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Message From Our CEO & President

It’s been said that a photo is worth a thousand words. I often wonder what words come to mind when our greater community looks at the many captured moments from around our programs and services. I hope they see joy and happiness, inclusion and belonging, independence and innovation, as well as dreams and opportunities. Most of all I hope they see our family, and how it’s continued to grow and blossom for nearly 117 years. The same familial atmosphere is experienced as a Direct Support Professional (DSP) here at KenCrest in the 1970s, is the same one I experience now as the Agency’s CEO. What has changed—is my understanding of how deeply rooted and reticular our KenCrest family is;

and the many ways we’ve supported each other throughout our journeys. It’s a part of the ‘WHY’ that inspires our work daily; and challenges us to think bigger for the thousands of people we support throughout Pennsylvania, Connecticut, and Delaware. This year’s annual report highlights two stories of our interconnectedness; and reminds us all of just how fortunate we are for the extended KenCrest family that continues to strengthen our bond and propel our mission forward. As you look at the photos and read the thousands of words accompanying them; I hope that you too will be inspired by the gift of this wonderful family you’ve helped grow and cultivate.


April Mattox pictured as a young child in COMHAR’s Early Intervention brochure.

A Family Connection at KenCrest’s Early Learning Centers

At three years old, April Mattox and her family walked into KenCrest’s Lehigh Early Learning Center (ELC) with hopes of helping her learn to talk. But, what her family didn’t realize was how much of an impact KenCrest would have on them. Not only did April Mattox attend the KenCrest Center, but her older sister, Isel Galarza, now works as a recruiter at KenCrest. She even sent her oldest son to the exact Center April attended, while her youngest son will attend either the Adams or Northeast Center when he’s old enough. “KenCrest has turned into my family,” says Galarza. “They’ve been in my life for so long that it made sense to send my children there. When my son first started attending KenCrest, I was happy because there were people I knew from when April attended. Miss Lenore was still the program coordinator at the time; Carmen was there, who worked at the front desk, and she’s been there for 20-plus years. It was comforting to see them.”

That sense of comfort and familial connection encouraged Isel to send her children to KenCrest’s Early Learning Centers. It’s also the reason she wanted to work for the organization. According to Galarza, an old coworker at Bayada Home Health Care saw the KenCrest job opening and encouraged her to apply. She didn’t know Galarza’s connection to KenCrest, just that her son attended the ELC.

When Galarza accepted the recruitment position, she was ecstatic, and she immediately called the Lehigh Center off her new KenCrest phone.

“I remember I called over there and talked to Carmen, and she was like, ‘you’re calling me off of a KenCrest phone; why are you calling me off of a KenCrest phone?’” laughs Galarza. “So before I went to pick up my son from my mom’s, I stopped over there and was like, “I work here now!’”

The Lehigh Early Learning Center has become more than just a school for the two sisters. For Galarza, they are her coworkers and family; they are the people who cared for her son and who’ve helped her sister overcome her developmental delays.

“She wasn’t talking at three, and the doctors told my family she had a learning disability. It was primarily her speech, reading ability, and her speaking. You can throw numbers at her, and she’ll know what to do, but reading and writing that’s not her forte,” says Galarza. “My mom wanted to figure out what was going on and how we could help her, so she asked around and learned about KenCrest. April was soon enrolled, and as time went on, she began making progress. By the time she transitioned out, she was talking and becoming more involved.”

Mattox received support during her time at the ELC and through an outside, Early Intervention program called COMHAR—at the time, KenCrest’s

KenCrest’s Early Learning Centers have brought more than just educational support to the Galarza and Mattox family.

Early Intervention program had not yet taken off. COMHAR and KenCrest’s ELC program partnered to create the best course of action for Mattox.

Mattox would practice her colors, shapes, and speech during the day at the Early Learning Center while also getting additional support at home.

“I remember everything they did to help April,” says Galarza. “So for me, to come to KenCrest and to have that same impact on other families and hire the teachers and staff that can make that change in someone’s life is amazing.”

Mattox transitioned out of KenCrest’s program and has since graduated from Moore College of Art and Design, pursuing a career in graphic design. Galarza’s oldest son has also graduated from the program and is attending primary school while her youngest son prepares to transition into the program.

“KenCrest will continue to educate my kiddies before they need to go to school,” says Galarza. “And I will continue to help the organization find employees that will impact the people we support lives.”

FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Isel Galarez and April Mattox sitting together in their family home in Philadelphia. // Photo by Sydney Kerelo

2,110 Number of people employed at KenCrest

Number of Direct Support Professionals (DSPs)


106 Number of employees with at least 10 years longevity

417 Adults with disabilities

2,015 Children in Early Intervention

769 Children in Early Learning

53 Adults with Disabilities

2,425 Children in Early Intervention

73 Adults with Disabilities



$100,000 and up

Barbara & James Beach

$25,000 - $99,999


Doc Bresler’s Cavity Busters

Lincoln Investment

PNC Grow Up Great

William Penn Foundation

$10,000 - $24,999

AmerisourceBergen Corporation

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Marian Baldini & Larry Filtz

Colin & Angela Dougherty

Fidelity Burglar & Fire Alarm

Gordon Charter Foundation


Liberty Lawnscapes

My Dad’s Flooring

Pew Charitable Trusts

Philadelphia Foundation

Philadelphia Insurance Companies


Primex Garden Center

Paul Rossert

Salmon, Ricchezza, Singer & Turchi, LLP

Stanley’s Hardware


Universal Health Services, Inc.

$5,000 - $9,999

Ameriserv Trust

Arlington Heritage Group

Steve & Leigh Anne Bell

Marcia Berner & Charles Dallas

Randall & Shannon Brown

Bryner Chevrolet

Child Development Foundation


Gap International, Inc.

The Haverford Trust Company

Kids-N-Hope Foundation

The Market of Lafayette Hill

Mill Spring Foundation

Miller, Turetsky, Rule & McLennan,



Public Health Management Corporation

Ray’s Appliances

Reinvestment Fund, Inc.

UGI Utilities, Inc.

United Way of Chester County


$2,500 - $4,999

Abriola Company

John Rule & Jill Anderson

Bridge Educational Foundation

Carole Chapin

Christ’s Church of the ValleyRoyersford

Kevin & Katie Dougher

Jeffrey & Stacie Dubnow

Carol Hammarberg

John & Melissa Howe

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Willits Pharmacy Services, Inc.

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A. E. Harth, Inc.

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Mary Anne Cenci

J.P. Morgan Chase

Christian R. & Mary F. Lindback Foundation

Mary Beth Conrad

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CrossAmerica Partners

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Delta-T Group

Eastern Alliance Insurance Group

Mariel Filtz

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Brian & Susan Gallagher


Deborah & Thomas Grace

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Rev. Kay & James Hollinger

Holy Trinity Lutheran Church -


Natelle & Richard Hughey

KenCrest Human Resources

JDB Service Group

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Rev. D. Craig & Anne Landis

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Mutual of America

James & Elaine O'Connor

PW Campbell

Reformation Lutheran Church - Media

Gail & Scott Ruehr

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Pamela & Mike Schuessler


Southeastern PA Synod of the ELCA

Therese Simpson & Marc Sternberg

St. Paul's Lutheran Church - Ardmore

St. Peter's Evangelical Lutheran

Church - North Wales

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DONORS | 2022

KenCrest Helps These Three PA Sisters

From Adult Community Living to Birth-to-Three, the Messmer Sisters are taking over KenCrest.

In 1999, Sue Messmer accepted her position as a Physical Therapist within the Montgomery County Birth-to-Three Program at KenCrest, changing her life and her two sisters’ lives. Being the youngest of three, Sue Messmer wasn’t expecting much from her KenCrest coworkers, but shortly after joining the team, they changed everything for her family. When Messmer began working at KenCrest, her older sister Diane, who has intellectual disabilities, was diagnosed with Dementia. Diane was living with their father at the time, but he soon discovered that he could not provide her with the proper care and attention she needed.

“At the time, our staff was having weekly team meetings, and during my first meeting, Roseann Adamo, the Executive Director of the Birth to Five Home and Community Based Program, overheard me telling one of the other therapists that we were having a tough time because Diane wasn’t doing well at home,” says Messmer. “The caseworker was trying to find her a placement, but there were no other placements besides a nursing home or an institution, which I did not want.”

