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Proven Winners Look Book


Top Performers! Proven Winners plants are unsurpassed in terms of flowering, growth habit, disease resistance and garden performance. No other plant line goes through the same rigorous selection process, taking 2-3 years at trial stations throughout Europe, the U.S. and Canada, as well as at facilities in Africa, Australia and Japan. Besides producing better plants, Proven Winners is also credited with bringing new plants to market and creating a brand that delivers great value to home gardeners. Proven Companions are a plant line that have also undergone extensive trials alongside our Proven Winners plants to ensure that you are purchasing the very best quality. They are great companions for plants within our Proven Winners range and have been included in the Proven Winners Summer Look Book.

Welcome! Welcome to the Proven Winners Summer Look Book. A book of ideas and inspiration, showing you a selection of some of our very best Summer flowering Proven Winner branded and Proven Winner companion plants.

Petunia Supertunia® ‘Bubblegum’

Angelonia Angelface®

‘Wedgewood Blue’ (P) (Imp) Beautiful Wedgewood blue coloured flowers with a white overtone rise above the dark green foliage.

‘Carrara’ (P) EUPVR TBAF

A perfect plant for the container, covered with large white blossoms from late spring and continues to bloom for the whole summer.

‘Blue’ (P) (Imp) ANBLUIM

Glorious royal blue flowers - a beauty for the summer container. Quite compact and produces lots of flowers.

2 /

Angelonia Angelface® has vibrant flower trusses that emerge in summer above shiny green, slightly serrated foliage. Height varies between 45 and 60cm tall for the largest variety. Flowering from June to September, it is excellent in large containers, raised beds or borders for the summer months.

‘Pink’ (P) (Imp) EUPVR TBAF

Beautiful pink flowers with blotched throats on upright green foliage.

‘Dark Violet’ (P) ANDEEPVI

Rich, deep-violet coloured bloms sit above purple-green tinged foliage. The most compact plant in the Angelface® series which makes it ideal for containers.



Anisodontea ‘Lady in Pink’ (P) A half-hardy plant that is a hybrid of the Cape Mallow. It carries a profusion of medium sized strawberry-pink coloured flowers on a very compact bush.

4 /


With good weather resistance, this is a choice plant for the summer border or container and looks good alongside many other plants.



Fiery, almost florescent orange coloured flowers continue to bloom for the whole summer until the first frosts.

‘Holly’ (VR)

‘Hannah’ (P)

Wonderful orange-red coloured flowers emerge from downy greygreen foliage.

‘Hope’ (VR)

Luxurious deep-red coloured flowers emerge in summer over a mound of silvery-green foliage.

A variety that produces delicate white flowers with yellow centres and brown eyes on a silvery mound.

+44(0)1579 350561

‘Hayley’ (P)

Flaming yellow-orange coloured flowers over substantial grey-green foliage.

‘Red Devil’

This is an improved form with blood-red coloured flowers above dark-green foliage.

‘Heidi’ (VR)

Shades of golden apricot coloured flowers are produced above greygreen, silvery foliage.


Deep mauve/pink coloured flowers sit above silver foliage.






‘Citronelle’ (P) SUPA511

Fine green foliage with single, rounded sherbet lemon coloured flowers.

‘Pacific Gold’ (P) PACARGONE

Ample sized, double primrose yellow pom-pom flowers above green foliage.

‘Coconut Mallow’ (P)

Pure white pom-pom like flowers which will continue to bloom all through summer into Autumn.

‘Pacific Rose’ (P) EUPVR TBAF

Masses of dainty rose-pink coloured flowers.

‘Cornish Gold’

This plant gained an RHS award of merit in 1992 for its excellent garden performance. A mass of yellow flowers continuously bloom through summer.

‘Polly’ (P) INNPOLLY

Masses of white flowers sit above compact foliage and continue to bloom all summer long.

‘Meteor Red’ (P) EUPVR TBAF

Delicious cranberry-red coloured flower petals with wonderful golden eyes.

‘Raspberry Ruffles’ (P)

Baby pink coloured pom-pom like flowers which will continue to flower all through summer into Autumn.



i v , ish

l y t t, s

n a g le

! t n bra

Summerwings is a flowering begonia with foliage that is shaped like dragon wings. They will flower right through the summer with very little maintenance needed. A constant delight for the garden!

SummerwingsŽ ‘Vanilla’


Begonia Summerwings® ‘Coral Elegance’ (P)

Wing shaped, salmon pink coloured flowers cascade over dark green waxy foliage.

‘Dark Elegance’ (P) INSUMDAELE

This has got to be one of our favourites, with masses of red flowers that are so bright, they resemble glowing embers. Rich, bronze coloured foliage sets this off nicely.

‘Pink Elegance’ (P)

Warm pink flowers cascade over dark green waxy foliage.

+44(0)1579 350561

‘Ebony and Orange’ (P)

Beautiful, bright orange flowers that contrast with the dark, waxy foliage on this well behaved plant that has won several awards.

‘Vanilla’ (P)

A striking combination of creamy yellow flowers with a pinkish hue that sit above dark green foliage.



Begonia Belleconia A brilliant Begonia! Awesome flower size, with double ruffles and spectacular colours. A must for summer baskets and patio containers.

‘Hot Orange’ (P) EUPVR TBAF

Deep orange, double flowers look almost luminescent against semi-trailing green foliage.



What a stunner! This variety has delightful, cream coloured double flowers that are shaped like rose petals. ‘Chardonnay’ also has a semi-trailing habit.



Peachy, rose coloured flowers adorn this beautiful variety.

‘Soft Orange’ (P) INNBELLPEA

Gorgeous pinky-orange flowers with a yellow central eye.


