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Issue 4 September 2016

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Foreword from the Principal Message from the Chairman of the Board Message from the Parents’ Committee Executive Secretary Parents’ Committee Enhancements Annual Fund Enhancements Appreciation & Acknowledgements

Once again your generosity has expressed itself in innumerable ways; gifts of expertise, gifts of time, in addition to donations via the Annual Fund, Parents’ Committee and Friends of Kellett School Inc. (FOKS). Rarely a day passes without evidence of parental support whether in the cooking room, listening to readers, hospitality, supporting school sport and volunteering expertise in all areas of the school’s operation.

Ann Mc Donald Principal

The Parents’ Committee has continued their fantastic work, coordinating parent volunteers, fundraising and providing occasions for us all to enjoy, including the School Fair which brought our whole community together for a thoroughly enjoyable day. Together with the community building aspect, Parents’ Committee funds continue to support a number of fantastic initiatives across the school each year. This year the Annual Fund enabled a number of very positive initiatives, including the introduction of the Learning Service in the Community Programme, allowing our Senior School students to contribute to the community through a range of projects. The science department hosted the first Kellett Christmas Lecture, a most enjoyable learning experience for all, and the first of what will hopefully become an anticipated seasonal tradition. Dame Kelly Holmes was a notable Annual Fund guest this year, who over two days shared her inspirational story with students, teachers and parents, ran interactive assemblies and focused running clinics with Senior School students.

And finally, I would like to take this opportunity to formally thank David Kidd for fourteen wonderful years as Chairman of the Kellett School Board of Governors. David’s vision, dedication, passion and determination has been instrumental in making the school what it is today. David has helped to make the founding Board’s vision into a reality. David, thank you — we are all eternally grateful. Warmest regards,

Ann Mc Donald 6


I am sure that you shall enjoy browsing the pages of ‘Thank You’. I do encourage you to read more about the many initiatives in the place across the school; the majority would just not be feasible without both Parents’ Committee and Annual Fund support. They add both a richness and excitement to our curriculum, impacting positively the quality of learning experiences offered to all our students. Thank you all for your generosity, Kellett School appreciates and values your support.

Welcome to the fourth edition of ‘Thank You’, our annual publication to acknowledge, celebrate and formally thank our community for the extraordinary generosity that has been extended throughout the year. Kellett School is lucky to have a strong community which gives to Kellett in many ways; through monetary gifts and donations to the Annual Fund and the Parents’ Committee, through gifts of time and resources, as well as by sharing knowledge and skills.

Chairman of the Board

This year we completed our fourth Annual Fund, and we are very grateful for the community support we have once again received. The enhancements the Annual Fund provides have grown to become richer and more diverse over the years as it develops and matures, and this year included the fantastic visit by Dame Kelly Holmes, whose visit (which I was lucky enough to participate in) inspired our students, parents and staff. The Parents’ Committee has also had another successful year, once more hosting a wonderful school fair that again brought together the whole Kellett community. Funds raised at the school fair, as well as the other events the Parents’ Committee supports throughout the year, will be allocated to a multitude of resources for the next academic year. The pages that follow are a wonderful illustration of what has been achieved at Kellett as a result of the gifts of our community. I would like to extend a warm thank you to those who give generously to the school, your support helps us to inspire our students to be the best they can be, both within the school and beyond. With best wishes,

David Kidd


David Kidd

Giving at Kellett provides inspiration and opportunities for students to experience education in a wider context through a diverse range of projects and resources. It is invaluable for our students to engage in activities that help them to think beyond the status quo, to push them to better themselves, to arm them with a multitude of transferrable skills, and ultimately to build their confidence and a love of learning.


This year has been another great year for the school and on behalf of the Parents’ Committee I would like to thank all the parents who support the school with their time and energy. We started the year welcoming the new parents to each campus and from then on Hospitality, Kellett Cares, the Bookshops, Wardrobe, Cooking Rooms and much more went full steam ahead!

Parents’ Committee Executive Secretary

This year the proceeds of the fundraising have been able to support a number of projects throughout the school, including 3D printers for both prep schools and the return of Prue Salter to the Senior School at the start of the new school year. A complete list of the projects funded by the Parents’ Committee are listed in the pages that follow along with those from the Annual Fund, all of which enhance our children’s learning and school experience. A special thank you to Telina Kiernan who has stepped down from her position on the Parents’ Committee at Kowloon Bay Prep. Telina took the position on as the school opened and has been instrumental in building the Parents’ Committee and creating such a wonderful community spirit - we could not have had a better start at Kowloon Bay Prep. We welcome Becca Williams who has taken over the role. A personal thank you to all the members of the Parents’ Committee across all three campuses. Your energy, generosity in time and input are much appreciated by all. We are looking forward to a great new school year and to seeing you all at the 40th Anniversary Family Fun Day and at the Ball!

Alex Dickson Leach



Alex Dickson Leach

This year we had our now annual School Fair, and it was our first experience of Mother Nature not playing ball in over 10 years. However, once again the KLB venue expanded and the rainstorms passed without us really noticing. A big thank you to Liz Adebiyi who co-chaired the School Fair and to our wonderful committee and all the parents, students and staff who helped out on the day.



It has been a busy year for Hospitality, with a variety of drinks being served at the numerous functions, concerts and shows that the school has hosted this year. The biggest event this year was the whole school Annual Concert in February. Other sizeable events included the Senior School Awards Evening, the School AGM, the Kellett Christmas Lectures, and the Year 6 celebration evenings, when 30 bottles of champagne were consumed within a very limited time frame! Special thanks to our team of wonderful volunteers, who give up their time to help make every event a success, it is, as always, greatly appreciated.



