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April 24, 1984

Dear National Consul, The Provision a1 Chapter of Kappa Delta Rho at the University of Toledo would like to request for full Chapter status. Since our pledging on October 31, 1983 we have completed all material required by you, the National Consul, for Chapter status. We feel that we are more than qualified to become an active Chapter of Kappa Delta Rho. We have exhibited scholarship, sportsmanship, and brotherhood toward each other, our Greek system and our fine University. In our quest to achieve Chapter status we have set new goals for ourselves. Some of these goals are: to expand KDR to other campuses, to work toward improving our IFC program, to establish a community image and maintain a strong brotherhood. Once again I would like to express to you our pride and respect of Kappa Delta Rho. We will always strive to strengthen our KDR brotherhood.

s~r~ The Brothers of Kappa De 1ta Rho Rich Longenecker Consul

History of University of Toledo Provisional Chapter

On September 22, 1983 at 9:00p.m., eight friends met with Donald Stohl, the Executive Director of Kappa Delta Rho Inc. Sheraton Westgate, Secor Rd. Toledo, Ohio.

This meeting was held at the

At this meeting, temporary

officers were elected and the by-laws of the organization were established. This orientation lasted until 3:00 a.m. September 23, 1983. weeks the enrollment soared to twenty-three.

In the next few

These twenty-three men began to

grow together, to become better friends and most importantly brothers. On October 30, 1983, the Brothers of the Lambda Alpha Chapter of Kappa Delta Rho pledged twenty-nine members from the University of Toledo, thus creating a provisional chapter of Kappa Delta Rho at the University of Toledo. The following Sunday, four more members were "pledged" into the provisional chapter, bringing the enrollment to thirty-four. Preceeding these ceremonies the members were able to show their pride in KDR by wearing the colors of the fraternity, which everyone wore everyday for nearly two-weeks.

On February 12, 1984, thirteen rushes were pledged into the

provisional chapter increasing the enrollment to forty-seven. From September 22, 1983 until the present day, our provisional chapter lest two members;had financial difficulties and will be returning to the

University in the Fall of 1984 and one member transferred to the University of Cincinnati.

As of February 16, 1984, Spring Quarter rush is in full swing

and the enrollment is expected to increase. During the course of the last six months we have been involved in many activities.

Such as IF~, parties to expand our campus recognition and

individual involvement with the fraternities and sororities at the University of Toledo.


Consul Senior Tribune Junior Tribune Quaestor ProQtor


Rick Longenecker Brad Peterson Mark Woodruff Keith Bell Craig Gordon

CHAIRMAN Social Scholarship Intramural Parents Club Fund Raising Philanthropy Historian Song Leader Expansion Secretary Corresponding Secretary


Brent Lundy Tom Lybarger Mike Droll Dave Dorner Ed Miller Mark Fondren Bob Roberts Eric Henry Kevin Gyuras Tom Kelley

OTHER Centurion Pont if ex

- Bob Mellin - Scott Wood






Keith Bell


Spring '85

Camp. Science

2 Tom Boczan


Spring '89


3 Mike Carson


Spring '86


4 Dave Dorner


Spring '85

Poly Sci


Spring '86

Mech. Eng.

6 Dan Fried

(435-8656) &535-9249 885-2482

Summer '84



Craig Gordon


Spring '88



Eric Henry


Spring '86



Spring '86

Med. Tech

5949 Wakefield Sylvania 43560 207 Colony Rd. Rossford 43460 6807 Gettysburg Sylvania 43560 4611 286th Toledo 43611 900 Loudon, Fostoria 44830 216 Carter West, Toledo 8014 Brint Sylvania 43560 3411 Kirby Toledo 43608 3223 Middlesex Apt. 0 Toledo 43614 16387 Molin Martin 43606 Graytown, OH 43432 801 Regina Pky. Toledo 43612 4233 Bowen Toledo 43613 3922 Millrun Toledo 43623 Route 4 Box 44 Van Wurt 45891 or 3283001 W. Bancroft 1825 Copley Toledo 43615 6120 Peppermill Sylvania 43560 3025 E. Moreland Ore on 43618 8465 Saratoga Dr. Lambertville 48144 3745 Consean Lambertville 48144 4521 Weldwood S lvania 43560 6023 Larchway Toledo 43613 5806 Viramar Toledo 43611 2931 W. Bancroft 210. C.W. Toledo 43606 6516 Country Sylvania 43560 6516 Country Sylvania 43560 5565 Bonniebrk Sylvania 43560 6030 Saddlewood Toledo 43613


Mike Droll

9 Doug Jensen 10

Tim Lemoine


Spring '86

Elec. Eng.


Rick Logenecker 475-2226

Spring '86



Brent Lundy


Spring '86



Tom Lybarger

238-3297 535-9005

Spring '86

Camp Sci & Engnrng


Bob Mellin


Spring '85



Ed Miller


Summer '86



Rick Obert


Fall '88

Camp. Systems


John Orwig




Jeff Panning


Spring '86


Brad Peterson


Spring '85

Public Relations Camp. Systems MRKTNG


Mike Plezler


Spring '88

Civil Engnr.


Jim Schubargo


Spring '86



Tom Taylor

Spring '84



Jeff Wood

782-1643 537-4367 882-7783

Spring '88



Scott Wood


Spring '88



Jeff Wurst


Winter '86

Mech. Eng.