‘Rockstar’ EUPVR TBAF

‘Rockstar’ has enormous yellow coloured flowers that are almost twice the size of typical bidens flowers. A true star of the show! ‘Spotlight’ is a bicolour variety with buttery yellow flowers and white ends. A compact plant that stays neat and tidy throughout an impressively long season making it perfect for baskets. Loved by pollinating insects.


+44(0)1579 350561



Bracteantha Bracteantha Sundaze® is bred by our friends in Australia. These ‘paper daises’ are very early flowering and sturdy. Plants are covered in shimmering iridescent flowers from May to October and grow to 25-30cm tall. Excellent plants for a pot, or container on the patio.



Superb flaming orange and yellow bi-coloured flowers. A compact plant that looks great in a pot or at the edge of the border.


Bracteantha Sundaze®

‘Bronze’ (P) REDBRABRO

Large semi-double, golden-bronze flowers.

‘Totally Yellow’ (P) EUPVR TBAF

A pure lemon-yellow coloured flower which turns slightly more golden with age. This is one of the best Bracteantha there is!

+44(0)1579 350561


Golden flowers sit above broad leaves. A slightly taller plant compared to the rest of the series.

‘Magenta’ (P) REDBRAMAG

Stunning, bright magenta coloured, slightly double flowers sit above deep green foliage.



Carex oshimensis ‘Everest’

Lamium maculatum ‘White Nancy’

14 /


Heuchera ‘Blackberry Jam’

Looks great with ... Bracteantha Sundaze® ‘Gold’ Bracteantha Sundaze® ‘Gold’ (P)

Golden-yellow flowers sit above broad leaves

Brachyscome ang. hybr. ‘Mauve Mystique’


Brachyscome Delicate clouds of purple daisy-like flowers for the summer patio. This variety has an exceptional long flowering season, often lasting until first frosts. Easy, ‘care free’ gardening plants, that mix well with other summer varieties. ‘Mauve Mystique’ is a beauty from Australia with petite, blue, daisy-like flowers and broad green foliage which forms a dense ball that lasts all summer long.

16 /

Festuca glauca ‘Elijah Blue’ Petunia Supertunia® ‘Royal Magenta’

Ipomoea Sweet Caroline ‘Purple’


Buddleja Buzz Velvet’ (P)

Buddleja Buzz ‘Indigo’ (VR)

Buddleja Buzz ‘Hot Raspberry’ (P)

Buddleja Buzz ‘Ivory’ (P)

Buddleja Buzz ‘Sky Blue’ (P)

Buddleja Buzz ‘Lavender’ (VR)


Buddleja Buzz ‘Candy Pink’ (P)

Buddleja Buzz ‘Magenta’ (P) /

Buddleja Buzz A Buddleja for the pot! A revelation in Buddleja, the Buzz series has been bred to be suitable for the container and border planting. Great for butterflies and bees!

Buddleja Buzz ‘Magenta’


Acorus gramineus ‘Ogon’

Calibrachoa Superbells Unique ‘Pink’


Calendula PowerDaisy™ ‘Sunny’ (P) KERCALSUN

Commonly known as the ‘pot marigold’. Vibrant yellow daisy-like flowers with many petals that appear from June to October. A sun-loving annual that is great for pollinators and in wildlife/cottage gardens as well as pots and patios.

+44(0)1579 350561



Calibrachoa Calibrachoa SuperbellsÂŽ is a range of Calibrachoa chosen for their habit, flower power and comparative resistance to root diseases. Calibrachoa Superbells Unique is a robust weather resistant variety of this best loved genus. All of the varieties have large blooms and a similar compact habit.


Calibrachoa Superbells


‘Apricot Punch’ (P) USCALI41308

Punchy, apricot-orange coloured flowers with a distinctive, dark, bloodshot centre.

‘Double Ruby’ (P) EUPVR TBAF

A double Calibrachoa covered in masses of small, Ruby Red, double petunia-like flowers.

‘Pomegranate Punch’ (P) EUPVR TBAF

Small, mini blooms in a deep rose-red colour with a prominent dark red centre. The wonderful trailing and mounding foliage produces an abundance of flowers throughout the season.

‘Banana Chocolate’ (P) EUPVR TBAF

Orange-yellow coloured flowers with rich chocolate-brown centres.

‘Lemon Slice’ (P) EUPVR TBAF

Yellow and white star patterned flowers.

‘Red Devil’ (P) USCALI28

A beauty with marvellous dark cherry-red coloured flowers above compact dome forming foliage.

‘Cherry Star’ (P) EUPVR TBAF

An abundance of small, vibrant, magenta coloured flowers with striking golden yellow star markings that radiate from the centre of the flower.

‘Orange’ (P) USCAL41109

Mandarin orange coloured flowers. A good, strong plant.

‘Strawberry Slice’ (P)

Star patterned flowers with petals that are red, pink and white. Stable throughout the season, this is a breakthrough in colour patterns which has created new interest and excitement.


Calibrachoa Superbells Unique ®

‘Dark Red’ (P) EUPVR TBAF

Reminiscent of red hot coals on a summer BBQ. A burning red with the touch of yellow at the centre. A real eye catcher

‘Lavender’ (P) EUPVR TBAF

Rich lavender flowers with a yellow centre evoke thoughts of a brilliant sun glimpsing through a brooding lavender sky. A perfect foil when planted with other colours of Calibrachoa Superbells Unique or in mixed baskets and containers.

‘Golden Yellow’ (P) EUPVR TBAF

Bright, sunshine yellow blooms which will lift any white or yellow themed basket or container.


The lilac is dark at the centre accentuating the yellow throat and then lightens in the rest of the petals, allowing the flowers to exude an air of sophistication.


