2022 KenCrest Annual Report

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KenCrest 2021 Annual Report


115 Years of Home, Health, and Happiness!

A Message from our CEO

In 2020, KenCrest celebrated 115 years as a human services provider organization.

KenCrest 2021 Annual Report

It’s amazing to reflect, recognize, and appreciate what has been accomplished since our early beginnings as a few dedicated individuals helping immigrants with tuberculosis in a Philadelphia neighborhood. It’s just as amazing to think


n the past year, KenCrest staff ensured that the

people we support enjoyed as much normalcy as

possible, even when activities in the community or seeing friends and family were limited. Staff

created new activities for residents in our homes to engage with one another, oftentimes through daily virtual “meetings.” We continued to turn over the

keys to apartments for people who wanted a place of their own through our Supported Independent

Living program. And our Lifesharing families went above and beyond to keep the people in their care on their daily routines to minimize the impact

of the pandemic. For many at KenCrest, “home”

of what we’ve been

meant so much more.

able to accomplish in

Following in the footsteps of our founders, whose

the last year during a pandemic, the likes of which we haven’t seen since the Great Influenza epidemic of 1918-1920.

first mission was the health of a community, many KenCrest staff who work directly with our clients stepped up to learn new safety protocols to keep

residents, early learners, and other colleagues safe. Some of our staff began offering services remotely through smartphones, tablets, and computers so

even the youngest people we support could continue

them. Throughout this past year, health and

wellness have been at the forefront of every aspect of our work.

While there were plenty of difficulties and sorrows in the past year, we tried to bring some moments

of happiness to those we support. Annual trips to

the shore were replaced with virtual vacations with the help of new enabling technology to “visit” a new land or experience the front row of a rock concert for the first time. Staff acknowledged

residents’ birthdays with drive-by celebrations,

balloons, singing “happy birthday” from their cars,

and gifts. And when it was safe, children who wanted

to return to their Early Learning Centers were

happy to be with their mask-wearing friends again. It’s been quite a historic year for us in so many ways, and through it all, we’ve kept our focus on home, health, and happiness for all whom we support.

Here’s to the next 115 years!

improving and learning from a distance. When

vaccines became available, our leadership opened up some of our facilities to offer the shots to any

employee or person receiving services who wanted

Marian Baldini

KenCrest President & CEO


KenCrest was founded in 1905 by Lutheran Deaconess Sister Maria Roeck and a local physician Dr. William G. Eisenhardt to provide care to people suffering from tuberculosis in the Kensington neighborhood of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

called RiverCrest was purchased outside

of the city to provide a location where

children who were orphaned by tuberculosis or afflicted with other ailments could “have

a place in the sun” and heal in the fresh air. In 1947, when tuberculosis was eradicated, the organization, now under the leadership

115 Years!

A Brief KenCrest History

of Sister Grace Jones, sought to meet a need

in the community — supporting children with disabilities and their families. Combining the “Ken” from Kensington and the “Crest” from RiverCrest, KenCrest, as we know it today,

was formed and adapted to our new mission. P

Various early pictures of the children and staff of KenCrest.

2 | KenCrest 2021 Annual Report

I Sister Grace Jones (inset) The 1905 Kensington Dispensary and Sister Maria Roeck



everal years later in 1913, a property

To this day, KenCrest remains focused on

In the early 2000s, KenCrest continued to

their own communities with dignity and

more people each year in Pennsylvania,

our proven model of serving people in

respect, supporting not only the person

but the whole family. In the early 1980s

and ‘90s, under the direction of William

J. Nolan, KenCrest achieved many “firsts,” including the first Early Learning Centers

in Philadelphia that welcomed very young children with disabilities alongside typically developing children; community living homes in Pennsylvania and Delaware;

customized and supported employment services for people with developmental disabilities; and the first homes in the

country that specialized in supporting

children who are dependent on medical

expand our footprint, serving more and

Delaware, and now Connecticut. In 2015,

KenCrest welcomed Marian Baldini as our President and CEO, and we continue to

expand community options, early education, employment, support services, and transition services as we move towards our goal of authentic inclusion for everyone.

In 2020, KenCrest celebrated our 115th anniversary as a human services organization whose focus remains on creating meaningful lives for the communities we serve.



We’ve come a long way since 1905 and the singular focus of treating those with tuberculosis in the Kensington neighborhood of Philadelphia. Over the course of 115 years, KenCrest has expanded our locations to include Connecticut, Delaware, and Southeastern Pennsylvania. While each state offers slightly different services to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, all of them provide residential living options. But at KenCrest, our residences are more than a place to live…they are a place to truly call “home.”

at KenCrest

their own through the Supported Independent Living program,

KenCrest staff strives to ensure that every resident enjoys the space in which they live. One such person, featured on the next page, is Mike, who takes delight in the beauty of his own backyard. Two

roommates, Darryl and Fred, are also part of Supported Independent Living. They chose to relax in the safety of their home during the

pandemic. These gentlemen enjoy the freedom that living in their

own place gives them, while receiving

the support services they might need from KenCrest.

For those with complex medical needs, KenCrest’s Community Medical Homes

employ expertly trained medical staff and maintain superb technology to aid in the residents’ care. Each of these homes are

staffed with caring, qualified nurses and (continued on next page)

4 | KenCrest 2021 Annual Report

Mike at home in his backyard.




hether a person lives in a home with others or if they live on

P Darryl and Fred enjoy being roommates in their apartment through the Supported Independent Living program.

“The thrill of coming home has never changed.” Guy Pearce


People with disabilities share more than meals and vacations with their Lifesharing provider family… they share their hopes and dreams for the future.


Lifesharing provider Rhonda Moore with Tom in the home that they share.

6 | KenCrest 2021 Annual Report

support professionals who not only attend to the residents’ needs 24 hours a day, but also

create cozy and inviting living spaces. This spring, after 17 years of living in a Transitional

Care Home for Children, Tracy left her KenCrest residence to move to her biological family’s home. During her time with KenCrest, the staff who cared for Tracy took her on many trips, including one to Disney World via the Make-a-Wish Foundation, celebrated her birthdays,

prom and high school graduation, and even taught her how to sew masks when the pandemic

hit. Tracy, who has depended on specialized care for her entire life, overcame many obstacles in her long journey, and KenCrest persevered and advocated until Tracy was able to move on to her next home — with her family.

Since 1985, Lifesharing provider families have opened up their own homes and invited

someone with disabilities to share their lives in a supportive family environment. People with disabilities share more than meals and vacations with their provider family…they share their hopes and dreams for the future. They also learn to trust and care for one another. During

this past year, family providers went the extra mile in many ways to ensure the health and

safety of their lifesharing partners, like Rhonda Moore with the gentleman who shares her

home, Tom. Rhonda had the barbershop call her when no one was there so that Tom could keep up with his routine trim, which is important to him, and he would not be exposed to

others while getting his hair cut. This was a small thing for Rhonda, but it meant the world to Tom.

