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Excellence in carbon management


Our purpose is to redefine the way sustainable development is delivered. Based on our collective experience, we collaborate at the earliest stage to design and self-deliver innovative customer solutions across technically demanding built environment and infrastructure sectors. Working in partnership with our stakeholders, we are actively contributing to economic growth, social advancement and environmental protection.

Keltbray is a specialist construction engineering and infrastructure solutions group
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Group overview


We are focusing our integrated services on solving customers’ engineering challenges in a rapidly changing world.

The resilience of the Keltbray model and the commitment of everyone in the business has shown the resourcefulness, agility and above all else, the dedication to the customers we serve and the communities in which we operate.


Keltbray is a UK-leading specialist construction engineering and infrastructure services business, offering a range of self-delivered solutions for blue-chip public and private sector customers.


Operating in highly-regulated and safety-critical sectors, we are a key player in developing and maintaining Britain’s economic infrastructure and built environment, and in selective overseas markets.

Our customers trust us to deliver certainty on their projects – to specification, safely, on programme, within budget and with care for the environment and the communities that host us.

Our integrated delivery approach is underpinned by the significant investments we are making in the development of our people, our specialist delivery capabilities and our research and development agenda. It focuses our business on engineering innovation and delivery excellence to provide greater value for all our stakeholders.


Our purpose is to redefine the way sustainable development is delivered. Our deep expertise means that we offer standalone and holistic services, to meet our clients’ complex and changing engineering demands to enhance, upgrade and decarbonise their capital assets.


Keltbray’s distinctive delivery model is based around a set of complementary capabilities that together constitute the way we go to work to deliver certainty through the smart solutions we provide for our customers.


Watch our corporate film to find out what we do and how we are redefining the way sustainable development is delivered

2 Keltbray | Our carbon management and capability | 2023

Our progressive approach seeks to break down the barriers to success inherent in traditional contracting models. Clients need to feel confident entrusting their investments with a delivery partner capable of turning vision into reality. They need to be certain the end result will meet their expectations – and will be completed to the agreed programme, budget and specifications.

We believe that our unique delivery model has the potential to address these challenges – and the key to unlocking its benefits lies in deep and trusting client relationships that allow us to engage early on projects as a prerequisite to delivering greater value. It is only when clients and delivery partners – along with designers and others with vested interests – collaborate from the outset, as part of an integrated team, that opportunities for innovation in engineering can be fully exploited.


Inherent in the way we go to work is a different kind of client/delivery partner relationship management approach – one based on establishing and maintaining long-term strategic relationships where both parties’ interests are aligned to deliver mutual benefit.


We work collaboratively with our clients, supply chain and industry partners to de-risk project delivery and engineer solutions with a high degree of outcome certainty. Our multi-disciplined network of professional engineers can design, contract and supervise sustainable, high performance engineering and construction services in the public and private sectors.


By drawing on our specialist in-house delivery businesses and directly employed workforce, we have greater control over quality and productivity. It enables us to be more responsive, rectify issues and interface clashes quicker and achieve greater integration across the project phases. This brings an operational focus and intensity to project delivery that is very different to the traditional subcontracting model.

“Our sustainable business model provides progressive, long-term environmental, social and economic value to the stakeholders we serve”
CLIENTS COMMUNITIES EMPLOYEES INVESTORS / I N S U R E R S S U P P L Y C HA I N PARTNERS Strategic customer relationship management Innovative engineering excellence Integrated self-delivery model Talented people Future-proofed digital technologies, processes and equipment Financial resilience HOW WE C R E ATE VALUE OUR KEY E NABLERS Delivery certainty 3 Keltbray | Our carbon management and capability | 2023

Our services and sectors


Keltbray is positioned strongly in its chosen markets to take advantage of the visible opportunities and deliver stakeholder value.


Built Environment

Growth in building activity is forecast to pick up in 2023 and beyond, despite tighter monetary policy putting pressure on borrowing rates. The large backlog of work will help to mitigate the impact on building construction work done over 2023 and 2024. Supply-side constraints will subside and construction costs will re-base at a higher level. This correction in the mismatch between supply and demand will ease the pressures driving construction cost growth. Less carbon-intensive demand will also push investment levels and ramp-up activity over the next decade in the UK building and refurbishment market where Keltbray is well positioned.

