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PRINCIPAL’S MESSAGE English Education will embark on possibly the broadest reforms since the introduction of the 1988 Education Reform Act. The national assessment framework including GCSE and A level will be reformed with a move to greatly enhance the status of technical subjects by the introduction of ‘Technical Universities’.

Arguably one of the most exciting aspects of the revisions is to the Key stage 1 and 2 curricula (for ages 5-11 years). These revisions will enable schools to localise the humanities aspects of their curriculum content whilst ensuring the integrity of both skills and knowledge progression in themed units. It is an approach that combines project based learning with the structure of the National Curriculum. In the British International School context this evolution is particularly exciting as it allows us to design a curriculum that is wholly in alignment with our students’ UK contemporaries whilst providing greater engagement with our host community. As an example, next year at Kellett Year Four are to pursue a study unit entitled, ‘The Great Fire of Hong Kong.’ The unit will examine the development of Hong Kong’s public housing from the Shep Kip Mei fire to the modern day, making use of the many excellent local resources including the HK Public Housing Museum. Through their study the children will learn the impact of cause and effect and develop historical research skills. As Design Technologists they will study examples of social housing from across the globe and develop designs for contexts of their own choosing. As geographers, map skills will be developed and as Global Citizens students will begin to develop an understanding of political impact in the context of the mass migration, for example, from mainland China to Hong Kong. In developing the Prep Schools’ new units of work the teachers have worked closely with their senior colleagues ensuring that each unit dovetails neatly and is complementary to Key Stage 3 studies. The development of the learning units has been equally exciting from a professional point of view. The initiative was launched in 2012 following a consultative process with a highly regarded British Curriculum Consultant. A revised curriculum map has been compiled that ensures all of the National Curriculum requirements are accounted for and that each of



the units retains breadth, balance and academic rigour. Led by Tracey Edwards (Deputy Head PFL Prep) and Jo Laufer, (Head KLB Prep ) each unit has been finely detailed and a bank of interesting resources collected to support student learning. This September do not be surprised if your child comes home telling you that they are on a Fantastic Flying Journey, are a Time Detective or are Outward Bound. These exciting themes are first and foremost designed to capture your child’s imagination whilst extending their learning within a rigourous academic framework, which, particularly in Years Five and Six, lay the foundations for an accelerated Key Stage 3 Curriculum at Senior School. I look forward to another great year for all Kellett students as we set out together on a new and exciting chapter.

Ann Mc Donald Principal


KELLETT NEWS Congratulations to Amanda Morris and James on their engagement.

Congratulations to Ian and Jo Ridgway on the safe arrival of Isla Charlotte Susan on 3 July 2013.

THANK YOU Kellett School would like to thank Mrs Bridget Salmon for her dedication to Kellett Cares. We wish her every success for the future.







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FEATURE the AnNual Fund 2012 Kellett School’s first Annual Fund was launched at the beginning of this academic year and throughout the year the school has reaped the benefits of the community’s generous support. The Annual Fund has facilitated a wide range of enhancements for the students, from making music with an Educator in Residence; to hearing from inspirational guest speakers; to being able to select from an expanding Asia reference library section or choosing a book from the new eBook Platform. The piano programme in the school has also been augmented through the purchase of a Grand Piano for the school auditorium, a Baby Grand for the Prep School auditorium and clavinovas for keyboard training across the school. Staff members benefitted from educational enhancement programmes that would normally be outside of the remit of the school budget, helping to further develop the school’s intellectual repository. Parents were also included, being invited to hear some of our high-profile guest speakers such as Sir Chris Bonington, Gregory Burns, Rob Lilwall and Sir Ranulph Fiennes.

Library Asia Reference Book

Sir Chris Bonington

It has been a very exciting first year for the Annual Fund and the work continues. The Development Office is currently working on realising a Traversing Wall for Pok Fu Lam Prep and a Climbing Wall for Senior School. Once contractors and designs are finalised, installation is planned for the coming months. A final report will be published before the next academic year outlining all funds spent or allocated.

Grand Piano

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Andy Briggs

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FEATURE the AnNual Fund 2012

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Professor Paws

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Theadora Whittington



Last Christmas I wrote about the Read for my School initiative that had just been launched in England. It proved to be a huge success, with more than one hundred thousand primary aged students reading more than four hundred thousand titles.

I say “titles” because forty nine percent of all texts were read in digital form from an online library of forty six works. With the ever-popular growth of eReaders (even my own parents have one each now), access to the wealth of online reading material poses both benefits and drawbacks. Of course the choice that exists now is a huge advantage, especially in Hong Kong where bookstores can only afford to carry the most popular titles. But too much choice they say can be a bad thing. When presented with literally millions of titles, which ones do you download and read? Help is at hand from our school library service, which has just launched Kellett’s first eBook titles with money donated through the Annual Fund. Following in the footsteps of BiblioTech, the first paperless public library in Bexar County, Texas in the USA, our eBooks will be available for loan from the library just as you would borrow a paper book. But on a 24/7 basis! Etexts or eBooks have been around for some time now. In 1971 Michael Hart began Project Gutenberg using the idea of Replicator Technology. That is to say that anything can be reproduced indefinitely once entered into a computer. The project philosophy developed to make information, books and other material available to the public in forms that the majority of computers can display. It is the largest collection of free eBooks in the world with forty two thousand titles available to download or read online. Kellett’s collection currently runs to four hundred, however with the rapid progress in technology

this is likely to increase in proportionate terms. The eBook lending facility also gives access to Project Gutenberg titles, Children’s Classics being of particular interest. The facility supports our library service’s commitment to make available the widest range of books in both print and digital forms. Our students are avid readers and having such a wide range of texts available is critical to feed their continued appetite for books. Over forty thousand titles were borrowed from the school library this year - and that does not include the books made available in the Preparatory School classrooms. The eBooks will create even higher availability and help to continue to develop the already diverse selection for all ages, tastes and abilities. Although only launched to staff and Year 5 and 6 students in mid June, the eBook lending facility already has well over fifty registered users who are using the platform before it’s full implementation in September. In the meantime, the most popular online read titles from Read for my School (in order of popularity) were; Titanic Tragedy, Cinderella: The Real Story, The Story of Chocolate, My Brother’s Famous Bottom, Dead Sick: Incredible Medicines, 101 Things To Do Before Secondary School, Prehistoric Predators, The Story of Anne Frank, The Hundred-Mile-An-HourDog, and The Mystery of the Poisoned Pudding. A good place to start among the many millions of titles online.