Despite the COVID-19 challenges during the past year, we made keeping everyone safe and feeling loved in their home a priority. After all, there’s no place like home. P

After 17 years in a KenCrest Transitional Care Home for Children, Tracy embarks on a new chapter to be with her biological family in their medically-adapted home. 7


I KenCrest staff member with a person we support at a vaccine clinic. A staff member in an Early Learning Center sanitizes the room before the children arrive for the day.

8 | KenCrest 2021 Annual Report

The health of those we support as well as our staff was at the forefront of every discussion and decision as we began our 115th year as an organization — just as it was in 1905. With the coronavirus rapidly spreading, the leadership at KenCrest acted quickly and met several times a week to discuss what needed to happen in each program, how new safety protocols were working, and how to offer our clients and staff vaccines when the opportunities arose.


o keep the residents in our homes as safe as possible, staff were trained on new safety protocols regarding

hand washing, wearing masks properly, new cleaning

procedures, and limiting visits with people who did not

live or work in the homes. Direct support staff stepped up

in every way to keep the residents in their care, as well as themselves, protected from exposure to the virus. Thanks to many generous donors, KenCrest received masks,

cleaning supplies, and personal protective equipment to keep residents and staff safe.

Health at KenCrest

Our Early Learning Centers had to move to virtual

learning for much of the year to ensure that students and teachers could safely learn while not being face-to-face

in a classroom. We also offered weekly virtual trainings

for parents called SmartConnections, which gave parents


(continued on next page)

Early Learning Centers grab ‘n’ go meals provided to families with children who attend our centers. 9


I KenCrest nurses at a vaccine clinic in Pottstown, PA. Bethann recieves receives a COVID-19 vaccine.

“He who has health, has hope; and he who has hope, has everything.” Thomas Carlyle 10 | KenCrest 2021 Annual Report

“I was so excited to be asked to work at one of KenCrest’s vaccine clinics …I was willing to do whatever I could to help our staff and our clients, and working the clinic was a great experience. It was fantastic to see so many people take this step to protect their health and the health of those around them.” Nicole P., KenCrest staff member strategies for mental health check-ins with themselves and their children. These sessions, conducted by Ms. Marilyn, the Family Service Worker at the Kensington Early Learning

Center, offered valuable tips for parents in handling their children’s behaviors and emotions during the pandemic. Many families raved about how helpful her suggestions were and how they changed the family dynamics for the better during this challenging time. When we made the decision to suspend activities at our Pennsylvania Community

Participation programs, we had no idea that in a few months we’d be using those centers as sites for Rite Aid to come in and administer COVID-19 vaccinations to residents, staff

I A KenCrest person we support receives a COVID-19 vaccine.

members, and other human service provider agencies in the region. KenCrest leadership worked closely with the Office of Developmental Programs and the Philadelphia

Department of Public Health to make the vaccines available to all staff and residents

who wished to receive it. More than 850 people received vaccinations at KenCrest hosted

clinics in Pennsylvania in the spring of 2021. We also found vaccination sites for our employees and clients in Delaware and Connecticut through their government health

services, and teamed up with Walgreen’s to do several mobile vaccination clinics for homebound people.

No matter what service people received this past year, KenCrest made every effort possible to maintain their health and safety.

I Ms. Marilyn led virtual SmartConnections sessions for family members to mitigate any challenging behaviors and emotions from their children during the pandemic. 11

The pandemic forced the cancellation of many daily activities this past year. However, KenCrest found ways to bring happiness to those we support to keep spirits up and put smiles on faces.

Happiness at KenCrest


everal people supported in our Employment program had to learn new safety protocols as well as a few new responsibilities, especially those

working in grocery stores like ACME and Giant. Despite the changes that the pandemic brought to their jobs, all of them had one thing in common: they were happy to be working, especially when so many were not as fortunate. Billy, a store associate at Walmart since September 2020, was thrilled to be working, earning a paycheck, and socializing with his peers.

When milestone birthdays, like Wayne’s 50th, came around for our residents,

KenCrest staff formed drive-by caravans with balloons and signs hanging from their cars and honked horns. Drivers sang “Happy Birthday” or shouted well

wishes to the honorees who sat at the end of driveways. Staff made sure that each person in our care who celebrated a milestone birthday received some

extra-special love this year. We also made “happiness deliveries” to those who needed a little pick-me-up with balloons, flowers, or a basket of treats. (continued on next page)

12 | KenCrest 2021 Annual Report

“There is only one happiness in this life, to love and be loved.” George Sand


Joe and Ralph delivering a surprise happiness delivery.


Billy, a person we support in our Employment program, smiles through his mask as he began a new job as a store associate in September 2020.


Even through the masks, their smiles light up the rooms...

P When visitation to KenCrest homes were limited during the pandemic, KenCrest created a “hugging booth” at one of the day program locations so that families could safely see and hug one another.

I Even through their masks, these children at the Northeast Early Learning Center were all smiles to be back in the classroom with their friends. 14 | KenCrest 2021 Annual Report

P When Wayne celebrated his 50th birthday, KenCrest staff formed a caravan to drive by his residence, sing, honk, and wish him well.

Because those we support could not go out into the community as they had before the pandemic, KenCrest invented new ways for them to

enjoy their days. Through a private website, staff created new weekly activities including bingo, drawing classes, dance parties, cooking

lessons, chair yoga, and sing-a-longs, to name a few. Our Enabling

Technology department purchased four sets of virtual reality goggles that allow people to take “virtual vacations” from the comfort of their homes. They also delivered convertible laptops (which are both a

laptop and a tablet in one device) to many of our homes so that more residents could connect with others online when in-person visits were not possible. Family members were able to visit their loved one at a

hugging booth that KenCrest built in one of our Pennsylvania Community Participation locations. Families, like KenCrest resident Drew and his

parents, could safely give hugs through a plexiglass wall with hugging sleeves built into it, bringing smiles and happy tears to many faces. After several months of not having in-person education, our Early

Learning Centers opened up again in January 2021, allowing children to come back to the classrooms if they desired. The little learners

were thrilled to be able to see their friends and teachers again. Even

through the masks, their smiles lit up the rooms that had been empty for many months.

Although we faced countless limitations this past year, KenCrest continued to deliver the happiness that our clients deserve. 15

James & Barbara Beach Longwood Foundation William Penn Foundation


$25,000 – $49,999 CBIZ Benefits & Insurance Services, Inc.