Infrastructure Outlook is positive and has been boosted by the government’s £650 billion National Infrastructure strategy, providing the highest levels of economic investment in our industry for decades. This has been further boosted by the Government's commitments to nuclear and renewable energy infrastructure investment to decarbonise the UK generation fleet and increase security of supply in an increasingly uncertain world. This will see civil engineering be the fastest-growing sector in the construction market.

Industry-leading business services

Keltbray operates an integrated construction engineering and infrastructure services business model. This is proving highly effective in diversifying our income streams across targeted sectors, locations and different phases of the value chain, helping to deliver a sustainable performance over the longer term.


Demolition and remodelling

Geotechnical engineering and deconstruction


– Contaminated soil / ground water

– Asbestos removal

– Site remediation

Decommissioning and hazardous waste management


– Engineering design –Wentworth House Partnership

– Civil engineering


Sub and super structures

– Transport piling

– Transport structures


– Rail systems design –Wentworth House Rail Systems

Rail civil engineering

Rail overhead line electrification and distribution

– Power transmission

– Energy network distribution


Highways civil engineering

Energy storage

– Primary and distribution substations and telemetry


Preconstruction and commercial management

BIM and digital engineering

– Civil engineering plant, lifting and haulage equipment

– Project delivery support services:

– Recruitment

Operational safety training

Occupational health and wellbeing

4 Keltbray | Our carbon management and capability | 2023

Dynamic growth sectors

Through our UK business network, Keltbray has a strong and growing presence in built environment and infrastructure sectors. Our business activities are shaped by the product innovation and delivery certainty of the services we provide to meet clients’ sustainable development challenges.

Building – Residential/ Commercial – Manufacturing – Industrial Energy – Civil Nuclear – Power Networks and storage – Renewables Rail – UK Network – Urban Transit – High Speed 2 Transport – Highways – Aviation – Marine Government infrastructure – Defence – Health – Law and Order Public Utilities – Telecoms Networks – Urban realm and regeneration – Flood alleviation environmental services Specialist engineering and Constructionengineeringservices engineering servicesInfrastructure services Logistical support Integrated self-delivery 5 Keltbray | Our carbon management and capability | 2023

Carbon Reduction Plan

6 Keltbray | Our carbon management and capability | 2023
7 Keltbray | Our carbon management and capability | 2023

Our carbon reduction plan

Keltbray understands that climate change is the most important issue of our lifetime and the single greatest threat to our planet. The urgency to address the issue is underscored by the latest report from the United Nation's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), which provides a thorough examination of the physical science of climate change.

We as a society and as businesses cannot thrive on a dying planet, so we must act now, listen to the science and redefine the way sustainable development is delivered in order to avoid irreversible damage.

Keltbray’s science based target aligns to the Paris Agreement goal to keep global temperatures below 1.5*C

0°C +1°C +2°C +3°C +4°C +5°C 1.5°C PARIS AGREEMENT GOAL PRE-INDUSTRIAL AVERAGE We are here 1.1°C Warming in 2020 Pledges & targets Current policies Optimistic targets +1.7°C +2.7°C +2.1°C +2.1°C +3.9°C +2.9°C +2.1°C +3.3°C +2.6°C Global mean temperature increase by 2100 +1.3°C +1.5°C 8 Keltbray | Our carbon management and capability | 2023

As part of our commitment to decarbonise our operations, we are tackling all aspects of our services to the industry and working with our supply chain to create the best technological solutions to offer to our client.

This carbon reduction plan provides an overview of Keltbray’s carbon performance and a strategy of how we will tackle each aspect of our organisation and our client offering, to find innovative solutions to achieve our Science Based Targets, which provide focus and direction to achieve our long-term 2040 Net Zero target.

Commitment to achieving Net Zero

Keltbray Group Ltd (inclusive of Keltbray Energy Ltd, Keltbray Rail Ltd and Keltbray Built Environmental Ltd) is committed to achieving Net Zero emissions by 2040.