It has been another amazing year for Kellett Cares across Kowloon Bay and Pok Fu Lam Prep schools, and the Senior School continues to develop an appropriate model for the senior students to contribute to Kellett Cares.


All year, enthusiastic teams of students, teachers and parents have been working together on a wide range of fun activities to help raise funds for those less fortunate, both in Hong Kong and further afield. Some of these activities included the always popular Pizza Sales, Dragon Scale Sale, Reception Tea Towels and sales of Christmas cards, paper and candy canes. Pok Fu Lam held a DIY Christmas wreath sale, and at Diwali sold Diya candles for the students to decorate. The Fortune Cookie Sale was introduced at Kowloon Bay Prep and both Prep schools ran a Dragon Tales story competition for the first time. The Senior School raised funds at a Sports Day bake sale and at the Christmas Fair and Valentine’s Party.


This year also saw the return of Coins for a Cause and sales of second-hand Prep and Senior School uniforms. In addition, there was the launch of the Kellett Cares umbrellas. In March, several Kellett families made the annual trip to Bacolod and saw for themselves just how the money we raise makes a real difference. It was a very special experience for the students and parents. We are very pleased to tell you that at the time of writing, Kellett Cares has raised over HK$200,000 this year. Many thanks to everyone who has helped reach this fantastic total. We look forward to working with you again on some exciting Kellett Cares projects next year.


Pok Fu Lam The Cooking Room has been busy as usual this year. Every student and a number of parents at Pok Fu Lam have enjoyable memories of their time in the Cooking Room. Every parent is offered the opportunity to volunteer their time to teach the children valuable cooking skills and share food and nutritional information. Cooking is an invaluable skill and helps children put nutrition and healthy eating into context. With this in mind, the Cooking Room will be refurbished over the summer holidays which will include new utensils and a fresh look. We hope this further incentivises you to volunteer to cook with your children.



Kowloon Bay The Kowloon Bay Cooking Room is no half-baked idea and is now fully utilised and an integral part of the school. It hosts a cooking ECA every term, Reception classes cook weekly, and class projects and holiday cooking take place throughout the year. Perhaps the now annual highlight is ‘The Great British Bake Off’, in which every year group competes to celebrate Kowloon Bay’s Birthday. To keep apace this bustling kitchen, we will continue to improve processes and the equipment to ensure optimal use in the coming academic year, and that the children keep on cooking! We hope the whole community will enjoy their culinary delights.

“Every parent is offered the opportunity to volunteer their time to teach the children valuable cooking skills and share food and nutritional information. Cooking is an invaluable skill and helps children put nutrition and healthy eating into context.” 14

Our sincere thanks to Mrs Nupur Gupta, Mr Ben Dixon, Mr Simon Giddings and Mr James Lo for all their hard work in the coordination, design and development of the three Yearbooks and the Calendar. We would also like to say a very big thank you to all the parent Yearbook volunteers, teachers and students for their contributions. The Yearbooks and the Calendar look fantastic and are much loved by students and parents alike. We hope you and your family will experience wonderful memories every time they are opened!



Pok Fu Lam Thank you to Eugenie Hardy and Christine Paulus for running the bookshop at PFL. They are happy to report sales are steady and the numbers of donated books continue to grow. The profits from these sales go back into the school library to increase the number and range of books available to our children.

Kowloon Bay Heartfelt thanks to all the KLB Prep bookshop volunteers this year. And to all our customers too! Look out for all the new library books bought with the profits from the bookshop.



Parents’ Committee Reports

Projects that took place in the 2015-16 academic year from funds raised in 2014-15 Music system for the Wellbeing Department Dragon Boat restoration project for the Senior School iPads for the Music Department throughout the whole school AED Trainer for the Wellbeing Department Wardrobe resources for Pok Fu Lam and Kowloon Bay Prep Green wall planters at Pok Fu Lam Prep Big play equipment at Pok Fu Lam Subscription to Go animate for the Mandarin Department, for Years 5-13 Numicon at Pok Fu Lam Prep Strength and Conditioning Equipment for the Senior School Gym

Projects to look forward to in the coming year from funds raised in 2015-16 Workshop with Diane Frankenstein on ‘Conversational Reading’ for Prep School parents Workshop with Prue Salter on study skills for Senior School students and parents Wire Bender and Clips for the Senior School DT Department 3D Printers in both Prep Schools Mini iPads and accessories for both Prep Schools Sewing Machines in both Prep Schools for their productions Story Sacks for the Pok Fu Lam Library Go Pro Cameras and microphones for Senior School Mini Artist in Residence for both Prep Schools


ANNUAL FUND ENHANCEMENTS This year Kellett School celebrated its fourth Annual Fund, enabling a diverse range of projects to be undertaken which benefited Kellett students, parents and staff. Annual Fund projects provide enhancements within five set categories; Student Leadership, Academic Enhancement, Leaders in Learning, Sports, and Music & The Arts. The following pages detail over fifteen projects within these categories that your generous contributions to the Annual Fund have made possible this year.


STUDENT LEADERSHIP Motivating students to look to the future, to take initiative to change the status quo and to encourage others to succeed will help Kellett students to have the confidence to become the best leaders they can be.

