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Model featured in “two: peas” Jewelry Ad: Jennifer Cowan Photographer: Hassan Rasul Hair/makeup Team of Jenesis Styles Pages 2-3

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From Communism to Catwalks Page 24 Writers: Simona Irimiciuc, Co author: Cristina Irimiciuc Editors: Simona Irimiciuc, Diane Aiello Fashion Designer: Shantidas Cover Photo by: Matthew Priestley, Matthew Priestley Photography

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Designer: Shantidas Models: Christina Keosky-Smith and Madison Brown Photographer: Stella Crowl Jewelry/accessories: RGK D’Zines Stylist: Shantidas

Designer: Shantidas Model: Christina Keosky-Smith Photographer: Rizalde Sherwood Jewelry/accessories: RGK D’Zines Stylist: Shantidas


Designer: Shantidas Male Model: Nikolai Rowe Model: Christina Keosky-Smith Photographer: Rizalde Sherwood Jewelry/accessories: RGK D’Zines Stylist: Shantidas


Designer: Shantidas Model: Tajsha Jordan Photographer: Rizalde Sherwood Jewelry/accessories: RGK D’Zines Stylist: Shantidas


Male Model: Nikolai Rowe


Designer: Shantidas Model: Madison Brown Photographer: Stella Crowl Stylist: Shantidas



Designer: Shantidas Models: Madison Brown & Brittany Brown Male Model: Jay Jordan Photographer: Rizalde Sherwood Jewelry/accessories: RGK D’Zines Stylist: Shantidas



Joyce “Jlynn” Gonzalez Lead Fashion Journalist/ Publicist As a Freelance Writer and Publicist specialized in the fashion and entertainment industry, Ms. Joyce Lynn Gonzalez of Jlynn PR Media has had the wonderful opportunity to represent and provide up and coming artists a means to tell their personal and intimate story. Whether it is an aspiring fashion designer, model/actor, musician/entertainer, or even major international fashion labels and brands, it’s all about finding the story behind the story---which for Jlynn signifies getting a more behindthe scenes look and candid portrayal of what makes the artist unique in where readers can engage and relate to, while providing artists the proper exposure to further advance in their career. The written word is discovering fresh new ways of being witty and interestingly charming by getting in touch with the human interest of every editorial she writes. “I enjoy doing a play on words and creating a lyrical language that sings a dialog in print that enlightens, uplifts, and inspires the human spirit.” Double majoring and acquiring a Bachelor’s Degree both in Journalism and English Literature from Point Loma Nazarene University---a private Christian college in San Diego, Jlynn has always had a passion to write, holding a position as a staff writer for her school paper and also receiving internships writing for The San Diego Business Commerce. She also had the opportunity to become the Editorial Director for the publication Volunteer San Diego which she attributes to teaching her how to genuinely reach the heart of a story. All her educational and professional experience has allowed her to marry her passions in life which is writing as well as immersing herself to a world of art, fashion, and culture within the entertainment industry. Ironically, her love for many different cultures, as well as, viewing fashion trends from around the world, Jlynn would be pleased to add travel writer to her repertoire of accomplishments---being an avid traveler visiting destinations in Europe such as London, Paris, and Flor18

ence---which are some of the fashion capitals of the world. Through her passion and desire, it’s no surprise that she landed an independently contracted position as a contributing writer and publicist for a lifestyle magazine in San Diego known as FINE Magazine, with features of fine upscale living in San Diego from luxury travel, real estate, fashion, dining, entertainment, etc.; it is a publication focused on the finer things in life. In essence, her involvement with FINE Magazine has paved the way to partake in representing FINE and covering events such as the La Jolla Fashion Film Festival, the San Diego Film Festival, and the San Diego Bay Food & Wine Festival just to name a few. And, was fortunate to be in attendance at 2011’s Orange County and LA Fashion Week, having the opportunity to meet amazing people within the fashion industry leading to such opportunities such as assisting in the editorial content for KEEL FASHIION MAGAZINE, and owning her own clothing line and online clothing store known as Curvalicious Fashion wear--- with partner, Chico Nieves Stevens. So, all fashionistas of all sizes from petite to plus-size women keep an eye out and be on watch for Curvalicioius Fashion wear to launch this upcoming 2012 with fashion shows and events making an appearance in a city near you. You can check out latest fashions and trends for JLynn’s online clothing store at www. or check them out on facebook at:!/pages/Curvalicious-Fashionwear/279243125443905 and like their page as a clothing company who is taking the steps to bridge the gap between petite and plus-size women embracing the beautiful sizes of all females.

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RGK D’Zines Ruchi Garg Kalra launched her jewelry studio, RGK D’Zines, to share her passion for fashion and her love of all things unique. Ruchi was born in India, spent her younger years growing up in Africa and then moved to the US in her teens. Through her multicultural world of travels she always managed to pick up unique pieces of ethnic jewelry that fuse multiple concepts and cultures. With her soulful blend of Indian heritage, African roots and American influences, Ruchi has an eye for seamlessly blending styles. What better way to share her love for fashion and travel than through creating a signature collection of jewelry as a tribute to her Indian heritage. The inspiration for these pieces dates back to the Victorian and Royal Mogul era in India. Ruchi’s designs are stylish and diverse and add a mystique to your own elegance. Her pieces perfectly combine old world traditions with new world elegance. These unique pieces are hand crafted using sterling silver, 24K gold vermeil, semi precious stones and fresh water pearls. Ruchi’s designs have created a following among Hollywood. Celebrity fans such as Jennifer Love Hewitt, Valentina Quinn, Sofia Milos, Brenda Vaccaro, Lindsey Haun, Katrina Law, Ashley Jones, Sarah Drew, Ali Fedotowsky, Chelsea Staub, Lauren Velez, and Natasha Alam have all been photographed wearing their RGK’s. Her collection has been seen on the red carpet at the 2011 Golden Globes, 2010 Emmy’s, Hollywood Gala, HBO and MTV premier parties. RGK D’Zines was recently featured at Phoenix Fashion Week. Her pieces were featured all four evenings by emerging and established designers on the runway, including celebrities for the Fashionably Pink event benefiting Susan G. Komen for the Cure. To compliment Ruchi’s signature collection, RGK D’Zines also showcases jewelry pieces from other designers from around the world. With Ruchi’s eye for curating culturally unique jewelry pieces, RGK D’Zines offers a collection of exclusive, one-of-kind pieces.


