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From the President BROTHERS OFTEN ASK me the same question: “What does the Board of Directors actually do?” Considering the public’s perceptions of corporate governance (or the lack thereof), I thought this would be a good forum to answer that question. On February 6-8, 2004, the Board of Directors met in Indianapolis, IN, for its annual winter meeting. The fraternity’s volunteer board meets in person in February and August and conducts three conference calls between these two meetings.

Rho to be important in our brothers’ lives after they graduate from college. We think the education process can be a great conduit towards continued involvement in Kappa Delta Rho. Programs we have developed, and continue to develop, will work towards this goal in the future.

This year, we started with a 6:00 p.m. Friday, meeting of the Finance Committee, which continued its work constructing a draft budget for next fiscal year. Accounts receivables, collections, and insurance issues were also discussed. Starting at 8:00 p.m., the board met as a whole. Following the agenda, each officer and committee chairman reported on previous months’ activities. My report discussed the fraternity’s progress in meeting its 20032004 goals, namely an increased sense of financial responsibility and an improvement in member development – including recruitment, retention, and alumni development. While the report was generally positive, there is always work to be done.

Finally, the board met on Sunday for its final session beginning at 8:30 a.m. Often, the board uses this Sunday meeting as a brainstorming session. We look at critical – and sometimes troublesome – issues affecting the fraternity and approach these topics from different points of view. Developing creative ways for dealing with educational issues, risk management issues, and financial issues are always at the forefront of these sessions. In the months ahead, you will begin to see the fruits of our Sunday labors.

Other officers discussed risk management, financial issues, member education, and office administration. We had robust discussions regarding planning, policy making, and suggestions to the executive director for implementation of fraternity policy. We tried, and generally succeeded, to reach a consensus on all issues. At about 11:00 p.m., the board meeting recessed and the Executive Committee met for another 30 minutes. Our Saturday morning session begins at 8:30 a.m. with much of the same. The board works through lunch and meets until late Saturday afternoon. This year’s Saturday session addressed a number of issues. For instance, we spent a large amount of discussion on two subjects, the failure of some chapters and individuals to meet their financial commitments to the fraternity and planning (and paying for) for the fraternity’s Centennial Celebration in 2005. Another area of great concern is member education. We have developed, with input from alumni, undergraduates, and professional educators, a strong member education program. Taking into account the success of our well-attended regional undergraduate conferences (otherwise known as Regional Conclaves), we will be expanding these conferences to get more educational “bang” for our buck. We want Kappa Delta 2 Q&S

The three days the board spends together has a very positive, workmanlike atmosphere. In 1997, Kappa Delta Rho amended its Constitution to publicly state a vision for the fraternity: “To create a living organization that actively challenges each member to rise above everyday pursuits, be of good character, and confront the needs of our modern society by placing honor before all things.” The volunteers I work with, on the board and off, do their utmost to make the vision become reality. Thanks to all of you for your good work. That being said, we are always searching for new ideas or input concerning issues affecting our brothers and the fraternal world. If you have any suggestions or questions concerning the issues discussed above, or would like to discuss completely unrelated issues, send me an e-mail at I look forward to hearing from you. Fraternally yours, Joshua L. Smith, AB ’93 National President

From the Executive Director THE MEN’S COLLEGE fraternity consistently takes a beating in the mainstream public’s eye and, one could say, suffers from an overall poor public image. The media routinely highlights examples of fraternity chapters being closed for instances of hazing, alcohol abuse, and even sexual assault. Popular culture goes even further by glorifying these images on television and in the movies. From MTV’s Fraternity Life to the movies Animal House and Old School these representations of fraternities help to fuel many members of the general public’s view of college fraternities as havens of alcoholism, promiscuity, and violence. The simple fact is that these images are the exception rather than the rule in the reality of this movement we call “fraternity.” If this were not the case in Kappa Delta Rho, we would not have survived for nearly 100 years. Furthermore, very few intelligent young men would want to join KDR, or fraternities in general, and even less would become alumni that spend a lifetime trying give back to the fraternity and to further the cause. Kappa Delta Rho has spent almost 100 years striving to live up to our mission of being a lifetime brotherhood dedicated to the continuing character development of its members through Fellowship, Leadership, Scholarship, Service, and Tradition. Throughout the years, KDR has touched the lives of more than 23,000 men at more than 70 colleges and universities across the country.

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Quill The experiences, leadership development, and bonds of brotherhood that KDR facilitates has developed thousands of successful KDR Gentlemen. The motto “Honor Above All Things” continues to rule the day – and instances like those mentioned earlier are extreme exceptions that we provide educational programming to our chapters in order to prevent. I routinely have the privilege to speak with alumni who credit experiences and lessons learned in KDR as integral to helping them get to where they are today in life. You can read about some of these alumni later on in this issue. I am happy to say that Kappa Delta Rho continues to do this by challenging its members to rise above everyday pursuits, be of good character, and live their lives by the motto “Honor Above All Things.” We continue to create KDR Gentlemen in our chapters and help provide leadership development with educational programs such as our Regional Conclaves each spring semester and the Williams Leadership Academy, which coincides with the National Convention in the summer. Through your financial support, the Kappa Delta Rho Foundation aids in this development by providing a portion of the fraternity’s operating budget and by awarding a number of scholarships to deserving students and KDR Gentlemen that help them fund their education. When you reflect on your membership in KDR, think about how the fraternity helped you to develop into the person you are today. Renew your contacts with chapter brothers that you haven’t talked to in while. Also, contact your active chapter. While doing this, start making your plans to be in Pittsburgh, PA, for this year’s National Convention and in Baltimore, MD, for the Centennial Celebration in 2005. Finally, be confident that as we approach our 100th Anniversary that Kappa Delta Rho continues to be a positive influence on the development of our members. Most importantly though – continue to be proud to be a KDR.


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NATIONAL OFFICE 331 SOUTH MAIN STREET GREENSBURG, PA 15601 (800) 536-5371 • FRATERNITY Joseph E. Rees, II Executive Director Extension 12 Suzanne M. McFarland Office Manager Extension 10

David A. Barber Programming Coordinator Extension 17 FOUNDATION William J. Paris Director of Development Extension 15

Michael R. Natale Programming Coordinator Extension 14

Fraternally, Joseph E. Rees, II, Nu ’01 Executive Director

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SUCCESS COMES FROM HARD WORK AND VISION Justin Meyer, ’05, is a low-key but highly motivated individual. As consul of Eta Chapter at the University of Illinois he has seen the chapter continue to grow in the past year to one of the largest chapters in KDR. “With 38,000 students, Illinois is a tough campus for a fraternity chapter to be very visible or have a profile. When I joined the chapter two years ago we were about 40 guys and talked a lot about the kind of chapter we wanted to be. We had some great guys, but truthfully, we were one of 53 fraternity chapters on campus, and that’s a tough competitive market. This year, my officers and I are building on the chapter’s successes last year.” The chapter set goals of becoming an 80- to 90-man house. They talked about goals and targets all the time. “We wanted to mix with good sororities, but we still wanted to have a really tight bond as brothers” says Vince Klos ’05. “Last year I took on the role of Senor Tribune/Rush Chairman because I really wanted to see the house grow.”