Kellett School Learning Service in the Community Programme Kellett School has been able to establish the Learning Service in the Community Programme thanks to generous contributions to this year’s Annual Fund. Indy Li, Learning Services Coordinator, has been working hard to implement a range of learning service projects to engage students with the wider Hong Kong community, to raise awareness of local issues and to develop a culture of ‘service’ within the school community. Indy has initially been working with our Senior School students, helping them to develop skills in problem solving, communication, leadership and self-reflection, which will be transferrable to their daily life and future learning. 19

Indy Li, Learning Service Coordinator Students have been embracing every Learning Service opportunity to serve the community with their talents. Their active engagement in serving various local communities has been impressive, such as with the English-speaking elderly residents at the China Coast Community, with stray dogs at Sai Kung Stray Friends and with local primary school students together with the charity Room to Read. Each service project has provided an excellent learning experience for students to build transferrable skills. Before each service project, students learnt to cooperate with students in different year groups to plan, organise, and prepare for service activities. During service projects, students learnt how to capture and respond to the needs of service recipients, which also boosted empathy and care in students. Post-service reflection allowed students to consolidate their service experiences and come up with improvements for future visits. It has been delightful to see the positive changes in our students throughout this year’s Learning Service programme - from being shy and uncertain when first participating, to being patient and caring in taking care of service recipients and confidently establishing rapport with them.

“It was a great experience and it was nice to just get to know the residents’ past. It was really nice to try different things I would not normally do. I managed to inspire my brother to step forward too. I enjoyed myself and I would do it again if I had the chance.” Madeleine Narrainen, 7B “I think that Learning Service is a really good opportunity to help others who are less fortunate or less able than ourselves. And we do not just help them, we make their lives a little bit better.” Thierry Narrainen, 10B

Visit by Ben Walden - Contender Charlie

Leadership Training for Sixth Form Students Sixth form students were lucky to spend a day in the company of the inspirational Ben Walden, who led a series of workshops focused on the philosophy of education and leadership. Through a mixture of highly absorbing dialogue and active participation, students were given the opportunity to reflect on their own personal priorities within the context of their family and school life. The whole emphasis was on positive experience. The sessions explored emotional and creative development, helping students become more effective in understanding their own emotions, motivations and values. Students were overwhelmed by the energy and passion that went into each session and were surprised by just how much they learned about themselves and each other. Ben Walden has returned to Kellett this month to work with our teachers and parents to ensure that we are all thinking about creativity, emotional intelligence and personal development from the same starting points. 20

Guest Speaker Programme The funding of the Guest Speaker Programme encourages students to have an active role beyond the classroom and gain invaluable knowledge, broaden their skills and draw inspiration. spoke to the group about finding and developing her passion for street photography and the students gained valuable understanding of the process of developing a project.” - Katie Weily, Deputy Head of English

Noel Bueza - Fine Line Artist “Noel Bueza showed the 8Y and 8M Art classes many examples of his artworks and demonstrated to us how to make tones using the crosshatch technique with a fine liner pen. His works were very detailed with a range of tones and depicting historical buildings in the Philippines. We enjoyed seeing such realistic images created by amazing fine line work, which we have been practicing in our lessons.” - Year 8 Students

Xyza Bacani - Photographer “Xyza shared her experience and wonderful photographs with the Year 12 EPQ students who were captivated by her story and insight. She

Adam Walker - Ocean Walker “It was a great privilege to have Adam Walker, the first British man to complete the Ocean’s Seven challenge, speak at our Kellett assembly. What really captured my attention was his perseverance in a sport that he didn’t know how to do before he wanted to swim the seven oceans. Along the way, he battled exhaustion, sickness and persistent mental demons. He also had no professional coaching or training, yet he still managed to power through ice cold currents for hours at a time. Adam’s story has inspired many and, as a swimmer, he has made me realise that no matter what obstacle is thrown at me, there is always a way to overcome it. His speech has taught me to keep swimming and find new ways to fight through the challenges and injuries that come along the journey.” - Sophie Allen, Year 9

“Adam’s story has inspired many... he has made me realise that no matter what obstacle is thrown at me, there is always a way to overcome it.”


John Wood, Room to Read- Janice Kwan Memorial Lecture ”John Wood’s charismatic presentation on his charity Room to Read was an inspiration: his enthusiasm and devotion to such a worthwhile cause engaged all who observed. As an audience we were inspired by the power to make changes where there are inequalities and injustices. While being grateful for our own fortunate position, Mr Wood’s lecture encouraged us to make our own contribution and to recognise that not everyone has the same start in life as us. The very fact that we attend Kellett School - either as pupil or teacher - is proof that we have been fortunate when it comes to the “lucky dip” of education. Being able to read could be taken for granted, yet it is the gateway to our future and enables us to work towards success in life. Without the ability to read, these doors would be closed to us and we could not achieve the heights that so many of us aspire to. Unfortunately, this is the fate that many millions of people face in countries throughout Asia and Africa. Inspired by the stories and people of many of the poorest countries, John Wood decided to act. Instead of lamenting the reality and carrying on his life as normal, he devoted hiself to improving the life-chances of millions who exist in the cycle of poverty. Started in 2000, Room to Read now spans 10 countries and has helped over ten million people by improving literacy and gender equality in education. He reminded us that self-empowerment comes from ownership

and accountability within the communities; all stakeholders (government, educators, families and students) have active roles in order to make meaningful and sustainable progress. Whatever we took from the lecture: a growing desire to help those less fortunate than ourselves; recognition and gratitude for our own privileges and motivation to grasp the opportunities that we are so lucky to have; an understanding that persistence and resilience are crucial traits that will serve us well in all aspects of life... Mr Wood’s resonating presentation left a lasting impression on us all. The English department raised money for the charity during their recent “Literature Day” but there are various ways to help out. If you’ve been inspired to make a difference, why not see what you can do? - Aileen Kerkhofs, English Teacher