Baseline emissions are a record of the greenhouse gases that have been produced in the past and were produced prior to the introduction of any strategies to reduce emissions. Baseline emissions are the reference point against which emissions reduction can be measured.


Additional details relating to the Baseline Emissions calculations

Keltbray’s energy performance is managed by the environmental sustainability department and any requirement such as ESOS and SECR is all managed and signed off internally.

This has allowed us to create strong systems to visualise our performance and improve our processes.

In 2020 we began working with Carbon Trust and gained the Carbon Trust Certification for our energy related activities.


Emissions Total (tCO2e) Baseline year emissions Scope 1 22,273 Scope 2 597 Scope 3 (inc. sources) 174,826 This is representative of Keltbray’s total supply chain-related emissions Total emissions Scope 1 & 2 22,870 Scope 1, 2 & 3 197,696
Reporting Year 2022 Baseline year emissions Scope 1 19,435 Scope 2 387 Scope 3 (inc. sources) 120,168 This is representative of Keltbray’s total supply chain-related emissions Total emissions Scope 1 & 2 19,822 Scope 1, 2 & 3 139,990 9 Keltbray | Our carbon management and capability | 2023

The carbon mission

We have committed to reduce our emission in line with the 1.5*C Paris Agreement and achieve Net Zero by 2040 and have set this commitment with the Science Based Target Initiative (SBTi).

LONG-TERM OBJECTIVE IS... to achieve Net Zero by 2040

We have worked with the Carbon Trust and calculated our Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions:

Keltbray Group Holdings commits to reduce absolute Scope 1 & 2 GHG emissions by 46.2% and commits to reduce Scope 3 GHG emissions by 55% per £’m of GEVA by 2030 from a 2019 base year.

Scope 3 –(t)CO 2 e/£'m GEVA 2019 2023 2026 2029 2030 0 1000 1200 1400 200 600 400 800 Year 2020 2021 2022 2024 2025 2027 2028 Scope 1&2 –(t)CO 2 e Scope 3 – Economic Intensity Target Scope 1 & 2 – Absolute Reduction Target 0 16,250 19,500 22,750 3,250 9,750 6,500 13,000 Science Based Target – 2030
10 Keltbray | Our carbon management and capability | 2023

Scope 1 & 2 emissions

Keltbray’s Scope 1 & 2 emissions are driven by the operations of our projects which require non-road mobile machine, light vehicles and heavy vehicles. In 2021 we were awarded the Carbon Trust Standard for the absolute reduction of our Carbon Emissions by 9.7%.

Total (t)CO 2 e 0 10,000 15,000 20,000 25,000 5,000 Scope 1 emissions Scope 2 emissions 2019 2021 2022 2020
CARBON EMISSION LEVEL FROM 2019 TO 2022 SCOPE 1 & 2 EMISSIONS Reporting year 2022 47% 2% 0% 51% Natural Gas Onsite Plant Diesel Electricity Road Diesel 19,822 tCO2e 11 Keltbray | Our carbon management and capability | 2023

Scope 1 & 2 decarbonisation roadmap

As our scope 1 emissions accounts to 97.7% of the emissions we can directly influence making it of great importance Keltbray to have a clear road map of how we will reduce these emissions to achieve our 46.2% absolute reduction target by 2030.

The roadmap below shows how we will tackle direct emissions created from our onsite power requirements, heavy plant and RRVs, small tools, and road vehicles – year-on-year upto 2030 to achieve our Science Based Target.

– One supplier of generators

– All to have telemetry

– Hybrid where applicable i.e. cranes, welfare, etc.