Tom Kelly


Spring '88







1 Mark Fondren


Spring '86

Mech. Engnr.



Spring '87


3 Matt Nicholas


Spring '87




Spring '88



Spring '87

Arts & Science


Spring '87


Spring '86


Spring '87


4 713 King Road S lvania 43560 2623 Drummond Toledo 43606 506 E. Paradire St. Orriville, OH 44667 10136 Avenue Rd. Perrysburg 43155 1127 Palmwood Toledo 43607 3211 N. Reach Ore on 43616 Box 253 McClure, OH 3419 Middlesex, AEt. A 2041 Campus or 117 Dowd Hall 2360 Sherwood //14 Toledo 43614 904 Oakhill Perrysburg, 43551 2921 w. Bancroft Toledo 43606 510 Carter West Toledo 43606

Tim Mills

Bob Roberts

5 Detric Willoughby 6 Kevin Gyuras 7 Dave Long 8

Mike Meffie

748-8409 535-6038 535-9018


Bruce Bellner


Spring '86

Science & Engineer Bus. Econ.


Len Mason


Spring '87

Elec. Engnr


Jim Parks


Spring '87



Dave Ruddock


Spring '87


A ril 12, 1984 NAME Rick Longenecker Dave Long Tim Mills David Ruddock Bob Roberts Tom Lybarger Mike Plenzler Len Mason Mike Droll Jeff Wurst Mark Fondren Graig Gordon Brad Peterson Tom Taylor Doug Jensen Brent Lundy Ed Miller Keith Bell Kevin Gyuras Dan Fried Eric Henery Jim Parks Mike Meffie Bruce Bellner Derik Willoughby Matt Nicholas Tom Boczan Mike Carson Dave Dorner Tim Lemoine Bob Mellin Rick Obert John Orwig Jeff Panning Jim Schubargo Jeff Wood Scott Wood Tom Kelly

HONORS, OFFICES, ETC. IFC Rush Chairman, IFC Rush Improvement Chairman S.U.B. Intramurals, Pledge Class President Student Nursing Organization, University Hall Gov't, Centennial Hall Usher Student American Pharmecutical Association, Marching Band National Society of Professional Engineers Association of Merchants Corporate Football, University Y Collegian, Ohio Society of Professional Engineers American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Newman Club American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Univesity Honor Frat. American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Blue Key National Band, S.U.B. Peer Career, Hockey Club R.A.,Eta Sigma Sanna I.F.C. Med. Tech Society S.U.B., University Y S.U.B., University Y S.U.B., University Y University Y, Band Society for Pysics Students, AM. Chemical Society Band, S.U.B. S.U.B., University Y S.U.B., Dorm Gov't S.U.B., University Y S.U.B., Black Student Union Intramurals, University Y Active Christian Today, Intramurals S.U.B., IFC Rush Committee I.F.C. Rep. ) Tour Guide for Housing, Intramurals Rush Committee, University Y Student Government, Vice President, Psi Chi Honor Society S.U.B., University Y S.U.B., University Y S.U.B., University Y Christian Brotherhood, University Y S.U.B., University Y Christian Brotherhood, University Y S.U.B., University Y





Alpha Sigma Phi Phi Kappa Psi Pi Kappa Phi Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sigma Phi Epsilon Tau Kappa Epsilon Triangle

1845 1852 1904 1856 1901 1899 1907

Dec. 6, 1946 Oct. 2, 1950 Dec. 4' 1951 Mar. 22, 1953 Sept. 30, 1950 May 28, 1950 Oct. 10, 1973

65 25 43 40 110 25 38

Pi Kappa Alpha Sigma Alpha Mfl

1868 1909

April 11, 1955 Nov. 17, 1958

40 20





Chi Omega Alpha Omicron Pi Pi Beta Phi Delta Delta Delta Kappa Delta Alpha Chi Omega

1895 1897 1867 1888 1897 1885

Nov. 5, 1945 Nov. 11' 1944 April 28, 1945 Nov. 25, 1944 Oct. 14, 1946 Nov. 17, 1945

70 50 55 65 45 60

PLEDGE TRAINING April 16, 1984 The purpose of our pledge training program is to facilitate all of the pledges into our brotherhood.

It is also to help each individual reach his

full potential; for his own good and for the good of the fraternity as well. This program is set for a six week period beginning at the time of pledging. The night of pledging we intend to have a party with the pledges to start developing a close brotherhood. During the first pledge class meeting we will hold the elections for the group.

They will be taught how to run meetings in the proper manner.


during the first meeting we will assign the pledges to learn the first ten questions of the activation test. Sometime in the second week of pledging the new members will be sent on a hunt for clues to find out who will be there big brother.

That weekend we

intend to have a parents club gathering so that all of the new pledges parents will get a chance to meet and find out more about our proud fraternity. In the second pledge class meeting the pledges will be required to take a quiz over the first ten activation questions and will be assigned the second group of ten questions.

Also in this meeting there will be a discussion over

the financial responsibility to belonging to our fraternity. Then, during the third week, we have planned a football game or some other activity between the actives and pledges to bring us close together.


the third pledge class meeting there will be a quiz over the second group of questions and the final fifteen questions will be assigned. talk on brother, positive thinking, and motivation.