Wonderful lipstick pink flowers with notable yellow throat, a perfect shade variation to bring interest to a colour themed baskets.


The almost neon-pink flowers have a yellow throat, illuminating through the green foliage and any other basket or container fillers it is planted with.


Masses of pure white flowers with a sunny yellow centre. This is a perfect foil for numerous other basket and container plants.

24 /



Bright sparks until the first frosts

Cleome Beautiful Cleome! This variety is short and bushy with no prickly spines. They will flower all summer long and look wonderful in the border or a large pot.


‘Senorita Blanca’ (P)

‘Senorita Carolina’ (P)

Pure, white flowers that resemble freshwater pearls. A self-cleaning and thornless plant that will stand up to most conditions.

Stems of long delicate, pastel rose coloured flowers are held above deep green, thornless foliage. With all the same attributes as her sisters this is an impeccable addition to the Cleome ‘Senorita’ series.



‘Senorita Rosalita’ (P) INNCLEOSR

Explosions of pink flowers sit on tall palmate green foliage.


Cosmos ‘Chocamocha’ (P) Sumptuous, velvet, bronze coloured flowers sit above lanceolate green foliage with a wonderful chocolate scent. A compact plant that is perfect for a pot or the garden border.

30 /

Coleus ‘Walter Turner’

Ajuga ‘Black Scallop’



‘Eyes’ (VR)

‘Fantasy’ (VR)

‘Flame’ (VR)

‘Kiss’ (VR)

‘Lips’ (VR)

‘Nights’ (VR) /

Dahlia Dreamy™ Bred by our friends in Holland. Semi-compact, beautiful plants with bronze foliage, and contrasting flowers in a range of stunning colours.


Dahlia Whether you are seeking an eye catching plant for the border, something to brighten up containers or for large double flowers for cutting, then the diverse Dahlia is just what you’re looking for. With surprisingly little effort, they will continuously flower to their heart’s content in a sunny spot until the first frosts arrive in late autumn.

‘Dark Desire’


A bronze leaved variety with dark, blood-red, single flowers and a tall growth habit.

Glorious semi-double magenta coloured flowers on tall stems sway above dark bronze foliage.

Mystic ‘Dreamer’ (P)

Mystic ‘Illusion’ (P)



An elegant Dahlia from New Zealand. Previously known as D. ‘Candy Eyes’. It has filigreed deep mahogany to black foliage and flowers are pale pink to white in colour with a strong magenta stripe on the individual petals.

Delicate deep mahogany to black foliage topped with bright yellow, ribbed sunflower-like blooms with prominent orange centres.


Wonderful bronze coloured with stunning golden yellow running to red in the centre.

foliage flowers


Shocking magenta pink single flowers look superb on this reasonably compact bronze leaved variety.

Tidy them up regularly by deadheading and removing all of the dead flowering stem or keep picking for cut flowers and you will be rewarded with a seemingly never-ending display of blooms.

34 /

Dahlia ‘Bishop of Llandaff’

Rich, bright-red, semi-double flowers sit above deep, bronze coloured foliage. This is a well-known favourite.

Dahlia ‘Bishop of Auckland’

Dahlia ‘Bishop of Canterbury’

Rich, dark red, single flowers on fern-like bronze foliage.

Stunning candy pink coloured semi-double flowers above rich foliage.

+44(0)1579 350561

Dahlia ‘Bishop of Oxford’

Bright orange single flowers stand magnificently above glossy dark foliage.

Dahlia ‘Bishop of York’

A wonderful combination of dark foliage and warm orange-yellow flowers which can grow as large as 10cm in diameter.



Beautiful everlasting flower colours

Diascia Compact, mounds full of flowers.

Sturdy in all weather conditions from Spring through Summer

Diascia Breezee ‘Apple Blossom’ (P) EUPVR TBAF

Perfect for mixed containers, window boxes or the garden border

Diascia Breezee ‘Coral’ (P)

Diascia Breezee Plus ‘Apricot’ (P)

Stunning, large, pink-tinted flowers on very nice compact foliage.

Stunning large coral pink flowers with a bright yellow centre on a superb dome forming habit.


A haze of large, stunning, apricot flowers.

Diascia Breezee Plus ‘Pastel’ (P)

Diascia Breezee Plus ‘Pink’ (P)

Diascia Breezee Plus ‘Red’ (P)

Large, stunning, pastel pink flowers.


Stunning, large, pink flowers.

Large, red flowers.

Diascia Breezee Plus ‘Orange’ (P)

Large, stunning, orange flowers.

Diascia Breezee Plus ‘White’ (P) DISBPWH

Large, bright, white flowers. /

Erigeron ‘Sea of Blossom’

Erigeron karvinskianus ‘Sea of Blossom’ An attractive spreading plant that has pretty daisy-like, two-tone flowers that change colour from white to rose pink.

Erigeron ‘Sea Breeze’ (VR) A hardy, compact form of the well known Erigeron. Lilac flowers with yellow eyes sit above masses of glaucous/green foliage.



‘Diamond Frost’

Why not also try ... ‘Diamond Star’ EUPVR TBAF

Sprinkled with masses of tiny white flowers which sit above dark green foliage. Blooming continuously from Spring throughout Summer. Drought tollerant and very resistant to high temperatures.

38 /

amygdaloides ‘Amy Purpurea’

Dark bronze-green leaves. New shoots appear as a deep purple colour and turn into lime-green flowers from late Spring.

‘Efanthia’ (P)EFANTHIA

Small, green leaves with purple tinges on the edges and red undersides. Yellow balls of flowers appear through Summer and into Autumn.

