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WELCOME TO OUR CATALOG I am a Licensed Optician who provides on-site Optical services for Safety Eyewear. As an Optician, I understand the importance of eye protection. I offer BOTH Prescription and Non-Prescription eyewear. The two biggest advantages to our programs are: Compliance- By determining what is allowed and offered by your company eliminates errors and delays. Employee is responsible to go to a location, present a form and the Optician is to take measurements and complete the form. If an inexperienced Optician takes the order, often we had to call back the employee to re-select eyewear (that meets company standards) or remove lens options that did not meet the guidelines. Safety orders are NOT a priority in any office. Convenience- By offering a variety of both Rx & Non-Rx Safety eyewear and have programs to fit any budget we can help alleviate any foreseeable issues . Our Program Management of your Rx Safety Program makes it easy to:

Offer a variety to ensure compliance and budgetary concerns.

Control your program with regards to which options are allowed and cost per pair of eyewear.

Inform your employees when they are eligible, how optical dispensing arrangements have been made and which options are allowed and not allowed in your program.

On-site Licensed/Professional Fitting and Dispensing to ensure timely delivery

THIS CATALOG FEATURES NON PRESCRITION SAFETY EYEWEAR Additional colors, styles and functionality available.









STRONGER THAN YOU! Built to overcome the trials of tough labor or life on the open road that would destroy the average piece of eyewear. Our HerculesÂŽ eyewear not only passes the rigorous ANSI Z87.1 standards for safety, we go one step further. All models have to pass the durability test of our forklift, weighing thousands of pounds running over it, without lenses popping out or fracturing, and the frame not breaking or becoming unwearable. We do not believe in average. We believe in outstanding. Try out our HerculesÂŽ eyewear and you will know why they are STRONGER THAN YOU!

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SPECIALIZED SAFETY EYEWEAR LED, OTG, INDUSTRIAL GRADE – WHATEVER YOUR NEEDS, WE HAVE SAFETY EYEWEAR FOR YOU. Never miss a single detail on the job. Get the specialized eyewear you need including Bifocals, Kits, LED Glasses, Goggles and Over the Glasses eyewear.

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