There will be a

At this time we will ask

the pledge to make paddles for their big brothers and one for the fraternity as a whole.

At the fifth pledge class meeting there will be a quiz of the final fifteen questions for the activation test. campus activities and chapter operations. pledges will have a party aÂąasses.

There will be a discussion of Sometime during this week the

This will be to promote our belief in a

strong Greek system here at the University of Toledo.

Also during this week

the pledge class will get together for a review of the activation test. On the sixth week of pledging will be several meetings or parties of the pledges to get them "psyched up" for their activation on the following weekend. This is just a start of some of the ideas I have come up with for the spring and fall pledge classes.

I am sure it is just a scratch on the surface

of some of the events that will occur during pledging.


Mark Woodruff Jr. Tribune


Since the formation of the University of Toledo's Provisional Chapter of Kappa Delta Rho, the fraternity has been active in a variety of social functions. The first campus activity participated in was a "BYOB" (bring your own banana) party, sponsored by the Alpha Chi Omega sorority, on November 21,

1983, Kappa Delta Rho co-sponsored a party with the Chi Omega sorority at Fat Darils in the Student Union.

The next week, on November 28, Kappa Delta Rho

presented its first open party.

This party was held at the University Pub.

The month of December featured Kappa Delta Rho's first Parents Club meeting on December 7, at which time, each officer and committee chairman introduced himself, and explained his duties.

Friday, December 9, the

fraternity sponsored its first annual "Slave Auction Party" at Fat Daril's. The fraternity decided to incorperate the Slave Auction as an annual Fall Rush activity. Following Winter Break, the fraternity sponsored a "Convict Party" on January 21.

The party was such a success, that it will be included as a

Winter Rush function.

On February 24, Kappa Delta Rho co-sponsored a

"Hospital Party" with the Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity at the TKE house. The month of March was selected for the second Parents Club function.


March 10, the fraternity sponsored a combination Parents Club Mixer/fraternity date night at the University of Toledo's Scott Park Campus.

The final day of

Winter Quarter was concluded with a "Nut & Bolt Party" at Fat Daril's sponsored by the Winter Quarter pledge class.

Spring Quarter began with a "Show Off Your Tan Party", co-sponsored with the Pi Kappa Phi fraternity on April 3. Rush.

This was the first function of Spring

The following evening, April 4, the fraternity attended a party with

the Alpha Chi Omega Sorority .

April 27 features a road trip to Bowling Green,

Ohio, sponsored as another Spring Rush event.

The following night, April 28,

the fraternity attends a party sponsored by the Alpha Omicron Pi Sorority, at The University of Toledo's Scott Park Campus. Many remaining events of Spring Quarter remain in the planning stage. The fraternity proves itself an active part of the University of Toledo's Greek System, with a variety of plans for the future.



To establish a strong social program


To establish a strong intramural program


s~ : P To establish a strong scholar); program


To obtain and remodel a frat house


To improve our parlimentary procedures at meetings


To better inform national


To maintain widespread campus exceptions


To take a spring (10) and Fall (20) pledge class.


ARTICLE I NAME The name of this Fraternity shall be The University of Toledo Provisional Chapter of Kappa Delta Rho. ARTICLE II PURPOSES The primary purpose of the Fraternity shall be the promotion of good fellowship among its members and the advancement of truth, justice, and virtue. The Fraternity shall provide a source of identity and, if responsibly led, a source of dignity for every member. The Fraternity will be a significant force in preparing its members for the challenges of the complex life they must face. The Fraternity clearly recognizes the need for scholastic achievement, intellectual honesty, community service, personal and group fiscal responsibility. The University of Toledo Provisional Chapter of Kappa Delta Rho accepts the opportunity of contributing to the general education of its members. ARTICLE III MEMBERSHIP SECTION 1. The membership of this Fraternity shall consist of honorary members, alumni, actives, and pledges. SECTION 2. Honorary members shall consist of outstanding faculty members or other men of good repute elected by the active chapter, and approved by the National. SECTION 3. Alumni shall consist of those actives of the Fraternity who shall have completed their work at The University of Toledo or those actives who, due to personal reasons, terminated their career prior to graduation.


SECTION 4. Actives shall consist of undergraduates, fully initiated upon completion of all requirements set by the Fraternity and College. SECTION 5. Pledges: Prospective members awaiting completion of the requirements for initiation. ARTICLE IV OFFICERS SECTION 1. President: The presiding officer of the Chapter. He presides at all meetings, enforces the laws, and serves in the capacity of general administrator. He makes all appointments to all committees with the approval of the Executive Committee. SECTION 2. First Vice President: is the Rush Chairman and presides the duties of the President in his absence or incapacity. He will fill the position of President should the present President not be able to complete his elected term. SECTION 3. Second Vice President: has full responsibility for all pledges and directs the pledge training program. He supervises the testing of pledges on the material required. He serves in the capacity of First Vice President in his absence. SECTION 4. Secretary: the recording secretary of the Fraternity. He conducts all correspondence and keeps the minutes of all meetings in a permanent form. He maintains all initiation forms and the Bylaws. SECTION 5. Treasurer: the treasurer of the Fraternity. He collects all fees and pays all bills, keeping accurate records of all money received and disbursed. He shall be responsible for preparing a budget for the forthcoming year subject to the approval of the Executive Committee. SECTION 6. Sergeant at Arms: the doorkeeper of the Fraternity meetings. He receives the handclap of all initiated before their admission to Fraternity meetings. He maintains all ritual equipment and maintenance of the meeting room. SECTION 7. Chaplain: Chaplain of the Fraternity. He has charge of all devotional exercises in which the Fraternity participates. Responsible for the Invocation before all Fraternity meetings.