Salvador Ching - Printmaking Artist “Successful Filipino artist Salvador Ching provided a workshop for the Year 10 GCSE elective Art students, creating an opportunity to try his printing techniques using a range of mixed media. The class worked with Salvador for a double lesson and all created a successful print for their coursework portfolio. The students’ reflections expressed their enjoyment of the workshop.” - Sue Perks, Head of Art “Salvador was an interesting character and really helpful. He was very open in sharing his work and very hands on with the students.” - Year 10 students


improve their self-esteem, explore the difference between healthy and unhealthy relationships and develop the skills to manage challenges. It has also been a great opportunity for Year 7 students to strengthen relationships within their Tutor Groups and to work closely with their Tutor, their Head of House and Nurse Justin.

Emma Rhoda, Psychologist - Social Relationship Workshops with Year 7 “The Social Relationship workshops have supplemented the Global Citizenship curriculum extremely well. Emma’s input and work with Year 7 has really enriched their ‘I Am Healthy’ topic, and has allowed them the space and opportunity to

All students were fully engaged with the workshops and took part in very mature and fruitful discussions. They particularly enjoyed the chance to devise and perform role plays and practice a range of anxiety and stress reducing techniques. ‘Belly breathing’ and ‘Balloon popping’ proved to be real hits! Year 7 will be continuing these discussions in their Tutor Groups and in future Global Citizenship lessons. I am confident that they have been left well equipped with a range of techniques which will enable them to develop their confidence for life.” - Kirsty Whitwood, Global Citizenship Curriculum Leader

Tony Stanger - Understanding Talent “Our Year 6 students at PFL and KLB had the fantastic opportunity to listen to Tony Stanger speak about talent development specifically in sport, although pupils were asked to think about transferable skills throughout their school and home life. As an ex-Scottish Professional Rugby player with 52 caps and a member of the victorious British Lions squad on their 1997 tour to South Africa, as well as Rugby League coach, Tony drew on his successful background to inspire our students and got them to explore themes around self-regulation and self-belief.” - Fiona Pratt, PE Curriculum Leader PFL

Forks on Wheels Beth Martin and Kellett Alumna Julia Mason from ‘Forks on Wheels’ visited Prep students at both campuses to share their incredible 10,000 mile journey cycling from London to Hong Kong to raise awareness about food waste. Students discussed topics around preventing food waste and giving those that are hungry access to meals, as well as the many interesting challenges Forks on Wheels were faced with on their journey through 20 countries across two continents.


ACADEMIC ENHANCEMENT Enhancements of the regular school curriculum encourage students to experience education in a wider context and cultivate a student’s interest to understand the greater possibilities that school learning underpins.

Books Go Walkabout Book Week is a favourite week of the year and we often invite an author to speak with our students. This year we were able to take our Book Week to a higher level by working with Books Go Walkabout, an organisation that connects authors and schools. Every class at Pok Fu Lam and Kowloon Bay Prep worked with one of three visiting authors, whose works students studied before their arrival. Cheryl Moskowitz, Carole Wilkinson and Ifeoma Onyefulu ran workshops with students with a focus around writing, drawing out students’ ideas and supporting them to produce some quality writing of their own. Cheryl also ran workshops with our teachers around how to get the best ideas from students, giving them a fresh approach to teaching writing. It was a great inspiration for our students to interact with published authors and learn about how they crafted their work - they were finding out about writing from people who are great at writing, and that’s the best way to become a better writer! 24

Kellett Christmas Lectures “Realising that The Royal Institution Lectures key note speaker this year was Dr Kevin Fong, was the spring board for the first Kellett Christmas Lecture. We decided that we wanted to run a lecture designed to wow students and parents with Science, focusing on something relevant to their lessons in Science, but also to provide extension far beyond what would be possible ordinarily.

We were lucky enough to make contact with Professor P W Leung, Associate Dean of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, who offered to deliver a lecture on “Physics in the Movies”. Professor P W Leung proved to be a fascinating speaker who related some extremely interesting and challenging principles to action in the movies. The talk was interesting and humorous, but tinged with slight disappointment in that we won’t be able to have Harry Potter-esque invisibility cloaks any time in the near future. The talk gave us the perfect spring board to investigate some ideas around propulsion, inertia, gravity and have fun with AlkaSeltzer rockets, fire extinguisher Catherine wheelchairs and, following on with the festive theme of the talk, our finale was making it snow (with toilet paper) in the Kellett Theatre. It was a fantastic, fun and exciting evening. Thank you to the Annual Fund for making it possible. In line with the wishes of Professor P W Leung, a donation was made to the charity Operation Santa Claus in lieu of a speaker fee. - Stewart Brown, Head of Science Faculty


Development of Computer Science Phil Bagge, one of the UK’s leading curriculum advisors for computing, visited Kellett as a consultant in May in the first of a series of visits. Phil worked alongside Clive Dawes, Learning Technologies Leader, observing lessons, interacting with children as well as delivering some of his own lessons to gain a better understanding of the way we use technology in the curriculum. Phil concluded his visit with a detailed report with recommendations on how we can further develop our curriculum content and delivery, how we can keep up with the latest changes in computing, as well as how to best deliver the new aspects of the 26

Computer Science curriculum including programming and the development of algorithms.

