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Ann Mc Donald

David Kidd

Welcome to the third edition of ‘Thank You,’ our annual publication jointly produced by the Parents’ Committee and the Development Office to acknowledge, celebrate and formally thank our community for the extraordinary generosity that has been extended throughout the year.

This year we have celebrated our third Annual Fund and we are incredibly grateful for the consistent support we have received from the community. We look forward to building upon this tradition year upon year, embedding it into the culture of Kellett. The huge successes and the opportunities that have been made possible because of the Annual Fund are second to none and I would like to extend a warm thank you. Year upon year we strive to expand on the outstanding educational experiences offered at Kellett and, as a rapidly growing community, we are ever grateful to those who help pass on the culture of philanthropy. The celebration of philanthropy and the joy of giving is a valuable concept to share with our children, and the Annual Fund provides an excellent opportunity to show them the gratification of seeing a tangible effect from our contributions within that academic year.

Chairman of the Board


“ The Annual Fund continues to positively enrich opportunities for learning.”

Once again your generosity has expressed itself in innumerable ways; gifts of expertise, gifts of time, in addition to donations via the Annual Fund, Parents’ Committee and Friends of Kellett School Inc. (FOKS). Rarely a day passes without evidence of parental support whether in the cooking room, hearing readers, supporting school sport, volunteering expertise, or a word of support in the wider community. The Parents’ Committee has continued their fantastic work, coordinating Parent Volunteers, fundraising and providing occasions for us all to enjoy. This year the Parents’ Committee hosted both a School Fair and Kellett Ball. The funds raised have supported a number of initiatives across the school such as a music system for the Well Being Team, the funding of the renovation of an old Dragon Boat for senior students, additional iPads for whole school use, Modern Foreign Languages resources, an AED (defibrillator) trainer to train students in its use, replacement and additional costumes for both Preparatory schools, green wall planters and big play equipment for Pok Fu Lam and in the Senior School, additional strength and conditioning equipment. What remains so special about the Parents’ Committee is the sense of community and belonging it engenders to both existing and new families. The Annual Fund continues to positively enrich opportunities for learning. In June the Kellett Weather Station became live, and in addition to supporting senior Geography, its data stream is used by the Hong Kong Observatory for local weather forecasting. Matt Parker, a renowned mathematician, presented to the Preparatory schools, Senior School and the community. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive and in many cases he was described as inspirational. The Pok Fu Lam garden has produced its first harvest and Kowloon Bay are to have their garden installed over the summer break. BookFlix has proved a popular addition to the Preparatory libraries. The Digital Learning ECA, Learning to Code, has been well attended and further coding work is planned next year. The Guest Speaker Programme continues to thrive and this year we have welcomed Dan Parks, Gavin Coates and Mark Rhodes.

“ I am confident that those who have given will be pleased with how far their donations have stretched.”

I am confident that those who have given will be pleased with how far their donations have stretched and I hope that those who have yet to be won over are becoming more comfortable and will soon become contributors after seeing the benefits of the Annual Fund. I am sure there has been many a conversation at home around activities and initiatives that have had a direct impact on each and every student. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank those who give generously to the school in many other ways; by giving their time and resources, and by sharing their knowledge and skills. Our strong community is part of what makes us unique and the support and involvement of so many people is invaluable to the daily running of the school. We pride ourselves on being an interconnected network of friends, families, supporters, helpers and advisors, which has been built on a tradition of close to 40 years. At the end of an academic year we look forward to welcoming new families in the next term, and of course we say fond farewells to those families leaving us. Each and every one plays a part in keeping our community spirit alive. The pages that follow are a wonderful illustration of what has been achieved at Kellett as a result of our community’s general support of the Annual Fund and across the school. Thank you again to each of you and I look forward to another successful year next year as we launch our fourth Annual Fund.

iPad Art with Cathy Hunt was a joint project with the Parents’ Committee who generously funded the iPads. The music department benefited a range of orchestral instruments for use on the music programme. Perhaps the most encompassing project of the year has been the Filmmaker in Residence, rarely a day has passed when student film crews were not busy at work around the school. Thanks to the Annual Fund there has been a fantastic breadth of opportunities for all of our students, opportunities that in ordinary circumstances would have been beyond our reach.

Thank you again to all who have contributed to the School this last year. With best wishes

I am sure that you shall enjoy browsing the pages of ‘Thank You.’ Once again thank you for your generosity, Kellett School appreciates and values your support.

David Kidd Chairman

Ann Mc Donald Principal 2


Annual Fund Background

The third Kellett School Annual Fund was launched in October 2014, following successful funds in its initial years. The enhancements proposed for the Annual Fund were integrated with the school’s curriculum development plan, in order to amplify the foundations of learning for all students. The Annual Fund seeks to augment the 7% Education Expenses portion of the school operating budget.

School Operating Budget




Additional funding facilitates the delivery of programmes and resources usually outside the remit of the normal operating budget to further inspire each student to become all that they can be. The aim is achieved by enhancing academic excellence, fostering leadership, encouraging creativity and building personal aptitudes.

School Fees Debentures Other


The Five priority headings were selected in 2013 to correlate with the school’s curriculum development plan and aim to address enhancements for the whole school, with a balance of gain for students in both of the Prep Schools and the Senior School.

Expenditure 7%

REPORT OF GIVING Total Funds Raised


Community Participation Rate


Sources of Giving

Current Families, Current Teaching Staff, Current Administrative Staff, Alumni, Past Parents, Past Staff

High:Low Gift Values




TOTAL VALUE $2,033,479

TOTAL VALUE $2,033,479 As per ranges displayed in the 2013 Annual Fund Report of Giving