Crystal Trust Fidelity Burglar & Fire Alarm KeyBank Liberty Lawnscapes Miller, Turetsky, Rule & McLennan, PC My Dad’s Flooring America

Frank & Gail Guthridge Joan Marie Hanley & Mary Ellen Mahan Mill Spring Foundation

Pew Charitable Trusts

Reformation Lutheran Church – Media

Philadelphia Foundation – Oscar H. & E. Ida Iucker Memorial Fund

Estate of Mary Geschick

Salmon, Ricchezza, Singer & Turchi, LLP

Reinvestment Fund

Philadelphia Insurance Companies

Staffing Plus, Inc.


Truist Foundation

The McLean Contributionship

US Medical Staffing, Inc.

$10,000 – $24,999

FaceTec Inc.

Ray’s Appliances

Primex Garden Center

Virginia Cretella Mars Foundation

Colin & Angela Dougherty


Doc Bresler’s Cavity Busters Lincoln Investment

Child Development Foundation

Stanley’s Hardware

van Ameringen Foundation

$5,000 – $9,999 AIG Retirement Services

Stratix Systems, Inc. UGI Utilities, Inc. Vanguard Willits Pharmacy Services, Inc.

$2,500 – $4,999 American Heritage Federal Credit Union Arlington Heritage Group Steve & Leigh Anne Bell Carole L. Chapin

Ameriserv Trust

Stephen & Jo Ann Finkbiner

Marian Baldini & Larry Filtz

Carol Hammarberg Charles W. Horn, III

Elizabeth Blumenthal

Randall & Shannon Brown

Interstate Fleet Services

James & Mary Jane Brenneman

Bryn Mawr Trust

Kershner Office Furniture

Bryner Chevrolet

McGrath Systems

AmerisourceBergen Sourcing LLC BB&T, now Truist Gerald & Sally Beil

16 | KenCrest 2021 Annual Report

I Two staff members in our Children’s Transitional program.

Delta-T Group


$50,000 and up

Children at a KenCrest Early Learning Center participate in a garden meet ‘n’ greet.

P A person we support enjoys a sensory train ride on the Colebrookdale Railroad in Boyertown, PA.

PNC Grow Up Great

John & Melissa Howe

Jack Rule & Jill Anderson

Natelle & Richard Hughey

Southeastern PA Synod of the ELCA

IES Engineers

St. Paul’s Lutheran Church – Ardmore Sun Management WSFS Bank

$1,000 – $2,499 A. Abramson Tire Company Aetna Joy Ballard Dorothea Bater Melanie Brennan Loyce & Larry Brown Linda & Robert Bugden Richard & Amy Burnfield Campus Management Carson Painting Co. Christian R. & Mary F. Lindback Foundation Richard D’Alessio Mary Dunn Eastern Alliance Insurance Group Brian & Susan Gallagher Gloria Dei Shining Star Committee Deborah & Thomas Grace

JDB Service Group

Stephen & Barbara Van Osten

Andrew Harrington

Ann Sheafer

Barbara & Todd Vanett

Judith Hill Jan-Pro of Philadelphia

Elmina & Kenneth Stewart

Richard & Lynda Wolff

Johnson & Johnson

$500 – $999

Colleen Kelly & Paul Hisem


Aurora Kripa & Jesse Fells

A-1 Construction Specialty, Inc.

Mat’s Pharmacy & Medical Supply Tonia McNeal Montgomery County Foundation – COVID-19 Response Fund

14 Ties that Bind

Chad Adonizio

Dorothy Judd

James & Marta Storm

Lance A. Berger & Associates

Joel & Mary Temple Victoria & Joseph Tyler

Leanor T. Rife Memorial Fund

David & Elizabeth Lexa Wilson

Lyondell Chemical Company

Matthew & Leslie Yunaska

Mazars USA LLP Scott & Deanna McCloskey

$250 – $499

Margaret Bamford

Kevin & Margaret McKelvey

AmazonSmile Foundation

Alvare Associates, Inc. Apple



Pat & Stan Ozga


Martin Belisario


Andrew Merrell

Matthew Busillo

Kimberly & Scott Quinn

Judith Miller

Mary Anne Cenci

Eric & Michelle Rahe

Gary & Carol Moll

Christopher Butler

Regional Pharmacy

Magda Moncrief

Christ Lutheran Church – Harleysville

Keith & Sue Muehleisen

Comcast Corporate Center

Catherine Nold

Kenneth & Deborah Chiarello

Jan & Vic Ostroff

Mary E. Conrad

Sean & Julrena Outen

County Line Quilters Association

Ricoh Skyler Scervano Doris Schoener Pamela & Mike Schuessler Brian Skinner Thrivent Choice Trinity Lutheran Church – Lansdale United States Roofing Corporation James & Linda Van Horn

COVID-19, Inc.

Katherine Bair Joyce Benfield Bonitatibus Architects Beverly & Bob Bortz Patricia Brubaker

Harvey Davis & Sally Kennedy

Ann Marie & Cameron Pendleton

Catherine DeGroot & Miguel Velez


D’Agostino Carpets

Joyce & Robert Reiss


Lisa & Carl Rich

Ellen Davis Conroy & Thomas Conroy

Joseph & Denise Dougher

Peter C. Rothberg

Mariel Filtz Jane B. Hall

Scott Ruehr James C. Ryan Ethel Serianni

Daniel & Lindsey Cuneo

Paula Davis West & Wayne West Kevin & Katie Dougher (continued on page 20)


Total Number of Individuals Served

2,557 Number of People Employed

1,515 Direct Support Professionals (DSPs)



Early Learning

1,422 Adults


CT 45


Total Number of People Supported




Number of Individuals Served in Community Living / Residential


Community Residential: 356 Supported Independent Living: 35 Lifesharing: 53 Adult Community Medical Homes: 15 Children’s Transitional Care Homes: 11

Total Number of Homes: 179

281 Students

Learning at Home Through Virtual Learning

18 | KenCrest 2021 Annual Report

DE68 CT45

Number of Individuals Supported Through Clinical Services



68 Adults




Community Residential: 40 Home and Community Services: 5


Community Members Vaccinated at KenCrest Clinics

KenCrest Vaccine Clinics


Number of Staff Vaccinated at KenCrest Clinic Locations


10 Happiness Deliveries Number of People We Delivered Community Supports To


Supported 196 Individuals in Employment

We Supported 30 Individuals Who Were Considered “Essential Workers” During the Pandemic

Number of Individuals Supported Through Enabling Technology




at KenCrest

Not even a pandemic could slow down KenCrest’s crucial advocacy efforts on behalf of children, families, and people with disabilities. Despite the challenging environment, the advocacy department supported our constituency with their usual zeal — testifying before legislators; hosting virtual program tours; attending advocacy events; and meeting with elected officials in Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Connecticut.


his year, the agency’s advocacy efforts focused on COVID-19 relief funding

and raising awareness for the nonprofit

provider community. KenCrest advocated passionately and successfully for policies and funding that support community

inclusion and high-quality early learning and child care. To position our priorities

and messaging, KenCrest worked closely

with advocacy partners and membership

associations to communicate the pandemic’s impact with Congressional and statewide leaders.