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According to Jake DiCiaula, ’05, consul in spring ’03, “I’m a pretty low-key kind of leader, and more importantly, I had a group of officers who totally ‘got it.’ We all knew what we wanted to be as a chapter, were really proud of our brotherhood, and wanted to build it up. In some respects, I just needed to stand back and support them as they worked. They did an awesome job!” A key component of the chapter’s continuing stability is the involvement and support of the alumni corporation. “We’re pretty proactive,” says Ryan Hall, ’97, president of the Eta Building Association. “Our board is pretty diverse with guys from the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s. We meet four times a year at the chapter house and keep in regular contact by e-mail and phone. The chapter knows they can turn to us for help or guidance. They also know we want to know how they’re doing. We’ve been lucky the last few years when we’ve brought up how important it is at Illinois for the chapter to

grow to more than 80 men to be stable, they’ve been way ahead of us in recognizing this trend. Financially, it’s really key for us as the alumni corporation to have the house full. We’ve made the undergraduates partners in that effort, and have probably driven them crazy. But together it’s all about making KDR stronger at Illinois”. “Recruitment hasn’t just happened,” according to Consul Justin Meyer, ’05. “This spring, for example, we were struggling to get new prospects and came up with the idea of taking hot chocolate to the quad and giving it away. It was freezing and this turned out to be a great way to meet prospective new members. Our guys worked really hard, but we had to teach some to get out from behind the table, walk up to a guy, and say ‘hey, what’s up man, it’s cold, have some hot chocolate.’ It was kind of (laughing) in their face, but we went from having three prospects to having 11 pledges! Sometimes you just have to make your own luck!”

ALONG WITH THE National Convention and individual chapter visits, the Regional Conclaves that take place during the spring semester are one of the biggest events chapters have to look forward to every year. Regional Conclaves traditionally have been one of the best ways for chapters to sit down with each other and National Fraternity representatives to work through the issues and problems that pop up over the course of an academic year.

“Conclave gave me the opportunity to witness that other chapters have the same issues as my chapter.Furthermore, it allowed me to take note of how other chapters deal with those issues.” – Brady Moser, Sigma Beta This year’s conclaves have proven to be no exception. The national staff sought input from the chapters before planning the conclaves to make sure the program would be practical and relevant. With this input, the staff put together a day-long program, to address a number of important issues

"I thought the regional conclave was awesome. We got a lot of great ideas to improve our rush and Dave gave us great insight on improving our pledge program and how to maintain a low level of risk." – Mark Ruffenach, Alpha Beta

Southern Conclave at University of North Carolina-Greensboro.

conclaves was 36 percent higher than last year's events. Each conclave began with a welcome and warm-up activities where brothers from various chapters had a chance to meet each other. Executive Director J.R. Rees then shared his thoughts on developing a national identity based on the KDR Gentleman and our motto, Honor Super Omnia. Topics touched on during the afternoon sessions included sexual assault and awareness, connecting chapters and individual brothers to

ranging from esoteric topics such as identity and motivation to more nuts-and-bolts topics like recruitment and fundraising. Chapters responded well to this approach; attendance at the first four

ABOVE: Michelle Grab educates students on sexual assault at the Central Conclave.

LEFT: Eastern Conclave at William Paterson University.

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Regional Conclave Report

“Conclave really opened my eyes. I never truly understood the bond that all KDR chapters have until I met the brothers from other chapters. It was a really great feeling to see brotherhood exist on such a high level.” – Joe Durante, Alpha Beta

Regional Conclave Report

“The entire experience was humbling and reassuring all at the same time. We realized that we are not the only chapter who goes through hard times. In addition, we found that by combining resources with other chapters we can ultimately make ourselves stronger. Lastly, we drove away from conclave understanding that service, sacrifice, fellowship, and gentlemanly conduct are what makes a true Kappa Delta Rho Gentleman. Thank you for the experience, we look forward to next year and the continuing communication with other chapters, Honor Super Omnia!” – Ken Carrier and Cote Keim, Chi Beta resources available on campus, and a frank discussion of risk management topics by David Barber. The last half of the afternoon was a version of the Open Space Café, which proved to be popular and useful during the last national convention. Undergraduates were given an opportunity to suggest, and lead discussions, on the topics that were the most important to them. These topics included recruitment, chapter house management, expansion, fundraising, and getting more involved on campus. At the end of the program, brothers were able to open up and share their final thoughts with a candle pass.


Feedback from the conclaves has been very positive. Each attendee was able to provide feedback, which included rating the overall program on a scale of one to five. Each conclave rated no lower than a 4.1.

Elmon Williams Undergraduate Leadership Academy

Wednesday, August 4, 2004 Fraternity Board of Directors Meeting Thursday, August 5, 2004 Fraternity Board of Directors Meeting (continued)

Friday, August 6, 2004 Elmon Williams Undergraduate Leadership Academy Chapter Awards Luncheon Pittsburgh Area Alumni Social at Shootz Café Saturday, August 7, 2004 National Convention Business Meeting KDR Foundation Scholarship Banquet All-KDR Group Photograph Ordo Honoris Banquet

Midwestern Conclave at University of Illinois.

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Sunday, August 8, 2004 KDR Foundation Trustees Meeting Fraternity Board of Directors Meeting



For more information or to register, go to PITTSBURGH AREA ALUMNI EVENT Friday,August 6, 2004 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Shootz Café 2305 East Carson Street, Pittsburgh With over 1,200 s in the area, you will have the opportunity to: • Network with s from the Pittsburgh area • Renew old friendships, as well as start new ones • Hear the latest news on  directly from the national staff, board of directors, trustees, and undergraduates attending the convention Games, cash bar, and light hors d’oeuvres will be available. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact David A. Barber at the National Headquarters at (800)-536-5371, ext. 17, or e-mail him at Q&S 7

19 1 90055 -- 220000 55 A







n about a year’s time, Kappa Delta Rho will be celebrating its Centennial Anniversary. So much has changed since our fraternity was founded in 1905, but one thing has remained constant: the integrity and honor of its brotherhood. It is an appropriate time to reflect on the ideals that made 10 men come together at Middlebury College, and to realize those same ideals still hold true for the thousands of undergraduates and alumni 100 years later. To commemorate this historic event, a committee was formed to work on ALUMNI PACKAGES many exciting projects. Included in these projects are a new alumni directory, a Single Alumnus (sharing a room revised and updated history of KDR, and a special celebration at our 2005 with another alumnus) $325 Williams Leadership Academy and National Convention. -Shared hotel for Fri. & Sat. nights A new alumni directory is being compiled, and in early 2005 you will be con-Meals Fri. evening & Sat. breakfast, lunch tacted to update your information.This directory will be available for purchase -Ordo Banquet in a hard copy edition, as well as in a searchable CD format. -A private room will be available at an Also in the works is an updated history of KDR. Every chapter has been additional cost of $175 asked to submit a brief one-page history of itself along with a page of photos that will be included in the centennial history.Anyone wishing to add photos or Alumnus w/ Guest $575 help with their chapter’s history should contact their chapter directly. -Private hotel for Fri. & Sat. nights The 2005 Williams Leadership Academy and National Convention will be -Meals for 2 for Fri. evening & Sat. held in the Inner Harbor area of Baltimore, MD.This location was specifically breakfast, lunch chosen as it has a large concentration of Alumni within a short drive, and is rich -Ordo Banquet with area attractions, providing a wide range of activities and entertainment for all to enjoy.The hotel selected for convention, the Wyndham Baltimore - Inner Attending Ordo Banquet Only Harbor, is just minutes away from the Inner Harbor and all that it has to offer. $70 / person (Check out their website at Among the events planned for the convention are an alumni event Friday The Centennial celebration will have multinight, the Convention meeting Saturday morning, a luncheon on Saturday, and ple sponsorship opportunities.There will be the Ordo Honoris Banquet Saturday evening.While always a special event, the four levels of sponsorships: centennial banquet will be unique with the addition of a dance floor and DJ Bronze up to $500 who will provide a variety of dance music. For those alumni with small children, Silver $500 to $1000 we are working on arranging for baby-sitting services during the banquet.We Gold $1000 to $2000 are also planning to have a photographer available to take chapter pictures durPlatinum above $2000 ing the evening. Convention packages will be available that will include the hotel and meal If you have a specific event that you would costs for the weekend, perfect for a Friday afternoon arrival and a weekend full like to sponsor, an in-kind gift, or other of activities. question regarding the sponsorship opportuIt is our sincere hope that the centennial convention will have a record nities, please either call the National Office turnout.What better time to renew old friendships and meet new people who or send an e-mail to share a belief in the honor and tradition of Kappa Delta Rho. So, even if you with Sponsorship in the subject line. have never attended a National Convention, we hope that you will consider joining us in Baltimore to help celebrate our centennial. To receive a registration packet, visit or fill out and mail (or fax) the form below.