‘Ascot Rainbow’ (P)

A compact, evergreen Euphorbia. Foliage changes colour throughout the year; from grey-green edged with yellow, to shades of pink, red and orange. Lime green flowers appear in late Spring.

‘Glacier Blue’ (P) GLACIER BLUE

An excellent variegated form of Euphorbia characias with smokey blue-grey leaves that have white margins.

Looks great with ...

‘Baby Charm’ (VR)

A hybrid cross of martinii, forms a neat, compact mound. Foliage is bronze green with short flower stems. Flowers are apple green in colour with yellow centres and red capsules.

‘Kalipso’ (VR) INNKALFF

A wonderful rounded, bushy and compact plant with golden yellow flowers and buff-green foliage.

characias wulfenii

Forms large, bold clumps of blue-grey foliage with sulphur-yellow flower spikes in March-April.

x martinii

A well known form of the Spurge - a hybrid cross of Euphorbia amygaloidies and Euphorbia characias, which produces rounded mounds of medium green leaves often tinged with purple. Chartreuse bracts emerge in spring with red eyes.

Heliopsis helianthoides ‘Tuscan Sun’ (P) Closely related to Sunflowers. The blooms of ‘Tuscan Sun’ are a vibrant yellow colour and appear throughout summer above deep green foliage but don’t grow to the large size of it’s giant big brother, the Sunflower!



Felicia ‘Forever Blue’ Native to South Africa. Felicia ‘Forever Blue’ has daisy-like flowers in a topaz blue colour with a vivid yellow centre. Foliage is compact and forms a small mound. Perfect for containers, walls along path edges.


Fuchsia Shadowdancers


Fuchsia Shadowdancers®: This is generally a very early-blooming and easy Fuchsia with exceptionally uniform and compact growth. The flowers perch well above the bushy, small-leaved foliage. Blooms all summer long. A great plant for baskets and window boxes.


A really big double flowering Fuchsia with red sepals and double white corollas. Flowers appear all over this neat, bushy plant.


Salmon-Pink sepals and white corollas. ‘Amelie’ (P)EUPVR TBAF

A frilly, light pink and intense purple double flowering Fuchsia. The foliage creates a neat bushy plant with flowers that appear all over in an explosion of colour.



Excellent bushy habit, with indigo-violet petals and dark purple-red sepals. Masses of flowers appear in May through to July.

Light pink sepals with dayglow-pink corollas tinted with neon-orange colour.

+44(0)1579 350561

‘Shirley’ (P)SHIRLEY

Bright red sepals and pure white corolla.


Pink sepals and purple corollas.

‘Violette’ (P)GOETZV2

Violet corollas with pink-tinged sepals.




‘Karalee White’

‘Freefolk Rosy’ (P) HARRFOLK

A cloud of white flowers with a baby pink picotee will wave and flutter in the wind from May to September above cream and green variegated foliage.

‘Flamingo White’ (P)

White flowers with a pink blush on elegant, slender stems, that branch out above mid-green coloured foliage. Vigorous but with a compact habit.

‘Karalee White’ (P) NUGAUWHITE

Chosen for its early and prolific flowering qualities. This variety has long stems of white flowers all through summer.

‘Lillipop Pink’ (P)REDGAPI

Plenty of lovely pink coloured flowers throughout the summer months above purple-green foliage.


‘Papillon’ (P)

‘Rosyjane’ (P)

A far more compact form of this popular garden plant. White butterfly flowers hang above green foliage.

Graceful pink flowers, flushed with white create a beautiful bicolour effect over purple-green tinged foliage.





‘Tiger Eye’ GAZTE

This is an excellent form of Gazania. Flame coloured flowers contrast well with the variegated leaves.

Heliotropium ‘Midnight Sky’ (VR) Deep purple flowers with the heavenly scent of vanilla and cherry pie held over dark green foliage.

44 /

Choose the best plant quality! Proven Winner plants are the result of long and intensive work carried out by the most innovative plant breeders worldwide.

Angelonia Angelface® ‘Blue’


Lysimachia ‘Goldilocks’

Lysimachia ‘Goldilocks’

One of the mainstays of the basket continues to delight with its golden foliage.


Euphorbia ‘Ascot Rainbow’ Ipomoea Sweet Heart ‘Light Green’

Lantana Calippo ‘Tucano’


po t e we s l nta e am n r O



oe t a t

A vibrant and vigorous foliage plant that grows well in cool conditions but loves warm, sunny spots. They make the ideal companion plant in containers with other varieties and come in a range of colours and shapes; creating a versatile and interesting display of colour and texture. Ipomoea Sweet Caroline ‘Purple’

Ipomoea Sweet Caroline ‘Light Green’

Ipomoea Sweet Heart ‘Purple’

Ipomoea Sweet Heart ‘Light Green’


Ceratostigma plumbaginoides

Sedum acre ‘Aureum’ Helichrysum ‘Icicles’


Lamium ‘Pink Chablis’ CHECKIN

Silver-white leaves with green margins sit beneath clusters of hooded pink flowers, which appear from late spring to early summer.

+44(0)1579 350561



Lamium Grown primarily for their foliage colour, Lamium are happy in almost any situation; in a bowl, tub, basket or border and they make great companions with other summer flowering and winter patio plants. Herman’s Pride grows a little bigger than the others to approximately 50x40cm in size.

maculatum ‘Golden Anniversary’ (P)

‘Gold Nuggets’

maculatum ‘White Nancy’

‘Pink Chablis’

Flowers last until early autumn 50 /

Make me! ...

A, Cleome ‘Senorita Rosalita’

B, Lamium ‘Pink Chablis’

How to make ...