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Model: Tanya Luckie Photographer: Rizalde Sherwood Jewelry: RGK D’zines


Model: Tanya Luckie Photographer: Rizalde Sherwood Jewelry: RGK D’zines



“Communism”: a word that we’ve heard many times in our history books and in the news, but most people never really understand what it truly means to live in a state of communism. My family does, and if it were not for their journey, namely my father’s journey to America, I would never have had the freedom to be successful and to accomplish my dreams. His sacrifices and bravery gave me the opportunity to experience the simple luxuries in life, to attend and graduate college, and to have the opportunity at the age of fifteen to pursue my dreams of modeling. This is my father’s story. My father and mother’s names are Dorel and Cornelia Irimiciuc. They are both from Suceava which is in Bucovina, Romania. My family’s story began twentyseven years ago in our home country of Romania, located in Southeastern Europe. At the time, Nicolae Ceausescu was the head of the state and the leader of the Romanian Communist Party. Since 1967, his regime was increasingly brutal and rigid, spanning over several decades. The rules Ceausescu imparted were restricting and demoralizing, with the threat of grave punishment, even death, for those who did not comply. 24

Ceausescu’s regime compensated for Romania’s substantial growth in debt by taking away water, electricity, and food from the citizens of Romania. Romanians were made aware that electricity would be turned off two nights a week for five hours. Even so, the communists did not abide by the already-restrictive schedule, and people spent significantly much more time in the silent darkness than they were promised. While most homes had wells within walking distance, apartment complexes, on the other hand, only had access to water two to three hours per day, and during that short time, people filled up their bathtubs, pots and pans, and anything else they could find. They later heated up the water for bathing and cooking. The good meat was exported, leaving chicken and pigs’ neck, head, feet, tail, and internal organs on Romania’s store shelves for purchase. Unlike the freedoms we experience in the United States, the communist government controlled Romania from grocery shopping and media to religion, marriage and contraception. Families routinely woke up at early hours of the day so that they could wait in extensive lines for basic foods, like rice, milk, oil and sugar. Only 2.2 lbs. (one kilogram) of flour, oil and sugar was allowed per person each month. Not many households had the luxury of a television, but the few that did only received one channel, which portrayed Ceausescu and his wife, Elena in a false light. The news praised the dictator and his wife as if they were gods, highlighting all of their accomplishments and visits around Europe, which strategically kept the people of Romania naïve to actual governmental practices. My family are people of faith and practiced the religion of Baptist Christianity. The communist government did not agree with any form of Christianity, considering them a minority class. Some churches were demolished, and Christians were forced to pray behind closed doors in secrecy. My family and other Christians were discriminated against, making it difficult for them to find jobs and earn decent grades in school, no matter how hard they worked. Due to the governmental desire to increase the birth rate, only women over the age of 45 and who had at least four children were eligible for contraception and abortion, and there were penalties against unmarried people and couples without children. A sense of secrecy and distrust clouded the country of Romania, especially among those who wanted to speak against the regime. Regular citizens were paid or grantclick here to read full story uninterrupted

Cont on page 42



Designer: Cecyy Model: Nayeli Ponce Photographer: Ron Keel Stylist: Cecyy Hair: Diesel Salon Makeup: Caitlin Shanice


Designer: Cecyy Model: Nayeli Ponce Photographer: Ron Keel Stylist: Cecyy Hair: Diesel Salon Makeup: Caitlin Shanice



Designer: Cecyy Model: Kristin Vannieuwenhoven Photographer: Ron Keel Stylist: Cecyy Hair: Diesel Salon Makeup: Caitlin Shanice




Designer: Cecyy Model: Courtney White Photographer: Ron Keel Stylist: Cecyy Hair: Diesel Salon Makeup: Caitlin Shanice


Designer: Cecyy Model: Courtney White Photographer: Ron Keel Stylist: Cecyy Hair: Diesel Salon Makeup: Caitlin Shanice


Remain Alive: 2012 Cecyy Spring Collection The Cecyy Torres spring collection for 2012 known as “Remain Alive” epitomizes the inner-strengths of women as they overcome their challenges, remaining strong while following their passion and pursuits in their personal journey as they experience the many cycles of their life. Quite a right of passage from the days when Cecyy once saw herself as a personal stylist to the iconic “Barbie doll,” that many young girls could relate to dressing Barbie in her many trendsetting outfits. It was then, that she knew early on that she wanted to become a fashion designer or stylist, having the opportunity to dress the stars at various award ceremonies and major events. Ironically, one of her aspiring dreams to clothe a celebrity and have one of her dresses make an appearance on the red carpet at the Oscar’s --another iconic golden statuette that she would like to be acquainted with in her future. For Cecyy’s “Remain Alive” collection, Torres experimented with different textures and utilized elements of leather, overlaying chiffon and cheetah print with asymmetrical cuts, utilizing studs and beading for finishing touches in order to offer that edgier look---what Torres refers to as that “elegance with an edge.” Her fashion designs have been commented by her peers as looks that you would find on pop-star sensation—Rihanna. Torres acquired her educational training and received her Bachelors degree in Fashion BFA at the Art Institute in summer of 2011. She attained training in production and gained knowledge on the technical and marketing side of clothes that will be invaluable when she officially launches her Cecyy Line and establishes her boutique that will be known as the (Etsy Shop). As a fashion designer, Torres believes that some of the essential traits needed to be a successful is—“A designer [should] stay true to his/ [her] style [and] vision; [It is] someone [who possesses] elegance and creativity. [It is] someone that sees art in fashion [and who] has the vision to make art with fabric and embrace the female figure.” For more information on the Cecyy Collection with her latest fashion trends, and to inquire on couture custom design for women’s clothing, visit her on facebook:!/pages/Cecyy-Cecilia-Torres/174066102644297 35

Designer: Cecyy Model: Kristin Vannieuwenhoven Photographer: Ron Keel Stylist: Cecyy Hair: Diesel Salon Makeup: Caitlin Shanice



Designer: Cecyy Model: Brittany Geller Photographer: Ron Keel Stylist: Cecyy Hair: Diesel Salon Makeup: Caitlin Shanice



Designer: Cecyy Model: Brittany Geller Photographer: Ron Keel Stylist: Cecyy Hair: Diesel Salon Makeup: Caitlin Shanice



ed favors to become spies for the communists. Friends, fellow churchgoers, and even family betrayed each other in secrecy, including those who did not believe in the regime but needed the money or specific favor. Living in a society of fear and terror, my father was determined to provide a better life and future for our family. In Romania, my father, Dorel, started working as a mechanic at the age of sixteen. He worked at the mechanic shop for twelve years amidst constant, random shortages of water and electricity, often with no heat during the bitter cold winters of Romania. My dad was greeted at work everyday by a sign that hung on the wall with big red letters that read:

Dorel Irimiciuc


My mom’s brother, my Uncle Mircea Hostiuc, was the first in our family to escape to America, the freedom land. It was unheard of at the time; he was only 19 and escaped with two of his close friends. Their bravery planted further seeds of courage in our home village, Ipotesti. Although it was forbidden and extremely dangerous to cross the border, many Romanians tried to escape from their homes during the oppressive regime. From America, Uncle Mircea sent beautiful presents – luxuries that no one had ever seen before! Family and friends had a childish joy over clothing, perfume, sunglasses and watches. My father wore hats and t-shirts with the words “U.S.A.” or “America” printed on them to work with great pride. Naturally, such an act was frowned upon; however, he continued on with the hopes that the land of freedom would one day be his and his family’s as well. Through all the hardships they faced in Romania and signs of hope from across the Atlantic Ocean, my parents’ minds were made up – they wanted to go to America. They first tried to leave Romania legally through the American Embassy in the capital of Bucharest, Romania, but they were told that the wait would be a minimum of five years. On their way out of the embassy, a strange man approached them 42

and took their picture. My parents were frightened, and as they walked away from this man, my mother, Cornelia, swiftly looked back and saw that he was following them. This incident made my parents realize that they were under scrutiny and had to be extremely cautious. In the meantime, my mom’s cousin, my Uncle Daniel, worked as an engineer in a factory near the border, and he was secretly building a four-passenger submarine to help people escape. He spent his nights secretly in his garage and kept it from his own family. He built the machine in pieces and stored them in different places until it was ready to be assembled. When my parents received word that the submarine was ready, they knew it was time. My father created an escape plan with three friends from church. They would cross the Danube River into Yugoslavia. The four men drove to the city of Orsova, a place on the Danube Shore. From there, they planned to cross the river in the submarine. When they arrived in Orsova, ahead of them was already a family who was trying to escape with the help of Daniel’s submarine. Sadly, the family was caught, and Daniel was sent to prison for three months, where the conditions were labor-intensive and inmates were treated like animals. My father and his friends were forced to turn back. Once my dad returned to his place of work, he was arrested and discovered that security forces had followed the men and listened in on their phone calls for months leading up to their attempted escape. He and his friends were put on house arrest and had to report their every move. My father was only allowed go to work and home, and under no condition was he allowed to leave the city of Suceava. The failure on his first attempt did not weaken my father’s determination to escape. He rounded up two friends – Cornel, who came the first time, and Doru, who was his co-worker and very best friend. Since my dad was unable to contact Daniel directly when he was released from prison, my mother and Doru’s wife, Viorica, took a train to meet Daniel in person and discuss what needed to be done. When my mother and Viorica returned and shared all of the information with their husbands, the men planned a second attempt. The three men trained for months to be in good physical condition, worked hard and made further sacrifices to save money, and on July 9th, 1984, the journey began. 43

My dad pretended to be ill. He received permission to go to Iasi, a nearby city, to see a doctor. The doctor was a friend and in on the escape plan. The men used an elaborate plan to meet in Iasi by train. From the train stop, the men could see the river, which was wider than they had imagined, and Cornel changed his mind and turned back. My father and Doru continued on. They took a train to the capital, Bucharest, where my dad called home to let my mom know he would be “having surgery,” as they had planned. This bought him a couple days from work so he could begin the escape. When they arrived in Orsova, they met my Uncle Daniel, who agreed to take them to the Danube Shore. For the great risk Daniel was taking in helping them escape, they paid him 20,000 LEI each, an incredible sum of money at that time, that they had saved up. Daniel told them that the weather was not favorable – it had not rained for three to four months. Without rain, there was no possible way to escape, so he suggested the best friends return to Suceava and come back when the forecast showed rain. The men did not want to turn back after coming so far and were led up a mountain which neighbored the river to wait for rain to come. They waited in a small shelter that had been built previously by other fugitives. Uncle Daniel supplied the men with basic essentials, like food and water. From their vantage on the mountain, my father and Doru had a clear view of the river; they saw the Yugoslavian Border and a bus stop, which would be their meeting point once they made it across. Guards and soldiers densely populated the river shore all day and night with orders to shoot anyone who tried to cross the river. The two best friends waited four long days, but regardless of the high risk, there was only one option for them: head west to America. Rain began to fall on the fourth day. The men bowed their heads, prayed for safety, and thanked the Lord for the Promise Land. Soon, Daniel’s friend came to take the men down the mountain for their journey. The factory Daniel worked in produced electricity through the turbines in the Danube River. Daniel gave the two well-intentioned fugitives uniforms of factory workers to wear as a disguise. Daniel’s team made sure to distract the guards and disconnect the telephones from the speedboats so that the guards would not be able to call for help in case they were to see my father and Doru in their attempt to escape. The 44

men successfully made it through the factory to the other side and stood at the edge of the river. They each had a small bag of belongings tied to their waists. Without wasting any time, Doru began swimming, and seconds later, my dad was right behind him. The Danube River, at this time and location, was about one mile wide, icy cold, with fast currents going at approximately 20-30 miles per hour. It was raining and dark, making it impossible for the men to see anything. After over an hour of swimming in the fast and icy water, my father made it to the border at about midnight. Once he hit Yugoslavian land, he was pale and shivering violently from the freezing water. He changed his clothes and struggled to make it to the bus stop, asking several strangers for directions. The specific bus stop where the two best friends decided to meet was empty. Tragically, Doru never came. My dad waited for several hours before someone noticed he was a fugitive and turned him in. He was taken to the police station and held in jail for 20 days for trespassing. Once he was released, my dad, along with the other fugitives, underwent an interviewing process. Most of the Romanian runaways were put on a bus and sent straight back to Romania. My dad and only a few others passed the interviewing process and were transported to a United Nations refugee camp in Belgrade, Serbia for four months. It had been over a month, and my mom was sick with worry over her husband’s whereabouts. She feared the worst and began to believe my dad was no longer alive. Finally, my father was able to reach a phone and call to let the family know he was alive. My grandma, Marita (my Cornelia Irimiciuc mom’s mother) answered and could not believe that someone would call and pretend to be Dorel. My dad pleaded that it was really him, and he was alive! My mother, my grandma and grandpa, Maftunea and Ion (my dad’s parents) and the rest of the family cried tears of joy. However, for my father, it was bittersweet, and he was saddened to bring Doru’s wife, Viorica, the bad news of her husband’s unknown whereabouts. To this day, what happened to Doru sadly remains a mystery. In the refugee camp, there were people from all over Eastern Europe, including Cont on page 114