SECTION 8. Housemanager: will be responsible for the care, upkeep, and cleanliness of the Chapter House or the Chapter room as the case may be. SECTION 9. I.F.C. Representative: is the official representative of the Fraternity at all Interfraternity Council meetings. SECTION 10. Executive Committee: shall consist of President, First Vice President, Second Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. The committee prepares the agenda for all meetings and deals with all special problems as they arise. The Executive Council will also assist the President in his appointments of the Social Chairman, Social Service Chairman, Intramural Chairman, Scholarship Chairman, and their committee members. They shall appoint other committees as the needs arise. ARTICLE V ELECTIONS Elections will be conducted the first or second week of the Spring semester or second quarter as the case may be. Nominations will be made during the Fraternity meeting prior to the election. All nominations for all elected positions will remain open until the elections. All members nominated must be in good financial standing with the Fraternity. Upon completion of the elections, the President and Executive Committee shall meet to make appointments. ARTICLE VI MEMBERSHIP REQUIREMENTS SECTION 1. Pledges : to become a pledge, each upper-classman to be considered must have a "C" average. Freshman requirements will follow those set by the I.F.C. All rushees must be approved by a vote of the actives of the Fraternity to become pledges by receiving no more than 25% negative votes. Although a rushee did not receive a bid as a result of the first voting, the Rushing Chairman, may present his name before the actives for another vote. Should the rushee again not receive a favorable vote, his name will be retired from the Fraternity's list of rushees. SECTION 2. Actives: to become initiated as a full member of the Fraternity, each pledge must complete all requirements set by the National Fraternity, the Chapter, and the local I.F.C.; have completed all financial requirements; and receive no more than 50% negative votes from the active membership prior to the initiation.

4 ARTICLE VII FINANCES SECTION 1. All financial requirements set by the Fraternity upon its membership shall be purposed by the Executive Committee and approved by vote of the active membership. SECTION 2. The treasurer will prepare a budget of income and expenses which must be approved by vote of the active membership. ARTICLE VIII MEETINGS SECTION 1. Regular meetings of the active Fraternity shall be held every Sunday beginning at 7:00 p.m. Special meetings may be called at any time by the President subject to the approval of the Executive Committee. SECTION 2. At all regular meetings a 75% active will be required to conduct any business. SECTION 3. Any member being absent from a meeting without permission shall be fined $5.00. SECTION 4. the meeting.

The secretary will call roll upon the President opening

ARTICLE IX RUSHING Because of the importance of all rushing functions, all members will be required to attend. All members means actives and pledges. Those not present will be fined $10.00. ARTICLE X AMENDMENTS These Bylaws may be amended by a vote of 90% of all members at a regular meeting. The purpose of the proposed amendment having been presented one meeting prior to its call for approval.



To obtain a major role in student senate


To be a guiding force in student government


To dominate academics and intramurals


To gain city wide recognition and respect


To help revive the "Greek system at U.T."


To help set examples in IFC


To have involvement with the administration


To have the most organized & respected KDR Chapter in the nation.


To develop strong ties with all sororities and frats of U.T.


To establish better relations with all KDR Chapter & Alumni


Also with National


To be the leading


To have a strong philanthropiCprogram


A strong brotherhood in Chapter



frat at U.T.


We have completed two (2) projects.

We worked for the University

of Toledo Alumni Relations Department at their annual Scholarship Phona cons;st-Pj thon. It ee=rr9e~..,. of calling University Alumni and asking them to donate money to the Alumni Scholarship Fund.

This event took place on

February 20 and 21, 1984.

On Friday, April 13, 1984, we participated in the Kenny Rogers Food Drive for the Hungry.

He asks all of his fans to donate one can of food

as they enter his concert.

Our job was to receive these goods, package

them, and load the food onto semi-trucks.


History The provisional chapter of Kappa Deha Rho's first organized meeting took place on September 29, 1983. At the meeting a $1.00 voting• contribution was required. This voting fee remained in use for the next four meetings. On November 14, 1983 the initial $1.00 voting fee was replaced by a $14.00 monthly payment for dues. Our chapter is presently using this $14.00 per month system. Looking into the future, our monthly dues may be increased to a more suitable figure to meet the increased expenses. From October 1, 1983 to the present our bookkeeping system has remained unchanged. The system is composed of two notebooks. One notebook containing a profile of each active and pledge. The other notebook is divided into three section. The first section is our saving and checking account.

BLUE-BOOK The treasury's "blue-book" contains a profile card for each active member and pledge. On every card the name of the member, the amount that they have paid (or owe) and the date money was received, can be found. All the cards are arranged alphabetically with active members preceding pledges to further the ease of locating a profiles.