C, Ipomoea Caroline ‘Light Green’



Lantana Calippo

Bright, sweet shop coloured blooms on a compact, bushy variety of this traditional plant. Flowers from May to September and is ideal for pots and containers as well as in the border.

Lantana Calippo ‘Orange’ (P)

Lantana Calippo ‘Tucano’ (P)

Lantana Calippo ‘White’ (P)

Lantana Calippo ‘Tutti Fruitti’ (P)

Lantana Calippo ‘Red’ (P)



Lavender sto. Provençal


This is a neo-classic range of French Lavender. Not fully hardy, but will last if protected from the worst frosts. All great habits for the pot or garden with delightfully subtle, pastel flower shades and fragrance.

‘Antibes’ (VR) Pink, slightly more petite flowers on a very upright habit.

Lavender sto. Prov. ‘Arles’ (VR) True lavender-blue flowers on glaucous green foliage.

54 /

Lavender angustifolia ‘Munstead’

Floriferous dwarf lavender with fragrant blue flowers in summer over bright green foliage.

Lavender sto. ‘French’

Purple flowers emerge from the dense, bushy, upright grey-green foliage.

Lavender angustifolia ‘Rosea’

Pink flowers arrive in summer over the silver foliage.

Lavender pinnata

Two-toned purple flowers on grey-green hirsute foliage which is scented.

Lavender dentata

Serrated herringbone grey-green aromatic foliage mauve flower spikes.

Lavender ‘Platinum Blonde’ (P)

like, with

Beautiful creamy-gold ‘platinum blonde’ edged foliage and dense spikes of fragrant, stunning sky-blue summer flowers.

Lavender ‘Devon Compact’

A French Lavender form with lavender-blue flowers on a dense grey-green foliage.

Lavender spica ‘Kew Red’

Vigorous green foliage with purple-red flowers and pink “ears” emerging from the top of the main flowering body.

Fragrant flowers all summer long ...

Lavender ‘Devon Compact White’

Lavender angustifolia ‘Hidcote’

This beautiful French Lavender has grey - green scented foliage and carries a profusion of white butterfly-like flowers.

An excellent dwarf lavender with very dark-purple flowers and narrow green leaves.



Petunia Supertunia® ‘Raspberry Blast’


A garden is a friend

you can visit any time

Ipomoea Sweet Caroline ‘Purple’



Leucanthemum ‘Angel’ (VR) A heat and cold tolerant ‘Shasta Daisy’, with large, clean white daisy flowers with yellow centres. These impressive flowers are supported by sturdy, thick green foliage.

Looks great with ...

Leucanthemum ‘White Mountain’ (P) GFLEUWHMTN

Large ‘Daisy’ type flowers with a Yellow centre and long white petals that are held on strong, sturdy stems.

Heuchera ‘Crème Brûlée’ (P) A superior marmalade-orange coloured Heuchera. Beautiful, striking foliage.

‘White Mountain’

58 /

Leucanthemum ‘Banana Cream’ (P) BANANA CREAM

A medium sized Leucanthemum with compact, dark green foliage and strong upright stems. The Blooms have lemon-yellow petals surrounding a yellow button eye. The petals age to soft butter yellow then finally ivory.

Leucanthemum ‘Banana Cream’


Lobelia Lobelix ‘Blue’

Sutera (Bacopa)


Lobelia Lobelix A very free-flowering series that will flower from May through until the autumn making it ideal as a traditional edging plant or as a semi upright filler in a basket or container.



Blue flowers with a dainty white eye.

Porcelain-blue flowers with white markings on the lower lip.

‘Lilac’ (P)

‘White’ (P)


Smothered in soft-lilac flowers.

‘Blue White Eye’ (P)

+44(0)1579 350561


A profusion of large snow-white coloured flowers above dark green foliage.



Lobularia ‘Snow Princess’

‘Snow Princess’ is a multi award-winning variety due to its incredible, long lasting mounds of honey scented white flowers which form a complete cover over the fine green foliage for most of the summer. A must-have for your pots and baskets!

‘Snow Princess’ INLBUSNOPR


‘Princess in Purple’ EUPVR TBAF

Lobularia ‘Princess in Purple’ (P) ‘Princess in Purple’ has clouds of dark purple flowers that exude an unmistakable honey scent and appear all over the mounding, trailing foliage throughout Summer.

+44(0)1579 350561



Lysimachia ‘Candela’ (VR) INNLYSCAND

White flower spikes above compact, green foliage.

64 /

Monarda ‘Pardon My Purple’ (P) EUPVR TBAF

The distinctive, full-sized, plum coloured, ‘Bee Balm’ flowers are produced on a compact, bushy plant. The vibrant blooms are complemented by dark green, foliage.

+44(0)1579 350561




Nemesia Maritana® ‘Blue Lagoon’ PENGOON

Nemesia Karoo


This ‘Karoo’ series from Proven Winners® are unique in that they are triploid, which means they have prolific, sweetly perfumed, large flowers and will not set seed and therefore have a far better chance of flowering for longer without cutting back.


Intense blue, almost violet flowers.

‘Pink’ (P) (Imp)EUPVR TBAF

Blushed pink flowers with a yellow eye.


This has a great compact, free-branching habit with prolific skyblue flowers and white eyes.

‘Violet Ice’ (P)INNEMKAVIC

A wonderful blend of indigo, pink and white flowers.


Beautiful, white flowers.

Nemesia Sunsatia


Nemesia Sunsatia® is an outstanding Nemesia hybrid distinguished by a healthy, compact, rounded habit with slightly trailing flower bearing stems and a profusion of beautiful flowers from spring to autumn.

‘Cassis’ (P)INUPSPINK8

Dark pink flowers with blue markings and a golden yellow eye. This Nemesia has a short, stocky habbit.