KenCrest’s Executive Directors testified before multiple bodies of government,

including Philadelphia City Council,

the Delaware General Assembly, and the Connecticut General Assembly. These leaders advocated for policies that

promote accessibility and inclusion, and for family-sustaining wages for direct

support professionals (DSPs). Additionally,

KenCrest hosted virtual tours of the South and West Early Learning Centers so that

I Pennsylvania State Representative Jared Solomon delivering donated children’s masks to the KenCrest Northeast Early Learning Center.

legislators could see how the programs

safely adapted and hear directly from child care staff on their experiences working through the pandemic.

KenCrest actively empowers staff and families to participate in the agency’s

advocacy efforts, whether through

registering to vote or contacting legislators, we remain committed to using our voice

and influence to make the world a better — and more inclusive — place for all.


“It is not how much we have, but how much we enjoy, that makes happiness.” George Sand

AnneMarie Pirelli

Claire & Donald Alderfer

William & Eileen Pollick


Christine Raftovich

Anne Andersen

Dianne Salter

Carol E. Anderson

Lucy Sanvitale

John Archambault

Cathy Schappert & Barry Davis

Jane M. Armstrong

RuthAnn Schell

Robert G. Bailey

Matthew Schmitz & Lindsay Finan Allan & Linda Shanholtz Marie Simpson Kellie & Kevin Smith

($250-$499 cont. from page 17)

Katherine & Robert Eaddy Alan & Linda Eickhoff

Margaret Howley Kristine F. & Richard Hughey Rosaida Iraola

Marjorie Fitzpatrick

J. H. Williams & Co.

Alina Gayeuski & Daniel Smith

Greglia James Suzanne Keffer

Gretchen Gill

John Kerr

Stephen Gillen

Charlotte & Walter Knighton

Ellen Gray & Alan Heavens

Barbara & Nick Kochard

D. Michael & Peg Gregoire

Valentine & A. David Landsperger

Judith Guise

Maryann Ludwig

Michael & Cheryl Hassett

Joseph Lyons

Kimberly Heffner Annemarie Hellevik Nancy Hendrickson Edward Hoffman

Sheetal Manglani Angela & Joseph Masterson Jennifer & James McGarvey

20 | KenCrest 2021 Annual Report

St. Peter’s Evangelical Lutheran Church – Philadelphia St. Stephen’s Lutheran Church – Feasterville

Maame Afia Baah Sabina Baker-Tegeder Ballard’s Landscaping Hawa B. Bangura Ralph & Janet Barndt Lawrence & Vanessa Barron Gregory & Patricia Beach Paul & Linda Beck

Lisa M Stiefel

Monica Behum

Walter & Paulette Stiver

Elizabeth Beil

Lauren Tilghman

Hannah & Rodney Bell

Trinity Lutheran Church – Fort Washington

Virginia Benner

Steven Wolfe

Marcia Berner & Charles Dallas

Maureen & Chris Yamamoto Robert & Ruth Schoenhut Zimmer

$50 – $249 Anonymous (5)

Anne & Michael Benton

Jody Betz Kim Blodgett & Ross Pike Boeing Kathleen & Robert Bohrer

Marshall & Ruth Abramson

Tim & Missy Bosch

Roseann & Greg Adamo

Norma Lee Bradley

Sheryl Bouie

P A KenCrest resident celebrates the 4th of July.

Carol Bremme

Lloyd Combs

Emily Duffy

David Breuning

Sean & Carol Connell

Margaret & Philip Duffy

Merri & C. Drew Brown

Lindsay Conrad

EH Ashley & Co.

Sandra Brown

Ginny Conway

Kelly Ehrmann

Adrienne Browning

Vanessa Corbitt

Gloria Eichner

Carol & Charles Brumbaugh

Donna & Howard Creely

Freddie Elliott

Pat & William Bush

Steve & Susan Cunningham

Yontaya Everett

Gary & Kathie Calandra

Peter Currie

Christopher Campbell

Valarie Curry

Milton Cannan

Patricia Davenport

Christine C. & Timothy Cannon

Larry Deitrick

Elizabeth F. Capella Kimberly Cassano Dean & Marilee Cassidy Elizabeth M. & Bart Cassidy Jill Chapin Chubb Charitable Foundation

I KenCrest residents decorating cinnamon buns in their home.

Alessandro J. Ciarlello & Laura L. Bickert Ciarlello Regina Cinkowski Elizabeth & James Clarke Michael Clarke, III Herta Clements Gary & Denise Clofine Barbara & Jerald Cohen Marla & Richard Cohen Gale Collins

Tiffany DeRohn Anthony Destra George & Jane Detwiler Maria Deysher Katie Dickason Renate & Bernard Dietzschold Cynthia & Henry Dillard John & Lynn Dillon Melissa DiSipio Alexander Dittmar Joseph & Betty Dittmar Robert Doherty Kathleen Donaldson Ronald H. & Dianne W. Dorn Mary Doughty

Marilyn Everling Christine K. Faust Karen Feeney Gail Feustel Daniel & Karen Fitch David Focht Charna Freid Paul Fulford Susan E. Fullerton Dana Garner William Gberi Giant Food Store Tia Gibbs Michael & Gail Gilmartin Margaret Gomez Richard Gordon Caesar & Sue Gorski Edward Greer & Melinda Wolff Kathleen & Mark Grubelic

Lisa Douglass

Torgny & Ingrid Gustafsson

Jennifer & Patrick Doyle

(continued on page 25)

Nancy Drye 21

Financial Report | KenCrest Centers

KenCrest Centers Consolidated Balance Sheet As of June 30, 2021 (Unaudited)

Assets Cash Accounts receivable (net) Investments at market Plant and equipment (net) Other assets

$ $ $ $ $

Total Assets



Liabilities and Net Assets Accounts payable and accrued expenses Loans and mortgages payable

$ $

1,264,206 —

Total Liabilities


Total Net Assets



Total Liabilities and Net Assets



8,284,472 268,174 13,717,652 1,303,924 507,845


KenCrest Centers Consolidated Statement of Public Support, Revenue, and Expenses As of June 30, 2021 (Unaudited)

Revenue Public support Grants Contributions Bequests

$ $ $

—­ 287,454 51,378



Total Public Support

Other Revenue Private services fees Gain on sale of property Investment income: Realized/unrealized gain on investments Dividends and interest on investments Rent Miscellaneous revenue