– Grid connected projects

– All small demands (i.e. monitors) to be powered by hydrogen/PV panels

– Stage IV and V


– Battery and hydrogen power for equipment such as monitors and small tools

Onsite power

Heavy Plant and RRVs

Small Tools

Road vehicles

– 50% telemetry

– Fuel saving tournament

– 10% Stage V – HVO

– Roll out zero emission vehicles by 5% year-on-year

12 Keltbray | Our carbon management and capability | 2023

75% Grid-connected projects

– Hydrogen/ammonia fuel cell

– Hydrogen fuelled generators

Battery technology

Collaborate with developers/ clients to enable all construction phases to have a TBS – 100% telemetry

Fuel efficiency reporting to be part of drivers performance reviews

– 85% Stage V

– Engage and drive suppliers to introduce 'zero emission plant'

– All new light vehicles by 2030 will be zero-emission vehicles

Mains powered and Stage V

Battery and hydrogen power for equipment that can not be powered by mains

75% of plant to be diesel/ – HVO free

– 100% of applicable projects to be connected to the grid

– Remote power to be provided by fuel cells and batteries

– Collaborate with developers/ clients to enable all construction phases to have a TBS – All equipment telemetry feeding back to single portal – Fuel efficiency reporting to be part of drivers performance reviews – 75% of plant to be diesel free/HVO free –

Mains powered only – Battery and hydrogen power for equipment that can not be powered by mains

2025 2030
13 Keltbray | Our carbon management and capability | 2023

Carbon reduction projects

Completed carbon reduction initiatives

The following environmental management measures and projects have been completed or implemented since the 2019 baseline.



Keltbray identified that in order to decarbonise construction projects, it is key that a mains power connection is made available. To ensure we are able to support our clients and achieve Net Zero sites and to reduce our own emissions, a ‘utilities’ team was created.

The scope of this team is to coordinate the projects electricity, gas and water disconnection and connection requirements with the relevant STATS in order to run and power the project in the most efficient manner.

Timing the utilities disconnection and connections right is critical to a projects sustainability and programme performance as it allows the project delivery team to utilise the existing supply for as long as possible and then move onto the new supply with minimal disruption.

Timing this incorrectly can resolve on the reliance of generators and transported water supply, which is costly and inefficient.

Where electricity supply is not available and we have to rely on generators, the utilities team is responsible to designing the most efficient system, this could vary from load on demand generators to hybrid systems where we rely on battery technology to power the base-load and only use the generators on peak demands.


– Coordinate the connection and disconnection of a projects utilities requirements

Install telematics to ensure the most efficient power supply

Reduce reliance on onsite generator use


Across all our sites in the last 12 months we…


980,000 litres of diesel Saving


Reduced carbon emissions by 2,466


Reducing our total emissions by 10%

14 Keltbray | Our carbon management and capability | 2023

Drone use for surveys

Keltbray has recently been awarded the Green Apple World Environmental Award for its use of drones for utility inspections. Keltbray was recognised with special merit in the approach to reducing the carbon footprint associated with traditional inspection methods by 50%. Keltbray’s use of drones allows for more efficient inspections of utility installations, reducing the need for machinery, fuel and personnel and minimising disruption to the surrounding environment, for example, removing the need for land clearance for access.

Moreover, the use of drones has enabled the collection of thermal imagery, reducing the need to deploy all-terrain vehicles, replacing the use of

Anti-idling campaign

At Keltbray, we see carbon emissions holistically; the emissions related to construction machinery and road vehicles contribute to climate change which is also culprit to negative human health.

Using the latest technology isn’t enough to reduce our emissions as much as possible, which is why we launch the fuel saving tournament.

The fuel saving tournament challenges our machine and HGV drivers to drive as efficiently as possible and awards those with the biggest fuel saving.

This simply but effective exercise has reduced our idling by over 40% and gained industry wide recognition.

helicopters for LIDAR surveying, identifying defects in detail, eliminating asset downtime, and cutting inspection costs. Furthermore, Keltbray has used drones to conduct electricity inspections on client’s assets without shutting down critical electricity infrastructure. Overall, the use of drones in powerline inspections is revolutionising the conditionbased assessments, reducing a once resource, heavy, timeconsuming, labour-intensive, and high-risk process with a highly-efficient, safe, and data-rich alternative for sustainable development. Source: Click

HS2 used our tournament as an example of good practice across all their sites.