3% 2% 1%

3% 2%

17% 37%

0.5% 0.5%







Depreciation Building & Equipment Premises & Utilities


Education Expenses Other Operating Expenses


Donors; up to HK$2,499 Patrons; HK$10,000-HK$24,999

Principal’s Circle; HK$50,000- HK$99,000

Supporters; HK$2500-HK$9,999

HK$9,999 and under

HK$10,000- HK$24,999

Benefactors; HK$25,000-HK$49,999



1976 Society; HK$250,000



Chairman’s Circle; HK$100,000- HK$249,999



Report of Funds Spent & Committed Priority 1 - Academic Enhancement

Funds Spent: HK$499,520

Funds Committed: HK$413,281

Programme/Resources Funded



Mathematics Curriculum Enhancement

Whole School


Mandarin Curriculum Enhancement

Whole School

Modern Foreign Languages

The 'Get Real' Theatre Company

Senior School Drama Students

English / Drama

PFL & KLB Prep Gardens

PFL & KLB Prep



PFL & KLB Prep


Filmmaker in Residence

Whole School


Kellett School Weather Station

Whole School


Tim Rylands

Whole School


Digital Learning ECA - Learning to Code

Whole School


Funds Spent: HK$111,102

Funds Committed: HK$0

Programme/Resources Funded



Mr Dan Parks

Whole School


Mr Gavin Coates

PFL & KLB Prep


Mr Mark Rhodes

Whole School


Funds Spent: HK$157,537

Funds Committed: HK$308,962

Programme/Resources Funded



Artist in Residence

Senior School


Orchestral Instruments

Whole School


iPad artist

Whole School


Funds Spent: HK$250,000

Funds Committed: HK$0

Programme/Resources Funded



Playground at Pok Fu Lam Prep

PFL Prep


Funds Spent: HK$16,560

Funds Committed: HK$163,440

Programme/Resources Funded



Discovering Positive Education

Whole School


Priority 2 - Student Leadership

Priority 3 - Music and the Arts

Priority 4 - Sports

Priority 5 - Leaders in Learning

Totals correct as at July 2015 6

The Annual Fund at Work Year upon year, as the Annual Fund develops and matures, the projects it funds grow to become more prestigious. Over 1200 Students, parents and staff have been very privileged this year by a multitude of projects and enhancements; opportunities that have been made possible by the generosity of the Kellett Community. This diverse range of projects goes above and beyond what would ordinarily have been possible through the school budget. The following pages detail over twenty projects the Annual Fund has made possible, and the deep appreciation felt across the school.

Academic Enhancement The funding of resources to enhance the regular curriculum encourages students to experience education in a wider context and cultivates a student’s interest in topics possibly beyond normal school learning. The 2014 Annual Fund enabled funding to be directed towards areas that were key to the school plan; Mathematics, Mandarin, Drama, Geography and Literacy, as well as cross curricular projects such as the Prep Gardens, Filmmaker in Residence and Learning to Code.

Paul Dwyer

Head of Mathematics Faculty (Joint), Senior School Matt Parker, known as the “stand-up mathematician”, joined us at Kellett School for three days in May visiting all 3 campuses and delivering inter-active workshops with students from Year 3 to Year 10. His passion for Mathematics, and engaging delivery of some very interesting branches of the subject, helped students to see some of the wider applications of Mathematics in the real world and some of the mind boggling possibilities it presents. The main event was his talk on the 4th Dimension in the Kellett Theatre, which made a lasting impression on everyone who attended — over 250 students, staff and parents. This fantastic opportunity would not have been possible without the Annual Fund.

Mathematics Curriculum Enhancement Matt Parker

Mathematician in Residence +

Preparatory Maths Resources


Year 3,4 & 5 students - Pok Fu Lam “We learnt two new shapes – a mobius strip and a torus. And we learnt that when you cut some shapes in half they don’t always make two pieces.”

“The torus made of air was flying around and we could feel it. When he added smoke we could see the torus shape, everything became visible!”

Mandarin Curriculum Enhancement

“It was really exciting! My favourite part was when one torus hit the other torus made of smoke.”

GoAnimate Software


Visit from ‘Transition’ band

Charlotte Weener


Head of Chinese Studies

“Through Mobius loops, torus balloons and how to make mathematical love hearts, Matt Parker taught all of us how fun maths can really be!”

On behalf of the Modern Foreign Languages department, I would like to say thank you to the Annual Fund for purchasing GoAnimate, an online learning tool, which both Kellett students and teachers found it very useful, motivating and fun to use for language learning.

Jay Chow - Year 9 “I really enjoyed the Maths talk by Matt Parker. He explained to us all about the wonders of modern technology and how maths is incorporated into our daily lives. We learnt about the fundamentals of binary and how logical methods can be used to solve complex problems.”

Chole Wittington - Year 6 “I really like to make the videos with people and type the speech. I liked the part where you type out the characters and make them move.”

Preparatory Maths Resources To engage, enthuse and motivate our Key Stage One and Reception students with their mathematics, the mathematics department at Kowloon Bay held a Maths Carousel where students were given the freedom to choose their Mathematics activities by joining lessons in other classes. It was a hugely well-received project as students not only enjoyed the excitement of choosing from various options, they also enjoyed the opportunity to work with children outside of their usual classes. With the funds allocated to the Mathematics Curriculum Enhancement priority, the Mathematics department will purchase new hands-on problem solving resources and books to add variety to the current resources they have and to make the Maths Carousel sessions an even bigger success in the next academic year.


Josh Fabiani - Year 6

David Wu

Year 8

“At first I was extremely nervous because I had never used it before. When I started using it, I felt more confident and did more sentences on it.”

Harrison Locke - Year 6 “While I was using GoAnimate I found that it could be very useful for expanding my knowledge of Mandarin very quickly.”

James Irwin - Year 6 “I really enjoyed working with GoAnimate because you could have any characters you want, with anything you want but learn at the same time.”

Visit from ‘Transition’ band Generous contributions from the Annual Fund allowed us to invite the British band ‘Transition’ to Kellett School. Transition are a three piece British rock band creating music that has a fusion of Eastern and Western musical influence, using Asian rhythm and melody. The artists from Bristol have found widespread success throughout Asia performing songs in both English and Mandarin. Their first Mandarin song ‘Sorry My Chinese Isn’t so Good’ became an instant YouTube hit and has become an anthem for those learning to speak Chinese! The band also had the honour of writing the official theme song for the Taiwanese Olympic team for the London 2012 Games. During Transition’s visit to Kellett School, the band sang their biggest hits to Years 7, 8 and 11, before leading a series of workshops for Years 9 and 10. Students had great fun using and developing their Mandarin skills to create their own lyrics to the band’s music.


The ‘Get Real’ Theatre Company Tim Hall

Drama Curriculum Leader Our on-going association with the Get Real Theatre Company has enriched our students’ drama experience. They have been introduced to some new concepts that have enabled them to think about different performance techniques and how they can be used to approach improvisation and role play. They have also been introduced to new innovative practitioners, looking at how their theories on drama practice have

influenced contemporary theatre and continue to be used today. They were challenged along the way to produce their own provocative drama and to reflect on their feelings about the work that they presented and the work their peers showcased too. We have thoroughly enjoyed our collaboration with the Get Real Theatre Company and will continue to look at how they can provide high quality drama experiences for the students at Kellett.

Sophie Mortensen

Victoria Astle (KLB)

& Kalina Benhamou - Year 10

KS2 Class Teacher/Science Curriculum Leader

“We were very privileged to be able to learn and expand our knowledge on drama and drama practitioners through the workshops from the Get Real Theatre Company. It was fun and made a big impact on the way we approached the work we did in class, especially while devising our own pieces.