‘Kumquat’ (P) INTRAIKUM

Vibrant, tangy orange flowers which have hints of yellow and red with green semi-trailing foliage.

+44(0)1579 350561


Flowers have hints of peach, cream, pink orange and purple. A compact, densely branching upright variety with tight clumps of flowers.





Nemesia Maritana


Nemesia Maritana® ‘Blue Lagoon’ (P)PENGOON

This Nemesia is upright, but also has trailing stems with sky-blue flowers and attractive purple centres.


Nemesia Maritana® have scented blooms and and will survive mild winter conditions. Flowering between May to October, they never seem to stop!

Nemesia ‘Berries & Cream’ (P)FLEURBAC

A gorgeous and unusual bi-coloured Nemesia which is both fragrant and compact. The flower has rich purple upper petals with white lower petals and a yellow eye.

Nemesia ‘Wisley Vanilla’ (VR)

Your senses are immediately hit with the wonderful scent of rich vanilla, particularly on a warm day. White flowers with a very pale pink flush to the upper petals and a yellow eye, sit on a fantastic upright habit. It just keeps on going!

Nemesia Sunsatia Plus



A frilly white flower with dark veins towards the central yellow eye.

‘Little Banana’ (P)INNEMLIBANL

Glowing, bright yellow flowers with a contrasting dark mauve eye.


‘Cherry on Ice’ (P) INNEMCHEOI

Stunning two-toned flowers. Upper petals are scarlet red and lower petals are white.

‘Little Cherry’ (P)INNEMLICHE

This variety boasts a deep cherry bloom, which contrasts beautifully with their lush green foliage.


Each flower is the colour of the glowing embers of a fire fading from deep red to golden yellow.

Vibrant, golden, honey-yellow flowers make a splash of colour for any garden.

+44(0)1579 350561

‘Ciruela’ (Imp) (P) EUPVR TBAF

Flowers with shades of plum to magenta and golden yellow eyes on slightly trailing foliage.

‘Little Coco’ (P) INNEMLCO15

Brilliant white flowers with a bi-coloured purple and yellow centre.

‘Granada’ (P) INNEMSUNDA

Crimson red flowers, very striking in colour and form.

‘Lychee’ (P)

Lightly scented, bi-coloured white and pink flowers with yellow centres, are held above a nice compact mound of green foliage.

‘Raspberry’ (P)EUPVR TBAF

Butterfly-shaped, scintillating raspberry-red flowers with orange centres, smother the trailing foliage to create a cloud of colour.



Nemesia Sunsatia Plus® ‘Little Coco’

Verbena Superbena®

Petunia Supertunia® ‘Bubblegum’


Nepeta faassenii ‘Purrsian Blue’ (P) One of the best Nepeta we have ever seen, as it is absolutely smothered in sky blue flowers over silvery green mounds of foliage.

+44(0)1579 350561



Stipa tenuissima

Ipomoea Sweet Heart ‘Light Green’


Osteospermum ‘Orange Symphony’®

Osteospermum ® ‘Orange Symphony’ (P) The original orange Osteospermum with the eye-catching centres. Flowers are luscious tangerine-orange, very early and perpetual.

+44(0)1579 350561



Oxalis Xalis™ ‘Burgundy Wine’



Oxalis Xalis™ ‘Black Velvet’ (VR)

Oxalis Xalis™ ‘Burgundy Wine’ (VR)

Dark velvet trefoil foliage, almost black in colour with clean white flowers.

Burgundy foliage contrasts beautifully with white flowers of summer.

Oxalis Xalis™ Beautiful, star-shaped flowers sit above richly coloured, trefoil shaped foliage. Perfect for planting in combinations for early summer through to autumn providing colour and interesting foliage. Grows to 25 x 30cm and flowers May - September.

+44(0)1579 350561



He who plants a garden, plants happiness

Petunia Supertunia® ‘White’


Petchoa SuperCal™ is truly one of the best annuals that we’ve ever seen for hanging baskets, windowboxes, and tall flowerpots. Flowers are as abundant and colourful as Calibrachoa with the larger flower size of Petunias. They stand up to wind and rain without closing up or looking stressed and are available in a range of incredible colours. They also flower continuously and unlike Petunias, they are not sticky to touch!


Petchoa SuperCal™

‘Artist Rose’ (P)

‘Blue’ (P)

‘Blushing Pink’ (P)

‘Cherry’ (P)

White flowers blushing to rose pink on the edges with strong rose pink veining, and a yellow eye. Flowers appear on a mound of beautifully trailing bright green foliage.

A great variety with royal blue flowers. Good compact growth habit.

Exquisite pale pink flowers with a soft mottling of white.

Glowing cherry red flowers cover this excellent variety in spring through summer.

‘Neon Rose’ (P)

‘Pink Ice’ (P)

‘Terracotta’ (P)

‘Vanilla Blush’ (P)

Glowing, bright yellow flowers with a contrasting dark mauve eye.

A great variety with vibrant pink flowers and a subtle yellow centre. Good compact growth habit.

Wonderful apricot coloured flowers with hints of peach, blush rose and light veining.









Wonderful vanilla yellow flowers which flush out to cream and a hint of pink at the fringes.

‘Velvet’ (P) KAKEGAWA S88

Velveteen purple flowers with a dark eye on vigorous trailing foliage.

Petchoa SuperCal™ ‘Neon Rose’(P)

+44(0)1579 350561




Petunia ‘Bordeaux’

‘Chocolina’ (P) USTUN62405

Warm, deep, velvety red flowers above lush green foliage.


‘Cranberry Blast’ (P)

‘Daybreak Charm’ (P)

‘Flamingo’ (P)

A strong plant with appealing cranberry and white coloured flowers, set apart by its soft mid green foliage which forms a compact habit.