Ciaran Harrington Head of Preparatory School





School Council

This year’s School Council has been a great success We have had an amazing experience representing our school and have met some very informative people. At the start of the year, we met Paul Zimmerman who is a councillor here in Hong kong. We also met with Mr Greg Sumners, a bee keeper who keeps bees in America but lives in Hong Kong. Mr Sumners helped us with our assembly for Buzz day.

We think you should try out for School Council We think you should try out for School Council, because it makes you feel responsible, independent and people respect you. One of the best things about being on School Council is that you get to share your ideas with everyone and that you get listened to – some of your ideas can become real! School Council is interesting and educational because you learn new things. The Year 6’s learnt about Colony Collapse Disorder and shared their concerns with the rest of the School Council. All the reps agreed that it was an important issue and so decided to raise awareness throughout the school. We had Buzz day which was great fun, but also taught the whole Kellett community about CCD. Getting into the School Council isn’t difficult. Some people sing, do a presentation, some read poems and some people stand and talk or read from a piece of paper to try and be elected. As long as you are confident to talk in front of people and share ideas from your class, you can do it! If you do get elected, one important thing is your School Council badge. Why? Well, it is important to wear your badge every day so everyone knows that you are a School



Council rep. Also, if you need help with something or you are stuck SC gives you the privilege to get in touch with the teachers so they could help you, so if you’re stuck don’t be afraid to ask any teacher for a bit of assistance. Also, another cool thing is that you get an award at the end of the year to say thank you for all your hard work throughout the year. We think you should try out, because if you do you will meet many new people from Year 1 to Year 6 and you will get the chance to make Kellett a better place. Good luck for next year! By Alistair Atkinson, Daisy Collins, Caitlin Galloway, Angus Pittar, Tej Sheopuri and Eliza Sherry



Reception The children have enjoyed their third and final term in Reception at Kellett School. They have enjoyed having the visiting author, Theodora Whittington who was able to share her stories and inspire the children. We also enjoyed a visit from Professor Paws, who came along with her dogs, giving the children an opportunity to meet and pat them. All of the children enjoyed performing in their first class assembly, and they all did an amazing job! We have had lots of wet weather, but it has not stopped the children from having big outdoor play, where they have continued to enjoy riding on the bikes and trikes. The children have really grown up during the year, and grown together to build some solid and long-lasting friendships. This is the last year that Kellett Prep will be a ‘one-site’ school, with exciting times ahead for our new Preparatory sections in Pok Fu Lam and Kowloon Bay. So the children are part of Kellett’s history, and we wish them all the very best, be they continuing on the same site, moving across the harbour or moving to pastures new. Sadly, we say goodbye to Mrs Cassidy, who will be returning back to teach in the UK, but we will welcome Mr Sylvester to the Reception team in Pok Fu Lam and Miss Smith to Kowloon Bay. Have a wonderful summer break and see you in late August!

Year 1 Term three has been every bit as busy as the others. Our first excitement was the invasion of a favourite – Dinosaurs!! Our corridors and classrooms were filled with enthusiastic children as we learned lots about these prehistoric creatures. It was great fun becoming palaeontologists and travelling through the different prehistoric ages. After saying goodbye to them, we moved on to “Wicked Weather” and we have not been disappointed. Lots of weather warnings for us to observe as the weather has been extremely hot and wet. It didn’t stop us from enjoying our Big Water Play though and what fun we had, everyone got totally soaked, especially the teachers!! Another big event for each Year 1 class has been the Class Assemblies. We heard about Flat Stanley, The Gruffalo, The Dinosaur Train and The Dinosaur Stomp. It’s a great achievement to perform in front of a whole auditorium filled with children and adults and all of Year 1 did a great job.




PREPARATORY HIGHLIGHTS Year 2 Working Lighthouses Year 2 children really enjoyed reading the Lighthouse Keeper stories. They were enthusiastic when designing and making their own lighthouse. They used their knowledge of how to build an electrical circuit to light the lamp in their lighthouse. The children were proud of their work and the lighthouses looked amazing!

Titanic Topic Work The children have loved learning about the sinking of the Titanic. They enjoyed getting into character as one of the passengers or crew. They learned about the different classes on the ship, its journey and the events on the night of the disaster. The children directed and starred in their own amazing silent movies depicting the story.

Year 3

Changing Planet This term started with a Year 3 eruption! As a year group, we researched and explored the features of a volcano. We were excited to discover their features and learn that our group challenge was to construct our very own volcano around a bottle of Coca-Cola. Little did the children know what was in store.

With sheets of newspaper and lots of masking tape and paint, we carefully made our volcanoes. Once dry, we took them to the school garden to watch them erupt. A secret ingredient was added to the bottle of Coca-Cola and we all stood well back! The eruptions reached an average of 2 metres into the air, much to the delight of everyone. This stimulated our curiosity and inspired us to learn more about the changing physical features of our planet. We began to learn how mountain ranges are formed, why volcanoes erupt and how earthquakes happen. We were fascinated to learn about the inside structure of our planet and develop our awareness of how our planet has changed over time and will change again in the future. Finally, we examined how humans have made an impact on the planet - learning that as a global citizen, we have a responsibility to care for the future of our amazing world.