“Long-term exposure to air pollution is killing one in 19 people in the UK, according to researchers at Centre for Cities.”
In collaboration with partners across the construction industry, this anti-idling toolkit is aimed to remind site teams on the importance of anti-idling
here to read the full article 15 Keltbray | Our carbon management and capability | 2023

Carbon reduction projects cont.

Zero-diesel project


Keltbray have recently partnered with a fuel cell supplier and are planning to run an industry first demonstrator of a 10kVA hydrogen fuel cell 2022. The Bankside Yard on site power requirements will be primarily fed by the existing substations but if there were to be any additional remote power requirements we can utilise our expertise and partnership and apply it for Multiplex at Bankside Yard.

Keltbray is working with key power and energy suppliers to expose the requirements to move to a hydrogen power industry…

Hydrogen power offers an alternative energy that may be an effective solution to reducing emissions in and around the industry.

Currently being trialled at our M621 Highways project in Leeds:

The first to be deployed in the UK

– The ‘S Series Fuel Cell Power Tower’ is being trialled and monitored for six weeks

This technology has the potential for being a key milestone in clean green energy

RESULTS 200,000 0 25,000 50,000 75,000 100,000 125,000 150,000 175,000 67,488 181,139 tCO2e £101,233 Litres saved Emissions saved Costs saved Savings in 2022 16 Keltbray | Our carbon management and capability | 2023
Keltbray has implemented zero-diesel projects by utilising battery technology. Where battery technology does not suffice we utilise hybrid solutions for project power requirements.

Action Plan for Offices

All fixed locations are powered by 100% renewable electricity and green gas – our energy is provided by Ecotricity which is some of the greenest in the UK. Energy efficiency measures:

We are carrying out an appraisal to power our fixed locations using solar panels – We have rolled out

Awareness training to all staff

7 9 16 1 5 6 4 2 3 8 10 11 12 13 14 15
– Building
– Electric
– Energy
1. Head Office St Andrew’s House Portsmouth Road Esher Surrey KT10 9TA 2. Ashford 10th Floor International House Dover Place Ashford Kent TN23 1HU 3. Bathgate Inchmuir Road Whitehill Industrial Estate Bathgate EH48 2EP 4. Basildon 11 Westmayne Industrial Park Bramston Way Laindon Basildon Essex SS15 6TP 5. Bedfont Challenge Road Ashford Middlesex TW15 1AX 6. Brentwood 35 Tallon Road Hutton Brentwood Essex CM13 1TE 7. Crewe Unit 12 Weston Road Crewe Hall Enterprise Park Cheshire CW1 6UA 8. Doncaster 5 Trafford Court Doncaster South Yorkshire DN1 1PN 9. Dunchurch Dunchurch Trading Estate Unit 9 Rugby CV23 9LN 10. Glasgow 2nd Floor 193 Bath Street Glasgow G2 4HU 11. London 5th Floor 36 Leadenhall Street London EC3A 1AT 12. Nottingham 1st Floor Lakeview Drive Sherwood Business Park Nottingham NG15 0ED 13. Preston Brook Unit 2 Wellfield Business Park Preston Brook Runcorn WA7 3AZ 14. Thames Road Thames Road Industrial Estate Silvertown London E16 2EZ 15. Thames Wharf Thames Wharf Dock Road Silvertown London E16 1AF 16. Treforest Bridge Road Unit 1 Riverside Industrial Park Treforest Industrial Estate Pontypridd CF37 5TG 17 Keltbray | Our carbon management and capability | 2023
Management systems
charging points

Scope 3 emissions

Scope 3 emissions account to 89% of Keltbray’s operations so it was key that we quantify such emissions and where they come from.

Having had our Scope 3 emissions calculated by the Carbon Trust, we now have a clear set of carbon hot spots for those materials and relevant suppliers which contribute to our Scope 3 emissions.

The graphic below provides an overview of how Keltbray’s operations contribute to the relevant scopes of emissions.



