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A goodbye to KCC Joseph Lin reminisces

Planning to transfer in the fall to a school out of state, Joseph Lin remembers some of the good times he had at KCC. - Pg 2

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Get some sage advise from the doctor, Dr. Destiny

Dear Dr. Destiny, I just finished my first year at KCC, and I’m still clueless about what I want to major in. I don’t want to waste any money on classes I’m not going to need in the end... - Pg 3

Michigan beaches to check out this summer heidi gartley

Editor-in-chief Other than Alaska, Michigan is the state with the most shoreline, amounting to 3,288 miles. This means going to the beach is a fun and easy option for KCC students’ entertainment this summer, whether it be with the family or friends. In fact, there are some great beaches close to the Battle Creek community. They are listed below. Willard Beach Park, Battle Creek Located on Goguac Lake, it offers a nice beach and even some picnic shelters. The park is open seven days a week, from 8:00 AM to 8:30 PM. Admission is $2.00 for an individual or $5.00 for a vehicle with three or more people. Fort Custer Recreation Area, Augusta Eagle Lake offers a great area for swimming and lounging on the beach. Canoe rentals are also available. A concession stand and changing rooms are also featured close to the beach. Fort Custer offers hiking trails, fishing, and an 18-hole disc golf course as well. Their hours are 8:00 AM-10:00 PM and there is an admission charge for day-use. Markin Glen County Park, Kalamazoo With a swimming beach, a fishing lake, playgrounds,

and hiking trails, this park is only five minutes from downtown Kalamazoo. The daily admission fee is $5.00 per vehicle. It is open all week from 7:00 AM to sunset. Prairie View County Park, Vicksburg This park is found on Gourdneck and Hogsett Lakes. It has picnic shelters, playgrounds, a dog park, and also a boat ramp. There are even hiking trails throughout the park. The daily entrance fee is $5.00 per car; hours include 7:00 AM to sunset.

Those who have the time and ambition to travel a bit further from Battle Creek may want to check out the following beaches: Silver Beach, St. Joseph This Lake Michigan beach offers three playgrounds, access to the South Pier, as well as walking distance from Michigan’s tallest kaleidoscope. The hours are 5:00 AM to sunset. Admission is $10.00 per vehicle (cash or check only). However, if you are lucky, you can find a free parking spot in the city of St. Joseph and take the stairs down to the beach. It’s just a little extra walking, but you can visit all of the St. Joseph shops at the end- or beginning- of the day. Grand Mere State Park, Stevensville Also located on Lake Michigan, it offers acres of wetlands, woods, sand dunes, and- of course- beach. This is a more secluded beach and it lacks many of the amenities the other beaches offered. Visitors also have to hike over some sand dunes in order to reach the beach. It is best to do this before the heat of the day, for the sand can get hot and difficult to walk on. In addition, Grand Mere is a “dog friendly” park. Contact Heidi Gartley at

photo by marra boulanger

Beach day in Marquttee, MI

Photography students capture the landscape in ART 220 Alyssa VanderWeg staff writer

Every two years since 2008, the landscape photography class, ART 220, has been offered at KCC during the summer semester. This summer the class is back and students are looking forward to the coveted week long trip to Maine that is built into the curriculum. ART 220 is a six week long project-driven landscape photography class taught by KCC photography professor Ryan Flathau. The class is structured around an eight day trip that leads students through different towns and campgrounds in New York and Maine before returning to Battle Creek. According to the itinerary document for ART 220, the first three weeks of class consist of bringing in camping and photography equipment and checking its quality, as well as lecturing on landscape photography techniques and pre packing the KCC van to make sure the gear fits. The fourth week is reserved for traveling and the last two weeks are used to craft an eight photograph series of landscape photos taken by each student which are then displayed in the DeVries Gallery in the Davidson Building at KCC. Professor Flathau describes the class as “a hands-on collaborative learning experience,” and says “students refine fundamental photography skills by working intensively for an extended class trip; after the trip by developing a portfolio of photographs and exhibiting it in the Davidson building DeVries gallery.” One of the elements that separates the landscape photography class from other photography classes is

photo by nick arnold

Taken in 2008, during a landscape trip in Main, with the Light house know as the “Portland Head Light”