$ $

3,311,973 4,000

$ $ $ $

2,142,148 254,480 427,531 52,042



Total Public Support and Other Revenue



Total Expenses



Excess of Public Support and Revenue over Expenses



Total Other Revenue

22 | KenCrest 2021 Annual Report

Financial Report | KenCrest Services

KenCrest Services Consolidated Balance Sheet As of June 30, 2021 (Unaudited)

Assets Cash Accounts receivable (net) Plant and equipment (net) Other assets

$ $ $ $

13,776,803 14,209,451 19,029,649 2,962,909

Total Assets



Liabilities and Fund Balance Accounts payable and accrued expenses Loans and mortgages payable

$ $

16,711,067 15,743,397

Total Liabilities



Total Net Assets



Total Liabilities and Net Assets



KenCrest Services Consolidated Statement of Public Support, Revenue, and Expenses As of June 30, 2021 (Unaudited)

Revenue Public support Grants Contributions

$ $

1,148,291­ 11,170



Other Revenue Government funding sources Private fees Miscellaneous revenue

Total Public Support

$ $ $

124,583,811 4,042,558 937,103



Total Public Support and Other Revenue



Total Expenses



Excess of Public Support and Revenue over Expenses



Total Other Revenue



at KenCrest

2020 KenCrest Masters

2021 Community Champions: Past and Present

On November 5, 2020, KenCrest marked our


115th anniversary with a special KenCrest Masters through a variety of virtual videos honoring our history of home, health, and happiness.


n a year of so much uncertainty, the support of this year’s KenCrest Masters ensured that 2020 was a

success for all of the KenCrest Family. We are beyond

grateful to see how our community rallied to support those who depend on KenCrest so that they can

continue to live inclusive, meaningful lives. This

year’s event raised $161,623 to explore possibilities, mobilize resources, and empower dreams.

Thanks to all of our amazing sponsors, and a special thanks to NFP, Marie Becker, and Angela and Colin

Dougherty for their peerless leadership as part of our

event committee. We had a blast showing off all that’s going on in KenCrest’s programs through our videos,

which can still be seen on our YouTube channel under the “KenCrest Masters 2020” playlist.

24 | KenCrest 2021 Annual Report

2020 KenCrest Masters Supporters Title & Anniversary Sponsor: NFP

Anniversary Chair: Marie Becker

Celebration Chairs:

Angela & Colin Dougherty RiverCrest Sponsors: BB&T (now Truist)

Barbara & James Beach Jerry & Sally Beil Jim & Mary Jane Brenneman CBIZ, Inc.


or six years running, KenCrest has

honored supporters in our communities

who go above and beyond to help us achieve our mission. In spite of the challenges of the past year, we continued to celebrate

our 2021 Community Champions in a safe, virtual way from April 12-23 over social

media and on our website. In keeping with our 115th anniversary celebration, we

honored five past Community Champions

recipients as well as five present awardees who helped KenCrest during the pandemic in a variety of ways. We also introduced a new award this year: the KenCrest

Lifesharing Provider of the Year Award. We are extremely grateful to every

Community Champion, as well as every Honorable Mention, who helped us

continue to support the individuals in

($50-$249 cont. from page 21)

Gerry & Geralyn Guthridge Susan Hagerich Jacquelyn Hallenbeck Jody Haller Marc Hammarberg

Carol Lynne Kalish

Nancy & Stephen Lynn

Jeneba Kanu

Angie Maher

Steven & Kymme Kaufman

Dayle Malloy

Catharine K. Keim Barbara & John J Kelly Joseph & Teresa Kelly Steven & Anna Marie King

KenCrest’s care. Special thanks also go

Darlene Hammond

virtual event.

David & Diane Harp Shakia Harris

Theodore & Bonnie Knauss

2021 Community Champions:

William Harris, Jr.

Tracia Knight Warner

William P. & Lauri Harte

Constance Kowalski

Marie Hassan

Deborah Krabbendam

Diane Hatfield

David & Joan Krauter

Barbara Hauptfuhrer

Ruth Hursh

Joseph Kresky

John & Jacqueline Haynes

Besmir Kripa

Rhonda Moore KenCrest Lifesharing Provider of the Year

Dean & Carol Helm

out to our sponsors and donors of this

Josie & Thomas Bachi Senator Maria Collett

Councilmember Derek Green KenCrest’s Meal Delivery Crew


Play On Philly PNC

Reformation Lutheran Church, Media

St. Paul’s Evangelical Lutheran Church For more information about our events like

KenCrest Masters and Community Champions, visit – https://www.kencrest.org/news-events/ special-events

Barbara B Hannon

Rashawn Hendricks Douglas & Michele Himmelreich Janet Himmelreich

Jennifer Kloss

Abbe & Erik Kruger Denise Ladoski Denise Lamlin Robert & Eileen Landgraf

Joseph Hoban

Laura Solomon & Associates

Dalia Jakas

Linda Leroux

Kelly Jensen

Adam & Caren Levin

David H. & Karen Johnson

Phyllis Linn

Sharita Johnson Joselynne Jones Bernita Jones Wiggins Erica Jordan

Mary Ann Littlefield Aisha Locke Virginia & John Loven Sharon & Robert Lukens

Stephanie Malone Joseph Mancini Angela Marie Marshall Diane Massey Ralph Massimo Mary Ann Maugle Charles & Anne McCann Margaret & Edward McCloskey Jean McCown Mary & Robert McDermott David & Elizabeth McElvenney Catherine & James McElwain Anne McGee Joseph McGuire Lynda C McNab Patricia McRay Joseph McSorley, Jr. & Theresa Ryan-McSorley

I KenCrest resident with stuffed duck in matching masks.

Autumn Miller Michael & Christina Miller Kim Moore Susan Morrison Bellamy (continued on page 26)


Patricia Remeis & Maureen Kane

Erika & Anthony Shulkusky

Susan Rhodes

Jeanette M. Shurow

Patrice & Kenneth Ricci

Godfrey Shuster

Cathy Rich

Rosemarie Simmons

Jay & Linda Rigberg

Lisa Simpson

Bruce & Laura Nesbitt

Linda Robinson & Peter Krill

Allison & William Smale

Network for Good

Frank & Helene Roth

Natacha Nord

Donna & Tyrone Ruley

Susan O’Connor

Barbara & Ralph Russo

Sue Oerkvitz

Gina Russo

St. Paul’s Lutheran Church – Glenside

Yinyinola Oladipo

Alimany Saccoh

Jan & Susan Stefanski

Janyce Olson

Kelly Sanders

Claire & John Steinberg

Annie O’Malley

Hugh & Cheryl Sargent

Barbara Orwig

Vickey & Peter Scervano

Michelle Steiner & Andrew Dahl

($50-$249 cont. from page 25)