The prep garden is an exciting initiative started by Science Club in January 2014. It was located on an area on the sky pitch which, although the children tried very hard, did not have the greatest light hours, so plants struggled! With the Annual Fund money, we have now managed to create a safe space on the roof (with plenty of day long sunshine!) and have been working with a local farmer to design a suitable garden space up there. All year groups will have a planter and grow in organically certified soil, plants and vegetables. With these, we will harvest, cook and link into our creative curriculum wherever possible. Planters will be installed over the summer holiday and we look forward to the first of our seedlings being planted by classes in August. We are really excited to create a small garden oasis at Kellett!

We would find ourselves using the warmups and techniques that we used in the session in class.”

Kelly Rogers

Prep Gardens

Pok Fu Lam + Kowloon Bay Elliot Silvester (PFL)

Reception & Year 1 Phase Leader I would like to say a BIG thank you on behalf of the PFL students for providing us with an opportunity to tend for and grow a fantastic array of fruits and vegetables. What a valuable gift to be able to give children, they really are now able to see the link between the food on their plates and the food we are now growing. I think it fosters a caring, diligent nature in children and has certainly been an exciting adventure for all involved. 10

KS1 Class Teacher


Bookflix is an excellent tool for use in the classroom. For each book there is a fiction and a non-fiction option. We recently used it to learn about dinosaur fossils and then enjoyed reading the fiction book ‘Dinosaur Bones’. The children love it because they can watch a video of the story and read along!

Beth McNeilly


School Librarian

BookFlix has been a fantastic new resource for the libraries at both campuses and is expected to become a welcome addition to classrooms as well. In the library, for instance, Year 2 children watched the story ‘The Dot by Peter Reynolds’, to get them thinking about what makes a drawing or painting a work of art and how each of us is capable of creating something special. This led to the children to trying their own hand at drawing a picture, so that we were able to expand the story into two sessions of meaningful learning based on the story. Non-fiction books are paired with story books throughout, and some of the books mirror and can support curriculum topics. The book ‘Pets at the Vet’, which describes what veterinarians do, mirrors the subject covered in Reception. That book is matched with the animated picture book ‘Bark, George’. Teachers can opt to display read-along words with the stories and read-along voices with the non-fiction books, where words are highlighted as they are read. There are interactive puzzles, Meet-theAuthor sections, and suggested links to child-friendly websites for each pair of books. This is a very carefully, thoughtfully created resource, one the kids love that also prompts plenty of animated discussion. 11

Filmmaker in Residence

Kellett School Weather Station

As a result of Annual Fund donations, over 35 students have been able to access coding expertise from the HK based BSD Academy. Students have been able to begin using a variety of programming tools to create online environments and games. They have used Sublime Text to help them to edit their code, Html5Up to create and utilise templates and Github to publish their work.

Clive Dawes

Learning Technologies Leader (PFL & KLB) This project was one of the most ambitious undertaken through the Annual Fund, with classroom activities designed for 47 classes across both campuses. Working with film and media professionals provided by HK based Focus on Film, students worked on movie projects on a range of subjects using a variety of techniques; including photo slideshows, drawn animation, 3D animation and location documentaries. Not only were filming and editing techniques improved throughout, but the tasks often stressed the importance of aspects such as collaboration, creativity, enquiry and perseverance. The resulting body of media from the project, over 250 videos on YouTube, has given us an unexpected insight into the workings of that platform and will stand as a dynamic archive of this project in years to come.

Andrew Knight & Alex Jopp

Beth Simmons & Polly Hanning

“We’ve learnt about using shots and the different ways of showing perspectives of different objects, such as opening a documentary with a wide shot and using close ups to show details. We’ve also learnt how to use cameras and how to edit the footage we took and to match it with audio. The best part was planning our project ourselves, we had a lot of freedom in the project; the instructors were really helpful and gave us advice but the projects were led by us.

“It was completely new to all of us and we learnt so much about filming, some really useful and interesting things. It was quite hard but fun and interesting as well.

Year 8

It was interesting to see how you can adapt and create a different story with the footage. We definitely needed perseverance in the project, we learnt to keep going even when we were stuck, we took chances, we got a lot of good shots and it worked out well. We really feel like we’ve accomplished something, it’s nice to see the finished product.” 12

Year 8

We learnt about the different angles and shots you can take and how to match up the sound waves with the frames. It’s given us a real appreciation for long documentaries and movies!”

Digital Learning ECA Learning to Code

Lisa Richards

Geography Curriculum Leader Thanks to the Annual Fund, Kowloon Bay now hosts an operating weather station on the roof of the campus. The weather station collects data at the Kowloon Bay site which students and staff can use to see past and present conditions. Students will be able to interpret this data, enhancing their studies in Year 7 and at IGCSE into weather, climate and map skills. Many students and staff have already visited the station to view the latest technology in operation!

These real-world, open source tools have given students a glimpse into the important 21st Century literacy of coding and programming, which will be a huge asset in the workplace of the future.

Kellett School is now also member of COWIN (the Community Weather Information Network) in Hong Kong. The Kellett School weather station is transmitting its data to the network which operates in partnership with the Hong Kong Observatory and Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Kellett joins a number of other schools in Hong Kong in COWIN as weather station number 146!

Tim Rylands We have been lucky enough to secure the services of Tim Rylands and Sarah Nield to work with our Teaching Staff at the beginning of the new academic year. Tim is a globally recognised expert on literacy, digital literacy and technology, who combines creativity and imagination to help students achieve more with their writing. Tim and Sarah will lead a full day of INSET for all prep teachers and TAs and will teach a number of large classes on both campuses. During these lessons, teachers will be released to observe how Tim works with students as he incorporates some of the techniques and technologies he has outlined in previous sessions.

Gayatri Singh, Year 5 “We have learnt different things like adding things to websites, taking things off websites, making games and even changing and breaking games!

Monty Juxon, Year 4 “I love it as I’ve always wanted to know how to make a game. Now that I’ve made my own game I know exactly how to play it, change it and if something goes wrong then I know how to fix it.” 13

Student Leadership

Matt Seddon

Deputy Head of Senior School

The funding of the Guest Speaker Programme encourages students to have an active role beyond the classroom and gain invaluable knowledge, broaden their skills and draw inspiration.

The whole Kellett community was recently inspired by Mark Rhodes, whose visit to the school was provided by the Kellett Annual Fund. Mark spent the day presenting to students of all ages, from Prep School to Senior School and was the Guest of Honour at our annual Awards Evening. Mark Rhodes, a Published Author, International Speaker, Business Mentor and Entrepreneur, spoke about adopting a winning mindset in all situations, and his message matched very closely with the growth mindset focus which we have had in our assemblies this year. Two important messages that were received by our students were to respond rather than to react to each situation and to approach life with the mentality of a four year old — focusing on the positive outcome, rather than the reasons why something may fail. Mark taught us to turn situations around and rather than thinking “I can’t do this”, instead approaching it as “ I haven’t been able to do this yet”. Thank you Mark for inspiring the whole school – we are confident that your words will have a positive impact on the whole school and our wider community.

