy and a whole lot of sexy. Combining the wall-of-sound riffs in the guitar, the pulsing bass line and thumping pounding of the drums, “Todo Va A Arder” is a song that aims at igniting your animal instinct. For a song like this, you’d probably expect a highly sexualized video with scantily clothed people, but Diamante Electrico is smart, they did just the opposite. Feeding off that animal instinct vibe, the video shows a woman coming into the club where the band is playing and then proceeding to beat the living Jesus out of the guys in the band. She walks out and leaves the guys bruised and bloody; a bold metaphor for the bruises and pain love and recklessness can leave on the heart. In the name of authenticity, rock and roll singer Juan Galeano requested that the actress really punch him straight on the chin and face; and so she did. One tooth replacement and a few nose stitches later, the video for “Todo Va A Arder” is Diamante Electrico’s one-two punch of sex and rock at its finest. Don’t take our word for it, view the video via Diamante Electrico’s YouTube channel - Todo Va a Arder - Video Oficial.


Photo by: Miriam Jave

By: Ellen Flores

Photgrapher: William Espinoza

By: Juan Leon

Friday, September 4: Ruby Rose — w/Michael Woods. Ruby Rose does it all. She’s a model, DJ, recording actress, and even a former MTV VJ. The latest feather in her cap? She’s kicking off September at Echostage. (Doors open at 9PM, 18+) Saturday, September 5: P Square— Who are P Square? They’re a Nigerian R&B duo composed of two identical twin brothers. Check ‘em out on September 5th. (Doors open at 9PM, 18+) Sunday, September 6: Modest Mouse — Veteran indie rockers Modest Mouse switch things up with their guaranteed-to-be unique performance at Echostage in September. (Doors open at 7PM, All Ages) Tues, Sep. 8 and Wed, Sep. 9: Twenty One Pilots — w/ Echosmith. The electropop duo from Columbus brings their act to DC with support from Echosmith. (Doors open at 6:30PM, All Ages) Friday, September 11: Mega DC FEAT MODESTEP — Modestep brings dubstep. And rock. From London. To DC. Nice. (Doors open at 9PM, 18+)

what critics may say, rumors of reggaeton’s death were greatly exaggerated. So without further ado, here’s Kesta Happening’s list of the (in no particular order) Top 5 Reggaeton songs: —For obvious reasons. Pronouncements of reggaeton’s death as a musical form began virtually as soon as the genre broke into the mainstream. It’s invigorating to see the genre outliving being labeled a fad. The recent spate of great reggaeton tracks are notable not just for their melodic pop quality and mainstream accessibility, but also because — after the pop success of reggaeton’s biggest exponents, Don Omar and Daddy Yankee, saw them increasingly veering away from the relatively constricting measure of the dembow beat — sonically they harken back to the origins of the genre. The latest hits don’t sound all that different from the reggeaton songs dominating charts in the mid 2000s. Additionally, the dembow influence can be felt on successful American dance tracks, such as Major Lazer’s “Lean On.” — yet another indicator that despite

— An instant classic. — It’s tough to choose just one when it comes to Tego, but this is a great one. —Here’s one from the criminally underrated Hector el Father.

Saturday, September 12: Ferry Corsten, Cosmic Gate — There’s something in the water over in the Netherlands. Ferry Corsten is yet another crowd-pleasing Dutch DJ and trance producer. (Doors open at 9PM, 18+) Wednesday, September 16: Stromae— w/ Bo Ningen. Belgian rapper Stromae is an established figure in hiphop and electronica. And he’s making his way to DC. (Doors open at 7PM, All Ages) Friday, September 18: Tchami — w/Don Diablo. French house producer Tchami kicks off part one of Echostage’s “Echoversary”, celebrating 3 years of Echostage.. (Doors open at 9PM, 18+) Saturday, September 19: Bingo Players — w/Henry Fong. Dutch DJ Maarten Hoogstraten (Bingo Players) is joined by electro DJ/Producer Henry Fong. This is part two of Echostage’s “Echoversary” (Doors open at 9PM, 18+)

—While “Atrevete” might be a more obvious choice, “La Jirafa” might be Calle 13’s masterpiece.