Indirect emissions (tCO2e/year)


Scope 3 carbon emitter

1a: Purchased goods and services (product)


1b: Purchased goods and services (non-product)









Customers Scope 2 Purchased electricity, heat or steam Owned Transport Fuel combustion Process and fugitive emissions Purchased goods or services Waste from operations Capital goods Upstream transport and distribution Business travel Employee commuting Fuel and energyrelated activities Upstream leased assets Downstream leased assets Use of sold products Franchises Investments Downstream transport and distribution Porocessing of sold products End-of-life treatment
Scope 1 Scope 3
3: Fuel and energy-related activities
4: Upstream transportation and distribution
5: Waste
generated in operations
6: Business travel
Employee commuting
8: Upstream leased assets
18 Keltbray | Our carbon management and capability | 2023

Digitisation and Scope 3 emissions

Having calculated our Science Based Targets with the Carbon Trust, we have gained a great appreciation and understanding of how each Greenhouse Gas category is calculated into carbon equivalent emissions. Consequently, we have created a new reporting platform which links all of our spend through our buying platform, COINS, and are reporting it into volumes and carbon.

Where possible these emissions are calculated using product specific carbon conversion factors, for example concrete, steel, timber, and where such conversion factors are not yet available, we use industry approved conversion factors to enable us to convert our expenditure into carbon equivalent emission.

This new reporting platform allows Keltbray to run live reports and visualise the embodied carbon related to the different carbon life-cycle stage of its operations.

Materials Reporting for All Contracts

Company All
Units All Carbon Factor Group Multiple selections Supplier All Commodity Code All Contract Cost Head All Contract All Business Unit All Division All Delivery Dates between Last 12 Months 29/04/2022 - 28/04/2023 TYPE BY VOLUME QTY DELIVERED BY PERIOD IN LAST SIX MONTHS 55.28% 192,346 32.56% 113,370 12.14% 42,224.53 0 10,000 20,000 30,000 40,000 Period Qty Oct 22 Nov 22 Dec 22 Jan 23 Feb 23 Mar 23 CO2 EMISSIONS (kgCO2e) BY MATERIAL TYPE IN LAST SIX MONTHS 0m 5m 10m 15m Period kgCO 2 e Oct 22 Nov 22 Dec 22 Jan 23 Feb 23 Mar 23 19 Keltbray | Our carbon management and capability | 2023

Action Plan

If Keltbray were to decarbonise its entire operation, we would only reduce our total emissions by 11%, so it is key that we engage and work with our supply chain.

Some good examples:

We have set our material supplier a minimum requirement of responsible sourcing and manufacturing certification, BES 6001, FSC/PEFC, CARES and EPDs

Sustainable Supply Chain Team – six-weekly meetings

Supply chain engagement and collaboration

PAS 2080

ConcreteZero Initiative

Introduction ConcreteZero is an initiative run by Climate Group in partnership with WBCSD and WorldGBC. Our aim is to drive decarbonisation of the concrete sector by bringing together a united group of leading businesses committed to using, procuring, or specifying net zero concrete. By harnessing their collective action, ConcreteZero will send a strong demand signal to shift global markets, investment and policies towards responsible production and sourcing of creating a market for net zero concrete Making a public net zero concrete commitment enables companies to prepare fo the inevitable changes to their supply chains, future proof their business and remain economically competitive in the transition to a zero-carbon world. ConcreteZero members are at the forefront in tackling embodied carbon emissions. They’re better positioned to respond to client and investor’s net zero requirements Leadership commitment Organisations that join ConcreteZero must be willing to make a public commitment to transition to 100% net zero concrete by 2050. ConcreteZero members will be either organisations that use or procure concrete, including public procurement bodies, architects, designers, structural engineers and specifiers of concrete, or companies involved in the concrete supply chain at any stage after the production of concrete (LCA Stages A1-A3 ). Life Cycle Assessment Stages A1-A3 cover lifecycle from raw material extraction (A1), through to transport (A2) and manufacturing of the ready-mix concrete (A3). Ready-mix: cradle to batching plant gate. Precast: cradle to mould. Campaign overview and commitment framework Laura Critien 11 March 2016 Signed for BRE Global Ltd Date of this Issue 11 March 2016 10 March 2021 Date of First Issue Expiry Date Environmental Product Declaration 000104 Issue: 01 This is to certify that this verified Environmental Product Declaration provided by: Tarmac Is in accordance with the requirements of: EN 15804:2012+A1:2013 This declaration is for: Readymix concrete Company Address T3 Tarmac, Ground Floor, T3 Trinity Park, Bickenhill Lane, Birmingham, B37 7ES BREG EN EPD No.: BRE Global Ltd., Garston, Watford WD25 9XX. T: +44 (0)333 32188 11 F: +44 (0)1923 664603 E: BF1331ECOP Rev 0.3 Page of 11 © BRE Global Ltd 2016 20 Keltbray | Our carbon management and capability | 2023