Name _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Address ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Phone________________________________________________ E-mail _______________________________________________________ Chapter__________________________________________________________________ Graduation Year____________________________ Indicate which package and services you are interested in: _____ Single Alumnus

_____ Alumni with Guest and/or Children [please list guest(s) names]

_____ Single Alumnus with Private Room

___________________________________ ___________________________________ ___________________________________

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_____ Ordo Banquet Only (# of tickets) _____ Tuxedo Rental _____ Babysitting Services (Saturday Evening)

Kappa Delta Rho Foundation VISION 2000 WRAP-UP IN 1997, the Kappa Delta Rho Foundation embarked on an historic journey, the first endowment campaign effort in the history of the foundation. Through the generosity and vision of Brother Lee Idleman, Iota ’54, the foundation undertook the first major step toward the future of KDR . . . building a stronger financial base! On December 31, 2003, we concluded the campaign effort. Many, many thanks to those generous brothers who pledged support to the campaign. But, I want to share why, in my view, the campaign effort was so important and so historic. When I was in school and an active member of Nu Chapter at Indiana University in the1950’s, we barely had a national organization. We always looked with some envy at other larger organizations and wished KDR, for which we all had very strong feelings, had the ability to provide our chapter and members with competitive programs and support. To tell the truth, we never really thought about WHY KDR didn’t or WHAT it would take to actually make it possible. We were college kids and, for some like me, trying to stay in school! The KDR Foundation wasn’t even created until 1984! That’s 25 years after I

graduated from school! KDR was almost 80 years old at that time! But, the foundation offers all of us, as KDRs, the opportunity to focus our collective resources on the quality of our chapters, our programs, and the positive leadership and learning experiences we can offer our members. The foundation’s purpose is to financially support the educational initiatives of the national fraternity. Before the Vision 2000 Campaign, the foundation had never done an endowment campaign and had little or no operating endowment. Thanks to the generous support of many alumni, the foundation, through the Vision 2000 effort, took the first real baby step toward positioning our fraternity on a stronger financial footing for the future. Was Vision 2000 a baby step? Sure it was. Before Vision 2000 the foundation had an operating endowment of just $15,000. Today, once the final pledges are fulfilled, the foundation’s endowment will reach more than $600,000. The income from the endowment will soon exceed $25,000 a year. That’s a significant start toward the future! In 1993, the foundation was awarding about $2,000 a year in scholarships to a handful of students. Today, we award close to $40,000 to about 40 outstanding student

KDR Foundation Online! The Kappa Delta Rho Foundation now has a new and improved online presence. Our website at contains in-depth information on the function and structure of your foundation. In addition, you will find timely articles on the state of the foundation and ways to increase your participation in its mission. Also available on the website is a link to an online giving portal where you can give to the foundation using a credit card with just a few clicks. We invite you to visit our website and take advantage of the news and information it provides. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact any of the trustees.

members of KDR each year. That’s a big improvement, and more importantly, we’re helping these kids, our brothers, get their education! No question, there are many more steps down the road as we continue to grow and improve our ability to provide top-quality educational experiences for the student members of KDR. I thank those of you who joined me and many others in making Vision 2000 a successful first step. I also encourage each brother to reflect on your own experience, consider how far we’ve come, and accept how far we have to go. Consider supporting the Annual Fund. Consider endowing a scholarship. Consider an endowment gift or an estate gift to ensure the strength and vitality of KDR for the next century. Thank you again and please don’t hesitate to contact me with any thoughts or comments regarding the foundation or its programs. Fraternally, Thomas V. McComb, Nu ‘59 President

Heritage Society Members The Heritage Society is the gift recognition society for the alumni and friends of the Kappa Delta Rho Foundation who have included the foundation in their estate plans. Ferd B. Ensinger, Alpha ’44 Gordon E. Hoyt, Alpha ’36 Robert A. Jones, Alpha ’59 Ronald C. Dunbar, Beta ’57 Paul A. Downes, Gamma ’69 Thomas R. Jensen, Zeta ’50 Timothy F. Moore, Eta ’68 William J. Paris, Eta ’87 J. Gregory Carl, Theta ’80 Charles P. Hendricks, Theta ’56 Daniel R. Johnsen, Theta ’62 George J. Peer, Theta ’45 Michael P. Pumilia, Theta ’71 John D. Winters, Jr., Theta ’55 Lee H. Idleman, Iota ’54 Allen L. Shumard, Kappa ’30 Christopher Harley, Lambda ’74 Thomas J. Linnemeier, Nu ’58

Thomas C. Lockwood, Nu ’56 Thomas V. McComb, Nu ’59 Max H. Schulze, Nu ’61 Maurice F. Ronayne, Xi ’51 Ray C. Hunt, Jr., Rho ’53 Loran (Stub) L. Stewart, Sigma ’32 James F. Edgeworth, Sr., Psi ’56 Nien-Tzu Chen, Alpha Alpha ’94 Andrew F. Barth, Nu Alpha ’83 Thomas B. Delac, Jr., Pi Alpha ’94 James D. Carroll, Alpha Beta ’93 Joseph W. Rejuney, II, Epsilon Beta ’90 Bradley S. Witzel, Lambda Beta ’94

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CHRIS HIGBEE CHRISTOPHER STERLING HIGBEE pledged the Omega Chapter at Indiana University of Pennsylvania in the fall of 1996. Along with academic duties and service to the chapter, Chris concentrated on developing his musical talent. He won “Mr. IUP” in the fall of 1998. Most remember him by his stunning performance when his former band covered Charlie Daniels’ hit “The Devil Came Down to Georgia.” It was spectacular and received a standing ovation from every Greek member and spectator in Fisher Auditorium that night. Chris’ fiddle skills closely matched his childhood role models and he achieved an overwhelming victory. In the summer of 2000, Chris formed “The Povertyneck Hillbillies,” a mainstream country band covering many country and rock hits, but with many original hits as well. Over the course of four years, the band has grown popular throughout the nation. “Hillbilly State of Mind” made Billboard’s Top 100 Country and “Mr. Right Now” has ranked 73 for the last 23 weeks while being played in 13 states across the country. The band has opened for 27 national acts just last summer, and Chris cashed in on the opportunity to personally play fiddle along side Charlie Daniels himself. “It doesn’t matter who you or your brothers are or what background we come from, if you work hard you can accomplish anything.” In the 2002 Graffiti Rock Challenge, the biggest battle of the bands contest in the Northeast and primarily composed of 176 rock bands, the Hillbillies came in fifth. The band has played all over the northeastern United States reporting, 10 Q&S

sell-out crowds at every gig — usually ranging between 2,500 and 3,500 fans. Along with these big-ticket gigs, they also perform for many charity events at high schools, benefit balls, and churches. Perhaps the biggest accomplishment is that the band has sold 5,000 copies of their album “Hillbilly State of Mind” in just seven months and they do not have a record label yet. When I asked Chris how he has felt about the success so far, he replied, “pretty great.” Chris was an active member of Omega Chapter from fall 1996 through spring 2001. The 25-year-old held fraternity positions such as junior tribune, praetor, and social chair while majoring in music education. He was involved in other campus activities including IUP Rugby and IUP Orchestra. When asked how Kappa Delta Rho has influenced his life, Chris answered, “[The fraternity] has developed my leadership qualities. I work better with people and make smarter decisions. Being in a brotherhood has helped me to understand challenges that must be overcome in order to make things work. The biggest thing I learned is that it doesn’t matter who you or your brothers are or what background we come from, if you work hard you can accomplish anything.” As for the future, Chris plans to get a record deal and go on tour. The band certainly has all the tools to do it. KDRs can hear “The Povertyneck Hillbillies” by requesting radio stations and/or ordering the CD online at Be sure not to miss out on a chance to see the band and get a real feel of “Country Music with a Hillbilly Attitude!”

