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Act i ve Members Elisha Rober t Andr y Mirtistr7

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Brazier H. Beecher Chemistry


F. Kent Beecher Economics

Kokomo, Indi apa Class of 1928 Liberi Club Math Club University Band Chel!lis try Club Men's Union ~-

Home Kokomo, Indi ana Class of 1928 Un i versity Band Vi ce Pres, Y.M .C.A . Commerce Cl ub Men's Union

Eugene Campbe ll Business Admin i stration

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Kent Dorman Business Admini strati on

Home Indianapolis Class of 1927 Commerce Club Lib.eri Club Y.M. C. A Asst Secret ary of But ler

Martin B. Hall English

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George Henderson Economics

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John Hughes Business Admi nistration

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Lawrence· ~~Hs"ey Pre-medic

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Edward Kimberlin Business Administration

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Wayne· c. McMahan Economics







Home S'#.m.i t\- ill;~:;~. Indian a Class Of 192~ · ·• -· · v ars ity Football Math Cl ub ,. ~ . ., ... . . Me·~ r·s u·nt dn · / ···.~· "' . . . ' . .... ' Home I n.di_a;napolis ·~ cia ss:- of · 1.~29 Math' biub· Men's Union ~


Urban H. Pflum


Y .M ;·c. A.



Alden Jasper Rarick · - Ho~e ·s yrayuse , I ndiana Pre-medic Class 9f ,1929 Ch'e mistr y Club Biqlogy Club . Cat a lY:t~c Club


Robert Rarick Pre -medic

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Raymond Snider Mathematics

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Lowe l l Maxwe l l

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Richard c. Sperry Mathematics.

Herbert White Btlsiness Administration

... _ Home Indian路a polis Class of 1929 Math Club Dramatic Club Thespis Club Men's Uni on Home Indianapolis Class of 1929 Varsity Basebal l Commerce Club - Secretary Glee Club

George Fo Whiteman -- Home Indianapolis Pre-medic 'Class of 1928 Chemistry Club Biology . Club Glee Club Robert Boyle Economics

Home I ndianapolis Class of 1930 路,li'res路hman Track Men's Union

But l e r

iv er sit y ~

Butler Un ver s ity operate s under a special charter granted by he I ndian a Leg is l a ture in 1849 o It is located in Irvingt on ~ a suburb of Indianapolis . In 1915 Butler had a student enr ol lmen t of about fi ve hundred , but has g adually increased this unt il to ay the at tendance is over s i teen hundred . Butler has always maintai ned h igh scholastic requirements, r anking favorably with any co llege or university in the middle west ~ Since 1920 Butler has gained national recognition in all branche s of athletics . At the present time there are f ive n ational fraternit ies on the campus Phi Delta Theta, Si gma Chi, Delt a Tau Delta, Lambda Chi Alpha and Sigma Nu. There are also five locals, all pet i tion ing prominent National Fraternities. The number of sor or i t ies is t en . Bu tler Universi t y r e cent l y bought fo r a new home one of t h e city ' s most be au tiful parks , Fa irv iew , and already building operations are in process. The ' first uni t of three buildings , costing well over one million do ll ars, will be comple t ed in t ime f or the open 1ng of the Fall t erm in l928 o Work on three more units, each compr is ing three bu i l dings , will be started as soon as poss ible All buildi ngs wi ll be constructed of Bedford stone and will be of Gothic design . Construction work on a s tad ium will t rt i n June , as wel l as a field ouse o The firs will h ave a seating c apacity of 25 ,000 (bui l t so that an increase to 60,000 is possibl e and the latt e r will have 16,000 se ating capacity . The f acul ty is be ing inc r eased in accordance with the growth of the sc ool and now number s among i ts personnel many professors of national prominenc e . When the University mov e s to its ne campus in the Fall of 1928, it is expected that the enrol l ment will be increased t three thousand ,



•. J

History of Kappa De l ta Pi In the Spring of 1926 , a gr oup of men met to discuss the fo r m tion of a fra tern ity base d on true fellowship. The founding of Kapp a Delta Pi resulte d from this mee ting and had on its roll t h e name s of seven charter members. Lafrence Kelsey George Henderson Kent Beech er Brazer Beecher Herbert Whi t e Kent Dorman Eugene Campbell Kapp a Delta Pi is founded on¡ t h at greatest of all stories Damon and Pythias and its members are striving to l i ve the ideals as set forth in that story. High scholastic work is required of 11 active members and ple dges. From t he beginning, the National Fr a ernities on the campus as well as the Interfr at ernity Counc il have acc ord ed Kappa Delta Pi recognition of wh ich every member is proud . The Fraternity and its members have been wel l re pres ented in all campus activities and also have taken prominen t part in intermur al athlet ics . A majority of the members of Kappa De lta Pi are entirely self-supporting. Although t he Frate rnity scholas tic standings have not been published for last term , it is generally conceded on the campus that Kappa Delta Pi will lead all with a grade of 78.8 percent . The general av erage for 1926 was about 75 . Only four men will be lost at the end of the present term , Three of these will enter Indiana Un iversity School of Medicin • At the p esent time, the Fr aternity is renting a large house on Irvington Avenue, near the Universi t ye Alre ady plans are being formulate d for the building of a home near the new campus at Fairview Parko The Fraternity has n o debts and is in good financial condition. Kappa Delta Rho appeal s to us bec au se i t has t he same principles and ideals as Kappa Del t a Pi, ac cording o Professor Ra tt i , a But ler faculty member and a charte r membe r of Kappa Delt a Rho. Vie have no narrow relig i ous restrictions which we believe to be a s t and fair policy . We be l i e ve in

t r ue fe llo sh i p a d h av e n o g'"'e t oc i al re q irement t h at m ~ n a i ona.l u a i ons e quire . We t ake a m bec ause w be lieve i s a man i n eve r y sens of t he word and i s one who wil l acc e p our te achings an l i ve them~ If we ar e gran ted a. chart er i n Kappa Da l Rho we wi l l t rive to our utmos t to l ive up to i t s i de als and t r adi t i o s.

1927 Butler University Kappa Delta Pi  
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