Designer: Maybella Chic Model: Chelsea Dalton Photographer: Ron Keel Jewelry/accessories: Jenesis Styles Stylist: Jenesis Styles Hair: Jenesis Styles Makeup: Jenesis Styles/ Kelly Baker



Designer: Mabella Chic Model: Chelsy Dalton Photographer: Ron Keel Stylist: Jenesis Styles Makeup: Kelly Baker


Designer: Maybella Chic Model: Micki Le Photographer: James Perez Jewelry/accessories: Jenesis Styles Stylist: Jenesis Styles Hair: Jenesis Styles Makeup: Jenesis Styles



Designer: Maybella Chic Model: Gabbi Sosa Brad Murphy Photographer: James Perez Jewelry/accessories: Jenesis Styles Stylist: Jenesis Styles Hair: Jenesis Styles Makeup: Kelly Baker



Designer: Maybella Chic Model: Gabbi Sosa Brad Murphy Photographer: James Perez Jewelry/accessories: Jenesis Styles Stylist: Jenesis Styles Hair: Jenesis Styles Makeup: Kelly Baker



Designer: Maybella Chic Model: Brianna Taylor Jay Jordan Photographer: James Perez Jewelry/accessories: Posh a’la Mode



As a toddler, Jenesis displayed a love of art. She scribbled on every piece of paper lying around to include mail and other important documents. There, she made her own colorful fantasy world. She soon moved on to Barbie Dolls and took apart the pre-made outfits in order to create her own designs. She sketched these outrageous dresses with matching shoes and jewelry for her dolls. This all occurred before she began school. Even as a kindergartner, she enjoyed laying out her outfits the night before; down to the matching hair barrettes and socks. She rarely came home with a spot of dirt on her clothes. Her mother always encouraged her to be her own person, to make choices that were best for her and not give in to peer pressure. I guess that transferred over into her fashion sense. Throughout high school Jenesis seemed to pay more attention to what she was wearing to school each day than her actual school work! She designed dance outfits and costumes for plays she was involved in. In her senior year of high school, she submitted a fashion merchandising business plan to the Art Institute of AZ and won a small scholarship. The summer after graduation, Jenesis was selected for two internship opportunities. The first internship was with the Phoenix Fashion Week project. Attendance at meetings all over the valley with other interns, make-up artists, fashion stylists, hair designers and clothes designers was exactly where Jenesis wanted to be. She was assigned as head of accessories for the entire event and had the opportunity to form working relationships with established and up and coming designers such as Mabella Chic and Deeds of Love. This opportunity exposed her to the highs and lows of the fashion world and developed a need to become a fashion stylist. With the end of fashion week, Jenesis launched her own business as a fashion stylist named Jenesis Styles. She has established an ever growing team of makeup artists, hair designers, models and photographers to assist in meeting the customers’ individual needs, from photo shoots to video shoots to personal shopping. She has even dabbled in the modeling arena at the persistence of some of her fashion associates. Jenesis also was selected as an intern with CBS radio during the summer of her graduation. There, she was exposed to the world of event planning and marketing. She was selected to remain in a paid position at the end of her internship period as a Contest Coordinator. She thoroughly enjoys her position in the marketing field and hopes to do more in the event planning department. Attending concerts and events is a major benefit of the job as well. All of the experiences of the past year have developed a real sense of fashion and business for Jenesis. She is not limited to clothing or jewelry, but to the art of accessorizing. Accessorizing to her is the embellishment of one’s own character, using clothes, jewelry or just emotional support. She believes everyone deserves to look and feel beautiful. People should not be limited to thinking they have to be a preferred clothing size or type or even color to look good. Fashion is a state of mind and is defined by each individual.



Photographer: Cedric H. Jones


“For the flawless sexy beach wave, use a medium to large curling iron, and curl up to half way of the hair, and when finished curling the hair make sure to play with your curls, because messy is in and perfect is so last year. “

Ale Caballero Hair Artist Adjust your makeup for the light that you’re going to be wearing it in.

Erika Deneweth Makeup Artist

“Oily Scalp and no time to wash your hair? No problem! When desperate you can use baby powder or flour as dry shampoo! Here’s how: Part hair and place powder/flour at the base of the hair close to the scalp, let sit for about 2-5 mins., then brush out. I prefer the powder because the flour tends to have a grittier texture.”

Raye Shao Hair and Makeup Artist 60

Auggue “Essential tools for that smooth sexy hair is a round brush & blow dryer with nozzle attachment”

To achieve that fresh out of the salon blow dry, Don’t be afraid to use your cold Shot button, it will seal the cuticle and give you maximum shine!

Aaron Gordon Hair Stylist

I believe eyebrows are the most important feature on your face. Eyes are the windows to your soul and your eyebrows are the frames for those windows. Eyebrows give your face structure and there is a different eyebrow for every person. Secondly, smile! Everyone looks better with a smile.

Rayanna Tucker Hair & Makeup Artist

When applying foundation move your foundation brush in a circular motion. This will create an airbrush effect!

Nicole Diaz Makeup Artist



Designer: Maybella Chic Model: Chelsea Dalton Brad Murphy Photographer: James Perez Jewelry/accessories: Jenesis Styles Stylist: Jenesis Styles Hair: Jenesis Styles Makeup: Kelly Baker


Designer: Maybella Chic Model: Gabbi Sosa Photographer: James Perez Jewelry/accessories: RGK D’Zines Stylist: Jenesis Styles Hair: Jenesis Styles Makeup: Jenesis Styles



Photographer: Randy Strain

From the exotic sun-kissed beaches of Brazil, lies a landscape where beautiful people effortlessly ooze sex appeal as the sun naturally sets down on the horizon of our ocean floors. This alluring destination is not only a place where the people and culture exude such a love and passion for life, it is also a land that is considered home to some of the most gorgeous models we see in the world of fashion today, bringing to life the term “Brazilian Bombshell.” It’s not much of a secret seeing these Brazilian beauties such as Gisele Bundchen, Adriana Lima, or Alessandra Ambrosio grace the catalog pages of Victoria’s Secret, marking Brazilians as some of the most gorgeous people on the map. However, we do not have to travel all the way to Brazil to catch a glimpse of one of these

strikingly good-looking Brazilian models. Upcoming Brazilian model and actor, Marcelo Mancini, currently resides and lives in the lovely coastal town of Del Mar sending out his message of “Lovee” throughout the world. If Marcelo is not riding the waves of the San Diego coastal beaches, or being seen on several advertising campaigns throughout southern California, he is spreading love to less fortunate children by helping to provide medical research and funding for children with certain illnesses through his t-shirt company, “Lovee.” So, not only does his beauty lie with his tall, dark, and handsome exterior, it also resides within his heart of compassion--- never forgetting his roots, recalling as a young child many of the poverty-stricken families who lacked adequate health care in some of the more underprivileged neighborhoods of Brazil. So, as he left for the United States at the age of 15 and headed straight to the beaches of Del Mar, Marcelo was thrilled to be within a couple of hours away from the glitz and glamour of Hollywood; the place where movies were made and movie stars were born while also being close to one of the US fashion capitals----Los Angeles. But, Marcelo always knew that with whatever success he attained, he would never lose his 66