the week long camping trip in Maine. Sherry Bonner, a photography student, said, “The most exciting part right now is the travel. I absolutely love it. I get to go somewhere I’ve never seen before and experience many different climates in one place like coastline, forests and mountains.” The camping trip involves a wide variety of activities including a day scouring the coast photographing lighthouses and beaches, a day of whale watching at sea on a commercial boat, and an early sunrise photoshoot at Cadillac Mountain, to name a few. Students stay at campgrounds and share tents

among themselves, working together on photoshoots with either digital or film cameras, whichever the student prefers. Flathau says the trip “requires student collaboration, which builds solid bonds between students, reinforces classroom learning and leads to strong sense of community and the beginnings of a support network that is so essential for a community of artists. All-level students learn from each other during the experience.” He also said “[the trip] combines numerous passions for me; landscape photography, travel and a traditional mentoring approach to photo education. It allows me to work closely with students, to really get to know them and their creative vision while mentoring real-world professional photographic practices.” In order for a student to sign up for the class, the student has to complete an application that includes questions like “have you ever camped before?” and “what’s your GPA?” which is reviewed by a team of three people, as explained by Flathau. He also says that there are no prerequisites required for the class. About seventeen people applied for the class this year, and eleven were accepted. “Students do seem to enjoy the experience. It is certainly unlike any other course they may take here at KCC. It is an experience that creates lasting friendships and a professional level portfolio of landscape photographs” Flathau said. Contact Alyssa VanderWeg at


Campus News

Theatre at KCC is Family sarah gerke staff writer

Patrick Lucas is an arts and science major here at KCC. Born and raised here in Battle Creek, he went to Battle Creek Central until he decided to pursue his own studies. He discovered his love of theatre in middle school when he took a theatre class and joined theatre club. His very first performance was as a black slave owner in a play, where he had to say words he wouldn’t have said otherwise and act completely different from himself. It was a performance to always remember. Patrick has been at KCC since 2009. He was fairly set on science as a major until 2012, when he got involved in theatre at the college. He said that his favorite theatre class he had taken so far was Acting 2, taught by Brad Poer. He has been in a multitude of plays at and through KCC, including the “Pirates of Penzance” and “Loserville.” He also acts through the Encore Theatre Company, a theatre organization

here at the college. Patrick states that Pirates of Penzance and Loserville are a tie for his favorite show, because, “They’re two different shows. [Loserville] challenges me but Pirates had a bigger family.” He actually began his acting in the performances by being an understudy. Through his years in theatre, he eventually worked his way up. Most recently, he played Lucas Lloyd in “Loserville,” one of the main roles of the production. When talking about how he got to where he is now in theatre, he gave this advice: “It takes time, it takes perseverance, it takes patience, and it takes will. Don’t lose your sense of self and respect for others. Nobody likes a diva.” Patrick says that most of his inspiration comes from older movies; he would go to his grandparents’ house and watch older movies for fun, and it gave him an appreciation for them. One of his role models is Orson Welles, who is famous for his acting and producing and for the movie “Citizen Kane.” His entire family also has a knowledge of music that had already familiarized him with pieces of the arts that were going to become an integral part of his life. Patrick has been a member of the Kellogg Singers since fall of 2015, and he is a baritone. He is very happy with where he is now. He says that everything he has experienced and done “got me to where I’m at, got me the friends I have, got me the theatre family I’ve built.”

Saying goodbye to Kellogg Community College Deandre A. Webb staff writer

Joseph Lin remembers the clicking sound of his father’s sewing machine from when he was younger. Though many people might have quickly been annoyed by it, he liked the noise. “It was nice knowing that my dad was nearby,” he said. Lin, who was born and raised in Myanmar, also known as Burma, liked to play with his father’s machines as a kid. His love of clothing and design come from his father, who was a tailor. His favorite designer is Olivier Rousteing. Lin loves Rousteing’s mixture of both Eastern and Western influences in his work. Lin has been a student and employee at KCC for two years now. After needing a job and being suggested by a friend, he started working in the library. He enjoys

working with his co-workers, who he describes as great. “I have never really had a bad day working in the library. [The co-workers] are very caring and supportive,” he said. One of his co-workers, Chelsea Cravens, described him as “very bubbly and full of personality. A very funny person who loves helping people.” Another co-worker and friend, Rebecca Tani, said that he could “play the guitar, dance and ‘kinda sing.’” He also loves to play soccer, take nature-related pictures and learn different languages. Lin plans on transferring next semester to the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. He wants to work on men’s clothing, and try designing casual wear. He also wants to work on women’s clothing because “that’s where the money is.” Contact Deandre A. Webb at