PREPARATORY HIGHLIGHTS Year 4 Year 4 started this term by reading Rebecca’s World by Terry Nation. He is probably best known for creating the iconic villains, ‘The Daleks’ in the BBC science fiction television series Doctor Who. It’s a wonderful story set in a dreamlike imaginary world rich in language and imagery. We looked at the characters in depth and the different adventures they experienced in order to discover the infamous ‘Ghost Tree’. The story provided lots of stimulus for writing across a range of genres. As part of our games based learning we played Mario Kart which fitted in with our stories from imaginary worlds and also provided us with ideas for science and maths. In Science we looked at friction and in Maths the lap times helped us understand decimals.

A highlight of the term was the Year 4 Swimming Gala which was great fun and saw everybody trying their best to complete their races and win points for their class. We have had an awesome year with so much hard work and dedication displayed by all the children. We are looking forward to Year 5! We would like to end the year with an enormous thank you to all the parents who have helped and supported us during Year 4 2012/13!

Year 5 A week later, the children proudly performed to their parents at the Beijing Evening, where they combined their wonderful singing, dancing and acting with all the knowledge that they had acquired along the way. The whole Beijing experience was one that everyone will fondly remember for years to come.

If you asked every member of Year 5 about their highlight of the term, they would surely tell you it was their educational visit to Beijing. All children and staff had a fantastic time touring the Chinese capital, seeing its many wonderful sights and sampling its delicious cuisine. Memorable moments included standing on the Great Wall of China, having rickshaw rides through the Hutongs and watching amazing acrobats. On the final day, we also visited our new found friends at the XinXian HuTong XiaoXue school.

Children from Hok Shan School recently visited Year 5 and they enjoyed playing outdoor playground games together, followed by craft activities in class. Children from both schools enjoyed the opportunity to practice their language skills. The term finished with children making short silent movies as part of our Film Narrative unit in Literacy. They worked carefully on camera angles and techniques as well as continuity. The final edited films were viewed at our very own Academy Awards.





Year 6 Year 6 worked really hard this term, especially leading up to our end of Key Stage 2 tests. May was a great month as we finished the tests and also finished second in the East Asia Maths Games Challenge on Manga High. It’s only Year 6 who compete on Manga High, so it was a fantastic result to beat a lot of larger Senior schools from around the region (we’re only 3 classes!). Our graduation show, “Burn, Baby Burn!” was a huge success. Based on music from the 1970’s, we whooped, hollered and danced the night away and were presented with our fantastic albums. Quite a few mums cried at the end which meant that our mission was accomplished! Goodbye Prep School, watch out Senior!







French This last term has been a busy one! The students made Father’s Day cards selecting their favorite poem for Dad and creatively decorating their cards all the while practising their French vocabulary. Throughout the term, each year level worked on specific units developing their language skills. While working on their “La famille” unit, the Year 3 students read the book, “Le Dodo” a story written by a Canadian author Robert Munsch and proudly presented their own version of the story. Year 4 worked on learning the rooms in a house and designed their house describing the activities they do in each room. Year 5 worked on the environment. They watched the movie “Le Renard et l’enfant”, retelling the story of a friendship between a little girl and a fox, taking place in the Jura Mountains, Eastern France. As for our Year 6 students, they worked on consolidating their three years learning of French at the Prep school and getting ready to move on to the Senior school. They practised their various skills showing their oral comprehension, reading comprehension, writing skills and oral skills, doing a one on one oral interview. Well done to all our students for the progress and the learning they have done! I wish you all the best in your new ventures! I would also like to congratulate our six students who decided to further challenge their knowledge of the language by sitting the DELF Prim examination. DELF Prim is the first level in the DELF / DALF series of certificates awarded by the French Ministry of Education for proficiency in French as a Foreign Language. On 4 June, our students set out to the French International School for a whole morning of assessment which tested their oral and reading comprehension, writing skills and oral skills. It proved to be a rewarding though challenging exercice! We are very impressed with the effort and the work they have put into this commitment. All our six students were very successful and made Kellett proud! Congratulations Anahita, James, Joshua, Georgia, Sena and Alessandra!






Library Battle of the books 2013 - Preparatory The Battle of the Books ECA continues to grow in popularity. In 2012/2013 we had 25 students attending the club. Collectively they read 437 books, gave 14 presentations and answered 480 competition questions during the year. Despite a strong performance unfortunately our Prep team did not make the final of the competition, but clearly all participants in the ECA enjoyed the experience and we very much look forward to an enjoyable ECA in 2013/2014 with some special guest readers. Here are just few of the comments below – please visit the Battle of the Books Prep Library website for more, and information on this year’s list of titles.

I have really enjoyed being in Battle of the Books this year because I really enjoyed the presentations.

The best thing about Battle of the Books is reading, because when I read Tales of a 4th Grade Nothing it was like I was actually there!

Battle of the Books rocks! I have enjoyed all the books and even though we did not get into the finals I loved BOB this year. Keep calm and read books.

The best thing about Battle of the Books is the company. You’re hardly ever alone and you always have a helping hand.

The best thing about the Battle of the Books was being encouraged to read many different books, books I wouldn’t normally have read.

Being in the Battle of the Books I have had a big opportunity to read a lot. I would like to be in it next year and get into the team.

HAVE YOUR SAY Over the past year our Year 6 students have been contributing to our library catalogue by writing reviews. This has been a great exercise in thinking about which books they wished to write a review on, and how to write a persuasive review which will either encourage others to read it or discourage them depending on whether they liked the book or not. Each month we chose 2 reviews to place onto our iLearn page, but all reviews are available to read on OLIVER - the library catalogue. If you would like to have your say please visit our Prep Library iLearn page.