On September 5, 2003, Ball State University in Muncie, IN, received the largest single gift from an individual in its history.The university received $17.2 million from the estate of Wallace (Wally) T. Miller,Theta ’59. A portion of the gift establishes the Phyllis A. Miller Professorship in Health Economics. Additionally, the WALLY MILLER, THETA university’s College of Business was named the Miller ’59, was a generous supporter of the Kappa Delta College of Business. Phyllis and Wally were married Rho Foundation and Theta from 1961 until her death in 1987; Wally passed away Chapter during his life. To in 1998. Wally Miller graduated from Purdue University with a Bachelor of Science degree in civil engineering. He also earned a Master of Arts degree in business in 1963 from Ball State. He had served as an adjunct instructor of economics in the College of Business since 1991. Prior to his death,Wally had served for 20 years as CEO and COO of Miller’s Merry Manor Corporation, now known as Miller’s Health Systems, which operates 31 nursing homes and three assistedliving centers across Indiana.

all our fellow brothers, take pride in a brother’s creation of a top-tier business school at Ball State. And, if you benefited from your experience in KDR and Wally & Phyllis Miller your circumstances permit, consider including the foundation in your estate plans and become a member of the Heritage Society today!

Wally was an active supporter of Theta Chapter at Purdue and served on the Theta Foundation (the alumni corporation for Theta Chapter). Wally was also active in the National Fraternity of Kappa Delta Rho, serving for a time as president of the Kappa Delta Rho Foundation. He was generous with his time as well as his resources. The fraternity is grateful for his service and generosity.

Chapter Eternal GAMMA Harold A. Haynes, ’38 Glenn R. DeLong, ’45

NU Lloyd M. Farrar, ’49 Joseph E. Krieble, ’49

DELTA William S. Foster, III, ’45 Ralph M. Bettman, ’53

XI Very Reverend Harold F. Lemoine, ’32

EPSILON John D. Hall, ’42 ZETA John C. O’Connor, ’38 ETA Arthur S. Nelson, ’32 Robert J. Bloom, ’34 Richard (Dick) A. Naatz, ’50

PI Charles F. Anderson, ’33 RHO Paul D. Wells, ’32 Roger P. Mortimore, ’44 SIGMA Roger Q. Sherman, ’38 C. Dewey Merydith, ’49 TAU Charles Boyd, Jr., ’34

KDR says goodbye to a brother Kappa Delta Rho will miss Brother William G. McLean, Rho ’32. Bill McLean was a freshman at Lafayette College in the fall of 1928 when he likely pledged the fraternity and became part of the first pledge class after chartering. He graduated summa cum laude from Lafayette College in 1932 with a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering and earned a master’s in mathematics from Brown University in 1933. Brother McLean joined the faculty of Lafayette College in 1937 and served as director of engineering from 1962 until his retirement his retirement in 1975, and as head of the department of engineering science from 1946 until his retirement. He was a threetime recipient of the Thomas Roy and Lura Forrest Jones Award for superior teaching and was awarded an honorary doctorate of engineering in 1978 from Lafayette College. Brother McLean served on the Rho Chapter Alumni Board of Governors for almost two decades as vicepresident and was honored with the Ordo Honoris in the Alpha class in 1982. Q&S 11



Beta Chapter (Cornell University) This past semester the Beta Chapter has been putting a lot of work into the chapter house. From painting the basement, to buying new couches and a new sign, to redoing a bathroom and updating the chapter website, the brothers have spent countless man hours improving the chapter. Things seem to have paid off, as the chapter has a great bunch of pledges this semester. The chapter is looking forward to continuing its hard work and preparing for a great spring. Epsilon Chapter (Franklin College) Epsilon Chapter is enjoying another great year. Fall’s stellar recruitment efforts boosted the chapter’s membership to 23, and it is currently preparing for an improved spring recruitment. The autumn semester also saw some improvements and renovations to the chapter house and, once again, the highest GPA among campus fraternities. Epsilon is looking forward to a spring full of continued success in academics, philanthropy, and campus involvement. Zeta Chapter (Pennsylvania State University) Zeta Chapter is having another strong year. This year the chapter has recruited 13 new members. Philanthropy has been strong with the chapter raising more than $130,700 for ’Thon. The chapter house has been improved with new tile, carpet, and other improvements. Eta Chapter (University of Illinois) The Eta Chapter has continued its upward trend over the past year. Last semester, 23 bids were accepted, and this semester the chapter pledged another 11 men. Through strong recruitment efforts, the chapter now exceeds 70 men! Academics have continued to be a priority. The chapter currently ranks second in grades out of 54 fraternities and has its sights set on becoming number one soon. Finally, after inspiration from the Zeta

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Beta Chapter, the chapter is opening the Red Rose Formal to include alumni, parents, and professors from the university. Theta Chapter (Purdue University) This has been a good year for the Theta Chapter despite having to build from the bottom up on many of the chapter’s operations and involvement. The chapter recruited eight new members each semester, which raised the active membership to 32 members. This is larger than the chapter has been in a number of years. Recently, the chapter completed a philanthropy fundraiser for Big Brothers/Big Sisters. Also, by teaming up with Kappa Alpha, the chapter is co-paired with a sorority for this year’s grand prix. The chapter has placed itself in a position to grow even stronger next year and hopefully return Kappa Delta Rho to its prominence in Purdue’s Greek community. Iota Chapter (Bucknell University) The Iota Chapter is enjoying another successful semester on Bucknell’s campus. From community service and philanthropic endeavors to a never-ending social schedule, the chapter is opening its doors to the community. Consul Joe McGillian sits atop the multilayered structure that makes such events possible. Brent Bramnick (senior tribune), Nick Denefrio (junior tribune), Barclay Stanton (quaestor), and Aaron Saperstein (praetor) are new additions to the Executive Board and have been working hard to ensure the chapter’s overall success. In the spring, the chapter will hold its annual Chili Cook-Off.

