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What You Get Communication Your needs always come first. I provide the service we agree to, in the ways that work for you. Whether once a week, once a day, by phone, email or text message. That’s how we’ll do it. You’ll always be kept in the loop. From listing to closing, you’ll know the status of our marketing efforts, the offers on the table and the steps leading to a successful closing once an offer is accepted. We’ll agree on the communication method that works best for you. Experience and Expertise The complexities of your real estate transaction will be well-handled. Smoothing the way for your listing and sale, I will capably remove many potential challenges before they have the opportunity to appear. Marketing Your home will get the exposure it deserves. My marketing systems maximize your property’s exposure to buyers. Neighborhood tracking tools and automated buyer calling systems allow me to reach active buyers who want to know about your listing. Pricing Your home will be priced right, adjusted as needed, and will sell quickly. With a keen understanding of both the big picture and the very latest local and neighborhood listing and sales data, the information you need is at my fingertips. Staging Your home will put its best foot forward. Homes sell because of correct pricing and great presentation. I know what it takes to make the terrific first impression that will get your home sold. Satisfaction I’ll guarantee your satisfaction. Our relationship is dependent on meeting and exceeding your needs. We identify those needs together, and my cancellation guarantee protects your right to end our relationship if you’re disappointed.

Keith Connors • 727-466-5416 •

Extended Marketing Reach When you list with me, we’ll have access to the Keller Williams Listing System, or KWLS. This proprietary, exclusive system ensures your property is marketed online 24/7 through more than 350 of the most popular search Websites.

Keith Connors • 727-466-5416 •

The VERY BEST LOCAL SEARCH Marketing Reach And…When you list with me, we’ll have access to one of the top ranked KW Web Sites “on a local level” in the Nation! Marketed online 24/7 through over 40 locally owned domains of (#14 among over 10,000 ranked sites)

Keith Connors • 727-466-5416 •

Pricing Misconceptions It is very important to price your property at competitive market value when we finalize the listing agreement.







Buyers and Sellers Determine Value The value of your property is determined by what a buyer is willing to pay and a seller is willing to accept in today’s market. Buyers make their pricing decision based on comparing your property to other properties SOLD in your area. Historically, your first offer is usually your best.

Keith Connors • 727-466-5416 •

Pricing Your Property This is about strategy. I have based your recommended price on: • A detailed, custom market analysis • The unique characteristics of your home and its setting • My expertise in the real estate market My primary goal is to net you the most money possible. I believe this pricing plan, matched with my 14-step marketing plan, will draw agents and buyers to your home and position it as a highly appealing, highly competitive property.

Average Sales Price: $

Average Sales Price ($ / sq ft): $

Recommended List Price: $

Recommended Sales Price ($ / sq ft): $

Keith Connors • 727-466-5416 •

Preparing Your Home for Sale Did you know well-placed furniture can open up rooms and make them seem larger than they are? Or that opening drapes and blinds and turning on all lights make a room seem bright and cheery?

It's a fact: acquiring the highest market value and elevating your home above others in the same price range often comes down to first impressions. Here are some inexpensive ways to maximize your home's appeal: Exterior • Keep the grass freshly cut. • Remove all yard clutter. • Apply fresh paint to wooden fences. • Paint the front door. • Weed and apply fresh mulch to garden beds. • Clean windows inside and out. • Wash or paint home’s exterior. • Tighten and clean all door handles. • Ensure gutters and downspouts are firmly attached. Interior • Remove excessive wall hangings, furniture and knickknacks (consider a temporary self-storage unit). • Clean or paint walls and ceilings. • Shampoo carpets. • Clean and organize cabinets and closets. • Repair all plumbing leaks, including faucets and drain traps. • Clean all light fixtures. For Showings • Turn on all the lights. • Open drapes in the daytime. • Keep pets secured outdoors. • Play quiet background music. • Light the fireplace (if seasonally appropriate). • Infuse home with a comforting scent like apple spice or vanilla. • Vacate the property while it is being shown.

Keith Connors • 727-466-5416 •

Closing 101 The closing process finalizes the sale of your home and makes everything official. Also known as settlement, the closing is when you get paid and the buyer receives the deed to your home. Here are a few things to bring to the closing: • House keys • Garage door opener(s) • A picture ID What can you expect? The closing agent will look over the purchase contract and identify what payments are owed and by whom; prepare documents for the closing; conduct the closing; make sure taxes, title searches, real estate commissions and other closing costs are paid; ensure that the buyer's title is recorded; and ensure that you receive any monies due to you. What are your costs? Sellers commonly pay the following at closing:

• Mortgage balance and prepayment penalties, if applicable • Other claims against your property, such as unpaid property taxes • Unpaid special assessments on your property • Document stamps (or taxes) on the deed • Real estate commission • Legal fee or title insurance premium After the closing, make sure you keep the following for tax purposes: • Copies of all closing documents • All home improvement receipts on the home you sold

Keith Connors • 727-466-5416 •

Moving Checklist New Telephone Number: ____________________________________________ New Address: _____________________________________________________ Before you move, you should contact the following companies and service providers:

Utilities: ______Electric ______Telephone ______Water ______Cable ______Gas

Insurance Companies: ______Accidental ______Auto ______Health ______Home ______Life ______Renters

Professional Services: ______Broker ______Accountant ______Doctor ______Dentist ______Lawyer

Business Accounts: ______Banks ______Cellular Phones ______Department Stores ______Finance Companies/Credit Cards

Government: ______Internal Revenue Service ______Post Office ______Schools ______State Licensing ______Library ______Veterans Administration Clubs: ______Health and Fitness ______Country Club

Subscriptions: ______Magazines ______Newspapers Miscellaneous: ______Business Associates ______House of Worship ______Drugstore ______Dry Cleaner ______Hairstylist

Keith Connors • 727-466-5416 •

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Guide To Selling A Home  

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