Model: Marcelo Mancini Photographer: Randy Strain


Model: Marcelo Mancini Photographer: Randy Strain


entrepreneurial spirit to give back to the community through spreading joy and love with his craft of being a model and actor along with his humanitarian contributions with his company, “Lovee,” in order to make a difference in the world. As an emerging model and actor, Marcelo can be considered a celebrity personality of San Diego landing advertising campaigns with major high-fashion designers and clothing brands such as Hugo Boss, Versace, Gucci, Prada, and Taylor Made just to mention a few. He was also cast in Baywatch Hawaii and played a role in the movie called, “The Ride,” and also played the character Jean Pierre Sabrochinni in a short film called, “Pop the Question.” Working as a professional model for more than twelve years, Marcelo is definitely paving his way through television and on-screen film to be one of the first Brazilian male models and actors to hit Hollywood and the Los Angeles fashion scene. While Marcelo continues to progress in his craft pursuing modeling and acting simultaneously, the key to his success is maintaining a balance. “For me, it is a balance between looks, heart, and mind,” he commented. “I believe modeling and acting to be very similar [but also] far apart from one another. A good actor does not make a good model and [a good model does not make a good actor]. I bring to modeling what modeling requires and acting what it requires.” Born in Sao Paulo and being primarily raised in Rio de Janeiro, as a child, Marcelo developed such a passion for American movies, and reminisces on reciting the lines of popular American films not even understanding what he was saying at the time, and merely immersing himself into character with the dialogue of each scene. Although, now fluent in English and being versed in three other languages---- Portuguesse, Spanish, and a bit of Italian, it is evident that his love for acting along with taking on the fashion world would be a career he was destined to pursue. It must have run through his blood line having a grandmother and an aunt who were considered to be Brazilian super models in the 80s. And, by the age of eight, Marcelo landed his first professional modeling job, posing for a 1900s Renaissance-themed advertising campaign that was used as a photo insert for a local framing company in Brazil. Marcelo still has that same image of himself framed as a photo that serves as a little reminder of his youth and the ambitions he had for himself as a young boy. But, also the image is a means of reflecting on what he has accomplished in the present and what he is striving for towards his career for the future. For Marcelo, “it is the love and commitment [he has] for modeling and the entertainment industry,” commenting; “I strongly feel like I have a gift of expression and the need to send a message to the world whether [through] laughter [or] love….towards a just cause.” Marcelo is currently managed and represented by Carol Scott w/ CESD Talent Agency in Los Angeles, so be on the look out for Marcelo to grace the covers of major magazines, advertising ads, and TV commercials while he spreads his “lovee” back to the community. For more information on Marcelo and his current projects visit: 69



Designer: Ephemeral Fashions Model: Briana Robertson Photographer: Jesse Paulk Hair/Makeup by: Rachel Koszegi



Designer: Ephemeral Fashions Model: Nuvia Magdahi Photographer: Stella Crowl Jewelry/accessories: Jenesis Styles Stylist: Jenesis Styles Hair: Jenesis Styles Makeup: Jenesis Styles



Designer: Ephemeral Fashions Model: Stacey Hane Photographer: Stella Crowl Makeup: Erika Deneweth



Designs by Carolina Cecena

By: Joyce “Jlynn” Gonzalez

Drawing sketches at a very young age, Carolina Cecena developed her passion to create while helping her mom sew and make various decorations. She was always fond of looking over the latest trends in her favorite magazines and became fascinated watching the beautiful designs appear on the catwalks of the major runway fashion shows. It’s not a wonder that later in life, Carolina decided to pursue a career in fashion and design and enrolled at the Art Institute in San Diego, and is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Fashion and Design and is scheduled to graduate in summer of 2012. Being born in San Diego and raised primarily in Baja California, Carolina feels extremely fortunate to have the opportunities to follow her dreams and become a fashion designer, sharing her vision with all the creativity she was exposed to as a young girl and see her designs come to life. “What motivates me to create new designs are the love for painting, fashion, and [the laborintensive] details [involved with the creative process].” This drive has been part of me since I was a little girl,” Cecena had intimately shared. “I enjoyed watching fashion shows, design contests, and reading fashion magazines. My latest clothing line is a reflection of my gathered experience and I’m very happy to show it to everyone.” The Carolina Cecina Collection draws from elements that are classy and feminine with a touch of simplicity and elegance. And as Cecena stated, “Each piece is made with love and dedication [which] is designed to be comfortable and beautiful as well.” Some of Cecena’s inspirations are with fashion moguls who have transcended the era of fashion through their timeless creations that include fashion designers such as Oscar de la Renta. Cecena shared how much she admires his clothing for being consistently distinct and modern accentuating that extremely romantic feminine touch. Though having her own signature look, she admires his innovative styles, and would like to someday align her 78

designs to this the type of caliber of women’s clothing. Some of Cecena’s professional experience within the industry is working as a sales consultant/associate for companies such as the Limited, Bath and Body Works, JC Penny, and Michael Kors, and feels that her time working within the retail industry has helped her relate and gain a better understanding of the overall needs of consumers. So, in designing her fashions, she always keeps in mind the best interest of her clientele. This has been one of her key formulas for success with her continued progress in her career pursuits and someday would like to own her own boutique, starting off locally and expanding internationally to destinations such as Italy and France. As an up and coming fashion designer, Cecena feels that she separates herself from other designers by embracing her Mexican heritage, which she finds is enriched with much history and tradition in where she could draw inspiration from. Cecena believes that, “Fashion is a form of expression. [It] is one of the many art forms we have. Like many other mediums, it connects with our history and culture. An amazing designer .… someone that manages to create poetry in a garment, or someone capturing the spirit of a song in design. [It] is someone [who] is in touch with [their] history and is able to renew some of its elements and [provide] a new twist….connecting [and offering a new form of expression.]” To read up more on Carolina Cecena and view her latest designs you can go to: facebook at: 79

1. Double sided tape is your best friend; never do a job without it. 2. Accessories are key essentials to an outfit, so make sure they are well organized and placed in individual bags so they are easy to find later. 3. Just because a model is already skinny, don’t be afraid to use spanks. They are a good tool for a more tone look on any models body!