“The next thing I knew, Roseann Adamo was telling me that I needed to go into the conference room and talk to the person who oversaw the residential homes at the time,” laughs Messmer. “She set the whole meeting up, and I was able to get Diane into one of our Adult Community Living Homes.” With Roseann’s help, Messmer got her sister Diane into a perfect residential home in Lansdale, Pennsylvania where she could receive the proper support; and be close enough to her sisters so that they could visit at least once a week for dinner or breakfast. Diane would even stay at her eldest sister’s house from time to time.

“Diane is the middle child,” says Messmer. “My older sister, Anne, is ten years older than me, so Diane and I were very close growing up; my friends were her friends, and we always did everything together. While my older sister Anne was stricter with Diane.”

Diane even told Sue that she considers her the “favored sister” because she’s more lenient with

her. But, while Sue may be the favored sister, the trio is extremely close with one another. The sisters take fun-filled vacations with each other quite often. They’ve been to Disney a few times because Diane loves hugging the characters; they’ve been on cruises and little day trips. This fall, the trio even made an overnight visit to Longwood Gardens.

“Diane loves to go out,” laughs Messmer. “Even when she’s home, they’ll take her out shopping, to eat and go to Walmart or the Dollar Store or even walk around the mall. I get excellent communication from her home because they know me personally; they’ll send me texts or emails, which is great.”

Messmer works in the Birth-to-Three Program at KenCrest, helping students and parents accomplish their motor skill goals like crawling, sitting up, walking, etc. Messmer will meet with her clients in their homes weekly to develop a strategic plan and enact that with the parents.

“It’s nice to see the children and their parents at home or in school, their natural environment, as opposed to taking them into a medical facility,” says Messmer. “You don’t get much out of them when they’re out of their comfort zones.”

Children in the Birth-to-Three program experience developmental delays or have an intellectual disability requiring additional support. Messmer works with these children to help them overcome their challenges and teach their parents ways to help them succeed.

“It’s funny because some of the people that support Diane don’t know that I also work at KenCrest,” laughs Messmer.


Learn more about KenCrest’s Adult Community Living homes and the Birth-to-Three program by visiting

Sue Messmer and her sisters Diane and Anne. // Photo courtesy of Sue Messmer


We recognize these individuals who have made provisions for KenCrest in their estate planning, both in the past and for the future. These friends have made a commitment to KenCrest and those we support, ensuring that our mission continues in our second century of service.


August Achterman

Mary Anderson

Dorothea Bater

Edith Behring

Alice R. Beltz

Arthur & Sarah Berger

Amos Birdsall

Edwin & Mary Elizabeth


Dorothy Boeshore

Sr. Collette Brice

Helene Bubikat

Viola Butterworth

Byron H. Callingham

Marie & Walter Camenisch

Sophie Daniel

Frances Devlin

Eleanor Elkin

Olga Fasko

Florence Fiedler

Ann Filon

Margaret Filon

Helen Gallup

Magdalena Gauger

Mary Geschick

Emily Gill

Verna Guterman

Sara Hall

Alma Hansmann

Thomas Hewson

John Holleran

Paula Kadel

Margaret Kellerman

G. Edward Knapp

Eleanor & John Knox

Charles Krauss

Louise Laidig

Lilla Lang Myers

Phyllis Linn

Margaret Leymann

Edna Lickfield

Oscar Long

Kathryn McFaden

Howard McCune

John Molettieri

Edward Moll

Mildred Muellerschoen

Esther Muller

Doris Oelschlager

Helen Oerkvitz

Elizabth S. Opp

Robert Pollock

Sarah Randolph

Helen Rau

Helen Ravenkamp

Elsie Reimann

Paul Richard

Leanor T. Rife

William Roeser

Hermann & Kathy Roether

Karl A. Schneider

Elizabeth Schoenhut

George Schoenhut

Estelle Schull

Anne E. Smith

Roscoe W. Teahan

Ruth Treadway

Douglas Turrell

Charles & Dorothy Urian

Lawrence Uter

Marion Van Arsdale

Laura Wikoff

Margaret Williams

Elizabeth Wodetzky

Roy Woll


Anonymous (3)