CHAPTER NEWS Featuring a live band, the cook-off is an opportunity for every fraternity and sorority to share their batch of chili. All proceeds benefit the American Heart Association. In addition, the chapter has already donated $500 to the million penny project this semester. The new community service chair, Lars Weborg, has been working hard on new service opportunities. In a joint effort with the “We Break for Nobody,” Bucknell’s comedy improv troupe, members will help organize an improv show and collect tickets at the door. The event will take place on April 30 and all proceeds will be donated to the Light the Night Foundation, an organization that raises money for leukemia patients. As usual, the chapter continues to involve itself in downtown cleanups and highway cleanups through the Adopt-aHighway Foundation. The future of the chapter is in good hands with the addition of 19 new brothers from the fall pledge class. The new members are ready to take the reigns as they will move into the house next semester. However, a solid graduating senior class of 2004 will be missed. The chapter looks forward to fall rush and the new members that will add to success. Nu Chapter (Indiana University) The Nu Chapter has been steadily gaining steam throughout the past year. The fall pledge class of seven has really helped with lightening the workload of the older members allowing each member to focus on chapter goals. The spring pledge class is still being completed and the

Members of the Iota Chapter at the Christmas formal.

new members are very anxious to begin working for KDR. The new officers have laid a few ground rules for the chapter this term: Get more good guys, get motivated, and continue to make scholarship a large priority. This year, Nu Chapter has made a larger impact on campus wide events as well. Nu was represented in intramurals with teams in football, volleyball, euchre, pingpong, basketball, and wiffleball. Philanthropy and community service have also been a larger part of Nu’s overall goals. They have been well over the minimum community service hours for each member that IFC requires every semester. Nu Chapter is also proud to announce that they have met and are above the all-men’s Greek GPA average, not only for last fall’s semester, but in overall academic standing as well. All of Nu’s members have a newfound fire and willingness to make Kappa Delta Rho the powerhouse that it once was at Indiana University. Rho Chapter (Lafayette College) This past fall the Rho Chapter had its 75th anniversary celebration during Homecoming Weekend. The event was a success and saw the return of numerous alumni from the class of 1954 though the class of 2003. The post football game cocktail party at the house, and dinner held at Farinon, were successful and attended by more than 160 alumni, guests, and active brothers. This semester saw the departure of 11 brothers for a semester abroad, studying in Spain, Italy, England, The Netherlands, and Australia. Despite the absence of all these juniors, the new Executive Board and members of the sophomore class have helped keep KDR the strongest, most active Greek house on campus. The chapter is actively planning their annual 24-hour charity known as Dance Marathon, and is a major contributor to this year’s Greek Week Festivities.

Rho currently holds the highest GPA on campus of all fraternities, and also has the largest membership on campus. Recruitment has been flowing along, as plenty of fresh-faced, first-year students can be seen around the house daily, playing pool or video games with brothers or just enjoying a lunch or dinner cooked by our new caterer, Lambros, owner of Campus Pizzeria, the local hang out. With improved communication between the Executive Board and the Alumni Corporation, the Rho Chapter has also seen the standard of living in the chapter house itself increase. New couches, chairs, and a rug have been installed just this past semester, all of which are thoroughly being enjoyed by the brothers. A spring cleaning day is the next major event the brotherhood has planned to help keep the outside of the house looking as good as our reputation has been. Tau Chapter (Carnegie Mellon University) The Tau Chapter has seen unprecedented success in the past year. Beginning the fall 40 strong, the chapter has recruited 22 new members, and a good many of them have taken a proactive interest in the chapter. Tau Chapter’s intramural sports program is a strong second in the school, taking home the intramural football championship in overtime. Brother Ryan Anderson recently placed second in the Mr. Fraternity pageant. Perhaps the most notable accomplishment this year has been the hosting of our Regional Conclave. Despite the blizzard-like conditions, all of the representatives had a great time. One highlight of the day was a brunch prepared by the chapter cook. We can still taste the pancakes even now! Currently, Tau Chapter is extremely busy with our various activities. The brothers are in the midst of preparations for Greek Sing (a rendition of the musical “Chicago” with the Kappa Alpha Theta sorority chapter), booth construction (KDR Tree

Fort), and buggy racing program. This spring will undoubtedly be one of the busiest the chapter has ever seen, as the members’ ambition is matched only by their fierce work ethic. Tau Chapter’s Executive Committee is comprised of one junior and five ambitious sophomores. They have recognized three chapter goals: 1. Win Chapter of the Year 2. Improve House GPA 3. Return to Brotherhood Tau Chapter is planning an alumni event for April, and they hope to award their first alumni scholarship. Overall, the house has bonded around this challenge and so far, so good. Omega Chapter (Indiana University of Pennsylvania) The Omega Chapter has doubled its chapter size since the spring of last year. In the fall, the chapter recruited eight new members. Along with the active Alumni Corporation, the chapter is planning the annual Walk to Pittsburgh for the first weekend in April. Alpha Alpha Chapter (Lock Haven University) It has been a busy year thus far at Lock Haven. The brothers have raised almost $10,000 this year in fundraisers and community service projects, and has paid off its debt to the national fraternity. The chapter size has increased by nine this year, and these successes have brought about greatly increased alumni support. This has, in turn, allowed the chapter to plan some upcoming house improvements. The brothers of Alpha Alpha are excited about the great direction the chapter has taken. Eta Alpha Chapter (Robert Morris University) The 2003-2004 academic year has been exciting and productive for the Eta Alpha Chapter. It has been marked by increased campus and community involvement. The chapter has attracted 13 new members this year. Eta Alpha has fielded two teams in every intramural sport, won an intramural championship,

CHAPTER NEWS university’s student center on March 15 along with the Delta Zeta sorority.

Members of the Eta Alpha Chapter and guests at a BBQ. and had fighters in four of the seven bouts in Robert Morris’ annual “Fight Night” benefiting a local scholarship. Eta Alpha has become a renewed social presence on the campus along with members holding offices in other student organizations. In one semester, the Eta Alpha Chapter has performed more community service than all of last year, including work with the Greater Pittsburgh Food Bank, The Special Olympics, and the Sewickley YMCA. The Eta Alpha Knightly News has been revived and is distributed monthly to alumni. The chapter has taken significant steps toward eliminating its debt. The points chase for the second annual Brothers Activities Brother of the Year (BABYA) is in full swing. Finally, the chapter has renovated its housing with new carpet, paint, furniture, and a new entertainment center. Tau Alpha Chapter (Radford University) Tau Alpha chapter has just finished up on a canned food drive for the local women’s shelter. They’re currently talking to other organizations about joint fundraiser opportunities. Last semester they initiated five new members and this semester they have two pledges. They graduated three brothers last semester and only one will be graduating this semester, so the chapter is growing.

Phi Alpha Chapter (Clarion University) This past fall, members of the Phi Alpha Chapter took part in NIC’s Impact Weekend held at Clarion University. The chapter also continues to help lead Clarion’s Greek Community with officers on IFC and involvement in Greek activities.

Kappa Beta Chapter (Edinboro University) Everything is going great with KDR at Edinboro. They have four pledges this semester and are planning to take another class of five. They initiated 11 new members last semester. Currently, the chapter is working on fundraisers with the Pittsburgh Penguins. Brother morale is great and the chapter is doing far better than most brothers would have imagined.

Members of KDR during Clarion University’s Impact Weekend. Alpha Beta Chapter (University of Delaware) Things continue to get better for KDR in Delaware. In the fall semester, they started what they hope to be an annual philanthropic event called Greek Feud, a spin off to the game show “Family Feud.” Plans are also in the works for an all-day music fest, BennyStock, for next fall.