“Phil Bagge is a very experienced practitioner who has worked with the UK Department of Education to develop the Computing National Curriculum. It’s been really useful to have an opportunity for outside consultation with regard to what we are doing really well at Kellett, such as digital literacy, as well as providing us with insightful guidance on how we can enhance our curriculum.” - Ben Dixon, Head of Preparatory School, PFL

LEADERS IN LEARNING Participation in extraordinary staff development programmes enriches an individual’s growth, helps develop the school’s intellectual repository and supports the delivery of the most up-to-date pedagogy, sometimes with a special twist, for the benefit of all Kellett students.

Maths Consultant - Andrew Jeffrey During the first term of 2016-2017 school year, Andrew Jeffrey will work with our Preparatory teachers on the new Maths curriculum with an emphasis on fluency, reasoning and problem solving, and the development of critical thinking skills of high attainers. He will also spend time with the Senior School Maths department to allow for a seamless transition between Year 6 and 7 Maths. Andrew will run staff meetings, model lessons and work directly with teachers to support us to raise standards and implement a more challenging Maths curriculum.

Staff Development Outside of the normal Continuing Professional Development budget, fantastic courses have been funded for the year ahead to help bring an interesting, tangential aspect to the delivery of the curriculum. Courses include Jewellery Making, Digital Literacy and Positive Education.


SPORTS Sporting challenges have always played a key role at Kellett aiming to promote sportsmanship, develop motor skills and nurture the principles of practice, persistence and patience.

Double Olympic Gold Medalist Dame Kelly Holmes The end of the academic year saw Dame Kelly Holmes visit Kellett School for two days. During her visit she addressed both the Pok Fu Lam and Kowloon Bay campuses with an energy and enthusiasm which was infectious to all, with the phrase ‘You only die once but, you live every day,’ inspiring many to seize the day. There were a number of training sessions with Dame Kelly Holmes where students experienced what it takes to be an Olympic Double Gold Medallist. Dame Kelly Holmes had an enormous impact on our students and staff; she left us with some extraordinary memories and words of encouragement “to dream big and dare to fail, as this is really what makes you stronger.” 28

Fiona Pratt, PE Curriculum Leader, Pok Fu Lam I was amazed at Dame Kelly Holmes’ energy, vibrance and overall enthusiasm for telling her story and ensuring the children were as actively engaged and involved in her assemblies as physically possible. All the children loved the video montage of her winning the double gold medals in Athens and the auditorium was awash with cheers and clapping as the children willed her across the line in her two races!

Mia Hornett, Year 8 The training session with Dame Kelly Holmes was an amazing experience. The opportunity to have a chance to train with a professional athlete as experienced as Dame Kelly Holmes is something I will never forget and will always cherish. Learning new warm up techniques as well as training ideas to increase stamina and speed will definitely help in next year’s athletics season.

During the EYFS and Key Stage 1 assembly, Dame Kelly had each year group on stage talking about running styles and techniques; getting the children to follow and demonstrate. During the Key Stage 2 assembly, she really engaged the children with questions and answers, and allowed many of them to take to the stage to try to emulate the feeling of being an Olympian at a variety of sports. The whole experience was extremely memorable and it was a privilege to spend time and listen to such a sporting great. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Annual Fund for providing both the students and teachers with this amazing opportunity. It truly was an experience not to ever be forgotten!


MUSIC & THE ARTS The opportunity for students to engage in Music & the Arts, through band, chorus, dance, drama, performance, art, design and the writing of original literary pieces, provides a means of expression, creativity and opportunity, and enhances links to the sciences, maths and the natural world.

Musician in Residence - Jumbie Jams We were extremely lucky to have steel pan expert Kimberly M Roberts from the United States come to work with students in both Prep and Senior Schools for two weeks in June. Kimberly delivered exciting, practical workshops, learning to play our brand new class set of Jumbie Jams (mini steel pans) in the Prep Schools, and full-size steel pans in the Senior School. This was a fantastic introduction to the music of the Carribean, Reggae and Calypso styles. The students also learnt about the background context of these musical styles, including historical and geographical significance. It was clear how much the students enjoyed working with Kimberly and what a fantastic resource these instruments will be for students at both campuses for years to come. 30

Annual Fund Report of Giving 2015-16

Total Funds Raised

HK$2,414,211 +18.7% on last year

Community Participation Rate

28% -3% on last year

Number of Gifts by Giving Bracket 2015-16




Principal’s Circle


1976 Society

32% Donors

Sources of Giving Current Parents, Teachers, Administrative Staff and Student, Parent & Staff Alumni

High:Low Gift Values

HK$250,000: HK$100


Total no. of gifts

18% Patrons




Chairman’s Circle

UP TO HK$2,499








APPRECIATION & ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Giving is part of the DNA structure of Kellett School. Since its beginning 40 years ago, the key accomplishments and successes of the school have been due, in no small part, to the sharing of time, talent, resources and donations by the dedicated community of parents, staff and supporters. The following pages acknowledge and celebrate the spirit of giving at our school.


VOLUNTEERS Volunteers have such a positive impact on the students, teachers and staff at Kellett School, engaging in a cohesive, focused and friendly manner to enhance delivery of our school programmes.