Motivating students to look ahead to the future, to take initiative to change the status quo, to set a good example for others, to build team work and trust, and to encourage others to succeed, will help Kellett Students have the confidence to step forward and become the best leader they can be.

Guest Speaker Programme

Samantha Hill

Head of PE Faculty

Dan Parks Mark Rhodes Gavin Coates

Kellett students are very thankful to the Annual Fund for providing us with the opportunity to listen to the experiences of the Australian born rugby player Dan Parks. The students were a bit confused at first as this Australian born player had been one of the most successful players in the history of Scottish rugby. Dan went on to explain to the students the reasoning behind this. At a young age Dan realised that he was never going to achieve his aspirations of playing on the world stage representing Australia. In order to keep his dream alive his only option was to move to Scotland, where he was able to represent Scotland via his maternal grandmother. The message that he was trying to relay to all was to never give up on your dreams as anything is possible if you want it enough whether it be on the sporting field, the stage or in the classroom. As the students were walking out of the theatre a Year 8 boy was heard saying ‘if you believe in yourself anything is possible’, how right he is! 14

Hannah Wright

PFL year 4 teacher Gavin’s stories mesmerised the children and brought to life their local environment and some heart-felt messages about caring for the world around them. They were particularly enthralled by his illustrations and the personal touches he gives each of his characters. I am sure we now have some truly inspired authors in our class.


Genevieve Spizzirri Art Teacher

I had already taken Cathy’s iPad art room course just over a year before she was due to arrive in Hong Kong and I knew that she would be a delight to work with as her enthusiasm is endless and her knowledge and expertise boundless. She led a staff training workshop to give teachers and leaders a taste of the apps she was recommending and they all learned about the possibilities for one image - different ways to animate, work over in text, paint and the infinite ways to create unique art work from single starting points. It was a great day of learning for Kellett staff.

Music & the Arts The opportunity for students to engage in music & the arts, through band, chorus, dance, drama, art, design and the writing of original literary pieces, provides a means of expression, creativity and opportunity, in addition to the documented beneficial links to the sciences, maths and the natural world.

Artist in Residence

She planned a mix for our days together of leading the classes and working with me to enhance the existing curriculum and to lead art work forward. Cathy’s approach to technology is that if you can do it in the studio with paint and paper then there is nothing to be gained from doing it on an iPad - and I agree. So each and every technique and app that we slotted in will enhance learning in a unique way and enable us to push the traditional boundaries of art into a whole new set of processes. The students were engaged and excited and grasped strategies quickly, moving their work on to new levels. We look forward to seeing Cathy again soon.

Ian Murphy +

Cathy Hunt

iPad Art

We are delighted to be able to welcome Ian Murphy as our Artist in Residence, who will be working with Senior School students this coming October and November. With a degree in Fine Art, Painting and Printmaking, Ian’s area of expertise lies in drawing and painting, with a particular focus on discovering the visual experiences of the outside world. In his own words, he enjoys drawing the gritty, no-nonsense places like canal locks, railway yards and mine workings. Ian’s expertise and opinion has been continually sought over the years, speaking passionately about creative practice to such institutions as the BBC, the National Society for Education for Art & Design, and the British Council. Ian regularly works with art students during residencies and workshops and he loves having the opportunity to share not only his technical skills, but also his creative energy, to generate enthusiasm and passion for drawing and painting amongst his students. 16

Katherine Colquhoun Art Curriculum Leader

Cathy came to work with us in the Pok fu lam studio for three days and what a lot we learnt in that short space of time. We spent our time working with year Six on an app called ‘Foldify’ where students created their own net shapes and used pattern and photography to add to design to them before building them into 3D shapes. Year Three and four used an app called ‘Pictoboldo’ which allowed them to turn their faces into fruit and vegetable shapes taking inspiration from the Italian artist Giussepe Arcimboldo. They later used the app ‘Chatterpix’ to bring creatures that they had made to life using once again fruit and vegetables. They later recorded their voices to allow them to become animated. Year Five had great fun turning themselves into Picasso masterpieces by sticking abstract facial parts onto their own faces which they then took photos of they later put the photo into the app ‘Orange Cam’. This allowed the children to experiment with different filters and effects allowing them to create their own unique Picasso inspired pieces of work.

Aiyana Boggis

Mischa Yu

Camilla Fitzgerald

Ben Bowra

“We all made a drawing of our daily routine and videoed it in a time lapse! I really enjoyed the lesson and would love to do it again! My favourite part was seeing everyone’s different drawings and all the nice colours that we used. It was great!”

“One amazing art lesson we used time lapse to record our drawing process while we drew how we get to school. I loved this lesson because I like sketching, so this was a spectacular experience to brush up my skill.”

“Making the foldify creatures using the app ‘foldify’ was so fun and I was really sad when the lesson ended! I really enjoyed it because it was different and it wasn’t on paper. Thank you so much for coming! It must have taken a lot of effort to get here all the way from Australia!”

“I really enjoyed meeting the i-Pad artist Cathy Hunt. We made net creatures called foldify’s which were a lot of fun and we also then made them 3D from our net’s that we designed on the I pad. It was exciting to see them come to life! Foldify is a great app and its free! It is a quick and easy way to make a cute, scary, fun, little or big creatures.“

Year 4

Year 4

Year 6

Year 6


Orchestral Instruments


Joyce Ho (KLB)

Preparatory Music Curriculum Leader On the 30th May, 87 students from 6 International schools from Hong Kong gave their inaugural Orchestra Weekend Concert in the Kellett Theatre. Also making its debut were the timpani and double bass bought by the Annual Fund. The timpani provided our percussionists the opportunity to play on an instrument rarely found in a school orchestra and it gave the percussion section a wider range of sounds that was fitting to the pieces we played. The ‘cello is a popular instrument and is often seen in a school orchestra, however, the presence and the deepness of the double bass added an extra dimension to the sound of the string family. Not only did we look like a professional orchestra, we sounded like one too!

Sarah McLellan (PFL)

Leo Barnes

We have been lucky enough this year at Pok Fu Lam, to have benefitted from access to several student versions of the more endangered orchestral instruments. This has provided our students with the opportunity to take up one of these more unusual instruments and has meant that our Prep Orchestra now features a mini bassoon, double bass and saxophone.

I have really enjoyed playing the saxophone this year and it has taken me so far — like playing in the orchestra and the rock band. At first I didn’t want to try this amazing and exhilarating instrument but now I have, I haven’t regretted it and never will.

Not only does this enrich the sound of the orchestra itself, well beyond what you might expect of a Prep School Orchestra, it also means that children throughout the school have a greater awareness of the diversity of instruments which make up a full scale symphony orchestra. This has all been possible thanks to the Annual Fund and I think it’s fair to say that these instruments will give a lasting legacy of quality orchestral playing to these students and many to come in the future.