Omicron Beta Chapter (William Paterson University) Omicron Beta Chapter is enjoying another semester as the strongest fraternity at WPU. The chapter has taken in five pledges this spring, and is about to do some community service work cleaning up local parks. The brothers enjoyed

hosting the Eastern Regional Conclave last month and getting the opportunity to share their hospitality and their experience with other chapters. Sigma Beta Chapter (University of North Carolina – Greensboro) The members of the Sigma Beta Chapter are thoroughly enjoying the spring semester. Currently, they lead the campus with 34 members, which also consists of eight pledges. They have earned more than $900 for UNC-G’s Dance Marathon and their biggest efforts are leading towards the birth of an alumni corporation. There is no doubt that Sigma Beta is becoming a dominant force on their campus. Phi Beta Chapter (College of William and Mary) The brothers of the Phi Beta Chapter at the College of William and Mary are continuing to distinguish themselves on campus. They have taken a leadership role in CFA (IFC) and Order of Omega, and are currently the only chapter on campus in good standing with the administration. This year the chapter has taken in 13 pledges, and with the chapter’s Tenth Anniversary celebration coming up on April 10, Phi Beta is building a strong foundation for the next 10 years.

Eta Beta Chapter (West Chester University) The Eta Beta Chapter would like to thank everyone who helped out and offered support and sympathy after the severe fire at the chapter’s former beloved fraternity house. Eta Beta is happy to report that everyone is well, brotherhood is stronger than ever, and they pinned eight new members this semester. The chapter held a Risk Management Fair in the

Members of the Tau Alpha Chapter during a canned food drive.

Chi Beta Chapter (University of Charleston) Chi Beta chapter recently had a formal on February 21, which was a tremendous success. Active brothers as well as alumni pulled together over the past six months to make this year’s formal the largest turnout in the past five years. In addition, philanthropic duties have not slacked off as they have been squeezing in hours where they can fit them between academics, sports, and off-campus jobs. Furthermore, at the end of the spring semester 2004, they will be graduating brothers Mike Marie, Derek Hudson, Charlie Judy, Drew Wendt, and Chris Lasker. Additionally, they will also be saying goodbye to Brother Robert Pearse, a very active alumnus who has done more for the chapter and the fraternity than can possibly be put into words, he will surely be missed. While in the process of saying goodbye, they have had some new additions to the Chi Beta family: Chris and Maryann Dalton recently gave birth to a baby girl, Kennedy Marie Dalton, on February 9, 2004; Ben and Keri Blackwell recently gave birth to a baby boy, Benjamin H. Blackwell III; Mike and Jennifer Peavly are expecting their second child (boy) sometime later this year in addition to their beautiful baby girl Ella. Finally, the chapter is preparing for the 100th-year anniversary of the fraternity in an attempt to contact other chapters to attend their formal in 2005 to

honor and celebrate the 100th birthday of Kappa Delta Rho. Should any chapters be interested in attending, contact Ken Carrier (304)-343-6112 for further information. Omega Beta Chapter (University of North Carolina-Asheville) The Omega Beta Chapter at UNC-A has made great progress thus far in the 2003-2004 school year. They have eight new pledges and are in contention for campus organization of the year. They have recently raised more than $500 for Big Brothers/ Big Sisters over Homecoming Weekend while also hosting their annual Alumni Cookout, at which they were pleased to see about 25 of the chapter’s graduates. Alpha Gamma Chapter (University of Detroit Mercy) The Alpha Gamma Chapter has been hard at work this semester. They started off this year in a bit of financial trouble but the whole chapter really pulled together in order to keep the chapter out of debt. They have raised a lot of money and are actually trying to budget in a free formal for our brothers. Two pledges became brothers this semester. For one of its service projects the chapter is looking into adopting a stretch of highway. They attended a beautifying Detroit service day in downtown. For Earth Day they are also participating in a beautify Detroit project. They have also built a new informative and updated web site.

Is your chapter not listed here? We can only print the information we have sent to us. Make sure that your chapter’s propraetor sends a semesterly update to! Members of the Pi Alpha Chapter (University of Toledo) at Race for the Cure.

Q&S 13

Expansion Update State University, where the brother of one of our Detroit-Mercy members is looking to duplicate that chapter’s success. For more information on these and other potential new chapters, stay connected to the expansion section on

Fresh Group of Men Restart the Mu Alpha Chapter at West Virginia University Over the course of this year, one of KDR’s inactive chapters got a new lease on life. In the fall of this year, a group of dedicated friends, all freshmen, and all fellow graduates of Morgantown High School’s class of 2003, went out across the West Virginia University campus and looked for a fraternity that matched their interests and was worth joining. In a story that echoes our fraternity’s founding back in 1905, these men were unable to find a fraternity that fit their high standards and decided to start their own. After contacting the national headquarters and discussing the matter, these men applied for Group of Intent status, which was granted this past November.

Members of the Mu Alpha Provisional Chapter at the Provisional Chapter ceremony. The Group of Intent members, about 20 strong, set out recruiting more members and completing a community service project. The group’s president, Andrew Trumbull, recruited his father, a professor in the Economics Department, as a faculty advisor and potential honorary member. All the requirements for attaining Provisional Chapter status were met in the space of six weeks, and the group managed to double its size in that space of time as well. The petition for Provisional Chapter status was approved, and on January 28, 39 men were pledged into the National Fraternity and the WVU Group of Intent became the Mu Alpha Provisional Chapter. Since that date, an additional 10 men have joined the group, making it one of KDR’s largest groups, which came from nothing in the space of just a few months. The chapter is working with Jerry Stebbins, Phi Alpha ’88, through the pledge program and chapter building process, and they are eagerly awaiting the time when they can receive their charter. Christopher Newport University Group Starts KDR’s First New Chapter in Five Years Our fraternity’s first all-new chapter in five years is well on its way to becoming a reality at Christopher Newport University in Newport News, VA. A group of good friends and roommates had been considering the idea of starting a fraternity, and 14 Q&S

Sigma Chapter (Oregon State University) Members of the CNU Provisional Chapter at the Provisional Chapter ceremony. had knowledge of Kappa Delta Rho through friends at our James Madison and William and Mary Chapters. After a visit and some encouragement from Programming Coordinator Mike Natale, a petition was submitted and approved, and the CNU Group of Intent was born with 12 members. Over the course of the fall semester, the group set about recruitment, doubling its size. The group also began taking an active role on campus and in the community, working at a local shelter, as well as alongside local sororities on several of their projects. A major hurdle was overcome in November when the group competed with, and won out over other national fraternities to be officially approved for expansion on campus. By the end of the fall semester, the group had met all its Group of Intent requirements, and petitioned for, and was approved for Provisional Chapter status. On February 15, 25 men were pledged into the fraternity, creating the CNU Provisional Chapter. The ceremony was conducted during a snowstorm by members of the Phi Beta Chapter at William and Mary, and was witnessed by members and alumni from Old Dominion and Cornell chapters, as well. KDR has debuted itself on CNU’s campus in a big way, and is looking to add new members and go through the chapter-building process as quickly as possible. Look for more good news in the future from this motivated group of future brothers. Other Expansion: The Ball Keeps Rolling Kappa Delta Rho just keeps on growing. Right now our Group of Intent at Millersville University in Pennsylvania is continuing to add members and hold events, and it sent a delegation of six to the eastern Regional Conclave at William Paterson University in January. In addition to this group, the national fraternity is cultivating groups at two other schools in hopes that they will be able to build chapters there as well. These schools are George Mason University in Fairfax, VA, where transferred brothers from James Madison and Lycoming Chapters are hard at work recruiting more members, and Indiana