FINANCIAL BOOKS Another notebook in the treasury's possession contains all the financial activity of the fraternity. All inflows and outflows of cash are recorded in the general ledger with the date and a brief description. This ledger also works as a cross reference with the "blue-book". Whenever money is received

(by members) it is initially placed in the ledger. Cross referencing takes place when the transactions are posted to each member's profile in the "blue-book". This notebook also contains a separate section for the savings account and another for the checks account. Both the checking and the savings accounts are located at the Huntington Bank.

ADDITION INFORMATION All checks written and withdrawals from the savings account must have two signatures. There are only four people with this authority, the include: treasurer, president, fund-raising chairman, and standards board chairman. In addition to the profiles kept in the "blue-book", the pledge account can be found. Each pledge class is given a $100.00 loan to spend however they want. When the pledge class goes active, it is required that they return this $100.00 loan, but they get to keep any additional funds in their account.


Our filing system is designed so that each Officer and Chairman maintains a loose - leaf binder.

In this binder we are required to keep

all letters, notes, etc. that are received.

These binders will passed

on to the Officers and Chairman that precede the current ones.

Eventually, these flyers, letters, etc. that have been kept will be transferred to a filing cabinet.

This will occur as soon as a

fraternity house is obtained and a permanent location for storage is established.

Maintenance of there records has been strongly stressed and enforced by our Executive Committee and Standards Board.

PARENTS CLUB April 16, 1984

To this date we have had two functions in which the parents were invited.

The first was held in the student union.

The purpose of this

evening was to let the parents meet each other and better understand the fraternities framework, standards, and goals.

Each officer and chairman

explained his position and duties to the group. (chips, pretzels, pop) present free of charge.

There were refreshments To close the evening,

informal skits were put on by the brothers. The second event was a joint date-parent night, held on the Scott Park Campus.

There was no formal presentation given but dancing and

refreshments were enjoyed. Although a donation glass was displayed at the first event there has been no talk of any financial support requested from the parents. Also no formal organization has been formed.

But the breakdown of

negative stereo type have been dissolved and the creation of an understanding, comfortable, proud group of parents has been achieved. In the future there will be a structural parents organization to support and accent the chapter.

This step will be completed by June 15

when this group will provide a positive force to the chapters brotherhood and chapter house. This quarter will have a trip to Detroit for a father and son baseball game.

In the first week of June a picnic is planned for all

the brothers and there parents. David A. Dorner Parents Club Chairman

April 14, 1984 Intramural

On September 22, 1983 the Provisional Chapter of Kappa Delta Rho on the campus of UT (The University of Toledo) was recognize.


executive officers headed by President Brad Peterson held elections for chairmanships Committees.

The intramurals chairman elected was Mike


Active in high school varsity sports Mike seemed good for the


The term lasted fall and winter quarters of the 83-84 school


The fraternities fall quarter participated on a football team was

not a recognized Intramural teams because Toledo Chapter was not a Provisional Chapter until after the Deadline through KDR did scrimage some local fraternities in a game for fun act the Brother's said. During the winter quarter our Toledo Chapter had Basketball and soccer teams in the Intramurals.

Because of a lack of organization

KDR's forfeited a game in each sport.

KDR's soccer team did well and

finish the season with a 4-2 record while, the basketball team put in a lot of effort, there was a lack of organizations and team play. record was (3-4).


Also a team participated in a Stroh's case stacking

contest which the brothers of KDR are in the finals held during Spring week activities. At the end of winter quarter 1984, new executives officers were elected and new chairman were appointed by the executed officers. Michael Droll was appointed new Intramurals Chairman.

The fraternities

involvement spring quarter in sports is volleyball, softball, tennis, horse-shoes, and track & field.

A running group known as the ""Kappa

Delta Rhodrunners" is being formed to get the members in shape.

For the fall of 1984 our Chapter will have a football team and winter a basketball team as well as a soccer team.

The chapter looks

forward to the a waited year ahead and the participation of Intramural sports is one part of the Toledo's Chapter as a active fraternity


Michael Droll

ARTICLE I MEMBERS AND PLEDGES OF KAPPA DELTA RHO SECTION 1. Actives are those members of the house who have the right to vote in chapter. They enjoy all rights and priviledges of active Chapter. They have the duty to support all decisions of Chapter and participate as directed by these By-laws SECTION 2. Pledges will be treated with all dignity due actives. However, they do not have all priviledges or rights of active Chapter. They do not have the right to attend active Chapter. They so have the right to attend active Chapter. They so have the right ro participate in the discussion and vote. They shall be expected to meet the standards set by the Pledge Training Committee. They are expected to treat actives with the respect due to those who have met these standards. Unless otherwise stated by the Pledge trainer. ARTICLE II FURTHER DUTIES AND POWERS OF OFFICERS SECTION 1 . In addition to the duties prescribed in the By-laws 1, Section 2, of the National Constitution, the Consul shall have the following auties and powers: a)

He shall appoint all committees with the Executive Board except Standards, Pledge, Rush and Executive


He shall be unofficial member of all committees, and may call for reports from any committee chairman when he deems it necessary.


He shall promote the general welfare of the Fraternity.


He may call special meetings of the Fraternity whenever he deems it necessary.


He shall keep all records of his office in orderly form and hand them down to his sucessor.


He may veto any decision made by the Standard Board when asked, but he may be overridden by 2/3 of chapter.