Yannis Sittas

Music Curriculum Leader


Year 6

Year 5

Thanks to the annual fund I could play an instrument I thought I would never play again due to the expensive price tag. When I first started the bassoon I had no idea I would be leaving the UK and might have had to give up my favourite instrument, but now I don’t have to!

Sporting challenges have always played a key role in Kellett aiming to promote sportsmanship, develop motor skills and nurture the principles of practice, persistence and patience.

Climbing Wall at KLB

Playground at PFL Prep

Chris Garvey

In 2012 funding was achieved for a climbing wall at Pok Fu Lam. After building permission was rejected by the Buildings Department, the funds were put aside and the project was reviewed. With the combination of partial funding towards the Playground priority for this year’s Annual Fund and the funds previously set aside, we are very excited to announce that a brand new climbing frame and wall concept will be installed in Pok Fu Lam in October.

Competitve Sport & ECA Coordinator/PE Teacher/ Deputy Head of MacLehose House We are pleased to announce that the Kowloon Bay Climbing Wall, a project from the previous 2013-14 Annual Fund, has been installed and has been greatly received by students, who have been using it since April. The wall has been a fantastic addition to the school facilities, once again proving why Kellett is a World Class establishment. It’s been great to see it used this term in the Extra Curricular program and plans are afoot to see this program expanded next year, thank you annual fund.


Thank YOU! Thank you to everyone who supported the 2014-15 Annual Fund. Each and every gift we received has made a real difference and has been critical to the highly successful implementation of the identified priorities. Your support is greatly appreciated. For those donors who have requested to remain anonymous, we acknowledge your kind contributions.

leaders in learning Participation in staff development programmes enriches an individual’s growth, helps develop the school’s intellectual repository and supports the delivery of the most up-to-date pedagogy for the benefit of all Kellett students.

Funds have been allocated to the Leaders in Learning priority and staff will have the opportunity to submit bids for courses they wish to attend that will support curriculum and student development. Our Student Wellbeing team will attend a 4-day ‘Discovering Positive Education’ course in October to gain knowledge on the areas of Positive Psychology and Mindfulness and how best to introduce these concepts throughout the school. The course will provide in-depth exploration of the science of wellbeing, with a focus on teaching the practical skills that the science of positive psychology has shown can have a significant and lasting impact on wellbeing. Leaders in Learning was our fifth and final priority and its funding concludes a highly successful third Annual Fund.


Anonymous (43) Jane & Lars Aagaard Duncan & Sian Abate Kathie and Warren Allderige Robert Allen Des & Beth Anderson Antonia & Nicholas Antoniou Henry & Mari Arnold Brooke Babington The Baghurst Family Laurence Bailey William & Ketsara Barron Mônica and Pedro Bastos The Batchelor Family Mr & Mrs Bayat Mr & Mrs Chris Beatty Franck Benhamou Mr & Mrs Bergkvist Rani Bharwani Mr & Mrs S Bird Mrs Jane Bird Willett & Carole Bird Lindsey Boggis Darren & Ann Bowdern James Bower Mark and Maita Boyne Mr & Mrs Michael Brady Stewart Brown Daniel Burke Peter and Samantha Burnett Gregory Butterworth Claire Cairns Justine & Shaun Campbell Samantha Campbell-Breeden & Richard Campbell Mr Kwok Yee Chan Ms Grace Chan Sam & Pearl Chan Ben & Katy Chandler Stephen Chang & Janis Chan Orson Cheng

Edward Cheung Mr Cheung Ching Ping Stephen Stephen Cheung Kelvin Chin Mr & Mrs Douglas Yau Mr Leslie Chow Thomas Chu Mr Aaron Goach & Ms Johanna Chua Teresa Chuk Mr & Mrs Damian Chunilal Mr & Mrs Chunn David Church & Zoe Henham Tama-Richard Churchouse Max and Jane Connop Richard & Sui Cook Patrick & Magdalena Corso Derek & Melanie Crane Mr & Mrs David Crane Bryan Crawford Natalie Da Gama-Rose Grace Daniel Peter & Brenda Davies Clive & Owen Dawes Jinus De Saint-Exupery Vicente Di Clemente Alex Dickson Leach Penny Donowho Johannes & Louisa Duttenhoefer Scott & Kelly Dyde Nathalie Edwards Marc & Lara Fabiani Mr Lee Falconer Linda & Attilio Ferrara Edoardo & Lisa Festa Bianchet Mr & Mrs P Fitzgerald Flynn Family Felix and Anthony Fong The Winstanley Girls Bruce & Amy French Gordon & Naseera French

Andrea and Valentin Garger Mr Simon Giddings Claire & Gavin Dow Filippo & Silvia Gori Stephanie & Peter Goulston Jim & Sabrina Grandolfo Stuart and Antonia Grant Gray Family Kevin & Nicola Green Anurag & Amita Gupta (Ayaan’s Parents) Pranay and Nupur Gupta Adrian & Siân Gurney Stephen & Frances Hall Insoo & Yun Soo Han Hanlons Mr & Mrs Mark Hardy Keiko & Mark Hargraves Jonathan Harris and Yuka Shigetomi John & Tina Hart Gwen Heath James & Barb Hicks Ms Jacquie Hills Damien Horth & Jacqueline Bennett Fiona Hubee Joyce Hui Ian & Wendy Hutton Robert & Leanne Jarrett Mr Mark Jones Kate & David Juxon Ana & Carlos Katsuya Katrina Kerr David & Sarah Kidd Nigel & Telina Kiernan Kalpana Desai & Mark Kinvig Desmond & Eleanor Ko Mr & Mrs Ryuji & Akiko Kobayashi Lawrence Kot Kowloon Veterinary Hospital Eddie & Christine Kubo

Donors; HK$0-$2,499 Supporters; HK$2,500-$9,999 Patrons; HK$10,000-$24,999 Benefactors; HK$25,000-$49,999 Principal’s Circle; HK$50,000-$99,999 Chairman’s Circle; HK$100,000-$249,999 1976 Society; HK$250,000+


Georges and Amy Lauchard Candy Law Mui Lan Patrick & Joey Yip Rachael Lawrence Lee Chee Khoon Sangme & Richard Coghlan Leung Wai Lun Gary Leung & Angelina Wong Nicholas Lewis Ms Sue Man Li Julie and Ronnie Lim Helen & Arne Lindman Hau Chun Liong Mr Llewellyn Angie & Dean Locke Nida & Jonathan Lowe David Ludwick & Diane Seerden Joe and Rita Leung Jeffrey & Barbara Macho Michael Maddison Simon & Alison Maddren Hanyi and Stefan Magnusson Mr. Marco Yu & Mrs. Yvonne Mak Tony Mak Stuart & Rebecca Maltas Virginia Man Drs Aggie & Darren Mann Family Markovits Michael Marquardt Emma & Steven Matthew Sue Mayooran Ms Ann Mc Donald The Aguirre McFarlane Family John & Kirsti McLean Hritesh Mehta Shakha Mehta Andrew & Kate Moore Ashley Moore Gregory & Tammy Morris Stephen Mosely & Carol Liao Stuart Mowbray Jeff & Katharina Muretta Yuen Fan Perdita NG Mr Raymond Ng & Ms Elaine Lau Cecilia NGAN Ying Lam Mark Nicholls Martin Nilsson & Svetlana Kumanova Mats H Olsson Michael Pak Jonas & Ingrid Palsson Neelkanth & Anagha Parekh 22