James & Mary Jane Brenneman

George Edwards

Carol Hammarberg

Curt & Rebecca Hudson

Jeanne Lee & Robert Wilkinson

Dina & Jim McFalls

Shirley Miller

Rev. Norman & Joanne* Minich

William J. Nolan

Jack Rule & Jill Anderson

Lise Twiford

Bonnie & Paul Zieger


KenCrest Centers Balance Sheet

KenCrest Centers Statement of Public Support, Revenue, and Expenses

8,350,412 382,162 12,228,351 1,448,792 507,845 22,917,562 17 KENCREST 2022 ANNUAL REPORT FINANCIAL REPORT | KENCREST CENTERS
of June 30, 2022 Assets Cash Accounts Receivable (net) Investments at market Plant and equipment (net) Other assets Total Assets Liabilities and Net Assets Accounts payable and accrued expenses Loans and mortgages payable Total Liabilities and Net Assets 1,152,105 1,152,105 21,765,457 22,917,562 $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ 25,199 353,622 46,742
of June 30, 2022 Revenue Public Support: Grants Contributions Bequests Total Public Support Other Revenue Private services fees Gain on sale of property Investment income: Realized/unrealized gains/losses on investments Dividends and interest on investments Rent Miscellaneous revenue Total Expenses 3,636,001 690,960 $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ 425,563 $ Total Other Revenue Total Public Support and Other Revenue Excess of Public Support and Revenue over Expenses 3,738,156 4,790,562 (1,052,406) $ $ $ (1,726,174) 292,058 341,261 78,487 3,312,593 $ Total Liabilities Total Net Assets

KenCrest Services Balance Sheet

KenCrest Services Statement of Public Support, Revenue, and Expenses


18 KENCREST.ORG KENCREST SERVICES | FINANCIAL REPORT 2,642,455 25,618,345 17,172,409 3,077,973 48,511,182
of June 30, 2022 Assets Cash Accounts Receivable (net) Plant and equipment (net) Other assets Total Assets Liabilities and Net Assets Accounts payable and accrued expenses Loans and mortgages payable Total Liabilities and Net Assets 15,523,828 14,780,089 30,303,917 18,207,265 48,511,182 $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ 761,757 65,642
of June 30, 2022 Revenue Public Support: Grants Contributions Total Public Support Other Revenue Government funding services Private fees Miscellaneous revenue Total Expenses $ $ $ $ $ 827,399 $ Total Other Revenue Total Public Support and Other Revenue Excess of Public Support and Revenue over Expenses $ $ $ 128,664,921 4,157,799 1,765,775 134,588,495 $ 135,415,894 134,732,977 682,917 Total Liabilities Total Net Assets
Check out a few photos KenCrest captured from this year’s events, including Community Champions, KenCrest’s Staff Event, and Masters.

DONORS | 2022

($50 - $249 cont. from page 09)

Valarie Curry

Jonmichael Daly

Julie & Charles Daly

D’Agostino Carpets

Wesley Daniels

Angela Dawkins

Tiffany DeRohn

Mamadou Diallo

Carmel & Charles Diliberto

Dennis & Jeanine Dimmick

Betty & Joseph Dittmar

Robert Doherty

Dianne & Ronald Dorn

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Gloria Eichner

Freddie Elliott

Eric Espinosa & Patricia Smyth-


Ellen & Joseph Everard

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Museum of the American Revolution

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$1 - $49

The Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University

Applebee’s Grill & Bar

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Pauline Baker

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DONORS | 2022

DONORS | 2022

Kelli Edling

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This year, KenCrest’s Early Learning Centers had many visitors including Councilmember Derek Green, Senator Christine Tartaglione and State Representative Isabella Fitzgerald.

Gifts designated for “where it’s needed most” will allow KenCrest to address our most critical needs. You are also welcome to restrict your gift for a specific program or need, such as improvements to a community living home, transportation needs, supplies for our Early Learning Centers, or employment opportunities.


Please make checks payable to KenCrest.

Credit Cards

We accept credit cards over the phone or online at:

United Way

You can designate KenCrest through Donor Choice #00839.

Matching Gifts

Check with your HR department to see if your company has a matching gift program. The doubling of your gift has a huge impact on those we serve.

Legacy Gifts

Many donors choose to fulfill their philanthropic wishes in coordination with their financial and estate plans. You may also choose to name KenCrest as a beneficiary of your will, trust, retirement plan, or insurance policy. You may also choose to establish a gift that pays an income to you, the donor, before ultimately benefiting KenCrest.

To learn more about giving opportunities, contact Ellen Mansfield, Chief Development Officer, at 610-825-9360, ext. 1023.

At KenCrest, we offer a variety of ways for our donors to invest in our mission.
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