Thursday, September 24: Armin Van Buuren — A trance legend makes it back to Echostage. (Doors open at 9PM, 18+)

Honorable Mention: De La Ghetto- “Es Dificil” █

Friday, September 25: Oliver Heldens — w/ Cazzette.Dutch music producer Oliver Heldens closes out September at Echostage with the help of Cazzette. (Doors open at 9PM, 18+) █





By: Rosario Garcia

jump on the bar, dance on table tops, and pretty much sing the entire show while moshing in the crowd. The familiar lyrics to Ozzy Osbourne’s, “Crazy Train” flowed from his seemingly infinite lungs as he managed to get fans to sing along word for word. There’s only one word to describe this kind of effect on people, and it’s called rocking your socks off!

Fronted by Sujit Kumar on the vocals, Roman Arriola on the guitar, Lula Neira on the bass, and Tito Perez on drums, The Derty Basterds do it for the love and passion of it and they want to show you the world of rock and roll through their eyes. What they see is AC/DC, Aerosmith, Alice Cooper, and those are just the A’s in their repertoire. Their onstage personas match the madness that these giants emit during their arena rock shows. My first time seeing Derty Basterds was at a Mexican metal band show where Sujit managed to

The Derty Basterds deliver such a high energy stage act that they have started to be demanded at venues all over the DMV. Making the suburbs of Virginia and Maryland their bread and butter performing regularly in Lake Ridge, Woodbridge, Burtonsville, Gaithersburg and Bethesda, although DC shows are also in the mix. The Derty Basterds seem to gig constantly and generate successful shows thanks to their frontman’s encouragement of crowd participation. You don’t just go see a Derty Basterds show, you experience it! The Dirty Basterds want to make a basterd out of you (in a good way) and want you to be a part of the band experience. Think cover hair metal band meets your favorite karaoke song and you sing every note perfectly while the audience roars your name. That’s pretty much how the Derty Basterds do it. And this is why they already have shows booked through December. The Derty Basterds are also versatile performing songs from Judas Priest to Kiss to Journey to

Radiohead. The emblematic “We’re not gonna take it,” by Twisted Sister is the perfect sing-along, while Judas Priests’ “Breaking the Law” leads to glorious release. You can experience the joy that is The Derty Basterds at one of their upcoming shows. For more information visit them online, www. or look them up on Facebook. Check out their shows in September! Sep 6 @ Brittany’s Woodbridge, VA 12449 Dillingham Sq Lake Ridge, Virginia Sep 11 @ Chapala Blue Beetle Rock Bar 15530 Old Columbia Pike Burtonsville, Maryland Sep 12 @ Quincy’s Gaithersburg, MD 616 Quince Orchard Rd Gaithersburg, Maryland Sep 18 @ Quincy’s South North Bethesda, MD 11401 Woodglen Dr █


ALBUM REVIEWS By: Ellen Flores

Summer is almost closing and DC native group Empresarios will be releasing their latest studio material titled “The Vibes LP” and this LP will give your ears, your speakers and your feet the last summer breeze before the fall rolls in. With ten tracks, this LP explores sounds of guaracha, old school salsa, techno cumbia and even pre-reggaeton dembow all blended with the beats that characterize the Empresarios sound. The LP opens with “No Vamos a Parar” a track that transmits Ismael Miranda, Tego Calderón and Vico C undertones that shine in this song. With witty lyrics and fluid rhymes, “No Vamos a Parar” is a solid kick off their newest musical production. As the LP progresses another song sticks out titled “Salsoul”. Intentional or not, the title of the song immediately took me back home with the clever homage to one of the classic salsa stations in Puerto Rico, 99.1 FM Salsoul, a station responsible for bringing classic salsa and new variants to fans in the island and the world with its streaming platforms. Empresarios’ “Salsoul” has a delicious Guaracha beat with classic salsa undertones that craft in my opinion, the strongest song in the album and one I can’t wait to hear live. With “The Vibes LP” Empresarios stood by their signature sound while exploring new ventures into reggae, roots and wawancó. I think the treat and real test for “The Vibes LP” will be seeing Empresarios performing the new songs live because it’s in the live shows where their music blossoms and takes over your feet and soul sending you into a dancing frenzy. █