SECTION 2. In addition to the duties prescribed in By-law I, Section 3, of the National Constitution, the Senior Tribune shall have the following duties and powers: a)

He shall aid Consul in any way asked, and will serve in his ability of an uncomplete term.


He shall be the Rech Chairman.

ARTICLE II SECTION 3. In addition to the duties prescribed in By-law 1, Section 4, of the National Constitution, the Junior Tribune shall have the following duties and powers: a)

He shall be the Chairman of the Pledge training Committee.


He shall have charge of all pledges, and shall call meeting of the pledges whenever he deems it necessary in order to fulfill the provisions of Article III, Section 3 of these By-laws.


He shall have charge of the initiation of all pledges.


He shall administer written and oral examinations to the pledges covering the History and Traditions of Pi Alpha Chapter of KAPPA KELTA RHO.


He shall keep all records of his office and hand them down to bis sucessor at the termination of his office.

SECTION 4. In addition to the duties prescribed in By-law I, Section 6, of the National Constitution, the Proctor shall have the following duties and powers: a)

He shall have charge of all correspondance not otherwise provided for.


He shall keep accurate and orderly minutes of each meeting of the Chapter.


He shall keep all records of his office in an orderly manner and hand them down to his successor.

SECTION 5. In addition to the duties prescribed in By-law I, Section 7, of the National Constitution, the Propraeror shall have the following duties and powers: a)

He shall publish a chapter newsletter at least once every quarter.


He shall carry on all campus social correspondance.


He shall assist the Proctor and take his place in case of the Proctor's absense of incapacity.

SECTION 6. In addition to the duties prescribed in By-law I, Section 5, of the National Constitution, the Questor shall have the following duties and powers; a)

He shall be the financial officer of the house, and, in this capacity, shall advise Executive Committee on all financial matters.


He shall be in charge of all dispersements and income of the organization, and asses monthly expenses per man.


He shall maintain a complete and satisfactory record of these incomes and dispersements. These records shall be kept up-to-date and available for inspection at any time by any member of the Active Chapter.


He shall present a Quarterly up-to-date balance sheet of Chapter accounts to Executive Committee and members. It shall be formulated with and reviewed by the financial committee.


It shall be the duty of the Quaestor to prepare a quarterly budget, subjected to the approval of the Executive Committee.


He approve all expenses up to $100.00, otherwise Executive approval is needed.


He should be the chairman of the Fund Raising Committee, but shall be a member of this committee.

SECTION 7. In addition to the duties prescribe in By-law I, Section 9, of the National Constitution, the Pontifex shall have the following duties and powers: a)

He shall be the etiquette chairman in charge of all morals and manners of the chapter.


He shall have control of etiquette and grace at meals.


He shall count the secret ballot votes.

SECTION 8. In addition to the duties prescribed in By-law I, Section 10 of the National Constitution, the Centurion shall have the following duties and powers: a)

He shall make rulings on parlimentary procedure.


He shall call roll at each meeting and house function.


He shall take care of ceremonial equipment.


He shall maintain order in all Chapter functions.


He shall recieve secret handshakes at all Chapter meetings.


He shall enforce acceptable standards of behavior at house social functions.


He may recommend fines and punishments with the approval of Standard's Board to the Executive Board of any active member of pledge summand.


He shall keep accurate records of all action of fines, punishments and rewards.


He shall be chairman of Standard' Board. ARTICLE III

SECTION 1. In addition to the duties specified in By-law I, Section 13, of the National Constitution, the Executive Committee shall have the following duties and powers: a)

It shall consist of the Consul, Senior Tribune, Junior Tribune, Quaestor, and Proctor.


It shall direct and advise the Fraternity in its campus policy and activites.


It shall fix all initiation fees as specified in Article IV, Section 1 of these By-laws.


It shall have the power to fix all fines such as are not hereinafter provided for.


It shall choose all chairmen except Standard's Pledge, Rush and Executive.


It shall approve the quarterly budget presented by the Quastor, as specified in Article II, Section 6 of these By-Laws.


It shall fix the rate for special assessments of special purchases which have been approved by Chapter.


It shall oversee the financial aspects of the Little Sister Program.


Minutes of the Executive Committee shall be subjected to investigation of any active member, by request, during any regularly called Chapter Meeting.


It shall approve the assignment of pledges to committees.


It shall approve all committee members selected by the individual chairman.

SECTION 2. The Standard's Board shall be elected by the chapter as provided in By-law I, Section 14, of the National Constitution. a)

It will in control of the Centurion with 3 elected honorary members with Pontifix included.


Elected honorary members shall be in Pi Alpha Chapter for at least 5 quarters and at least a sophomore standing.


Centurian will only vote if a tie occurs.


All rules and regulations as follows:


The ability to fine with the ability to expell if necessary.


Sentencing of offenders to constructive tasks to the Fraternity.


The board may summon any member before the board.


The removal of dues from the awards for the period of one week.


Ability of the rewarding system whereas the board has the ability to supenona members before the board for rewarding.

Sectioa 2.

Functioning of the board will be as follows:


The board shall consist of five members plus the chairman, who if the Centurion.


The person in mention shall come before the board to make a personal speech on behalf of his defense whereas the board shall question and decide what, if any course of action is to be taken.


Any member may come before the board and ask to summon any member before the board, whereas the board shall decide whether or not to supina the member in question.


Any course of action taken by the board must be recorded and filed.