A strong, compact plant with fresh pink and white flowers that have a large yellow eye.

Perfect pink flowers with a fleck of dark pink at the throat which have an almost translucent quality. Resilient in all weathers, making this a ideal plant for the patio.



Petunia ‘Flamingo’

‘Merlot’ (P)

‘Nerolina’ (P)

‘Pink Ice’ (P)

The intense burgundy veins nearly cover the whole of the purple-pink flower. Compact semi-trailing foliage.

Deep aubergine purple, almost black flowers on this compact plant. Perfect for any combinations.

A strong plant with appealing pink flowers and purple veins, set apart by its soft, variegated foliage.




‘Pink Star’ (P)

Tiny pink and white star patterned flowers above mid-green foliage which creates a nice compact, dome shape.

‘Pretty Much Picasso’ (P) BHTUN31501

This spectacular Petunia has green edged purple flowers! A vigorous, spreading and trailing variety.

Petunia ‘Bordeaux’ LANBOR

Medium sized flower with rich purple veins, almost black in the centre to white at the edges.

+44(0)1579 350561



Argyranthemum ‘Polly’

Petunia Supertunia® ‘White’



Petunia ‘Bubblegum’

Petunia Supertunia® ‘Bubblegum’ (P) KAKEGAWA S84

Bubblegum pink blooms with a hint of a darker pink at the centre of each flower.

‘Raspberry Blast’ (VR)

‘Royal Magenta’ (P)

Rose pink stars flush to a magnificent purple-magenta colour. Great trailing habit making this perfect for hanging baskets.

Deep fluorescent magenta coloured flowers.

+44(0)1579 350561



‘Royal Velvet’ (P) KAKEGAWA S28

Strong violet-blue flowers.

‘White’ (P)


Crisp white flowers colouring at the centre.





Create me! ...

Argyranthemum ‘Cornish Gold’

Heuchera ‘Licorice’

Calibrachoa Superbells


® /

Rudbeckia fulgida var. deamii

Perfectly formed yellow flowers with black centres. This is a real garden champion; very robust, resistant to slugs with a long flowering time. Perfect for any cutting garden or border.

Salvia Salvia numerosa ‘East Friesland’

‘East Friesland’ has lush, green foliage and many spires of purple-lavender flowers throughout the season.


Salvia numerosa ‘Pink Friesland’ (P) ‘Pink Friesland’ is noted for its intense rose-pink flower spikes that appear from early summer and througout the season above clump forming matt-green foliage.

Salvia Fari ‘Midnight Candle’ (P)

Beautiful deep, midnight-blue flower spikes on upright stems, above soft grey/green coloured foliage. Early, floriferous and very robust. They look great in pots and containers and also stay tidy all summer long.

Salvia Go-Go ‘Purple’ (P)

Masses of bright flower spikes appear throughout the summer and quickly grow up to 120 cm in height and width. They are spectacular in large, decorative containers, and happy in full sun or partial shade.

+44(0)1579 350561

Salvia Go-Go ‘Scarlet’ (P) INSALGOSCA

Enormous spikes of scarlet red flowers the whole summer long.




Salvia ‘Amistad’ (P)

Salvia guaranitica ‘Black & Blue’


Rich purple flowers are carried on tall dark stems above mid-green foliage. If deadheaded it will flower continuously from May - Oct. Attracts bees and butterflies. A staple plant of cottage gardens..

Extravagantly coloured purple-blue flowers, are held at their bases by near-black calyces on strikingly architectural stems.

Salvia elegans ‘Golden Delicious’ (VR)

Beautiful, pineapple scented, golden foliage. Flowers are a scarlet red colour and appear in summer.

Salvia greggii ‘Icing Sugar’ (P) ICING SUGAR

Aromatic foliage is smothered in mauve/lilac and purple pursed lip like flowers produced from dark buds all summer long.

Salvia microphylla ‘Hot Lips’ (VR)

Small green leaves and unique scarlet-red and white two-toned flowers.

Salvia Eclipse

Salvia microphylla ‘Trebah Lilac White’

Lilac-white flowers on long flower stems over aromatic stiff, green foliage.


Spikes of flowers on strong upright growth. Keep in a frost protected area and the flowers will keep coming back. Flowering from June - October with a height & spread of 50 x 45cm. Excellent as a main feature for borders, raised beds or in large containers.

Salvia microphylla ‘Trelawny Rose Pink’

Rose-pink flowers on long flower stems over aromatic stiff, green foliage.

Salvia microphylla ‘Trelissick Creamy Yellow’

Creamy-yellow flowers on long flower stems over aromatic stiff, green foliage.

Salvia microphylla ‘Trewithen Cerise’

Cerise flowers on long flower stems over aromatic stiff, green foliage. /

Salvia wish series

Salvia ‘Ember’s Wish’ (P)

Salvia ‘Love & Wishes’ (P)

SAL 0101

Large scarlet red flowers in coral calyces, flowering continuously from early summer until autumn frosts. The plant produces many stems which each carry an abundance of flowers.


Flower buds that are almost black, open into large claret-red flowers held in dark calyces. Flowering continuously from early summer until the first frosts. Makes a well-branched bushy plant, with many stems.

Salvia ‘Wendy’s Wish’ (P) WENDY’S WISH

Flowers are bright purple set in ox-blood coloured calyces and are produced over a long season from spring until autumn. A neat and bushy plant.

Salvia patens

‘Cambridge Blue’

Included in the collection for its outstanding form and flower colour which continue through the autumn.

‘Dots Delight’ (VR)

A breakthrough in patens Salvia breeding. This variety has the first two-tone flower - pretty blue and white combination on upright stems.