By: Juan Leon

Pacha Massive’s opening track “What You Are Made Of ” starts off sounding like a song straight out of the genre the kids call “EDM” these days. The familiar production staples are all there: Generic snare. Generic synth. Vocals. Then something interesting happens. Latin percussion starts swelling from beneath a track that at first glance seems indistinguishable from a standard [Insert Euro/American DJ/Producer Here] dance hit. The vibe shifts from generic to romantic. From EDM to loungey-disco (almost like a more synthed-up version of a Los Amigos Invisibles jam). The Dominican heritage of Pacha’s DJ/Producer Nova can be felt. The Colombian heritage of bassist and writer Maya can be sensed. Nova and Maya answer the challenge posed by the titular “What You Are Made Of ” by showing what they’re made of. That response is also explored through the album’s title: Where We Come From. And it’s through that exploration — modern dance music filtered through Colombia, the Dominican Republic, Latin America — that Pacha Massive’s challenge is most thrillingly articulated. Songs like “What You Are Made Of ” and the glitch-reggaeton-house hybrid of “Cuando Tu Quieras” show the kind of dynamism a group like Pacha Massive can bring to the electronic/dance genre. The band’s name can’t help but recall Pacha Group, the massive nightclub conglomerate that’s spread its trendy discos into 20 “House” hotspots across the world. Pacha the club sells fashion, debauchery, and cool. Pacha Massive sells nothing. Pacha the club got their name from a Spanish expression that means “to live like a king.” Pacha Massive draws their name from the quechua word for “Mother Earth.” █

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LOVE By: Maria Veronica Cevallos

With tremendous energy that makes him one of Latin pop’s most seasoned performer, Chayanne electrified the audience at Eagle Bank Arena on Friday, August 7, 2015. The audience, a mix of die-hard fans, female fans swooning back and forth singing their favorite songs, and couples catching the romance that filled the atmosphere, enjoyed an unforgettable performance. And it was no surprise: Chayanne is an all-around entertainer. Well into his En Todo Estare tour, his material seemed well rehearsed, engaging, and exhilarating. Despite having a career expanding more than three decades, Chayanne is still on top of his game, his voice perfectly expressive, passionate, and pitch perfect. The atmosphere of his show, whether it be a ballad like “Y tú te vas” or an energetic song like “Salome” was impeccable, and along with his still amazing dancing skills, he puts on a captivating show. His dynamic style was evident as he skillfully sang and danced one of his more recent songs “Bailando Dos Corazones”, a bachata style track, pleasing the audience. A humble yet charismatic performer, Chayanne took a little time out to thank his fans for their support for many years, the ones that have grown up with his music, and continue to support him on his endeavors. His fans were treated to a good helping of those beloved hits live including “Tu Pirata Soy Yo”, “Completamente Enamorados”, “Torero”, “Provocame” and perhaps one of his oldest hits, “Fiesta en America”.

By: Rosario Garcia

Colombian electro-tropical band Bomba Estereo have been an international touring machine performing at some of the world’s biggest stages and festivals including Glastonbury, Coachella, Austin City Limits, Vive Latino, and Estereo Picnic this year among others. Their U.S shows were highly anticipated as Bomba is promoting their new album “Amanecer” and growing their stage show with each tour (the first time we saw them it was just Li Saumet and her cohort Simon Mejia with a keyboard and a microphone). The Amanecer tour arrived at the Howard Theatre on July 25th, 2015 to a mixed audience of predominantly young, dressed to impress fans. This was an early show at the Howard so things started promptly at 7pm. Opening band Mitú also from Bogota, Colombia served a dose of “techno de la selva” to the pumped up crowd. The place was packed (though not sold-out) and the crowds packed up the dance floor first (because seriously who goes to a Bomba Estereo show to sit down)? The stage setup was colorful while the band wore all white and Li Saumet transformed into an angel donning a white feather headdress and gown mid-set. Bomba performed new songs from the Amanecer album to start off with including “Fiesta” and the already popular, “Somos Dos” which people readily sang along to. Of course the hits that made Bomba Estereo couldn’t be missed as they performed “El Alma y el Cuerpo”, “Pure Love”, “Caribbean Power”, “Fuego”, and the haunting “Pa’ Respirar”.