Michael Muscella Megan Nachod Lisa C. Nagle Kathleen Neal Marie & Ralph Neff

Karen Parker-Maserone & John Masarone

Tom & Carolyn Spencer

Russ Stewart & Megan Anderson

Vera & Edward Tunstall Karen Tyszka Bruce & Caron Ulmer Donna Vaselaar Vintage Suits by Mary Judith Voyak Dawn Elyse Warden Wanda Webb Kathryn White John & Carol Wildmann David & Angela Williams Victoria Williams Jen Wilson Britt Winte Marie & Gerald Winterstein

Ellin Schnur

Janet H. Stott

Aisha Witherspoon

Dorothea & John Schrann

Tammi Stutzman

Judy Wolff

Junina Sullivan

Janet Wong

Shannon Super

Daniel Wood

LaTonya Penn

Dorothy & Charles Schulz

Theresa P. Suriano

Christina Wright

Kenneth Perry

Robert Schumm Trisha Scott

Felecia Tanner

Thomas Young

Barbara Petroske

Louise J. & Laurence Shaheen

David & Trina Terné

Robert & Ann Zemsky

Philadelphia Modern Quilt Guild

Edwin & Jane Thomas

Erfan Zoghi

Laureen Pisani

John & Nancy Shane

Julia Tompkins

Bendu Zoryeah

Maeve Pollack

Anthony & Elizabeth Sharkoski

Scott & Wendy Scheirer

Peace Lutheran Church – Perkasie Lindsey Peniston

26 | KenCrest 2021 Annual Report

Evelyn Spann

Kathy & Paul Trumbore

Shelly Stewart-Laws

Nancy Schaller

Karen Paulus

Carol Peniston

I Ann, a Delaware Community Living resident, enjoys her lunch outside.

Melinda South

Geraldine Trower

Janice & Pat Quinn Sondra Rakowski Linda Regan

Starr & Eric Shiffer Susan Shilcrat & Harry Mazurek

Fatou Toure Trinity Lutheran Church – Havertown Paul M. & Kate L. Trombello

$1 – $49 Anonymous (7) Terri Alexander Anthony & Nancy Alford

Anna Marie Capone

Pauline Frey

Pauline Anderson

Ajaratu Carew

William Anderson

Stanley Carr, Jr.

Kristen & Wayne Fritzinger

Ann Marie & Bruno J. Andracchio

Charles J. Becker & Bro., Inc.

Doris Gadson Nashyma Gantt

Rosemarie C. & George A. Babel

Richard Chiardio, Jr.

Kathleen Gara

Maryanne Cirigliano

Alesha Gaus

Michael Colter, Jr.

Janice Gee

David & Theresa Condon

Mary L. Glickman

Pauline Baker Rachael & Josh Balascak Shaquawn Baldwin Alhassan Bangura Beverly Barber Pauline Barlow Susan Bartholomew Josephine Bayinka Wolselean Beckford Patricia Benner Nancy Berger Sharnai Berrian Linda & Aram Bohdjelian Jay Bowman Denise Brooks Tracy Brooks Melanie Brown Neekeeta Brown-Musonda Dalbert Burrell Tatiana Calderon Abu Camara Gregory Candelori

Samuel Conteh Brekalia Cooper Jane Cording Katherine Crozier Audrey Cylinder Harry Cylinder Julie & Charles Daly Andani Dasana Marie Davis

Adal Gome Olivia Graham Latoya Grant Nancy & Bob Grebe Ron & Emily Grizer Susan Grossinger Jennifer Gryga Samir Hameddine Kelly Hanks

Linore & Robert Dawson

Adrienne & Jerard Harris

Toya Diaz

Edythe Harrison

Natalie Donald

Christina Heckler

Bernadette & Gary Dougherty

Dave & Sally Helms

Sara Drury Crystale Ebron Kelli Edling Bryant Edwards Dawn Ellingsworth Eileen P. Falchetta Sierra Force Tyrique Freeman

Children receive Early Learning supports from caring and compassionate staff. P

Nadia Ammi

Regina Hickman Jennifer Hirschfeld Cheryl Hollins Tamel Holloway Connie Horton

I Housemates engaged in activities in their home during the pandemic.

Lisa Hudson Joel Iacovelli Anthony & Janet Iorio (continued on page 31)


Golden Book 2021 In Honor of


In Honor of


In Memory of


Marian Baldini

Frank & Gail Guthridge

John Archambault

Gregory & Patricia Beach

Kevin Ballard

Louise & Laurence Shaheen

Gerald & Sally Beil

Elizabeth Beil Beverly & Bob Bortz Brian & Susan Gallagher

Michelle Steiner & Andrew Dahl Russ Stewart & Megan Anderson Lauren Tilghman Dawn Elyse Warden Maureen & Chris Yamamoto

Mary Lou Archambault

Jimmy Beach

Frank Guthridge’s Retirement (continued)

Carl Baust

Starr & Eric Shiffer

Stephen Blodgett

Carol Hammarberg

Joyce Benfield

James & Marta Storm

Steven Hall

Jane Hall

Ed & Betty Blumenthal

Elizabeth Blumenthal

Douglas Berry

Andrew Harrington

Hamburg Center Family

Ann Marie & Bruno Andracchio

Olga Colocousis

Donna & Howard Creely

Bruce Blumenthal

Elizabeth Blumenthal

Samir Hameddine

Andrew Harrington

John Colocousis

Donna & Howard Creely

Russell Bosler

Catherine Nold

Lloyd Combs

Charlotte & Walter Knighton

Kim Blodgett & Ross Pike Dorothy & Charles Schulz Edwin & Jane Thomas

Joeanne Combs

Michael Brunson

Carol Hammarberg

Larry Conway

Monica Behum

Linda & Robert Bugden

Robert & Susan Zimmer

Joan Marie Hanley

Autumn Miller

Kathleen D’Alessio

Richard D’Alessio

Marie Busillo

Matthew Busillo

Lynn Hoffman

Edward Hoffman

Joel Davenport

Patricia Davenport

Drew Cohen

Barbara & Jerald Cohen

Michael Homa

Steven & Anna Marie King

Steven D’Alessio

Richard D’Alessio

Peggy Kalish

Carol Lynne Kalish

Vince Duffy Matthew Schmitz & Lindsay Finan Margaret & Philip Duffy

Rev. Harvey Davis

Patricia Brubaker

Denise Ladoski

Andrew Harrington

Orion Eichner

Gloria Eichner

DSP Staff

Pat & William Bush

Denise Lamlin

Andrew Harrington

Eileen F. Falchetta

Carol Hammarberg

Stephen & Jo Ann Finkbiner

Tonia McNeal

Joyce & Robert Reiss

Larry Fisher

Barbara & Paul Starner

Louis Freid

Charna Freid

Mt. Kirk Staff

James & Marta Storm

Susan Fullerton

Linda & Robert Bugden

Bob Navroth

Bernadette & Gary Dougherty

Michael Ralston

Mary & Robert McDermott

Scott Roth

William & Eileen Roth

Berton Schnur

Ellin Schnur

Michael Fisher

Daniel & Karen Fitch David & Diane Harp Marie Hassan Dean & Carol Helm David & Karen Johnson Julia Tompkins