Wonderful deep blue “parrots beak” flowers on tall green foliage. Slight markings on the leaves.

‘Patio Deep Blue’

This first class variety boasts a compact habit and lots of attractive hooded deep blue flowers.

‘Patio Sky Blue’

As the name suggests the flowers are sky blue on a very neat, compact habit.

+44(0)1579 350561



Sanvitalia Pennisetum ‘Rubrum’

Sanvitalia ‘Starbini’

Ipomoea Sweet Caroline ‘Purple’

Sanvitalia speciosa ‘Starbini’ (P) and Sanvitalia speciosa ‘Powerbini’ (P) ‘Starbini’ a lovely compact form of Sanvitalia and a variety which will keep its shape. Very low maintenance. Lovely little yellow star-shaped flowers on tight green foliage. ‘Powerbini’ has intense buttercup flowers from May to October, growing to 25x35cm.


Small is beautiful ...

Petunia Supertunia® ‘Royal Velvet’

Ajuga ‘Catlin’s Giant’

Combinations don’t have to be in large pots!

+44(0)1579 350561



Scaevola aemula ‘Saphira’ (P)

Scaevola aemula ‘White Wonder’ (VR) SCAX0226

Sapphire-blue, fan-shaped flowers above glossy green, semi-trailing foliage.

Angelic white flowers on well behaved, but trailing foliage.

Scaevola aemula Scaevola are beautiful and intriguing plants that originate from the hot sandy dunes of Hawaii, Southern Australia and Polynesia where they get plenty of sunshine and aren’t troubled by the salty coastal winds. In this country they can be treated as annuals for instant colour from early summer until the first frosts. Pop them in a sunny spot and they will reward you. Fan-like, half rosettes of flowers make this an attractive and unusual plant, they are great for instant colour on a sunny patio in pots, containers, window boxes and hanging baskets where they will surely flourish. They look great on their own or mixed with companion plants in containers. Try with Ipomoeas or Petunias which can be found on our website or in our catalogue. Provide Scaevola with good drainage as they don’t like to get their feet wet sitting in water. Also excellent for coastal gardens as they are not bothered by the harsh winds.

Looks great with ... an F ‘ , ey l’ aw r’, th in r C e sie Flow fall s u s ‘A Fan nt to a a n ry ow ‘Fai a pl n o k r’ or tely s l A we ini Flo def h! e t ar e wi Petunia Supertunia® lov


‘Royal Velvet’

Suteranova (Bacopa) These varieties of Sutera (Bacopa), are all ideal for raised beds, baskets and mixed containers as they do not require much attention. Suteranova are a selection of large flowered Sutera which all trail from the container to create a lovely foil.

‘Everest Dark Blue’ (P) INSUTEVDAB

A mass of intense dark-blue flowers, on multiple stems that last throughout the summer.

‘Everest Ice’ (P)

‘Everest Rose’ (VR)

Sutera cordata ‘Gold Leaf White’ (P)

Soft white flowers adorn numerous stems on this perfect basket filler.

Dark rose-pink flowers with a yellow fleck to the centre that maintain their strong colour, even during summer heat.

Bright golden trailing foliage with very attractive pearly white flowers.


+44(0)1579 350561




Carex ‘comans ‘Red’ Coleus

Bracteantha Sundaze® ‘Flame’


Tricyrtis Tricyrtis in general are autumn flowering plants. This variety is notable - not only for its early flowering summer nature, but also its particularly good, compact habit. Flowers are star shaped, lilac-white with exotic fine burgundy spots.

+44(0)1579 350561



Verbena Verbena bonariensis

Verbena bonariensis A traditional tall hardy Verbena which sways in the breeze and seems to keep on flowering.

Verbena ‘Sissinghurst’ Clusters of mid-pink flowers on fine green foliage.

96 /

Verbena Superbena


This series of Verbena was selected for their colour range, large flower clusters and their vigorous, robust nature. They have also demonstrated very good mildew tolerance. Ideal for containers, garden beds and borders.

‘Burgundy’ (VR)

Unique claret-burgundy flower clusters over strong broad-leaved foliage.

‘Bonny Bouquet’ (P)

‘Coral Star’ (P)

An iridescent flower tone which seems to defy your eyes. The centre of the blooms are almost blue whilst the rest of the flower is cherry pink. Top this off with a beautiful rose water scent - Simply stunning!

Intense coral coloured spikes combined with a shaped decoration in the centre of the flower.



Verbena Vepita


These Verbena form a compact habit and are early flowering. They last all summer long, have a great mildew resistance with an added bonus that the blooms are spread throughout the plant giving masses of colour.

‘Blue Violet’ (P)

Large round clusters of dainty flowers in a deep, rich shade of intense purple. Flowers appear all over the leafy green spreading foliage.

‘Scarlet’ (P)

Clusters of dainty, brilliant scarlet coloured flowers cover the dark green spreading foliage.

‘Dark Red’ (VR)

Large round clusters of burning red dainty blooms appear against luxurious green spreading foliage.

‘Sky Blue’ (P)

Clusters of dainty, gentle sky-blue coloured flowers cover the dark green spreading foliage.

‘Hot Pink’ (VR)

Large round clusters of beautiful, shocking pink dainty flowers appear all over the leafy green spreading foliage.

‘Lavender’ (VR)

Large round clusters of dainty lavender purple blooms appear all over the leafy green spreading foliage.

‘White’ (VR)

Pretty snow-white round clusters of dainty flowers cover the dark green spreading foliage.



Petunia Supertunia® ‘Bubblegum’

98 /

Pennisetum setaceum ‘Rubrum’

+44(0)1579 350561



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