I don’t have kids but I recently started dating a guy who has two. His ex has the kids full-time, but they spend at least every other weekend with him. Some of my friends tell me this is a bad idea and that I should walk away now. It’s still very casual between us and I haven’t met the kids yet, but I’m really into this guy and I’m wondering what am I getting myself into? Feminista en DC There are a few important things to consider before getting more serious in the relationship. This can’t stay casual once the kids are involved, so think carefully before you decide to be officially introduced to them. And be prepared for the kids not liking you right away, or at least for a while. They may have already gone through a lot in their short lives, either a divorce, or having two parents who were never together. But kids always hold on to hope that their parents will get back together, so your mere presence may crush that dream for them. Give them the space they need and don’t try to force a relationship, just be kind and respectful and trust that they will open up to you when they are ready. When dating someone who has kids you also have to be ready for things not going as planned. Kids often get sick, or issues may come up with the other parent who can’t pick them up when they were supposed to, which makes it more likely for your best date plans to be canceled last minute or shifted around. You can’t expect to always be treated like the priority when kids are involved and unexpected things come up with them. Another important issue to consider is whether you will be able to handle your new love being frequently in contact with his ex as they coordinate coparenting. It really shouldn’t be something to get jealous about, but only you know your limits and whether this is something that would trigger jealousy. Depending on the ex, she may get jealous knowing you are now in the picture and call more often. If that’s the case you will have to set boundaries from the beginning about any contact that goes above and beyond talking about the kids. If not handled properly it is a factor that has the potential to create conflict in your developing relationship. There are lots of stories with stepchildren and happy endings, but it will require more effort and flexibility from you, and only you can decide whether this guy really is worth it. My suggestion would be to spend more time really getting to know him and figuring that out before you meet the kids and become a part of each others’ lives. █

Jazmin Moral is a licensed clinical social worker practicing in Bethesda. This column is meant for entertainment only and should not be considered a substitute for professional counseling. If you have a love, dating, or relationship question, send it to us via our confidential online form at


KE? KESTA HOROSCOPE Aries: Grupo Niche says: “Fácilmente

yo en tus rBotellita de Jerez says: “En las fiestas de mi barrio las mujeres hacen bulla me persiguen con la fiebre de bailar la baticumbia.” – Botellita de Jerez, “La Baticumbia”

Taurus: Dread Mar I says: “ Es terrible

percibir que te vas y no sabes el dolor que has dejado justo en mí. Te has llevado la ilusión de que un día tú serás solamente para mi ohhh para mí.“ – Dread Mar I, “Tu Sin Mi”

Gemini: Alejandro Fernández says:

“Cómo es que nunca me fijé que ya no sonreías y que antes de apagar la luz ya nada me decías. Que aquel amor se te escapó, que había llegado el día que ya no me sentías, que ya ni te dolía.” – Alejandro Fernández, “Me dediqué a Perderte”

Cancer: Frank Reyes says: “Me canse de esperarte, a que te decidieras lo decidiste tarde, y ya vez lo que queda.” – Frank Reyes, “Nada de Nada”

Leo: J Balvin says: “Tu cuerpo mi vicio,

de ti estoy adicto. Adicto a tu piel, adicto a tu olor, a la manera que me hace el amor.” – J Balvin, “Sola”

Virgo: Frankie Negron says: “Te voy

a comer, a besos. Te voy a llegar muy dentro. Hoy te voy amar muy lento. Viré las fantasías que soñaba noche y día con tu cuerpo.” – Frankie Negron, “Comerte A Besos”

/ 37

GIVEAWAYS: Libra: Becky G says: “When I wake up

you’re the first thing that comes to mind. Wanna see you like all the time. Yeah we be loving so hard.” – Becky G, “Lovin So Hard”

Scorpio: Panteon Rococó says: “Finge que estas escuchando a este humilde servidor. Finge que me conocieras que no eres unas noche mas.” - Panteón Rococó, “Vendedora de Caricias”

Sagittarius: Alvaro Torres says: “Sé

que entre tú y yo no puede haber más que amistad no es nada fácil admitirlo pero es la verdad estás tan dentro de mi vida, y eres ajena eres prohibida para mí.” – Alvaro Torres, “Tu Mejor Amigo”

Capricorn: Zion y Lennox say: “Yo te bajo el universo por un pedazo de tu boca. Y cuando me tocas, me erizas la piel me envuelves, tu haces que yo pierda la cabeza.” - Zion y Lennox, “Pierdo La Cabeza”

Aquarius: Nino Segarra says:

“Tu quieres mas, me exiges y me pretendes. Cuando tu quieres me existas y me enciendes y aunque no quiera siempre digo si porque te amo.” – Nino Segarra, “Porque Te Amo”

Pisces: Grupo Montez de Durango

says: “Cuando es que vas a volver te oigo preguntar y me tiemblan los labios. Si yo pudiera volar, poder tener alas y estar a tu lado.” – Grupo Montez de Durango, “Lágrimas del Corazón”




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By: Rosario Garcia



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