Rekha Pattnaik Scott & Laura Paul Mrs Cathy Poole Michelle Poon Dmitri Potishko Melissa and Nathan Powell Fiona & Malcolm Pratt Quinlivan Family Ian Reid & Sheena Graham Mr & Mrs Andrew & Lara Reynolds Lily Riddick Brent & Deborah Robinson Markus & Jane Rosgen Patrick & Hilary Rowe Belenda Ryan Nirupam & Charu Sahay Jagtar Singh Parents of Jai Saraf Larissa & David Sarkis Nicola Sawyer Brian Schwarzwalder and Nashra Rahman Mei-Kee & Soeren Seitz Stewart Shaw Mr & Mrs Sheopuri Tony Shukralla Chrissie & Paul Simons Mohit & Anuradha Singh Edward & Erin Sippel Caroline & Stefan Sonntag Smith & Jones Kyne and Warren So Paul & Gabi Solway Duncan & Katy Spooner Massimiliano Spoto & Emily Brown Robert and Sophie Stewart Keith Stone & Amy Zhang Robert Stoneley & Noeleen Farrell Ramya Subramaniam & Ganesh Natarajan Raymond & Lucy Suen Dr & Mrs B. V. Sundavadra Suttie Family Mr & Mrs Suwito Lee & Peter Tam Amo & Yoland Tauialo Dennis Tedja Kathryn Thomson John Tierney Jason & Terri Toms Mr Tim Edmonds & Ms Alison Treasure George Trowse & Claire Shukla Lorraine Tsang

Mark Tse Zach & Sophie Tuckwell Laura Howard and Dieter Turowski Mark & Kate Wallace Marcus & Katherine Walsh Becky & Daniel Wang Mr & Mrs Charles Wang Mr Chuang Wang & Ms Xue Ma Allan Wardrop-Szilagyi Mark and Samantha Webb Mr Robert Webb Steven Wells Jeremy Wernert Anthea Whitehead David Dudgeon & Amanda Whitfort Colin & Mandy Whittington Chris & Hiroyo Williams Mark & Victoria Williams Simon & Becca Williams Yoohee Won Andrew & Sherlynn Wong Esther Wong Lai Man Wong & Edward Cheung Wai Chi Wong Alex & Kerilee Woodthorpe James & Nicole Woolhouse Andrea Wright Hannah & Mark Wright Moneer Xiao Chih Yee Yap Sheung Kam Agnes Yau Mun Kin Yeung Sharon Yeung Mrs Sarah Yim, Mr Jeff Yim June S Yip Cecilia Yong Andrew Murfin and Catherine Young Adam & Kirsten Zaki Rong Zhong Mr & Mrs R. Zimmern Emily & Bryan Zolad Goldman Sachs Donors; HK$0-$2,499

Parent Advocate Recognition The Annual Fund would not have been possible without the help and support of the Parent Advocate team. We would like to thank our advocates for committing to the role and for an excellent job done. Mr Duncan Abate Mrs Sian Abate Mrs Brooke Babington Mrs Maita Boyne Mrs Carolyn Champion Mr Max Connop Mrs Linda-Jane Ferrara Mr Peter Goulston Mrs Sabrina Grandolfo Ms Lenny Imam

Benefactors; HK$25,000-$49,999 Principal’s Circle; HK$50,000-$99,999 Chairman’s Circle; HK$100,000-$249,999


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Annual Fund 2015/16 The planning has already started for the fourth Kellett Annual Fund and parents are invited to join the members of last year’s Advocate Team to promote this year’s campaign. Contact Fiona Hubée ( for more information. Thank you to the following Parents who have already confirmed that they will be Parent Advocates next year. They are more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

Supporters; HK$2,500-$9,999 Patrons; HK$10,000-$24,999

Ms Elizabeth Jizhar Ms Jo Kang Mr David Kidd Mrs Christine Kubo Mr Ronnie Lim Mrs Kazumi Marquardt Mrs Kirsti McLean Mr John Mortensen Mrs Maryam Pervez Mrs Lily Riddick Mrs Deborah Robinson Ms Charlotte Smith Mrs Pearl Tam Mrs Ritu Verma Ms Brenda Wang

Brooke Babington Max Connop Linda-Jane Ferrara Sabrina Grandolfo

Sian Gurney Lenny Imam Elizabeth Jizhar Pei Joh Kang Monica Kent Rakesh Manani Kazumi Marquardt Ann Mc Donald Kirsti McLean John Mortensen Jodie Moskey Deborah Robinson Charlotte Smith Pearl Tam Padideh Trojanow Brenda Wang Peter Goulston

The campaign period will run from 12 October to 4 December 2015 and donations are gratefully received during this time. Donations may also be made any time within the 2015/2016 school year. As a Hong Kong registered charitable organisation, donations to Kellett School Association Ltd are tax deductible and a suitable receipt will be issued for tax purposes. Friends of Kellett School Inc. (FOKS) is a not-for-profit corporation operating under the laws of Delaware. Donations to FOKS by US tax payers may be used in determining US Income Tax, subject to the US Internal Revenue Code.

1976 Society; HK$250,000+



Report from the Parents’ Committee This year has been another first for the Parents’ Committee as we held both the bi-annual Kellett Ball and the now annual School Fair, which would not have been possible without all of the wonderful parents who volunteered, and of course those who attended the events. The Parents’ Committee has further grown up this year with a fully-fledged Committee now in place at both Kowloon Bay Prep and Kowloon Bay Senior Schools. We saw some great new initiatives across both of the Preparatory Schools from Kellett Cares – collecting coins being one, which helped to raise an enormous amount of money for our chosen charities. As ever the end of the academic year means we have had to say farewell to some members of the Parents’ Committee. Katrina Walker, the Campus Co-ordinator for Pok Fu Lam, Sophie Hume who has ably managed the sports day catering for all 3 campuses (her brownies will be greatly missed next year), and last but by no means least, we bid farewell to Val Anderson, 24