Oliver – Library Catalogue

Ilearn – Book Reviews




ARTS & LANGUAGES Art Highlights ‘East meets West’ As part of preparations for the Kowloon bay opening the Preparatory Art department embarked on a whole school art project based around the theme, ‘East meets West’, to celebrate being a British school in Hong Kong. All children from Year 1 to Year 6 created works using various materials and skills achieving fantastic results. Every child in the school created a willow pattern tile for our group project and various other projects were under taken enabling the children to experiment working on different surfaces whilst using a wide variety of differing mediums. We look forward to seeing the children’s art work on display at Pok Fu Lam and Kowloon Bay in the new term.

Year 1 Beautiful willow pattern tile designs were created using acrylic paints and paint pens under the watchful eye of Mrs Spizziri! The children worked hard ensuring that their tiles were in keeping with the traditional colours and patterns and they tried hard to keep their designs as clear and as careful as possible. Fantastic work Year 1, well done!

Year 2 As well as creating willow pattern tiles the children in Year 2 were busy drawing and collaging newspaper for their Hong Kong and London skylines. These will be combined to create creating a unified city! The children of Year 2 had great fun identifying and patterning the various iconic landmarks. From Big Ben to the Bank of China no building escaped their enthusiastic eyes. The final works were wonderfully creative and we look forward to seeing them all together at the start of next term. Well done Year 2!

Year 3 The art room became full of lanterns covered in painted cherry blossoms this term, with thanks to Year 3. The children took much pleasure in perfecting the skill of painting the plant and applying the correct colours and painting techniques required to create successful cherry blossom designed lanterns. They filled the room with colour and life, and we can’t wait to see them all hanging in unison together at Pok Fu Lam and at Kowloon Bay. Well done Year 3!




ARTS & LANGUAGES Year 4 We have looked at the unique shape of the Chinese lantern fruit in Year 4 and created our own stylized designs on canvas using water colour paints. The children had great fun creating their trees and thinking about how the paint can be used to create different tones and hues. They chose complimentary colours for the leaves and drew the lantern fruit hanging from the trees. The final results were full of character and we look forward to seeing them hanging as a collective next term.

Year 5 The Year 5’s designed patterned Chinese lanterns with acrylic paints and painted their intricate designs onto round canvas’s. It was a challenge to control their paint brushes with such care whilst creating designs demonstrating much thought and careful composition. They used their limited palette well, mixing colours to fit their needs. We look forward to displaying them. Well done Year 5!

Year 6 Tea cups and saucers were painted in the style of the willow pattern using acrylic paints. It was amazing to see the children come up with such inspiring and complicated designs. Dragons, temples, birds and apple trees were all thought of and found their way onto their china. As well as this we painted parasols with dragonflies and butterflies adorning them, making for a beautiful hanging arrangement. Fantastic work Year 6, well done!

ICT With the end of term on the horizon, teachers at Pok Fu Lam got a real treat when they were all issued with their new Apple MacBooks. Now all teachers will have constant access to technology via these quality computers. Not only will they be able to access teaching and learning resources via our iLearn and Google Apps for Education platforms from wherever they are, they will also be able to upskill themselves in important software applications, such as iMovie and Photoshop, helping them to enhance learning in their classrooms. In order to differentiate the teachers’ MacBooks, they have been fitted with a bright orange protective cover! In other news, our after school Minecraft ECA made history after becoming the first Kellett ECA to run on a day when the school was officially closed, due to Black rain. Announcements that the club would run as normal were made on our school social media channels, and over half of the club members arrived online within our school server at the allotted time. Well done them!


ARTS & LANGUAGES Chinese Studies The highlight of this term was the Beijing Educational visit. Kellett Year 5 students had a great time learning and absorbing the various cultural and social values of China in those eventful 5 days. They took every opportunity to practice their Chinese language. During shopping time, students were showing off their language skills by bargaining with the locals and getting the goods at their desired prices. Meeting up with the local students at the Summer Palace was another highlight of the trip. We then visited their school the next day where gifts were exchanged and opera masks were painted. A week after the Beijing visit, students staged a great show for their parents which was enjoyed by all.





On 20 June, 144 Pok Fu Lam Prep students performed with students from Kellett Senior School at our Annual Concert. Students rehearsed throughout the day with members of the Music Department from both campuses. The concert was a fantastic success with a wide variety of repertoire. The final four items of the concert included an orchestral piece that was written by Mr Barker especially for our combined orchestra.



Rugby News Once again Kellett hosted a Rugby Tens tournament, this time with the addition of a Preparatory section. The Kellett Prep team played extremely well against FIS, DBIS and CIS. The team was unlucky to lose to French International in the final 2-1. Kellett also entered two teams into the CIS contact tournament. The tournament was very well attended by other ESF and International primary schools. The Kellett boys worked very hard.

Year 4 Swimming Gala

The Year 4’s enjoyed their first swimming gala with great class spirit and determination demonstrated by all. Mr Miller’s P4-3 won the participation award for swimmers entered into events. Their prize was an additional hours PE lesson!

Biathlon News A squad of 22 children trained hard every Monday morning for the Tai Tam Challenge team this year. We enjoyed a friendly Biathlon at SIS hosted by Bradbury and knew going into the event we were strong contenders. The A team did extremely well on the day and finished in 4th place out of 30 teams. They missed out on a medal position by only 10 seconds! The B team also had some fantastic individual performances and did well to finish 14th!