Photographer: Jade Chapat

Photographer: Jade Chapat

4. When preparing for a photo shoot make sure you see the models first, sometimes it helps for creating a better look. 5. Always be sure to have good communication with the hair stylist and make-up artist, in the end you all have to work together. 6. Silicone Gel Petals will save you from bra malfunctions, and unexpected nipple appearances. This is a must have in your style kit!

Photographer: Jade Chapat

7. Magazines are great inspirations, I always create a collage of inspirations just to keep my creative mind flowing. 8. Fashion Blogs are always good to stay in tuned with ‌ fashion is very opinionated and you must know all sides! 9. Any colorful belt is a perfect accent to a casual look. 10. Fashionable flats can be as sexy as those red high heel pumps !


Photographer: Jade Chapat

Designer: Jenesis Styles Model: Kaile Magana Photographer: Hassan Rasul Jewelry/accessories: Two Peas Stylist: Jenesis Styles Hair: Jenesis Styles Makeup: Jenesis Styles


Designer: Nicole Suerez Model: Krystin Colby Photographer: Hassan Rasul Jewelry/accessories: Jenesis Styles Stylist: Jenesis Styles Hair: Jenesis Styles Makeup: Jenesis Styles


Designer: Jenesis Styles Nicole Suerez Model: Craig Wilson Chris Williams Kaile Magana Jennifer Cowan Krystin Colby Photographer: Hassan Rasul Jewelry/accessories: Two Peas/Jenesis Styles Stylist: Jenesis Styles Hair: Jenesis Style


Model: Tessa Aleaxander Nikolai Rowe-next page Jewlry: two peas/ Posh a La mode Makeup: Kelly Baker


Model: Tessa Alexander Photographer: Rizalde Sherwood Jewelry/accessories: Two Peas / Posh a La mode


Model: Stacey Hane Photographer: Ron Keel Jewelry/accessories: Posh a la Mode/ two peas



Designer: RGK D’ zines Model: Briana Greer Photographer: Rizalde Sherwood Jewelry/accessories: RGK D’ zines



Beauty by Shanice w/ Caitlin Getting her start in the world of beauty and fashion as a model, Caitlin developed a fond affection for the artistic element entailed with cosmetics. And, as she participated in runway fashion shows while observing the behind-the-scenes of all the styling and creativity that was entailed for all the looks of each model, Caitlin somehow knew she had a knack to do makeup herself. This began a strong desire of learning how to apply make-up and wanting to pursue a career as a make-up artist. As a result, she began doing freelance work and began learning the tricks of the trade while being self taught. She established a clientele through doing makeup on young girls who were going to the prom or their school formals as a means to practice and quickly progressed into doing make-up for friends’ weddings and for women who were attending formal events. Soon after she decided to start her business, and launch Beauty by Shanice. Some of her recent projects she participated in was performing make-up as well as modeling in the photo shoot for “Operation Calendar;”--- a fundraising event to sell calendars in order support the wounded military soldiers overseas. Caitlin also recently signed on as the lead make-up artist for the clothing line, Curvalicious Fashionwear, to coordinate all make-up for all their photo shoots and runway fashion shows. For Caitlin and Beauty by Shanice, she definitely would like to take her expertise and become a household name as a celebrity make-up artist. “Being….known for great make-up and [having] that fashion sense within the glamour of that celebrity life-style is something that I feel will catch on with my brand and company,” shared Caitlin. “I really love what I do, so the hard work that I put into it doesn’t really feel like work at all. I think it’s because of my desire to continually perfect a certain look and bring that uniqueness through my personal craft of make-up artistry.” If interested in booking an appointment with Caitlin and Beauty by Shanice, you can contact her through her facebook at 90



Designer: Carolina Cecena Model: Monica Vettter Photographer: Ron Keel Hair: Caitlin Shanice Makeup: Caitlin Shanice


Designer: Carolina Cecena Model: Monica Vettter Photographer: Ron Keel Hair: Caitlin Shanice Makeup: Caitlin Shanice



Designer: Carolina Cecena Model: Brittany Geller Photographer: Ron Keel Hair: Diesel Salon Makeup: Caitlin Shanice



Designer: Carolina Cecena Model: Brittany Geller Photographer: Ron Keel Hair: Diesel Salon Makeup: Caitlin Shanice



Designer: Carolina Cecena Model: Courtney White Photographer: Ron Keel Hair: Diesel Salon Makeup: Caitlin Shanice



Designer: Carolina Cecena Model: Nayeli Ponce Kyle Kirkland Jesse Barba Photographer: Ron Keel Hair: Diesel Salon Makeup: Caitlin Shanice



Designer: Carolina Cecena Model: Nayeli Ponce Photographer: Ron Keel Hair: Diesel Salon Makeup: Caitlin Shanice



Designer: Carolina Cecena Model: Kristin Vannieuwenhoven Photographer: Ron Keel Hair: Diesel Salon Makeup: Caitlin Shanice



Designer: Carolina Cecena Model: Kristin Vannieuwenhoven Photographer: Ron Keel Hair: Diesel Salon Makeup: Caitlin Shanice




Designer: Carolina Cecena Model: Monica Vettter Kyle Kirkland Joshua Honore Photographer: Ron Keel Hair: Caitlin Shanice Makeup: Caitlin Shanice


Designer: Carolina Cecena Model: Monica Vettter Photographer: Ron Keel Hair: Caitlin Shanice Makeup: Caitlin Shanice



Albania, Russia, Poland, Bulgaria and several other countries. The refugees were regularly checked up on and had to abide to a schedule. From camp, they had to apply for sponsorship in America so that they could leave Europe. Refugees could apply for sponsorship from friends, family, an organization, or a church. My father applied for sponsorship through my Uncle Mircea. After four long months in the refugee camp, my father’s application for sponsorship was accepted. He was then sent to Italy for almost two months, and after a few more minor struggles, my father finally stepped foot in New York City for the first time on November 7th, 1984. From New York, he flew to Arizona where my Uncle Mircea helped him begin a new life for him and his family. It was two years later when my mother, Cornelia, my seven-year-old brother, Marius Lucian, and I, Cristina, at 18 months old, arrived in the United States of America. [See photo-Marius and Cristina ]. My family was finally reunited. Another couple years later, two little miracles arrived, 15 months apart – Simona Ruth and Martha Maria. [See photo-Marius, Cristina, Simona, Martha] In 1989, the streets of Romania rejoiced the collapse of the communist era. Romania was no longer filled with terror. Our home country returned to its scenic beauty, rich in art and history. Though most will never know the suffering and persecution of living in the Ceausescu regime, there are far too many who do. This story is to pay respect and acknowledge those who endured the suffering of this era. It is to those who made an attempt to escape, successfully or unsuccessfully, and to all those strong families who stood behind their heroes.