There shall be a system of checks and balances


The Fraternity President has the ability to veto any decision made by the board.


The assembly of the whole fraternity may veto or uphold the decision of the board with a 2/3 majority vote.


There shall be fields of power.


Any act degrading the fraternity as a whole is an act which should be brought up before the board to decide what, if any action is to be taken.


Any member possessing illegal drugs defined by federal law or trafficing and using will be considered an act against Kappa Delta Rho principles.


This committee shall have charge of all rushong plans.


It shall, through the Chairman, get in touch with an open correspondance with prospects with, who have been reported favorably by members.


It shall keep a record of the scholastic and social standings of each prospect brought before Chapter, and shall report on the advisability of such man as prospective pledges.


It shall have charge of the reception and guests during rushing.


The Chairman of this committee is hereby impowered to call upon any member for advise or assistance which he may desire.


The rushing committee will be responsible for rushing during the summer.

SECTION 6. There will be a Parents Day Chairman and Committee selected by the Executive Committee. a)

It will announce his plans for the appropriate weekend at least 3 weeks in advance for approval of Chapter by a majority vote.


It will be responsible for all correspondance with Chapter parents.


There will be 4 members including chairman.

SECTION 7. There shall be a Scholarship Committee shall with Chairman selected by the Executive Committee. a)

It shall enforce such rules for study hours as may be set by the Standard Board.


They shall investigate and report to Chapter, periodically, the scholastic standing of both actives and pledged, and shall recommend such measures as they feel necessary to improve the scholastic standings of the entire Fraternity.


They shall keep the scholastic files in an orderly condition and shall keep the scholastic plaques up to date. In this matter, they shall answer to the Executive Committee, as in accordance with Section 1 of this Article.


There shall be an Intramural Chairman


It will be composed of 3 members selected by the Chairman, who is selected by the Executive Committee.


The committee shall have charge of all athletics and all intramurals.


It shall appropriate an Intermural fund to be used by the committee for all necessary expenses.


The committee may submit a request for further funds to chapter at any regular meeting, and final action as the matter shall be determined by a majority of the members present. The Chairman of the committee shall keep accurate records of all expenditures and shall submit an estimate of estimate of expenses of the coming quarter at the end of the quarter.


The chairman of the committee shall have charge of, and be responsible for, any athletic equipment owned by the Fraternity. He shall make and maintain a complete inventory of all such equipment. In this matter he shall answer to the Executive Committee.


There shall be a Fundraising Committee


The Chairman will be selected by the Executive Board, and the committee members will be of 4 members including the Questor and needed approval from Executive Board.


They shall represent those members who are to be instructed in all financial matters by the present Questor.


They alone shall supply the candidates for the future Questor, upon termination of the present elected officials term of office. This requirement may wavied by 2/3 majority rule in election.


They shall offer financial advise to the Executive Committee through the Questor.

SECTION 10. The power is reserved in the Consul to appoint such temporary or auxilary committees as occasion may demand. ARTICLE IV CHAPTER FINANCES SECTION 1. There shall be an initiation fee payable by all initiates, the amount which shall be set by the Executive Committee prior to initiation to the Quaestor, subject to any special provisions which may be hereafter provided for. SECTION 2. Special fines shall be levied by the Executive Committee, when the occasion for such shall arise. Such fines shall be collected by the Questor. SECTION 3. All yearly National dues, as specified in Article II, Section 1, of the National By-laws, and special National Assessments, as specified in Article II, Section 7 of the National By-laws, shall be included in the Quaestor's monthly budget for that month in which such aforesaid dues are payable; and such dues shall be paid by the Quastor out of the general Chapter funds.

SECTION 4. Special local assessments for purchases which have been approved that the Fraternity shall be fixed by the Executive Committee, and collected by the Quaestor. SECTION 5. Every action, alumnus, or honorary member of another Chapter who may be affiliated with Pi Alpha Chapter as prescribed below shall be assessed a fee of fifty dollars upon affiliation. SECTION 7. By 3/4 vote of the Fraternity, alleviations shall be determined by the Fraternity in regard to the debtor's shortcoming in the case of necessity. SECTION 8. There shall be no more than 2 members, active or pledge, not paying full Chapter bill while being in affiliation with Pi Alpha Chapter except any elected officers. SECTION 9. Little Sisters shall pay fees set by the Little Sister Committee and approved by a majority vote of Chapter. ARTICLE V MEETINGS AND VOTING SECTION 1. There should be an informal business meeting of the Fraternity during the school year on which no formal meeting is held; such meeting shall be called and conducted by the Consul. a)

Any change of the time of the regular meeting, or notice of special meeting shall be posted 24 hours in advance.


Such meeting shall not be mandatory.

SECTION 2. In the case of any unforseen conflicts, any meeting, whether formal or informal, may be post-poned at the discretion of the consul and the Executive Committee. SECTION 3. It shall be the duty of the Consul to call all meetings to order on time. It shall be the duty of each and every member to attend all meetings promptly on time, unless there shall be some important conflict; such conflict should be made known to the Centurian prior to the meeting as specified below. a)

Each member shall be fined five dollars for unexcused absences from a formal chapter meetings.


Excuse must be made to the Standard Board no later than 24 hours after consentment of the meeting, in written form.