Lynn Seitzman

Jennifer & James McGarvey

Fausto Fontil

Kimberly & Scott Quinn

Gwendolyn Sherry

Pauline Sherry

William Sutton

Joyce & William Rambo

Sarah Temple

Joel & Mary Temple

Alexander Terné

David & Trina Terné

Jesse Winterstein

Marie & Gerald Winterstein

Mark Zepp


Lillian Guthridge

Marshall & Ruth Abramson Marian Baldini & Larry Filtz Marcia Berner & Charles Dallas Alexander Dittmar Sierra Force Barbara & Nick Kochard Aurora Kripa & Jesse Fells Angie Maher Joyce & Robert Reiss

Robert & Susan Zimmer

Linda & Robert Bugdenow

Sarah Finkbiner

Frank Guthridge’s Marian Baldini & Larry Filtz Retirement Gerald & Sally Beil Carole Chapin Alexander Dittmar Carol Hammarberg Joan Marie Hanley & Mary Ellen Mahan Barbara & Nick Kochard Aurora Kripa & Jesse Fells Angie Maher Joseph Mancini Sheetal Manglani Kimberly & Scott Quinn Joyce & Robert Reiss Kellie & Kevin Smith

28 | KenCrest 2021 Annual Report

In the early 20th century, KenCrest friend and board member William P.M. Braun established the RiverCrest “Garden of Sweet Memories,” in which tributes and memorials were recorded for loved ones. Our KenCrest Golden Book continues this tradition: In an impressive leather-bound volume, we record the names of any individuals for which honorary or memorial gifts are given in calligraphy. The names of the following indivdiuals have been added in the past year to the Golden Book.

In Memory of


In Memory of


Lillian Guthridge (continued)

Russ Stewart & Megan Anderson Lauren Tilghman Dawn Elyse Warden

Helen Schumm

Robert Schumm

Benjamin Serianni

Ethel Serianni

Jean Hendrickson

Nancy Hendrickson

John Shurow

Judith Guise Jeanette Shurow

Robert Himmelreich

Gretchen Gill

Romas Jakas

Dalia Jakas

Joanne Kerr

John Kerr

Mary Ann Littlefield

Mary Ann Littlefield

James Magee

Janet Wong

Robert Maynard

Mary Ellen Maynard

James McGee

Arlene & Thomas McGee

Ronald Miller

Judith Miller

Kathleen Mills

John Archambault

Kendra Muscella

Michael Muscella

Ted Oerkvitz

Sue Oerkvitz

Bob Pappentick

John & Nancy Shane

Herta Rasch

Herta Clements

Elsa Rasch

Herta Clements

Hermann Roether

Tom & Carolyn Spencer

Ronald Rosenthal

Audrey Cylinder Harry Cylinder J. H. Williams & Co. Bernita Jones Wiggins Abbe & Erik Kruger Kimberly & Scott Quinn Jay & Linda Rigberg

Otto Schoenhut

Robert & Susan Zimmer

Mina Schoenhut

Robert & Susan Zimmer

Scott Schoenhut

Linda & Robert Bugden Susan Fullerton

Ruth Schoenhut Zimmer

Robert & Susan Zimmer

Michael Storm

James & Marta Storm

Faye Tyler

Victoria & Joseph Tyler

Uncle Billy

Elizabeth Beil

Nancy Venziale

Susan Grossinger

Michael Vines

Kimberly & Scott Quinn

Tiffany Wilson

Annemarie Hellevik Lisa Lambert

Helen Wolff

Carol & Charles Brumbaugh John & Lynn Dillon Jody Haller Paula & Hubert Mahon Kathleen Neal Bruce & Laura Nesbitt Carol Peniston Lindsey Peniston Hugh & Cheryl Sargent Nancy Schaller Karen Tyszka Judy Wolff

Robert Zimmer

Susan Zimmer

P Erik in Community Living happily grills for the fellow residents in his house.


Second Century Society 2021 We recognize these individuals who have made provisions for KenCrest in their estate planning, both in the past and for the future. These friends have made a commitment to KenCrest and those we support, ensuring that our mission continues in our second century of service.



August Achterman

Sara Hall

Elsie Reimann

Anonymous (3)

Karl Albert Schneider

Alma Hansmann

Emma Renschler

Jill Anderson & Jack Rule

Mary Anderson

Thomas Hewson

Paul Richard

Dorothea Bater

John Holleran

Leanor T. Rife

James & Mary Jane Brenneman

Edith Behring

Margaret Kellerman

William Roeser

Alice R. Beltz

G. Edward Knapp

Hermann & Kathy Roether

Arthur & Sarah Berger

Eleanor & John Knox

Elizabeth Schoenhut

Amos Birdsall

Charles Krauss

George Schoenhut

Dorothy Boeshore

Louise Laidig

Estelle Schull

Sr. Collette Brice

Lilla Lang Myers

Anne E. Smith

Helene Bubikat

Margaret Leymann

Roscoe W. Teahan

Viola Butterworth

Edna Lickfield

Ruth Treadway

Byron H. Callingham

Oscar Long

Douglas Turrell

Rev. Norman & Joanne* Minich

Marie & Walter Camenisch

Kathryn MacFaden

Charles & Dorothy Urian

William J. Nolan

Sophie Daniel

Howard McCune

Lawrence Uter

Lise Twiford

Frances Devlin

John Molettieri

Marion Van Arsdale

Bonnie & Paul Zieger

Eleanor Elkin

Edward Moll

Laura Wikoff

Olga Fasko

Mildred Muellerschoen

Margaret Williams

Florence Fiedler

Esther Muller

Elizabeth Wodetzky

Ann Filon

Doris Oelschlager

Roy Woll

Margaret Filon

Helen Oerkvitz

Helen Gallup

Elizabeth S. Opp

Magdalena Gauger

Robert Pollock

Mary Geschick

Sarah Randolph

Emily Gill

Helen Rau

Verna Guterman

Helen Ravenkamp

30 | KenCrest 2021 Annual Report

George Edwards Carol Hammarberg Curt & Rebecca Hudson Paula Kadel Jeanne Lee & Robert Wilkinson Dina & Jim McFalls Shirley Miller

* deceased

P Michael in Supported Independent Living enters the door to his home.