who has been our School Liaison for more than 10 years. They will all be very much missed and go with our huge thanks for all the time they have put into the Parents’ Committee over the years. In January we held the Kellett Ball – our largest to date with more than 600 attendees in the Convention Centre. The theme was ‘Space’ and the costumes and effort the guests put in were quite literally out of this world! The evening was punctuated with some fantastic videos made by Angie Locke and our wonderful teaching staff. Thank you to everyone who participated in these brilliant videos and a special thank you to Angie as this was her last Kellett Ball. The evening saw some fierce bidding resulting in around $750,000 being raised for the Parents’ Committee fundraising initiatives. In what seemed to be no time at all after the Ball, it was time for the Fair. The Fair Chair Liz Adebiyi did an incredible job and almost 3,000 tickets were sold. It was a hot and sunny day, there was some delicious food, the dunk tank proved as

popular as ever for students and teachers alike, and there were many more games and activities to keep the children busy. The day raised around $350,000 for the Parents’ Committee fund, which along with the money raised at the Ball, has allowed us to donate to some exciting projects for 2015/16. In conclusion, we would like to thank you all for your generosity in supporting the events and the giving of your time to many of the areas the Parents’ Committee helps with in the school. We are very fortunate to have such a wonderful parent body and community spirit. My personal thanks to everyone on the Parents’ Committee and the Fair and Ball Committees and those involved with the Bookshops, Kellett Cares, the Yearbooks, Hospitality, Cooking Room and more. You have all given much of your personal time and expertise to the Parents Committee and we would not be able to do everything we do without you!

The school hospitality team has had another busy and enjoyable year. Aparna Kapur Shankar ably assumed the role of Kowloon Bay Prep Hospitality Coordinator, Deborah Robinson continued to look after Hospitality at Pok Fu Lam Prep and also Deborah and Nicki Taylor worked as joint Hospitality Coordinators to cater to the requirements of the increasingly busy Kowloon Bay Senior School. Our big events this year included the provision of Hospitality for the amazing Senior School production of Blood Brothers which ran for 3 days, the incredibly well attended Carols by Candlelight in the atrium, the ever popular prep school musicals also running for 3 days each (The Little Mermaid at Pok Fu Lam and Aladdin at Kowloon Bay), the entertaining Senior School Interhouse Music Competition, the lovely Kowloon Bay Prep Year 6 graduation, the Pok Fu Lam Year 6 graduation and finally the Annual Concert.

The team would like to specifically thank Val Anderson at Pok Fu Lam Prep, who has been an integral part of the Hospitality Team for many years and has always overseen the set-up, joined us behind the table herself and organised endless rotas of staff volunteers. Thank you Val, you will be sorely missed! Another special thank you goes to Jane Rosgen who has worked tirelessly as a stand in Hospitality Coordinator for many years and has helped us with nearly every function. We wish her well in sunny California, home of some good wines!

graduation evenings. We are also very grateful to the large number of parents, members of staff and, this year, many students including the School Student Leadership Team who jumped behind the bar to help out often at very short notice. We cannot mention you all by name as there are far too many of you but if you helped us during the year, please accept our grateful thanks and we hope to enjoy a drink with you next year!

We would also like to thank Sue Li for her assistance with hospitality arrangements at the Pok Fu Lam campus and Sarah Chillington, Maisie Chow and Bhawana Gurung for their invaluable help at Kowloon Bay. Thank you also to the Year 5 parents who traditionally step up to help with the very special Year 6 25


KELLETT CARES Kellett Cares has had another incredible year, growing both in the amount of money raised and the number of activities we have put on. The teams across all three campuses have worked hard to both inspire students to help those less fortunate than themselves, and to work together through enjoyable activities to raise valuable funds. Traditional Kellett Cares activities, including Pizza Sales, Christmas cards and paper, Reception tea towels, Easter Craft Kits and the Dragon Scale Sale have been wonderfully supported. New activities have been equally as successful, including a Bake Sale at Carols by Candlelight, Coins for a Cause, Sharing for a Cause, and used uniform sales. The annual trip to Bacolod was again inspirational and thought-provoking for students, teachers and parents, and helped to demonstrate the difference we can make through the money we raise.

At the time of writing, Kellett Cares looks to have raised over $170,000! Thank you so much to all the parents, teachers and students who have helped contribute to this amazing total. 26

Although in its second year, it is the first year the Parents’ Committee has had someone overseeing the Cooking Room at Kowloon Bay. It has come a long way, from the set-up, to processes and guidelines, to becoming a tidy and well-used part of the school. The Cooking Room has hosted two cooking ECAs in the first and second term, weekly reception cooking classes, holiday cooking throughout the year, the Year 1 baking of dinosaur bones and ‘The Great British Bake Off’, which the whole of the primary school competed in with great pleasure! As we look to further improvements in the equipment and processes for the next academic year, we also look forward to the children’s continued cooking!

Kellett Yearbook & Calendar A big thank you to everyone for helping put together this year’s three yearbooks. The yearbooks look fantastic and continue to get better and better. We are sure they will bring back wonderful memories. Our sincere thanks to Mrs Nupur Gupta, Mr Simon Giddings and Mr James Lo for putting together the yearbooks. We would like to say a very big thank you to all the parent yearbook volunteers and teachers for their contributions.


THANK YOU From Kellett school staff Outside of the parents whose names appear below, we are aware that a great number of additional parents also regularly volunteer their time to the school and we would like to acknowledge the work of the whole parent body. You help us to deliver the best educational experiences possible for our students. Thank you to all the parents who volunteer for School camps, trips, Saturday Soccer, in the classrooms and across the school. You have made a significant positive impact on the students and faculty at Kellett School and your contribution and support is greatly appreciated and encouraged.

Board of Governors

BookShops Pok fu lam Bookshop Thank you to Christine Paulus and Eugenie Hardy for running the bookshop. They are happy to report sales are steady and the numbers of donated books are growing. The profits from these sales go back into the school library to increase the number and ranges of books available to our children. KOWLOON BAY Bookshop Telina Kiernan and Annie Sundavadra passed the running of the KLB Pop-up Bookshop to Nikki Green and Angela McSheaffrey at Easter. Thank you to them and to all the volunteers who have helped run the bookshop again this year. The team are happy to report strong sales, with the profits going back into the school library to increase the number and ranges of books available to our children. 28

David Kidd

John Mortensen

Peter Goulston

Rakesh Manani

Duncan Abate

Arne Lindman

Emma Hanrahan

David Coles

David Baghurst Kirsti Mclean

Parents’ Committee Whole School Alex Dickson Leach Nupur Gupta Sophie Hume

PFL Prep

KLB Prep

KLB Senior

Katrina Walker

Telina Kiernan Nikki Green Angela McSheaffrey Annie Sundavadra Lynn Lawrence-Brown Becca Williams Aparna Shankar