Contact Sarah Gerke at

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Campus News

Dr. Destiny

Dear Dr. Destiny, I’m gonna be a bridesmaid in my cousin’s wedding at the end of the summer, so I really need to start working out. I just don’t have any time between my job and taking care of my family. Any suggestions? -Busy Bee Busy Bee, Try incorporating some work out moves into your every-day routine. Do squats or lunges while brushing your teeth each morning and night. If you have kids, make working out a family event. Choose a work out (push ups, planks, mountain climbers, running) and have one of your children either draw from a deck of cards or roll a dice- then you all do that amount of the workout. You could also use working out as a way to teach your children multiplication, addition, and subtraction. If they get the answer correct, you complete that amount of a given workout. They get some amusement during homework, and you’ll look great in your bridesmaid dress! -Dr. Destiny Dear Dr. Destiny, I just finished my first year at KCC, and I’m still clueless about what I want to major in. I don’t want to waste any money on classes I’m not going to need in the end. What do you think I should do to pick a major? -Drifting in Degrees

Drifting in Degrees, First of all, it is completely normal to not know what you want to do with the rest of your life. It’s also important to remember that even when you do settle on a major, you may not even stay in that field. I met a lady the other day who went to college for teaching, taught various grades for many years, and now runs an ice cream shop. Quite the plot twist, right? Fortunately, KCC offers Career and Employment Services (CES) for all students, and one of their specialties is helping students pick a major. You can contact CES at 269-5652637 or -Dr. Destiny Dear Dr. Destiny, Do you think this summer is going to be hot? Or cold and rainy since we didn’t have a very snowy winter? I need to know how far away from Michigan I should plan my vacations… -Florida? Florida, I’m not a meteorologist or anything, but I did look at the Farmer’s Almanac for summer 2016. It read, “April and May will be drier than normal, with temperatures below normal in the east and above normal in the west. Summer will be hotter and slightly drier than normal, with the hottest periods in mid- and late June and mid- and late August.” And in case you were curious, “September and October will be drier and much warmer than normal.” -Dr. Destiny


Working behind the scenes in the Davidson building ALYSSA VANDERWEG staff writer

Kellogg Community College students that take photography and graphic design classes have a lot to worry about: computers, printers, cameras, darkroom chemicals and a multitude of other equipment. Joanne Colyn is there to help these students manage equipment and their sanity as the official Paraprofessional of the Davidson Building. Joanne Colyn describes her job as “a variety of jobs,” including helping students, providing photochemistry-darkroom chemicals, ordering supplies and checking out equipment to students. “There’s no such thing as a typical work day,” she said, and added, “First and foremost is providing for the needs of the student; beyond that making sure photo chemistry is replenished and equipment is ready to check out. It’s mostly about being aware of who’s in the building and what their needs are and being there if people need me.” Colyn had a variety of jobs before this one. She had a business job at a condominium answering phones, a job identifying asbestos and mold in a lab and also worked as a medical lab technician at a university. But none of her previous jobs are like her current one. She said she learned about her job when she moved to Battle Creek from Canada and began taking classes at KCC while raising her children. She went through the Photography and Multimedia program and got her associate’s degree. Her love for photography and watching the former paraprofessional, Ed Williams, work with students inspired her to apply for the position when it opened up in the summer of 2015. “I used to look at Ed’s job and think: that’s the job I want one day,” she said. One of Colyn’s main priorities regarding her job is helping students. She said, “I like to think that I’m making a difference in [student] education by helping as needed.” Gabrielle George, a photography student, is one of many students grateful for Colyn’s help. She said “Joanne has helped me on many occasions with matting and digital printing. Every time I need her, she’s there; even if I need my glasses she knows where they are. She’s got a good sense of humor too, and is always ready to help.” Contact Alyssa VanderWeg at

Congratulations Graduates!