FOBISSEA Primary Games This year BIS Phuket was our destination for the FOBISSEA Primary Games. Kellett were up against the hardest competition since our first games in 2005! We would be against 7 other schools in all of the competition areas. The Kellett team did an amazing job, with lots of medals and Personal Bests being achieved across the board. We also experienced for the first time team awards being given for swimming and athletics. So every race, jump, throw and swim counted! Amazing results in the pool saw us finish as the 2nd overall school, behind BIS Phuket! In athletics, again unbelievable results saw us pick up the silver, narrowly being beaten by BISP by ONLY 6 points! Very proud moments for Kellett!

In the team games the Year 6 and Year 5 teams managed to get silver for Tee ball. In the football the Year 6 girls worked very hard and finished in 2nd place and the Year 5 boys were unlucky to come in 4th. The Year 4 girls worked their magic and finished in 3rd. The award winning Year 6 boys team finished off an outstanding season and took the gold! This was after a nail biting match, which went into extra-time and golden goal with only 4v4 on the pitch! Great determination and team spirit shown by all! Well done to all competitors who took part, thank you to all the teachers involved with all the extra time and coaching! Thanks also to the parents for their support leading up to the games and on the trip. I must schedule a meeting to talk to Ms McDonald about a bigger trophy cabinet!






FOBISSEA Primary GamesStudent Perspectives This year’s FOBISSEA Games in Phuket was a great experience for me and I loved every moment of it. In the trials for FOBISSEA you have to do swimming, athletics, T-ball and Football. When I tried out for FOBISSEA this year I was more confident, because I had got in for the last 2 years. In year 4 FOBISSEA trails I was terrified, because I would be up against all my friends, and it was my first time, but it never stopped me from doing well and I got in. In the training for FOBISSEA you are given your track, field and swimming events and you have to train for those. You train twice a week before or after school with the whole team, and then I did swimming training 3 times a week and running training. On the first day at Phuket we did athletics in the morning and swimming in the afternoon. All the girls were doing their field events first, while the boys were doing the track events. Whenever we weren’t doing our events we were always cheering a team mate on. Soon it was my turn to do the 800m. On the first lap I was around 4th place, and I knew that this was a good position. I kept the pace and at the beginning of the second lap I overtook the girl in the lead and I was coming first. On the last 200m I gave it everything and I crossed the finish line in first place! I was overjoyed and so happy and excited. It was an amazing feeling and honor receiving the gold medal for Kellett, after all the training. If you enjoy playing any sports, I would definitely say have a go, and even if you try out and you don’t get in, you can always keep training and try out next year. If you do get in, you have done very well to get a place in the FOBISSEA team and Good Luck for next year! by Eliza Sherry - Sport girl of the year.

I have enjoyed FOBISSEA this year as I spent my time with my friends and doing what I love most, competing in sports. My best moments of the trip were when we won the football as we had worked so hard and played out of our skins. Scoring my first goal for Kellett in year 6 to win a game was exhilarating, there was so much noise from the parents on the sideline cheering me on! I also scored in the final to put us 1-0 up. Another great moment was when we won the 4x25m freestyle relay, as I was the last swimmer and kept the lead, it was such an amazing feeling! The thrill of getting into the team is unbelievable, as you know you are one of the schools best. However the trials are really nerve racking as you have do your absolute best. I have put a lot of hard work and training into this FOBISSEA and it has paid off as I have won some gold medals such as the football, the 12x50m and the freestyle 4x25m relay, they were all a great team effort. I would definitely try getting in to FOBISSEA as some of my best moments of preparatory school have been in FOBISSEA. My participation in all 3 years FOBISSEA has also helped me win the school sports award. James Chalk P6-2





As usual all the prep ECAs and swimming club have been very well attended. Full classes for swimming, and 90 children playing tee ball each Wednesday! Dance classes, Gymnastics, APSS soccer and Karate were also very well attended and parents have been treated to end of year performances in both gymnastics and dance.

Cricket News The Kellett Cricket Team can be very proud of their achievements after an enjoyable 2013 season. In the Island Schools Tournament, they managed to win all three group matches, making it through to the final where they lost in a very close match against FIS. This meant that they qualified for the Cup competition, held at King’s Park. They lost their opening match against Kowloon Juniors, but they had a comprehensive victory against Discovery College. In the semi-final, the Kellett team was narrowly beaten by GSIS who went on to win the competition. Congratulations to all who competed in both tournaments – you played in the true spirit of the game and did your school proud.





The end of year assembly brought a fitting climax to our four years in Shau Kei Wan. Academic and Effort Awards were interspersed with student performances, the result of the House competition, good bye messages and the premiere of the Senior School Staff’s traditional end of year compilation video.

The Shau Kei Wan Campus has been a wonderful home for the Senior School. During our tenure, the student body grew from 50 to 200 students, the staff from 10 to 35, strong foundations were laid and traditions established. New friendships have been formed; of special note are our strong ties with ELSA High School. The Principal Mrs Friedmann, her staff and students, have been a delight to work with, and our close collaboration ensured that both Kellett and ELSA were able to make the most of the opportunities provided by sharing the campus. I know that ELSA will go from strength to strength and am delighted that they will continue to call Shau Kei Wan their home for many years to come. We start the 2013-2014 academic year with our four Houses in place. This year will see the start of student House councils, the continuation of the Senior School Student Council, an inaugural Student Technology Council, the first student Yearbook extra-curricular activity, the continuation of the very successful Sport Leadership at Bronze and its progression to Silver and similarly the Bronze and Silver Hong Kong Awards for Young People are on offer and will prove popular. Model United Nations will make its debut in Term two and I foresee our student delegates soon taking part in conferences globally. Work experience will become more prevalent for our older students as we continue to help them be best informed and best prepared for their career decisions and university applications. Within the first month of term, the Y12 Prefect team will be up and running and by the end of term two, Kellett’s first Head Boy and Head Girl will have been selected and representing the school. Economics has been added to the repertoire of subjects on offer within the options from Year 10 up, Latin and Spanish have been added in the Year 8 Language choices and 17 A Levels syllabi will be studied. The Global Citizenship curriculum goes from strength to strength and its expansion in Year 12 to include the key literacies we