Julie Lim Nicola Taylor Deborah Robinson

Eugenie Hardy Christina Paulus Sabrina Grandolfo Deborah Robinson Lily Riddick

PFL Kellett Cares Parent Volunteers Katrina Kerr Nicola Churchouse Tasha Butterworth Laura Howard Toby Yonge Jackie Walsh Becky Hsia Laura Georgulas Anuradha Singh Jacqueline Bennett Becky Elson

Amita Gupta Elaine Allen Sharin Cheung Gail Southward Ritu Verma Mehtab Cevdet Nicole Donaldson Myrna Jivraj Nimmi Malhotra Trisha Nichol Erin Sippel

KLB Kellett Cares Parent Volunteers Becca Williams Becky Maltas Liz Garner Kathie Barna Allderidge Caroline Redhead Jayne Purser Chrissie Simmons Aparna Kapur Shankar Clare Hammond Cat Preston Laura Georgulas Pearl Tam Julie Si-Griffiths Nicola O’Boyle Brooke Babington Bowers

Aliya Hussain Annie Sundavadra Kirsten Zaki Penny Donowho Sweta Mehta Kirsteen Zimmern Yoshka Bon Allison Jordan Willis Becky Hsia Michelle Taylor Joanna Jones Katie Graves Angela McSheaffrey Nicole Dane Julia Large Georgie Woods

The Fair Committee

Yearbook Volunteers PFL Nupur Gupta Fiona Pratt Paula Marriott Deborah Robinson Sabrina Grandolfo Victoria Trebell Becky Elson Rekha Pattnaik Rini Adhikari Catherine Young

Jacqueline Mellor Jenny Smith Heidi Fleming Gail southward Thangam Jayaram Sue Rydon Jess Hanning Leisha Grant Sally Henderson

KLB Melissa Powell Alex Chun Ann Sundavadra Becky Williams Amanda Dijanosic Lucy Wilkinson Maggie Suttie Kirsten Zaki Kerilee Woodthrope

Michelle Taylor Lynn Lawrence Brown Justine Campbell Melissa Edwards Adriana Gamez Rueda Tara Jenkins Lara Fabiani

The Ball Committee Alex Dickson Leach

Tracey-Lee Hayes

Angie Locke

Becky Hsia

Katrina Walker

Phoebe Wong

Sophie Hume

Joanne Piasecki

Natasha Lloyd

Kim Overman

Susan Corner

Susan Hempsell

Amanda Roddam

Lisa Perry

Jane Chaplain

PFL Bookshop Volunteers

Charlotte Woodger

Kellie Irwin

Aparna Kapur Shankar

Stephanie Goulston

Isabella O’Sullivan

Antonia Grant

Christine Paulus

Eugenie Hardy

Pippa Peech

Carolyn Champion

Susan Hempsell

Dianne Seerden

Susie Crombie

Sue Mayooran

Lauren Ward

Andrea Angell

Liz Adebiyi Jane Aagaard Jane Abercrombie Jane Bevan Samatha Carle Sarah Chillington Susan Corner Lucas Cox Melanie Crane Vanessa Dawson Alex Dickson Leach Leticia Dominguez Lara Fabiani Heidi Fleming Sabrina Grandolfo Susan Hempsell Becky Hsia Catherine Hughes Sophie Hume Telina Kiernan Julia Large Amy Lauchard Louise Lee Julie Lim

Angie Locke Natasha Lloyd Barbara Markovits Kazumi Marquardt Paula Marriott Leonora Murning Anagha Parekh Monica Perez Jo Piasecki Melanie Richmond Lily Ahn Riddick Charlotte Robbins Lucy Rooney Jane Rosgen Aradhana Saraf Larissa Sarkis Aparna Kapur Shankar Jane Sked-Connop Gail Southward Jamie Sparkes Annie Sundavadra Jo Soo Tang Becca Williams Allison Jordan Willis

Senior Year Coordinators

Emma Crawford

KLB Bookshop Volunteers

Charlotte Smith Jane Rosgen

Nikki Green

Annie Sundavadra

Sofia Mascia

Angela McSheaffrey

Telina Kiernan

Julie Lim


PFL Prep Class Parents

PFL Prep Library Volunteers

Heather Bateman

Sarah Shaw

Jane Abercrombie

Alex Black

Helen Preston

Jane Aagaard

Maryam Pervez

Radhika Sheopuri

Sophie Hume

Victoria Williams

Jasmine Wells

Jac Mellor

Rachel Tandy

Emily Zolad

Katherine Riggs

Nicky Green

Gail Jackson

Carly Davies

Brenda Davies

Kay Lambert

Nadine Lecocq

Susie Shaw

Emma Crawford

Donna Peters

Lauren Ward

Fiona Pratt

Christine Paulus

Nupur Gupta

Sophie Tuckwell

Catherine Hughes

Hanji Magnusson

Elizabeth Jizhar

Susan Hempsell

Nicola Thompson

Susan Hempsell

Isabella O’Sullivan

Antonia Grant

Pippa Peach

Sarah Gore

Sophie Hughes

Natasha Lloyd

Noni Dale

Gabi Solway

Isabella Shaw

Sarah Gore

Jacquline Horth

Heidi Bahr-Fleming

Sharin Yap (Cheung)

Sophie Hughes

Jenny Smith

Wendy Wang

Jane Rosgen

Peng Tang

Kirsten Grant

Paula Marriott

KLB Prep Library Volunteers

Melissa Badenach

Radhika Sheopuri

Claire Seddon

Alice Rees

Annie Sundavadra

Becky Maltas

Sophie Stewart

Noeleen Farrell

Becky Hsia

Karen Rowland

Morag Pyott

Sally Henderson

Laura Georgulas

Melissa Powell

Susan McNaughton

Leishea Grant

Melanie Crane

Lucy Wilkinson

Melanie Richmond

Kristin Tomaras

Silpa Kidd

Kazumi Marquardt

Sweta Mehta

Sonia Tierney

Janice Williams

Duncan Spooner

Jess Hanning

KLB Prep Class Parents Annie Sundavadra

Lynn Lawrence-Brown

Louisa Williams

Alex Fenton

Sam Foster

Justine Campbell

Nicola O’Boyle

Lynn Lawrence-Brown

Kerilee Woodthorpe

Claudia Kurz

Julia Large

Helen Bannigan

Michelle Taylor

Naomi Chunn

Telina Kiernan

Sonia Jackson

Charlotte Heathcote

Nicola O’Boyle

Amanda Dijanosic

Lorna Jones

Georgie Woods

Telina Kiernan

Akiko Kobayashi

Janice Williams

Aparna Shankar

Michael Ryan

Lucy Wilkinson

Senior School Library Volunteers

Carolyn Champion

Kathie Alldridge

Angela McSheaffrey

Karen Rowland

Cathy Davidson

Kirsteen Zimmern

Lara Fabiani

Yoshka Bon

Sos Moe

Adriana Gamez-Ryan

Emma Gooding

Melissa Edwards

Tara Jenkins


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