Sigma Chapter at Oregon State University is beginning efforts to recolonize. Sigma Alumni of Kappa Delta Rho, Inc., is seeking a brother who is interested in transferring to Oregon State University to pursue his degree (either undergraduate or graduate) and to assist us with the organizational efforts, project management, and ancillary tasks associated with re-colonization. We see this as an opportunity for a brother to pursue his degree while being part of a larger mission. This is an excellent opportunity to develop a resume while promoting the values and qualities we value in Kappa Delta Rho, to other young men through the reestablishment of Sigma Chapter. Oregon State University annually enrolls approximately 19,000 students (3,000 of them graduate students), in its 16 academic colleges. Oregon State University is the only comprehensive Carnegie I Research University in Oregon and serves as the state’s land, sea, and space grant institution. In addition to the programs offered on the Corvallis campus, Oregon State University extends its education, research, and service programs through OSU Statewide, which includes the Oregon Agricultural Experiment Stations, the OSU Extension Service, Distance and Continuing Education as well as the central Oregon campus - OSU Cascades. The University has an institution-wide commitment to diversity and multiculturalism, and provides a welcoming atmosphere with unique professional opportunities for leaders who are women and people of color. All are encouraged to apply. The City of Corvallis, an attractive community of approximately 50,000 people, is ideally situated in the mid-Willamette Valley, in close proximity to the Pacific Coast, Cascade Mountains, and Portland metropolitan area. The Sigma Alumni of Kappa Delta Rho, Inc., Board of Directors will discuss compensation with specific task effort and performance expectations. Send a letter of interest to: Sigma Alumni of Kappa Delta Rho, Inc. Attn: Aaron D. Howell, CPM, President 3017 Bridlewood Loop SE Albany, OR 97321



KAPPA DELTA RHO FRATERNITY BOARD OF DIRECTORS (Parentheses indicate the year this seat comes up for election)

President (2006) Joshua L. Smith, Alpha Beta ’93 Executive Vice President Joseph E. Rees II, Nu ’01 Vice President of Standards and Risk Management (2006) Richard O. Jones, Nu ’64 Vice President of Finance and Administration (2004) John V. Dempsey, Jr., Upsilon Alpha ’90 Vice President of Education (2004) Lansing R. Dimon, Mu Beta ’94 Vice President of Alumni Affairs (2006) Christopher K. Gordon, Zeta Beta ’95 Secretary (2004) Gerald L. Murray, Theta ’66 Treasurer (2004) Edward B. Curtis, Rho ’62 Director of Insurance Programs (2006) Scott Smaniotto, Alpha Beta ’93 Directors Robert L. Swinney, Sigma ’58 Mark N. Lundgren, Nu ’70 Roy Crowe, Psi ’80 Brian J. Stumm, Iota Beta ’92 Patrick McCarty, Zeta Beta ’03 Michael Hudson, Mu Beta ’03 Kenneth Hemler, Alpha Gamma ’04 Directors Emeritus Robert D. Corrie, Beta ’53 James F. Edgeworth, Sr., Psi ’56 Robert D. Lynd, Iota ’67 COMMITTEES Alumni Affairs Committee Christopher K. Gordon, Zeta Beta ’95 – Chair Joseph E. Rees, II, Nu ’01 Brian J. Stumm, Iota Beta ’92 Roy Crowe, Psi ’80 Kenneth Hemler, Alpha Gamma ’04 Finance Committee Edward B. Curtis, Rho ’62 – Chair John V. Dempsey, Jr., Upsilon Alpha ’90 Joseph E. Rees, II, Nu ’01 Brian J. Stumm, Iota Beta ’92 Scott M. Smaniotto, Alpha Beta ’93 Joshua L. Smith, Alpha Beta ’93 Gerald L. Murray, Theta ’66 Website Committee Michael T. Jesse, Iota Beta ’96 – Chair Joseph E. Rees, II, Nu ’01 John V. Dempsey, Jr. Upsilon Alpha ’90 Nik Bonaddio, Tau ’04

Nominating Committee Robert L. Swinney, Sigma ’58 – Chair Joseph E. Rees II, Nu ’01 Gerald L. Murray, Theta ’66 Joseph C. Duggan, Upsilon Alpha ’93 Peter J. Tartaro, Lambda Beta ’00 Expansion Committee Mark N. Lundgren, Nu ’70 – Chair Joseph E. Rees II, Nu ’01 Gerald L. Murray, Theta ’66 Michael R. Natale, Tau ’00 Patrick McCarty, Zeta Beta ’03 Kenneth Hemler, Alpha Gamma ’04 Philanthropy Committee Robert L. Swinney, Sigma ’58 – Chair Douglas M. Rammel, Pi Alpha ’90 David A. Barber, Omega ’03 Education Committee Lansing R. Dimon, Mu Beta ’94 – Chair Mark N. Lundgren, Nu ’70 Joseph E. Rees II, Nu ’01 Shawn Hoke, Phi Alpha ’95 Jon Kapell, Eta Beta ’95 Roy Crowe, Psi ’80 Jorge A. Zapata, Zeta Beta ’99 Eric Hermes, Alpha Gamma ’03 Centennial Committee Brian J. Stumm, Iota Beta ’92 – Chair Joseph E. Rees II, Nu ’01 Christopher K. Gordon, Zeta Beta ’95 Jerry Stebbins, Phi Alpha ’88 Robert D. Lynd, Iota ’67 James H. Buterbaugh, Zeta ’55 David Clark, Iota Beta ’01 Lansing R. Dimon, Mu Beta ’94 Ordo Honoris Committee Robert D. Corrie, Beta ’53 – Chair Paul A. Downes, Gamma ’69 John Irving, Sigma ’63 Douglas A. Rammel, Pi Alpha ’90 Convention Committee Roy Crow, Psi ’80 – Chair Joseph E. Rees II, Nu ’01 Christopher K. Gordon, Zeta Beta ’95 Robert L. Swinney, Sigma ’58 Chapter Awards Committee Michael R. Natale – Coordinator Wm. Scott Bradley, Zeta Beta ’99 Vernon Hurd, Pi Alpha ’97 Rafael Isaac, Iota Beta ’91 Scott A. Johnson, Phi Alpha ’95 Jon Kapell, Eta Beta ’95 Brian Leckrone, Epsilon ’86 Eric Mitcheltree, Alpha Alpha ’90 Peter J. Tartaro, Lambda Beta ’00 Corey Waltz, Tau Alpha ’96

KAPPA DELTA RHO FOUNDATION, INC. BOARD OF DIRECTORS President (2004) Thomas V. McComb, Nu ’59 VP Investments (2006) Michael E. Mueller, Eta ’95 VP General Fund (2006) Douglas M. Rammel, Pi Alpha ’90 Secretary (2005) Paul A. Downes, Gamma ’68 Treasurer (2005) Robert D. Corrie, Beta ’53 Director of Development William J. Paris, Eta ’87 Trustees (2004) James H. Buterbaugh, Zeta ’55 Thomas C. Lockwood, Nu ’56 Trustees (2005) Andrew F. Barth, Nu Alpha ’83 David R. Hamrick, Zeta ’57 J. Hall Jones, Jr., Lambda Beta ’91 Trustees (2006) Douglas A. Cifu, Nu Alpha ’87 Howard A. Fidler, Eta Beta ’92 Bimal N. Saraiya, Theta ’00 Emeritus Trustee Ray C. Hunt, Jr., Rho ’53 Investment Committee Michael E. Mueller, Eta ’95 – Chair Andrew F. Barth, Nu Alpha ’83 Robert D. Corrie, Beta ’53 Delano Newkirk, Nu ’61 Robert P. Youngman, Alpha ’64 General Fund Committee Douglas M. Rammel, Pi Alpha ’90 – Chair James H. Buterbaugh, Zeta ’55 Douglas A. Cifu, Nu Alpha ’87 Howard A. Fidler, Eta Beta ’92 Paul A. Downes, Gamma ’68 Bimal N. Saraiya, Theta ’00 Melvin F. Erman, Nu ’58 Scholarship Committee Dr. Alan T. Lord, Kappa ’72 – Chair Dr. Thomas L. Guthrie, Theta ’62 James H. Buterbaugh, Zeta ’55 David Z. Richards, Zeta ’57