Achieving PAS 2080 –Carbon Management in Infrastructure

In 2022, Keltbray gained BSI certification for its PAS 2080 Carbon Management in infrastructure compliant system.

By integrating carbon management as part of our already existing environmental management and business management practices, we have adopted the requirements of the PAS 2080 standard and use it to strengthen our processes and the support to our clients.

Our Carbon Management System challenges all aspects of our business and our supply chain and has set a clear framework to challenge our own processes and collaborate with the industry to achieve Net Zero.

ISO 14001 processes

– ISO 14001 Environmental Management System

– Policy and strategy for Carbon Management

– Implement a carbon management process

– Continuous improvement

Shared processes

– Integrate carbon management process with existing business practices (procurement, delivery programme, environmental management)

– Promote early engagement

– Objectives and targets

– Apply the carbon emission reduction hierarchy

Carbon Management processes

PAS 2080 Carbon Management in Infrastructure

Implement governance structure

Collaborate with supply chain

– Systems in place to quantify

GHG emissions

Process map summarising the key components of the PAS 2080 carbon management process and their respective clause numbers

Continuous improvement Plan A c t Check D o 21 Keltbray | Our carbon management and capability | 2023


Keltbray are constantly challenging engineering designs and boundaries in order to explore new materials which reduce the embodied carbon of services and operations. At our Canada Water Project working for British Land, Keltbray collaborated with key supply chain partners Wagners and Capital Concrete to install permanent works piles using Earth Friendly Concrete. EFC® is a zero cement, geopolymer concrete supplied by Capital Concrete in London. Changing from the traditional CEMIIIA mix to EFC® mixes achieved a total saving of 240tCO2e, or approximately 45% of the embodied carbon, through the elimination of traditional

Ordinary Portland Cement. EFC® also has significant performance advantages over traditional concrete, which include improved durability, lower shrinkage, earlier strength gain, higher flexural tensile strength and increased fire resistance. Additionally, Keltbray have delivered several projects recently including Canada Water Plot A2, using GGBS concrete mixes which are particularly “in vogue” at the moment with a lot of consultants prescribing high percentages potential of GGBS within concrete mixes to try and facilitate a more carbon friendly build. Generally use of GGBS in concrete mixes varies between 25-70%, whilst we generally have no problem with using 25% in

blended concrete as a whole on a project, we would suggest that higher percentages of GGBS are used in female piles, basement, raft, ground bearing slabs, capping beams, pile caps and ground beams, as this would not affect efficient re-use of formwork and back propping systems commonly used in concrete frames nor programme. The availability of the GGBS mixes though would have to be reviewed nearer the time of construction.

Piling at our Canada Water Plot A2 project
22 Keltbray | Our carbon management and capability | 2023
The offsite-manufactured Hope Sculpture in Glasgow


The HIPER® Pile project is a highlyinnovative programme of new technologies being developed by Keltbray as part of our decarbonising construction targets. The key elements of the new technologies are:


Upto 70% material volume reduction


Improving shaft friction capacity by up to 40%


Embracing off site manufacture, improving quality and productivity


60% increase in thermal conductivity and de-risks delivery over traditional thermal piles


The solution to enable a fully circular economy within deep foundations

After securing a total of £1.1m in funding from Innovate UK as part of UKRI’s Transforming Construction Challenge, Keltbray developed the HIPER® pile foundation system. This system incorporates a suite of individual innovations which, when combined, offer unprecedented savings in embodied carbon for deep foundations and the opportunity to significantly reduce operation carbon within the built environment.