In loving memory of Doru Cojoc I am filled with gratitude for all of my family members who were involved in this heroic story – my father’s incredible bravery and mother’s unmoving support. I 114

am grateful to God for my family’s love and encouragement. For me, my family’s journey to America gave me the freedom to accomplish my goals and dreams without the fears that my ancestors faced. My Romanian roots have grounded me to be the person I am today. Knowing the sacrifices that my parents’ made are a daily reminder of my freedom and the blessings that come with it. I am also thankful for my mother’s time and support with my career and for believing in me. I truly believe that your inner beauty shines and makes you who you are. Thank you, mom and dad (mamica si taticu). I love you. [See Photo below –Cristina in Romania] Cristina speaks Romanian fluently and goes back to visit her family in the city of Suceava as often as possible. She graduated from Arizona State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications, and currently splits her time between Scottsdale and Los Angeles. She is signed with the prestigious FORD/Robert Black Modeling Agency in Scottsdale, Nous Model Management (NU Talent) in Los Angeles and No Ties Model Management in San Diego. To list some of her accomplishments, she has appeared in numerous magazines and on covers, as a guest on America’s Next Top Model Cycle 15 Episode 7, and has worked with award winning and established photographers. She plans to continue her modeling career and is very grateful for this opportunity to share her family’s story. Writers: Simona Irimiciuc, Co author: Cristina Irimiciuc Editors: Simona Irimiciuc, Diane Aiello



Designer: Black Russian Label Model: Madison Farrell Photographer: Stella Crowl Jewelry/accessories: Posh a la Mode RGK D’zines



Designer: Black Russian Label Model: Nikolai Rowe Madison Farrell Photographer: Stella Crowl Jewelry/accessories: Posh a la Mode RGK D’zines


Designer: Black Russian Label Model: Nikolai Rowe Madison Farrell Photographer: Stella Crowl Jewelry/accessories: Posh a la Mode RGK D’zines



Designer: Black Russian Label Model: Dez van Arkens Photographer: Stella Crowl Jewelry/accessories: Posh a la Mode/ two peas



Designer: Black Russian Label Model: Dez van Arkens Photographer: Stella Crowl Jewelry/accessories: Posh a la Mode/ two peas




Designer: Black Russian Label Model: Amanda Olliver Jay jordan Photographer: Stella Crowl Jewelry/accessories: Pos A La Mode/ Jenesis Styles Stylist: Jenesis Styles


Designer: Black Russian Label Model: Amanda Oliver Jay jordan Photographer: Stella Crowl Jewelry/accessories: Posh a la Mode. Jenesis Styles


Designer: Black Russian Label Model: Drisanna Rose Photographer: Rizalde Shewood Jewelry/accessories: two peas Makeup: Kelly Baker


Designer: Black Russian Label Model: Drisanna Rose Jay Jordan Photographer: Stella Crowl Jewelry/accessories: two peas Makeup: Kelly Baker



Designer: Black Russian label Model: Dez Van Arkens Photographer: Rizalde Sherwood Jewelry/accessories: Posh a la Mode two peas Stylist: Jenesis Styles



Mod Mick Phot Stella Jewe RGK


del: ki Le tographer: a Crowl elry/accessories: K D’ zines


Camille Wood

One dime and a box of animal crackers and my modeling career was off to a great start. Great that is, until I grew up and realized that 5’ 2” does not qualify as runway material. No matter, for instilled deep within me by my mother, Vogue model and fashion/beauty consultant, was a love for art, fashion and design that was to take me down many exciting roads. Learning to paint (canvases, not houses) later gave birth to a lovely little art gallery, Camille’s Paintings & Art, in Scottsdale. Later, with the ‘model’ still crying to get out, I trained at John Casablancas. “ You’re too short for runway, but with that smile you could sell a box of Tide to anyone”, and thus began my rather brief career in television. Prior to my foray into hat designing, I was an on-air radio personality for one of Buck Owens’ radio stations, worked briefly for President Reagan, coowned a national media presentation, drove a limo for

Dazzlme fun and managed a 400 acre ranch. Having grown up in the fashion arena, it was interesting to find myself knee deep in muddy pastures asking questions such as: ‘How much is that pig?’ ‘What do you charge to slaughter a cow?’ It took some getting used to, but I’ve always been a big believer in blooming where one is planted. Bad hair days abounded at the ranch and Dazzlme was conceived quite by accident as I found myself searching for unique hats that I could wear to the ranch, but that would also carry me into the evening. Unable to find styles that excited me, I decided there was only one thing to do - design my own. So after many months of, “ Hey, I love your hat, where can I buy one?” I gave birth to Dazzlme. So what’s next on the horizon? New hat designs, of course, but in the works is an exciting, unique line of clothing designed for women 40’s and up who want to stand out in a crowd looking uniquely beautiful, sexy and adventurous, but always with class, elegance and style. For that’s what Dazzlme is all about - ‘Saving you from the ordinary’.



Dazzlme cont. 138


DIESEL SALON An innovative and cutting edge to styling hair---Diesel Salon lends itself to be a showcasing of “artwork within boundaries” in the industry of professional hair and makeup, having two locations in San Diego; La Jolla and Kennsington. Recently, Diesel Salon and its stylists were privileged to participate with the behind-the-scenes of 2011’s Fall New York Fashion Week. They also contributed with styling for hair and make-up for the designs of Carolina Cecina and Cecyy Torres featured in this issue of KEEL Magazine’s Premiere Edition. Some past accolades that Diesel Salon has received was “Best Coloring” for the La Jolla location and “Best Salon” for Kennsington with both salons upholding the recognition as being award-winning salons within San Diego. The owner of Diesel Salon, Candice Buckett, is also found on youtube segments with San Diego’s Fox News, offering styling techniques and beauty tips to individuals to help them modernize and update their looks. Buckett attributes much of Diesel Salons success by providing clients stylists who are extremely educated and knowledgeable, where they are constantly “in the know” of the latest trends. This keeps her stylists highly skilled within their craft while respecting the needs and boundaries of their clients. Just as their mantra suggests, creating “art within boundaries.” Buckett speaks proudly of how, “through constantly providing her stylists a high level of education from bringing educators into the salon, or sending them off to destinations to some of the fashion capitals around the world such as Paris, stylists from Diesel are always versed on the latests styling trends and latest techniques in the world of fashion and finding the right style for all their clientele” If interested in making an appointment for a personal consultation, or booking Diesel Salon for your next fashion event, photo shoot, major event, etc…you can go to their website at Diesel Salon caters and provides styling for women, men, and children. Diesel Salons youtube beauty segments with San Diego can be found on their website under their blog section. 140

Embracing the Curves of All Women from Petite to Plus-Size Women High-Fashion Clothing

Become a fashionista and join us on our facebook fan page at Curvalicious Fashionwear and take a look at our upcoming events to find out when and where we will be next!