($1-$49 cont. from page 27)

Celeste Jackson Tasheena Jennings Danisha Johnson Delphine Johnson Lana Johnson Yolene Joseph JPMorgan Chase & Co. Brian Kelly Tilia Kelly Barbara Keyser Susan Kidder Alyssa Kilpatrick Edith King

Christina McClendon

Georgette Pressley

Barbara & Paul Starner

Marsha Williams

JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Marie McDowell

Joyce & William Rambo

Amanda Stephenson

Ezra Williams

Lockheed Martin

Arlene & Thomas McGee

Isabel Ramos

Kim Sterling

Jonel Witherspoon

Susan Messmer

Michele Ranson

Christina Stiles

Diane Wurster

Lyondell Chemical Company

Geoffrey Meyers

Carl & Vivian Reese

Natalie Sullivan

Taiche Yates

Donna Miller

Chelsii Rex-Bey

Natasha Summers

Sara Young

Gracynthia Mills

Michelle Reynolds

Thierno Sy Savane

Ruth Yuen

Tyneka Mitchell

Mary Rivera

Nancy Tartaglia

Banasee Zoewah

Adrienne Moore

Forrest & Linda Roberts

Alita Thomas

Hakim Morrison

Lorraine Robinson

Cherese Thomas

Sarah Morrow

Theresa Rodkey

Jackqueline Tolbert

Janette Nieves

Michael & Carol Romano

Wanda Trent

Janet & James O’Connor

Theresa Rose

Geneva Oldham

William J. & Eileen Roth

Patricia Klinko

Catherine O’Shea-Barkley

Ruth Sacks

Jenn Kresge

Felicia Outler

Carolyn Kulp

Edward Owens, Jr.

Patricia Kupris

Maria Owoc

Lisa Lambert

Wilfredo Padilla

Karen Lantz

Ankita Pandey

Domonique Lee

John Pearl

Christine Lewis

Amanda Perez

Catherine Lisacchi

Dominique Perkins

Paula & Hubert Mahon

Ieshia Perkins

Barbara & Thomas Marlow

Mathilde Peter

Gary King

Leigh Ann Massinger Marcell Mateo Mary Ellen Maynard John Mberi

Yolanda Phillips Susan Pieczonka

Martez Satchell Nicole Savior Kelly Sesay Joy Shaw Pauline Sherry John Sirianni Kimberly Smith Margaret Smith Robert Smith Sarah Smith Fatou Sow Leland Spicer

Fabiola Placide

St. Paul’s Lutheran Church – Doylestown

Bria Powell

Lynn & Mark Staples

Workplace Giving

New York Life Pfizer United Way of Central Indiana United Way of East Central Iowa United Way of Greater Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey

Janice Tyree

KenCrest has been designated a recipient of funds raised by the annual giving campaigns of the following companies and organizations.

Jennifer & Seth Van Aken


Isaac Vann

America’s Charities

Zorria Vaughan


Edythe Veeck

BB&T, now Truist

John Vidumsky


Sabrina Walker

Blackbaud Giving Fund

Nancy P. Walton


Robin Ward

The following individuals have directed over $1,200 together through Thrivent Financial’s Choice Dollars program to be donated to KenCrest.

Julian Washington

Charities Aid Foundation of America

Paul Beck

Anne Watkins


Adele Griffith

Pamela Wetzel


Carol Hammarberg

Joshua & Maria Whetstone


Mary Ann Macko


Robin Whetstone

William Schindler

Barbara & Mark Williams

Independence Blue Cross

Kenneth Stoudt

Jere & Beverly Williams

Johnson & Johnson

Catherine Tucker Florence Tumasz

United Way of Midland County UPS Vanguard

Thrivent Choice Participants

Martin Witte


At KenCrest, we offer a variety of ways for our donors to invest in our mission. Gifts designated for “where it’s needed most” will allow KenCrest to address our most critical needs. You are also welcome to restrict your gift for a specific program or need, such as improvements to a community living home, transportation needs, supplies for our Early Learning Centers, or employment opportunities.

Ways to Give Checks Please make checks payable to KenCrest.

Credit Cards We accept credit cards over the phone or online at: www.kencrest.org/donate

United Way You can designate KenCrest through Donor Choice #00839.

Matching Gifts Check with your HR department to see if your company has a matching gift program. The doubling of your gift has a huge impact on those we serve.

Legacy Gifts Many donors choose to fulfill their philanthropic wishes in coordination with their financial and estate

plans. You may also choose to name KenCrest as a beneficiary of your will, trust, retirement plan, or insurance policy. You may also choose to establish a gift that pays an income to you, the donor, before ultimately benefitting KenCrest.

To learn more about giving opportunities, contact Jeff Dubnow, Chief Development Officer, at 610-825-9360, ext. 1023. 32 | KenCrest 2021 Annual Report

$ 1,093,241 Total Amount Raised

in Goods $ 50,252 Additional and Services Received

744 Donors 164 New Donors this Year

By the Numbers Gift Designation

Private Funding Foundations $ 354,973

Corporations $ 406,566

Number of Gifts

Individuals $ 254,432

Individuals 620

Children $ 485,794

Churches & Community Organizations $ 11,742

Foundations 18 Churches & Community Organizations 13 Bequests 4

Adults $ 149,178

Technology $ 50,690 Rod Hibbard Fund $ 17,803

Bequests $ 65,528

Corporations 70

Unrestricted $ 376,546

COVID Relief $ 5,000 Family Fund $ 8,230

Competitive Government Grants

Early Learning Centers $ 19,500 Delaware Community Living $ 450,288

Pennsylvania Community Living $ 125,668

Enabling Technolgy $ 6,585

Graph does not include $5,240,604 received from the Provider Relief Fund, which was used agency-wide.


KenCrest Leadership | 2021 KenCrest Centers Board of Directors Steven Bell Merri Brown Hal Davidow Melissa DiSipio

Kevin Dougher

Scott McCloskey

Rev. Alina Gayeuski

Stephen Van Osten

Charles Horn III

Sean Outen




Eric Rahe Treasurer

KenCrest Services Board of Directors Makeda Brown Mona Burke Patricia Bush, RN, MSN

Hal Davidow

Sean Outen

Mamta Maini

Jim Van Horn

Treasurer Secretary


Stephen Van Osten

KenCrest Corporate Headquarters 960A Harvest Drive Suite 100 Blue Bell, PA 19422

Mary Anne Cenci

610 | 825-9360

Marian Baldini

John Howe

Joyce Reiss

Frank Guthridge

Aurora Kripa

Pam Schuessler

KenCrest Delaware 1113 South Governor’s Avenue Dover, DE 19904 302 | 734-3800 KenCrest Connecticut 80 Ferry Boulevard Suite 102 Stratford, CT 06615 203 | 338-8585



KenCrest Executive Leadership Cabinet President & CEO

Chief Development Officer

Chief Technology Officer Chief Human Resources Officer

Colleen Kelly

Chief Financial Officer

Chief of Staff Chief Operating Officer