As of June 2023, Keltbray have secured three patents for various elements of the ground-breaking HIPER® Pile innovation and have one further pending.

As a direct result of our collaboration with academia, we have also exclusively licensed the City, University of London patent for the Hollow, Reusable pile.

HIPER® Piles being made HIPER® Pile installation
23 Keltbray | Our carbon management and capability | 2023

Circular economy

Keltbray see everything we demolish as a potential asset to re-use. To us, sustainability in demolition means looking at the process of dismantling and deconstruction; exploring how much of the value of arising materials can be utilised at their highest value for as long as possible.

Everything has a life-cycle and this applies to buildings no longer fit-for-purpose. A key strategy we use is to view all building constituents as potential assets; while not everything may be reusable, each and every part should be a valuable resource for future use on or offsite.

What it means to us

Linear economy TAKE MAKE USE DISPOSE Reuse economy MAKE RECYCLE USE DISPOSE TAKE Circular economy Circular economy R E CYCLE USE MAKE RESOURCE INPUT 24 Keltbray | Our carbon management and capability | 2023

As part of our commitment to circular economy, we will only use material which has been sourced sustainably and is supported by the relevant certification schemes.

Circular economy initiatives

Recent examples of Keltbray's circular economy success on projects includes:

Woolgate Exchange

Sending c.50,000 raised floor tiles to RAFI to be refurbished and reinstated into new/refurbished offices

Sending carpet tiles/ furniture to charities including Hawa Trust

Removing steelwork (in the next phase) for refurbishment and later re-use in the cut and carve/enabling phase

Salisbury Square

Materials recovered/re-used:

300m² York paving

– 500m² of granite cladding panels

– 100m² roof slates

– 10 tonnes of bricks

Hardwood stair handrails

Timber entrance doors

– Re-use of office furniture for site welfare

– Carpet tiles and raised access floors recovered for recycling

– Glass recycling


In 2021, several initiatives to eliminate single-use plastic were achieved by such collaborations; it was agreed that the suppliers will stop double packing items such as PPE and now all PPE simply comes into boxes without the additional plastic packaging.

2 Aldermanbury Square

– Providing access for the incumbent MEP engineering firm to remove and repurpose spares and equipment

– 1,500 tonnes reuse of steel with removal and transport of c.770 tonnes of construction steel for re-use on other construction projects

Ceiling tiles Glass
Plasterboard Steel Carpet tiles Raised
floor tiles
25 Keltbray | Our carbon management and capability | 2023

Keltbray became a signatory of ‘The Climate Pledge’ in 2021 committing to achieve net zero emissions by 2040 and also committed to setting a science based target.

Awards and registrations

Declaration and sign-off

This Carbon Reduction Plan has been completed in accordance with PPN 06/21 and associated guidance and reporting standard for Carbon Reduction Plans.

Emissions have been reported and recorded in accordance with the published reporting standard for Carbon Reduction Plans and the GHG Reporting Protocol Corporate Standard1 and uses the appropriate Government emission conversion factors for greenhouse gas company reporting2

Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions have been reported in accordance with SECR requirements, and the required subset of Scope 3 emissions have been reported in accordance with the published reporting standard for Carbon Reduction Plans and the Corporate Value Chain (Scope 3) Standard3

This Carbon Reduction Plan has been reviewed and signed off by the board of directors (or equivalent management body).

Registered office:

St Andrew’s House Portsmouth Road Esher Surrey KT10 9TA

Climate Group – Concrete Zero ICE Carbon Champion BSI 14001 Environmental management Construct Zero
PEFC & FSC 26 Keltbray | Our carbon management and capability | 2023
Green Apple Environmental. Award




27 Keltbray | Our carbon management and capability | 2023
St Andrew’s House Portsmouth Road Esher, Surrey KT10 9TA T: +44 (0) 20 7643 1000 E: © This document is the copyright of Keltbray Holdings Limited. Any unauthorised reproduction or usage by any person other than the addressee is strictly prohibited. Redefining sustainable development
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