have identified will be launched. The Year 12 students take classes in Sport, Health and Fitness Literacy, Art Literacy, Critical Thinking and Philosophical Literacy, Statistical Literacy, Financial, Business and Entrepreneurial Literacy, Public Speaking and Sales Literacy, Digital and Media Literacy, Group and Team Dynamics Literacy, Research Literacy, University and Career Literacy, and Personal Organisation Literacy; all key areas which support a love of learning and confidence for life. The option to take an AS Level in Extended Project dovetails effectively into elements of the literacies. A Senior School is a vibrant and busy community. So much goes on each week, each year group is different and different opportunities arise as students’ progress through the school. Throughout the year curriculum areas are able to show case their student’s talent. The Year 7 F1 in Schools challenge in Design and Technology, the World Math, English and Science competitions, the Language Perfect Competition, Humanities Day and Sport Day are all events which give students an opportunity to shine. I hope that our social media channels, which integrate into the new Kellett website, provide an opportunity to create a window on our vibrant learning community. Every day I see excellence in the classrooms, with students loving learning and showing confidence beyond their years and teachers showing passion, talent and dedication. The new Kowloon Bay campus will allow us to showcase our daily achievements will push expectations within our community even higher and it is these ever consistent high expectations which underpin Kellett’s success.

Simon Giddings Head of Senior School


Library Summing up the experience is this report by two of the BoB members; Milly Harvey and Simone Morris. What is Battle of the Books? - Battle of the Books is a competitive club in which you must read 20 books in 9 months in order to compete in a massive competition in Hong Kong. This was our story:

Battle of the books 2013 9 students participated in the Senior Battle of the Books ECA. A small but very loyal band, the students spent the year reading and discussing the 20 titles, with some great presentations. We were joined this year by Ms. Xiao (Senior Mandarin teacher) who writes of the experience; “This activity was a good way to learn about a different culture and share my experiences with the students. When we read “Red Scarf Girl” we talked about what happened during the Cultural Revolution. The students were very interested in this. Their excellent performance during their competitions made me very proud as well.”

After nine long months of reading the long list, Monday afternoon meetings with practice competitions in the library and the occasional battle of the books friendly competition against Elsa, the Battle of the Books semi- final finally arrived. The competition took place on 3rd of May 2013 in the Canadian International School, periods 1-4. We were all really excited for the competition and ready for anything! We were competing against HKUGAC, CIS and many more and as the competition went on we realised that we seemed to be good enough to maybe beat the other schools! So the end of the competition came and everyone was hanging off the edge of their seat, the winner was...KELLETT!!!! As you can imagine we all went mad, dancing, cheering and generally getting on the other teams nerves. And so we were now in the final which was to take place on the 16th of May. Again, we had more meetings, getting ready for the final; unfortunately this did not go as planned since half of our team was in Sabah on camp. We almost won the 1st round but unfortunately it went downhill from there... Our minds went blank. Questions which we could have answered normally we completely forgot. Our opponents SIS, and Zhu Hai School absolutely crushed us. As the end of the competition finally came, the winner was announced...Zhu Hai School. We came so far and were the first team to make it to the finals! Whether we won or not, we had an amazing year and made lots of new friends. We later had a wonderful party with cakes, chocolates, sweets and crisps. I am definitely going to go back and compete again and I really hope you will too!




SENIOR HIGHLIGHTS A leeching for one and all… The Year 7 Science Curriculum Visit to Borneo would not be complete without individuals being leeched. This year, there were more than a dozen leechings – with some students actively seeking out the little critters. Congratulations to those who returned with trophy leech bites.


I can’t help it, it’s in my genes… Year 9 students extract DNA from kiwi fruit as they learn about chromosomes, genes and DNA.

A whole lot of… fertilizer! Year 10 students learn about the Haber process as they prepare Ammonium Sulfate, a commercially used fertilizer.

Ground control to Major Tom… While Commander Chris Hadfield’s YouTube video went viral from the International Space Station, Year 8 students explored gravity and what it would be like living in space.

Green Week From April 22 to 26, Kellett Senior School participated in a week-long green event filled with environmental themes and activities, and raised over $13,000 for five endangered species. A special THANK YOU to all who contributed, especially students who brought in yummy delectables for the Bake Sale.




SENIOR HIGHLIGHTS MATHS Year 8 – Zin Obelisk Treasure Hunt – 9 May Year 8 competed in a treasure hunt around the school in house teams. However this was no ordinary treasure hunt with all 30 clues hidden around the Shau Kei Wan campus encoded as QR codes. After finding a clue students had to return to their teams to de-code the clue using a QR scanner on the ipads. The clues themselves provided information on the building of an ancient artefact called the Zin Obelisk. Each team had to figure out on what day of the week the Obelisk was finished from all the information about its size, how many workers built it and how quickly they worked etc. Some of the clues were red herrings and provided no useful information. The students really immersed themselves in the challenge with some clever deductive work and enthusiastic searching for clues. 6 teams in total managed to solve the puzzle but there was a tie between 2 teams in particular who solved it the quickest. Congratulations to those winning teams, who were: Team 9, Green House – Oscar Mclean, Emily Gobel, Lucas Chalk and Brianna Thorp Team 14 Red House – Rebecca Heritage, Shanthi Rajah and Ryan Lockett

Junior Maths Challenge – 25 April Approximately 65 students in Years 7 and 8 took part in the Junior Maths Challenge, which is the biggest Maths competition in the UK with over 600,000 students and 4000 schools taking part annually. The 25 multiple-choice questions challenge student’s mathematical thinking but do not rely too heavily on specific subject knowledge. We had a fantastic number of certificate winners, 33 in total and 5 Gold awards, a good improvement on last year. The award winners were: Bronze: Cameron Ewins, Chin Kiu Pak, Francis Coghlan, Fletcher Koder, Sophia Perronet-Miller, Ethan Sherry, Harry Mowbray, Sam Tuckwell, Simone Morris, Tommy Park,