Board of Governors David Kidd Peter Goulston Duncan Abate David Baghurst Kirsti Mclean John Mortensen Rakesh Manani Arne Lindman Alistair Gough Silvia Pezzini Nicki Taylor Robert Knight David Coles

Thank You to David Kidd Many of you will be aware that after fourteen years, David Kidd will be retiring as Chairman of the Board, at the Kellett AGM in early December. This is not the place for a proper celebration of the enormous contribution that David has made, but it would be remiss in the “Thank You Magazine” not to highlight and thank him for the huge amount of dedication and skill he has shown throughout his tenure. The Kellett community has gone through SARS, the opening of the mountain wing in Pok Fu Lam, the move to our temporary Senior school campus in Shau Kei Wan and then the move to our award-winning new Prep and Senior campus in Kowloon Bay, plus the further refurbishment of the Pok Fu Lam campus. Throughout this time, Kellett has flourised in academic results, sporting triumphs and the arts, maintaining its tradition of ensuring our students are happy, balanced and able to achieve success in their chosen futures. This has been recognised in two BSO Inspections. The one earlier this year renewing the school’s original Outstanding award - a remarkable achievement given it includes the relatively new Senior school. Much of this is due to the hard work, optimism and strength of purpose of David. The community has much to thank him for and he leaves the school in a fantastic position. Peter Goulston, Vice-Chair


Parents’ Committee Whole School Alex Dickson Leach - Executive Secretary Nicki Taylor - Treasurer Nupur Gupta - Yearbook Co-ordinator Alice Baxter - Sports Day Co-ordinator

PFL Prep Sabrina Grandolfo Alice Baxter Christine Paulus Eugenie Hardy

Katie Fyfe Lily Ahn Riddick Nupur Gupta

KLB Prep Telina Kiernan Georgie Woods

Nikki Green Aparna Shankar

Becca Williams Lynn Lawrence-Brown Angela McSheaffrey

Lucy Wilkinson Melissa Powell

KLB Senior Julie Lim - Campus Coordinator Caroline Redhead - Kellett Cares Coordinator Nicki Taylor - Hospitality Deborah Robinson - Hospitality


Parent Volunteers Across Pok Fu Lam and Kowloon Bay, parents have kindly given their time to help deliver the best possible experiences for our students and community through volunteering for the Bookshops, Libraries, the Yearbook, the Fair Committee, FOBISIA, Kellett Cares, and as Class parents, Senior Year Coordinators and Annual Fund Parent Advocates. Although the following list names each volunteer once, we gratefully acknowledge those parents who have so willingly undertaken numerous roles. We also wish to acknowledge those parents who step forward for ‘informal duties’ for school camps, trips, Saturday Soccer and when needed across the school. Your contribution and support is greatly appreciated and encouraged. Sian Abate Jane Abercrombie Aagaard Liz Adebiyi Rini Adhikari Elaine Allen Kara Arnaudy Kimberly Arth Brooke Babington Kathie Barna Allderige Alice Baxter Tina Bayat Julie Beatty Jacqueline Bennett Jane Bevin Carole Bird Katie Bolton Yoshka Bon Muriel Braat Pinky Brady Malini Budhwani Sangeeta Buffonge Nicola Burke Tasha Butterworth Chae Campbell Jennifer Chan Vincci Chan Katy Chandler Thomas Chu Nicola Churchouse Elizabeth Clark Lucy Cleaver


Cheryl Cohen Max Connop Susan Corner Melanie Crane Emma Crawford Susie Crombie Nicole Dane Juliet Darnton Cathey Davidson Brenda Davies Melanie Denton-Richmond Liz Dickie Alex Dickson Leach Amanda Dijanosic Sarah Dingley Nicole Donaldson Penny Donowho Linda Doubleday Louisa Duttenhoefer Becky Elson Lara Fabiani Mark Fabiani Linda-Jane Ferrara Anna Fischer Susie Fitzgerald Heidi Fleming Claire Fletcher Amy French Katie Fyfe Liz Garner Gaelle Gilbert Aaron Goach Emma Gooding Sarah Gore Peter Goulston Stephanie Goulston Sabrina Grandolfo

Antonia Grant Nikki Green Nupur Gupta Pranay Gupta Sian Gurney Jo Guyett Clare Hammond Mayda Hanselman Eugenie Hardy Jonathan Harris Charlotte Heathcote Emma Holcroft Gillian Hornett Becky Hsia Catherine Hughes Rebecca Hughes Aliya Hussain Sarah Im Lenny Imam Fiona Ireland Sonia Jackson Heinrich Nicolette Jaegar Elizabeth Jizhar Lorna Jones Joanna Jones Tan Allison Jordan-Willis Pei Joh Kang Aparna Kapur Shankar Monica Kent Katrina Kerr Sadaf Khan Telina Kiernan Sarah Kim Larissa Kirpichnikov Sarkis Akiko Kobayashi Keiko Kobayashi Claudia Kurz

Kay Lambert Julia Large Louise Lee Lorraine Letcher Michelle Leung Julie Lim Natasha Lloyd Alison Maddren Hanyi Magnusson Nimmi Malhotra Becky Maltas Rakesh Manani Barbara Markovits Kazumi Marquardt Paula Marriott Kirsti Mclean Angela McSheaffrey Sweta Mehta Jacqueline Mellor John Mortensen Jodie Moskey Fiona Mowbray Katharina Muretta Leonora Murning Komal Nandwani Isabella O’Sullivan Jenny Overman Anagha Parekh Dipti Parthasarathy Manoj Pattnaik Rekha Pattnaik Christine Paulus Pippa Peech Monica Perez Maryam Pervez