We honor the graduates of Siena Heights University at Kellogg Community College. (August, 2015, December 2015 and May, 2016) Carol Alexander • Desiree Belote • Richard Compton • Amanda Drumm • Mary Eberhard James Ferrari • Suzette Francis • Robyn Gerber • Mica Gonzales • Timeya Gray • Cory Green Robert Guise • Christopher Hall • Michelle Harris • Mary Haverly • Timothy Hill • Nita Hinton Shaun Houseman • Phil Jarrard • Daryl Kiefer • Nicole Kincaid • Timothy Karl Larsen Mark Lillywhite • Michael Maddux • Dawn McMillon • Judy Mawi • Casey Mell • Tara Newman Scot Olney • Tanesha Prather • Ryan Proxmire • Esteban Rivera • Jennifer Rochette • Eric Sherman James Slingerlend • Kathy Smith • Jeffrey Staib • Rachel Swearingin • Loretta Taylor Elizabeth Tutewiler • Kimberly VanHorn • Cindy Wallker • Cara Ward • Daniel White

Contact us about completing your bachelor’s degree on the campus of Kellogg Community College! Phone: 269.965.3931, ext 2950 • Email: INQUIRE ONLINE AT:



Bruin baseball moves into the postseason mackenzie leson


As the season comes to an end, the KCC men’s baseball team is currently 16-4 and overall 29-15. They still have five games left before the regular season is over. The men’s team still has two home games and three away games before they can move on. Then it is off to the district tournament which is May 18-21 at Bailey Park. The Bruins have played a total of 42 games this season so far. They have had 270 runs eared and eleven home runs. Number 11, Brad Spieldenner, is leading the team right now in RBI’s, with a total of 34. Trevor Polewka, number 3, and Austin Gonser, number 12, lead the team in home runs with two apiece. As many know the pitching staff for the Bruins always runs very deep. For this year the top four pitchers are Tate Brawley, Alex Sova, Cole Sanderson and Joe Wolf. Number 22, Brawley, has thrown thirteen games; six of those were for the win, and he has forty strike outs. Number 18, Sova, has thrown eleven games, has four wins, one save, and forty strike outs. Number 8, Sanderson, has seven games, three wins and 22 strikeouts. Number 20, Wolf, is the Bruin’s closer. He has thrown twelve games, has one win, five saves, and seventeen strike

outs. Men are looking to be second in the conference this year right behind Jackson Community College. They are really looking forward to going to the district tournament at the end of May. I was able to talk to Mr. Shaw the athletic director for KCC and he said this to say for the baseball team’s season so far: “Baseball has continued their excellence this season. Every year our baseball team is one of the top teams in the league. The tradition of winning has continued this season with another outstanding season which should have

all Bruins proud. I look forward to their continued success in the post season and their drive to yet another National Championship berth. I hope all KCC Bruins will come down to Bailey Park May 18-21 to support their Bruin baseball team as we host the Region XII Baseball Tournament to determine who wins a chance to go to Oklahoma to represent the North District in the NJCAA.” Contact Mackenzie Leson at

Bruin softball team has a winning year mackenzie leson


The women’s softball team’s season has come to an end as of last night as they spilt with Kalamazoo Valley. The women have played forty games this year, and end with and overall record of 29-11 and in the conference 19-9.The next step for these ladies is the MCCAA State Tournament on May 7. The lady bruins still have a change to make the Regional tournament depending on a few final games left to be played but other teams in the conference. The ladies have racked up a remarkable 281 runs this year to go along with their winning season. As of right now they have a grand total of 51 homeruns as a team. Kassidy Butler, number 24, has come in strong for the lady Bruins this year with 66 RBI’s. She also leads the team with individual homeruns at eighteen, but Kinslea Blouin is right behind here with thirteen of her own. Bulter is hot on the trail to break the KCC homerun record. The lady Bruins could not go without there outstanding pitching crew. This year number 14 Rebekah VanDam threw seventeen games; out of that she had eleven wins

Raster I got your report card.

and a total of 64 huge strike outs. Number 3, Holy Vantilburg, was also a huge contributing factor for the Bruins, throwing sixteen games, having nine wins out of that sixteen, and coming away with an outstanding 91 strike outs. To round up the Bruins pitching staff is Makala Craun who threw fourteen games, came away with eight wins and held up her end of helping the team with 48 strike outs. Mr. Shaw, the athletic director, couldn’t be any prouder of the ladies this tear and had this to say: “Softball has put together two consecutive winning seasons. We are proud of our Lady Bruin Softball team this year. They have broken the school record for team home runs, they currently have a 29-11 record and they will be playing in the District Tournament in Columbus to play for the right to go to the NJCAA Softball National Championship in Clinton, Mississippi. They legitimately have the talent to make it to the National Championships this year. They have the pitching and hitting. If they shore up their defense a little they will be the team to beat for the District title.” Contact Mackenzie Leson at


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