Hannah Hanselman, James Orchard, Kareem Abuali, Tom Angell, Matt Chillington, Grace Walker, Ben Henchman, Kimberley Sham, Liz Knight and Ben Stonely. Silver: Rebecca Heritage, Hugo Christopher, Ben Large, Priya Chhaya, Daniel Storey, Abigail Adebiyi, Millie Krantz and Kendall Dees Gold: Chloe Kim, Kirstie Taylor, Oscar Mclean, Marcus Howl and Edward Salmon Congratulations to all the award winners listed above but in particular to Marcus Howl who achieved the Best in School accolade with an impressive score of 107.




SENIOR HIGHLIGHTS History Rehearsing for the Year 9 D-Day Assembly.

Year 8 students enjoying the reading race round of the History quiz during H-Day.

Year 7 teach their classes about an assigned Medieval monarch.



Global Citizenship Year 9 – Animal Rights On Thursday 13 June, Year Nine were privileged to welcome visitors from Hong Kong Dog Rescue (HKDR) to Kellett. Cactus is a volunteer with HKDR and brought Rosa, a rescue dog, to meet the students. Cactus talked to us about the work that HKDR does to save and improve the lives of dogs in Hong Kong through encouraging adoption, fostering, coordinating volunteers and educating future generations. In addition students learnt how best to approach a dog and also how to deal with a dog who may feel threatened or scared. Volunteers like Cactus have a difficult job as thousands of dogs are euthanised every year in Hong Kong just because they are homeless, regardless of whether they are friendly or young, or healthy.

HKDR suggested some ways that people can help support their cause: • Adopt a dog or puppy (never buy one from a pet shop as supporting pet shops supports breeders who contribute to the surplus dog population) • Foster a dog until it can find a permanent home • Join the team of dog walkers • Donate money • Donate dog food • Donate old bedding, sheets, towels, etc. • Donate dog equipment such as leads, collars, shampoo, etc. • Donate products such as Frontline, Heartguard, Preventic collars, worming tablets, etc. • Donate cleaning products such as detergent, bin bags, etc. • Forward information about HKDR to all your contacts • Give your time at dog homing and other fundraising events




Language Perfect World Championships 2013 The Language Perfect World Championships is the largest online language competition in the world. In May 2013, Kellett Senior students competed for their House, School and Country against other students from around the world, by earning points in a range of modern foreign languages. It’s about motivating students to get excited about languages, learning, and having fun at the same time!

Overall House Results! AMBER HOUSE 3rd place with


• As a whole school, they answered 502, 073 questions • As a whole school, they scored 165, 062 points


• As a whole school, they spent 2332 hours online learning a number of languages. RED HOUSE

• Rankings: – We ranked 79th in the world and 15th in our category. – We were placed 1st overall in Hong Kong and so are officially the ‘The Best school at Learning Languages in Hong Kong’ st

– We were 1 in Hong Kong and Asia for Chinese and 4 our category! • 81 certificates won in total! – 34 Credit certificates… – 28 Bronze Medallists... – 8 Silver Medallists... – 8 Gold Medallists...



2nd place with

55,714 points

GREEN HOUSE 1st place with

57,892 points

– 3 Elite Medallists...

Harrow International School challenged Kellett School to beat them in the competition and we DID… by a huge margin! Well done to all Kellett students! 1st place – Kellett School (209 students) 165, 062 points 2nd place – Harrow International School (270 students) 111, 956 points 3rd place – Australian School (106 students) 50, 702 points 4th place – Elsa High School (47 students) 17, 076 points Of the 10 highest scoring students across the four competing schools in Hong Kong, 5 were Kellett students – Rebecca Heritage (2nd), Ethan Sherry (3rd), Tim Breuer (4th), Joy Lee (5th) & Yan To Or (6th) and of the top 200 scoring students in total, 97 were Kellett students!





Modern Foreign Languages Normandy Trip 1. What am I looking forward to the most? “I am looking forward to the aero-ball and especially the part where I get to milk a goat!” Jack Bell 2. What did I especially enjoy? “I especially enjoyed aero-ball because it was very funny and so was the instructor, also I won! I also enjoyed visiting Omaha Beach and the war graves and although it was sad, Valentin told us many interesting stories.” Rory Atkins 3. What did I learn? “I improved my speaking skills in French and I can now have a simple but natural conversation with native French speakers.” Yan To Or “I learned a lot of useful French vocabulary and some valuable details that I can use in History. I found that it was actually easier to speak and write in French than I originally thought it would be” Alex Gough





二零一三年五月六日 星期一 Monday 6 May 2013 | Clara

今天我們坐兩個小時的飛機去西安,然後我們坐一輛中巴去酒店。我們在劇 院吃晚飯。我喜歡吃中餐了。然後我們看唐代歌舞,很好看。我也喜歡看唐 代歌舞,因為跳舞跳得非常好! Today, we travelled for 2 hours on the plane to Xi’An, and then we took a bus to the hotel. We ate dinner at the theatre. I liked the Chinese food. Then we watched the Tang Dance, which looked very good. I also liked watching the Tang Dance performance because the dancing was extremely good!