Donna Peters Chariya Poopisit Melissa Powell Katerina Prentice Alison Quinlivan Lily Ahn Riddick Katherine Riggs Nicky Roberts Deborah Robinson Kara Robinson Mr Robinson Lucy Rooney Hilary Rowe Karen Rowland Adriana Ryan-Gomez Alona Sabella Yvonne Sall Sheila Sanei Hayley Seeley Dianne Seerden Isabella Shaw Radhika Sheopuri Cici Shi Chrissie Simons Erin Sippel Charlotte Smith Jenny Smith Gail Southward Jamie Sparkes Claire Sparrow Duncan Spooner Annie Sundavadra Pearl Tam Yoland Tauialo


Michelle Taylor Jennifer Thassim Kristin Tomaras Victoria Trebell Alex Trojanow Sophie Tuckwell Arisa Turner Ritu Verma Helen Vincent Marie Walters Brenda Wang Wendy Wang Lauren Ward Samantha Webb Line Luk Weismann Jasmine Wells Anthea Whitehead Mandy Whittington Colin Whittington Lucy Wilkinson Becca Williams Chantal Williams Victoria Williams Veh-Chi Wilson Sarah Wisely Angelina Wong Ven Wong Georgina Woods Kerilee Woodthorpe Mona Xie Sharin Yap Catherine Young Kirsteen Zimmern


DONORS The culture of ‘internal’ philanthropy at Kellett School is a relatively new one that benefits current and future students and the whole Kellett Community. We greatly appreciate the community’s support.


Annual Fund Donor Recognition List Thank you to everyone who supported the 2015-16 Annual Fund. Your support is greatly appreciated and has been critical to the successful delivery of the identified priorities. Every gift has made a real difference. For those donors who requested to remain anonymous, we acknowledge your kind contribution.

1976 Society

HK$250,000 and above

Stuart & Antonia Grant

Chairman’s Circle HK$100,000-$249,999

Aaron & Kimberly Arth Anonymous x 1

Principal’s Circle HK$50,000-$99,999

Duncan & Sian Abate Stephen Cheung Mr Stephen Cheung & Mrs Cheung Sze Man Anonymous x 1



Monica & Pedro Bastos J & S Chetwode Naseera & Gordon French Chris Hasson & Anne Kao Laura Howard & Dieter Turowski Raymond Ng Stephen & Yana Peel Alex & Kerilee Woodthorpe Anonymous x 3



The Aagaard Family Brooke Babington The Benhamou Family Andrei Beskhmelnitskii Darren & Ann Bowdern Mark & Maita Boyne Sam & Pearl Chan Wing Tai Ching & Man Yee Chan Anil Gorthy & Mona Xie Ryan Han & Yunsoo Hong

Jonathan Harris & Yuka Shigetomi Heidi Ho Justin & Vincci Jacques Mark & Joanna Jones Miu Lan Law Nadine & Douglas Lecocq Nida & Jonathan Lowe David Ludwick & Dianne Seerden Mr & Mrs James Mak Mr & Mrs Melody Matthew & Jodie Moskey Minako & Richard Mountford The Quinlivan Family Rebecca Silli Edward & Erin Sippel Victoria & Mark Williams Anonymous x 12



William Allderige John & Georgina Batchelor Chris & Julie Beatty Ma Suk Ching Anant Kumar Choudhary Leslie Chow Thomas Chu David Church & Zoe Henham Thomas Ciszewski Max & Jane Connop Derek & Melanie Crane Grace Daniel Kumrah Karen Demarco & Nigel Mukherjee Mr & Mrs Drew David Dudgeon & Amanda Whitford Kelly & Scott Dyde Lisa & Edoardo Festa-Bianchet Michael & Susannah Fitzgerald Andrea & Valentin Garger Nupur & Pranay Gupta 4 Year Loyal Donors

Adrian & Sian Gurney Mark & Eugenie Hardy Leanne Jarrett Lee Chee Khoon The Kiernan Family Annette King & Mark Nicholls Ryuji & Akiko Kobayashi Gary Ka Wai Leung Julie & Ronnie Lim Helen & Arne Lindman Hau Chun Liong Sze Wai Lo Jean-Yves & Terri Magnan Yvonne Yee Man Mak Darren & Aggie Mann Michael & Kazumi Marquardt The Martin Family Ashley & Marianne Moore The Moore Family Stephen Mosely & Liao Tianshu Fiona & Stuart Mowbray Katharina & Jeff Muretta The Nacard Family Rekha Pattnaik Scott & Laura Paul Nathan & Melissa Powell The Rowland Family Nirupam & Charu Sahay Mei-Kee & Soeren Seitz Shilesh Shekhawat Amit & Radhika Sheopuri Tony Shukralla Paul & Gabi Solway Katy & Duncan Spooner Sophie & Robert Stewart Lucy & Raymond Suen The Toms Family


Zachary & Sophie Tuckwell Steven & Jasmine Wells Colin & Mandy Whittington David & Samantha Wu Anonymous x 24


Up to HK$2,499

Henry Arnold Michael Brady Teresa Chuk Clive & Owen Dawes Penelope Donowho Mr & Mrs Felix Fong & Anthony Fiona Hubée Katie Kwong Virginia Man Malcolm & Fiona Pratt Raj & Nicolette Ray Belenda Ryan Mr & Mrs Jervis Smith Max & Emily Spoto Ashok Sukhani David & Nicki Taylor Jennifer Thassim Edward & Laura Weeks Moneer Xiao Anonymous x 37