SECTION 4. 2/3 of the active membership shall constitute a qurom to do any business. a)

Every ordinary measure not otherwise provided for require for its passage a favorable vote on the part of a majority of the active members present at the meeting where the vote is taken.


If 2/3 of the active members are present, 2/3 of these members constitute a majority to approve motions.

SECTION 5. Active members forced to be absent from a meeting of the Fraternity may leave a proxy with a member of the Executive Committee, said proxy must be a signed statement to the effect that the active holding it may do so. The excuse will only be accepted before said meeting. In cases of extreme emergency of death a proxy is not needed. ARTICLE VI AFFILIATION AND MEMBERSHIP SECTION 1. Any active member of another chapter of the Fraternity may be affiliated with Pi Alpha Chapter as provided in the National Constitution, Article III, Section 6, provided that not more than 3 negative votes is cast against him at ~ meeting of the Fraternity at which he is voted upon. SECTION 2. Any faculty, alumni, or honorary member of another chapter of the Fraternity coming go the University of Toledo may be affiliated with Pi Alpha Chapter as a faculty, alumni, or honorary member on presentation of an authorized letter of recommendation from his former chapter, provided that not more than 3 negatives votes be cast against him at a meeting at which he is voted upon. SECTION 3. Men shall be chosen to be active members of Pi Alpha Chapter of Kappa Delta Rho in accordance with the procedure outlined in Article III, Section 8 of the National Constitution, provided however that on the last ballot taken on any candidate at any regular meeting called to the Fraternity, there shall not be more than 2 negative votes is cast against the candidate. However, should any one brother feel that on the basis of race, creed, or national origin, he may call for the membership requirement to be lowered to 1/3 positive votes of those members present. Such action takes precedence over all other business. a)

It shall take a vote of at least one fifth (1/5) of all active members of chapter, but not less than five votes to require a pledge to dissaffillate himself from Chapter. Such a pledge will be given 1 week to completely disaffiliate himself and leave Chapter. He may not be pledged again.


Such a person may board with Chapter the remainder of the semester by 3/4 vote of the active members present.


Five negative votes will prevent a Ruchee from being pledged.

SECTION 4. A 2.0 grade point average will be used as the grade point to activate. This grade point is to be used in all ruch literature. a)

The 2.0 grade point average will be taken from the latest grades to be received to date.


If the pledge does not have a 2.0 GPA at the end of hell week, he will wait at least until final grades for activation.


If the pledge dies not have a 2.0 by the end of the quarter, he will wait till the next quarter.


If the pledge does not make a 2.0 after 2 quarters, he is supposedly out of the university and therefore does not activated.

SECTION 4. Every pledge is expected to familiarize himself, with the provisions of these By-laws and with the provisions of the National Constitution of the Kappa Delta Rho Fraternity. SECTION 5. If an active withdraws from scholl, he shall lose his rank on Chapter roll. He shall drop to the bottom of his pledge class after his first full quarter of absence. He shall drop to the bottom of each succeeding pledge class at a rate of one pledge class per each succeeding quarter, so that his original rank shall be retained at its approxmate position on Chapter Roll at such time as he may re-enter school and return to the chapter. Unless absence is due to illness, or extremen emergency. SECTION 6. The order of initiation of members of a pledge class shall be determined in the following manner. a)

Firstly, members of the pledge class shall be initiated on the basis of class rank in school.


When more than one member of initiating class is of the same rank in school, order of irritation shall be determined according to grade point average at the time of initiation for the quarter of pledgeship; the highest grade point being first and succeeding grade points being in such order.


If more than one member of the initiating class shall have the same class rank in school and the same GPA the order of initiating shall be determined according to which member of the initiating class has carried more hours for the quarter of pledgeship; the initiate having the most hours for that quarter initiating first and succeeding numbers of hours in order.


If all the above critera match, than the Chapter shall determine order of initiation on the basis of age of the initates or there such criteria as chapter may determine. ARTICLE VII ELECTIONS

SECTION 1. All officer and other elected positions will be elected by hand written ballot, but open nominations from the floor. SECTION 2. Elections will be held at least one month before winter quarter, and at least two week before Spring break (ends).

SECTION 3. There shall be at least two weeks of transmission period after all elections. SECTION 4. As qualifications for office, the consul, senior tribune, Quaestor, and Junior Tribune must have completed at least 6 quarters and at least one year of active member of Pi Alpha Chapter. SECTION 5. If no member receives more than at least half of the votes, run-off elections will occur. With the lowest nominee will be disqualified and another vote will be made. This process will follow until a majority of votes is casted for one person. All nominees will speak on there appointment in order of when they're nominated. SECTION 6. A brother may not be removed from office without a 3/4 majority vote of all active members. SECTION 7. No rescinding action shall be taken against the result of any final ballot cast in an election of an officer of this Chapter unless impeachment proceedings are instituted against the officer involved. ARTICLE VIII AMENDMENTS SECTION 1.

These By-laws may be amended as follows:


A motion for amendment may be presented in writing or other, but must be written by Proctor at any meeting of chapter. Such motion may be discussed at the time of presentation and:


May be voted on if no negative discussion is displayed.


If negative discussion is evident, the motion must be tabled till next week at the next regular meeting. Where this motion will or can be further discussed and voted on.


There must be a majority of members present for any motion be adopted in these By-laws.

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