CHAPTERS Kappa Delta Rho Society Alpha Chapter Middlebury College Kappa Delta Rho Fraternity Alpha (inactive) Middlebury College Beta Cornell University Gamma (inactive) University at Albany (S.U.N.Y.) Delta (inactive) Colgate University Epsilon Franklin College Zeta Penn State University Eta University of Illinois Theta Purdue University Iota Bucknell University Kappa (inactive) Ohio State University Lambda University of California Berkeley Mu (inactive) University of Michigan Nu Indiana University Xi (inactive) Colby College Omicron (inactive) Butler University Pi (inactive) Gettysburg College Rho Lafayette College Sigma (inactive) Oregon State University Tau Carnegie Mellon University Upsilon (inactive) Fresno State University Phi (inactive) University of Oklahoma Chi Colony (inactive) University of Florida Psi Lycoming College Omega Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Alpha Alpha Lock Haven University Beta Alpha (inactive) C.W. Post College Gamma Alpha (inactive) Bradley University Delta Alpha (inactive) Rhode Island College Epsilon Alpha (inactive) Lewis University Zeta Alpha (inactive) University of Dayton Eta Alpha Robert Morris University Theta Alpha Slippery Rock University Iota Alpha University of Pittsburgh/Johnstown Kappa Alpha (inactive) Illinois State University Lambda Alpha (inactive) Gannon University Mu Alpha (Provisional) West Virginia University Nu Alpha Columbia University Xi Alpha (inactive) Temple University Omicron Alpha (inactive) Rutgers University Pi Alpha University of Toledo Rho Alpha (inactive) Bryant College Sigma Alpha (inactive) Hofstra University Tau Alpha Radford University Upsilon Alpha St. Louis University Phi Alpha Clarion University Chi Alpha (inactive) University of Pittsburgh/Greensburg Psi Alpha (suspended) Penn State Behrend College Omega Alpha (inactive) Virginia Commonwealth University Alpha Beta University of Delaware Beta Beta (inactive) Ball State University

Gamma Beta (inactive) Virginia Tech Delta Beta (inactive) West Liberty University Epsilon Beta Old Dominion University Zeta Beta Tarleton State University Eta Beta West Chester University Theta Beta (inactive) NY Institute of Technology Iota Beta Rochester Institute of Technology Kappa Beta Edinboro University Lambda Beta James Madison University Mu Beta Syracuse University Nu Beta (inactive) Fordham University Xi Beta (inactive) University of Pittsburgh Omicron Beta William Paterson University Pi Beta (inactive) Richard Stockton College Rho Beta (inactive) Eastern Illinois University Sigma Beta University of North Carolina/Greensboro Tau Beta (inactive) East Tennessee State University Upsilon Beta (inactive) Clemson University Phi Beta The College of William and Mary Chi Beta University of Charleston Psi Beta East Stroudsburg University Omega Beta University of North Carolina/Asheville Alpha Gamma University of Detroit/Mercy Group of Intent Millersville University Provisional Chapter Christopher Newport University

Law Scholarship Paul W. Upson, Alpha ’66



Does your student have a new address? Please help us stay up to date. Send, fax, or e-mail any new information so that no fraternity event happens without his knowledge. Name of Brother

New Address



School and Year of Graduation _________________________________________________ _________________________________________________

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Telephone _______________________________________


E-mail ___________________________________________


Please send responses to: Kappa Delta Rho, Inc. 331 South Main Street • Greensburg, PA 15601 Fax Number: 724.838.7101 E-mail:

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Q&S 15

A Reflection on Working for KDR by Scott A. Johnson, Phi Alpha ’95 IT WAS MARCH 1998 when I accepted my employment with the national fraternity, and had I known then what a lifechanging experience it was going to be, I would have taken more pictures. I say that with just a twist of sarcasm, as there were, during my four years on the road, a few undergraduate members who would kid with me about the number of photographs I would snap on any given trip. When asked to write about life after the road, my first thought was of my memory mentioned above. As I contemplated how to approach this article, I have already taken more than a few moments to sift though my numerous shoeboxes full of 4x6 memories to aid in the literary motivation. My current “life after the road,” as it has come to be known, is a place that I would not be without the lessons, friendships, and professional experience that I gained from KDR. Like an undergraduate experience helps our students prepare for entry into the real world, working for KDR was one that afforded me the freedom and opportunity to explore other avenues of my career while maintaining a safe shelter to return to should the ventured path not lead to a desired destination. This is not unlike the proverbial “chapter house” and how it offers a safe haven for the undergraduates to seek direction and learn about themselves while being protected by the support of their brothers to help in times of need. The professional side of KDR instilled me to work tough everyday, live life with honor and integrity (and to the fullest everyday), and set goals that are mutually beneficial to all stakeholders. However, most of all, it taught me to have the confidence in myself to take risks and make mistakes; because if I live with honor and show integrity, my mistakes will be looked upon as a learning experience in a never ending road to improvement. In January 2002, I relocated to New Jersey to pursue an opportunity with a private hospitality firm, Dolce International. In my two years, I have been placed in situations where I have had to call on my experiences at KDR. First off was my meeting planning experience; as the director of programming I was charged with planning the semiannual board meetings as well as the annual convention/leadership academy and Regional Conclaves. It was this experience that got me in the door as I spent two years in the sales and planning arena selling primarily to the pharmaceutical markets interested in conducting sales and management training. Secondly, which brings me to my

current venture, was organizational development. I recently accepted a charge from my company to take over an entire department responsible for the day-to-day service delivery and incorporate a number of various initiatives to increase a number of areas in the process management and customer service realm. It is my duty to analyze the operations’ big picture of how the different processes are used, fix the parts that are “broken”, and streamline what isn’t. As time moves forward I know that I am going to continue to face times when I am going to have call on the knowledge and experience I gained working for KDR and I know that I am well prepared to handle whatever is dealt my way. So here it is, 2004 — six years after my adventure began. Roughly 23 states and 100,000 miles later I still have my sanity and an endless supply of memories to look back on. I still continue to remain involved with KDR on a voluntary capacity. I no longer sleep on couches or eat in a campus cafeteria, but please note that I never said these were necessarily bad things (although sometimes the craving for a dried burger and cold fries does strike my interest.) I know that I speak for some of my past colleagues when I share the sentiment that the professional experience gained through KDR is not one that would ever be traded or forgotten, nor is it something to be taken lightly. I never knew on the day in March 1998 what I was getting myself into and I must say that I’m glad I didn’t; sometimes not knowing what is to come allows you to look upon the big picture with wide eyes to capture and absorb every possible moment you can. In the end, I walked away from the KDR office with the hope that I left something about our fraternity better than when I found it. Sometimes I had to make a tough decision and do something that wasn’t the most grand. However, I felt confident that I was making a choice that had the interest of the whole organization in mind. I hope that some of you reading this contemplating the next step in your career development and will consider going to work for the national office. For those of you who do, I wish you luck and if you listen to no other advise, listen to these three things: 1. Pack smart 2. The Rand-McNally Truckers Map is your friend 3. Take a lot of pictures. If you are interested in joining the staff of Kappa Delta Rho, contact Executive Director J.R. Rees at



GREENSBURG PA PERMIT NO. 653 Kappa Delta Rho, Inc. National Office 331 South Main Street Greensburg, PA 15601 Address Service Requested

Quill & Scroll: Spring 2004  

The latest news from the National Office and our Chapters

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