Curvalicious Fashionwear Where Fashion Lives Check out our latest fashion such as this sheek versatile dress worn stylishly in up to 6 different ways and our accessories at:


Young Entrepreneur Focuses on Designing Dream by: Torunn Sinclair

A spiring designer Nicole Suerez, 19, isn’t your typical college sophomore. Sewing since the age of ten, Suerez has turned her favorite hobby into a profiting business. “I love designing and making clothing,” Suerez said. “This is my passion and I’m glad other people appreciate the work I do.” The idea behind TwentyTwo Boutique, Suerez’s business, stemmed from a class assignment. “I had to make an apron for a class,” she said. “I was getting a bunch of compliments of on it and it was fun to make, so I figured I could sell them.” Suerez’s aprons are all handmade and she tries to find fun, vintage style fabrics to make them with. She designs and sews them for adults as well as children. While aprons are her best seller, Suerez has branched out, making dresses and even underwear. “I definitely get some surprised looks when I tell people I design and sew underwear, she laughed. “But they’re really cute and I’ve received a lot of positive reactions from it.” Suerez did express one concern about selling the underwear. “None of my friends will model it for the website,” she laughed. Suerez enlists her friends and family for modeling as well as marketing purposes. “I must drive them crazy,” she said with a smile. “I make them turn and pose every which way, but they’re really good sports about it and then they go tell all their friends about my designs.” Suerez said her inspiration for designs doesn’t originate from just one source. “Everyday stuff inspires me,” she said. From music to food to just my mood that day, I’ll look at something and just think it’s really cool.” Suerez’s passion for design started while visiting her grandparent’s designer resale store in New York City when she was little. “I would just see all the beautiful clothing and all the glamorous things and just be in awe,” she said Suerez believes New York City itself sparks inspiration and passion. “I can see why it’s the city where dreams are made,” she said. “It’s so amazing, all the energy, the people and the productivity.” Suerez interned with Steve Madden in New York City over the summer and said the knowledge she gained there was invaluable. “Just seeing how a fashion company works was completely amazing,” she said. “I got a sense of the business that goes on behind the pretty shoes and clothing and bags.” Suerez tries to harness all the experience and knowledge she’s gained from the fashion industry and instill it in her company. “This is hard work and it’s a little scary starting something on my own completely from scratch,” she said. “I know that this is my passion and I’m going to work to make sure this business is a success.” For more information visit: WWW.TWENTYTWOBOUTIQUE.COM



Nicole Suerez Model: Krystin Colby Photographer: Hassan Rasul Jewelry/accessories: Jenesis Styles Stylist: Jenesis Styles Hair: Jenesis Styles Makeup: Jenesis Styles





Designer: Genoveva Christoff Model: Alexie Jiang Photographer: Kris Misevski


Designer: Genoveva Christoff Model: Kathryn Fogo Photographer: Kris Misevski


Designer: Genoveva Christoff Model: Gwendolyn Wagner Photographer: Kris Misevski


By: Chandra Stice Tali Aharon’s love of art, fashion and beauty began as a young child. For as long as she can remember, she has lived and breathed the world of fashion and all that has to do with makeup and cosmetics. Today she is one of the leading and most talented makeup artists in Israel. Tali’s career as a professional makeup artist began in 1999 when she made the move to pursue her love of beauty and art. Tali’s career highlights include working with PUPA and MAKEUP FOREVER for eight years as well as having the privilege of working abroad in Paris for Mercedes Fashion Week, in Germany for Berlin Fashion Week and in Israel’s beauty pageant. Throughout her career she has worked with many fashion shows, artist shows, beauty contests, and social events. Tali also works with brides for wedding day makeup, conducts makeup and image workshops, and gives personal makeup teaching sessions. You can see Tali’s work throughout many TV/media and entertainment channels, including highly respected fashion magazines, film and print advertising. Tali’s style is characterized by a delicate and natural look. She creates clean but glamorous looks for her clients by using techniques that highlight a woman’s inherent beauty in a natural way. Tali’s proven talent can be seen through her body of work. She is a gifted artist with a unique talent to transform a woman’s face with the most subtle touches of makeup. Tali continually aspires to perfect her skills and improve upon her techniques, using only the highest quality products this industry has to offer. Tali’s perspective is fresh and current, drawing inspiration from international trends and innovations in the fashion and makeup industry. Tali’s career has enabled her to work with highly respected clients, and her talent and endearing personality has earned her their respect and admiration in return. TaIi believes that a genuine personality and true talent will bring success to anyone. She also believes that the most beautiful feature a woman has is her smile. Tali is living proof of this. Tali’s contagious personality, beautiful smile and truly amazing talent has lead her to successful career with many more years of success to come.



From Model to Movie Producer Having a passion for the arts, Justin Chambers has always been interested in being not only behind the camera but in front of it as well. Modeling has given Justin an opportunity to learn more about the beauty of the human subject. Although filmmaking is what he has always wanted to do, he never passes up an opportunity to step in front of the camera and make a picture that truly speaks a thousand words. Since Justin was young he’s had one passion - to make movies. Now, years later, he has completed over one hundred productions that encompass Television Shows, News Broadcasts, Films, Music Videos, Commercials and Industrial Videos, to name the majority, all of which have had major success in Festival Screenings, Awards and/or Distribution Deals. He has been awarded twice by the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences for his excellence in Student News Broadcasting, as well as being awarded by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for his achievement in Film Business. Justin has interned for studios such as Paramount, Universal Pictures and Warner Bros., while continuing to run his own Production Company and produce his own films. Justin is a filmmaker who gets it and understands the business just as much as the creativity, giving him the opportunity to continue to do great work that inspires others to reach for their full potential. Justin will continue to pursue his never-ending passion for the arts, especially as a filmmaker. He supports others that are serious about pursuing their passion for the arts as well. KEEL MAGAZINE is also proud to present Justin’s latest film, Broken Roads, scheduled for release this year starring Aidan Bristow, Shoshana Bush and Ross Marquand. Broken Roads is a contrasted portrait of life, dealing with loss, a journey of rediscovery & the hills climbed which forever change us. For more information on Justin’s latest achievements please visit: 152



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