Anny & Lawrence Joe, Rita & Roel Hani & Dania Abuali The Aguirre McFarlane Family Robert Allen Tom & Emma Bindloss Chris Birch Willett & Carole Bird Richard Boseley & Liz Clark The Burke Family Paula & Edward Buttery Mei Wah Chan


Ben & Katy Chandler Stephen Chang & Janis Chan Orson Cheng Sharin & Edward Cheung Adil Chima & Ayla Ahmed Roger Chow Wang Chuang Patrick & Anita Cowley Ken & Susie Crombie Alexandra Cunningham & Damien Mooney Peter & Brenda Davies The Dawson Family Marc Desmidt Gavin Dow & Claire Goodchild The Fabiani Family The Fletcher Boys Lucan Flynn & Family Mr & Mrs Nick Fox Bruce & Amy French Betty & Wilson Fung Alison & Neil Galliford Simon Giddings Filippo Gori & Silvia Pezzini Peter & Stephanie Goulston Jim & Sabrina Grandolfo Jamie & Leishea Grant Nick Gronow & Chariya Poopisit The Hanlon Family Tina Hart Martin & Nikki Haythorne Steven Hersey & Florence Saunier Jacquie Hills Damien Horth & Jacqueline Bennett Rebekah & Rhodri James The Kent Family Benjamin & Katrina Kerr Keith Kerr & Marilyn Santiago David & Sarah Kidd Larissa Kirpichnikov Sarkis & David Sarkis Mrs Kim Lau Mr C Y Lau & Mrs Carie Tong Dr Steve Lau’s Family Andrew & Rachael Lawrence Dan Lee Geoffery Lee Yong & Lori Lee Nick & Suzanne Lewis Leung Wai Lun Alison & Simon Maddren

Hanyi & Stefan Magnusson Ann Mc Donald John & Kirsti Mclean Ashwin Mehta Hritesh & Sweta Mehta Mr & Mrs Ng Perdita Ng Cecilia Ngan Ying Lam Anagha & Neelkanth Parekh Geoffrey & Katerina Prentice Catherine Preston Brent & Deborah Robinson James & Carolyn Robinson Lucy & Brian Rooney Louise Schumacher Phil & Sarah Shaw Smith & Jones Kyne & Warren So Dr & Mrs B.V. Sundavadra Lee & Peter Tam Amo & Yolanda Tauialo Mr & Mrs Tedja Lorraine Tsang & Kenny Wong Becky & Daniel Wang Iain Wallace Waugh Edward Wawn Florence Wong Christopher Wong & Yeeling Wan Jeffrey Yap Sharon Yuk Yeung Cecilia Yong Catherine Young & Andrew Murfin Rong Zhong

Matching Gift Organisations Goldman Sachs

4 Year Loyal Donors (Anonymous x3)


Parents’ Committee Silent Auction Winners The ever popular silent auction took place again at this year’s School Fair. Winning biders gave generously to secure a range of prizes. The Goulston Family Brian & Lucy Rooney Paul & Tessa Fitzgerald The Parthasarathy Family Phil & Sarah Shaw Andrew Davis The Beatty Family The Purser Family The Heathcote Family Nupur & Pranay Gupta The Gordon Family Brooke Babington Aparna & Madhav Shankar The Quinlivan Family Emily Lewis The Mehta Family The Butterworth Family The Truman Family The Whitehead Family The Grandolfo Family The Webb Family The Mahe Family Gwen Heath Lee & Peter

The Grant Family The Colven Family The Deacon Family The Crawford Family Alex & Kerilee Woodthorpe Sam & Pearl Chan Terri & Jason Toms Derek & Melanie Crane Philip & Chantal Williams The Bateman Family The Zeissink Family The Hardy Family Katie & Tom Fyfe The Moorrees Family The Mackel Family The Wells Family Parents of Gayatri & Gitanjali Singh The Church Family The Wang Family The Jivkov Family The Stoneley Family The Lawrence-Brown Family Ganesh & Ramya

Alumni Trees Alumni Trees at each campus commemorate Kellett Leavers. Thank you to the following students who purchased leaves, leaving their mark in the school in which their roots have been laid, as well as supporting the Kellett School Alumni Association. Cameron Taylor Susanna Kidd Jemima Abate Harrison Locke Maximilian de Saint-Exupery The Chan Family Isaac Chan Ethan Chan Sophie Hughes Arthur Hui Abigail Ng

Amy Burnett The Byres Family: Melvin, Lyndsay, Harry & Heather Oliver Edmond Matthew Hanselman Sofia-Marie Mascia Yi-Ting Liong Avantika Choudhary Anandita Choudhary Cleo & Carlie Kwan

Faculty and Staff Staff members regularly contribute time and talent over and beyond the call of duty, to support and advance school initiatives. Your contributions are greatly appreciated and we would like to acknowledge the work and support of the teaching, admin and support staff team.

First alumna to receive a Leaf Certificate at Pok Fu Lam campus


HOW TO GET INVOLVED To ensure the continued success of The Annual Fund and the Parents’ Committee, we are always in need of more parent volunteers and we invite you to support us. If you would like more information or would like to team up with like-minded parents to support the Kellett community, helping us to enhance academic experiences for our students, please email the Development Office at


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Thank You Magazine 2015-16  

Kellett School, Annual Fund, Parents Committee

Thank You Magazine 2015-16  

Kellett School, Annual Fund, Parents Committee