二零一三年五月七日 星期二 Tuesday 7 May 2013 | Sophie 今天, 早上六點半起床。我們七點吃早飯。我們坐公共氣車去陝西省旒旅遊學 校。我交了新朋友。我學會了中文名字,我漢語名字是白雪。我喜歡我的名字, 因為有意思。然後我們參觀兵馬俑。然最後我們八點吃晚飯,九點睡覺。 Today, I woke up at 6:30am. We went to breakfast at 7:00am. We took the bus to the Shannxi Provincial School and make new friends. We participated in terracotta warriors. I also learnt my Chinese name which is white snow. I like my name, because it‘s interesting. After we went to eat dinner at 8:00pm and then went to sleep at 9:00pm.

二零一三年五月八日 星期三 Wednesday 8 May 2013 | Matt 我和O​​li早上七點一刻起床,七點半吃早飯。今天多雲。我們坐旅遊車去旅遊學 校。我們在旅遊學校包餃子。餃子好吃。然後我們去大明宮,最後我們去看古城 牆。我跑了步但是我累了。然後我們去吃西餐。 Oli and I woke up at 7.15 in the morning and we had breakfast at 7.30. Today was cloudy. We took the coach to the Chinese school. We made Chinese dumplings at the school. The dumplings were delicious. Then we went to Daming Palace. Then we went to see the Ancient City Wall. I ran but I got tired. Then we went for a western dinner.





二零一三年五月九日 星期四 Thursday 9 May 2013 | James 我們今天去了華山。我們坐纜車上蒼龍嶺。我覺得纜車很好!在纜車上我看到了 非常好看的景色。然後、我們爬華山的西峰。我們覺得西峰很好看,但是西峰太 高了!最後、我去了SUBWAY。今天晚飯非常好吃。 Today we went to Mount Hua. We went on a cable car to. I think the cable car was very good. On the cable car I saw extremely pretty scenery. Next, we climbed the western peak of Mount Hua. We thought the west peak was very pretty but too tall! Lastly, I went to SUBWAY. Today’s dinner was extremely tasty.

二零一三年五月九日星期四 Thursday 9 May 2013 | Oliver 今天我們先去小學,教小學生顏色的英語。也去了黃土高原的窯洞,很有意 思我很喜歡!然後,我們去中學,我們學唱:“我和你”。最後我們和中學 生一起去飯店吃晚飯,吃牛和豬肉。晚飯很好吃! Today we went to the primary school. At the primary school, we taught the students different colours in English. Whilst there, we also went to the cave dwellers’ homes on the Loess Plateau which was very interesting! Then we went back to the Middle School in Shaanxi where we learnt how to sing “Me and You”. Finally, together with the middle school students, we went to a restaurant for dinner where I ate a lot of beef and pork. It was delicious!

二零一三年五月十日 星期五 Friday 10 May 2013 | William 我們今天六點三刻起床。我們坐二十分鐘的旅遊車去陝西曆史博物館。我們跟旅遊學校的學生看 歷史博物館,很有意思。然後,我們跟學生說 “再見!”最後,我們去回民街買東西,我買了太 陽眼鏡。 Today we woke up at six forty five. We took the coach for twenty minutes to get to the Shaanxi history museum. We looked at the exhibits with the tourism students. The museum was very interesting. Then, we said goodbye to the students. Finally, we went to the Muslim Street Market to buy things. I bought sunglasses.




ARTS & LANGUAGES Senior Arts Evening and Examination Choirs Senior Examination Choirs This year, both our Beginner and Intermediate Examination Choirs took the UK ABRSM Music Examination in choral singing. Next term at Kowloon Bay, we will be launching our 3rd and final choir which will be preparing for the Advanced Choral Examination in April 2014. More information about all 3 choirs will given to parents next term.

Senior Arts Evening Our final Senior Arts Evening was once again a successful and wonderful display of imagination, creativity and musicality at Kellett. The Art, Design and Technology, English and Music Departments worked closely with our students on various projects culminating in an extensive display of 2 and 3 D art and design work alongside performances by the Senior school Jazz Band and student Rock Groups. The ‘Creativity’ book was also launched and a donation arranged to help raise funds to buy musical instruments for disadvantaged students in Thailand.


ARTS & LANGUAGES Annual concert




Sport and ECAs Another impressive year for Kellett extra-curricular activities, once again proving a small school with determined, skilful and hardworking students more than compensates for a lack of numbers. Talking of numbers, what better way to sum up the up the 2012/2013 season: • 55 different ECAs offered and • 1600 ECAs attended, which equates to • 2.6 ECAs per term per student. • 54 students signed up for Senior Choir making it the most popular activity, followed by • 50 students signing up for Football in second place and • 46 students signed up for Debating in third place and our number one new activity. • 33 different sports teams represented Kellett. • 12 members of staff to run all those teams and • 3 mums stepping in at times and • 1 year 11, thanks MJ. • 5 Hong Kong Championship wining sides (Basketball U14 & U16 girls, Football U14 girls, Sailing and Horse Riding B), • 1 runner up (U20 Boys Football), • 3 third places (Athletics U14 Boys, Netball U14 Girls, Cross Country U14 Girls). • 7 medals for Athina Zodl (not including FOBISSEA) throughout the year over 5 different sports making her our top all-rounder, followed by • 5 medals for Matthew Hanselman in one activity, certainly making him our number one athlete and • 5 medals for Jack Robinson across three sports. • 10 Sports Leader Awards completed and • 1 Bronze HKAYP awarded, well done Alex for getting your log book completetd! And next year: • 50 teams across 10 sports • 23+ ECAs in term 1 A big thank you to all students, parents and staff for attending, running and supporting the ECAs this year. We now look forward to moving into our new facilities and extending the program further, getting closer to meeting our aim of offering the best programme in Asia.




EXTRAS First aid

student band perform at kellett ball

Drama Club The Senior Drama Club performed an adaptation of Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book in assembly on Wednesday 19 June, telling the story of Mowgli, a man cub who was raised by animals in the jungle. The performance featured students from Year 7 – 9 and was a great success.



Kellett Dragon Issue 7 - Aug 2013  

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